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Bienvenido! - Welcome!

Vocabulario y frases

Welcome! Welcome to!

Bienvenido! Bienvenido a!



Good morning! Good morning, how are you today?

Buenos das! Buenos das, qu tal ests hoy?

Good night! Good night and sleep well!

Buenas noches! Buenas noches y duerme bien!

How are you?

Cmo ests?

How's it going?

Qu tal?

Fine, thanks.

Bien, gracias.

What's your name?

Cmo te llamas?

My name is Julia.

Me llamo Julia.

How old are you?

Cuntos aos tienes? - All rights reserved


Bienvenido! - Welcome!

I am twenty-five (25) years old.

Tengo veinticinco (25) aos.

Where are you from?

De dnde eres?

I am from Spain.

Soy de Espaa.

to know Do we know each other?

conocer Nos conocemos?

to introduce I would like to introduce you to my friend Paul.

presentar Me gustara presentarte a mi amigo Pablo.

a pleasure It is a pleasure to meet you!

un placer Es un placer conocerte!

Please Please believe me!

Por favor Creme por favor!

Thanks Thanks for the gift.

Gracias Gracias por el regalo.

Excuse me Excuse me, do I know you?

Disculpa Disculpa, te conozco?

You are welcome!

De nada

Goodbye! Goodbye and see you soon.

Adis! Adis, y nos vemos pronto! - All rights reserved


Bienvenido! - Welcome!


Two new students meet at the university. Peter: Hello, my name's Peter. Julia: Hello Peter. Nice to meet you. My name's Julia. Peter: Sorry? Gulia? Julia: No, Julia. J U L - I A Peter: Oh, Julia. Nice to meet you. Julia: Nice to meet you too. Two days later, they meet in the university caf. Peter: Good morning Julia, how are you? Julia: Fine, and you? Peter: Very well, thanks. Julia, this is my friend Paul; Paul, this is my friend Julia. Julia: Hello. Nice to meet you. Julia: Pleased to meet you. Julia: How old are you? Julia: I'm 23, and you? Julia: Peter is 24 and I'm 23.

Dos nuevos estudiantes se encuentran en la Universidad. Pedro: Hola!, mi nombre es Pedro. Julia: Hola, Pedro! Encantada de conocerte. Yo me llamo Julia. Pedro: Cmo?, Gulia? Julia: No, Julia. J-U-L-I-A Pedro: Ah! Julia, encantado de conocerte. Julia: Encantada. Dos das despus, se encuentran en la cafetera de la Universidad. Pedro: Buenos das Julia!, cmo ests? Julia: Bien, y t? Pedro: Muy bien, gracias. Julia, ste es mi amigo Pablo; Pablo, sta es Julia. Julia: Hola! Encantado de conocerte. Julia: Es un placer conocerte. Julia: Cuntos aos tienes? Julia: Tengo 23 aos, y vosotros? Julia: Pedro tiene 24 aos y yo tengo 23 aos. - All rights reserved


Bienvenido! - Welcome!

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. What's the name of Peter's friend? a. Paul b. Thomas c. Marc 2. How old is Peter? a. 24 b. almost 23 c. 23 3. How old is Julia? a. 24 b. 23 c. 22 - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(a): 2(a): 3(b)

Ser o no ser - To be or not to be

Vocabulario y frases

the man The man's name is Paul.

el hombre El hombre se llama Pablo.

the woman The woman is 38 years old.

la mujer La mujer tiene 38 aos.

mister Good morning Mr. Johnson!

el seor Buenos das Seor Johnson!

the lady The lady has a very nice dress.

la seora La seora lleva un vestido muy bonito.

the boy The boy is 19 years old.

el chico El chico tiene 19 aos.

the girl The girl's name is Julia.

la chica La chica se llama Julia.

I am a young girl.

Yo soy una chica joven.

You are a beautiful woman.

T eres una mujer guapa.

You are a tall man.

T eres un hombre alto.

He is a short man.

l es un hombre bajo. - All rights reserved


Ser o no ser - To be or not to be

She is a tall woman.

Ella es una mujer alta.

We are not friends.

Nosotros no somos amigos.

You are friends.

Vosotras sois amigas.

They are young.

Ellos son jvenes.

They are slim.

Ellas son delgadas.

The boy and the girl are friends.

El chico y la chica son amigos.

Most people are nice.

La mayora de la gente es simptica.

My brother is young.

Mi hermano es joven.

My sisters are short.

Mis hermanas son bajas.

Your brother is very tall.

Tu hermano es muy alto.

His eyes are green.

Sus ojos son verdes. - All rights reserved


Ser o no ser - To be or not to be

That lady is very old.

Esa seora es muy vieja.

Your shoes are very big.

Vuestros zapatos son muy grandes.

Her house is very small.

Su casa es muy pequea. - All rights reserved


Ser o no ser - To be or not to be


First day at school after summer holidays... Paul: Who is that girl? Anna: That is Julia. She is very tall, isn't she? Paul: Sure and very beautiful. Anna: And that man is her husband Robert. Paul: Is she married? Anna: Yes, and she is our new maths teacher.

Primer da de clase en el instituto despus de las vacaciones... Pablo: Quin es esa chica? Ana: Ella es Julia y es muy alta, verdad? Pablo: S... es muy guapa... Ana: Y ese hombre es su marido Roberto. Pablo: Est casada? Ana: S, y adems es nuestra nueva profesora de Matemticas. - All rights reserved


Ser o no ser - To be or not to be

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. What does Julia look like? a. Julia is small. b. Julia is pleasant. c. Julia is pretty. 2. Does Paul like Julia? a. Paul likes Robert. b. Yes c. No 3. Who is Robert? a. Robert is Julia's husband. b. Robert is Paul's friend. c. Robert is the new maths teacher. - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(c): 2(b): 3(a)

Europa - Europe

Vocabulario y frases

Europe I live in Europe.

Europa Yo vivo en Europa.

Where are you from?

De dnde eres?

the nationality Do you have Italian nationality?

la nacionalidad Tienes la nacionalidad italiana?

foreigner I'm not from here, I'm a foreigner.

extranjero / extranjera No soy de aqu, soy extranjera.

Portugal I'm from Portugal.

Portugal Soy de Portugal.

Portuguese I'm Portuguese.

portugus / portuguesa Soy portuguesa.

Spain Are you from Spain?

Espaa Eres de Espaa?

Spanish You're Spanish.

espaol / espaola Eres espaol.

France Robert is from France.

Francia Robert es de Francia.

French He is French.

francs / francesa l es francs. - All rights reserved


Europa - Europe

Belgium We're from Belgium.

Blgica Somos de Blgica.

Belgian We're Belgian.

belga Somos belgas.

Holland You're from Holland, aren't you?

Holanda Sois de Holanda, verdad?

Dutch You're Dutch.

holands / holandesa Sois holandeses.

United Kingdom My friends are from the United Kingdom.

Reino Unido Mis amigos son de Reino Unido.

British They're British.

britnico / britnica Ellos son britnicos.

Germany In Germany they speak German.

Alemania En Alemania se habla alemn.

German I'm German.

alemn / alemana Soy alemn.

Switzerland In Switzerland they speak German, French and Italian.

Suiza En Suiza se habla alemn, francs e italiano.

Swiss I'm Swiss.

suizo / suiza Soy suiza.

Italy In Italy they speak Italian.

Italia En Italia se habla italiano. - All rights reserved


Europa - Europe

Italian He's Italian.

italiano / italiana l es italiano.

Austria In Austria they speak German.

Austria En Austria se habla alemn.

Austrian We're Austrian.

austraco / austraca Nosotros somos austracos.

Denmark In Denmark they speak Danish.

Dinamarca En Dinamarca se habla dans.

Danish Are you Danish?

dans / danesa Sois daneses?

Sweden In Sweden they speak Swedish.

Suecia En Suecia se habla sueco.

Swedish They're not Swedish.

sueco / sueca Ellos no son suecos.

Russia In Russia they speak Russian.

Rusia En Rusia se habla ruso.

Russian I'm not Russian, but I live in Russia.

ruso / rusa No soy ruso, pero vivo en Rusia. - All rights reserved


Europa - Europe


Two foreigners in Vienna are learning German with Maria: Hello! Do you speak German? Marc: No, that's why I'm a user of Maria: Where are you from? Marc: I'm from Paris, in France, but I live in Vienna. Where are you from? Maria: I'm from Portugal, from Lisbon. Marc: Are you learning German with too? Maria: Yes, of course, it's the most fun and the cheapest way to learn.

Dos extranjeros en Viena aprenden alemn con Mara: Hola!, hablas alemn? Marc: No, por eso soy usuario de Mara: De dnde eres? Marc: Yo soy de Pars, de Francia, pero vivo en Viena. De dnde eres t? Mara: Yo soy de Portugal, de Lisboa. Marc: T tambin ests aprendiendo alemn con Mara: S, claro, es la manera ms divertida y barata de aprender. - All rights reserved


Europa - Europe

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. Where does Marc live? a. Marc lives in Vienna. b. Marc lives in Lisbon. c. Marc lives in Paris. 2. Where is Maria from? a. Maria is from France. b. Maria is from Germany. c. Maria is from Portugal. 3. Which language is Maria learning? a. Maria is learning English. b. Maria is learning French. c. Maria is learning German. - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(a): 2(c): 3(c)

Cmo eres? - What do you look like?

Vocabulario y frases

to be tall My mother is tall.

ser alto / alta Mi madre es alta.

to be short I'm short.

ser bajo / baja Yo soy baja.

fat My father is fat.

gordo / gorda Mi padre es gordo.

thin I want to be thin.

delgado / delgada Quiero ser delgada.

to lose weight Everybody wants to lose weight.

perder peso Todas las personas quieren perder peso.

good-looking My sister is very good-looking.

guapo / guapa Mi hermana es muy guapa.

ugly That dog is very ugly.

feo / fea Ese perro es muy feo.

blond My brother is blond.

rubio / rubia Mi hermano es rubio.

dark-haired I'm dark-haired.

moreno / morena Yo soy morena.

to have white hair My grandmother has white hair.

tener el pelo blanco Mi abuela tiene el pelo blanco. - All rights reserved


Cmo eres? - What do you look like?

to have light-coloured eyes Peter has light-coloured eyes.

tener los ojos claros Pedro tiene los ojos claros.

to have dark-coloured eyes Christine has dark-coloured eyes.

tener los ojos oscuros Cristina tiene los ojos oscuros.

What colour are your eyes?

De qu color son tus ojos?

bald My father is bald.

calvo / calva Mi padre est calvo.

straight hair Julia has straight hair.

pelo liso Julia tiene el pelo liso.

curly hair I have curly hair.

pelo rizado Tengo el pelo rizado.

long hair I like having long hair.

pelo largo Me gusta tener el pelo largo.

short hair Paul has short hair.

pelo corto Paul tiene el pelo corto.

the moustache I don't like men with moustaches.

el bigote No me gustan los hombres con bigote.

the beard I like men with beards.

la barba Me gustan los hombres con barba.

the hat I like wearing a hat.

el sombrero Me gusta llevar sombrero. - All rights reserved


Cmo eres? - What do you look like?

the glasses I always wear sunglasses.

las gafas Siempre llevo gafas de sol. - All rights reserved


Cmo eres? - What do you look like?


Two class-mates talk about men. Cristina: What does your boyfriend look like? Maria: My boyfriend has got dark hair, he has got blue eyes and short hair. Cristina: Is he tall or short? Maria: He's taller than me and very thin. Cristina: I like boys with green eyes and a beard. Maria: My boyfriend doesnt have a beard, but I like him a lot.

Dos compaeras de clase hablan de los hombres. Cristina: Cmo es tu novio? Mara: Mi novio es moreno, tiene los ojos azules y el pelo corto. Cristina: Es alto o bajo? Mara: Es ms alto que yo y muy delgado. Cristina: A m me gustan los chicos con ojos verdes y con barba. Mara: Mi novio no lleva barba, pero a m me gusta mucho. - All rights reserved


Cmo eres? - What do you look like?

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. Maria's boyfriend is a. bald b. blond. c. dark-haired 2. Christina likes boys with a. brown eyes. b. dark eyes. c. green eyes. 3. Does Maria like her boyfriend? a. Yes b. No c. A little. - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(c): 2(c): 3(a)

Amrica - America

Vocabulario y frases

America America is one of the five continents.

Amrica Amrica es uno de los cinco continentes.

Canada I live in Canada.

Canad Vivo en Canad.

Canadian I'm Canadian.

canadiense / canadiense Soy canadiense.

United States Do you live in the United States?

Estados Unidos Vives en Estados Unidos?

American I live in New York, but I'm not American.

estadounidense / estadounidense Vivo en Nueva York, pero no soy estadounidense.

Mexico Ana lives in Mexico.

Mxico Ana vive en Mxico.

Mexican Ana is Mexican.

mexicano / mexicana Ana es mexicana.

Cuba We live in Cuba.

Cuba Vivimos en Cuba.

Cuban We're not Cuban.

cubano / cubana No somos cubanos.

Dominican Republic Repblica Dominicana Do you live in the Dominican Republic? Vivs en Repblica Dominicana? - All rights reserved


Amrica - America

Dominican We live in Santo Domingo, but we're not Dominican.

dominicano / dominicana Vivimos en Santo Domingo, pero no somos dominicanos.

Venezuela They live in Venezuela.

Venezuela Ellos viven en Venezuela.

Venezuelan They're not Venezuelans.

venezolano / venezolana No son venezolanos.

Colombia I'm from Colombia.

Colombia Yo soy de Colombia.

Colombian I'm Colombian.

colombiano / colombiana Soy colombiana.

Peru Are you from Peru?

Per Eres de Per?

Peruvian Are you Peruvian?

peruano / peruana Eres peruana?

Brazil Maria is from Brazil.

Brasil Mara es de Brasil.

Brazilian She's Brazilian.

brasileo / brasilea Ella es brasilea.

Bolivia We're from Bolivia.

Bolivia Nosotros somos de Bolivia.

Bolivian We're Bolivian.

boliviano / boliviana Somos bolivianos. - All rights reserved


Amrica - America

Argentina Are you from Argentina?

Argentina Sois de Argentina?

Argentinian We live in Buenos Aires, but we're not Argentinian.

argentino / argentina Vivimos en Buenos Aires, pero no somos argentinos.

Chile Where's Chile?

Chile Dnde est Chile?

Chilean I'm Chilean.

chileno / chilena Soy chileno.

Paraguay What language is spoken in Paraguay?

Paraguay Qu idioma se habla en Paraguay?

Paraguayan My friend Miguel is Paraguayan.

paraguayo / paraguaya Mi amigo Miguel es paraguayo.

Uruguay In Uruguay they speak Spanish.

Uruguay En Uruguay se habla espaol.

Uruguayan Are you Uruguayan?

uruguayo / uruguaya Eres uruguaya? - All rights reserved


Amrica - America


A Chilean man and an Argentinian woman meet in a bank in Canada. Christina: Excuse me! Do you speak French? Thomas: Yes. Christina: I don't understand what it says here, can you help me? Thomas: Of course! Where are you from? Christina: I'm from Argentina, and you? Thomas: I'm Chilean, but I can speak French. Christina: Thanks very much for your help. Thomas: You're welcome. If you want, I can give you French classes.

Un chileno y una argentina se encuentran en un banco en Canad. Cristina: Disculpa!, hablas francs? Toms: S. Cristina: No entiendo qu dice aqu, puedes ayudarme? Toms: Claro!, de dnde eres? Cristina: Soy de Argentina, y t? Toms: Soy chileno, pero s hablar francs. Cristina: Muchsimas gracias por tu ayuda. Toms: De nada. Si quieres puedo darte clases de francs. - All rights reserved


Amrica - America

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. Where is Christina from? a. Christina is from Chile. b. Christina is from Argentina. c. Christina is from Peru. 2. Can Christina speak French? a. Christina can speak French. b. Christina can't speak French. c. French is Christina's mother tongue. 3. How do Christina and Thomas get to know each other? a. Christina asks Thomas for help. b. Thomas comes up to Christina, because she is very beautiful. c. Christina and Thomas take French classes together. - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(b): 2(b): 3(a)

Cmo ests? - How are you?

Vocabulario y frases

How are you?

Cmo ests?

How are you doing?

Qu tal ests?

Fine, thanks.

Bien, gracias.


Ms o menos

and you?

y t?

tired I'm tired.

cansado / cansada Estoy cansado.

sad Are you sad?

triste Ests triste?

nervous Anna is nervous.

nervioso / nerviosa Ana est nerviosa.

worried We're worried about you.

preocupado / preocupada Nosotros estamos preocupados por ti.

bored Why are you so bored?

aburrido / aburrida Por qu estis tan aburridos? - All rights reserved


Cmo ests? - How are you?

fed up They're fed up with working.

harto / harta Estn hartos de trabajar.

proud They're very proud of their son.

orgulloso / orgullosa Ellos estn muy orgullosos de su hijo.

angry I'm angry with you!

enfadado / enfadada Estoy enfadado contigo!

disappointed You seem to be disappointed.

decepcionado / decepcionada Pareces estar decepcionado.

jealous Marcos is jealous of his girlfriend's workmate.

celoso / celosa Marcos est celoso del compaero de trabajo de su novia.

ashamed We're very ashamed.

avergonzado / avergonzada Estamos muy avergonzados.

guilty Are you guilty of the robbery?

culpable Sois culpables del robo?

terrified They're very afraid, they're terrified.

aterrorizado / aterrorizada Ellos tienen mucho miedo, estn aterrorizados.

happy I'm happy!

feliz Soy feliz!

pleased Why are you so pleased?

contento / contenta Por qu ests tan contenta?

surprised Maria was very surprised by the news.

sorprendido / sorprendida Mara se qued muy sorprendida con la noticia. - All rights reserved


Cmo ests? - How are you?

excited We're very excited about your wedding.

emocionado / emocionada Estamos muy emocionados por tu boda.

hungry Are you hungry?

hambriento / hambrienta Estis hambrientos?

thirsty They want a glass of water, they're very thirsty.

sediento / sedienta Quieren un vaso de agua, estn muy sedientos.

full I can't eat any more! I'm full.

lleno / llena No puedo comer ms!, estoy llena. - All rights reserved


Cmo ests? - How are you?


Two friends meet for a drink and talk about things. Mary: Hello, Julia! Julia: Hello, Mary! You seem very pleased. Mary: Yes, I'm very happy. Tonight I'm going out with Marcos. Julia: That's great! Mary: I thought he liked Anna. Julia: But Anna has a boyfriend, doesn't she? Mary: Yes, Marcos and Anna are just friends. Julia: The thing is, you're very jealous

Dos amigas quedan para tomar algo y hablar de sus cosas. Mara: Hola, Julia! Julia: Hola, Mara!, pareces muy contenta. Mara: S, estoy muy feliz. Esta noche voy a salir con Marcos. Julia: Qu bien! Mara: Yo pensaba que a l le gustaba Ana. Julia: Pero Ana tiene novio, no? Mara: S, Marcos y Ana son slo amigos. Julia: Es que eres muy celosa - All rights reserved


Cmo ests? - How are you?

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. Why is Maria pleased? a. Because Marcos likes Anna. b. Because she is going out with Marcos. c. Because Marcos and Anna are a couple. 2. Are Anna and Marcos a couple? a. Yes b. No, Anna and Marcos are married. c. No 3. Julia thinks that Maria a. is angry. b. is sad. c. is jealous. - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(b): 2(c): 3(c)

Mi familia - My family

Vocabulario y frases

the father My father's name is Paul.

el padre Mi padre se llama Pablo.

the mother Your mother is 40 years old.

la madre Tu madre tiene 40 aos.

the son My son has short hair.

el hijo Mi hijo tiene el pelo corto.

the daughter My daughter can read already.

la hija Mi hija ya sabe leer.

the boy That boy is angry.

el nio Ese nio est enfadado.

the girl That girl is very tall.

la nia Esa nia es muy alta.

the brother My brother studies at the university.

el hermano Mi hermano estudia en la Universidad.

the sister I dont have any sisters.

la hermana No tengo hermanas.

How many brothers and sisters do you have?

Cuntos hermanos y hermanas tienes?

the uncle My uncle's name is Robert.

el to Mi to se llama Roberto. - All rights reserved


Mi familia - My family

the aunt My aunt loves football

la ta A mi ta le encanta el ftbol.

the grandfather My grandfather died last year.

el abuelo Mi abuelo muri el ao pasado.

the grandmother My grandmother lives alone.

la abuela Mi abuela vive sola.

the nephew His nephew is 18.

el sobrino Su sobrino tiene 18 aos.

the niece My niece is very good-looking.

la sobrina Mi sobrina es muy guapa.

the cousin I have three cousins.

el primo Tengo tres primos.

the cousin My cousin has a daughter.

la prima Mi prima tiene una hija.

to be an only child My cousin is an only child.

ser hijo nico Mi primo es hijo nico.

my husband My husband lives in Barcelona.

mi marido Mi marido vive en Barcelona.

my wife My wife is very good-looking.

mi mujer Mi mujer es muy guapa.

the boyfriend Her boyfriend's name is Marc.

el novio Su novio se llama Marc. - All rights reserved


Mi familia - My family

the girlfriend My girlfriend is 25.

la novia Mi novia tiene 25 aos.

to be married Are you married?

estar casado / estar casada Ests casado?

to be single Are you single?

estar soltero / estar soltera ests soltero? - All rights reserved


Mi familia - My family


Thomas is going to meet his girlfriend Maria's family. Maria: Thomas, this is my father, Paul. Dad, this is Thomas. Thomas: Nice to meet you. Thomas: Nice to meet you too. Maria: Where's mum? Thomas: Your mother's in the bathroom and your brothers are at school. Maria: Are uncle Marc and aunt Christina coming? Thomas: Yes, but your grandmother can't come. Thomas, how's your family? Thomas: Very well, thanks.

Toms va a conocer a toda la familia de su novia Mara Mara: Toms, ste es mi padre, Pablo. Pap, ste es Toms. Toms: Encantado de conocerle. Toms: Encantado. Mara: Dnde est mam? Toms: Tu madre est en el bao y tus hermanos estn en la escuela. Mara: Van a venir el to Marc y la ta Cristina? Toms: S, pero la abuela no puede venir. Toms, qu tal est tu familia? Toms: Muy bien, gracias. - All rights reserved


Mi familia - My family

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. Who is Paul? a. Paul is Maria's father. b. Paul is Maria's uncle. c. Paul is Maria's boyfriend. 2. Is Maria an only child? a. No b. No, she has only one brother. c. Yes 3. Who is Marc? a. Marc is Maria's father. b. Marc is Maria's brother. c. Marc is Maria's uncle. - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(a): 2(a): 3(c)

Mi vida en un papel - My life in a form

Vocabulario y frases

the form Fill in the following form.

el formulario Rellena el siguiente formulario.

the field Fill in the mandatory fields.

el campo Rellena los campos obligatorios.

the personal details Enter your personal details.

los datos personales Introduce tus datos personales.

the name My name is Maria.

el nombre Mi nombre es Mara.

the surname My surname is Smith.

el apellido Mi apellido es Smith.

the passport My passport number is X98785932.

el pasaporte Mi nmero de pasaporte es el X98765932.

the identity card My identity card number is 46783290B.

el carn de identidad Mi nmero de carn de identidad es el 46783290B.

the driving licence I don't have a driving licence.

el carn de conducir No tengo carn de conducir.

the nationality I have German nationality.

la nacionalidad Tengo nacionalidad alemana.

the place of birth My place of birth is London.

el lugar de nacimiento Mi lugar de nacimiento es Londres. - All rights reserved


Mi vida en un papel - My life in a form

the date of birth My date of birth is 07/09/1982.

la fecha de nacimiento Mi fecha de nacimiento es 07/09/1982.

the age What's your age?

la edad Qu edad tienes?

the sex They already know the baby's sex, it's going to be a boy.

el sexo Ya saben el sexo del beb, va a ser un nio.

the marital status My marital status is single.

el estado civil Mi estado civil es soltero.

single I'm single.

soltero / soltera Estoy soltero.

married I'm married.

casado / casada Estoy casada.

the address What's your address?

la direccin Cul es tu direccin?

the street (St.) I live on Main Street.

la calle (C/) Vivo en la Calle Mayor.

the avenue I live on Mexico Avenue.

la avenida (Avda.) Vivo en la Avenida de Mxico.

the number I live in number 28 Azul Street.

el nmero (nm.) Vivo en Calle Azul nmero 28.

the floor I live on the 6th floor.

el piso Vivo en el 6 piso. - All rights reserved


Mi vida en un papel - My life in a form

the postcode The postcode is 03570.

el cdigo postal El cdigo postal es 03570.

the country My country of residence is Italy.

el pas Mi pas de residencia es Italia.

the email address My email address is

la direccin de correo electrnico Mi direccin de correo electrnico es

the telephone number My telephone number is +852 967845605.

el nmero de telfono Mi nmero de telfono es el +852 967845605.

the mobile My mobile telephone number is +30 648787156.

el mvil Mi nmero de telfono mvil es +30 648787156.

the prefix The prefix for Spain is +34.

el prefijo El prefijo de Espaa es +34. - All rights reserved


Mi vida en un papel - My life in a form


An Erasmus student is enrolling at the new university in Madrid. Marcos: Good morning! I want to enroll for the next course. Secretary: What's your name? Marcos: Marcos Giovanni. Secretary: Nationality? Marcos: Italian. Secretary: Marital status? Marcos: What does "marital status" mean? Secretary: Are you married or single?

Un estudiante Erasmus est matriculndose en la nueva universidad. Marcos: Buenos das!, quiero matricularme para el prximo curso. Secretaria: Cul es su nombre? Marcos: Marcos Giovanni. Secretaria: Nacionalidad? Marcos: Italiana. Secretaria: Estado civil? Marcos: Qu significa estado civil? Secretaria: Est casado o soltero? - All rights reserved


Mi vida en un papel - My life in a form

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. What is the student's name? a. The student's name is Complutense. b. The student's name is Erasmus. c. The student's name is Marcos. 2. Where is the student from? a. He is from Germany. b. He is from Spain. c. He is from Italy. 3. What is he doing in Madrid? a. He is from Madrid. b. He is professor at the Complutense University of Madrid. c. He is studying in Madrid. - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(c): 2(c): 3(c)

A qu te dedicas? - What is your job?

Vocabulario y frases

What work do you do?

En qu trabajas?

What's your job?

A qu te dedicas?

the director The director works in his office.

el director El director trabaja en su despacho.

the entrepreneur The entrepreneur has a business.

el empresario El empresario tiene un negocio.

the secretary The secretary works in the office.

la secretaria La secretaria trabaja en la oficina.

the shop assistant The shop assistant works in the shop.

el dependiente El dependiente trabaja en la tienda.

the civil servant The civil servant works for the State.

el funcionario El funcionario trabaja para el Estado.

the teacher The teacher works in the school.

el profesor El profesor trabaja en la escuela.

the nurse The nurse works in a clinic.

la enfermera La enfermera trabaja en una clnica.

the doctor The doctor works in the hospital.

el mdico El mdico trabaja en el hospital. - All rights reserved


A qu te dedicas? - What is your job?

the lawyer The lawyer works in her office.

el abogado La abogada trabaja en su despacho.

the judge The judge works in the court.

el juez El juez trabaja en el juzgado.

the architect The architect has his own business.

el arquitecto El arquitecto tiene su propio negocio.

the journalist The journalist works in the newsroom of the newspaper.

el periodista El periodista trabaja en la redaccin del peridico.

the police officer The police officer works in the police station.

el polica El polica trabaja en la comisara.

the firefighter The firefighter puts out fires.

el bombero El bombero se dedica a apagar incendios.

the driver The driver drives his lorry.

el conductor El conductor conduce su camin.

the taxi driver The taxi driver drives his taxi.

el taxista El taxista conduce su taxi.

the pilot The pilot pilots a plane.

el piloto El piloto pilota un avin.

the flight attendant The flight attendant works in the airport.

la azafata La azafata trabaja en el aeropuerto.

the mechanic The mechanic works in the garage.

el mecnico El mecnico trabaja en el taller. - All rights reserved


A qu te dedicas? - What is your job?

the bricklayer el albail The bricklayer works on a building site. El albail trabaja en la obra.

the fisherman The fisherman fishes in the sea.

el pescador El pescador pesca en el mar.

the farmer The farmer works in the field.

el agricultor El agricultor trabaja en el campo.

The housewife The housewife works at home.

el ama de casa El ama de casa trabaja en casa. - All rights reserved


A qu te dedicas? - What is your job?


Two secondary school students talk about their future. Anna: Do you know what you want to study yet? Marc: I don't know, I want to be a doctor, but the degree is too difficult. Anna: You could also be a nurse. Marc: Yes, I think I'm going to study nursing. And you? Anna: I want to be a teacher. Marc: My sister is a teacher and she loves her job. Anna: I want to be a teacher to have the holidays.

Dos estudiantes de instituto hablan sobre su futuro. Ana: Ya sabes qu vas a estudiar? Marc: No lo s, quiero ser mdico, pero la carrera es demasiado difcil. Ana: Tambin puedes ser enfermero. Marc: S, creo que voy a estudiar enfermera. Y t? Ana: Yo quiero ser profesora. Marc: Mi hermana es profesora y le encanta su trabajo. Ana: Yo quiero ser profesora para tener vacaciones. - All rights reserved


A qu te dedicas? - What is your job?

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. What would Marc like to be when he is older? a. Doctor b. Nurse c. Policemen 2. What would Anna like to be when she is older? a. Doctor b. Teacher c. Nurse 3. What does Anna like about that job? a. To have an interesting job b. To have a good salary c. To have a lot of holidays - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(a): 2(b): 3(c)

Asia - Asia

Vocabulario y frases

Asia Asia is one of the five continents.

Asia Asia es uno de los cinco continentes.

China I live in China.

China Yo vivo en China.

Chinese I am Chinese.

chino / china Yo soy china.

Taiwan You live in Taiwan.

Taiwn T vives en Taiwn.

Taiwanese You are Taiwanese.

taiwans / taiwanesa T eres taiwans.

Japan She lives in Japan.

Japn Ella vive en Japn.

Japanese She is Japanese.

japons / japonesa Ella es japonesa.

South Korea We live in South Korea.

Corea del Sur Nosotros vivimos en Corea del Sur.

Korean We are Korean.

coreano / coreana Nosotros somos coreanos.

Thailand You live in Thailand.

Tailandia Vosotros vivs en Tailandia. - All rights reserved


Asia - Asia

Thai You are Thai.

tailands / tailandesa Vosotros sois tailandeses.

Indonesia They live in Indonesia.

Indonesia Ellas viven en Indonesia.

Indonesian They are Indonesian.

indonesio / indonesia Ellas son indonesias.

The Philippines I am from the Philippines.

Filipinas Yo soy de Filipinas.

Filipino I am Filipino.

filipino / filipina Yo soy filipino.

Turkey You are from Turkey.

Turqua T eres de Turqua.

Turkish You are Turkish.

turco / turca T eres turca.

Afghanistan He lives in Afghanistan.

Afganistn l vive en Afganistn.

Afghan He is Afghan.

afgano / afgana l es afgano.

India We are from India.

India Nosotras somos de India.

Indian We are Indians.

indio Nosotras somos indias. - All rights reserved


Asia - Asia

Iran You are from Iran.

Irn Vosotros sois de Irn.

Iranian You are Iranians

iran Vosotros sois iranes.

Iraq They are from Iraq.

Iraq Ellas son de Iraq.

Iraqi They are Iraqis.

iraqu Ellas son iraques.

Israel I live in Israel.

Israel Yo vivo en Israel.

Israeli I am not Israeli.

israel No soy israel.

Palestine You live in Palestine.

Palestina T vives en Palestina.

Palestinian You are not Palestinian.

palestino / palestina T no eres palestino. - All rights reserved


Asia - Asia


Cristine and Thomas are planning their honeymoon. Christine: Where would you like to go for our honeymoon, darling? Thomas: I've always wanted to go to Thailand. Christine: But the beaches there are always full of people. Thomas: But it must be very nice Christine: I don't want to go to Thailand for our honeymoon. Thomas: We could go to India, in fact a friend of mine lives there and we could go and visit her. Christine: I don't want to go and visit a friend of yours on our honeymoon. Thomas: She isn't just a friend, she's my ex-fiance.

Cristina y Toms planean su luna de miel. Cristina: Cario, dnde quieres ir de luna de miel? Toms: Siempre he querido ir a Tailandia. Cristina: Pero las playas all siempre estn llenas de gente. Toms: Pero debe de ser muy bonito Cristina: Yo no quiero ir a Tailandia de luna de miel. Toms: Podemos ir a India, adems una amiga ma vive all y podemos ir a visitarla. Cristina: Yo no quiero ir a visitar a una amiga tuya en nuestra luna de miel. Toms: Realmente no es una simple amiga, sino que es mi ex novia. - All rights reserved


Asia - Asia

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. Why doesn't Christine want to go to Thailand on her honeymoon? a. Because the beaches are full of people. b. Because Thomas's ex-fiance lives there. c. Because Christine wants to go to India. 2. Why doesn't Christine want to go to India on her honeymoon? a. Because Christine wants to go to the beach. b. Because Christine wants to go to Thailand. c. Because she doesn't want to visit a friend of Thomas on her honeymoon. 3. Where does Thomas's ex-fiance live? a. She lives in India. b. She lives in Germany. c. She lives in Thailand. - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(a): 2(c): 3(a)

Horscopos - Horoscopes

Vocabulario y frases

the horoscope They say that the horoscope is often correct.

el horscopo Dicen que a menudo el horscopo acierta.

the signs of the zodiac They say that the 12 signs of the Zodiac represent specific energy patterns. the astrology They say that astrology tries to interpret the influence of the planets on people. the star sign elements They say that star signs can be earth, wind, water or fire signs.

los signos del zodiaco Dicen que los 12 signos del zodiaco representan determinadas pautas de energa. la astrologa Dicen que la astrologa intenta interpretar la influencia de los planetas sobre las personas. los elementos de los signos Dicen que los signos pueden ser de la tierra, el aire, el agua o el fuego.

the planets They say that the planets influence your future.

los planetas Dicen que los planetas influyen sobre tu futuro.

the birth chart la carta natal They say that the birth chart shows the Dicen que la carta natal muestra la positions of the stars at the time of posicin de las estrellas en el momento your birth. de tu nacimiento. the characteristics They say that each star sign has its own characteristics. las caractersticas Dicen que cada signo del zodiaco tiene sus propias caractersticas.

Aries Aries They say that people whose star sign is Dicen que las personas cuyo signo del Aries are aggressive. zodiaco es Aries son agresivas.

Taurus Tauro They say that people whose star sign is Dicen que las personas cuyo signo del Taurus are stubborn. zodiaco es Tauro son testarudas.

Gemini Gminis They say that people whose star sign is Dicen que las personas cuyo signo del Gemini are talkative. zodiaco es Gminis son habladoras. - All rights reserved


Horscopos - Horoscopes

Cancer Cncer They say that people whose star sign is Dicen que las personas cuyo signo del Cancer are sensitive. zodiaco es Cncer son sensibles.

Leo Leo They say that people whose star sign is Dicen que las personas cuyo signo del Leo are proud. zodiaco es Leo son orgullosas.

Virgo Virgo They say that people whose star sign is Dicen que las personas cuyo signo del Virgo are methodical. zodiaco es Virgo son metdicas.

Libra Libra They say that people whose star sign is Dicen que las personas cuyo signo del Libra are diplomatic. zodiaco es Libra son diplomticas.

Scorpio Escorpio They say that people whose star sign is Dicen que las personas cuyo signo del Scorpio are passionate. zodiaco es Escorpio son apasionadas.

Sagittarius Sagitario They say that people whose star sign is Dicen que las personas cuyo signo del Sagittarius are direct. zodiaco es Sagitario son directas.

Capricorn Capricornio They say that people whose star sign is Dicen que las personas cuyo signo del Capricorn are practical. zodiaco es Capricornio son prcticas.

Aquarius Acuario They say that people whose star sign is Dicen que las personas cuyo signo del Aquarius are inquisitive. zodiaco es Acuario son muy curiosas.

Pisces Piscis They say that people whose star sign is Dicen que las personas cuyo signo del Pisces are dreamy. zodiaco es Piscis son soadoras.

compatible They say that some Taureans and Pisces are compatible.

compatibles Dicen que algunos Tauro y Piscis son compatibles.

the rising sign They say that your rising sign is different to your star sign.

el signo ascendente Dicen que tu signo ascendente es diferente a tu signo del zodiaco. - All rights reserved


Horscopos - Horoscopes

the position of the sun, moon and stars They say the position of the sun, moon and stars when you are born gives you your star sign. to tell the future They say that your star sign can tell your future.

la posicin del sol, de la luna y de las estrellas Dicen que, cuando naces, la posicin del sol, de la luna y de las estrellas determina tu signo del zodiaco. leer el futuro Dicen que se puede leer el futuro a travs de tu signo del zodiaco.

to predict They say that your horoscope can predict your future.

predecir Dicen que tu horscopo puede predecir tu futuro. - All rights reserved


Horscopos - Horoscopes


Christina and Claudia are talking about their horoscope. Christina: It says here that I am going to have a bad day. Claudia: Oh no. Really? Christina: Yes. And that I am going to lose my job! Claudia: Oh no. What are you going to do? Christina: Don't worry. Give me the other newspaper Ah yes. That is better. It predicts that I will meet a handsome stranger today! Claudia: Oh lucky you!

Cristina y Claudia hablan sobre sus horscopos. Cristina: Aqu dice que voy a tener un mal da. Claudia: Oh, no. De verdad? Cristina: S. Tambin dice que voy a perder el trabajo! Claudia: Oh, no. Y qu vas a hacer? Cristina: No te preocupes. Dame otro peridico Ah, s, esto est mejor. Predice que conocer un hombre muy atractivo hoy! Claudia: Qu suerte tienes! - All rights reserved


Horscopos - Horoscopes

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. What does the first horoscope predict? a. Christina will become ill. b. Christina will have a good day. c. Christina will have a bad day. 2. Where does she read her horoscope? a. In a magazine. b. On the Internet. c. In the newspaper. 3. What does the second horoscope say? a. She will have pizza for dinner. b. She will fall in love. c. She will meet a handsome stranger. - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(c): 2(c): 3(c)

La familia crece - The family grows

Vocabulario y frases

the close relative My brother is a close relative.

el familiar cercano Mi hermano es un familiar cercano.

the distant relative My grandfather's cousin is a distant relative.

el pariente lejano El primo de mi abuelo es un pariente lejano.

the in-laws Your wife's parents, brothers and sisters are your in-laws.

la familia poltica Los padres y los hermanos de tu esposa son tu familia poltica.

the brother-in-law My sister's husband is my brother-in-law.

el cuado El marido de mi hermana es mi cuado.

the sister-in-law My brother's wife is my sister-in-law.

la cuada La mujer de mi hermano es mi cuada.

the father-in-law Your wife's father is your father-in-law.

el suegro El padre de tu esposa es tu suegro.

the mother-in-law Her husband's mother is her mother-in-law.

la suegra La madre de su marido es su suegra.

the son-in-law My daughter's husband is my son-in-law.

el yerno El marido de mi hija es mi yerno.

the daughter-in-law la nuera Your son's wife is your daughter-in-law. La mujer de tu hijo es tu nuera.

the great-grandfather My mother's grandfather is my great-grandfather.

el bisabuelo El abuelo de mi madre es mi bisabuelo. - All rights reserved


La familia crece - The family grows

the great-grandmother My father's grandmother is my great-grandmother.

la bisabuela La abuela de mi padre es mi bisabuela.

the great-great-grandfather His grandfather's grandfather is his great-great-grandfather.

el tatarabuelo El abuelo de su abuelo es su tatarabuelo.

the great-great-grandmother Your grandfather's grandmother is your great-great-grandmother.

la tatarabuela La abuela de vuestro abuelo es vuestra tatarabuela.

the twins Maria is going to have twins.

los mellizos Mara va a tener mellizos.

the triplets Robert and Julia are going to have triplets.

los trillizos Roberto y Julia van a tener trillizos.

the marriage There are fewer and fewer marriages.

el matrimonio Cada vez hay menos matrimonios.

the homosexual married couple The homosexual married couple is going to adopt a child.

el matrimonio homosexual El matrimonio homosexual va a adoptar un nio.

the common-law couple la pareja de hecho There are more and more common-law Cada vez hay ms parejas de hecho. couples.

maternity My friend is on maternity leave.

la maternidad Mi amiga est de baja por maternidad.

paternity Fathers enjoy their paternity.

la paternidad Los padres disfrutan de su paternidad.

the large family Large families receive financial help.

la familia numerosa Las familias numerosas reciben ayudas econmicas. - All rights reserved


La familia crece - The family grows

the single mother Single mothers raise their children without the help of their partner.

la madre soltera Las madres solteras educan a sus hijos sin ayuda de su pareja.

the orphan child They are going to adopt an orphan child.

el nio hurfano Ellos van a adoptar un nio hurfano.

to adopt a child Marc and Ana want to adopt a child.

adoptar un nio Marc y Ana quieren adoptar un nio.

to raise a child educar a un hijo Parents try to raise their children in the Los padres quieren educar a sus hijos de best possible way. la mejor manera posible. - All rights reserved


La familia crece - The family grows


The daughter informs her mother of her engagement to be married. Daughter: Mum, Alex and I are getting married Mother: Really! about time! Daughter: We're also going to adopt an orphan child to love it and raise it.. Mother: What? Daughter: Just what you heard, my parents in-law and my sisters in-law are so excited by the news. Mother: I'm very happy too dear, but, are you sure? Daughter: Completely, Alex and I want to have a large family

La hija le anuncia a su madre su prximo compromiso matrimonial. Hija: Mam, Alex y yo nos casamos... Madre: No me digas!, ya era hora! Hija: Adems vamos a adoptar un nio hurfano para quererlo y educarlo.. Madre: Qu? Hija: Lo que oyes, mis suegros y mis cuadas estn como locas por la noticia. Madre: Yo tambin estoy muy contenta cario, pero estis seguros? Hija: Segursimos, Alex y yo queremos tener una familia numerosa... - All rights reserved


La familia crece - The family grows

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. Are Alex's parents happy that the couple are getting married? a. Yes b. They are not sure c. No 2. Is the mother happy about the news of the adoption? a. She thinks it is a very bad idea. b. No, she is not happy at all. c. Yes, but she is a bit uncertain. 3. How many children do Alex and his girlfriend want to have? a. More than one b. One c. None - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(a): 2(c): 3(a)

Como no quiero ser

- What I don`t want to be like

Vocabulario y frases

pessimistic In the past I was very pessimistic.

pesimista Antes yo era muy pesimista.

insecure I'm no longer pessimistic, but I'm very insecure.

inseguro / insegura Ahora ya no soy pesimista, pero soy muy inseguro.

introverted In the past you were very introverted.

introvertido / introvertida Antes t eras muy introvertida.

quiet You're no longer introverted, but you're very quiet.

callado / callada Ahora ya no eres introvertida, pero eres muy callada.

arrogant In the past he was very arrogant.

arrogante Antes l era muy arrogante.

ambitious He's no longer arrogant, but he's very ambitious.

ambicioso / ambiciosa Ahora l ya no es arrogante, pero es muy ambicioso.

impatient In the past we were very impatient.

impaciente Antes nosotros ramos muy impacientes.

lazy We're no longer impatient, but we're very lazy.

vago / vaga Ahora ya no somos impacientes, pero somos muy vagos.

naughty In the past you were very naughty.

travieso / traviesa Antes vosotras erais muy traviesas.

cowardly You're no longer naughty, but you're very cowardly.

cobarde Ahora ya no sois traviesas, pero sois muy cobardes. - All rights reserved


Como no quiero ser

- What I don`t want to be like

stingy In the past they were very stingy.

tacao / tacaa Antes ellos eran muy tacaos.

irresponsible They're no longer stingy, but they're very irresponsible.

irresponsable Ahora ya no son tacaos, pero son muy irresponsables.

touchy I've always been very touchy.

susceptible Yo siempre he sido muy susceptible.

hypochondriac You've always been a hypochondriac.

hipocondraco / hipocondraca T siempre has sido muy hipocondraca.

resigned She's always been resigned.

resignado / resignada Ella siempre ha sido resignada.

rude You've always been a little rude.

rudo / ruda Vosotros siempre habis sido un poco rudos.

show-off They've always been show-offs.

chulo / chula Ellos siempre han sido unos chulos.

hurt I'm hurt by what happened.

dolido / dolida Estoy dolido con lo sucedido.

ashamed You're ashamed, you can't deny it.

avergonzado / avergonzada T ests avergonzada, no puedes negarlo.

sad He's very sad about the news.

apenado / apenada l est muy apenado por la noticia.

snowed under We're snowed under because of the exams.

agobiado / agobiada Nosotras estamos muy agobiadas por los exmenes. - All rights reserved


Como no quiero ser

- What I don`t want to be like

indignant You're indignant.

indignado / indignada Vosotras estis indignadas.

stressed They are very stressed.

estresado / estresada Ellos estn muy estresados. - All rights reserved


Como no quiero ser

- What I don`t want to be like


Maria and Marc are getting ready to watch television together after a long day of work. Maria: Honey, can you bring me a glass of water, please? Marc: Do you think I'm your servant? Maria: How rude you are! What's the matter with you today? Marc: I'm not rude, you're very touchy. Maria: I'm not touchy, I'm simply stressed and tired. Marc: It was a joke darling, don't get angry Maria: I'm not getting angry Marc: OK, well, be quiet and we can watch the TV

Mara y Marcos se disponen a ver la tele juntos despus de un largo da de trabajo. Mara: Cario, me traes un vaso de agua, por favor? Marcos: Acaso piensas que soy tu criado? Mara: Qu borde ests!, qu te ha pasado hoy? Marcos: No estoy borde, t ests muy susceptible. Mara: Yo no estoy susceptible, simplemente estoy estresada y cansada. Marcos: Era una broma cario, no te enfades Mara: No me enfado Marcos: Venga, pues estate callada que vamos a ver la tele - All rights reserved


Como no quiero ser

- What I don`t want to be like

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. What does Maria want? a. Maria wants to have a servant. b. Maria wants to watch TV. c. Maria wants a glass of water. 2. Maria thinks that Marc is a. tired. b. rude. c. touchy. 3. Marc thinks that Maria is a. stressed. b. touchy. c. joking. - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(c): 2(b): 3(b)

Como quiero ser - How I want to be

Vocabulario y frases

intelligent I have always been very intelligent.

inteligente Yo siempre he sido muy inteligente.

clever You have always been very clever.

listo / lista T siempre has sido muy listo.

nice He has always been very nice.

simptico / simptica l siempre ha sido muy simptico.

open We have always been very open.

abierto / abierta Nosotros siempre hemos sido muy abiertos.

optimistic You have always been very optimistic girls.

optimista Vosotras siempre habis sido unas chicas muy optimistas.

energetic dinmico / dinmica They have always been very energetic. Ellos siempre han sido muy dinmicos.

patient I used to be very patient.

paciente Yo antes era muy paciente.

sensible A few years ago you were very sensible.

sensato / sensata T hace unos aos eras muy sensata.

responsible She used to be very responsible.

responsable Ella antes era muy responsable.

persevering We used to be very persevering.

perseverante Nosotras antes ramos muy perseverantes. - All rights reserved


Como quiero ser - How I want to be

curious curioso / curiosa A few years ago you were very curious. Vosotros hace unos aos erais muy curiosos.

amusing They were very amusing.

divertido / divertida Ellas eran muy divertidas.

sincere I am very sincere.

sincero / sincera Yo soy muy sincera.

discreet You are very discreet

discreto / discreta T eres muy discreto.

pleasant She is very pleasant.

amable Ella es muy amable.

affectionate We are very affectionate

tierno / tierna Nosotras somos muy tiernas.

sensitive You are very sensitive.

sensible Vosotros sois muy sensibles.

attentive They are very attentive

atento / atenta Ellos son muy atentos.

considerate I have been very considerate with others all my life.

considerado / considerada Yo toda mi vida he sido muy considerada con los dems.

unassuming You have always been an unassuming person.

humilde T siempre has sido una persona humilde.

altruistic He has always been an altruistic boy.

altruista l siempre ha sido un chico altruista. - All rights reserved


Como quiero ser - How I want to be

sympathetic We have been sympathetic people.

compasivo / compasiva Nosotros hemos sido unas personas compasivas.

hospitable You are very hospitable.

hospitalario / hospitalaria Vosotros sois muy hospitalarios.

dreamy They have always been very dreamy, they have never had their feet on the ground. passionate Julie and Paul are very passionate.

soador / soadora Ellas siempre han sido muy soadoras, nunca han tenido los pies en la tierra.

apasionado / apasionada Julia y Pablo son muy apasionados. - All rights reserved


Como quiero ser - How I want to be


Paul and his wife are talking about his promotion. Paul : I'm overjoyed! Anne: Why? What's happened? Paul : I've been promoted at last. Anne: That's wonderful, darling! Paul : After being sincere with my boss and telling him everything I thought, they've promoted me. Anne: Your perseverance and discretion have been rewarded at last. Paul : I'll have to work more, but I'm delighted with the post. Anne: I just hope you'll still be as affectionate and passionate as ever.

Pablo y su esposa hablan del ascenso de ste. Pablo: Estoy eufrico! Ana: Por qu?, qu te ha pasado? Pablo: Por fin me han ascendido. Ana: Eso es maravilloso, cario! Pablo: Despus de haber sido sincero con mi jefe y decirle todo lo que pensaba, me han ascendido. Ana: Por fin han recompensado tu perseverancia y tu discrecin. Pablo: Tendr que trabajar ms, pero estoy muy ilusionado con el puesto. Ana: Slo espero que sigas siendo tan tierno y apasionado como siempre. - All rights reserved


Como quiero ser - How I want to be

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. How does Paul feel after the news? a. Paul is oppressed b. Paul is overjoyed. c. Paul is tired. 2. How did Paul act with his boss? a. Paul was sincere with his boss. b. Paul was pleasant with his boss. c. Paul was hospitable with his boss. 3. What is Paul like at work? a. Dreamy b. Perseverant and discreet c. Passionate - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(b): 2(a): 3(b)

Sentimientos positivos - Positive feelings

Vocabulario y frases

satisfied She has been satisfied with her job since her old boss retired.

satisfecho/satisfecha Se encuentra satisfecha con su trabajo desde que se jubil su antiguo jefe.

energetic activo/activa I don't understand how they have been No entiendo cmo pueden estar tan so energetic all day. I am exhausted. activos durante todo el da. Yo estoy agotada. glad We are so glad you have decided to visit. contento/contenta Estamos muy contentos de que hayis decidido venir a visitarnos.

ambitious The manager has always been very ambitious, reaching his current position at the age of 24. light-hearted It was a nice story, a good light-hearted novel.

ambicioso/ambiciosa El director siempre ha sido muy ambicioso. Alcanz su puesto actual cuando tena 24 aos. desenfadado Fue una historia bonita, una novela desenfadada y alegre.

worthy It has been a worthy experience. We have all benefitted from it.

merecer la pena La experiencia ha merecido la pena. Todos nos hemos beneficiado de ella.

respected He has always been a well respected journalist. He tells it like it is.

respetado/respetada Siempre ha sido un periodista muy respetado. Dice las cosas tal y como son.

proud orgulloso/orgullosa I have never been so proud of you! You Nunca me haba sentido tan orgulloso de have passed all your exams. ti! Has aprobado todos los exmenes.

determined She was determined to swim to the other side and she did.

decidido/decidida Estaba decidida a nadar hasta el otro lado, y as lo hizo.

confident seguro/segura I have always been confident about my Siempre he estado segura de mis abilities as a teacher. aptitudes como profesora. - All rights reserved


Sentimientos positivos - Positive feelings

friendly She was such a friendly girl, always smiling.

simptico/simptica Era una chica muy simptica, siempre estaba sonriendo.

comfortable It was a very comfortable room, thank you.

cmodo/cmoda Nos ha parecido una habitacin muy cmoda, gracias.

zealous He was a zealous sports fan; he used to go to all the matches.

ferviente Era un ferviente aficionado a los deportes; sola ir a todos los partidos.

elated I was elated when I heard the good news.

eufrico/eufrica Me sent eufrica cuando escuch las buenas noticias.

smart She has passed all her exams. She is so smart!

listo/lista Ha aprobado todos los exmenes. Es tan lista!

gratified complacidos/complacidas Her achievement gratified her parents. Sus logros hicieron que sus padres se sintieran complacidos.

at-ease We have always felt at-ease and comfortable with each other.

sentirse cmodo/cmoda Siempre nos hemos sentido cmodos el uno con el otro.

amused The teacher was not amused at her students throwing things around.

divertido/divertida A la profesora no le pareci divertido que los alumnos tiraran las cosas.

cheerful He has always been cheerful on Friday afternoons.

alegre Siempre se ha mostrado alegre los viernes por la tarde.

passionate apasionado/apasionada She has always been passionate about Siempre ha sido una apasionada del arte. art. That is why she opened an art Por esta razn abri una galera. gallery. capable She was the most capable of all the interviewees. The job is hers. competente Demostr ser la ms competente de todas las personas entrevistadas. El trabajo es suyo. - All rights reserved


Sentimientos positivos - Positive feelings

vibrant They were so vibrant, so full of life.

vibrante Estaban tan vibrantes, tan llenos de vida.

enthusiastic She is a very enthusiastic person. Always so positive about things.

entusiasta Es una persona muy entusiasta. Siempre ve el lado positivo de las cosas. - All rights reserved


Sentimientos positivos - Positive feelings


Robert`s parents are talking about their son. Mother: It is fantastic news! Robert has passed his exam! Father: Great! He is so capable. So determined and ambitious! Mother: I know! I am so proud of himI am elated at the news! Father: Maybe he will become a doctor or a lawyer Mother: Or maybe a pilot or a diplomat! Father: Yesbut maybe we should wait and see what he can do when he starts school.

Los padres de Roberto hablan sobre su hijo. Madre: Qu noticias tan fantsticas! Roberto ha aprobado el examen! Padre: Genial! Es tan competente. Tan decidido y ambicioso! Madre: S, lo s! Estoy tan orgullosa de l Me siento eufrica! Padre: Podra ser mdico o abogado Madre: O podra ser piloto o diplomtico! Padre: S pero mejor ser que esperemos a ver qu tal le va cuando empiece el colegio. - All rights reserved


Sentimientos positivos - Positive feelings

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. Why are Roberts' parents so happy? a. Because he passed an exam. b. Because he failed an exam. c. Because he is going to be a doctor. 2. What kind of person is Robert? a. He is unhappy. b. He is confident. c. He is determined and ambitious. 3. What does Robert's mother want him to become? a. A teacher or an engineer. b. A policeman or a postman. c. A pilot or a diplomat. - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(a): 2(c): 3(c)

Mi cultura - My culture

Vocabulario y frases

the culture Different cultures tend to have different customs regarding marriage.

la cultura Las distintas culturas suelen tener costumbres diferentes en lo referente al matrimonio. la tradicin La sociedad moderna tiende a desvincularse de las tradiciones.

the tradition Modern society is inclined to move away from traditions.

the heritage The European Heritage Network tends to focus on cultural heritage.

el patrimonio La Red de Patrimonio Europeo tiende a centrarse en el patrimonio cultural.

the ritual Rituals like hand-shaking and saying hello are very common in most cultures. the stereotype The stereotype of all Irish people having red hair is an oversimplified concept. the influence Religion often has a huge influence on culture.

el ritual Los rituales de dar la mano y decir hola son muy comunes en la mayora de las culturas. el estereotipo El estereotipo de que todos los irlandeses son pelirrojos es un concepto excesivamente simplificado. la influencia La religin suele tener una gran influencia sobre la cultura.

the social norms Social norms are defined as appropriate and inappropriate behaviour within groups in society. the multiculturalism Australia has embraced multiculturalism. There are many people from different cultures living there. the cultural diversity It is necessary to be aware of the cultural diversity that exists in a country.

las normas sociales Las normas sociales se definen como comportamientos apropiados e inapropiados dentro de los grupos de la sociedad. el multiculturalismo Australia ha abrazado el multiculturalismo. En este pas viven muchas personas de diferentes culturas. la diversidad cultural Es necesario ser consciente de la diversidad cultural que existe en un pas.

the melting pot el crisol New York city is a veritable melting pot La ciudad de Nueva York es un verdadero of cultures. crisol de culturas. - All rights reserved


Mi cultura - My culture

the ethnic group el grupo tnico There are hundreds of ethnic groups in En Londres existen cientos de grupos London. tnicos.

the folk culture Folk culture tends to refer to the localized lifestyle of a culture.

El folclore El folclore tiende a hacer referencia al estilo de vida localizado de una cultura.

the typical cuisine The typical cuisine of Tuscany is generally very healthy and varied.

la cocina tpica La cocina tpica de la Toscana es muy sana y variada en trminos generales.

the gastronomy Goulash is a typical dish in Hungarian gastronomy.

la gastronoma El estofado es un plato tpico de la gastronoma hngara.

the folk music The folk music of Ireland is inclined to be very popular all over Europe.

la msica folk La msica folk de Irlanda suele ser muy popular en toda Europa.

the traditional music The traditional music of Peru is normally played on panpipes.

la msica tradicional La msica tradicional de Per se toca normalmente con flautas de pan.

the native language The native language of Denmark is Danish but most people speak perfect English. the minority language While Gaelic is a minority language in Ireland, it is still an official language.

el idioma nativo El idioma nativo de Dinamarca es el dans, pero la mayora de la gente habla un ingls perfecto. el idioma minoritario Si bien el galico es un idioma minoritario en Irlanda, sigue siendo un idioma oficial.

the architecture Through architecture it's possible to guess many things about a culture

la arquitectura A travs de la arquitectura se pueden adivinar muchas cosas sobre una cultura.

the works of art The most famous works of art in Spain can be found in the Prado museum.

las obras de arte Las obras de arte ms famosas de Espaa se pueden encontrar en el museo de El Prado. la literatura Hamlet es uno de los personajes ms famosos de la literatura.

the literature Hamlet is one of the most famous characters in literature. - All rights reserved


Mi cultura - My culture

the cultural institution The Louvre museum in Paris is one of the most important cultural institutions in the country. the anthropology Anthropology deals with the origins and cultural development of humankind.

la institucin cultural El museo del Louvre en Pars es una de las instituciones culturales ms importantes del pas. la antropologa La antropologa trata sobre los orgenes y la evolucin cultural de la raza humana. - All rights reserved


Mi cultura - My culture


Paul is telling Marc about his journey to Nepal. Paul: You know, it really is one of the most spectacular countries in the world. It has about thirty-six different ethnic groups and multiple religions and languages. Marc: Wow! Paul: Nepal's culture is greatly influenced by its music, architecture, religion and literature. Marc: Really and what about the food? Paul: The food of Nepal is as diverse as the country itself. It is healthy and easy to cook. I am going to prepare a typical dish for you tomorrow night.. Marc: Great. Thanks!

Pablo cuenta a Marcos su viaje a Nepal. Pablo: Sabes, se trata de uno de los pases ms espectaculares del mundo. Tiene alrededor de treinta y seis grupos tnicos, adems de mltiples religiones e idiomas. Marcos: Vaya! Pablo: La cultura de Nepal se encuentra fuertemente influenciada por la msica, la arquitectura, la religin y la literatura. Marcos: De verdad? Y cmo es la comida? Pablo: La comida de Nepal es tan diversa como el propio pas. Es sana y fcil de cocinar. Maana por la noche te voy a preparar un plato tpico Marcos: Genial. Gracias! - All rights reserved


Mi cultura - My culture

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. Where did Paul go on his holidays? a. To China. b. To India. c. To Nepal. 2. How many different ethnic groups are there in Nepal? a. 36 b. 31 c. 33 3. What is Paul going to do tomorrow night? a. Dance a typical Nepalese dance for Marc. b. Cook a typical Nepalese dish for Marc. c. Sing a typical Nepalese song for Marc. - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(c): 2(a): 3(b)

Sentimientos negativos - Negative feelings

Vocabulario y frases

terrified aterrorizado/aterrorizada I have been terrified of the dark since I Desde que vi aquella pelcula me saw that film. aterroriza la oscuridad.

moody She is so moody. She is always in a bad humour.

temperamental Es muy temperamental. Siempre est de mal humor.

lonely solo/sola They felt so lonely when their daughter Se sintieron muy solos cuando su hija se left home. fue de casa.

pessimistic Stop being so pessimistic! Things are not really that bad.

pesimista Deja de ser tan pesimista! Las cosas no estn tan mal.

exhausted He seems to be exhausted all of the time now.

agotado/agotada Ahora parece agotado todo el tiempo.

bitter resentido/resentida Stop being so bitter. You wouldn't have Deja de sentirte tan resentido. No won the race anyway. hubieras ganado la carrera de ninguna manera. jealous Maria has always been jealous of her husbands secretary. celoso/celosa Mara siempre ha sido celosa de la secretaria de su marido.

suspicious I am suspicious about what the new neighbours have just put in their car.

sospechoso/sospechosa Me resulta sospechoso lo que los nuevos vecinos acaban de introducir en su coche.

blue Why do I always feel so blue when I come back from holiday?

triste Por qu me siento tan triste cada vez que vuelvo de vacaciones?

smug Has she always had that smug look on her face?

engredo/engreda Siempre ha tenido esa cara de engreda? - All rights reserved


Sentimientos negativos - Negative feelings

perplexed She was perplexed by the strange package she had received in the post.

perplejo/perpleja Se qued perpleja ante el extrao paquete que recibi por correo.

puzzled The boss was puzzled because all the staff had left early.

confuso/confusa El jefe se sinti confuso al ver que todos los trabajadores se haban marchado pronto. avergonzado/avergonzada Le avergonzaba tener que llevar el vestido viejo a la fiesta.

ashamed She felt ashamed about wearing her old dress to the party.

abandoned She felt abandoned by all her friends when she wasn't invited to the party.

abandonado/abandonada Se sinti abandonada por todos sus amigos cuando no la invitaron a la fiesta.

envious I was so envious of my cousin's new car.

envidioso/envidiosa Sent mucha envidia del coche nuevo de mi primo.

provocative Sometimes she can be very provocative.

provocador/provocadora A veces ella puede ser muy provocadora.

disheartened desanimado/desanimada I have felt so disheartened since Sarah Me he sentido muy desanimada desde got that promotion in work. que Sara fue promocionada en su trabajo.

infuriated The shopkeeper was infuriated when he caught his own son shoplifting.

furioso/furiosa El dependiente de la tienda estaba furioso al descubrir a su propio hijo robando.

anxious They spent an anxious week waiting for the test results.

preocupado/preocupada Pasaron una semana preocupados a la espera de los resultados del anlisis.

threatened amenazado/amenazada I have felt threatened in my own home Me he sentido amenazada en mi propia since the last break-in. casa desde el ltimo robo.

intimidated She seems to be intimidated by my brains and good looks.

intimidado/intimidada Parece sentirse intimidada por mi cerebro y mi buena presencia. - All rights reserved


Sentimientos negativos - Negative feelings

abusive He was so abusive, always insulting her.

grosero/grosera Era muy grosero, siempre estaba insultndola.

offended Some people were offended by the content of the book.

ofendido/ofendida Algunas personas se sintieron ofendidas por el contenido del libro.

doubtful They were doubtful whether they would have enough money for a holiday this year.

dudoso/dudosa Tenan dudas de si tendran dinero suficiente para ir de vacaciones este ao. - All rights reserved


Sentimientos negativos - Negative feelings


Christine and Julia are talking about a workmate. Christine: What is the matter? Julia: I am infuriated! Maria just spilled coffee on my new dress! I think she is envious of me. She is determined to annoy me! Christine: Yes. I think she is bitter that you got promoted and she didn't. Julia: I think she feels so disheartened because she worked really hard but I got the job in the end. I don't really understand why she is so moody. She should just accept it. Christine: Yes but the boss is your father.

Cristina y Julia hablan sobre un compaero de trabajo. Cristina: Qu ocurre? Julia: Estoy furiosa! Mara acaba de tirarme caf en el vestido nuevo! Creo que tiene envidia de mi. Est dispuesta a enfadarme! Cristina: S. Creo que est resentida porque a ti te ascendieron y a ella no. Julia: Creo que est tan desanimada porque aunque trabaj realmente duro, al final me dieron el trabajo a mi. Lo cierto es que no logro entender por qu es tan temperamental. Debera aceptarlo simplemente. Cristina: S, pero el jefe es tu padre - All rights reserved


Sentimientos negativos - Negative feelings

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. What did Maria do? a. She tore Maria's dress. b. She stole Maria's dress. c. She spilled coffee on Julia's dress. 2. Why is Maria so upset? a. Because Christine got a promotion. b. Because Julia got a promotion. c. Because she got a promotion. 3. Who is the boss? a. Christine's father. b. Maria's father. c. Julia's father. - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(c): 2(b): 3(c)

Mi casa - My house

Vocabulario y frases

the house The house is too small.

la casa La casa es demasiado pequea.

the building The building is very tall.

el edificio El edificio es muy alto.

the room The flat has 3 rooms.

la habitacin El piso tiene 3 habitaciones.

the bedroom My bedroom is very big.

el dormitorio Mi dormitorio es muy grande.

the toilet A toilet is smaller than a bathroom.

el cuarto de aseo Un cuarto de aseo es ms pequeo que un bao.

the bathroom In the bathroom there is a bathtub.

el bao En el bao hay una baera.

the kitchen We cook in the kitchen.

la cocina Cocinamos en la cocina.

the living room My parents watch television in the living room.

el saln Mis padres miran la televisin en el saln.

the dining room In the dining room there is a table and four chairs.

el comedor En el comedor hay una mesa y cuatro sillas.

the corridor The corridor is too long.

el pasillo El pasillo es demasiado largo. - All rights reserved


Mi casa - My house

the balcony The balcony is very big.

el balcn El balcn es muy grande.

the terrace I sunbathe on the terrace.

la terraza Tomo el sol en la terraza.

the garden I like being in the garden.

el jardn Me gusta estar en el jardn.

the ground floor The kitchen is on the ground floor.

la planta baja En la planta baja est la cocina.

the first floor el primer piso The first floor is bigger than the ground El primer piso es ms grande que la floor. planta baja.

the lift The lift is broken.

el ascensor El ascensor est averiado.

the stairs The stairs are next to the rooms.

la escalera La escalera est al lado de las habitaciones.

the wall The walls are white.

la pared Las paredes son blancas.

big My house is very big.

grande Mi casa es muy grande.

small The house is very small.

pequeo / pequea La casa es muy pequea.

fully equipped The kitchen is fully equipped.

totalmente equipado La cocina est totalmente equipada. - All rights reserved


Mi casa - My house

to buy a flat I want to buy a flat.

comprar un piso Quiero comprar un piso.

to sell a flat Flats for sale.

vender un piso Se venden pisos.

to share a flat I share a flat with two Spanish girls.

compartir piso Comparto piso con dos chicas espaolas.

to move house My parents want to move house.

cambiarse de casa Mis padres quieren cambiarse de casa. - All rights reserved


Mi casa - My house


Julia is thinking of moving house and meets her old friend Peter on the street. Julia: Peter, are you still living at your parents' house? Peter: No, I've moved house. Julia: What's your house like? Peter: It's a very small flat. It has two bedrooms, a fully equipped kitchen and a toilet. It also has a small terrace. Julia: Do you live alone? Peter: Yes. Do you want to come and have dinner tonight?

Julia est pensando en cambiarse de casa y encuentra a su viejo amigo Pedro por la calle. Julia: Pedro, todava vives en casa de tus padres? Pedro: No, me he cambiado de casa. Julia: Cmo es tu casa? Pedro: Es un piso muy pequeo, tiene dos dormitorios, una cocina totalmente equipada y un cuarto de aseo. Tambin tiene una pequea terraza. Julia: Vives solo? Pedro: S. Quieres venir a cenar esta noche? - All rights reserved


Mi casa - My house

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. Where is Peter living now? a. Peter lives in a shared flat. b. Peter lives alone in a flat. c. Peter lives in his parent's house. 2. Is there any free bedroom in Peter's flat? a. No b. Yes, there are two free rooms. c. Yes 3. What is Peter's flat like? a. Peter's flat is big. b. Peter's flat is very big. c. Peter's flat is small. - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(b): 2(c): 3(c)

El saln y la habitacin - The living room and the bedroom

Vocabulario y frases

the living room The living room is at the end of the hallway.

el saln El saln est al final del pasillo.

the door The door is closed.

la puerta La puerta est cerrada.

the piece of furniture The piece of furniture is next to the wall.

el mueble El mueble est junto a la pared.

the table The table is behind the wall.

la mesa La mesa est detrs de la pared.

the chair The chairs are around the table.

la silla Las sillas estn alrededor de la mesa.

the sofa The sofa is opposite the television.

el sof El sof est enfrente del televisor.

the cushion The cushion is on the sofa.

el cojn El cojn est encima del sof.

the armchair The armchair is on the right of the sofa.

el silln El silln est a la derecha del sof.

the rug The rug is under the sofa.

la alfombra La alfombra est debajo del sof.

the painting The painting is hanging on the wall.

el cuadro El cuadro est colgado en la pared. - All rights reserved


El saln y la habitacin - The living room and the bedroom

the lamp The lamp is hanging over the table.

la lmpara La lmpara est colgada arriba de la mesa.

the window The window is open.

la ventana La ventana est abierta.

the curtain The curtains are hanging from the ceiling.

la cortina Las cortinas estn colgadas del techo.

the blind The blinds are up.

la persiana Las persianas estn levantadas.

the decoration The decoration in this house is very modern.

la decoracin La decoracin en esta casa es muy moderna

the bedroom The bedroom is on the first floor.

el dormitorio El dormitorio est en el primer piso.

the bed The bed is on the right of the door.

la cama La cama est a la derecha de la puerta.

the sheet The sheets are between the duvet and the bed.

la sbana Las sbanas estn entre el edredn y la cama.

the duvet The duvet is above the sheets.

el edredn El edredn est encima de las sbanas.

the cover The cover is being washed in the washing machine.

la funda La funda est lavndose en la lavadora.

the pillow The pillow is on the bed.

la almohada La almohada est encima de la cama. - All rights reserved


El saln y la habitacin - The living room and the bedroom

the bedside table The bedside table is next to the bed.

la mesita de noche La mesita de noche est al lado de la cama.

the wardrobe The wardrobe is behind the bedside table.

el armario El armario est detrs de la mesita de noche.

the bookcase The bookcase is opposite the wardrobe.

la estantera La estantera est enfrente del armario.

the poster The poster is hanging on the wall.

el pster El pster est colgado de la pared. - All rights reserved


El saln y la habitacin - The living room and the bedroom


Maria is showing her new house to her friend Julia. Julia: Ah! It's very small. Maria: Well it's big enough for two people. Julia: The thing is I want a big sofa with an enormous television opposite. Maria: With this sofa, Marcos and I will be very close together, because it's very small Julia: And a fireplace, I want to have a fireplace. Maria: What for? It's never cold here. Also, you need a lot of money for that. Julia: Yes, but I'm going to have a rich boyfriend.

Mara est ensendole su nueva casa a su amiga Julia. Julia: Ah!, es muy pequeo. Mara: Bueno es lo suficientemente grande para dos personas. Julia: Es que yo quiero un sof grande con un televisor enorme enfrente Mara: Con este sof, Marcos y yo estaremos ms juntos, porque es muy pequeo Julia: Y una chimenea, yo quiero tener una chimenea Mara: Para qu?, aqu nunca hace fro. Adems para eso necesitas mucho dinero. Julia: Ya, pero yo voy a tener un novio rico. - All rights reserved


El saln y la habitacin - The living room and the bedroom

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. What does Julia think about Marc and Maria's flat? a. Julia thinks that the flat has a big sofa. b. Julia thinks that the flat is very small. c. Julia thinks that the flat is perfect. 2. What is Marc and Maria's sofa like? a. The sofa is very small. b. The sofa is very big. c. The sofa is huge. 3. Why does Maria think that they don't need a fireplace? a. Because she doesn't like fireplaces. b. Because it's never cold in the flat. c. Because she prefers having an enormous television. - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(b): 2(a): 3(b)

En el bao - In the bathroom

Vocabulario y frases

the bathroom The bathroom is upstairs.

el bao El bao est en el piso de arriba.

the toilet The toilet is at the end of the corridor.

el cuarto de aseo El cuarto de aseo est al final del pasillo.

the bathtub There's no bathtub in the bathroom.

la baera En el cuarto de bao no hay baera.

the shower The shower is between the bidet and the basin.

la ducha La ducha est entre el bid y el lavabo.

the sponge There's a sponge in the shower.

la esponja Hay una esponja en la ducha.

the shower gel The shower gel is in the cupboard in the bathroom.

el gel de ducha El gel de ducha est en el armario del cuarto de aseo.

the basin The basin is on the left of the bidet.

el lavabo El lavabo est a la izquierda del bid.

the tap The tap is in the basin.

el grifo El grifo est en el lavabo.

the soapdish The soapdish is on top of the basin.

la jabonera La jabonera est encima del lavabo.

the soap There's a bar of soap in the soapdish.

el jabn Hay una pastilla de jabn en la jabonera. - All rights reserved


En el bao - In the bathroom

the mirror The mirror is above the basin.

el espejo El espejo est arriba del lavabo.

the toothbrush The toothbrush is on top of the basin.

el cepillo de dientes El cepillo de dientes est encima del lavabo.

the toothpaste There's no toothpaste.

la pasta de dientes No hay pasta de dientes.

the comb There's a comb on top of the toilet.

el peine Hay un peine encima del retrete.

the brush The brush is in the cupboard.

el cepillo El cepillo est dentro del armario.

the hair dryer The hair dryer is in the bathroom.

el secador de pelo El secador de pelo est en el cuarto de aseo.

the razor The razor is next to the toothbrush.

la maquinilla de afeitar La maquinilla de afeitar est al lado del cepillo de dientes.

the shaving foam There's no shaving foam.

la espuma de afeitar No hay espuma de afeitar.

the towel There's a towel hanging on the towel rail.

la toalla Hay una toalla colgada del toallero.

the cupboard The cupboard is under the basin.

el armario El armario est debajo del lavabo.

the bowl The bowl is in front of the basin.

el retrete El retrete est enfrente del lavabo. - All rights reserved


En el bao - In the bathroom

the cistern The cistern is next to the toilet.

la cisterna La cisterna est junto al retrete.

the toilet paper The toilet paper is next to the toilet.

el papel higinico El papel higinico est al lado del retrete.

the bidet The bidet is on the left of the wash basin.

el bid El bid est a la izquierda del lavabo. - All rights reserved


En el bao - In the bathroom


A brother and sister argue about going into the bathroom in the morning. Maria: Peter, get out of the bathroom right now! Peter: Coming. Maria: I need to get into the bathroom. Peter: Wait a moment, I'm in the shower. Maria: Open up or I'll be late for work! (Peter finally opens the door) Peter: I'm done. Maria: Hurry up I have to put my make-up on. Peter: Why don't you put your make-up on in your room?

Dos hermanos discuten para entrar al bao por la maana. Mara: Pedro, sal del bao de una vez! Pedro: Ya voy. Mara: Necesito entrar al bao. Pedro: Espera un momento, estoy en la ducha. Mara: breme o llegar tarde a trabajar! (Pedro finalmente abre la puerta) Pedro: Ya est. Mara: Date prisa, tengo que maquillarme. Pedro: Por qu no te maquillas en tu habitacin? - All rights reserved


En el bao - In the bathroom

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. What is Peter doing in the bathroom? a. He is having a shower. b. He is shaving. c. He is brushing his teeth. 2. Why is Maria in a hurry? a. Because she doesn't want to wait. b. Because she has to go to work. c. Because she has to go to class. 3. What does Maria want to do in the bathroom? a. Maria wants to comb her hair. b. Maria wants to put on her make-up. c. Maria wants to take a shower. - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(a): 2(b): 3(b)

En la cocina - In the kitchen

Vocabulario y frases

the refrigerator The refrigerator is next to the door.

el frigorfico El frigorfico est al lado de la puerta.

the freezer The freezer is on top of the refrigerator.

el congelador El congelador est encima del frigorfico.

the cupboard The food is inside the cupboard.

el armario La comida est dentro del armario.

the worktop The worktop is below the cupboard.

la encimera La encimera est debajo del armario.

the stove The stove is next to the sink.

el fogn El fogn est al lado del fregadero.

the oven The oven is below the hob.

el horno El horno est debajo de la placa.

the microwave The microwave is between the refrigerator and the sink.

el microondas El microondas est entre el frigorfico y el fregadero.

the sink The sink is next to the draining rack.

el fregadero El fregadero est al lado del escurreplatos.

the tap The tap is in the sink.

el grifo El grifo est en el fregadero.

the draining rack The draining rack is full of plates.

el escurreplatos El escurreplatos est lleno de platos. - All rights reserved


En la cocina - In the kitchen

the dishwasher The dishwasher is on the left of the sink.

el lavavajillas El lavavajillas est a la izquierda del fregadero.

the table The glasses are on the table.

la mesa Los vasos estn encima de la mesa.

the chair The chair is next to the table.

la silla La silla est al lado de la mesa.

to cook My father cooks very well.

cocinar Mi padre cocina muy bien.

the frying pan The frying pan is in the cupboard.

la sartn La sartn est dentro del armario.

the pot The pan is next to the pot.

la cacerola La cacerola est al lado de la olla.

the coffee maker The coffee maker is on the table.

la cafetera La cafetera est encima de la mesa.

the toaster la tostadora The toaster is on the right of the coffee La tostadora est a la derecha de la maker. cafetera.

the blender la batidora The blender is used for making purees. La batidora sirve para hacer purs.

the squeezer The squeezer is used for making juice.

el exprimidor El exprimidor sirve para hacer zumos.

the scales The scales are used for weighing food.

la bscula La bscula sirve para pesar los alimentos. - All rights reserved


En la cocina - In the kitchen

the tin opener el abrelatas The tin opener is used for opening tins. El abrelatas sirve para abrir latas.

the corkscrew The corkscrew is used for opening bottles of wine.

el sacacorchos El sacacorchos sirve para abrir botellas de vino. - All rights reserved


En la cocina - In the kitchen


Ana explains to the delivery man where she wants the kitchen appliances. Anna: The kitchen is very small, so everything has to be well-placed. Delivery man: Of course, where shall I put the electrical appliances? Anna: Put the refrigerator next to the door. Delivery man: Where shall I put this cupboard? Anna: Put it on the worktop. Delivery man: Done. Anna: Maybe it's better to put the cupboard above the sink... Delivery man: Tell me where to put it!

Ana le explica al repartidor dnde quiere los electrodomsticos de la cocina. Ana: La cocina es muy pequea, as que todo tiene que estar bien colocado. Repartidor: Por supuesto, dnde pongo los electrodomsticos? Ana: Ponga el frigorfico al lado de la puerta. Repartidor: Dnde pongo este armario? Ana: Pngalo encima de la encimera. Repartidor: Hecho. Ana: Quiz es mejor poner el armario encima del fregadero Repartidor: Dgame dnde lo pongo! - All rights reserved


En la cocina - In the kitchen

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. Where does Anna want the deliveryman to put the fridge? a. Above the sink. b. Next to the door. c. On the worktop. 2. Why does Anna want all the electrical appliances to be well-placed? a. Because Anna likes cooking a lot. b. Because the kitchen is very small. c. Because Anna is very neat. 3. Is Anna sure about where to put the cupboard? a. No b. Yes c. She is very sure. - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(b): 2(b): 3(a)

Las tareas domsticas - Domestic work

Vocabulario y frases

to sweep the floor I sweep the floor once a week.

barrer el suelo Barro el suelo una vez a la semana.

the broom Where's the broom?

la escoba Dnde est la escoba?

the dustpan The dustpan is behind the door.

el recogedor El recogedor est detrs de la puerta.

to mop the floor You never mop the floor.

fregar el suelo Nunca friegas el suelo.

the mop The mop is in the kitchen.

la fregona La fregona est en la cocina.

to dust My mother dusts many times a day.

limpiar el polvo Mi madre limpia el polvo muchas veces al da.

to clean the windows I never clean the windows.

limpiar los cristales Nunca limpio los cristales.

the cloth The cloth is in the drawer.

el trapo El trapo est en el cajn.

to vacuum clean We vacuum clean once a month.

pasar el aspirador Pasamos el aspirador una vez al mes.

to make the bed In the morning I make my bed.

hacer la cama Por la maana hago la cama. - All rights reserved


Las tareas domsticas - Domestic work

to do the washing They do the washing twice per week.

poner la lavadora Ponen la lavadora dos veces por semana.

the washing powder There's no washing powder left.

el detergente No queda detergente.

softener The softener is next to the washing machine.

el suavizante El suavizante est al lado de la lavadora.

to hang the washing I hang the washing after doing the washing.

tender la ropa Tiendo la ropa despus de poner la lavadora.

to iron the clothes Anna irons her clothes once a week.

planchar la ropa Ana plancha la ropa una vez a la semana.

to do the shopping We do the shopping three times a week.

hacer la compra Hacemos la compra tres veces a la semana.

to make lunch He makes lunch every day.

hacer la comida Todos los das hace la comida.

to lay the table Marc, can you lay the table?

poner la mesa Marc, puedes poner la mesa?

to wash the dishes Do you mind washing the dishes?

fregar los platos Te importa fregar los platos?

to load the dishwasher Darling, can you load the dishwasher?

poner el lavavajillas Cario, puedes poner el lavavajillas?

to take out the rubbish Can you take out the rubbish?

sacar la basura Podis sacar la basura? - All rights reserved


Las tareas domsticas - Domestic work

to decorate the house We decorate the house once every three months.

decorar la casa Decoramos la casa una vez cada tres meses. - All rights reserved


Las tareas domsticas - Domestic work


A couple divide up the domestic work. Husband: Darling, can you lay the table while I finish making the lunch? Wife: Just a moment, I'm hanging the washing. Husband: O.K, but we're going to have lunch right now. Wife: Coming. (after having lunch) Wife: Can you wash the dishes? I've got to work. Husband: Don't worry, I'll load the dishwasher now.

Una pareja se reparte las tareas domsticas. Marido: Cario, puedes poner la mesa mientras termino de hacer la comida? Mujer: Un momento, estoy tendiendo la ropa. Marido: Vale, pero vamos a comer ahora mismo. Mujer: Ya voy. (despus de comer) Mujer: Puedes fregar los platos?, tengo que irme a trabajar. Marido: No te preocupes, ahora pongo el lavavajillas. - All rights reserved


Las tareas domsticas - Domestic work

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. Who makes the lunch? a. The husband b. The wife c. The mother-in-law 2. Who washes the dishes? a. Neither of them. b. The husband c. The wife 3. What is the wife doing after lunch? a. The wife is loading the dishwasher. b. The wife is washing the dishes. c. The wife is going to work. - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(a): 2(a): 3(c)

Qu tiempo hace? - What`s the weather like?

Vocabulario y frases

What's the weather like?

Qu tiempo hace?

The weather's good.

Hace buen tiempo.

the seasons of the year There are four seasons in the year.

las estaciones del ao En un ao, hay cuatro estaciones.

the spring Spring is the season of love.

la primavera La primavera es la estacin del amor.

to rain It's raining.

llover Est lloviendo.

the rain I like watching the rain from my window.

la lluvia Me gusta ver la lluvia desde mi ventana.

the rainbow The rainbow is coming out.

el arco iris Est saliendo el arco iris.

the thunderstorm Tonight there's going to be a thunderstorm.

la tormenta Esta noche va a haber tormenta.

the lightning I saw lightning strike that tree.

el rayo He visto caer un rayo en ese rbol.

the summer Summer is the season for holidays.

el verano El verano es la estacin de las vacaciones. - All rights reserved


Qu tiempo hace? - What`s the weather like?

It's very hot.

Hace mucho calor.

the sun It's very sunny.

el sol Hace mucho sol.

the autumn In autumn the leaves fall from the trees.

el otoo En otoo caen las hojas de los rboles.

the wind It's very windy.

el viento Hace mucho viento.

the cloud There are many clouds in the sky.

la nube Hay muchas nubes en el cielo.

the sky The sky is grey, it's going to rain.

el cielo El cielo est gris, va a llover.

It's cloudy

Est nublado.

the fog It's foggy.

la niebla Hay niebla.

the winter Winter is the whitest season.

el invierno El invierno es la estacin ms blanca.

The weather's bad.

Hace mal tiempo.

It's cold.

Hace fro. - All rights reserved


Qu tiempo hace? - What`s the weather like?

the ice There's ice on the road.

el hielo Hay hielo en la carretera.

to snow It's snowing.

nevar Est nevando.

the snow I'm making a snowman.

la nieve Estoy haciendo un mueco de nieve. - All rights reserved


Qu tiempo hace? - What`s the weather like?


Two friends talk about the new season. Christina: At last it's spring! Good weather's here. Julia: The cold has finished and the allergies start Christina: Do you have allergies? Julia: Yes, in spring I can't stop sneezing. Christina: That's horrible. Julia: Yes, but I like spring. Christina: It's the season of love. Julia: Yes, and also it's close to the summer holidays.

Dos amigas hablan sobre la nueva estacin. Cristina: Por fin es primavera!, ya llega el buen tiempo. Julia: Se acab el fro y empiezan las alergias Cristina: Tienes alergia? Julia: S, en primavera no paro de estornudar. Cristina: Eso es horrible! Julia: S, pero me gusta la primavera. Cristina: Es la estacin del amor! Julia: S, adems ya estn cerca las vacaciones de verano. - All rights reserved


Qu tiempo hace? - What`s the weather like?

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. Which season of the year are they in? a. In spring b. In winter c. In summer 2. What happens in spring? a. In spring the good weather comes. b. In spring it's cold. c. In spring the leaves fall from the trees. 3. What normally happens to Julia in spring? a. Julia has an allergy and can't stop sneezing. b. Julia falls in love easily. c. Julia has holidays. - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(a): 2(a): 3(a)

Algo de geografa - A bit of geography

Vocabulario y frases

Geography Geography is very important for people's lives.

la geografa La geografa es muy importante para la vida de las personas.

the sea el mar If you go to Barcelona, you can swim in Si vas a Barcelona, podrs baarte en el the Mediterranean Sea. Mar Mediterrneo.

the ocean The Pacific Ocean is between America and Asia.

el ocano El Ocano Pacfico est entre Amrica y Asia.

the river The River Nile passes through Egypt.

el ro El ro Nilo pasa por Egipto.

the lake Loch Ness lake is in the North of Scotland.

el lago El Lago Ness est al Norte de Escocia.

the waterfall Niagara falls is a famous waterfall between the United States and Canada. the beach Californian beaches are very famous.

la catarata Las cataratas del Nigara es una catarata famosa entre Estados Unidos y Canad.

la playa Las playas de California son muy famosas.

the island Mykonos is a Greek island.

la isla Mykonos es una isla de Grecia.

the plain In Argentina, there is a very large plain.

la llanura En Argentina, hay una llanura muy extensa.

the desert The Sahara desert is the largest in the world.

el desierto El desierto del Sahara es el ms grande del mundo. - All rights reserved


Algo de geografa - A bit of geography

the mountain la montaa The Rocky mountains are in the United Las Montaas Rocosas estn en Estados States. Unidos.

the valley A valley is a plain between two mountains.

el valle Un valle es una llanura entre dos montaas.

the hill Hills are not as high as mountains.

la colina Las colinas no son tan altas como las montaas.

the cliff The cliffs of Moher are in the west of Ireland.

el acantilado Los acantilados de Moher estn al oeste de Irlanda.

the cave Bears normally live in caves.

la cueva Los osos suelen vivir en cuevas.

the volcano Mount Vesuvius is an active volcano.

el volcn El Vesubio es un volcn activo.

the forest Robin Hood lived in Sherwood Forest.

el bosque Robin Hood viva en el Bosque de Sherwood.

the rainforest The largest rainforest in the world is the Amazon.

la selva La selva ms grande del mundo es la del Amazonas.

the coast New York is a state located on the Atlantic coast.

la costa Nueva York es un estado situado en la costa atlntica.

the interior Madrid is a city in the interior.

el interior Madrid es una ciudad del interior.

north Morocco is in North Africa.

norte Marruecos est al Norte de frica. - All rights reserved


Algo de geografa - A bit of geography

south sur Italy is one of the countries in southern Italia es uno de los pases del sur de Europe. Europa.

east Dublin is in the east of Ireland.

este Dubln est al este de Irlanda.

west Chile is in the west of Latin America.

oeste Chile est al oeste de Hispanoamrica. - All rights reserved


Algo de geografa - A bit of geography


Paul wants to travel to the United States and asks for information at the travel agency. Paul : Good morning! I'd like some information about trips to the United States. Travel agency employee: Would you like to visit any city in particular? Paul : I want to know the geography of the country: Niagara Falls Travel agency employee: I see Paul : I also want to go to a desert island Travel agency employee: But there is a large distance between... Paul : I don't have a job, so I have lots of time. Travel agency employee: Apart from time you also need money.

Pablo quiere viajar a Estados Unidos y pide informacin en una agencia de viajes. Pablo: Buenos das!, quiero informarme sobre los viajes a Estados Unidos. Empleado de la agencia: Le gustara visitar alguna ciudad en particular? Pablo: Quiero conocer la geografa del pas: las cataratas del Nigara Empleado de la agencia: Ya entiendo Pablo: Tambin quiero ir a una isla desierta Empleado de la agencia: Pero all las distancias son muy largas. Pablo: No tengo trabajo, as que tengo mucho tiempo Empleado de la agencia: Aparte de tiempo, tambin necesita dinero. - All rights reserved


Algo de geografa - A bit of geography

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. Where does Paul want to travel? a. To Hawaii b. To the United States c. To Nicaragua 2. Which of the following places does Paul want to see? a. Boston b. Niagara falls c. New York 3. Paul has lots of time, because. a. he has holidays. b. he is his own boss. c. he doesn't have a job. - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(b): 2(b): 3(c)

Animales domsticos - Pets

Vocabulario y frases

the pet I like pets.

el animal domstico Me gustan los animales domsticos.

the veterinary surgeon The veterinary surgeon adores animals.

el veterinario El veterinario adora a los animales.

the dog The dog is playing with the ball.

el perro El perro est jugando con la pelota.

the puppy Puppies always want to play.

el cachorro Los cachorros siempre quieren jugar.

to bark The dog is barking.

ladrar Ese perro est ladrando.

to take for a walk My parents take the dog for a walk every day.

sacar a pasear Mis padres sacan a pasear al perro todos los das.

to stroke She's always stroking the dog.

acariciar Ella siempre est acariciando al perro.

the kennel The dog is in its kennel.

la caseta El perro est en su caseta.

the cat The cat is asleep.

el gato El gato est dormido.

to miaow The cat is miaowing.

maullar El gato est maullando. - All rights reserved


Animales domsticos - Pets

the basket My cat is always in its basket.

la cesta Mi gato siempre est en su cesta.

the bird The bird sings in the morning.

el pjaro El pjaro canta por las maanas.

the parrot The parrot repeats what others say.

el loro El loro repite lo que dicen los dems.

the budgerigar The budgerigar is drinking water.

el periquito El periquito est bebiendo agua.

the cage The bird is inside the cage.

la jaula El pjaro est dentro de la jaula.

the swing The parrot is swinging on its swing.

el columpio El loro est balancendose en su columpio.

the fish The fish is swimming.

el pez El pez est nadando.

the fish tank The fish is in the fish tank.

la pecera El pez est dentro de una pecera.

the tortoise Tortoises are very slow.

la tortuga Las tortugas son muy lentas.

the chameleon Chameleons change colour.

el camalen Los camaleones cambian de color.

the ferret The ferret is hiding in a hole.

el hurn El hurn est escondido en un agujero. - All rights reserved


Animales domsticos - Pets

the iguana Marcos is taking a walk with his iguana.

la iguana Marcos est paseando con su iguana.

the hamster The hamster is running in its cage.

el hmster El hmster est corriendo en su jaula.

the rabbit The rabbit is eating.

el conejo El conejo est comiendo. - All rights reserved


Animales domsticos - Pets


A child, who is in the park with his mother, wants to take a dog home. Child: Mum, look what a beautiful dog, why don't we take it home? Mother: Because it's not ours. Child: But it's on its own, it doesn't belong to anyone. Mother: Yes it does, because it has a collar with its name. Child: Mum, look over there, there's a dog without a collar, can we take it? Mother: No, darling, our house is too small to have a dog. Child: Mum your bedroom is very big, it can sleep with dad and you. Mother: Come on, I'll buy you a toy dog.

Un nio, que est en el parque con su madre, quiere llevarse un perro a casa. Nio: Mam, mira que perro tan bonito, por qu no nos lo llevamos a casa? Madre: Porque no es nuestro. Nio: Pero est solo, no es de nadie. Madre: S lo es, porque tiene un collar con su nombre. Nio: Mam, mira, all hay un perro sin collar, nos lo podemos llevar? Madre: No, cario, nuestra casa es demasiado pequea para tener un perro. Nio: Mam tu habitacin es muy grande, puede dormir con pap y contigo. Madre: Venga, te comprar un perro de peluche! - All rights reserved


Animales domsticos - Pets

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. What does the child want to do? a. The child wants to take the collar off the dog. b. The child wants his mother to buy him a toy dog. c. The child wants to take a dog home. 2. If a dog has a collar a. it means that it has an owner. b. it means that it doesn't have an owner. c. it means that anybody can take it home. 3. What does the mother think about the idea of letting the dog sleep in her bedroom? a. She thinks the idea is fantastic. b. She doesn't like the idea. c. She likes the idea. - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(c): 2(a): 3(b)

En el jardn - In the garden

Vocabulario y frases

the garden Sunbathe in the garden.

el jardn Toma el sol en el jardn.

the gardener Help the gardener.

el jardinero Ayuda al jardinero.

the soil Don't walk on the wet soil.

la tierra No pises la tierra mojada.

the stone Don't throw stones at the windows.

la piedra No tires piedras contra las ventanas.

the grass Lie down on the grass.

la hierba Tmbate en la hierba.

the lawn He is mowing the lawn.

el csped Est cortando el csped.

to plant Plant a tree.

plantar Planta un rbol.

to water Water the plants.

regar Riega las plantas.

the tree Lie down under a tree.

el rbol Acustate debajo de un rbol.

the seed We have planted some seeds in the garden.

la semilla Hemos plantado unas semillas en el jardn. - All rights reserved


En el jardn - In the garden

the root Don't cut the tree roots.

la raz No cortes las races de los rboles.

the trunk Lean against the tree trunks.

el tronco Apyate en el tronco de los rboles.

the branch Climb up to the tree branches.

la rama Sbete a las ramas del rbol.

the leaf Pick up the leaves that have fallen.

la hoja Recoge las hojas que se han cado.

the fruit Pick the fruits and eat them.

el fruto Coge los frutos y cmetelos.

the flower pot Fill the flower pots with soil.

la maceta Llena las macetas de tierra.

the plant Look after the plants.

la planta Cuida las plantas.

the geranium Water the geraniums.

el geranio Riega los geranios.

the cactus Don't touch the cactus or you'll prick yourself.

el cactus No toques el cactus, si no te pinchars.

the flower Smell the flowers.

la flor Huele las flores.

to bloom Look how the flowers are blooming.

florecer Mira cmo florecen las flores. - All rights reserved


En el jardn - In the garden

the stalk Pick the flowers by the stalk.

el tallo Coge las flores por el tallo.

the petal Look at the coloured petals.

el ptalo Mira los ptalos de colores.

the rose Smell the roses.

la rosa Huele las rosas.

the bunch of flowers Make a bunch of flowers for your girlfriend.

el ramo de flores Haz un ramo de flores para tu novia. - All rights reserved


En el jardn - In the garden


Mary, proud of the flowers and plants in her garden, is showing them to her friend. Mary : Look at the lovely flowers I've got. Claudia: Yes, they're very nice. I like roses. Mary : I've got red roses and daisies. Claudia: Let me pull the petals off a daisy please. Mary : Of course, here you are. Claudia: He loves me, he loves me not, he loves me He loves me not! Mary : For me it always turns out that he doesn't love me. Claudia: But you're divorced!

Mara, orgullosa de las flores y plantas de su jardn, se lo ensea a su amiga. Mara: Mira que flores ms bonitas tengo. Claudia: S, son muy bonitas. A m me gustan las rosas Mara: Tengo rosas rojas y margaritas. Claudia: Djame deshojar una margarita, por favor. Mara: Claro, toma, aqu tienes. Claudia: Me quiere, no me quiere, me quiere No me quiere! Mara: A m siempre me sale que no me quiere. Claudia: Pero t ests divorciada! - All rights reserved


En el jardn - In the garden

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. What does Claudia think about Mary's garden? a. Claudia is allergic to flowers. b. She thinks it's horrible. c. She thinks it's very nice. 2. Which flower does Claudia like the best? a. The daisy b. The carnation c. The rose 3. Why does Claudia pull the petals off a daisy? a. Because she hates daisies. b. To find out whether her beloved loves her or not. c. Because she wants to divorce her husband. - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(c): 2(c): 3(b)

Dnde vives? - Where do you live?

Vocabulario y frases

housing What type of housing do you like most?

la vivienda Qu tipo de vivienda te gusta ms?

the home There's nothing better than the warmth of home.

el hogar No hay nada mejor que el calor del hogar.

the temporary residence I have a temporary residence in Nice.

la residencia temporal Tengo una residencia temporal en Niza.

the permanent residence My permanent residence is in Dublin.

la residencia permanente Mi residencia permanente est en Dubln.

the block of flats The block of flats is not as tall as the skyscraper.

el bloque de pisos El bloque de pisos no es tan alto como el rascacielos.

the skyscraper That skyscraper is the tallest in the city.

el rascacielos Ese rascacielos es el ms alto de la ciudad.

the flat This flat is bigger than that studio.

el apartamento Este apartamento es ms grande que ese estudio.

the studio This studio is too small.

el estudio Este estudio es demasiado pequeo.

the house The house is more luxurious than that flat.

el chal El chal es ms lujoso que el apartamento.

the terraced house el chal adosado I'm going to buy a terraced house next Voy a comprarme un chal adosado al to my brother's. lado del de mi hermano. - All rights reserved


Dnde vives? - Where do you live?

the attic The attic is brighter than the loft.

el tico El tico es ms luminoso que la buhardilla.

the duplex flat We're going to visit a duplex flat.

el dplex Vamos a visitar un dplex.

the loft Lofts are smaller than duplex flats.

la buhardilla Las buhardillas son ms pequeas que los dplex.

the country house We will stay in a country house surrounded by trees.

la casa de campo Nos alojaremos en una casa de campo rodeada de rboles.

the mansion The mansion is extremely big.

la mansin La mansin es grandsima.

the residential complex Tomorrow we're going to a residential complex with a garden and a swimming pool. to move to Are you going to move to Paris?

la urbanizacin Maana iremos a una urbanizacin con jardn y piscina.

trasladarse a Os vais a trasladar a Pars?

to move house Tomorrow we're moving house.

hacer la mudanza Maana haremos la mudanza.

the removal van el camin de la mudanza The removal van will come at 9 o'clock. El camin de la mudanza vendr a las 09:00.

to renovate We'll have to renovate.

reformar Tendremos que reformar. - All rights reserved


Dnde vives? - Where do you live?


A married couple discuss buying a new place to live. Wife: This flat is becoming too small for all of us. Husband: Yes, it is, but flats are too expensive Wife: I'd like to live in a duplex flat or a terraced house Husband: I prefer a bright attic in the city centre Wife: And, what about a country house as a temporary residence? Husband: That sounds great, but, don't you think we should look at prices before we talk? Wife: So, we'd better think about renovating the house.

Un matrimonio discute sobre la compra de su nueva vivienda. Mujer: Este piso se ha quedado pequeo para todos. Marido: Es cierto, pero los pisos estn demasiado caros... Mujer: A m me gustara vivir en un dplex o en un adosado... Marido: Yo prefiero un tico luminoso en el centro de la ciudad... Mujer: Y qu te parece una casa de campo como residencia temporal? Marido: Me parece estupendo, pero no crees que debemos mirar precios antes de hablar? Mujer: Entonces, es mejor que pensemos en hacer reformas en casa. - All rights reserved


Dnde vives? - Where do you live?

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. Why do they want to change the house? a. Because their house is too big. b. Because their house is too expensive. c. Because their house is too small for the whole family. 2. Where does the husband want to live? a. The husband wants to live in a bright terraced house. b. The husband wants to live in a country house. c. The husband wants to live in a bright attic. 3. Why are they thinking about renovating their house? a. Because they like their house. b. Because flats are very expensive. c. Because their house is very huge. - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(c): 2(c): 3(b)

Se vende. Se alquila - For sale. To rent

Vocabulario y frases

the construction company The construction company is going to hand us the keys soon.

la constructora La constructora va a entregarnos las llaves pronto.

the estate agency la inmobiliaria That estate agency is going to close its Esa inmobiliaria va a cerrar sus puertas a doors due to the crisis. causa de la crisis.

the owner The owners are going to complain about the excessive noise.

el propietario Los propietarios van a quejarse por el exceso de ruido.

the landlord The landlord is going to fix the fridge.

el casero El casero va a venir a arreglar el frigorfico.

the tenant His tenants will leave the flat next week.

el inquilino Sus inquilinos dejarn el piso la prxima semana.

the historical house My friends are going to buy an historic property in the centre of Rome.

la casa histrica Mis amigos van a comprar una casa histrica en el centro de Roma.

the new-built flat We're going to visit a new-built flat.

el piso a estrenar Vamos a visitar un piso a estrenar.

the mortgage la hipoteca They're going to give us the mortgage. Nos van a conceder la hipoteca.

the deposit Have you paid the deposit?

la fianza Has pagado la fianza?

the rent My brother has rented for a long time.

el alquiler Mi hermano ha vivido de alquiler durante mucho tiempo. - All rights reserved


Se vende. Se alquila - For sale. To rent

the community expenses Haven't you paid the community expenses yet?

los gastos de comunidad Todava no habis pagado los gastos de comunidad?

the electricity bill We've already paid the electricity bill.

el recibo de la luz Ya hemos pagado el recibo de la luz.

to go to see a flat Yesterday I went to see a flat.

ir a ver un piso Ayer fui a ver un piso.

to sign a rent contract I've become independent, I've signed the rent contract.

firmar un contrato de alquiler Me he independizado, he firmado el contrato de alquiler.

to sign up for the electricity and water Have you signed up for the electricity and water?

dar de alta la luz y el agua Habis dado de alta la luz y el agua?

to hand over the keys The construction company handed the keys over to the owners last month.

entregar las llaves La constructora entreg las llaves a los propietarios el mes pasado.

furnished I'm going to rent a studio that's completely furnished.

amueblado / amueblada Voy a alquilar un estudio que est completamente amueblado.

unfurnished Have you rented a flat that's unfurnished?

sin amueblar Has alquilado un piso que est sin amueblar?

bright I'm looking for a bright flat.

luminoso/luminosa Busco un piso luminoso.

commercial premises This building is suitable as commercial premises.

local comercial Este edificio es adecuado cmo local comercial.

central Do you want to live in a flat that's central?

cntrico / cntrica Quieres vivir en un piso que est cntrico? - All rights reserved


Se vende. Se alquila - For sale. To rent

cosy I'm looking for a cosy flat.

acogedor / acogedora Estoy buscando un piso que sea acogedor.

spacious He's living in a flat that's spacious.

espacioso / espaciosa Est viviendo en un piso que es muy espacioso.

good transport connections We need a flat with good transport connections.

bien comunicado / comunicada Necesitamos un apartamento que est bien comunicado.

the layout Peter wants to live in a flat that has a good layout.

la distribucin Pedro quiere vivir en un piso que tenga una buena distribucin. - All rights reserved


Se vende. Se alquila - For sale. To rent


One of the two friends wants to go and rent a flat. Marc: Have you been to see that flat that was very central and spacious you told me about? Peter: Yes, it's amazing! Marc: So, are you going to rent it? Peter: I don't know yetI have to pay a Eur500 deposit, plus the Eur300 rent. Marc: Are the electricity and water expenses included? Peter: No, I have to pay the expenses separately. Marc: It's a lot of money! Peter: Yesso, I'll have to continue living with my parents.

Uno de los dos amigos quiere irse a vivir de alquiler. Marc: Has ido a ver ese piso tan cntrico y espacioso del que me hablaste? Pedro: S, es una pasada! Marc: Entonces, te vas a vivir de alquiler? Pedro: An no lo s... tengo que pagar 500 de fianza, ms 300 de alquiler Marc: Estn incluidos los gastos de luz y agua? Pedro: No, los gastos hay que pagarlos aparte. Marc: Es mucho dinero! Pedro: S... as que tendr que seguir viviendo con mis padres. - All rights reserved


Se vende. Se alquila - For sale. To rent

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. Does Peter like the flat he saw? a. Yes b. Not enough. c. No 2. Will Peter move out of his parent's home? a. He doesnt know. b. Probably not. c. Yes, immediately. 3. If Peter moved out and rented a flat, how much would he approximately pay every month? a. More than 300 Eur b. Less than Eur 300 c. 300 - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(a): 2(b): 3(a)

Geografa 2 - Geography 2

Vocabulario y frases

the map Use the map to lead you to the treasure.

el mapa Utiliza el mapa para que te gue hasta el tesoro.

the cartographer Ask the cartographer to draw a new map of the area.

el cartgrafo Pide al cartgrafo que dibuje un mapa nuevo de la zona.

the globe el mundo Take a year out from university. Travel Deja la universidad por un ao. Viaja por around the globe for a year or two. el mundo durante un ao o dos.

the longitude Calculate the coordinates of the longitude and latitude before you set sail. the latitude Check the latitude on the GPS.

la longitud Antes de salir a navegar, calcula las coordenadas de la longitud y la latitud.

la latitud Comprueba la latitud en el GPS.

the altitude Be careful in the extreme altitude of the Himalayas.

la altitud Ten cuidado con la altitud extrema del Himalaya.

the depth Don't swim out too far; we don't know the depth of the water.

la profundidad No nades lejos; no sabemos la profundidad del agua!

the equator el ecuador Cross the equator and you will arrive in Cruza el ecuador y llegars a Quito. Quito.

the northern hemisphere el hemisferio norte Travel to the northern hemisphere and Viaja al hemisferio norte y vers la you will see the difference. diferencia.

the southern hemisphere el hemisferio sur Do your volunteer-work in the southern Realiza tus trabajos como voluntario en el hemisphere. hemisferio sur. - All rights reserved


Geografa 2 - Geography 2

the climate Do your part to prevent climate change!

el clima Cumple con tu parte para evitar el cambio climtico!

the peninsula Go to the Iberian Peninsula on your holidays!

la pennsula Ve a la Pennsula Ibrica de vacaciones!

the archipelago Try and name all the islands in the archipelago.

el archipilago Intenta nombrar todas las islas del archipilago.

the cape Sail around the cape and we will meet on the other side.

el cabo Navega alrededor del cabo y nos encontraremos al otro lado.

the gulf Be careful of tropical cyclones in the Gulf of Mexico.

el golfo Ten cuidado con los ciclones tropicales del Golfo de Mxico.

the bay Stay in the inner bay as swimming in the sea can be dangerous.

la baha Qudate en la parte interior de la baha, nadar mar adentro resulta peligroso.

the delta Be aware of the dangerous currents in the delta.

el delta Ten en cuenta las corrientes peligrosas del delta.

the estuary Don't eat fish from the estuary.

el estuario No comas los peces del estuario.

the source el nacimiento Climb the mountain until you reach the Sube a la montaa hasta llegar al source of the river. nacimiento del ro.

the shore Swim to the shore.

la orilla Nada hasta la orilla.

the tide Wait for high tide before you take the boat out.

la marea Espera a que suba la marea antes de sacar el barco. - All rights reserved


Geografa 2 - Geography 2

the iceberg Watch out! We are going to hit the iceberg!

el iceberg "Ten cuidado! Vamos a chocar contra un iceberg!"

the mountain range Cross over the mountain range in a small plane.

la sierra Sobrevuela la sierra en un avin pequeo.

the pass Be careful driving over the mountain pass, it is very icy.

el paso Ten cuidado al conducir por el paso de la montaa, tiene mucho hielo.

the peak Look at the wonderful view from the peak of the mountain!

la cumbre Mira las vistas tan maravillosas desde la cumbre de la montaa! - All rights reserved


Geografa 2 - Geography 2


Thomas is listening to instructions about a task from his Boy Scout leader. Boy Scout Leader: Alright. Is everybody listening to me? Thomas: Yes. Boy Scout Leader: OK. First you have to go and walk to the end of the peninsula until you get to the shore. There, wait for high tide and take a boat. Sail the boat around the cape and up the estuary to the beginning of the mountain range. Then, using your map, climb to the highest peak and Thomas: There is more???? Boy Scout Leader: take a break. You will need it. See you back here in 4 hours. Thomas: What??? 4 hours???

Toms est escuchando las instrucciones que da su monitor de Boy Scout para realizar un trabajo. Monitor de Boy Scout: Bien. Me estis escuchando todos? Toms: S. Monitor de Boy Scout: De acuerdo. En primer lugar tenis que andar hasta el final de la pennsula hasta llegar a la orilla. Ah, esperad a que suba la marea y coged la barca. Navegad con la barca alrededor del cabo y a lo largo del estuario hasta el principio de la sierra. A continuacin, utilizando vuestro mapa, subid al pico ms alto y... Toms: An hay ms???? Monitor de Boy Scout: descansad un poco. Lo necesitaris. Os ver dentro de 4 horas. Toms: Cmo??? 4 horas??? - All rights reserved


Geografa 2 - Geography 2

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. What is the first thing Thomas has to do? a. Walk to the end of the peninsula. b. Climb the mountain. c. Wait for high tide. 2. What must Thomas do when he gets to the shore? a. Wait for high tide. b. Wait for low tide. c. Sing a song. 3. Why is Thomas surprised? a. Because he thinks he can do better than that. b. Because he doesn't think 4 hours is long enough to complete the task. c. I don't know. - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(a): 2(a): 3(b)

el bosque - The forest

Vocabulario y frases

the forest The forest is an area with a high density of trees.

el bosque El bosque es un rea con una alta densidad de rboles.

the woodland Awoodlandis an area withtreesthat has little shade.

el monte El monte es un rea con rboles que tiene poca sombra.

the forest ranger The forest ranger protects and preserves the forest.

el guarda forestal El guarda forestal protege y preserva el bosque.

the flora What type of flora is common in that type of forest?

la flora Qu tipo de flora es habitual en ese tipo de bosque?

the fauna Most of the fauna of that area is in danger of extinction.

la fauna La mayor parte de la fauna de esa rea se encuentra en peligro de extincin.

the botany Botany is the scientific study of plants.

la botnica La botnica es el estudio cientfico de las plantas.

the rainforest Rainforests are sometimes called the Earth's lungs.

el bosque tropical En ocasiones, los bosques tropicales se denominan los pulmones de la Tierra.

the forest eco-system Forest eco-systems are one of the most important on the planet.

el ecosistema forestal Los ecosistemas forestales son unos de los ms importantes del planeta.

the forestry Forestry is the skill of managing forests.

la silvicultura La silvicultura se encarga de la gestin forestal.

the canopy The canopy of a forest can block out about 95% of sunlight.

la bveda del bosque La bveda del bosque puede impedir el paso de aproximadamente el 95% de la luz. - All rights reserved


el bosque - The forest

the evergreen tree Evergreen trees are those which keep their leaves all year round.

el rbol de hoja perenne Los rboles de hoja perenne son los que conservan las hojas a lo largo de todo el ao. el rbol de hoja caduca Los rboles de hoja caduca son los que pierden sus hojas segn la estacin.

the deciduous tree Deciduous trees are those which lose their leaves seasonally.

the coniferous tree The pine tree is an example of a coniferous tree.

la confera El pino es un ejemplo de confera.

the foliage That tree has very beautiful foliage.

el follaje Ese rbol tiene un follaje muy bonito.

the oak tree The fruit of the oak tree is called the acorn.

el roble El fruto del roble se denomina bellota.

the beech tree Beech trees grow on a wide range of soil types.

el haya Las hayas crecen en una gran variedad de tipos de terrenos.

the pine tree Pine trees are one of the most commercially important of tree species.

el pino Los pinos son una de las especies de rbol ms importantes desde un punto de vista comercial.

the elm tree el olmo Elm trees are very common throughout Los olmos son muy comunes en Europa y Europe and North America. Norte Amrica.

the moss Moss grows in damp shady locations.

el musgo El musgo crece en lugares hmedos y oscuros.

the fern Fern is a very common plant in many forest areas.

el helecho El helecho es una planta muy comn en muchas reas de bosques.

the dew We only see dew on plants in the mornings.

el roco Slo vemos roco en las plantas por las maanas. - All rights reserved


el bosque - The forest

the bark They say that tree bark extracts can fight tooth decay.

la corteza Dicen que los extractos de la corteza de los rboles sirven para prevenir la caries.

the tree felling Tree felling licenses are required in all European countries.

talar rboles Se necesitan licencias para talar rboles en todos los pases europeos.

the tree rings By counting the rings on a tree, you can find out how old it is.

los anillos Contando los anillos de un rbol se puede saber cuntos aos tiene. - All rights reserved


el bosque - The forest


Two friends are taking a walk in the forest. Paul: Just breathe in that fresh forest air. It is wonderful. Claudia: I don't see what is wonderful about it. I would prefer the city. Paul: What? But look at all the flora and fauna. The oak trees and the beech trees Claudia: And I am slipping on all this moss! Paul: You shouldn't have worn high heels then!...The wildlife is amazing. Claudia: I think they should fell all those trees and build a shopping centre. Paul: Some people really don't know how to appreciate wildlife. Claudia: I do. But I would prefer to see it on documentaries.

Dos amigos dan un paseo por el bosque. Pablo: Simplemente respira el aire puro del bosque. Es maravilloso. Claudia: Yo no entiendo qu tiene de maravilloso. Prefiero la ciudad. Pablo: Qu? Pero mira la flora y la fauna. Los robles y las hayas Claudia: Y me resbalo con todo este musgo! Pablo: Entonces no tendras que haber trado tacones altos!... La naturaleza es asombrosa. Claudia: Yo creo que tendran que talar todos estos rboles y construir un centro comercial. Pablo: Mucha gente simplemente no sabe apreciar la naturaleza. Claudia: Yo s. Pero preferira verla en documentales. - All rights reserved


el bosque - The forest

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. What does Paul like about the forest? a. The tree felling and the dew. b. The deciduous and the evergreen trees. c. The fresh air, the flora and the fauna. 2. Why is Claudia slipping on the moss? a. Because she is bored. b. Because she is wearing high heels. c. Because she is tired. 3. What does Claudia think should be done to the forest? a. The trees should be felled and a shopping centre built. b. More trees should be planted. c. The tree rings should be counted and a shopping centre built. - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(c): 2(b): 3(a)

Animales salvajes - Wild animals

Vocabulario y frases

the monkey There are many species of monkeys.

el mono Existen muchsimas especies de monos.

the lion The lion is considered as the king of the jungle.

el len El len es considerado como el rey de la selva.

the tiger The tiger is a carnivorous animal.

el tigre El tigre es un animal carnvoro.

the leopard Leopards only hunt at night.

el leopardo Los leopardos slo cazan por la noche.

the panther The panther is in danger of extinction.

la pantera La pantera est en peligro de extincin.

the wolf Wolves are a species in danger of extinction.

el lobo Los lobos son una especie en peligro de extincin.

the fox The fox is considered as a solitary animal.

el zorro El zorro est considerado cmo un animal solitario.

the elephant The elephant has a very long trunk.

el elefante El elefante tiene una trompa muy larga.

the bear A bear can weigh up to 500kg.

el oso Un oso puede llegar a pesar 500kg.

the rhinoceros Rhinoceroses have a horn on their nose.

el rinoceronte Los rinocerontes tienen un cuerno en el hocico. - All rights reserved


Animales salvajes - Wild animals

the hippopotamus Hippopotamuses are herbivorous mammals.

el hipoptamo Los hipoptamos son mamferos herbvoros.

the buffalo Buffalos live in large herds.

el bfalo Los bfalos habitan en grandes manadas.

the giraffe The giraffe is the tallest animal of all.

la jirafa La jirafa es el animal ms alto de todos.

the zebra The zebra's fur has black and white stripes.

la cebra El pelaje de las cebras es a rayas blancas y negras.

the camel Camels have two humps.

el camello Los camellos tienen dos jorobas.

the ostrich el avestruz Ostriches put their head in the ground. Los avestruces meten la cabeza en el suelo.

the peacock The peacock's tail is a multi-coloured fan.

el pavo real La cola de los pavos reales es un abanico multicolor.

the swan Swans mate throughout their lives.

el cisne Los cisnes se aparean durante toda su vida.

the owl The owl is a nocturnal bird of prey.

el bho El bho es un ave rapaz nocturna.

the bat Bats see in the dark.

el murcilago Los murcilagos ven en la oscuridad.

the snake Snakes are carnivorous, but they don't chew their food.

la serpiente Las serpientes son carnvoras, pero no mastican su alimento. - All rights reserved


Animales salvajes - Wild animals

the crocodile Crocodiles usually stay still under the sun during the day.

el cocodrilo Los cocodrilos suelen quedarse quietos bajo el sol durante todo el da.

the whale Whales are marine mammals.

la ballena Las ballenas son mamferos marinos.

the dolphin Dolphins are able to maintain certain communication with humans.

el delfn Los delfines son capaces de mantener cierta comunicacin con los humanos.

the penguin Penguins are birds, but they don't fly.

el pingino Los pinginos son aves, pero no vuelan. - All rights reserved


Animales salvajes - Wild animals


A boyfriend and girlfriend make plans for the weekend. Anna: Honey, I've never been to the zoo and I've heard they've brought a rhinoceros which is unique in the world. Mark: If you want we can go this weekend. Anna: Good idea! Mark: The truth is, I want to see the crocodiles and the tropical snakes. Anna: What? Do they also have those things at the zoo? Mark: Of course, there are also trained bats. Anna: How disgusting! Maybe it's better to go to the shopping centre. The sales are on!

Una pareja de novios hacen planes para el fin de semana. Ana: Cario, nunca he ido al zoo y he odo que han trado un rinoceronte nico en el mundo. Marcos: Si quieres podemos ir este fin de semana. Ana: Buena idea! Marcos: La verdad es que quiero ver los cocodrilos y las serpientes tropicales. Ana: Qu?, tambin hay bichos de esos en el zoo? Marcos: Claro, hay incluso murcilagos adiestrados. Ana: Qu asco!, quiz es mejor que vayamos al centro comercial, hay rebajas! - All rights reserved


Animales salvajes - Wild animals

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. Why does Anna want to go to the zoo? a. Because she wants to see trained bats. b. Because she wants to see a rhinoceros which is unique in the world. c. Because she wants to see tropical snakes. 2. Does Marc want to go to the zoo? a. Yes, he wants to see the rhinoceroses. b. Yes, he wants to see the trained bats. c. Yes, he wants to see the crocodiles. 3. Why does Anna finally suggest going to the shopping centre? a. Because she needs clothes. b. Because she wants to contradict Marc. c. Because she doesn't like some of the animals in the zoo. - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(b): 2(c): 3(c)

Vida marina - Marine Life

Vocabulario y frases

the marine biology la biologa marina Marine biology is known to be a branch La biologa marina se considera una rama of marine science. de la ciencia marina.

the marine plants Marine plants, such as seaweed and other algae are found close to the shoreline.

las plantas marinas Las plantas marinas tales como las algas y otras plantas acuticas se encuentran junto a la orilla.

the oceanography la oceanografa The study of oceanography is known to El estudio de la oceanografa incluye include ecosystems and ocean ecosistemas y corrientes ocenicas. currents. the plankton Plankton is eaten by many sea creatures. el plancton Muchas criaturas marinas se alimentan de plancton.

the marine animals Marine animals such as some jellyfish are known to be extremely dangerous.

los animales marinos Ciertos animales marinos, como las medusas, se consideran extremadamente peligrosos. los invertebrados marinos Las medusas y las anmonas marinas se consideran invertebrados marinos.

the sea invertebrates Jelly fish and sea anemones are considered to be sea invertebrates.

the shark Sharks are thought to have a keen sense of smell.

el tiburn Se considera que los tiburones tienen un sentido del olfato muy desarrollado.

the whale The blue whale is known to be the biggest mammal on Earth.

la ballena La ballena azul se considera el mamfero ms grande de la Tierra.

the dolphin The dolphin is regarded as one of the most intelligent animals on earth.

el delfn Los delfines se consideran unos de los animales ms inteligentes de la Tierra.

the sea turtle Sea turtles are known to live in warm and temperate seas.

la tortuga marina Se sabe que las tortugas marinas viven en aguas calientes y templadas. - All rights reserved


Vida marina - Marine Life

the otter Sea otters are considered to be adults at three years.

la nutria Las nutrias marinas se consideran adultas al llegar a los tres aos.

the walrus The Atlantic Walrus is thought to number about 20,000.

la morsa Se piensa que tan solo existen 20.000 ejemplares de morsa atlntica.

the seal The seal population is believed to be decreasing.

la foca Se cree que la poblacin de focas est disminuyendo.

the sea lion Sea lions are understood to eat salmon.

el len marino Se sabe que los leones marinos comen salmn.

the seabirds aves marinas Seabirds are known to have adapted to Se sabe que las aves marinas se han life within the marine environment. adaptado a un estilo de vida dentro del entorno marino. the penguin Penguins cannot fly as it is understood that the wings have morphed into flippers. the albatross The albatross is thought to only exist in the southern hemisphere. el pingino Los pinginos no pueden volar ya que se sabe que sus alas se han convertido en aletas. el albatros Se piensa que el albatros slo vive en el hemisferio sur.

the flamingo Flamingoes are thought to get their distinctive colour from the food they eat. the ocean habitats Ocean habitats are known to be very varied.

el flamenco Se cree que el color tan caracterstico de los flamencos se debe a su alimentacin.

los hbitats del ocano Se sabe que los hbitats del ocano son muy diferentes.

the coral reef The coral reefs in Australia are known to be the world's biggest structure made by living organisms. the deep sea Marine life in the deep sea is thought to be scarce.

el arrecife de coral Se sabe que los arrecifes de coral de Australia constituyen las estructuras ms grandes del mundo formadas por organismos vivos. aguas profundas Se cree que la vida marina en aguas profundas es escasa. - All rights reserved


Vida marina - Marine Life

the coastal zone The coastal zone is believed to only make up 10% of the ocean environment. the marine conservation Marine conservation is known to be dedicated to caring for seas, shores and wildlife.

la zona costera Se cree que la zona costera tan slo representa el 10% del entorno ocenico.

la conservacin marina Se sabe que la conservacin marina se dedica al cuidado del mar, de la tierra firme y de la vida animal. - All rights reserved


Vida marina - Marine Life


Maria and Robert are at a conference about marine life. Maria: This should be interesting. I have always been interested in marine biology. Robert: Me too. I find the sea and the ocean fascinating! Robert: Good afternoon. I want to start by giving you some facts about the seaapproximately 71% of the Earth is covered by the sea. About 97% of all water on Earth is in our oceans and seas Robert: Wow! I didn't know that! Robert: Life began in the seas 3.1 billion to 3.4 billion years ago. Land dwellers appeared 400 million years ago; a relatively recent point in the geologic time line. Robert: The sea is really like another world, isn't it? Maria: It sure is. Now stop talking and listen. We have so much to learn.

Mara y Roberto asisten a una conferencia sobre vida marina. Mara: Esto parece que va a ser muy interesante. Siempre me ha interesado la biologa marina. Roberto: A mi tambin. Creo que el mar y los ocanos son fascinantes! Roberto: Buenas tardes. Quisiera comenzar dndoles algunos datos sobre el mar alrededor el 71% de la Tierra se encuentra cubierta por mar. El 97% de la totalidad del agua de la Tierra se encuentra en nuestros ocanos y mares Roberto: Vaya! No saba eso! Roberto: La vida comenz en los mares hace entre 3,1 y 3,4 mil millones de aos. Los habitantes de la tierra aparecieron hace 400 millones de aos, un momento relativamente reciente en la cronologa geolgica. Roberto: El mar realmente es como otro mundo verdad? Mara: Efectivamente Deja de hablar y escucha. Tenemos mucho que aprender. - All rights reserved


Vida marina - Marine Life

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. What percentage of the Earth's surface is covered by the sea? a. 71% b. 34% c. 97% 2. What percentage of water on Earth is contained in the oceans and seas? a. 31% b. 34% c. 97% 3. How long ago did life begin in the sea? a. Between 2 and 3 million years ago. b. Between 31 and 34 years ago. c. Between 3.1 and 3.4 billion years ago. - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(a): 2(c): 3(c)

Problemas medioambientales - Environmental problems

Vocabulario y frases

the natural disaster Unfortunately many natural disasters occur nowadays.

el desastre natural Desgraciadamente en la actualidad se producen muchos desastres naturales.

the tornado In Canada there have been many tornados.

el tornado En Canad se han producido muchos tornados.

the hurricane el huracn Hurricane Katrina devastated the south El huracn Katrina arras el sur de of the United States in 2005. Estados Unidos en 2005.

the cyclone There have been many tropical cyclones in the area of the Caribbean.

el cicln En la zona del Caribe se han producido muchos ciclones tropicales.

the typhoon Typhoons are hurricanes that are formed in China.

el tifn Los tifones son huracanes que se forman en China.

the earthquake An earthquake of 7.8 on the Richter scale shook Indonesia.

el terremoto El terremoto de 7,8 grados en la escala Richter sacudi Indonesia.

the volcanic eruption The volcanic eruption of Vesuvius buried the city of Pompeii.

la erupcin volcnica La erupcin volcnica del Vesubio sepult la ciudad de Pompeya.

the seaquake The seaquake in Southeast Asia was one of the most devastating.

el maremoto El maremoto del sudeste asitico fue uno de los ms devastadores.

the flood The floods that happened in China have caused many deaths.

la inundacin Las inundaciones producidas en China han causado muchas muertes.

the black tide Oils spills in the sea lead to a black tide.

la marea negra El derrame de petrleo en el mar tiene como consecuencia la marea negra. - All rights reserved


Problemas medioambientales - Environmental problems

the drought Drought is a big problem for Spain.

la sequa La sequa es un gran problema para Espaa.

the desertification Spain is the country with the highest desertification index in the European Union. the fire Fires devastated the city of Athens in 2007.

la desertizacin Espaa es el pas de la Unin Europea con el mayor ndice de desertizacin.

el incendio Los incendios arrasaron la ciudad de Atenas en 2007.

the environmental problem Many environmental problems are provoked by man.

el problema medioambiental Muchos problemas medioambientales son provocados por la mano del hombre.

the deforestation Uncontrolled felling leads to deforestation.

la deforestacin Las talas incontroladas provocan la deforestacin.

the animals in danger of extinction The panda is an animal in danger of extinction.

los animales en peligro de extincin El panda es un animal en peligro de extincin.

the pollution Using public transport can reduce pollution.

la contaminacin Utilizar el transporte pblico puede reducir la contaminacin.

the contaminating waste There are containers for recycling contaminating waste.

los residuos contaminantes Existen contenedores para reciclar los residuos contaminantes.

the emission of contaminating gases Factories cause the emission of contaminating gases.

la emisin de gases contaminantes Las fbricas provocan la emisin de gases contaminantes.

the acid rain Acid rain usually occurs in very industrialised areas.

la lluvia cida La lluvia cida suele producirse en zonas muy industrializadas.

the greenhouse effect The emission of gases increases the greenhouse effect.

el efecto invernadero La emisin de gases incrementa el efecto invernadero. - All rights reserved


Problemas medioambientales - Environmental problems

the global warming Due to global warming, the planet's temperature is rising.

el calentamiento global Debido al calentamiento global, la temperatura del planeta sube.

the climate change Climate change can lead to strong natural disasters.

el cambio climtico El cambio climtico puede provocar fuertes desastres naturales.

the thawing of the Poles el deshielo de los Polos Global warming leads to the thawing of El calentamiento global provoca el the Poles. deshielo de los Polos.

the hole in the ozone layer The hole in the ozone layer is growing due to pollution.

el agujero de la capa de ozono El agujero de la capa de ozono est creciendo debido a la polucin. - All rights reserved


Problemas medioambientales - Environmental problems


An interviewer interviews a reporter specialised in environmental catastrophes about the current situation in China. Interviewer: We would like to know your opinion about the situation that China is going through after the earthquake. Reporter: As you will have seen on television, the situation is dramatic. Interviewer: Yes, but what has the experience of this situation been in the affected area? Reporter: Imagine, almost 5 million people have lost their homes, not to mention the number of people who have died. Interviewer: How are the rescue operations being carried out? Reporter: The truth is that they're doing what they can to avoid epidemics. Interviewer: You were distributing drinking water to the affected people, weren't you? Reporter: Yes, but it is difficult to make a difference.

Un entrevistador entrevista a un reportero especializado en catstrofes medioambientales acerca de la situacin actual de China. Entrevistador: Nos gustara saber su opinin acerca de la situacin que est viviendo China despus del terremoto. Reportero: Como habr visto por televisin, la situacin es dramtica. Entrevistador: S, pero cmo se ha vivido esta situacin en la zona afectada? Reportero: Imagnese, casi 5 millones de personas han perdido su hogar, por no hablar del nmero de vctimas mortales. Entrevistador: Cmo se estn llevando a cabo las tareas de rescate? Reportero: La verdad es que se hace lo que se puede para evitar epidemias. Entrevistador: Usted estuvo distribuyendo agua potable a los afectados, verdad? Reportero: S, pero toda ayuda es poca. - All rights reserved


Problemas medioambientales - Environmental problems

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. How does the reporter judge the situation in China? a. Natural b. Dramatic c. Controlled 2. How did the reporter participate in the rescue operations? a. The reporter was recovering dead victims. b. The reporter was distributing drinking water to the affected people. c. The reporter wasn't participating in the rescue operations. 3. Were there any deaths caused by the earthquake? a. Yes, many people have lost their lives. b. Yes, there have been two dead people. c. No, luckily there were no lives lost. - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(b): 2(b): 3(a)

El universo - The Universe

Vocabulario y frases

the universe el universo The universe, which is vast, is made up El universo, que es muy amplio, est of millions of stars. formado por millones de estrellas.

the outer space Outer space is made up of empty regions of the universe.

el espacio exterior El espacio exterior est formado por regiones vacas del universo.

the galaxy There are billions of galaxies, which contain billions of stars, in the universe. the Milky Way Our galaxy, which is called the Milky Way, is quite small compared to others. the solar system The solar system, which is made up of all the planets that orbit our sun also contains many other things.

la galaxia En el universo existen miles de millones de galaxias, que contienen miles de millones de estrellas. la Va Lctea Nuestra galaxia, denominada la Va Lctea, es relativamente pequea en comparacin con otras. el sistema solar El sistema solar, formado por todos los planetas que orbitan alrededor de nuestro Sol, tambin contiene muchos otros elementos.

the planet el planeta The biggest planet we know of is called El mayor planeta del que tenemos TrES-4. conocimiento recibe el nombre de TrES-4.

Earth Earth is the only planet known to have life on it.

la Tierra La Tierra es el nico planeta en el que se conoce la existencia de vida.

Mars Mars has two moons.

Marte Marte tiene dos lunas.

the moon The moon has many holes on it called craters.

la luna La luna tiene muchos orificios denominados crters.

the sun The sun is 150 million km from the Earth.

el sol El sol se encuentra a 150 milliones km de la Tierra. - All rights reserved


El universo - The Universe

the asteroid Asteroids are sometimes called minor planets.

el asteroide Los asteroides se denominan en ocasiones pequeos planetas.

the comet The most famous comet, which is Halley's comet, passes close to the Earth every 76 years. the meteorite A meteorite, which is a mass of stone or metal, falls to the Earth from space.

el cometa Halley, el cometa ms famoso, pasa junto a la Tierra cada 76 aos.

el meteorito Los meteoritos, que son masas de piedra o metal, caen sobre la Tierra desde el espacio. el agujero negro Los agujeros negros tienen un campo de gravitacin extremadamente elevado.

the black hole Black holes have an extremely strong gravitational field.

the eclipse Eclipses happen when the moon, the Earth and the sun form a line.

el eclipse Los eclipses ocurren cuando la luna, la Tierra y el sol forman una lnea.

the satellite Thousands of satellites orbit the Earth.

el satlite Miles de satlites orbitan alrededor de la Tierra.

the gravity Gravity is an invisible force that keeps our feet on the ground.

la gravedad La gravedad es una fuerza invisible que hace que nuestros pies no se separen del suelo. la gravedad cero La gravedad cero, que es cuando los astronautas flotan alrededor de la nave espacial, se produce cuando la distancia a la gravedad de la Tierra es muy grande. la estacin espacial La estacin espacial internacional tiene la longitud de dos campos de ftbol.

the zero gravity Zero gravity, which is when astronauts float around the space shuttle, happens because they are far from the Earth's gravity. the space station The international space station is about as long as two football fields.

the space shuttle NASA's first space shuttle, which was called Enterprise, never flew in space.

la nave espacial La primera nave espacial de la NASA, denominada Enterprise, nunca lleg al espacio. la expedicin espacial La expedicin espacial, que dur 117 das, aterriz con xito el martes pasado.

the space expedition The space expedition, which took 117 days, landed safely last Tuesday. - All rights reserved


El universo - The Universe

the landing on the moon The first moon landing, which took place in 1969, was an historic moment for mankind. the astronaut The space suits, which astronauts wear, consist of six layers.

el alunizaje El primer alunizaje, que tuvo lugar en 1969, constituy un momento histrico para la raza humana. el astronauta Los buzos espaciales que llevan los astronautas estn formados por seis capas. la astronoma La astronoma, el estudio cientfico del universo, es una materia fascinante.

the astronomy Astronomy, which is the scientific study of the universe, is a fascinating subject. the observatory An observatory is equipped with powerful instruments.

el observatorio Los observatorios se encuentran equipados con instrumentos muy potentes. el telescopio El telescopio, utilizado para observar las estrellas, es un instrumento muy potente.

the telescope A telescope, which is used to see the stars, is a very powerful instrument. - All rights reserved


El universo - The Universe


Anna and Paul are preparing a school project on The Universe. Anna: Did you know that Venus has no moons orbiting it? Paul: No. Really? Anna: Yes but Mars has two moons Paul: Wow. And how many suns? Anna: What do you mean, how many suns? One of course. Paul: Well, I thought that maybe as it has two moons, it also might have two suns Anna: But in our solar system there is only one sun and many moons! Paul: Oh. Maybe I need to do some more study.

Ana y Pablo estn preparando una presentacin escolar sobre "El Universo". Ana: Sabas que Venus no tiene ninguna luna que orbite a su alrededor? Pablo: No. De verdad? Ana: S, pero Marte tiene dos lunas Pablo: Vaya. Y cuntos soles? Ana: Qu quieres decir con cuntos soles? Uno, por supuesto. Pablo: Ah, pensaba que puesto que tiene dos lunes, igual podra tener tambin dos soles Ana: Pero en nuestro sistema solar tan slo hay un sol y muchas lunas! Pablo: Vaya, puede que necesite estudiar algo ms. - All rights reserved


El universo - The Universe

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. How many moons does Venus have? a. None. b. One. c. Two. 2. How many moons does Mars have? a. Five. b. Three. c. Two. 3. How many suns are there in our solar system? a. Two. b. One. c. None. - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(a): 2(c): 3(b)

Nmeros I - Numbers I

Vocabulario y frases

zero cero The football match ended zero to zero. El partido de ftbol termin cero a cero.

one There is one cake.

uno Hay un pastel.

two There are two cakes.

dos Hay dos pasteles.

three There are three cakes.

tres Hay tres pasteles.

four There are four cakes.

cuatro Hay cuatro pasteles.

five There are five cakes.

cinco Hay cinco pasteles.

six She is six years old.

seis Ella tiene seis aos.

seven siete We have been married for seven years. Llevamos siete aos casados.

eight The house has eight rooms.

ocho La casa tiene ocho habitaciones.

nine My favourite number is nine.

nueve Nueve es mi nmero favorito. - All rights reserved


Nmeros I - Numbers I

ten The T-Shirt costs ten euro.

diez La camiseta vale diez euros.

eleven Seven + four = eleven

once Siete + cuatro= once

twelve Twelve eggs are in a dozen.

doce Doce huevos son una docena.

thirteen Thirteen is an unlucky number.

trece Trece es el nmero de la mala suerte.

fourteen Seven + seven = fourteen

catorce Siete + siete = catorce

fifteen Ten + five = fifteen

quince Diez + cinco = quince

sixteen My boyfriend is sixteen years old.

diecisis Mi novio tiene diecisis aos.

seventeen Fourteen + three = seventeen

diecisiete Catorce + tres = diecisiete

eighteen I can vote at the age of eighteen.

dieciocho Puedo votar a los dieciocho aos.

nineteen Fifteen + four = nineteen

diecinueve Quince + cuatro = diecinueve

first She has won the first prize.

primero / primera Ella ha ganado el primer premio. - All rights reserved


Nmeros I - Numbers I

second He has won the second prize.

segundo / segunda l ha ganado el segundo premio.

third He has won the third prize.

tercero / tercera l ha ganado el tercer premio.

fourth She works on the fourth floor.

cuarto / cuarta Ella trabaja en la cuarta planta.

fifth We live on the fifth floor.

quinto / quinta Vivimos en el quinto piso.

sixth I am going to the sixth floor.

sexto / sexta Voy al sexto piso.

seventh We live on the seventh floor.

sptimo / sptima Vivimos en el sptimo piso.

eighth I am going to the eighth floor.

octavo / octava Voy al octavo piso.

ninth Peter's office is on the ninth floor.

noveno / novena En la novena planta est la oficina de Pedro.

tenth I live on the tenth floor.

dcimo / dcima Vivo en el dcimo piso. - All rights reserved


Nmeros I - Numbers I


Some people play Bingo. Caller: Eight, six, fourteen, Player: Great! Caller: Seventeen, nineteen, three. Player: I have got five numbers! Caller: Twenty euros for the gentleman! Go on: one, eleven, ten. Player: BINGO! Caller: The gentleman has won two hundred euros. Congratulations!

Algunas personas juegan al bingo. Locutor: El ocho, el seis, el catorce, ... Jugador: Qu bien! Locutor: El diecisiete, el diecinueve, el tres. Jugador: Tengo cinco nmeros! Locutor: Veinte euros para el seor! Seguimos: el uno, el once, el diez. Jugador: BINGO! Locutor: El seor ha ganado doscientos euros!, enhorabuena! - All rights reserved


Nmeros I - Numbers I

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. What are they playing? a. Ludo b. Chess c. Bingo 2. How much money does the player win for having 5 numbers? a. 50 b. 200 c. 20 3. How much money has the player won? a. 100 b. 200 c. 300 - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(c): 2(c): 3(b)

Nmeros II - Numbers II

Vocabulario y frases



















one hundred

cien - All rights reserved


Nmeros II - Numbers II




















treinta y uno


treinta y dos - All rights reserved


Nmeros II - Numbers II


cuarenta y tres


cincuenta y cuatro


sesenta y cinco


setenta y seis


ochenta y siete


noventa y ocho


noventa y nueve - All rights reserved


Nmeros II - Numbers II


Thomas and Marc are visiting their friend Peter at the hospital, but they do not remember the room number. Thomas: Which is Peter's room? Marc: He is in room number forty-six. Thomas: I think he is in room fifty-six. Marc: I am sure he is in room forty-six. Thomas: (once there) Ah, he is not here. Let's ask. Marc: Excuse me, could you tell me Peter Smiths room number? Marc: Sure, one moment please He is in room number seventy-six. Marc: Thank you very much.

Toms y Marc van a visitar a su amigo Pedro al hospital, pero no recuerdan el nmero de habitacin. Toms: En qu habitacin est Pedro? Marc: Est en la cuarenta y seis. Toms: Yo creo que l est en la habitacin nmero cincuenta y seis. Marc: Estoy seguro de que est en la cuarenta y seis. Toms: (una vez all) Ay!, no es aqu.Vamos a preguntar. Marc: Por favor, podra decirme cul es la habitacin de Pedro Smith? Marc: S, un momento... Es la habitacin nmero setenta y seis. Marc: Muchas gracias. - All rights reserved


Nmeros II - Numbers II

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. Where is Peter? a. Peter is in the hospital. b. Peter is in prison. c. Peter is in the hotel. 2. In which room does Thomas think is Peter? a. in room number 56 b. in room number 46 c. in room number 76 3. Which of those two friends is right? a. Thomas b. Neither one c. Marc - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(a): 2(a): 3(b)

Qu hora es? - What time is it?

Vocabulario y frases

What time is it?

Qu hora es?

It's twelve on the dot.

Son las doce en punto.

It's one on the dot.

Es la una en punto.

It's five past two.

Son las dos y cinco.

It's ten past three.

Son las tres y diez.

It's a quarter past four.

Son las cuatro y cuarto.

It's twenty past five.

Son las cinco y veinte.

It's twenty five past six

Son las seis y veinticinco.

It's half-past seven.

Son las siete y media.

It's twenty five to eight.

Son las ocho menos veinticinco. - All rights reserved


Qu hora es? - What time is it?

It's twenty to nine.

Son las nueve menos veinte.

It's a quarter to ten.

Son las diez menos cuarto.

It's ten to eleven.

Son las once menos diez.

It's five to twelve.

Son las doce menos cinco.

midday It's twelve midday.

el medioda Son las 12 del medioda.

midnight It's midnight.

la medianoche Es medianoche.

the morning In the morning I go to work.

la maana Por la maana voy a trabajar.

the afternoon In the afternoon I come back home.

la tarde Por la tarde vuelvo a casa.

the night At night I go out.

la noche Por la noche me voy de marcha.

today Today, he didn't come to work.

hoy Hoy, no ha venido a trabajar.

yesterday Yesterday, he was ill.

ayer Ayer estaba enfermo. - All rights reserved


Qu hora es? - What time is it?

the day before yesterday anteayer The day before yesterday, he went out Anteayer se fue de marcha. partying.

last night Last night he went to bed early.

anoche Anoche se acost temprano.

tomorrow Tomorrow he'll go to the doctor.

maana Maana ir al mdico.

the day after tomorrow pasado maana The day after tomorrow he'll be better. Pasado maana estar recuperado. - All rights reserved


Qu hora es? - What time is it?


Mother and son argue before going to bed. Mother : What time's your class tomorrow? Son: Half past eight. Mother : What time do you have to get up? Son: At eight. Mother : Half an hour is not enough to have a shower, have breakfast, take the bus Son: Ok, the thing is my favourite programme starts at 9 Mother : But, you have to go to class. Son: I promise that at 09:30 I'll go to class.

Madre e hijo discuten antes de irse a la cama. Madre: A qu hora tienes clase maana? Hijo: A las ocho y media. Madre: A qu hora tienes que levantarte? Hijo: A las ocho. Madre: Media hora no es suficiente para ducharte, desayunar, coger el autobs Hijo: Ya, es que a las 9 empieza mi programa preferido Madre: Pero, tienes que ir a clase. Hijo: Te prometo que a las 09:30 me voy a clase. - All rights reserved


Qu hora es? - What time is it?

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. What time does the son want to get up at? a. At 9 o'clock. b. At 8:00 o'clock. c. At half past eight. 2. What time does the son's class start? a. At half past eight. b. At 9 o'clock. c. At half past nine. 3. What time does the son want to go to class? a. At half past nine. b. At half past eight. c. At 10 o'clock. - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(b): 2(a): 3(a)

Qu da es hoy? - What day is today?

Vocabulario y frases

the day What day is today?

el da Qu da es hoy?

the week How many times a week do you go to the gym?

la semana Cuntas veces vas al gimnasio a la semana?

Monday I normally go to class on Mondays.

el lunes Normalmente voy a clase los lunes.

Tuesday What do you usually do on Tuesdays?

el martes Qu sueles hacer los martes?

Wednesday Maria always goes shopping on Wednesdays.

el mircoles Mara siempre va de compras los mircoles.

Thursday On Thursdays we go to the library.

el jueves Los jueves vamos a la biblioteca.

Friday On Friday we go on an excursion.

el viernes El viernes vamos de excursin.

Saturday el sbado Where are you going to have dinner on Dnde vais a cenar el sbado? Saturday?

Sunday They never go to work on Sundays.

el domingo Los domingos nunca van a trabajar.

the weekend We're going on a trip at the weekend.

el fin de semana El fin de semana nos vamos de viaje. - All rights reserved


Qu da es hoy? - What day is today?

the month What month is your birthday?

el mes En qu mes es tu cumpleaos?

the year What year were you born in?

el ao En qu ao naciste?

January New Year is celebrated on the first of January.

enero El uno de enero se celebra el Ao Nuevo.

February Saint Valentine's day is celebrated in February.

febrero En febrero se celebra San Valentn.

March Spring starts in March.

marzo En marzo empieza la primavera.

April Easter is in April.

abril En abril es Semana Santa.

May Mother's day is celebrated in May.

mayo En mayo se celebra el Da de la Madre.

June We have exams in June.

junio En junio tenemos exmenes.

July It's very hot in July.

julio En julio hace mucho calor.

August We're on holiday in August.

agosto En agosto estamos de vacaciones.

September Classes start in September.

septiembre En septiembre empiezan las clases. - All rights reserved


Qu da es hoy? - What day is today?

October The leaves fall from the trees in October.

octubre En octubre caen las hojas de los rboles.

November It's cold in November.

noviembre En noviembre hace fro.

December Christmas is in December.

diciembre En diciembre es Navidad. - All rights reserved


Qu da es hoy? - What day is today?


Two retired people are in a park on a Sunday morning. Marc: I don't like Sundays at all. Robert: Why? Marc: Because tomorrow is Monday and I don't like Mondays. Robert: But, tomorrow you don't have to work! Marc: Tomorrow I do the shopping; on Tuesday I take my mother-in-law to the doctor, Robert: That's a lot of work! Marc: I only have Sunday free. Robert: It's better to go to work!

Dos jubilados se encuentran en el parque un domingo por la maana. Marc: No me gustan nada los domingos. Roberto: Por qu? Marc: Porque maana es lunes y no me gustan los lunes. Roberto: Pero, maana no tienes que trabajar! Marc: Maana hago la compra; el martes llevo a mi suegra al mdico, Roberto: Eso es mucho trabajo! Marc: Solo tengo libre el domingo. Roberto: Es mejor ir a trabajar! - All rights reserved


Qu da es hoy? - What day is today?

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. Does Marc like Sundays? a. No b. Yes c. No, Marc likes Mondays. 2. On which day does Marc normally do the shopping? a. Marc does the shopping normally Mondays. b. Marc does the shopping normally Sundays. c. Marc does the shopping normally Tuesdays. 3. Which is Marc' day off? a. Marc' day off is Sunday. b. Marc' day off is Saturday. c. Marc' day off is Wednesday. - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(a): 2(a): 3(a)

En la ciudad - In the city

Vocabulario y frases

the city I like the city of Barcelona a lot.

la ciudad Me gusta mucho la ciudad de Barcelona.

the city centre I live in the city centre.

el centro de la ciudad Vivo en el centro de la ciudad.

the outskirts Paul lives on the outskirts of the city.

las afueras Pablo vive a las afueras de la ciudad

the village A village is smaller than a city.

el pueblo Un pueblo es ms pequeo que una ciudad.

the neighbourhood I love the neighbourhood where I live.

el barrio Me encanta el barrio en el que vivo.

to live I live in Vienna.

vivir Vivo en Viena.

the school Children don't like going to school.

la escuela A los nios no les gusta ir a la escuela.

the university I study at the Complutense University of Madrid.

la Universidad Estudio en la Universidad Complutense de Madrid.

the market My mother likes buying fruit in the market.

el mercado A mi madre le gusta comprar fruta en el mercado.

the supermarket The supermarket is open until 11 p.m.

el supermercado El supermercado est abierto hasta las 23:00. - All rights reserved


En la ciudad - In the city

the shop There are many shops in my village.

la tienda Hay muchas tiendas en mi pueblo.

the bank You can take money out from the bank.

el banco Puedes sacar dinero en el banco.

the post office You can buy stamps at the post office.

la oficina de correos En la oficina de correos puedes comprar sellos.

the bus stop I always take the bus at that stop.

la parada de autobs Siempre cojo el autobs en esa parada.

the train station Atocha train station is very big.

la estacin de tren La estacin de tren de Atocha es muy grande.

the underground station There's an underground station near my house.

la estacin de metro Hay una estacin de metro cerca de mi casa.

the cinema I love going to the cinema with my friends.

el cine Me encanta ir al cine con mis amigos.

the theatre In my village, there's no theatre.

el teatro En mi pueblo, no hay ningn teatro.

the museum There are many paintings in the Prado museum.

el museo En el Museo del Prado hay muchos cuadros.

the bar In Spain there are many bars.

el bar En Espaa hay muchos bares.

the restaurant I love eating in that Chinese restaurant.

el restaurante Me encanta comer en ese restaurante chino. - All rights reserved


En la ciudad - In the city

the disco I like going dancing in the disco.

la discoteca Me gusta ir a bailar a la discoteca.

the hospital I don't want to go to hospital.

el hospital No quiero ir al hospital.

the chemist's You can buy medicine at the chemists.

la farmacia En la farmacia puedes comprar medicinas. - All rights reserved


En la ciudad - In the city


Peter asks Maria about her new life in Barcelona. Peter: Maria, now you live in Barcelona, don't you? Maria: Yes, I love living in Barcelona. There are many shops and the supermarkets are very big. Peter: But, what are you doing there? Are you studying or working? Maria: I'm studying at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. Peter: You seem very happy. Maria: Yes, because in each neighbourhood there are bars, restaurants, cinemas, and also, the transport is very good. The train station is next to my house. Peter: I don't know the city of Barcelona. Maria: Peter, you can come and visit me whenever you like.

Pedro le pregunta a Mara sobre su nueva vida en Barcelona. Pedro: Mara, ahora vives en Barcelona, no? Mara: S, me encanta vivir en Barcelona. Hay muchas tiendas y los supermercados son muy grandes. Pedro: Pero, qu ests haciendo all?, estudias o trabajas? Mara: Estoy estudiando en la Universidad Autnoma de Barcelona. Pedro: Pareces muy contenta. Mara: S, porque en cada barrio hay muchos bares, restaurantes, cines,.. y adems el transporte es muy bueno, la estacin de tren est al lado de mi casa. Pedro: Yo no conozco la ciudad de Barcelona Mara: Pedro, puedes venir cuando quieras a visitarme. - All rights reserved


En la ciudad - In the city

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. Does Maria like living in Barcelona? a. No, Maria prefers living in Hong Kong. b. No c. Yes 2. Does Peter live in Barcelona? a. Yes b. Yes, Peter comes from Barcelona. c. No 3. Where exactly does Maria live? a. Maria lives next to the Autonomous University of Barcelona. b. Maria lives near a restaurant. c. Maria lives next to the train station. - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(c): 2(c): 3(c)

Lo que hago todos los das - What I do every day

Vocabulario y frases

the alarm clock rings My alarm clock rings at eight on the dot.

el despertador suena A las ocho en punto suena mi despertador.

to wake up When my alarm clock rings, I wake up.

despertarse Cuando suena el despertador, me despierto.

to get up Fifteen minutes later, I get up.

levantarse Quince minutos despus, me levanto.

to wash your face When I get up, I wash my face.

lavarse la cara Cuando me levanto, me lavo la cara.

to have a shower As soon as I get up, I have a shower.

ducharse Nada ms levantarme, me ducho.

to get dressed I always get dressed before having breakfast.

vestirse Siempre me visto antes de desayunar.

to have breakfast I always have breakfast before leaving home.

desayunar Siempre desayuno antes de salir de casa.

to brush your teeth After having breakfast, I brush my teeth.

cepillarse los dientes Despus de desayunar, me cepillo los dientes.

to leave your house I leave my house at nine in the morning.

salir de casa Salgo de casa a las 9 de la maana.

to catch the bus At 9:15 I catch the bus.

coger el autobs A las 9:15 cojo el autobs. - All rights reserved


Lo que hago todos los das - What I do every day

to work I start working at half past nine.

trabajar Entro a trabajar a las nueve y media.

to go to class I have class from 9 am to 2 pm.

ir a clase Tengo clase de 9:00 a 14:00.

to have a coffee At 11 I go out to have a coffee.

tomar caf A las 11 salgo para tomar un caf.

to have lunch At 3 pm I have lunch at a restaurant.

comer A las 15:00 como en un restaurante.

to go back home. At 7 pm I go back home.

volver a casa A las 19:00 vuelvo a casa.

to have a nap When I go back home I have a nap.

echarse la siesta Cuando vuelvo a casa me echo la siesta.

to do sport In the afternoon, I do a little sport.

hacer deporte Por la tarde, hago un poco de deporte.

to go for a walk Every afternoon I go for a walk in the park.

dar un paseo Todas las tardes doy un paseo por el parque.

to have dinner At 9.30 pm I have dinner.

cenar A las 21:30 ceno.

to watch television After having dinner, I watch television.

ver la televisin Despus de cenar, veo la televisin.

to go to bed I go to bed around 11.30 pm.

acostarse Me acuesto sobre las 23:30. - All rights reserved


Lo que hago todos los das - What I do every day

to sleep Before sleeping, I always read a little.

dormir Antes de dormir, siempre leo un poco. - All rights reserved


Lo que hago todos los das - What I do every day


Paul, the boss, reprimands his employee Thomas because he always arrives late for work. Paul: Thomas, you always arrive late. Thomas: I'm sorry, it's just Paul: You always have some excuse. You have to get up earlier. Thomas: My alarm clock rings at 7 am. Paul: What time do you get up? Thomas: I normally get up at 8:00, but today I got up at 8:20. Paul: At 8:00 you have to be in the office, not in bed. Thomas: Tomorrow, I'll set my alarm for 6:00.

Pablo, el jefe, regaa a su empleado Toms porque siempre llega tarde a trabajar. Pablo: Toms, siempre llegas tarde. Toms: Lo siento..., es que... Pablo: Siempre tienes alguna excusa. Tienes que levantarte antes. Toms: Mi despertador suena a las 7:00. Pablo: A qu hora te levantas? Toms: Normalmente me levanto a las 8:00, pero hoy me he levantado a las 8:20. Pablo: A las 8:00 tienes que estar en la oficina, no en la cama. Toms: Maana voy a poner el despertador a las 6:00. - All rights reserved


Lo que hago todos los das - What I do every day

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. Why is Paul angry? a. Because he wants to sleep more. b. Because Thomas always arrives late. c. Because his alarm clock rings too early. 2. What time does Thomas normally get up? a. Thomas normally gets up at twenty past eight. b. Thomas normally gets up at 8 o'clock. c. Thomas normally gets up at 7 o'clock. 3. What time does Thomas have to start work? a. At twenty past eight. b. At 7 o'clock. c. At 8 o'clock. - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(b): 2(b): 3(c)

Dnde estoy? - Where am I?

Vocabulario y frases

Where's the post office, please?

Dnde est la oficina de Correos, por favor?

The post office is in the Main Square.

La oficina de Correos est en la Plaza Mayor.

to be located The hospital is located on the outskirts of the city.

estar situado El hospital est situado a las afueras de la ciudad.

here The university is 20 metres from here.

aqu La Universidad est a 20 metros de aqu.

near Is the university near here?

cerca La Universidad est cerca de aqu?

over there The bank is over there.

all El banco est all.

far Is the bank very far from here?

lejos El banco est muy lejos de aqu?

behind The restaurant is behind the disco.

detrs de El restaurante est detrs de la discoteca.

in front of The bar is in front of the caf.

delante de El bar est delante de la cafetera.

opposite There's a bar just opposite us.

enfrente Hay un bar justo enfrente de nosotros. - All rights reserved


Dnde estoy? - Where am I?

at the end of There's a library at the end of this street.

al final de Hay una biblioteca al final de esta calle.

at the start of al principio de The chemist's is at the start of the High La farmacia est al principio de la Calle Street. Mayor.

the pavement The market is on the opposite pavement.

la acera El mercado est en la acera de enfrente.

the corner There's a supermarket on that corner.

la esquina Hay un supermercado en esa esquina.

to go straight ahead Go straight ahead.

seguir recto Sigue todo recto.

to turn Turn right at the next street.

girar Gira la siguiente a la derecha.

right Turn right.

la derecha Gira a la derecha.

left Turn left at the next street.

la izquierda Gira la primera a la izquierda.

to cross Cross the street.

cruzar Cruce la calle.

to get lost We've got lost!

perderse Nos hemos perdido! - All rights reserved


Dnde estoy? - Where am I?


Marc has just arrived in Berlin and he's looking for his hotel and he asks for directions. Marc: Excuse me, do you know where the Hotel Holidays is? Claudia: Holidays? I'm sorry, but I don't know. Marc: And do you know where Germany Street is? Claudia: Yes, it's very near here. Cross the street and go straight ahead towards the left. Marc: OK. Claudia: Germany Street is the second on the right. Marc: So I have to turn right at the second streetThanks very much! Claudia: You're welcome. Enjoy the city.

Marcos acaba de llegar a Berln y est buscando su hotel y pregunta por la direccin. Marcos: Perdone, sabe dnde est el hotel Holidays? Claudia: Holidays?, lo siento pero no lo s. Marcos: Y sabe dnde est la calle Alemania? Claudia: S, est muy cerca de aqu. Cruce la calle y siga recto hacia la izquierda. Marcos: Vale. Claudia: La calle Alemania es la segunda a la derecha. Marcos: As que tengo que girar la segunda a la derecha Muchsimas gracias! Claudia: De nada. Disfrute de la ciudad. - All rights reserved


Dnde estoy? - Where am I?

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. Where does Marcos want to go to? a. Marcos wants to go to the city centre. b. Marcos wants to go to a friend. c. Marcos wants to go to the Hotel Holidays. 2. What does Marcos have to do to get to Germany street? a. He has to go straight ahead and take then the second on the left. b. He has to go straight ahead. c. He has to go straight ahead and take then the second on the right. 3. Does Claudia know where the Hotel Holidays is? a. She cannot remember. b. Yes, she knows. c. No, she doesn't know. - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(c): 2(c): 3(c)

Un da de clase - A day of class

Vocabulario y frases

the class Where is the maths class?

la clase Dnde es la clase de matemticas?

the classroom The history classroom is on the first floor.

el aula El aula de historia est en la primera planta.

the library Could you tell me where the library is?

la biblioteca Podra decirme dnde est la biblioteca?

the school To get to the school, take the first right.

el colegio Para ir al colegio, gira la primera a la derecha.

the secondary school el instituto Is there a secondary school near here? Hay un instituto por aqu?

the academy The academy is very close to here.

la academia La academia est muy cerca de aqu.

the teacher The teacher writes on the blackboard.

el profesor El profesor escribe en la pizarra.

the student The student studies English.

el estudiante El estudiante estudia ingls.

the pupil The pupils are going on an excursion.

el alumno Los alumnos se van de excursin.

the classmate The classmates study together.

el compaero de clase Los compaeros de clase estudian juntos. - All rights reserved


Un da de clase - A day of class

the enrollment How much does the enrollment cost?

la matrcula Cunto cuesta el importe de la matrcula?

the course When does the course start?

el curso Cundo empieza el curso?

the subject Who's the teacher of this subject?

la asignatura Quin es el profesor de esta asignatura?

the timetable What's the timetable for this subject?

el horario Cul es el horario de esta asignatura?

the break What time is the break?

la pausa A qu hora es la pausa?

the exam What day is the language exam?

el examen Qu da es el examen de lengua?

the mark Have you seen the history marks?

la nota Has visto las notas de historia?

the diploma I've obtained the diploma!

el diploma He conseguido el diploma!

the notebook I left my notebook at home.

el cuaderno He olvidado el cuaderno en casa.

the sheet of paper Can you give me a sheet of paper?

la hoja Puedes dejarme una hoja?

the notes Can you lend me the science notes?

los apuntes Me dejas los apuntes de ciencias? - All rights reserved


Un da de clase - A day of class

the ruler Can you lend me your ruler?

la regla Puedes prestarme la regla?

the board The board is opposite the table.

la pizarra La pizarra est enfrente de la mesa.

the chalk The chalk is on the blackboard.

la tiza La tiza est encima de la pizarra.

the board rubber The board rubber is next to the chalk.

el borrador El borrador est al lado de la tiza. - All rights reserved


Un da de clase - A day of class


Two students swap notes. Julia: You're in the German I class, right? Thomas: Yes. Julia: I couldn't go to class today, can you lend me the notes? Thomas: Yes, of course. Here they are. Julia: Thanks a lot. Thomas: Can you lend me your French I notes? Julia: Of course. Thomas: Julia, remember that the French exam is tomorrow. Julia: What? No way!

Dos estudiantes se intercambian los apuntes. Julia: T ests en clase de Alemn I, verdad? Toms: S. Julia: Hoy no he podido ir a clase, puedes dejarme los apuntes? Toms: S, claro. Toma. Julia: Muchas gracias. Toms: Puedes dejarme t los apuntes de Francs II? Julia: Claro. Toms: Julia, recuerda que el examen de Francs es maana. Julia: Qu?, no me digas! - All rights reserved


Un da de clase - A day of class

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. Are Thomas and Julia classmates? a. No, Thomas and Julia are professors. b. Yes c. No 2. Why is Julia asking for Thomas' notes? a. Because she doesn't know any German. b. Because she couldn't come to class today. c. Because she doesn't like the German class. 3. Does Julia know that the French exam is the next day? a. No b. Yes, she has been studying French all week. c. Yes - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(b): 2(b): 3(a)

Qu haces en clase? - What do you do in class?

Vocabulario y frases

to explain The teacher explains the subject.

explicar El profesor explica el tema.

to listen The pupils listen to the teacher.

escuchar Los alumnos escuchan al profesor.

to understand Do you understand?

entender Lo entendis?

to practise You have to practise more.

practicar Tenis que practicar ms.

to work in groups Work in groups of three.

trabajar en grupo Trabajad en grupos de tres.

to make a mistake I learn by making mistakes.

cometer un error Yo aprendo cometiendo errores.

to ask Mark asks the teacher about a doubt he had.

preguntar Marc le pregunta una duda al profesor.

to answer The teacher answers the pupils.

contestar El profesor contesta a sus alumnos.

to read You must read this book.

leer Debes leer este libro.

to write You have to write a composition for tomorrow.

escribir Tenis que escribir una redaccin para maana. - All rights reserved


Qu haces en clase? - What do you do in class?

to draw Don't draw while the teacher is explaining.

dibujar No dibujes mientras el profesor explica.

to study You have to study more.

estudiar Tenis que estudiar ms.

to do an exercise Do the exercise individually.

hacer un ejercicio Haced el ejercicio individualmente.

to complete Complete the activity with the following words.

completar Completad la actividad con las siguientes palabras.

to make an outline Why don't you make an outline?

hacer un esquema Por qu no haces un esquema?

to make a summary Make a summary of the lesson.

hacer un resumen Haz un resumen de la leccin.

to memorise Try to understand everything that you memorise.

memorizar Intenta entender todo lo que memorizas.

to review The day before the exam, review everything that you've studied.

repasar El da antes del examen, repasa todo lo que has estudiado.

to do an exam I don't want to do the exam, I haven't studied at all.

hacer un examen No quiero hacer el examen, no he estudiado nada.

to copy Don't copy!

copiar No copiis!

to pass You have to pass.

aprobar Tienes que aprobar. - All rights reserved


Qu haces en clase? - What do you do in class?

to fail I don't want to fail the exam.

suspender No quiero suspender el examen.

to repeat You have to repeat the year.

repetir Tienes que repetir curso.

to learn You have to learn to multiply.

aprender Tienes que aprender a multiplicar.

to know Do you know the questions of the exam?

saber Sabes las preguntas del examen? - All rights reserved


Qu haces en clase? - What do you do in class?


Conversation between a good student and a bad student. Paul: I've failed every subject! I can't believe it! Peter: But, did you study for the exams? Paul: Yes, but I think I'm doing something wrong. Peter: Do you take notes in class? Paul: Normally I ask you for them. Peter: And do you make outlines of the subjects? Paul: How do you make an outline? Peter: You definitely need to learn to study!

Conversacin entre un buen estudiante y un mal estudiante. Pablo: He suspendido todas las asignaturas!, no me lo puedo creer! Pedro: Pero, habas estudiado para los exmenes? Pablo: S, pero creo que hago algo mal. Pedro: T tomas apuntes en clase? Pablo: Normalmente te los pido a ti. Pedro: Y haces esquemas de los temas? Pablo: Cmo se hace un esquema? Pedro: Definitivamente tienes que aprender a estudiar! - All rights reserved


Qu haces en clase? - What do you do in class?

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. How many subjects has Paul failed? a. Paul has failed every subject. b. Paul has failed every subject except for one. c. Paul has failed two subjects. 2. Why has Paul failed so many subjects? a. Because Paul is cheating in his exams. b. Because Paul doesn't study at all. c. Because Paul doesn't study correctly. 3. Does Paul normally make outlines for studying? a. Yes, Paul makes outlines of all the subjects. b. No, Paul doesn't know how to make outlines. c. No, Paul normally asks Peter for his outlines. - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(a): 2(c): 3(b)

la Navidad - Christmas

Vocabulario y frases

Christmas Christmas is celebrated on December 25th to remember the birth of Jesus.

la Navidad La Navidad se celebra el 25 de diciembre para recordar el nacimiento de Jess.

Christmas Day Christmas day is a time for families to be together.

el Da de Navidad El da de Navidad es un da en el que las familias se renen.

Christmas Eve Christmas Eve is celebrated on the 24th of December.

la Noche Buena La Noche Buena se celebra el 24 de diciembre.

Advent Advent is the time for preparation before Christmas.

el Adviento El Adviento es el tiempo de preparacin antes de la Navidad.

the Christmas shopping People spend a lot of money on Christmas shopping every year.

las compras de Navidad Cada ao la gente gasta mucho dinero en las compras de Navidad.

the nativity The nativity is the story of the birth of Jesus.

la natividad La natividad es la historia del nacimiento de Jess.

the Three Wise Kings los Tres Reyes Magos The Three Wise Kings bring gifts to the En Espaa, los Tres Reyes Magos traen children in Spain on the 6th of January. regalos a los nios el 6 de enero.

Santa Claus Pap Noel Santa Claus brings presents to children Pap Noel trae regalos a los nios en at Christmas. Navidad.

the Christmas present Many people put Christmas presents under the Christmas tree.

el regalo de Navidad Mucha gente coloca los regalos de Navidad debajo del rbol de Navidad.

the sleigh Father Christmas fills his sleigh with gifts on Christmas Eve.

el trineo Pap Noel llena su trineo de regalos en Noche Buena. - All rights reserved


la Navidad - Christmas

the reindeer The reindeer takes Santa on his sleigh to all the houses in the world.

el reno El reno lleva a Pap Noel en su trineo a todas las casas del mundo.

the white Christmas When it snows at Christmas, we call it a white Christmas.

la blanca Navidad Cuando nieva en Navidad, decimos que es una blanca Navidad.

the Christmas tree The Christmas tree is decorated with ornaments.

el rbol de Navidad El rbol de Navidad se decora con adornos.

the fairy lights The cities are decorated with Christmas fairy lights.

las luces de Navidad Las ciudades se decoran con luces de Navidad.

the tinsel We can decorate the Christmas tree with tinsel.

el espumilln Podemos decorar el rbol de Navidad con espumilln.

the Christmas card I send Christmas cards to friends and family every year.

la postal de Navidad Todos los aos envo postales de Navidad a mis amigos y a mi familia.

the Christmas Carol We sing Christmas carols every year.

el villancico Todos los aos cantamos villancicos.

the turkey It is traditional to eat turkey in Ireland on Christmas Day.

el pavo En Irlanda es tradicin comer pavo el da de Navidad.

the eggnog It is traditional to drink eggnog in the US at Christmas.

el ponche de huevo En Estados Unidos es tradicin beber ponche de huevo en Navidad.

the mulled wine Mulled wine is a special warm spiced wine drunk at Christmas in the UK.

el vino especiado El vino especiado es una bebida caliente que se bebe en Navidad en el RU.

the Christmas log The Christmas log is a special cake eaten in France at Christmas.

el tronco de Navidad El tronco de Navidad es una tarta especial que se come en Francia en Navidad. - All rights reserved


la Navidad - Christmas

Merry Christmas!

Feliz Navidad!

Season's greetings!

Felices fiestas! - All rights reserved


la Navidad - Christmas


Anna and Julia are talking about Christmas. Anna: Oh, I really love Christmas! Julia: I hate Christmas! Anna: Why do you hate Christmas? Don't you like all the presents, the beautiful decorations, the Christmas carols. I just love the atmosphere! Julia: No. I hate all the Christmas carols. I hate sending Christmas cards. I hate going shopping for Christmas presents. I hate all the food. Anna: (quietly) Well, Merry Christmas to you!

Ana y Julia hablan sobre la Navidad. Ana: Ah, me encanta la Navidad! Julia: Yo la odio! Ana: Por qu odias la Navidad? No te gustan los regalos, la decoracin tan bonita o los villancicos? A mi me encanta el ambiente! Julia: No. Odio todos los villancicos. Odio enviar postales de Navidad. Odio ir a comprar los regalos de Navidad. Odio toda la comida Ana: (en voz baja) Bueno, Que tengas Feliz Navidad! - All rights reserved


la Navidad - Christmas

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. Does Anna Like Christmas? a. No. She hates Christmas. b. I don't know. c. Yes, she really likes Christmas. 2. What does Anna like about Christmas? a. She likes the decorations, the Christmas presents and the Christmas carols. b. She likes the food. c. She likes the Christmas cards. 3. What does Julia like about Christmas? a. Everything. b. Nothing. c. The Christmas cards and the food. - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(c): 2(a): 3(b)

La Noche Vieja - New Years Eve

Vocabulario y frases

New Years Eve New Year's Eve is on the 31st of December.

la Noche Vieja La Noche Vieja se celebra el 31 de diciembre.

New Year's Day New Year's Day is on the 1st of January.

el Ao Nuevo El Ao Nuevo se celebra el 1 de enero.

midnight The bells ring at midnight.

las doce Las campanas suenan a las doce.

the celebration The New Year is one of the biggest celebrations of the year.

la celebracin El Ao Nuevo es una de las mayores celebraciones del ao.

the calendar Change the calendar on New Years Day.

el calendario Cambia el calendario el da de Ao Nuevo.

the memories los recuerdos New Year's Eve is a time to think about La Nochevieja es una fecha en la que memories of the past year. recordar lo vivido durante el ao.

the party There are always a lot of parties on New Years Eve.

la fiesta En Noche Vieja siempre hay muchas fiestas.

the fireworks There is a big fireworks display in London on New Years Eve.

los petardos En Londres se encienden muchos petardos en Noche Vieja.

the bells The city bells ring out at midnight.

las campanas Las campanas de la ciudad suenan a las doce.

the clock strikes midnight The clock strikes midnight and the celebration continues.

el reloj da las doce El reloj da las doce y la celebracin contina. - All rights reserved


La Noche Vieja - New Years Eve

the champagne Many people drink champagne at midnight on New Year's Eve.

el champn En Noche Vieja mucha gente bebe champn a las doce.

the toast People toast with champagne to the New Year.

el brindis La gente brinda con champn por el Ao Nuevo.

the streamers There are always streamers at New Year's Eve parties.

las serpentinas En las fiestas de Noche Vieja siempre hay serpentinas.

the confetti People throw confetti at New Year's parties.

el confeti En las fiestas de Noche Vieja la gente tira confeti.

the grapes In Spain it is traditional to eat twelve grapes at midnight.

las uvas En Espaa es tradicin comer doce uvas a las doce.

the black eyed peas In the US it is considered to be good luck to eat black eyed peas on New Year's Eve.

los frijoles carita En EE.UU. se cree que comer frijoles carita en da de Ao Nuevo trae buena suerte.

the seafood el marisco It is common in many European Es muy habitual en muchos pases countries to eat seafood on New Year's europeos comer marisco en Noche Vieja. Eve. the waltz In Austria, it is tradition to dance a waltz at midnight. el vals En Austria es tradicin bailar un vals a las doce.

the countdown I like to be with my family for the countdown.

la cuenta atrs Me gusta estar con mi familia durante la cuenta atrs.

the New Year's song Auld lang syne is a very famous New Year's song.

la cancin de Ao Nuevo Auld lang syne es una cancin muy famosa de Ao Nuevo.

the new year's resolution los propsitos del Ao Nuevo I have made a new year's resolution to Como propsito del Ao Nuevo voy a stop smoking. dejar de fumar. - All rights reserved


La Noche Vieja - New Years Eve

the hangover Many people suffer from a hangover on New Year's Day after the party on New Year's Eve. the new beginnings The new year is a time for new beginnings.

la resaca Mucha gente tiene resaca el da de Ao Nuevo despus de la fiesta de Noche Vieja. los nuevos comienzos El Ao Nuevo es el momento de emprender algo nuevo.

All the best for the coming year!

Te deseo todo lo mejor para este ao que comienza!

Happy New Year!

Feliz Ao Nuevo! - All rights reserved


La Noche Vieja - New Years Eve


Claudia and Maria are discussing New Years Eve. Claudia: What are your plans for New Year's Eve this year? Anna: Well, I am going to have a big meal with my family and be with them for the countdown Claudia: Will you go out later? Anna: Yes. I will go to a party in my boyfriend's house after midnight. We can celebrate the New Year there. Claudia: Oh. What a good plan! Can I come? Anna: Of course you can!

Claudia y Mara hablan sobre la Noche Vieja. Claudia : Qu planes tienes este ao para Noche Vieja? Mara: Pues vamos a hacer una gran cena en familia y me quedar con ellos para la cuenta atrs Claudia : Y luego saldrs? Mara: S. Ir a una fiesta en casa de mi novio despus de las doce. Podemos celebrar ah el Ao Nuevo. Claudia : Vaya, qu buen plan! Puedo ir yo tambin? Mara: Claro que puedes! - All rights reserved


La Noche Vieja - New Years Eve

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. With whom does Anna plan on doing the countdown this year? a. With her family. b. With Claudia. c. With her boyfriend. 2. What does she plan on doing after that? a. She plans on eating a meal. b. She plans on going to bed. c. She plans on going to a party. 3. What does Claudia plan on doing? a. She plans on going to bed. b. She plans on eating a meal with her family. c. She plans on going to a party with Anna. - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(a): 2(c): 3(c)

Da de San Valentn - Valentines Day

Vocabulario y frases

Valentines Day Valentine's Day is celebrated on the 14th of February.

Da de San Valentn El Da de San Valentn se celebra el 14 de febrero.

the Valentine's card I love receiving Valentine's cards.

la tarjeta del Da de San Valentn Me encanta recibir tarjetas del Da de San Valentn.

to love I love you.

querer Te quiero.

to be in love I am in love with him.

estar enamorada/o Estoy enamorada/o de l/ella.

to be crazy about She is crazy about him!

estar locamente enamorada Ella est locamente enamorada de l!

the romance I love the romance of Valentine's Day.

el romanticismo Me encanta el romanticismo del Da de San Valentn.

romantic Valentine's Day is the most romantic day of the year.

romntico El Da de San Valentn es el ms romntico del ao.

the heart My Valentines card had a heart on it.

el corazn Mi tarjeta del Da de San Valentn tena un corazn.

the rose The rose is the most romantic flower.

la rosa La rosa es la flor ms romntica.

the bunch of flowers I receive a bunch of flowers every Valentine's Day.

el ramo de flores Recibo un ramo de flores cada Da de San Valentn. - All rights reserved


Da de San Valentn - Valentines Day

the box of chocolates I send a box of chocolates to my partner every Valentine's Day.

la caja de bombones Cada Da de San Valentn envo una caja de bombones a mi pareja.

the meal for two I have organised a romantic meal for two.

una cena para dos He organizado una cena romntica para dos.

the love poem I am writing a love poem for you.

el poema de amor Estoy escribiendo un poema de amor para ti.

the couple They are such a romantic couple!

la pareja Son una pareja muy romntica!

the admirer She has a secret admirer.

el admirador Ella tiene un admirador secreto.

the kiss It was a very romantic kiss.

el beso Fue un beso muy romntico.

to have butterflies I have butterflies in my stomach when I think of her.

ponerse nervioso Me pongo nervioso cuando pienso en ella.

Cupid Cupid is the god of love.

Cupido Cupido es el dios del amor.

the arrow I have been hit by Cupid's arrow.

la flecha Me ha alcanzado la flecha del Cupido.

the sweetheart Be my sweetheart.

el novio S mi novio.

the true love Be my true love.

el amor verdadero S mi amor verdadero. - All rights reserved


Da de San Valentn - Valentines Day

Be mine!

S mo!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Feliz Da de San Valentn! - All rights reserved


Da de San Valentn - Valentines Day


Anna and Maria are talking about Valentines Day. Anna: I love Valentine's Day! Maria: Me too! But I never receive any cards. Anna: Really? You don't have any admirers? Maria: No. I suppose not. Anna: I receive lots of cards with love poems, bunches of flowers and boxes of chocolates every year! Maria: Really? From who? Anna: Ummmy mother, my sister, my daughter Maria: Ah. Now I understand.

Ana y Mara hablan sobre el Da de San Valentn. Ana : Me encanta el Da de San Valentn! Mara: A m tambin! Pero nunca recibo tarjetas. Ana : De verdad? No tienes admiradores? Mara: No, supongo que no. Ana : Yo recibo todos los aos cantidad de tarjetas con poemas de amor, ramos de flores y cajas de bombones! Mara: En serio? De quin? Ana : Umm mi madre, mi hermana, mi hija Mara: Ah, ahora lo entiendo. - All rights reserved


Da de San Valentn - Valentines Day

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. Does Maria think she has any admirers? a. No. b. I don't know. c. Yes. 2. What does Anna normally receive on Valentine's Day? a. Lots of cards with love poems, bunches of flowers and boxes of chocolates b. A kiss. c. Nothing. 3. Who sends Anna the cards, the flowers and the chocolates? a. Her mother, her daughter and her sister. b. An admirer. c. Her husband. - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(a): 2(a): 3(a)

Halloween - Halloween

Vocabulario y frases

Halloween Halloween is celebrated on the 31st of October.

Halloween Halloween se celebra el 31 de octubre.

the Celtic festival Halloween was originally a Celtic festival in Ireland.

el festival Celta El Halloween proviene de una celebracin Celta en Irlanda.

the pumpkin It is traditional to carve pumpkins on Halloween.

la calabaza Es tradicional tallar calabazas en Halloween.

the jack o' lantern A jack o'lantern is a pumpkin carved with a scary face with a candle inside.

el farol de calabaza El farol de calabaza es una cara que asusta tallada en una calabaza con una vela dentro. trato o truco Los nios van de casa en casa diciendo trato o truco para pedir caramelos

trick or treat Children go from house to house saying trick or treat asking for candy.

the Halloween games Bobbing for apples is a Halloween game played by filling a tub with water and apples and trying to catch the apples with your teeth. the bonfire Many villages light a bonfire on Halloween.

los juegos de Halloween Atrapar manzanas es un juego de Halloween que consiste en llenar una cubeta con agua y manzanas, las que debes atrapar con tus dientes. la hoguera Muchas villas encienden una hoguera en Halloween.

the costume party A costume party is a party where people dress in disguises.

la fiesta de disfraces Una fiesta de disfraces es una fiesta en la que la gente va vestida con disfraces.

the disguise Lots of people wear a disguise on Halloween.

el disfraz Muchas personas llevan un disfraz en Halloween.

the mask Some people wear masks to scare people.

la mscara Algunas personas usan mscaras para asustar a otros. - All rights reserved


Halloween - Halloween

the ghost Some people disguise themselves as a ghost by wearing a sheet.

el fantasma Algunas personas se disfrazan de fantasma llevando una sbana.

the witch la bruja A witch is an ugly evil woman, wearing Una bruja es una mujer mala y fea, que a black cloak and pointed hat. lleva una capa negra y un sombrero puntiagudo. the bat Bats are scary mouse-like creatures that fly around. el murcilago Los murcilagos son roedores espantosos que vuelan.

the skeleton Some people decorate their houses with skeletons.

el esqueleto Algunas personas decoran sus casas con esqueletos.

the zombie A zombie is a supernatural force that can make a corpse come to life.

el zombi Un zombi es un cadaver reanimado por una fuerza sobrenatural.

the spider People can decorate their houses with fake spiders and spider webs.

la araa La gente puede decorar sus casas con araas y telaraas falsas.

the tombstone la lpida People can decorate their gardens with Las personsas pueden decorar sus fake tombstones. jardines con lpidas falsas.

the haunted house A haunted house is a house inhabited by ghosts.

la casa embrujada Una casa embrujada es una casa habitada por fantasmas.

the ghost story People tell ghost stories on Halloween.

la historia fantasmas La gente cuenta historias de fantasmas en Halloween.

the superstition There are many superstitions related to Halloween.

la supersticin Existen muchas supersticiones relacionadas con el Halloween.

the evil spirit Some people believe that evil spirits come out on Halloween.

el espritu malvado Algunas personas creen que espritus malvados salen en Halloween. - All rights reserved


Halloween - Halloween

the spell Witches can cast spells or curses on people.

el hechizo Las brujas pueden lanzar hechizos y maldiciones sobre la gente.

the black cat Witches always have a black cat.

el gato negro Las brujas siempre tienen un gato negro.

Happy Halloween!

Feliz Halloween! - All rights reserved


Halloween - Halloween


Claudia and Anna are talking about Halloween. Claudia: What is your plan for Halloween this year? Anna: I am going to disguise myself as a witch and take my little sister trick or treating. Claudia: Oh. You are not going to the costume party in the haunted house? Anna: No way. It is too scary! Claudia: Yes I know, but we are going to play Halloween games and tell ghost stories. It will be fun. Anna: Are you crazy? I would be terrified. Claudia: That is the point. Happy Halloween!

Claudia y Anna estn hablando acerca del Halloween. Claudia: Cul es tu plan para Halloween este ao? Ana: Me voy a disfrazar de bruja y voy a llevar a mi hermanita para pedir caramelos. Claudia: Oh. No vs a ir a la fiesta de disfraces en la casa encantada? Ana: De ninguna manera. Me asusta! Claudia: Si, lo s, pero vamos a jugar juegos de Halloween y contar historias de fantasmas. Ser divertido. Ana: Ests loca? Estara aterrorizada. Claudia: De eso se trata. Felz Halloween! - All rights reserved


Halloween - Halloween

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. What is Anna's plan for Halloween this year? a. She is going to disguise herself as a witch and take her sister trick or treating. b. She is going to the haunted house. c. She is going to the cinema. 2. What is Claudia's plan for Halloween this year? a. She is going to watch a scary film. b. She is going to the costume party in the haunted house. c. She is going to disguise herself as a witch and take her sister trick or treating. 3. What are they going to do at the haunted house? a. They are going to sing scary songs. b. They are going to watch scary films. c. They are going to play Halloween games and tell ghost stories. - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(a): 2(b): 3(c)

Pascua - Easter

Vocabulario y frases

Easter Easter is celebrated on the first Sunday after the first full moon after March 20th. Carnival Carnival is a festive season which occurs immediately beforeLent.

Pascua La Pascua se celebra el primer domingo tras la primera luna llena transcurrido el 20 de marzo. Carnaval El Carnaval es una poca festiva que tiene lugar inmediatamente antes de la Cuaresma.

Lent Cuaresma Lent is the forty day preparation period La Cuaresma es el periodo de preparacin before Easter. de cuarenta das anterior a la Semana Santa. Ash Wednesday It is common not to eat meat on Ash Wednesday. Mircoles de Ceniza Lo habitual es no comer carne el Mircoles de Ceniza.

the last supper la ltima Cena The last supper was the last meal Jesus La ltima Cena fue la ltima vez que Jess shared with his disciples before his cen con sus discpulos antes de morir. death. the Holy week Holy week includes Palm Sunday, Holy Thursday and Good Friday. Semana Santa La Semana Santa incluye el Domingo de Ramos, Jueves Santo y Viernes Santo.

the crucifixion Jesus was sentenced to crucifixion by Pontius Pilate.

la crucifixin Poncio Pilato sentenci a Jess a la crucifixion.

the resurrection The resurrection of Jesus is said to have taken place on Easter Sunday.

la resurreccin Se dice que la resurreccin de Jess tuvo lugar el Domingo de Resurreccin.

the lamb It is common to have roast lamb on Easter Sunday.

el cordero En Domingo de Resurreccin es habitual comer cordero asado.

the ham Many people prepare a roast ham at Easter time.

el jamn En Pascua mucha gente prepara jamn asado. - All rights reserved


Pascua - Easter

the candy Most children eat candy on Easter Sunday.

los dulces La mayora de los nios comen dulces el Domingo de Resurreccin.

the Easter egg These days Easter eggs are made of chocolate.

el Huevo de Pascua En estos das los Huevos de Pascua se hacen de chocolate.

to decorate eggs In many countries it is traditional to decorate chicken eggs.

decorar huevos En muchos pases decorar huevos de gallina es algo tradicional.

the Easter egg hunt Many children search for eggs in an Easter egg hunt.

la bsqueda de Huevos de Pascua En Pascua muchos nios van en busca de los Huevos de Pascua.

the Easter basket When the children find the eggs, they put them in the Easter basket.

la cesta de Pascua Cuando los nios encuentran los huevos, los ponen en la cesta de Pascua.

the Easter bunny The Easter bunny brings chocolate eggs to children the night before Easter. the Easter chick It is common to give chicks at Easter as a gift.

el conejo de Pascua El conejo de Pascua trae huevos de chocolate a los nios la noche anterior al da de Pascua. el pollito de Pascua En Pascua es habitual regalar pollitos.

the Easter Lily You can see many Easter Lilies before Easter every year.

el lirio de Pascua Todos los aos se pueden ver muchos lirios antes de que llegue la Pascua.

Happy Easter!

Feliz Pascua! - All rights reserved


Pascua - Easter


Anna and Paul are preparing for Easter. Anna: We have to prepare the Easter lunch,the lamb, the potatoes Paul: And we have to decorate the eggs with the children and prepare for the Easter egg hunt. Anna: Yes. They are really looking forward to it. Paul: And don't forget, we have to go to church to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. Anna: Of course. Let's go! Paul: Ok. Come on children!

Ana y Pablo se preparan para la Pascua. Ana: Tenemos que preparar la comida de Pascua, el cordero, las patatas Pablo: Y tenemos que decorar los huevos con los nios y prepararnos para la bsqueda de los huevos de Pascua. Ana: S. Estn realmente ilusionados. Pablo: Y no olvides que tenemos que ir a la iglesia para celebrar la resurreccin de Jess. Ana: Por supuesto. Vamos! Pablo: Muy bien, vamos chicos! - All rights reserved


Pascua - Easter

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. What are Anna and Paul having for Easter lunch? a. They are having lamb. b. They are having ham. c. They are having chicken. 2. What do Anna and Paul have to decorate? a. The Easter lilies. b. The eggs. c. The chicks. 3. Why are they going to church? a. To celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. b. To celebrate the last supper. c. To celebrate the crucifixion. - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(a): 2(b): 3(a)

Buscas trabajo? - Are you searching for a job?

Vocabulario y frases

to fire It's clear that I have been fired.

despedir Est claro que me han despedido.

unemployment There's no doubt that unemployment has risen recently.

el paro Es indudable que el paro ha subido ltimamente.

unfair dismissal It's obvious that it's an unfair dismissal.

el despido improcedente Es evidente que se trata de un despido improcedente.

to collect a settlement payment You can probably collect a settlement payment for unfair dismissal.

cobrar una indemnizacin Probablemente puedas cobrar una indemnizacin por despido improcedente.

the temporary work agency It's been shown that temporary work agencies keep part of your salary.

la empresa de trabajo temporal Est demostrado que las empresas de trabajo temporal se quedan parte de tu sueldo. el cazatalentos A lo mejor han venido cazatalentos a la audicin.

the headhunter Maybe headhunters have come to the audition.

the job offer Have you found any interesting job offer?

la oferta de trabajo Has encontrado alguna oferta de trabajo interesante?

employment It's obvious that employment has fallen during the past year.

la ocupacin Es evidente que la ocupacin ha bajado durante el ltimo ao.

the job position el puesto de trabajo I'm sure that position suits you down to Estoy convencida de que ese puesto te the ground. viene como anillo al dedo.

the job advert You'll probably see more job adverts tomorrow.

el anuncio de trabajo Probablemente maana veas ms anuncios de trabajo. - All rights reserved


Buscas trabajo? - Are you searching for a job?

the selection process I'm sure that the selection process has been very hard.

el proceso de seleccin Estoy seguro de que el proceso de seleccin ha sido muy duro.

the job interview It's obvious that the first impression in a job interview is crucial.

la entrevista de trabajo Es obvio que la primera impresin en una entrevista de trabajo es crucial.

the application Are you sure you've presented your application?

la solicitud Ests segura de que has presentado la solicitud?

the curriculum vitae I'm sure I presented my curriculum vitae.

el currculum vitae Estoy seguro de haber presentado el currculum vitae.

the cover letter It's better if you write the cover letter in English.

la carta de presentacin Es mejor que redacte la carta de presentacin en ingls.

the letter of recommendation. It's good if you present a letter of recommendation.

la carta de recomendacin Es bueno que presentes una carta de recomendacin.

to have good / bad references To find a good job it's advisable to have good references.

tener buenas / malas referencias Para encontrar un buen trabajo es conveniente tener buenas referencias.

the training There's no doubt I have the training required for this position.

la formacin Es indudable que tengo la formacin requerida para este puesto.

the experience It's clear you have experience, but not the profile we're looking for.

la experiencia Est claro que tienes experiencia, pero no es el perfil que estamos buscando.

to renew a contract renovar un contrato I'm sure they won't renew my contract. Seguro que no me renuevan el contrato.

to hire someone It's obvious we need to hire someone.

contratar a alguien Es evidente que necesitamos contratar a otra persona. - All rights reserved


Buscas trabajo? - Are you searching for a job?

to sign a contract Is it true you're going to sign a contract with that company?

firmar un contrato Es verdad que vas a firmar un contrato con esa empresa? - All rights reserved


Buscas trabajo? - Are you searching for a job?


Two ex-workmates talk about the dismissal of one of them. Paul: I can't believe they've fired me! Thomas: No way! And what are you going to do now? Paul: Well, look for work. Thomas: Buy the newspaper, there are always lots of job adverts. Paul: Yes, but first I have to update my curriculum vitae and Thomas: You have lots of experience, and you also have many hours of training, I'm sure you'll find a good job. Paul: Who's going to want to hire a 45-year-old guy?

Dos ex compaeros de trabajo hablan del despido de uno de ellos. Pablo: No me lo puedo creer, me han despedido! Toms: No me digas!, y qu vas a hacer ahora? Pablo: Pues buscar trabajo. Toms: Cmprate el peridico, siempre aparecen muchos anuncios de trabajo. Pablo: Ya, pero antes tengo que actualizar el currculum vitae y ... Toms: T tienes mucha experiencia y adems cuentas con muchas horas de formacin, seguro que encuentras un buen trabajo. Pablo: Quin va a querer contratar a un to de 45 aos? - All rights reserved


Buscas trabajo? - Are you searching for a job?

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. Why does Paul have to look for a job? a. Because he has been fired. b. Because he doesn't like his job. c. Because he wants to continue with his training. 2. What does Thomas advise him? a. Thomas advises him to look for job adverts in the newspaper. b. Thomas advises him to update his curriculum vatae. c. Thomas advises him to take more training courses. 3. Does Paul believe to find easily a new job? a. Yes, Paul has already got various job offers. b. No c. Yes - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(a): 2(a): 3(b)

La entrevista de trabajo - The job interview

Vocabulario y frases

the interviewee The interviewee seems to be very qualified.

el entrevistado El entrevistado parece estar muy cualificado.

the interviewer The interviewer sets the guidelines for the interview.

el entrevistador El entrevistador marca las pautas de la entrevista.

Get information about the company.

Infrmate sobre la empresa.

Demonstrate your interest and motivation to work in the company.

Demuestra tu inters y motivacin por trabajar en la empresa.

Use a tone of voice that transmits security.

Utiliza un tono de voz que transmita seguridad.

Maintain the degree of closeness and formality that the interviewer sets.

Mantn el grado de cercana y de formalidad que te marque el entrevistador.

Use precise and suitable language.

Utiliza un lenguaje preciso y adecuado.

to be motivated I'm highly motivated to perform any task that I'm given.

estar motivado / motivada Estoy altamente motivado para realizar cualquier tarea que me sea encomendada. las competencias Cuento con las competencias necesarias para este puesto.

the competencies I have the necessary competencies for this position.

leadership qualities las dotes de liderazgo I have great leadership qualities to run Tengo grandes dotes de liderazgo para the department. dirigir el departamento. - All rights reserved


La entrevista de trabajo - The job interview

to solve problems My leadership skills allow me to solve problems effectively.

resolver problemas Mis dotes de mando me permiten resolver los problemas de forma efectiva.

to make decisions I have an innate ability to make decisions.

tomar decisiones Tengo una capacidad innata para tomar decisiones.

How would you describe yourself?

Cmo se describira a s mismo?

What are your strong points? And your weak ones?

Cules son sus puntos fuertes?, y los dbiles?

What makes you a good candidate for this position?

Qu le hace un buen candidato para este puesto?

What did you like most about your last job?

Qu es lo que ms le gustaba de su anterior trabajo?

Why do you want to change job?

Por qu quiere cambiar de trabajo?

What do you expect to obtain from this Qu espera obtener de este puesto? position?

Do you have experience in this sector? Tiene experiencia en este sector?

Does the position require working in a team or individually?

El puesto requiere trabajar en equipo o de manera individual?

Is this a newly created position or is it a substitution?

Es ste un puesto de nueva creacin o es una sustitucin? - All rights reserved


La entrevista de trabajo - The job interview

What are your salary expectations?

Cules son sus expectativas salariales?

When do you need the person to join?

Cundo necesitan incorporar a la persona? - All rights reserved


La entrevista de trabajo - The job interview


A recent university graduate looks for his first job. Interviewer: Hello, good morning Marc. Please sit down. Interviewee: Good morning, thank you. Interviewer: If I'm not mistaken, you are interested in the position of accountant, is that right? Interviewee: Yes, I'm very interested in this position in particular and the company in general. Interviewer: Do you have experience in the sector? Interviewee: The truth is that I've recently finished studying, so, although I'm familiar with the world of accounting, I've not worked in the sector. Interviewer: We're looking for someone with experience, as there's a lot of responsibility in this position. Interviewee: Despite not having demonstrable experience, I can assure you that I'm qualified for the position.

Un recin licenciado universitario busca su primer trabajo. Entrevistador: Hola, buenos das Marc. Sintese, por favor. Entrevistado: Buenos das, gracias. Entrevistador: Si no me equivoco, usted est interesado en el puesto de contable, no es as? Entrevistado: S, estoy muy interesado en este puesto en particular y en la empresa en general. Entrevistador: Tiene experiencia en el sector? Entrevistado: La verdad es que he terminado mis estudios recientemente, as que, aunque conozco el mundo de la contabilidad, no he trabajado en el sector. Entrevistador: Estamos buscando a alguien con experiencia, puesto que sobre este puesto recae mucha responsabilidad. Entrevistado: A pesar de no tener experiencia demostrable, le aseguro que estoy cualificado para el puesto. - All rights reserved


La entrevista de trabajo - The job interview

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. Has the interviewee already worked as an accountant? a. No b. Only one month. c. Yes 2. Why are they looking for someone with experience? a. Because it's a position with a lot of responsibility. b. Because they don't want to train their employees. c. Because they need to employ someone immediately. 3. Does the interviewee believe in his capability of being a good accountant? a. Yes b. The interviewee doesn't believe in himself. c. No - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(a): 2(a): 3(a)

En la peluquera - At the hairdressers

Vocabulario y frases

the hair salon The hair salon is located on the main street.

el saln de peluquera El saln de peluquera se encuentra en la calle principal.

the hairdresser Ask the hairdresser about a new hairstyle.

la peluquera Pide a la peluquera que te haga un corte de pelo nuevo.

the stylist The stylist will help you to find a style that suits you.

el estilista El estilista te ayudar a encontrar el estilo que ms te favorezca.

the barber A barber is a hairdresser for men only.

el barbero El barbero es un peluquero slo para hombres.

the haircare Haircare differs according to your hair type.

el cuidado del cabello El cuidado del cabello vara segn el tipo de pelo.

the conditioner Use conditioner to disentangle long hair.

el acondicionador Utiliza acondicionador para desenredar pelo largo.

the hair mask Leave the hair mask on for 15 minutes and then rinse it out.

la mascarilla Deja que la mascarilla acte durante 15 minutos y despus aclrate el pelo.

the dye You can choose from a range of different dyes to colour your hair.

el tinte Para teirte el pelo, puedes elegir entre una gama de diferentes tintes.

the hairstyle The chignon is the most elegant hairstyle.

el peinado El moo es el peinado ms elegante.

the wash and blow-dry I get a wash and blow-dry every Saturday morning.

lavar y peinar Todos los sbados por la maana voy a que me laven el pelo y me peinen. - All rights reserved


En la peluquera - At the hairdressers

to trim You should have your hair trimmed every 6 weeks.

cortar las puntas Deberas cortarte las puntas cada 6 semanas.

the perm The perm was a popular style in the 1980's.

la permanente La permanente se hizo popular en la dcada de los ochenta.

the highlights Highlights enhance the natural colour of your hair.

las mechas Las mechas realzan el color natural de tu pelo.

the hair extensions Hair extensions leave your hair in very bad condition.

las extensiones Las extensiones te dejan el pelo en muy mal estado.

the bob The bob is a classic haircut.

la melena La melena es un corte de pelo clsico.

the length Shoulder length hair is very versatile.

la largura La largura del pelo sobre los hombros resulta muy verstil.

the fringe Having a fringe requires a lot of maintenance.

el flequillo Llevar flequillo requiere mucha dedicacin.

the sideburns Elvis Presley had very long sideburns.

las patillas Elvis Presley tena patillas muy largas.

the short back and sides A short back and sides is a common hairstyle for men.

corto por detrs y por los lados Los hombres suelen llevar el pelo corto por detrs y por los lados.

the shaved head Men with big ears shouldn't have a shaved head.

la cabeza rapada Los hombres que tienen orejas grandes no deberan raparse la cabeza.

the curls Soft, natural curls are beautiful.

los rizos Los rizos suaves y naturales son muy bonitos. - All rights reserved


En la peluquera - At the hairdressers

the waves Use a big brush when drying your hair to get waves in your hair.

las ondas Para conseguir ondas, utiliza un cepillo grande cuando te seques el pelo.

the layers Long layers can be a very flattering haircut.

las capas Las capas largas pueden ser un corte de pelo muy favorecedor.

the parting A side parting suits most people.

la raya La raya a un lado favorece a la mayora de la gente.

the dandruff la caspa There are many shampoos available to Hay muchos champs anti-caspa. cure dandruff.

the split ends Split ends can be caused by using straightening irons.

las puntas abiertas Las puntas abiertas se pueden deber al uso de planchas alisadoras.

the hairdryer Use the hairdryer to give your hair more volume.

el secador Utiliza el secador para dar ms volumen a tu pelo. - All rights reserved


En la peluquera - At the hairdressers


Maria is at the hairdressers. Hairdresser: Ok. So you just want a wash and blow-dry today Maria: No. I actually want a trim too. Hairdresser: Ok. Just the split ends, or the layers and the fringe too? Maria: Just the split ends. I am trying to let my hair grow. I want it to be shoulder length. Hairdresser: That will really suit you. I think highlights would suit you too. Maria: Yes. Good idea. Hairdresser: Let's get started. I will use this new hair mask and then prepare the dye for the highlights. Maria: Great

Mara se encuentra en la peluquera. Peluquera: Muy bien, as que hoy slo quieres que te lave y te peine Mara: No, tambin quiero que me cortes las puntas. Peluquera: De acuerdo. Slo las puntas abiertas o tambin las capas y el flequillo? Mara: Slo las puntas abiertas. Estoy intentando dejarme crecer el pelo. Quiero que me llegue por el hombro. Peluquera: Eso te favorecer mucho. Creo que unas mechas tambin te quedaran muy bien. Mara: S, buena idea. Peluquera: Manos a la obra. Voy a utilizar esta mascarilla nueva y luego voy a preparar el tinte para las mechas. Mara: Genial - All rights reserved


En la peluquera - At the hairdressers

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. What does Maria originally want to have done at the hairdresser's? a. She wants to buy a kilo of potatoes. b. She wants a perm. c. She wants a trim. 2. How long does Maria want her hair to be? a. She wants her hair to be shoulder length. b. She wants her hair to be really short. c. She wants her hair to be really long. 3. What does she decide to get done in the end? a. To get a trim and highlights. b. To get a new puppy. c. To have her head shaved. - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(c): 2(a): 3(a)

En la oficina - At the office

Vocabulario y frases

the office supplies We need to order new office supplies.

el material de oficina Necesitamos pedir ms material de oficina.

the stationery Where is the stationery cupboard please?

los artculos de papelera Dnde est el armario con los artculos de papelera, por favor?

the headed paper I need some headed paper to send the quote to the new client.

el papel con membrete Necesito papel con membrete para enviar el presupuesto al cliente nuevo.

the writing pad I wrote the phone number on the writing pad.

el bloc de notas Escrib el nmero de telfono en el bloc de notas.

the folder Put the file in the folder.

la carpeta Coloca el archivo en la carpeta.

the scissors I need the scissors to cut this paper.

las tijeras Necesito las tijeras para cortar este papel.

the highlighter I am going to use the highlighter to highlight the main points.

el rotulador Voy a usar el rotulador para destacar los puntos principales.

the paper clip Can you pass me a paper clip please?

el clip Me puedes pasar un clip, por favor?

the sticky tape Use the sticky tape to put the poster up.

la cinta adhesiva Utiliza cinta adhesiva para colgar el pster.

the hole punch I need the hole punch to put this file in the folder.

la perforadora Necesito la perforadora para colocar este archivo en la carpeta. - All rights reserved


En la oficina - At the office

the stapler We need new staples for the stapler.

la grapadora Necesitamos grapas nuevas para la grapadora.

the white board He is writing his ideas on the whiteboard.

la pizarra l escribe sus ideas en la pizarra.

the flipchart Draw a rough plan on the flipchart.

el rotafolios Escribe un esquema en el rotafolios.

the photocopier There is some paper jammed in the photocopier.

la fotocopiadora Hay papel atascado en la fotocopiadora.

the fax machine I am sorry, but the fax machine is out of order.

el fax Lo siento, pero el fax no funciona.

the data projector He used the data projector to show his presentation to the manager.

el proyector Utiliz el proyector para mostrar su presentacin al director.

the filing cabinet All of the old files are in the filing cabinet.

el archivador Todos los archivos antiguos se encuentran en el archivador.

the shelves las baldas We have to take all those books off the Tenemos que quitar todos esos libros de shelves. las baldas.

the printer We need toner for the printer.

la impresora Necesitamos un tner para la impresora.

the waste paper basket la papelera Can you empty the waste paper basket Puedes vaciar la papelera, por favor? please?

the desk You can leave the file on my desk.

la mesa Puedes dejar el archivo sobre mi mesa. - All rights reserved


En la oficina - At the office

the office chair I need a special office chair as I suffer from backache.

la silla de oficina Necesito una silla de oficina especial ya que sufro de dolores de espalda.

the office cubicle My office cubicle is really tiny.

el cubculo de la oficina El cubculo de la oficina donde trabajo es realmente pequeo.

the reception area Please take a seat in the reception area.

la zona de recepcin Por favor, tome asiento en la zona de recepcin.

the conference room The meeting will be held in the conference room at 3 o'clock sharp.

la sala de conferencias La reunin se celebrar en la sala de conferencias a las 3 en punto.

the coffee machine Meet me at the coffee machine at 11.30.

la mquina de caf Renase conmigo a las 11.30 en la mquina de caf. - All rights reserved


En la oficina - At the office


Marc is being shown around at his new job. Boss: So that is your desk in the corner next to the filing cabinets. Marc: Ok. Thank you. Boss: We keep all the office supplies here on these shelves. Everything you needstationery, paper clips, staplers, scissors, headed paper etc. Marc: Perfect. And where is the photocopier? Boss: It is near the reception area on the right hand side. Any more questions? Marc: Ummnot for now. Thank you. Boss: Right. Welcome to the office. I hope you will enjoy working here.

A Marcos le estn enseando la oficina de su nuevo trabajo. Jefe: Pues esa es tu mesa, en la esquina junto a los archivadores. Marcos: De acuerdo, gracias. Jefe: Guardamos todo el material de oficina aqu sobre estas baldas. Cualquier cosa que necesites artculos de papelera, clips, grapadoras, tijeras, papel con membrete, etc. Marcos: Perfecto. Y dnde est la fotocopiadora? Jefe: Est junto a la zona de recepcin, a la derecha. Alguna otra pregunta? Marcos: Mmm por ahora no. Gracias. Jefe: Muy bien. Bienvenido a la oficina. Espero que disfrutes trabajando aqu. - All rights reserved


En la oficina - At the office

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. Where is Marc's new desk? a. It is in the corner next to the filing cabinets. b. It is next to the shelves. c. It is in the reception area. 2. Where do they keep the office supplies? a. On the shelves. b. In the reception area. c. Behind the coffee machine. 3. Where is the photocopier? a. It is near the reception area on the right hand side. b. It is near the coffee machine on the right hand side. c. It is in the corner next to the filing cabinet. - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(a): 2(a): 3(a)

En el banco - At the bank

Vocabulario y frases

the bank manager I have a meeting with the bank manager to discuss a loan.

el director del banco Tengo una reunin con el director del banco para comentar un prstamo.

the bank clerk The bank clerk advised me to fill out the form.

el empleado del banco El empleado del banco me aconsej que cumplimentara el impreso.

the financial services The financial services office can give you advice on buying stock and shares. the foreign exchange desk Do they have Indian rupees at the foreign exchange desk?

los servicios financieros La oficina de servicios financieros te puede asesorar en la compra de acciones.

la oficina de cambio Tienen rupias indias en la oficina de cambio?

the internet banking Is this service available on internet banking?

la banca por Internet Se encuentra este servicio disponible en banca por Internet?

the branch What is the code number of your branch?

la sucursal Cul es el cdigo de tu sucursal?

to open a bank account I opened a bank account for my daughter.

abrir una cuenta bancaria Abr una cuenta bancaria para mi hija.

the current account I use my current account for my day-to-day expenses.

la cuenta corriente Utilizo mi cuenta corriente para los gastos del da a da.

the savings account I put 10% of my salary in a savings account each month.

la cuenta de ahorro Cada mes ingreso el 10% de mi sueldo en una cuenta de ahorro.

the deposit I have to make a deposit to pay my rent.

el ingreso Tengo que realizar un ingreso para pagar el alquiler. - All rights reserved


En el banco - At the bank

to withdraw sacar dinero I would like to withdraw Eur200 please. Me gustara sacar 200 Eur, por favor.

the ATM I am going to withdraw cash from the ATM.

el cajero automtico Voy a sacar dinero del cajero automtico.

the credit card What is the limit on your credit card?

la tarjeta de crdito Qu lmite tienes en tu tarjeta de crdito?

the debit card Can I use the debit card to pay via the internet?

la tarjeta de dbito Puedo utilizar la tarjeta de dbito para realizar pagos a travs de Internet?

the pin number The pin number of your new card will be sent to you in the post.

el nmero pin Se le enviar por correo el nmero pin de su tarjeta nueva.

the cheque I am sorry but we don't accept cheques anymore.

el cheque Lo siento, pero ya no aceptamos cheques.

the overdraft Do you have an overdraft facility in your current account?

el descubierto Dispones de crdito en descubierto en tu cuenta corriente?

the bank draft You can pay the fee by bank draft or credit card.

el taln bancario Puedes pagar el importe mediante taln bancario o tarjeta de crdito.

the loan I would like to take out a loan to buy a car please.

el prstamo Quisiera pedir un prstamo para comprar un coche, por favor.

the mortgage Have you got a big mortgage on your house?

la hipoteca La hipoteca de tu casa es muy elevada?

the interest The interest rate on this loan is very high.

los intereses El tipo de inters de este prstamo es muy alto. - All rights reserved


En el banco - At the bank

the direct debit I use direct debit to pay my utility bills every month.

la domiciliacin bancaria Todos los meses pago las facturas de los servicios pblicos mediante domiciliacin bancaria. la orden permanente de pago Utilizo una orden permanente de pago para abonar mi prstamo de estudios.

the standing order I use a standing order to pay off my student loan.

the money transfer I would like to send a money transfer to my account in the Cayman Islands please. the bank statement You will receive a monthly bank statement in the post.

la transferencia Quisiera realizar una transferencia a mi cuenta en las Islas Caimn, por favor.

el extracto bancario Recibir por correo un extracto bancario mensual. - All rights reserved


En el banco - At the bank


Paul is at the bank asking for a loan. Paul: Hello. I would like to take out a loan please to buy a boat. Bank manager: Ok. Let's take a look.... I see you have a large overdraft Paul: Yes. I have. I need it because I am out of work at the moment. Bank manager: You also have a mortgage? Paul: Yes. That is right. Bank manager: And 5 credit cards used up to the limit??? Paul: Yes. Bank manager: And no money in your savings account or in your current account??? I am sorry but I cannot give you a loan. Paul: Ok. I understand. Do you know of any other bank that will? Bank manager: Umm

Pablo se encuentra en el banco. Quiere pedir un prstamo. Pablo: Hola. Quisiera pedir un prstamo para comprar un barco, por favor. Director del banco: Muy bien, vamos a ver Veo que tiene un importante descubierto Pablo: S, lo tengo. Lo necesito porque en estos momentos no tengo trabajo. Director del banco: Tambin tiene una hipoteca? Pablo: As es. Director del banco: Y 5 tarjetas de crdito utilizadas hasta el lmite??? Pablo: S. Director del banco: Y no tiene dinero en su cuenta corriente ni en su cuenta de ahorro??? Lo siento, pero no le puedo conceder un prstamo. Pablo: De acuerdo, lo entiendo. Conoce algn otro banco que s est dispuesto a concedrmelo? Director del banco: Mmm - All rights reserved


En el banco - At the bank

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. Why does Paul want to take out a loan? a. To buy a house. b. To buy a boat. c. To buy a car. 2. Why does Paul have an overdraft? a. Because he wants to buy a boat. b. Because he needs it to pay for his car. c. Because he is out of work at the moment. 3. What is the problem with Paul's current and savings accounts? a. He doesnt have a savings account. b. He has no money in them. c. He doesnt have a current account. - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(b): 2(c): 3(b)

Al telfono - On the telephone

Vocabulario y frases

the mobile phone Everybody has a mobile phone nowadays.

el telfono mvil Hoy en da todo el mundo tiene un telfono mvil.

the landline Calling from a landline is cheaper than calling from a mobile phone.

el telfono fijo Llamar desde un telfono fijo es ms barato que hacerlo desde uno mvil.

the cordless phone It is useful to have a cordless phone if you have a big house.

el telfono inalmbrico Si tienes una casa grande, resulta til tener un telfono inalmbrico.

the answering machine Leave a message on the answering machine.

el contestador automtico Deje un mensaje en el contestador automtico.

the text message Send me a text message later and I will meet you.

el mensaje de texto Envame un mensaje de texto ms tarde y me reunir contigo.

to ring The phone hasn't stopped ringing all day!

sonar El telfono no ha dejado de sonar en todo el da!

to dial Dial the number and wait for an answer.

marcar Marca el nmero y espera a que respondan.

to answer the phone Please answer the phone!

contestar al telfono Por favor, contesta al telfono!

to pick up She picked the phone up on the first ring!

coger el telfono Cogi el telfono al primer tono!

to hang up I am sorry, I have to hang up because there is someone at the door.

colgar Lo siento, tengo que colgar porque hay alguien en la puerta. - All rights reserved


Al telfono - On the telephone

to be busy I tried calling but the line is busy.

estar comunicando He intentado llamar pero est comunicando.

to be on hold How annoying! I have been on hold for 20 minutes.

estar en espera Qu rabia! Llevo en espera 20 minutos.

Who is calling? May I ask who is calling please?

De parte de quin? De parte de quin, por favor?

Hello, this is Sam Jones.

Hola, soy Sam Jones.

What can I do for you?

Qu puedo hacer por usted?

could I speak to ... Could I speak to the manager please?

Podra hablar con ...? Podra hablar con el director, por favor?

to be put through One moment please and I will put you through to the sale department.

pasar con Un momento, por favor, le paso con el departamento de ventas.

not available no se encuentra disponible I am sorry but he is not available at the Lo siento, pero no se encuentra disponible moment. en estos momentos.

the extension May I have the extension number of Maria Garcia please?

la extensin Me puede decir la extensin de Mara Garca, por favor?

to call back I will call back later this afternoon.

volver a llamar Volver a llamar por la tarde.

to miss a call I missed an important call while I was having lunch.

perder una llamada Perd una llamada importante mientras coma. - All rights reserved


Al telfono - On the telephone

to dial the wrong number I am sorry; I must have dialled the wrong number.

marcar mal Lo siento, he debido de marcar mal.

to leave a message Would you like to leave a message?

dejar un mensaje Desea dejar un mensaje?

to cut off Oh no, the phone cut off in mid conversation.

cortarse Oh, no, el telfono se ha cortado en medio de la conversacin.

the coverage la cobertura I am sorry but I can't hear you properly Lo siento, pero no te escucho bien, tengo as I have very little coverage. muy poca cobertura. - All rights reserved


Al telfono - On the telephone


Maria is on the phone. Receptionist: Hello. Newcam Ltd. Maria: Hello. This is Maria Garcia. Could I speak to the manager of the marketing department please? Receptionist: One moment please and I will put you through Maria: Thank you. Maria: Hello. Marketing department. What can I do for you? Maria: Oh hello. Could I speak to the marketing manager please? Maria: I am sorry but she is not available at the moment. Maria: I will leave a message. Tell her I will call back tomorrow Maria: Ok. No problem. I will make sure she gets the message.

Mara habla por telfono. Recepcionista: Hola, Newcam Ltd. Mara: Hola. Soy Mara Garca. Podra hablar con la directora del departamento de marketing, por favor? Recepcionista: Un momento, por favor, le paso Mara: Gracias Mara: Hola. Departamento de marketing. En qu puedo ayudarle? Mara: Hola. Podra hablar con la directora de marketing, por favor? Mara: Lo siento, pero no se encuentra disponible en estos momentos. Mara: Dejar un mensaje. Dgale que llamar de nuevo maana. Mara: De acuerdo, no hay problema. Me asegurar de que reciba el mensaje. - All rights reserved


Al telfono - On the telephone

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. Who does Maria wish to speak to? a. The manager of the marketing department. b. The receptionist. c. The office manager. 2. Why does Maria have to leave a message? a. Because the manager is not available. b. Because she is put on hold. c. Because she has dialled the wrong number. 3. What message does Maria leave for the manager? a. She will call back tomorrow. b. She will wait for the manager to call her back. c. She will come and visit her. - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(a): 2(a): 3(a)

Los servicios de emergencia - The emergency services

Vocabulario y frases

the public safety Public safety is the prevention and protection of people from danger.

la seguridad pblica Por seguridad pblica se entiende la prevencin y la proteccin de las personas frente al peligro. la emergencia Los servicios de emergencia slo se debern contactar en caso de emergencia real. la llamada de emergencia La llamada de emergencia se hizo a las 10 en punto.

the emergency The emergency services should only be contacted in real emergencies.

the emergency call The emergency call was made at 10 o'clock.

to stay calm You have to remember to stay calm in an emergency situation.

mantener la calma En una situacin de emergencia debes recordar mantener la calma.

Listen carefully and do exactly as I say, Escucha atentamente y haz exactamente OK? lo que yo te diga De acuerdo?

They are on the way!

Estn de camino!

the siren When you hear the siren, you know that the ambulance is near.

la sirena Cuando escuches la sirena sabrs que la ambulancia est cerca.

the accident There has been an accident, come quick!

el accidente Ha habido un accidente Ven rpido!

the police service The police service helps to ensure security.

el cuerpo de polica El cuerpo de polica ayuda a garantizar la seguridad.

the police officer el oficial de polica The police officers arrived on the scene Los oficiales de polica llegaron al lugar de within 5 minutes. los hechos en 5 minutos. - All rights reserved


Los servicios de emergencia - The emergency services

the fire service They had to call the fire service because of the forest fire.

el servicio contra incendios Tuvieron que llamar al servicio contra incendios con motivo del incendio en el bosque. la alarma contra incendios Asegrate siempre de que la alarma contra incendios tenga batera.

the fire alarm Always make sure that the batteries are working in your fire alarm.

the firefighter Firefighters work in very hazardous conditions.

el bombero Los bomberos trabajan en condiciones muy peligrosas.

the fire escape la salida de emergencia Fire escapes should be kept clear at all Las salidas de emergencia se debern times. mantener despejadas en todo momento.

the fire extinguisher A fire extinguisher can control small fires.

el extintor Se pueden controlar incendios pequeos con un extintor.

the fire engine Fire engines pump water onto a fire to extinguish it.

el camin de bomberos Los camiones de bomberos bombean agua sobre el fuego para extinguirlo.

the emergency medical services The emergency medical services provide medical care out of hospital.

los servicios mdicos de emergencia Los servicios mdicos de emergencia prestan asistencia mdica fuera del hospital. la ambulancia Hazte a un lado si ves que viene una ambulancia.

the ambulance Pull over if you see an ambulance coming.

the paramedics The paramedics provide pre-hospital medical care.

los paramdicos Los paramdicos prestan asistencia mdica antes de llegar al hospital.

the first aid You should only administer first aid if you are trained.

los primeros auxilios Slo debers prestar primeros auxilios si tienes la formacin oportuna.

the casualty You should inform the emergency services if there are any casualties.

los heridos Debes informar a los servicios de emergencia si ha habido heridos. - All rights reserved


Los servicios de emergencia - The emergency services

the Red Cross Volunteers work with the Red Cross to protect human life and health.

la Cruz Roja Los voluntarios trabajan con la Cruz Roja para proteger la vida humana y la salud.

the coast guard el guardacostas Acoast guardis responsible for various El guardacostas es responsable de prestar services at sea. diversos servicios en el mar.

the life guard Alifeguardis a person responsible for the safety of swimmers.

el socorrista El socorrista es la persona responsable de la seguridad de los nadadores.

the mountain rescue The climbers called the mountain rescue as one of them had broken his leg.

los servicios de rescate de montaa Los escaladores llamaron al servicio de rescate de montaa porque uno de ellos se haba roto una pierna. - All rights reserved


Los servicios de emergencia - The emergency services


Thomas calls the emergency services. Thomas: This is an emergency. There has been an accident. Emergency services operat: Ok. Can you tell me what kind of accident please? Thomas: A car crash. There are 2 casualties. One of them is stuck inside the car. Emergency services operat: Ok. So you need an ambulance and the fire services to get the person out of the car. Thomas: Yes. How long will it take? Emergency services operat: About 10 minutes. You will hear the sirens..Stay calm please

Toms llama a los servicios de emergencia. Toms: Esto es una emergencia. Ha habido un accidente. Operadora de servicios de: De acuerdo Me puede indicar de qu tipo de accidente se trata? Toms: Un accidente de coche. Hay 2 heridos. Uno de ellos ha quedado atrapado dentro del coche. Operadora de servicios de: De manera que necesita una ambulancia y los servicios contra incendios para sacar a esa persona del coche. Toms: S. Cunto tardarn en llegar? Operadora de servicios de: Alrededor de 10 minutos. Escuchar las sirenas Guarde la calma, por favor - All rights reserved


Los servicios de emergencia - The emergency services

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. What has happened? a. There has been a fire. b. There has been an accident. c. Someone is drowning. 2. What type of emergency services are needed? a. The mountain rescue. b. The coast guard and the lifeguard. c. The ambulance and the fire services. 3. How will Thomas know that the emergency services are on the way? a. He will hear the fire alarm. b. He will smell the smoke. c. He will hear the sirens. - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(b): 2(c): 3(c)

Qu ests haciendo? - What are you doing?

Vocabulario y frases

free time What do you do in your free time?

el tiempo libre Qu haces en tu tiempo libre?

the hobby Do you have any hobbies?

el hobby Tienes algn hobby?

the interest What are your interests?

la aficin Cules son tus aficiones?

the plan What plans do you have?

el plan Qu planes tienes?

I'm reading the newspaper.

Estoy leyendo el peridico.

My sister is reading a very interesting book.

Mi hermana est leyendo un libro muy interesante.

We're watching television.

Estamos viendo la televisin.

What film are you watching?

Qu pelcula estis viendo?

My friends are listening to music.

Mis amigos estn escuchando msica.

I'm going to the bar to have a coffee.

Voy al bar a tomar un caf. - All rights reserved


Qu ests haciendo? - What are you doing?

Are you going to the disco?

Vas a ir a la discoteca?

My girlfriend is going to the Van Gogh museum.

Mi novia va a ir al Museo Van Gogh.

We're going to the cinema tonight.

Vamos a ir al cine esta noche.

When do you go to the theatre?

Cundo vais al teatro?

My parents go for a walk in the park every afternoon.

Mis padres caminan por el parque todas las tardes.

I like playing sport a lot.

Me gusta mucho hacer deporte.

Do you like to swim in the swimming pool?

Te gusta nadar en la piscina?

Paul loves skiing.

A Pablo le encanta esquiar.

My friends prefer to go to the gym.

Mis amigos prefieren ir al gimnasio.

Do you like riding bikes?

Os gusta montar en bicicleta?

My friends love playing basketball and tennis.

A mis amigas les encanta jugar al baloncesto y al tenis. - All rights reserved


Qu ests haciendo? - What are you doing?

Why don't we go for a drink?

Por qu no vamos a tomar algo?

Do you feel like playing cards?

Te apetece jugar a las cartas?

Do you want to play chess?

Quieres jugar al ajedrez?

Why don't you play the guitar?

Por qu no tocas la guitarra? - All rights reserved


Qu ests haciendo? - What are you doing?


Telephone conversation between a mother and her son who lives alone. Mother: Hello dear! What are you doing? Son: I'm reading a book. Mother: Aren't you going out today? Son: Yes, I'm going to the bar to have a beer with some friends. What are you two doing? Mother: Dad's watching a film and I'm reading the newspaper. Son: Aren't you going out? Mother: Yes, we're going out now for a little walk, because we need to lose weight.

Conversacin telefnica entre una madre y su hijo que vive solo. Madre: Hola cario!, qu ests haciendo? Hijo: Estoy leyendo un libro. Madre: No vas a salir hoy? Hijo: S..., voy a ir al bar a tomar una caa con unos amigos. Qu estis haciendo vosotros? Madre: Pap est viendo una pelcula y yo estoy leyendo el peridico. Hijo: No vais a salir? Madre: S, ahora vamos a caminar un poco, porque necesitamos perder peso. - All rights reserved


Qu ests haciendo? - What are you doing?

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. Who is reading the newspaper? a. The mother b. The father c. The son 2. What is the father doing? a. The father is watching TV. b. The father is watching a movie. c. The father is reading a book. 3. What is the son going to do? a. The son is going to have a walk. b. The son is going dancing to the disco. c. The son is going to have drink with his friends. - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(a): 2(b): 3(c)

Practicas algn deporte? - Do you play any sport?

Vocabulario y frases

to play a sport What sport do you play?

practicar un deporte Qu deporte practicas?

to do exercise Why don't we exercise together this afternoon?

hacer gimnasia Por qu no hacemos gimnasia juntos esta tarde?

athletics I would like to do athletics.

el atletismo Me gustara practicar atletismo.

hiking Why don't we go hiking?

el senderismo Por qu no hacemos senderismo?

cycling Would you like to go cycling this weekend?

el ciclismo Te gustara practicar ciclismo este fin de semana?

the triathlon Do you want to participate in the triathlon competition?

el triatln Quieres participar en la competicin de triatln?

football Do you feel like playing football this afternoon?

el ftbol Te apetece jugar al ftbol esta tarde?

rugby We could go and play rugby.

el rugby Podramos ir a jugar al rugby.

volleyball Why don't we play volleyball?

el voleibol Por qu no jugamos al voleibol?

basketball And how about playing basketball?

el baloncesto Y si jugamos al baloncesto? - All rights reserved


Practicas algn deporte? - Do you play any sport?

handball I feel like playing handball.

el balonmano A m me apetece jugar al balonmano.

tennis I prefer to play tennis.

el tenis Prefiero jugar al tenis.

badminton I think it's better to play badminton.

el bdminton Creo que es mejor jugar al bdminton.

baseball I think we should play baseball.

el bisbol Yo creo que deberamos jugar al bisbol.

hockey It seems to me that hockey is very dangerous.

el hockey Me parece que el hockey es muy peligroso.

golf I prefer to play golf.

el golf Yo prefiero jugar al golf.

swimming Do you like swimming?

la natacin Te gusta la natacin?

waterpolo el waterpolo It seems to me that waterpolo is a very Me parece que el waterpolo es un deporte complete sport. muy completo.

windsurfing el windsurf In my opinion, windsurfing is great fun. En mi opinin, el windsurf es un deporte muy divertido.

sailing For me, sailing is better.

la vela Para m, es mejor la vela.

boxing I think boxing is an aggressive sport.

el boxeo Yo creo que el boxeo es un deporte agresivo. - All rights reserved


Practicas algn deporte? - Do you play any sport?

judo el judo It seems to me that judo is very boring. Me parece que el judo es muy aburrido.

skiing Do you feel like going skiing this weekend?

el esqu Te apetece practicar esqu este fin de semana?

skating For me, skating is better.

el patinaje Para m, es mejor el patinaje.

car races Would you like to see a car race?

las carreras de coches Te gustara ver una carrera de coches? - All rights reserved


Practicas algn deporte? - Do you play any sport?


Two old friends meet on the street. Paul: How are you doing, Marc? Marc: Hi, Paul! How are you? Paul: Fine, you look well. Marc: That's what I'm trying for, I play a lot of sport. Paul: What sports do you play? Marc: On Mondays and Wednesdays I play football, on Tuesdays I go swimming and cycling Paul: And do you have time to be with your girlfriend? Marc: I don't have a girlfriend any more.

Dos antiguos amigos se encuentran por la calle. Pablo: Qu tal ests, Marc? Marc: Hola, Pablo!, cmo ests? Pablo: Bien, tienes muy buen aspecto. Marc: Eso intento, hago mucho deporte. Pablo: Qu deportes practicas? Marc: Los lunes y los mircoles juego al ftbol, los martes hago natacin y ciclismo Pablo: Y tienes tiempo para estar con tu novia? Marc: Ya no tengo novia! - All rights reserved


Practicas algn deporte? - Do you play any sport?

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. How is Marc doing? a. Marc doesn't look well. b. Marc is very fat. c. Marc looks well. 2. When does Marc go cycling? a. Marc goes cycling Mondays. b. Marc goes cycling Wednesdays. c. Marc goes cycling Tuesdays. 3. Why does Marc have so much free time? a. Because he doesn't have a job. b. Because he doesn't have a girlfriend anymore. c. Because he is on holiday. - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(c): 2(c): 3(b)

Locos por el ftbol - Crazy about football

Vocabulario y frases

the competition The competition was a success.

la competicin La competicin fue un xito.

the match The match was spectacular.

el partido El partido fue espectacular.

the stadium The stadium was full.

el estadio El estadio estaba lleno.

the pitch The pitch was wet.

el campo El campo estaba mojado.

the goal The goalkeeper left the goal.

la portera El portero sali de la portera.

the ball The ball went off the pitch.

el baln El baln se sali del campo.

the coach The coach was sent off the pitch.

el entrenador El entrenador fue expulsado del campo.

the manager The manager presented his players.

el seleccionador El seleccionador present a sus jugadores.

the team My team won the match.

el equipo Mi equipo gan el partido.

the footballer The footballers were disappointed by the defeat.

el futbolista Los futbolistas estaban decepcionados por la derrota. - All rights reserved


Locos por el ftbol - Crazy about football

the goalkeeper The goalkeeper saved a very powerful shot.

el portero El portero par un disparo muy potente.

the captain The captain supported his teammates.

el capitn El capitn apoyaba a sus compaeros.

the bench el banquillo He was on the bench the whole match. Estuvo en el banquillo durante todo el partido.

the referee The referee blew for a foul against the opposing team.

el rbitro El rbitro seal falta del equipo contrario.

the fans The fans cheered their team.

la aficin La aficin animaba a su equipo.

the goal The Brazilian player scored a goal.

el gol El jugador brasileo marc un gol.

the penalty He shot the penalty and scored a goal.

el penalti Tir el penalti y marc un gol.

the foul The player committed a foul.

la falta Un jugador cometi falta.

the yellow card la tarjeta amarilla The referee pulled out the yellow card. El rbitro le sac la tarjeta amarilla.

the red card He was sent off by a red card.

la tarjeta roja Fue expulsado por una tarjeta roja.

to send off The player was sent off.

expulsar El jugador fue expulsado. - All rights reserved


Locos por el ftbol - Crazy about football

to win Real Madrid won at home.

ganar El Real Madrid gan en casa.

to lose perder Bayern Munich lost against Manchester El Bayern de Mnich perdi contra el United. Manchester United.

to draw The two teams drew.

empatar Los dos equipos empataron.

the result The result was surprising.

el resultado El resultado ha sido sorprendente. - All rights reserved


Locos por el ftbol - Crazy about football


The son tells his father about the match. Son: Dad, we won! We're the best! Father: Congratulations! How many goals did you score? Son: None, I was on the bench for the whole match. Father: So, why are you so happy? Son: I like being on the bench. Father: Why? Son: Because then I don't get tired and I enjoy the match.

El hijo le cuenta el partido de ftbol a su padre. Hijo: Pap, hemos ganado!, somos los mejores! Padre: Enhorabuena!, cuntos goles has marcado t? Hijo: Ninguno, yo he estado en el banquillo todo el partido. Padre: Entonces, por qu ests tan contento? Hijo: A m me gusta estar en el banquillo. Padre: Por qu? Hijo: Porque as no me canso y disfruto del partido. - All rights reserved


Locos por el ftbol - Crazy about football

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. Why is the son so happy? a. Because his team won the match. b. Because he scored many goals c. The son isn't happy, because he was on the bench. 2. Did the son play during the whole match? a. Yes b. No c. The son is the host of the team. 3. Does the father like that his son was on the bench? a. He doesn't care. b. Apparently yes. c. Apparently no. - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(a): 2(b): 3(c)

Deportes de aventura - Adventure sports

Vocabulario y frases

adventure sport I like adventure sports.

el deporte de aventura Me gustan los deportes de aventura.

hiking I don't like hiking.

el senderismo No me gusta el senderismo.

horseback-riding You like horseback-riding.

la equitacin Te gusta la equitacin.

mountaineering You don't like mountaineering.

el alpinismo No te gusta el alpinismo.

climbing Do you like climbing?

la escalada Te gusta la escalada?

potholing He likes potholing.

la espeleologa A l le gusta la espeleologa.

snowboarding He doesn't like snowboarding at all.

el snowboard A l no le gusta nada el snowboard.

canyoning We like canyoning very much.

el descenso de caones A nosotros nos gusta mucho el descenso de caones.

Rafting We don't like rafting.

el rafting A nosotros no nos gusta el rafting.

kayaking You like kayaking.

el kayak A vosotros os gusta el kayak. - All rights reserved


Deportes de aventura - Adventure sports

canoeing You don't like canoeing.

el piragismo A vosotros no os gusta el piragismo.

surfing They like surfing.

el surf A ellos les gusta el surf.

scuba diving They don't like scuba diving.

el buceo A ellos no les gusta el buceo.

bungee-jumping You love bungee-jumping.

el puenting A ti te encanta el puenting.

parachuting She loves parachuting.

el paracaidismo A ella le encanta el paracaidismo.

paragliding We love paragliding.

el parapente A nosotros nos encanta el parapente.

ballooning You love ballooning.

el vuelo en globo A vosotros os encanta volar en globo.

ultralight aircraft They love flying in ultralights.

el vuelo en ultraligero A ellos les encanta el vuelo en ultraligero.

the mountain-bike They love going out with their mountain bikes.

la bicicleta de montaa A ellas les encanta salir con sus bicicletas de montaa.

motocross I hate motocross.

el motocross Odio el motocross.

paintball Paintball is very amusing.

el paintball El paintball es muy divertido. - All rights reserved


Deportes de aventura - Adventure sports


Peter is telling Claudia that he wants to take up an adventure sport. Peter : I'd like to take up some kind of adventure sport, darling. Claudia: What do you fancy doing? Peter : I fancy rafting Claudia: But I can't swim. Peter : What do you think about canoeing? Claudia: You have to be able to swim for that as well. Why don't we go horseback-riding? Peter : I'm frightened of animals, darling. Claudia: Then we'll go hiking in the hills.

Pedro le cuenta a Claudia que quiere practicar algn deporte de aventura. Pedro: Cario, quiero hacer algn deporte de aventura. Claudia: Qu te apetece hacer? Pedro: Quiero hacer rafting Claudia: Pero yo no s nadar. Pedro: Qu te parece el piragismo? Claudia: Para eso tambin necesitas saber nadar. Por qu no hacemos una ruta a caballo? Pedro: Cario, a m me dan miedo los animales. Claudia: Entonces haremos senderismo por la montaa. - All rights reserved


Deportes de aventura - Adventure sports

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. Why do they decide not to go rafting? a. Because Claudia doesn't like rafting. b. Because Peter can't swim. c. Because Claudia can't swim. 2. Are they finally going to go horseback riding? a. Yes, Peter is thrilled at the idea. b. No, because Peter is frightened of animals. c. No, because Claudia is frightened of animals. 3. What are Peter and Claudia finally going to do? a. They are going to go parachuting. b. They are going to go bridge-jumping. c. They are going to go hiking. - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(c): 2(b): 3(c)

Viendo la tele - Watching TV

Vocabulario y frases

the channel I know you changed channel when I left!

el canal S que has cambiado de canal cuando me he ido!

the public channel Don't you think that public channels are better than private ones?

el canal pblico No crees que los canales pblicos son mejores que los privados?

the regional channel la cadena regional Mara has discovered that this regional Mara ha descubierto que esta cadena channel has very interesting regional tiene programas muy programmes. interesantes. to broadcast I think they're broadcasting from Munich. transmitir Creo que estn transmitiendo desde Mnich.

the broadcast They've notified that they're going to interrupt the broadcast.

la emisin Han comunicado que van a interrumpir la emisin.

to be on the air That series isn't on the air any more.

estar en antena Esa serie ya no est en antena.

the scheduling Do you think we should check the scheduling?

la programacin Pensis que debemos consultar la programacin?

junk television I don't understand how you can like junk television.

la telebasura No entiendo cmo te puede gustar la telebasura.

This programme is suitable for all ages.

Este programa es apto para todo pblico.

the programme Do you think your mother will have recorded the programme?

el programa Pensis que vuestra madre habr grabado el programa? - All rights reserved


Viendo la tele - Watching TV

the series I can't believe you follow this series.

la serie No me creo que sigas esta serie.

the soap opera My parents don't like me watching soap operas.

el culebrn A mis padres no les gusta que vea culebrones.

the television serial Marc gets annoyed if he misses the television serial.

la telenovela A Marc le fastidia perderse la telenovela.

the episode el captulo I consider this episode very interesting. Considero que este captulo es muy interesante.

the quiz show el concurso I admit I feel embarrassed participating Reconozco que me avergenza participar in television quiz shows. en concursos de televisin.

the debate el debate I've noticed that the atmosphere in this He notado que el ambiente en este debate is very tense. debate es muy tenso.

the documentary It upsets me to watch documentaries about mistreated animals.

el documental Me da pena ver documentales de animales maltratados.

the television news I've seen on the television news that war has broken out.

el telediario He visto en el telediario que ha estallado la guerra.

the weather forecast I've seen on the weather forecast that it's going to rain tomorrow.

la previsin del tiempo He visto en la previsin del tiempo que va a llover maana.

the commercials We're fed up with watching commercials on television.

los anuncios Estamos hartos de ver anuncios de televisin.

the presenter I suppose that presenter must be a journalist.

el presentador Supongo que ese presentador debe de ser periodista. - All rights reserved


Viendo la tele - Watching TV

the viewer The viewers consider that that programme should come off the air.

el telespectador Los telespectadores consideran que ese programa debe desaparecer de antena.

to channel-hop zapear I don't think you should channel-hop so Creo que no debes zapear tanto. much.

to be hooked on a programme I admit I'm hooked on gossip shows.

estar enganchado a un programa Reconozco que estoy enganchado a los programas del corazn.

I consider that it's better to watch live programmes.

Considero que es mejor ver los programas en vivo y en directo. - All rights reserved


Viendo la tele - Watching TV


The husband is at home watching the television, when his wife arrives. Wife: What are you watching? Husband: I'm watching an episode of my favourite series, but now the commercials are on. Wife: What a surprise! That's why I don't like following any series, because of the commercials. Husband: Yes, but I'm hooked and I want to finish watching it. Wife: I prefer a documentary, because you always learn something new. Husband: Why don't you sit down and we can watch TV together? Wife: OK, but first let me get some snacks.

El marido est en casa viendo la televisin, cuando llega la mujer. Mujer: Qu ests viendo? Marido: Estoy viendo un captulo de mi serie favorita, pero ahora estn haciendo anuncios. Mujer: Qu raro! Por eso a m no me gusta seguir ninguna serie, por los anuncios. Marido: Ya, pero yo estoy enganchado y quiero acabarla de ver. Mujer: Yo prefiero ver un documental, porque siempre aprendo algo nuevo. Marido: Por qu no te sientas y vemos la tele juntos? Mujer: Vale, pero antes voy por unos aperitivos. - All rights reserved


Viendo la tele - Watching TV

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. "The husband is hooked on a series", what does this mean? a. That the husband loves the series and watches it every day. b. That the the husband doesn't like the series at all. c. That the husband can never watch the series, because he has to work. 2. What does the wife like to watch on TV? a. The wife likes documentaries. b. The wife likes commercials. c. The wife likes series. 3. Will the wife watch the series with her husband? a. No, the wife has an appointment with her boss. b. Yes c. No - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(a): 2(a): 3(b)

Vamos al cine - Going to the cinema

Vocabulario y frases

to go to the cinema Why don't we go to the cinema?

ir al cine Por qu no vamos al cine?

the ticket office Have you seen the queue there is at the ticket office?

la taquilla Has visto la cola que hay en la taquilla?

the ticket How much does the ticket cost?

la entrada Cunto cuesta la entrada?

the popcorn Do you feel like some popcorn?

las palomitas Te apetecen unas palomitas?

the cinema What cinema are we going to?

la sala A qu sala vamos?

the seat What seat number do we have?

la butaca Qu nmero de butaca tenemos?

the screen Why are we so close to the screen?

la pantalla Por qu estamos tan cerca de la pantalla?

the listings Where can we see the listings?

la cartelera Dnde podemos ver la cartelera?

the premiere When's the premiere of Hulk?

el estreno Cundo es el estreno de Hulk?

the director Who's the director of this film?

el director Quin es el director de esta pelcula? - All rights reserved


Vamos al cine - Going to the cinema

the actor / the actress What's this actor called?

el actor / la actriz Cmo se llama este actor?

the stunt man The riskiest scenes are done by stunt men.

el doble Las escenas ms arriesgadas estn protagonizadas por dobles.

the film What film are we going to see?

la pelcula Qu pelcula vamos a ver?

the film in original version Do you like to see films in the original version?

la pelcula en versin original Te gustan las pelculas en versin original?

the subtitles Why don't you read the film's subtitles?

los subttulos Por qu no lees los subttulos de la pelcula?

the sound track la banda sonora Have you ever heard the soundtrack of Has escuchado alguna vez la banda this film? sonora de esta pelcula?

the cinema genre What's your favourite cinema genre?

el gnero cinematogrfico Cul es tu gnero cinematogrfico preferido?

the adventure film In adventure films there's usually a hero.

la pelcula de aventuras En las pelculas de aventuras suele haber un hroe.

the action film la pelcula de accin Action films have many special effects. Las pelculas de accin tienen muchos efectos especiales.

the science-fiction film la pelcula de ciencia-ficcin Aliens usually appear in science-fiction En las pelculas de ciencia-ficcin suelen films. aparecer extraterrestres.

the war film War films show war scenes.

la pelcula blica Las pelculas blicas escenifican escenas de guerra. - All rights reserved


Vamos al cine - Going to the cinema

the drama A drama usually moves the viewer.

el drama El drama suele conmover al espectador.

the comedy Comedy films usually make the viewer laugh.

la comedia Las comedias suelen hacer rer al espectador.

the romantic movie Romantic movies may have a happy ending.

la pelcula de amor Las pelculas de amor pueden tener final feliz.

the western Cowboys and indians are the main characters in westerns.

la pelcula del Oeste Los indios y los vaqueros son los protagonistas en las pelculas del Oeste.

the cinema reviews la crtica cinematogrfica The cinema reviews are very important La crtica cinematogrfica es muy for a film's success. importante para el xito de una pelcula.

the independent cinema el cine independiente Independent cinema produces films El cine independiente produce pelculas without the support of a film company. sin el apoyo de una productora. - All rights reserved


Vamos al cine - Going to the cinema


Anna and Thomas decide what film they are going to see at the cinema. Anna: Honey, do you feel like going to the cinema? Thomas: That's a great idea, darling! Anna: I want to see the new Hugh Grant film. Thomas: Do you want to see a love film? Anna: Yes, you know they're the ones I like most. Thomas: But today is the premiere of Hulk and I don't want to miss it. Anna: Why don't you call your friends and go with them? Thomas: I prefer to go with you, but if you don't want to come, I'll call them.

Ana y Toms deciden qu pelcula van a ir al cine. Ana: Cario, te parece que vayamos al cine? Toms: Es una idea estupenda, mi amor! Ana: Quiero ver la nueva pelcula de Hugh Grant. Toms: Quieres ver una de amor? Ana: S, sabes que son las que ms me gustan. Toms: Pero hoy es el estreno de Hulk y no quiero perdrmelo. Ana: Por qu no llamas a tus amigos y vas con ellos? Toms: Yo prefiero ir contigo, pero si no quieres venir, los llamar. - All rights reserved


Vamos al cine - Going to the cinema

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. Which type of film does Anna like best? a. Action films b. Adventure films c. Love films 2. Which film does Thomas want to see? a. Thomas wants to see an action film. b. Thomas wants to see the new Hugh Grant film. c. Thomas wants to see the premiere of Hulk. 3. Are Anna and Thomas going together to the cinema? a. Yes, Thomas and Anna are going to watch the new Hugh Grant film. b. No, Thomas is going to a party with his friends. c. No, Thomas is going with his friends to the cinema. - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(c): 2(c): 3(c)

Estilos artsticos - Artistic styles

Vocabulario y frases

Egyptian Egyptian art was funerary and religious.

egipcio El arte egipcio era de carcter funerario y religioso.

Greek griego The parthenon in Athens was a symbol El Partenn de Atenas fue un smbolo del of Greek art. arte griego.

Roman Roman art left its mark on the Iberian Peninsula.

romano El arte romano dej huella en la Pennsula Ibrica.

Islamic The Alhambra in Granada is an example of Islamic art.

islmico La Alhambra de Granada es un ejemplo del arte islmico.

Romanesque Romanesque art was the dominating style between the 11th and 13th centuries. Gothic Gothic art developed in Europe during the Middle Ages.

romnico El arte romnico fue estilo predominante entre los siglos XI y XIII.

gtico El arte gtico se desarroll en Europa durante la Edad Media.

Renaissance renacentista Renaissance art recovered elements El arte renacentista recuper elementos y and characteristics of classical culture. caractersticas de la cultura clsica.

Baroque Baroque started at the beginning of the 17th century in Italy.

barroco El barroco se inici a principio del siglo XVII en Italia.

Rococo Rococo art was born in France in the 18th century.

rococ El arte rococ naci en Francia en el siglo XVIII.

neo-classical Neo-classical art reflected the principles of the Enlightenment.

neoclsico El arte neoclsico reflejaba los principios de la Ilustracin. - All rights reserved


Estilos artsticos - Artistic styles

Romantic Romantic art arose as a reaction against the previous rationalism.

romntico El arte romntico surgi como reaccin ante el racionalismo anterior.

realist Realist art aimed to reflect the society of the time.

realista El arte realista pretenda reflejar la sociedad del momento.

impressionist Monet was a great master of impressionist art.

impresionista Monet fue un gran maestro del arte impresionista.

symbolist Symbolist art vindicated the inner search.

simbolista El arte simbolista reivindicaba la bsqueda interior.

modern Modern art was introduced into America during the First World War.

moderno El arte moderno fue introducido en Amrica durante la Primera Guerra Mundial. contemporneo El arte contemporneo tuvo lugar despus de la Segunda Guerra Mundial.

contemporary Contemporary art took place after the Second World War.

cubist cubista Pablo Picasso was one of the maximum Pablo Picasso fue uno de los mximos exponents of cubist art. exponentes del arte cubista.

expressionist Expressionist art aimed to exaggerate reality in order to express certain values. surrealist Surrealist art used images to express emotions.

expresionista El arte expresionista pretenda exagerar la realidad para expresar determinados valores. surrealista El arte surrealista utilizaba imgenes para expresar emociones.

abstract Abstract art arose as a reaction to realism.

abstracto El arte abstracto surgi como reaccin al realismo. - All rights reserved


Estilos artsticos - Artistic styles


Two art "lovers" want to impress their girlfriends at the museum. Marc: Look at that painting, it has an impressionist touch that I like a lot. Thomas: To me, it's clearly a realist portrait. Marc: What are you talking about? The colour is totally expressionist. Thomas: Didn't you say impressionist? Marc: Yes, of course, only the colour is expressionist Thomas: Ah! Do you know what painting this is? Marc: Well right now I can't remember the name Thomas: Is this the first time you've stepped inside a museum?

Dos amantes del arte quieren impresionar a sus novias en el museo. Marcos: Mira este cuadro, tiene un matiz impresionista que me gusta mucho. Toms: Para m, es un retrato claramente realista. Marcos: Qu dices?, el color es totalmente expresionista. Toms: No habas dicho impresionista? Marcos: S claro, slo el color es expresionista Toms: Ah!, sabes qu cuadro es este? Marcos: Pues ahora mismo no recuerdo el nombre Toms: Es la primera vez que pisas un museo? - All rights reserved


Estilos artsticos - Artistic styles

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. What does Marc think about the painting? a. Marc thinks the paintng is expressionist. b. Marc thinks the painting is impressionist. c. Marc thinks the painting is realist. 2. What is Thomas' opinion about the painting? a. Thomas thinks the painting is impressionist. b. Thomas agrees completely with Marc. c. Thomas thinks the painting is realist. 3. Do you think that Marc knows a lot about art? a. I think that Marc is a specialist in art. b. I think that Marc is a professor of art. c. I think that Marc knows almost nothing about art. - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(b): 2(c): 3(c)

Instrumentos musicales - Musical instruments

Vocabulario y frases

the musical instrument Do you play any musical instrument?

el instrumento musical Tocas algn instrumento musical?

the wind instrument I used to play a wind instrument.

el instrumento de viento Yo antes tocaba un instrumento de viento.

the trumpet Now I play the trumpet.

la trompeta Ahora toco la trompeta.

the saxophone You used to play the saxophone.

el saxofn Antes t tocabas el saxofn.

the trombone Now you play the trombone.

el trombn Ahora t tocas el trombn.

the double bass He used to play the double bass.

el contrabajo Antes l tocaba el contrabajo.

the bassoon Now he plays the bassoon.

el fagot Ahora l toca el fagot.

the clarinet We used to play the clarinet.

el clarinete Antes nosotros tocbamos el clarinete.

the oboe Now we play the oboe.

el oboe Ahora nosotros tocamos el oboe.

the flute You used to play the flute.

la flauta Antes vosotros tocabais la flauta. - All rights reserved


Instrumentos musicales - Musical instruments

the piano Now you play the piano.

el piano Ahora vosotros tocis el piano.

the organ They used to play the organ.

el rgano Antes ellos tocaban el rgano.

the string instrument Now they play a string instrument.

el instrumento de cuerda Ahora ellos tocan un instrumento de cuerda.

the guitar They used to play the guitar

la guitarra Antes ellas tocaban la guitarra.

the mandolin Now they play the mandolin.

la mandolina Ahora ellas tocan la mandolina.

the viola I like to play the viola.

la viola A m me gusta tocar la viola.

the violin You like the sound of the violin.

el violn A ti te gusta el sonido del violn.

the cello She likes listening to the music of the cello.

el violonchelo A ella le gusta escuchar la msica del violonchelo.

the harp We like listening to the sound of the harp

el arpa A nosotros nos gusta escuchar el sonido del arpa.

the accordion You like me to play the accordion.

el acorden A vosotros os gusta que yo toque el acorden.

the percussion They like percussion instruments.

la percusin A ellas les gustan los instrumentos de percusin. - All rights reserved


Instrumentos musicales - Musical instruments

the drum I love playing the drum.

el tambor A m me encanta tocar el tambor.

the drums You love me to play the drums.

la batera A ti te encanta que yo toque la batera.

the cymbals She loves playing the cymbals.

los platillos A ella le encanta tocar los platillos.

the gong We love you to play the gong.

el gong A nosotros nos encanta que t toques el gong. - All rights reserved


Instrumentos musicales - Musical instruments


A frustrated musician is interviewing other musicians for his rock and roll group. Mark: Why are you interested in joining my band? Mary: Because I've always dreamed about playing concerts and being applauded. Mark: Which instrument do you play? Mary: I'm a singer, and I can play the harp as well. Mark: For a rock group I need drums, a trumpet, ... Mary: I can play the trumpet a bit How many members are there in the band? Mark: So far there's just me. Mary: You definitely need my help.

Un msico frustrado est entrevistando a otros msicos para su grupo de rock and roll. Marcos: Por qu ests interesada en formar parte de mi banda? Mara: Porque siempre he soado con hacer conciertos y que la gente me aplauda. Marcos: Y qu instrumento tocas? Mara: Soy cantante y tambin s tocar el arpa. Marcos: Para un grupo de rock necesito una batera, una trompeta, Mara: S tocar un poco la trompeta Cuntos miembros hay en la banda? Marcos: De momento, estoy yo solo. Mara: Definitivamente necesitas mi ayuda. - All rights reserved


Instrumentos musicales - Musical instruments

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. Mary wants to join a rock group a. because of the concerts and the applause. b. because she wants to meet people. c. because she wants to become famous. 2. Which instrument do you think Mary is going to play in the group? a. The harp b. The guitar c. The trumpet 3. How many members are there in the group so far? a. One b. Two c. Three - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(a): 2(c): 3(a)

Juegos Olmpicos - Olympic Games

Vocabulario y frases

The Olympic Games The Olympic Games are held every four years.

Los Juegos Olmpicos Los Juegos Olmpicos se celebran cada cuatro aos.

the torch The torch begins its journey in Olympia.

la antorcha El viaje de la antorcha empieza en Olimpia.

the venue The venue for the 2012 Olympic games is London.

la sede La sede de los Juegos Olmpicos 2012 es Londres.

the mascot There are five mascots for the Beijing Games.

la mascota En las Olimpiadas de Pekn hay cinco mascotas.

the opening ceremony The opening ceremony has set the Olympic Games in motion.

el acto de inauguracin El acto de inauguracin puso en marcha los Juegos Olmpicos.

the athlete The athlete has won the race.

el atleta El atleta ha ganado la carrera.

the national team The Spanish basketball team is world champion.

la seleccin La seleccin espaola de baloncesto es campeona del mundo.

athletics Running, jumping and throwing events form part of athletics.

el atletismo Las carreras, los saltos y los lanzamientos forman parte del atletismo.

the 100-metres event The Korean athlete won the 100-metres event.

los 100 metros lisos El atleta coreano ha ganado la prueba de los 100 metros lisos.

the pole vault The athlete has knocked the bar down in the pole vault event.

el salto con prtiga En la prueba de salto con prtiga, el atleta ha tirado la barra. - All rights reserved


Juegos Olmpicos - Olympic Games

the javelin event The German athlete finished second in the javelin event.

el lanzamiento de jabalina La atleta alemana ha quedado segunda en lanzamiento de jabalina.

the marathon A 60-year-old athlete ran the marathon.

el maratn Una atleta de 60 aos ha corrido el maratn.

cross-country An athlete got lost during the cross-country event.

el campo a travs Un atleta se ha perdido durante la prueba de campo a travs.

the walking event Athletes who take part in the walking event have to train a lot.

la marcha Los atletas que participan en la prueba de marcha tienen que entrenar mucho.

the equestrian event A horse was injured during the equestrian event.

la equitacin Un caballo se ha lesionado en la prueba de equitacin.

archery He broke his own archery record.

el tiro con arco Ha batido su propio rcord en el tiro con arco.

fencing One of the competitors lost his foil during the fencing event.

la esgrima Uno de los contrincantes ha perdido el florete en la prueba de esgrima.

weight-lifting The Russian athlete won the weight-lifting gold medal.

la halterofilia El atleta ruso ha ganado la medalla de oro en halterofilia.

taekwondo The Austrian athlete won the taekwondo gold medal.

el taekwondo La atleta austraca ha ganado la medalla de oro en taekwondo.

synchronized swimming The synchronized swimming team put on a spectacular demonstration.

la natacin sincronizada El equipo de natacin sincronizada ha hecho una demostracin espectacular.

rowing The British rowing team was disqualified.

el remo El equipo de remo britnico ha quedado descalificado. - All rights reserved


Juegos Olmpicos - Olympic Games

rhythmic gymnastics The Spanish rhythmic gymnastic team won the gold medal.

la gimnasia rtmica El equipo espaol de gimnasia rtmica ha ganado la medalla de oro.

disqualify The Italian team was disqualified.

descalificar Han descalificado a la seleccin italiana.

the record The Bulgarian athlete broke a world record.

el rcord El atleta blgaro ha batido un rcord mundial.

the gold medal The Australian athlete won the gold medal.

la medalla de oro La atleta australiana ha ganado la medalla de oro.

the silver medal The Kenyan athlete won the silver medal.

la medalla de plata El atleta keniata ha ganado la medalla de plata.

the bronze medal The Chinese athlete won the bronze medal.

la medalla de bronce La atleta china ha ganado la medalla de bronce.

the closing ceremony The closing ceremony brought the Olympic Games to an end.

el acto de clausura El acto de clausura ha dado por finalizados los Juegos Olmpicos. - All rights reserved


Juegos Olmpicos - Olympic Games


Claudia and Mark are talking about Olympic sports. Mark: It's the Olympic Games opening ceremony today. Claudia: That's right! Let's switch the television on. Mark: What's your favourite Olympic sport, darling? Claudia: I like synchronized swimming a lot. What about you? Mark: I like rhythmic gymnastics Claudia: I thought you only liked football. Mark: Yes, but the girls do it very well. Claudia: Yes, of course.

Claudia y Marc hablan de los deportes olmpicos. Marc: Hoy es el acto de inauguracin de los Juegos Olmpicos. Claudia: Es verdad!, vamos a encender la televisin. Marc: Cul es tu deporte Olmpico favorito, cario? Claudia: La natacin sincronizada me gusta mucho y a ti? Marc: A m, la gimnasia rtmica. Claudia: Pensaba que slo te gustaba el ftbol. Marc: Ya pero las chicas lo hacen muy bien. Claudia: S, s, claro. - All rights reserved


Juegos Olmpicos - Olympic Games

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. What is Claudia's favourite Olympic sport? a. Synchronized swimming b. Rhythmic gymnastics c. Football 2. Was Claudia aware of her husband's passion for rhythmic gymnastics? a. Yes b. Of course c. No 3. Claudia thinks Mark likes rhythmic gymnastics because ... a. . of the spectacle. b. he has always wanted to be a gymnast. c. . of the girls. - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(a): 2(c): 3(c)

Ftbol para expertos - Football for experts

Vocabulario y frases

the club The club presented the new coach.

el club El club present al nuevo entrenador.

the signing The club presented the new signings.

el fichaje El club present a los nuevos fichajes.

the forward The forward scored a header.

el delantero El delantero marc un gol de cabeza.

the defence The defence prevented the victory of the opposing team.

el defensa El defensa ha evitado la victoria del equipo contrario.

the linesman The linesman has signalled offside.

el juez de lnea El juez de lnea ha sealado fuera de juego.

the whistle The whistle marked the end of the game.

el silbato El silbato marc el final del encuentro.

the fan An angry fan attacked the players.

el hincha Un hincha enfadado agredi a los jugadores.

the first half The first half has ended 2-1.

el primer tiempo El primer tiempo ha terminado 2 a 1.

the half-time They're in half-time.

el descanso Estn en el descanso.

the second half The second half hasn't started yet.

el segundo tiempo Todava no ha empezado el segundo tiempo. - All rights reserved


Ftbol para expertos - Football for experts

the extra time The match was decided in extra time.

la prrroga El partido se decidi en la prrroga.

the grass el csped The grass was wet because of the rain. El csped estaba mojado por la lluvia.

the halfway line The captain has kicked off from the halfway line.

la lnea de centro El capitn ha sacado desde la lnea de centro.

the goal kick The goalkeeper took the goal kick.

el saque de meta El portero protagoniz el saque de meta.

the offside The player was offside.

el fuera de juego El jugador estaba en fuera de juego.

the throw-in They scored a goal thanks to the captain's throw-in.

el saque de banda Marcaron un gol gracias a un saque de banda del capitn.

the corner Ronaldinho took the corner.

el saque de esquina Ronaldinho lanz el saque de esquina.

the league Porto won the Portuguese football league.

la liga El Oporto gan la liga portuguesa de ftbol.

the first leg match Roma thrashed Werder Bremen in the first leg match.

el partido de ida La Roma gole al Werder Bremen en el partido de ida.

the second leg match The second leg match finished in a draw.

el partido de vuelta El partido de vuelta acab en empate.

to qualify My team has qualified for the World Cup.

clasificarse Mi equipo se ha clasificado para el Mundial. - All rights reserved


Ftbol para expertos - Football for experts

the victory la victoria Real Madrid has celebrated the victory. El Real Madrid ha celebrado la victoria.

the promotion The victory meant promotion.

el ascenso La victoria supuso el ascenso.

the defeat The defeat at home demoralised the team.

la derrota La derrota en casa desmoraliz al equipo.

the relegation The defeat against Inter Milan led to relegation.

el descenso La derrota ante el Inter de Miln provoc el descenso. - All rights reserved


Ftbol para expertos - Football for experts


A group of friends are at home watching a very interesting match. One of them arrives late. Peter: How's the match going? Paul: Badly! They're at the end of the second half and they're losing 2-3. Peter: They're playing at home, right? Paul: Yes, and qualification depends on this match too. Peter: What was the result in the first leg match? Paul: 3-2. Peter: Do they need an advantage of two points to win? Paul: Why don't you be quiet? You don't even like football!

Un grupo de amigos estn en casa viendo un partido muy interesante. Uno de ellos llega tarde. Pedro: Cmo va el partido? Pablo: Mal!, estn al final del segundo tiempo y van perdiendo 2 a 3. Pedro: Juegan en casa, no? Pablo: S, adems de este partido depende la clasificacin. Pedro: Cul fue el resultado en el partido de ida? Pablo: 3 a 2. Pedro: Necesitan una ventaja de dos puntos para ganar? Pablo: Por qu no te callas?, a ti no te gusta el ftbol! - All rights reserved


Ftbol para expertos - Football for experts

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. Is Paul happy with the result of the match? a. He is very happy. b. Yes c. No 2. Do you believe the result of the match is important? a. Yes b. No, it's just a friendly match. c. No 3. Do you believe that Paul is annoyed by Peter's questions? a. Not at all. b. Yes c. No - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(c): 2(a): 3(b)

La prensa - The press

Vocabulario y frases

the newspaper Some people have the newspaper delivered to their house.

el peridico A algunas personas les entregan el peridico en casa.

the broadsheet The Financial Times is my favourite broadsheet.

el peridico de formato grande El Financial Times es mi peridico de formato grande favorito.

the tabloid I don't like tabloids; I prefer more serious newspapers.

el tabloide No me gustan los tabloides, prefiero peridicos ms serios.

the magazine There was a great article in The New York Times magazine yesterday.

la revista La revista del New York Times de ayer inclua un artculo magnfico.

the journal I receive a history journal once a month.

la revista especializada Recibo una revista especializada en historia una vez al mes.

the supplement The health supplement is my favourite part of the newspaper.

el suplemento El suplemento sobre salud es mi parte favorita del peridico.

the yellow press The yellow press focuses on public scandals.

la prensa amarilla La prensa amarilla se centra en los escndalos pblicos.

the journalism She did a degree in journalism and then got a job with the Times.

el periodismo Se licenci en periodismo y despus empez a trabajar en el Times.

the journalist The journalist wrote a great article about the war in Iraq.

el periodista El periodista escribi un gran artculo sobre la guerra en Irak.

the columnist That famous actress is a columnist on the entertainment pages.

el columnista Esa actriz famosa escribe como columnista en las pginas de entretenimiento. - All rights reserved


La prensa - The press

the editor The editor approves all the articles before going to print.

el redactor jefe El redactor jefe aprueba todos los artculos antes de pasarlos a la imprenta.

the publisher The publisher works through the night to prepare the morning edition.

el editor El editor trabaja durante la noche para preparar la edicin de la maana.

the headline The headlines were all related to the elections.

el titular Todos los titulares hacan referencia a las elecciones.

the byline A byline includes a brief article summary and the journalist's name.

el pie de autor Un pie de autor incluye el resumen breve de un artculo y el nombre del periodista.

the article The article contained many contradictions.

el artculo El artculo contena muchas contradicciones.

the column He writes a funny column about sport every Saturday.

la columna l escribe una divertida columna sobre deporte todos los sbados.

the editorial He wrote an editorial about political corruption.

el editorial Escribi un editorial sobre la corrupcin poltica.

the scoop He finally got the scoop after waiting outside the parliament all day.

la exclusiva Finalmente consigui la exclusiva despus de esperar fuera del parlamento todo el da. la portada Los disturbios protagonizados por los violentos seguidores del partido de ftbol ocuparon las portadas de los peridicos. la ltima pgina La ltima pgina de este peridico suele recoger los resultados de los partidos de ftbol. el artculo de portada El nacimiento del beb del cantante fue el artculo de portada de la edicin del mes pasado.

the front page The riots of the football hooligans became front page news.

the back page The back page of this newspaper normally contains the football results.

the cover story The birth of the singer's baby was the cover story on last month's edition. - All rights reserved


La prensa - The press

the classified ads I found a great second hand car in the classified ads.

los anuncios clasificados Encontr un fabuloso coche de segunda mano en los anuncios clasificados.

the obituaries The obituary section is where you can find the death notices.

la seccin necrolgica La seccin necrolgica es donde puedes encontrar las esquelas.

the sport pages My father's favourite section in the newspaper is the sport pages.

los deportes La seccin del peridico favorita de mi padre son las pginas de deporte. - All rights reserved


La prensa - The press


Paul and Maria are having Sunday breakfast. Paul: Oh, I really love Sundays, a nice relaxing breakfast reading the sports pages of the newspaper. Maria: Me too, but I love the weekend supplement best. Paul: Mmmmm Maria: .Have you seen the headline??? They have arrested the Prime Minister for corruption! Paul: Wow. The journalist who got that scoop is so lucky. Maria: I think the photographer is the one who got the scoop. He was the one who photographed him with a suitcase full of money! Paul: This will be front page news for weeks. I wonder what the tabloids are saying

Pablo y Mara desayunan el domingo por la maana. Pablo: Realmente me encantan los domingos, y poder tomar tranquilo un buen desayuno mientras leo las pginas de deporte del peridico. Mara: A mi tambin me encantan, pero prefiero el suplemento del fin de semana. Pablo: Mmmmm Mara: Has visto el titular??? Han arrestado al Primer Ministro por corrupcin! Pablo: Vaya, menuda suerte ha tenido el periodista que ha conseguido esa exclusiva. Mara: Creo que ha sido el fotgrafo el que la ha conseguido. l ha sido el que le ha fotografiado con la maleta llena de dinero! Pablo: Esta va a ser la noticia que va a aparecer en las portadas durante semanas. Me pregunto qu dirn los tabloides - All rights reserved


La prensa - The press

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. What are Paul and Maria doing? a. They are having lunch and reading the newspapers. b. They are reading magazines. c. They are having breakfast and reading the newspapers. 2. What is Maria's favourite part of the paper? a. The sports pages. b. The weekend supplement. c. The obituaries. 3. Who got the scoop? a. The journalist. b. The photographer. c. The editor. - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(c): 2(b): 3(b)

Esquiar - Skiing

Vocabulario y frases

to ski I learned to ski when I was young.

esquiar Aprend a esquiar cuando era pequea.

the novice skier She is a novice skier; this is her first time skiing.

el debutante Ella es debutante, es la primera vez que esqua.

the intermediate skier He has been skiing for the past 5 years.

el esquiador intermedio l lleva esquiando los ltimos 5 aos.

the experienced skier She has been on the slopes since she was a small child.

el esquiador experimentado Ella se ha deslizado por las pistas desde que era pequea.

the ski resort They always go to a ski resort in February.

la estacin de esqu En febrero van siempre a una estacin de esqu.

the ski lodge Meet me at 4 oclock in the ski lodge for a hot chocolate.

la cafetera de la estacin Quedamos a las 4 en la cafetera de la estacin para tomarnos un chocolate caliente. el cursillo de esqu Tuve que ir a un cursillo de esqu con los nios porque no saba esquiar.

the ski school I had to go to ski school with the children because I didn't know how to ski. the ski pass You must carry your ski pass with you at all times.

el pase para esquiar (el forfait) Debes llevar el forfait en todo momento.

the slopes las pistas I love the feeling of speeding down the Me encanta la sensacin de bajar las slopes on my skis! pistas esquiando sobre mis esqus!

the snow conditions Are the snow conditions at this resort powder or icy?

el estado de la nieve Cmo est la nieve en esta estacin, polvo o dura? - All rights reserved


Esquiar - Skiing

the avalanche An avalanche is one of the biggest dangers for skiers.

la avalancha El peligro de avalancha es uno de los mayores para los esquiadores.

the cross country skiing I prefer cross country to freestyle skiing.

el esqu de fondo Prefiero el esqu de fondo que el de estilo libre.

the snowboarding Snowboarding is an extreme sport.

el snowboard El snowboard es un deporte extremo.

the ski tour We should go on a ski tour tomorrow!

la visita guiada esquiando Maana deberamos hacer una visita guiada esquiando!

the ski rental You can use the ski rental service if you don't have your own equipment.

el alquiler de material de esqu Puedes utilizar el servicio de alquiler de material de esqu si no tienes tu propio equipo. el buzo de esquiar Si quieres ir a esquiar, es necesario tener un buzo de esquiar de buena calidad.

the ski suit It is necessary to have a good quality ski suit if you want to go skiing.

the thermal underwear Make sure you stay warm by wearing thermal underwear.

la ropa interior trmica Asegrate de mantenerte caliente llevando ropa interior trmica.

the ski goggles las gafas de esquiar It was so cold that my ski goggles froze Haca tanto fro que las gafas de esquiar to my face! me congelaron la cara!

the helmet el casco It is vital to wear a helmet when skiing. Resulta vital llevar casco cuando se esqua.

the ski gloves These ski gloves have a very warm fleece lining.

los guantes de esquiar Estos guantes de esquiar tienen un forro de lana que da mucho calor.

the ski pole Some freestyle skiers ski without a ski pole.

el bastn Algunos esquiadores de estilo libre esquan sin bastones. - All rights reserved


Esquiar - Skiing

the ski boot These ski boots are too small for me.

la bota de esquiar Estas botas de esquiar son demasiado pequeas para m.

the binding Check your ski binding before you set off.

las fijaciones Comprueba tus fijaciones antes de empezar a esquiar.

the edge You should file the ski edges often.

los cantos Deberas afilar los cantos de los esqus con regularidad.

the chair lift Take the chair lift to the top of the slope.

el telesilla Coge el telesilla hasta la parte ms alta de la pista.

the gondola lift The gondola lift will take us to the summit of the mountain.

la telecabina La telecabina nos llevar a lo ms alto de la montaa.

the after ski drinks Let's meet later for after ski drinks.

Tomar algo despus de esquiar Quedamos luego para tomar algo despus de esquiar. - All rights reserved


Esquiar - Skiing


Anna and Claudia are getting ready for a day skiing. Anna: Have you seen my ski goggles? Claudia: Yes, they are next to your helmet and ski boots. Anna: Thanks. I am really looking forward to getting out there on the slopes. Claudia: Me too. I might try some snowboarding today. Anna: Oh yes. But be careful not to hurt yourself! Claudia: Oh I hope I won't. I want to be able to go to the after ski drinks party tonight! Anna: Me too. Let's go!

Ana y Claudia se preparan para pasar el da esquiando. Ana: Has visto mis gafas de esquiar? Claudia: S, estn junto a tu casco y tus botas de esquiar. Ana: Gracias. Tengo muchas ganas de salir ah fuera a las pistas. Claudia: Yo tambin. Puede que hoy intente hacer snowboard. Ana: Ah, s. Pero ten cuidado, no te hagas dao! Claudia: Oh, espero que no. Esta noche quiero ir a la fiesta despus de esquiar! Ana: Yo tambin. Vamos! - All rights reserved


Esquiar - Skiing

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. Where are Anna's ski goggles? a. They are next to her skis . b. She left them on the chair lift. c. They are next to her helmet and ski boots. 2. What is Claudia going to try today? a. She is going to try cross country skiing. b. She is going to try snowboarding. c. She is going to try freestyle skiing. 3. Where do the girls want to go after skiing? a. They want to go home to bed. b. They want to go to the after ski drinks party. c. They want to go to the ski lodge for a hot chocolate. - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(c): 2(b): 3(b)

Msica en directo - Live music

Vocabulario y frases

the concert hall We need a big concert hall for this group.

la sala de conciertos Necesitamos una gran sala de conciertos para este grupo.

the open air concert The open air concert took place in the palace gardens.

el concierto al aire libre El concierto al aire libre se celebr en los jardines del palacio.

the benefit concert Live Aid was the biggest benefit concert ever.

el concierto con fines benficos Live Aid fue el mayor concierto con fines benficos jams celebrado.

the tickets I bought the tickets over the Internet.

las entradas Compr las entradas por Internet.

the music festival The music festival will last 4 days.

el festival de msica El festival de msica durar 4 das.

the concert tour la gira Madonna is starting her concert tour in Madonna empezar su gira en Barcelona. Barcelona.

the music line-up All my favourite groups are in the music line-up.

la cartelera de grupos Todos mis grupos favoritos se encuentran en la cartelera.

the festival guide The festival guide contains all the information you need.

la gua del festival La gua del festival contiene toda la informacin que necesitas.

the stage There are huge screens on both sides of the stage.

el escenario Hay enormes pantallas en ambos lados del escenario.

the backstage I won a backstage pass on a radio competition and got to meet the group.

entre bastidores Gan un pase para la zona entre bastidores en un concurso de radio y conoc al grupo. - All rights reserved


Msica en directo - Live music

the gig There was a great gig in the pub last night.

el espectculo Anoche hubo un gran espectculo en el pub.

the performance Wow, what a fantastic performance!

la actuacin Vaya, que actuacin tan fantstica!

the group My favourite group has to be the Rolling Stones.

el grupo Mi grupo favorito es sin duda los Rolling Stones.

the supporting group I wasn't impressed by the supporting group at all!

los teloneros Los teloneros no me impresionaron lo ms mnimo!

the audience The audience went wild when the group started to play.

el pblico El pblico se volvi loco cuando el grupo empez a tocar.

the lead singer The lead singer was exceptional.

el cantante principal El cantante principal era excepcional.

the backing singers The backing singers went on to form their own group.

los coros Los coros pasaron a crear su propio grupo.

the musicians Those musicians are so talented.

los msicos Esos msicos tienen mucho talento.

the music promoter The music promoter is doing a great job publicizing the festival.

el promotor musical El promotor musical est haciendo un gran trabajo haciendo publicidad del festival. el ingeniero de sonido El ingeniero de sonido est realizando una comprobacin de sonido con el grupo.

the sound engineer The sound engineer is doing a sound check with the band.

the special effects The special effects at the U2 concert were amazing.

los efectos especiales Los efectos especiales del concierto de U2 fueron increbles. - All rights reserved


Msica en directo - Live music

the stage lighting The stage lighting really adds to the overall atmosphere.

la iluminacin del escenario La iluminacin del escenario aade mucho al ambiente en general.

the crowd surfing Crowd surfing can be very dangerous.

el crowd-surfing Hacer crowd-surfing puede resultar muy peligroso. - All rights reserved


Msica en directo - Live music


Anna is telling Paul about last nights concert. Anna: They really are my favourite group! What an excellent performance! Paul: You are so lucky to have been there. They are excellent musicians. And what was the supporting group like? Anna: Excellent. Especially the lead singer. The backing singers were very good too. Paul: And were the special effects on the stage good? Anna: They were fantastic. I was in front of the stage so I could see everything perfectly. Paul: Wow. I think it is the first concert of the concert tour. Maybe we can go to see it together in Amsterdam in May. Anna: Oh good idea. I would love to see them again.

Ana habla a Pablo sobre el concierto de la noche anterior. Ana: Sin lugar a dudas son mi grupo favorito! Que actuacin tan excelente! Pablo: Qu suerte tienes de haberlos visto. Son unos msicos excepcionales. Y qu tal los teloneros? Ana: Geniales. Especialmente el cantante principal. Los coros tambin estuvieron muy bien. Pablo: Y fueron buenos los efectos especiales en el escenario? Ana: Si, fueron fantsticos. Yo estaba enfrente del escenario as que pude verlo todo perfectamente. Pablo: Vaya. Creo que es el primer concierto de la gira. Podramos ir juntos a verlos a msterdam en mayo. Ana: Ah, buena idea. Me encantara. - All rights reserved


Msica en directo - Live music

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. What did Anna think about the concert? a. She left early because it was so bad. b. She thought it was a bad performance. c. She thought that it was an excellent performance. 2. What was the supporting group like? a. They were excellent. b. They were awful. c. They were mediocre. 3. Where was Anna standing in the concert? a. Backstage. b. Near the stage. c. In Amsterdam. - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(c): 2(a): 3(b)

Navegando por Internet - Surfing the Internet

Vocabulario y frases

the computer Don't turn the computer on again.

el ordenador No enciendas el ordenador otra vez.

the laptop Leave the laptop on the table.

el porttil Deja el porttil encima de la mesa.

to turn on How do you turn the computer on?

encender Cmo se enciende el ordenador?

to turn off Turn off the computer and go to bed.

apagar Apaga el ordenador y vete a la cama.

to restart Restart the computer.

reiniciar Reinicia el ordenador.

the mouse Press the right button on the mouse.

el ratn Pulsa el botn derecho del ratn.

the printer Select the printer.

la impresora Selecciona la impresora.

the Internet Connect to the Internet.

la Internet Conctate a Internet.

the Wi-Fi connection With the Wi-Fi connection I have access to the Internet all over my house. broadband I have to sign up for broadband.

la conexin Wi-fi Con la conexin Wi-fi tengo acceso a Internet en toda la casa.

la banda ancha Tengo que dar de alta la banda ancha. - All rights reserved


Navegando por Internet - Surfing the Internet

the Internet address Write the Internet address and press here.

la direccin de Internet Escribe la direccin de Internet y pulsa aqu.

the website This website allows you to learn languages for free.

la pgina web Esta pgina web te permite aprender idiomas gratis.

the link Send me the link to the website.

el link Mndame el link de la pgina.

the search engine This search engine is very useful for finding information.

el buscador Este buscador es muy til para buscar informacin.

to surf the net I'm surfing the net.

navegar por la red Estoy navegando por la red.

the e-mail I'm going to send my teacher an e-mail.

el correo electrnico Voy a enviarle un correo electrnico a mi profesor.

the at sign This email address is missing the at sign.

la arroba A esta direccin de correo electrnico le falta la arroba.

the underscore My email address is written with a hyphen, not with an underscore.

el guin bajo Mi direccin de correo se escribe con guin, no con guin bajo.

the user What's your user name?

el usuario Cul es tu nombre de usuario?

the password How can I remember my password?

la contrasea Cmo puedo recordar mi contrasea?

to attach a document I'll attach the document and send it to you by email.

adjuntar un documento Te adjunto el documento y te lo mando por correo electrnico. - All rights reserved


Navegando por Internet - Surfing the Internet

the forum How can I participate in the Forum?

el foro Cmo puedo participar en el foro?

the chat Why don't you connect to the chat?

el chat Por qu no te conectas al chat?

the antivirus The antivirus is installed.

el antivirus El antivirus est instalado. - All rights reserved


Navegando por Internet - Surfing the Internet


Computing course for retired people. Teacher: Firstly, turn on the computer. Student: Where's the button to turn it on? Teacher: Here. Now write the internet address in the search engine. Student: How easy! Teacher: Enter the website and enter your user name and password. Student: What password? The one for my credit card? Teacher: No, any one that you want. Now you can enter Student: At last I'll be able to learn German!

Curso de informtica para jubilados. Profesor: En primer lugar, enciendan el ordenador. Alumno: Dnde est el botn para encenderlo? Profesor: Aqu. Ahora escriban la direccin de Internet en el buscador. Alumno: Qu fcil! Profesor: Entren en la pgina web e introduzcan su nombre de usuario y su contrasea. Alumno: Qu contrasea?, la de mi tarjeta de crdito? Profesor: No, la que usted quiera. Ahora ya pueden entrar en Alumno: Por fin podr aprender alemn! - All rights reserved


Navegando por Internet - Surfing the Internet

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. For whom is the computing course? a. For retired people b. For unemployed people c. For teenagers 2. How much computing knowledge does the student have? a. Advanced b. Very little c. Intermediate 3. Why does the student want to join a. To learn German. b. To learn IT. c. To get to know his password. - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(a): 2(b): 3(a)

Planificar un viaje - Planning a trip

Vocabulario y frases

the holiday When do you take your holidays?

las vacaciones Cundo tienes las vacaciones?

the trip Where can we go on our trip?

el viaje A dnde podemos ir de viaje?

the excursion Where do you want to go on our excursion?

la excursin Dnde quieres ir de excursin?

travelling abroad Have you ever travelled abroad?

viajar al extranjero Has viajado al extranjero alguna vez?

the tourist There are always lots of tourists in Madrid.

el turista En Madrid siempre hay muchos turistas.

the tourist guide The tourist guide explained the fall of the Berlin wall to us.

el gua turstico El gua turstico nos explic la cada del muro de Berln.

the flight The flight has departed late.

el vuelo El vuelo ha salido tarde.

the timetable We need the train timetable.

el horario Necesitamos el horario de los trenes.

The tourist office We can get a map of the city at the tourist office.

la oficina de turismo En la oficina de turismo podemos conseguir un mapa de la ciudad.

the map We've lost the map.

el mapa Hemos perdido el mapa. - All rights reserved


Planificar un viaje - Planning a trip

travelling by plane I've never travelled by plane.

viajar en avin Nunca he viajado en avin.

travelling by boat I like travelling by boat.

viajar en barco Me gusta viajar en barco.

travelling by train Travelling by train is very comfortable.

viajar en tren Viajar en tren es muy cmodo.

travelling by car My father always wants to travel by car, because he likes driving.

viajar en coche Mi padre siempre quiere viajar en coche, porque le gusta conducir.

travelling by bus Travelling by bus is very cheap.

viajar en autobs Viajar en autobs es muy barato.

going to the beach Why don't we go to the beach?

ir a la playa Por qu no vamos a la playa?

going to the mountains I prefer to go to the mountains.

ir a la montaa Prefiero ir a la montaa.

going to the countryside This Sunday we will go to the countryside.

ir al campo Este domingo vamos a ir al campo.

the accommodation What type of accommodation do you prefer?

el alojamiento Qu tipo de alojamiento prefieres?

the hotel It is a three-star hotel.

el hotel Este hotel es de tres estrellas.

the hostel This hostel is very economical.

el hostal Este hostal es muy econmico. - All rights reserved


Planificar un viaje - Planning a trip

the guesthouse la pensin There might be rooms available in that Tal vez hay habitaciones libres en esa guesthouse. pensin.

the double room Would you like a double or a single room?

la habitacin doble Desea una habitacin doble o una individual?

the single room I want a single room, because I am travelling alone.

la habitacin individual Quiero una habitacin individual porque viajo solo. - All rights reserved


Planificar un viaje - Planning a trip


Robert and Anna are at home. They are talking about their next trip. Robert: Darling, why don't we go on a trip? Anna: Where do you want to go? Robert: We could go to the mountains Anna: I feel like going to the beach. Robert: Good idea! Anna: Why don't we book two train tickets and a double room in a hotel? Robert: It's not necessary, my friend Sergio has a house on the beach and we can stay in his house. I'll call him now. Anna: We're going on a trip!

Roberto y Ana estn en casa. Ellos hablan de su prxima excursin. Roberto: Cario, por qu no nos vamos de excursin? Ana: A dnde quieres ir? Roberto: Podemos ir a la montaa. Ana: A m me apetece ir a la playa. Roberto: Buena idea! Ana: Por qu no reservamos dos billetes de tren y una habitacin doble en un hotel? Roberto: No es necesario, mi amigo Sergio tiene una casa en la playa y podemos alojarnos en su casa. Ahora lo llamo. Ana: Nos vamos de excursin! - All rights reserved


Planificar un viaje - Planning a trip

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. Where does Anna want to go? a. Anna wants to stay at home. b. Anna wants to go to the beach. c. Anna wants to go to the mountains. 2. Does Robert agree with going to the beach? a. Apparently no. b. No, Robert wants to stay at home. c. Apparently yes. 3. Where will Anna and Robert stay? a. In the train. b. In Sergio's house. c. In a hotel. - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(b): 2(c): 3(b)

De Madrid a Pekn - From Madrid to Beijing

Vocabulario y frases

Lisbon Lisbon is the largest city in Portugal.

Lisboa Lisboa es la ciudad ms grande de Portugal.

Madrid The Puerta de Alcala is in Madrid.

Madrid La Puerta de Alcal est en Madrid.

Paris The Eiffel Tower is in Paris.

Pars La Torre Eiffel est en Pars.

Rome The Vatican is in Rome.

Roma El Vaticano est en Roma.

London Big Ben is in London.

Londres El Big Ben est en Londres.

Brussels The Manneken Pis is in Brussels.

Bruselas El Manneken Pis est en Bruselas.

Amsterdam The Van Gogh Museum is in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam El museo Van Gogh est en Amsterdam.

Berlin The Brandenburg Gate is in Berlin.

Berln La Puerta de Brandeburgo est en Berln.

Vienna The Vienna Opera House is very well-known.

Viena La pera de Viena es muy conocida.

Prague Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic.

Praga Praga es la capital de la Repblica Checa. - All rights reserved


De Madrid a Pekn - From Madrid to Beijing

Moscow Red Square is in Moscow.

Mosc La Plaza Roja est en Mosc.

Stockholm Drottningholm Palace is in Stockholm.

Estocolmo El Palacio de Drottningholm est en Estocolmo.

Tokyo The Tokyo underground is the busiest in the world.

Tokio El metro de Tokio es el ms usado del mundo.

Beijing Tiananmen Square is in Beijing.

Pekn En Pekn est la Plaza de Tiananmen.

Bangkok Bangkok Bangkok is the largest city in Thailand. Bangkok es la ciudad ms grande de Tailandia.

Mumbai Most Bollywood cinema is produced in Mumbai.

Bombay La mayora del cine de Bollywood se produce en Bombay.

New York The Statue of Liberty is in New York.

Nueva York La Estatua de la Libertad est en Nueva York.

Ottawa Ottawa is the capital of Canada.

Ottawa Ottawa es la capital de Canad.

Sydney Sdney Taronga Zoo is the main zoo in Sidney. Taronga Zoo es el principal zoolgico de Sdney.

Cape Town Cape Town is famous for its harbour.

Ciudad del Cabo Ciudad del Cabo es famosa por su puerto.

Mexico City Chapultepec Park is in Mexico City.

Ciudad de Mxico El parque de Chapultepec est en Ciudad de Mxico. - All rights reserved


De Madrid a Pekn - From Madrid to Beijing

Rio de Janeiro Ro de Janeiro The statue of Christ the Redeemer is in La estatua del Cristo Redentor est en Ro Rio de Janeiro. de Janeiro.

Buenos Aires Buenos Aires is the capital of Argentina.

Buenos Aires Buenos Aires es la capital de Argentina.

Bogota Bogota is the capital of Colombia.

Bogot Bogot es la capital de Colombia. - All rights reserved


De Madrid a Pekn - From Madrid to Beijing


Claudia and Peter are talking about their end-of-course trip. Claudia: Where would you like to go for the end-of-course trip? Peter: I'd like to go to Amsterdam. Claudia: Amsterdam? Why? Peter: Well, because of the canals, the tulips . Claudia: Rome is a much more beautiful and cultural city. Peter: If we go to Rome we'll only see museums Claudia: What about London? Peter: That's a great idea.

Claudia y Pedro hablan de su viaje de fin de curso. Claudia: Dnde quieres ir de viaje de fin de curso? Pedro: Yo quiero ir a Amsterdam. Claudia: Amsterdam?, por qu? Pedro: Pues por sus canales, sus tulipanes, Claudia: Roma es una ciudad mucho ms bonita y cultural. Pedro: Si vamos a Roma slo veremos museos Claudia: Qu te parece Londres? Pedro: Me parece una gran idea - All rights reserved


De Madrid a Pekn - From Madrid to Beijing

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. Claudia wants to go to Rome because of a. the culture. b. . the canals. c. . the nightlife. 2. Why does Peter want to go to Rome? a. Peter wants to go to Rome because of the tulips. b. Peter wants to go to Rome to see museums. c. Peter doesn't want to go to Rome. 3. Claudia and Peter agree to go to a. Rome b. Amsterdam c. London - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(a): 2(c): 3(c)

Vacaciones en la playa - Beach holidays

Vocabulario y frases

the beach Enjoy the beach.

la playa Disfruta de la playa.

the sea Don't pee in the sea.

el mar No hagas pis en el mar.

the wave Ride the waves with your surf board.

la ola Sbete a las olas con tu tabla de surf.

the shore la orilla Go for a walk with your girlfriend along Pasea con tu novia por la orilla del mar. the seashore.

to swim Don't go swimming after eating.

baarse No te baes despus de comer.

swimming trunks Men wear swimming trunks on the beach.

el baador Los hombres usan baador en la playa.

the bikini Buy yourself a sexy bikini.

el biquini Cmprate un biquini sexy.

the flip-flops Put your flip-flops on to walk on the sand.

las chancletas Ponte las chancletas para caminar por la arena.

the diving goggles Kiss a girl when wearing diving goggles.

las gafas de buceo Besa a una chica con las gafas de buceo puestas.

the snorkel Speak through the snorkel.

el tubo de buceo Habla por el tubo de buceo. - All rights reserved


Vacaciones en la playa - Beach holidays

the flippers Try to walk on the sand with your flippers.

las aletas Intenta caminar por la arena con las aletas.

the air bed Inflate the air bed before using it.

la colchoneta Hincha la colchoneta antes de usarla.

the inflatable boat No more than five people should get into the inflatable boat.

la barca hinchable No subis ms de cinco personas a la barca hinchable.

the sand Help your brother make sand castles.

la arena Ayuda a tu hermano a hacer castillos de arena.

to sunbathe Sunbathe with precaution.

tomar el sol Toma el sol con precaucin.

to go topless Don't go topless in front of your ex-boyfriend.

hacer topless No hagas topless delante de tu ex novio.

the sunblock lotion Use sunblock lotion.

la crema protectora Usa crema protectora.

the suntan lotion Don't use too much suntan lotion.

la crema bronceadora No uses demasiada crema bronceadora.

the sunshade Sit under the sunshade.

la sombrilla Sintate bajo la sombrilla.

the towel Don't put your towel close to a group of children.

la toalla No pongas tu toalla cerca de un grupo de nios.

the hammock Don't fall asleep in the hammock.

la hamaca No te quedes dormido en la hamaca. - All rights reserved


Vacaciones en la playa - Beach holidays

the bats Don't play bat and ball in a crowded place.

las palas No juegues a las palas en un lugar lleno de gente.

the inflatable ball Don't sneakily throw the inflatable ball close to a group of girls.

la pelota hinchable No tires disimuladamente la pelota hinchable cerca de un grupo de chicas.

the beach stall Have some beers with your friends at the beach stall.

el chiringuito Tmate unas cervezas con tus amigos en el chiringuito. - All rights reserved


Vacaciones en la playa - Beach holidays


Two friends talk about their next holidays at the beach. Julia: At last, we're going to the beach! Anna: Have you packed your suitcase yet? Julia: No, I don't need a suitcase. We're only going for three days Anna: But you need to take your bathing suit, your suntan lotion, your towel,... Julia: I go topless, so I don't need a bathing suit. Anna: You go topless? How embarrassing! Julia: It's the best way to pick up.

Dos amigas hablan de sus prximas vacaciones en la playa. Julia: Por fin, nos vamos a la playa! Ana: Has hecho ya la maleta? Julia: No, yo no necesito maleta. Slo nos vamos tres das Ana: Ya, pero necesitas llevarte el baador, la crema bronceadora, la toalla, Julia: Yo hago topless, as que no necesito baador. Ana: Haces topless?, qu vergenza! Julia: Es la mejor manera de ligar! - All rights reserved


Vacaciones en la playa - Beach holidays

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. Why does Julia still not have her suitcase packed? a. Because they are only going for a couple of days and she needs nothing. b. Because she doesn't feel like packing her suitcase. c. Because she wants to buy clothes there. 2. Why does Julia not use a bathing suit? a. She prefers to wear a bikini. b. Because she doesn't like to bathe. c. Because she goes topless. 3. Do you think Anna goes topless? a. Yes b. No c. Anna doesn't like going to the beach. - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(a): 2(c): 3(b)

En el hotel - At the hotel

Vocabulario y frases

the five-star hotel This is a five-star hotel.

el hotel de cinco estrellas ste es un hotel de cinco estrellas.

the reception Where's the reception?

la recepcin Dnde est la recepcin?

the receptionist The receptionist will see to you right away.

el recepcionista El recepcionista les atender enseguida.

to book I want to book a room.

reservar Quiero reservar una habitacin.

the hotel occupancy Hotel occupancy is high in summer.

la ocupacin hotelera La ocupacin hotelera es alta en verano.

to be full The hotel is full.

estar completo El hotel est completo.

There are free places There are no free places.

haber plazas libres No hay plazas libres.

the high season The room is more expensive in high season.

la temporada alta La habitacin es ms cara en temporada alta.

the low season In low season, prices are lower.

la temporada baja En temporada baja, los precios son ms bajos.

to stay We want to stay at this hotel.

alojarse Queremos alojarnos en este hotel. - All rights reserved


En el hotel - At the hotel

the arrival day Today is arrival day.

el da de llegada Hoy es el da de llegada.

handing over the keys Handing over the keys is done after payment.

la entrega de llaves La entrega de llaves se hace previo pago.

departure day Sunday is departure day.

el da de salida El domingo es el da de salida.

the bellboy The bellboy will help you with your luggage.

el botones El botones les ayudar con su equipaje.

the hotel facilities You can enjoy all the hotel's facilities.

las instalaciones del hotel Pueden disfrutar de todas las instalaciones del hotel.

the left-luggage office You can leave the suitcases in the left-luggage office.

la consigna Pueden dejar las maletas en la consigna.

meeting room You can watch television in the meeting room.

la sala de reuniones Pueden ver la televisin en la sala de reuniones.

the living room-dining room Where's the living room-dining room?

el saln-comedor Dnde est el saln-comedor?

the free buffet What time does the free buffet finish?

el buf libre A qu hora se termina el buf libre?

bed and breakfast I want a room with bed and breakfast.

el rgimen de alojamiento y desayuno Quiero una habitacin en rgimen de alojamiento y desayuno.

half-board Is lunch included in half-board?

el rgimen de media pensin Est incluida la comida en el rgimen de media pensin? - All rights reserved


En el hotel - At the hotel

full-board How much does a room cost with full-board?

el rgimen de pensin completa Cunto cuesta una habitacin en rgimen de pensin completa?

room service Is room service included in the price?

el servicio de habitaciones El servicio de habitaciones est incluido en el precio?

the minibar Is the minibar included in the price of the room?

el minibar El minibar est incluido en el precio de la habitacin?

the entertainer Are there entertainers at night?

el animador Hay animadores por la noche? - All rights reserved


En el hotel - At the hotel


Telephone conversation between a hotel receptionist and a customer who wants to make a booking. Receptionist: Hotel MAGIC, good morning! How can I help you? Customer: I'd like to book a double room for August. Receptionist: What days exactly? Customer: From the 10th to the 15th of August. Receptionist: Fine. Would you like half-board, full-board? Customer: Only bed and breakfast. Receptionist: Very good, sir. The price is Eur540. Customer: I don't have Eur540!

Conversacin telefnica entre un recepcionista de hotel y un cliente que quiere hacer una reserva. Recepcionista: Hotel MAGIC, buenos das!, en qu puedo ayudarle? Cliente: Quera reservar una habitacin doble para agosto. Recepcionista: Qu das exactamente? Cliente: Del 10 al 15 de agosto. Recepcionista: Perfecto. Querra media pensin, pensin completa? Cliente: Solo alojamiento y desayuno. Recepcionista: Muy bien, caballero. El precio es de 540 . Cliente: Yo no tengo 540 ! - All rights reserved


En el hotel - At the hotel

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. What type of room does the customer want? a. A single room. b. A double room. c. A twin bedroom. 2. Which type of package does the customer want? a. Half-board. b. Bed and breakfast. c. Full-board. 3. Do you believe the customer will finally book the room? a. Yes, I think he will book. b. I think, the customer believes the price of the room is very low. c. No, I don't think he will book. - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(b): 2(b): 3(c)

En el coche - Going by car

Vocabulario y frases

to start Start the car.

arrancar Arranca el coche.

to drive Drive carefully.

conducir Conduce con precaucin.

drive Drive on the right.

circular Circula por la derecha.

the traffic sign Obey the traffic signs.

la seal de trfico Respeta las seales de trfico.

to join Join the motorway.

incorporarse Incorprate a la autova.

the road Reduce speed on the road.

la carretera Modera la velocidad en carretera.

the motorway Drive carefully on the motorway.

la autova Circula por la autova con precaucin.

the lane Join the motorway by the acceleration lane.

el carril Incorprate a la autova por el carril de aceleracin.

the toll station You have to pay at the toll station.

el peaje En el peaje, tienes que pagar.

to brake Brake when you see a give-way sign.

frenar Frena cuando veas una seal de ceda el paso. - All rights reserved


En el coche - Going by car

to slow down Slow down when it's raining.

reducir la velocidad Reduce la velocidad cuando llueve.

the give-way sign You have to concede right of way at a give-way sign.

el ceda el paso En un ceda el paso, tienes que dejar pasar.

the pedestrian crossing Slow down when you come to a pedestrian crossing.

el paso de peatones Reduce la velocidad cuando veas un paso de peatones.

to halt Halt when you see a Stop sign.

parar Para cuando veas una seal de Stop.

the traffic lights When the traffic lights are green you have to move on.

el semforo Cuando el semforo est en verde, tienes que iniciar la marcha.

to accelerate Accelerate to join a motorway.

acelerar Acelera para incorporarte a una autova.

the speed limit Don't go over the speed limit.

el lmite de velocidad No sobrepases el lmite de velocidad.

the radar The purpose of radar is to control speed.

el radar El radar sirve para controlar la velocidad.

the breathalyser test I've been breathalysed.

la prueba de alcoholemia He hecho la prueba de alcoholemia.

the fine I have to pay the fine.

la multa Tengo que pagar la multa.

to overtake I'm going to overtake that car.

adelantar Voy a adelantar a ese coche. - All rights reserved


En el coche - Going by car

the unbroken line The unbroken line means that overtaking is forbidden.

la lnea continua La lnea continua prohbe adelantar.

to park I'm going to park in the garage.

aparcar Voy a aparcar en el garaje.

to reverse You have to reverse in order to park.

dar marcha atrs Para aparcar tienes que dar marcha atrs.

to fill the tank We're going to stop to fill the tank.

repostar Vamos a parar para repostar.

the service station la gasolinera We're going to stop at the next service Vamos a parar en la prxima gasolinera. station.

diesel Does your car run on diesel or petrol?

el diesel Tu coche utiliza diesel o gasolina?

petrol We're going to stop for petrol.

la gasolina Vamos a poner gasolina.

breakdown My car has had a breakdown.

la avera Mi coche ha sufrido una avera.

the breakdown service Call the breakdown service when you have a breakdown.

el servicio de atencin en carretera Llama al servicio de atencin en carretera cuando tengas una avera. - All rights reserved


En el coche - Going by car


The father is teaching his son how to drive. Father : Come on, first of all you have to start the car. Son: That's it! Father : Now you have to drive out and join the road. Son: How do I drive out? Father : By releasing the clutch and gently pressing the accelerator. Son: Dad, the car's moving ... Father : That's the idea. You're really doing very well. Son: Look dad, I'm driving.

El padre est enseando a conducir a su hijo. Padre: Venga, primero tienes que arrancar el coche. Hijo: Ya est! Padre: Ahora tienes que salir e incorporarte a la carretera. Hijo: Y cmo salgo? Padre: Soltando el embrague y pisando el acelerador lentamente. Hijo: Pap, el coche se est moviendo Padre: De eso se trata. Vamos que lo ests haciendo muy bien. Hijo: Mira pap, estoy conduciendo. - All rights reserved


En el coche - Going by car

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. What is the first thing the son does in order to drive out? a. Start the car b. Press the brake. c. Press the accelerator 2. How would you define the son's experience at the wheel? a. The son is a Formula 1 driver. b. The son is an expert driver. c. The son is learning to drive. 3. Which of these expressions is used to encourage someone? a. You're really doing very well. b. First you have to start the car. c. That's it! - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(a): 2(c): 3(a)

Viajar en avin - Travelling by plane

Vocabulario y frases

the plane Have you ever travelled by plane?

el avin Has viajado alguna vez en avin?

the economy class I always travel in economy class, because it's cheaper.

la clase turista Siempre viajo en clase turista, porque es ms barato.

the first class I've only travelled once in first class.

la clase preferente Slo he viajado una vez en clase preferente.

the airport I have to be in the airport two hours before the departure time.

el aeropuerto Tengo que estar en el aeropuerto dos horas antes de la hora de salida.

the terminal My flight leaves from terminal 2.

la terminal Mi vuelo sale desde la terminal 2.

to check in I've checked my luggage in electronically.

facturar He facturado el equipaje electrnicamente.

the ticket I have the ticket reference code.

el billete Tengo el cdigo de referencia del billete.

the passport You cannot fly without your passport.

el pasaporte No puedes volar sin tu pasaporte.

the excess baggage el exceso de equipaje I had to pay Eur60 for excess baggage. He tenido que pagar 60 Eur por exceso de equipaje.

the hand luggage I take my laptop as hand luggage.

el equipaje de mano Llevo mi porttil como equipaje de mano. - All rights reserved


Viajar en avin - Travelling by plane

the security control They searched my bag in the security control.

el control de seguridad Me han registrado el bolso en el control de seguridad.

the duty free I bought perfume in the duty free.

el duty free Me he comprado un perfume en el duty free.

the boarding gate Where's our boarding gate?

la puerta de embarque Dnde est nuestra puerta de embarque?

to board We boarded without any problems.

embarcar Hemos embarcado sin problema.

the pilot The pilot is ready for take-off.

el piloto El piloto est listo para el despegue.

the flight attendant The flight attendant is giving instructions for safety on the plane.

la azafata La azafata est dando indicaciones para la seguridad a bordo del avin.

the cabin crew The cabin crew are offering a snack.

el personal de a bordo El personal de a bordo est ofreciendo un tentempi.

the emergency exit The emergency exits have to be clear.

la salida de emergencia Las salidas de emergencia tienen que estar despejadas.

the window seat I sat down in the window seat.

el asiento de la ventana Me he sentado en el asiento de la ventana.

the aisle seat I prefer the aisle seat.

el asiento del pasillo Prefiero el asiento del pasillo.

to take off The plane has already taken off.

despegar El avin ya ha despegado. - All rights reserved


Viajar en avin - Travelling by plane

the flight The flight is progressing normally.

el vuelo El vuelo se est desarrollando con normalidad.

to land The plane landed with delay.

aterrizar El avin ha aterrizado con retraso.

the runway The runway is free.

la pista de aterrizaje La pista de aterrizaje est libre.

the baggage reclaim la recogida de maletas In the baggage reclaim, I realised mine Durante la recogida de maletas, me he wasn't there. dado cuenta de que la ma no estaba.

to stop over We had to stop over in Zurich.

hacer escala Hemos hecho escala en Zrich. - All rights reserved


Viajar en avin - Travelling by plane


Marc, who's has just arrived in New York, calls his girfriend to tell her about the flight. Maria: Hello honey! How was the trip? Marc: Very good. I checked in electronically and I boarded immediately. Maria: Was the flight very long? Marc: A little, but the flight attendants were very friendly. Maria: Ah! Yes? What do you mean friendly? Marc: Darling, they were only doing their job. Maria: I'm sorry, it's just that you're very far away and I get jealous.

Marcos, que acaba de llegar a Nueva York, llama a su novia para contarle el viaje. Mara: Hola mi amor!, qu tal ha ido el vuelo? Marcos: Muy bien. He facturado electrnicamente y he embarcado enseguida. Mara: Ha sido muy largo el viaje? Marcos: Un poco, pero las azafatas eran muy amables. Mara: Ah!, s?, cmo de amables? Marcos: Cario, solo estaban haciendo su trabajo. Mara: Lo siento, es que ests muy lejos y me pongo celosa. - All rights reserved


Viajar en avin - Travelling by plane

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. How much time did Marcos need for the check in and the boarding? a. It took little time. Check in and boarding were very fast. b. He didn't need to check in. c. There was a large queue at the check in and it took him a lot of time. 2. Why were the attendants so friendly? a. Because they wanted to tease the passengers. b. Because they liked Marcos. c. Because they were only doing their job. 3. Why is Maria jealous? a. Because the attendants were friendly to Marcos. b. Because Marcos liked the attendants a lot. c. Because Maria always wanted to be an attendant. - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(a): 2(c): 3(a)

En la agencia de viajes - At the travel agency

Vocabulario y frases

the brochure Why don't you have a look at one of our brochures?

el folleto Por qu no ojean uno de nuestros folletos?

the offer la oferta I invite you to have a look at our offers. Les invito a que echen un vistazo a nuestras ofertas.

the organised trip el viaje organizado If you don't want to waste time, choose Si no quieren perder el tiempo, elijan uno one of our organised trips. de nuestros viajes organizados.

the package trip If you want a customised trip, choose one of our package trips.

el paquete de viaje Si quiere un viaje a su medida, elija uno de nuestros paquetes de viaje.

the itinerary I advise you to follow the marked itinerary.

el itinerario Les aconsejo que sigan el itinerario marcado.

the excursion I recommend signing up for this excursion.

la excursin Les recomiendo que se apunten a esta excursin.

the cruise To enjoy a romantic trip, I advise you to take a cruise in the Greek Islands.

el crucero Para disfrutar de un viaje romntico, les aconsejo un crucero por las islas griegas.

the resort To forget your stress, it's good for you to go to a resort.

el resort Para olvidarse del estrs, es bueno que se vayan a un resort.

the tour I recommend you take a tour through the desert.

el tour Les recomiendo que se hagan un tour por el desierto.

the safari If you like animals, I advise you to go on a safari.

el safari Si les gustan los animales, les aconsejo que se vayan de safari. - All rights reserved


En la agencia de viajes - At the travel agency

the adventure trip If you like a lot of excitement, I suggest an adventure trip.

el viaje de aventura Si les gustan las emociones fuertes, les propongo un viaje de aventura.

the rural tourism If you want to relax, the best thing is rural tourism.

el turismo rural Si quieren relajarse, lo mejor es el turismo rural.

the around-the-world trip If you have time and money, I encourage you to take an around-the-world trip. the panoramic view I advise you to enjoy the panoramic view.

la vuelta al mundo Si tienen tiempo y dinero, les animo a que den la vuelta al mundo.

la vista panormica Les aconsejo que disfruten de la vista panormica.

the economy class la clase turista If you want to spend less money, travel Si quieren gastarse menos dinero, viajen in economy class. en clase turista.

the first class If you want comfort, travel in first class.

la clase preferente Si quieren comodidad, viajen en clase preferente.

the price per person What's the price per person?

el precio por persona Cul es el precio por persona?

the payment method Payment method? By cash or card?

la forma de pago Forma de pago?, en efectivo o con tarjeta?

to make a booking If you want to travel to Peru, you must make a booking in advance.

hacer una reserva Si quieren viajar a Per, deben hacer la reserva con antelacin.

to confirm Your ticket has been confirmed.

confirmar Su billete ha sido confirmado.

to cancel Your ticket has been cancelled.

cancelar Su billete ha sido cancelado. - All rights reserved


En la agencia de viajes - At the travel agency

the travel insurance To travel to Egypt, it would be best to take out travel insurance.

el seguro de viaje Para viajar a Egipto, sera bueno que contrataran un seguro de viaje.

the tourist guide In Turkey, it's advisable to be accompanied by a tourist guide.

el gua turstico En Turqua es aconsejable ir acompaado de un gua turstico. - All rights reserved


En la agencia de viajes - At the travel agency


Anna and her husband want to take a trip in August, so she goes to the travel agency. Anna : Hello, good morning! Travel agency employee: Good morning! What can I do for you? Anna : I want some information about organised trips in August. Travel agency employee: Let's see,we have discounts on safaris. Anna : My husband doesn't like animals. Travel agency employee: How about a cruise round the Mediterranean? Anna : I get sick when I get on a boat. Travel agency employee: Then it's better if you stay at home.

Ana y su marido quieren irse de viaje en agosto, por eso Ana va a la agencia de viajes. Ana: Hola, buenos das! Empleada de la agencia de: Buenos das!, qu desea? Ana: Quiero informarme sobre los viajes organizados para agosto. Empleada de la agencia de: A ver, tenemos descuentos en los safaris. Ana: A mi marido no le gustan los animales. Empleada de la agencia de: Qu le parece un crucero por el Mediterrneo? Ana: Yo me mareo cuando subo a un barco. Empleada de la agencia de: Entonces es mejor que se queden en casa. - All rights reserved


En la agencia de viajes - At the travel agency

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. When do Anna and her husband want to take a trip? a. In summer b. In winter c. For Christmas 2. Where do Anna and her husband want to take a trip? a. Anna and her husband don't know where they want to go. b. Anna and her husband want to go on a safari. c. Anna and her husband want to take a cruise. 3. Why does Anna not want to go on a safari? a. Because Anna gets sick. b. Because Anna doesn't like animals. c. Because her husband doesn't like animals. - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(a): 2(a): 3(c)

Las peores vacaciones de mi vida - My worst holidays ever

Vocabulario y frases

the cancelled flight They've cancelled my flight to Argentina!

el vuelo cancelado Han cancelado mi vuelo a Argentina!

the delayed flight I'm late, because my flight was delayed.

el vuelo retrasado He llegado tarde, porque el vuelo se ha retrasado.

to lose your suitcase perder la maleta Maria had to buy clothes, because they Mara tuvo que comprarse ropa, porque le lost her suitcase. perdieron la maleta.

to break your suitcase We made an official complaint, because they broke our suitcase.

romper la maleta Pusimos una reclamacin, porque nos rompieron la maleta.

excess baggage el exceso de equipaje I had to pay Eur80 for excess baggage. Tuve que pagar 80 Eur por exceso de equipaje.

to get a flat tyre He arrived late for the excursion because the bus got a flat tyre.

pincharse una rueda Lleg tarde a la excursin porque se pinch una rueda del autobs.

to feel dizzy I felt dizzy on the bus, because it was going too fast.

marearse Me mare en el autobs, porque iba demasiado rpido.

to be badly located The hotel was very badly located, it was far from the city.

estar mal ubicado El hotel estaba muy mal ubicado, estaba lejos de la ciudad.

to be far from the beach In the website it said the hotel was next to the beach, but it's very far.

estar lejos de la playa En su pgina web deca que el hotel estaba al lado de la playa, pero est muy lejos. el recepcionista maleducado El recepcionista era muy maleducado y antiptico.

the rude receptionist The receptionist was very rude and unfriendly. - All rights reserved


Las peores vacaciones de mi vida - My worst holidays ever

the boring entertainer The hotel entertainers were very boring and annoying.

el animador aburrido Los animadores del hotel eran muy aburridos y pesados.

to share the bathroom I booked a room with an individual bathroom, but I have a shared bathroom. not to have a swimming pool I demand an explanation! The hotel was supposed to have a swimming pool, but it didn't. to be full I arrived at the hotel and it was full.

compartir el bao Yo reserv una habitacin con bao individual, pero tengo un bao compartido. no tener piscina Exijo una explicacin! El hotel supuestamente tena piscina, pero no era as. estar completo Llegu al hotel y estaba completo.

the out-of-order lift The hotel lift was out-of-order.

el ascensor estropeado El ascensor del hotel estaba estropeado.

there's no hot water Excuse me, there's no hot water in my room.

no hay agua caliente Disculpe, no hay agua caliente en mi habitacin.

the dirty room A four-star hotel and the room's dirty!

la habitacin sucia Un hotel de cuatro estrellas y la habitacin est sucia!

the heating doesn't work Excuse me, the heating in room 321 doesn't work.

la calefaccin no funciona Perdone, la calefaccin de la 321 no funciona.

the dirty towels The towels in my room are dirty, they haven't changed them.

las toallas sucias Las toallas de mi habitacin estn sucias, no las han cambiado.

the indiscreet cleaning staff The cleaning staff entered my room despite the "Do not disturb" sign.

el personal de limpieza indiscreto El personal de limpieza entr en mi habitacin a pesar del cartel No molestar tener diarrea Disculpe, he tenido diarrea debido a la comida del hotel.

to have diarrhea Excuse me, I've had diarrhea due to the hotel food. - All rights reserved


Las peores vacaciones de mi vida - My worst holidays ever

to deceive I feel deceived!

engaar Me siento engaado! - All rights reserved


Las peores vacaciones de mi vida - My worst holidays ever


An angry customer tries to make an official complaint, while the receptionist tries to prevent her. Customer: I want to make an official complaint. I booked a room with an individual bathroom and I've been given one with a shared bathroom. Receptionist: I'm sorry, but all the rooms with individual bathrooms are full. Customer: That's why I want to make an official complaint. Receptionist: The hotel will give you a 25% discount on your next visits. Customer: I assure you there won't be any next visits.

Un cliente enfadado pretende poner una reclamacin, mientras que el recepcionista intenta evitarlo. Cliente: Quiero poner una reclamacin. Yo reserv una habitacin con bao individual y me han dado una con bao compartido. Recepcionista: Lo siento, pero todas las habitaciones con bao individual estn ocupadas. Cliente: Por eso quiero reclamar. Recepcionista: El hotel le recompensar con el 25% de descuento en sus prximas visitas. Cliente: Le aseguro que no habr prximas visitas. - All rights reserved


Las peores vacaciones de mi vida - My worst holidays ever

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. What type of room did the client want? a. The client wanted a room with a shared bathroom. b. The client wanted a room with a private bathroom. c. The client wanted a suite. 2. Why did the client not get the room he asked for? a. Because no rooms of this type were free. b. Because the hotel doesn't have rooms of this type. c. Because the receptionist made a mistake during the reservation 3. Do you think the client was satisfied with the discount he received? a. Yes, the client is thinking about coming back next week. b. No c. Yes - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(b): 2(a): 3(b)

Viajar en tren - Travelling by train

Vocabulario y frases

the train station The train station is in the outskirts of the city.

la estacin de tren La estacin de tren se encuentra a las afueras de la ciudad.

the high speed train The high speed train goes from Madrid to Seville in 2 hours.

el tren de alta velocidad El tren de alta velocidad va de Madrid a Sevilla en 2 horas.

the commuter train She comes into the city from the suburbs on the commuter train.

el tren de cercanas Viene a la ciudad desde las afueras en el tren de cercanas.

the freight train el tren de carga The freight train arrives with the goods El tren de carga llega con la mercanca a at midday. medioda.

the passenger train el tren de pasajeros Is the next train to Boston a passenger El siguiente tren con direccin a Boston train? es de pasajeros?

the sleeper train The sleeper train is very comfortable.

el tren con coches cama El tren con coches cama es muy cmodo.

the tourist class carriage The seats are smaller on the tourist class carriage.

el vagn de clase turista Los asientos del vagn de clase turista son ms pequeos.

the dining carriage I am going to the dining carriage to have a coffee.

el vagn cafetera Me voy al vagn cafetera a tomarme un caf.

the return train ticket I would like a return train ticket to Sydney please.

el billete de ida y vuelta en tren Quisiera un billete de ida y vuelta en tren a Sydney, por favor.

the one-way train ticket el billete slo de ida en tren How much does a one-way ticket cost? Cunto cuesta un billete slo de ida? - All rights reserved


Viajar en tren - Travelling by train

the window seat I like sitting in the window seat.

el asiento de la ventana Me gusta sentarme en el asiento de la ventana.

the aisle seat Would you prefer to sit in the aisle seat?

el asiento del pasillo Prefieres sentarte en el asiento del pasillo?

the train schedule el horario de trenes May I have a copy of the train schedule Me puede dar el horario de trenes, por please? favor?

the departure time What is the departure time of the train?

la hora de salida Cul es la hora de salida de este tren?

the arrival time The arrival time is three o'clock.

la hora de llegada La hora de llegada son las tres en punto.

the platform Which platform does the train leave from?

el andn De qu andn sale el tren?

the train fare How much is the train fare to the city centre?

el precio del billete de tren Cunto cuesta el billete de tren al centro de la ciudad?

the luggage allowance What is the luggage allowance per passenger?

el lmite de equipaje Cul es el lmite de equipaje por pasajero?

the luggage rack Put your suitcase on the luggage rack.

el portaequipajes Coloca tu maleta en el portaequipajes.

the train tracks los rales A tree fell on the train tracks causing a Un rbol cay sobre los rales y provoc delay. un retraso.

the train engine Train engines are no longer run on steam.

la locomotora Las locomotoras ya no funcionan con vapor. - All rights reserved


Viajar en tren - Travelling by train

the train driver The train driver works long hours.

el maquinista El maquinista trabaja durante muchas horas.

the train conductor The train conductor has already punched my ticket.

el interventor del tren El interventor del tren ya me ha picado el billete.

the service disruption There is a service disruption on the intercity train.

la interrupcin del servicio Se ha producido una interrupcin del servicio que presta el tren interurbano.

the delay The train is 15 minutes delayed.

el retraso El tren llega con 15 minutos de retraso. - All rights reserved


Viajar en tren - Travelling by train


Anna is at the train station. Anna: Hello. I would like a return ticket on the inter city train to Paris please. Ticket seller: Certainly. In the first class carriage or tourist class carriage? Anna: In the tourist class carriage please. Ticket seller: Would you like an aisle or a window seat? Anna: A window seat please. Ticket seller: Ok. I am afraid there is a slight delay on the next train. It is 10 minutes late. Anna: That is no problem. How much is the fare? Ticket seller: 22 euros pleaseThank you. Have a good trip.

Ana se encuentra en la estacin de tren. Ana: Hola. Quisiera un billete de ida y vuelta para el tren interurbano a Pars, por favor. Vendedor de billetes: S, claro. En el vagn de primera clase o en el vagn de clase turista? Ana: En el de clase turista, por favor. Vendedor de billetes: Qu desea, ventana o pasillo? Ana: Ventana, por favor. Vendedor de billetes: Muy bien. Me temo que el prximo tren viene con un pequeo retraso de 10 minutos. Ana: No hay problema. Cunto cuesta? Vendedor de billetes: 22 euros, por favor Gracias. Que tenga buen viaje. - All rights reserved


Viajar en tren - Travelling by train

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. What does Anna want? a. She wants a return ticket to Paris. b. She wants a return ticket to Rome. c. She wants a one-way ticket to Paris. 2. What carriage would she like to travel in? a. She would like to travel in the first class carriage. b. She would like to travel in the catering carriage. c. She would like to travel in the tourist class carriage. 3. What is the problem with the train? a. There are no window seats left. b. There is a problem with the train tracks. c. There is a slight delay. - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(a): 2(c): 3(c)

ir de camping - Camping

Vocabulario y frases

the campsite The campsite has many facilities for children.

el camping El camping tiene muchas instalaciones para los nios.

the caravan A caravan is more comfortable than a tent.

la caravana Una caravana es ms confortable que una tienda de campaa.

the camper van Camper vans provide transport and sleeping accomodation.

la autocaravana Las autocaravanas ofrecen transporte y espacio para dormir.

the tent This is a two-man tent.

la tienda de campaa Esta tienda de campaa es para dos personas.

to pitch the tent We should pitch our tent under that tree for shade.

montar la tienda de campaa Deberamos montar la tienda de campaa a la sombra de ese rbol.

the flysheet The flysheet covers the tent.

la sobrecubierta La sobrecubierta cubre la tienda de campaa.

the groundsheet The groundsheet is sewn into the tent.

el suelo impermeable El suelo impermeable est cosido a la tienda de campaa.

the hammer You might need a hammer if the ground is very hard.

el martillo Puede que necesites un martillo si la tierra est demasiado dura.

the pegs Drive the tent peg into the ground to secure the tent.

las estaquillas Hunde la estaquilla en la tierra para fijar la tienda de campaa.

the Swiss Army knife A Swiss Army knife is useful for many things while camping.

la navaja suiza La navaja suiza sirve para muchas cosas cuando se va de camping. - All rights reserved


ir de camping - Camping

the torch You might need a torch at night.

la linterna Puede que necesites una linterna por la noche.

the backpack My things won't fit into my backpack!

la mochila No me cabrn las cosas en la mochila!

the compass I think my compass is broken; it only points north.

la brjula Creo que mi brjula est rota, slo seala el norte.

the air mattress Inflate the air mattress outside of the tent.

la colchoneta Infla la colchoneta fuera de la tienda de campaa.

the sleeping mat A foam sleeping mat is very light to carry.

la esterilla La esterilla de espuma es muy ligera para llevar.

the sleeping bag Never go into your sleeping bag head first.

el saco de dormir Nunca metas la cabeza en primer lugar dentro del saco de dormir.

the mosquito net Use a mosquito net if you are camping near a river.

la mosquitera Utiliza una mosquitera cuando acampes junto a un ro.

the campfire You can sing camping songs around the campfire.

la fogata Puedes cantar canciones de acampada alrededor de la fogata.

the camp stove You can cook sausages on the camp stove.

la cocina de camping Puedes frer salchichas en la cocina de camping.

the vacuum flask You can keep the coffee warm in the vacuum flask.

el termo Puedes conservar el caf caliente en el termo.

the cooler la nevera Keep the milk in the cooler; it might go Guarda la leche en la nevera, podra sour in this heat. estropearse con este calor. - All rights reserved


ir de camping - Camping

the folding chair She needs a folding chair because she has a bad back.

la silla plegable Necesita una silla plegable porque tiene mal la espalda.

the rope A rope is always handy when you are camping.

la cuerda Cuando se va de camping siempre viene bien una cuerda. - All rights reserved


ir de camping - Camping


Maria and Paul are preparing for a camping trip. Maria: Have you seen my sleeping bag? Paul: Yes. I put it next to your backpack. Maria: Great. Thanks. And the torch? Paul: I have put it with the hammer and pegs. Maria: Good. Ok, I am going to get the folding chairs. Paul: But we are going to hike to the campsite!!!How are you going to carry the folding chairs? Maria: Oh, Paul I am not going to carry themyou are!

Mara y Pablo se preparan para ir de camping. Mara: Has visto mi saco de dormir? Pablo: S. Lo puse junto a tu mochila. Mara: Genial, gracias. Y la linterna? Pablo: La he puesto con el martillo y las estaquillas. Mara: Vale, voy a coger las sillas plegables. Pablo: Pero vamos a ir al camping caminando!!! Cmo vas a llevar las sillas plegables? Mara: Oh, Pablo Yo no las voy a llevar Las vas a llevar t! - All rights reserved


ir de camping - Camping

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. Where is Maria's sleeping bag? a. Next to her folding chair. b. Next to the cooler. c. Next to her backpack. 2. Where is the torch? a. With the hammer and pegs. b. With the air mattress and the vacuum flask. c. With the tent and sleeping bags. 3. How is Maria going to carry the folding chairs? a. In her backpack. b. In the car. c. She isn't. Paul is. - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(c): 2(a): 3(c)

Estudiar en el extranjero - Study Abroad

Vocabulario y frases

the study abroad programme Where can I get information on study abroad programmes?

programa de estudios en el extranjero Dnde me puedo informar sobre programas de estudios en el extranjero?

the language programme When does the language programme begin?

el programa de idiomas Cundo comienza el programa de idiomas?

the summer programme Does the summer programme include afternoon classes?

el programa de verano Incluye el programa de verano clases por la tarde?

the internship What are the advantages of doing an internship abroad?

las prcticas Qu ventajas tiene realizar prcticas en el extranjero?

the exchange programme How do I apply for an exchange programme at the University of Westminster? the language academy Where exactly is the language academy situated?

el programa de intercambio Cmo puedo solicitar un programa de intercambio en la Universidad de Westminster? la academia de idiomas Dnde se encuentra exactamente la academia de idiomas?

the intensive course How many lessons a week does the intensive course include?

el curso intensivo Cuntas lecciones a la semana incluye el curso intensivo?

the academic year Can I apply to do a course for the academic year or only for one semester? the semester How much money am I going to need for one semester?

el ao acadmico Puedo solicitar hacer un curso para el ao acadmico entero o slo para un semestre? el semestre Cunto dinero voy a necesitar para un semestre?

the scholarship Are there special scholarships for studying abroad?

la beca Existen becas especiales para estudiar en el extranjero? - All rights reserved


Estudiar en el extranjero - Study Abroad

the expenses What are the average living expenses in your country?

los gastos A cunto ascienden los gastos medios para vivir en tu pas?

the grant I don't have much money. Is there a grant available for this programme?

la subvencin No tengo mucho dinero. Existen subvenciones para este programa?

the application form Where do I send the application form?

el impreso de solicitud Dnde envo el impreso de solicitud?

the admission requirements What are the admission requirements for undergraduate students?

los requisitos de admisin Cules son los requisitos de admisin para estudiantes universitarios?

the accreditation How can I ensure that I am going to get full accreditation for this course?

la acreditacin Cmo puedo saber si obtendr una acreditacin completa por este curso?

the application deadline Can I send in documentation after the application deadline?

la fecha lmite de presentacin de solicitudes Puedo enviar documentacin despus de la fecha lmite de presentacin de solicitudes? la informacin al llegar Existe un programa de orientacin dirigido a los estudiantes de intercambio que acaban de llegar?

the arrival orientation Is there an arrival orientation programme for exchange students?

the enrollment la matrcula Where does the enrollment take place? Dnde se hace la matrcula?

the accommodation How do I apply for accommodation in student halls of residence?

el alojamiento Cmo solicito alojamiento en residencias de estudiantes?

the host family Who is in charge of finding a host family?

la familia anfitriona Quin se encarga de encontrar una familia anfitriona?

the halls of residence Are the halls of residence located within walking distance of the school?

las residencias de estudiantes Se encuentran las residencias de estudiantes cerca de la universidad? - All rights reserved


Estudiar en el extranjero - Study Abroad

the homesickness Is anyone suffering from worse homesickness than me? I really miss my mum. the excursion Are there going to be organised excursions?

la aoranza Hay alguien que sienta ms aoranza que yo? Echo mucho de menos a mi madre. la excursin Se van a hacer excursiones organizadas?

the culture shock el choque cultural Will I notice a huge culture shock when Notar un choque cultural fuerte cuando I arrive at my destination? llegue al pas de destino? - All rights reserved


Estudiar en el extranjero - Study Abroad


Paul is discussing studying abroad for a year with his girlfriend Maria. Paul: So, I have received the application form for the language exchange programme Maria: You mean you are really considering it? Where are you planning on going? Paul: I was thinking about Germany or maybe Italy. Maria: But that is so far away! Why don't you consider staying here with me and taking Italian or German classes here at home? Paul: Maria! I am not just going to learn the language. I also want to experience the culture, the people, the traditions, life in another country. Maria: And the girls! If you go, don't expect to find me here when you get back!

Pablo habla sobre estudiar en el extranjero durante un ao con su novia Mara. Pablo: Bueno, he recibido el impreso de solicitud para realizar el programa de intercambio de idiomas Mara: Quieres decir que te lo ests planteando en serio? Dnde tienes previsto ir? Pablo: Estaba pensando en ir a Alemania, o quizs a Italia. Mara: Pero eso est muy lejos! Por qu no te planteas quedarte aqu conmigo y recibir clases de italiano o de alemn en casa? Pablo: Mara! No slo voy a aprender el idioma. Tambin quiero conocer la cultura, la gente, las tradiciones, la vida en otro pas Mara: Y las chicas! Si te vas, no esperes encontrarme aqu cuando vuelvas! - All rights reserved


Estudiar en el extranjero - Study Abroad

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. Where is Paul thinking about going? a. Spain or Ireland. b. Germany or Italy. c. France or Portugal. 2. Why does he want to study abroad? a. To experience the culture and traditions. b. To get away from Maria. c. To try different types of food. 3. What does Maria want Paul to do? a. To stay and learn Italian or German at home. b. To go and experience another culture. c. To go to Italy and learn to cook. - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(b): 2(a): 3(a)

Te deseo - I wish you ..

Vocabulario y frases



Best wishes!


Happy birthday!

Feliz cumpleaos!

Happy anniversary!

Feliz aniversario!

I wish you all the best!

Te deseo lo mejor!

Take care!


Have a good time!

Que lo pases bien!

Have a good journey!

Buen viaje!

Good luck!

Que tengas suerte!

Sleep well!

Que duermas bien! - All rights reserved


Te deseo - I wish you ..

Get well soon!

Que te mejores!

Enjoy your meal!

Que aproveche!

You don't say!

No me digas!

What a surprise!

Qu sorpresa!


Qu bien!

That's fab!

Qu guay!

I'm so happy!

Qu contento estoy!

I don't mind!

Me da igual!

What a pity!

Qu pena!

How disgusting!

Qu asco!

What a shame!

Qu lstima! - All rights reserved


Te deseo - I wish you ..

I can't stand it any more!

No aguanto ms! - All rights reserved


Te deseo - I wish you ..


Paul has forgotten his wife Christine's birthday, and he is surprised that a special meal has been prepared. Paul: What are we eating today? Christine: There's seafood, roast lamb and chocolate cake. Paul: That's good! Are we celebrating something? Christine: Yes, it's my birthday today. Paul: You don't say! What day is it today? Happy birthday! Christine: You didn't remember . Paul: We'll eat this and then we'll go shopping, alright? Christine: No, I don't want a present from you.

Pablo ha olvidado el cumpleaos de su esposa Cristina y le sorprende que haya un men especial. Pablo: Qu hay para comer hoy? Cristina: Hay marisco, cordero al horno y tarta de chocolate. Pablo: Qu bien!, celebramos algo? Cristina: S, hoy es mi cumpleaos. Pablo: No me digas!, qu da es hoy?, felicidades! Cristina: No te acordabas Pablo: Vamos a comernos esto y despus vamos de compras, vale? Cristina: No, no quiero que me regales nada. - All rights reserved


Te deseo - I wish you ..

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. Why has Christine prepared a special meal? a. Because it's her birthday. b. Because she wants to surprise Paul. c. Because it's her anniversary. 2. What are Christine and Paul going to have for dessert? a. Chocolate cake b. Seafood c. Lamb 3. Why does Christine appear to be angry with Paul? a. Because the cake is bad. b. Because he doesn't want to go shopping. c. Because Paul has forgotten her birthday. - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(a): 2(a): 3(c)

Relaciones - Relationships

Vocabulario y frases

to be in love Robert and Julia had been in love.

estar enamorado Roberto y Julia estaban enamorados.

the partner Do you have a partner?

la pareja Tienes pareja?

the lover Marc met his wife's lover.

el amante Marc conoci al amante de su mujer.

the ex-boyfriend Yesterday I saw my ex-boyfriend and he didn't say hello.

el ex novio Ayer vi a mi ex novio y no me salud.

the ex-girlfriend My ex-girlfriend got married last week.

la ex novia Mi ex novia se cas la semana pasada.

to be engaged Christina and Peter were engaged, they were going to get married, but they've split up. the friendship Your friendship with Ana was sincere.

estar prometido Cristina y Pedro estaban prometidos, se iban a casar, pero han cortado.

la amistad Tu amistad con Ana era sincera.

the friend el amigo When I was young, I had many friends. Cuando era pequeo, tena muchos amigos.

the close friend el amigo ntimo When we went to school, Maria was my Cuando bamos al colegio, Mara era mi close friend. amiga ntima.

the old friend Marc and I are old friends, we met at university.

el viejo amigo Marc y yo somos viejos amigos, nos conocimos en la universidad. - All rights reserved


Relaciones - Relationships

the mate My brother has gone out for a drink with his mates.

el colega Mi hermano ha salido a tomar una copa con sus colegas.

the professional relationship la relacin profesional Anna maintained a strictly professional Ana mantena una relacin estrictamente relationship with her boss. profesional con su jefe.

the boss My boss was always talking on the phone.

el jefe Mi jefe siempre estaba hablando por telfono.

the employee The employees do what the boss orders.

el empleado Los empleados hacen lo que manda el jefe.

the partner Your partner and you are always working.

el socio Tu socio y t siempre estis trabajando.

the workmate I liked having coffee with my workmates.

el compaero de trabajo Me gustaba tomar caf con mis compaeros de trabajo.

the acquaintance I have many acquaintances, but few close friends.

el conocido Tengo muchos conocidos, pero pocos amigos ntimos.

the flatmate I have two flatmates.

el compaero de piso Tengo dos compaeras de piso.

the classmate My classmates used to study a lot.

el compaero de clase Mis compaeros de clase solan estudiar mucho.

the guest Last night I had guests for dinner.

el invitado Anoche tuve invitados para cenar.

the enemy I've never had any enemies.

el enemigo Nunca he tenido ningn enemigo. - All rights reserved


Relaciones - Relationships

the distance relationship Distance relationships are very difficult.

la relacin a distancia Las relaciones a distancia son muy difciles.

The relationship between Ana and Robert is very intense and passionate.

La relacin entre Ana y Robert es muy intensa y apasionada.

My brother and I get on very well.

Mi hermano y yo nos llevamos muy bien.

I don't like Thomas, he's very unfriendly.

Toms me cae mal, es muy antiptico. - All rights reserved


Relaciones - Relationships


A man and his wife are walking along the street. Husband: Darling, when we're walking along the street you always say hello to lots of people. Wife: Yes, I'm very friendly Husband: You know lots of people. Wife: I have lots of friends and workmates. Husband: But you also talk with people you haven't seen for a long time, don't you? Wife: Yes, they're old classmates, neighbours Husband: I'm jealous

Un hombre y su mujer estn paseando por la calle. Marido: Cario, cuando paseamos por la calle siempre saludas a mucha gente. Mujer: S, soy muy simptica Marido: Conoces a mucha gente. Mujer: Tengo muchos amigos y compaeros de trabajo. Marido: Pero tambin hablas con gente que hace tiempo que no ves, no? Mujer: S, son antiguos compaeros de clase, vecinos Marido: Estoy celoso - All rights reserved


Relaciones - Relationships

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1. What is the wife like? a. Anna is unfriendly. b. Anna is friendly. c. Anna is jealous. 2. Do you think the wife knows a lot of people? a. The wife doesn't know anyone. b. No c. Yes 3. Why is the husband jealous? a. Because his wife has a lover. b. Because his wife talks to a lot of people. c. Because he doesn't know as many people as his wife. - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(b): 2(c): 3(b)

Trucos para ligar - Tips for picking up

Vocabulario y frases

to pick up I want to pick up that girl.

ligar Quiero ligar con esa chica.

Hi! Are you alone?

Hola!, ests sola?

Do you mind if I sit down?

Te importa si me siento?

Am I bothering you?


Do I know you from somewhere?

Te conozco de algo?

Your face looks familiar.

Me suena tu cara.

That's my mother's name too!

Mi madre tambin se llama as!

Excuse me, have you got a light?

Perdona, tienes fuego?

Do you want a drink?

Quieres tomar algo?

Do you want to dance?

Quieres bailar? - All rights reserved


Trucos para ligar - Tips for picking up

What colour are your eyes?

De qu color son tus ojos?

Do you know that your eyes are very pretty?

Sabes que tienes unos ojos muy bonitos?

Has anyone ever told you that you have a beautiful smile?

Te han dicho alguna vez que tienes una sonrisa preciosa?

You smell very good, what perfume do you use?

Hueles muy bien, qu perfume utilizas?

It's very hot in here, shall we go outside?

Aqu hace mucho calor, vamos fuera?

Why don't we go somewhere quieter?

Por qu no vamos a un lugar ms tranquilo?

Do you like Jackie Chan films too?

A ti tambin te gustan las pelculas de Jackie Chan?

We have the same tastes.

Tenemos los mismos gustos.

We're made for each other.

Estamos hechos el uno para el otro.

Do you feel like having the last drink in Te apetece tomar la ltima copa en un a pub I know? pub que conozco?

Why don't we have breakfast together? Por qu no desayunamos juntos? - All rights reserved


Trucos para ligar - Tips for picking up

Do you want to go to the beach to see the sunrise?

Quieres ir a ver amanecer en la playa?

My friends have left and I'm on my own, can I stay with you?

Mis amigos se han ido y me he quedado solo, puedo quedarme contigo?

Shall we meet tomorrow?

Quedamos maana?

You have beautiful lips, can I kiss them?

Tienes unos labios muy lindos, puedo besarlos? - All rights reserved


Trucos para ligar - Tips for picking up


Thomas goes up to Julia, who is alone at the disco. Thomas : Hi, what's your name? Julia: Julia. Thomas : What's a beautiful girl like you doing here alone? Julia: Nothinghaving a drink Thomas : And your friends? Julia: They left. And I stayed to have the last drink. Thomas : Do you mind if I sit down? Julia: I'm hoping you will.

Toms se acerca a Julia que est sola en la discoteca. Toms: Hola, Cmo te llamas? Julia: Julia. Toms: Qu est haciendo una chica tan guapa como t aqu sola? Julia: Nada tomando una copa Toms: Y tus amigas? Julia: Se han ido. Y yo me he quedado a tomar la ltima. Toms: Te importa si me siento? Julia: Lo estoy deseando. - All rights reserved


Trucos para ligar - Tips for picking up

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. What is Julia doing in the disco? a. Julia is waiting for her friends. b. Julia is having a last drink. c. Julia is waiting for her boyfriend. 2. What is Thomas trying to do? a. Thomas is trying to pick up Julia. b. Thomas is trying to get to know Julia's friends. c. Thomas is trying to get invited to a last drink by Julia. 3. Do you think Julia is annoyed by Thomas talking to her? a. Julia is very angry with Thomas. b. No, she is not annoyed. c. Yes, she is annoyed. - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(b): 2(a): 3(b)

La primera cita - The first date

Vocabulario y frases

the blind date I don't like blind dates.

la cita a ciegas No me gustan las citas a ciegas.

the first kiss el primer beso Wait until the end of the dinner to give Esprate al final de la cena para darle el her the first kiss. primer beso.

to wear clean underwear At least for the first time, wear clean underwear.

llevar ropa interior limpia Al menos la primera vez, lleva ropa interior limpia.

to clean your teeth Clean your teeth before leaving home.

lavarse los dientes Lvate los dientes antes de salir de casa.

to have bad breath Buy sweets so you don't have bad breath.

tener mal aliento Compra caramelos para no tener mal aliento.

to wear deodorant On your first date you should wear deodorant, especially if it's summer.

ponerse desodorante En tu primera cita debes ponerte desodorante, especialmente si es verano.

to shave Shave so you don't prickle your partner.

afeitarse Afitate para no pinchar a tu pareja.

to depilate You should depilate, to be on the safe side.

depilarse Deplate, ms vale prevenir que curar.

the hug If the boy is very shy, say goodbye with a hug.

el abrazo Si el chico es muy tmido, despdete con un abrazo.

to be punctual Don't be late, be punctual.

ser puntual No llegues tarde, s puntual. - All rights reserved


La primera cita - The first date

invite for dinner Invite your partner for dinner at an expensive restaurant.

invitar a cenar Invita a tu pareja a cenar a un restaurante caro.

to buy flowers Before buying her flowers, make sure she's not allergic.

comprar flores Antes de comprarle flores, asegrate de que no es alrgica.

to buy candy If he's a little fat, don't buy him candy.

comprar bombones Si est un poco gordo no le compres bombones.

to eat garlic During the dinner try not to eat garlic or spicy sauces.

comer ajo Durante la cena intenta no comer ajo ni salsas picantes.

ask a friend for advice. Don't ask a friend for advice, ask your mother.

pedir consejo a un amigo No pidas consejo a un amigo, pdeselo a tu madre.

to get nervous Don't get nervous, otherwise you'll sweat.

ponerse nervioso / nerviosa No te pongas nervioso, si no sudars.

to be yourself Be yourself, think that you're the best.

ser uno mismo / una misma S t misma, piensa que eres la mejor.

to be pushy Don't be pushy, try not to touch your partner too much.

ser un pulpo No seas un pulpo, intenta no tocar demasiado a tu pareja.

to be crazy about someone Ana is crazy about Marc.

estar loco por alguien Ana est loca por Marc.

to seduce seducir My mother seduced my father with her Mi madre sedujo a mi padre con su smile. sonrisa.

to be dating My little brother is dating a girl called Mara.

tener un ligue Mi hermano pequeo tiene un ligue que se llama Mara. - All rights reserved


La primera cita - The first date

to slap If your girl slaps you, you've done something wrong.

dar un bofetn Si tu chica te da un bofetn, algo has hecho mal.

to stand someone up Don't stand your partner up, he will feel very bad.

dar plantn a alguien No des plantn a tu pareja, se sentir muy mal.

to give someone the brush off dar calabazas a alguien If your girl gives you the brush off, look Si tu chica te da calabazas, bscate a for another, there are plenty of fish in otra, el mar est lleno de peces. the sea. How far can I go on the first date? Hasta dnde puedo llegar en la primera cita? - All rights reserved


La primera cita - The first date


A friend asks another for advice for his first date with Claudia. Peter: I'm very nervous, today I'm having dinner with Claudia Marc: Really? That's great! Peter: I need your help! I don't know how to act Marc: Be yourself, I'm sure everything will go well. (The next day) Marc: How was it last night with Claudia? Peter: As I was so nervous, I ate too much. Marc: But that's not bad. Peter: I ate everything on my plate and on hers too. After dinner, I had very bad breath and I had to go to the bathroom several times, how embarrassing! Marc: Now you don't have anything to hide

Un amigo pide consejo a otro para su primera cita con Claudia. Pedro: Estoy muy nervioso, hoy voy a ir a cenar con Claudia Marc: En serio?, qu bien! Pedro: Necesito tu ayuda!, no s cmo actuar Marc: S t mismo, seguro que todo va bien. (Al da siguiente) Marc: Qu tal anoche con Claudia? Pedro: Como estaba tan nervioso, com demasiado Marc: Pero eso no est mal. Pedro: Me com todo mi plato y tambin el suyo. Despus de cenar, tena muy mal aliento y tuve que ir varias veces al bao, qu vergenza! Marc: Ahora no tienes nada que esconder - All rights reserved


La primera cita - The first date

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. Why is Peter nervous? a. Because Peter normally eats too much. b. Because Peter doesn't want to have dinner with Claudia. c. Because Peter is having dinner with Claudia. 2. Why did Peter have a bad breath after the dinner? a. Because he went so often to the bathroom. b. Because he ate too much. c. Because he didn't brush his teeth. 3. How does Peter feel after his date with Claudia? a. Peter is nervous. b. Peter feels satisfied. c. Peter feels embarrassed. - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(c): 2(b): 3(c)

Un poco de poltica - A bit about politics

Vocabulario y frases

democracy Democracy defends the idea that power belongs to the people.

la democracia La democracia defiende la idea de que el poder es del pueblo.

republic The basis of a republic is the right to vote.

la repblica El fundamento de la repblica es el derecho al voto.

dictatorship A dictatorship involves power being concentrated in a single individual.

la dictadura Una dictadura supone la concentracin del poder en un solo individuo.

monarchy Spain has a parliamentary monarchy.

la monarqua En Espaa existe una monarqua parlamentaria.

king The head of state in a monarchy is the king.

el rey En una monarqua el cargo supremo es el rey.

constitution The constitution lays down the rights and obligations of the citizens of a country. government After the elections the new government is instated.

la constitucin La constitucin establece los derechos y las obligaciones de los ciudadanos en un pas. el gobierno Despus de las elecciones, se produce la investidura del nuevo gobierno.

president The president has been elected unanimously.

el presidente El presidente ha sido elegido por unanimidad.

parliament Parliament represents the voice of the people.

el parlamento El parlamento representa la voz del pueblo.

ministry The new ministries will be presented next week.

el ministerio Los nuevos ministerios sern presentados la prxima semana. - All rights reserved


Un poco de poltica - A bit about politics

minister The Finance Minister has said that taxes will rise at the end of the year.

el ministro El Ministro de Economa y Hacienda ha dicho que a finales de ao subirn los impuestos. el Ministerio de Justicia El Ministerio de Justicia se encarga de administrar los juzgados.

The Ministry of Justice The Ministry of Justice has the task of administering the courts.

The Ministry of Defence el Ministerio de Defensa The Army is under the command of the El ejrcito est bajo el mando del Ministry of Defence. Ministerio de Defensa.

The Foreign Office The Foreign Office deals with the state's relations with other countries.

el Ministerio de Asuntos Exteriores El Ministerio de Asuntos Exteriores se ocupa de las relaciones del propio estado con otros pases. el Ministerio de Interior El Ministerio de Interior se encarga de la seguridad ciudadana.

The Home Office The Home Office deals with domestic security matters.

The Ministry of Finance The Ministry of Finance handles tax collection.

el Ministerio de Economa y Hacienda El Ministerio de Economa y Hacienda gestiona la recaudacin de impuestos.

The Ministry of Labour The Ministry of Labour deals with matters involving employment and foreign nationals. The Ministry of Public Works The Ministry of Public Works deals with and undertakes everything related to the country's infrastructures and transport. The Ministry of Education and Sport The Ministry of Education and Sport directs public educational centres.

el Ministerio de Trabajo El Ministerio de Trabajo se encarga de temas en materia de empleo y extranjera. el Ministerio de Fomento El Ministerio de Fomento gestiona y ejecuta todo lo relacionado con las infraestructuras y el transporte del pas. el Ministerio de Educacin y Deportes El Ministerio de Educacin y Deportes administra los centros educativos pblicos. el Ministerio de Cultura El Ministerio de Cultura gestiona los museos y las actividades culturales.

The Ministry of Culture The Ministry of Culture deals with museums and cultural activities.

The Ministry of Health el Ministerio de Sanidad y Consumo The Ministry of Health plans the health El Ministerio de Sanidad y Consumo policy. planifica la poltica de salud. - All rights reserved


Un poco de poltica - A bit about politics

The Ministry of the Environment The Ministry of the Environment plays an important role in the fight against climate change.

el Ministerio de Medio Ambiente El Ministerio de Medio Ambiente juega un papel importante en la lucha contra el cambio climtico. - All rights reserved


Un poco de poltica - A bit about politics


Two friends are discussing the country's economic situation in a luxury restaurant. Peter: Have you heard that the Ministry of Finance has announced a tax increase? Paul: Again? I can't believe it! Peter: I don't understand how the government allows this situation. Paul: I suppose the only way to halt the crisis is for the man in the street to pay. Peter: Yes, but we're a democratic country and we elected this president to represent us. Paul: We can only hope the Ministry of Labour will reduce the unemployment rate Peter: and put wages up, because if they don't Paul: ... if they don't there'll be no more dining out, no more little luxuries...

Dos amigos comentan la situacin econmica del pas en un restaurante lujoso. Pedro: Te has enterado de que el Ministerio de Economa ha anunciado que van a subir los impuestos? Pablo: Otra vez?, no me lo puedo creer! Pedro: No s cmo el gobierno permite esta situacin. Pablo: Supongo que la nica manera de frenar la crisis es que paguen los ciudadanos. Pedro: Ya, pero somos un pas democrtico que hemos elegido a este presidente para que nos represente. Pablo: Solo nos cabe esperar que el Ministerio de Trabajo reduzca la tasa de paro Pedro: y suba los sueldos, porque si no Pablo: si no se acabarn las cenas en restaurantes, los caprichos - All rights reserved


Un poco de poltica - A bit about politics

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. Do you think it is the first time that taxes are being raised in that country? a. Yes, taxes always go up every two years. b. No c. Yes 2. According to Paul, how can the crisis be halted? a. By raising taxes. b. By bringing prices down. c. By changing the president. 3. What could the consequences of this crisis be for Peter and Paul? a. They would have to look for another job. b. They would have to go out and beg. c. They would have to give up their little luxuries. - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(b): 2(a): 3(c)

El da de las elecciones - Election day

Vocabulario y frases

the general election The general election will be held next year.

las elecciones generales Las elecciones generales se celebrarn el ao que viene.

the regional elections The regional elections have been called for March.

las elecciones autonmicas Las elecciones autonmicas han sido convocadas para el mes de marzo.

the municipal elections They said the municipal elections would be held this year.

las elecciones municipales Dijeron que las elecciones municipales se celebraran este ao.

the party The party did a good electoral campaign.

el partido El partido hizo una muy buena campaa electoral.

the opposition The opposition party will try to win the next elections.

la oposicin El partido de la oposicin intentar ganar las prximas elecciones.

the candidate He was elected as candidate for the mayor's office in his municipality.

el candidato Fue elegido como candidato a la alcalda de su municipio.

the leader The leader of the opposition will give a political meeting.

el lder El lder de la oposicin dar un mitin electoral.

to stand in the elections His party stood in the elections, but didn't get any votes.

presentarse a las elecciones Su partido se present a las elecciones, pero no consigui ningn voto.

to campaign Before the elections, the politicians don't stop campaigning.

hacer campaa Antes de las elecciones, los polticos no dejan de hacer campaa.

the electoral campaign The political meeting last night inaugurated the electoral campaign.

la campaa electoral El mitin de anoche inaugur la campaa electoral. - All rights reserved


El da de las elecciones - Election day

the electoral material Our letter boxes are going to be full of electoral material.

la propaganda electoral Nuestros buzones van a estar llenos de propaganda electoral.

the political meeting The last political meeting was a resounding success.

el mitin El ltimo mitin fue un rotundo xito.

the day of reflection The electoral campaign will finish with a day of reflection.

la jornada de reflexin La campaa electoral terminar con la jornada de reflexin.

the referendum The referendum had a very low turnout.

el referndum El referndum tuvo una participacin muy baja.

the electoral table The electoral table was presided over by the leader of the opposition.

la mesa electoral La mesa electoral estuvo presidida por el lder de la oposicin.

to vote Have you decided who you're going to vote for yet?

votar Ya has decidido a quin vas a votar?

the voter The voters will go to the electoral colleges after 10 am.

el votante Los votantes acudirn a los colegios electorales pasadas las 10 de la maana.

the ballot box The ballot boxes will close at 10 pm.

la urna Las urnas se cerrarn a las 10 de la noche.

the ballot paper The ballot papers were counted by the panel of scrutineers.

la papeleta Las papeletas fueron escrutadas por los miembros de la mesa.

the blank vote The number of blank votes has exceeded that of four years ago.

el voto en blanco El nmero de votos en blanco ha superado el de hace 4 aos.

the count The count is being performed very quickly.

el escrutinio El escrutinio se est llevando a cabo muy rpidamente. - All rights reserved


El da de las elecciones - Election day

the abstention Abstention exceeded 40%

la abstencin La abstencin super el 40%.

the term of office la legislatura His last term of office as president was Su ltima legislatura como presidente fue disastrous. desastrosa. - All rights reserved


El da de las elecciones - Election day


A married couple talk about the elections on the day of reflection. Husband: After the disgraceful political meeting led by the leader of the opposition, I suppose you won't vote for him. Wife: I'll vote for whoever I want. Husband: But, didn't you see the disastrous campaign they did. Wife: The election material has been pretty unfortunate, but I believe in their ideas. Husband: And is there no way to make you change your mind? Wife: That's blackmail! Husband: Yes. Wife: Let me think

Un matrimonio habla de las elecciones en la jornada de reflexin. Marido: Despus del vergonzoso mitin que ha protagonizado el lder de la oposicin, supongo que no lo votars. Mujer: Votar a quin yo quiera. Marido: Pero no has visto la campaa tan desastrosa que han llevado a cabo? Mujer: La propaganda electoral ha sido bastante desacertada, pero creo en sus ideas. Marido: Y no hay ninguna manera de hacerte cambiar de opinin? Mujer: Eso es chantaje! Marido: S. Mujer: Djame pensar - All rights reserved


El da de las elecciones - Election day

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. What was the political meeting by the leader of the opposition like? a. The political meeting was amazing. b. The political meeting was disgraceful. c. The political meeting was extraoridnary. 2. What does the wife think of the election material of the opposition party? a. She thinks it has been pretty unfortunate. b. She thinks it's perfect. c. She thinks it's too moderate. 3. Why does the wife support the opposition party? a. Because she liked their political meeting. b. Because she liked their campaign. c. Because she believes in their ideas. - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(b): 2(a): 3(c)

Fe y religin - Faith and Religion

Vocabulario y frases

the religion What religions are practiced in that country?

la religin Qu religiones se practican en ese pas?

the God All religions have a God or Gods.

el Dios Todas las religiones tienen un Dios o varios Dioses.

the monotheism Monotheism is the belief that only one God exists.

el monotesmo El monotesmo es la creencia en la existencia de un nico Dios.

the polytheism el politesmo Polytheism is the belief that more than El politesmo es la creencia en la one God exists. existencia de ms de un Dios.

the faith Inter-faith dialogue is essential between communities of faith.

la fe El dilogo entre fes resulta esencial entre comunidades de fe.

the religious groups Thousands of religious groups exist throughout the world.

los grupos religiosos Existen miles de grupos religiosos en todo el mundo.

Christianity Christianity is a monotheistic religion.

el Cristianismo El Cristianismo es una religin monotesta.

Islam The festival after Ramadan is very important in Islam.

el Islam En el Islam la fiesta despus del Ramadn es muy importante.

Hinduism el Hinduismo Hinduism is the predominant religion in El Hinduismo es la religin predominante India. en la India.

Buddhism Buddhism was founded in India 2,500 years ago.

el Budismo El Budismo se cre en la India hace 2.500 aos. - All rights reserved


Fe y religin - Faith and Religion

Judaism The original language of Judaism is Hebrew.

el Judasmo El idioma original del Judasmo es el hebreo.

Atheism Karl Marx believed in Atheism.

el Ateismo Karl Marx crea en el Ateismo.

the founder Abraham is the founder of Judaism.

el fundador Abraham es el fundador del Judasmo.

the follower She was a devout follower of that religion.

el seguidor Era una seguidora devota de esa religin.

the belief Religious beliefs focus on the ideas of the religion.

la creencia Las creencias religiosas se centran en las ideas de la religin.

the practice Religious practices focus on the customary actions of the religion.

la prctica Las prcticas religiosas se centran en las acciones habituales de la religin.

the sacred text Most religions have sacred texts.

el texto sagrado La mayora de las religiones tienen textos sagrados.

the place of worship Aplace of worshipis a place where acongregation comes to pray.

el lugar de culto Un lugar de culto es aquel en el que los fieles se renen para rezar.

the worship Worship is an act of devotion directed to God.

rendir culto Rendir culto constituye un acto de devocin dirigido a Dios.

the prayer la oracin Some people use prayer to talk to God. Algunas personas utilizan la oracin para hablar con Dios.

the ceremony Marriage is a common religious ceremony in most religions.

la ceremonia El matrimonio es una ceremonia religiosa habitual en la mayora de las religiones. - All rights reserved


Fe y religin - Faith and Religion

the pilgrimage el peregrinaje A pilgrimage is a long journey to a holy El peregrinaje es un largo viaje a un lugar place. sagrado.

the ritual A religious ritual is the form of conducting a religious ceremony.

el ritual El ritual religioso es la forma de conducir una ceremonia religiosa.

the symbol The wheel of life is a religious symbol in Buddhism.

el smbolo La rueda de la vida es un smbolo religioso del Budismo.

the spirituality Spirituality is the attachment to religious values.

la espiritualidad La espiritualidad es el apego a los valores religiosos. - All rights reserved


Fe y religin - Faith and Religion


Thomas is telling his mother about his day. Mother: So what did you learn in school today? Thomas: We learned about Buddhism and Hinduism. Mother: Oh yes? What did you learn about them? Thomas: We learned about their religious rituals and ceremonies. Mother: What else did you learn about them? Thomas: We learned that in Hinduism, many rituals and ceremonies happen at home. Mother: Tell me all about what you have learned. Thomas: Well there is one ceremony called

Toms cuenta a su madre cmo le ha ido el da. Madre: Qu has aprendido hoy en el colegio? Toms: Hemos aprendido cosas sobre el Budismo y el Hinduismo. Madre: Ah, s? Y qu es lo que habis aprendido? Toms: Hemos aprendido cosas sobre sus rituales y ceremonias religiosas. Madre: Y qu ms cosas habis aprendido? Toms: Hemos aprendido que en el Hinduismo, muchos rituales y ceremonias tienen lugar en casa. Madre: Cuntame todo lo que habis aprendido. Toms: Pues hay una ceremonia que se llama - All rights reserved


Fe y religin - Faith and Religion

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. What did Thomas learn about in school today? a. About Buddhism and Hinduism. b. About Christianity and Islam. c. About Judaism. 2. What did he learn about the religions? a. About their places of worship. b. About their religious rituals and ceremonies. c. About their religious symbols. 3. Where do many Hindu ceremonies and rituals take place? a. In the garden. b. In a temple. c. At home. - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(a): 2(b): 3(c)

Nos casamos! - Getting married!

Vocabulario y frases

to ask for somebody's hand Marc asked my father for my hand.

pedir la mano Marc le pidi mi mano a mi padre.

engaged Ever since Thomas asked me to marry him, we have been engaged.

prometido / prometida Desde que Toms me pidi que nos casramos, estamos prometidos.

to get married Maria and Marcos got married last month.

casarse Mara y Marcos se casaron el mes pasado.

the stag / hen night There was a striptease on the stag night.

la despedida de soltero / soltera En la despedida de soltero hubo striptease.

the wedding My wedding day was the most special day in my life.

la boda El da de mi boda fue el ms especial de mi vida.

the religious ceremony A few years ago all the ceremonies were religious.

la ceremonia religiosa Hace unos aos todas las ceremonias eran religiosas.

the civil ceremony la ceremonia civil 20 years ago civil ceremonies were not Hace 20 aos las ceremonias civiles no common at all. eran nada frecuentes.

To say yes, I do Anna said "yes, I do" to Marcos on the beach.

dar el s quiero Ana le dio el s quiero a Marcos en la playa.

the wedding march la marcha nupcial The wedding march sounded when the La marcha nupcial sonaba, mientras los bride and groom entered the church. novios entraban a la iglesia.

the dress Claudia designed her own wedding dress.

el traje Claudia dise su propio traje de novia. - All rights reserved


Nos casamos! - Getting married!

the bouquet Anna threw the bouquet and her sister in-law caught it.

el ramo Ana lanz el ramo y su cuada lo cogi.

the garter la liga My grandmother gave the garter to my Mi abuela le regal la liga a mi madre. mother.

the veil The veil was a symbol of purity.

el velo El velo era un smbolo de pureza.

the rings Traditionally rings have been a symbol of union.

los anillos Tradicionalmente los anillos han sido un smbolo de unin.

the page boy The page boys carried the unity coins.

el paje Los pajes llevaban las arras.

the bridesmaid The bridesmaids were all dressed in green.

la dama de honor Las damas de honor iban todas vestidas de verde.

the bride's father The bride's father led the bride to the altar.

el padre de la novia El padre de la novia llev a la novia al altar.

the groom's mother The groom's mother accompanied the groom to the ceremony.

la madre del novio La madre del novio acompa al novio a la ceremonia.

the wedding photographs There were a lot of wedding photographs.

el reportaje fotogrfico El reportaje fotogrfico fue largo.

the reception The reception was held in a hotel.

el banquete El banquete se celebr en un hotel.

the invitation The bride and groom gave the invitations out to each of the guests.

la invitacin Los novios repartieron las invitaciones a cada uno de los invitados. - All rights reserved


Nos casamos! - Getting married!

the wedding list The bride and groom made a wedding list with everything they needed.

la lista de boda Los novios hicieron una lista de boda con todo lo que necesitaban.

the guest el invitado They had many guests on their list, but Tenan muchos invitados en su lista, pero not all of them went to the reception. no fueron todos al banquete.

the souvenirs We gave the guests souvenirs.

los recuerdos Regalamos recuerdos a los invitados.

the honeymoon la luna de miel The bride and groom went to China for Los novios se fueron a China de luna de their honeymoon. miel. - All rights reserved


Nos casamos! - Getting married!


A bride and her mother before the wedding. Bride: I'm very nervous, I think I'm forgetting something. Bride's mother: Everything's going to be fine. Bride: Let's seewhere is the bouquet? And the garter? Bride's mother: They're here, don't worry. Bride: And my father? Where's dad? Bride's mother: He went to buy some pills for his stomach. Bride: For sure he's in the bar and he'll be late. Bride's mother: Don't worry!

Una novia y su madre antes de la boda. Novia: Estoy muy nerviosa, creo que se me olvida algo. Madre de la novia: Todo va a salir bien. Novia: A ver dnde est el ramo? Y la liga? Madre de la novia: Estn aqu, no te preocupes. Novia: Y el padrino?, dnde est pap? Madre de la novia: Ha ido a comprar pastillas para el estmago. Novia: Seguro que est en el bar y llega tarde. Madre de la novia: No te preocupes! - All rights reserved


Nos casamos! - Getting married!

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. Has the bride forgotten the bouquet and the garter? a. Yes b. The father has brought the bouquet and the garter. c. No 2. Who is the witness at the wedding? a. The groom's dad. b. The bride's dad. c. The bride's uncle. 3. Why do you think the bride's dad goes to buy some pills for his stomach? a. Because he was nervous and had a stomach ache. b. Because he is ill. c. Because he doesn't want to go to the wedding. - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(c): 2(b): 3(a)

Exprsate - Express yourself

Vocabulario y frases

to regard They regard it as the best possible option right now.

considerar La consideran la mejor opcin posible en estos momentos.

to assume I assume you know what you are talking about.

asumir Asumo que sabes sobre lo que ests hablando.

to imagine I imagine people will lose their jobs because of the merger.

imaginarse Me imagino que habr gente que pierda su trabajo por causa de la fusin.

to maintain I maintain that she was right all along.

mantener Mantengo que ella siempre estuvo en lo cierto.

to suppose I suppose he is going to cancel his trip next week.

suponer Supongo que va a cancelar su viaje la prxima semana.

to recommend I recommend you take some time off and rest.

recomendar Te recomiendo que te tomes unos das libres y que descanses.

to consider I consider this to be the most important issue on the agenda.

considerar Considero que esta es la cuestin ms importante del orden del da.

to concur I concur with everything you are saying.

coincidir Coincido con todo lo que ests diciendo.

to agree I agree with you whole heartedly.

estar de acuerdo Estoy completamente de acuerdo contigo.

to recognize reconocer They recognized the fact that they had Reconocieron el hecho de que haban made a mistake. cometido un error. - All rights reserved


Exprsate - Express yourself

to acknowledge We acknowledge that we have signed the contract.

admitir Admitimos que hemos firmado el contrato.

to admit I admit that you have a point.

confesar Confieso que tienes razn.

to approve The proposal was approved immediately.

aprobar La propuesta se aprob inmediatamente.

to be in favour of I have never been in favour of the smoking ban in bars.

estar a favor de Nunca he estado a favor de la prohibicin de fumar en los bares.

to tend to I tend to side with the other political party.

tender a Tiendo a ponerme de parte del otro partido poltico.

to regret I regret having said what I did.

lamentar Lamento haber dicho lo que hice.

to disagree I disagree with the second point that you made.

discrepar Discrepo con el segundo punto que propusiste.

to argue She argued her point right up until the end.

argumentar Ella argument su postura hasta el final.

to decline His offer was declined.

rechazar Su oferta fue rechazada.

to be opposed to oponerse a She was opposed to the death penalty. Se opuso a la pena de muerte.

to object I don't object to what you are doing.

objetar No objeto lo que ests haciendo. - All rights reserved


Exprsate - Express yourself

to doubt I doubt that it will rain today.

dudar Dudo que hoy vaya a llover.

to challenge retar Don't challenge me. You know I always No me retes, sabes que siempre gano. win.

to insinuate Are you insinuating that I shouldnt have gotten the job?

insinuar Ests insinuando que no me deberan haber dado el trabajo?

to suspect I suspect that they may have been cooking the books.

sospechar Sospecho que han estado amaando las cuentas. - All rights reserved


Exprsate - Express yourself


Paul and Maria are discussing todays meeting. Paul: I tend to think it was a good move to sack the office manager. Maria: I would be in favour of firing the advertising manager too. Paul: I disagree. He has always done an excellent job. Maria: I admit he has done an excellent job, but he was caught stealing! Paul: I maintain he was tricked by the office manager. Maria: I suspect that too but he was stupid to do it. The way I see it he should have been sacked. Paul: I don't know. I feel sorry for him. Maria: Well, in my opinion, you are too soft.

Pablo y Mara comentan la reunin de hoy. Pablo: Tiendo a pensar que despedir al director de la oficina ha sido una buena decisin. Mara: Yo estara a favor de que despidieran tambin al director de publicidad. Pablo: Yo no estoy de acuerdo. Siempre ha hecho un trabajo excelente. Mara: Confieso que ha hecho un trabajo excelente Pero le cogieron robando! Pablo: Mantengo que fue engaado por el director de la oficina. Mara: Yo sospecho lo mismo, pero fue un estpido por hacerlo. Segn lo veo yo, deberan haberle despedido. Pablo: No lo s. Lo siento por l. Mara: Bueno, en mi opinin, eres demasiado compasivo. - All rights reserved


Exprsate - Express yourself

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. What does Paul tend to think was a good move? a. Sacking the advertising manager. b. Sacking the sales manager. c. Sacking the office manager. 2. Who would Maria be in favor of firing? a. The office manager. b. Paul. c. The advertising manager. 3. What does Paul maintain happened to the advertising manager? a. He did an excellent job. b. He was tricked by the office manager. c. He felt sorry for him. - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(c): 2(c): 3(b)

Ley y justicia - Law and Justice

Vocabulario y frases

the judge Everyone stood up when the judge entered the courtroom.

el juez Todos se levantaron cuando el juez entr en la sala.

the defense barrister The defense barrister argued his case very well.

el abogado defensor El abogado defensor defendi el caso muy bien.

the prosecution barrister The prosecution barrister explained the case to the court.

el fiscal El fiscal explic el caso al tribunal.

the lawyer The lawyer completed all the necessary paperwork before the trial.

el abogado El abogado cumpliment toda la documentacin necesaria antes del juicio.

the accused The accused arrived at the trial in an expensive suit.

el acusado El acusado lleg al juicio vestido con un traje caro.

the jury The jury was made up of 7 men and 5 women.

el jurado El jurado estaba formado por 7 hombres y 5 mujeres.

the witness The witness claimed that he saw the accused kill the woman.

el testigo El testigo afirm que vio cmo el acusado mataba a la mujer.

the victim The victim was nervous about seeing her aggressor.

la vctima A la vctima le pona nerviosa tener que ver al agresor.

the courtroom Many of the victim's family were present in the courtroom.

la sala Muchos familiares de la vctima se encontraban en la sala.

the trial The judge advised that the trial could take 3 weeks to complete.

el juicio El juez inform que el juicio podra tardar 3 semanas en concluir. - All rights reserved


Ley y justicia - Law and Justice

the justice The prosecution claimed that justice would be done.

la justicia La fiscala afirm que se hara justicia.

to take an oath The accused took an oath before the trial began.

tomar juramento El acusado tom juramento antes de que empezara el juicio.

the evidence There is a lot of evidence against him.

las pruebas Hay muchas pruebas en su contra.

the offence What offence is the accused being tried for?

el delito Por qu delito juzgan al acusado?

the verdict el veredicto Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, have Seoras y seores del jurado Tienen ya you reached a verdict? su veredicto?

guilty We are all certain that he is guilty.

culpable Estamos todos seguros de que es culpable.

innocent If she is innocent, she will walk free.

inocente Si es inocente, quedar en libertad.

the sentence At the end of the trial, the judge pronounced a sentence.

la sentencia Al final del proceso el juez pronunci la sentencia.

the community service He had to do 300 hours of community service for robbing the car.

los servicios comunitarios Tuvo que prestar 300 horas de servicios comunitarios por robar el coche.

the fine She was fined EUR 2000 as it was her first offence.

la multa La multaron con 2000 euros porque era su primer delito.

the jail He was given 2 years in jail for his crime.

la crcel Le condenaron a 2 aos de crcel por el delito. - All rights reserved


Ley y justicia - Law and Justice

the probation He is on 3 years probation because he had done 2 years in prison.

la libertad condicional Se encuentra en libertad condicional durante 3 aos porque cumpli 2 aos de condena en la crcel. la apelacin Present una apelacin porque no estaba conforme con el resultado.

the appeal He applied for an appeal because he wasn't happy with the outcome.

to acquit The court case was acquitted for lack of evidence.

sobreseer El tribunal sobresey la causa por falta de pruebas. - All rights reserved


Ley y justicia - Law and Justice


Paul is in court accused of robbery and awaiting the jury for the verdict. Judge: Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, have you reached a verdict? Jury: Yes, your honour. We have. We, the jury find the accused Paul Smith guilty as charged of robbery. Judge: Very well. Judge: Mr. Paul Smith, I am sentencing you to 6 months in jail and a fine of EUR 500 to be paid to the victim. Jury: But that's not fair! Judge: Silence. I am also going to impose 100 hours of community service when you leave jail so you will think twice about committing a crime againTake him away!

Pablo se encuentra en el juzgado acusado de robo a la espera de que el jurado d su veredicto. Juez: Seoras y seores del jurado Tienen ya su veredicto? Juzgado: S, su Seora, lo tenemos. Nosotros, el jurado, consideramos que Pablo es culpable de robo. Juez: Muy bien. Juez: Sr. Pablo Smith, le sentencio a 6 meses de crcel y a una multa de 500 euros que deber abonar a la vctima. Juzgado: Pero eso no es justo! Juez: Silencio. Tambin le voy a imponer 100 horas de servicios a la comunidad cuando salga de la crcel. As se lo pensar dos veces antes de volver a delinquir Llvenselo! - All rights reserved


Ley y justicia - Law and Justice

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. What verdict have the jury reached? a. They haven't reached a verdict yet. b. That Paul is innocent. c. That Paul is guilty. 2. What sentence does the judge impose on Paul? a. None. b. 6 months in jail and a fine of EUR 500. c. He has been given one year probation. 3. Why does the judge also decide to impose 100 hours of community service on Paul? a. So that he doesn't have to sentence him to 1 year in jail. b. So that he will think twice about committing a crime again. c. So that he will commit a crime again. - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(c): 2(b): 3(b)

La crisis financiera - The financial crisis

Vocabulario y frases

the financial crisis The financial crisis has affected many European countries.

la crisis financiera La crisis financiera ha afectado a muchos pases europeos.

the stock market crash The stock market crash is a sudden dramatic decline of stock prices.

el colapso de la bolsa El colapso de la bolsa es un descenso repentino y drstico del precio de los valores. la ralentizacin de la economa La ralentizacin de la economa est teniendo un efecto enorme sobre los precios de la vivienda. la recesin La recesin es un descenso significativo de la actividad econmica.

the economic slowdown The economic slowdown is having a huge effect on house prices.

the recession A recession is a significant decline in economic activity.

the credit crunch A credit crunch is a sudden reduction in the availability of loans from banks.

la crisis crediticia La crisis crediticia es una reduccin repentina de la concesin de crditos por los bancos. la economa global La participacin de China en la economa global ha aumentado significativamente en los ltimos aos. los precios elevados de las materias primas La mano de obra econmica y los precios elevados de las materias primas estn aumentando la crisis financiera.

the global economy China's share of the global economy has increased a lot in the past few years. the high commodity prices Cheap labour and high commodity prices are fueling the financial crisis.

the inflation la inflacin Inflation is a rise in the general level of La inflacin es un aumento del nivel prices of goods and services in an general de los precios de los productos y economy. de los servicios en una economa. the money markets The money market is the global financial market for giving short-term loans. the bailout plan The government will spend up to $700 billion in the bailout plan. los mercados de dinero El mercado de dinero es el mercado financiero mundial para la concesin de prstamos a corto plazo. el plan de rescate El gobierno gastar hasta 700.000 millones de $ en el plan de rescate. - All rights reserved


La crisis financiera - The financial crisis

the guarantee Many countries have guaranteed personal savings in bank accounts.

la garanta Muchos pases tienen ahorros personales garantizados en cuentas bancarias.

the loan el prstamo Some banks provide low interest loans. Algunos bancos ofrecen prstamos a tipos de inters bajos.

the mortgage Mortgages can either have fixed or variable rates of interest.

la hipoteca Las hipotecas pueden tener tipos de inters fijos o variables.

the sub-prime mortgage Sub-prime mortgages carry a higher risk to the lender.

la hipoteca basura Las hipotecas basura implican un mayor riesgo para el banco.

the rate of interest The rates of interest on car loans have risen recently.

el tipo de inters Los tipos de inters de los prstamos para comprar coches han subido recientemente. la clasificacin Los ttulos pueden tener clasificaciones que van desde AAA, los ms seguros, hasta D.

the rating Bonds can have a rating which range from AAA, the safest, down to D.

the assets el activo The assets of many corporations have El activo de muchas compaas se ha been frozen due to the economic crisis. congelado debido a la crisis econmica.

the equity Your equity is the amount your house is worth minus the amount of mortgage debt that it has.

el valor de la propiedad El valor de su propiedad es el precio de su vivienda menos el importe de la deuda hipotecaria que recae sobre ella.

the debt la deuda Many people have debts which can Mucha gente tiene deudas que pueden seriously affect their financial situation. afectar gravemente a su situacin financiera. the toxic debt Toxic debts are debts that are very unlikely to be recovered from borrowers. the profit This year's profits are down on last years. la deuda txica Las deudas txicas son deudas con muy poca probabilidad de ser cobradas.

el beneficio Los beneficios de este ao son inferiores a los de aos anteriores. - All rights reserved


La crisis financiera - The financial crisis

the shareholder The shareholders are expecting a big payout.

el accionista Los accionistas estn esperando cobrar grandes dividendos.

the recapitalisation Recapitalisation is when money is injected into a company which reduces its debts. the investment bank Governments have had to bail out many investment banks.

la recapitalizacin La recapitalizacin tiene lugar cuando se inyecta dinero a una compaa para reducir su endeudamiento. el banco de inversin Los gobiernos han tenido que rescatar muchos bancos de inversin.

the profit warning Companies issue a statement indicating that its profits will not be as high as it had expected.

las revisiones a la baja de los resultados Las compaas publican un informe indicando que los beneficios no sern tan elevados como los previstos. - All rights reserved


La crisis financiera - The financial crisis


Maria is reading the newspaper. Maria: It says here that the financial crisis is affecting most countries Paul: Yes. It is going to affect everyone now. The cost of my mortgage rose 120 euro per month last month. Maria: Wow. That is a lot. And inflation is still at about 4% which is a lot. Paul: I am not sure what to do with all my stocks and shares either. Maria: You have stocks and shares and a house? ..Are you married by any chance? Paul: Ummmm

Mara lee el peridico. Mara: Aqu dice que la crisis financiera est afectando a la mayora de los pases Pablo: S. Ahora nos va a afectar a todos. El mes pasado el precio de mi hipoteca subi 120 euros. Mara: Guau! Eso es mucho. Y la inflacin sigue muy alta, alrededor del 4%. Pablo: Tampoco s muy bien qu hacer con las acciones y los valores que tengo. Mara: Tienes acciones, valores y una casa?... Por casualidad ests casado? Pablo: Ummmm - All rights reserved


La crisis financiera - The financial crisis

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. What is Maria reading about in the newspaper? a. The cost of houses. b. The financial crisis. c. The football game. 2. By how much did Paul's mortgage rise last month? a. By 210 euro. b. By 100 euro. c. By 120 euro. 3. Why does Maria ask Paul if he is married? a. Because she thinks he is rich. b. Because she would like to meet his wife. c. Because she thinks he is poor. - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(b): 2(c): 3(a)

Las partes del cuerpo - Parts of the body

Vocabulario y frases

the head I'm wearing a hat on my head.

la cabeza Llevo un sombrero en la cabeza.

the face You have a beautiful face.

la cara Tienes una cara bonita.

the hair I have short hair.

el pelo Tengo el pelo corto.

the skin You have soft skin.

la piel Tienes la piel suave.

the eyes My mother has blue eyes.

los ojos Mi madre tiene los ojos azules.

the ears You have very small ears.

las orejas Tienes orejas muy pequeas.

the mouth I like your mouth.

la boca Me gusta tu boca.

the nose I don't like my nose.

la nariz No me gusta mi nariz.

the teeth You have very white teeth.

los dientes Tienes los dientes muy blancos.

the neck I'm wearing a necklace on my neck.

el cuello Llevo un collar en el cuello. - All rights reserved


Las partes del cuerpo - Parts of the body

the throat I have a sore throat.

la garganta Me duele la garganta.

the back My back hurts.

la espalda Me duele la espalda.

the shoulder I've broken my shoulder.

el hombro Me he roto el hombro.

the arm My brother has very long arms.

el brazo Mi hermano tiene los brazos muy largos.

the hand Give me your hand.

la mano Dame la mano.

the nail One of my nails has broken.

la ua Se me ha roto una ua.

the elbow el codo The elbow is between the shoulder and El codo est entre el hombro y la mano. the hand.

the stomach My stomach hurts, I've eaten too much.

el estmago Me duele el estmago, he comido demasiado.

the leg I have very short legs.

la pierna Tengo las piernas muy cortas.

the knee My knee hurts.

la rodilla Me duele la rodilla.

the ankle Manuela has a tattoo on her ankle.

el tobillo Manuela tiene un tatuaje en el tobillo. - All rights reserved


Las partes del cuerpo - Parts of the body

the foot Marc has very big feet.

el pie Marc tiene los pies muy grandes. - All rights reserved


Las partes del cuerpo - Parts of the body


A couple in their house. Peter: I have a headache, I worked too much today. Claudia: I've been to the gym and my legs and knees hurt. Peter: My back also hurts. Claudia: You seem tired. Peter: I'm very tired, I'm going to bed. Claudia: Me too, good night!

Una pareja de novios en casa. Pedro: Me duele la cabeza, he trabajado mucho hoy. Claudia: Yo he ido al gimnasio y me duelen las piernas y las rodillas. Pedro: Adems tengo dolor de espalda. Claudia: Pareces cansado. Pedro: Estoy muy cansado, me voy a la cama. Claudia: Yo tambin, buenas noches! - All rights reserved


Las partes del cuerpo - Parts of the body

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. Why does Peter have a headache? a. Because he has slept too much. b. Because he went to the gym. c. Because he has worked too much. 2. What's wrong with Claudia? a. Claudia's knees are hurting. b. Claudia's back is hurting. c. Claudia has a headache. 3. What is Peter going to do? a. Peter is going to bed. b. Peter is going to the gym. c. Peter is going to work. - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(c): 2(a): 3(a)

No me encuentro bien - I don't feel well

Vocabulario y frases

How do you feel?

Cmo te encuentras?

I don't feel well.

No me encuentro bien.

What's the matter?

Qu te pasa?

ill I'm ill.

enfermo / enferma Estoy enferma.

the headache If you have a headache, take a pill.

el dolor de cabeza Si tienes dolor de cabeza, tmate una pastilla.

the sore throat I have a sore throat.

el dolor de garganta Tengo dolor de garganta.

the illness If you have an illness, listen to your doctor.

la enfermedad Si tienes alguna enfermedad, escucha a tu mdico.

the flu When you have flu, you have a fever and your whole body aches.

la gripe Cuando tienes la gripe, tienes fiebre y te duele todo el cuerpo.

to have a cold If you have a cold, drink a lot of water.

estar resfriado / resfriada Si ests resfriada, bebe mucha agua.

the cough If you have a cough, you shouldn't smoke.

la tos Si tienes tos, no debes fumar. - All rights reserved


No me encuentro bien - I don't feel well

the fever If you have a fever, go to bed.

la fiebre Si tienes fiebre, vete a la cama.

the virus When you have a virus, you have to take medicines.

el virus Cuando tienes un virus, tienes que tomarte medicamentos.

the blocked nose When you have a blocked nose, you can't breathe well.

la congestin nasal Cuando tienes congestin nasal, no puedes respirar bien.

runny nose When you have a runny nose, don't forget to take handkerchiefs.

el catarro Cuando tienes catarro, no olvides llevar los pauelos.

stomach ache If you have a stomach ache, don't eat fatty food.

dolor de estmago Si tienes dolor de estmago, no comas grasas.

the diarrhea If you have diarrhea, you shouldn't eat chocolate.

la diarrea Si tienes diarrea, no debes comer chocolate.

sick If you feel sick, have a tea.

las nuseas Si tienes nuseas, tmate una infusin.

faint If you're feeling faint, sit down.

mareado / marearse Si ests mareado, sintate.

to vomit If you vomit, then something didn't agree with you.

vomitar Si vomitas, algo te ha sentado mal.

stressed When you're stressed, try to relax.

estresado / estresada Cuando ests estresada, intenta relajarte.

the allergy If you have an allergy, you sneeze especially in spring.

la alergia Si tienes alergia, estornudas especialmente en primavera. - All rights reserved


No me encuentro bien - I don't feel well


A father and son are at home. Father: You don't look too good, do you feel alright? Son: No, I have a headache and a sore throat. Father: Let's seeYou seem to have a fever. Son: I also have a runny nose. Father: The truth is I have a bit of a headache too. Son: All my classmates are ill. Father: Let's go to the doctor now!

Un padre y un hijo estn en casa. Padre: Tienes mala cara, te encuentras bien? Hijo: No, me duele la cabeza y la garganta. Padre: A ver Parece que tienes fiebre. Hijo: Adems tengo mocos. Padre: La verdad es que a m tambin me duele la cabeza un poco. Hijo: Todos mis compaeros de clase estn malos. Padre: Nos vamos al mdico ya! - All rights reserved


No me encuentro bien - I don't feel well

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. What's wrong with the son? a. He doesn't want to go to class. b. He has got diarrhea. c. He has a sore throat. 2. Why do you think is the son ill? a. Because he doesn't want to go to class. b. Because he wants to go to a doctor. c. Because all his classmates are ill. 3. How does the father feel? a. The father has fever. b. The father has a sore throat. c. The father has a headache. - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(c): 2(c): 3(c)

Algo de anatoma - Some anatomy

Vocabulario y frases

the skeleton Move your skeleton!

el esqueleto Mueve el esqueleto!

the bone Milk is very good for your bones.

el hueso La leche es muy buena para tus huesos.

the brain The brain controls the body's movements.

el cerebro El cerebro ordena los movimientos del cuerpo.

the nerve The nerves transmit the information sent by the brain.

el nervio Los nervios transmiten la informacin que ordena el cerebro.

the spine Sit correctly so as not to damage your spine.

la columna Sintate correctamente para no daar tu columna.

the rib A fight could result in several broken ribs.

la costilla Una pelea puede terminar en varias costillas rotas.

the hip Move your hips when you dance salsa.

la cadera Mueve las caderas cuando bailes salsa.

the organ The heart is the organ that pumps blood.

el rgano El corazn es el rgano que impulsa la sangre.

the lung Tobacco is harmful for the lungs.

el pulmn El tabaco es perjudicial para los pulmones.

the liver Alcohol is very bad for the liver.

el hgado El alcohol es muy malo para el hgado. - All rights reserved


Algo de anatoma - Some anatomy

the kidney If you drink a lot of water your kidneys will work perfectly.

el rin Si bebes mucha agua, tus riones funcionarn perfectamente.

the intestine Excess fat is not recommendable for the intestine.

el intestino El exceso de grasa no es recomendable para el intestino.

the waist When you dance take the girl by the waist.

la cintura Cuando bailes, coge a la chica de la cintura.

belly If you eat a lot you'll have a fat belly.

la barriga Si comes mucho, tendrs una gran barriga.

the chest If you have a cough you might have chest problems.

el pecho Si tienes tos, puede que tengas problemas de pecho.

the skin Collagen is very good for the skin.

la piel El colgeno es muy bueno para la piel.

the forehead Many young people have pimples on their forehead.

la frente Muchos jvenes tienen granos en la frente.

the cheek Put some rouge on your cheeks.

la mejilla Ponte colorete en las mejillas.

the chin la barbilla If you don't shave your chin you'll have Si no te afeitas la barbilla, te saldr a goatee. perilla.

the eyebrow If you pluck your eyebrows, your eyes will look bigger.

la ceja Si te depilas las cejas, tus ojos parecern ms grandes.

the eyelash Put mascara on your eyelashes.

la pestaa Ponte rmel en las pestaas. - All rights reserved


Algo de anatoma - Some anatomy

grey hair If you remove a grey hair, five more will come out.

la cana Si te quitas una cana, te saldrn cinco ms. - All rights reserved


Algo de anatoma - Some anatomy


Thomas is telling Robert about his medical check-up. Thomas: I went to the doctor's today for a check-up. Robert: What did he say? Thomas: I've got to look after myself. Robert: That's normal. Thomas: He also told me not to smoke because my lungs are in a bad way. Robert: I'm always telling you that and I'm not a doctor. Thomas: ... not to drink alcohol, not to eat fats, Robert: Instead of meeting in the bar we'll meet in the gym next time.

Toms le cuenta a Roberto su revisin mdica. Toms: Hoy he ido al mdico para hacerme una revisin. Roberto: Y qu te ha dicho? Toms: Que tengo que cuidarme Roberto: Eso es normal. Toms: Tambin me ha dicho que no fume, porque mis pulmones no estn bien. Roberto: Eso te lo digo yo siempre y no soy mdico. Toms: que no beba alcohol, que no coma grasas, Roberto: En lugar de vernos en el bar, la prxima vez quedaremos en el gimnasio. - All rights reserved


Algo de anatoma - Some anatomy

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. Do you think Thomas smokes? a. No, he has never tried tobacco. b. Yes c. No 2. What was the doctor's advice? a. The doctor advised him to smoke as much as he likes. b. The doctor advised him to drink more alcohol. c. The doctor advised him not to eat fats. 3. Where did Thomas and Robert normally meet? a. In the bar. b. In the gym. c. At the doctor's. - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(b): 2(c): 3(a)

Todo lo que puedes hacer con tu cuerpo - All that you can do with your body

Vocabulario y frases

to lie down It's better not to lie down on your parents in-law's sofa.

tumbarse Es mejor que no te tumbes en el sof de tus suegros.

to jump into You shouldn't jump into the swimming pool and splash everybody.

tirarse No est bien que te tires a la piscina y que salpiques a todo el mundo.

to get up Tomorrow I will get up early.

levantarse Maana me levantar temprano.

to be standing It's not normal to be standing in a cinema.

estar de pie No es normal que ests de pie en el cine.

to bend down If the person you're with drops something, you should bend down to pick it up.

agacharse Si le ha cado algo a tu acompaante, es bueno que te agaches para recogerlo.

to cross your arms cruzar los brazos If you cross your arms in a conference, Si cruzas los brazos en una conferencia, you seem bored. pareces aburrido.

to kneel down arrodillarse You shouldn't kneel down in the middle No es bueno que te arrodilles en medio de of the road. la carretera.

to breathe It's necessary to breathe while you're doing sport.

respirar Es necesario que respires mientras haces deporte.

to snore For your partner, it's bad that you snore.

roncar Para tu pareja es malo que ronques.

to sweat You'll probably sweat in a job interview.

sudar Es probable que sudes en una entrevista de trabajo. - All rights reserved


Todo lo que puedes hacer con tu cuerpo - All that you can do with your body

to cry It's natural to cry when your girlfriend leaves you.

llorar Es natural que llores cuando te deja tu novia.

to smell oler It's not a good thing for you to smell of No es bueno que huelas a tabaco. cigarettes.

to kiss It's normal for a boyfriend and girlfriend to kiss.

besar Es normal que los novios se besen.

to chew It's not advisable to chew with your mouth open.

masticar No es conveniente que mastiques con la boca abierta.

to spit You shouldn't spit in the street.

escupir No est bien que escupas en la calle.

to sneeze It's advisable to step back when you sneeze.

estornudar Es conveniente que te retires al estornudar.

to yawn It's not advisable to yawn in class.

bostezar No es conveniente que bosteces en clase.

to touch It's not normal to touch your partner excessively in front of your parents.

tocar No es normal que toques excesivamente a tu pareja delante de tus padres.

to hug It's good to hug your mother.

abrazar Es bueno que abraces a tu madre.

to cuddle It's normal for a couple to cuddle.

acariciar Es normal que los novios se acaricien.

to scratch yourself It's not advisable to scratch yourself in a restaurant.

rascarse No es aconsejable que te rasques en un restaurante. - All rights reserved


Todo lo que puedes hacer con tu cuerpo - All that you can do with your body

to scratch It's advisable not to scratch your boss.

araar Es conveniente que no araes a tu jefe.

to hit It's foolish to hit your boss, you'll lose your job.

pegar Es una tontera que pegues a tu jefe, perders tu trabajo.

to hold Will you hold my bag?

sujetar Me sujetas el bolso?

to point Don't point at anybody, it's rude.

sealar No seales a nadie, es de mala educacin. - All rights reserved


Todo lo que puedes hacer con tu cuerpo - All that you can do with your body


A foreign student is surprised by the cultural habits of his host country. Paul: Robert, don't you think that the people at this university behave strangely? Robert: Why? Paul: Look, there are people kissing and hugging everywhere Robert: Yes, so what? Paul: I don't know, in my country people don't touch each other, and they don't cuddle in the street Robert: In this country, gestures of affection are very common. Paul: I can see that.

Un estudiante extranjero se sorprende de los hbitos culturales del pas de acogida. Paul: Roberto, no crees que la gente en esta Universidad se comporta de forma extraa? Roberto: Por qu? Paul: Mira, hay gente besndose y abrazndose por todas partes... Roberto: S, y qu? Paul: No s, en mi pas la gente no se toca, ni se acaricia tanto por las calles... Roberto: En este pas, los gestos de cario son muy habituales. Paul: Ya lo veo. - All rights reserved


Todo lo que puedes hacer con tu cuerpo - All that you can do with your body

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. Why is Paul so surprised about the people from the unversity? a. Paul is surprised that people are kissing and hugging in public. b. Paul is surprised to see homosexual couples. c. Paul is surprised that people only cuddle in private. 2. Why is Paul surprised about that? a. Because Paul never had a girlfriend. b. Because Paul doesn't like to cuddle. c. Because this is not common in his country. 3. Is it normal for Robert that people kiss and hug in the street? a. Robert thinks that the people from his university are strange. b. Robert is used to people touching each other in the street. c. Robert doesn't like that people kiss each other in the street. - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(a): 2(c): 3(b)

En el mdico - At the doctors

Vocabulario y frases

the general practitioner The general practitioner's surgery hours are from 09:00 to 14:00.

el mdico de cabecera El mdico pasa consulta de 09:00 a 14:00.

the specialist el especialista The specialist solves specific problems. El especialista resuelve problemas especficos.

the pediatrician The pediatrician is the doctor for children.

el pediatra El pediatra es el mdico de los nios.

the dentist The dentist is the doctor for teeth.

el dentista El dentista es el mdico de los dientes.

the ophthalmologist The ophthalmologist is the doctor for the eyes.

el oculista El oculista es el mdico de los ojos.

the gynecologist The gynecologist is a doctor only for women.

el gineclogo El gineclogo es un mdico slo para mujeres.

the otorhinolaryngologist The otorhinolaryngologist is the doctor for the nose and ears.

el otorrinolaringlogo El otorrinolaringlogo es el mdico de la nariz y de los odos.

the dermatologist The dermatologist is the doctor for the skin.

el dermatlogo El dermatlogo es el mdico de la piel.

the patient Can the next patient come through please?

el paciente Que pase el siguiente paciente, por favor.

to make an appointment I'd like to make an appointment for tomorrow.

pedir cita Me gustara pedir cita para maana. - All rights reserved


En el mdico - At the doctors

the surgery Is this Dr. Martinez's surgery?

la consulta Es est la consulta del Dr. Martnez?

the waiting room Take a seat in the waiting room, please.

la sala de espera Sintese en la sala de espera, por favor.

the turn Wait your turn.

el turno Espere su turno.

the check-up You must have a general check-up.

la revisin Debe hacerse una revisin general.

the symptoms What symptoms do you have?

los sntomas Qu sntomas tiene?

to take somebody's temperature Let me take your temperature.

poner el termmetro Djeme ponerle el termmetro.

to check somebody's throat I'm going to check your throat.

revisar la garganta Voy a revisar su garganta.

to listen to your chest Take off your shirt please, I'm going to listen to your chest.

auscultar Qutese la camisa, por favor, voy a auscultarla.

the blood test I have to take a blood test from you.

el anlisis de sangre Tengo que hacerle un anlisis de sangre.

to take blood Stretch out your arm, I have to take some blood.

extraer sangre Extienda su brazo, tengo que extraerle sangre.

the urine test I want you to have a urine test.

el anlisis de orina Quiero que se haga un anlisis de orina. - All rights reserved


En el mdico - At the doctors

the urine sample la muestra de orina First thing tomorrow morning bring me Maana a primera hora me trae la a urine sample. muestra de orina.

to take somebody's blood pressure I need to take your blood pressure.

tomar la tensin Necesito tomarle la tensin.

the prescription Go to the chemist's with this prescription and buy the medicine.

la receta Vaya a la farmacia con esta receta y compre los medicamentos.

the instructions Follow my instructions and you'll see how you get better.

las indicaciones Siga mis indicaciones y ver como mejora. - All rights reserved


En el mdico - At the doctors


Conversation between a doctor and his patient. Doctor: Hello, good morning! Come in and sit down. Patient: Good morning. Thank you. Doctor: So, what's the matter? Patient: I have a headache and a bad cough. Doctor: Let me look at your throat. Open your mouth. Patient: Ah Doctor: Your throat is very irritated. Do you smoke? Patient: No, well,from time to time

Conversacin entre un mdico y su paciente. Mdico: Hola, buenos das!, pase y sintese. Paciente: Buenos das. Gracias. Mdico: Dgame, qu le pasa? Paciente: Me duele mucho la cabeza y tengo mucha tos. Mdico: Djeme que le mire la garganta. Abra la boca. Paciente: Ah Mdico: Tiene la garganta muy irritada. Usted fuma? Paciente: No, bueno, de vez en cuando - All rights reserved


En el mdico - At the doctors

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. Why does the patient go to a doctor? a. Because he has diarrhea. b. Because he has a headache and a bad cough. c. Because he doesn't want to work. 2. What is the doctor doing? a. The doctor prescribes him some pills. b. He is looking at his throat. c. The doctor recommends him to smoke. 3. What's wrong with the patient? a. The patient has diarrhea. b. The patient has an irritated throat. c. The patient has fever. - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(b): 2(b): 3(b)

Ponte guapa - Make yourself beautiful

Vocabulario y frases

the beauty salon Why don't we go to the beauty salon this weekend?

el saln de belleza Por qu no vamos al saln de belleza este fin de semana?

the beauty centre It's good to go to the beauty centre now and again.

el centro de esttica Es bueno ir al centro de esttica de vez en cuando.

to put make up on I advise you not to put make up on every day.

maquillarse Te recomiendo que no te maquilles diariamente.

the cosmetic product I've been advised to try this new cosmetic product.

el producto cosmtico Me han aconsejado que pruebe este nuevo producto cosmtico.

the moisturising cream Why don't you try this moisturising cream?

la crema hidratante Por qu no pruebas esta crema hidratante?

the anti-wrinkle cream la crema antiarrugas It's advisable to use anti-wrinkle cream Es aconsejable utilizar crema antiarrugas after 27. a partir de los 27 aos.

the makeup I suggest you buy this makeup.

el maquillaje Te sugiero que compres este maquillaje.

the concealer It's advisable to apply concealer.

el corrector de ojeras Es conveniente que te pongas corrector de ojeras.

the rouge It's not good to use a rouge that's too dark.

el colorete No es bueno que utilices un colorete demasiado oscuro.

the eye shadow Looking at your dress, it's better for you to use blue eye shadow.

la sombra de ojos Viendo tu vestido, es mejor que utilices la sombra de ojos azul. - All rights reserved


Ponte guapa - Make yourself beautiful

the mascara They suggested we use a green mascara.

el rmel Nos sugirieron que probramos un rmel de color verde.

the lipstick It's better you don't use her lipstick.

el pintalabios Es mejor que no utilices su pintalabios.

cleansing wipes It's advisable to use cleansing wipes before going to bed.

la toallita desmaquillante Es aconsejable que uses toallitas desmaquillantes antes de acostarte.

hair-removing wax For the skin, it's better to remove hair with wax.

la cera depilatoria Para la piel es mejor depilarse con cera.

the tweezers I advise you to pluck your eyebrows with tweezers.

las pinzas de depilar Te aconsejo que te depiles las cejas con las pinzas.

the manicure It's not good to have a manicure every week.

la manicura No es bueno hacerse la manicura todas las semanas.

the pedicure It's good to have a pedicure once a month.

la pedicura Es bueno hacerse la pedicura una vez al mes.

to file limar It's advisable to file your nails now and Es aconsejable que te limes las uas de again. vez en cuando.

the nail polish Why don't you use my nail polish?

el pintaas Por qu no utilizas mi pintauas?

the nail polish remover It's better to remove the nail polish with nail polish remover.

el quitaesmalte Es mejor quitarse el pintauas con quitaesmalte.

the facial A facial is good for eliminating impurities.

la limpieza de cutis La limpieza de cutis es buena para eliminar las impurezas. - All rights reserved


Ponte guapa - Make yourself beautiful

the UVA session I don't recommend you abuse UVA sessions.

la sesin de rayos uva No te recomiendo que abuses de las sesiones de rayos uva.

the cologne It's good to use cologne every day.

la colonia Es bueno utilizar colonia todos los das.

the perfume This perfume has been recommended to me.

el perfume Me han recomendado que pruebe este perfume. - All rights reserved


Ponte guapa - Make yourself beautiful


Mother and daughter talk about what they're going to do at the beauty salon. Claudia: Mum, why don't we go together to the beauty salon? Anna: Ok, I need to have a manicure. Claudia: I need a facial, I have lots of spots. Anna: You look great, dear! Claudia: You should buy yourself an anti-wrinkle cream. Anna: Do you think I have a lot of wrinkles? Claudia: No, you're gorgeous, but an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Madre e hija hablan de lo que van a hacerse en el saln de belleza. Claudia: Mam, por qu no vamos juntas al saln de belleza? Ana: Vale, necesito hacerme la manicura. Claudia: Yo necesito una limpieza de cutis, tengo muchos granos. Ana: Ests estupenda, cario! Claudia: T deberas comprarte una crema antiarrugas. Ana: Crees que tengo muchas arrugas? Claudia: No, ests guapsima, pero ms vale prevenir que curar. - All rights reserved


Ponte guapa - Make yourself beautiful

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. Why does Claudia want to go to the beauty salon? a. Because she wants to buy an anti-wrinkle cream. b. Because she needs to have a manicure. c. Because she needs a facial. 2. Why does Anna want to go the beauty salon? a. Because she wants to have a manicure. b. Because she wants to have a pedicure. c. Because she needs a facial. 3. Does Claudia think her mother has a lot of wrinkles? a. Claudia thinks, it's better for her mother to prevent against wrinkles. b. Claudia thinks her mother doesn't need an anti-wrinkle cream. c. Claudia thinks that her mother has a lot of wrinkles. - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(c): 2(a): 3(a)

Estoy embarazada! - Being pregnant

Vocabulario y frases

to be pregnant Are you pregnant? No way!

estar embarazada Ests embarazada?, no me digas!

the condom The condom broke and 9 months later they had their first child.

el preservativo El preservativo se rompi y 9 meses despus tuvieron a su primer hijo.

the contraceptive pill She forgot to take the contraceptive pill and she became pregnant.

la pldora anticonceptiva Olvid tomar la pldora anticonceptiva y se qued embarazada.

the pregnancy test When she went to the pharmacy for a pregnancy test, she was embarrassed.

la prueba de embarazo Cuando fue a la farmacia por una prueba de embarazo, estaba avergonzada.

the egg The egg waited impatiently for the arrival of the sperm.

el vulo El vulo esperaba impacientemente la llegada de los espermatozoides.

the spermatozoon Spermatozoa ran desperately towards the egg.

el espermatozoide Los espermatozoides corran desesperados hacia el vulo.

the artificial insemination She wanted to be a mother at all costs and had to turn to artificial insemination. the sperm bank She was embarrassed to go to the sperm bank.

la inseminacin artificial Quera ser madre a toda costa y tuvo que recurrir a la inseminacin artificial.

el banco de esperma A ella le daba vergenza ir a un banco de esperma.

the menstruation She stopped having her menstruation.

la menstruacin Dej de tener la menstruacin.

the fertilisation At the moment of the fertilisation a sperm enters the egg.

la fecundacin En el momento de la fecundacin un espermatozoide se introdujo en el vulo. - All rights reserved


Estoy embarazada! - Being pregnant

the craving When I was pregnant, I had a craving to eat nuts.

el antojo Cuando estaba embarazada, tena antojo de comer nueces.

the pregnancy la gestacin The nine months of pregnancy are very Los nueve meses de gestacin son muy hard for the mother. duros para la madre.

the foetus el feto From the ninth week of pregnancy, the A partir de la novena semana de foetus is practically formed. embarazo, el feto est prcticamente formado. the scan The result of the scan was very positive. la ecografa El resultado de la ecografa fue muy positivo.

the kick The baby didn't stop giving kicks.

la patada El beb no dejaba de dar patadas.

the contraction As soon as she started having contractions, she went to the hospital.

la contraccin Tan pronto como empez a tener contracciones, se fue al hospital.

to break water romper aguas Anna broke her waters in the middle of Ana rompi aguas en plena noche. the night.

the birth The birth happened without any complications.

el parto El parto se produjo sin complicacin.

the premature birth I had a premature birth, my mother had me at the 7th month of pregnancy. the caesarean They had to perform a caesarean operation on her.

el parto prematuro Mi madre tuvo un parto prematuro, me tuvo al 7 mes de gestacin.

la cesrea Tuvieron que hacerle la cesrea.

the umbilical cord They cut the umbilical cord as soon as he was born.

el cordn umbilical Le cortaron el cordn umbilical nada ms nacer. - All rights reserved


Estoy embarazada! - Being pregnant

the psychological pregnancy Maria had a psychological pregnancy.

el embarazo psicolgico Mara tuvo un embarazo psicolgico.

to breastfeed My mother breastfed all her children.

dar de mamar Mi madre dio de mamar a todos sus hijos.

the nights without sleeping All parents have spent many nights without sleeping.

las noches sin dormir Todos los padres se han pasado muchas noches sin dormir.

the first-time mother The first-time mother cried when she saw her baby.

la madre primeriza La madre primeriza llor cuando vio a su beb. - All rights reserved


Estoy embarazada! - Being pregnant


Conversation between a pregnant mother and her two-year-old daughter. Daughter: Mum, why are you so fat? Mother: Because you're going to have a little brother. Daughter: Is that why you eat so much? Mother: The thing is, mummy has to take care of him before he's born. Daughter: Well when I have a baby, I don't want to be so fat. Mother: But it's normal to be a little fat. Daughter: But then my boyfriend won't love me because I'll be fat and ugly. Mother: But do you already have a boyfriend?

Conversacin entre una madre embarazada y su hija de 2 aos. Hija: Mam, por qu ests tan gorda? Madre: Porque vas a tener un hermanito. Hija: Y por eso comes tanto? Madre: Es que mam tiene que cuidar de l antes de que nazca. Hija: Pues yo cuando tenga un beb, no quiero estar tan gorda. Madre: Pero es normal estar gordita. Hija: Pero entonces mi novio no me querr porque estar gorda y fea. Madre: Pero t ya tienes novio? - All rights reserved


Estoy embarazada! - Being pregnant

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. Why has the mother become so fat? a. Because she likes to be fat. b. Because she is pregnant. c. Because she has a big appetite. 2. Why does the daughter not want to become fat, when she is pregnant? a. The daughter actually doesn't want to get pregnant at all. b. Because she is afraid that her boyfriend won't love her anymore when she is fat. c. Because she wants to be a model. 3. Why is the mother surprised about the daughter's reaction? a. Because her daughter doesn't want to have any children. b. Because she thinks that her daughter already got a boyfriend. c. Because her daughter doesn't like fat people. - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(b): 2(b): 3(b)

En el dentista - At the dentist

Vocabulario y frases

the dentist The dentist studied dentistry for 6 years at the university.

el dentista El dentista estudi odontologa en la universidad durante 6 aos.

the dentist's surgery The dentist's surgery is open late on Friday.

la consulta del dentista La consulta del dentista est abierta hasta ltima hora del viernes.

the dental nurse The dental nurse supports the dentist in all aspects of patient care.

la auxiliar del dentista La auxiliar del dentista le ayuda en todos los aspectos relacionados con la atencin al paciente. el ortodoncista El ortodoncista pone aparatos.

the orthodontist The orthodontist fits braces.

the molars The molars are the most complicated kind of tooth in most mammals

los molares Los molares son los dientes ms complicados para la mayora de los mamferos.

the wisdom tooth la muela de juicio Wisdom teeth usually emerge from the Las muelas del juicio suelen salir entre los gum between the ages of 17 and 24. 17 y los 24 aos.

the incisors The function of incisors is for shearing or cutting food.

los incisivos Los incisivos tienen la funcin de seccionar o cortar la comida.

the canine teeth The canine teeth are often the largest teeth in a mammal's mouth.

los caninos Los caninos suelen ser los dientes ms grandes de la boca de los mamferos.

the premolars Premolars are used for chewing.

los premolares Los premolares se utilizan para masticar.

the gum Gum problems are very common in young people.

la enca Los problemas con las encas son muy comunes entre la gente joven. - All rights reserved


En el dentista - At the dentist

the check-up It is recommended to have a dental check-up every six months.

la revisin Se recomienda hacerse una revisin de la boca cada seis meses.

the tooth sensitivity People suffer from tooth sensitivity from drinking or eating cold things.

la sensibilidad dental La gente sufre de sensibilidad dental cuando bebe o come alimentos fros.

the tooth decay She had bad tooth decay because she ate sweets every day.

las caries Tena muchas caries porque coma caramelos todos los das.

the toothache I had a bad toothache so I made an appointment with the dentist.

el dolor de muelas Tena un fuerte dolor de muelas as que ped cita en el dentista.

the cavity Neglected cavities can lead to tooth and gum infections.

la cavidad Las cavidades descuidadas pueden dar lugar a infecciones en los dientes y en las encas. el empaste Antes de empastar es esencial retirar primero la caries.

the filling When getting a filling it is essential to remove the decay first.

the gingivitis Gingivitis causes inflammation and bleeding of the gums.

la gingivitis La gingivitis provoca la inflamacin y el sangrado de las encas.

the root canal The root canal is the inside of a tooth.

el conducto radicular El conducto radicular es la parte interior de un diente.

the dentures Dentures are prosthetic devices made to replace missing teeth.

las dentaduras postizas Las dentaduras postizas sirven para sustituir dientes que faltan.

the crown A crown can be placed on a tooth to improve the appearance of the tooth.

la corona Se puede colocar una corona en un diente para mejorar su aspecto.

the implants An implant is an artificial tooth root placed into your jaw.

los implantes Un implante es un diente artificial que se coloca en la mandbula. - All rights reserved


En el dentista - At the dentist

the dental x-ray A dental x-ray helps the dentist to see problems with the teeth, mouth, and jaws. the injection The injection helps to numb the area the dentist is working on.

los rayos x Los rayos x ayudan al dentista a localizar problemas en los dientes, en la boca y en la mandbula. la inyeccin La inyeccin ayuda a dormir la zona donde el dentista va a trabajar.

the drill The drill is used to clean decay from cavities before the filling.

el torno El torno se utiliza para limpiar la caries de las cavidades antes de empastar.

the extracting forceps The extracting forceps are used to extract teeth.

el frceps de extraccin El frceps de extraccin se utiliza para extraer dientes.

the oral hygiene Good oral hygiene is essential for preventing tartar build up.

la higiene bucal Una buena higiene bucal resulta esencial para evitar la acumulacin de sarro. - All rights reserved


En el dentista - At the dentist


Paul is at the dentists surgery for a check-up. Dentist: When was the last time you had a check-up Paul? Paul: About 6 months ago. Dentist: Well, I can see here you have a cavity in one of your premolars. We will have to give you a filling. Paul: Alright. Dentist: Ok nurse, I need the drill and the extracting forceps pleasethank you. (starts drilling) Paul: Oh it hurts!!! Dentist: Ok. I will give you an injection first to numb the area. Then you won't feel anything at all. Paul: Yes, but I can still hear the drill.ahhhhh

Pablo se encuentra en la consulta del dentista para una revisin. Dentista: Cundo fue la ltima vez que te hicieron una revisin? Pablo: Hace unos 6 meses. Dentista: Bueno, aqu puedo ver que tienes una cavidad en uno de los premolares. Tendremos que ponerte un empaste. Pablo: De acuerdo. Dentista: Muy bien, enfermera, necesito el torno y el frceps de extraccin, por favor gracias. (Empieza a utilizar el torno) Pablo: Ah,ah duele!!! Dentista: Bueno, entonces te pondr una inyeccin para dormir la zona. As no notars nada. Pablo: S, pero an puedo escuchar el torno aaaah - All rights reserved


En el dentista - At the dentist

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. When was the last time you had a check-up Paul? a. About 3 months ago. b. About 6 months ago. c. About a year ago. 2. What is the dentist going to do? a. He is going to do an x-ray. b. He is going to extract a tooth. c. He is going to give Paul a filling. 3. Why does the dentist give Paul an injection? a. Because the injection is hurting him. b. Because the mirror is hurting him. c. Because the drill is hurting him. - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(b): 2(c): 3(c)

En la farmacia - At the pharmacy

Vocabulario y frases

the pharmacist The pharmacist can give you advice about many health issues.

el farmacutico El farmacutico te puede asesorar sobre muchos aspectos relativos a la salud.

the all-night pharmacy There is usually an all-night pharmacy near a hospital.

la farmacia de guardia Junto a un hospital suele haber una farmacia de guardia.

the prescription The doctor gave me a prescription for my migraine.

la receta El mdico me dio una receta para mi migraa.

the over the counter medicine Is it possible to buy inhalers over the counter?

la medicina sin prescripcin Es posible comprar inhaladores sin prescripcin mdica?

the symptoms I explained my symptoms to the pharmacist.

los sntomas Expliqu mis sntomas al farmacutico.

it hurts My throat hurts when I talk.

duele Cuando hablo me duele la garganta.

it itches pica It must be an allergic reaction; my skin Debe ser una reaccin alrgica; me pica itches a lot. mucho la piel.

the persistant pain I have a persistant pain in my head; it is difficult to sleep.

dolor constante Tengo un dolor de cabeza constante y me cuesta dormir.

the cough syrup Take the cough syrup after meals.

el jarabe para la tos Tmate el jarabe despus de cada comida.

the tablet These tablets dissolve in water.

el comprimido Estos comprimidos se disuelven en agua. - All rights reserved


En la farmacia - At the pharmacy

cough drops I got cough drops for my sore throat.

las pastillas para la tos Me dieron pastillas porque me dola la garganta.

the antihistamine el antihistamnico He gave me antihistamines for the hay Me dio antihistamnicos para la fiebre del fever. heno.

the anti-inflammatory She took two anti-inflammatory pills for her swollen ankle.

el anti-inflamatorio Se tom dos anti-inflamatorios por causa de la hinchazn en el tobillo.

the painkiller These painkillers are really strong.

el analgsico Estos analgsicos son realmente fuertes.

the anti-biotic She took anti-biotic medicine for her flu.

el antibitico Tom antibiticos para la gripe.

the ointment la pomada Use this ointment on the wound to heal Aplica esta pomada sobre la herida para it. curarla.

the brand name medicine Brand name medicine is so expensive.

los medicamentos de marca Los medicamentos de marca son muy caros.

the generic medicine Generic medicine contains the same ingredients as brand name medicine.

los medicamentos genricos Los medicamentos genricos contienen los mismos ingredientes que los de marca.

the homeopathic medicine la medicina homeoptica They say that homeopathic medicine is Dicen que la medicina homeoptica es good for your health. buena para la salud.

to swallow Swallow the capsule with food.

tragar Traga la cpsula con comida.

the side effects Side effects include drowsiness, headaches and nausea.

los efectos secundarios Los efectos secundarios incluyen somnolencia, dolor de cabeza y nuseas. - All rights reserved


En la farmacia - At the pharmacy

drowsy This medicine makes me drowsy; I cant keep my eyes open.

somnoliento Este medicamento hace sentir somnoliento, no consigo mantener los ojos abiertos. el uso externo Este medicamento slo es de uso externo.

the external use This medicine is for external use only.

the dose The dose is three tablets a day after meals.

la dosis La dosis son tres pastillas diarias despus de cada comida.

compatible Are these tablets compatible with that medicine?

compatibles Estos comprimidos son compatibles con la medicina? - All rights reserved


En la farmacia - At the pharmacy


Anna goes to the pharmacy. Anna: Hello. I need this prescription please. Pharmacist: Certainly. One moment please.Ok, you take two tablets twice a day. Anna: Are there any side effects? Pharmacist: Yes, it can make you drowsy so be careful if you are driving. Anna: Ok. I will. I also need some throat lozenges for my daughter. She has a sore throat. Pharmacist: Here you are. Is that all? Anna: Yes. Thank you. Goodbye.

Ana va a la farmacia. Ana: Hola. Necesito esta receta, por favor. Farmacutico: Claro, un momento por favor Muy bien, debe tomar dos comprimidos dos veces al da. Ana: Tienen efectos secundarios? Farmacutico: S, le pueden provocar somnolencia, as que tenga cuidado si va a conducir. Ana: De acuerdo, lo tendr. Tambin necesito unas pastillas para la tos para mi hija. Le duele la garganta. Farmacutico: Aqu tiene. Esto es todo? Ana: S, gracias. Adis. - All rights reserved


En la farmacia - At the pharmacy

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. What does Anna need? a. She needs a prescription. b. She needs some ointment. c. She needs some antihistamines. 2. What are the side effects to her medicine? a. It can give her a headache. b. It can make her nauseous. c. It can make her drowsy. 3. What does Anna need for her daughter? a. Anna needs throat lozenges. b. Anna needs cough syrup. c. Anna needs painkillers. - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(a): 2(c): 3(a)

Ser padres - Parenting

Vocabulario y frases

the premature baby The baby was born 2 months premature.

el beb prematuro El beb prematuro naci con dos meses de antelacin.

the newborn baby Newborn babies need a lot of sleep.

el beb recin nacido Los bebs recin nacidos necesitan dormir mucho.

to bring up He is bringing up his children the best way he knows how.

criar Est criando a sus hijos de la mejor manera que puede.

to bond crear vnculos It is very important for parents to bond Para los padres es muy importante crear with their new baby. vnculos con sus bebs recin nacidos.

the vaccination The baby should have his vaccinations in the first 6 months.

la vacunacin Se deber vacunar al beb en los 6 primeros meses.

to wean Wean the baby onto formula milk.

destetar Hay que destetar al beb para que empiece a tomar leche artificial.

the bottle The baby can't hold the bottle by herself.

el bibern El beb no puede agarrar el bibern por s mismo.

the formula milk Mix 2 spoons of formula milk with warm water.

la leche artificial Mezcla 2 cucharadas de leche artificial con agua caliente.

the baby food I have some great homemade baby food recipes.

la comida para bebs Tengo varias recetas estupendas de comida casera para bebs.

the bib Tie the bib under the baby's chin.

el babero Sujeta el babero bajo la barbilla del beb. - All rights reserved


Ser padres - Parenting

the drooling Babies start drooling a lot at about 4 months.

babear Los bebs empiezan a babear mucho a los 4 meses.

the pacifier Put the pacifier in the baby's mouth to stop him crying.

el chupete Ponle el chupete al beb para que deje de llorar.

the pushchair All pushchairs should have a good brake.

la sillita Todas las sillitas deberan tener buenos frenos.

the crib The baby can have a nap in the crib.

la cuna El beb puede echar la siesta en la cuna.

the bedtime story I bought a book of lovely children's bedtime stories.

el cuento de noche Compr un libro de cuentos preciosos para contar por la noche.

the nap I am going to put the baby down for a nap for an hour.

la siesta Voy a poner al beb a tomar una siesta de una hora.

to crawl The baby crawled to the other side of the room.

gatear El beb gate hasta el otro lado de la habitacin.

the first steps I videoed my son's first steps.

los primeros pasos Grab en vdeo los primeros pasos de mi hijo.

the nappy There are arguments for and against disposable nappies.

el paal Existen argumentos a favor y en contra de los paales desechables.

the childhood illness la enfermedad infantil Measles is a common childhood illness. El sarampin es una enfermedad infantil comn.

the teething la denticin She is teething so she is quite irritable. Le estn saliendo los dientes, as que se encuentra bastante irritable. - All rights reserved


Ser padres - Parenting

the day care I leave the baby at day care at 8 am everyday.

la guardera Todos los das dejo al beb en la guardera a las 8 de la maana.

the preschool What time do you have to pick her up from preschool?

preescolar A qu hora le tienes que recoger de las clases preescolares?

the paediatrician A paediatrician will answer any questions that you have about the baby's health.

el pediatra El pediatra contestar a todas las preguntas que tengas sobre la salud del beb. - All rights reserved


Ser padres - Parenting


Paul is looking after the children when Christina comes home. Paul: Oh, thank God you are back. Christina: Why. What is the matter? Paul: Well, the baby won't stop crying because she is teething and I can't find her pacifier, and I can't find the nappies for little John. Christina: The baby needs her bottle and you can't find nappies for John because he doesn't need them anymore! Paul: Really? I didn't know that. Where is Sandra? Christina: Oh no. I forgot to pick her up at day care!

Pablo est cuidando a los nios cuando Cristina llega a casa. Pablo: Vaya, gracias a Dios que has llegado. Cristina: Por qu? Qu ocurre? Pablo: Pues el beb no deja de llorar porque le estn saliendo los dientes y no encuentro el chupete, adems no encuentro los paales del pequeo John. Cristina: El beb llora porque es la hora del bibern y no encuentras los paales de John porque ya no usa paales! Pablo: De verdad? No lo saba. Dnde est Sandra? Cristina: Oh, no. Se me ha olvidado ir a recogerla a la guardera! - All rights reserved


Ser padres - Parenting

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. What does Paul think the problem is with the baby? a. She wants her bottle. b. She is teething. c. She needs her nappy changed. 2. Why doesn't John need nappies? a. Because he is at day care. b. Because he isn't hungry. c. Because he doesn't need them anymore. 3. Where is Sandra? a. She is in the crib. b. She is at day care. c. She is at preschool. - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(b): 2(c): 3(b)

Dnde puedo ir a comprar? - Where to go shopping?

Vocabulario y frases

the market Every Monday I go to the market on the High street.

el mercado Todos los lunes voy al mercado en la calle Mayor.

the supermarket You can do your shopping at the supermarket.

el supermercado En el supermercado puedes hacer la compra.

the shop The shop opens at 9.00 a.m.

la tienda La tienda abre a las 9h.

the shopping centre The shopping centre is very big.

el centro comercial El centro comercial es muy grande.

the greengrocery I'm going to the greengrocery to buy bananas.

la frutera Voy a la frutera a comprar pltanos.

the fishmonger's You can buy fish at the fishmonger's.

la pescadera En la pescadera puedes comprar pescado.

the butcher's I want to buy chicken at the butcher's.

la carnicera Quiero comprar pollo en la carnicera.

the butcher The butcher is very strong.

el carnicero El carnicero es muy fuerte.

the baker's la panadera The bread at that baker's is very good. El pan de esa panadera est muy bueno.

the stationer's I buy pens at the stationer's.

la papelera Compro bolgrafos en la papelera. - All rights reserved


Dnde puedo ir a comprar? - Where to go shopping?

the hairdresser la peluquera I have my hair cut at the hairdresser's. Me corto el pelo en la peluquera.

the news stand He always buys his magazine at the news stand.

el quiosco Siempre compra su revista en el quiosco.

the tobacconist's You can buy a bus card at the tobacconist's.

el estanco Puedes comprar un bono bus en el estanco.

the bookshop I'm going to the bookshop to buy that new book.

la librera Voy a la librera a comprar ese libro nuevo.

the clothes shop The clothes shop is closed.

la tienda de ropa La tienda de ropa est cerrada.

the shop assistant The shop assistant talks with the customers.

el dependiente El dependiente habla con sus clientes

the customer Their customers are very happy.

el cliente Sus clientes estn muy contentos.

to buy I've bought strawberries.

comprar He comprado fresas.

to sell I sell books.

vender Vendo libros.

to go shopping I'm going shopping at the shopping centre!

ir de compras Me voy de compras al centro comercial!

the shopping list I've forgotten the shopping list.

la lista de la compra He olvidado la lista de la compra. - All rights reserved


Dnde puedo ir a comprar? - Where to go shopping?

to take back I'm going to take this shirt back, it's too small.

devolver Voy a devolver esta camiseta, es demasiado pequea.

to open The shops don't open on Sundays.

abrir Las tiendas no abren los domingos.

to close The shops close at 8:30 p.m.

cerrar Las tiendas cierran a las 20h30. - All rights reserved


Dnde puedo ir a comprar? - Where to go shopping?


Julia and Thomas have to buy many things and they don't know where. Julia: Where can I buy a magazine? Thomas: At the news stand. I want to buy a present for my mother. Where can I go? Julia: You could go to the bookshop and buy her a book. Thomas: She doesn't like reading. Julia: You could also go to a clothes shop. Thomas: But, I don't know what to buy her. Julia: So, go to the shopping centre, they have everything there.

Julia y Toms tienen que comprar muchas cosas y no saben dnde. Julia: Dnde puedo comprar una revista? Toms: En el quiosco. Yo quiero comprarle un regalo a mi madre, dnde puedo ir? Julia: Puedes ir a la librera y regalarle un libro. Toms: No le gusta leer. Julia: Tambin puedes ir a una tienda de ropa. Toms: Pero no s qu comprarle. Julia: Entonces, ve al centro comercial, all hay de todo. - All rights reserved


Dnde puedo ir a comprar? - Where to go shopping?

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. What does Julia want to buy? a. Julia wants to buy a magazine. b. Julia wants to buy a present for her mother. c. Julia wants to buy a book. 2. Does Thomas buy a book for his mother? a. His mother cannot read. b. No, his mother doesn't like reading. c. Yes, his mother loves reading. 3. Where do you think Thomas goes to buy the present for his mother? a. To the bookshop. b. To the shopping centre. c. To the news stand. - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(a): 2(b): 3(b)

Comprar ropa - Buying clothes

Vocabulario y frases

the trousers I really like your trousers.

los pantalones Me gustan mucho tus pantalones.

the jeans Jeans are very comfortable.

los vaqueros Los vaqueros son muy cmodos.

the skirt That skirt is very short.

la falda Esa falda es muy corta.

the shirt I like the blue shirt.

la camisa Me gusta la camisa azul.

the t-shirt He always wears t-shirts.

la camiseta Siempre lleva camisetas.

the sweater The sweater is very comfortable.

el jersey El jersey es muy cmodo.

the jacket The jacket is expensive.

la chaqueta La chaqueta es cara.

the pyjamas I like your pyjamas.

el pijama Me gusta tu pijama.

the shoes These shoes are too big for me.

los zapatos Estos zapatos me quedan grandes.

the socks I love your socks.

los calcetines Me encantan tus calcetines. - All rights reserved


Comprar ropa - Buying clothes

the handbag Her handbag is very elegant.

el bolso Su bolso es muy elegante.

the gloves The gloves are too big for me.

los guantes Los guantes me quedan grandes.

the scarf The scarf is very long.

la bufanda La bufanda es muy larga.

the fitting room The fitting room is occupied.

el probador El probador est ocupado.

the size I wear a size 38.

la talla Uso la talla 38.

to wear I'm wearing a very warm jacket.

llevar puesto Llevo una chaqueta muy caliente.

to try on Can I try it on?

probarse Puedo probrmelo?

How does it fit you?

Cmo te queda?

The trousers fit you well.

El pantaln te queda bien.

It makes you look a little fat.

Te hace un poco gordo.

cheap The t-shirt is cheap.

barato La camiseta es barata. - All rights reserved


Comprar ropa - Buying clothes

expensive The trousers are expensive.

caro Los pantalones son caros.

comfortable These jeans are very comfortable.

cmodo Estos vaqueros son muy cmodos.

uncomfortable Skirts are uncomfortable.

incmodo Las faldas son incmodas.

elegant This shirt is very elegant.

elegante Esta camisa es muy elegante. - All rights reserved


Comprar ropa - Buying clothes


Maria wants to buy a jacket The shop assistant: Good morning. Can I help you? The customer: Yes, I'd like a brown jacket. The shop assistant: What size do you wear? The customer: M The shop assistant: Would you like to try it on? The customer: Yes (she tries it on). I like it, it fits very well. I'll take it. How much is it? The shop assistant: It's Eur35. The customer: Here you are. Thanks a lot.

Mara quiere comprarse una chaqueta La dependienta: Buenos das!, puedo ayudarlo en algo? La cliente: S, quera una chaqueta marrn. La dependienta: Qu talla usa? La cliente: La M. La dependienta: Quiere probrsela? La cliente: S (se la prueba). Me gusta, me queda muy bien. Me la llevo. Cunto es? La dependienta: Son 35 . La cliente: Aqu tiene. Muchas gracias. - All rights reserved


Comprar ropa - Buying clothes

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. What is the customer looking for? a. A t-shirt b. A jacket c. A sweater 2. Does the customer try on the piece of clothing? a. Yes b. No c. The customer hates fitting rooms. 3. Does the customer buy the piece of clothing? a. Yes b. No c. The customer doesn't have any money. - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(b): 2(a): 3(a)

En el supermercado - In the supermarket

Vocabulario y frases

the supermarket el supermercado What supermarket do you usually shop En qu supermercado sueles comprar? at?

the trolley Where are the trolleys?

el carro Dnde estn los carros?

the basket Where can I get a basket?

la cesta Dnde puedo coger una cesta?

the aisle The sections are divided by aisles.

el pasillo Las secciones estn divididas por pasillos.

the section Where is the snacks section?

la seccin Dnde est la seccin de aperitivos?

textile You can find the T-shirts in the textiles section.

textil Puedes encontrar las camisetas en la seccin de textil.

household goods The glasses are in the household goods section.

hogar Los vasos estn en la seccin de hogar.

electronic equipment If you want to buy some films, go to the electronic equipment section.

electrnica Si quieres comprar unas pelculas, ve a la seccin de electrnica.

perfumery perfumera You can find make-up in the perfumery Puedes encontrar maquillaje en la seccin section. de perfumera.

household cleaning products The washing powder is in the section of household cleaning products.

productos de limpieza El detergente est en la seccin de productos de limpieza. - All rights reserved


En el supermercado - In the supermarket

food If you want to buy biscuits, go to the food section.

alimentacin Si quieres comprar galletas, ve a la seccin de alimentacin.

dairy You can find yoghurts in the dairy section.

lcteos Puedes encontrar los yogures en la seccin de lcteos.

frozen food The pizzas are in the frozen food section.

congelados Las pizzas estn en la seccin de congelados.

the meat section charcutera If you want to buy ham, go to the meat Si quieres comprar jamn, ve a la seccin section. de charcutera.

desserts You can buy a cake in the desserts section.

postres Puedes comprar una tarta en la seccin de postres.

fruit and vegetables If you want tomatoes, go to the fruit and vegetables section.

frutas y verduras Si quieres tomates, ve a la seccin de frutas y verduras.

the shelf The shelf is almost empty.

la estantera La estantera est casi vaca.

the product Where are the products that are on offer?

el producto Dnde estn los productos de oferta?

the till The till is next to the entrance.

la caja La caja est al lado de la entrada.

the cashier The cashier is very nice.

la cajera La cajera es muy simptica.

the loyalty card How can I get the loyalty card?

la tarjeta de fidelidad Cmo puedo sacarme la tarjeta de fidelidad? - All rights reserved


En el supermercado - In the supermarket

the purchase receipt Can you give me the purchase receipt, please?

el ticket de compra Puede darme el ticket de compra, por favor? - All rights reserved


En el supermercado - In the supermarket


A supermarket employee is fed up with a customer's questions. Customer: Excuse me, where are the napkins? Supermarket employee: In the last aisle on the left. Customer: Thanks very much, and where is the washing powder? Supermarket employee: In the central aisle. Customer: and where are the chocolate biscuits? Supermarket employee: Just in front of you! Customer: Don't get angry, it's the first time I've come here. Supermarket employee: (And hopefully the last)

Un empleado del supermercado est harto de las preguntas de un cliente. Cliente: Por favor, dnde estn las servilletas? Empleado del supermercado: En el ltimo pasillo de la izquierda. Cliente: Muchas gracias, y dnde est el detergente? Empleado del supermercado: En el pasillo central. Cliente: y dnde estn las galletas de chocolate? Empleado del supermercado: Justo enfrente de usted! Cliente: No se enfade, es que es la primera vez que vengo. Empleado del supermercado: (Ojal sea la ltima) - All rights reserved


En el supermercado - In the supermarket

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. In which aisle is the washing powder? a. The washing powder is in the last aisle on the left. b. The washing powder is in the last aisle on the right. c. The washing powder is in the central aisle. 2. Which section does the customer have to go to for buying napkins? a. Household goods b. Delicatessen c. Frozen food 3. Do you think the employee likes being asked questions by the customer? a. I think he wants to ask for the customer's telephone number. b. I think he loves it. c. I think he doesn't like it. - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(c): 2(a): 3(c)

Colores - Colours

Vocabulario y frases

the colour I like that colour.

el color Me gusta ese color.

white Do you like the colour white?

blanco Te gusta el color blanco?

black He likes the colour black a lot.

negro A l le gusta mucho el color negro.

red She doesn't like the colour red at all.

rojo A ella no le gusta nada el color rojo.

pink We don't like the colour pink at all.

rosa A nosotras no nos gusta nada el color rosa.

yellow Do you like that yellow skirt?

amarillo Os gusta esa falda amarilla?

blue They like blue shirts.

azul A ellos les gustan las camisetas azules.

turquoise-blue They prefer turquoise-blue shirts.

azul turquesa Ellas prefieren las camisetas azul turquesa.

navy blue They don't like navy blue at all.

azul marino A ellos no les gusta nada el azul marino.

green I love green trousers.

verde Me encantan los pantalones verdes. - All rights reserved


Colores - Colours

violet I love the violet jacket.

violeta Me encanta la chaqueta violeta!

orange She loves orange-coloured clothes.

naranja A ella le encanta la ropa de color naranja.

brown We love your brown cap.

marrn Nos encanta tu gorra marrn!

grey They love grey socks.

gris A ellos les encantan los calcetines grises.

silver They hate silver clothes.

plateado Ellos odian la ropa plateada.

gold-coloured They prefer gold-coloured clothes.

dorado Ellos prefieren la ropa dorada.

light I hate light blue.

claro Odio el azul claro.

dark I prefer dark blue.

oscuro Prefiero el azul oscuro.

bright I love bright colours.

brillante Me encantan los colores brillantes.

loud I don't like loud colours.

chilln No me gustan los colores chillones.

fluorescent I hate fluorescent colours.

fosforescente Odio los colores fosforescentes. - All rights reserved


Colores - Colours

intense I don't like intense colours.

intenso No me gustan los colores intensos.

matt I prefer matt colours.

mate Prefiero los colores mates. - All rights reserved


Colores - Colours


Two friends are buying clothes in a shop. Maria: Look at those blue trousers. Anna: I love them! Blue is my favourite colour. Maria: I prefer the colour green. Anna: Well look at that green t-shirt. Maria: That green is too light, I prefer dark green. Anna: There's a dark green here. Maria: I love it. Anna: I like it too and I saw it first

Dos amigas estn comprndose ropa en una tienda. Mara: Mira esos pantalones azules. Ana: Me encantan!, el color azul es mi preferido. Mara: Yo prefiero el color verde. Ana: Pues mira esa camiseta verde. Mara: Ese verde es demasiado claro, prefiero el verde oscuro. Ana: Aqu hay una verde oscuro. Mara: Me encanta! Ana: A m tambin me gusta y yo la he visto antes - All rights reserved


Colores - Colours

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. What is Maria's favourite colour? a. Light green b. Dark green c. Blue 2. Which colour does Anna like? a. The colour green b. The colour red c. The colour blue 3. Does Anna like the dark green t-shirt she has seen? a. She likes it a lot. b. Anna likes only blue t-shirts. c. She doesn't like it at all. - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(b): 2(c): 3(a)

La lista de la compra - The shopping list

Vocabulario y frases

the water A bottle of water

el agua Una botella de agua

the bread A loaf of bread

el pan Una barra de pan

the biscuit A packet of biscuits

la galleta Un paquete de galletas

the milk A litre of milk

la leche Un litro de leche

the yoghurt Four yoghurts

el yogur Cuatro yogures

the salt A packet of salt

la sal Un paquete de sal

the sugar A kilo of sugar

el azcar Un kilo de azcar

the vinegar Half a litre of vinegar

el vinagre Medio litro de vinagre

the sauce A tin of sauce

la salsa Un bote de salsa

the cheese 250 grams of cheese

el queso 250 gramos de queso - All rights reserved


La lista de la compra - The shopping list

the ham 200 grams of ham

el jamn 200 gramos de jamn

the salami 200 grams of salami

el salami 200 gramos de salami

the egg 1 dozen eggs

el huevo 1 docena de huevos

the rice A kilo of rice

el arroz Un kilo de arroz

the pasta A packet of pasta

la pasta Un paquete de pasta

the chicken Half a kilo of chicken fillets

el pollo Medio kilo de filetes de pollo

the veal A kilo of veal cutlets

la carne de ternera Un kilo de filetes de ternera

the pork chops Half a kilo of pork chops

las chuletas de cerdo Medio kilo de chuletas de cerdo

the tuna A tin of tuna

el atn Una lata de atn

the chocolate A bar of chocolate

el chocolate Una tableta de chocolate

the ice-cream A tub of ice-cream

el helado Una tarrina de helado - All rights reserved


La lista de la compra - The shopping list

the toilet paper A packet of 12 rolls of toilet paper

el papel higinico Un paquete de 12 rollos de papel higinico

the detergent A bottle of detergent

el detergente Una botella de detergente

the soap A bar of soap

el jabn Una pastilla de jabn

the shampoo A bottle of shampoo

el champ Una botella de champ - All rights reserved


La lista de la compra - The shopping list


Two flat mates who have just started living independently make the shopping list. Paul: I'm hungry and there's nothing in the fridge! Robert: Of course, we have to go shopping. Paul: OK then, let's go to the supermarket. Robert: First we have to make the shopping list, let's see, what do we need? Paul: Everything: milk, bread, chicken fillets Robert: Hold on, let me write it down: 4 litres of milk, 3 loaves of bread Paul: Also chocolate, pork chops Robert: There are only two of us in the houseand I want to go on a diet

Dos compaeros de piso que acaban de independizarse hacen la lista de la compra. Pablo: Tengo hambre y no hay nada en la nevera! Roberto: Claro, tenemos que hacer la compra. Pablo: Pues venga, vamos al supermercado. Roberto: Antes tenemos que hacer la lista de la compra, a ver, qu necesitamos? Pablo: De todo: leche, pan, filetes de pollo Roberto: Un momento que tome nota: 4 litros de leche, 3 barras de pan Pablo: Tambin chocolate, chuletas de cerdo Roberto: Slo somos dos personas en casa y yo quiero ponerme a dieta - All rights reserved


La lista de la compra - The shopping list

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. Why do Paul and Robert want to go shopping? a. Because they are going to make a party. b. Because they want to eat chocolate. c. Because the fridge is empty. 2. Why are they making a shopping list? a. To lose time. b. To see what they need. c. To appear more mature. 3. Does Robert think they need more food? a. Yes, Robert thinks they need more food. b. No, Robert thinks they have enough food for two people. c. Robert wants to gain a few kilos. - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(c): 2(b): 3(b)

Ropa interior y complementos - Underwear and accessories

Vocabulario y frases

the knickers I always wear knickers.

las bragas Siempre llevo bragas.

the thong She always wears a thong.

el tanga Ella siempre lleva tanga.

the bra We always wear a bra.

el sujetador Nosotras siempre llevamos sujetador.

the tights They always wear tights in winter.

las medias Ellas siempre llevan medias en invierno.

the nightdress I usually wear a nightdress to sleep.

el camisn Suelo llevar un camisn para dormir.

the bathrobe She usually wears a bathrobe after showering.

el albornoz Ella suele usar un albornoz despus de ducharse.

the high-heel shoes. We usually wear high-heel shoes.

los zapatos de tacn Nosotras solemos llevar zapatos de tacn.

the sandals They usually wear sandals in summer.

las sandalias Ellas suelen llevar sandalias en verano.

the bag I normally leave home with my bag.

el bolso Normalmente salgo de casa con mi bolso.

the earrings She normally wears very pretty earrings.

los pendientes Ella normalmente lleva unos pendientes muy bonitos. - All rights reserved


Ropa interior y complementos - Underwear and accessories

the necklace We normally wear a necklace.

el collar Normalmente llevamos collar.

the pendant They normally wear pendants.

el colgante Ellas normalmente llevan colgantes.

the ring I often wear rings.

el anillo Llevo anillos a menudo.

the bracelet Maria often wears bracelets.

la pulsera Mara lleva pulseras a menudo.

the underpants They always wear underpants.

los calzoncillos Ellos siempre llevan calzoncillos.

the watch We often wear a watch.

el reloj Nosotros a menudo llevamos reloj.

the belt They often wear a belt.

el cinturn Ellos a menudo llevan cinturn.

the tie I sometimes wear a tie.

la corbata A veces llevo corbata.

the bow-tie la pajarita Paul sometimes wears a black bow-tie. Pablo a veces lleva una pajarita negra.

the trainers We sometimes wear trainers.

las zapatillas de deporte Nosotros a veces llevamos zapatillas de deporte.

the boots They sometimes wear boots.

las botas Ellos a veces llevan botas. - All rights reserved


Ropa interior y complementos - Underwear and accessories

the umbrella I never carry an umbrella.

el paraguas Yo nunca llevo paraguas.

the briefcase He never carries a briefcase.

el maletn l nunca lleva maletn.

the wallet We never carry a wallet.

la cartera Nosotros nunca llevamos cartera.

the purse. They never carry a purse.

el monedero Ellos nunca usan monedero.

the key ring el llavero I always carry a key ring with my keys. Yo siempre llevo un llavero con mis llaves. - All rights reserved


Ropa interior y complementos - Underwear and accessories


Marcos and Julia want to buy a present for their father for his 50th birthday. Julia: What can we buy dad? Marcos: Why don't we buy him a watch? Julia: Dad doesn't usually wear a watch Marcos: How about if we buy him a tie? Julia: Dad never wears a tie Marcos: Well I don't know Julia: What do you think if we buy him a new television? Marcos: Perfect! A present for everybody!

Marcos y Julia quieren comprarle un regalo a su padre por su 50 cumpleaos. Julia: Qu podemos regalarle a pap? Marcos: Por qu no le regalamos un reloj? Julia: Pap no suele llevar reloj Marcos: Qu tal si le compramos una corbata? Julia: Pap nunca lleva corbata Marcos: Pues no s Julia: Qu te parece si le regalamos una nueva televisin? Marcos: Perfecto!, un regalo para todos! - All rights reserved


Ropa interior y complementos - Underwear and accessories

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. What does Marcos want to give his father as a present? a. Socks b. A watch c. A key chain 2. Why don't they buy their father a tie? a. Because their father prefers bow ties. b. Because their father normally never wears a tie. c. Because their father hates ties. 3. What do they finally want to buy for their father? a. A television b. A suitcase c. A watch - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(b): 2(b): 3(a)

Talla - Size

Vocabulario y frases

the size Sometimes size is important.

el tamao A veces el tamao es importante.

immense The sea is immense.

inmenso / inmensa El mar es inmenso.

enormous Elephants are enormous.

enorme Los elefantes son enormes.

big My boyfriend is bigger than me.

grande Mi novio es ms grande que yo.

small My brother is smaller than me.

pequeo / pequea Mi hermano es ms pequeo que yo.

tiny The pin is tiny.

diminuto / diminuta El alfiler es diminuto.

the length Length is measured by the metre.

la longitud La longitud se mide con el metro.

to measure We're going to measure how tall you are.

medir Vamos a ver cunto mides.

the metre He's two metres tall.

el metro l mide dos metros.

the centimetre The child has grown two centimetres.

el centmetro El nio ha crecido dos centmetros. - All rights reserved


Talla - Size

tall He's taller than me.

alto / alta l es ms alto que yo.

short I'm shorter than him.

bajo / baja Yo soy ms baja que l.

long The road is longer than the path.

largo / larga La carretera es ms larga que el camino.

short The path is shorter than the road.

corto / corta El camino es ms corto que la carretera.

the width We have to measure the width of the table.

la anchura Tenemos que medir la anchura de la mesa.

wide The living room is wider than the hallway.

ancho / ancha El saln es ms ancho que el pasillo.

narrow The hallway is narrow.

estrecho / estrecha El pasillo es estrecho.

the weight People worry about their weight.

el peso La gente se preocupa por el peso.

to weigh How much do you weigh?

pesar Cunto pesas?

stout That woman is very stout.

grueso / gruesa Esa mujer es muy gruesa.

slim That man is very slim.

delgado / delgada Ese hombre es muy delgado. - All rights reserved


Talla - Size

heavy The rocks are heavy.

pesado / pesada Las rocas son pesadas.

light The feathers are light.

ligero / ligera Las plumas son ligeras.

the depth I'm going to measure the depth of the hole.

la profundidad Voy a medir la profundidad del agujero.

deep The well is very deep.

profundo / profunda El pozo es muy profundo. - All rights reserved


Talla - Size


Two friends are watching a basketball game and are talking about the players' bodies. Claudia: Look at number 10, he's enormous! Christina: He's very tall and he's also got very long arms. Claudia: How much must that player weigh? Christina: Oh, a lot! Claudia: Look at number 4, he's shorter than me. Christina: Yes, but his back is very wide. Claudia: I don't like boys who are so tall. Christina: I like my boyfriend and I wouldn't change him for any basketball player.

Dos amigas estn viendo un partido de baloncesto y hablan de los cuerpos de los jugadores. Claudia: Mira al nmero 10, es enorme! Cristina: Es muy alto y adems tiene unos brazos largusimos. Claudia: Cunto debe pesar ese jugador? Cristina: Uff!, mucho. Claudia: Mira el nmero 4, es ms bajo que yo. Cristina: S, pero su espalda es muy ancha. Claudia: A m no me gustan los chicos tan altos. Cristina: A m me gusta mi novio y no lo cambiara por ningn jugador de baloncesto. - All rights reserved


Talla - Size

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. What are Claudia and Christina doing? a. Claudia and Christina are watching a basketball game. b. Claudia and Christina are watching boys passing by on the streets. c. Claudia and Christina are watching a football game. 2. What is player number 10 like? a. He is fat. b. He is small. c. He is enormous. 3. Is Christina thinking about looking for a new boyfriend? a. Yes, Christina likes basketball players a lot. b. Yes c. No - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(a): 2(c): 3(c)

Publicidad - Advertising

Vocabulario y frases

marketing department The marketing department is going to launch an advertising campaign.

el departamento de marketing El departamento de marketing va a lanzar una campaa publicitaria.

advertising agency The advertising agency is proposing ideas for the logo.

la agencia de publicidad La agencia de publicidad est proponiendo ideas para el logotipo.

market study A market study is going to be done.

el estudio de mercado Se va a realizar un estudio de mercado.

survey la encuesta The purpose of the survey is to find out La encuesta sirve para conocer los what the target publics' habits are. hbitos del pblico objetivo.

target public The target public is made up of consumers whose needs can be met by the firm. purchasing habit The aim of the survey is to find out what the target publics' purchasing habits are. distribution channel The distribution channel is chosen on the basis of the results of the survey.

el pblico objetivo El pblico objetivo est formado por los consumidores con necesidades que pueden ser cubiertas por la empresa. el hbito de compra La encuesta pretende conocer los hbitos de compra del pblico objetivo.

el canal de distribucin A partir de los resultados de la encuesta, se elige el canal de distribucin.

advertising campaign They are going to design the advertising campaign.

la campaa publicitaria Van a disear una campaa publicitaria.

direct marketing el marketing directo They are going to use direct marketing Van a valerse del marketing directo para to find out what the purchasing habits conocer los hbitos de compra. are. innovator The innovators are going to hold a brainstorming session. el creativo Los creativos van a hacer una lluvia de ideas. - All rights reserved


Publicidad - Advertising

trademark They are making the trademark known.

la marca Estn dando a conocer la marca.

logo They are working on a very original logo.

el logotipo Estn trabajando en un logotipo muy original.

slogan They have created a short, original, striking slogan.

el eslogan Han creado un eslogan corto, original e impactante.

advert They are going to shoot an advert.

el anuncio Van a rodar el anuncio.

advertising They are going to advertise the product.

la propaganda Van a hacer propaganda del producto.

poster They are going to put up posters.

el cartel Van a colgar carteles.

advertising hoarding They are going to place advertising hoardings on the roadsides.

la valla publicitaria Van a colocar vallas publicitarias en las carreteras.

brochure They are going to give out brochures.

el folleto Van a repartir folletos.

to mail buzonear They are going to mail all the houses in Van a buzonear por todas las casas de la the town. ciudad.

catalogue el catlogo They are going to distribute catalogues Van a distribuir catlogos con toda la with the whole range of available gama de productos disponibles. products. product launching They are going to organize a party for the product launching. el lanzamiento del producto Van a celebrar una fiesta por el lanzamiento del producto. - All rights reserved


Publicidad - Advertising

offer They are going to put products on offer.

la oferta Van a ofrecer productos de oferta.

the promotion They are going to launch a new promotion.

la promocin Van a lanzar una nueva promocin.

to sponsor His company is going to sponsor the Formula 1 final.

patrocinar Su empresa va a patrocinar la final de Frmula 1.

international fair They are going to present the product at an international fair.

la feria internacional Van a presentar el producto en una feria internacional.

stand el stand They are going to set up a stand at the Van a instalar un stand en la feria. fair.

impact The impact of the advertising campaign will be seen in the turnover.

el impacto El impacto de la campaa publicitaria se observar en el volumen de ventas. - All rights reserved


Publicidad - Advertising


A new chain of gymnasiums intends to design an advertising campaign. General manager: Our target public are young people between the ages of 25 and 35. Marketing manager: Right. What is our advertising campaign going to consist of? General manager: We're going to place advertising hoardings, we're going to put up posters Marketing manager: Where are we going to put up the hoardings? General manager: Next to fast-food restaurants... Marketing manager: Good idea! That way people will feel bad and want to exercise. General manager: We're also going to launch promotions with discounts for groups and couples. Marketing manager: We'll have to discuss the discounts issue.

Una nueva cadena de gimnasios pretende disear una campaa publicitaria. Director general: Nuestro pblico objetivo son los jvenes de entre 25 y 35 aos. Director de marketing: De acuerdo. En qu va a consistir nuestra campaa publicitaria? Director general: Vamos a colocar vallas publicitarias, vamos a colgar carteles Director de marketing: Dnde vamos a colgar las vallas? Director general: Al lado de los restaurantes de comida rpida Director de marketing: Buena idea!, as la gente se sentir mal y querr hacer deporte. Director general: Tambin vamos a lanzar promociones con descuentos para grupos y parejas. Director de marketing: El tema de los descuentos lo tenemos que discutir. - All rights reserved


Publicidad - Advertising

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. What is going to be advertised? a. A chain of fast-food restaurants. b. A chain of beauty clinics. c. A chain of gymnasiums. 2. Who is the advertising campaign aimed at? a. People who are overweight. b. People addicted to fast food. c. Young people between the ages of 25 and 35. 3. Where do they want to place the advertising hoardings? a. Next to fast-food restaurants. b. On the gymnasium door. c. In slimming clinics. - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(c): 2(c): 3(a)

Si fuera millonario - If I were a millionaire

Vocabulario y frases

the designer suit If I had a wedding, I would buy a designer suit.

el traje de diseo Si tuviera una boda, me comprara un traje de diseo.

the sunhat Ask for my sunhat when you need it.

la pamela Pdeme la pamela cuando la necesites.

the diamond ring If I had money, I would buy her a diamond ring.

el anillo de diamantes Si tuviera dinero, le regalara un anillo de diamantes.

the gold bracelet If we had seen that gold bracelet, we would have given it to you.

el brazalete de oro Si hubiramos visto ese brazalete de oro, te lo habramos regalado.

the pearl necklace If I had a girlfriend, I would give her a pearl necklace.

el collar de perlas Si tuviera novia, le regalara un collar de perlas.

the tail coat I would love to buy myself a tail coat.

el frac Me encantara comprarme un frac.

the top hat Yesterday he told me he would wear a top hat.

el sombrero de copa Ayer me dijo que llevara un sombrero de copa.

the house on the beach If I had won the lottery, I would have bought a house on the beach.

el chal en la playa Si me hubiera tocado la lotera, me habra comprado un chal en la playa.

the jacuzzi If I had a jacuzzi, I would be more relaxed.

el jacuzzi Si tuviera jacuzzi, estara ms relajada.

the yacht If you bought a yacht, would you take me to that island?

el yate Si te compras un yate, me llevars contigo a esa isla? - All rights reserved


Si fuera millonario - If I were a millionaire

the sailing boat If I buy a sailing boat, I'll take you to the end of the world.

el velero Si me compro un velero, te llevar al fin del mundo.

the white horse If we had a white horse, we would ride over the mountains.

el caballo blanco Si tuviramos un caballo blanco, cabalgaramos por las montaas.

the convertible car el coche descapotable When I get my driving licence, I'll buy a Cuando consiga el carn de conducir, me convertible car. comprar un coche descapotable.

the limousine la limusina If we were rich, we would go to work in Si furamos ricos, iramos a trabajar en a limousine. limusina.

the private helicopter Are you going to get into his private helicopter?

el helicptero privado Vas a subir a su helicptero privado?

the golf club If we bought golf clubs, we would play golf.

el palo de golf Si comprramos palos de golf, jugaramos al golf.

the round-the-world trip If I win the lottery, I'll take a round-the-world trip.

la vuelta al mundo Si me toca la lotera, dar la vuelta al mundo.

the cruise If we have holidays, we'll take a cruise round the mediterranean.

el crucero Si tenemos vacaciones, iremos de crucero por el Mediterrneo.

the servant If we were rich, we would have many servants.

el sirviente Si furamos ricos, tendramos muchos sirvientes.

the private chef If I had a lot of money, I would have a private chef.

el cocinero particular Si tuviera mucho dinero, tendra un cocinero particular.

the Iranian caviar el caviar iran If I were rich, I would eat Iranian caviar Si fuera rica, comera bocadillos de caviar sandwiches. iran. - All rights reserved


Si fuera millonario - If I were a millionaire

spiny lobster I would like to eat spiny lobster, I've never tried it.

la langosta Me gustara comer langosta, nunca la he probado.

the oysters If I pass my civil service exam, I'll invite you out to eat oysters.

las ostras Si apruebo la oposicin, te invitar a comer ostras.

the clawed lobster If you had come to dinner, you would have tried clawed lobster.

el bogavante Si hubieras venido a cenar, habras probado el bogavante.

the French champagne If you have dinner with me tonight, you'll try an exquisite French champagne.

el champn francs Si cenas conmigo esta noche, probars un exquisito champn francs. - All rights reserved


Si fuera millonario - If I were a millionaire


Two friends imagine what they would do if they won the lottery. Peter: I've bought a lottery ticket for tomorrow! Marc: What would you do if you won the lottery? Peter: I've no idea, I suppose I would take a round-the-world trip. Marc: I would buy a house on the beach, a yacht Peter: Well I would invest it in good moments, you know eating and drinking well Marc: I would also buy a convertible car and a black tail coat. Peter: You're very superficial! Remember the lottery ticket is mine.

Dos amigos imaginan lo que haran si les tocar la lotera. Pedro: He comprado lotera para maana! Marc: Qu haras si te tocar la lotera? Pedro: No tengo ni idea, supongo que dara la vuelta al mundo. Marc: Yo me comprara un chal en la playa, un yate.. Pedro: Pues yo lo invertira en buenos momentos, ya sabes comer y beber bien... Marc: Tambin me comprara un coche descapotable y un frac negro. Pedro: Eres muy superficial!, recuerda que el dcimo es mo. - All rights reserved


Si fuera millonario - If I were a millionaire

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. Who owns the lottery ticket? a. Peter b. Marc c. Both 2. In what would Marc invest the lottery money? a. In material things. b. In a round-the-world-trip. c. In good times. 3. What would Peter do with so much money? a. Peter would do a round-the-world-trip. b. Peter would buy a house on the beach. c. Peter would buy a yacht. - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(a): 2(a): 3(a)

Moda - Fashion

Vocabulario y frases

haute couture fashion I think that haute couture fashion is a big business.

la moda de alta costura Considero que la moda de alta costura es un gran negocio.

to be fashionable I think that actresses are fashionable.

ir a la moda Creo que las actrices van a la moda.

to be old-fashioned I must admit that this jacket is old-fashioned.

estar pasado de moda Tengo que reconocer que esta chaqueta est pasada de moda.

the fashion show It's obvious that many girls dream about participating in a fashion show.

el desfile Es evidente que muchas chicas suean con participar en un desfile de moda.

the catwalk I suppose that to get onto a catwalk you have to work a lot.

la pasarela Supongo que para subirte a una pasarela tienes que trabajar mucho.

the model It's clear that to be a model you have to be very thin.

la modelo Est visto que para ser modelo tienes que ser muy delgada.

the designer It's clear that the designer likes sexy men.

el diseador Est claro que a esta diseadora le gustan los hombres sexys.

the design There's no doubt that the design is unequalled.

el diseo Es indudable que este diseo es inigualable.

the fashion designer The fashion designer seems to have a very feminine vision of women.

el modisto Parece que este modisto tiene una visin muy femenina de la mujer.

to sew It's obvious that he sews very well.

coser Es evidente que cose muy bien. - All rights reserved


Moda - Fashion

the needle I think you don't know how to hold a needle.

la aguja Creo que no sabes cmo se coge una aguja.

the pin I think you need more pins.

el alfiler Pienso que necesitas ms alfileres.

the thread I think that thread is too light for the colour of the shirt.

el hilo Opino que ese hilo es demasiado claro para el color de la camisa.

the zip How embarrassing! It's obvious that his zip has broken.

la cremallera Qu vergenza!, es obvio que se le ha roto la cremallera.

the fabric It's true that that fabric is very soft.

el tejido Es cierto que este tejido es muy suave.

the wool la lana It's obvious that wool keeps you warm. Es evidente que la lana abriga mucho.

the cotton There's no doubt that cotton is very comfortable.

el algodn Es indiscutible que el algodn es muy cmodo.

the linen I think linen is ideal for summer.

el lino Creo que el lino es ideal para el verano.

plain I think Julia likes plain t-shirts.

liso Creo que a Julia le gustan las camisetas lisas.

striped It's clear that I'm never going to see you in a striped shirt.

de rayas Est visto que nunca te voy a ver con una camisa de rayas.

check It's undeniable that check skirts are old-fashioned.

de cuadros Es indiscutible que las faldas de cuadros estn pasadas de moda. - All rights reserved


Moda - Fashion

printed It's obvious that printed skirts don't suit you.

estampado Es evidente que las faldas estampadas no te sientan bien.

the collection It's obvious that the spring-summer collection is very innovative.

la coleccin Es obvio que la coleccin primavera-verano es muy innovadora.

the season I think that the clothes this season are horrible.

la temporada Opino que la ropa de esta temporada es horrible. - All rights reserved


Moda - Fashion


Interview with a famous designer about the collection of a new Norwegian designer. Interviewer: What do you think of the new Spring-Summer collection of this new designer? Designer: I feel his idea is truly sensational, but not for this season. Interviewer: Why? Designer: Because he has used too many autumn colours, the brown and the green... Interviewer: He has also used plain cotton fabrics, what do you think about that? Designer: It seems awful to me, in summer we need fresh fabrics like linen. Interviewer: Yes, but the designer is Norwegian. Designer: That explains why he includes wool hats in his collection.

Entrevista a un diseador famoso acerca de la coleccin de un nuevo diseador noruego. Entrevistador: Qu opina de la nueva coleccin temporada primavera verano de este nuevo diseador? Diseador: La propuesta me parece francamente sensacional, pero no para esta temporada. Entrevistador: Por qu? Diseador: Porque ha abusado de los colores otoales, como el marrn y el verde Entrevistador: Adems ha utilizado tejidos lisos de algodn, qu piensa de esto? Diseador: Me parece que es una barbaridad, en verano necesitamos tejidos frescos como el lino Entrevistador: S, pero el diseador es noruego. Diseador: Eso explica que incluya gorros de lana en su coleccin. - All rights reserved


Moda - Fashion

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. What does the designer think of the colours used by the Norwegian designer? a. The designer thinks that the colours are sensational. b. The designer thinks the colours should be darker. c. The designer thinks the colours are autumn colours. 2. Which fabric does the designer like for summer? a. The wool b. The cotton c. The linen 3. Why do you think the new designer has included wool hats in his collection? a. Because he is from Norway. b. Because that's fashion. c. Because he is very sensitive to cold. - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(c): 2(c): 3(a)

En el restaurante - At the restaurant

Vocabulario y frases

the restaurant This restaurant is well-known and expensive.

el restaurante Este restaurante es muy conocido y caro.

the waiter Waiter, please!

el camarero Camarero, por favor!

the cook This restaurant's cook is French.

el cocinero El cocinero de este restaurante es francs.

the reservation I have a reservation in the name of Peter.

la reserva Tengo una reserva a nombre de Pedro.

the table I want to reserve a table for four people.

la mesa Quiero reservar una mesa para cuatro personas.

the table cloth The table cloth is dirty.

el mantel El mantel est sucio.

the napkin You're cleaning yourself with my napkin.

la servilleta Te ests limpiando con mi servilleta.

the plate This plate is dirty, could you bring me another one?

el plato Este plato est sucio, podra traerme otro?

the cutlery los cubiertos The knife, the fork and the spoon make El cuchillo, el tenedor y la cuchara forman up the cutlery. los cubiertos.

the spoon I need a spoon for the soup.

la cuchara Necesito una cuchara para la sopa. - All rights reserved


En el restaurante - At the restaurant

the fork I need a fork for the meat.

el tenedor Necesito un tenedor para la carne.

the knife This knife doesn't cut.

el cuchillo Este cuchillo no corta.

the glass I want another glass of water.

el vaso Quiero otro vaso de agua.

the wineglass Could you bring me a glass of wine, please?

la copa Me trae una copa de vino, por favor?

the bottle Could you bring me another bottle of wine, please?

la botella Me trae otra botella de vino, por favor?

the menu Could you bring us the menu?

la carta Podra traernos la carta?

the set menu Do you have a set menu of the day?

el men Tenis men del da?

the first course What do you have for first course?

el primer plato Qu tiene de primero?

the main course el plato principal For the main course, I'll have a chicken De plato principal, quiero un filete de fillet. pollo.

the dessert Is the dessert included in the set menu?

el postre El postre est incluido en el men?

the coffee Is the coffee included in the price of the set menu?

el caf El caf entra dentro del precio del men? - All rights reserved


En el restaurante - At the restaurant

What would you like?

Qu van a tomar?

Would you like anything else?

Quieren algo ms?

the bill Could you bring us the bill, please?

la cuenta Nos trae la cuenta, por favor? - All rights reserved


En el restaurante - At the restaurant


Julia and Marc have a table reserved for dinner. Julia : Hello, good evening. We have a table reserved for two in the name of Julia Green. Waiter: Come this way, please. Here's the menu. What would you like? Julia : For me, a seafood salad. Waiter: For me, a beef fillet and a bottle of wine, please. Waiter: Straight away. (After eating) Waiter: Would you like a dessert? Julia : No thanks, could you bring us the bill, please? Waiter: Here you are.

Julia y Marc tienen una mesa reservada para cenar. Julia: Hola, buenas noches. Tenemos reservada una mesa para dos a nombre de Julia Green. Camarero: Pasen por aqu, por favor. Aqu tienen la carta. Qu van a tomar? Julia: Para m, una ensalada de marisco. Camarero: Para m, un filete de ternera y una botella de vino, por favor. Camarero: Ahora mismo. (despus de comer) Camarero: Quieren tomar algo de postre? Julia: No gracias, nos trae la cuenta, por favor? Camarero: Aqu tiene. - All rights reserved


En el restaurante - At the restaurant

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. For how many people was the reservation made? a. For two people. b. For one person. c. For three people. 2. What will Marc and Julia drink? a. Wine b. Beer c. Water 3. What will Julia eat? a. A beef fillet b. A seafood salad c. A pork chop - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(a): 2(a): 3(b)

Frutas - Fruit

Vocabulario y frases

the banana I love bananas.

el pltano Me encantan los pltanos.

the lemon Do you like the taste of lemons?

el limn Te gusta el sabor del limn?

the pineapple Maria likes to eat pineapple in the morning.

la pia A Mara le gusta comer pia por la maana.

the peach el melocotn My sister and I hate the taste of peach. Mi hermana y yo odiamos el sabor del melocotn.

the apricot Do you like ripe apricots?

el albaricoque Os gustan los albaricoques maduros?

the apple They prefer green apples.

la manzana Ellas prefieren las manzanas verdes.

the watermelon Maria likes watermelons more than melons.

la sanda A Mara le gusta ms la sanda que el meln.

the melon I love eating melons.

el meln Me encanta comer meln.

the pear How much are the pears?

la pera A cunto estn las peras?

the kiwi The kiwis cost Eur3 a kilo.

el kiwi Los kiwis estn a 3 Eur el kilo. - All rights reserved


Frutas - Fruit

the grape How much is a kilo of grapes?

la uva A cunto est el kilo de uva?

the fig A kilo of figs costs Eur2.50.

el higo El kilo de higos est a 2,50 Eur.

the plum Can you give me a kilo of plums?

la ciruela Pngame un kilo de ciruelas.

the orange Oranges are bigger than tangerines.

la naranja Las naranjas son ms grandes que las mandarinas.

the tangerine Tangerines are smaller than oranges.

la mandarina Las mandarinas son ms pequeas que las naranjas.

the strawberry Strawberries and cream are delicious.

la fresa Las fresas con nata estn buensimas.

the cherry la cereza Cherries are cheaper than redcurrants. Las cerezas estn ms baratas que las grosellas.

the raspberry Raspberries are very expensive.

la frambuesa Las frambuesas estn carsimas.

the redcurrant Redcurrants are smaller than strawberries.

la grosella Las grosellas son ms pequeas que las fresas.

the blackberry la mora Why don't we make a blackberry cake? Por qu no hacemos una tarta de mora?

the coconut Why don't you open the coconut?

el coco Por qu no partes el coco? - All rights reserved


Frutas - Fruit

the avocado Do you want to add avocado to the salad?

el aguacate Quieres aadir aguacate a la ensalada?

the mango What do you think if we buy mangos for lunch?

el mango Qu te parece si compramos mangos para comer?

Do you prefer green or ripe bananas?

Prefiere los pltanos verdes o maduros?

These apples are rotten.

Estas manzanas estn podridas. - All rights reserved


Frutas - Fruit


A customer at the fruit shop. Fruit seller: Hello, good morning. What would you like? Customer: How much are the strawberries? Fruit seller: Eur3.55 a kilo. Customer: Then, can you give me half a kilo? Fruit seller: Here you are. Would you like anything else? Customer: Yes, a kilo of oranges, please. Fruit seller: Here you are. Would you like anything else? Customer: No, nothing else. How much is it in total?

Un cliente en la frutera. Frutero: Hola, buenos das. Qu le gustara? Cliente: A cunto estn las fresas? Frutero: A 3,55 el kilo. Cliente: Pues, pngame medio kilo. Frutero: Aqu tiene. Algo ms? Cliente: S, un kilo de naranjas, por favor. Frutero: Aqu tiene, quiere algo ms? Cliente: No, nada ms gracias. Cunto es todo? - All rights reserved


Frutas - Fruit

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. Did the customer buy strawberries? a. No, he didn't buy any strawberries because they are so expensive. b. Yes, he bought a kilo. c. Yes, he bought half a kilo. 2. Did the customer buy anything else? a. Yes, he bought oranges. b. Yes, he bought pears. c. Yes, he bought bananas. 3. How much do you think the total is? a. Between 2 and 4 Eur. b. More than 5 Eur. c. Less than 2 Eur. - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(c): 2(a): 3(a)

Verduras - Vegetables

Vocabulario y frases

the vegetable I love vegetables.

la verdura Me encanta la verdura.

the greengrocer's I'm going to the greengrocer's for some tomatoes.

el puesto de verduras Voy al puesto de verduras por tomates.

the lettuce I want a lettuce.

la lechuga Quiero una lechuga.

the tomato Give me a kilo of tomatoes.

el tomate Pngame un kilo de tomates.

the carrot Give me half a kilo of carrots.

la zanahoria Pngame medio kilo de zanahorias.

the cucumber I'd like a quarter kilo of cucumbers.

el pepino Quera un cuarto de kilo de pepinos.

the onion How much is a bag of onions?

la cebolla A cunto est la bolsa de cebollas?

the garlic I need a clove of garlic to make the lunch.

el ajo Necesito un diente de ajo para hacer la comida.

the potato la patata Can you give me two kilos of potatoes? Me pone dos kilos de patatas?

the chard Eat all the chard!

la acelga Cmete todas las acelgas! - All rights reserved


Verduras - Vegetables

the artichoke You have to eat all the artichokes.

la alcachofa Tienes que comerte todas las alcachofas.

the aubergine You have to eat everything, the aubergines too.

la berenjena Hay que comrselo todo, las berenjenas tambin.

the broccoli You mustn't throw away the broccoli, it's very good.

el brcoli No debes tirar el brcoli, est muy bueno.

the courgette Eat up the courgette.

el calabacn Cmete el calabacn.

the pumpkin You mustn't throw the pumpkin away, it's very expensive.

la calabaza No debes tirar la calabaza, es muy cara.

the brussel sprouts I don't like brussel sprouts.

las coles de Bruselas No me gustan las coles de Bruselas.

the cauliflower You have to eat the cauliflower.

la coliflor Tienes que comerte la coliflor.

the asparagus These asparagus are very insipid.

los esprragos Estos esprragos estn muy sosos.

the spinach I don't like spinach at all.

las espinacas No me gustan nada las espinacas.

the green beans These green beans are raw.

las judas verdes Estas judas verdes estn crudas.

the pepper These peppers aren't tasty at all.

el pimiento Los pimientos no estn nada sabrosos. - All rights reserved


Verduras - Vegetables

the leek These leeks need salt, they're very insipid.

el puerro Estos puerros necesitan sal, estn muy sosos.

the mushrooms The mushrooms are over-done.

los championes Los championes estn demasiado hechos.

the wild mushrooms The wild mushrooms are disgusting.

las setas Las setas estn asquerosas. - All rights reserved


Verduras - Vegetables


A mother and her son are arguing, because he doesn't want to eat vegetables. Mother: Eat it all up! Son: No, I don't like vegetables, I want pizza. Mother: Well, today there's vegetable soup and you're not leaving until you eat it. Do you know that pizzas also have vegetables? Son: It's a lie! Mother: Pizzas have tomato, pepper, aubergine, asparagus Son: And what's in this soup? Mother: It has carrot, pumpkin, courgette and potato. If you eat it, you'll become big and strong. Son: Well, today I'll eat it, because I'm hungry.

Una madre y su hijo discuten, porque este no quiere comer verdura. Madre: Cmetelo todo! Hijo: No, no me gusta la verdura, quiero pizza. Madre: Pues hoy hay sopa de verduras y no saldrs hasta que no te la comas. Sabes que la pizza tambin lleva verduras? Hijo: Mentira! Madre: Las pizzas llevan tomate, pimiento, berenjena, esprragos... Hijo: Y qu lleva esta sopa? Madre: Lleva zanahoria, calabaza, calabacn y patata. Si te la comes, te hars muy grande y fuerte. Hijo: Bueno, hoy me la voy a comer, porque tengo hambre. - All rights reserved


Verduras - Vegetables

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. What does the son want to eat? a. Boiled vegetables b. Vegetable soup c. Pizza 2. Which of the following ingredients does the vegetable soup contain? a. Pepper and tomatoes b. Carrots and courgettes c. Potatoes and aubergines 3. What does the son eat in the end? a. Vegetable soup b. He doesnt eat anything. c. Pizza - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(c): 2(b): 3(a)

En el bar - At the bar

Vocabulario y frases

the pub Why don't we go to the pub to have a drink?

el bar Por qu no vamos a ese bar a tomar algo?

the bar Shall we sit at the bar?

la barra Nos sentamos en la barra?

the barman The barman serves the drinks to the customers.

el barman El barman sirve las copas a los clientes.

to order Have you ordered yet?

pedir Habis pedido ya?

sparkling mineral water I'll have a sparkling mineral water.

el agua mineral con gas Para m, un agua con gas.

still mineral water Could you bring me a bottle of still water?

el agua mineral sin gas Podra traerme una botella de agua sin gas?

the soft drink I'll have a soft drink, please.

el refresco Para m, un refresco, por favor.

the beer Could you bring me another jug of beer?

la cerveza Podra traer otra jarra de cerveza?

the white wine Can you bring us a bottle of white wine?

el vino blanco Nos trae una botella de vino blanco?

the red wine Can you bring me a glass of red wine, please?

el vino tinto Trigame una copa de vino tinto, por favor. - All rights reserved


En el bar - At the bar

the aperitif I love having an aperitif at midday on Saturdays.

el aperitivo Me encanta tomar el aperitivo los sbados a medioda.

the crisps Do you mind bringing us some crisps?

las patatas fritas Le importa traer unas patatas fritas?

the nuts Can you bring us some nuts?

los frutos secos Puede traernos unos frutos secos?

the drink Come on, the last drink's on me.

la copa Vamos, te invito a la ltima copa.

the shot I'll get the next round of shots!

el chupito Os invito a otra ronda de chupitos!

to toast Let's toast the people who are here!

brindar Vamos a brindar por los que estamos aqu!

the cocktail Could you give me the cocktail menu?

el cctel Podra prestarme la carta de ccteles?

the rum and coke A rum and coke, please.

el ron con cola Un ron con cola, por favor.

the whisky and water Can you give me a whisky and water, please?

el whisky con agua Me pones un whisky con agua, por favor?

the vodka and lemon A vodka and lemon, please!

el vodka con limn Un vodka con limn, por favor!

the gin and tonic Can you give me a gin and tonic please?

el gin-tonic Me pone un gin-tonic, por favor? - All rights reserved


En el bar - At the bar

pool Do you feel like a game of pool?

el billar Os apetece echar una partida de billar?

the darts Do you want to play darts?

los dardos Queris que juguemos a los dardos?

to be drunk What's the matter with you? Are you drunk?

estar borracho Qu te pasa?, ests borracho?

the hangover Don't shout! I've got a hangover.

la resaca No me grites!, tengo resaca. - All rights reserved


En el bar - At the bar


Two friends celebrate the promotion of one of them. Paul: I've been promoted at work! Robert: Congratulations! Paul: Why don't we go out and have a drink to celebrate? (now at the bar) Robert: Why don't we order a cocktail? Paul: That's a great idea. It's on me. Robert: Let's toast your new position and your beautiful boss! Paul: Ooh!

Dos amigos celebran el ascenso de uno de ellos. Pablo: Me han ascendido en mi trabajo! Roberto: Enhorabuena! Pablo: Por qu no vamos a tomar algo para celebrarlo? (ya en el bar) Roberto: Por qu no pedimos un cctel? Pablo: Me parece una idea estupenda, yo te invito. Roberto: Vamos a brindar por tu nuevo puesto y por la guapa de tu jefa! Pablo: Uyyyyy! - All rights reserved


En el bar - At the bar

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. Who has been promoted at work? a. Robert b. Paul c. Both 2. Where are they going to celebrate it? a. To a bar b. To a restaurant c. To a disco 3. Who is paying for the cocktails? a. Each one pays for his own cocktail. b. Paul c. Robert - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(b): 2(a): 3(b)

Desayunando - Having breakfast

Vocabulario y frases

to have breakfast desayunar Why don't we have breakfast together? Por qu no desayunamos juntos?

the orange juice Do you feel like an orange juice?

el zumo de naranja Te apetece un zumo de naranja?

the milk Do you want a little milk?

la leche Quieres un poco de leche?

the cocoa I prefer to have a glass of milk with cocoa.

el cacao Prefiero tomar un vaso de leche con cacao.

the strawberry milkshake Do you feel like a strawberry milkshake?

el batido de fresa Te apetece un batido de fresa?

the vanilla milkshake I don't like vanilla milkshakes.

el batido de vainilla No me gustan los batidos de vainilla.

the hot chocolate Maria loves hot chocolate.

el chocolate caliente A Mara le encanta el chocolate caliente.

the black coffee Can you give me a black coffee, please?

el caf solo Me pone un caf solo, por favor.

the white coffee A white coffee, please.

el caf con leche Un caf con leche, por favor.

the cappuccino el capuchino Can you give me a cappuccino, please? Pngame un caf capuchino, por favor. - All rights reserved


Desayunando - Having breakfast

the tea I would prefer a tea.

el t Preferira un t.

the sugar Could you bring me a little sugar, please?

el azcar Podra traerme un poco de azcar, por favor?

the toast I want a piece of toast.

la tostada Quiero una tostada.

the butter I'll have toast and butter.

la mantequilla Para m, una tostada con mantequilla.

the jam Can you bring me a little jam, please?

la mermelada Puede traerme un poco de mermelada, por favor?

the biscuits I feel like eating biscuits with chocolate.

las galletas Me apetece comer galletas con chocolate.

the cereals I prefer cereals.

los cereales Yo prefiero cereales.

the croissant I'll have a croissant with jam.

el croissant Para m, un croissant con mermelada.

the pastry Do you feel like one of those pastries?

la bollera Te apetece algo de bollera?

the scrambled eggs I don't feel like scrambled eggs for breakfast.

los huevos revueltos A m no me apetecen huevos revueltos para desayunar.

the bacon We don't like bacon.

el beicon A nosotros no nos gusta el beicon. - All rights reserved


Desayunando - Having breakfast


A couple have breakfast together on Sunday morning. Marc: Good morning, darling! I've made scrambled eggs for breakfast! Julia: What? Do you know I'm on a diet? Marc: But, don't you feel like some eggs? Julia: Of course I do, but they make you fat. Marc: Well if you want, I can prepare a coffee and toast. Julia: Let me thinkWell today is Sunday, so let's try them. Marc: Perfect! After breakfast, we can go for a walk.

Dos novios desayunan juntos el domingo por la maana. Marc: Buenos das, cario!, he hecho algunos huevos revueltos para desayunar! Julia: Qu?, sabes que estoy a dieta? Marc: Pero, no te apetecen unos huevos? Julia: Claro que me apetecen, pero engordan mucho. Marc: Bueno si quieres puedo prepararte un caf y una tostada. Julia: Djame pensar... Bueno hoy es domingo..., as que vamos a probarlos. Marc: Perfecto!, despus de desayunar, podemos dar un paseo. - All rights reserved


Desayunando - Having breakfast

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. What has Marc made for breakfast? a. Scrambled eggs b. Toast c. Coffee and pastry 2. Who is on diet? a. Both b. Marc c. Julia 3. What are they having for breakfast finally? a. Nothing, because they are going for a walk. b. Coffee and toast c. Scrambled eggs - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(a): 2(c): 3(c)

Mmmm - Mmmm

Vocabulario y frases

good Fruit is good.

bueno / buena La fruta es buena.

delicious The rice is delicious.

rico / rica El arroz est muy rico.

bad This hamburger is bad.

malo / mala Esta hamburguesa est mala.

salty Nuts are salty.

salado / salada Los frutos secos son salados.

sweet Cakes are sweet.

dulce Los pasteles son dulces.

sour Lemons are sour.

cido / cida El limn es cido.

bitter Coffee is bitter.

amargo / amarga El caf es amargo.

soft I like bread to be soft.

blando / blanda A m me gusta que el pan est blando.

hard I don't like bread to be hard.

duro / dura No me gusta que el pan est duro.

ripe You like fruit to be ripe.

maduro / madura A ti te gusta que la fruta est madura. - All rights reserved


Mmmm - Mmmm

unripe You don't like fruit to be unripe.

verde No te gusta que la fruta est verde.

raw He likes eating raw carrots.

crudo / cruda A l le gusta comer las zanahorias crudas.

rare He doesn't like rare meat.

poco hecho / poco hecha A l no le gusta la carne poco hecha.

medium-rare She likes meat to be medium-rare.

al punto A ella le gusta la carne al punto.

well-done She doesn't like meat to be well-done.

muy hecho / muy hecha A ella no le gusta la carne muy hecha.

bland The sauce is bland.

inspido / inspida La salsa est inspida.

tasteless The paella is tasteless.

desabrido / desabrida La paella est desabrida.

tasty The chicken is very tasty.

sabroso / sabrosa El pollo est muy sabroso.

spicy The chilli con carne is very spicy.

picante El chili con carne est muy picante.

inedible The soup is inedible.

incomible La sopa est incomible.

exquisite The ravioli are exquisite.

exquisito / exquisita Los ravioli son exquisitos. - All rights reserved


Mmmm - Mmmm

appetizing This pizza seems very appetizing.

apetitoso / apetitosa Esa pizza parece muy apetitosa.

sickly The meat pie is very sickly.

empalagoso / empalagosa El pastel de carne es muy empalagoso.

light Salads are light.

ligero / ligera Las ensaladas son ligeras.

low in calories Many soft drinks are low in calories.

bajo en caloras / baja en caloras Hay muchos refrescos bajos en caloras. - All rights reserved


Mmmm - Mmmm


Peter and Mary are at a new restaurant that serves international food. Peter: What are you going to order, darling? Mary: I think I'll order sashimi as the first course. Peter: You know that sashimi is raw fish, don't you? Mary: How disgusting! I'll order something else then. What are you going to have? Peter: I think I'll have chilli con carne. Mary: What's in chilli con carne? Peter: It's quite a spicy Mexican dish. Mary: I don't like spicy food. I think I fancy a pizza.

Pedro y Mara estn en un nuevo restaurante de comida internacional. Pedro: Qu vas a pedir, cario? Mara: Creo que voy a pedir sashimi de primero. Pedro: Sabes que el sashimi es pescado crudo, verdad? Mara: Qu asco!, entonces voy a pedir otra cosa. Qu vas a tomar t? Pedro: Yo creo que voy a tomar chili con carne. Mara: Qu lleva el chili con carne? Pedro: Es una comida mexicana bastante picante. Mara: No me gusta la comida picante. Creo que me apetece una pizza. - All rights reserved


Mmmm - Mmmm

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. What is meant by the fish is raw? a. The fish is of the best quality. b. The fish is unripe. c. The fish has not been cooked. 2. Does Mary like spicy food? a. No b. Yes c. Yes, it's her favourite food. 3. What is Mary most likely to order? a. Pizza b. Chilli con carne c. Sashimi - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(c): 2(a): 3(a)

Cocinar en casa - Cooking at home

Vocabulario y frases

the recipe This recipe is very easy to prepare.

la receta Esta receta es muy fcil de preparar.

the ingredients Buy the necessary ingredients.

los ingredientes Compra los ingredientes necesarios.

the preparation method The preparation method is the way to make the dish.

el modo de preparacin El modo de preparacin es la manera de hacer el plato.

the cooking time The cooking time indicates the time the food should be heated.

el tiempo de coccin El tiempo de coccin indica el tiempo que debe estar la comida en el fuego.

to wash Wash the potatoes and the tomatoes.

lavar Lava las patatas y los tomates.

to peel Peel the onions.

pelar Pela las cebollas.

to cut Cut the carrots and the asparagus.

cortar Corta las zanahorias y los esprragos.

to chop Chop the onion into very small pieces.

picar Pica la cebolla en trozos muy pequeos.

to beat Beat five eggs.

batir Bate cinco huevos.

to drain Drain the pasta to get rid of the water.

escurrir Escurre la pasta para quitarle el agua. - All rights reserved


Cocinar en casa - Cooking at home

to grate Grate the cheese.

rallar Ralla el queso.

to pour Pour the fish stock into the pot.

verter Vierte el caldo de pescado en la olla.

to add Add a spoonful of oil.

aadir Aade una cucharada de aceite.

to mix Mix everything well.

mezclar Mzclalo todo bien.

to stir Stir for 15 minutes.

remover Remuvelo durante 15 minutos.

to toast Toast the bread until it's crunchy.

tostar Tuesta el pan hasta que est crujiente.

to cook Cook for 35 minutes on a low heat.

cocinar Cocnalo durante 35 minutos a fuego lento.

to boil Boil the potatoes.

cocer Cuece las patatas.

to roast Roast the fish.

asar Asa el pescado.

to grill Grill the meat.

cocinar a la parrilla Cocina la carne a la parrilla.

to fry Fry the potatoes and the onion.

frer Fre las patatas y la cebolla. - All rights reserved


Cocinar en casa - Cooking at home

to bake Bake the bread.

cocer al horno Cuece el pan al horno.

to melt Melt the cheese.

derretir Derrite el queso.

to heat Heat the sauce.

calentar Calienta la salsa.

to serve Serve it cold.

servir Srvelo fro. - All rights reserved


Cocinar en casa - Cooking at home


The mother explains to the son how to prepare a dish. Mother: First you have to wash and peel the vegetables. Son: That's very easy. Mother: Now boil the vegetables. Son: Where's the oil? Mother: What do you want the oil for? Son: To boil the vegetables. Mother: OK, let's start at the beginning, you boil with water and you fry with oil. Son: Yes, yes, of course.

La madre le explica al hijo cmo se prepara un plato. Madre: Primero tienes que lavar y pelar las verduras. Hijo: Eso es muy fcil. Madre: Ahora cuece las verduras. Hijo: Dnde est el aceite? Madre: Para qu quieres el aceite? Hijo: Para cocer la verdura. Madre: Bueno, vamos a empezar por el principio, se cuece con agua y se fre con aceite. Hijo: S, s, claro. - All rights reserved


Cocinar en casa - Cooking at home

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. Do you think the son knows how to cook? a. I think he has no idea. b. I think cooking is his hobby. c. I think he is a professional cook 2. The son believes that for boiling you need. a. salt. b. oil. c. water. 3. What does he have to do before boiling the vegetables? a. Before boiling the vegetables he has to wash and peel them. b. Before boiling the vegetables he has to fry them. c. Before boiling the vegetables he has to toast them. - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(a): 2(b): 3(a)

Marisco - Seafood

Vocabulario y frases

the seafood Seafoodis anyseaanimal suitable for eating byhumans.

el marisco El marisco es cualquier animal marino comestible por el hombre.

the fish I prefer fish to shellfish.

el pescado Prefiero el pescado a los crustceos.

the fish bones I almost choked on a fish bone!

las espinas Casi me asfixio con una espina!

the anchovy I really dislike anchovies on my pizza.

la anchoa No me gusta nada que me pongan anchoas en la pizza.

the sardine Sardines feed in shallow water.

la sardina Las sardinas se alimentan en aguas poco profundas.

the sea bass Grilled sea bass is delicious.

la lubina La lubina a la brasa est deliciosa.

the cod There are countless cod recipes in Portugal.

el bacalao En Portugal existen innumerables recetas de bacalao.

the haddock Haddock can be sold fresh, smoked, frozen or dried.

el abadejo El abadejo se puede vender fresco, ahumado, congelado o seco.

the bream Roasted bream is my brother's speciality.

la dorada La dorada asada es la especialidad de mi hermano.

the monkfish Monkfish have to be the ugliest fish in the sea!

el rape El rape debe ser el pez ms feo del mar! - All rights reserved


Marisco - Seafood

the mullet That restaurant serves the most exquisite mullet.

el salmonete Ese restaurante sirve el salmonete ms exquisito.

the salmon I don't know anybody who doesn't like salmon.

el salmn No conozco a nadie que no le guste el salmn.

the sole el lenguado There are many different types of sole. Hay muchos tipos diferentes de lenguado.

the trout Trout fishing is very common in Scotland.

la trucha Pescar trucha es muy habitual en Escocia.

the tuna Canned tuna is very healthy.

el atn El atn enlatado es muy sano.

the whiting Whiting comes from the same family as cod.

la pescadilla La pescadilla pertenece a la misma familia que el bacalao.

the hake If you fry hake in butter, you retain all the taste of this fish.

la merluza Si fres la merluza con mantequilla retienes todo el sabor de este pescado.

the squid Squid is popular in many different types of cuisine.

el calamar El calamar es un pescado popular en muchos tipos diferentes de cocina.

the swordfish el pez espada The sword of the swordfish makes up La "espada" del pez espada ocupa casi la nearly one-third of its length. tercera parte de su longitud.

the shellfish What type of shellfish is in season at the moment?

los crustceos Cules son los crustceos de temporada en estos momentos?

the crab Crab meat is either white or brown.

el cangrejo La carne del cangrejo es o blanca o marrn. - All rights reserved


Marisco - Seafood

the lobster Why is lobster so expensive?

El bogavante Por qu es tan caro el bogavante?

the prawn Garlic prawns is a very popular dish in Spain.

la gamba Las gambas al ajillo es un plato muy popular en Espaa.

the mussels Mussels that fail to open after cooking should be discarded.

el mejilln Los mejillones que no se abren una vez cocinados se debern descartar.

the oyster They say that oysters are an aphrodisiac.

la ostra Dicen que las ostras son afrodisacas. - All rights reserved


Marisco - Seafood


Anna and Claudia are talking about tomorrow nights dinner party. Anna: What shall we prepare for the dinner party tomorrow night? Claudia: Well, Paul loves seafood, especially cockles and mussels. Anna: Oh, but you know I am allergic to mussels. What about some cod or some salmon? Claudia: I am tired of having cod and salmon. What about some swordfish then? Anna: Oh good idea. We could cook it with a red pepper sauce. Claudia: Yum. Let's get some prawns for starters too. Anna: Great. It is going to be a delicious dinner!

Ana y Claudia hablan sobre la cena de maana por la noche. Ana : Qu podemos preparar para la cena de maana por la noche? Claudia: Pues a Pablo le encanta el marisco, especialmente los berberechos y los mejillones. Ana : Vaya, pero ya sabes que yo soy alrgica a los mejillones. Qu tal bacalao o salmn? Claudia: Ya estoy cansada de comer bacalao y salmn. Y qu tal un pez espada? Ana : Ah, buena idea. Podramos cocinarlo con salsa de pimiento rojo. Claudia: Mmm. Vamos a coger tambin unas gambas como entrantes. Ana : Genial. Va a ser una cena deliciosa! - All rights reserved


Marisco - Seafood

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. What type of seafood does Paul like especially? a. He likes lobster and oyster. b. He likes cockles and mussels. c. He likes sardines and monkfish. 2. What is Anna allergic to? a. She is allergic to mussels. b. She is allergic to mackerel. c. She is allergic to monkfish. 3. What are they going to cook for dinner in the end? a. Swordfish and prawns. b. Cod and salmon. c. Trout and anchovies. - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(b): 2(a): 3(a)

Come bien, sintete bien - Eat well, be well

Vocabulario y frases

the vegetarian She told me she was vegetarian at the last minute so I had to throw the steak away. the vegan He said he was vegan, but he ate the cheese.

el vegetariano Me dijo que era vegetariana en el ltimo momento, de manera que tuve que tirar el filete. el vegetariano estricto Dijo que era vegetariano estricto, pero comi queso.

the strict diet la dieta estricta They said that some people had a very Dijeron que algunas personas tuvieron strict diet. una dieta muy estricta.

the semi-vegetarian He explained that semi-vegetarians can also be called flexitarians.

el semi-vegetariano Explic que a los semi-vegetarianos tambin se les puede llamar flexitarianos.

the well-balanced diet la dieta bien equilibrada The doctor insisted that it was very El mdico insisti en lo importante que es important to have a well-balanced diet. llevar una dieta bien equilibrada.

the lifestyle She agreed that being vegetarian suited her lifestyle.

el estilo de vida Afirmaba que ser vegetariana era algo acorde a su estilo de vida.

the dietitian el dietista The dietitian reminded me that sport El dietista me record que practicar and exercise were also necessary for a deportes y hacer ejercicio tambin eran healthy lifestyle. necesarios para llevar un estilo de vida saludable. the food pyramid She said the food pyramid was designed to help you make healthy food choices. the nutrition They explained that all the nutrients you need can easily be obtained from a vegetarian diet. the vitamins The article explained that you can get vitamin B12 from dairy products. la pirmide alimenticia Dijo que la pirmide alimenticia estaba diseada para ayudar a realizar elecciones de alimentos saludables. la nutricin Explicaron que todos los nutrientes necesarios se pueden obtener fcilmente de una dieta vegetariana. las vitaminas El artculo explicaba que puedes obtener vitamina B12 de los productos lcteos. - All rights reserved


Come bien, sintete bien - Eat well, be well

the minerals He denied that the vegan diet lacked minerals.

los minerales Neg que la dieta vegetariana estricta careciera de minerales.

the calories He said that people have to be careful of their daily calorie intake.

las caloras Dijo que las personas deben tener cuidado con la ingesta diaria de caloras.

the cholesterol He believes that garlic in the diet can dramatically reduce cholesterol.

el colesterol En su opinin, incluir ajo en la dieta puede reducir el colesterol de forma considerable. los productos procedentes de animales Aadiste que los vegetarianos estrictos nunca comen productos procedentes de animales. los cereales Puesto que a su dieta le faltaba vitamina E, le sugiri que comiera ms cereales.

the animal products You added that vegans never ate any animal products.

the cereals She suggested that he eat more cereals as his diet was lacking vitamin E. the starchy foods The nurse advised me to eat more starchy foods such as rice and potatoes. the legumes The chef explained that he often worked white beans, lentils and other legumes into his menus. the dairy products She reminded me that about 10% of people were allergic to dairy products.

los alimentos ricos en almidn La enfermera me advirti que comiera ms alimentos ricos en almidn, como el arroz y las patatas. las legumbres El jefe de cocina explic que a menudo inclua las alubias blancas, las lentejas y otras legumbres en sus mens. los productos lcteos Me record que alrededor de un 10% de las personas son alrgicas a los productos lcteos. los frutos secos y las semillas Sugiri aadir frutos secos y semillas a la dieta de los nios.

the dried fruits and seeds She suggested adding dried fruits and seeds to the children's diet.

the dietary supplements The nutritionists added that dietary supplements are necessary when on a diet. the plant-based food She recommended eating a wide variety of plant-based food.

los suplementos dietticos Los nutricionistas aadieron que los suplementos dietticos son necesarios cuando se hace rgimen. los alimentos de origen vegetal Recomend comer una amplia variedad de alimentos de origen vegetal. - All rights reserved


Come bien, sintete bien - Eat well, be well

the vegetarian restaurant Anna suggested going to a vegetarian restaurant for dinner.

el restaurante vegetariano Ana sugiri ir a un restaurante vegetariano a cenar.

the recipe la receta The cook explained that he didn't know El cocinero explic que no conoca any good vegetarian recipes. ninguna receta vegetariana buena. - All rights reserved


Come bien, sintete bien - Eat well, be well


Robert is asking Julia about being vegetarian. Robert: Why did you become a vegetarian? Julia: Well, I believe strongly that animals should have rights too. Robert: So you never eat meat? Julia: No. Well, sometimes I have some chicken casserole or some fish pie. Robert: And you don't think that chicken and fish should have rights? Julia: Well. Robert: They are animals too you know. You are not really a vegetarian, are you? Julia: I just don't like red meat.

Roberto hace preguntas a Julia sobre el hecho de ser vegetariana. Roberto: Por qu te hiciste vegetariana? Julia: Bueno, porque pienso sinceramente que los animales tambin deberan tener derechos. Roberto: De manera que nunca comes carne? Julia: No. Bueno, en ocasiones como pollo guisado o pastel de pescado. Roberto: Y no crees que los pollos y los peces deberan tener derechos? Julia: Bueno Roberto: Tambin son animales, sabes. T no eres realmente vegetariana Verdad? Julia: Ummm. no, simplemente no como carne roja. - All rights reserved


Come bien, sintete bien - Eat well, be well

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. What reason did Julia give for becoming a vegetarian? a. She believes that animals should have rights too. b. She really likes vegetables. c. She thinks that animals are cute. 2. Why is Julia not a vegetarian? a. Because she sometimes eats fish and chicken. b. Because she eats red meat. c. Because she only eats vegetables. 3. What is the real reason Julia became a vegetarian? a. She doesn't like fish. b. She doesn't like chicken. c. She doesn't like red meat. - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(a): 2(a): 3(c)

Pronombres personales, 1, 2 y 3 persona del singular - Personal Pronouns 1st, 2nd, 3rd singular

Vocabulario y frases






I speak English.

Yo hablo ingls.

You speak Spanish.

T hablas espaol.

He speaks French.

l habla francs.

She speaks German.

Ella habla alemn.

Do you speak English?

T hablas ingls?

Does he speak French?

l habla francs? - All rights reserved


Pronombres personales, 1, 2 y 3 persona del singular - Personal Pronouns 1st, 2nd, 3rd singular
Does she speak German? Ella habla alemn?

I don't speak Spanish.

Yo no hablo espaol.

You don't speak English.

T no hablas ingls.

He doesn't speak French.

l no habla francs.

She doesn't speak German.

Ella no habla alemn. - All rights reserved


Pronombres personales, 1, 2 y 3 persona del singular - Personal Pronouns 1st, 2nd, 3rd singular


Maria and Paul meet in a language exchange evening. Maria: Hello, my name is Maria. That is my friend Robert over there. I speak French and Spanish and Robert speaks Spanish. Paul: Hi. My name is Paul. I speak English and Spanish but I dont speak French or German. Does Robert speak English? Maria: No. But he speaks Italian. Do you speak Italian? Paul: I speak English and Spanish well but only a little Italian. So let's speak in Spanish

Mara y Pablo se encuentran en una velada de intercambio de idiomas. Mara: Hola, mi nombre es Mara. ste de ah es mi amigo Robert. Yo hablo francs y espaol y Robert habla espaol. Pablo: Hola. Mi nombre es Pablo. Yo hablo ingls y espaol, pero no hablo francs ni alemn. Robert habla ingls? Mara: No. Pero l habla italiano. T hablas italiano? Pablo: Yo hablo bien ingls y espaol, pero slo un poco de italiano. De modo que vamos a hablar en espaol - All rights reserved


Pronombres personales, 1, 2 y 3 persona del singular - Personal Pronouns 1st, 2nd, 3rd singular

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. Does Maria speak Spanish and French? a. No, she doesn't. b. No, Maria speaks German. c. Yes, she does. 2. Does Robert speak English? a. I don't know. b. No, he doesn't. c. Yes, he does. 3. What languages does Robert speak? a. He speaks Spanish and Italian. b. He speaks English. c. He speaks French. - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(c): 2(b): 3(a)

Pronombres personales, 1, 2 y 3 persona del plural - Personal Pronouns 1st, 2nd, 3rd Plural

Vocabulario y frases









We play tennis

Nosotros practicamos tenis.

You play football.

Vosotros practicis ftbol.

They play golf.

Ellos practican golf.

They play basketball.

Ellas practican baloncesto.

Do we play tennis?

Nosotros practicamos tenis?

Do you play football?

Vosotros practicis ftbol? - All rights reserved


Pronombres personales, 1, 2 y 3 persona del plural - Personal Pronouns 1st, 2nd, 3rd Plural
Do they play golf? Ellos practican golf?

Do they play basketball?

Ellas practican baloncesto?

We don't play football.

Nosotros no practicamos ftbol.

You don't play tennis.

Vosotros no practicis tenis.

They don't play golf.

Ellos no practican golf.

They don't play basketball.

Ellas no practican baloncesto. - All rights reserved


Pronombres personales, 1, 2 y 3 persona del plural - Personal Pronouns 1st, 2nd, 3rd Plural


Two couples meet in a sports centre. Christina and Thomas: Hello. What sport do you play? Paul and Anna: Hi. We play tennis and golf. Do you play tennis? Christina and Thomas: No, we don't but we play golf. Do your friends play golf? Paul and Anna: Yes, they do. They play golf very well. Maybe we could play golf together some day? Christina and Thomas: Ok. Good idea. What about next Saturday? Paul and Anna: Great.

Dos parejas se encuentran en un centro deportivo. Cristina y Toms: Hola. Qu deporte practicis vosotros? Pablo y Ana: Hola. Nosotros practicamos tenis y golf. Vosotros practicis tenis? Cristina y Toms: No, no lo practicamos, pero practicamos golf. Vuestros amigos practican golf? Pablo y Ana: S, lo practican. Juegan muy bien a golf. Tal vez podramos practicar juntos golf algn da? Cristina y Toms: Muy bien. Buena idea. Qu os parece el prximo sbado? Pablo y Ana: Excelente. - All rights reserved


Pronombres personales, 1, 2 y 3 persona del plural - Personal Pronouns 1st, 2nd, 3rd Plural

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. What sport do Cristina and Thomas play? a. They play tennis. b. They play football. c. They play golf. 2. Do Paul and Anna play tennis and golf? a. No, they don't. b. Yes, they do. c. No, they play basketball. 3. When will they play golf together? a. They will play on Saturday. b. They will play on Friday. c. They will play on Monday. - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(c): 2(b): 3(a)

El verbo ser - The verb to be

Vocabulario y frases

I am tall.

Yo soy alto.

You are short.

T eres bajo.

He is thin.

l es delgado.

She is fat.

Ella es gorda.

We are old.

Nosotros somos viejos.

You are young.

Vosotros sois jvenes.

They are dark-haired.

Ellos son morenos.

They are blond.

Ellas son rubias.

Am I fat?

Yo soy gordo?

Are you thin?

T eres delgado? - All rights reserved


El verbo ser - The verb to be

Is he tall?

l es alto?

Is she ugly?

Ella es fea?

Are we young?

Nosotros somos jvenes?

Are you blond?

Vosotros sois rubios?

Are they short?

Ellos son bajos?

Are they tall?

Ellas son altas?

I am not fat.

Yo no soy gordo.

You are not thin.

T no eres delgado.

He is not tall.

l no es alto.

She is not ugly.

Ella no es fea.

We are not young.

Nosotros no somos jvenes. - All rights reserved


El verbo ser - The verb to be

You are not blond.

Vosotros no sois rubios.

They are not thin.

Ellos no son delgados.

They are not ugly.

Ellas no son feas. - All rights reserved


El verbo ser - The verb to be


Two friends are looking at photos. Claudia: Is that your sister? She is very tall. Anna: Yes, she is. She is blond like my mother. Claudia: Is your mother tall or short? Anna: She is short and my father is tall. And your parents? Claudia: They are tall. My mother is blond and my father is dark-haired. But they are old now. And are you like your sister? Anna: Yes, I am but she is thin and I am fat. Claudia: Maybe you should go on a diet ...

Dos amigas estn mirando fotos. Claudia: sa es tu hermana? Es muy alta. Ana: S, lo es. Ella es rubia como mi madre. Claudia: Tu madre es alta o baja? Ana: Ella es baja y mi padre es alto. Y tus padres? Claudia: Ellos son altos. Mi madre es rubia y mi padre es moreno. Pero ahora son viejos. Y t eres como tu hermana? Ana: S, lo soy, pero ella es delgada y yo soy gorda. Claudia: Tal vez deberas ponerte a dieta. - All rights reserved


El verbo ser - The verb to be

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. Is Anna's mother blond? a. Yes, she is. b. No, she is not. c. No, she is dark-haired. 2. Is Claudia's father tall? a. Yes, he is b. No, he is short. c. No, he is not. 3. Is Anna fat? a. Yes, she is. b. No, she is not. c. No, she is thin. - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(a): 2(a): 3(a)

Artculos indefinidos y 'esto' - Indefinite articles and "it"

Vocabulario y frases

It is a table.

Esto es una mesa.

It is an apple.

Esto es una manzana.

It is a car.

Esto es un coche.

It is an elephant.

Esto es un elefante.

It is a boat.

Esto es un barco.

Is it a chair?

Esto es una silla?

Is it an orange?

Esto es una naranja?

Is it a bicycle?

Esto es una bicicleta?

Is it a giraffe?

Esto es una jirafa?

Is it a bird?

Esto es un pjaro? - All rights reserved


Artculos indefinidos y 'esto' - Indefinite articles and "it"

It is not a chair. It is a table.

Esto no es una silla. Esto es una mesa.

It is not an orange. It is an apple.

Esto no es una naranja. Esto es una manzana.

It is not a bicycle. It is a car.

Esto no es una bicicleta. Esto es un coche.

It is not a giraffe. It is an elephant.

Esto no es una jirafa. Esto es un elefante.

It is not a bird. It is a boat.

Esto no es un pjaro. Esto es un barco. - All rights reserved


Artculos indefinidos y 'esto' - Indefinite articles and "it"


A mother comes home from a day shopping with a surprise for her son. Mother: Hello Paul. I have a surprise for you! Son: Oh. What is it? Is it a toy boat? Mother: No. It is not a toy boat. Son: Is it a toy car? Mother: No, it is not a toy car. Son: Is it chocolate? Mother: No, it is not is a new history book for you to study! Son: Ohhh Mum!!!!!

Una madre llega a casa tras un da de compras con una sorpresa para su hijo. Madre: Hola Pablo. Tengo una sorpresa para ti! Hijo: Oh. Qu es? Es un barco de juguete? Madre: No. No es un barco de juguete. Hijo: Es un coche de juguete? Madre: No, no es un coche de juguete. Hijo: Es chocolate? Madre: No no es chocolate Es un libro de historia nuevo para que estudies! Hijo: Ohhh mam! - All rights reserved


Artculos indefinidos y 'esto' - Indefinite articles and "it"

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. Is the gift a toy car? a. No, it is not a toy car. b. I don't know. c. Yes, it is a toy car. 2. Is the gift a toy boat? a. Yes, it is a toy boat. b. No, it is not a toy boat. c. I don't know. 3. Is the gift a history book? a. I don't know. b. No, it is not a history book. c. Yes, it is a history book. - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(a): 2(b): 3(c)

Adjetivos demostrativos - Demonstrative adjectives

Vocabulario y frases

This book.

Este libro.

That car.

Ese coche.

This table.

Esta mesa.

That girl.

Esa chica.

These books.

Estos libros.

Those cars.

Esos coches.

These tables.

Estas mesas.

Those girls.

Esas chicas.

This book is interesting.

Este libro es interesante.

That house is small.

Esa casa es pequea. - All rights reserved


Adjetivos demostrativos - Demonstrative adjectives

This table is big.

Esta mesa es grande.

That bread is hot.

Ese pan est caliente.

These flowers are pretty.

Estas flores son bonitas.

Those boys are tall.

Esos chicos son altos.

These boxes are heavy.

Estas cajas son pesadas.

Those children are noisy.

Esos nios son ruidosos. - All rights reserved


Adjetivos demostrativos - Demonstrative adjectives


Maria is at the market buying fruit and vegetables. Maria: Hello. I would like those apples over there please. Greengrocer: Hello. Of course. Anything else? Maria: Yes, this melon please and these oranges. Greengrocer: Certainly. Is that all? Maria: Ahhthat bag of carrots too please. Greengrocer: Ok. Eur5.25 please

Mara est en el mercado comprando frutas y verduras. Mara: Hola. Querra esas manzanas de ah, por favor. Frutero: Hola. Por supuesto. Alguna otra cosa? Mara: S, este meln, por favor, y estas naranjas. Frutero: Desde luego. Eso es todo? Mara: Ah tambin esa bolsa de zanahorias, por favor. Frutero: Muy bien. 5,25 , por favor - All rights reserved


Adjetivos demostrativos - Demonstrative adjectives

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. Does Maria buy potatoes? a. Yes, Maria buys two bags of potatoes. b. No, she doesn't. c. Yes she does. 2. Does Maria buy bananas? a. I don't know. b. Yes, she does. c. No, she doesn't. 3. How much does Maria pay? a. She pays Eur5.25 b. She pays Eur5.55 c. She pays Eur2.25 - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(b): 2(c): 3(a)

Preposiciones de lugar - Prepositions of place

Vocabulario y frases

with I live with Paul.

con Vivo con Pablo.

without I like my coffee without milk.

sin Me gusta el caf sin leche.

near I live near the main street.

cerca Vivo cerca de la calle principal.

far from I live far from London.

lejos de Vivo lejos de Londres.

between My house is between the bakery and the butcher shop.

entre Mi casa est entre la panadera y la carnicera.

in front of I live in front of the church.

delante de Vivo delante de la iglesia.

in My money is in my bag.

en Tengo el dinero en el bolso.

outside I am outside my house.

fuera Estoy fuera de casa.

on top of The keys are on top of the table.

encima Las llaves estn encima de la mesa.

under The cat is under the table.

debajo El gato est debajo de la mesa. - All rights reserved


Preposiciones de lugar - Prepositions of place

behind The car is behind the house.

detrs El coche est detrs de la casa.

opposite The restaurant is opposite the square.

frente a El restaurante se encuentra frente a la plaza.

below I write my name below the line.

debajo Escribo mi nombre debajo de la lnea.

on the left The library is on the left.

a la izquierda La biblioteca est a la izquierda.

on the right The bar is on the right.

a la derecha El bar est a la derecha. - All rights reserved


Preposiciones de lugar - Prepositions of place


Claudia and Anna are at home. Claudia: I can't find my keys! Anna: Where did you put them? Claudia: They were in my bag on the table Anna: And now? Claudia: I don't know! Maybe they are between the table and the wall. Anna: No. They are not. Claudia: I know! They are in my pocket.

Claudia y Ana estn en casa. Claudia: No encuentro mis llaves! Ana: Dnde las dejaste? Claudia: Las tena en el bolso, sobre la mesa Ana: Y ahora? Claudia: No lo s! Puede que estn entre la mesa y la pared. Ana: No, ah no estn. Claudia: Ya s! Las tengo en el bolsillo. - All rights reserved


Preposiciones de lugar - Prepositions of place

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. Where were Claudia's keys? a. In her bag. b. Under her bag. c. On her bag. 2. Where was her bag? a. On the table. b. Next to the table. c. Under the table. 3. Where did she find her keys? a. In her pocket. b. On the table. c. In her bag. - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(a): 2(a): 3(a)

Presente - Present simple

Vocabulario y frases

I go to the museum every week.

Yo voy al museo todas las semanas.

You walk very fast.

T andas muy deprisa.

He dances very well.

l baila muy bien.

She lives in a big house.

Ella vive en una casa grande.

We speak four languages.

Nosotros hablamos cuatro idiomas.

You work in a small office.

Vosotros trabajis en una oficina pequea.

They open at 9 o'clock.

Ellos abren a las 9.

They listen to music every day.

Ellas escuchan msica todos los das.

Do I go to the museum every week?

Yo voy al museo todas las semanas?

Do you walk very fast?

T andas muy deprisa? - All rights reserved


Presente - Present simple

Does he dance very well?

l baila muy bien?

Does she live in a big house?

Vive ella en una casa grande?

Do we speak four languages?

Nosotros hablamos cuatro idiomas?

Do you work in a small office?

Vosotros trabajis en una oficina pequea?

Do they open at 9 o'clock?

Ellos abren a las 9?

Do they listen to music every day?

Ellas escuchan msica todos los das?

I don't go to the museum every week.

Yo no voy al museo todas las semanas.

You don't walk very fast.

T no andas muy deprisa.

He doesn't dance very well.

l no baila muy bien.

She doesn't live in a big house.

Ella no vive en una casa grande.

We don't speak four languages.

Nosotros no hablamos cuatro idiomas. - All rights reserved


Presente - Present simple

You don't work in a small office.

Vosotros no trabajis en una oficina pequea.

They don't open at 9 o'clock.

Ellos no abren a las nueve.

They don't listen to music every day.

Ellas no escuchan msica todos los das. - All rights reserved


Presente - Present simple


Robert calls his bank for information. Bank clerk: Good morning. Can I help you? Robert: Do you open at 8 o'clock? Bank clerk: Yes. We open at 8 o'clock and we close at 3 o'clock. Robert: Do you open on Saturday? Bank clerk: No. We don't open on Saturday. We open from Monday to Friday. Robert: And do you change foreign currency? Bank clerk: Well, we change currency to euro and US dollars. We don't change to any other currency. Robert: Thank you. Goodbye. Bank clerk: Goodbye.

Roberto llama al banco por telfono para solicitar informacin. Empleado del banco: Buenos das. Le puedo ayudar? Roberto : Abren a las 8? Empleado del banco: S. Abrimos a las 8 y cerramos a las 3. Roberto : Abren los sbados? Empleado del banco: No. No abrimos los sbados. Abrimos de lunes a viernes. Roberto : Y cambian moneda extranjera? Empleado del banco: Bueno, cambiamos moneda a euros y a dlares de los EE.UU. No cambiamos dinero a ninguna otra moneda. Roberto : Gracias, adis. Empleado del banco: Adis. - All rights reserved


Presente - Present simple

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. Choose the sentence which is written correctly. a. The bank does opens at 8 o'clock. b. The bank opens at 8 o'clock. c. The bank open at 8 o'clock. 2. Choose the sentence which is written correctly. a. The bank doesn't opens on Saturday. b. The bank doesn't open on Saturday. c. The bank don't open on Saturday. 3. Choose the sentence which is written correctly. a. The bank don't change money. b. The bank change money to euro and US dollar. c. The bank changes money to US dollar and euro. - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(b): 2(b): 3(c)

Hay - There is/are

Vocabulario y frases

there is There is a cat on the table.

hay Hay un gato sobre la mesa.

is there? Is there a cat on the table?

Hay? Hay un gato sobre la mesa?

there isn't There isn't a cat on the table.

no hay No hay un gato sobre la mesa.

there are There are two books in the bag.

hay Hay dos libros en el bolso.

are there? Are there two books in the bag?

Hay? Hay dos libros en el bolso?

there aren't There aren't two books in the bag.

no hay No hay dos libros en el bolso.

There is some milk in the fridge.

Hay leche en el frigorfico.

Is there any milk in the fridge?

Hay leche en el frigorfico?

There isn't any milk in the fridge.

No hay leche en el frigorfico.

There are some cakes in the cupboard. Hay pasteles en la despensa. - All rights reserved


Hay - There is/are

Are there any cakes in the cupboard?

Hay pasteles en la despensa?

There aren't any cakes in the cupboard.

No hay pasteles en la despensa.

There is some money in my purse.

Hay dinero en mi monedero.

Is there any money in my purse?

Hay dinero en mi monedero?

There isn't any money in my purse.

No hay dinero en mi monedero.

There are some cars in the garage.

Hay coches en el garaje.

Are there any cars in the garage?

Hay coches en el garaje?

There aren't any cars in the garage.

No hay coches en el garaje. - All rights reserved


Hay - There is/are


Paul is describing his new office to Maria. Maria: Tell me about your new office? Paul: There is a big window near my desk. Maria: Are there any shelves? Paul: There are some shelves near the wall and there is a big table next to the door. Maria: Is there a secretary? Paul: There are two secretaries. Maria: Is there a kitchen where you can make coffee? Paul: There is a kitchen but there is also a caf on the street where we can have coffee.

Pablo describe a Mara su oficina nueva. Mara: Me dices cmo es tu oficina nueva? Pablo: Junto a mi mesa hay una ventana grande. Mara: Hay baldas? Pablo: Hay algunas baldas junto a la pared y tambin hay una mesa grande junto a la puerta. Mara: Hay secretaria? Pablo: Hay dos secretarias. Mara: Hay una cocina donde hacer caf? Pablo: Hay una cocina pero tambin hay una cafetera en la calle donde podemos ir a tomar caf. - All rights reserved


Hay - There is/are

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. What is near Pauls desk? a. There is a big window near the desk. b. There is a shelf near the desk. c. There is a kitchen near the desk. 2. How many secretaries are there? a. There are five secretaries. b. There are three secretaries. c. There are two secretaries. 3. Is there a kitchen? a. There is a kitchen. b. There is no kitchen. c. There are two kitchens. - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(a): 2(c): 3(a)

Contable e incontable - Countable and uncountable

Vocabulario y frases

How many cars are there in the garage?

Cuntos coches hay en el garaje?

How much rice is there in the packet?

Cunto arroz hay en el paquete?

How many dresses are there in the wardrobe?

Cuntos vestidos hay en el armario?

How much water is there in the glass?

Cunta agua hay en el vaso?

How many bags are there on the table?

Cuntos bolsos hay sobre la mesa?

How much oil is there in the frying pan?

Cunto aceite hay en la sartn?

How many days are there in the week? Cuntos das hay en una semana?

How much wine is there in the bottle?

Cunto vino hay en una botella?

How many girls are there in the room?

Cuntas chicas hay en la habitacin?

How much money is there in the purse?

Cunto dinero hay en el monedero? - All rights reserved


Contable e incontable - Countable and uncountable

How many books are there on the shelf?

Cuntos libros hay sobre la balda?

How much money do you have?

Cunto dinero tienes?

How much does that cost?

Cunto cuesta eso?

How much is it?

Cunto cuesta? - All rights reserved


Contable e incontable - Countable and uncountable


Marc and Julia are at the supermarket. Marc: How many apples are there in the bag? Julia: There are 6 apples in the bag. Marc: How many biscuits are there in the packet? Julia: There are 10 biscuits. Marc: How much oil is there in that bottle? Julia: There is one litre. Marc: How much is it? Julia: It is 5 Euros. Marc: Ok. Let's go and pay.

Marcos y Julia estn en el supermercado. Marcos: Cuntas manzanas hay en la bolsa? Julia: Hay 6 manzanas en la bolsa. Marcos: Cuntas galletas hay en el paquete? Julia: Hay 10 galletas. Marcos: Cunto aceite hay en la botella? Julia: Hay un litro. Marcos: Y cunto cuesta? Julia: Cuesta 5 euros. Marcos: Muy bien. Vamos a pagar. - All rights reserved


Contable e incontable - Countable and uncountable

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. Choose the sentence which is correct. a. How many apples is there in the bag? b. How much apples are there in the bag? c. How many apples are there in the bag? 2. Choose the sentence which is correct. a. How many oil is there in the bottle? b. How many oils are in the bottle? c. How much oil is there in the bottle? 3. Choose the sentence which is correct. a. How many is it? b. How much it is? c. How much is it? - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(c): 2(c): 3(c)

Adjetivos posesivos 1 - Possessive adjectives

Vocabulario y frases

my This is my cat.

mi Este es mi gato.

your This is your book.

tu Este es tu libro.

his This is his vehicle.

su (l) Este es su vehculo.

her This is her dress.

su (ella) Este es su vestido.

our This is our house.

nuestro / nuestra Esta es nuestra casa.

your This is your daughter.

vuestro/vuestra Esta es vuestra hija.

their This is their son.

su (masc.) Este es su hijo.

their This is their street.

su (fem.) Esta es su calle.

That is my television.

Esa es mi televisin.

That is your mobile phone.

Ese es tu telfono mvil. - All rights reserved


Adjetivos posesivos 1 - Possessive adjectives

That is his bicycle.

Esa es su bicicleta.

That is her handbag.

Ese es su bolso.

That is our school.

Ese es nuestro colegio.

Those are your motorbikes.

Esas son vuestras motocicletas.

That is their office.

Esa es su oficina.

These are their chairs.

Estas son sus sillas. - All rights reserved


Adjetivos posesivos 1 - Possessive adjectives


Thomas is telling Paul about his cousins. Thomas: What are their names? Paul: Their names are Anna and Marc. Thomas: What do they look like? Paul: Her hair is brown and her eyes are blue. His hair is blond and his eyes are green. Thomas: So Marc looks like you? Paul: Yes. My hair is blond and my eyes are green. What about your cousins? Thomas: Oh my cousins look like me too. Our eyes are brown because our grandparents are from Spain. Paul: Oh? My grandparents are from Spain too!

Toms habla a Pablo sobre sus primos. Toms: Cmo se llaman? Pablo: Sus nombres son Ana y Marcos. Toms: Qu aspecto tienen? Pablo: El pelo de Ana es marrn y sus ojos son azules. El pelo de Marcos es rubio y sus ojos son verdes. Toms: De manera que Marcos se parece a ti? Pablo: S. Mi pelo es rubio y mis ojos son verdes. Cmo son tus primos? Toms: Ah, mis primos tambin se parecen a m. Nuestros ojos son marrones porque nuestros abuelos son espaoles. Pablo: A s? Mis abuelos tambin son espaoles! - All rights reserved


Adjetivos posesivos 1 - Possessive adjectives

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. Who are Anna and Marc? a. They are his cousins. b. They are his parents. c. They are his grandparents. 2. Choose the correct description of Anna. a. Her hair is blond and her eyes are blue. b. Her hair is brown and her eyes are blue. c. Her hair is brown and her eyes are brown. 3. Choose the correct description of Paul. a. His hair is brown and his eyes are green. b. His hair is blond and his eyes are green. c. His hair is black and his eyes are green. - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(a): 2(b): 3(b)

Tener - To have

Vocabulario y frases

I have I have a cat.

yo tengo Yo tengo un gato.

you have You have three cousins.

t tienes T tienes tres primos.

he has He has a good job.

l tiene l tiene un buen trabajo.

she has She has a red door in her house.

ella tiene Ella tiene una puerta roja en su casa.

we have We have a big house.

nosotros tenemos Nosotros tenemos una casa grande.

you have You have mobile phones.

vosotros tenis Vosotros tenis telfonos mviles.

they have They have laptops.

ellos tienen Ellos tienen ordenadores porttiles.

they have They have blue dresses.

ellas tienen Ellas tienen vestidos azules.

Do I have a cat?

Yo tengo un gato?

Do you have three cousins?

T tienes tres primos? - All rights reserved


Tener - To have

Does he have a good job?

l tiene un buen trabajo?

Does she have a red door in her house?

Ella tiene una puerta roja en su casa?

Do we have a big house?

Nosotros tenemos una casa grande?

Do you have mobile phones?

Vosotros tenis telfonos mviles?

Do they have laptops?

Ellos tienen ordenadores porttiles?

Do they have blue dresses?

Ellas tienen vestidos azules?

I don't have a cat.

Yo no tengo gato.

You don't have three cousins.

T no tienes tres primos.

He doesn't have a good job.

l no tiene un buen trabajo.

She doesn't have a red door in her house.

Ella no tiene una puerta roja en su casa.

We don't have a big house.

Nosotros no tenemos una casa grande. - All rights reserved


Tener - To have

You don't have mobile phones.

Vosotros no tenis telfonos mviles.

They don't have laptops.

Ellos no tienen ordenadores porttiles.

They don't have blue dresses.

Ellas no tienen vestidos azules. - All rights reserved


Tener - To have


Thomas asks Anna about her family. Thomas: Do you have a big family? Anna: Yes. I have five brothers and one sister. Thomas: Does your sister have children? Anna: Yes she does. She has two daughters. Thomas: Do your brothers have any children? Anna: Yes. I have six nieces and seven nephews in total. Do you have a big family? Thomas: No. I don't have a big family. I am an only child.

Toms pregunta a Ana sobre su familia. Toms: Tienes una familia grande? Ana: S. Tengo cinco hermanos y una hermana. Toms: Tu hermana tiene hijos? Ana: S. Tiene dos hijas. Toms: Tus hermanos tienen hijos? Ana: S. Tengo seis sobrinas y siete sobrinos en total. T tienes una familia grande? Toms: No. No tengo una familia grande. Soy hijo nico. - All rights reserved


Tener - To have

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. Choose the sentence which is written correctly. a. She have five brothers and one sister. b. She haves five brothers and one sister. c. She has five brothers and one sister. 2. Choose the question which is written correctly. a. Does you have a big family? b. Do you has a big family? c. Do you have a big family? 3. Choose the sentence which is written correctly. a. I don't have a big family. b. I don't has a big family. c. I doesn't have a big family. - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(c): 2(c): 3(a)

Adjetivos posesivos 2 - Possessives

Vocabulario y frases

This is Marc's mother.

sta es la madre de Marcos.

This is Claire's sister.

sta es la hermana de Clara.

That is the dog's bone.

se es el hueso del perro.

This is my friend's car.

ste es el coche de mi amigo.

That is my father's house.

sa es la casa de mi padre.

This is Melanie's daughter.

sta es la hija de Melania.

That is my wife's handbag.

se es el bolso de mi mujer.

This is my son's football.

ste es el baln de mi hijo.

Anna and Maria are my sisters' friends. Ana y Mara son amigas de mis hermanas.

They go to school with my brother's children.

Van al colegio con los hijos de mi hermano. - All rights reserved


Adjetivos posesivos 2 - Possessives

These are Melanie's daughters.

stas son las hijas de Melania.

They are my sisters' husbands.

Son los maridos de mis hermanas. - All rights reserved


Adjetivos posesivos 2 - Possessives


Christine and Maria are at a wedding. Christine: What do you think of my sister's wedding dress? Maria: It is beautiful. And the bridesmaids' dresses are very pretty too. Her husband's brother is also very handsome. Christine: That is my boyfriend's friend, Peter. Her husband's brother is over there at the bar. Maria: Oh. And is that the brother's wife with him? Christine: Yes. She is Peter's sister. Maria: Oh. So your boyfriend's friend, Peter is single? Christine: Yes. Go and talk to him..

Cristina y Mara estn en una boda. Cristina: Qu opinas sobre el vestido de novia de mi hermana? Mara: Es precioso. Y los vestidos de las damas de honor tambin son muy bonitos. El hermano de su marido es muy atractivo. Cristina: Ese es Pedro, el amigo de mi novio. El hermano de su marido est ah, en el bar. Mara: Ah, s. Y la chica que est con l es la mujer del hermano? Cristina: S. Es la hermana de Pedro. Mara: Ah, as que el amigo de tu novio, Pedro, es soltero? Cristina: S. Ve a hablar con l - All rights reserved


Adjetivos posesivos 2 - Possessives

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. What is described as beautiful? a. The sister's wedding dress. b. The husband's brother. c. Peter's sister. 2. What are described as pretty? a. The bridesmaids' dresses. b. The brother's wife. c. Peter's sister. 3. Choose the sentence which is written correctly. a. Her husband's brother is over there. b. Her husband brother's is over there. c. Her husbands brother is over there. - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(a): 2(a): 3(a)

Gerundio - Present continuous

Vocabulario y frases

I am visiting my aunt at the moment.

En estos momentos yo estoy visitando a mi ta.

You are studying English.

T ests estudiando ingls.

He is walking to the village now.

Ahora l est andando hacia el pueblo.

She is dancing the waltz now.

Ahora ella est bailando el vals.

We are living in Sao Paolo at the moment.

En estos momentos nosotros vivimos en Sao Paolo.

You are working in a bank now.

Ahora estis trabajando en un banco.

They are listening to music.

Ellos estn escuchando msica.

They are opening the doors now.

Ahora ellos estn abriendo las puertas.

Am I visiting my aunt at the moment?

Yo estoy visitando a mi ta en estos momentos?

Are you studying English?

T ests estudiando ingls? - All rights reserved


Gerundio - Present continuous

Is he walking to the village now?

l est andando hacia el pueblo ahora?

Is she dancing the waltz now?

Ella est bailando el vals ahora?

Are we living in Sao Paolo at the moment?

En estos momentos nosotros estamos viviendo en Sao Paolo?

Are you working in a bank now?

Ahora estis trabajando en un banco?

Are they listening to music?

Ellos estn escuchando msica?

Are they opening the doors now?

Ellos estn abriendo las puertas ahora?

I am not visiting my aunt at the moment.

En estos momentos yo no estoy visitando a mi ta.

You are not studying English.

T no ests estudiando ingls.

He is not walking to the village now.

Ahora l no est andando hacia el pueblo.

She is not dancing the waltz now.

Ahora ella no est bailando el vals.

We are not living in Sao Paolo now.

Ahora nosotros no vivimos en Sao Paolo. - All rights reserved


Gerundio - Present continuous

You are not working in a bank now.

Ahora no estis trabajando en un banco.

They are not listening to music.

Ellos no estn escuchando msica.

They are not opening the doors now.

Ellos no estn abriendo las puertas ahora. - All rights reserved


Gerundio - Present continuous


Claudia and Peter are talking on the phone. Claudia: Hi. What are you doing? Peter: I am studying French for my exam now. Claudia: And where is Anna? Peter: She is walking to the supermarket to meet Mum. She is shopping now. What are you doing? Claudia: I am studying with Marc and Christine. Peter: And what is the noise? Claudia: Oh, we are watching TV and listening to music too oh and Marc is playing on the Play station. Peter: So you are not studying at all! Claudia: Umm.

Claudia y Pedro estn hablando por telfono. Claudia: Hola. Qu ests haciendo? Pedro: Ahora estoy estudiando francs, tengo que hacer un examen. Claudia: Y dnde est Ana? Pedro: Est yendo al supermercado para encontrarse con Mam. Est de compras. Y t qu ests haciendo? Claudia: Estoy estudiando con Marcos y Cristina. Pedro: Y qu es ese ruido? Claudia: Ah, estamos viendo la televisin y tambin estamos escuchando msica ah, y Marcos est jugando con la play station. Pedro: De manera que no estis estudiando nada! Claudia: Um - All rights reserved


Gerundio - Present continuous

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. Choose the sentence which is written correctly. a. I are studying French. b. I am studying French. c. I is studying French. 2. Choose the sentence which is written correctly. a. We am watching televisin. b. We are watching television. c. We is watching television. 3. Choose the sentence which is written correctly. a. They is listening to music. b. They am listening to music. c. They are listening to music. - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(b): 2(b): 3(c)

Adverbios de frecuencia - Adverbs of frequency

Vocabulario y frases



I always brush my teeth after meals.

Siempre me lavo los dientes despus de comer.

She is always happy in the morning.

Siempre est contenta por las maanas.



They usually go for a walk in the afternoon.

Normalmente van de paseo por la tarde.

My parents are usually on holidays in July.

Normalmente mis padres van de vacaciones en julio.


a menudo

I often go to the cinema at the weekend.

A menudo voy al cine los fines de semana.

We are often tired in the afternoon.

A menudo estamos cansados por la tarde.


a veces - All rights reserved


Adverbios de frecuencia - Adverbs of frequency

You sometimes eat dinner in front of the television.

A veces cenas viendo la televisin.

Peter is sometimes out of the office.

A veces Pedro est fuera de la oficina.


Pocas veces

They rarely eat vegetables.

Pocas veces comen verdura.

She is rarely so unhappy.

Pocas veces se siente tan infeliz.

hardly ever

casi nunca

I hardly ever go away on the weekends.

Casi nunca salgo los fines de semana.

They are hardly ever so negative.

Casi nunca son tan negativos.



I never see my old friends.

Nunca veo a mis viejos amigos.

They are never late for work.

Nunca llegan tarde a trabajar. - All rights reserved


Adverbios de frecuencia - Adverbs of frequency


Thomas arrives at work. Boss: You are late again! Thomas: I am sorry. The traffic was bad this morning. Boss: You always say the traffic is bad. It is never bad when I am coming to work! Thomas: Yes but I usually take the motorway and there are always lots of cars. Boss: Why don't you come by train? It is never very busy and you can often get a seat. Thomas: I rarely take the train because it is too far from my house. Boss: Enough excuses! Just be on time tomorrow!

Toms llega al trabajo. Jefe: Llegas tarde de nuevo! Toms: Lo siento. Haba mucho trfico esta maana. Jefe: Siempre dices que hay mucho trfico. Cuando yo vengo al trabajo nunca hay tanto trfico! Toms: S, pero generalmente yo voy por la autopista y siempre hay muchos coches. Jefe: Por qu no vienes en tren? Nunca va lleno y a menudo resulta fcil encontrar sitio. Toms: Cojo el tren pocas veces porque est muy lejos de mi casa Jefe: Basta de excusas! Maana s puntual! - All rights reserved


Adverbios de frecuencia - Adverbs of frequency

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. Choose the sentence which is written correctly. a. You say the always traffic is bad. b. You always say the traffic is bad. c. You say always the traffic is bad. 2. Choose the sentence which is written correctly. a. It is never busy and you often can get a seat. b. It never is busy and you can often get a seat. c. It is never busy and you can often get a seat. 3. Choose the sentence which is written correctly. a. I the train rarely take. b. I take rarely the train. c. I rarely take the train. - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(b): 2(c): 3(c)

Pronombres posesivos - Possessive pronouns

Vocabulario y frases

mine Marc's car is red and mine is blue.

mo El coche de Marcos es rojo y el mo es azul.

yours Maria's dress is pink and yours is orange.

tuyo El vestido de Mara es rosa y el tuyo es naranja.

his My shoes are cheap and his are expensive.

suyo (de l) Mis zapatos son baratos y los suyos son caros.

hers This dog is beautiful but hers is ugly.

suyo (de ella) Este perro es bonito pero el suyo es feo.

ours Their house is old but ours is new.

nuestro / nuestra Su casa es antigua, pero la nuestra es nueva.

yours Our hats are orange and yours are black.

vuestro Nuestros sombreros son naranjas y los vuestros son negros.

theirs These tables are big but theirs are small.

suyo (de ellos) Estas mesas son grandes pero las suyas son pequeas.

This television is big but theirs is bigger.

Esta televisin es grande pero la suya es mayor.

That is your cake but this is mine.

Ese es tu pastel, pero este es mo.

Her scarf is red and yours is white.

Su bufanda es roja y la tuya es blanca. - All rights reserved


Pronombres posesivos - Possessive pronouns

That coat is mine and this is his.

Ese abrigo es mo y este es suyo.

The jacket is hers.

La chaqueta es suya.

The laptops in the office are ours.

Los ordenadores porttiles de la oficina son nuestros.

The books on the shelves are yours.

Los libros de las baldas son tuyos.

The shop on the main street is theirs.

La tienda de la calle principal es suya.

This dog is theirs.

Este perro es suyo. - All rights reserved


Pronombres posesivos - Possessive pronouns


Thomas and Anna are going home after the party. Thomas: I found your coat but I can't find mine. Anna: Where did you leave it? Thomas: We came with Maria and Claudia and my coat was with theirs. Anna: And where are theirs? Thomas: Next to yours. But I still can't find mine. Anna: What does it look like? Thomas: It looks like yours but mine is red. Anna: Here it is!

Toms y Ana se marchan a casa despus de la fiesta. Toms: He encontrado tu abrigo pero no puedo encontrar el mo. Ana: Dnde lo dejaste? Toms: Vinimos con Mara y con Claudia y lo dej con los suyos. Ana: Y dnde estn los suyos? Toms: Junto al tuyo. Pero sigo sin encontrar el mo. Ana: Cmo es? Toms: Es como el tuyo, pero el mo es rojo. Ana: Aqu est! - All rights reserved


Pronombres posesivos - Possessive pronouns

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. Choose the correct ending to the sentence: I found your coat but a. I can't find my. b. I can't find mine. c. I can't find your. 2. Choose the correct ending to the sentence: We came with Claudia and Maria a. and my coat was with their. b. and my coat was with theirs. c. and my coat was with they. 3. Choose the correct ending to the sentence: It looks like yours but a. me is red. b. mine is red. c. my is red. - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(b): 2(b): 3(b)

Adjetivos comparativos y superlativos - Comparative and superlative adjectives

Vocabulario y frases

tall Marc is tall.

alto Marcos es alto.

taller than Paul is taller than Marc.

ms alto Pablo es ms alto que Marcos.

the tallest Peter is the tallest boy in the school.

el ms alto Pedro es el chico ms alto del colegio.

ugly That dog is ugly.

feo Ese perro es feo.

uglier than That dog is uglier than this one.

ms feo Ese perro es ms feo que este.

the ugliest That is the ugliest dog in the town.

el ms feo Ese es el perro ms feo de la ciudad.

beautiful Maria is beautiful.

guapa Mara es guapa.

more beautiful than Anna is more beautiful than Maria.

ms guapa que Ana es ms guapa que Mara.

the most beautiful la ms guapa Claudia is the most beautiful girl in the Claudia es la chica ms guapa de la office. oficina.

good That is a good book.

bueno / buena Ese es un libro bueno. - All rights reserved


Adjetivos comparativos y superlativos - Comparative and superlative adjectives

better than That book is better than this one.

mejor Ese libro es mejor que este.

the best This is the best book in the library.

el mejor Este es el mejor libro de la biblioteca.

bad This film is bad.

malo Esta pelcula es mala.

worse than That film is worse than this one.

peor que Esa pelcula es peor que esta.

the worst This is the worst film in the cinema.

la peor Esta es la peor pelcula del cine. - All rights reserved


Adjetivos comparativos y superlativos - Comparative and superlative adjectives


Maria and Anna are visiting New York. Maria: Wow. The Empire State Building is the tallest building I have ever seen. Anna: Well the Sears Tower in Chicago is taller. Maria: Yes but this building is more beautiful than the Sears Tower. Anna: Yes. I suppose. The shops here are really good. Maria: Good? They are better than the shops at home. These are the best shops I have ever seen! Anna: Ok. Let's go shopping!

Mara y Ana visitan Nueva York. Mara: Vaya, el Empire State Building es el edificio ms alto que he visto en mi vida. Ana: Pues la Sears Tower de Chicago es ms alta. Mara: S, pero este edificio es ms bonito que la Sears Tower. Ana: S, supongo. Las tiendas de aqu son realmente buenas. Mara: Buenas? Son mejores que las tiendas de nuestro pas. Estas son las mejores tiendas que he visto en mi vida! Ana: Muy bien Vmos de compras! - All rights reserved


Adjetivos comparativos y superlativos - Comparative and superlative adjectives

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. What is the tallest building Maria has ever seen? a. The tallest building she has seen is the Sears Tower. b. The tallest building she has seen is the Empire State Building. c. The tallest building she has ever seen is the Eiffel Tower. 2. Which building is more beautiful than the Sears Tower? a. The shops are more beautiful than the Sears Tower. b. The Empire State Building is more beautiful than the Sears Tower. c. Chicago is more beautiful than the Sears Tower. 3. Complete the sentence. The shops are a. the ugliest Maria has ever seen. b. the worst Maria has ever seen. c. the best Maria has ever seen. - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(b): 2(b): 3(c)

Pretrito Indefinido - Past simple

Vocabulario y frases

I lived in France for two years.

Yo viv en Francia durante dos aos.

You visited your cousins last Christmas.

Las pasadas Navidades t visitaste a tus primos.

He walked to work last weekend.

El pasado fin de semana l fue a trabajar andando.

She danced all night on Saturday.

El sbado ella bail durante toda la noche.

We opened the doors at 8 o'clock.

Nosotros abrimos las puertas a las 8.

You listened to music yesterday.

Vosotros escuchasteis msica ayer.

They parked in the street.

Ellos aparcaron en la calle.

They crashed into a tree.

Ellos chocaron contra un rbol.

Did I live in France for two years?

Yo viv en Francia durante dos aos?

Did you visit your cousins last Christmas?

Visitaste a tus primos las pasadas Navidades? - All rights reserved


Pretrito Indefinido - Past simple

Did he walk to work last weekend?

l fue a trabajar andando el pasado fin de semana?

Did she dance all night on Saturday?

Ella bail el sbado durante toda la noche?

Did we open the doors at 8 o'clock?

Nosotros abrimos las puertas a las 8?

Did you listen to music yesterday?

Vosotros escuchasteis msica ayer?

Did they park in the street?

Ellos aparcaron en la calle?

Did they crash into a tree?

Ellos se chocaron contra un rbol?

I didn't live in France for two years.

Yo no viv en Francia durante dos aos.

You didn't visit your cousins last Christmas.

T no visitaste a tus primos las pasadas Navidades.

He didn't walk to work last weekend.

l no fue andando al trabajo el pasado fin de semana.

She didn't dance all night on Saturday. El sbado ella no bail durante toda la noche.

We didn't open the doors at 8 o'clock.

Nosotros no abrimos las puertas a las 8. - All rights reserved


Pretrito Indefinido - Past simple

You didn't listen to music yesterday.

Ayer no escuchasteis msica.

They didn't park in the street.

Ellos no aparcaron en la calle.

They didn't crash into a tree.

Ellos no se chocaron contra un rbol. - All rights reserved


Pretrito Indefinido - Past simple


Anna is talking on the phone to her friend Christine. Christine: So, what did you do yesterday? Anna: We played tennis in the morning and then we rested in the afternoon. Christine: Did you go shopping? Anna: No. I wanted to but Paul didn't want to. Christine: And last night. What did you do? Anna: We attended a party in the town hall. It was great. The evening ended when Paul called for a taxi. Christine: Why did he call a taxi? Anna: Well, he didn't dance at all because he didn't like the music and he said he was bored so decided that we had to go home. Christine: What a bore!!!

Ana habla por telfono con su amiga Cristina. Cristina: Qu hiciste ayer? Ana: Jugamos a tenis por la maana y por la tarde descansamos. Cristina: Fuiste de compras? Ana: No, yo s que quera, pero Pablo no quiso ir. Cristina: Y qu hicisteis ayer por la noche? Ana: Fuimos a una fiesta en el ayuntamiento. Estuvo genial. La noche termin cuando Pablo llam a un taxi. Cristina: Por qu llam a un taxi? Ana: Bueno, no bail nada porque no le gustaba la msica y dijo que se aburra, as que decidi que debamos irnos Cristina: Qu pesado!!! - All rights reserved


Pretrito Indefinido - Past simple

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. What did Anna do yesterday morning? a. She played football. b. She played tennis. c. She played hockey. 2. What did Paul and Christine do last night? a. They rested. b. They went for dinner. c. They attended a party in the town hall. 3. Why didn't Paul dance? a. Because he liked the music. b. Because he didn't like the music. c. Because he didn't go shopping. - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(b): 2(c): 3(b)

Pretrito Imperfecto "verbo ser y verbo estar" - Past simple "to be"

Vocabulario y frases

I was blond when I was young.

De pequea yo era rubia.

You were in London last May.

El mes de mayo pasado t estabas en Londres.

He was very handsome when he was young.

De joven l era muy atractivo.

She was beautiful on her wedding day. El da de su boda ella estaba guapsima.

We were happy to arrive home.

Nosotros estbamos contentos de llegar a casa.

You were ill on Tuesday.

El martes vosotros estabais enfermos.

They were tired after work.

Ellos estaban cansados despus del trabajo.

They were at the meeting last week.

La semana pasada ellas estaban en la reunin.

Was I blond when I was young?

De pequea yo era rubia?

Were you in London last May?

T estabas en Londres el mes de mayo pasado? - All rights reserved


Pretrito Imperfecto "verbo ser y verbo estar" - Past simple "to be"

Was he very handsome when he was young?

De joven l era muy atractivo?

Was she beautiful on her wedding day? Ella estaba muy guapa el da de su boda?

Were we happy to arrive home?

Nosotros estbamos contentos de llegar a casa?

Were you ill on Tuesday?

Vosotros estbais enfermos el martes?

Were they tired after work?

Ellos estaban cansados despus del trabajo?

Were they at the meeting last week?

La semana pasada ellas estaban en la reunin?

I wasn't blond when I was young.

De pequea yo no era rubia.

You weren't in London last May.

El pasado mes de mayo t no estabas en Londres.

He wasn't very handsome when he was young.

De joven l no era muy atractivo.

She wasn't beautiful on her wedding day.

El da de su boda ella no estaba guapsima.

We weren't happy to arrive home.

Nosotros no estbamos contentos de llegar a casa. - All rights reserved


Pretrito Imperfecto "verbo ser y verbo estar" - Past simple "to be"

You weren't ill on Tuesday.

El martes vosotros no estbais enfermos.

They weren't tired after work.

Ellos no estaban cansados despus del trabajo.

They weren't at the meeting last week. La semana pasada ellas no estaban en la reunin. - All rights reserved


Pretrito Imperfecto "verbo ser y verbo estar" - Past simple "to be"


Maria and Peter are talking about last night. Maria: Where were you last night? Peter: I was in my mother's house. Maria: No, you weren't. You were with your friends in a bar. I was with my friend Anna and we saw you in the bar. Peter: Ok. I was there with my friends. We were watching the football match. Maria: Why did you say you were in your mother's house? Peter: I was worried you might be angry. Maria: Well I was and I am still now! Don't lie to me!

Mara y Pedro hablan sobre la noche anterior. Mara: Dnde estabas ayer por la noche? Pedro: Estaba en casa de mi madre. Mara: No, no estabas ah. Estabas en un bar con tus amigos. Yo estaba con mi amiga Ana y os vimos. Pedro: De acuerdo, estaba ah con mis amigos. Estbamos viendo el partido de ftbol. Mara: Por qu has dicho que estabas en casa de tu madre? Pedro: Tema que te enfadaras. Mara: Pues me enfad y lo sigo estando ahora! No me mientas! - All rights reserved


Pretrito Imperfecto "verbo ser y verbo estar" - Past simple "to be"

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. Where did Peter say he was last night? a. He said he was playing golf. b. He said he was with his sister. c. He said he was with his mother. 2. Where was he when Maria saw him? a. He was in a bar. b. He was at a football match. c. He was in a restaurant. 3. Choose the sentence which is correct. a. You were with your friends in a bar. b. You is with your friends in a bar. c. You was with your friends in a bar. - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(c): 2(a): 3(a)

Pretrito Imperfecto "verbo tener" - Past simple "to have"

Vocabulario y frases

I had a blue car last year.

El ao pasado yo tena un coche azul.

You had red hair when you were young.

De joven t tenas el pelo rojo.

He had a beard when he was 18.

Con 18 aos l tena barba.

She had a red coat last winter.

El invierno pasado ella tena un abrigo rojo.

We had headaches this morning.

Nosotros tenamos dolor de cabeza esta maana.

You had two jobs in Paris.

En Pars vosotros tenais dos trabajos.

They had two cars in 1985.

En 1985 ellos tenan dos coches.

They had beautiful hairstyles at the wedding.

En la boda ellas tenan peinados muy bonitos.

Did I have a blue car last year?

El ao pasado yo tena un coche azul?

Did you have red hair when you were young?

De joven t tenas pelo rojo? - All rights reserved


Pretrito Imperfecto "verbo tener" - Past simple "to have"

Did he have a beard when he was 18?

Tena l barba con 18 aos?

Did she have a red coat last winter?

Tena ella un abrigo rojo el invierno pasado?

Did we have headaches this morning?

Tenamos nosotros dolor de cabeza esta maana?

Did you have two jobs in Paris?

En Pars vosotros tenais dos trabajos?

Did they have two cars in 1985?

En 1985 tenan ellos dos coches?

Did they have beautiful hairstyles at the wedding?

Tenan ellas peinados muy bonitos en la boda?

I didn't have a blue car last year.

El ao pasado yo no tena un coche azul.

You didn't have red hair when you were young.

De joven t no tenas pelo rojo.

He didn't have a beard when he was 18.

Con 18 aos l no tena barba.

She didn't have a red coat last winter.

El invierno pasado ella no tena un abrigo rojo.

We didn't have headaches this morning.

Esta maana nosotros no tenamos dolor de cabeza. - All rights reserved


Pretrito Imperfecto "verbo tener" - Past simple "to have"

You didn't have two jobs in Paris.

En Pars no tenais dos trabajos.

They didn't have two cars in 1985.

En 1985 ellos no tenan dos coches.

They didn't have beautiful hairstyles at En la boda ellas no tenan peinados muy the wedding. bonitos. - All rights reserved


Pretrito Imperfecto "verbo tener" - Past simple "to have"


A mother is asking her son about his day in school. Mother: What did you have for lunch in school today sweetheart? Son: I had pasta and fish and I had a glass of milk to drink. Mother: And did you have dessert? Son: Yes, I had an apple. Mother: And did you have time to go to the playground? Son: Yes. I did have time to go to the playground but I didn't have a coat so the teacher said I had to wait in the classroom. Mother: And did your friends have coats? Son: Yes Mom, they all had coats. Mother: Ok. Tomorrow you will take a coat.

Una madre pregunta a su hijo qu tal da ha tenido en el colegio. Madre: Qu habis tenido hoy para comer en el colegio, cario? Hijo: He tenido pasta y pescado, y un vaso de leche para beber. Madre: Habis tenido postre? Hijo: S, he tenido una manzana de postre. Madre: Y has tenido tiempo para jugar en el patio? Hijo: S. He tenido tiempo para jugar en el patio, pero no tena abrigo as que la profesora ha dicho que deba esperar en clase. Madre: Y tus amigos tenan abrigo? Hijo: S mam, todos tenan abrigo. Madre: Muy bien. Maana llevars abrigo. - All rights reserved


Pretrito Imperfecto "verbo tener" - Past simple "to have"

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. Choose the sentence which is written correctly. a. What haved you for lunch today? b. What did you have for lunch today? c. What did you had for lunch today? 2. Choose the sentence which is written correctly. a. I did have pasta and fish and I have a glass of milk to drink. b. I had pasta and fish and I had a glass of milk to drink. c. I haved pasta and fish and a glass of milk to drink. 3. Choose the sentence which is written correctly. a. I didn't had a coat. b. I didn't have a coat. c. I doesn't have a coat. - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(b): 2(b): 3(b)

Pretrito Imperfecto - Past continuous

Vocabulario y frases

I was looking at the photos yesterday.

Ayer yo vea las fotos.

You were talking to Marc on the phone while we were watching the film.

Mientras veamos la pelcula, t hablabas con Marcos por telfono.

He was reading the book and watching l lea el libro y vea la televisin al mismo the TV at the same time. tiempo.

She was putting on her make-up and drying her hair.

Ella se maquillaba y se secaba el pelo.

We were having a coffee in the bar.

Nosotros tombamos un caf en el bar.

You were talking to Maria.

Vosotros hablbais con Mara.

They were singing and dancing.

Ellos cantaban y bailaban.

They were all speaking at the same time.

Todas hablaban al mismo tiempo.

Was I looking at the photos yesterday? Yo vea las fotos ayer?

Were you talking to Marc on the phone Hablabas por telfono con Marcos while we were watching the film? mientras nosotros veamos la pelcula? - All rights reserved


Pretrito Imperfecto - Past continuous

Was he reading the book and watching l lea el libro y vea la televisin al TV at the same time? mismo tiempo?

Was she putting on her make-up and drying her hair?

Ella se maquillaba y se secaba el pelo?

Were we having a coffee in the bar?

Nosotros tombamos caf en el bar?

Were you talking to Maria?

Vosotros hablbais con Mara?

Were they singing and dancing?

Ellos cantaban y bailaban?

Were they all speaking at the same time?

Hablaban todas al mismo tiempo?

I wasn't looking at the photos yesterday.

Ayer yo no vea las fotos.

You weren't talking to Marc on the phone while we were watching the film.

No hablabas con Marcos por telfono mientras nosotros veamos la pelcula.

He wasn't reading the book and watching the TV at the same time.

l no lea el libro y vea la televisin al mismo tiempo.

She wasn't putting on her make-up and drying her hair.

Ella no se maquillaba y se secaba el pelo.

We weren't having coffee in the bar.

Nosotros no tombamos caf en el bar. - All rights reserved


Pretrito Imperfecto - Past continuous

You weren't talking to Maria.

Vosotros no hablbais con Mara.

They weren't singing and dancing.

Ellos no cantaban ni bailaban.

They weren't all speaking at the same time.

No hablaban todas al mismo tiempo. - All rights reserved


Pretrito Imperfecto - Past continuous


A policeman is asking Thomas about a robbery. Policeman: What were you doing at 8 o'clock last night? Thomas: I was watching TV at home. Policeman: Were you watching TV alone? Thomas: Yes my wife was shopping and my children were playing tennis. Policeman: What were you watching on TV? Thomas: I was watching the football match Policeman: That is impossible. The football match started at 10 o'clock. I am arresting you on suspicion of robbery.. Thomas: Uh oh.

Un polica hace preguntas a Toms sobre un robo. Polica: Qu haca usted ayer a las 8 de la noche? Toms: Vea la televisin en casa. Polica: Vea slo la televisin? Toms: S, mi mujer estaba de compras y mis hijos jugaban a tenis. Polica: Qu vea usted en la televisin? Toms: Vea un partido de ftbol Polica: Eso es imposible. El partido de ftbol empez a las 10. Le arresto como sospechoso de robo... Toms: Oh, vaya - All rights reserved


Pretrito Imperfecto - Past continuous

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. What was Thomas doing at 8 o'clock last night? a. He was playing football. b. He was watching TV. c. He was shopping. 2. What was his wife doing? a. She was watching TV. b. She was playing tennis. c. She was shopping. 3. What were his children doing? a. They were playing tennis. b. They were playing football. c. They were shopping. - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(b): 2(c): 3(a)

Preguntas - Questions

Vocabulario y frases



When is your birthday?

Cundo es tu cumpleaos?

When is Christmas?

Cundo es Navidad?



Where is the post office?

Dnde est la oficina de correos?

Where did I put my handbag?

Dnde he puesto mi bolso?


Por qu?

Why is the sky blue?

Por qu el cielo es azul?

Why are you crying?

Por qu lloras?


Qu? - All rights reserved


Preguntas - Questions

What is this used for?

Para qu se utiliza esto?

What is a printer?

Qu es una impresora?



Which cat is yours?

Qu gato es el vuestro?

Which chair is broken?

Qu silla est rota?



Who is the boss?

Quin es el jefe?

Who are you?

Quin eres t?



How are you?

Cmo ests?

How are your children?

Cmo estn los nios? - All rights reserved


Preguntas - Questions


Anna is doing an interview with a famous actor for her university magazine. Anna: Hello. How are you? Actor: Fine thank you. Anna: What is your favourite film? Actor: I really liked my last film. That is my favourite film now. Anna: Which other actors are in the film? Actor: Melanie Dubois and Roberto Serrano. Anna: Who plays the role of your wife in the film? Actor: Isabella Smith. Anna: Where and when is the film set? Actor: It is set in Barcelona in the 1960's. Anna: Thank you very much for your time. Goodbye.

Ana est haciendo una entrevista a un actor famoso para la revista de su universidad Ana: Hola Qu tal est? Actor: Muy bien, gracias. Ana: Cul es su pelcula favorita? Actor: Me ha gustado mucho mi ltima pelcula. Esta es mi preferida. Ana: Qu otros actores aparecen en la pelcula? Actor: Melanie Dubois y Roberto Serrano. Ana: Quin interpreta el papel de su mujer en la pelcula? Actor: Isabelle Smith. Ana: Dnde y cundo est grabada la pelcula? Actor: Est grabada en Barcelona en la dcada de los 60. Ana: Muchas gracias por su tiempo. Adis. - All rights reserved


Preguntas - Questions

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. Choose the question which is written correctly. a. What is your favourite film? b. Who is you favourite film? c. Why is your favourite film? 2. Choose the question which is written correctly. a. Why other actors are in the film. b. Who other actors are in the film? c. Which other actors are in the film? 3. Choose the question which is written correctly. a. Where plays the role of your wife in the film? b. Why plays the role of your wife in the film? c. Who plays the role of your wife in the film? - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(a): 2(c): 3(c)

Futuro - Future

Vocabulario y frases

I will go for a walk.

Yo ir a dar un paseo.

You will have pizza for lunch.

T comers pizza a medioda.

He will buy a newspaper this afternoon.

Esta tarde l comprar un peridico.

She will come if she is invited.

Ella vendr si le invitan.

We will talk about this later.

Nosotros hablaremos sobre ello ms tarde.

You will go to the cinema tonight.

Esta noche vosotros iris al cine.

They will tell Anna when she arrives.

Ellos se lo dirn a Ana cuando llegue.

They will call their parents after school. Ellas llamarn a sus padres despus del colegio.

Will I go for a walk?

Yo ir a dar un paseo?

Will you have a pizza for lunch?

T comers pizza a medioda? - All rights reserved


Futuro - Future

Will he buy a newspaper this afternoon?

l comprar un peridico esta tarde?

Will she come if she is invited?

Ella vendr si le invitan?

Will we talk about this later?

Nosotros hablaremos sobre ello ms tarde?

Will you play golf this weekend?

Vosotros jugaris a golf este fin de semana?

Will they go to work on Saturday?

Ellas irn a trabajar el sbado?

Will they tell Anna when she arrives?

Ellos se lo dirn a Ana cuando llegue?

I won't go for a walk.

Yo no ir a dar un paseo.

You won't have a pizza for lunch.

T no comers pizza a medioda.

He won't buy a newspaper this afternoon.

No comprar un peridico esta tarde.

She won't come if she is invited.

Ella no vendr si le invitan.

We won't talk about this later.

Nosotros no hablaremos sobre ello ms tarde. - All rights reserved


Futuro - Future

You won't play golf this weekend.

Vosotros no jugaris a golf este fin de semana.

They won't go to work on Saturday.

Ellas no irn a trabajar el sbado.

They won't tell Anna when she arrives.

Ellos no se lo dirn a Ana cuando llegue. - All rights reserved


Futuro - Future


Anna and Paul are making plans for the weekend. Paul: What will we do on Saturday? Anna: We will go to the supermarket in the morning and we will go to the cinema in the afternoon. Paul: Will we play tennis on Sunday morning? Anna: No we won't play tennis on Sunday. We will visit my mother. She will make us lunch and we will help her in the garden in the afternoon. Paul: Oh great. So I will have no time to see my friends on Sunday? Anna: Who is more important to you? My mother or your friends? Paul: Uhmmm

Ana y Pablo hacen planes para el fin de semana. Pablo: Qu haremos el sbado? Ana: Por la maana iremos al supermercado y por la tarde iremos al cine. Pablo: Jugaremos a tenis el domingo por la maana? Ana: No, no jugaremos a tenis el domingo. Iremos a ver a mi madre. Nos har la comida y le ayudaremos en el jardn por la tarde. Pablo: Vaya, estupendo. As que el domingo no tendr tiempo para ver a mis amigos? Ana: Quin es ms importante para ti, mi madre o tus amigos? Pablo: Mmmmm - All rights reserved


Futuro - Future

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. What will Paul and Anna do on Saturday morning? a. They will go to the supermarket. b. They will go to the cinema. c. They will play tennis. 2. What will they do in the afternoon? a. They will play tennis. b. They will visit Paul's mother. c. They will go to the cinema. 3. What will they do on Sunday? a. They will visit Anna's mother. b. They will see Anna's friends. c. They will go to the cinema. - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(a): 2(c): 3(a)

saber/conocer - to know

Vocabulario y frases

I know how to cook.

Yo s cocinar.

You know Melanie's sister.

T conoces a la hermana de Melania.

He knows how to swim.

l sabe nadar.

She knows a great restaurant near here.

Ella sabe donde hay un buen restaurante cerca.

We know how to speak Chinese.

Nosotros sabemos hablar chino.

You know Madrid very well.

Vosotros conocis Madrid muy bien.

They know your telephone number.

Ellas saben tu nmero de telfono.

They know how to use the washing machine.

Ellos saben cmo utilizar la lavadora.

Do I know how to make Spanish omelette?

Yo s hacer tortilla de patatas?

Do you know Maria?

T sabes quin es Mara? - All rights reserved


saber/conocer - to know

Does he know how to drive?

l sabe conducir?

Does she know his poem?

Ella conoce su poema?

Do we know where he is?

Nosotros sabemos dnde est?

Do you know the president?

Vosotros conocis al presidente?

Do they know who the president is?

Ellas saben quin es el presidente?

Do they know how to ski?

Ellos saben esquiar?

I don't know how to cook Thai food.

Yo no s cocinar comida tailandesa.

You don't know this book.

T no conoces este libro.

He doesn't know where the train station is.

l no sabe dnde est la estacin de tren.

She doesn't know her father.

Ella no conoce a su padre.

We don't know where to buy the bread.

Nosotros no sabemos dnde comprar el pan. - All rights reserved


saber/conocer - to know

You don't know my cousins.

Vosotros no sabis quines son mis primos.

They don't know how to speak Russian. Ellas no saben hablar ruso.

They don't know Texas very well.

Ellos no conocen Texas muy bien. - All rights reserved


saber/conocer - to know


Claudia and Thomas are talking about Claudias Italian cousins. Claudia: Do you know my cousins from Italy? Thomas: No, I don't know them. Claudia: You have to meet them. They are here on holiday this week. Thomas: Oh great. Do they know how to speak English? Claudia: No, they don't know how to speak English. Thomas: How will I talk to them? Claudia: We know how to speak Spanish, maybe they will understand us. Thomas: Ok. Oh and I know how to cook Italian food. Let's invite them to dinner. Claudia: Good idea

Claudia y Toms hablan sobre los primos italianos de Claudia. Claudia: Conoces a mis primos de Italia? Toms: No, no los conozco. Claudia: Te los tengo que presentar. Estn aqu de vacaciones esta semana. Toms: Ah, estupendo. Saben hablar ingls? Claudia: No, no saben hablar ingls. Toms: Y cmo podr hablar con ellos? Claudia: Nosotros sabemos espaol, igual nos entienden. Toms: Muy bien, adems yo s cocinar comida italiana. Les podemos invitar a cenar. Claudia: Buena idea - All rights reserved


saber/conocer - to know

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. Choose the question which is written correctly. a. Do you know my cousins from Italy? b. Does you know my cousins from Italy? c. Do you knows my cousins from Italy? 2. Choose the sentence which is written correctly. a. They doesn't know how to speak English. b. They don't knows how to speak English. c. They don't know how to speak English. 3. Choose the sentence which is written correctly. a. I know how to cook Italian food. b. I knows how to cook Italian food. c. I does know how to cook Italian food. - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(a): 2(c): 3(a)

Verbos modales - Modal verbs

Vocabulario y frases

They can finish their homework after dinner.

Ellos pueden terminar los deberes despus de cenar.

Can I telephone my brother this afternoon?

Puedo llamar por telfono a mi hermano esta tarde?

We can't drive to work if it is snowing.

Si nieva, nosotros no podemos ir en coche al trabajo.

I should sort this problem out at once.

Yo debera solucionar este problema inmediatamente.

You shouldnt be smoking when you are pregnant.

No deberas fumar estando embarazada.

He shouldn't talk about his boss behind l no debera hablar sobre su jefa a su her back. espalda.

You could paint the bedroom pink if you have a girl.

Si tienes una nia, podras pintar la habitacin de color rosa.

Could you say it again more slowly please?

Podras repetirlo ms despacio, por favor?

I didn't start the project because I couldnt fix the computer.

No empec el proyecto porque no poda arreglar el ordenador.

They may give us a discount if we buy more than one.

Puede que nos hagan descuento si compramos ms de uno. - All rights reserved


Verbos modales - Modal verbs

May I have another cup of coffee please?

Me puede poner otro caf, por favor?

You may not leave work early today.

Hoy no puedes salir pronto del trabajo.

Could you give me a hand when you have a minute?

Podras ayudarme cuando tengas un minuto?

You shouldn't eat so much chocolate when you are on a diet.

No deberas comer tanto chocolate cuando ests a rgimen.

May I have a word with you please?

Puedo hablar contigo, por favor?

They can't get the car to start.

No pueden arrancar el coche. - All rights reserved


Verbos modales - Modal verbs


Christine and Maria are shopping. Christine: .We should go into that shop. The sales are on. Maria: Oh. Good idea. I could get some summer clothes. Christine: But Maria summer is just over. Maria: I know. But my mother always says you should be prepared. I can buy them in advance and be ready for the sun. Christine: But for next summer? You can buy summer clothes then! Maria: No. I can't. In the summer, I buy my winter clothes. Christine: You are crazy!

Cristina y Mara van de compras. Cristina: Deberamos entrar en esta tienda. Tiene rebajas. Mara: Ah, buena idea. Podra comprarme ropa de verano. Cristina: Pero Mara, el verano acaba de terminar. Mara: Lo s. Pero mi madre siempre dice que deberas estar preparada. Me la puedo comprar antes para estar preparada para el sol. Cristina: Pero si la ropa es para el verano que viene Podris comprarla entonces! Mara: No. No podr. En verano compro la ropa de invierno. Cristina: Ests loca! - All rights reserved


Verbos modales - Modal verbs

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. Choose the sentence which is written correctly. a. We should go into that shop, the sales are on. b. We cud go into that shop, the sales are on. c. We sould go into that shop, the sales are on. 2. Choose the sentence which is written correctly. a. I could get some summer clothes. b. I cold get some summer clothes. c. I culd get some summer clothes. 3. Choose the sentence which is written correctly. a. But my mother always says you shod be prepared. b. But my mother always says you should be prepared. c. But my mother always says you shuld be prepared. - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(a): 2(a): 3(b)

Activo y pasivo (presente) - Active and Passive (present)

Vocabulario y frases

They build many houses in that town.

En esa ciudad construyen muchas casas.

Many houses are built in that town.

Muchas casas son construidas en esa ciudad.

Do they speak German in Austria?

Hablan alemn en Austria?

Is German spoken in Austria?

El alemn es un idioma hablado en Austria?

They don't write lots of letters at Christmas.

No escriben muchas postales en Navidad.

Lots of letters aren't written at Christmas.

Muchas postales no son escritas en Navidad.

Some people drink coffee every morning.

Algunas personas beben caf todas las maanas.

Coffee is drunk by many people every morning.

El caf es bebido por muchas personas todas las maanas.

They are studying English all over the world.

Estn estudiando ingls en todo el mundo.

English is being studied by many people in the world.

El ingls est siendo estudiado en todo el mundo. - All rights reserved


Activo y pasivo (presente) - Active and Passive (present)

The mechanic is repairing my car.

El mecnico est reparando mi coche.

My car is being repaired by the mechanic.

Mi coche est siendo reparado por el mecnico.

The policeman isn't arresting the thief. El polica no est arrestando al ladrn.

The thief isn't being arrested.

El ladrn no est siendo arrestado.

Are they watching the TV?

Estn viendo la televisin?

Is the TV being watched?

La televisin est siendo vista? - All rights reserved


Activo y pasivo (presente) - Active and Passive (present)


Maria telephones for a pizza to be delivered. Maria: Good evening. I would like to order a pizza with ham, chicken and onion please. Waiter: I am sorry but our pizzas aren't made with onions. Maria: Oh. Ok. I will have ham, chicken and gurkens. Waiter: I am sorry but peppers aren't included on our menu. Maria: Ok. Mushrooms then Waiter: Mushrooms are only put on the vegetarian pizza. Maria: Ok. I will have a vegetarian pizza please. My address is no. 1 Main Street. Waiter: I am sorry but pizzas are only delivered on the weekends. Maria: What a waste of time!

Mara pide una pizza por telfono. Mara: Buenas noches. Quisiera pedir una pizza con jamn, pollo y cebolla, por favor. Camarero: Lo siento, pero nuestras pizzas no se hacen con cebolla. Mara: Ah, de acuerdo. Entonces la quiero de jamn, pollo y pepinillos. Camarero: Lo siento, pero los pepinillos no estn incluidos en nuestro men. Mara: Vale, entonces, que sean championes. Camarero: Los championes slo se ponen en pizzas vegetarianas. Mara: Bueno, entonces pedir una pizza vegetariana, por favor. Mi direccin es Calle Mayor, 1 Camarero: Lo siento, pero las pizzas slo se llevan a domicilio los fines de semana. Mara: Qu prdida de tiempo! - All rights reserved


Activo y pasivo (presente) - Active and Passive (present)

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. Choose the sentence which is written correctly. a. Our pizzas are not make with onions. b. Our pizzas is not made with onions. c. Our pizzas are not made with onions. 2. Choose the sentence which is written correctly. a. I am sorry but peppers is not included on our men. b. I am sorry but peppers aren't include on our menu. c. I am sorry but peppers aren't included on our menu. 3. Choose the sentence which is written correctly. a. Pizzas is only delivered on the weekends. b. Pizzas are only deliver on the weekends. c. Pizzas are only delivered on the weekends. - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(c): 2(c): 3(c)

Pretrito perfecto compuesto - Present perfect.

Vocabulario y frases

I have lived in Spain since 1999.

Yo he vivido en Espaa desde 1999.

You have studied hard for the last 3 years.

T has estudiado mucho durante los tres ltimos aos.

He has read that book already.

l ya ha ledo ese libro.

She has danced with that ballet group since last March.

Ella ha bailado con ese grupo de ballet desde el pasado mes de marzo.

We have sung that song already.

Nosotros ya hemos cantado esa cancin.

You have written the letter in red pen.

Vosotros habis escrito la carta con bolgrafo rojo.

They have played golf all their lives.

Ellos han jugado a golf toda su vida.

They have worn those dresses before.

Ellas han llevado esos vestidos antes.

Have I watched a football match before?

He visto un partido de ftbol antes?

Have you picked the children up from school?

Has recogido a los nios del colegio? - All rights reserved


Pretrito perfecto compuesto - Present perfect.

Has he seen them in concert before?

Les ha visto en concierto antes?

Has she dried her hair yet?

An no ha terminado de secarse el pelo?

Have we told you this story already?

Ya te hemos contado la historia?

Have you travelled in the underground already today?

Hoy habis viajado en metro?

Have they visited the museum yet?

Ya han visitado el museo?

Have they rented a car?

Han alquilado un coche?

I haven't brought anything with me.

No he trado nada conmigo.

You haven't seen this film yet.

Todava no has visto esta pelcula.

He hasn't heard this song before.

l no ha escuchado antes esta cancin.

She hasn't rung her boss yet.

Ella an no ha llamado a su jefe.

We haven't reserved a table at the restaurant.

No hemos reservado una mesa en el restaurante. - All rights reserved


Pretrito perfecto compuesto - Present perfect.

You haven't signed the contract.

Vosotros no habis firmado el contrato.

They haven't taken the boxes upstairs yet.

Ellos an no han llevado las cajas al piso de arriba.

They haven't moved to France yet.

Ellas todava no se han trasladado a Francia. - All rights reserved


Pretrito perfecto compuesto - Present perfect.


Anna is talking to her son. Anna: Have you done your homework yet? Son: No, I haven't done my homework yet, but I have had my shower and I have tidied my room. Anna: You haven't tidied your room. I have just seen it and it is a mess as usual. Son: I have made my bed. Anna: And what about all the books and clothes on the floor? Son: Mum, I have put them there so I can find them easily! Anna: Oh. What am I going to do with you?

Ana habla a su hijo. Ana : Ya has terminado los deberes? Hijo: No, todava no he terminado los deberes, pero ya me he duchado y he ordenado mi habitacin. Ana : No has ordenado tu habitacin. La he visto ahora mismo y est tan desordenada como siempre. Hijo: He hecho la cama. Ana : Y qu pasa con todos los libros y la ropa tirada por el suelo? Hijo: Mam, los he puesto ah para encontrarlos fcilmente! Ana : Vaya Qu voy a hacer contigo? - All rights reserved


Pretrito perfecto compuesto - Present perfect.

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. Choose the sentence which is written correctly. a. I hasn't done my homework yet. b. I haven't did my homework yet. c. I haven't done my homework yet. 2. Choose the sentence which is written correctly. a. You hasn't tidied your room. b. You haven't tidy your room. c. You haven't tidied your room. 3. Choose the sentence which is written correctly. a. I has put them there so I can find them easily. b. I have put them there so I can find them easily! c. I have putted them there so I can find them easily. - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(c): 2(c): 3(b)

Activa y pasiva (pasado) - Active and passive(past)

Vocabulario y frases

They repaired the computer.

Ellos repararon el ordenador.

The computer was repaired.

El ordenador fue reparado por ellos.

The police spoke to the witness.

El polica consult al testigo.

The witness was spoken to.

El testigo fue consultado.

They built the hospital last year.

Ellos construyeron el hospital el ao pasado.

The hospital was built last year.

El hospital fue construido el ao pasado.

The thief stole the jewellery.

El ladrn rob las joyas.

The jewellery was stolen.

Las joyas fueron robadas.

The family bought the car in Spain.

La familia compr el coche en Espaa.

The car was bought in Spain.

El coche fue comprado en Espaa. - All rights reserved


Activa y pasiva (pasado) - Active and passive(past)

The group was drinking coffee.

El grupo beba caf.

Lots of coffee was being drunk.

Grandes cantidades de caf estaban siendo bebidas.

The local council was painting the houses.

El ayuntamiento estaba pintando las casas.

The houses were being painted.

Las casas estaban siendo pintadas.

The teachers were writing a list.

Las profesoras escriban una lista.

A list was being written.

Una lista estaba siendo escrita. - All rights reserved


Activa y pasiva (pasado) - Active and passive(past)


Maria is talking to her grandmother, who has new neighbours. Maria: What is happening in the old house next door? Grandmother: The house was being painted this morning and trees were being planted in the garden. Maria: Really? How nice! Grandmother: The gate was repaired yesterday and a new kitchen was installed. Maria: Finally. Nobody has lived there for the past 5 years. Grandmother: I know my house has always been the nicest on the street but now that next door is being renovated, I am afraid that will change. Maria: Oh granny!

Mara habla con su abuela, que tiene vecinos nuevos. Mara: Qu est pasando en la casa vieja de al lado? Abuela: La casa estaba siendo pintada esta maana y estaban plantando rboles en el jardn. Mara: Ah, s? Qu bien! Abuela: La verja fue reparada ayer y una cocina nueva fue instalada. Mara: Por fin. Nadie ha vivido ah durante los ltimos 5 aos. Abuela: S que mi casa siempre ha sido la ms bonita de la calle, pero ahora que la casa de al lado est siendo renovada, me temo que la situacin cambiar. Mara: Oh, abuelita! - All rights reserved


Activa y pasiva (pasado) - Active and passive(past)

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. Choose the sentence which is written correctly. a. The house was been painted this morning. b. The house is being painted this morning. c. The house was being painted this morning. 2. Choose the sentence which is written correctly. a. A new kitchen was installed. b. A new kitchen was install. c. A new kitchen were installed. 3. Choose the sentence which is written correctly. a. Trees were being plant in the garden. b. Trees were being planted in the garden. c. Trees was being planted in the garden. - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(c): 2(a): 3(b)

Pretrito perfecto compuesto continuo - Present perfect continuous

Vocabulario y frases

I have been eating fish for the past two Yo he estado comiendo pescado durante days. los dos ltimos das.

You have been drinking coke all day.

T has estado bebiendo coca-cola todo el da.

He has been singing that song all day.

l ha estado cantando esa cancin todo el da.

She has been wearing the same clothes all week.

Ella ha llevado la misma ropa toda la semana.

We have been eating pasta everyday since Sunday.

Nosotros hemos estado comiendo pasta todos los das desde el domingo.

You have been playing golf all morning.

Vosotros habis estado jugando a golf toda la maana.

They have been watching the football on TV all afternoon.

Ellos han estado viendo el ftbol en la televisin toda la tarde.

They have been shopping all day.

Ellas han estado comprando todo el da.

Have I been wasting my time cooking this meal?

He estado perdiendo el tiempo cocinando esta comida?

Why have you been wearing those strange shoes all day?

Por qu has estado llevando esos zapatos extraos todo el da? - All rights reserved


Pretrito perfecto compuesto continuo - Present perfect continuous

Why has he been going to the same school for the past three years?

Por qu ha estado yendo al mismo colegio durante los ltimos tres aos?

Why has she been writing the book for so long?

Por qu ha estado escribiendo el libro durante tanto tiempo?

Have we been working in this office for Hemos estado trabajando en esta oficina six months? durante seis meses?

Have you been going out with each other for long?

Habis estado saliendo juntos durante mucho tiempo?

Where have they been playing videogames all afternoon?

Dnde han estado jugando a los videojuegos toda la tarde?

Why have they been crying?

Por qu han estado llorando?

I haven't been playing tennis all afternoon.

Yo no he estado jugando a tenis toda la tarde.

You haven't been using my toothbrush. T no has estado utilizando mi cepillo de dientes.

He hasn't been calling clients all morning.

l no ha estado toda la maana llamando a clientes.

She hasn't been learning English for long.

Ella no lleva estudiando ingls tanto tiempo.

We haven't been checking the boxes as they arrived.

Nosotros no hemos estado comprobando las cajas cuando han llegado. - All rights reserved


Pretrito perfecto compuesto continuo - Present perfect continuous

You haven't been working in this restaurant for long.

Vosotros no habis estado trabajando en este restaurante desde hace mucho tiempo.

They haven't been visiting their aunt.

Ellos no han estado visitando a su ta.

They haven't been tidying their room all afternoon.

Ellas no han estado ordenando la habitacin toda la tarde. - All rights reserved


Pretrito perfecto compuesto continuo - Present perfect continuous


Maria is talking to the babysitter. Maria: Hi. I'm home. What have the children been doing all day? Baby-sitter: Well they have been playing on the Play Station since 10 o'clock. Maria: They have been playing video games since 10 o'clock? Baby-sitter: Well, they have also been cooking. Maria: Cooking? What have they been cooking? Baby-sitter: I don't know. I heard them in the kitchen. Maria: So you haven't been taking care of them at all! What have you been doing all day? Baby-sitter: I have been watching TV and talking on the phone to my boyfriend. Maria: You should have been looking after my children properly. You are fired!

Mara habla con la canguro. Mara: Hola, ya estoy en casa. Qu han estado haciendo los nios durante todo el da? Canguro: Han estado jugando con la Play Station desde las 10. Mara: Han estado jugando con la Play Station desde las 10? Canguro: Bueno, tambin han estado cocinando. Mara: Cocinando? Qu han estado cocinando? Canguro: No lo s. Les he odo que estaban en la cocina. Mara: De manera que no les has estado cuidando en absoluto! Qu es lo que has estado haciendo todo el da? Canguro: He estado viendo la televisin y he estado hablando por telfono con mi novio. Mara: Deberas haber estado cuidando a mis hijos correctamente. Ests despedida! - All rights reserved


Pretrito perfecto compuesto continuo - Present perfect continuous

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. Choose the sentence which is written correctly. a. They have being playing on the Play Station since 10 o'clock. b. They has been playing on the Play Station since 10 o'clock. c. They have been playing on the Play Station since 10 o'clock. 2. Choose the sentence which is written correctly. a. You hasn't been taking care of them at all! b. You haven't been taking care of them at all! c. You haven't being taking care of them at all! 3. Choose the sentence which is written correctly. a. I has been watching TV and talking in the phone. b. I have being watching TV and talking on the phone. c. I have been watching TV and talking on the phone. - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(c): 2(b): 3(c)

Activo y pasivo (futuro) - Active and passive(future)

Vocabulario y frases

They will do the homework.

Ellos harn los deberes.

The homework will be done.

Los deberes sern hechos.

They will write an article.

Ellos escribirn un artculo.

An article will be written.

Un artculo ser escrito.

They won't place an advertisement in the paper.

No pondrn un anuncio en el peridico.

An advertisement won't be placed in the paper.

No ser puesto un anuncio en el peridico.

They will serve dinner at nine o'clock.

Servirn la cena a las nueve.

Dinner will be served at nine o'clock.

La cena ser servida a las nueve.

Will they open the school on next Monday?

Abrirn el colegio el prximo lunes?

Will the school be opened next Monday?

El colegio ser abierto el prximo lunes? - All rights reserved


Activo y pasivo (futuro) - Active and passive(future)

They will build a new wing in the hospital.

Construirn una nueva ala en el hospital.

A new wing will be built in the hospital. Una nueva ala ser construida en el hospital.

They will paint the door red.

Pintarn la puerta de color rojo.

The door will be painted red.

La puerta ser pintada de color rojo.

Will they answer the telephone?

Contestarn el telfono?

Will the telephone be answered?

El telfono ser contestado? - All rights reserved


Activo y pasivo (futuro) - Active and passive(future)


Paul rings the garage. Paul: Hello. I am ringing about my car. When will it be ready? Mechanic: It will be repaired this afternoon. Paul: And will it be delivered to my house when it is fixed? Mechanic: It will be driven to your house after 6 o'clock. Paul: And when will I have to pay the bill? Mechanic: The bill will be sent to your house at the end of the month. Paul: What great service. Thank you very much. Mechanic: You are welcome. Goodbye.

Pablo llama al taller. Pablo : Hola. Llamo para preguntar por mi coche. Cundo estar listo? Mecnico: Estar reparado esta tarde. Pablo : Me ser entregado en mi domicilio cuando est arreglado? Mecnico: Ser llevado a su domicilio despus de las 6 de la tarde. Pablo : Y cundo tendr que pagar la factura? Mecnico: La factura le ser enviada a su domicilio a final de mes. Pablo : Qu gran servicio. Muchas gracias. Mecnico: De nada. Adis. - All rights reserved


Activo y pasivo (futuro) - Active and passive(future)

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. Choose the sentence which is written correctly. a. It will been repaired this afternoon. b. It be repaired this afternoon. c. It will be repaired this afternoon. 2. Choose the sentence which is written correctly. a. It will driven to your house after 6 o'clock. b. It will be driven to your house after 6 o'clock. c. It will be drive to your house after 6 o'clock. 3. Choose the sentence which is written correctly. a. The bill will be sent to your house at the end of the month. b. The bill be sent to your house at the end of the month. c. The bill will be send to your house at the end of the month. - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(c): 2(b): 3(a)

Pretrito pluscuamperfecto - Past perfect

Vocabulario y frases

I had already finished when she arrived.

Yo ya haba terminado cuando ella lleg.

You had already completed the project T habas terminado el proyecto cuando when you decided to go for a walk. decidiste ir a dar un paseo.

When he had left, she made a cup of tea.

Cuando l se haba ido, ella prepar una taza de t.

She had ordered her food before he arrived.

Ella haba pedido la comida antes de que l llegara.

We had seen the film already the night Nosotros ya habamos visto la pelcula la before. noche anterior.

You bought me a present because I had done so well in my exams.

Vosotros me comprasteis un regalo porque haba hecho los exmenes muy bien.

They went to bed after they had finished their homework.

Ellos se fueron a la cama cuando ya haban hecho sus deberes.

They were sad because their dog had died the day before.

Ellas estaban tristes porque su perro se haba muerto el da anterior.

Had I done the work before she got there?

Yo haba hecho el trabajo antes de que ella llegara?

Where had you worked before that?

Dnde habas trabajado antes de eso? - All rights reserved


Pretrito pluscuamperfecto - Past perfect

Had he studied English before he moved to London?

Haba estudiado ingls antes de trasladarse a Londres?

Had she already eaten her lunch when she arrived home?

Ya haba comido cuando lleg a casa?

Had we ever seen such a beautiful beach before?

Habamos visto antes una playa tan bonita?

Had you ever been to an English speaking country before your trip in 2006?

Habais ido alguna vez a un pas de habla inglesa antes de vuestro viaje en el 2006?

Had they gone to the cinema already that day?

Ya haban ido al cine ese da?

Where had they had a drink before you Dnde se haban tomado algo antes de met them? quedar con ellos?

I hadn't ever seen such a beautiful girl before.

Nunca antes haba visto una chica tan guapa.

You hadn't understood before I explained it to you.

T no lo habas entendido antes de que te lo explicara.

He hadn't lived in Rome for long when he met Lucia.

l no haba vivido en Roma durante mucho tiempo cuando conoci a Luca.

She hadn't spoken to her brother for Ella no haba hablado con su hermano years when she met him at the funeral. desde haca aos cuando se encontr con l en el funeral.

We hadn't eaten lunch that day so we ordered a lot of food that evening.

Aquel da no habamos comido, as que pedimos mucha comida por la noche. - All rights reserved


Pretrito pluscuamperfecto - Past perfect

You hadn't ever skied before, but you loved it.

Nunca antes habais esquiado, pero os encant.

They hadn't had much time to finish so No haban tenido demasiado tiempo para we told them that the next day was ok. terminarlo, as que les dijimos que poda estar al da siguiente.

They hadn't left the office yet when the An no se haban marchado de la oficina boss finished his meeting. cuando el jefe termin la reunin. - All rights reserved


Pretrito pluscuamperfecto - Past perfect


Thomas is telling Maria about going on his first trip abroad alone. Maria: Tell me about the day you left on your first trip abroad alone. Thomas: When I woke up, my mother had already prepared my breakfast. Maria: Lucky you! Thomas: The night before I had packed my suitcase and I had left everything prepared for the next day. Maria: That was a good idea. Thomas: Yeah. I was nervous and when I left the house my mother put a package in my hand and told me not to open it until I got on the plane Maria: And what was it? Thomas: She had prepared sandwiches for my trip and she had put photos of all the family in the package.

Toms habla con Mara sobre el primer viaje que hizo slo por primera vez. Mara: Cuntame cmo fue el da en el que te fuiste de viaje al extranjero slo. Toms: Cuando me despert, mi madre ya me haba preparado el desayuno. Mara: Qu suerte! Toms: La noche anterior haba hecho la maleta y haba dejado todo preparado para el da siguiente. Mara: Eso fue una buena idea. Toms: S. Estaba nervioso y cuando sal de casa mi madre me dio un paquete y me dijo que no lo abriera hasta que subiera al avin Mara: Y qu haba en el paquete? Toms: Haba preparado sndwiches para el viaje y haba metido fotos de toda la familia. - All rights reserved


Pretrito pluscuamperfecto - Past perfect

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. Choose the sentence which is written correctly. a. When I woke up, my mother had already prepared my breakfast. b. When I woke up, my mother has prepared my breakfast. c. When I woke up, my mother have prepared my breakfast. 2. Choose the sentence which is written correctly. a. She has prepare sandwiches for the trip. b. She have prepared sandwiches for the trip. c. She had prepared sandwiches for my trip. 3. Choose the sentence which is written correctly. a. She have give me 100 Euro as a present! b. She had gave me 100 Euro as a present! c. She had given me 100 Euro as a present! - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(a): 2(c): 3(c)

Pronombres relativos - Relative pronouns

Vocabulario y frases

This is the car that he bought last year. Este es el coche que l compr el ao pasado.

That is the woman who works in the supermarket.

Esa es la mujer que trabaja en el supermercado.

This is the book which was on the shelf.

Este es el libro que estaba sobre la balda.

Maria bought the shoes which I was going to buy.

Mara compr los zapatos que yo iba a comprar.

The hotel, where we wanted to stay, was full.

El hotel en el que nos queramos quedar estaba completo.

Those aren't the jeans that I wanted.

Esos no son los pantalones vaqueros que quera.

She is the girl who married the famous Ella es la chica que se cas con el footballer. futbolista famoso.

A friend is someone who you can count Un amigo es alguien con quien puedes on. contar.

I have a dog that can open doors.

Tengo un perro que sabe abrir las puertas.

This is the restaurant where I wanted to celebrate my birthday last year.

Este es el restaurante donde quise celebrar mi cumpleaos el ao pasado. - All rights reserved


Pronombres relativos - Relative pronouns

Here is the shop that I told you about last week.

Aqu est la tienda sobre la que te habl la semana pasada.

Is this the book that you wanted?

Es este el libro que queras?

Yesterday, I saw a film that I liked a lot.

Ayer vi una pelcula que me gust mucho.

This isn't the place that I was telling you about.

Este no es el sitio sobre el que te hablaba.

This is the dress that I bought last week.

Este es el vestido que compr la semana pasada.

This is the church where she wants to get married.

Esta es la iglesia donde ella se quiere casar. - All rights reserved


Pronombres relativos - Relative pronouns


Anna and Paul are going for a walk in the city. Anna: Oh, look! She is the girl that won Big Brother last year. Paul: Is that the programme where different people live in a house together? Anna: Yes, and people can vote to evict the people who they don't like. Paul: I think Big Brother is a programme that invades people's privacy Anna: Yes, but the people in the house are the ones who decide to participate so it is their own choice. Paul: I suppose so, but I wouldn't like it.

Ana y Pablo van a dar una vuelta por la ciudad. Ana: Oh, vaya! Es la chica que gan Gran Hermano el ao pasado. Pablo: Es ese el programa donde distintas personas viven juntas en una casa? Ana: S, y la gente puede votar para expulsar a los concursantes que no les gustan. Pablo: Yo creo que Gran Hermano es un programa que invade la privacidad de las personas Ana: S, pero las personas que viven en la casa son las que deciden participar, as que ellos lo eligen. Pablo: S, supongo, pero no me gusta. - All rights reserved


Pronombres relativos - Relative pronouns

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. Choose the sentence which is written correctly. a. She is the girl that won Big Brother last year. b. She is the girl where won Big Brother last year. c. She is the girl which won Big Brother last year. 2. Choose the sentence which is written correctly. a. Is that the programme what different people live in a house together? b. Is that the programme who different people live in a house together? c. Is that the programme where different people live in a house together? 3. Choose the sentence which is written correctly. a. I think Big Brother is a programme that invades people's privacy b. I think Big Brother is a programme where invades people's privacy c. I think Big Brother is a programme who invades people's privacy - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(a): 2(c): 3(a)

Condicional 1 - Conditionals 1

Vocabulario y frases

If he goes to the supermarket, he will buy orange juice.

Si l va al supermercado comprar zumo de naranja.

If she leaves now, she will catch her flight.

Si ella se marcha ahora coger el vuelo.

If she eats prawns, she will have an allergic reaction.

Si ella come gambas tendr una reaccin alrgica.

We won't go if you don't feel well.

No iremos si no te sientes bien.

When you finish painting the bedroom, Si terminis de pintar el dormitorio will you start painting the kitchen Podrais empezar a pintar la cocina, por please? favor?

We will go to the cinema if we go to the city centre on Sunday.

Iremos al cine si el domingo vamos al centro.

It will taste better if you add more salt. Si aades ms sal sabr mejor.

Who will do it if she doesn't?

Quin lo har si ella no lo hace?

If I don't finish my homework, my teacher will get angry with me.

Si no termino mi trabajo, mi profesora se enfadar conmigo.

If I pass my exams, will you buy me a present?

Me comprars un regalo si apruebo los exmenes? - All rights reserved


Condicional 1 - Conditionals 1

If it snows at the weekend, we will go skiing.

Si nieva el fin de semana, iremos a esquiar.

What will they do if they both lose their Qu harn si los dos pierden sus jobs? trabajos?

Caroline will come if we invite her.

Carolina vendr si la invitamos.

I will go shopping this afternoon if I have time.

Ir de compras esta tarde si tengo tiempo.

I wont go to work tomorrow if my daughter is sick.

No ir a trabajar maana si mi hija est enferma. - All rights reserved


Condicional 1 - Conditionals 1


Claudia is talking to her son about the weekend. Son: What will we do this weekend Mommy? Claudia: If it is sunny, we will go to the zoo. Son: But it might rain Claudia: Well, if it rains, we will go to your grandmother's house. Son: But she gets angry with me if I play in the house. I will be bored! Claudia: No, you won't. If she gets angry, we will go home. Son: Hopefully it won't rain then

Claudia habla con su hijo sobre el fin de semana. Hijo: Mam Qu vamos a hacer este fin de semana? Claudia: Si hace sol, iremos al zoo. Hijo: Pero puede que llueva Claudia: Bueno, pues si llueve, iremos a casa de la abuela. Hijo: Pero se enfada conmigo si juego en su casa. Me aburrir! Claudia: No, no te aburrirs. Si se enfada, nos iremos a casa. Hijo: Entonces espero que no llueva - All rights reserved


Condicional 1 - Conditionals 1

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. What will Claudia and her son do this weekend if it is sunny? a. If it is sunny they will go to the cinema. b. If it is sunny they will go shopping. c. If it is sunny, they will go to the zoo. 2. What will Claudia and her son do this weekend if it rains? a. If it rains, they will go to the cinema. b. If it rains, they will go to the grandmother's house. c. If it rains, they will go to the zoo. 3. What will Claudia and her son do if the grandmother gets angry? a. If she gets angry, they will go to the zoo. b. If she gets angry, they will go to the cinema. c. If she gets angry, they will go home. - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(c): 2(b): 3(c)

Pronombres reflexivos - Reflexive pronouns

Vocabulario y frases

I wash myself every morning when I get up.

Me lavo todas las maanas cuando me levanto.

Many people cut themselves with sharp scissors.

Mucha gente se corta al utilizar las tijeras afiladas.

I will serve myself a drink if you don't mind.

Me voy a poner una bebida, si no te importa.

I burnt myself yesterday taking a pizza Ayer me quem sacando la pizza del out of the oven. horno.

The dog won't walk himself!

El perro no se puede sacar a pasear a s mismo!

She threw herself on the sofa after work.

Despus del trabajo se tir en el sof.

That guy really loves himself.

Ese tipo se quiere mucho a s mismo.

We are always looking at ourselves in the mirror.

Siempre nos estamos mirando al espejo.

My mother taught us to look after ourselves.

Mi madre nos ense a cuidarnos solos.

She hurt herself when she slipped on the ice.

Ella se hizo dao cuando resbal sobre el hielo. - All rights reserved


Pronombres reflexivos - Reflexive pronouns

My sister didn't hurt herself in the car crash.

Mi hermana no se lesion en el accidente de coche.

Dont get lost on your way home.

No os perdis cuando volvis a casa.

Did you enjoy yourselves last night at the party?

Os lo pasasteis bien ayer por la noche en la fiesta?

The children behaved themselves very Los nios se portaron muy bien en la well on the school excursion. excursin del colegio.

I always dry myself with a big towel after going for a swim.

Siempre me seco con una toalla grande despus de nadar. - All rights reserved


Pronombres reflexivos - Reflexive pronouns


Peter comes back to work after being off for a few days. Peter: What happened to you? Why have you got crutches and a bandage on your hand? Did you hurt yourself? Thomas: Yes. I hurt myself when I fell down the stairs last week. Peter: You fell down the stairs? Thomas: Yes. And I fell over my father, who was talking on the telephone, at the bottom of the stairs. He also hurt himself. Peter: You are so accident prone. You should take better care of yourselves. But why is your hand in a bandage? Thomas: Oh, that is because I burnt myself with my coffee this morning. Peter:

Pedro vuelve al trabajo despus de haber estado unos das de vacaciones. Pedro: Qu te ha pasado? Por qu llevas muletas y una venda en la mano? Te has lesionado? Toms: S. Me lesion la semana pasada al caer por las escaleras. Pedro: Te caste por las escaleras? Toms: S, y ca encima de mi padre que estaba hablando por telfono al final de las escaleras. l tambin se lesion. Pedro: Sois muy propensos a tener accidentes. Deberais cuidaros ms. Pero por qu llevas la mano vendada? Toms: Ah, esto es porque me he quemado con el caf esta maana. Pedro: - All rights reserved


Pronombres reflexivos - Reflexive pronouns

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. Choose the sentence which is written correctly. a. I hurt myself when I fell down the stairs last week. b. I hurt himself when I fell down the stairs last week. c. I hurt yourself when I fell down the stairs last week. 2. Choose the sentence which is written correctly. a. You should take better care of yourselves. b. You should take better care of themselves. c. You should take better care of myself. 3. Choose the sentence which is written correctly. a. I burnt yourselves with my coffee this morning. b. I burnt themselves with my coffee this morning. c. I burnt myself with my coffee this morning. - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(a): 2(a): 3(c)

Condicional 2 - Conditionals 2

Vocabulario y frases

If you were a nurse, you would work in a hospital.

Si fueras enfermera trabajaras en un hospital.

Would it be easier for us if we had a bigger car?

Nos resultara ms sencillo si tuviramos un coche ms grande?

Your feet wouldn't hurt you so much if you wore comfortable shoes.

No te doleran tanto los pies si llevaras zapatos ms cmodos.

They would be much prettier if they cut their hair.

Estaran mucho ms guapas si se cortaran el pelo.

I would go to Hawaii on holidays if I had the money.

Ira a Hawaii de vacaciones si tuviera dinero.

If I were younger, I would be able to go Si fuera ms joven podra salir todas las out every night. noches.

If I were you, I wouldn't buy that dress because it is too short.

Si yo fuera t no comprara ese vestido porque es demasiado corto.

If they had more free time, they would do more sport.

Si ellos tuvieran ms tiempo libre haran ms deporte.

They wouldn't have to travel by bus if they had a car.

Si ellas tuvieran coche no tendran que viajar en autobs.

If we went to a disco, would you dance?

Vosotras bailarais si furamos a una discoteca? - All rights reserved


Condicional 2 - Conditionals 2

If it wasn't so cold, we would go out for Si no hiciera tanto fro saldramos a dar un a walk. paseo.

Would you say yes if I asked you to marry me?

Si te pidiera casarte conmigo aceptaras?

If she worked in a bank, it would be easier for her to get a loan.

Si ella trabajara en un banco le resultara ms sencillo que le concedieran un prstamo.

If he were more handsome, I would go out with him.

Si fuera ms atractivo, saldra con l.

If I were you, I wouldn't wear the colour red.

Si yo fuera t no llevara ropa de color rojo. - All rights reserved


Condicional 2 - Conditionals 2


Thomas and Peter are in a bar. Thomas: What would you do if you won the lottery? Peter: I would give up my job and tell my boss what I think of him. Thomas: What would you say to him? Peter: If I had the opportunity, I would tell him that he is bad at his job and everyone in the factory hates him. Thomas: And what would you do if I told you that your boss was standing behind you? Peter: You are not serious? I am going to buy a lottery ticket.

Toms y Pedro estn en un bar. Toms: Qu haras si ganaras la lotera? Pedro: Dejara el trabajo y le dira a mi jefe lo que pienso de l. Toms: Y qu le diras? Pedro: Si tuviera la oportunidad, le dira que no es un buen profesional y que toda la fbrica le odia. Toms: Y qu haras si te dijera que tu jefe estaba detrs de ti mientras hablabas? Pedro: Lo dices en serio? Voy a comprar un billete de lotera - All rights reserved


Condicional 2 - Conditionals 2

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. Choose the sentence which is written correctly. a. What you do if you won the lottery? b. What would you do if you won the lottery? c. What would you do if you win the lottery? 2. Choose the sentence which is written correctly. a. If I have the opportunity, I would tell him that he is bad at his job. b. If I had the opportunity, I told him that he is bad at his job. c. If I had the opportunity, I would tell him that he is bad at his job. 3. Choose the sentence which is written correctly. a. And what you do if I told you that your boss was standing behind you? b. And what would you do if I told you that your boss was standing behind you? c. And what would you do if I tell you that your boss was standing behind you? - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(b): 2(c): 3(b)

Pretrito pluscuamperfecto continuo - Past perfect continuous

Vocabulario y frases

I had been preparing the dinner when my mother arrived for a chat.

Yo haba estado preparando la cena cuando lleg mi madre para charlar un rato.

You had been waiting for the doctor for T habas estado esperando al mdico two hours when he finally saw you. dos horas cuando finalmente te atendi.

Tom arrived home late that night because he had been having a drink with his friends.

Tom lleg tarde a casa esa noche porque haba estado tomando unas copas con sus amigos.

Her eyes hurt her because she had been working on the computer all day.

Le dolan los ojos porque haba estado trabajando delante del ordenador todo el da.

We felt sick because we had been eating chocolate all evening.

Nos sentamos mal porque habamos estado comiendo chocolate toda la tarde.

You were tired because you had been walking all day.

Estabais cansados porque habais estado andando todo el da.

They had been playing so well when the other team scored a goal.

Ellos haban estado jugando muy bien cuando el otro equipo meti un gol.

They had been working as teachers before they moved to the US.

Ellas haban estado trabajando como profesoras antes de que se trasladaran a los EE.UU.

Had I been waiting in the car for no reason for an hour?

Haba estado esperando en el coche durante una hora para nada?

Had you been waiting in the bar for long before he arrived?

Habas estado esperando en el bar mucho tiempo antes de que l llegara? - All rights reserved


Pretrito pluscuamperfecto continuo - Past perfect continuous

Did he go to the doctor because his arm had been hurting him for three days?

Fue al mdico porque el brazo le haba estado doliendo desde haca tres das?

Had she been chopping vegetables when she cut her finger?

Ella haba estado cortando verdura cuando se cort el dedo?

Had we been living in that house for so Habamos estado viviendo en esa casa long? durante tanto tiempo?

Had you been building the house for long?

Habais estado construyendo la casa desde haca mucho tiempo?

Had they been crying? Their eyes were Haban estado llorando? Tenan los ojos very red. muy rojos.

Had they been doing the project for the past week?

Haban estado haciendo el proyecto durante la semana pasada?

I hadn't been watching the TV for long when I fell asleep.

No haba estado viendo la televisin durante mucho tiempo cuando me qued dormida.

You hadn't been going out with each No habais estado saliendo juntos mucho other for long when you decided to get tiempo cuando decidisteis casaros. married.

He hadn't been playing golf for long when he won the competition.

l no haba estado jugando a golf durante mucho tiempo cuando gan el campeonato.

She hadn't been living there for long when she discovered the ghost in the house.

Ella no haba estado viviendo ah durante mucho tiempo cuando descubri el fantasma en la casa.

We hadn't been working in that company for long when we got a promotion.

No habamos estado trabajando en esa compaa desde haca mucho tiempo cuando fuimos ascendidos. - All rights reserved


Pretrito pluscuamperfecto continuo - Past perfect continuous

You hadn't been going out with each other for long when you decided to break up.

No habais estado saliendo juntos mucho tiempo cuando decidisteis terminar.

They hadn't been making the films for long when they discovered that they had run out of money.

No haban estado rodando la pelcula desde haca mucho tiempo cuando se dieron cuenta de que se haban quedado sin dinero.

They hadn't been drinking coffee when No haban estado tomando caf cuando el the boss came back to the office. jefe volvi a la oficina. - All rights reserved


Pretrito pluscuamperfecto continuo - Past perfect continuous


Peter is late home from work . Anna: You are late. What have you been doing all evening? Peter: Well, I had been working hard when my phone rang Anna: Who was it? Peter: It was my mother. She had been trying to call me all afternoon Anna: What did she want? Peter: She had been painting the guest bedroom when she fell off the ladder Anna: Is she ok? Peter: She had been waiting for the doctor for two hours when I got to the hospital but then she saw him. She has a broken leg so she is coming to stay with us for a while Anna: Oh great.

Pedro llega a casa tarde del trabajo. Ana: Llegas tarde. Qu has estado haciendo toda la tarde? Pedro: Haba estado trabajando duro cuando me son el telfono Ana: Quin era? Pedro: Era mi madre. Haba estado intentando llamarme toda la tarde Ana: Y qu quera? Pedro: Haba estado pintando la habitacin de invitados pero se cay de la escalera Ana: Est bien? Pedro: Cuando yo llegu al hospital ella haba estado esperando al mdico desde haca dos horas, pero luego le atendi. Tiene una pierna rota as que se quedar con nosotros una temporada. Ana: Vaya, qu bien - All rights reserved


Pretrito pluscuamperfecto continuo - Past perfect continuous

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. Choose the sentence which is written correctly. a. I had been working hard when my phone rang. b. I had been work hard when my phone rang. c. I had be working hard when my phone rang. 2. Choose the sentence which is written correctly. a. She had been try to call me all afternoon. b. She had been trying to call me all afternoon. c. She have been trying to call me all afternoon. 3. Choose the sentence which is written correctly. a. She had been painting the guest bedroom when she fell off the ladder. b. She have been painting the guest bedroom when she fell off the ladder. c. She had been paint the guest bedroom when she fell off the ladder. - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(a): 2(b): 3(a)

Condicional 3 - Conditionals 3

Vocabulario y frases

If more people had voted, we would have won the election.

Si ms gente hubiera votado, habramos ganado las elecciones.

Would you have liked the dress if it had been a darker colour?

Te habra gustado el vestido si hubiera sido de un color ms oscuro?

If you had asked me to marry you, I would have said yes.

Si me hubieras pedido matrimonio te habra dicho que s.

If I had studied harder when I was younger, I would have gone to university.

Si hubiera estudiado ms cuando era joven habra ido a la universidad.

Would you have come to visit me if I had invited you?

Habras venido a visitarme si te hubiera invitado?

If I had gone to that restaurant last night, I would have eaten a steak.

Si hubiera ido a ese restaurante la ltima noche, habra comido un bistec.

I would have bought that car if I had had the money.

Habra comprado ese coche si hubiera tenido el dinero.

Would the cat have scratched you if you hadn't annoyed it?

Te habra araado el gato si no lo hubieras enfadado?

He would have called me if he had had l me habra llamado si hubiera tenido mi my phone number. nmero de telfono.

If you hadn't asked me for it, I wouldn't Si no me lo hubieras pedido, no te lo have given it to you. habra dado. - All rights reserved


Condicional 3 - Conditionals 3

If she hadn't been so pretty, he wouldn't have asked her out.

Si no hubiera sido tan guapa, no le habra pedido que saliera con l.

If they had offered you the job, would you have accepted it?

Si te hubieran ofrecido el trabajo Lo habras aceptado?

Would we have been so happy if they had won the competition?

Nos habramos sentido tan felices si ellos hubieran ganado una competicin?

They wouldn't have ordered that dish if No habran pedido ese plato si hubieran they had known what it was. sabido lo que era.

Would you have been surprised if you had seen her on the street?

Os habrais sorprendido si la hubierais visto en la calle? - All rights reserved


Condicional 3 - Conditionals 3


Anna and Claudia are having a coffee together. Anna: Why didn't you answer the phone when I called you last night? Claudia: Because I was busy Anna: Well, if you had answered the phone, I would have told you what I wanted. Claudia: And what did you want? Anna: If you had picked up the phone, I would have invited you to the party in Paul's house... Claudia: Oh, no! Anna: So I called Maria instead. It was fantastic. If you had come, you would have loved it.

Ana y Claudia toman un caf juntas. Ana: Por qu no cogas el telfono anoche cuando te llam? Claudia: Porque estaba muy ocupada Ana: Pues si hubieras cogido el telfono, te habra dicho lo que quera. Claudia: Y qu es lo que queras? Ana: Si hubieras cogido el telfono, te habra invitado a la fiesta en casa de Pablo Claudia: Oh, no! Ana: As, que llam a Mara. Fue fantstico. Si hubieras venido, te habra encantado. - All rights reserved


Condicional 3 - Conditionals 3

Elige la respuesta correcta

1. Choose the sentence which is written correctly. a. Well, if you have answered the phone, I would have told you what I wanted. b. Well, if you had answered the phone, I would have told you what I wanted. c. Well, if you had answered the phone, I would told you what I wanted. 2. Choose the sentence which is written correctly. a. If you had picked up the phone, I would have invited you to the party in Paul's house... b. If you had pick up the phone, I would have invited you to the party in Paul's house... c. If you had picked up the phone, I would invited you to the party in Paul's house... 3. Choose the sentence which is written correctly. a. If you had come, you have loved it. b. If you come, you would have loved it. c. If you had come, you would have loved it. - All rights reserved


Respuestas: 1(b): 2(a): 3(c)