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Bakita 2011-2012

How to Complete the Poem of the Week

Poems can be read many ways. The following steps describe one approach. Of course not all poems require close study and all should be read first for pleasure. 1. a. b. c. Read s-l-o-w-l-y(aloud if you can) and Code the Text : ! for words or phrases cause a strong reaction (OMG moments) ? for words and ideas that you find confusing. *for important passages, quotes, or ideas you want to remember.

2. Demonstrate evidence of close, active reading: Write your understanding next to each line or stanza. Start with what you know. If the poem is difficult, distinguish between what you do and do not understand. 3. a. b. c. d. Think about it: HOW is the message is being sent?(label poetic elements and patterns you notice) WHO is sending the message and to WHOM? WHY? WHY is the message being sent? Return to the title and ask yourself what the poem is about and how the poem relates to the title.

4. Write about it: a. Write a quick first-impression of the poem . b. Then write a reflection that includes some of the following: What is this poem about? Summarize the poem Who is the speaker of this poem? Was it written for a general audience, or a special audience? And how do you know? What is the writers message or theme? Remember the authors message is
his/her opinion about the main idea

4. Let your voice be heard! Use this poem as a mentor text and imitate part or all of what the author does. Choose a similar topic, follow the same patterns, and write! 5. Keep each copy in your binder.