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ED 397 – 1/27/09

1) Discussion of midterm essay

Weeks 6 & 7: Paper draft/rework due
Week 8: paper due
– Use some quotes and analyze them

Final project: ethical problem at a campus

Case studies: regarding the budget cuts in the schools in California (even the
private schools are taking a hit) – private school tuition

Lecture: Positioning,

1) Is this a moral situation? Sometimes not all positions/situations are moral…

so what are the hallmarks of being in moral situation?
– Overriding guide to ACTION!
– There must be an obligation or imperative to do something
– A prescriptive or action to do NO harm/greatest good
– There is something universa lizable about this situation, where we are
being asked to act
2) Are we able to make ethical decisions?
– There are 3 excusing decisions
1) First are we able to act? Does the person have culpability to respond?
(eg, trying to save a person who is drowning but you can’t swim)
2) 2nd, does the avgperson have the required knowledge to act? (is this
person have the knowledge to act in this case?)

Ethical egoism: according to Boss – it’s preconventional; too simple.

Utilitarianism (consequentialism): Bentham and Mills – promote the idea of

happiness and pleasure  utilitarianism; cost benefit analysis

Bentham’s utilitarian calculus

p. 280: review the list of Bentham’s

- rule vs. act utilitarianism

Steve’s bit (part)

1) Poem: problems of utilitarianism “The Blacksmith and the Baker” Johann

Herman Wessel
2) Kant (actions) vs. Mills (consequences)
3) I am responsible for my actions: an explanation is not an excuse
a. Responsibility: what is it? What is it that can limit your responsibility?
b. The responsibility requires actions
4) What are the outcomes of schooling?
a. Knowledge: what I know
b. Skills: what I can do

Respect: focuses on restraint