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Bellbrook Middle School is looking for daring students to participate on a research committee. The chosen brave individual s must navigate the World Wide Web to discover useful writing methods. The principal's ultimate goal for this committee is to find a writing method that students your age find helpful. Writing Circle members will have to present their results to their teacher and classmates. Are you up for the challenge?

Welcome! You have been carefully selected as part of research team for Bellbrook Middle School. Your assignment is to find good writing practices for middle school students. There are various models and methods to investigate. However, there has been much "buzz" around a model called Six Trait Writing. You will focus your attention around this model and explore Six Trait Writing. You will gain knowledge of ONE "trait" in the Six Trait Writing Model. You will then report your findings to your classmates.You have a week to complete your assignment . Happy hunting!

You need the following materials:

Computer with Internet access and Power Point or other presentation format Paper


Keep in mind- Your group will create a presentation for your classmates that includes the information you and your group members have found.
Use the following web sites:


Once you have examined the websites, your group will need to create a definition of the following: a. What is Six Trait Writing? b. What are the six traits in the Six Trait Writing Model?

IMPORTANT: The Six Trait Writing Model can also be called 6+1 Model. Additionally, the presentation trait (which is the +1 in the model) should NOT be included in the six traits.

1.Gather into your Writing Circles a. Pull together your definitions for Six Trait Writing, and determine which your group thinks is best (keep this definition written down for you will need to have this definition for your power point later on).

c. Determine which group member will be responsible for which trait by using the CUBE IT handout. Each group member should have a DIFFERENT trait to research (ONLY IF there are more than six members per group may more than one person research the same trait).
NOTE: No one in your group should research the presentation trait.

1. You should now know the individual trait that you will be responsible for researching. Use the above websites to find information concerning your trait. Any information that you find should be written down on notebook paper. This information will later be transferred into a power point presentation. Begin hunting for the required information. The research you do should be done without your circles help. You will share your findings with the other members later.

1. You will need to complete the tasks below: a. Find the definition of your individual trait. b. Find an example story or paragraph that demonstrates your trait and print it out or save it somehow (only 1 example needed). Underline the parts- words, sections, or sentencesthat show your trait (if applicable).

c. Write your own paragraph incorporating your trait. Underline the parts- words, sections, or sentences- that show your trait (if applicable). Your paragraph should be 5-7 sentences.
Remember, the more research you do and the more knowledge you gain, the easier it will be to write your own paragraph using your trait. Therefore, refer back to the websites above as needed.

1. When you have gathered all of your information, you will compile your findings onto a power point presentation that you will later present to your classmates. Each member in the committee will have their own individual section that will need to add to the power point. The information below is required to be in your power point. Note: Slide 1 and 2 are the first two slides in power point. These two slides only need to be complete ONE time.

a. Determine who will complete slides 1 and 2 for your group. a. Title- Six Trait Writing b. The names (first and last) of all the members of your committee c. Committee name SLIDE 1 (one slide per group)

d. Period
SLIDE 2 (one side per group) e. Definition of Six Trait Writing- this should be a definition that you and your group members came up with together. SLIDES 3, 4, 5, and so on (two slides per group member) Each group member is responsible for creating their own slides for their trait. The slides should all be added to one presentation when finished.

On the trait slides should be the following information: a. b. c. Your name Name and Definition of the trait you researched An example (paragraph or story) of your trait that you found while doing your research. This is not a paragraph that you created. Underline the parts- words, sections, or sentences- that show your trait (if applicable). A paragraph that you wrote using your trait with the parts of the trait underlined. Paragraph should be 5-7 sentences. Underline the partswords, sections, or sentences- that show your trait (If applicable). Post your presentation to Edmodo to Present your research findings to the


Requirement Name and Definition of Your Trait An example of a writing piece not by you demonstrating your trait. Underline the parts- words, sections, or sentences- that show your trait (if applicable). A paragraph you wrote demonstrating your trait. Underline the parts- words, sections, or sentencesthat show your trait (if applicable). Presentation Possible Points 5 10 Points Earned


Excellent work researcher! You have navigated the web, collected information, and presented the findings to your classmates. You are more knowledgeable about good writing practices and can now begin practicing the Six Trait Writing Model in your writing pieces in language arts and in all your classes. Your school ls impressed and wants you to continue to use the knowledge you have gained.