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Teacher: Mrs.

Valli Class/Set: 9M2 Date: 23/03/12 Number of pupils: 30 Learning Objectives (WALT): Subject: GameMaker Lesson 4

Time/Period: 3&4 Scheme of Work:

Room: CC Level:5/6

Able to create a game using sprites, objects and room in GameMaker Able to make game interesting to play by adding extra components like sound, music, background, enemies etc.

- Able to apply more features and functions available in GameMaker and take the game to next level. Intended Learning Outcomes (WILF): All must be able to: use the design template to create the game Most should be able to: include goal, sprites & objects, rooms & levels, challenges & lives,score system in game. Some could: include instructions screen, score board, music, sound in game.
Keywords: GameMaker, sprite, object, room, background, music, sound, enemies, monsters, bombs, levels, help menu, starter screen. Reference to cross-curriculum issues (Literacy, Numeracy, Citizenship, PSHE, ECM…..): Entry ( 2.5 mins) Starter (5 mins): Demo the GameMaker solutions to pupils for the problems faced by them on previous lesson. Main ( 55 mins): Explain WILF Task of the day Resources

GameMaker_ Lesson 4.pptx

• Use the design template to create the game
• • You need to follow the requirements needed to get good grades: goal, sprites & objects, rooms & levels, challenges & lives and score system.

You need to put some additional features to get excellent grades: instructions screen, score board, music, sound etc. Plenary ( 10 mins): AfL Exit ( 2.5 mins) Differentiation (related to Learning Outcomes) - G & T: Help peers finding difficulties in completing the game. Homework : 1) Produce some screenshots showing and explaining the development of your game 2) Produce a user guide for the game For a C grade  Be able to make a start on the rooms in GameMaker  Add Characters to your Room and given them an ability to move and collect objects  You should be able to add and make use of variables in this game  Be able to make use of first person view For a B grade  To add different types of paths to a Room and control an enemy within a game  Add a scoring system within the game and use of variables adding scores and making comparisons For an A grade  Be able to develop their chosen game design into a multi-player game with 2 or more different scoring systems  Subtract / compare points – adding health different types of points  To be able to use different pages within the Room setting in GAMEMAKER  To trigger an event when a player has so many points / health – i.e. Jump, move  Change the view of a character X grade  A grade + evidence of using coding within the game Assessment including WILF: Questioning & Discussion (AfL): Discuss on criteria in order to get good grades - homework. Evaluation of the lesson: Informal observations made by curriculum mentor [x]: