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001b Spanish Basic Phrases Perdone! - Excuse me Cmo se dice en Espaol? - How do you say it in Spanish?

Cunto cuesta? - How much does it cost? Cuntos hay? - How many are there? Dnde est el bao? - Where is the restroom? Dnde est el telfono? - Where is the telephone? Puedo? - Can I/May I Quin? - Who? Quiere comprarlo usted? - Will you buy this? Adis - Goodbye All -There Aqu - Here Ayer - Yesterday Bueno Good Claro Of course Con permiso - Excuse me. Cuando - When: Cuanto questa? - How much Creo que si I think so De nada - You are welcome (it was nothing). De nada - You're welcome Dnde Where Dnde esta el hotel x? Where is the hotel x? Dnde esta el restaurante x? Where is the restaurant x? el aeropuerto - the airport el hotel - the hotel el restaurante - the restaurant Es verdad - True Eso - That Esto - This Estoy perdido. - I am lost. Gracias - Thank you Muchas gracias Thank you very much Hay muchos. - There are many. Hoy - Today la embajada americana - the American embassy Lo siento - I'm sorry Malo - Bad y- And Maana - Tomorrow ms despacio por favor - Slower please No importa - It doesn't matter No - No Of course! - Claro! Perdname - Pardon me. Por favor - Please Qu - What Salud - Bless you (sneeze). S - Yes Yo no entiendo - I dont understand.

001b Spanish Basic Phrases Yo no s - I don't know