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ngel Arturo Rojas Snchez 9B #22

My technology is one of the subjects that I like more. It help me to understand how does some pages work and help me to know how to upload documents that I can print or send to somebody. Its funny and some times I have fun working with my classmates.

A manner of accomplishing a task especially using technical processes, methods, or knowledge <new technologies for information storage. A capability given by the practical application of knowledge.

WordPress is one of the pages that we use more. In this page we have a blog that help us to be in contact with my teacher, work in class and made the homework that we had.

This page we use it to upload the documents from our computers to have the document in Internet and then upload it to our blog in WordPress.

I like it because is easy and its interesting know more things that I didnt know. I like it because of the teacher.

I like to work in this class more than others because all the instructions are in the blog and its funny to think what to search and what to say in the presentations and works. I like it very much.