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How to Respond to the Article or Poem of the Week

0 points Annotations are absent

ANNOTATIONS 2 points 4 points Annotations are Annotations are minimal throughout present throughout the article and may not article and exhibit good relate well to article or textual interaction show interaction with text CONTENT 6 points 8 points _____ Is 3-4 paragraphs _____ Is 3-4 paragraphs in length in length _____ Uses the guiding _____ Uses the guiding questions for the questions for the majority of the majority of the response response _____ But the response _____ Uses textual does not adequately evidence to support the use textual evidence to majority of the support answers response answers

5 points Annotations are abundant and use a variety of textual interaction (underlining, symbols, questions, vocabulary, comments, connections) 10 points _____ Is 3-4 paragraphs in length _____ Uses the guiding questions for the majority of the response _____ Uses textual evidence to support the response answers _____ Adds originality to response by extending or applying the information from the article 5 points _____ Makes minor errors that do not detract from meaning or readability _____ Overall command of grade level spelling concepts and high frequency words _____ Varied sentence structure _____ Sequence words and transitions guide the reader smoothly through ideas

4 points _____ Is not 3-4 paragraphs in length _____ Does not use the guiding questions for the majority of the response

0 points _____ Requires rereading or interpretation to determine meaning _____ Many spelling errors _____ Incomplete and/or awkward sentences _____ Lacks paragraph breaks

LANGUAGE/GRAMMAR CONVENTIONS 2 points 4 points _____ Makes numerous _____ Makes some errors that detract from errors but most do not meaning and readability detract from meaning _____ Some spelling or readability errors of commonly _____ Few spelling known words errors _____ Some _____ Few capitalization and capitalization and punctuation errors punctuation errors _____ Run-on _____ Uses varied sentences and/or sentence structure overuse of conjunctions (ex. and)

Bakita 2012-13