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Lanautica Franchise EUROPE (30)

Lanautica Franchise EUROPE (30)

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Published by: Sander44685 on Nov 11, 2012
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London 44 2036082847



Lanautica.com is the first worldwide network of chandler stores, with your business based on Internet ecommerce.
LaNautica.com: « A unique and innovative concept »
LaNautica.com stores are the result of a unique concept that combines all the training needed with a pioneering and ecological image and offers the latest in technological tools to be able to sell online and in the stores to obtain the best performance and profitability. This project was originally put together to enable future business people fascinated by all yachting activities to become real professionals in the yachting world. We have logistics warehouse in Luxembourg and Florida for perfect logistics , also SEO and Webmaster Team are included in our Franchise Concept. For the development of our business we use a working system simple and effective. We associate with partners in each city with business opportunities and we create a Online Boat Store customized for the operating area. Our business system is valid for any location that has a minimum of 2000 Boats. Our franchises sold online but also to customers visiting your office. we will never have stock in the office , the sales will always by catalog.our franchisees work “just in time” which allows a very high profitability.

Service with a Capital “S”:
The training of the LaNautica manager combined with the extensive size of the catalogue available (over 45.000 articles) will permit the licensees to offer all boating clients a wide diversity of products and services with an excellent price / quality ratio. With a single supplier at competitive prices, a logistic system without flaw and the continuous training in all the aspects of the profession, LaNautica.com is to become the professional reference in its area of activity. The creation and maintenance of your Online Store will be done from the main office so you will always have your online store optimized and updated with new products and the latest technological tools. In a few weeks you will have the best and Largest Online Boat Store in your region. The Largest range of boating products to the best prices, including logistics and the latest technological tools for internet bussines.


London 44 2036082847


Lanáutica.com in figures.

Franchise Lanautica.com has a single cost of € 20,000 with a three-year contract - Local packaging and decoration, furniture, training, exclusive design tools, centralized logistics, and use of the mark.
The turnover of our concept provided by 300,000€, for this Each franchisee must strive daily to promote the business in your area by visiting ports and users to offer the catalog of products and services this work will be strongly supported by local branding and positioning in internet. Each franchise will pay a fixed monthly fee of 500€ for internet branding and positioning. The LaNautica.com contract is subjected to a montly 5% royalty fee.


¿Do you fit the profile?

LaNautica.com candidates must appreciate working in the boating tourism world and have to be absolutely enthusiastic about all yachting and ocean activities.
One has to possess a minimum of capital funds and the complete capacity to be able to manage one’s own business. The LaNautica is actively looking for people who clearly demonstrate a courageous, dynamic and ambitious character. A listening talent, general competence and availability are three of the qualities necessary to succeed in this profession. “You will have to be out on the marina as often as possible so to offer your fellow boating clients the best and widest range of products at the most competitive price and to be the most available you can. The opportunity to open a LaNautica.com shop and to invest in an RnB brokerage agency is a chance for those who wish to mix passion, work and pleasure.” If this franchise interests you, Please dont hesitache in contact us.


London 44 2036082847

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