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Welcome to Attitude! Introduction Student's Book Contents Unit 1 Unit 2 Unit 3 Review 1 Unit4 Unit 5 Unit 6 Review 2 Unit 7 Unit 8 Unit 9 Review 3 Unit 10 Unit 11 Unit 12 Review 4 Songsheets Communication activities Workbook answer key Workbook audioscript

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Welcome to Attitude!
Dear Teacher.
Welcome to Attitude, the course that will help you transform your students from learners to successful users of English. The course follows our USER approach. where students ...


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Understand language use in context.

Strengthen communicative skills.

Explore the structures and use of the English language. Recycle and retain previously learned language.


Understand language use in context Students must encounter language in context to see how it is used. Every lesson in Attitude begins with exposure to the language in situations which allow the user to make a personal connection with the topic. In order to take a more active role, users are often invited to comment on or discuss an aspect of the theme before any formal explanations are introduced. Strengthen communicative skills Most students evaluate their language ability by how well they can speak. Speaking starts early in Attitude and is often integrated with the other skills to encourage communication. All skills in Attitude are practiced interactively: both the listening and the reading tasks encourage student s to actively construct meaning and respond appropriately. Writing is often a forgotten skill. but in Attitude it forms an integral part of each lesson, and is given a special place in Develop your writing sections which present and practice varying aspects of the writ ing process. In the fourth lesson of each unit, students have an additional opportunity to use newly learned language in the contelct of a real life task carried out with a group of classmates. Not only do students use English to negotiate the task with their fellow students. they also further extend their command of the language by comparing their process to that of a group of native speakers they hear performing the same task. Explore the structures and use of the English language In Attitude, grammar is presented and practiced in a straightforward yet meaningful way. Students are often presented with an inductive task in which they have to figure out how the structure works in English, discovering both use and form . They then have opportunities to practice that structure and the chance to connect the language with their own world. feelings and memories. The Develop your learning section introduces further learner training techniques to help students become better learners.

previously learned language D Recycle and isretain important in language learning, but quality repetition is vital. Attitude has three built-in, Repetition very unique ways of recycling the language within and between units to ensure recall: _lesson four in every unit has been written to reintroduce and re-contelctualize the language in the previous unit, taking into account the language accumulated up to that point in the book. The aim is to reinforce understanding of the language and how it is used, through real-world tasks. _ Language is also reintroduced by the Language Resource sections found at the end of each unit. These are more than just summaries of grammar and vocabulary, they promote an active, awareness-raising process of review. - The Review units are a user-friendly way of revising. They have a test-like quality but are also varied and fun to do.
As each lesson in Attitude progresses, the language needs of the learner evolve. They need more challenging contexts in which to stretch their English to the limits. So Attitude builds on the topiCS and activities of the lesson's initial stages, focusing increasingly on freer tasks where students have the opportunity to explore the language as it relates to their own experience.

Attitude gives students a unique opportunity to find their own voice and to be who they really a re - in English'

The Authors


We'd love to hear how Attitude is working for you. Please send a ny comments or experiences you'd like to share with us to attitude@macmi1lan .com.

What's in Attitude?
A ttitude for students
The six levels of Attitude take learners from starter

to advanced. Each Student's Book contains twelve
units, each of which focuses on different aspects of an overall theme over four lessons. Students are

presented with content that is interesting and thought provoking, and from which language ski ll
development exercises naturally flow. Key support

for reading texts and other activities is provided

through Glossaries and Notes. There are

A lesson from the Studenfs Book

comprehensive language Reviews and sections
developing writing and self-study skills.




Attitude Workbooks consolidate and practice the language presented in the Student's Books. The same activities are available in a choice of print format (with audio CD), or on an interactive CD-ROM. Grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, reading and listening activities relate to the topics in the Student's Book. language Practice activities consolidate the language learned in a particular unit. The Grammar Summary is a useful resource fo r when a Student's Book is not to hand.

Watch w ith Attitude
Attitude DVDs offer high-interest video clips, linked in theme and content to the Student's Book. The DVD itself contains pronunciation, speaking, and everyday English activities. In addition, DVD Activity Books offer a variety of activities to guide students through the DVD. Teaching with Attitude DVDs is easy - just press play on your remote control and let students practice and learn; it's rewarding - students understand real language and culture seen in contexts that immed iately come to life; and it's fun students get to watch lV to learn!


'" a Worksheet from the DVD Activity Book.

Attitude for teachers
Teachers working with Attitude can make use of the follo wing resources:

Attitude Teacher's Edition
An interleaved format combines the Student's Book content with all of the elements needed to make teaching with Attitude a success.

Attitude Class Audio CDs
Two CDs per level contain all the listening material associated with the Student's Book lessons. They include cover versions of the commercially available songs referred to in the text.

Attitude Resource Books
Over thirty activities from a variety of authors provide options for supplementing the Student's Book and Workbook, particularly in the areas of speaking and writing . Each activity is based on a photocopiable worksheet, and is accompanied by comprehensive instructions for its implementation.

Attitude Test CD ROM
The test CD ROM contains a wealth of testing resources to help you place students within the program and then monitor and grade their progress. Tests come in both ready to print and editable formats.

Welcome t o

.._--. _....-. -' --_ '---'''-'-_ .... ............-' __ _-_..... -..--. _---_ _----__---_.. ... - ......__ _.. ...---.. - po...."".. _ .. ~ @ n__ oI VOII_ .._ . _...-..1:10 !-' 0 .. . ....._-_ ......._ .. ....--~-­ -~ -- :~.. due to lack of space an audioscript may be located on an adjacent page._---.... ..__ " _ ................-__ . "'--. __ . . . ..... --»-_.. _ ...~.._. ...Introduction The Attitude Teacher's Edition can help you to • • • Check the answers to an activity.---. Introduction .. ...... ~ ...... .... ~. _.. . Check the aud ioscript for a listening activity....-.......... .... .............. .. .. .... --__-_ " ..:'. _ .... tllI' . ~'-... ...... ... --.. --__---__--_...__ _..... --. • r.--_ .. .1oo> oM t '" "'- It ' '''_ ..........®.... .... .. _ .. __-..._-. ""-():)O_ " " " ~":!."' _.._.... ......-_""" '_""'00._ _---_ ----_ ------_ _...~-~ p.--_ ..... .. -_ ..... -.._....-...... -' .... ..... ' _.......-~-~--~- --...-_... 01 ""' __ .-_ ----......._. . . Plan how you will introduce and monitor the exercises.. .-::<i.... Gt_ _ ... ......._ .. _ .- ~ @.. .. '-.....-......... .. .. ...--.... -----.---..... . ... ---~.... -.. .......-" dod"". -~.. """ .. . ..._.-.-'_. 1 .... -... '......... to facilitate both planning and carrying out the lesson..- ...'- ... ...<1 ......-~ C!J't. ...........---._--_ . _ ... . ....... . Occasionally..."._---"-"-........ .. ... _ .:.. .'----.... ....._-.._ _ '''---'-'' .. ....... the audioscripts are printed at the bottom of the page where they are to be used...__--_.. l er.......... ... . .. -"'. Overprinted Answers Answers for many of the exercises appear overprinted on the Student's Book page.. --~ . . 4 .._.... .---_-. --........ .- .. "".. making them easy to find.. .-.........-. ._-.... .... oMl.....".._.__. _.-._......... .....-..... . ....bo olH! -._--_ --""- ...--_ _ _ _--_ .-_. "'. __ '''---.. _ _ _ _ _ . ..... Spooll.. . --_... --.. __ .._.. _. ....-.-.... _ ... _.._. .........---_.. • Add value to your classes with alternative presentations and additional activities.......-_-.·.. .-...'" ... ~... ~<....::-._ .... . ._--... .__..- . In these cases you will find a note indicating where to refer to..... .___ .._-~- .. ..--"' -__-.......... .. _ 'bill'.. ....-.... ..-_.......... _ ...~ ... . . .... .. Audioscripts Wherever possible.. _ . ........ ... t ... _")0-........--..._.._-. . _ . ... ' . "'-_..n ---_.. The Student's Book page This is reproduced full size and in color Objectives The objectives for each lesson are cont ained in a chart at top of the page... .. .. 1 .._ ..."'-' . .

sleep/sleeps. and provide information that is immediately relevant to the classroom situation. Pronunciation not e : background to the pronunciation point and ideas for further practice exercises to help students in this area. infinitive with to . The icons you will find are as follows: Classroom organization Students work individually Students work in pairs Students work in small groups of between three and five students Students work together as a whole class t t ~. Procedural Notes Real classroom research underpins the choice of what to include in the procedural notes for a given activity. to sleep. See Icons Explained for more details Note: The icons are intended as a guide to help you.to eat. etc. A lifeline when preparation time is limited! Workbook Answers and Audioscripts At the end of the Teacher's Edition you can find the answers for the Workbook exercises and the audioscripts for the listening passages in the Workbook. This section shows how much time will have been used up at the start of the exercise. Often your own classroom situation will determine which is the most effective way to approach an activity. is/are sleeping.Icons Explained Additional Notes Within shade boxes you will find a variety of information that will be invaluable when you have time available to plan your classes in depth.eat/eats.is/are eating. The Teacher's Edition includes icons that suggest classroom organization and how much time to allot to each exercise. The notes for an exercise are easy to find thanks to the color coded reference. simple present . etc.ate. slept. Introduction . Icons Icons in the margin give information on suggested classroom organization and on the comparative timings of the exercises. .eat. etc. alternatives are provided for you to vary the presentation of the exercises in the Student's Book. If while planning your lesson you decide to do things differently.II •• • Timing The timing icon provides three pieces of information at a glance. simple past . Attitude uses the following terminology to refer to verbs: infinit ive .. sleep. etc. present progressive . Often these activities invite students to contribute their own ideas. Topics covered include the following: Introduce the topic: ideas are provided for you to vary the way you introduce each lesson. Quick grammar guide: background regarding the grammar point and a list of typical student errors to watch out for. This section shows how much time to dedicate to the exercise..---' This section shows how much time ___---' remains in the lesson. Often these activities can be carried out without having students refer to their Student's Books. Presentati on alternative: frequently. etc. we have provided plenty of space in the margin for you to make your own notes. Additional activity: activities that extend the exercises in the Student's Book are provided for you to use if time allows.

tIYd conciticnaI .:.:...!::::::~..:.de: presslI perlecl.. Lesson 4 Urban myths ~I ' U"' ~·~~~~~ esotnC .coon LiteratlK9 Cootmo""'" context lesson 3 Fad 10 fonlosy 62 Review: the passive Avoiding repetition -:.-_.. 64 Rec)de: past J)€rlect sfTl)e c:nd p-oges:sfIIe.!~~ ~:::~M ~' ulary .~ .... used with present perfect Vocabulary summary Unit 4 Longuoge Resource lesson 1 Inventions 48 Third conditIOnal Everyday oqocts Descrorg lox! 50 i' 52 ""'" Stn= 00 """"""" "'" """'" Unit 5 Language Resource Lesson 1 Foc1 or fdian? 56 58 Grammar summary. ~G = m ::...!:.~Voc ~b~ summary .44 Rec. Vocabulary summary ~ Oe<>.

DesIgrrog and presenUlg a .... - '-- Coo1pM"lg a wntten and spokeJl text ~ A_ -"'" """"" a quiz A """""'" A"""""..'fVie'w An Internet artiCle A discussion '- AIoct"" A"""" _.......Skills Development Reading Amagazine artide An informal e-mail ~ Writing Ustening Speaking Develop your learning/Writing A".....'''"... Develop your leaming AIoct"" A tou"gUde -""'Exctmgng rnormaticrl obout """" Mnd".. MakI'lQ' associations with ""'" "'*'- ~ and COIlIf'aStng Usng a dctionary AITWi autobiography Interviews A conversation Writing questions fa( A quiz ---"" rnormatlOO Discussing personal regrets Discu:ssng use of ceIphones '-- Short biography extracts - '- InslructOOs i Infonnal e-mails An int€...

Language Development Vocabulary . verbal Unit 7 language Resource 78 80 Grammar summary. lag .."... Vocabulary sunmary Lesson 1 ~O 102 104 AEMew and extension: The world around us Lesson 3 GM 106 lood Unit 12 Language Resou rce 130 Grammar summary. 72 L.ctiooary work 134 146 152 158 . WId reialrvs clauses Unit 9 Language Resource ""'" "'""" 98 Grammar summary..ctol and possbity n \he past. Vocabulary summary Ncul clauses (1) (uSi:lg wtJ-question words) lesson 1 The great picture Trnck <Yld field .lace Pronunciation Body language UtSSOfl 2 Body lolk lesson 3 Dishonesty lesson 4 Interview Visuol. the pa$SIYe vocal.how Unit 8 language Resource lesson 1 Beauty Of health? .hkefs expressng contrast ~ deso Oil IQ persalaity Intonation of feE*'lg 74 76 The --#Ig verb Recyde: ded. 86 92 94 Recycle: linkers expressing contrast and -Ing verbs Grammar Vocabulary summary Non-de!ifvng relatrve clauses Your mage and healtl1 l esson 2 1. Vocabulary summary Songsheets Corrv'nurlcatkln acllvrties [).0.

Skills Development Reading A psycfloIogy article ~ Writing A detailed description Ustening Speaking Describing people's faces Develop your learning/writing of.--~~--~-----. face Inlervie'l-v with an expert Making inferences about _oct~ - A questionnaire A short stOl'j Job ads./s and interviewe!s ' notes Discussing a moral dilemma A role play An interview panel ~ Assessing candIdates Making a presentation AAI M I Using a monolingual dictionary Extracts from a sports according to Ranking photographs criteria from a martial arts A radiO phone-in M informaJ convetSation A role play --.~~~~---A radio presenter's notes A presentation Develop your writing A short report Discussing beauty and how it is maintained artiCle Anewspaper artiele A radio discussion 1 "'" ''''' of inproving All informal discussion Ar. Working IoVilh An __ Develop your learning exam leallet An informal talk A{jreeing and disagreeing """"'""" >Nith statements Discussing further educatioo i A quiz website ad Anewspaper article The writing part of an .~~~~--~~----~------~~~~--~---. O.atyzing learning styles A magazif)El article A FAO page Extracts from a science book A FADs 011 a website A college seminar '- ATV A radiO interview of cordl.d.

g. And short names are much easier to remember: William Bradley became Brad Pitt and Edson Arantes do Nascimento became Pele. is traditional. .. exch ange information about your names. take the case of the Portuguese poet Fernando Pessoa. the reason is for social. In most cases. Of course. Look at some names of your new clients. I always write in a different way. Find the names that these peop le use. is fashionable. if a name sounds too "foreign". My first name ... political. Dylan '"-" Thomas. Robert Zimmerman changed his name to Bob Dylan because 0"." he explained. such as the Nobel Prize winning poet from Chile.. However. .. For example.. historical.. Madonna Louise Ciccone is not as easy to remember as just plain "Madonna" .. his admiration for the Welsh poet... He didn't want his father to know he was writing poetry.. . . however. So in the film world.. but in many countries you can change it legally when you reach adulthood. so he changed his name to Pablo Neruda when he was a young man . The reason? "When I use a different name. . Sometimes names are changed for marketing purposes.. sounds nice. e. most people never By Alex McCarthy change their names even if they feel unhappy about them. Let's be honest. women found it very difficult to get published. At other times the reason may appear eccentric. who Unit 1 You and me .sound very attractive . 2 Reading skill s .. Ram6n Estevez adopted the name Martin Sheen . Liz.. The person's real name is just too long and difficult to remember. Neftalf Reyes.. . a Imagine you are an agent for unknown actors and singers. Would you advise them to keep their names or change them? Why? I Why not? William Bradley Louise Ciccone Ram6n Estevez Mary Ann Evans Neftali Reyes Robert Zimmerman Brad Pitt Madonna Martin Sheen George Eliot Pablo Neruda Bob Dylan . so the English author Mary Ann Evans became George Eliot. .. . and she did get her books publ ished! GLOSSARY pseudonym an invented name that an arti~t uses publicly instead of their real name particularly artists! What makes an artist want to change their name? Sometimes it's for purely personal reasons... is easy to pronounce.. b In groups. Why People Use Pseudonyms You can't choose the name you are given at birth. Bob.. it may be changed '-. . b Read the article below. Here are some of the most common . is easy to spell.. has a meaning.1 Speaking skill s a Pu t a chock nexl to the wo rds that describe your firs t name or your last name. has a diminutive. . or cultural reasons. My last name . To avoid this situation they sometimes gave themselves men's names. is common in my country. Or maybe the artist's real name doesn't '-. . some people do take this course of action- wrote under 75 different names.Chad Everett does sound a lot better than Raymond Cramton Artists sometimes choose the name of someone they admire..to something that is more recognizable in a market. Another reason may be practicality: in the past.

liz. 2 Reading skills Ask students to do the task in Exercise 2a in pairs.Objectives Grammar Topic: names Pronunciation sentence stress Reading a magazine article simple present. Allow a few minutes. simple past Speaking exchanging information about names Write your nome on the board and tel! students something about it This provides a good model to help students do Exercise lb_ For example. not really. Model what you want the students to say. Introduce the topic 1 Speaking skills Ask students to check the words that describe their names in Exercise la. It's difficult to spell and pronounce. Read aloud the task in Exercise 2b. or they could ask and answer questions. My first nome's a traditional nome and pretty common but not vef}' popular. Encourage students to focus on finding the names. They could either take turns to summarize information. My name is quite common but not very fashionable. Then put students in groups of three or four to do Exercise tb. My name is Elizabeth Mon tgomery. [s your first name fashionable? No. You ond me T6 Unit 1 . Set a time limit for the reading (four minutes) to make sure that students read quickly. not worrying about words they don't know. I really like my name. Lizzie. Elizabeth hos many diminutives. Tell students that these are the real names of well-known stars. and then get brief feedback from the class. Beth. Ask whether anybody knows by what name any of these people are better known.

. ask students to match the sentences with the definitions. Do this in groups or as a whole class. ask them if they can tell you the answer to the questions in Exercise 4b . t ·· a Presentation alternative Ask students to discuss the questions in Exercise 2d . simple past Common prob4ems ond errors Students often forgelthe third person form. to underline all/he verbs in sentences 1to 6.•. If you feel thai siudenls may find this matching losk difficult. Ask students to complete Exercise 3b individually.. students at this level regularly make errors with certain forms that they need to be reminded of. Final~. break it down inlo simpler stages. auxiliary verbs. are not stressed. She ~ have.Ask slurlents to do Exercise le. Addrtional activity Ask students 10 listen and check their answers. 0 Q pop slor Q movies/or a politician a foolball player Q leacher \'-----~ \~'-------~ Do you like the name? What does your fomily call you? A So what does your fomily call you? B They call me "Buzz: A "Buzz?" Why do they call you -Buzz"? B Because when I was a kid. You could osk them 10 think of a nome in English or their own language. I R6 like il. like articles. Ask students to work in pairs to mark the stresses in the conversation in Exercise 4c . Words that don't carry the main meaning of the sentence. . Let students check in pairs before discussing the answers as a class.. Stressed syllables are given much greater weight than weak syllables. Quick grammar guide: The use and form of the simple present and simple post are. Go around the class and help stu dents.l'e you Ihal nickname? English uses auxiliary verbs for emphasis. review. I mode that sound when I played with my corso A Do you like the nome? Unit] T7 You ond me .. 4 Pronunciation: sentence stress Quickpronunciation guide English is a stress-timed language. F ask students irst. Play the audio for Exercise 4d a second time so that students can listen and repeat.. Some students may still be translating word for word from their own language. Tell students to try saying the sentences to each other in an exaggerated "English" way to help them work out which words might be stressed. She does likes . Ask them to work individually and then compare their answers with a partner.. However. 14IR}' 1R~' fJ. This moy be a new area for students to grasp. Students may forget to use do/n'll/doesln'l} and did!n'l! when forming questions and negatives. Then ask them to decide which verbs ore in the simple present and . She like . Speakers of some languages tend not to give the strong syllables enough emphasis and give too much stress to weak syllables.-hich verbs are in the simple post. II is important to get students to exaggerate the stress when practicing pronunciation. 5 Speaking skills Ask students 10 discuss the topics in small groups and tllCn report their findings 10 the class. Ask students in their groups to decide what they think would be the perfect pseudonym for peaple who wont 1 do the following iobs.. An swers: Verbs and nouns are stressed. and connecting words. After students have listened to and noticed the stressed words in the sentences in Exercise 4a . 3 Grammar review and extension : simple present and simple past Have students match the sentences with the definitions in Exercise 3a. simple present. and it is an area in which it is easy to make errors in form.. Then have thorn check with a partner before discussing the answers as a class. of course.

you like (like) the name? B Hmm. 2 your nickname and how you got it.aYU'~ nee. when children play with cars they nonnally 3 .. __ L _ 51 . d a b c d c a single action that is now finished a regular. 2 It's much easier for people to remember. don'.c Who said these things? Read the article again and 4 Pronunciation: sentence stress write the pseudonyms. c 4 He changed his name to Pablo Neruda when he was a young man. Notice how some words in the sentence one possible name. verbs. A And 6 --.!l!!. what? 2 Which names in the article do you like the most? Why? 3 Would you ever change your name? Why? I Why not? o What does your fami ly call you? b Which kind of words are stressed. a 5 In the past. 1 Oid anything in the article surprise you? If so. 3 Grammar review and extension : simple present and simple past a Match the sentences with the correct definition. articles? Why? c Mark the stressed words in this conversation. I changed it to make it sound more •• "A . 1 Well. So they called me "Buzz".. b 2 Chad Everett does sound a lot better than Raymond Cramton.g.) are stressed more than others. Pablo Neruda 5 I always admired him so that's why I adopted his name. e. I made the change because of my father.. repeated action a fact that is always true a present feeling or desire a continuous situation or a repeated action that is now finish ed f a present fact that the speaker wants to emphasize b Complete the conversation with the simple present or simple past. (There may be more than a Listen.". Brad Pitt.. (say) Brooomm.. but my family calls me "Buzz". c (j I feel unhappy about my name. I 7 like (like) it.. but I wouldn't want my friends to call me "Buzz"! .~ Do you like the name? \1' mencan . A Weird! And when did they give you your nickname? B When I 5 w as (be) about four... A "Bt!zz"? Why do they c: ll you "B ~zz"? B Becat se when I was a k!d I made that sound when I played with my c: rs. but when I was a child I always 4 said (say) Buzz.. b Tell the class about anything interesting you discovered. r 3 The Earth moves around the sun once every 365 days. {fI. Then repeat. nouns. A So what do your frien ds and family call you? B My friends here at college always 1 ~ (call) me Richard. A Do you lit e the n: me? • • • • d Listen and check your answers. 5 Speaking skills a In groups. " . 1 Artists often change their name. Pele •• 3 The change means I can get my work published. talk about the following: 1 your first name and how you got it. George Eliot 4 Basically. you think? Ma donna. A "Buzz"? Why 2 did they ~ (give) you that nickname? 8 Well. Bob Dylan d DisCllss these questio ns. women found it very difficult to get published. A So what does your family call you? B They call me " Buzz"..BY.

. Unill You and me . <lliE!Jj) 3 Rob treats Jane's comments seriously 1 4 Rob wants to ~I talk to fan e. b Now compare your handwriting with other students. I'm kind of relaxed because I think !Jfe is too short to worry. She can talk for hours and that drives me crazy! c Which adjectives would you most like to be and which would you most hate to be? I'd love to be organized. baseball and Jane feels 6 Rob watches a lot okay about it I rritated by I . b Look at your partner's handwriting sample from Exercise 2a. e Choose the best answer. neutral. Put a check by the adjectives in Exercise 1a that describe Jane.....Ch" "g r'" C' .· Lesson 2 Signatures 2 Listening skill s a Write one of your answers from Exercise 1c onto a piece of paper and add your signatlUe. is there any truth in graphology? irritating lonely organized proud realistic relaxed romantic serious shy Positive attractive V organized cooperative V realistic friendly . 1 The average handwriting is 3mm in height. 1 Rob is reading 1< a .hearted... My cousin Mary is very irritating. 5mall or average ? 2 Does your handwriting the left? slope to the right or 3 Are your letters ~ or 4 Do your leiters have separate ? ? b !t)(yJ~'~ 5 Does your hJ"1'\! always the sa me Lt"' <. 1 Vocabulary : adjecti ves describing perso na lity a Do you think the adjectives in the box have a positive. ..¥I9' C}v~ or is it (in one sentence)? Listen to a couple talking. 2 Jane finds graphology nterestm boring.. btll .. or negative meaning? Write them in the correct column. c. Are the descriptions correct for you and your partner? d In your opinion.. yes.. c In pairs. How do yo u think they are feeling? Listen again.1: in "' .. \Vel/... discuss the results. for leiters such as a. According 10 the /{Jble . I'd hate to be shy because it makes communication very difficult. but I'm not! I waste a lot of time. generally speaking. Complete the "Partner" column. No !I'oy! flll/lJore light. "--' you tend to be serious.. n . active attractive boring cold conservative cooperative friendly generous independent 3 Speaking skills a Complete the table on the opposite page for yourself by checking the "Me" column. relaxed t/ Neutral Negative active proud serious boring cold ttl' conservative irritating lonely USEFUL lANGUAGE Are you a shy person? generous V" independent romantic shy b Use the adjectives to describe yourself or someone you know. Is yours large. 5 The analysis of Jane's handwriting suggests her personality is €§>! difficult..

Play tho audio again.. somebody students don'. I knew thol anyway. Ask them to write at least two sentences. Rob Yes. Ans we rs: Rob is feeling mUlO yed becaus e he wants to wat ch the game . Play the aud io for Exercise 2c .'e can Iell a 101 about a person from a signature? IMlaI sex is this person? What can you say about hislhet personality? InfTOducethetopic 1 Vocabulary: adjec li ves describing personality For Exercise la . hondwrifing and personolity. They will need to pass their handwriting sample to other students in the class. Rob. June is feeling annoyed and upse! Uocauso Rob isn't lis ten ing to he r. ask. Jane And you know I've got kind of large hondwriling . look. er . Use questions in English to check students' understanding of these words. Rob Well. Words thot may need checking ore: boring. Most of these words ore cognates. Rob Gropho·whot? Jane Graphology. ask s tudonts to write the sentence and their signature on Il separate picce of paper. .ho is unin teres ted in what Jane is say ing. my \. and tope it 10 the board to start the doss. Rob Friendly. Really interesting. draw attention to the Usefu l Language box.. you dor'lll You watch baseball f?'Iery cloy' Rob Jane! You and me T8 Unitl . showing the prolluncialion and stress. You know. Jane If means rm serious ond generous. Ask s tu den ts to do Exercise 2e individually and then check with a partner.. Jane You're always watching it! Rob Oh. look ot this. How do I feel? (proudl Give s tudents a few minutes to think of things to say for the task in Exercise lb. 2 Listening skills For ExeN:ise 2a . Before doing Exercise 3e. Rob rm watching the game! Jone rm just doing this quiz obout graphology.'-.. Jane No. Put stude nts in pairs to share their ideas.. not in their notebooks. so students should be able to guess their meaning. oncourage students to make guesses beforo using a diclionary to chock answers they are not sure of. shy. but encourage them to think of more. Go a rou nd the class . proud. So whot does thot mean? Jane Hey. attractive. What else? Jane Well..' Objectives Grammar Topic: personality Vocabulary adjectives describing personality Reading on informal e·moil present progressive Ustening a conversotion Speaking analyzing and discussing hondwriting Before the lesson. right.YI"iling slopes to the right. ask: Checking meaning Whot is the OPPOSite of boring? Which word is the opposite of outgoing and sociable? (shyl Which word means that you feel alone and friendless? (Ionelyl My class got the best grodes in the exom. Ask students Do you think v. kind of like this. actually il means I'm friendly and attractive.. Ask students to mark \ho strong stress in cach word. trs finishing now.mich means rm relaxed and cooperotive. and .. and then ask students to answer the gist question. modest? Jane And my hondwriting is connected. For example. Ask students to work in pa irs to share ideas for ExeN:ise le . Jane You're olways watching baseball when I right? Jane Rob! Well. and then as k a few s tudents to lellthe class whal Ihey wro te. lonely. The n ask students to do Exercise 2d . Thon give students the correct answers by read ing tho words aloud clearly. Play the audio again if s tuden ts are not sure abou t some of tho answers. don't exaggerate! I only watch ~ once a week. Rob Okay. I know. oren" '/OO? But I want 'A watch this game. honey. know to write their signature 00 (] piece 01 paper. Rob Well. want to talk! Rob I only watch baseball on<e 0 week. Use (] photocopier 10 enlarge the signature. Put students in pairs or small grou ps to compare their handwriting and disc uss tho ques tions in Exercise 2b. you're doing very well. \1' 3 Speaking ski lls Have st udents do Exercises 3a and3b individually. Thol means yau're a great person.lIId help studenls with ideas. 3'--------------------------------------------------------. Then as k a few s tudents to te ll the class what their partner told thom. Too serious. Rob Oh.

have is a stative verb. belong. hole. and verbs of possession Ihave. Know is a stalive verb. Quick grammar guide: present The use of the present progressive in English to refer 10 future arrangements may confuse students. Then check the answers in pairs before going through them with the whole class. Basically. As students report their answers to the class. own. I like French fries (always). After checking the answers. Ask students to check their answers to Exercise 4b in pairs. I have blue eyes lalways!. love. Verbs of the mind (think" know. She is 100 busy to write at other times. ore useful groupings of slalive verbs. Hero. believe. believe!. ask them why they chose each tense. wish). it is a temporary situation. Here. Students have a problem recognizing and remembering when a verb is active or stative. Unit 1 T9 You and me . 4 An irritat ing habit 5 617 A regular. Ask students if they can think of any other stative verbs (for example. stative verbs tend to express permanency. verbs of emotion llike. so. we use present progressive to describe something happening now. progressive Common problems and etTOrs Students translate directly from their first language and use the simple present to refer to the future. make sure they understand that a pain is a very annoying persoll. Before students do Exercise 5c.4 Grammar rev iew and extension : present progressive Ask students to do Exercise 4a individually. She feels irritated with Jenny because she is "a pain . won~. repeated action A futuro arrangement 2 3 Ask students to check their answers to Exercise 5b in pairs. Hold a feedback session with the whole class for Exercise 5d . 2 3 4 They are friends. go through the rules in the Language Note. ti 5 Reading skills Set the scene for Exe rcise 5a by asking students to look at the e·mail and by asking a few simple questions: Who is writing? Who is she writing to? What subject is she writing about? Ask students to check their answers in pairs before going through them as a class." She's seeing Dave Jenkins next Saturday. She feels tired because she's working so hard. I am Argentinian (always!. Answers: 1 • Answers: 1 Here. I ¥isiI my friends next Solurday. hear.

liberal. d This describes an irritating habit thai someone has. 1 What is the relationsh ip between Maureen and Jane? 2 Why is Jane writing so late al night? 3 How does Jane feel? Why? 4 What is Jane's good news'? Hi Maureen. I'm belonging to a tennis club. relaxed strong. Answer the questions. changing. irritable romantic. conservative warm.i'im:~~ e c Tell your partner about someone you know who is "a pain". Choose the correct tense. life isn't all bad. There's a guy in my closs wha thinks he knows everything. . S I'm seeing my parenls n ext weekend .~h~J. creative. apartment.. . b Read the e-mail again. active. Jane You and me Unit] . 3 You're always watching baseball! --_~/'\/ c This describes a definite arrangement that will 4 I'm staying with a friend until I find happen in the future. generous modes!..t's1>he only time I have to do an so busy! I have V I'm having a new job 'm workin I work at Faa 0 Go. I want 1 Mmm . Jenny Carpenter? She' now t. LANGUAGE NOTE Stative verbs are not normally used in the progressive form because the speaker is describing "states" and not "actions". proud. I'm liking Ihis wine./ ". I work like a slave ! There's this girl I work with. b There are some mistakes in the senlences below. 1 I can 'I go for a walk right now because a This describes a situation thai is developing or I'm studying for an exam. changes large 3 4 "'"" ~ upright ~ 5 6 7 re9ular ir re filar 8 •• big loops ~ . 2 Are you knowing that strange man across the street? X Do you know 3 I see what you mean. d Share your stories with the cJflSS. " ( writ!"!? '- 4 Grammar review and extension: present progressive a Match these examples of the present progressive with their meanings. a good friend relaxed. 2 The rate of inflation is rising quickly now. the same irregular. I belong to a tennis club . He's always interrupting the teacher. It's midn ight and I'm tired but 1 I write I'm writing a you 'nee I'm now beca~. Correct the wrong ones. It's only or a ew weeks but it's horrible. delicious. 10 small loops ( / rI~. Put a check next to the correct sentences. she always complains I'm making the bur fries.Characteristic 1 2 Example Meaning serious. ::=wa y. seein])him next Saturday night ! Write soon./ X Mmm. but in fact he's always complainin e s suppose I make rench he never doe / she's never doing anything .). delicious. friendly shy. V' 4 I'm having two brothers and a sister. creative realistic. I like this wine. X 5 Reading skills a Read jane's e-mail to Maureen. disciplined independent cooperative. a fast food place. I think 4 you're knowing you know her. b This describes a temporary situation or activity. a do the (l:!!!. Remem ber Dave Jen kins? 8 I see / Love. e This describes an action happening now. X I'm tired. Partner large handwriting small handwriting slopes to the right slopes to the left upright connected regular. likes money M. X I have 5 She's very rich ! She owns three houses and two apartments! V' 6 I'm being tired and am wanting to go on vacation.

brown.brown. 1 blue (radical. If you wanl coffee witho~ milk. with colors. In British English. e- Unit 1 You and me .eo- - 1 Vocabulary: colors a What color terms do you associate with tho items in the box? Make combinations with these words. It's a good color fo r bedrooms. especially adjectives. blue. blond. say Coffee. negative) 8 white (pure. rose. you caP _ ea- 2 Speaking skills a We often associate words. Why? I think that blue is a calm calor.:. hazel. fun) 7 black (unhappy. cold) 2 brown (warm. red. ~ please. I agree that blue is cold . say white coffee. U you want coffoo with . Do you agree or disagree with the descriptions of the colors below? Give reasons. please (or Coffee with cream). groon. dark. fri endly) 3 yellow (qujet..:mill. say Black coffee. aggressive) 6 gray (respectable. yellow LANGUAGE NOTE - eggs wine coffee meat bread eyes hair people (skin color) eggs . white. white.blue eyes can be cold. light. death-like) b Think of other adjectives that you associate with these colors. black. gray. bappy) 4 green (polluting. dull) 5 red (loving.. yellow b Check your answers with the Vocabulary Summary on page 14.

. Irs also the color 01 wor. But what Ihat color means .the king of colors! We associate it with strong emotians such as anger and passion. Okay.----. and that we often refer to the planet Mars with this color. whal do I mean when I soy that color is not an international concept? The color red is the some for a person from Thailand and a person from Venezuela. very different In the second port of this lecture. Then ask stu dents to work in pairs to do the tasks in Exercises 28 and 2b . as I said before.. Welcome to the first lecture on ·CoIors and Culture: We're going to explore the ossocia1ions thot colors have in our culture today. We also associate the color with high temperatures! It's also the color of love and revolution. this is probably the strongest color of all . Can you guess the two colors I wos talking about? You and me T 10 Unill . the idea is tha t you eat fa st and go. I will look at how color is interpreted In different ways by different cultures. and it gives us energy.-- - .. Irs the color 01 fire and it gives heal. and irs no surpl"ise that at a funeral most people wear this color. lers start. Now for the second color. And within one culture. "'--- . tel's begin with color number one. Now bock to my lillie experiment. And what do you calithatlype of humor that laughs at terrible things in life. Now. we associate this calor with powerful emotions like anger. I'm going 1 talk oboul two different colors. Irs no accident that many fast food restaurants are often painted in Ihis color. you see. Bul as you will see taler in this talk. In most Western cultures. slightly green color. In the first part of this lalk. •• Mako sure students find the corroct section of the Vocabulary Summary on page 14 for Exercise lb. this color means sadness. no! all cultures see colors in the some way. Okay. Brie ny elicit answers from the class. this color rePfesents alilhot is dork and negotive in our world. It's the color of death. can be very. t just wont to say that color is not on internolioool concept. only darkness. For Exercise 3 on page 11 :::. In most cultures. In such situations. the association . As on experiment. Colors affect our lives and our feelings in many wafS. we feel there is no light. In our cuUure.-..Objectives Vocabulary colors and color collocations Topic: colors Writing a paragraph Ustening a lecture Speaking making associations with colors Ask a few personalized questions 1 sellhe topic for the lesson: Whars your favorite color? Why? Are there 0 Introduce the topic any colors you don't/ike? What colors do you generally wear? What color is your bedroom? 1 Vocabulary: colors Direct students' attention to lho Language Note before asking them to do Exercise 1 a in pairs. we use it to talk about unhappy feelings and unhappy situations. such as dealh and wor? So. 2 Speaking skills Discuss the first color (blue) as a class to get students started. II is no accident that "The God of War"" is named Mars. Noto: hazel is a light brown.. I wont 10 ploy a lillie game with you. we all shore the some associations. we'liloak at the role of colors in our life.. Bul before t begin. butI'm not 0 going to menlioo the names ollhe colors! See if you can guesS !he IWo colors I'm lalking about. irs the color of evil. Why? Well.

. but when you go to Japan you realize Ihat white hos completely different associations . it is associated with rebirth. irs a happy color. blue is associated with peace and tranquility. Students cou ld compare their notes with lhose of a partner before doing Exercise 4c. collect them and correct them.. however. helping students with ideas and vocabulary. of lhe blue Mediterranean $eo and the bright blue skies. Answers: The speaker talks about red and black. Encourage them to practice using English to talk about their own culture. white represents deoth. You cou ld guess from the colors' associations.ouse life and death are connected.. for example. islonds. Once you have discussed the answers with the class. So in most cultures in the U..like. As students take notes in Exercise 4b.'--. check students understand thai fiery refors to colors associated with fire and that JlOvy blue is a dark blue color traditionally used in sailors' uniforms.. Okay. and we even hove a type of music coiled "the blues" . The texts can then be returned to their writers. go around the class.we talk about feeling blue when we feel sod or depressed. for the Japanese.. On lhe Greek.. and they ore stunningly beautiful. you may need to play the audio twice before students get all the answers. Ask students to discuss the questions in Exercise 3d in small groups. but this is nattradilional. 3 Listening skills Encourage lots of speculation in Exercise 3a as students try to predict the content of the lecture from the litle..tIite usually means something pure and cleon.-----. A 'white wedding' is on interesting example of how one culture will be inftuenced by another culture and "barrow" or adopt a new custom. -oltemattve The oudioscript for Track 4 is on page no II. blue hos a complele1y different meaning. let me give you on example -the color white. Unill T 11 You and me . . You con understand this . Allow students to hear the audio only once to answer the gist question in Exercise 3b. For Exercise l e. And that purity is symbolized in a bride when she wears white in a "white wedding: We might also soy thot her cheroder is -whiter than white" or "as white as snow: Now thors in the United States. But be<. white also has associations with being born again .S" you'll see peaple dressed in block at funerals. in some cultures. let them listen again. In the States. For Exercise 4d distribute the paragraphs randomly so that each student has a piece of writing that be longs to another student . While is now also becoming common 01 weddings. a lot of the hooses are pointed in while and blue. Lers toke another example: blue in the United States is associated with sadness .. After students hove wrinen their texts. In Greece.-. lers turn to the ideo that different cultures interpret colors in different ways. \'.think. but in contrast in Japan you con see people wearing white. Let students check in pairs before discussing the answers as a class. so. Start rhe next lesson by handing OUIthe texts at random and asking students to read and guess rhe writer. o T 4 Writing skills Before doing Exercise 4a .which originated from the sadness of the slaves in the southern Stotes.

9 wfui:e -wed. if any. 1 How imp ortant is the color of clothes to you? 2 What colors do you tend to wear and why? 3 What colors in clothes. Read out th e paper your teacher gives to you. \1' c r--1 'Wbit~ U. don't you like and wh y? 4 Do the colors of your clothes represent your personality? Why? / Why n ot? c Use your notes to write a short paragraph like the one in Exercise 4a. 4 G>eec£ 5 PIICb': 6 deat h 7 sadness 8 peace. Wh ich two colors does the speaker talk about? How did you guess? Look at th e notes a studen t made on Part 2 of "Colors and Culture". Listen and complete them.dings whiter than white 11 funera ls feelin~ blue = sa or 13 m USiC 10 I<ha [ a!O!!. Would you be attracted to this person? Why? I Why not? b Make notes on these questions. Can the other students guess who the writer is? Youond me Unit l . happiness /mdes. 1 What do blue and white mean in your country? 2 What do you personally associate with these colors? 3 Do you have any expressions in you r langu age related to these colors'? What are they? Can you think of expressions related to other colors? 4 What other colors have sp ecial mean ings in your country? Are there expressions related to these colors? '- 4 Writing skills a Read this short text. What do you thi nk the speaker will talk about? b Listen to Part 1 of the lecture. d Give your paper to the teacher.l[ 12 dep ressed the flues called hOllses painted blue & w hite 14 "--- d Discuss these ques tions. tranquill ity. 2 Ilu!an 3 U·S.3 Listening skills o a You are going to listen to part of a lecture on "Colors and Culture".S.

1 Warm up a In pairs... and the clothes a Listen to a tour guide talking to visitors in an art gallery.. An oil painting An 18th century landscape An Impressionist painting (by . ... I think irs Gennan ... write a short description comparing and contrasting the two paintings. quickly find as many differences as you can between the two paintings above and write them down. . J It shows ... ~ b Read the sentences below and complete them with some of the words from the box. Phrases describing paintings U's a picture oflwo . o 5 Compare 3 Prepare In pairs. I like it because of Lhe . Use tbese categories: The people and the place The activities The feelings. the colors. Types of painting b Discuss these ques tions... I like it because of the In the foreground/backgroun d you can see. An abstract work A self· portrait (of . How many of your points does the speaker mention? Make a note of the points you missed.) 2 Task In groups.. Then listen to the tour guide again and check your answers. 1 Do you have a favorite artist? Who is it? What type of work does/did the person do? 2 Do you have a favorite painting? Talk about it.. 1 Renoir painted portraits and landscapes 2 The two paintings show dancers in the city and in the country . the city the country fashion landscapes passion portraits scheme seascapes theme the lown 4 Feedback Report the differences you found to the class. 3 Both paintings have a similar theme 4 Red is the color of love and passion Unitl You and me . Listen to the other pairs and note down any differences that you didn't find. . In the foregroundlllacksround you can see . put the words and phrases into the appropriate category in the tahle.. 1 [ think it's German. A water color An oil painting An 18th century landscape An Impressionist painling (by . ) An abstract work A self-portrait (of.. . A water color It's a picture of two She's wearing . She's wearing ... II shows ..

2 Task Get students started by eliciting two or three differences from the class and writing them on the board. The man looks passionate and in love with the woman. a few to tell the class which painting they liked and why. Encourage the rest of the class to take brief notes as they listen . and decide on their favorite. and the clothes The woman in the first painting seems happy. 5 Compare Play the audio for Exercise 5a. Ask students to discuss the questions in Exercise I b as a brief open class activity. look 01 the paintings. helping with vocabulary and language use.Objectives Grammar Topic: art Reading comparing a written and spoken text Writing Ustening a tour guide simple present. Ask students to complete the sentences in Exer cise s b before playing the audjo again so that they can check their answers. In the first painting. The woman in the second painting seems cold and uninterested. say four minutes. the colors. Let students compare their notes in pairs before discussing as a class. Once students are seated. Put them on the classroom walls at the start of the lesson. self-portrait (a painting of the artist by the artist). check that they have understood portrait (a painting of a person). simple post. and landscape (a painting of a scene in the country). Give a short time limit. the man is wearing a black suit and the woman is wearing a light dress. they are outside. as students write their descriptions. The woman in the second painting is wearing a beautiful dress and white gloves . Then put students in small groups to extend the lists. The feelings. Ask students to walk around the class.perhaps a ballroom.she's holding a fan. Introducelhe Iopk 1 Warm up Ask students to do Exercise 1a in pairs. 3 Prepare Go around the class.she is probably richer and more sophisticated than the woman in the first picture. cui from magazines. In the first painting. In both paintings. you can see plants in the background. Ask students to listen and note the points the speaker mentions. The oudioscript for Track 6 is on page Tl3 '!II You and me T 12 Unitl . 4 Feedback Ask a few pairs to stand up and tell the class what differences they found. whereas in the second painting they are in a very grand building . ask. When students report back to the class. present progressive a comparative description Speaking comparing and contrasting paintings Bring in pictures of famous paintings. Model answer: The people and the place I the activities Both paintings show a man and woman dancing. In both paintings. the woman is wearing a red hat and gloves .

For Exercise G ask students to work in pairs... os mony of you will know. Okay. a famous British painter who specialized in crowded urban scenes. Iheme: young couples dancing. As you know. of . Ask students to close their eyes and imagine one of the paintings they can see. Ask students to work in pairs or small groups. can I just ask you a question? There's something I don'l understand here . but there's also red in her fan. ... so tho! shows us . Co around lhe class and help.. encourage students ilOilO look al their written descriptions as Ihey speak. Additional activity Imaginary art gallery. now look carefully ollhis girl and compare her to Ihe girl in the other picture.. Divide the closs into groups of four. butlhere ore some . we can see tha t the colors are generally more somber. as you can see they both have a similar ". we ... in Donce in the City... he mostly pointed por1raits and landscapes. right? In Donce in the City. The 6rst !hing. For Exerc ise Sa on page 12 1't Tour guide Now. Tourist 2 Sorry.•• 6 Notice Be fore asking students to do Exercise 6a. Ask students to open Their eyes and toke turns describing lheir painting. He was. Tell students 10 think carefully about how Ihey are going to describe the painting to other people.. Tell each group lho! they are in the middle of on art gallery. and she's wearing a long dress with a pattern of red flowers. Notice that in bo!h pictures we hove a young couple dancing. II could be a famous painting or a completety imaginary one. surrounded by painlings. um . red is Ihe color of love.this one. we can'! really see fhe man's foce at 011. uh . uh. uh . particularly Renoir's use of red.. Okay. . and the second one is called Donee in the Cityand . so . look at Dance in the Countryogoin and nolice the colors... help them identify where the lexts are from and that Text B is a transcript of an oral texl. if we turn 1 the 0 second picture.. He painted all kinds of pictures. Unill T1 3 Yovondme . you see there? Oh yes. you could refer to them again for Exercise 7a.. but how do we know she's in love? Guide How do we know she's in love? Well. Guide Yes? Tourist 2 Well. interesting differences... now.. Have them choose a painti ng and make notes to describe it.. Dance in IheCounlry we can see his foce. okay. •• 7 Follow up If you brought in painti ngs to start the lesson. find ouf which students in each group really broughl their paintings to life.. the first thing we nolice is the woman's red bonne!. uh . Tourist l in love? Sorry to interrupt. Okay. but the other one seems kind of bored so we .. Remind students to usc the headings from exorcise 3 011 pago 12. uh . Culture note The pointing in lhe righl-hond margin of Ihis page is Picadilly Orcus by laurence Stephen lowry (1887-19761. but. To make the presentations in Exercise 7b more natural. Afterwords. we notice is lhe mon in the first pidure. now here we see IWO of Renoir's besl·known paintings: the first one Is called Donee in the Counlry. uh . you said thaI Renoir .one of the best. Renoir was 0 French Impressionist . passion.. uh . get the feeling that the firsl woman is crazy about him ".. Also cIlcollrllge Ihem to usc tho phrases they identified in Exercise 6b. uh.. uh.. . So. You can see Ihe first one's smiling and seems really happy. and he is standing very close to lhe young lady.. now So Kind of this one okay? Exercise 6c can be conducted as an open class discussion . He has a beard.. uh . Dance in the City. kind of . leI's begin by looking at the people. in love with lhe man. Now.. and Renoir often uses the color red in this way.. b Suggested answers: Okay. he was born in Limoges in 1841 and died in 1919.

In the former. in love with the man.remember that spoken English is different from written English! You and me Unit 1 . make notes on it then write a short description of it. uh. The first thing. This young woman appears extremely happy.. okay? In Dance in the City. Okay..we can see his face. 19 19. Okay.one of the best. Don't just read out the written description . one can see a bearded man dancing very close to a smiling young woman.. get the feeing that the first woman is crazy about him . two of Renoir's most famous paintings... now here we see two of Renoir's best -known paintings: the first one is called Dance in the Country and the second one is called Dance in the City and . as you can see they both have a similar. now. we . One of the greatest French impressionists.6 Notice a Compare the written and spoken texts about the artist. b Present your description of the painting to the class.. 1841. Okay.ing at the people. uh . in Dance in the City. but the other one seems kind of bored so we. ... let's begin by IooI<. uh . whereas the young woman in Dance in the City appears somewhat uninterested. Notice that in both pictures we have a young coup~ dancing but there are some . . now look carefully at this girl and compare her to the girl in the other picture.. Make a list of differences between the two texts. He painted all kinds of pictures. kind of .. theme: young couples dancing. Renoir. uh . uh. He was.. um . uh. now. Auguste Renoir: born Umoges... Renoir primarily painted portraits and landscapes.. there are several interesting differences between the paintings. F rance.. died Cagnes. so . but he mostly painted portraits and landscapes. Dance in the Country . The assumption is that the first woman is in love with her partner whereas b What expressions are typical of the spoken text? okay.. Despite similarities in theme. he was born in Limoges in 1841 and died in 1919. both feature a young couple dancing. uh .. choose one of the paintings on this page (or one your teacher gives you). You can see the first one's smiling and seems really happy. we can't really see the man's face at all.. Together. Okay. he has a beard and he is standing very close to the young lady. uh .. uh . .. Tour guide Now as many of you will know.... but. 7 Follow up a In pairs or small groups. interesting differences. Dance in the Country and Dance in the City. we notice is the man in the first picture -this one.. c Give examples of similar expressions in your own language. Renoir was a French Impressionist .

0 • emphasizing a fact/feeing: You did say you'd moot me at eight.. emphaSizing a fact/feeling: He does live'here. black. light. weather's good . carry -+ carried With one-sylLable verbs ending in consonant + vowel + consonant.JAC:. things that are true: • an irritating habit that someone has: You're &Ways interrupting me. double the consonant: plan -+ planned. v. green. dark (chid<. brown (tan from the sun). buy -+ bought. Vllhat are you doing? a temporary situation or actMty: My sister is living in France right now. probably because her mother is getting sicker and she's worried. sad) black.. They often diedyoung. hazel... rose black.". dark . it gets better. black (German dark rye bread) an action happening now: I'm reading about grammar. I work as an engineer. She's studying French art and architecture. These tomato plants grow very quickly if the Fo.nite. which you need 10 learn: go -+ went. people my nickname . • a continuous situation or repeated action that is now firished: People lived in poverty in those days. add -d: like organized "'m respectable -+ looked. permanent situations and states: lINe in BtaziI. red. remove -y and add -ied: study -+ studied. blue. """" act"" ""'" """""""" "" w""' """. I feel tired.flite. brown.". gray. Her two friends work there. 1 "Vv'hat are you majoring in?" "I'm majoring in history: V V 2 These tomato plants are growing very quickly if the weather's good. I usuaRy watch comedies. white. not nine! Fo. lighVdarI< hair people (s kin c olor) Unit 1 You and me . yellow. but he can't walk yet. blond. Jeff is always turning up late these clays. white. tired. stay -+ stayed -+ liked. 4 Our neighbors are always playing loud music late at night and it really annoys me. Affkmative: We m e t friends and had pizza last night. b c d e The soo riSes in the east and sets in the west. Affirmative: She w orks in a bank.I hate itl 2 Review and extension of simple past Use Vocabulary Summary 1 Adjectives: personality Posffive • a single action in the past that is now finished: We went to a bar last night. tell -+ told.Ie -+ maved Cho o se three adjectives that describe each of thes e people: yoo With verbs ending in consonant + -y. a situation that is developing or changing: Susan is losing a lot of weight. add -ed: look With verbs ending in -e. Fo. Negative: We aren 't reading vet)' much right now. gray.live """" romantic cooservative quiet radical dul sad rod cooperative sboog modest attractive """" bomg irritable ~"" Negative: We didn 't m eet until pretty /ate In the evening.en) brown.it's just th81 we won't be here. """ '''''''' """""""" urI1appy happy Question: Did you meet them at the restaurant? Emphatic: I did call you! Note the spelling rules for regular past forms: With most verbs. · it's getting botter 6 I'm never telling people my nickname -I hate it! I never tell Emphatic: We do wa nt you to s tay longer . white (British English onty) reel. rootioe. '00. drink -+ 2 Collocations with colors eggs wine wtYte.". Neutral realistic ~ined Negative irritating """""" -. fT'IO.. Negative: She doesn't work on the weekend. They don't worle /ate very often. Question: Does she work hard? Do they work through lunch? V 5 "How's Kevin's leg?" "OIl. white. I'm surell do love you! QuestiOn: Are you reading anything good? Is the use o r the te n ses in these sente nces c orrect? Put a c heck by th e correct senten ces and correct th e wrong o nes. 3 I can't see you ton ight . brown. regular actions: I often go to the movies. feelings and desires at the IJ(esent tine: I want a break. dark. • a definite anangeo"Ie(ll for the future: We're leaving at six tomorrow morning and meeting the others at the airport. eat -+ ate.E RESOURCE Grammar Summary 1 Review and extension of simple present Use a facts. red (sleepy. brown reel. phi your best friend your mother or lather -+ 3 Review and extension of the present progressive coffee m eat b read eyes Use • • • pro"ad A lot 01 verbs have an irregul<v past form.. Affirmative: I'm reading a really interesting book right now..we're having a fami ly dinner.

He has no experien ce 4 When I got the answer wrong I turned red with embarrassment. Note: You will need to show your list to a classmate at the end of Unit 2. and three ••• categories mean? b Use the dk:tionary entries on page 154 and 155 to answer the following questions. know. 1 Do you own a dictionary in your language? If yes. d Now klok at the dictionary extracts on page 154. verb Blue: noun Green: noun Red: nOUD 2 Which two eolors can describe an unhappy feeling? Bl ack. Jt can. make a list of the different pieces of information an English-English dictionary can give you. 1 Can any of the "color adjectives" be nouns or verbs? If so. discuss these questions. which ones? Bl ack: noun.py • mdl'penckln[ Idscn(<l)ldsl In'spe k [~bll • 3: ro-man-tic 3: dis-ci-plined 3: un-hap-py • kou'mrenuk/ Idlsaphnd/ IAn'hrepJ / romantic disciplined unhappy • independent generous respectable f Words often collocate with other words. 53 at the back of your book and look at the section on how to use your dictionary. 1 We're still in the black thanks to my new job. would you buy one? Why? I Why not? 2 Information a dictionary can give you a Would you use a dictionary in these situations? Write .00 is cou:nf4l:1e or U:'1u:ounMile. b Discuss your answers. 2 I see a word or phrase that I can'. 4 I see a word or phrase that I am curious about.ent Pronunc iation 3: gen ·er-ous 4 : re-spec·ta·ble 8en-er -011s re-spec·ta-bJe ro-m -an-tic dis-ci-plined uD-hap.)(. In pairs. c A dictionary is full of information about words and phrases.I.£'1m1e 'm?Yd. when do you use it? 3 Have you ever used an English-English dictionary? If you don't have one. figure out. two ". Number of syllables 4: in·de-pend·ent Main stress in·de-pend. Make a list of some more useful things that you learn about the information an English·English dictionary can give you. can you add anything more to the list you made in Exercise 2c? 3 USing a dictionary a Why do you think some of the words are in red? What do the one'. For example the adjective strong can collocate to produce a strong leader or a strong drink but not a strong enemy.Using a dictionary 1 Dictionaries you have used In small groups. te1L }fJU.If a )1. You and me Unit l . Which of the words in the box apart from leader and drink can strong also collocate with? ACTION PlAN [> 8 leader drink discussion marriage swimmer film Strong swimmer Strong marriage Your action plan: using our dictionary Tum to page 152 and . J felt very embarrassed e Use the dictionary entries to complete the table below with information about the words in the box. Jt can telL 'if!I! dJf/eYe:nl ?'Itet1m11fjS of the . You do not have any debt 2 You can ask me till you are blue in the face but I won't do it! There is no use trying to persuade me 3 He's too green to do that job. or ? I would use a dictionary every lime: 1 I see a word or phrase that I don'. when do you use it? 2 Do you have a bilingual dictionary? If yes. 3 I see a word or phrase that is important to understanding a text. bl ue c How many meanings do the adjectives black and green have in the dictionary entries? 7 d What do you think the f(jlowing phrases ~n Italic) mean? Check your ideas in the dictionary entries.

which didn't pay much . was used to + noun For habits.. simple past To express that we wnw accustomed to something in the past. 1 Who is the person? Z What do you know about her background? 3 Can you name any of her movies? 4 Have you seen any of her movies? If so. Student B: Look at page 151. situations. I'm used to gelling up early in the morning. e Now complete this chart with your partner. Unil2 Fame and fonune . d In pairs. be used to Frida huge success in U. simple past 2 .. Answer the questions. My Crazy Life popular TV soap career in Hollywood first hig break • 5 6 pasl Ihal are nol true or that don't happen now. used to For situalions and actions that are now finished. she used to misbehave constant! y . or was used to + noun/-ing verb.. a job in a local theater... used to + verb. what did you think of them? b You are going to read an article about this person. be used to a Look at the examples below. was used to + ing verb 4 . Info rmat ion 1 2 Grammar review and extension : simple past. 1 Her parents sent her to a private Catholic school in Louisiana. 1966 University 2 3 Teresa L. in fact. used to... I like if.1 Reading skills a Look at the pictures of this famous person.. International Rela tions September 2nd.. Student A: Look at page 150. used to + verb 3 Hayek wasn't used to going against her parents' wishes .A . Then write the correct form by the rules: simple past.. or repealed actions in the Why is it important? Salma Hayek was horn...S. discuss these questions. De LANGUAGE NOTE + used to + noun/-ing verb can be used in the present or the past: 1 2 3 4 What is your favorite movie? Who starred in it? What was it about? How successful was the film commercially? She wasn 'f used to going against her pareIlt~· · wishes. simple past 5 Although Hayek was used to considerable success .

tell them anything extra at this stage. place. learners sometimes think thal lhey are expressing a post habit when they use a simple post form of a verb in English. Fameondfortune T1 6 Unil2 . be used to Have students foad the exam ples in Exercise 2a. In the form be used to + ing. the town you were born. usedis on adjective and 1 is a preposition. After students have discussed the questions in Exercise ld . 0 be used to doing a mini autobiography speaking from graphic information Write on the board a dole. and person/thing in his or her life. You may wish to check students understand them: kicked oul of school = expelled from school dropped oul of school = /eft school before completing studies gol a big break •• Vocabulary extension =hod a greal opportunity Ihe film bombed = the film was very unsuccessful. The form used to + infinitive talks about post slales and habits thaI are no longer Irue. and a pefSOfl/lhing thaI is important in your life.Objectives Grammar Topic: biographies of famous people Reading a biography Writing Speaking simple pasl. 2 Grammar review and extension: simple past. Make sure students only read the text and complete the graph that is on "their" page. and ask them 10 interview a partner.l6r lennis. ~ Quick grammar guide: used 10 Students often forget to use 10. Common problems and errors t . Introduce the topic 1 Reading skills Aflor students hAve discussed the questions in Exercise 1a briefly in pairs. Otld person/thing ore important to you. Then ask students 10 match the forms to the rules. tell each student clearly whether they are student A or student B. lor example.. Students think the form used /0 + infinitive can be used in a present form and confuse it with usually. They tJS98 . Tell the closs 10 osk you questions 10 find oul why the dole. I tJSe Ie :eJe)' baseball on Saturday. the dole you become a teacher. in pairs. a place. they tend to ovoid using these forms. but don'. without showing Mch other their graphs. Encourage students 10 share any information they know. used to. Before starling Exercise l b. Tell pairs to complete Exerciselc together. bull never ploy on Sunday. place. elici t feedback from the whole class. The texis on page 150 ond 151 contain a number of very colloquial expressions. and it means be occuslomed 1 The confusion arises from the 0 0. If there are no identical forms in the students' own language. similarity of the forms. Then have each student write down on important dole. used 1 do. Check with the class which form is being used in each exam ple. the name of your dog. Draw st udents' attention to the Language Nole and ask them to think of some examples of their own. If a post imperfect tense in the students' own language expresses the some meaning as used to. have a briof class discussion.

helping with ideas and vocabulary. Use Exercise zf as a lead-in to the text by asking the whole class the questions. 4 Writing skills Ask students to follow the steps in Exercise 4a to write a 50· word autobiography. and moni tor to make sure thoy are applying the rule correctly. ask stvdents to research and write the biography of their favorite movie or sports star. (Some phrases can only be used with simple past because they refer to one fi nished time in th e past. AcIdttIonaI octivity For homework. Unil2 T 17 Fame and fortvne . ask them to exchange the ir autobiography with a partner fo r Exercise 4b. rather than just taking turns to give informa tion. Then ask them to work individually. Then ask them to check with a partner before discussing tho answers with the whole dass. Before putting students in pairs fo r Exercise 3b.talkln Help students generate ideas by writing the following prompts on the board at the start of the activity: Bom etIterncIIWe 510rled school Moved house/ fawn Left school Mel Possed_ Woo__ When students are ready. Encourage students to do this during th e activity. on the board and briefly drawi ng your "li fe " a ll it (see pages 150-1 51 for examples). Prase . Discuss the qucslion in Exercise 2c with the whole class and ask them fo r the reason why this is so. Demonstrate how to interrupt with questions. Then have students draw their own timelines and label them with key events. tl 3 Speaking skills Model the activity in Exercise 3a by d rawing a graph. Have students complete Exercise 2g ind ividually. Finally. Tell the class about a ile or two good or bad things from your life.) Have students work in pai rs for Exercises 2d and 2e . model the speaking task by asking a capable student to talk about his or her life. Elicit additional questions from the class until you feel students understand their task. Answers will vary with students' background knowledge.Do the fi rst express ion in Exercise zb as an example to got students started. or limeli ne. ask students to share with the class the false info rmation in each au tobiography. Go around the class as they write.

-en~to the movies. He 11 played/competed in 1.. 2 Include one thing about yourself that is not true. using the graph to help you. phrases as possible. Follow these steps: 1 Make brief notes for your autobiography. and in Brazil he is a national hero. in Brazil. discuss these questions. he 5 shinedlused to shine other people's shoes. He 2 was born in Tres Coracoes. He 8 scored two goals in the 5-2 win over Sweden. Use the simple past. 6 Did you use to 4Il.Pew (popular name of Edson Arantes do Nascimento) Born 1940...... I visited my grandparents ___ _ _ __ e Choose the correct verb form in each sentence. used to. b Read your partner's autobiography..b We can use a number of time words with the 3 Speaking skills simple past. His family 3 were very poor and when he was a boy. soccer player Most people believe Pele 1 was the most successful player in the history of soccer. and with used to. we often € : D sed to to the theater. etc. -- . B Where did you live after that? A We moved to Quebec. He 9 won a second winner's medal in 1962 and a third in 1970. Which of the a Think about the ups and downs in your life. because I wasn't used to the cold or speaking French. 3 W en we lived in New York. Which ones? 1 When I was a child. In two sentences both forms are correct. It was difficult at first . Pele 6 made his intemational debut when he was 16.c . because I didn't use to I asn't used to hearing that dialect. when. of your ups and downs.he 4 pIayedlused to play barefoot! To make money. or be + used to. expressions can go with both? Make notes and draw a graph. 4 Give your autobiography to a partner. 2 Last night we used to go {. c Which go only with the simple past? d Complete the sentences with as many time A I used to live in Texas. as on pages 150 when I lived in Canada both last winter simple past and 151. 1 Do you know who this is? 2 What do you know about him? 4 Writing skills a You are going to write a mini-autobiography.281 goals.i often used to visit my grandparents. But his feet didn't hurt when he played . 4 I couldn't understand the S ish here at first. compete be (x2) be born make vote play (x2) score shine spend win . show each other your graphs. and at 17 he 7 played/competed for Brazil in the 1958 World Cup Final. Pele couldn't afford soccer shoes. In 1980 the sports wond 12 voted him "athlete of the century".d y09 my some beer this morning? f Look at the picture on the right. three days ago simple past on my last birthday simple past Student A: Talk about your life. Can you find the information that is not true? g Complete the text below with the verbs in the box. where. at Christmas time both when I was a child both Student B: Interrupt A to ask questions with did.. . In groups. at nine o'clock both this morning simple past why.363 first-class games (1955-1977) and scored 1. in 2002 simple past at midnight both b In pairs. Interrupt yesterday simple past last night simple past your partner to ask questions. 3 Write your autobiography in about 50 words. 5 My grandparents~used to JIEPin an apartment near the beaCh. ~ I was used to walk to school. He 10 spent most of his career at Santos (1956-74) and then with the New York Cosmos (1975-7).

said. . ecause you'll Ice to peopl ' meet them e on yOUr on the waydo.-. refusal to spend money ransom money money demanded by kidnappers to release their prisoner insta ~lm e nts.. In YOUr SIeep. installed a pay-telephone for guests in his English mansion. "I I' believe in the dignity of labor.. for his miserliness. "I haVt=-'" no problem with being wealthy." Wilson M' 'zner.. In fact. he was worth over a billion dollars. ...Having a fortune 1 Reading skills a WouJ d you like to be a millionaire? Why? I Why not? b Read the magazine article about th multi-milli?naire. ships) Fome ond fortune . Rockefeller. you don't have a billion dollars. .. n dream abOut shiPPin --Aristotle F rd founder of the Ford Motor Company.g. money to pay for the child's freedom. ..: rea~ GLOSSARY stingy doesn't like spending money miserliness being stingy.. whether with head or hand.. However. e renOwned U S way up b of hiS bOOks.. h nk Inane . ld hether at H enry 0 ." people needed. believed.money. ""The famous billionaire always said hi~ wealth was the result of hard work. 1 What does he say about being a billionaire? 2 In what ways was Getty "stingy"? A Stingy Billionaire '---' John Paul Getty (18921976). screenwriter.. th wrote in one '.ghry Anyone who keeps learrung stays young. an: answer these questions. one of the richest"'--" people in history. he agreed to lend his son th. "Be n' '. I produced think." n f Unil2 Onassis ch eighree 8 magnate ~ e Greek . au ShoUld' e said Y It' ev ."When Getty died.lOu h ·. J. Anyone who stOPS learOlng 1S 0. . part payments made regularly over a penod or lime John D. for tIll'S.. .. n hOur 'orked maintain h' s a day to s as a welde/ fortune. 1 Which one most refl ects the secret of Getty's success? 2 Which advice did Getty ignore? 3 In your opinion.. aVe to chi Or rhe "}j nJghr . I worked hard for my money. He top "'1' and ajTh Starred .... another tells of wher Italian terrorists kidnapped his grandsori-" and he refused to pay the ransom money! Eventualiy.. he was well known. Jr. c the advice below given by four mil lionaires and answer these questions. One • story has it that h \. ed fj day and . . twenty or el .. GLOSSARY magnate weallhy and powerful person welder person who makes metal jOints le." The greatest thing in life is to keep your nund young. . "If you can count your-. said." Gett) ' always counted his millions very carefully.. . ..w . the money had to be paid bac in installments. the only son of the world 's wealthiest businessman. which is the best advice? N~".. .. Paul Getty.

Introduce !he topic 1 Reading skills Discuss the question in Exercise la as a class.. Answers: 1 Onassis's advice reflects the secret of Getty's success. check they understand the questions and draw their attention 10 the Glossary. Money con't buy me love. Check answers to questions 1 and 2 and hold a class vote on question 3. Ask them to complete Exercise lc in pairs. F ame and fortune T 18 Unit 2 . under stingy or wealthy. as needed . he refused to pay the ransom for his grandson.Objectives Vocabulary Topic: money Reading a profile of a famous person Ustening interviews money: noun-verb collocations Write one or two of the following well-known sayings on the board: Money makes the world go oround. Ask students whether they agree with ony of the sayings. The love of money is the roof of off evil. you weren't a billionaire. Why? Why not? Ask students how imponont money is in their lives. 2 He installed a pay phone for guests. Encourage students to explain their answers . 2 Getty ignored Mizner's advice. Draw students' attenti on to Ihe quotes and the Glossary in the lower half of the page. In other words. Answers: 1 Gelly said if you could count your millions. Review the pronunciation and definition of the words. who had to pay it back. Then write the following words at random on the board: mean rich well-off miserly prosperous fight-fisted t . Write the following two words from the text at the top of the board: stingy and wealthy. instead he lent the ransom money to his son.hat it is impossible to count how much money they have. Before asking students to read the article in Exercise lb. ~ Vocabulary extension Ask students in pairs to put the synonyms in the corred categories. b illionaires are so rich t.

Draw students' attention to the Language Note at the bottom of the page. and only 16% of the winners took up an expensive new hobby like golf. and that you lend to and borrow from .or more in the lost five years? They wont to find out if the win changed these people's lives. Set a time limit for Exercise 2c (for example. Bob Two percent. We assume that those people were able 10 leave well. and they're very interesting. and the 4% who said that they were separated or divorced were probobly going to get divorced anyway' Now. Have students change partners before doing Exercises 2e and 2f. isn't it? And it even made some people less happy. and Ihars also very interesting. In our survey. yel only a tenth of those questioned switched to private doctors. and about three percent only decided to send their kids to private schools. Bob Yes. I con understand thot. and major choices are health ond education. "Whars the poinl of winning so much money if it doesn·t change your life?"" Unit2 T 19 Fame and fortune . how has winning a fortune affected the lives of those tucky people? Janet Good morning. you know the old saying thaI money can'l buy love? Well. irs very encouraging. Well. You might ask. Janet.. enjoying themselves. Check pronunciation of waste and receipt. we asked about leisure time. My salory is the amount of money I earn in my job. We look atlhe results in different categories. o o - 7'~--------------------------------------------Bob Now.2 Vocabulary: money After students have done Exercise 2a in pairs. Janet Yes. or soiling.thars nearly two million dollars . did you know that The Notional Lolferyin the United Kingdom has sent out questionnaires to all the people who have won a million pounds . even though they hod become rich. and stress of investment and salary. Have studen ts attempt Exercise 3c before you play the audio again for them to complete it. Bob So 15% of people actually went out and found a new job al1hough they didn't need lo? Janet Thars right. Bob I suppose it"s a perfect opportunity for people to improve their children's education? Janet Indeed. only 17% of respondents didn't! Bob Mmm. the results do seem to prove that. check pronunciation of cam and lose and that students can use the words correctly.paid jobs and move inlo something less welt paid but that they really wanted to do. as you know. Bob It mode no difference to 42% of people .thars amazing! Janet It is. make sure they understand tha t win has a different meaning to earn. Almost half the winners. just over half of all the people. we've just had the results from Ihe lolest survey. In the sludio this morning is Janet King. we did. ask whether they were "typical" of lottery millionaires in each category. rum money from your job. So that's quite surprising. ti Presentation alternative 3 Li stening skills Read the situation in Exercise 3a as a class. Bob Happiness . you said. thars 48%. and the firsl is happiness. we also asked about work. Bul you'd think lt1at people would wont to spend lime doing other things. Then ask students to use their imagination to complete the Me column in the chart. really. that makes sense. winning a lot of money mode no difference to peaple's love lives: 95% of married couples stayed married' Bob 95%' Thars a huge percentage. etc. Janet Well. whose market research company conducted the most r8(ent survey. Half of those people who changed jobs started their own business. yes. Have the whole class check in Exercise 2d. flying. said the win hod made them happier and just two per cent said it mode them less happy. \n locI. Did you ask them aboullove? Janet love. investing. five min utes). Yes. 55%. the picture appears to be that a 101 of people lend not 10 change their lives very much after a huge win. In Exercise 2b. pay for something when you hand over money for it. So. Only 15% of the winners quit their job for a new one . And that isn'l always the case.. and see which pair can produce the greatest number of combinations. Set the scene by asking students a few questions: How would you (eactto winning a million dollars in the fot/ery? What would you spend the money on? How do you think it would change your life? After students have listened to the audio in Exercise 3b and completed the SUIveycolumn. and a massive 42% felt it had mode no difference. kept the some job. make money from working. Actually. Bob Mmm. Hoving money means you can offord to make choices. So. Surprisingly. Welt. Janet The other interesting point is that the majority of the people who answered Ihe questionnaire gave money to members of their family. though they hod no need 10 work anymore. Bob.so to find out if money makes people happier? Janet Exactly.

1 How much does a doctor earn in your country'? Z Do you ever waste money buying things you don't need ? 3 When was the last time you lent money to a frie nd'! 4 What do you spend most of your money on'? 5 Have you over won any money in a competition? 6 Do you pre fer to -P. It made no difference to my happiness. e Complete tho sentences with an appropriate verb from the box. It made me unhappy. discuss these questions. 5 6 7 8 I took up an expensive new hobby. have cash credit card 7 give someone money temporarily. they will pay it back lend 8 what you got as proof of buying something receipt 9 what yO ll recoive overy month for working sa lary 10 use money to buy things spend b Check that you understand the other nouns and verbs in the box obove. moved to a new neighborhood. 55% 2% 42% 4% 48% 15% 16% d Check your answers with the Vocabulary Summary on page 24. . Comp lete the missing percentages in tho las! column o f the table..J. 3 Listening skills a How would you react to winning the lottery? Read the situation below and complete the task. Think about wha t your answers would be and complete the "Me" column with "yes" or "no.i!X. 1 Me The win made me happier. I did not quit worn. I gave money to my family. You just received the questionnaire on tho right that the lottery has sent to all its winners in the past five yoars. which'! 2 Why do you think winning a lot of money made some people unhappy? 3 What resu lts would the same survey produce in your country? lend sometbing to someone You borrow some/lrills /rom someone Fame ond fortune Unit 2 . to -rnak an. 50"".ne5S 2 love 3 work 4 leisure 5 hcallh 6 educatjon LANGUAGE NOTE YOll d In pairs." ~ c The represontative of the company discusses six categories. t switched to private medical care.. I got a new job.2 Vocabul ary: money a Find a word from the box for each of the descriptions below. c Make as many verb-nou n combinations as you can wit h the words in the box above. 0 b Listen to an interv iew. Since then you have gotten murried . 10% 3% 83% r Ask and answer the questions fro m Exercise 2e with a part ner. Listen agai n and write them. Verbs make cam spend save lend borrow waste win lose pay investment credit card salary receipt money cash Nouns 1 money in tho form of bills and coins cash 2 something you buy in order to make more money later on investment 3 get some money from a person or an institution. you won a million dollars in tho loltery. 1 Do any of the results surprise you? If so.. and had throe children. to be paid back laler borrow 4 got money or a pr i z~ in a competition or louory will 5 usc monoy or lime in an inefficient way waslo 6 you can pay with this if YOLI don'. 1 fli1l?A. 9 We sent the children to a private school.. There arc six extra words. tn. Imagine thi s situation: five years ago.~!e.by cash or credit card? 2 3 4 My partner and I got divorced. Thon tell the class your ideas.

Isabe l Allende had to leave her country .it was 1101 a personal choice o lorda n A link known fuel: when he was in high school. fD Mar adona He became Argentina's youngest ever international soccer player in 1977. 2 I wish I hadn't gone back after I retired 3 I was very sorry to have to leave my co~ntry. House of the Spirits. e Allende Born in Chile. He was captain of the Argentinian tcam when they won their second Wo rld Cup in 1986. She went toVenezuela with her husband and children. c Rea~ lhe extracts ogain.Regrets 1 Readi ng skills a Discuss these questions. has also been made into a film. 1 Can YOll identify the people ill the pictures? 2 What do you know about them? b Read the extracts quickly. Her most famou s. Match each one with one of the people in the pictures. She was unable to find work in her chosen career as a jou rnalist. Uni!2 Fame and fortune . but he went on to become the greatest basketball plllyer of all time. but it was there that her career .. she had to leave the country of her birth after the military coup of 1973. Since then. his career ended only a few years later. she has become the bestknown South American author. Discuss thorn with a parlner.'St.. Sadly. He retired twice. after accusations of drug abuse.. Maybe he wasn 't good enough for the school tcam. if appropriate. 1 It was really stupid to got into that sluff. b ut when he came back the second time to play fo r the WashinglOll Wizards. o nly to come back to the sport.. and in 1982 h e became the world's most expensive soccer player when h e transferred to Barcelon a. d Which of tho people might have theso regrets? Which ono was 1I0t a persolla] choice? '.. he was clearly past his m. with several novels to her name. of each of those people. he failed to get OnlO the school basketball team.. Make a note of the nchlCvcments and failures. as an author took off.

George Mm. 1 \~ For Exercise 4 on page 21:"!11 Reolly? You're kidding! Oh. . 8 For Exerc ise 3 on page 21:"!11 Bill Mmm.. you know. Bill Yeoh. and now he's .. students should quickly road the extracts and match them to the pictures . mine's not 100 good. _you won't believe this . p ast his best wh en he came back tbe second time 2 A chievements: successful author Failures: had to leave Chile: couldn ' t find work as a journalist 3 Achievements: Argentina's yowlgest ever soccer player. Encourage them to foc us on completing the task. well. he's gal a chain of. A n swers: 1 Achiev ements: greatest basketball player of al! time Failures: failed to get onto school basketball tearn. Joe owns this place and all the other Lucky Joe reslauranls. right.. Joe and I used to work in the same factory after we left school. yeah and then he went on to open a second hamburger ioint and Ihen a third . yeah!? Bill Yeah . A hundred? Uh huh Yeah. Fame and fortune T 20 Unit 2 . and he'd saved enough money George Uh huh? Bill Enough money to open a little hamburger place and . George Yeah.. they must be making a 101 of money. right . I wish I'd ordered a cheeseburger. be his partner. I've regret1ed it a thousand times.. ah. George It's nat as big as some fast food chains. George Oh. George Really? Bill Really_We used to go to the same school George You're kidding! You used to go to the same school I? Bill Yeah. most expensive soccer player. Bill . you know. but don'. about a hundred outlets all over the world! George A hundred? Bill Yep. Answers: Extract 1: Michael Jordan Extract 2: Isabel Allende Extract 3: Diego Maradona The other picture on page 20 is of Gabriel Garda Marquez In Exercise lc students should rea d the texts carefully for detaiL Ask students to make brief notes individually and then discuss their n otes in pairs . If only I'd said yes . You know irs always busy here. but old Joe's doing okay. George What? Bill Well. Incredible! No! George Yeah. and not to waste time trying to understand the passages in depth...Objectives Grammar Topic: regrets Vocabulary regrets: I wish / If school a nd careers: only collocations Pronunciation Reading intonation short biography expressing interest extracts and surprise Ustening Speaking discussing personal regrets a conversation 1 Reading skills Discuss the questions in Exercise 1a as a class. George Joe? Bin Joe Espinosa.. he asked me to join him. We were buddies. Encourage lots of speculation. give away any answers yet In Exercise l b. George No! And you turned him down? Bill Well. This is delicious. Usten . amazing. captain of Argentina when they won the World Cup in 1986 Failures: drug abuse D iscuss Exercise ld with the whole class. Bill Tao lole 10 change it now. a hundred! George Incredible! Bill Y eah. Bill Oh. yeoh.

4 Pronunciation skills: expressing interest and surprise Quick pronunciation guide English has a very wide range of intonation. Elicit wish sentences in response to question 4. Compare answers to Exercise 4a around the class. If only I lived in the city. Students often try to convey the subjunctive with would + verb. However. 5 Vocabulary: school and careers Model the activity for Exercise 5c by asking three or four questions in open class. Allow enough preparation time (for example.t ·· ~ 2 Grammar: regrets Use the picture and the questions in Exercise Za to establish the context: the man wants his situation to be different now. Allow students to choose the story to expan d in Exercise 4c. ask them to check in pairs. Quk\( grammar guide: I wish I wish/If only + simple past is used to talk about wonting things to be different about the present. then up. Itfonly I wish/If only + post perfect is used to express regrets about the past. make a gesture that moves steeply down. the fall and rise are much steeper when expressing surprise than when expressing interest. any changes to some because the sentence changes from negative to positive. five to ten minutes) for them to feel confident when retelling. to encourage students to express surprise through intonation. Encourage students to use the intonation patterns when responding. Then d iscuss the answers as a class. Ask students to read the regrets aloud to their group or to the class. In Exercise 4b. Then elicit from students what they think the man might be saying: I wish [were younger / more handsome. I would like !/:Je!. so students need to exaggerate the way they express interest and surprise in order to sound "natural: The intonation pattern for both interest and surprise can be represented by a falling arrow then a rising arrow. English has no well-developed subjunctive form. If only I hadn't given up my job in the city. 6 Speaking skills Elicit one or two "regrets" from the class. Note that in 2. Play the audio only once and compare answers with the whole class. Answers: 2 I wish / 3 I wish / 4 I wish I 5 I wish I 6 I wish I If only I had some friends here. Have them write notes but not whole sentences. Then allow students two minutes to tbink of ideas for the topics. After students have listened again in Exercise 3b. Ask for volunteers to report back to the class. The oudioscripts tor Track 8 and Track 9 ore on page T20 '" Unit2 T 21 Fame and fortune . pause after each word and ask the whole class to repeat. ask students to concentrate on answering the questions. t 3 Listening skills Before playing the audio for Exercise 3a. Common probktms and errors Students try to express regrets about the present with a present form. If only I had listened to my parents. Presentation alternative Ask students to imagine thai they ore 0 famous person. which is usually not acceptable. I wish I eFR taller. Have them write down three regrets lhatthey think that person might have. Ask students to work in pairs to complete Exercise zb and to complete the rules in Exercise 2e.' ''''e!:J/c/ have more money. Using your hand. Draw students' attention to the Language Note. Unlike mony other longuoges. Have the other students guess which famous person they are. Then ask one or two indiv iduals to repeat. Let students check their sentences in Exercise 2d in pairs before discussing the answers as a class. If only I made enough money here. I wish I wel:JkJ !ilre in a quieter area. This can lead to errors. Concentrate on intonation. Another problem is that the students' language may have no specific verb equivalent to wish but moy use a subjunctive form equivalenlto want / would like.

she. b Check your answers with the Vocabulary Summary on page 24. fami ly.. school. Uh. 4 You saw something very strange in the sky when you closed your curtains last night. Incredihle! III III III lID You're kidding! A hundred!? Yeah. + the Ilast perfect tense. past 3 If only I hadn't lost my beautiful hair. we can use either was or were after [. usc expressions from Exercise 4a to show interest and surprise. 2 You were invited to the Oscars and you met some famous movie stars. II wish I were rich. When you listen to your partner's story. right . c Choose one of the "stories" below and make notes on it. A Did YOll leave school when you were 16? 8 No. Use th ese to pics : fr iends. college. 3 II was stupid to give up my job in the city. company 8 accept / turn down job offer. Then tell your partner. We can express regrets about the past with I wish and If . though some people think it is old-fashioned. mOlley 1 LANGUAGE NOTE When we use the simple past of be after I wish or If only. We can express regrets about the present with I IDm and If only + the simple ~ tense. 5 Vocabulary : school and careers a Which of lhe nouns in the box can you put with each verb group'! college company factory job orrer money partner school store team leave / drop oul of I quit college. Use the sentences in Exercise 2b to help you. jobs. ~ b Listen agai n and answer these questions. b The man expresses his regrets in different ways.!!D. d Make wishes about Ihese sentences. 3 When you were young. No! lID lID III lID ~ b Listen again and repeat the phrases. Which ones express interest? Which express surprise? Write I or S in the boxes. slore. factory 6 work for company 7 work atlill factory. 1 Is the man attractive now? No. IlVish I hadn't moved to this toWll. Really? Oh. money. I wish + were is always correct. Answer these questions. your parents won the lottery.ly. learn 2 graduate from college. yeah. 5 I prefer living in the cily. They were right. present c Complete the rules.. [wish I had kept in touch with h er.o 4 Pronunciation skill s: expressing interest and surprise a Listen to these phrases from the conversation. school. past 4 I wish I weren'l totally bald.. I graduated from high school when I was 18. 1 Who did Bill use to go to school with? Joe 2 Where did Bill and joe use to work? the same factory 3 What did joe do after he left the factory? opened a hamburger place 4 What does Bill wish? he had said yes when joe asked hjm to be his partner F ame and fortune Uni! 2 . talking 3 What is their relationship'! friends 6 Speaking skills In pairs. 3 How does he feel about the situation'? Unhappy. 6 I didn't listen to my parents. o 3 Listening skills a Listen 10 the conversation. 1 I moved to this lawn a year ago and [don't like it. talk about th ings you either regret in your life now or regret about your past. school 3 become partner 4 found/start company 5 open slore. 2 Grammar: regrets a Look althe picture above. 2 Was he attractive fifty years ago? Yes. present 2 r wish I hadn't lost my good looks. 1 Stories YOIl saw a very strange animal when you were out for a walk in the woods yesterday. huh. school. It is more formal. 4 Can he change the situation? No. c Which of these have you done in your life so far? Ask and answer in pairs. 1 Where are the speakers? fast food restaurant 2 What are they doing? eating. he.. I really miss my best friend from high school. and there: 1 wish 1 was rich. Which statements are regrets about or desires for Ihe present? Which are regrets about the past? 1 If only I looked better. exams. Answer the questions. 4 [don't make enough money here. it. 2 [don't have any friends here.

Use the Useful Language phrases. do we all 5 Feedback Well. What were yo ur besliworst categories? Do yo u need to improve your knowledge in any of them? If you had problems with A or B. ask yOUl" teacher to read a few questions agai n. b In groups of six or eight. discuss the answers to the two questions below. but first. ? It 's . 4 Tas k a Road the aim and ru les of the quiz.000. Isn't it . how did you do? Did any group win the million? Take a look at yo ur scores. or other phrases that you know for discussing choices. Do thoy use similar language to you? Which phrases do thoy use to discuss and decide on an answer? Look at the audioscript on page 148 and underline all the expressions that will be useful in taking the quiz.. write two bonus questions for each category. What is wrong in each of th ese statements? 1 You can win less than $1 . 2 Prepare You are going to take a quiz in teams.. When do we ll""lly lise this question word? 7 Foll o w up a In pairs. can~an 't 2 You choose your joker after you have heard tho quostions.. look back over the last two units and review the vocabulary and grammar! 6 Noti ce Did you notice the question word thaI most questions began with? If not. practice some of the language yo u'll need . Which orlhase does llQ1 go with the word white? til meat hI broad c) tea ell egg What is the namo of the sea thaI separates the European and Asian parts of Turkey? a) the Black Sea bl the Sea of Marmara c) the Meditorranean Soa dl the Caspian Sea 3 Compare USEFUl. Include the answers.000. Who wins tho most bonus money? Unil2 Fome ond fortune . These bonus questions are worth $50. One student-7The whol ~ t~ a m 11 Now lake the quiz! Your teacher will read the questions out fo r you. LANGUAGE J have n o idea. afi er-7befo r-e 3 One student decides on lhe answer for the group. ask your questions. In groups of four or five.Lesson4 So you want to win a million? 1 Warm up Do you watch quizzes on TV? Do you enjoy them? Why? I Why not? What's your favorite TV (or radiol quiz? Why do you like it? . " ~ Listen to some people discussing these questions. So.000 each.

Encourage lots of talking.. d . that's right. 5 Feedback Ask students to discuss the questions in their groups. ! wentta the Black Sea when I visited Bulgaria a couple of years ago. Allow students two or three minutes to practice. read the questions (on page T23). I think.and quietly so that other groups can't hear. do we all agree thaI frs the Sea of Marmora? All Yes. with a couple of min utes al the end of each category for them to decide on answers that they are unsure of. 2 Prepare Divide students into groups and ask them to read the instructions. I have no idea.. c . Then ask students to find and underline useful phrases in the audioscript on page 148 of the Student's Book. nat white tea. Laura.. When students are ready. c -tea.Objectives Grammar Topic: taking a quiz Reading instrudions Writing w riting questions for a quiz Ustening simple present. b . At the end of each category... using the phrases in the Useful Language box.... Answer: Most questions began with which.egg. C Isn1 it meat? o No..o and informally check some of the vocabulary and grammar practiced in the book so far. b -!he Sea of Marmara. 0 So .. this question. A So. Hisn'lthe Mediterranean. Then have students share their answers as a class. Chicken is white meat.meat.. read the answers aloud and ask the groups to add up their scores. or d -the Caspian Sea? C Oh. laura? A Yes.. That way each student in each group has two question s to ask. Fame and fortune T 22 Unit 2 . build up a list of these phrases on the board. right? o Yes. 6 Notice Ask students to discuss the questions in their groups. we definitely use white with egg . 3 Compare Play the audio for Exercise 3 once and discuss the questions as a class . Which of these does nol go with the word "white"? a .. divide the class into groups of six or eight. I think you're wrong.the Mediterranean Sea. thars difficuk.. A Irs c. C Oh. ~rs put that . 0 Welt lers Iry to work it out. but we Wi tea with milk. so irs c. With students. I don't think so.bread. We usually use this question word when deciding between alternatives. \10'' __. present progressive a quiz The aim of the quiz is to reviev.. Remind them 10 double the score for the category for which they played their joker. I think you're right. splitting the original pairs that prepared questions together. Allow only about 30 seconds for students to discuss their answers 10 each question. So maybe frs the Block Sea? C No. simple past. Whafs the nex! question? A What is !he name of the sea that separates the European and Asian parts of Turkey? Is it a . You may wanl to give your students a little advance notice 10 review their lessons before doing the quiz! 1 Warm up Set the scene and generate interest by asking the whole class these questions. thars right. you're right. ~ 4 Task Ask studen ts to check their answers to the questions in Exercise 4a in pairs before discussing them as a class. Insist that they speak in English . And the Cospian Sea is in Russia.. B No. right? We can have black tea. Briefly model the activity by pretending to speculate about the answer to the first question. tea.Ihe Bled:: Sea.. 7 Follow up When students are ready.. B Well. What do you think.

c) East Pakistan.. 3 Where did the actor Russell Crowe grow up? a) New Zea land. cl Minsk. c) Johnny Depp. a Unit 2 T 23 Fameond fortu ne . b) three years. bl am having. more money. al we used to be cold. dl join Answers: a. a) have. c) the Romans. d) Marlon Brando 2 The presidential elections in the U. You say: al You 're always borrowing my phone. cl was more friends.. c. c) 1 thought. c) Sbe has dark eyes. bl the USA cl the U. Its capital is . c) Chile. d) Ceyloll 3 When did the U. dl I think. a. a Section D 1 Which of these colors is not in the flag of the U. d) white 2 Which oftbese can you not do with money? a) earn it.. 4 Which of these di d the French philosopher Descartes say? al I think. bl am more careful. cl four years. cl we were used to being cold. b) Rhodesia. K.. dl will have 2 Someone who was lonely when they were in school might say I wish I . d) Kiev. c. therefore 1 am . a. c) She was used to having blond hair. b. al year. d) the Aztecs 5 Latvia used to be part of the Soviet Union. b) ros~.. therefore 1 0m. b) Sbe bas black eyes. c. II. d Section B 1 Which is correct? If only 1 . 6 Which sentence is not correct? a) She used to have blond hair. b) Tom Hanks. bl You always borrow my phone. 4 Your friend asks to borrow your cell phone for the fifth time today. d) fivo years. c) make it. c) had had m ore careful. 5 After an accident someone might say If oilly 1 . d) do it J Which of these is incorrect? a) She has brown eyes. d) conservative. d) you work for it. c Section C 1 Who starred in the movie The Godfather Part 1'1 al Tom Cru ise. b. b) stop. b) white. d) July 6 1789 4 Which of these people used coins first? al the Lydians. 6 Which ofthese is not a synonym o f quill a) drop out. d.. c) Bolivia. d) She has gray eyes.. bl had had more friends. therefore 1 \Vas. d) blue 2 What did Sri Lanka use to be called? al Burma.S. dl will have lIlore friends..S. dl Labor 6 Where was Che Guevara born? al Argentina..S. 4 If you found a company. c) July 4 1776.Quiz questions and answers Section A 1 Which of these does not describe wine? al pink.. c} leave. b) She hod blond hair. b) spend it. d. d. c) green. 5 Margaret Thatcher was the leader of which Bri tish political party? a) Republican. d) Cuba Answers: d . d. d. h) I'm thinking. c) r a t! do borrow my phone. b) the Greeks. . b) Venezuela. h) Moscow. c) pure. dl She was blond. al have more friends. become independent? a) July 4 1789. d) had been more careful. a.. dl Bolivia Answers: c.? a) red. h) respectable. hI Japan . cl hod. bl Social Democrat. Answers: c. al Riga. take place every . dl You lIever borrow my phone. c. a) realist ic. h.. c ) you discover it.. 5 Someone who keeps to the moral and legal standards of society is . 6 Which country's flag does not have red in it? a) Guatemala. d) Australia . a) had m ore careful. c) Conservative. c) red. bl we are cold. therefore 1 be. 3 Com plete the sentence: We didn't find it difficu lt to move to the moun/a ins because . bl July 5 1 776. a) you start it bl you close it. dlwe wore cold.

b} I'm thinking. d) five years.000.000. Vi choose ONE of the categories (English vocabulary.000) a) you start it b) you close it 'c) you discover it d) you work for it 5 ($5S.K . c) She has dark eyes "' ($40.000) a) pink b) rose c) red d) white 2 ($30. b) three years . 1776 c) July 4 th . Section D score = (out of $250. b) She has black eyes. Look at the categories and choose your joker. If you get all the Jestion ~ yOU will win $1. therefore I am .000) Section B score = _ _ _ (out of $250. you lose everything! 4 5 6 Divide into teams of four or five. Please note: the only prize is $1 . b) She had blond hair..000. English 91'8 r.OOO) a} earn it b) spend C Politics and culture it c) make it d) do it d) She has gray eyes. c) four years . S40.000) a) You're always borrowing my phone.this means that you can double the money you w in fo r that ~e category.($55. 1789 4 ($40.000) 1 ($30.000) Fame and fortune .000) a) we used to be cold b) we are cold c) we were used to being cold d) we were cold 4 ($40.000) a) had more careful b) am more careful c) had had more careful d) had been more careful ($55. we've made it a bit 'aSler. Circle the answer.000. c} She was used to having blond hair.000) a) realistic b) respectable c) pure d) conservative a) drop out b) stop c) leave d) join '.000) a) year.($30 . ~ng to the Ie~ of diffi ~ulty. therefore I am. d) I think.OOO.000) 6 "-- ""ection A score = q English grammar (out of $250. you will hear the answers.000) a) Argentina b} Venezuela c) Bolivia d) Cuba Section C score =___ (out of $250.000) a) She used to have blond hair. At the end of each category. at figure . 3 ($40..000) a) Tom Cruise b) Tom Hanks c) Johnny Oepp d) Marlon Branda 2 ($30. add up your total score to find if you have won a million! A English vocabulary "-.000. But you must choose your category before you start t~:~~uiz.000) a) Burma b) Rhodesia c) East Pakistan d) Ceylon 3 ($40.000) a) Guatemala b) Japan c) Chile d) Bolivia 3 ($40. 5 ($55.000) a) have b) am having c) had d) will have 2 ($30. You will hear each question twice. c) You do borrow my phone. d) You never borrow my phone. therefore I was. At the end of the quiz. '-.000) a) New Zealand b) the USA c) the U.000) a) red b) white c) green d) blue 2 ($30. Geography and history) as your 'oker'" . or $55.000) "--1 ($30.000) a} She has brown eyes.000) a) I think.000) a) have more friends b) had had more friends c) was more friends d) will have more friends ~ D Geography and history 1 ($30. Check your answers and add up your score (honestly!).000) a) Riga b) Moscow c) Minsk d) Kiev 6 ($55.000) a) the Lydians b} the Greeks c} the Romans d) the Aztecs 5 ($55.~(:) ~(:) (j WAJff T(:) WIN r ~ ~ I 11 C9 im Rules . ($55. 1776 d) July 6th . c} I thought.000) a) July 4· .($40. Then you must agree on an answer in your team. d) She was blond.0001 But . If you don't reach '.000) a) Republican b) Social Democrat c) Conservative d) Labor 6 ($55. therefore I be. Politics and cutture. 2 3 ( '1e aim of the quiz 15 to answer enough questions correctly to w in a f1i11lon dollarsl Each question has a prize of $30. '789 b) July 5'". b) You always borrow my phone. d) Australia 4 ($40.

We Irve in a smaI apartment./ Fo./ + past perfect: If only I hadn't eaten so much." Regret about something in the present: If only / I wish + simple past: If only I knew the answer. If only / I wish I used to watch 7V aN day yesterday. -+ I wish we didn't live in a small apartment.. = past habit. I wish I had (have) mora time! I'm so busy! 2 If only I hadn't argued (not argue) with my last boyfriendlgirtfriend. actions. children. 00 you have these regrets. We use be + used to to say that we are or were accustomed to something. ~ I wish I had a job. I used to smoke.ng verb + complement or noun goi1g to bed early." Subject + be used to used to -. Question: Did you use to walk home. We didn't have a vacation last year. We use used to + verb to tal<. If 0f'IIy / I wish + past perfect for things we regret about the past: I left school at 16. to01 Negative: We didn 't We used to walk to school.. If 0f'IIy / I wish + simple past for things that U. use to take the bus. -+ . 1 Have you ever made a goodIbad investment? 2 When did you last spend a 101 of money? \>\'hat did you buy? 3 INhen did you last borrow money from a friend ( the bar*? 4 Have you ever won any money? How much? 5 How do you usually pay the check in a restaurant? I'm John wasn't Peler isn't We were 2 School and careers Choose the correct completion. 2 We become a partner founctlstatt a company open a factory ( a store work for a company 4 I was used t used to the heat when I lived in Texas. wish we had had a vacation last year. 4 If onty' I hadn't spent (not spend) SO much money last week! 5 I wish I could 2 be + used to + noun/-ing verb u. Of situations in the past that are not true or do nol happen now.. loo? Note the spelMng in the negative and question forms: use 10 3 I wish I h a d paid (pay) more attentiorl when I was at school.. but he quit. 1 I used to \eave ( drop out of ( quit college ( school / a team graduate from college/school / ent shopping last Saturday. 3 My dad sed to smoke was used to smokJng. X We visited the Museum of Modem Art once when we were in New YQrl(. use used to for a single action in the past or for the recent past: Fo. work aUin a college ( a company ( a factory ( a school ( a store accept ( turn down a job offer / money Unil2 Fame ond fortune . = something that I was accustomed to.LANGUAGE RESOURCE Grammar Summary 1 used to + verb 3 Regret s (I wish I lf only) u. it wasn't a problem. Vocabulary Summary 1 M o n ey Common verb-noun combinations concerning make I travel a lOt for my work so I'm used to spending time on planes. But note that we don'. COld weather." Affirmative: Complete these common regrets with the simple past or the past perfect of the verbs in parentheses. .. Regret about something in the past: We used to visit the Museum of Modem Art once when we were in New York. We form short answers with did: Did you use to see her evety day? Yes. Habits we regret or desilJ about the present: I don't have a job.. then discuss them with your partner. . -+ 1 wish I hadn't left school at 16. - Fo. ! No. Be careful not to confuse the past form of this w ith used to + verb: I used to get up early when I was at school. I wish you had come to the party. / We lived by the ocean. money: money ( an investment earn money ( a (goodIbad) salary spend ( save money lend money (to someone) ( borrow money (from someone) waste money I win money ( lose money pay cash I by credit card ( the check I the fare ( for a ticket Answer these questions. I wish I had more money. We can often use the simple past in place of used to: We used to live by the ocean. I didn't. working hard. Actions Situations We used to live by the ocean. about habits. )( I watched 7V aD day yesterday. I did. (can) change my appearance. fact I was used to getting up early when I was at school. en'l used / / didn't use /0 getting up earty. The children used to go swimming fM3rY day.

and met a really nice guy here too! :-} e 7 give a reason for closing the e-mail g 8 say heHo b 9 ask for inforrnaHon from the reader d c Would the order of ideas be the same in your language? Discuss in pairs. or sometimes no greeting. Note: You will need to discuss what you have found with a classmate at the end of Unit 3.- _nl. compare your e-mails. Finally. 1 Is this a formal or informal e-mail? How do o -' L. These people are called "key pals". Words are sometimes abbreviated or emoticons (symbols) are used. find out about different cultures and practice your English at the same time! Find out about how to make key pals by usjng a search engine and entering the words key pais + EFL. Vllhat do you think would be difficult about writing them in English? ~<J REVIEW Review your actio n plan from Unit 1: using your dictionary In pairs.J. ~ luerenl surnames so /p. :.. E-mails often don't use complete sentences.J > L. d. I wasn't used to the culture or speaking German all day . Be sure to reply to all the infonnation and questions she asks. I Hi Annie. ~ .. informal greeting. Oh. ~ has I b Compare your ideas with the advice on the right about writing informal e-mails. An.. Friends: first names.oba bly not related.rom' ~ TO: ~~ b C you know? Informal : colloquial language (Hi I a big hug / etc.. Does it tell you anything you didn't mention? A big hug.) 2 What is the relationship between the w rrter and the reader'? Find informaHon in the a-mail to justify your answer. . Lots of work to do so gotta go. 1 subject of the e-mail a 2 close the e·mail and say goodbye i 3 give information about the writer e Thanks for your e-mail. use an English spell checker if you can! PLAN I> Your action plan: making key pals It is possib~ to make friends on the Internet by sending e-mails to one Of two people on a regular basis. r Anyway. . Wi ll you guys be there? Can I come to stay with you for a couple of days? Would be great to see you again . Match these descriptions with the letters in the text.. d In pairs. okay? Take care and say hi to Paul. Some great people in my office and I've made a couple of good friends through the gym where I work out. e-mails in a business environment may be much more formaL And you still need to read over your e-mail before you send it. wasn't). first names. There's usually a short. d So when will you fin ish? And how about Pau l? Is he still working at that department store? 4 dlange the subject to another topic f 5 ask the reader to respond J do something h 6 thank the reader c life in Germany is a lot of fun now but things weren't so easy at first.J o Cl. talk about your action plan from page :: ~ Di: t: 15 and say what you have done about it. Can you help improve you r partner's message? Informal e-mails are very different in structure from more formal letters. Terry c Put your knowledge of writing infonnal e-mails to the test. Glad to hear your degree is gOing well.) . Even though an e-mail is often a more informal way of communication than writing a letter... abbreviations (Glad to . but that slowly got better. g 3 Replying to an e-mail a How is writing an e-mail different from writing a standard letter? Make notes. slill imp ly th a l lhey h. Really good to hear from you again. I'm thinking of coming to the States this summer . Be careful to avoid misunderstandings by using enough words to make your meaning clear.. By using the Internet you can make friends from allover the world. :::J 2 Organizing an e-mail a Read the e-mail and answer the questions.aven't seen each other for a while a sutpl Wx £u1 a Ie&.z - C!) Informal e-mails 1 Using e-mail Have you ever had to read or send e-mails in English? Tell your partner about it.exhausting. If you've never sent any e-mailsin English. ogain/ .San Francisco first week in August. Fame and fortune Un1l2 . Imagine you are Annie or Paul and write a reply to the e-mail from Terry above.J. Remember to match your style to [he writer's style. h Write back and let me know about the summer. b Ideas in e-mails are usually organized in some order.

such as streaming video. they still don't know where their child ren are. The first commercial ceHphone system was developed by the Japanese in 1979. (Be careful : there is one heading too many.) c Complete tho table with ideas fro m the article.1 Reading skills a Look althe pictures of phones. except for those times when the kids call because they want a ride home from a late night party! 4 Problems with celillhones This does not mean that cellphones are all good news. The early cellphones were big and heavy but they have developed into small and light palm-sized models. they also mean you can escape the workplace physically. Answer the (!uestions. instant access to the Internet and receiving and send in g photos. and have you ever seen such huge phone bills? More serious. cel/phones have been around for over a quarter of a century. answering services and hands-free use for years. but not mentally: with the help of call forwarding the employee is always at the end of the "phone line". social contact and for business . In the United States. why do yo u need it? If you do n 't have a cell phone. They have brought with them a number of new headaches for t heir owners: it costs a lot to replace stolen phones. 2 Cell phones in everyday life Cellphones have become ve ry co mmon in ou r lives: recent statistics suggest as many as one in three people on the planet now have a cellphone. someth in g that is becoming a freq uent occu rrence. There have been huge developments in their functions. call forwarding. 1 If yo u have a cell phon e. However. They have made it possible to keep in touch with people "on the move" . 1 How did the invention of the telephone change our lives? 2 How have cell phones changed O Uf lives? Muke a list of their ad vantages and di sadvantages. is the potential health problem they bring: there are fears that radiation from t he phones may cause brain tumors. They are used in every area of ou r lives and have become a necessary tool. but now the re are countless new facilities. Add /l il y other ideas you had in Exercise l a. Th ey have made it easier to call for help on the highway or warn a colleague that you'll be late. Of course. discuss these questions. 3 Cell phoncs and the family Cellphones have made communication easier and have reduced the need for family arguments! We can use cellphones to let our family know we'll be late or if there's a sudden change of plan or an emergency. w ould you like to have one? Why? I Why not? 2 Can you imagine li fe wit hout cell phones? How wo uld it bo d ifferen t? cellphones the facts 1 The histo ry of the cellphonc Believe it or not. however. They have made everyday life easier but noisier. but cel/phones have changed a lot since thot time. used for essential arrangements.when you're traveling. too: we have had caller ID. Th is may be a time bomb waiting to happen to you nger people who have grown up with cellphones that they simply can't live without! GLOSSARY palm the ins ide of the hand a lime bomb something lhat is likely to have a sudden and bad effect in the future ___ Unit3 RU connected? . h Read th is Internet articl e on cell phones. and most of them say they couldn't live without one. Ameritech set up the first system in 1983. text messaging. Advantages 1 in everyday lifo 2 in the work place 3 for the family 4 other Disadvantages _ they are noisy can call for help on the highway - Cell phones and the family Probloms with cell ph ones Co llphonos at work Cc llphones in everyday life The history of the ce ll phone d In grou ps. Wri le in the correct paragraph headings. Cell phones have eased the worries of millions of parents when their teenagers are out late: they can now contact their children at any time.

the eel/phone. Introduce !he topk 1 Reading ski lls Put studellts in pairs to discuss the questions in Exercise 18 brieny. In Poland. but ot:MousIy some drivers use their phones a lot. the cellphone.iewer And do these countries enforce the laws? Wilson Oh yes.-.. there ore fines of up 10 a thousond dollars and even imprisonment hlief . but there are around 50 countries n<:JW that hove decided 10 make it ~legal 1 use your 0 cellphone <Mlile driving. Which invention does the class think is the most important? As on alternative. lief . Answers will vary.-------. Ask students in pairs or grOlips 10 decide which they think is lhe most important invention and why. brain. and the punishments can be very strict.-. a lederal police spokesperson.. Only two slates have banned the use of cellphones while driving .-. and there are likely 1 0 be a lot more. teo iIieww In the studio is Mike Wilson. Wilson. Hove them find the compounds in the text and check the meaning of the words.Objectives Grammar Topic: cell phones Pronuncicmon present perfect simple. Afterwards. Ask students whot thaI means lanother way 10 write il: Are you connected?1 and what it might mean... The evidence suggests that you ore four times more likely to have a crash when using your cell phone while driving . write the title RU connecled?on the boord... ills. since and for question intonation Reading an Inlernet article Ustening an interview Speaking discussing use of cellphones Write on lhe board: the Internet. Hove a brief class discussion. message.. we understand thol there is now deor evidence !hot the use of cellphooes by drivers increases the risk of traffIC accidents. phone Vocabulary _n B: bomb. Ask students to copy the table in Exe rcise lc on to a separate pi ece of paper. Set a time limit of five minutes. the CD player on the board and see if students can predict what the topic of this lesson will be.. A: cell. RU connected? T 26 Unit 3 .. Thon olicit answers from the class and build up a list of advantages and disadvantages on the board. This text contains a number of compound nouns. many countries hove banned Ihe use of ceHphones while driving.. the CD player. so why not introduce laws on talking on the phone and driving? In fact. time. '-- Disadvantages With call forwarding. Answer'S Advantages 2 In tho workplace 3 For the . IntQrviewer How many drivers do you think aduolty use !heir cellphones while driving? Wilson WeD.ieYter Do you feel we now hove enough evidence 10 make laws banning the use of a cell phone while driving? Wilson I think we do_ We've got very stricllows on drinking and driving.Interviewer The chances of on occident are four times greatC!' . in the lost few years.. JVSl now dangerous are celtphones? Wilson Well.. really.. . The United Kingdom was one of the most recent. tho employee is always at the end of the phone line Can warn a colleague that you'll he late Fewer family arguments Can let our family know when wo'll be late Parents can contact children at any time family 4 Other Costs a lot to replace stolen phones Huge phone bills Radiation may cause brain tumors Divide the class into groups of four to six to discuss the questions in Exercise l d . line.... For Exercise 3 page 27 ~ I. for example. refer students to the Glossary.'-. tumor.New York and New Jersey . write the Internet. Write the following two lists on the board and ask students to match a word from A to a word from B 10 make a compound noun. leaving plenty of room to add ideas from the text and from the list the class made in tho preceding discussions.and there is some discussion 01 nationcllfNeI. Mr.thers horrifying! Wilson Yes.iewer And what is the situation hC!'e in Ihe Stales? Wilson Not much has happened here... but we are way behind many othC!' countries.---------. If no answers are forthcoming. InfeI . phone . Ask students to read tho text quickly and match the headings in Exercise lb.-.. the foct is thot the number of accidents fNery year has increased enormously since we started using ceflphones about 25 years ago. text. our figures estimate that irs around 85% -that me::lns of course that about 85% of cellphooe 0NnerS use their phaoes at some painl while they're driving.

Ask sl ud cnts 10 work in pairs 10 malch/orand sillce 10 the time ex pressions in Exerdse 2b. Next. Ask students to listen for intonation patterns and trace the intonation arrows with their fingers as they hear the questions. I·hlvo students work in groups offour to practice the questions in Exerc ise 4d. / RS'.j to menage the activity above. [n Exercise 4c.- periect Common probktms and errors Mony languages use the simple present 10 refer to a situation thol slarled 01 a given point in the pas! and slill continues. We also use it 10 discuss experiences in our lives and recently completed actions. [t is their job to report whotthe group soid to the class at the end of the activity. but olso listen and toke notes. Encourage the class to mimic yom hand gestures. tracing tho intonation patterns they hear. since and for I-Iavo students work in pairs to answer the questions in Exercise Za about the example sentences in the taxt."lck to the class. Then ask two or three individuals to repeat. play the audio a second lime. 4 Pronunciation skills: question intonation Play the audio for Exercise 4a . Tell Sludent A in each group he/she is the group [eoder. - Students make errors with time markers cnd questions. Answers will vary.. He/she has to join in. and similar activities. and then ask a few volunteers to report b. Write these on the board. Ask students to ngure out the rules for question intonation in English and com plete the sentences toget her. Allerwards. Go around moni1oring and prompting students. 3 Listening skills Prepare for the listening exercise by asking the class whal they th ink of using cell phones while driving. We use the present perfect tense to totk about aclioos or stales thol began in the past and ore continuing now. How long ~ hove you lived in Rio? Another common error is using the present perfed for a finished even! in the recen t post with a lime marker. move your hand in an upward arc or downward arc to illustrate the in tonation patt ern studen ts should be trying 10 produco. . is to assign "speaking roles: DMde the closs into groups 01 lour. Now play the audio for Exercise 3b and ask students to listen and chock their answers. Pause the recording allor each question and ask Ule whole class to repeat. Ask students 10 choose the correct answer in Exercise 2c and then check in pairs before going through Ihe answers as a class. Do the I1rsl Iwo as a class as examples to get students shuted. ~- 5 Speaking skills Divide tho class into grou ps of four to six to discuss the questions in Exercise 5. and afterwards ask for a show of hands to sec how many students in class sa id yes to each question. . guide. modeling the inlonation patterns carefully. where English uses the present perfect This frequently causes errors. ask st udents to work in pairs 10 mark the correct intonation. A good Wa. Allow five minutes for discussion.<e qRisCtefi /unch ten minutes ago. go over the answers with the class.e in Rio since 1985. The oudioscript for Track 11 is on page T26 ~ 1 Do you hove 0 cellphone? 2 How long have you hod your cellphone? 3 Do you ever send lext messages? 4 Who do you normally text? Jnit 3 T 27 RU connected? .t ·· ~ Quick grammar 2 Grammar review and extension: present perfect. Sludent B is the secretary. Ask Do YO ll think lIsing cel/phones while driving is dangerous? Why? Do yOll tl!ink it should be JxmllCcI? Have students discuss this briel1y with a partner. As students ropeal. ask students to work in pairs to do Exercise 3a .. Play the audio again for Exercise 4b. I #. If needed.. I've lived in Rio &~fe f9( three years. Each group leader has to ask the questions ond prompt other students to express their opinion.

. the driver IS usmg a ce p their cellphone while 2 the number of drivers who use . . 50. the British have banned /~he use of cell phones while driving....(fave ) ~ exi ed or since 1963. 1.. ..... read the fac t sheet below and try to fill in the blanks with these fi gufCs: 2..2 Grammar review and extension: present perfect. How many peop le in the class said yes to each "a" question? 5 Speaking skills 1 3 Listening skills a You are going to listen to an interview with Mike Wilson. 3 In 2003 . In wh-queslions the voice usually goes down... Answer the questions. c b Do we use since or for with these time expressions? S F S F Thanksgiving two years last night 25 years F ..' U hone. h dn Vlng IS .~ a poiat in the past. Listen to the questions and repeat them... b Listen to the interview with Mr. b Who did you send ii1'o'? 2 a Have you paid a cell phone bill recently? 3 a Have you ever felt irritated by-~-cell phones? b How much did you pay? - ..iP'. 1 11 Have you sent a lext message today? .E'a Listen to the intonation in theso questions. 4 times greater if . Complete the rules about question intonation bolow. Mark the correct intonation on these examples . and for 1 .-.. commercia l ce llphone.used cell phones for ~ ~ -w since the late 1970s.. 4 Choose the correct words: We use fo r With€·o.. --~=~a Is you r cellphone on now? b Why? I Why not? --.. b When did th is happen? 4 ~ . ever had an accident while talking on a cell phone? 3 Do you think the government should also ban the use of cell phones in public places? \Ii' Taiiz and D rive: the facts Resear ch shoWS tha t : . In groups. . about the dangers of talking on a cell phone while driving. h· S . In yesi llo questions the voice usually goes .!!IL..... S my last bIrthday 1995 c Choose the simple past or present perfect. onlO f llphones while driving . k of having an aCCident IS _ 1 the n s .' . discuss these questions. S . or has anyone you know.. h banned using a ceU one p 50 countries ave 3 aroun d ----while driving. 4.-i "' dco 7. shou ld the government ban it? 2 Do you talk on the phone whi le you drive? Have you.000 4 drivers in Poland can r~cedtv~ ~ h . The cellphone revolution(fegai'D/ llas begun in tho 1970s.. 85.. 5 Phone ave aever ha never hCld so many feat ufCs as ey 0 a ay. 6 Peopl4 a ve IIse?J IIsed cellphone® since about 25 years now.----- . 85 percent. tn on y _ RU connected? Unil3 . Is " ta lk and drive" a danger in your country? Has your government introduccd laws about it? If not. g whIle n vtng. 4 ~:S . a police representative. dollars for p . Wi lson and check your answers. t h east ten mlllUles t IS mornmg I S . Who do you normally text? - ---. Before you listen. or since if necessary. ban against the use 0 ce 5 ~erells a 2 state(s) in the U. 1 Do you have a cellphone? 2 How long have you had your cell phone? 3 Do you ever send text messages? 4 -. d In groups. since and for 4 Pronunciation skills: quest ion intonation a Look at the parts in italic of the first two sentences in the article. ask and answer the q uestions in Exercise 4c. 1 What tense is the verb in each sentence? jJresent perfect 2 Is the action or situation in each sentence fin ished? no 3 Which sentence focuse s on a sit uation up 10 now? cellphones have been a ro und . e use since with a period of time I~ ~ b tile past.000.. _ 2 T (l apanes~-ve-u .. fine of up to 1.

It's too dangerous. I can always go online tomorrow. '- Unit3 RU connected? . a) Never. I don't have access to the Intemet. discuss these questions. but we still haven't met face-toface. I even buy my groceries online. c) I go online most da~. In fact.some research. I could be missing something. Many people are spending longer amounts of time online. b) Yes. 7 How do you feel if you haven't checked yo' e-mail or been in a chat room one day? '---"" a) Not good .. hours looking online. t hardly spend any time on the c) I only log on when I need the Internet for Intemet...... lots of people...... Are you addicted to the Internet? 1 Which of these is closest to your morning routine? a) I always log on at home. and social lives. T 4 Have you ever met anyone over the Internet? a) Yes. of course. Do you agree? 6 7 8 9 10 Internet addict or Internet phobe?. but for practical purposes . c) No problem.. studies.. I use the Internet. Now take the quiz.to check my e-mail or to do . I don't use the Intemet th. 3 Where do you do most of your shopping? a) In stores. 1 Have you ever surfed for more than three hours online? When? Why? 2 Has your computer ever gotten a virus from the Internet? When? What happened? 3 Have you ever taken part in a chat room? Who did you "chat" wi th? What abo ut? 4 Have you ever downloaded files from the Internet? What kind of files? 5 Have you ever sent an attachment? What did it contain? Do you receive a lot of attachments? What are they about? b Who is the most "connected" in the group? 1 Vocabulary: the Internet Match the words and phrases with lhe correct definitions. work out your partner's score and read the analysis.. you or your partner? Look at page 149. b) Okay. I might spend a couple of b) online. So how about you? 00 you have your Internet use under control? Take this quiz and find out. I'd never buy anything over the Net . information.. c) No. and in some cases this has had a negative effect on their work. 2 I have more friends . but it doesn 't affect my life.. I have an Internet phobia. I realize an hour has passed and I am late for wo~ again.. won'b) Regularly! I usually spend at least two hours a day surfing.--. c) I've never tried e-shopping but I think it's a good idea . 5 How often have you spent three hours or b) I get to work early so I can have some more on the Net? time alone to surf the Net and chat. Who is more addicted to the Internet. often anyway... online " " ~ a spend time online looking through Web sites surf ~ b connected to the Internet a virus c a computer file sent with an e-mail message a chat room d information that you store under a particular name log onloff e move information from the Internet to a computer crash f disconnected from the Internet offline g start/finish using a computer system downloa h when a computer or program stops working suddenly a file a Web site people lise for exchanging messages an attachment a program that enters your computer and damages or destroys information 1 2 3 4 5 3 Reading skills a Do new developments in information technology affect your life? Which of these phrases best describes you? I'm an Internet addict.it's simply not safe! bJ I haven't been in a real store in over a year.. The Internet is rapidly replacing TV as the most popular form of home entertainment. I've never spoken to a stranger online. If I need to find some a) in real life. c) in real life but I've lost touch with a lot of friends since I started surfing the Net. 6 Which of these descriptions is closest to . I've started dating one of them. you? a) I've never been online. note them down and discuss Ulem. b) I spend more and more time online andY don't see my friends very often. c) Only occasionally... Is your answer still the same afterwards? b Ask your partner his or her answers to the qlliz.Netizens Speaking skills a In groups.

Write the following phrases on the board: I'm addicted _ I'm obsessed _ using Ihe Inlernel I'm not inleresled_ I'm worried _ Ask students to tell you what the miSSing prepositions are Ithe answers in order: 10. oboun. using examples you think students would understand. having thom repeat after you. and write notes. lose touch with (friendsl '" not see. hove a volunteer read aloud the questions to the whole claSS. After ooe minute ask 0 each group how mony words they thought of. After each question is read aloud. in. . She has claustrophobia and does nol en.Objectives Vocabulary the Inlernet Topic: the Internet Reading Writing writing a magazine quiz ·char Write Computers and the In/ernet on the board.oy being in a small. if they connot. ask a student 10 explain the question or. poraphrase the question yourself in terms students will more likely understand . If needed. Circulate among students. speak to. crowded room. working with the same partner as before. Examples: He was a drug addiel who bought his narcotics on the slreel. Divide the closs into groups of lour. RU connected? T 28 Unit3 . At this point.not on the phone or tnternet VocabukJry - Have students do the tasks in Exercise 3b . Elicil their answers and write their list of words Ofllhe board lor if you prefer. write new vocabulary on t ho board. You may also want to review the pronunciation of each of these words wi th students. with. Then ask them to d iscuss the questions in groups of four to six. If the questions in exercise 2a seem difficult for learners. There are a few words and phrases in the text thot you may wish to check. think about thoir answers. see (someone) directly I in the Hesh . ask volunteers from each group 10 come up and simulloneously write their lisls on the boordl. or write to friends any longer dote (someane) '" arrange to meet someone that you are aHracted to meet (someone) face-to-face". quickl y Rsk for a show of hands from the class to see how many chose each phrase. students which phrase/s) describe them. chocking for difficulties in understanding the tex t. Ask stu dents to take the quiz indi vidually. Introduce !he topk 1 Vocabu lary: th e Internet Ask students to work in pairs to match the words and defini tions. Write these definitions on the board if students are having trouble understanding the text that uses them. hove students WOI'k in small groups to discuss their answers to rhe questions. Afterwards.Vocabulary lead-in 3 Readi ng ski lis Elicit the meaning of addictlsomeane who con't stop doing on activity) and phobia Iteatl. 2 Speaking skills Give students a few minutos to read the questions in Exercise 2a . Then ask Ask students to tal k to a parlner and find out their answers to lhe questions in Exercise 3a . Teillhe groups thallhey hove one minute 1 write down all the words connected with this topic they (on thinl: of.

4 Writing skills Ask students to work with a different partner to discuss the questions in Exercise 4a. Ask Whot are some potential dangers of on online chot? Is it a good idea to share personal informah'on (name. Move aro und the room. what ore handles? What are the handles of the two people chatting? What are they clwtting about? Ask students 10 rewrite the chat in stondard English. Ask students to work in pairs and foll ow the instructions in Exercises 4d and 4e. You could provide some 'framework' for the choning by giving each pair a lask to perform. Before asking students to read the chat in Exercise 4c in pairs.Itemotive Additional acIIYIIy Hold a closs discussion on Internet safety. Ask students if they can give you examples or lhe kind of abbreviations and language they use in their own language when texting or chatting online . Write the following list either on the board or on individual cords Ihat you con hand out to pairs at random.:ercise 4b. monitoring and h elping with idoas. address) with a stranger online? Why? Why nat? Unit 3 T 29 RU connected? . -. Answers will vary. Then ask students in pairs to match the techniques and examples in fu. invite your partner /0 0 party ask for help with homework ask about your partners weekend plans talk about football ask about your porlner's family ask about a topic of your choice Have each pair perform one of the above tasks when chaning. Remind students to chock the Glossary fo r unfamil iar terms. set the scene by asking a few questions: In an online chat. telephone number.

annoyed.::~2 :::::::=:--. Match the techniques on the left with the exam p les of chat. Chat is like a mixture of speaki ng and writing. no! (0_0) = shocked :* = a kiss . 1 What do you know about chatting online? 2 Do you have any "online" friends? Have you ever wrillen to a stranger onli ne who has become a friend? b Chatters normally have n icknames._ 3 abbreviations 4 'bil C U ellips is (leaving out unnecessary words) ~ gonna buy a c diane can you come saturday d :-) (a smile) e have to go . 1 Find a piece of blank paper.) 3 Write your handle and your fi rst comment. Can they understand your conversation? RU conne<:ted? Unit 3 . (See Exercise 4b.::::= c Read this chat between two friends . 101 = laughing out loud ru ok= Are you ok? 2day = today cld = could.studying Angel with a halo soys: what 4 Dancing a nd singing says: exam in 2 weeks Angel with a halo says : :( Dancing and singing says: oh yeah! Btw u going 2 j's party fri Angel with a halo says: no gotta study :-< Doncing and singing says::( u looking forward 2 weekend? Angel with a ha lo says: sure what u doing? Doncing ond singing says: football gome sal. then probably sleep in afternoon Angel with a halo says: 101 Dancing and singing says: n u Angel with a halo says: shopping! Dancing and singing says: (0_0) u shd be studying Angel with 0 halo soys: yeah 101 gotto go ttyl Dancing and singing says: yep bfn :) Angel with a halo says : cu 18r bye :* Emoticons :_0 = scared :( :: worried. 6 Continue chatting untit you decide to stop . Change anythi ng that you wanl to and then pass the paper to another pair. e Look at your cha\.-) = a wink :-< = sad Abbrevi ations cu lar : See you later.-0'" Dh .:-:============~~~:::::::::::. which they call ·'handles". GLOSSARY From: To: Angel with a halo says: how r u Dancing and singing sa ys: im good u Angel with a halo says: good 2 what u been up 2 Dancing and singing says: not much .'V 4 Writing skills VVV V a in pairs.talk later f cool ! wicked! lSr 5 slang 6 emoticons -. Can you understand it? (Usc the glossary to help you if necessary. 1nol much punctuation g~ 2 informallangU~~' :~===~.. 5 Write your handle and the next comment on the piece of paper you now have and pass it back to your partner. 2 Choose your "handle". or really thinking :-):: a smite . Follow these steps. 4 Pass the paper to your partner. and chatters use d ifferent techniques to talk online. Use the glossary to help you and remember to use abbreviations and ellipsis..) Try reading the dialogue aloud with a partner. shd = should Ie = I see I I understand btw "" By the way n U :: And you? bfn = Bye for nolV ttyl = Talk to you later '-- d You arc going to "chat" with your partner. answer these ques tions.

col/Phones. qUIckly. els of New Y ork. but they have already h eard m ou sands of stories like these.Liz Barry NEWYORK (AP) . Dozens 10 of them. use the be. after a year.c 1 BilJ and Liz arc strc psycholnoi I .12) > > RU connected? . Who do yo u taU: to? class Wh 8 problems with y .It is evening rush hour in the Times Square su bway station .Talk 1 Speaking skills a lnp' iscuss these si'uati 1 You 've just broken II . set up their sign and listened.0 s s workill g On the B. Liz Barry and Bill Wetzel have just settled into 5 two chairs against a wall. hurried hectic busy fu ll f d ' 0 actIVity ozens a la~e number ( one dozen . She hasn't gotten over it yet and sh e wants to talk. . boYfriend/girlfriend P wah your 2 You are havin . is a good 30 time to Stop.> em th erapeulic. have discovered mat talking is highly therapeutic for New Yorkers. 2 . has recently broken up with her parm er. in chal Pportunilics 10 to do you think tha t la':ket~~I~I~o~~lain Ihal 'hC~::IO~~~~ ~~I y Jsa 10 talk 1o Ihompisls. p eople do. "TALK TO ME. Barry and Wetzel figure that now. on Ihe street bOJ"o ~ people to talk to th ~LO. near tears. A young woman with purple hair.". Amazingly. Y leve it is tome "Taking a little time to talk to someone you've never met can change you Jorever. A middleaged man gives his 15 views on politics. Two 17year-Qld girls talk about their science class. d 2 Reading skills a Road the artic/e Summary. ~~. They have walked the streets and avenues. 20 in large white letters. Before them is a sign that reads." Barry and Wetzel came to New York only a year ago. " Taking a little rime 25 o ut from a busy schedule to talk to someone you've never met can change your wh ole outlook forever. but it's unlikely to be something as original as their "Talk to me" project! GLOSSARY frant ic busy. Choose Uw best talk lo? au have m OIi C ." Liz Barry says.I/ and Liz talk I try 10 help them s~l~eobl~ all tlie streets and J BilJ and Liz e t Cu problems en courage . Who d o YOn b In OUr soc' lalk Jely we have a 101 of 0 peo I on . Y problems. Liz and Bill. They still h aven't decided what to d o n ext.perhaps the most frantic time of day at the most hectic place in the busiest dry in the country. for the n ext two hours. 0 do yo u talk lo? OUr SCi ence BIl'S. Ons. J v: . in their 20s. .

I simply ask them "how's your day?" tnterviewer And how do they react? Bill Well. they say. In whol situations do we tolk 10 people we don't knoW? On the boord. We hod same money to start with. "rm just being friendly"" and then we talk. Interviewer So what have you learned from Talk to Me? Bill Well.not yet. We've tried 1 explain. we've learned a lot about the way people work. Interviewer One final question. She's become an old friend. Bill No.Objectives Grammar Topic: falking fa people Vocabulary verbs of talking Reading a newspaper article Ustening a discussion Speaking discussing problems adverbs used with the present perfect Write on the board folking to strangers. start to feel happy again set up = put in position Vocabulary 13~------------------------------------------------------. Ihe oclor. Interviewer Yeah. to each other and to 0 listen. we've already had a little hassle from the cops. Introduce the topic Ask Is it easy for you fa talk to strangers? Why? Why nof? •• 1 Speaking skills Ask students to discuss the situation s and questions in Exercises 1a and lb in pairs. all day: Interviewer Have you ever had any hassle from the police? Uz Yeah. they might tell us to move on. 2 Reading skills Ask students to read the article and choose the best summary.. Infefviewer So you think listening is on important .asking for directions. thors right. our shaes have even been stolenl Interviewer Really? Uz Yeah. Bill. of course Uz Some people find It very difficult to listen. dealing with customers 01 work. they way they've grown up and settled down. "' could stand here and loll:. RU connected? T 30 Unil3 . Ask students. the way they date. But there's a very nice lady we know who gives us a little money to I:. but we have been insulted by drunks. they think we're cops or researchers or weirdos or something . Bill rye just spoken to a guy about how difficull it is to find work in New York. asking for help on the street . though that's all gone now. skill? Uz Yeah. so we manage. For Exercise 4 on page 31 ~ tnterviewer So. Bill Yeah. "What are you doingr and I say. that's right. you remember Estela. Afler 45 minutes he said. Answer: Summary 3 The text contains a few phrasal verbs that you may wish to check. she's been to see us three times already. How have you been able to do this financially? Bill Well. settle into. Uz And we've mode a lot of friends. Remind students to check the Glossary fo r any unfamiliar vocabulary.: get comfortable in (a chair) break up = end 0 relationship get over"..eep doing this. uh . anyway. Suggested list: starling a conversation with strangers 01 a party or in a club. really. buying something in a store. Yeah. but some people still hoven" learned to just toll:. Answers will vary. People don't understand us at first.y. we're very lucl:. how do you get people to talk? Bill Well. build up a IIsl of their answers. but we haven't had any serious problems .. sure.

Typically. Go around the class and help. The oudioscript for Track 13 is on poge T30 Pi. or say in their own words. Checking meaning As an alternative to translation. what their partner communicated. in the present perfect. and then ask them 10 read the questions in Exercise 4a and predict the answers. Concentrate on the differences in form between the two words.Let students decide on their answers to the questions in Exercise 2b in pairs before discussing them as a class. try miming the words ond having studenls guess. pretending to be two people arguing gossip = pretend to whisper in someone's ear. with the present perfect The two English words still and yet present a prablem as they are often expressed by only one word in other languages. 5 Vocabulary: talk Ask students to try to explain the words in italics in Exerc ise Sa to each other first. Briefly go over the answers with the whole class. OR I have done if already. and focus on understanding and rememhering what the speaker said.it means "' expect this 1 happen in the fu ture: 0 Still is "negative" . Encourage the listeners to keep quiet while their partners speak. and then ask them these check questions to make sure they are clear about the form rules: Which word goes at the end of interrogative and negative sentences? (yet) Which adverb is only used in negative sentences? (still) Which adverbs go between have and the past participle? (just. Answers will vary. Then point out that it is a pronoun that refers to the words Liz Bany Qlld Bill Wetzel in the previous line and that it is used because the writer does not want to repeat the people's names. ~I have finished. Set up Exer cise 3d by modeling two or three sentences about yourself. Ask students to discuss the questions in Exercise z d in small groups. The difference in use. is subtle: Yet is "positive" . the adverb may be ploced between have and the main verb or at the end of the sentence. II's more fun! For example: complain = briefly oct out person complaining in Q store argument = move to and fro. honds on hips. help students find and underline the adverbs. Play the audio for Exercise 4b. Elicit feedback from the class to make sure students understand all the words. Unit 3 T 31 RU connected? . Quick grammar guide: adverbs The key point is where the adverb goes in the sentence. 4 Lead in Listening skills Set the scene by reminding students oboulliz and Bill. Point to the pictures on page 30 and ask Wha! are they doing? Why? Put students in pairs. do the first as an example: Ask students to find them in line 5. I ~ hove finished. 3 Grammar: adverbs used with the present perfect For Exercise 3a . Encourage the listeners to paraphrase. This is not intended to be a conversation between the two partners but rather Speaker A and Listener B. Then ask students to write their own sentences and read them aloud to a new partner. Ask students to liston and compare their predicted answers to the actual answers. Answers will vary. Play the audio a second time for Exercise 4c.it means "This should have happened by now: Common problems and enors Students put the adverbs in the wrong position in the sentence. Ask the question in Exercise 4d to the whole class and elicit answers briefly. already) Which adverb can go between have and the past participle or at the end ofthe sentence? (recently) Ask students to work in pairs to do Exercise 3b. and then look astounded Ask students to do Exercise sb in pairs. Then ask the groups to discuss the questions. as in these examples: I have already done il. Ask students to check the things that have happened to Liz and Bill. Before asking students to do Exercise 2c in pairs.

Imagine you are Liz or Bill and answer 2 What type of people stop and talk to Liz and the interviewer's questions. recenliy.iI's good to talk. what kind of tbings do you talk about? If not." "It's okay. why don'. RU connected? Unil3 . Then compare with a partner. 2 do (line 9) tnlk to them 5 these (line 20) stories J They've insultod someone who was drun k. Student B: Listen. 1 " Have you finished your homewerk ~?" "I haven't even started it ~ !" 2 1 can't talk now. d Complete the sentences to make true statements about yourself. 5 How have you boon able to do Ihis fina ncially? 5 Do you think that Liz and Bill have gotten any benefits from their project? ~ b Listen to the interview and compare your answers with Liz and Dill's.. Note the way they are used and complete each sentence below with one of them. Z I haven't .. I still haveu 't found n joh. what? Z Have you /rad an argument with anyone recently? What was it about? 3 Have you shouted at nnybody this week? If so. Life is stressfu l in a big ci ty ." do next 5 They've made some fr iends . (used only with negative scntences in the present perfect) still d The act ion or actions happened not long ago.. you? 7 Do you ever gOSSip? If so. 3 I've just . 3 Grammar: adverbs used with th e present perfect a Find these adverbs in the article: just. recently e The action has happened. there a re a lot of lone ly people. yet.. Student A: Choose a topic from 1-7 above. (You don't have to use exactly the sarno words.. 1 I still haven't .~ '-- b Read the article again. she's stayed with us a few times recentlv . already c Check your answers with the Grammar Summary on page 34. 4 • 1 z How would people where you live react to "Talk to Me"? Would you stop and talk to Liz and Bill? Why? I Why not? If you did stop. what would you talk about? d Why do you think "Talk to Mo" is popular in New York? Suggested answers: New York is a busy. 1 Have you ever complained about anything? If so. what made you shout? 4 Do you know anyone who boasts a lot"! Who are they and why do you think they noed to boast? 5 How do you persuade people to agree w ith you? 6 Do you ever discuss problems with your parents? If so. 5 Vocabulary: talk a In groups. . too. Answer the questions. and tben repeat what Student A said.. 4 "['II feed tho dog bofore we go out. non-s top city 80 people nonna lly have no time to ta lk. bu t listening. check the meaning of the expressions in italic..) Student A: How good a Iistenor was your partner? When you have fin ished. finished cooking dinner and we're about to eaL 3 "Any luck with work?" "No. reverse your roles. prepare to talk for exact ly one minute. and doesn't need to be repeated. . Find these words in the article. ['ve already done it. . New Yorkers are ramous fo r heing talkative.. 5 I've recently . 4 Listening skills 1 What impression does the writer give of New a You are going to listen to an interview with Liz Yorl:: in the evening rush hour? It is very busy." 6 They've made a lot of money. d Discuss these questions. just b The action has not happened up to now but will probably happen in the future. perhaps before expected." 5 "Have you seen Mary at all?" "Mary? Yes.. 3 them {line 10) people 6 it (line 30) what they 4 Someone has robbod them . a The action happened in the immediate past.coplo·s outlook ." talk to you? 4 Why have Liz and Bill encouraged people to 3 Have you had any trouble with the police? stop and talk to them? They believe that it can 4 What lessons has "Talk to Me" taught you? c h a nge I. who with and when? b Good communication is not only about speaking.. yet. Are you a good listener? Try this activity. What do they refer ~ c Listen agBin. Bill? All typos . I've J. wi/hollt interrupting. very soon before the moment of speaking." b Match the adverbs in Exorcise 3a with their meanings. Student B talks for one minute.it is therapeutic. already.. Wh ich of these things have to? happened to Liz Bnd Dill? 1 them (line 5) and BJL it (line 17) breaking 1 They've spokcn to someone without a job . then discuss the questions. still. In a big ci ty. .teenagers. 4 I've already . middle-aged men 1 How do you get peop le to talk? 3 How do we know that New Yorkers like talking? Z How do people react when you invite them to They have heard "thousands of stories. and Bill.!:!!!." up with her partner 2 They've had sorious problems with the police. . (used with questions and negatives) yet c The action has not happened up to now but will probably happen in the future.

u kLmusi elJ iste n lots of online music from classical to jazz. B. cartoonists. "m E D c Unit 3 R conneded? U . b Read the Web gu ide on the right and recommend ono or more sites for the people below. Each story has a range of activities focusing on_ comprehension and vocabulary. icon link FAQs Web guide toolbar Weh site Web browser search engi ne This week's Webguide~ A http :Lwww. I wish she was here. A. elc.bbc. 7 8 9 10 11 12 across the screen is the scroll bar . D I haven't done any studying for the reading comprehension test yet.humorlinks. organ ization. anestapenglish_(om Here you will find listening activities . musicians. Questions that Int ernet users frequcntly ask are called FADs o http:)/www. E http :lJwww.ca.ukLbbcfau rL audiainterviewsL Hundreds of faScinating interviews with famous people from every walk of life: actors.G . painters. including new vocabulary.bbe. She always cheered me up with her jokes.npr. bound to fail it. scientists and writers. is a Web site . mostly of the multiplechoice variety. from American comedy to Australian cartoons. You can listen to radio programs or select a range of special features . Over 50 news stories categorized under headings such as crime. philosophers.updated each month -from the online magazine from Macmillan. c httgJJwww.an excellent source of authentic English.com / Hilarious site bringing together over 7. home-page URL Web page scroll bar 1 Tho plnco on the Internet that appears first on your com puter is your home page. 2 A software program that finds and dis plays pages from the Internet is a Web browser. political activists. 5 Tho long narrow line at the edge of the screen usod for movi ng information up. A pago or document that you can read on a Web site is a Web paee . they're my favorite rock band and I wish I could find more of their music. 3 A con nection between one Internet file and anoth er is (I link 4 The row of small pictures on the screen that you click on 10 perform particular acti ons is tho Icoluor . If only I'd worked more on my listeningl I miss Pilar. A small pict ure on a computer screen that opens a program or performs an action is an icon A program that looks for information from many different Web pages is a search engjne . down. ' Here you will see the funniest jokes and pictures from around the world. The un ique address of a computer or a document on the Internet is called a URL A place on the Internet wherc you find information about a particular subject. How good is your Web vocabulary? Match the definitions below with the words in the box.1 Warm up a Tho World Wide Web has created a lot of weird and wonderfu l things.000 links to humor Of every kind.(a. or (j B http://www.org/ NPR is an American radio network with an extensive audio archive . environment and adventure.liter!!nmet. G http ~/ www.orz lennsf I F antastic site from CNN. from blues to rap. I failed my English test. I wish I knew more aboul Johnny Depp! I haven 'I read anything about him for ages. I just bought the new CD by The Darkness. A page in a magazine that gives you information about Web si tes is a Web Kuide .

. Read a loud the quotations by the people in Exercise lb. Note the pronunciation: icon t alkonl FAQs fef el 'kjuzl t .Objectives Topic: the World Wide Web Writing Grammar Reading simple past. CJ Pronunciation guide URl/jual'el1 scrotl Iskroull Write on the board: Click on Find Choose Search Extension activity Then tell students that you have switched your computer on and you ore on your home page. Let students check their answers in pairs before discussing them with the whole class.. but you wont to go on the World Wide Web to find out exactly how old the Earth is. be used to doing. Then ask students to skim the web gu ide all page 32 to find useful sites for the speakers.. When was the World Wide Web invented? How often do you use the Web? Whafdo you use it for? What is the most useful function of/he Web? 00 you have a home page? What's on if? Introduce the topic 1 Warm lip Ask students to match the words and definitions in Exercise la . using the verbs on the board and computer words from exercise l a. I wish / if only a lecture Ustening a lecture Speaking designing a Web site Ask students a few questions about the Web to introduce the topic. 0: Vocabulary irs almosl certain 10 happen 10 me exlensive == very large archive = collection or store hilarious = very funny RU connected? T 32 Unit 3 . used to a Web guide do. You may wont to check some of the difficult vocabulary items from the text and review their pronunciation. cheer (someone) up 0: make someone happy I'm bound 10 . Ask students to give you instructions 10 find Ihe information you wonl. and then let them check with a partner before going through the answers as a class.

6 Not ice Play th e audi o fo r exercise 5 again . build up a list on the bo ard of features o f a good Web site. Also. Second. Now ore there any questions so for? Unit 3 T 33 RU connected? . A sk students 10 listen and say w hat points fro m exerci se 4c are m en t ion ed. I~ Okay. 0 3 Prepare En courage each grou p to m ak e revi si on s to th ei r home page after comparing it to th e h ome page i n th e unit. Ask stud en ts 10 com p l ete th e Jist i n Exer cise 6a and th e table in Exer cise 6b . accessible. So. Design includes clear text and good use of pictures. Ask stud en ts to write d own an y ex tra point s men ti oned i n th e lecture to add 10 th e cl ass list on th e b oard. and not too technical: and "I need to get the information I wont as quickly as possible. the site should be as free as possible of odverti sing ~ this is another form of garbage that the user doesn't want to see popping up atl the time and gening in the way of the information you real ly need.it is their job 10 think of interesting and unusual ideas_ Studenl D '" group secrelary . taking into aC(Qunt the needs of the surfer. you want accurate. the content: is the content rel iable? This is a key point because there·s a 101 of garbage out there in cyberspace. .il is his/her job 1 make notes of all decisions and 10 report the ideas to Ihe class. T h en h ave th e class vote on th e b es t Web site. but even good content can be unreliable because it con go out of dole very quickly. By navigati on. Repeat th e audio for Exerci se 5. "I wish Web sites were simple and easy to follow. I'm going to give you the basic points so you can go ahead and design a usable ond attractive Web site. You want a fast download time. up-to-date conlent shows clearl y wha t is on Web site usable. what about design? Are colors used to good effect? You often find colors make it more difficult to follow the site map. incl udi ng ani m ated pop-u ps \? @ t t . Many people I've spoken to obout Web design soy things like. and you easily get lost or waste time.2 Task D iv i de stud ents into groups of four. lost week we looked at Web sites fram a designer's point of view.he/she has to ask the questions and make sure everybody contributes. Now. I mean how we move around the site from page to poge. a site mop.. We'll assume thai you don't write garbage. 5 Compare Pl ay the aud i o for Exercise 5. t T • 4 Feedbac k Ask one stud ent from each group to present thei r gro up's Web si te i deas . 7 Foll ow u p T hi s work s w ell as a homewor k task. reliable. Students Band C = the "ideas" guys . how usable and transparent it is. an d th en present i t to the class i n a fu lure lesson. ask yourself the following five questions: First of all. and inviting. so I like Web sites that have very clear links ond site mops: Well. n a. Fourth. but from the point of view of the user. but don·t use too many pictures or the download time will be too slow.. A sk st ud ents to p rin t ou t their favo rite home p age. the page shouldn't be cluttered . and then go over the instruc ti on s in Exercise 2 with the cl ass. and links to other relevant pages. A n sw ers (extra points m enti oned on audio) reliabl e.. Finally..with too many different secti ons ~ the page should look open. so you don't gel lost and waste time trying to work out where to go nex\. up-to-date information. trans p aren t navi gati on uncl uttere d d esign wit h clear text and good u se o f p ictures n ot to o m an y c ol ors or 100 many pic tures free of adverti sing. people need to know if the site is relevonlto them. in this talk. let"s begin. so the site should indicate very carefully and clearly exactly what is there_ The third point has to do with navigoti on. With the Internet. Today we're going to look at Web sites again. if you wont your Web site to be easy to use. T h ro ugh out Exer cise 4. tmpartant navigation features are the toolbor. so you don'l wont to use 100 many different colors. Group organization Before doing the lask give each person in the group 0 role: Student A == group leader . can the user tell what the Web site is about? You see.

Check how many of your poin ts are usable. points? Design accessible.. favorite Web si tes and make a list of the five most First of all. finally. b Present it to the res t of the class. .. RU connected? ..04 KSC Cleans Up After Frances 09. The third point .04 Cassini t=inds New 2 Task You are going to enter a competition to create a Web b As a class.09.~~ .04 Station Crew to Join Far. List the main points about your Web site.Out Powwow + Read More + Read More + Photo Gallery 09.NA TIONAL AERONAUTICS AND SPACE ADMI NISTRATIO N + ABOlTT NASA -+ For Kids + NEWS & EVEHTS + MUlnM~DIA -+ POPUlAR TOPICS IF IT'S NOT SAFE. on your list from Exercise 4c does the speaker 1 Who is the Web sile for? What are their interests? mention? 2 What "'ill the Web site contain? (Articles on ~ b Listen again and add any points the speaker things such as sports.01.04 l atest on Genesis Probe + Read More . trarll>pareut Navigation covered by this site. Second ..09. View Video EXPlORIPlG lliE UNIVERSE 09.. How does the speaker list her 4 What makes a good Web site? Think of your points? Complete this list.~ h Look at the home page from a Web site at the top Yet.. and your group will have to c Make a class list of the features that a good Web design tho home page of the site. ~ a Listen again. clear c Now go back to your list of poin ts.olLe accurate. sito for your class. Web site . inviting. discuss these points @ a Listen to a lecture on Web desig n . a Choose a home page from a site you like and print it out.. opon.'0 . In your groups.03.".. a You are going to report your group's ideas to the Listen to the lecture again if necessary. etc. HUMANS IN SPACf . -"-<' . Fourth .. science.09.09. learning Engl ish: help with homework?) 3 What will appear on the home page? Think about 6 Noti ce text.. music. Make notes on what is good about it and what could be improved. tips for mentions which are not on your class list. . present the concept of tho Web site and the home page to the class and they will vote on the one they 5 Co mpare like the most. important things a good Web site should have.. up-ta-dato Content of this page. rest of the class.04 Station Spacewa lk Successful 09.. Which points and then design the home page. 10 I!ASA + For Students FIND IT C NASA ' + AO'IANCED SEAJICIl _ 1:: . Do you wan t to make any revisions to your Web site? 3 7 Follow up 4 Feedback a Present your idea for the Web site to the class and explain your home page.design the home page! b Notice how the speaker identifies the good points in Web sites.. vote on the best Web site." WOfy . Complete the table with positive Prepare adiectives and phrases about good Web design. Can you add any other not cluttored . SAY 501 Rofgl. photos. and links. . You will need to site should have. 5 Put your ideas into action ..

u.to ask whether an action has been done (Y to sat that an expected actiOn has not been done (question and negative form 00y) Have )OU called your mother yet? No. 8 We've been to a concert in the new auditoriun. we often go on to add ~.... womod.for actions completed earlier than expected I've already flf'lished aI the questOOs.. "--' Okay. already . 2 Don't wait for Janes.. With this use of the present perfect..to state how k)ng an action has been in progress. v. Unil3 RU connecled? ..for very recent actiorls complain about someone We complained about t. 6 Fran neyer went skiing but she hopes to go next year.. in the simple past tense: I've been to Chile.to state. . and he agreed. Note: In informal American English. 4 Did Amanda tell you all about Mary's new boyfriend? Did Amanda gossip about Mary's n ew bo yfri end? 5 Iwas unhappy about the hotel room and I told the manager. ever .. Word or phrase Useful phrases complain have an argument shout at boast Example been there. I haVen't called her yet because the phone isn't working/ s till . tI «I 5 We haven't been to a good party since two years.. Can I go naN? yet . e. gNetl. Fann We form the present per1ecl with the auxiliary verb have + a past participle.. I've aJroody fed the cat (so you don'. PAST 1975 PRESENT tI Jack Slant W()(king for Ford.to say somethlng has happened n the recent past I've been to the movies 8 101 recent.LANGUAGE RESOURCE Grammar Summary 1 Present perfect \ Five of these sentences are incorrect. 3 I told everyone in the room about how I won the competition.. Vocabulary Summary 1 IT and Internet words Look at the IT words and expressions in the box. too.. Pfease take your shoes off.. 7 Kevin and Jackie have just had their third child. ror two years.-l> 3 Have you seen the new James Bond film stilt? James Bond film yo>t? 4 Louisa has recently made a lOt 01 new friends. but I've never been to Argentina. Fran has I never been . Affirmative: "ve been bought 8 car. discuss discuss something (with wmeone) Co..ing in the p-esent: Jack has worked for Ford since 1975. or something meal to the manager.. bought. used for periods of time We've had these dogs for five years.. Whi ch word from the table describes the situations below? Rewrr. He's just went out..y. Jack works for Ford • Experiences that we have had in our lives (at an unspecifIed time) and that we may have again: I've been to Chile. We tOOk an amazing cruise down the Pacific coast. we're have an arglJ'TlElflt with I had an 8rg.. Check the correct sentences and correct the wrong ones. the sinpIe past is often used n sentences >Mthjust and aIra:Kfy: J attachment icon link FAOs Web guide loolbar Web site Web bro~ search engine homepage chat room crash download file go online 1 offline log on 1 log off scroll bar surf virus Web page Computers The Internet ~ Both <>a. 100.. and check th E" meanings in Lessons 2 and 4 1 a dictionary if you need to.g. We've just cJeaned the catpet.. • Recent actions or actions that we expect to do: I'vEI just had some coffee (a few nToutes ago). beErI.. I ahJady fed the cat.. . 1 The President has never been overseas.. about th e hotel room. ... and add more words of your own. write them into the correct column in the table._ 1 persuade someone that shout at someone boast about something (to someone) Don't shout at the call Simon's always boasting about his expensive sports car.. she hasn't bought a used car. w e went to one last w eek . we've been 1(' one last week. used for a particular point n time I haven't seen Simon since Monday. I haven 't 2 Words connected with talking Look at th e meaning o f these words in Lesson 31 a dictionary..ment with iT'" someone about something brother about his friend~ ~ persuade " " '. I wetJI there last year. We had an argument about pol i tics. • Actions Of stales that began in the past but thai are contn. I boasted ahout huw I won the competition . In fact.. recently . I p ersuaded Sam to come with u s on va cation :--' 2 We disagreed strongly about politics. usually with a specifIC time reference. My sister has just Question: Have you ever been to New Itlrlc? Has she bought a used car? Negative: No. He's j ust gon e out..... •• .to ask atxxJt experieoces that have happened at least once up to now (question form onty) Have you ever been fa London? for . since ...Jd I discuss my amuar-' raise with yoo Icx:iay? 1 I gave Sam alilhe reasons why he should come with us on vacatior.. the sentences using a word from the table.. Th en . We haven't met Anna 's new boyfriend yet (but we expect to). yoo'vs persuaded me to come this Karen gossips about everyt>ody so don't tetl her any secrets! someone to do SCltTlElt!Ylg gossip about someone evennr' '--' gossip ge"". tI To tal< about actions or states n the past but thai have some effect in the present. web guide web site web browser search engine scroll bar to New York twice. more information.ten we expect it to be done (negative form oriy) We sill hav&l't heard from our daughter il AusttaJia. need to do it).nan a continuing action started. No.. link FAo. done.to sat that an actoo has not been done... 2 Adverbs used with the present perfect just . The errors can be in the present perfect itself or in the use of the adverb.'A tool bar Iile <= homepage chat roo m go OIlIineloffii oe surr web p age download "--' v irus log on I log 01T I just had some coffee.

uuh alL r. I ask myself if the word is important in order to understand the text. I have to give this presentation next week and I know that you're really goocI at that kind of thing. 4 The earthquake wa SIron strongly enough to 3 Pete's a real technophobe.snt1.J L. ~ in a dictiOnary or ask my teacher. 2 First of all.. . b You can also use word formation to discover what a word means... He refuses to buy a cell phone and won't use the copy machine.qr. etc... 3 If there are a lot of words or phrases I don't know. 2 Happy / have t 3 critici~ We know it's sharp.).r enCe:red /:he. so it's a tool for cutting down trees.dpfu1ty s. nouns. noun. etc. 3 Using structural clues to figure out meaning a You can also use information about the type of word (adjective.. 1 Note the page reference. f<.an 7 ~ wi my fuw m dest&Yl1Pon.. the noun made of three parts: prefix root disagreement is suffix ~~~ 1 The prefix dis..e_n k_:' M 2 The word agree is the base word or root.g:so.U o c Choose the correct word in italic.he I:J1e afon.e:dUes m '!5fI $. look at the sentence and answer the questions.sm:m.. Discuss the c lues you used to discover .an. 2 undisciplined 3 replacement 4 unhappiness un . out and their meanings. the meaning.w.J was a!mud a. If it isn't. ~ . 0 u appines is a quality that we don·t all misfortune to enjoy. 1 Careful reference /<§i&encW is€sent~/ essentially in a research paper. I reach for the dictionary. ?!74uer fl!l!t nach 1& ilM". !:. meaning. b Discuss your answers with the ctass. ACTION PLAN [> out the meaning of new words Your action plan: figuring words During your next few English lessons make a list of arr.. your brains for half an hour or so? de"". like a knife. and adjectives to create the opposite.a!e a<m"".is used with some verbs. 1 If I don'. b Discuss your answers w ith your class or group. TiS:hJe:. »a. ~7-l'ea.s aL-ways Ie as ""II as /k5l' flf . The cratty choodle departed on time for a change. know something. .errnan Ms= 'Whd lund q: chaxiIe."i! aImt Ik 2 ~""'"9 f=m .I:!. "The »O"»u2n h.Z C> Z 01:: Figuring out meaning 1 Dealing with new words when reading a Read these strategies and check the ones that you have used when reading. In pairs. c:tu. 3 What kind of word is cratty? Write three words that could replace it in the sentence. fiau.. 4 Applying what you've looked at a Read this text and decide which underlined words or phrases are important to understand the text. new words.. use the context to guess the meaning of the words in italic."""Y ""iI h-r1c fo-maL f=m.3 .a1he. talk about your action plan from page 25. disagreement: ::J >- o o Prefix Root 1 misunderstanding mi s under stan d discipline p l ace h app y cycl e Suffix in s 0. and it's a tool. I immediately look it up ~<J<J REVIEW Review your action plan from Unit 2: Making key pals In pairs.ded fJU1 a ~y a'Yl:u:le awi f. 2 Every time I come across a new word.r th. "ltdL the I:e:xl... J cd-ml} pd up ""iI hand and <n [nglsh askd ~ -new teaJ:hey. 1 The man used a sharp ax to chop the tree down. I stop reading because the text is too high for my level..... type of text. Use a dictionary if necessary. I ignore it and carry on. 4 I try to figure Qut the meaning from the context.i /k. Tis:hJe:. ~ :sr~that her bOss sa estruetio workers.se4 high!¢< allik ~-11" <M nd 7M 1m "»as 5 /umcti. Did yCXJ search for information on key pals? Have you made a key pal? In pairs. Jane. ccmp!eJ:e kgtn-ney and /lad fuui 1 ku.. a k1t of destrue Unemployed is causing 4 Hey.. For example. usually negative.. > L. n felt salisfied critical her wo . can I pick.s J? 2 What kind of word is chood/e? Write three words that could replace it in the sentence.ud. analyze these words in the same way as complete the table and say what they all mean. important new you learn from the reading texts. 1 Write as many quesHons as you can about the nonsense words cratty and choodle.1im< ¥ . 2 Ust phrases.wnung JlA.. and title.. verb.U 5 recyclable 2 Using contextual clues to figure out m eaning In pairs.l cWftad/. to discover what it means. Then try to guess more or less what the important words or phrases mean.r.. 3 Write a short explanation of how you figured out the meaning. 3 The suffix -ment indicates that the word is a noun. RU connected? Unit3 . you figured Note: You will need to show these notes to a dassmate at the end of Unit 4.e !uui ?Ole ~.d m en t n ess able Ull . rfly Jir1c .n.

2 I live a lone back home but right now I share IEsharj~n apartment with my sister. 4 I at u early and write for a couple of hours and the~ usua y go I'm usuaJJ oing fo r II walk. I wish I hadn't gone out to restaurants every evening. a b c d e U only 1 had the money to buy 8. If only I bad fin ished my major. Could you turn it off. want to see that movie again -I've already seen it six times. .ing verb and the verb in parentheses. 1 I don'l play soccer any more. used to play (play) but I'm too old and slow now. 5 Are you used 10 Ij Y in ~ • e Match the problems with the wishes and regrets. Write the corroct form below. 2 I've gained a couple of kilos during this vacation. Z I've studied English since I was s ix and I still make mistakes. If only I didn't have to work so bard. ~ 3 I'm only in California for a year or so ~ taldnBY 1 take a postgraduate course at UCLA. S We broke down on the highway and had to call for help. 3 My boss fired me. My Hom etown. please? 3 I didn't use to like (not/like) gardening when I was young but now I lovo it! (you/play) with toy trains when you were a kid? Did you use to play (you/live) in the country now? It's so quiel compared to tho town you moved from. 3 moved Mve Icmt 1 have traveled 4 b as lived 2 m et 5 have had c Complete these sentences with five of the adverbs from the box.a Choose the correct tense. 1 Water is boiling ~t 100 degrees Celsius. 1 I left collage early without a degree. s ex weeken d I go / birthday party. Look at the example and underline the remaining mistakes. ' /11 goin 0 m y grand father's 75th b There are six mistakes with the simple past and present perfc<:t in the essay on the right. I 2 I am not used 10 working (not/work) with music on. 4 I have to do two jobs to make enough 10 survive. S Have you ever taken part in a chat room? d Complete these sentences with the correct fonn of used 1o or be used to + . simple present or present progressive. 4 Have you finished that assignment yet ? We have to hand it in tomorrow. ( ) I wish I hadn't insulted her in fro nt of the other e mp lo~. new car. 3 I've worked here for a long time and don 't want to leave .I'm used to working here. since for just already yet ever recently 1 I don'.

""._--_. • persuade complain boast shout gossip disr.I get this message saying an error has occurred and the computer just switches itself off. Could you send me the details? Luke Sure. 3 Noth ing you say will persuade me to cross Niagara Falls on a bicycle! 4 Actors are well known for gossiping about each other . 2 I shouted as loudly as I could <'II Ihe child. 2 friend l ~tmosPhere in the workplac! _ we all gan to see each other SOcially She en?Ouraged us all to be . we were 4 COOperative. P y and Created a SPlCit. Only five words or phrases are used....f Complete this text with the adjective form of five of the words in the box. 1 Z 3 4 a a a a 5 a using @ pending lending ~aking owes b ends keep waste win b save ffi've c making ~ iSSing c aski ng d ?rrowing c borrows gives d guard c Jarn d gain Complete this dialogue by choosing the appropriate word or phrase from the box.. or d.. e managed to create a pleasant. don't only repay the loan The Ideal Boss ~me. We all respected ffi' . download attachment file crash toolbar viru:. whe!1 a bank 3 . cold. I try to be optimistic.ked lip a 1 virus when I was surfing the 2 Net Luke Oh . no! So what h<'lppens to your computer? John Well. some . right away.. connection Net Web sile scroll bar home page log on online John Hey.e was not only experienced e Clent. Toe fact is my salary IS JU low. yo. You can 5 download them onto your computer. to fill in the blanks. ". Of course. I wonder if you can help me.'ve ~ad a lot of bad managers in m y mcompetent.sh er. It's difficult for me to 4 •. . [ used olle and it worked. more money from the bank. aggressive. every time I try to go 3 online . . good to see you. ~ .y . Luke r can try_ What's the problem? John r think I pir.a lot of money recently and I needed some acMce from my loan officer. for everybody Sh a smile . She w: ~e~:r~u re axed SOrt of person _ sh' c never seemed uptight or nervous and she always had time and '. but she couldn't hear me. But I'd like ~bou~ my last boss.. John Great. and I. ' yo.I have so many obligations nowadays that I right now. attract friend create relax cooperate respect real organize romance independence h Choose the correct word. b. I -'oed her what my options were..ussion argue 1 Our neighbors complained about the noise during Oill party last night. . __ . each other: we worked wdJ With a team and with h as her. q.inht now .they love to talk about other stars' secret lives. I've been 1 . but life is really hard but also the interest and I can't afford that.. ay.. I haven '\ heen able to send any e-mails for days! Luke I know a very good 4 web site that provides really good anti-virus programs free. c. g Underline the odd word out. apart from 2 .she were fi eep telling us what to do _ we ree to work on our Own A result. money. 1 Eyes : bl<'lck/blue/brown/green 2 Wine: red/white/black/rose 3 Hair: blondlbrown/vellow/black 4 Meat: red/white/brown/dark .. 5 Have you heard? Joe and Helen had an enormous argument and aren't talking to each other anymore. spend everything I 5 .. whict11 really don't want to dO.. a". and 5 organized b ' communicated a enl ' ut she great te'm . Complete the sentences with the correct form of five of the words in the box. a. . I Wef1t to the bank for advice the other day. 3 ~dependent ' didn't k ' In our work .

The four people in the article below are a lso at the party and are not talking to anyone right now. Did you choose the person that the wri ter suggests is the most attractive? GLOSSARY a uribule ]lOslurc A positive foature of someone or something the way we hold our bodies as pire desire ilnd work toward something Unil 4 Together .~i 1 _ . Which one wou ld you talk to? Wh y? b Read the article quickly. -_ • 1 Reading skills a Imagine that you are at a party.

irs great I've met some rea lly interesting people. what do you do? B I'm 0 research biologist A Wow.. so do I. a You like salsa? A love it.we were in school log ether. I know Dove from way bock .. nothing exciting B Nothing exciting. Do you live near here? a Well. A Hi there. A Really? That's interesting. too. well. a Oh. present progressive. A Hi. maybe some other time then. sure. Come along some other time. right? B Yeah. B Wow. I mean. a Yeah. George B Yeah. Are you having a good time? B Well. "~--------------------------------------------------------------. nice to meet you. we're going to try and go every week if it's good. A Yeah . B Don't worry. no. but actually I'm staying with my friend Rachelthat's her in the black dress O\lef there. a Me too. rve just come bock from Coracas a wow. delighted to meet you. no..we were in school together. irs not so diflicull when you're in the some town. maybe we could gel together one evening? How aoout Saturday? A Oh. and then ask students tu read the text quickly and answer the question in Exercise 1b. we do.. when you come on your own. what do you do? B I'm a research biologist. look I'm actually waiting for someane. A Well. I'm a flight anendanl. I bet you realty get to make some interesting discoveries. near the airport. since we live near each other. A Really? You've kept in touch? a Yeah. it was really fascinating. A Wow.we're seeing a play at Ihe theater. Are you enjoying the party? A Yeah.sounds great A Yeah. ThaI's fascinating. on the other side of town. How do you know Angie and Dove. recognizing and simple present) expressing interest Ustening a conversation Speaking discussing intentions Ask students What do you do fa make a good first impression when you meet people for the first time? Write students' suggestions on the board and add (or elicit) the following: smiling looking cool listening folking a 101 being funny Introduce the topic asking questions 1 Reading skills Set up the prediction task. I oought it in Milan. See you later. Yes. this is Jane. yeah. rm from New York lpause) So. me. B Hi. 15 For Exercise 2a on page 39 !ioI A Hello there. laura.' For Exercise 2c on page 39 !II A Do you work with Dove? B No. A Really? ThaI's interesting. A That's true. by a Okay. I'm going to try that new salsa club on Friday. A I'd kwe to. I am. I'm flying to Paris on Saturday. Set a time limit affive minutes. A Yeah. I know. Point oul the Glossary. that's rea lly nice of you. welt. no. Irs from Italy. look . I'm Rachel. right so you're in the travel industry. In fact. How interesting. I think Fli go get another drink. a Is it? A Do you like it. I think the JXlrly's great. near the airport A Hey. A Nice to meet you.Objectives Topic: attraction and communication Pronunciation Reading a scientific article Grammar future plans and intentions intonation: (going to. - C Lauro. F minutes on Ihe bus to get ifty here. B Yes. are you Iddding? I bet you get to see some interesting places. How interesting! What exactty do you do? A Oh. A Oh. nothing exciting a Nothing exc~ing. We went to a fantastic salsa dub there. A Really? You've kept in touch? B Yeah. look I'll give you my number . the way. A Oh. . rm George. A Where ore you from? B Michigan. I suppose. Are you enjoying the party? B Hello. do you work with Dove? a No. B Yeoh. I've just come back from Caracas. Caracas . maybe. we do I suppose. A I mean. A Hi. Together T 38 Unit 4 . I've never been to Michigan.. sure. I'm sorry. A Nice shirt Did you get it here? B Heavens. Why don't you come along? What are you doing on Friday? A Oh. a Okay. I've never been to Michigan. thanks.. I'm a flight attendant. Caracas . I'm meeting some friends on Saturday . A Where are you from? B Michigan. Do you mind . I know Dove from way oock . A Yeah. A Hey! Sa do II B So you're in the Iravel industry. iI's not so difficult when you're in the some town. Do you travel a lot? B Yes. Jane. ThaI's fasc inating.. lpause). I have my car here. lpause) A Well. but irs a lillie difficult you know. What exactly do you do? A Oh. on the other side of town. it's okay. She lives on the next block. ore you kidding? I bet you get to see some interesting places. yeah. A Good party. A Well. A Oh. it is.sounds great. A That's tru e. Do you live near here? B Well. a Yeah. being a biologist? B Irs okay. I'm from New York.sorry. okay. I can give you a lift oock if you like. Uh . Whal a pain! a Well. okay. then? A Angie and 1worK together. and the flight leaves very early in the morning . it was really fasc inating.. 50.

Play tho audio for Exercise 2c aga in. as needed. In 2. The audioscripts for Track 1 5 and Track 16 are on page T38 ~ 171-------------------------------------------------------------Really? Thors true. the man sounds very bored. scheduled events. Ask student s to listen and match the conversat ions wi th the people.it is the decision you have mode. Ask students to listen for answers to tho questions in Exercise lb. Play tho aud io for Exercise 2e. Answers will vary. to copy the intonation pall crns they hear.j overuse the simple ptesentto lalk about personal arraogements. Thofs foscinating. he uses a flat intonation . review the ru les for expressing intentions. and 4 . it is important to get students to reolly exaggerate when repealing the "interested" intonation patterns from the recording. exaggerating tho di ffe rences in pilch.ld thi s again as homework. Wow. Students should be using present progressive fo r fixed arrangements and going to for intontions. fThars my de<ision. In conversation 2. the court is reserved. and arrangements in the Grammar Summary on page 4G of the Student's Book. Answers: In 1. the more interested people sound. inten tions.it is only used for impersonal. Monitor students and listen for common mistakes. plans.0 and a ppears to be wai ting for someone and wants the other person to go away. the "other" person gives up and goes away. they make friends and arrange to meet. I fJI9y tennis tomorrow afternoon. the more "exaggerated" the intonation. 2 Listening skills If you wish.Ask studen ts to co mpare their notes from Exercise lc with a partn er.sounds great. the man sounds interested . Hey. Unil4 T 39 Together .1 I'm going to play tennis tomorrow. Because English tends to use a wide intonation pattern. t\it 5 Speaki ng skill s Have students work individually to plan fo r one o f the si tUlI\ions.! Common PfOb'ems and errors Students m(f. Caracos . 4 Grammar review and extension: future plans. 3 . Conversely. Realty? Thafs interesting. Ask st udents to complete the conversations. or assign students to Tei. Play the audio for Exercise 3b and ask students to listen and repeat line by line. Then put them in pairs to discuss their plans. 1 3. Ihe simple present is nolo common future form . first ask students to predict what they thin k the people in the pict u res might say in each conversation. Play the audio fo r Exercise 2a . Answers will vary. the more bored people sound . I'm ploying tennis tomorrow. so do I How interesting! Nothing exciting. As they listen. ask students to say who sou nds interested or bored. Play the aud io again. UI is arranged. both women sound interested: their intonation has more high and low tones. Quick grammar guide: future The present progressive is used to talk about personal plans and arrangements that have been ful ly planned and fina lized. Pause after each conversat ion to elicit studen ts' illlswers. The difference is subtle and often either fo rm can be used in any situation. Answers: In conversations 1. no one can stop me. and arrangements If students need help wit h Exercise 4. You may need to play and pause the recording to allow students to wri1c their answers. In English. Going to is used to emphasize the intention rather than the plan or a rrangement . 3 Pronunciation : intonation Quick pronunciation guide The "flatter" the intonation. Tho woman sounds bored because of her flat intonation: she does not seem interested in the man. ore you kidding? Wow. and then have student s roport briefly to the class. with a slight difference of implied meoning. and they seem to like each other and are making friends. Ask stud~nt s to discuss Exercise l d in pairs.

I'm a night attendant. You won't know anybody there.\. 5 we I play I ill I soccer final I Saturday (It's in the program.) 5k:s Illf"U 10 7ioa<knd on. 1 Are you enjoying tho party? P 2 We're leaving for Paris noxt Monday. F 5 Jeremy always arrives late for the class. How interesting .g. talk abou t the si tuations and what you in tend to do. using the correct form. on the other side of town . 1 she / fly I Thailand I Saturday (She bas already bought the ticket. 6 game I start I 3:00 / afternoon (This is the scheduled time.) I'm going to stay at home and watch soccer on TV tonight. 3 I'm going to try that new salsa club. 4 1/ stay I home I watch soccer I TV tonight (But I could change my mind. I've just come back from Caracas. I'm from New York. What exactly do you do? A Oh. 3 A Where are you from? B Michigan. b Which sentences describe the present and which What is tho outcome of each conversation? 2 Which conversa tion is the most successfu l? Why? 1 Listen 1 these short exchanges from the 0 conversations and complete them. but you want to make some new friend s. then write sentences from the prompts below. ThaI's fascinating . . 3 her parents I take her / airport (Th is is their intention. times. 1 You're new in this town and you have been invited to a party on Saturday. A Hey! SodoJ ! 2 8 So you're in the travel industry. Match the conversations with the four people in Exercise la. . A Yeah._ 4 person _ . P c Read the information about the ways of express ing future plans and intentions on page 46 .) 1 person _ 4 _ 2 person _ 3 _ 3 person _ .) \-Ve are playing in the soccer fina l on Saturday.) Her parents are going to take her to the airport. what do you do? 8 I'm a research biologist.. Caracas Sounds great . Do you agree with th e writer? d Think of your best fri end or boyfriend/girlfriend. well. B Nothing exciting. So. are you kidding ? I bet you get to see some in teresti ng places .) Her fli ght leaves at 7:30 in the morning. Really? That's interesting ? I've never been to Michigan. we do. B Wow. A ThaI's true .we were in school together. nothing exciting. . Remember to show interest in what your partner says ! I'm going to a party on Satllrday. 2 Your hoyfrielld's/girlfrielld's parents have invited you for lunch. F 4 I'm staying with my cousin in Chicago next weekend.. a Which tense/verb form is used in each example? 1 '" present progressive 2 '" simple present 3 going to + infinitive b Which example describes an intention. intenti ons. 1 A Do you work with Dave? B No. Listen and repeat the phrases that you wrote in the conversations above. travel) and your preparations (e. 2 her fli ght I leave / 7:30 / morning (This is the scheduled time.. Wow. A Rea lly ? You've kept in touch? B Yeah. describe the future? Write P or F. it was really fascinating. not a plan? 3 c Which example describes a very definite plan. b In pairs. no. 1'111 going to wear Together Uni14 3 Pron unciation: intonation ~ ~ listen to the exchanges again. Make notes of your plans for tho situation (e. 5 Speaking skills a Choose one of the situations below. 5aluniOJi. clothes.._ ~ b Listen again and answer the questions. and arrangements a Look at these examples and answer the questions. I know Dave from way back .c Make notes of what the writer says about the four people in the pictures. yeah. Discuss the notes with your partner. Where did you moot? What do you think first attracted you to that person? 4 Grammar review and ex tension: future plans. it's not so difficult when you're in the same town. A Well. You haven't met them before and you want to make a good impression. I suppose. We're sccing a play at the theater. (The people in the pict ures are the second speaker in each conversation.) The game sta rts at 3:00 in the afternoon. such as a schedule? 2 II:: 2 Listening skills ~ a Listen to four conversations at a party. Do you live near here? 8 Well . conversation topics). 1 I'm meeting some fri ends on Saturday.g. F 3 My train arri ves at six on Wed nesday. Who sounds interested? Who sounds bored? Why? mtonation shows how interested we are in a penon or a conversation. 2 The fli ght leaves very early in the morning. near the airport.

[li} - !aJ THE STATE OF MARRIAGE TODAY • Is there something seriously wrong with marriage today? During the past 50 years. many couples now cohabit and don 't bother to marry . 4 The increase in the divorce rate may be the result of changes in society.Marriage: a dying institution? 1 Read ing skills s One in Iwo couples in th e United Slates get divorced. But with the rising number of women in well-paying jobs.~ame POSitiOll as another persoll Unit 4 Together . Some futuri sts predict that in 100 will+verb years. d But what are the reasons for this. And it is also tr ue that married couples have a healthier life than single people: they suffer less from stress and its consequences. C appear in either the marriage or divo rce statistics. UI IS first it will lead to the break-up of the eonditional family.these couples are effectively married.. In answer to the second question. to+ver to get worse.. the rate of couples marrying has never actually fallen very much. and married men generally consider themselves m o re contented than their single counterparts. Why do you think people gct divorced? Are there as many di vorces in your country? b Read the art icle quickly. 1 . @j 3 A good marriage can bring a lot of benefits. Women used to be economically de pe nde nt on their husbands as they usua lly didn' t have jobs outside the ho m e. according to a spokesperson t for the N ational Family Association. \Vhile the rate of divorce has risen. and will+verb extramarital affairs will be even more common than they arc now.. In fact. In addition to this. [) 2 The current trend and predictions for the future nrc for an increasing divorce rale. this is no lo nger the case. . arc the statistks deceptive with regard to people stayi ng in fi rst marriages? 4 . the outlook may not be as pessimistic as it seems. the ratc of divorce in the U nited States has exploded: almost 50% of marriages end in divorce now.... Perhaps the key is to find out what makes a successful marriage and apply it to all of our relationships! c Find reasons for these facts in the article. such as heart problems. and the rate is increasing.. and is the picture really so gloomy? The answer [Q the first question is really quite si mple: marriage is no lo nge r the necessity it o nce was. is marriage not a necessity for women any longer? Z .. If •• · teen d connnucs. Why . Going b and the evidence suggests it is going . 0 GLOSSARY flx tra marilal outside of marriage gloomy dnprcssing. 1 The statistics may give an unnecessaril y pessimistic impression of marriage and divorce. more than 50% of first marriages survive. pessimistic cohauit Iivl! together (as a couple) counterpart SOlIlIlo ne in tht! . docs the number of cohabiting couples not affect the trend? 3 . What makes a good marriage? Couples have to lenrll 1 accept each other's differen ces. but they do not So is m arriage really an outdated institutio n? The fact that m ost people still get married indicates that it isn 't. is marriage benefi cial to men? d In pairs. The statistics are deceptive because there is a higher number of divorces in second and third marriages than in first marriges. the average American will marry at least four times. tal k about successful marriages that you know. b The institution of m ar riage has been based for years pa rtly on economic need. Match the paragraphs with the four brief summaries. so they don 't feci that they need to stay in a failing marriage. . so marriage is still quite popular.

Extromarllal affairs = relationships outside marriage Gloomy picture = negative view Economic need = need for financial support Pessimistic outlook = negative view of the future Outdated institution = sociallrodilion that is not modern and needs chonging Vocabulary Ask students to discuss the question in Exercise l d in pairs. 2 Because they do not appear in marriage or divorce statistics. Answers: 1 They are no longer economically dependent on their husbands. Remind them to check the Glossary. 4 Married men suffer less from stress and feel more contented. Tell them to discuss the questions and look back at the article to research their answers . life experiences Reading a social science article Grammar predicting the future: will. Tell half A to work in groups of four to write a lis) of advantages of being single.Objectives Topic: marriage and the family Vocabulary the extended family. Introduce the topic Elicit two lists of advantages on the board. You may wish to point them out to students.Tell half B to work in groups of four to write advantages of being married. Allow one minute. Set a short time limit (four minutes) to encourage students to skim the article. Elicit students ' answers and write on the board some examples of the students' advice. Ask students to work in pairs to answer the questions in Exercise lc. going to. Which "hair hod the most adYonloges? 1 Reading skills Discuss the questions in Exercise 1a as a class. first conditional Writing an Internet posting Speaking discussing family and marriage Write on the board Being single and Being married. 3 There is a higher number of divorces in second and third marriages than in first marriages. Divide the class into two halves. There ore a number of collocations in the text. Together T 40 Unit 4 . and then ask students to read the article quickly and match paragraphs to the summaries in Exercise lb.

form groups of four and ask the groups to follow the instructions in Exercise 4d. Additional actfvity Collect ond correct the postings and their replies. Tell them another student will read their work lator on. If Peter doesn't come soon. Presentation altematiYe Ask students to read the Internet posting quickly. Put students in pairs and make sure they agree on which statement they are going to write about.2 Grammar: pred icting the future Help students find and underline the predict ions in the first paragraph of the article for Exercise 2a . and thell ask st udents to write their own predictions and compare them in pa irs. Quick grammar guide: predictions Going to expresses 0 prediction bosed on evidence now. 3 Vocabulary: th e family Ask students to do Exercise 3a and 3b individually and thon compare with a partner before checking answers with the Vocabulary Summary on page 46. helping students with any questions they have. Unit 4 T 41 Together . Model the activity in Exercise 2c by providing one or two examples. Then invite students to rewrite them ond post them on the classroom wall so that students have on opportunity to read whot everybody has written. helping students with ideas and vocabu lary. Answers will vary. Put students in small groups to practice the vocabulary by discussing the questions in Exercise 3d. so thoy should write their "posting" legibly on a soparate piece of paper. After students have studied the rules on pago 46. Common problems and errors A common persistent error is likely to be using the simple present for predidions. and thell ask them which forms they use. When students are ready. Move around the class. will is used to express 0 prediction thot is 0 personol opinion. Let students check in pairs before goi ng over the answers as a class. Ask 0 basic question to help students understond the gist (or main ideo) of the article: Is the writer concerned about the family or not concerned? Give students a minute to ask th eir purtner's opinion in Exercise 4b. In troduce the activity in Exercise 4c carefully. ask them to complete the paragraph in Exercise 2b with the correct verb forms. he ~ the start of the film. especially with conditionals. Move around the class. •• 4 Writing skills Let students check their answers to Exercise 4a in pairs before discussing as a class. ignoring the spoces.

where t he cou ple d idn't get 6 married in the first place. with t he mothe r at home? It see ms tod ay t hat most child ren have 2 working mothers. 5 Mother. Then o f cou rse there are the 4 single-parent famil ies. c Check your answers in the Vocabu lary Summary on page 46.eY-{'n-/aw.. . What can we do about this? Your wife's brother is your /m:i:J. exchange postings. 2 If more people get divorced .!1. there 4 will be (be) fewer people in work. In pairs. the size of families d In sma ll groups. Dno of the problems faced by the western world is its falling population. Write a short posting of about 100 words. a nd if they had to work. Underline four predictions ahout the future of marriage. Write a reply a nd "send" tJlO message back again. discuss these q uestions. 4 If you have a sisler with a different falher or mother. d . and there 6 will be (be) less money available for the sick and the elderly. b. The order of the stages most often is: e. It is n't rig ht . I believe that these children will grow u p with terri ble problems. so they are left wit h strangers all day. Then. If the population cuntinues to fall. which can't be good for them . What has happened to t he 1 traditional fam ily.. she is your half sister . marriage .. 3 Families where both parcnts work have sOllle Advantages.. Compare your order with a partner. fat her. com pare your sentences. 2 Single-parent famil ies can't bring up children as well as traditional famili es. leaving t he children with only one parent at home . h Do you agree with the writer of Ihi s posting? Discuss the posting with a partner. a (f can come at any time after b) Together Unit4 . 3 will cause (cause) many problems in the future. 1 got a more chi ldren b married 2 got 3 got c a baby 4 go out with d engaged have a boy/girl 5 6 have f divorced . b Match the verbs and nouns. Read out interesting messages to the class.. d Join with another pair and in groups of four. mothers stayed at home with their child ren. of course.and these poo r child ren get totally confused..4 children. discuss the st<ltemcnts below a nd choose one that you are bot h interested in.before they know whether their relationship is "right". then write th em in the order in which we usually do these things in our lives. 6 A man or woman on their own with children form a single-parent fam ily. which of course leads to more cri me and u nemployment. 3 in the fut ure.e. Couples need to produce an average of 2. 1 in 50 years. where a couple has gotten 5 divorced .or worse.ililJ:m. governments 5 will raise (raise) less money in taxati on. Which future forms do th ey usc? b Look at the ways of predicting the futu re on page 46.'Cide not to have children. then complete the paragraph below with the corroct form of the verbs. 3 If you marry a man or woman with children. In my day. but in many countries that has fallen to below two and 1 will definitely continue (defini tely continue) to faiL In some European countries the average couple has only one child and evidence suggests that it 2 is Boine to get (get) worse as more couples dl..lttw in-law mother parent single sister step tradit ional working 1 7 . they left the children with their own mothe r o r mot her3 in-law .!UL: child re n . an d t he woma n has to brin g up the child ren totally o n he r own. blolliea children famil y fat her half ffl-. Then you get divorced peo ple who remarry and end up with seve ra l 3 Vocabulary: th e family a Complete each definition about the family with two words fro m the box. Thi s.. single-parent families 4 In the future.2 Grammar: predicting the fut ure a Read the fi rst paragraph of the article again. 4 Divorce is not necessarily bad for ch ildren. c. 1 A woman with children who works ou ts ide the home is a working mother . and two children form a traditional famil y . in pairs. i.. 1 People have children too young . 2 Your husband's father is your father-in-law . pare nts a nd children. c Complete these pred ictions in your own words. they become your ~. c You arc going to write a posting about a related topic. 1 Do any of the phrases in Exercise 3a describe you? Which ones? 2 Do you have any of the people in Exercise 3a in your family? Which ones? 3 How many of the actions in Exercise 3b have you do ne·t 4 Writing skills a Read the Internet posting <lbout the state of marriage and com plete it with words fro m Exerc ise 3.

Talk about the people and why they are important to you. We play b8S~n t~ether every weekend and have a great bme. We've been togot~er for three years and I th ink we'll get roamed some day. ask and answer question s about your circle . A And Paul? B He's my best friend.. him ." if you were sharing an apartment with a friend and they never did any housework? a tell your friend they had to move out b stop doing housework yourself to make a point c talk to your friend about it and explain the probiem if your best friend started to make a lot more money and you were still almost always broke? If your friend was feeling really depressed after a relationship breakup? a feel jealous and ask your friend to pay for you all the time a stop calling your friend because he/she is atways complaining b tell your friend to call you whenever helshe wants if you were at a party with a friend and you met a really attractive person? a spend all evening with the person and ignore your friend b ask your friend if helshe minds if you spend the 'NhoIe evening with the person c invite the person to join you and your friend b see less of your friend because you don't want himther to pay for everything c suggest doing things together that don 't cost a lot of money c insist on taking your friend to parties. if your friend had a new hairstyle and you thought it looked awful? a say "What did you do to your hair?!" b say '1l1at looks great! Which hairdresser did you go to?" c say "Sorry. How would your li fe be d ifferent with out them? A Who's Karen? B She's my girlfriend. b Discuss your answers with a partner. Without. Then look at .Friendship 1 S peaking ski lis What kind of friend are you? Choose the best a answers for you in the questionnaire below." your score on page 149. It might be nice if you cut it shorter. Someone near " me" in the circlo is more important than those further away. What would you do . but listen when he/she wants to talk Together . though. Do you agree? C Y and complote tho " important relattonshlps c d~~le with n amos of friends and family. I wouldn't h ave a dose friend to confide m. d In pairs. but I don't think it really suits you.

Far Exercise 4 on page 43 ':IiI A Excuse me. 2l-ish. if you had 10 choose the most imporlant person in your life. First. I guess my little daughter is Ihe most important person in my life now. I can't really remember. Briefly elici t answers from the class. that's fine. definitely. I see. for girls.would you soy thaI was true for you? B Welt I'm not sure. so we didn't trusl each other as much.. so obviously my wife is real imporlont to me. I'm 26. go ahead. Um if t hod to choose someone from that time. irs just amazing when. around the age of nine or len . what I can tell you is that your answers agree with most of the population .she become a kind of mother figure. I think I'd say I made my first real friend about that time. interesting. you know. And I didn't have brothers or sisters. you know. A And the next most imporlont person? B You mean. Culture note A fair-weather friend is someone who is only friends with you in the good limes . A And would you soy he or she was the most important person in your life then? B Oh. peaple like that. A Right. the age of fIVe to eight years old. in sports. and I'd like to ask you a couple of questions. Introduce the topk reliable.. A No friends? B Yeah. You know. A Ah. do you have a minute? I'm doing a survey on imporlont people at different stages of our lives. A Oh. when I was about five to eight? A Right B . to when you were very young.. yes. A And how about now? Howald are you if you don't mind me asking? B No. I'd soy it was my school teacher. but we had a baby a couple of months ago. if you had to choose the most important person in your life from. I lost touch with most of my friends and .? B I don't know really.. . 17 1 20. Now how about the late teen years. Together T 42 Unit 4 . A She became more imporlant? B Right . yeah. who would you choose? Jusl one. who would il be? B Mmm. caring. Now who stands out as the most imporlont person? B Well. Right. your mother. A 101 of people still soy their mother for that age. but I suppose after my girlfriend. I don't think so. Then put students in pairs to talk about their answers. thaI's the answer most people give. B 50 wha t about my answers.not a real friend. Give them two or three minutes to think of the names they are going to write in their own circle. my mom used to go out to work and my teacher. soy. lers sIT'( up to the age of four. and. nol used commonly in speech). my mother.. have students copy the "ME" circle on a separate piece of paper. what do they mean? A Well. A Now. A Okay.. t'm going to ask you to think bock to your childhood.yeah.. For Exercise lc. She lived just down the street .my girlfriend.Objectives Grammar Topic: friendship Vocabulary friendship: collocations Reading a magazine questionnaire second conditional Ustening interviews Speaking discussing friendship Set the scene by asking students What qualilies make a good friend? Elicit words and phrases like honest. thars a little mare difficult I suppose Ihars the age when you start looking for role models and I was crazy about rock slars and basketball and that kind of thing. no. That's easy.it wasn't so long ago! A Good. Would that be okay? 8 Sure. "girlfriend" and then . Well. you know. you see. nothing else seemed to matter . Your mom again? 8 Well. A Thanks. B How young? A Well. bul if 1hod to soy right now. tha t's fine. 1 Speaking skills Give students fOUI or five minutes to do Exercises la and lb. if you look bock to that lime. a good listener. I got married two years ago. Now. t think it would be the girl I used to ploy with most. well . A Well. Foe = enemy lIiterary word. soy 1 to about 16. Thank you very much. I'd like you to Ihink back to when you were a teenager. Much more imporlont A Now. 3 B That's easy . A Thanks. B Well. no contes!. and so on. bul I think we were starting 10 get more competitive. A More importanllhan parents? B Absolutely.. B Four. strike up a friendship means start a friendship. and sports stars like Michael Jordon. Now. or perhaps a brother or sister. 0 B Easy . etc. My first real girlfriend . 50 rd say Carlos 5ontano or Kurl Cobain. fo r most people real friendship begins after this period.

Afterwards.. I moon = I'm going to try to explain Put students i. elicit students' answers and have them compare the survey with their an swers.second Many languages hove the past subjunctive in hypothetical condllional clauses. If someone at a party were unfriendly toward me. they have little meaning and are used to give us thinking lime when we speak. and then ask different students to come up to the board and write one of their sentences. I would be upset. Quick grammar gUide: . Play the audio again and ask students to expand the responses in Exercise 4c.fun / being there / something that you have to work on. Play the audio for Exercise 4b.. 4 Listening skills Set the scene by writing on the board: porenls. Since there is no such subjunctive in English. in modern speech was is also used. Ask At what stage of your life are these people mosl important? Why? Then ask students to copy the table in Exercise 4a into their notebooks and complete the "me" column. Ask students to listen and complete the "survey" column . pointing out that students have to match the sentence halves and then write whole sentences. . Point out that were is commonly used in the first person in second conditional sentences. However. and equate the simple past with such hypothetical concepts (and the post subjunctive if used in their first language!. Model Exercise 3b carefully. Their approximate meanings are listed below: sure. I would gel home sooner. As you elicit students' answers afterwards. gerund. then complete the rules.n pairs 10 do Exercise 4d . and I wish I had a new car. If I w9wJ9 §fI now. husband/wife. Unit 4 T 43 Together . The oudioscript for Track 18 is on poge T42 11i. You may n eed to play the recording a second time.2 Vocabulary: friendship Briefly elicit answers from the pairs for Exercises 2a and 2b. students often use would + verb in the condllionol clause as well as the main clouse. Point out that this sentence needs to be followed by an adjective. absolutely = of course I no problem or I agree well = give me a moment before I speak you see. or past + past in both clauses. Let students check their answers in pairs. Encourage them to practice using the words in Exercise 4c . ask students to underline the verbs in lhe clauses in exercise 2c. and indicate grammatically correct answers: Friendship is . buying time. as in the example in sentence 2 . condtianal Common problems and errofS Students confuse which form they should use in each clouse. Start students on Exercise 2c by giving them examples for the first two sentences. If I were rich.. explain that the following expressions are often used to "buy time. besl friend. 3 Grammar review: second conditional For Exercise 3a. 1/F8lIeI88 around Ihe world. or sometll/·ng + that . boy/girlfriend. Here. II is useful to help students see the similority between If I had a new car . would needs to be followed by an infinitive. as needed." in other words.

+ would (not) + infinitive b Read about the second conditional on page 46.. compare yo ur answers from the chart and think about the future. I w ould marry someone different from me. Then match the condition clauses with the main clauses and write sentences in the second conditional with would. or could.. Can YOIl add any other words or phrases? 9-12 13-16 17-21 22-25 become friends form a friendship girlfriend real friend strike up a friendship unfriendly C [11 ~ b Listen to a survey based on the table above and complete the ·'Survey" column. 6 One way of striking up a friendship is . 6 eld ... I'm not sure . 4 If we went out more often. 4 c . no contest. f . 3 WdL.c.If I weren't so shy... d Share your ideas with another pair. I would end the fri endship.If I w anted to get married . Survey mother girl down Ule street fi rst real friend role models first rea l girlfr iend wife unfriendly . You see . definitely. well.~olutely. 3 If [ wanted to make new friends.. 3 a .U· you weren't so demanding.. I 3 If I wanted 10 get married. end the friendship. My girlfricnd. 7 Absolutely. complete each sentence with two different ideas. ecJ... pairs. 1 a b c d e f 1 marry someone different from me. my mom used to go out to work . 8 Easy . I would .. I don 't think so. a . we wouldlmight/could meet more people.. 4 You mean . 5 b . Sure. 2 That's easy. . when' was abollt five to eight? 5 Well.. u'Ved neay me. 5 If my girlfriend/boyfriend did something I disapproved of. 1 If my best friend lived ncar me. meel more people.. 1 would .od/ fri end \ --- be friends M... no.. (Jb. frIEnd hey once. sec her once a week. / __ old friend become fr ie nds I 4 Listening skills a Who is the most important person in your life right now? Why? Has this always been the case·! Complete this table for the different times in yo ur life. '- 2 If someone at a party were wlfriendly toward me. go ahead.. .If we went out more oRen. My first rcal girlfriend .f 7mf}hl 2 die . keep friends for longer. sure. we 5 If I thought a friend weren't honest with me. you see.g.2 Vocabulary: frie ndship a Add some words and phrases from the questionnaire and scores in Exercise 1 to Lhe diagram. friendly b Add the words in the box to the diagram. 1 2 If I weren't so shy.. I would . e. Much more important. make friends Illore easily.. Important people in my life Age 0-4 5-8 ~ best friend . my mother.. might... Who are going to be the most important people in your life'! Together Unit 4 . I can't really remember. I would ... you ~ c When we speak naturally we often add little words to make our speech sound more natural. form a real " dose friend friendship iend'\. 4 If [ had a fair-weather friend. 1 mean.If fee '»f}f /:e1..family friend . '- 3 Grammar review: second conditional a Look at the clauses in Exercise 2c and complete the rule.. 6 Well. I 6 If you weren·t so demanding. Second conditional = if + simple ~.If I thought a friend weren 'l honesl with me.. d In pairs.. you would might/cou ld keep friends for longerl make fri ends mo re easily.. I would/migh t/could make friends more easilyhneet more people. Listen again and expand these responses to make them sound more natural.. 1 Friendship is .

5 Compare ~ a Listen to two people completing and discussing the questionnairo. decide whether these expressions are assertive (A). 7 Follow up Look at the sit uations in the quiz. with examples.. Explain 10 your partner. Whore did it happen? II was in a pizza place in town . When did it happen? Who wero you talking to? How did you roact? Why did you roact as you did? How did you feel afterwards? 2 Task a Take the quiz on the opposite page to fi nd out how assertive you are.. A 5 Well . non-assertive (NA). That's/How amazing. the restaurant near the beach? Do you remember . was it? Itlfhat wasn't. NA 6 I don't mind what we do. I'd ask people to introduce themselves. friends. lei's do it your way. the convorsation. b Discuss th o quiz in a small group. or argue with someone non-assertive assertive aggressive I b In groups. if you don 'I mind. A 2 Do it now! AG 3 That's a really dumb idea. assertive. . or non-assertive? How about Jane? 1. . a ssertive behaving and expressing ideas in a firm and confident manner 3. finished ages ago. aggressive behaving in an angry or rude way. NA c Thi nk of your famil y. Which words have the speakers left out from the underlined expressions? 1 I still havon't done the last two.. Done yours? Have you done yours? 2 Yeah. Write the initials ofthree or four people on the scale. What was the incident? I had really bad food at a res/aurnnt. Keep a note of the other students' answers. It is such a pain 2 Remember last summer.1 Warm up a Look at the defi nitions. Which of them do you tend to say? 1 I wou ld like 10 discuss this with you. often indicating that you want to fight. Where do you think you come on the scale below? Put a cross ut} at the best poi nt. b Summarize what you have learned about yoursel f and others in your group. Which group has the most assertive members? Unit4 Together . In info rmal conversation we often leave words out. or aggressive (AG) language. AG 4 I sec your point. Have you been in any of those situations? Did you assert yOUl'self or not? Discuss the situation with your partner. and acquaintances. using these questions. 4 Really? Amazing.. willing to accept what others want above what you want 6 Notice a Look at these extracts from the conversation. How assert ive are you compared with the other members ofyoUT group? 4 Feedback Report your group's results to the class. aggressive. b Find tho "missing" words in these examples from 2. but in my opinion . 1 This has happened to me so many times such a pain. Which questions do they discuss? b What kind of person do you think Rob is. if you say so . attack. 3 Wasn't very assertive of us. 3 Prepare a Check your answers with the key on page 149. . why you put thorn there.. n on-assertive not making your opinions and desires known. 1 finished ages ago.

students should make a note of each other's answers and pay special attention to the ones they have in common. An assertive statement is expressed us ing polite language (I would like . . Additional activity Divide the class into groups of three.. You could write the following phrases on the board to hetp students prepare their summaries: We found that whereas . Topic: assertiveness Reading a magazine Ustening people doing a quiz Speaking answering a question naire adverbs used with present perfect questionnaire 1 Warm up Ask students to look at the definitions in Exercise 1a and mark themselves on the scale. elicit students' answers for Exer cise s b. ask pairs of students to take turns asking each other about the situations.. Determine which group is the most assertive. If necessary. ask students to write three or four sentences to summarize their findings.. Decide which film you want to see at the movies tonight. 5 Compare Play the audio for Exercise Sa . Jane is assertive. Allow 0 couple of minutes for each role-ploy situation. . Answer: 2 Task Ask students to lake the quiz. Then divide students into groups of four and ask them to discuss their answers. or C. T As they are ell assertive. and then ask students to work in pairs to find the missing words in the sentences in Exercise lib. J. and Cs they are aggressive. but . Decide what you are going to cook together for dinner tonight.J or conciliatory language (1 see your point. Give each student in each group a letter. 6 Notice Read through the examples in Exerc ise lia a loud. Ask students to listen and say which questions they discussed. . Afterwards.. Then divide the class into groups pf fo ur and ask them to discuss the expressions in Exercise lb . an aggressive statement is often short and rude. Tell the groups to discuss situation 1. Afterwards. Decide where to go together for vacation. and . playing their roles. elicit from students what the difference between an assertive and an aggressive statement is. When they are ready. nor. After they hove finished. .. PresenIo1ion alternative 4 Feedback Ask one student from each group to present the group's findings. 7 Follow up Give students a few minutes to prepare to speak.. The oudioscripl for Track 19 is on page T45 11 Together T 44 Unit 4 . A. Answers: They discussed questions 1. Bs they are non-assertive.. 3 Prepare After they have checked their answers. change situotions and change roles. Rob is non-assertive. Write three situotions on the board.•. Both .Objectives Grammar present perfect.... . 2. and 3. Neither . B. help them to think of a situation and of their answers to the questions in Exercise 7.

What about number 1Wo? Rob The restaurant.. remember? Wasn't very assertive of us! Rob No. On 10 the third one. I hate not knowing people's names . in our Spanish closs. I still haven·t done the lost two. What hove you got for number one then? Somebody's just taken your parking space ..For Exercise 5 on page 44 . so I can't really soy. Rob But irs so true. finished ages ago. Unil 4 T 45 Together . Jane What do you do? Rob Well. Well. Okay. me too. rd ask people 10 introduce Ihemselves. the restaurant near the beach? Jane Yeah. but the restaurant was very busy. I don·tthink irs worth ge"ing in a fight. we still don't know each othe(s names. yes.such a pain! I stop the car and gel out and tell them to leave the space. Jane Yes. Sut we just left it. right? Jane Ah.remember lost summer. This has happened to me so many limes . Every day. .. don·t you? Rob Do you? I'm not sure.. Jane Really? Amazing. you're right. so I'd jus! drive off. I love dOing these things . so "bo. I haven't checked !he key yet.you find out so much about yourself. What have you found out then? Jane Well. The food was terrible. we've both seen examples of thot . and we all sitlhere and soy nothing. Jane How are you doing? Hove you finished yet? Rob Nearly. I've been in that situalion so many times. Rob Okay. Rob Right. this is a funny one .you sow itlirst. Done all yours? Jane Yeah. Jane Really? rm amazed. parking.

You've lust joined a c s 0 twenty students Rnd you don't know anybody' name. c I go around introducing myself to everyone. take our questionnaire and find out who you are. b I insist that the other driver leave the space. What are a few books and CDs compared to friendship. but have you considered . a I drive off without saying anyth ing. or just loseil Do you always win. I have an argument with them and then drive off in a bad mood. ? c Yeah. whereas the others normally loset Just maybe you're the aggressive type. a I avoid using people's names and refer to them as "he" and "she" . Say nothing. . But enough talking. b I suggest to the teacher that we all introduce ourselves briefly. I suppose you're right. .. c. b Tell your friend that they're behaving like a thief and you won't lend them anything else. if that's how things normally happen.n. Do you usually find yourse lf losing while the others wint Then perhaps you're the non-aggressive type. ( I threaten the manager with legal action . . Together Unil4 . . win. What do you dol a I've never heard so much garbage in my life before! b I can see what you're getting at. toot Well. anyway? '- a I complain to the waiter. a Tell your friend firmly that you value your things and would like them back. Do you win and do they win.Win. b I leave it on the plate. you're probably the assertive type.

Make two complete sentences from each set of prompts. I. then she might marry him. I'd probably go to Europe. '-1 If II go / abroad next year I I /probably go / Europe If I go abroad next year. intentions.) Fo. and arrangements Fann 4 Second conditional U . real friend 4 ooe way of desCfibing a friend in a negative way fair-weather frie . I'd give a lot of money to poor poopl new iOb III accept it lflhey offer me a new job.:. (look allhe clouds. (otten with time adverbialsj We're leaving tomooow. form a friendship . O'~ had too much to eat. e. he wiD bite you.) "I were you. I' ll probably go to Europe. first conditional and one in the second conditional.. one j. I 'll ask for an autograph. concerts The concert starts at eight o'clock. the Republicans will win.. plans or intentions: 8 decision made before Examples I'm going to study We use the second oondiOOnal to talk about a future result or action • 's lX1IikeIy because the concition in the if clause wi probably not be fuIfitt. great friend . baSed 00 SCfl'lE!thOg we can see. ""--' 2 If I I /win I lottery I I I give 18 lot of money / poor people U I win the lottery. hea". very definite rootine or scheduled events. then I won 't go. It is possible to use other present forms in the if clause of a first conditional: If James is staying a/ home tonight. make friends. I'd ask for an autograph. She's going to get manied. girlfriend 3 Life stages go ~ out with a boy / have a baby ~ girl ~ get engaged ~ get married Unil4 ----------------------~ Together have mon3 children ~ get divorced . you'll pass the exam. we could move to the country.) We also use this conditional when the state or action in the if clause-contrary to a present fact: "I had a big house. I'd accept it. She might marry him if he tokJ het" he loved her. lcimity Family members: workJ:"'9 mother step mother / fathef I brother I sister han brother I sister mother / father I brother / sister~in-Iaw 2 Friends and friendship 3 First conditional Collocations with adjective + noun: best friend cbse friend fai'weather friend good friend geat friend old friend real friend _ Collocations with verb + noun: be friends become friends lorm 8 friendship keep friends make lriends strike up a friendsr'Compound nouns: frierdship boyfriend gI1friend "- Us. 4 11 / I / meet / Nicole Kidman I I /ask / autograph If I meet Nicole Kidman .: " Phil got 8 promotion.. I'll accept it. good friend. win I won't + infll1itive If Malia goes to the party. I'm seeing John tonight. then I wouldn't go. Avoid repeating the verb go when you use going to: We're going to go to the movies. .. with think and adverbs such as definitely. (Phil is unlikely to going to get 8 promotion. 1 fax expressions that mean statt a fri€ndship become friends. Fo.. I'll cancel the babysitter: We can put the clauses in either order: I'll cancel /he babysitter if James Is staying at home tonight.e. The first conditional predicts a Mure result dependent on a future condition: If you wert hard.nc:jOOn ""'" fuIf"'" If you continue to amoy the dog. We put a comma after the if clause when it comes at the beginning of the sentence. we would buy tickets for the festl'nlJ. strike up a friendship 2 ooe wf1'o/ of describing a person you have I<ncrM1 lor a long tine old friend ff + present. or feel at the time of speaki"Ig will / won't + verb personal opinions about the future and predictions based It's goilg to rail./ Sometimes going to and the present progressive have little or no difference in meaning: What are you doing this weekend? W1lat If someone famous were coming. If J met Nicole Kidman. S two words that suggest a romanti: friendship boyfriend . U.RESOURCE Grammar Summary 1 Future plans.) I'm going to feel bad tonight. use gohg to. -We can put the clauses in either order." Adjectives: ftiencIY lXlfriendly Find these words or phrases from the lists above. close friend . (I'm not you.) I think the Democrats will probably win the lfl won the lottery. John's flight arrives at 16:20. We use might when the result is less certain and could when there i element of ability or possibility. are you going to do this weekend? If you are IJ'lsure which form is correct. Vocabulary Summary 1 Family Types of family: traditional lamiy one-parent / single-parent / step prediction that depends on a futtxe cx.-e Simple present "esent booked. etc.. )( We're gotJg to the movies. prog. 3 five ways of describing a friend in a positive way best friend.g. 0 em't have a big tnJse. We put a comma after the if clause when it comes at the beginning ' the sentence. would I wouldn't + infinitive If M8Iia went to the party. and other modal verbs (usually might or could) in the main clause: +""'" the tine 0 1 speakKlg definite plans: tickets medicine. I'd get 8 new job. appointments made.:. It is possible to use other past forms in the if clause. U I went abroad next year." If + past. No. Frs! conditional - on past evidence (often election. lflhey offered me a new job. I'll give a lot of money to poor people. I'd be much happier. They aI'Nays do \AIhen the economy is bad. schedules. 3 If I they I offer me I <J 2 Predictions about the future Fonn Use Examples gXlg to + verb predictioos for whK:h we have eVdenoe rv::m. If he told her he loved her.

h. Here are some possible essay titles: LMng in a small family is better than living in a big one. cI. compare your answer with the model on page 149.e:rs OY far th. ~--.h... o ---' Ll. &n.gns of this cYiSiS bxw. the~ " the ~ of fyudgm and -. b Compare your answers and justify your chOice.ren!. Step 2: Organize your ideas into paragraphs.Y main body can be made up of two or more paragraphs. aYe st. Say how you figured out lhe meanings.muni. Study the list below and then add at least one example from the essay to each category. Rrst. in fi/l:y years (JY SO tile 1>-0LiiIinnd famuly wJl k <kep T/. Function Expressing the writer's opinion Examples In my view.cf./ agree /:hal.J o 0. Being rich does not guarantee happiness..:'/'t. Step 5: Write the final version of the essay. .cd.I ieliew thd d is im. and a senSe of ye~ .cn.t:me to imprcrve ~s wIlkn the famuly ..ch.anl in a happy famuly. fO/rl'li. . ~. fqr.. of the essay are discussed here.eiy OpiniDrlS. Jtaweny.*. and conclusion.. Of personal reasoos. ' .~ .. I believe that . 'WIticA famuL}! kes can be 5trengt/Jened.. show each other and talk about the important new words you learned from the reading texts in Unit 4 . the language.1n . Step 3: Write a draft version. Although To sum up. ["Ven 1:Jwugh. to tmk at ~s in. fay dh..aJue IS "Very i?>!fXJrl.'V(JYCeS and the . . Expressing other people's opinions Agreeing with other opinions Disagreeing with other opinions or a situation Some people saylbelieve tha1 . .p:Jrtan/.. why not 'Mile one? Here are some basic steps: Step 1: Look carefully at the title and brainstorm ideas.ai. . Step 4: Read the drall and focus on improving the organization of ideas. . main body. in about 250 words. d/..isYesped.. However..e.Ctzl:i. discuss this question: D:J you think the tradition8l fam!ty unit is in danger? Why? / Why not? ~<K1 REVIEW Review your action plan: figuring out t he meaning of new w ords In pairs...wmkr of things thd can 6e d. . ~ I"~~):.e c!turm tha/. compte1eLy. It is true that .-eaf...b. o.YOU. complete paragraph 4 in the essay on the lell.-c1»:t. ..:i GMng examples to support your argument Usting your points Expressing contrasts between two ideas Making conclusions 5...cen CQm.S and ciuuben should Want 1:0 Wt:en 1:0 each ci/wy. many pe<Jf/. b When you have fi nished .>----..heiy ~S .:. AliAo«gh wd. Jiyfl of aiL.pess their 'ViewS clea.. a RII in the blanks in each of the definitions below vvith introduction. Together Unit4 .on.stru. Answer 2 is the best title.m 1:0 k groi Wt:e-n.ety 10 disappw..d 1m.. the main body of the essay. Farst of aJl.." -ve'1f ''''f'J>'Ia.. m'e a n. . . b Check your answers with the teacher.. d is 'W'I'On. ._ _ _ _ _ ! _~e:r<:tVt: oiLgalums 'n the family. 2 Respect is the key to the preservation of the family. • Jina1Ly..e cl..s in 5cn>Ie pa-ds of the wrJrtd.ance I.J > Ll. ACTION PLAN [> Your action plan: writing a discursive essay If this type of essay is important to you for academic.ey saw tf.. Technology has made life today easier. 1:0 t. f ~ IAalthe famuly " lJ<. tfus is 6ed adl.{y and firmLy. 3 The dangers facing the fam ily's survival can be prevented. ~yS of the famuly sMu1d re5p«l wd..z o C) A discursive essay 1 Thinking about the main topic In a discursive essay.e. Socond. It restates the main idea of the essay and often finishes with the personal opinion of the writer. the writer argues for or against a main point of view. professional. ~r fuu a ngN 10 e-:r.. "Very few Yf'41Ly an: .ey. . - ~ ~ ~ &:II: 2 Thinking about the main idea a Look al these three titles for the essay below and then read it._~:~_ . .enimg IS a great sI<.Idh.~.9 to sIww d.ieved th. Before you read an example of a discursive essay.It " the.tn:J.ia!.f blunk J.. 1 50me 1 The pwp(.--'.i!L wIu. paYe:n). It is not true that .famulies 10 _k Iogdher 10 strengthen /:.e.i"Ve 4 Using fixed phrases in an essay a We use many fixed phrases In writing formal essays. ~ >- 1 The fut ure of the traditional family is under threat.hem is a th. the famuLy Wiay and . and the conclusion. Which title is the besl one? 3 Organizing a discursive essay This type of essay is usually organized into three parts: the introduction.CYeaSe in stngtepa. Note: you will have to discuss your essays/discursive essays at the end of Unit 5.. For example. -values sucf.. as msped. and the punctuation. The arguments for or against the main dea.e and this ~ of c.in 7If:}f op:nam.a/. 3 5ecortd.e nu-mUr of di.Ys. 3 The introduction provides the reader with the general direction of the essay. 2 The conclusion summarizes the main points dOCuSS6d.. is true tfuJ1 there are a td of pessures on.:y. /. b Under1ine the main idea of the essay in the introduction and in the conclusion.~--' . 5 Applying what you have learned a In pairs. 'n = . then.. It also introduces the main idea of the essay in one sentence that can either come near the beginning or the end of the paragraph. 1>-0LiiIinnd famuly Iaiay . . _ . inm-ves Bi"Ve and I:ak..

g 7>Ii1du. Read Ihe a rticle again and correct them. Is the stress on the firs t or second word·~ washing machine paper clip dishwasher ~ b Li ston and check your answers. UnitS Eureka ! .f' Yl:ng . • •• • • • water cooler armcha ir answering machine c Write fl defin it ion of an object from Exercise lb (or choose your own) . in tho office. discuss these questions.. .. Use the pictures and the li sl in Exercise lb to help you. everyday What do you call that stuff/thins 1I"t' use for + . heat 4 plast ics arc hard and durable.ing verb Irs a kind of machine 10 piece of equipment that .. J..tion fluid 4 (1 flat surface that you put under a computer mouse so that it can move smoothly mouse pad 5 a contai ner that stores and chills drinking water water cooler b Put tho words from the box below in the table.-ne dishwasher armchair food processor ironing board a lann clock dishtowlli cutting board ""'" """'" photocopier fax machine 7tII1Ck-ne filing cabinet mouse pad paper clip hole puncher correction fluid sticky notes ans. In grou ps. 3 Reading skill s a Look at the pictures with the article on the opposite page. new/modern/plastic 2 Inven tors spent a long li me trving to fin d the fi rst plast ic.. or both? washing mach ine paper clip dishwasher water cooler annchair answering machine food processor ironing board alarm clock hole puncher dishtoweI fi ling cabinet correct ion fluid slicky notes photocopier mouse pad cutting board fax machine ft"s the thing 11"0 use at home I in the offi ce fo r . 1 Society today uses a lot of traditional materials in the home and office. 1 a small pieco of bent wire that we usc for holding pieces of paper together paper clip 2 small pieces of paper with glue on the back that are used for sticking notes on other papers and surfaces slicky notes 3 a white liquid used for covering mistakes in somothing you are writing r. What are these objects made of? What do you think is the mosl common material we use today? b Read the article quickly and check your answers.i118 verb? inventions and guess what they arc. Say these compound nouns to yourself..ir. ad-. 1 What informat ion about plastic was !lew to you? 2 What plastics do you use in your everyday life? 3 Do you profer plastic or natural materials? Why? c Check your answers in the Vocabulary Summary on page 56. Some. plastic 6 Plastic is the perfect recyclable material. USEFUL LANGUAGE USEFUL LANGUAGE 1 Vocabulary: everyday objects a In pairs. read tho descriptions of usefu l. .orrer.2 Pronunciation : stress on compound nouns a Compound nouns are made of two words. found by accident 3 Parkes found that collodion turned into a solid if it was ex posed to i!.g. usi ng at least two of those words: invontion material accident importa nt most durable fortunate li fe-changing history c These statemen ts all contain factual errors... not a perfect Home Office Both au.. d In groups.cn. e. 's a small gadget/device/machine thaI . Wh ich items can be found at home. Others are soft or malleable 5 Planes have carried radar machines since radar was invented. mouse pad. Write a title for the article. read ou t the deflll itions for other students to guess the objects.

read the words in each column aloud and ask.an eraser. Ask a lew. with the exception of a 'form clock ond co 'rrection fluid. Tell them thol they have one minute to 1001:: in their purses and pockets and. r. Check. Give them a time limit of four minutes. The strong stress In each case is on the first syllable of the first word. etc. a fax machine may be found in both homes and offices. Make sure both students write. eliciting student answers to the questions in Exerc ise 3a. Ask students to listen and check their answers. strong rubbery hord durable". Which one does the class think is Ihe most useful invention? 1 Vocabulary: everyday objects Have studcnts work in pairs to match the descriptions in Exercise 1a to tho objects. This check. Then divide the class into groups of four to six. the stress is always on the firs! word of compound nouns. Answers will vary. Play the audio for Exercise 2b. tough". Tell students to skim the article in order to do Exercise 3b. Suggested tiUes: The most important invention in history A fortunate and li fe-changing accident The most d urable malerial in history Have students work in pairs to correct the statements in Exercise 3c. between Ihem. ond why they think these ore useful inventions. As you elicit answers from the closs. Let students chock thoir answers in the Vocabulary Summary on page 56. for example. students to repeat after you. hard.pairs 10 teillhe doss who! they chose. Briefly review the answers with the class.nd five interesting inventions . Ask students what plastiC objects they can see in the classroom. lind remind them to use the phrases in the Useful La nguage boxes.Objectives Grammar Topic: inventions Vocabulary Pronunciation Reading third conditional everyday objects stress on compound nouns a magazine article Speaking hypothesizing Put students in pairs. They should correct the mistakes and then look back at the relevant part of the text to find the answers and check their changes. rubber bond. •• Pronunciation check 2 Pronunciation: stress on compound nouns Have students say where the main stress is in the compound nouns in Exercise 2a. Have students copy the table in Exercise lh into their notebooks and then work in pairs to complete it. Divide the class into groups of four to d iscuss the questions in Exercise 3d. teads directly into the pronunciation focus of the next exercise. splitting the original pairs. Answers: All the objects in the pictures are made of plastic. poper clip. meaning by asking students to use the adiectives to describe obiects in the classroom. Ask students to find them in the text. In their groups. In English. students take turns reading their definitions aloud and guessing the objects. Remind them to use the Glossary for unfamiliar vocabulary. 3 Reading ski lls Have a brief class discussion. Many of the words in the text are descriptive adjectives. •• A good way to manage Exercise 2c is to put students in pairs to write definitions. long-lasting soft silky '" soft and smooth like silk light heavy The oudloscrlpl for Track 20 is on poge T49 ~ Eureka! T 48 Unit 5 . Note: Students may disagree with somo of the answers listed.

AI the end of the activity. 5tudents often try 10 reflect the subjunctive by using would + have + past participle in the conditional clause as well as the main clause. Same languages use a compound subjunctive structure In the ifclouse. Go around tho class and help. Walk around the room. Review the rules and the form. go over the example carefully. Then put them in groups of four to discuss the questions. Don't interrupt students talking in groups iuSI note down errors with the third condilional that they make.without saying who mode them. Let students check their answe rs in pairs before as king individuals to come to the board to write their sentences. For example: work hard to do have more!less free lime wash/walch/listen to/use hod to been able to more/less healthy more/less Ihings In on aclly/ty like this one. Common problems and errors Using would in both clauses instead of just in the if. wrile three or four errors you heard on the board . In Exercise 4d. write a few random phrases on the board a t the start 01 the activity which they might use to help them form sentences.tt LA 4 Grammar: third conditional Have students work in pairs to answer the chock questions in Exercise 4a and complete the rule in Exercise 4b. which has no equivalent in English. clause. For Excrciso 2 on page 48 11. Parkes wouldn't hove discovered plastic if he weIMlR'! /. and then ask students to rew rite the sentences. 5 Speaking skills -Conection guide Give students a few minutes to look at the questions and think of answers. Quick grammar guide In many languages there are structures similar to the third conditional in both farm and meaning. Ask the class to correct them. where students are trying to use a complex structure in a fluency actiYity. or cooditional. w~---------------. washing machine paper clip dishwasher water cooler armchair onswering machine Unil5 T 49 Eureka! . If your students find it difficutl to be imaginative.19\'8 !eft his collodion near heat. it is a good idea to go around the closs monitoring and noting down errors. m onitoring students and taking notes on any common mistakes you hear. The main problem with the third conditioool in English is remembering to get all the parts right.

went to his medicine cabinet o ne day to get some collodion.di!lli llillild a lot of people would have died. + 1!:!mM + have + pust parliclple (. Plastic bags thrown into the sea. ~ he htut. silky fabri cs. computers.'t CYeaf:ed the Y"e6 he ha'"re ~ a ~ at 'JrLJr. and it was o nly with the d evelopment of light plastics that radar could be fined to planes. durable plastics. in a papcr bag! But it can take up to 100 years for plastic to d isintegrate. a lot slower. we really wo uld have found the " wonder sruff"! GLOSSARY d Rowrite thu sentences by putting the underli ned words and phrases in the correct order. the Internet modern medicine . discuss those questions. In fact. malleablc. which he realized was a reaction to heat.'}j.. of plastic may be recycled. and discovered that the liquid had tumed into a tough. b Find a similar sentence in the article and <:amplete this rulo for the third conditional. Since those early days m any different plastics have come into existence: hard.'t disintegrate break up.p~st . 4 Did Parkes d iscover the first plastic? Yes If Al exander Fleming hadn't discovered penicillin. clothes that you're wearing. it came aboul through a very fortunate accident. but like many inventions. Because some plastics are resistant to extremes of heat and cold. and discarded plastic can be d angerous. they have facilitated the development of things as diverse as kitchen equipment and the space shuttle. c 'IHJI&:i'}j. soft. 5 Speaking skills In grou ps. from grocery bags and children's toys 10 furniture. At about the same rime.honge shope easi ly (. Alexander Parkes. Plastics are extremely useful because they arc cheap to produce. Imagine carrying a pack of fo ur twoliter glass bottles hom e from the supermarket. Just look around you . was launched in l862. ma rc and more people arc recycling. Chuck your a. tools you're using.lQLQf ~ . the H yatt brothers in the United States im'ented a similar substance that they called cellulo id.stcin hadn't d iscovered relativity. Replacement bod y parts are even made from plastic today! We obviously need this material. have been d ifferent for your great grand parents (Circa 1920s) with these invcntions? washing machines TV video I DVD . and in the no t~too-dista nt furure about 40". before then radar machines were roo heavy. However.how many of the things in your home or Jffice./liLr/Jl!. are made of materials we didn't know 150 years ago? What. If Parkes hadn 't disco vered that first plastic technological development would have bee. for example. 2 Was techno logical development s low? No 3 Arc the events in the sentences in the past or 4 present? Past Can we change the facts? No 5 If Bill Gales had nol started Microsoft Microsoft If slarted Bi!l Gates hill1 llQ1. kill thousands of fish and other marine animals every year.Recent history has seen countless new inventions that have changed the lives of most people on this planet. an Englishman.!!. liquid used ill medicine.ollodion malleable 1 ~ the Web . .:t h wouldn't havc becomc a profossor at MIT.. Just think.Ientisis wouldn't havll created a tomic weapons. The first plastic. wouldn't ~ havc llil d iscovered he wouldn't have discovered 8ravity. very durable and. to stop bleedi ng call (.dn. ~ and cars.If Tim Dem ers Lee lli!. 1 If + . is the most common material in your environment? "Jur lives would have been vcry different if plastic had not come along 150 ycars ago. easily moldable substances. he wouldn't have become the nches! man in the world. or disappear . 1 3 If Ein.ff 7i:m. wouldn 't a t?ml ~ weapons have SCientists created S(. technological d evelopment would have been a lot slower. light and safe.. rubber y material.everything these days.llswur with the Grammar Summary on pagu 56 . How wo uld your life have been different if you'd boen born 50 yoars ago? 2 How would life.{. in comparison with glass. gradually rot.o from the article and answer the questions. If Parkes hadn't discovcred that fi rst plastic. Parkesinc. which was conunonly used in film ~ making. strong.. Plastic is used in just about -. ~ . if we could develop a plastic that was 100% recyclable.L. ' ' 2 If Isaac Newton hadn 't sat under the ap ple tree 4 Grammar: third conditional a Look at thi s scntcn(.

incredible chocoholic someone who is addicted to chocolate Unit5 Eureka! . leave out articles. Chocolate contains substances called flavonoids that can help maintain a healthy heart and good circulation. James Baker and John Hanan opened the first chocolate mill in the United States. look at yo ur notes.) 1 Reading skills a In groups. The word chocolate comes from the Nahuatl word xocolatl. chocolate is the number one comfort food and there are more "chocoholics" in Britain than anywhere else in the world. etc. Can you add an ything to improve you r partner's notes'! c In groups. 1 Do you eat chocolate? If not.c Read the article once morc and underline the import ant details. 1 Is chocolate good or had for you? It's good in small quantities 2 How was chocolate first Ilsed? As a drink 3 Which country has the most "chocoholics"? Britain 'PaYag Yaph J 'Paragyaph 1 b Read the article again and match each paragraph with a short summary. and child eats a staggering nine kilos of chocolate a year! In fact. in Switzerland . One of the biggest chocolate-eating nations is Britain where the average man. The researchers have discovered that cocoa acts like aspirin and that eating a bar of chocolate once in a while may contribute to a healthy diet. a Swedish scientist renamed cocoa theobroma or "food for the gods" . in about 1500 Be. In 1753. (Remember to use abbreviati ons. solid chocolate was becoming familiar. Chocolate has also been shown to release endorphins in the body: these chemicals help to reduce pain and stress and make you feel happy. woman. In the 17th century. introducing chocolate to the average citizen. according to American researchers at the University of California. discuss these questions. 4 By the middle of the century. and the Mayas were drinking unsweetened cocoa hundreds of years before it became fashionable in Europe. In 1765. a delegation of Mayan nobles visited Philip of Spain and gave him jars of cocoa as a gift. how much chocolate do you eat? Are you a chocoholic? 3 When do people eat ch ocolate? Why do they like it so much? the origins of chocolate SCIENTISTS SWEET OVERY! 1 Good news for chocoholics: the treat preferred by millions all over the world is good for you. chocolate was becoming fashionable with the middle-classes. chocolate has grown enormously in popularity. Researchers warn that although chocolate is good for you . Then complete these notes wit h those details. otmecs grow cocoa ma!fas drink cocoa 1511 choc went -7 Spain + Pori sotui choc famd. it should be eaten in small quantities . Then read 'Paragraph I the article and check your answers. 2 But who first discovered this wonderful way of keeping healthy? The Olmec Indians of Mexico and Central America were the first to@Jow cocoa beans. Cocoa soon became fashionable in Spain and Portugal. 1765 Baker ~ Hanan lsi choc. discuss the questions. wh y not? 2 If you do. a r . mill in US U K.ptg counh-:/' Bril'n '>--1-- Paragraph 3 Paragraph 4 Paragraph 5 forms of chocolate chocolate spreading to Europe how chocolate may be good for you the most "chocoholic" country in the world d In pairs. which means "bitter water" . S Since then . not only as a drink but also as a medicine. 6'g choc eaf. 3 In 1544. GLOSSARY circulation the movement of blood around the body staggering amazing. • healthy heaM + gd circularn OY'fJ"ns of choc. The Spanish were the first to add sugar to their cocoa drink.and with no added milk. Paragraph 1 the popularity of other Paragraph 2 choc good foy !fou . Daniel Peter had the idea of adding milk in the chocolate-making process and produced the first milk chocolate. In 1876.has fta'VGnoids.

too Host I see.-. you know . feel happy. We have to teoch them to cut down on fat-filled processed foods... that something chocolatey comes in first? Why is that? Matt Well. For mony students... Thanks very much for ... like burgers and those with high sugar and salt content. starting next week.and adults . Comfort foods do taste good too bad they usually have a high fat content Host 50 they're comforting. A good way of handling Ihis activity is 10 go through the first paragraph as a class first. flavanoids. potatoes. notetaking is a challenging skill to acquire. I'm honored.-. Encourage lots of speculation.----. When you see families eating so much garbage today.. we like flavors fram the past. Answers will vary. even if Mom and Grandma never cooked anything that didn't come out of a con i Matt I'll come back to thaI.. chocolate is a great comfort food ~ sweet sticky. good circulation. Host Irs a bit of a cliche... or want to f~ kind of taken care 01. creamy .-. we all have our own favorite comfort foods .but of course people used to have a much more active lifestyle and could burn off all those calories. comfort foods are what we ate at Grandma's house. everyone. One of the top comfort foods in the u. things with lots of butter. Point out the abbreviation. Matt ThaI's so right . and we encourage people to eotless fat today.Objectives Vocabulary describing foad Topic: food Reading a magazine article Ustening interview with a TV chef Speaking discussing foods and diets Write on the board: chocolale cocoa milk sugar bitler drink solid xocolotl chocoholic Ask students whot the words hove in common. Presentation alternative 21i'-. . For Exercise 3 on page 51 !II Host Well.s... acts like aspirin.comfort food . Then ask them to do the some for paragraphs 3. is meatloof. what will comfort food of the future be? Candy bors and bags of chips? You know. and 5.. gravy. ask them to exchange their notes with a partner and make additions..the food we eat when we're upset or depressed. After students have done Exercise le. Host But I must soy. comfort foods tend to be ones we associate with Mom and Grandma. Matt I suppose it depends on each person. Introduce the topic 1 Reading skills Have students discuss the pre-reading questions in Exercise In in small groups.-. and check with a parlner. When we get older. tasty dishes. complete the note for :2.-. and salt in foods? trs not surprising that you see 011 these fat kids . Write healthy heart + gd circularn on the boord. um .and irs what I wanted to come bock to. something hot and very filling. you know? Host Whoa! I think we get the picture. Then ask students how they would complete the note for paragraph 1. and another is a thick meat stew .really hot.. our ideas of what's healthy have changed. Underline (or write in a list on the boordl: good for you.good heartening meols with lots of calories . You see.. Moll. Plus. healthy diet. release endorphins. good wholesome food. Ask students to read the article again and match paragraphs to the summaries in Exercise 1b. sugar. then elicit answers.... chunky. Matt your baked chocolate cheesecake has just come in at the top of our vie'vVel"S' "best comfort food" poll. and fewer carbohydrates. you know..irs scary. reduce pain and stress. but I bet there's not as much fat in a good stew or meat pie as in some stuff people eat today. 4.. asking students which words they would underline. yeah.. healthy heart. Irs comforting.and that we get more heart diseose and other problems related to dietl II makes me mod. Well. Then ask students to underline key phrases in paragraph :2. but not very healthy? Matt They used to be thought of as healthy . and so many of them are really ovel"VoJeight . Host . Put students into groups of four to six to discuss the questions in Exercise l e. Ask students to read the article to check their predictions. Have them write their notes on a separate piece of paper. tends to be meat. with meat and really fatty. Congratulations! Matt Thank you.. - Eureka! T 50 Unit 5 ... I've always thought of comfort food as salty. you look at kids today.s. after a long day at school or who! Mom served when we were siCk. I'm sure that you'll be showing us the way with your new TIl series. Anyway . isn't it. Why doesn't the government do something to stop kids eoting so much fost food and soft drinks packed with sugar? Why are soft drinks and snack machines allowed in schools? Why doesn't the government pressure the food industry into cutting down on the dongerousry high levels of fat. here in the U.

Ask studonts to listen lind check their predictions. bu ild up a list of ways of improv ing our diet: Suggested ways of improving ou r diet Cu i down 011 fasl food. As groups report their answers. Find out which foods they th ink am the most healthy and which are the least healthy. Then ask them to tell their partner aboullheir typical diet in Exercise 2e. If students aro not sure about the answers. legumes Protein : butter. upset. 4 Speaking skill s Ask st udents to read the opinions in Exercise 4a and decide which ones th ey agree with <1l1t1 why. fish. or it cou ld just be our favori te food. Thon put student s in small groups to toll ono another their opinions. Ask students to complete the blanks in Exercise 3d and the n check with a partner. sick. cal more frui l and vegetables. green vegetables. End this part or the lesson by having two pairs of studen ts combine to form a group of four and discuss the queslions in Exercise 2d .•• 1i ffi 2 Vocabulary: describing food Ask students to work in pairs to match foods and nutrients in Exercise 2a . eggs. or food Crom our childhood. bored. cookies. etc. Unit 5 T 51 Eureka! . chicken. 0011'1 snuck belw(J(Jn meals. We cat "comfort" food when we are depressed. The audiascripl for Tra ck 21 is on page TSO II. milk. On the board. red meat Sugar: honey. legumes. ask students to work in pairs 10 describe foods. rice Fats: buller. yogurt In Exerdse 2b. t ·· ~ 3 Listening skill s Ask students about "comfort" food : IV/wi is it? Elicit examples of types of "comfort" food: chips. chocolale. yogurt. find out whether the class generally thinks we should improve the healthiness of our d iet or whether they think it's okay. oil Fiber: green vegetables. milk. etc. potatoes. Suggested answers: Carbohydrates: hread. Don'l add a /01 of sugar or salt 10 food. Play the audio fo r Exercise 3c. Eot a I'aried diel . Suggested answers: "Comfort" food is food that makos us foel good . pasta. jam Vitamins and minerals: fruit.it cou ld be food like chocolate and candy. play the audio aga in. Afterwards. Ask students in pairs to discuss tho words in Exercise 3b and together predict which ones they will hellr in an intervi ew about "com fort'· food. cake. very tasty food. st ressed. using words in the Useful Language and the Language Note boxes. elici t ans wers from students.

l lowever. cnrbohydra te V fat content V fruit and vegetables fiber grandma V healthy V low in calories mefltloaf v overweight V potatoes V sour sweet V Listen to the interview and check your answers.3 Listen ing skills a You are guing tu listen to an interview with a TV chefflbout "comfort food". 4 The government should do someth ing to stup children from eating junk food. 3 People often eat garbage todny.~ olty / sllgmy / creamy / healthy / unhealthy / . Do you agree with him? Why? I WilY not'l 1 We associate comfort foods w ith all!' childhood. but it tends to be 2 hot and fi lling.g.ifltc with ollr mom and 4 . cabbage. lentils) red mea t rice yogu rt b Look at the foods in the picture and describe two of them. These can be positive or negative: Eat your vegetable.g. 2 We do not have an active lifestyle today. high in millcm/s / c(lrbuh yd m tes . They usually have a high 5 fat content and may be thought of today flS unhealthy.I LANGUAGE NOTE We say a foo d is high / /011' in or full of something. We usually eflt comfort foods when we fcol 3 upset/depressed . ' Most chips are high in fat alld salt. spinach) honey jam milk oats oil pasta pot<.. 1011' in :>(/It I sllgor .ltoes legumes (e. rich in vitamins / protein / iro n . d In groups . What kind of food do you think this is? When do you think we eat it? b Look at the words and phrases in the bux. using the Useful Language below. USEFUL lANGUAGE 4 Speaking skills .. Look <.It this list of nutrients ill food. . 2 Vocabulary: describing food a Chocolate tastes so good because of its combination of sugar and fat. . Which types 01' food in the box be low do you assodflte with them? Food nutrients: cflrhohydffltes fats fiber protein Sllgflf vitamins and minefflls bread butter chicken eggs fish fruit green vegetables (e. \'Vrite olle wurd or phrase ill each bhulk. which results in a population that is 7 oVt:rweight and suffers from problems such as 8 heart disease . If we say a food is rich ill somothing.! . Check the ones you think you will hear in the interview. 1 What balance of foods makes healthy diet? 2 Is obesity a problem in your count ry? Why / Why not? Is it worse thiHl twenty years flgo? 3 Is obesity in children a problem? b Can you think of olher ways of improving people's dieU . They're full of vitalllins. fatty / oily I . and the y are often dishes we assor. \Vhat we think of as comfort food depends on each 1 person/individual. Listen again and complete this summary of the interview. it is alwa ys positive: Liver is rich in iron. discuss these questions.~ tarchy X i:> f IlII of f at / sail / S Ug (lf / fi ber . 5 The food industry shou ld cut down 011 fat flnd Sfllt in food. beans.grandma .1 The chef ill the interview has the following opinions. there is a lot more fat and 6 sugar / sail in much uf the processed food we eat toda y. c Do yotl have a hea lthy diet? Make a note of what YOIl eat on a typical day and discuss it ill p<lirs.

1500. and.'as with any historical icon. ed the Americas. Columbus: I known reason for this Voy~ge Of course . some evidence that he was born in 145 Genoa. traveling . in chains. Unit 5 E ureka! .'2 .~ea~~:~n ~~e East Indies.01d baCk. 2 Columbus began his journey in order to win glory and riches. We do know that he sailed in part to fulfill a religious quest: he saw his journey~ a fulfillment of a divine plan for his life. The Spanish say he was from Spain. - h~~. GLOSSARY serendillity when something valuable is disco\'ered by luck quest a search for something Everyone knows the name of Christopher Columbus. of ~serendipity". and he was unable to send a of 9. 5 He when he unexpect d had sailed for 3. try to find out the answers.-. st The discovery of the New them by sailing west rather th~n ea . b Which of these questions does the article answer? Check (. 4 There is no doubt that Columbus was of Italian descent.. "I settlers rebelled against him. was the size of the earth . . with a crew made up mainly of experienced sailor" from the area. In 1". He was a I I nch man at the time of his death. 3 Tht! crew of the three sh ips on the voyage of discovery was made up mainly of criminals. QUI~IIY at the age of 55 in Valladolid. 5 Columbus died in poverty. which is now part of I art Columbus left on the voyage of discovery from the south of Spain. ch~lns.. V' 1 Where was Columbus born and misedY 2 When did he leave his native country'! ict V 3 What were the reasons for the "voyage 4 5 V6 7 8 of discovery" in 1492? Who sponsored ColumbllS on his voyage of 1492Y Where exactly did he land at the end of the voyage? What were the reasons for the second and third voyages? What was the percentage of women traveling to the New World in 1498? What was the reason for his death in 1506Y c In pairs.00 ml e . Can you answer any ofthe othersY If not. the disagreement about his Some people say he was a converted Jew.. he also took women 10 the New World. l ID 2m 3 !!!l 4m 5 1!:) became a sailor at an early age and had made journeys as far as Iceland and Guinea before he made famous voyage in 1492. Columb'os didn't sail to the Americas in order to find out whether the Earth was round: at the end of the 15th century almost everyc knew it was a sphere. on May 20 1 In hiS ~wn apartment attended by family and friends. he ha -~ edly discover 0 . taking Europeans across to colonize the new lands. so he was arrested and re turned to Spain ' .I) those questions.. in fact.. the King and Queen soon I i saYln. "'-" i third voyage w. and the Italians claim he was from Italy. There is. Spain . ask and answer the questions you checked in Exercise 2b. for example. there are as many myths as truths about the man.. other commo~... On his third voyage in 1498.y for a new route to the Sr'''e was that Columbus was I~ In~nd he believed he could rt.. fore a claSSIC case d n World was there .its circumference. in a Spanish prison. Take. 1 Columbus set out to prove that the earth was round. and Columbus was By.. Then decide on the correct order of the paragraphs. He made two further voyages before the er of the century. thiS time. 2 Rea d ing skills a Read the paragraphs about Columbus quickly and check your answers to Exercise 1. What was in question.g there had been a mistake. However. Columbus was not a well man and he diF' .Serendipity - 1 Speaking skills How much do you know about Christopher Columbus? In groups.l Islands (now part of IndoneSia). decide if these common beliefs about him <lrc true or false..as not a happy one for Columbus. Contrary to popular belief. 6 No women traveled to the New World with Columbus. however.

Presentation alternative - Ask students what clues they might find in a biography that will help them put paragraphs in order: order of dotes: order of life events . At the end of the first voyage. Ask students what grammatical clues might help order paragraphs in a story: use of the post perfect: use of before and affer: use of shortened forms and pronouns .. Write the words from the text below in two lists on the boord. t . remind them to refer to the Glossary.was born. he landed in what is now the Bahamas before soiling on to whal ore now Cuba and Haiti . A good way to start the task is to ask studenls 10 read the first line of each paragraph very quickly ond tell you which paragroph has to be the first. Columbus was sponsored by Ferdinand V and Isabella of Spain. disc uss with the whole class whether the ··beliefs·· in exercise 1 are true ur false. To find the size of the Earth and to fu lfill a religious quest. Answers: They are all false . if any. there is between the words they have matched. 2 Readi ng skills Set II time limit of five minutes and tell students thaI they have to read very quickly in order to put the paragraphs in order. reveal any truths at this stage. When sludents report back to the class. Ask students to put a checkmark next to the questions in Exercise zb that the article answers. Student answers will vary.he. Afterwards. There ore many words in the text connected with travel. and then ask students to match each word in A with its synonym in B.Objectives Grammar Topic: the story of Christopher Columbus Reading a biographical article Writing a short story Speaking discussing myths about Columbus past perfect simple and prog ressive Write serendipi/y on the board and explain thol it means when something valuable is discovered by luck. LeI students check in pairs before sharing their answers with the class. etc. find Oul whether they know any other facts aboul Columbus. but don'. died. Then pili students ill pairs 10 ask and answer the questions. Ask students Whol is the {uckiesllhing fhol has ever happened to yoU? Introduce the topic 1 Speaking skills Pu t students into groups of four 10 discuss the "common beliefs" in Exercise 1. This task can be very time-consuming unless students know how to approach it Plan to spend a little time preparing students for the task. Briefly discuss students' answers with the class. Answers: In the text: He was born in Genoa. A reach joumey find set sail go back B discover leave voyage return arrive lin/atl Culture note Additional activity Inote: a voyage is a journey by seal Eureka! T 52 Unit 5 .Columbus . Ask students to lell you what difference. As students work on Exercise 2a . To take Europeans to colonize the new lands. grew up.Christopher Columbus .

3 Grammar review and extension: past perfect / past perfect progressive In Exercise 3a . C . Afterwards. Ask s1uden ts in pairs to choose the correct answer in Exercise 3b.. Point out another use of the past perfect in the Language Note. Then ask students to read the story and fill in the blanks with words from exercise 4a. Presentation alternative Introduce the shon story in exercise 4b and pre-teach vocabulary by writing the following phrases on the board and checking their meaning: off-duty (firefighter) = not working grab (0 fire extinguisher) = toke hold of suddenly a burning smell smoke put out a fire". using a connector.. there had been a mistake The clause with the simple past happens first in time. then pass the piece of paper. 4 Writing skills Ask students to copy the table in Exercise 4a into their note books and then work in pairs to complete it. Quick grammar guide The pas! perlecl simple and progressive ore used to refer back to something that happened earlier. had made journeys as far as Iceland and Guinea before he made his famous voyage in 1492 A . and then ask students to make sentences. The next student has to vvrite the next sentence.. Ask one person from each group to read their best story aloud. 4d Columbus was anxious to travel because he had been reading about Marco Polo. students to pass their piece of paper to the next student in a clockwise direction. have students work in pairs to find past perfect sentences in the article. Ask students to write the story and then exclHlIlge it with a partner.000 miles. he had been sailing for three weeks and had sailed for 3. 3c Columbus was delighted when Isabel agreed to help because he had been looking for support for his journey. Common problems and errors The form of the post perled progressive is long and complex.. Ask student readers to ask their partners at least two questions about their story. and then ask them to use the questions in Exer cise 4c to help them make notes. He thought he had arrived in the East Indies. Ask each student to write the first line of a story at the top of a piece of paper. Go around the class and help. Go around the class helping students with ideas and vocabulary. sb Columbus felt depressed because tbe Portuguese king bad refused to help him. Give students a few minutes to think of a "serendipity" story of their own. Go through the example carefully in Exercise 3d . ask students to write the sentences on the board and underline the past perfect forms. Answers: 8 Columbus . They ore often used in narrafives and often used with connectors like ofter or before. Answers: 2e Cohunbus was impatient to set off because he'd been thinking about this voyage for years. You could let students compare their notes with those of a partner before they write their stories.. Additional activity Put students into groups of four. Let students check their answers in pairs before you ask individuals to come to the board and write their sentences. extinguish Ask students what they think the short story in Exercise 4b might be about.. Students should pass on their pieces of paper so thaI each story goes around their group twiceresutting in four eight-line slories per group. Uni15 T 53 Eureka! . Then ask. Students will make a variety of errors and will need plenty of practice. They have to use a connecting word in the sentence.

4 Wri ti ng skills a Columbus' discovery of tile Americas is one of the most famous examples of serendipity. 1 Why was Columbus hap py when he reached I'll never forget the day I met the love of my life. suddenly And-type links I __ sailed for 3. fortunately. 4 Suddenly . 1 at the same time as the events in the simple past. Find aile sentence in the article that means the same. and . You are going to read another short story about serendipity. PAST 1492 + But-type links NOW Cause and resuillinks Feelings and attitude Columbus had sailed for 3. he had been traveling for three weeks. The manager let me use the phone to call a garage. Read you r partner's story and ask questions to fin d out more information . Look at the underlined phrases in the story above an d try to use similar phrases in your story. e. I had been driving for about 20 minntes 3 when I no ticed a strange burning smell. or It was raining to The sun \Vas shining.3 Grammar review and extension: past perfect / past perfect progressive a Look at these two sentences. 6 While ! wus talking.. because unfortunately. Columbus made journeys as far as Iceland and Guillea. or. although so. When he unex pectedly discovered the Americas. was on my way home from work one evening 1 six years ago . luckily. the clause with the simple past or the one with the past perfect? b Look at the diagram and choose the correct answer. laler.. Which part of the sentence happens first (in lime) . 1a cdw"rnj. as soon as. she had been passing the store at thai time! 'TWo years 8 laler . change one evening to one morning. in addition. when/where d id the event take place? what were you doing at the time? what had you been doing before the event? what was the unexpected thing that happened? • what was the result of Ihis unexpected event? d Use your notes to write the story (approximately 120 words) of "a case of serendipity" . d He had been reading about Marco Polo. 7 fo rtunalely . put these connecting words and phrases in the table. also. 3 after the event in the simple past.en k yeacfwd !and kcause he tlwughl he Iuui drtoYerrd the [ad. The past perfect tells us that something happened . e Look at the sentence and complete the rule for the past perfect p rogressive. Theil he made his famous voyage in 1492.. First. and then write your own story. ju mped out of the car.. while either . and put out the fire. e He had been looking for support for his journey.dJ. Time links six years ago. e He'd been thinking about this voyage for years. II was raining 2 ~ the streets were deserted.g. Usc the questions below to make notes about the story. ® before the time referred to in the simple past. Wh y did the King Gnd Queen apologize to Columbus? Because there hod been a mistake.. grabbed a fi re extinguisher.es. when. also although as soon as because eventually fortunately in addition in the end luckily suddenly later too when while Find other sentences in the article using the pasl perfect. in the end.2 Read yo ur story and correct/edit it if necessary. The woman explained Illat she was an off-du ty fire~figh ter.. and ran into a compute r store. b The Portuguese King had refused to help him.. LANGUAGE NOTE The past perfect is often used to give an explanation for something: b Read the short story and fill in the blanks with words or phrases from Exercise 4a. eventually after that. 1 Write the story. we got married! c Think of a case of serendipity in your li fe or in the life of someone you know. d Make sentences by joining the questions and answers below with because. nor.000 miles when he discovered the Americas. using connecting words and land? 2 Why was Columbus impatient to set off? 3 Why was Columbus delighted when Isabel agreed to help? 4 Why was Columbus anxious to travel? • • • • 5 Why did Columbus feel depressed? a He thought he had discovered the East Indies. loo but. phrases where you can . E ureka! Unit 5 . a woman ran in. neith er .In. . and.000 miles ----. 3 Give it to anot her student to read. unless. . We form the past perfect progressive with had + past part iciple + -ing verb.us "W!lS fuzpP1J 1+"h. smoke started pouring out of the hood. 5 ~ I pulled off the road.

1 Warm up a In groups. TiVo TiVo is a remote control system that allows you to interact with Jive TV. think of inventions or discoveries that 2 Task In grou ps. and the cursor wilt move where you want it to.. tlw invention of plastic b Think of poss ible inventions that don't. life would be much easier for people. ye! but that you think we need. J 4 Wi ll it be useful to a lot of people? 5 will it be attractive and stylish as well as useful? 6 will it he expensive? 7 Will it be easy to use" 8 will it sell in other countries? have changed our lifestyle in important ways. much more! Handy scanner The C·Pen pocket scanner means you will never have to search the streets for a photocopy store again. Which of the gadgets . this new mu lti·pu rpose phone will keep you happy. If we had a gadget for ironing automatically. replay ii. It can store up to 3. or see aU the action as it happens in slow motion. and is basically a small portable scanner that can read and memorize a text line. and plays your favorite CDs. and l iVo keeps recording ahead so you won't miss a thing. It looks like a high lighter pen. do online banking. 1 already exist? 2 do you think are going to exist in the future? 3 will never exist? d Which of these gadgets would you like to have'! Why'! I Why not? 3 Prepare Write a description of your gadget (about 60 words). invent a gadget that you think is go~ng to be useful to you or other members of your socmty. and for people who are physically disadvantaged. MultiPhone If you're looking for a cetlphone that lets you see the person who you 're talking to.000 pages of text. It allows you to send e·mails. the TV wil! continue from the point where you left off. With TiVo you can pause the action on TV. ex ist.. Thought-control computer How would you like a computer that understands your thoughts and acts upon them? You won't need a mouse or a keyboard. and that will eXIst In th o fut ure. and has Internet access.. 1 What will it he used for? 2 Who might use it? 3 Where will it be used? (at home I in the office . Give your reasons. Usc the texts below to help you. c Read the descriptions below of four gadgets.by-line and then transfer it directly to your PC. ThiS is the ideal gadget if you su ffer from Repetitive Action Syndrome. Unit5 E ureka! . you just think of the command that you want to give to the computer. and much . Discuss these questi ons. a video camera. When you go back to normal viewing. book travel tickets..

In Exercise I e . One person draws 0 picture of the gadget. Presentation alternative 3 Prepare Using the ideas from exercise 2. ask students to feod the descriptions and answer the questions. 2 Task Divide students into groups of four to six to invent their gadget. have students work in groups again to think of possible inventions. Assign students roles in their group. Eureka! T 54 Unit 5 . Example: one person acts as a facilitator. Ask them 10 discuss their answers to the questions. In Exercise lb . have students in groups make a list of inventions or discoveries. then elicit a class list and write it on the board . One person writes notes. Encourage all possibilities. ask students to write a short description of their gadget (60 words). Answers will vary.Objectives Grammar Topic: inventing gadgets Reading defining relative clauses. Let them discuss their answers in their groups before describing them to the whole class. making sure everyone speaks. first and second conditionals specialist magazine ads Ustening a description of a gadget Speaking inventing and presenting new gadgets 1 Warm up In Exerc ise la .

Then have a class vote. and you can hear people who are talking up to 50 meters owoy.. 6 Notice Read through the rules about relative clauses and go ovor tho oxamples as a class. Ask. 7 Follow up Give students a few minutes to think of an everyday objcct and how to describe it. 8 Is the eorpiece obvious? A Not at all... basically a small portable scanner that can road. ff you're looking for a cell phone that lets you . fo r people who are physically disadvantaged After students have completed Exercise 6b. and ask questions. CyberBug is a device that allows you to listen in on people's conversations. let them check their answers in pairs. and a small earpiece.4 Feedback Ask for a few volunteers to tell the class about their gadgets. t .. our gadget is called CyberBug. Unit 5 T 55 Eureka! . You can put the box in your bog or briefcase..'----------------------------------. ready 10 answer questions.. around.. Write a lisl of everyday objects on the boord. Ask students to listen for answers to the questions and then d iscuss them in small groups or as a whole class. Irs very small and irs mode of skin. Which group can guess alilhe words first? ~~... Additional activity Collecllhe wriHen descriptions and posllhem on the walls of the classroom.. in your in-troy at work. 8 Excuse me? A Yes. A Okay. It consists of a little box that contains a microphone and amplifier. Divide the closs fnta Group A and Group B... Put students in pairs 10 lind and underline examples in the lexts in Exercise 6a. . Ask the rest of the closs 10 walk. one person from each group 10 stand next 10 the description. One person from each group has 10 lurn around so that he/she con'l see the board. he/she can move on to Ihe next word. or even on your belt at the gym. ...colored plastic . For example: cellphone camera MPJ player Discmon TV remote control Each group has to describe words to the person who can't see them. Answers: CyberBug is a device thai allows you to listen in on poop Ie's conversations ... Ask students to work with a new partner to describe their ohjects. When the student has guessed the word. read the descriptions of the gadgets on the wall. Answers: TiVo is a remote control system that allows you to .. uh . '1J Iii' •• 5 Compare Play the aud io for Exercise 5. How would you like a computer that understands your thoughts .

Take notes on the other groups' inventions. II is a precaution that police can use to slop drink driving. Police can use it to stop drunk driving. If the information is essential to the meaning of the senlence.d 5e"-'" ~ a 9mOfl gadfJd !:Iuzf. The sensor is attached to a computer that measures your reaction limes. yJUY caY. a Read the descriptions in Exercise 1 again and underline examples of relative clauses.. To do this we use clauses beginning with th at. 2 The sensor identifies people. 7k ... Make notes about it and describe it to your partner.4 Feedback a Describe your invention to the class. we do not use commas: CyberBug is a device that allows YOIl to listen in on people's conversations. This measures your reaction times. or who. fd. according to the criteria in questions 4-8 of Exercise 2. Don't name the object! Can your partner guess what it is? E ureka! Unit S . 4 The sensor is attached to a computer. . 6 It also contains a switch. 1 What is it and what does it do? 2 Would you like to have one? 3 When would you use it if you had it? 6 Notice 'Using relative clauses in descriptions When we describe ob jects (or people) we often add information that gives important details or differentiates the object (or person) from others. 1 The Alcohol Sensor is a small gadget. [f your reaction times are slow.fuf. which. 3 It is a precaution . It fits in your car. The poUce can then arrest people who are drunk and shouldn't be in their cars. It consists of a little box thai con/oins a microphone . The police can pick up the signal. 5 If your reaction times are slow. Do they describe things or people? What information do they give us? b Combine the sentences in each pair with a relative pronoun. 7 The police can then arrest people. The sensor identifies people who have had too much to drink. it sends out a signal. II also contains a switch that immobilizes your car.. The people are drunk and shouldn·t be in their cars. Answer !J18 questions. The switch immobilizes your car.s on. The people have had too much to drink. 5 Compare ~ Listen 10 someone describing a new invention. 7 Follow up Choose an everyday object. and ask questions about them if you want. you can hoor people who are talking up to 50 meters oway. it sends out a signal that the police can pick up. b Vote on the best invention in the class.

for an action that happeoed before another..) We were really /ate and when we anived at the party. thel1 our friends left. fiber. protein.. high in . fats. ) Her eyes were red would / wouldn't + have + past participle past perfect.. We can put the clauses in either order: Penny wouldn't have met Jeff if she hadn't gone to the party. . after.) 2 Why did Mike have a stomachache? (eat a lot .. dishtowel cutting board 1 Everyday objects Read these descriptions of gadgets and decide which object from the box they describe. unhealthy.. our friends left.) The past perfect is often used to give an explanation for something: 5 This is very useful for people v. then compare them with a partner. answer i n g machine 4 This is a machine that you use for a lOt of jobs when you're cooking. UnitS Eureka! . then we arrived. when. bitler.. ) The streets were wet because it had been raining I it had ra ined . using the clues given or your own ideas. 4 If I had been born in . exams.. heart problem Will had been experiencing pain for several weeks before his was diagnosed. when in reality it did: If Fleming hadn't discovered peniciUin. Find two types of food In the box that are usually .. ~'Cau se she h 011 heen crying. She got her degree after she had completed all the courses successfully. 1 high in salt 4 oity but healthy 2 sour to the taste 5 rich in vitamins 3 very unhealthy 6 starchy We had been living in Chile for several months before we really feJt at home there...LANGUAGE RESOURCE Grammar Sum mary 1 Third conditional Use To talk about actions or Situations in the past that are contrary to knoINn facts. (The Russians didn't use nuclear weapons in the Cold War.. Vocabulary Summary Home Office water cooler photocopier fax machine Both answering machine filing cabinet washing machine dishwasher arrnchaK food proce=. ) Mike hu d a stom ach ach e because h e h ad eaten too much .. 3 If I had won .. If Ross had studied harder. when we imagine consequences of actions that in reality didn't happen: If the Russians had used nuclear weap::l(lS in the Cold War.. or stopped just before the past time we are talKing about: sugary. low in . sugar. 4 Why were the streets wet? (rain . I had become quite profICient in Spanish befrxe I visited Latin Amerk:a. sally.. arx::I minerels Adjectives describing food: sweet. sour. happen. our friends had 18ft.'Cause he had ~'Cn drinking. it Fonn past perfect si~: subtect + had + past participle I had already seen the movie. healthy. vitamins. creamy.. ironing board oIarrn clock paperclip hole punche< correction fluid sticky notes mou"" pad 2 If ' hadn't met . Then underline the relative clause in each one. Fonn If + 5 Why were her eyes red? (cry . rich in . Why did they award her the Nobel Prize? Because she had fought for peace aU her life. she wouldn't have met Jeff. Think of explanations for the following problems. If Penny hadn't gone to the party..- 1 If I hadn't studied . filing cabinet 2 Describing food Nutrients: carbohydrates.hole punch er 3 This machine takes telephone messages for people v. . Compktte the third conditional sentences. he wouldn't have failed his 6 Why did he wreck the car? (drink .'ho find it difficult to wake up in the morning! al arm clock 6 This is a type 01 cabinelthat we use lor storing files arx::I papers. so I didn't want to last night. 2 It's a device that makes holes in sheets of paper. ) They missed t he pl ane hecause they had arrived too late. food p rocessor Note the difference between the simple past arx::I the past perfect: I cutting hoard We were really late and when we 8IriIIed at the party... It is oftElfl used with connectors such as before. 1 This is something that I use 'Nhen I want to cut up vegetables...) He wreck~d the car 1 >t.) Isabel left ' oh n because sh e h ad fa llen in love with someone else. (Our friends left. i. (Fleming did discover penicillin. We put a comma after the if clause if it comes at the beginning of the sentence.. starchy Expressions: full of ' . rNe arrived.) We can also imagine consequences of something that did not 1 INhy did Isabel leave John? (fall Il love ... The past perfect progressive is used for ongoing actions or situations 'Nhich continued until.. see it again past perfect progressive: subject + had + been + -ing verb Susan had been waiting frx an hour before Tom anNed.. fatly. 8/ot of peopJe would have died from bacterial infection.'ho are not at home or in the offIce. 3 Why did they miss the plane? (arrive late . cutlins honrd 2 Past pertect simple and progressive Use To show sequence in the past..e.. oiy. wouJdn '/ have fJflded in the '990s.

0 Sometimes I feel pressured when I have to say something . 3 Ask your partner to help you: • You don't know the word for people who are addicted to chocolate. for example at an English language club. Note: you will have to report back on your action plan at the end of Unit 6. ::J questionnaire . S Talk to friends in English. 6 Talk to American friends in English. Then the other person says somet hing and I'm suddenly lost because I don't understand them.. b In pairs.. talk about your action plan from page 47. I usually panic .. ® say that again.. you mean that you want to leave the jOb? 7 Speak English to other non-native speakers. often = 3 b Add up your score and check the key on page 149. And the pressure makes my m ind go blank..U > L. Have imaginary conversations in English. how can I put it? I want to leave my job. How often do you do the following? >- o --l L. I . 2 From now on. I am going to speak more English in class by . .0 If I notice that the other person doesn't understand me. Eureka l Unit5 . ACTION PLAN [> Your action plan: making opportunities to speak English Talk to your partner about how you could speak more English. • You also want to know if it's okay to say "to move on a diet" in English. what I want to say is I want to leave my job. 1 From now on. please? 1 Could you speak a little more slowty I I'm sorry. rarely = 1 . Then I have to st op and that really frustrat es 20 I' m tal king and everything's okay. b In groups. Um . ex Speak up! Are you missing those valuable chances to practice your speaking? Take this little test and find out by checking the boxes on the right. 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 mreo sometimes often 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 O· 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 c A gcxx:l way to manage these problems is to learn some phrases to use when these situations occur. Then complete this action plan .z z o C) ~ Speaking 1 Maximizing opportunities to speak English a The best way to improve your speaking is to speak! Check hOw well you are doing by complet ing this ij<J<J REVIEW Review your action plan: Discursive essays In pairs. show it to your partner.. Check that your partner understands. 0 0 0 0 ill bottles of wine? 2 Is that clear? Do you understand me? @) What I mean is. 1 Talk about your fam ily. take turns talking about these situations. I am going to speak more English outside of class by . "- 10 I'm speaking and suddenly I need a word or ph rase but I don't know it in English. 3 Speak English to your teacher in class. 4 Talk to classmates in English outside of the classroom. Practice the strategies. 3 What do you call that thing for opening Is there a word or expression for when you can't think because your mind is frozen? Can you say "my mind went blank" in English? 4 Uh. 4 Talk for one minute non-stop about what attracts you to other people.. see how much you can remember about discursive essays arKllheri compare your ideas with page 47. there 'Nill always be moments INhen you get stuck. I need t ime to think exactly how I'm going to say it. let me think . . but talk quickly.. Look at these groups of phrases and match them with the situations in Exercise 2a. discuss what you do in these situations. 10 Use a dictionalY to help with pronunciation and stress. 1 Speak English in pairs during class. That ma kes me feel very insecure. 9 Speak English to native or non-native speakers on the phone.. Well. $coring Add up the fX>ints you received for each question: never = 0. 2 Strategies for getting around problems when speaking a However much you practice speaking English.. This is normal when you learn any foreign language. look at the problems these students of English have and check the ones you have experienced. Did you write a discursive essay? If so. 2 Speak English in groups during class. 3 Practicing the strategies ~ a Usten and repeat the phrases from Exercise 2c.. I didn't understand the part when you said you wanted to leave the job. . I want to leave @ myjob.U o 0. 2 Talk about your studiesljob. I want to leave the job. sometimes = 2. So. - 8 Speak English to native speakers. ~ . me.. 11 Record yourself doing a role play or 12 reading aloud.. If not.

.g. A Oh. J must have done that.000 words 3 Approximately how many plays did lope de Vega write? a) 20 Tho spoaker is 100% suro thi s is not true The speaker is f 1 3 4 5 6 2 100% sure this is true c Now complete these rules about ded uction and possibility in the past. 5 But they cou l( have orne from Ecuador.000 4 In which country were Panama hats first made? a) Panama 3 Pronunciation: co ntractions Listen to the sen tences from Exercise 2a again.m.700 words 4 he j 'hl hav Titten 200 plflYs.m.. . yes.. thoy .1 or CQuldn'l . Guess the answers if you don't know them . @ Ecuador c) the United States 5 What are the Canary Islands named after? a) a type of bird @ a type of dog c) the daughter of a queen 6 What was the first name of King George VI of England? a) George b) Philip @JAlbert b In pairs. B Well . I have h.:cJjn't JuiVl!. or . ~ no idea. B No. 2 How big was Shakespeare's vocabulary? a} 3. so theyG n'U ~wrillen the same number. discuss your answers. .ust.co. 2 Grammar: deduction and possibility in the past Listen to some sentences fro m the discussion.. then practice it with II partner. I already looked. ® 37. we use .. Unil6 WOfds. . J cill1 'l have left it there. L How certAin arc the speakers in each of the sentences above? Put the number of the sen tence in tho correct place.000 words! 3 ~11~ h.. That's (j J supposo Or it ~~. my glasses) and change the places suggested flbove. b) 200 (3)2. This time change IV(Jl/fJ/ (e. for certainty that something is nol true.. @»They died on the same day. words. or Philip.u. You could have left it in the car.'Cn my wallet? I can't find it anywhere. my cell phone. 2 So Shnkospellrc€ 91ad a vocabulary of 37.000 plays.. A Have you s(.".ll. e} They wrote the same number of plays .written the same number. A No. Do you agree? ~ c Listen to some peop le discussing the q uestions and check your answers.000 words c) 370. c Cover the dialogue and practice it again.IdI.-~:::-.JlliI>-. keys. Circ:le the contractions YOll hear in Exercise 2a.vnyrdn'l h~ written 2. it isn't there. Form : modal vern + . I'll check. H Ah! Then yOlL must hilve left it in the bed room when you c1wnged earlier.:~v ~een AlLert. Complete them with modal verbs. I didn·t take it out with me..am + past participle Use: for certainly that something is true. the remote control. you mighl have put it in the dmwer. and for possihility . A No. words .h.ighL.1 Speaking ski lls a Take the quiz below. That's 1 What do William Shakespeare and Miguel de Cervantes have in common? a) They were born on the ndlct~ possibl ~ same day. 1 Shakespeare wrote lots of plays.ld. Listen to tl~loglle.

a possibility.Objectives Grammar Topic: William Shakespeare Vocabulary literature Pronunciation contractions deduction and possibility in the past: must/cou/dlmightl can" + have + past participle Ustening Speaking a literary mystery a radio interview taking and discussing a quiz Reading Write on the board : William Shakespeare Miguel de Cervantes Lope de Vega Ask students What do these people have in common? Whol do you know about them? Introduce the topic 1 Speaking skills When students have tAken the quiz Ilnd discussed dass to find Ollt what students guessed . Monitor students for pronunciation mistakes with contractions. B No. e I think irs more likely b. so should we go for 0. II comes from the Latin word for dog ~ canis . words T 58 Unit 6 . Ecuador e WeH.1 I Words. so they can't have wrinen the same number. that was George III. comedies. fltlSWers with Il partner. Ask students where they think the other sentences go on the line. George Vl's first name. Next question. No.37. So what do you think? B I've read thaI Ihe overage adult these days has a vocabulary of between 25. Question 4. 1"11 just check . we're wrong. I don·t think so.'righL He wrote histories. lope de Vega 1l562~16351 was a Spanish poet. Bul why are they called Panama hots Ihen? B I don't know. me. All Fine. didn't Cervantes write mostly novels? And Shakespeare wrole lots of plays. Well. best known for Don Quixote. A Yep. B I'm impressedl Okay.OOO! Lers look at question 3. should I look at the answer? Right . Miguel de Cervantes 11547-16161 was a Spanish author and dramafist. B Yes... A Yeah. question 1. calm down. ighI. and tragedies.irs b. but they did hove records of the death of famous people. Da you two know Lope de Vega? e I've heard of him. B WOWI Thars amazing I Hey. A So. Irs c. Very good l Okay. Ask students to listen and read and underline or circle any part of the dialogue where there is a contraction. how did you know thaf? C I learned rt in latin. Shakespeare's vocabulary.. Wow. I The audioscripts for Track 25 and Track 2G ore on page T59 "::. Ask students to listen and check their answers. What are the Canary Islands named after? A Let me lake a look.. I have no idea e Me. ond Romeo and Juliet. 200? C Well. and novelist who wrote ploys about love and honor. Draw a line all the board. The answer is c. / So. b. What do you think? B Well. 24~-----------------------------------------------------------------------------. and then have them circle the contractions they hear on the audio.000. In which country were BR Panama hats first made? C Easy. The Canary Islands were named after dogs! B Well . but thaI's ali.. but George was one of his names. go ahead. elicit answers from the Shakespeare 11564. S Okay. I Okay. A You do? C Irs a type of dog. Play the audio for Exercise 3b. And the correct answer is . LeI's check. too. thaI's stupid. I suppose he might have written 200 plays. neither. ~ 3 Pronunciation: contractions Draw students' attention to the example in Exercise 3<1 . B Okay. Albert.000 and 60. like the one in Exer cise 2b .and there were dogs on the islonds when they were first discovered. (pauses to readl b! Correct . words. Play the audio for Exercise 1e.. dramatist.000 words! A Yep. and write 100% not Sllrc to the left of it and 100% sure to the rigbt. I"m sure that Panama hals were first made in Panama l B Okay.. Ask students in pairs to complete the rules in Exercise 2e. Bul he couldn·t have wrinen 2. lers soy thaI. t agree. Ask students to do Exer ci se 3e in pairs. irs too obvious.000 plays. A Was he the crazy one? B No. because people didn·t have records of births in those days. Culture note 2 Grammar: de d uction and possibility in the past Play the audio and ask students to complet e the sentences in Exercise 2a with the modal verb they hear. But Ihey could hove come from Ecuador.000 words. man. they couldn·t have been named after the doughter of a queen C Why nof? S How many girls have you met named Canary? e (laughs] R ight . Lost question. question 2. Anyway. A Okay. I know the answer. e Well. A Is that so? e So Shakespeare must"ve hod a vocabulary of 37.20 or b. but Panama is 100 obvious.16161 was England's greatest ployv. his name could have been George A Or il may have been Albert or Philip. 2. Thars possible. King Lear. B Yeah. we did ok . Thors ridiculous l A I agree. And the answer is. C No. con I lake over here? A Yeah. Darren's right. notably Hamlet. I'll take a look. They must have been mode in Panama. A Good thinking' So irs either a or b.

Some people believe thal lhe lillie we do know about the man Iram Stratford suggests that he couldn't have written the marvelous plays and poems 01 the outhor "Williom Shakespeare'. Interviewer But do we know he was 0 writer and an aclor? Price Well. he couldn't have gotten his incredible learning from being at home till he was 20 years old l Yet. so if their son was indeed the writer William Shakespeare.md answer the questions in Exercise 4c. 27'------------------------------------------------------------. Ask stud enls 10 listen and c h eck their answers. I~ For Exercise 3 00 poge 58 " A Have you seen my wallet? t can't find it anywhere.000 plays. I already looked.. The writer William Shakespeare had a vocabulary of 37. no. he appears a little later as the au thor of highly cultured poems and plays. Yes. we actually know very little about his life. so he con't have hod a very good edu{Qtion. and we know that he was a businessman . Shakespeare does not mention any books or any connections at all with his life as a writer. 5 But they could have come from Ecuador.000 wards! 3 But he couldn't have written 2. t can't have left iT there. so they can't have written the same number. 6 Vocabulary: literature Ask st udents to comp lete the table in EXI~rcise 6a. Give stu dents a four-minute time limit to thin k o f ideas_ Th en e l icit a class list and wrile it on the board. Thars possible. t didn't take it out with me. Interviewer BuT surely we have evidence that he was the writer? Price Not really. [n Exercise 4d . t must have done that. Hc must have gone 1 collosc or His jather may have beell rich. "~ For Exercise 2 on poge 58 " 1 Shakespeare wrote lots 01 plays. il is a bit 01 a mystery. Briefl y discuss answers w ith the class. Play Ihe audio agai n . You could have left it in the em. yes. tnterviewer And his family? What about his porents? Price We know that his father worked with animal skins and was possibly a butcher. then who did? Unit 6 T 59 Words. Interviewer We know that Shakespeare hod a huge vocabulary. 6 Or it may have been Albert or Philip. Tell stuclents thaI it doesn't matter iftht:y dOll 't kn ow any answers. There appears to be some controversy about Ihe great man today. you might have put il in The drower. il isn't there. William Shakespeare? [)on't we know who really wrote the greatest ploys in the English language? Price Well. The loct is. B No. A No. He was a respected man in the community. but he wasn't on educated man. you're an authority on Shakespeare. This is very odd. Interviewer Prolessor Price. he wrote over 37 ploys and more thon 150 poems. I'll check. 8 Ah! Then you must have left it in the bedroom when you changed earlier. Where did that come from? Price GQad question. although William Shakespeare is coosidered the greatest writer in the English language. words. wards . 8 Well.000 words. which was twice as large as mast cultured men 01 his time. so let me begin by asking you why some people say Shakespeare didn't wrile the works of . lhors not quite true. All we really know is that he was born in Stratford. The question is. yel William of Stratford's two daughters could not read or write. As k students to listen . 5 Reading ski lis Put sh!dents in pnirs to discuss th eir answer s to Exercises Sa and sb. they sh ould try to u se modals to specu late. and that he d ied a rich man on April the 23rd. th en do Exercise 6d as a whole class. Thafs ridiculous ! 4 I suppose he might have written 200 ploys. that he married Ann Hathaway. could this be the some man who created such wonderfully intelligent female characters os Portia. Let th em check in pairs b efore the y [oak at th o Vocabulary Sum mary for Exercise lib. We also know for a loci that William didn't go to university and he may oot even hove gone to the Iocol school. For example. and VIOla? Anolher curious point is thai in his will. 1614. Then ask students to writ e a few sentences compari ng de Vere and Shakespeare and telling why de Vere is a likely wri ter. His porents couldn'l read or write and probably hod no books. Indeed. that they had three children. in Stratford. Could this be the man wh o wrote Hamiel. 2 So Shakespeare must have had a vocabulary 01 37.. pu t stu dents in pairs to list r eason s w h y Shakespeare could n ot have w ritten the plays. the greatest play in the English language? And if he did not write the ploys and poems 01 Shakespeare. There are no direct connections between this actor and businessman and the man who is known as the greatest writer in the English language. o o ~ Play the audio for Exercise 4b. Rosalind.4 Listening skills Divide the class into groups of four to discuss the areas in Exercise 4a . A No. we do know he was an oClor. A Oh.and thars about it. Ask students to discuss the questions in Exercise 6c in pairs. I have no ideo.

ddn'/ If' 10 aUcge.k your answers in tho Vocabulary Summary 011 page 60. William of Stratford would have been imprisoned or executed! De Vere was a respected wnter who stopped writing just when a genius called ~WiJliam Shakespeare" appeared on t he scene. which everybody agrees "Shakespeare" must have done.espcarc".who is made fun of in Hamlet. make II list of reasons from the listening for why William Shakespeare cou ld not havo wrillellihe fnmolls plays and poems. This romantiC character would have made the perfect Hamlet. 1 Which of the kinds of writing in the lab Ie do YOll rend in English'r 2 Which do you read in your OWI1 lal1guagc? 3 Do you hnve a favorite wrilcr? 4 Who is the most fnmous writel' in your country? d Conduct a class survey nnd find out the answers to Ihose questions.4 Listening skills a \V hal kind o f man (10 you think William Shakespeare was? In groups. why did he hide behind the mask of "William Shakespeare"? Words. Many people believe that whoever "Shakespeare" was. One offers Francis Bacon. )1£ """'if >Ui hm< if"" 10 !dud. words. discuss thuse areas. He studied law and traveled to Italy. e In pnirs. Kind of writing poetry novel p lay hislory book hiogra phy drama movie screenplays newspHJler Wriler poet noveli st phlywright historian biographer d ramalist scnJen wriler journalist 2 3 4 5 o 7 H Where was he from? Strutf ord (Ens land) Who was he married to" A nn HuthUl vuy How many chi ldren did they have? 3 Whal exactly did he do fo r a living'~ oc/orlbusinessnUln What job did his father do'~ worked will! utlinlfl J skins I possibly u butch er Howald was he when ho left home'? 20 How many poems d id he wr i te'~ more thun 150 How many words did he know lind use in Engl i sh '~ 37. he must have been an aristocrat. discuss theso qt!(lslions. 1 6 Vocab ul ary: literature a Complete lhe lub le with words and phrases about literature.. S Reading ski lls a If Shakespeare d id not write the "works ofWilJiam Shakespeare".000 d In pa irs. then who did? Read the text helow and check IV ) the most likely candidnte. Thon compare wi th a partner. But if this is all true. 1 Whnt arc the three most popular forms of reading'? 2 Which kinds of writing docs nohody read'! c Wrile brief notes oflhe reasons why de Vere is considered Ihe most likely writer of the "wO!'ks of William Shak. his biography fits perfectly. b Ca n you guess the answer to lhe last qlleslion in the texr~ b Che(. a high ly educated man for his ti me. Did anything surprise you about the infomwtion? Whan ~ c Listen again and answer these questions abou t Shakespeare.the Prime Minister . People say only de Vere could have attacked the Prime Minister and gotten away with it. Ch ristoph er Marlow e. 5~. Edward de Vere. but this seems un likely as he was assassinated ve ry young and couldn't have w ritten so many works. his fami ly his background h is education h is profession ~ b Listen to a radio interview about William Shakespeare and check your answers. the 17th Earl of Oxford. Another t heory cites the great playwrigh t of t he time. as some of his plays draw so much on the country. He was the son-inlaw of the most powerful man in the kingdom . and all his plays have mysteriously disappeared. pointing to the most popular candidate nowadays. His poems and letters use many unusual expressions that are also found in Shakespeare's works. but his writings are very different fro m Shakespeare's. There have been a number of theories about w ho might have w ritten the greatest w orks of literature in the Engl ish langu age . words .

adventure/act ion stories amusing/funny books detective/police stories historical novels horror stories love stories non-fiction science fiction short stories thrillers 2 Readi ng ski lls a These four extracts foll ow the opening extracts in Exercise 1b. 17\ ~ ' . . and human mummies. h Read lhe opening extracts from four stories. - CD Years later. ® I was bom in the back room of a shadowy house. • USEFUL LANGUAGE Num ber one looks like it comes from a thriller. on a was a village of twenty adobe O" SCS. words. lanced one abscess. bUilt on the bank of a river of clear water thai ran a ong a bed of polished stones . she is calving abscess 8 painful swollen area on your skin or inside your body molar large tooth at tho back of the mouth Juvenile Hall a home for boys who got into trouble b Whi ch wortls helped you connect the sentences with the openi ng extracts? Underline them and compare with a partner. Guess what kind of story or book each one opens. Aurcliano Buendia would remember th~t dlstan~ afternoon when his father took him to discover Ice.. GLOSSARY h At that ti me Mac . Read and malch each one with an opening extract.extracted a molar . which means "l ife". because I came into the world With a breath of jungle in my memory. ® He had attended a surprisingly easy calving. d ' was ten " firing squad a small group of soldiers whose job is @ My name is Eva. That can't be from a poem! 11 could be fro m a biography. discuss these questions. facing the firing squad.. cd a sausfactory d aY in which d· d or gotten any worse. Words. The first time I ran away from school . Dr. Colonel. - • • • • • to relax to be entertained to learn something new to be moved to escllpe from reality to" " .. according to a book of names my mother consu lted.s in Latin . lannis had enJoy none of his patients had Ie c [n pairs.Fiction • 1 Speaki ng skills a Look at the wards in the box. and grew up amidst ancient fumiture. ® Two o 'dcr guys talked me into it.. 1 Why is Ihe opening sentence of a story very important? 2 Which extract most makes you want to read more? How docs it do this? Unit 6 to kill prisoners by shooting them mummies dead bod ies preserved and wrapped in cloth (in Ancient Egypt) melancholy fee li ng very sad and without hope cnlving when a female cow is having a baby. words . book. © @ d h 'd both been in and out They were brothers a~ t ey " of juvenL e Hall five urnes. . but none of those thmgs m~de me melancholy. What kind of books / stories do you like to read"' Why? Choose from the reasons below.

lord of the Rings Introduce the topic •• 1 Speaking skills Model the activity briefly. D 1: key words: "that distant afternoon" "At that time" Words.'calving" C 2: key words: "l\vo older guys . Answers: The opening sentence is important because it must catch the reader's attention.. It could be an autobiography. 2 Reading skills Briefly introduce Exercise 2b by eliciting students' answers to exercise l b as a whole class. Ask Whars this novel called in your language? Who wrote if? What sorl of story is it? Have you read it? Whars if about? Would you recommend it? Why? Why nof? Suggested novels: One Hundred Years of Solitude.. Answers: A 3: key words "My name is .Objectives Vocabulary Topic: genres of fiction Reading Writing the continuation of a story figuring oul meaning from context extracts from novels Speaking discussing booKs and reasons for reading - Write the names of three or four well-known novels on the board and ask students oboullhem. or even non-fiction. " "They wore brothers . and then ask students to work in pairs to do Exercise la. Unclear . Possibly a fUrulY book.it must be autobiographical.. set the scene. words T 60 Unit 6 . Answers to the second question will vary. " "I came into the world" B 4: key words: "Or lannis" "palients" '. Ask students to match the extracts.. Briefly elicit answers from the class... by describing what stories you like to read. Like Water for Chocolate. introduce characters. Possible answers: 1 2 3 4 Perhaps from an adventure/action story. Remind Ihem to refer to the Glossary for unfamiliar vocabulary. words. He" . and find out what types of books are the mosl popular. Ask students to continue to work in pairs to discuss Exercise l c. a historical novel. Answers may vary. then discuss Ihe question in exercise 2b wilh a partner. " "I was born . and make the reader want to continue.. Probably nOD-fiction. Perhaps an amusing book. Ask students to work in pairs to do Exercise l b.

edible freshwater lobster somothing you use to attract and catch fish a type of meat food betweenlwo pieces of bread chocolate candy pieces softened in the sun bottom of a river or creek with no water said ··no·· Hi 4 Writing skills Ask students to follow lhe steps in Exercise 4 to continue the story. But the narrator doesn't know them well. Let students check in pairs before going through the answers as a class. Unit6 T 61 Words. ask some volunteers to read their stories aloud to the class. The narrator must have felt nervous. words . Encourage them to use past modals to specu late. Read through the strategies with students before they do the task. Answers: moved a bike by pushing the pedals (what you put your feet on) a narrow stream a type of smaJl. Possible answers: The older boys do. They must have felt happy. The older boys may have felt il wasn't worth goi ng to. 3 Vocabulary: figuring out meaning from context Ask students to work in pairs to figure out the meanings. Have students talk in pai rs briefly to predict the story. then elicit answers fTOm the class. words.Ask students to look at the phrases fro m the story in Exercise 2c . Have students vote on which is best. Ask students to read tho actual continuation on page 147 ohhe Student's Book. or quickly put students into small groups and have a couple of volunteers sharo theirs aloud. Ask students to work in pairs to do Exercise 2e. Ask students to read the story to check their predictions. monitoring and helping with ideas and vocabulary. Then ask students to read all the stories and decide which ane they like best and why. They may have played hookey because they were juvenile delinquents I they were bored and haled school ! it was a nice day. Ask students to read the story again and write true or false next to the statements in Exercise 2d . Move around the class. When students have finished. Refer students to Develop Your Learning on page 35. Ask In what ways is the actual continuation different from your stoIJ'? Additional activity Collect the paragraphs and publish them by posting them on the classroom walls. they are brothers.

Are these statements true or false? 1 The boys went on a vacation .r.Nering our bikes dQIM1 into the aqueduct and riding along the dry bed IJltil we reached lOS.. 5 Add details to your notes. Look at the phrases that come from it and guess which story it is. Which is the best continuation? d To find out bow the original story continues.... We caught crawdads 'Nith marshmalk'JW bait then tore the shells off them and used \. words. I spread the contents of the paper bag ~ out on a big !\at rock. Tore the package open and tiCked the chOCOlate off the paper.AngeleS. Especialty cold and between bread ..j. such as adjectives. even though I suspected LA was at least a hurdred miles ~. Try to predict what might happen in the story.. c Read your paragraph aloud to the class. Draw on your own experience and imagination . Follow Ulese steps: 1 Look at the lasl few lines of the story. I pedaled standing.. words Unil6 .. When you have finished. So I \.. e In pairs. A meatloaf sandwich· A metted bag of M & Ms. adding connecting words (See Writing Skills. 1 Do the boys know each other well? 2 Why did they play hooky? 3 How do you think they felt about school? 4 How did they feel when they stole tbe bikes? 5 How about when they caught the crawclads? 3 Vocabulary: figuring out meaning from context Look at tbese words from the slory. Use the strategies from Develop Your Learning on page 35 to figure out their meanings. They ate the M & Ms first. I atwaYS hated meatloaf. False Words.. and wlil catch the attention of the reader. Wrtff(1lunchtime came I had to share my lunch 'Nith the brotherS beCaUse they'd forgotten to bring theirs. stole three bikes a short vacation at the edge of the Arroyo a big flat rock tore the package open reached Los Angeles They told me it would just be like taking a shOrt vacation . ttreijr meat to catch more cravvdads. 4 Think of a sentence that will continue s~ooth l y from the last part of the story. A carrot vvrapped in wax paper 'Nith a rubber bard arourd it. We stole three bikes out of a back yard and took off for the Afra'IO Seco.. I didn't eat any of the meatloaf sardwich eijther... go to page 147. 5 The narrator ate meatloaf sandwich and chocolate. False 3 They had fish for lunch. Unit 5... sad. adverbs of manner. 3 Make notes on the basic events. The rest of the afternoon we climbed around the hills looking . I said 'yes' to ev6!'jthing. The ooty otrer time I'd fNf$ been to los t>r. 't d Read the story again. 1 pedaled 2 creek 3 crawdads 4 bait 5 meatloaf sandwich 6 a melted bag of M & M's 7 dry bed 8 dedined 4 Writing skills a Now continue the story in pairs. False 4 The narrator gave his lunch to the other boys... The bike I stole was too big for me so I could r. False 2 They took their bikes with them.. guess the answers to these questions. page 53). I must have been six then. then read the extract and check your predictions.. or d ramatic. especially the last sentence.-ent doNn the creek. for snakes until one of them got the idea of IcJ. went. etc. \. check your writing.ever sit up en the seat all the Wf..c You are now going to read the next part of one of the stories. Imagine that you are the narrator. 6 Start forming sentences.. We hid the bikes in a stand of eucatyptus trees at the edge of the Afra'IO and. They offered me a licI< but I declined. 1m. 2 Decide if the next part is going to be funny.getes was wtlen my aunt took me to the Farmer's t>Aarket in her '44 Dodge to loOk at the myna birds. b Now write the next paragraph of the story..

. Harry. it got rave reviews on both sides of me Atlantic. the schoolboy magician and hero of the books. it was her creation. she is one of the bigy donators to charity that me country has ever seen. is now richer than the Queen of England. Divorced.. OWan( make The headlines have bee 'k fro 'I naen m arl l~ es. Rawling wrote Harry Poner and the Sorcerer's Stone at a table in a cafe wh ile her daughter was sleeping.. me . who rescued her from her life of rags and brought her one of riches. J. Rowling has become a full-time writer and has g iven up her tiny rwo-room apartment for a Scott' mansion and luxury apartments in born Edinburgh anu London.. OSllVe Ilegat' . Ie will express a 1\ e poml of View? Why? 3 Where do you think . on e of the richest women in the world. How do la:~c. . or maybe because of it.. • In the years slOce the appearance of the first H arry Potter story. Her fans arc quick to point out that despite her success.~ 2 Reading skills a Harry Potter : ~". I you might see the artIc os that the hcadl'Ines Come from? 1 /1 mUst USEFUL LANGUAGE be about . .as changed since Harry POlter~ndnt~\. world-...:s ~~:~. the author of h you think her n h t 0 Harry Polter books is b Read th .K.K. author of the fantasy novels that arc popular with young and old alike.g.. Like that of her character. . but once accepted and publish ed.Fact to fantasy 1 Speaking ski Us a ::::nOle5 of everything you know 1 the Harry POlter books :. What are the articles about" 2 Which articles will express a p "r ' point of view and who h .. with a fortune estimated at one billion dollars. J.K.K. Rawling.:: the Harry POller movie~. Harry Potter. _.' e . They have all beel translated into more than 20 languages.lIIother thillS. y m a arger compallY it 6 Words.. ~ GLOSSARY rags old and shabby clothes offshoots something that dcvelo s Ii e.h~:~ohneea dWI~s P:lblished? .K. 3 1. The38-year-old author is now the ninth richest woman in the u. W()(ds. Rowling. words ... writing Harry Potter offshootS and giving the proceed s to her favorite causes. J 1 2: The novelist's first attempt was turned down by several __ publishers.a mous writer.~::~i~hle~k your ideas from ExerciseO~~. has made his creator wealthier than Quee Elizabeth II. Rowling's life resembles a fairy talc. They must have been . goes to China ~ for tourism @Hany Potter is magic Excrcis: I. which have led to the publication of four sequels so far. unemployed. Rawling. Magician Harry Potter brings ® riches to author m_~~"". Now the goodnews is that Harry Poner.. and living in a tiny Ed inburgh apartment with her infant daughter. b Look at the headlines bel I predictions. it was announced that J. a smaller campall fro I P fOm '.rom As the new Harry Pon er story was being eagerly awaited by millions of fans all over the wo rld. K. And like the proverbial prince.. e.


Topic: J.K. Rawling and Harry Potter
Vocabulary avoiding repetition Reading a newspaper article

the passive

Speaking predicting from headlines


Divide the class into groups of four to six. Write the words Harry Pot/cron tho board, and then give the groups timo 10 jot notes down on everything they know about Harry Polter. After\vards, ask each group to share their three most interesting facts with the class.

Introduce the topic


Speaking skills
Ask studen ts to discuss the headlines in Exercise Ib in pairs or in groups. Encourage them to use medals. Point out the Useful Language phrases.

Suggested a nswers: Headline 1 Tho article is probably about the author and how sho has become rich. It 's positive. . It must come from a newspaper or magazine article. Headline 2 It is probably about how the book has been translated into Chinese and is proving successful there. It 's positive. It's probably fro m a newspaper - it might be from a publishing magazine. Headline 3 Irs probably about how the Harry Poller books have had a negative effect on read ing I the English language I literature or something like that. It's negative. It may come from a literary or educational article in a newspaper. Headline 4 It's about how people from all over the world are visiti ng places in Britain where Harry Potter was written or filmed. It's positive. It could come from an article in a travel magazine.

2 Reading skills
In Exercise Zn , elicit from tho class a few predictions about how J.K. Rowling's lifo has changed. Then ask students to road the article to answer the question in Exercise z b and check their predictions. Answers: Sho has become a successful writer, lhe ninth richest woman in the U.K., and she owns II Scottish mansion and luxury apartments. She gives a lot of money to charity. Headline 1 goes with the article.
J.K. Uoonnel Rawling did not use her first nome on the books because she lel1that boys might be put off reading the book il they knew it was by a "girl: She wonlS to motivate boys. especially, to read. which has been one 01 the great successes 01 the Herry Potier books.
Culture note

Words, words. words

T 62


Ask students to look through the questions in Exercise 2c and decide which paragraph might answer them. Go over the answers briefly with the class. Then ask students to look through the relevant paragraph for answers and discuss them with a part ner. Answers: no answer She was divorced, unemployed, had a small child. and lived in a small apartment. (para. 2) No. (para. 3) They "got rave reviews on both sides of the Atlantic.. - so, equally successful. (para. 3) No answer. Less than 38. (para. 3) No. She has given some money from "offshoots" to her fa vorite causes. (para. 4) Ask students to discuss the question in Exercise 2d in pairs. Answers: The art icle is positive. Supporting phrases include: eagerly awaited, popular, resembles a fairy tale, rescued .. . from ... rags (10) riches, rave reviews, one of the richest women in the world, biggest donators to charity

3 Vocabu lary: avoi ding repetition
Tell students to copy the table in Exercise 3h into their notebooks. Ask lhem to scan the lext for synonyms and paraphrases that refer to lhe author J.K. Rowling and lhen complete the table with these phrases. Answe rs: Adj(l(:tives divorced unemployed Adjectival phrases 38-year-old full-time Nouns author novelist creator writer donator Noun phrases the author of the fantasy novels one of the richest women in the world one of the b iggest donators to charity

4 Gram mar review: the passive
Ask stude nls to work in pairs to match examples in Exercise 4a to uses. Ask students to work in pairs to answer the q uestions aboul lhe examples in Exercise 4b. Point out the Language Note on page 63 and refer them to the Grammar Summary on page 66 to check their answers.
Quick grammar guide

Passive constructions exist in many languages but often are not as commonly used as they are in English. A reflexive construction with on active verb is sometimes preferred, with the subject after the verb. not a t the beginning of the sentence.
Common enors and problems

• Students may attempt a reflexive construction which is impossible in English. ,ariF!' IRe B99/@; in Hong Kong. 's fJ'f.R.'99 IRe Be9.1r!; in Hong Kong. ' ~' ts fJ'fjR/e9 IRe Be9/@; in Hong Kong . • A common mistake is to make an active sentence without a subject pronoun. WI9/e her firsl book in Edinburgh. Answers: a No. It isn't important. b millions of fans eWe wanl to focus on "the new Harry Potter story " - this is the important or new information. d several publishers e 1 Someone announced that ... 2 Someone has translated them inlo ... 3 Millions offans weTO eagerly awaiting ... 4 Several publishers turned down ... They are still correct, but 1 and 2 sound odd. In Exercise 4d, ask students to complete the sentences ind ividually, then check in pairs.

5 Speaking skills
Divido students into groups of four to six to discuss the questions.


T 63

Words. words, WOfds

c Docs the article answer all of the following questions? Decide which paragraph you can find the answer in when possible. then answer the ques tions.
1 Why did J.K. Rawling write the Potter books? 2 What was her life like before the first book

b Look at these examples from the article and answer the questions.
1 .. . it was announced that J.K. Rowling .. . is

now richer than the Queen of England.
2 They have all been translated into more than



was published? Was she immediately successful with her first story? Have the books been more successful in the U.S. or the U.K.? How old was she when the first book was published? Has she profited from all of her books?

20 languages . 3 As the new Harry Potter story was being eagerly awaited by m illions of fans ... 4 The novelist's fi rst attempt was turned down by several publishers ...

d Is the article more positive or negative about Harry Potter and his author? Make a note of the words and phrases that support your answer.

3 Vocabulary: avoiding repetition
'a Read the article again and note all the references to J.K. Rawling.

a Do we know who announced the news in 1, or who translated the books in 2? Is it important? b Who or what does the action in 3, "the new Harry Potter story" or "millions of fans"? c In 3. the agent (millions of fans) is quite important. so why is the passive used? d Who does the action in 4? e Try to put the four sentences above into the active voice. Are they still correct? c Check your answers in the Grammar Summary on page 66.

aWJ,o, <f Ik fa~ >UJ>ds.. OiW>'Wi•. b Write the words and phrases you have noted in the table.

Remember tllat we make the passive with a form ofthe verb be + past participle: it was announced; they have all been translated. d We can use the passive in most tenses and verb forms. Identify the tense or verb form in the active sentences below and complete the passive sentences.
1 The publishers print the books in Hong Kong.

Adjectives divof1:ed unem ployed


Nouns author

Noun phrases the author of the fantasy novels




c We use synonyms and paraphrases to avoid repetition and help the flow oftexl. Find : 1 three ways the journalist refers to Rawling's occupation. au tho r, novelist , writer 2 four ways he refers to Harry Potter. her character. her creation . the schoolboy magician , hero of the books 3 three ways he refers to the books. fantasy novels, first attempt, four sequels, offshoots



4 Grammar review: the passive
a Look at the examples of passives. 1--4. Match them with the correct use from the list below. The passive is often used in ... 1 academic works, e.g. science journals: A constant temperature is maintained ... 2 manuals: Ensure that the plug is fitted correctly before ... 3 public notices: Passengers are kindly requested not to smoke. 4 newspapers: Find an example in the headlines in Exercise lb.




The books ... aYe pr-mled m. JWng Kong. Distribution companjes are shipping millions of the new Harry Potter book around the world. present progressive Millions of the new Harry Potter books are being shipped around the world. Several publishers rejected J.K. Rowling's first book. simple past J.K . Rawling's first book was rejected by severa l publisbers. The publisher has announced the launch date for the latest Potter book. present perfect The launch date for the latest Potter book has been announced by the publisher. They should ban the words Harry Potter. should + infinitive The words Harry Potter should be banned . They had made the first book into a fi lm before Rawling wrote the fifth book. past perfect The first book had been made into a film before Rawling wrote the fifth book.


We lise the passive when: a the subject of the action is unknown b the subject of the action is unimportant c we want to focus on new information by putting it at the end of the sentence d we want to avoid naming or blaming the subject of an action

5 Speaking skills
In groups , discuss these questions. 1 What books are being fead by kids in your country right now?
2 Make a list of your favorite books when you were

a kid and compare them with your group. 3 Which is your all·time favorite book? Why?
Words, words, words

Unit 6


1 Warm up
An urban myth is an often-repeated story. which mayor may not be true, of an unusual and sometimes terrible event that happens to an ordinary person, usually a "friend of a friend", The stories usually have a surprise ending. They are often told when fr iends get together at d inner parties or bars. a The sentences below are taken from Iwo different urban myths. They are taken from the beginning, the midd le, and the end of each story. Put them into the correct order. Story A; 1 Q!J 2 I:m 3!ID Story 8; 1 !g 2 ID 3@

b In grou ps, compare your answers and try to figure out what Lhe two stories are about . Use the questions to help you. 1 Who arc the characters in the story? 2 Where does the story take place? 3 When do the events take place? (morning/evening? present/ past?) 4 Is the story a funn y one, a thriller. a mystery. a crime story? 5 Docs it have a "happy ending"? Wo will como back to these stories at the end of the lesson.






Thi.~ must be from ... This could be the first one.

I ~ r-A------le--n-C;C,-e-e--'vCi-hCVCiCI-g-e--'v-o-k-e-u p-o-n~e=," ==i=g =to=fi=n=d==h=a=t====~------------------------------'-' co up i n c- l a -- ==o=nn n = = t
someone had stolen their car.


They later found that the thief had used their car for a robber y on the very day it had disappeared.


~----~=====================~------~~ @ A friend of mine was d riving along the Massachusetts Highway o ne
evening when he passed a young lady walking along the side of the road.


" Yes, the purse belonged to my daughter, but she was killed more than 20 years ago in a car accident on the Massachusetts Highway."


The note explained the thief had taken the car because he didn't have a car himself and his wife had gone into labor with their first baby.

A couple of days later, he was cleaning his car when he cam e across
a wo man's pursC!=.

Words, WOfds. words


Topic: anecdotes and urban myths
telling an anecdote

Grammar Reading past perfect simple urban legends and progressive, third conditional

an anecdote

on anecdote

1 Warm up
Ask students to do Exercise la in pairs. Aftenvards, ask the class which picture goes with which story. Ask students to discuss th e stories in groups o f four, using the questions in Exercise lb. Monitor the discussion. but don't reveal any stories at this stage.

Words, words, WOfds

T 64

Unil 6

lOne You must hove heard it.. 3 Prepare Ask students to follow the guidelines to develop their story. yeah . hove another drink. pour me anather gloss of wine and I'll tell you. Rob Well. they hodn'r put it in the gorage. Rob So they reporled Ihe theft 10 the police. uh . ITrack 28 features three excerpts of muSic. later the some day. they later found that the thief hod used their car fOf a robbery on the very day it hod disoppeared! Unit 6 T 6S Words. to $Offen the blow. 5 Compare For Exercise Sa. . to make Ihings WOfSE!. 7 Follow up Ask students to read the second urban myth all page 147 ofthe Student's Book and check their predictions. they went to Ihe show and when they got home offer it. yeah . his wife had..no. and .. right well. and one morning they wake up to find thol someone hod stolen their cor. I don" think I've heard that one. there was Ihis couple in Greenwich Villoge. Stress the content and also have students support each other in reviewing the grammar and form of their stories. Shira Oh. 4 Feedback Put students in pairs to tell their stories. words. Oh. 1/ the couple hadn't gone to the theater. Everybody knows it. Rob Great. you see. thanks.. to make a long $lory short. the Vv"Ilole thing. . And? Rob Well. Here.. Rob. rhey'd parked it outside rhe house the night belOfe. Play the audio for Exercise 2. you see. outside Rob Yeah.. 6 Notice ~ Play the audio for exercise 5 again. and . Rob Hong on. Shira Their cor was stolen? No. Rob.. they would still have their possessions. I the house. the crook hod robbed their entire house of its conleots. Shira But you soid they hod a goroge . Trevor Of course. Have you heard Ihe one about the couple whose cor was stolen and. Rob Oh. Elidt wa ys of completing the sentence in Exercise 5b and write good sentences on the board. you know.. Echo questions/repetition Their car was stolen? But you said they Of course. il was a note explaining thaI the thief hod taken the cor because he didn't hove a cor himself. words .. I don·tthink so. Ask students to write their stories from their notes and then exchange stories with another student to read. Ask students to listen to lhe first piece of music. all righlthen. stMra Oh? Rob So he hoped they didn't mind 100 much rhat he'd taken their car without permission. Trevor A note? '9~------------------------------------------------------. big house. Rob Oh. so .t 2 Task Go over the instructions for the task carefully with the class. Then continue this procedure for the second and third pieces of music. I love these urban mythsl Trevor Go on. no. gorage. gone into Iobor with their first baby. and think of images. pause the recording and tel] students to write notes to build up the story. And? A nole?Oh? Simple phraseslwords Go on.. he'd enclosed two tickets for a Broadway show thor weekend. After the first piece. with a note under the windshield wiper. Trevor Oh. Ask students to copy and complete the table in their notebooks... This Oduolty happened to a friend of a friend of mine . ask students to listen to the story on the audio and check their predictions. with eyes closed if they like. you know. Oh. great. . Rob So. Trevor No. anyway. you know. professionals. good jobs. Rob. I bet. Jane Mmm. they got home from work to see the cor bock again. Trevor Oh. ond . Mmm. You must have heard it. you know. The couple was delighted. Shira I bet. Jane Go on. Answers Interjections Incredible! Oh. I've heard it so many times! Shira Oh. they found thai while they hod been out enjoying their Broadway musical. Trevor Incredible! Rob Well..

Now use these guide lines to help you develop you r story. Each piece goes with each of the three paragraphs. The music will stop after each p icce to give you time to write. and try not to read word-by-wo rd . finally adjectives: to make your story more vivid ~ Listen to the conversation again. 6 Notice 3 Prepare Look over your notes fo r the three paragraphs. Make notes of any phrases they usc as you Iiston. Interjections Incredible! Echo questions I repetition Their car was stolen? Simple phrases I words Goon. Make any changes you wish . As you listen. and so on. hore are the sentences th at begin each of the throe paragraphs of yOW" story. 7 Follow up a Read the full version o fth e other story from Exercise l b on page 147. Make any changes you wish to the content or the language. words . to show interest. past perfect. mfHlIlwhile. past perfect progressive connectors: when. Story-teller: Use your notes to guide you. Which of you wrote the more interesting story? Which had the best English? Words. he would never have met Pe nclope. music and tho images it brings to your mjnd. tell your story to each other. you are going to listen the story correct? to three pieces of music. ~ Think about your story. notes to bui ld up your story. to check understanding. c Give your story to a di fferent partner to read. . after a while. words. ~ a Listen to one of the stories from Exercise l a. Oh.. and then. Practice being You are going to write a very short story and tell it to a good story-teller and a good listener! other students. Take If the couple hadn 't gone to IJ1e theater. To Which story is it? Were your predictions about help you develop your story. using the stories in this lesson to give you ideas. Rob." 5 Compare 3 Years later. as soon as. to encourage the speaker. follow the b Complete the sentence. Listener: Show you are listening. ask questions. Notice the way the listeners res pond to show they are listening. 2 They had been going out together for about a year when . Were your predictions correct? b Go back to the notes on your story and write it up as a complete text of about 150 words.2 Task 4 Feedback In pairs. and write the responses in the table. make commonts. 1 If Tom hadn'l gone to the party. but don '( take notes yet. To h elp you. he looked back: if he hadn't . 1 The characters: are they young or old? How do they feel? Z Time and place: where does the story take p lace? (city/country? ins ide/o utside?) When does it take place (morning/evening?) 3 Background: what was the weather like? What had th ey been doing before the story began? 4 Ending: you can make the ending a "surprise" in true urban myth tradi tion ! 5 Language narrative tenses: simple past.

' Past The book was being printed last night. Ycu Uz Joe Yeah. )( She may have affl.) Sometimes we want to put new information at the end of the sentence to give it more importance. bklg""". The car must be ~ repaired immediately. dramatist 2 The passive Use oovet p~y playv-mght hIstorian screenwn journalist histOf)' boo!< • When the agent (subject) of the verb is unknown: Our car was stolen last night. 3 YQI. may (not). I ~~ could have left home before six this morning.30.• 1 someone who writes for the lheater? playwright 2 someone who writes about the life 01 a famous person? hiogrD plll~r 3 someone who writes about important events in the past? historian 4 someone who writes fictional stories? novelist 5 someone who writes dialogues for the movies? screenwriter Unit 6 Words.} I haven't seen She may not have arrived yet. we intiOOuce it with by: We use must (not) / may (not) I might (oot) / ootid (not) / can't + have to make deductions aboot the past and to tal< about possiJity i"I the past. $he may not have arrived yet. We use the passive to do this. Ycu k:lOk tied. '" 5 My wallet was taken from my jacket pocket yesterday by SOOlI3()I)9':"-' V Yeah.I" order was ~ prepared YIIher'l I last checked.! Past perfect Modal passive A new bridge has been built over the river.r Harry Potter story was eagerly awaited by miIOns of fans. haslhave + been + pp had + been + pp modal verb + be + pp He could have arrived. What do agent is known but not important: A new Jaw regarding advertising was passed yesterday. ~ Certain She can't have arrived yet... words .rseIves I someone else./ Choose the correct modal verbs in this conversation. @ can't have hoc! a tot. have a drink. The nev.rj1 day. (The government passed it but we already know that. words. Joe Uz Joe Have you seen Sara? No.. the COOkies were eaten while'you and dad were out.ted. 4 0cIer teachers are often asked questions by younger teachers. and can't: prog<BSSive P<esent parlee! They must have arrived by now. Our cat was run over by a ().mat was You will be notified in due course. Note that we do not usa the negative of must or the positive of They mustn't have anMJd yet.) Newspapers and scientifiC texts frequently use the passive in this way. 0Ne want to avoid bIarnilg a. She !Tight not have arrived yet.ect + modal verb + have + past participle The modal verbs most often used are must. and I 8 mustn't ~ have stopped for more than ten rTW1utes all day. 0Ne don't know who stole it. Kind of writing poet" Writer Kind of writing Writer poet novetist bklgrnphy d. Less certain She might have arrived.. prog<BSSive Simple past The childlBfl are being taught latin Itlis yeaf.) • When the Answer thes e questi o ns.:vas Joe Uz Joe being pnlparlld when I last checked .) Mom. Fo"" We form the passive with the verb be and a past participle. It is not always possible to use an active sentence instead of a passive one: Translators have translated all the books. who did . so she 1 must ~ve arrived yet.". (I ate them but I don't want to admit it. Positive She must have arrived. her suitcase. . This Is too repetitive to be correct. She wanted to buy some wine so she @ ' can have stopped at the superma. she 3~ may not have. The verbs stxm differanllevels of certai'lty. is/are + past participle is/are + being + pp was/wete + pp was/wal'"e + being + pp preseot P<esent Fo"" sub. We can use the passive in most tenses. could (not). X They can't have anMJd yet.somethi"Ig. might (not). The letter had been sent before I realized . } The train isn't due for another ten She couldn't have arrived yet. Co rrec t those wIth e rro rs. \'Vhen we include the agent. trough it may be important. but we tend not to use it with the present perfect progressive or past perfect progressive.ama movie screenplays new"""". 2 The books have been awaited for a long time.r. I just wish so we can start dinner. Tense Simple Form (pp iii past participle) Example Our bills are paid through the bank. No. She can have atrived.rket Liz 1 Uniforms must be worn at all times by soldiers on duty. She ~/ can't have gotten caught in traffic. I suppose She she'd get here S @ must have. She may have arrived.} She could have arrived. She was walking.LANGUAGE RESOURCE Grammar Summary 1 Deduction and possibility in the past Use • • Sometimes we leave the agent out because we do not want to sa-. Negative ~ train gets hef"e at 3. Vocabulary Summary Literature You poor thing! Here. st~1 dark outsicle. HE!( coat's hanging in the closet. we call . '--' De cide if these passive sentences are correct or not. Your order rng V . The books have been awaited for a ong time. minutes.

J > LJ.g. although the truth is I don't recall anything immediately after that unlucky event.. rewrite your story on a clean piece of paper and give it a title.J o o o o o o a wide range of appropriate vocabulary and interesting expressions a well·organized narrative that is easy to follow and understand an interesting plot that makes you want to read to the end 3 Analyzing how language is used to make a good story a A writer needs to use variety to make a story come alive. Don't worry about producing perfect English now. 5 = the least important.ph 2 Pamgn. over the fence. e. Add some more examples if you can.. but put the story into paragraphs and make it as clear as possible. Follow the steps below. c Read this story. a problem. writing an interesting story Finish writing your story. at first two days earlier as soon as before that summer in the meantime Descriptive tanguage adverbs: sadly adjectives: merciless unfortunately slowl y suddenly piercing brightly shiver ing sea-bl ue dangerous l y b Now find examples of some of the points in the table in the anecdote in Ex8f'Cise 1c.. making opportunities to speak English In pairs. look al the "ingredients of a good story" below and number them in order of importance: 1 == the most important. that is. The two boys bad been playing with a sugar cane knife when onc of them lost hold of it. 2 Analyzing the organization of a story Read the anecdote again and look at how the writer develops the story. Correct the English and add descriptive language to make it more interesting. 1 heard friendly laughter and I looked up to see two boys playing in the trees. --I--l-. Match the paragraph with the part of the story. II was a beautiful sunny afternoon with not a cloud in the sky. there was a scream and then all fell silent. Put the types of language in the box into the correct column of the table. a story that gets the reader's attention and keeps rt. answer the questions. The next thing I knew I was lying in a hospital bed with my head bandaged up. In pairs. provide a 'twist: 3 Organize the story into paragraphs. Ten ses I verb forms past progressive (to set the scene) simple past past perfect past perfect progressi ve reported and direct speech Sequencing expre ssion s meanwhile later that evening . Cl! ~ >- o --' LJ. I was walking home from school. Although I remember nothing of the accident. Suddenly. tell your partner about your action plan for Unit 5.ph 1 Pamgn.C) i= -:: a z A narrative 1 Looking at what makes a good story What makes a good story? In this lesson you will ook at the techniques involved in making a good story. 4 Applying what you have learned You are now going to write a short story of between 150 and 200 words. Note: you wi ll need to show your final anecdote to your classmates at the 8fId of Unit 7.g. You probably won't finish it in class but you will be expected to finish it as part of you r action plan.PLAN [> Your action ptan. You can use the model in Ex8!'cise 2 if you want. --. You can rewrite it as many times as you like. at first simple past unfortunately past perfect characters that are well-developed and believable a range of different tenses. 1 Think of an interesting story that happened to you or someone you know. words. It ricocheted off a tree and then bounced off my head. The blow must have knocked me unconscious. 6 Finally. 1 have a three-inch scar along my skull to prove it. b End in an interesting way. 1 What title would you give to this anecdote? 2 Did you enjoy the story? Why? / Why not? past perfect progressive shivering before reported and d irect speech that summer sea-blue dangerously in the meantime I was a six-year-old living in Hawaii at the time.. Paragraph 4 Grve backgrOUnd to the story. most of which will be past forms two days earlier slowly suddenly as soon as piercing brightly b Compare your answers with the class. Words. a In pairs. S Read you r story. ~<J REVIEW Review your action plan.along the beach. 4 Write a fi rst draft. even on a beautifully sunny day. a surprise. and wtlat opportunities for speaking EngliSh you have taken. e. 3: o 0. solve a puzzle.ph 3 a Develop the story step by step. I took my usual shortcut home .c d Intreduce a change in the action to increase interest. Pamgn. and through the trees. 2 Make a few notes to summarize the main points of the story. And I'm still visited by the baunting thought that death can come calling at any time. I'll never forget what happened. words Unil6 .

[have some spare money. will/won 't + verb or the first conditional. I'd love to. Helen's huge now. I forgot. 'II be (be) a great Jean I don't agree. Use the word in parentheses. (already) When we arrived at the auditorium. b Complete this conversation using going to + verb. isn't he? If there 3 is (be) a football game. 1 He was wearing a wedd ing ring so he must be married 2 Ho had two passports so he could have dual nationality 3 He was meeting a woman named Paula . She might have gotten a better grade if she hadn't felt sick on . Tom 11 'm going (go) to a concert on Saturday night. 2 The police are questioning several suspects... (might) They migbt have bad more children if they'd been richer. Any plans for Sunday? Rita No. I they I live I Australia.. so II buy I new cell phone I if \. 1 If the New World / not I discover I native civilization I not "--" I destroy. 2 If Fran I get I marry I to John.. Why don't you join us? Rita In the evening? Thanks. She 1 '.she might be his girlfriend 4 He still had a lot of money so the motive for the shooting couldn't be theftlmoneylsreed 5 He still had tho tickets for the game so he couldn't have 80ne to the game c Complete the second sentence so that it means the same as the first one.. right. Bob Fantastic! Do you think TIm 2 will make (make) a good father. Then look at the theories the detective is formulating and make deductions. or going to + verb. they would Jive in Australia" . native civilization wouldn't have been destroyed. Tom Dh. (dating) They bad been dating for four years before they separated.. be would be { would have been happy . Do you want to come? Rita I'd love to but 2 I teach (teach) my salsa class every Saturday night. the lecture bad already started . '--" e Look at these notes made by a police detective at the \. That's my advice. 1 The lecture started at 9:00 and we arrived at 9:15. Jean I saw TIm and Helen in the street. (bappy) If he'd remained single. . . (being) Several suspects are being questioned . I think he 6 dad! d Expand these notes to make complete sentences. 4 They didn't have more children because they couldn't afford them.soinl to bave (have) the baby in three weeks.J I not I too / expensive. it's Father's Day so I 5 'm going to cook (cook) dinner for my dad in the evening.it's a mess ! 4 Are you doinS (you/ do) anything? Tom Well. 5 They separated after four years of dating.a Complete this conversation using the simple present or present progressive tense. 5 I I buy I thai apartment / if / I I be I you. 3 I 'm going to stay (stay) at home and clean my apartment .. 4 I havo somo spare money. If Fran got married to John. so I'll buy a new cellphone ifit isn't too expensive. he's very selfish. 3 Marriage made him unhappy. If the New World had not been discovered. though? Jean What do you mean? Bob Well . I'd buy that apartment if! were you. 3 She / might / got I bellor grade I if I not I feel sick I all 1.. not really... Ho 5 won't want (not want) to sit at home and take care of the baby./ scene of a murder in New York. he 4 ' U go {gol to it .../ the day of the exam. '--" but l ean 't soe that happening..

was 2 These shoes !!. wheal) that help food pass through your body I!l a substance in foods such as meat.a a:~~idS. correction Ouid 3 I can't wake up in the morn ing and I'm always lale for work. got Luckily. and milk that makes you strong Rnd healthy I!l natural substances in foods like iron and calcium.~ Martha thai Mike was O along well and she explilmo ' r ' ed marriage. out together for years Martha and Miko had ~eoll gOI~I~ e they decided to live and after they both fi mshe: co \gengagod but Mike together.r There is a 8rammatica l mistake in each of these sentences. but Mike's family liked the idea of marriage I different.' rcmarfl'ed and Mike noW ha close frien ds . are spoken 4 Children are teaching Greek in tenth grade.le O arent but hi~ dad . Co rrect the mistakes. a dishwasher 5 I'm out of the house a lot and people complain they can never reach me. a fiber b fat c carbohydrates d minerals e vitamins f protein 1 2 3 4 5 found in food like bread and potatoes and gives your body heat and energy @) fowld in food li ke oil and butler and gives you energy but is fil llening I!il the parts of fruit. become close fr iond s mother-i n-law a single parent fr iendsh ip stepsisters .aJ the years they had 3 "ke another sister to I ht that sho was 1 sometimes I. His dad had gott~n di'lO~:in. have been completed g Read this story a nd comillele it with the words or Match tho words with the a ppropri ate definition. 1 can'. 1 The worl d's first cell phone virus has invented by hackers. or grains (com . eggs.. There is one extra item. So did he want 4 fI 5 mother-in-Ia'!. screen novel play poetry biography I h What do the speakers need? Choose an objcct from the box. designed by the famous French designer. an answering machine . e was tile correct wasn't really sure whether ~arn:~raditiOnal family and me slep for him. His mom and background was compl~te ~ he was just a baby. being taught/are taught 5 The new skyscraper should have completed by next summer. sticky notes a hole puncher an alarm clock an ironing board correction fluid a dishwasher an armchair a paper clip an answering machine a food processor a washing machine 1 Do you have anyth ing I can hold these pieces of paper together with? a paper dip 2 I've made a couple of mistakes on this application form. which we need for good health lID phrases fro m the box. Claude Lomax in 1906.~Ul becOme rea . an alarm dock 4 We keep arguing about who's going to do the dishes after dinner. M. were 3 Native American languages speak more widely than Spanish in Bolivia. send it like this. f his parents 81 scared because 0 d M'ke got milrried. Over mother temalDed 1 . Martha Bnd her ~utu. Happily.!2. d th 2 stepslSters . 1\'10 years later t oy go. Martha c. \Qug r 'endshi\! or marriage? Mike. 'Iegetables. two years liltor Marlha an 1 Complete the text with a form of the words in the box.

These people are basically introverts: they tend to be quiet. I h lve aca. small ears and a small nose. They generally don't like sporls. bony lace. ox~rovortcd/introverted optimistidpessimistic qUIet/confident calmlbad-tempcred lazy/. Although by no means locking in intelligence. This type has a large head and a wide. angular face A 4 small head and small facial features 8 b Complete the labels 011 the faces with these phrases.a article on tho right is about face reading. and while many people 05SOCiale dase-set eyes with a ntrustwort rson. 2 Reading skills a Th.~c:ondepressed. to team sports. This type hos a small head and small facial features. angular face with thin lips. This athletic type tends to be of medium height with brood shoulders. Their personality is oo.1 Vocabulary: the face a Match the faces with these descriptions. 3. Some people believe we con judge bushy eyebrows thin lips prominent chin low forehoad heavy eyelids small nose full lips small ears close-set eyes c Can facial features lell you anything about a person? In pairs. types. There are certain fealures thot tend 10 indicate personality types. They tend to be loners. In p8i~S... tends to be small. This type has a GLOSSARY untrustworthy not copablo of being trusted fly ofT the handle become angry very quickly lacking without something. Match each description with one of the faces then compare your answers in groups. these types can react spontaneously without thinking about the consequences. Face reading has a long hislofy and even IOdoy people ore surprised by ils accuracy. bony face D 3 large.~t ~~~:~~~~. optimistic. They tend to have a lorge.fempered and can suddenly "fly off the handle". The nose is often flat and the chin is prominent. cheerful demanding honest outgoing predictable slow-wittecl ~. such as the four below: 1. such as boxing and weightlifting. cha nge suddenly tl} 2. Nevertheless. They are active and enjoy physical work in the open air. They prefer individual sports. Many movie directors and other artists tend to belong to this type. faces fall into certain types. round face. 1 wide. usually square-shaped. c Find personality adjectives in the article that have the opposite meaning to these. fSliy-.·m"lIlIv they're extroverted. Use these words and phrases. People with Ioog. such as heavy eyelids indicating on introveft. so they tend to be bod. round face C 2 long. 4 . they p::>inl more often to someone who i uIC'1 in In According 10 face-reading specialists. having none of someth ing a long. ernie at lotic intelligent/ not very smart SOCIable/a loncr b Read the articlc and check your answers. 58 Unil7 Body language . they tend to have a low forehead.ct· d . full lips a weak chi n close-set eyes thin lips a high forohand bushy eyebrows 0 person's character from their faciol characteristics. someone who keeps their feelings 10 themselves. thin noses are often loners and workaholics. discuss these features. tr~ to describe the characters of the people In Exorcise 1 from their faces. they can be emotionally ~ble.

n exercise 1. then check in pairs. Ask students to match the words in Exercise 2c with opposites in the text. Remind students 10 check the Glossary for unfamiliar vocabulary. Go through the answers as a class. As a whole class. using the descriptive adjectives in Exercise 2a. push out your chin to show "prominent" chin . Body language T 70 Unit7 . Objectives Vocabulary the face Topic: face-reading Reading a psychology article Writing a detailed description Speaking describing people's faces of a face Put on the board a large magazine picture of 0 person's face. you may need to check the meaning of the adjectives by miming and showing. ask students to match the descriptions to the faces and check in groups. (For example. Elicit a few ideas from different pairs at the end.. Ask a few pairs how they have described the people. etc. [n Exercise l b. ask students to lahelthe paris of the faces at the lop of the page. •• In Exercise 2b. Ask students 10 do Exercise 1a in pairs.) Ask students to discuss the features in Exercise 1c in pairs. 2 Reading skills Di vide students into pairs to make predictions aboutlhe people i. Ask How can you describe this person's face in deloil? What con you say about this person's personality? Do you think you can make guesses about someone's personality from their face? Introduce the topic 1 Vocabulary: the face Bri efly pre-teach the paris of the fac e by pointing to parts of your face and asking W}lQrs this? You/' chin.

then skip exercise 3a and move straight on to exercise 3b. fairly In Exercise 4c. laughter lines 4 very. small. Give the groups five minutes to discuss. then briefly elicit answers from the whole class. slightly hooked wido. Students have 10 read their descriptions aloud while their partners look at page 147 and identify the face being described. slightly. Answers: 1 The first sentence describes the fa ce and general appearance because it is best to start with a general description before moving to spocifics. high. Then ask ono perSOIl from each group to stand up and describe one of the famous people to the class. Afterwards. Encourage students to try oul phrases from the Useful Language box. bloodshot. Suggested a nswers: oval. narrow. bony. aftor students have selected their identikit picture from pago 147. th ick.) on each pidure. Which pair can match the most descriptions to pictures in that lime? Unit 7 T 71 Body language . Let students check in pairs. Write a number Il. long. Coiled the magazine pictures and stick them on the walls around the classroom. 3 eyebrows. and give each pair a magazine °foce: Ask them to work together to write a description of the foce. plump. check answers with the class while you build up a class lable on the board. Put the descriptions in a pile on your desk and ask the pairs to pick up a description. deep-sel. small. Make sum students have finished their descriptions before going on to Exercise 4d . 4 nose. wide. long face Ask studonts to read and analyze the texl in exercise 3c by answering the questions in Exercise 4b. ask them to write their description. B. 5 mouth/ lips. Additional actMty Bring in a pile of "faceso cut from mogozines. thin. 2 eyes. C. wide-set. 3. heavy-lidded eyebrows thin. 2 1 fo rehead. raised.3 Speaking ski lls Ask students to work in small groups. friendly. Then lei the individual concerned decide whether the description matches hisfhor personality. etc. large. wide. thin ears sticking-out. elc. Move around the class. they have to decide whose face in the group matches which description in the text. flat. angular. round. 7 ears 3 looks intelligent. low. In Exercise 3a. small. wrinkled nose large. 6 jaw/chin. If you feel any students might be uncomfOrloble tolking about their appeorance. and match it to a face. dose-set. square-shaped eyes large. heavy forehead broad. Divide the class into pairs. quite. and write a letter IA. Ask students in groups to describe the faces of the famous people in Exercise 3h and decide what they arc like. 4 Writing skills Ask students to copy the table in Exercise 4a into their notebooks.) at the lop of each one as you collect them. read it. Note Handle Ihis activity with sensitivity. Collect all the descriptions. bushy eyelids wrinkled. 2. Then ask them to work in pairs or small groups 10 complete the lablo. light blue. and find the picture. slightly wrinkled : hair is receding. poi nted. pointed. monitoring and helping with idoas and vocabulary. long. Ask students to read the description in Exercise 3c. Tell students they have seven minutes. narrow mouth lips fu ll .

angular face. see how good your description is. e Now swap roles and repeat Exercise 4d. 4 Writing ski lls a Complete this table with words and phrases from the lesson.g. full . and looks intelligent. Mel Gibson Nose Mouth Lips Ean. This person has a long. His/Her large. very? c You have witnessed a crime and you need to describe the offender to the police. one each from groups 1. He/She has a wide high forehead. and the chin is quite prominent. The hair is receding a little from the forehead. His/Her mouth is wide. c Now read this description of a famous person and match it with one of the faces. with fairly thin lips. pointed. The eyebrows are very thick and bushy. raised. wide. ilnd 3. Student A: Read your description to B. pointed. 1 What docs the first sentence describe? Why? Z Number the parts of the face in the order of the description: nose ears eyebrows forehead jaw/chin mouth/lips eyes 3 What other details about the face does the description give? 4 Which words does the writer use to modify the adjectives. b You are going to write a very detailed description of a face. narrow. sticking-out. light blue eyes are wide-set and quite heavylidded. bloodshot. 2. thin. plump. look at the description in Exercise 3c and answer Ute questions. which is slightly wrinkled. d [n pairs. USEFUL LANGUAGE Do YOII think / Would you say thai you 're shy? How would you describe yourself? Do you think the descriptions ore accurate? b Look at the faces of famous people below. and are low over the eyes. deep-set. Body language Unit? . First. e. Discuss what the faces say about their characters. large. broad. The person's nose is long. How many examples of the faces described in the article can you find? Are the descriptions accurate? Check with your classmates. large. Write a careful description of the face. giving as much detail as you can . Student B: Look at page 147 and identify the "face" that A describes. You will need to identify Uuee parts of the face. Turn to page 147 and choose the parts to make a face from the " identikit pictures". Write as many ways of describing a face as you can. He/She has quite long ears and has laughter lines at the corners of the eyes and between the nose and mouth. wrinkled.3 Speaking ski lls a Look carefully at your classmates. friendly. and slightly hooked at the end . The jaw and chin are strong. thick. Face Eyes Eyebrows Eyelids Forehead oval.

We can use to be after seem." b " I can't wait to get away. look at the pictures of people. She seemed sure oj the facts." c "I hate giving presentations. USEFUL lANGUAGE He/She looks/seems + adjective: She seem." b "The interviewer looks sick. He/She looks like + noun phrase: He looks like a boss / an authoritalive person. 3 Peop le use clothes to give an image of themselves." b "I'm feeli ng great.~ confident. He looks velY pleasallt." c "That's great!" Listen to a body language expert ta lking about first impressions and check the aspects of a person's appearance that the expert mentions.Body talk 1 Vocabulary: adjectives describing personality Look at the pictures of the six people." c "I'm so nervous. but seem can describo behavior." c "Everything's okay!" 5 a "I don't know what to say. 2 There is a danger of stereotyping people but first impressions are often correct. We ljke Persall 2 most. Listen again to check if necessary. LANGUAGE NOTE The verb look describes only appearance. but she looks like a warm kind af persan. Which one(s) would you like to meet? b List the reasons why you chose the perso n/people and discuss them with another pair. We often make up our minds about people on the basis of first impressions. 5 One of the most important things in forming opinions is gesture. 1 a " I don't like this. voice. 4 The face is importan t but expression is more important . build I!:j' height !1 color I!:j' clothes character 0 posture 1!1 face 1!1 eyes 0 hair 0 expression ~ gestures voice 0 1!1 i!1 b Complete these notes about fi rst impressions. She seems authoritative. but not after look: They seemed to be interested in the house. " b "I really don't care. 3 Listening skills c What do you think each person might be saying or thinking? Choose the best answer then discuss it with a partner. c Do you agree or disagree with the statements in Exercise 3b? Why? / Why not? 1 Uni17 Body language ." 6 a "I really don't know." 2 a "r know they respect me. etc." 3 a "Out of my way!" b "You're in trouble!" c "I'm terrified! " 4 a "I don't have any money!" b "I hate this place. aggressive arrogant authori tative bored confident conten t easy-going edgy indifferent nervous relaxed superior threatening vain ® - 2 Speaking skills a In pairs." c ''I'm tired. Choose adjectives to describe each one.

How imporlant is that? B £x!remely imporlanl. Ask students 10 work in pairs 10 complete the notes in Exercise 3b. we form opinions about people on !he basis of first impressions. the way we carry ourselves. Finally. and we often make up our minds. 5c (but b in some cultures). standing upright but relaxed with your hands 00 your hips gives a sense of being in control and authoritative. Howev€!'. of caurse. I think of rt as being everything about our appeorance. [The stress is on the first syllable of all the words listed. arms above their head th€'{re feeling grootl Similarly. 4c.think of someone sitting with their legs extended. What about the face in oil lhis? B Well. ~ suggests they think someone is siCk. you're an expert on gesture. You can be ottracted to a beautiful face. ou'thorifalive. Ask students 10 listen and check their answers to exercise 2c.J Check understanding with questions like: Introduce the topic How can you describe someone who is always shouting of people? (aggressive1 How can you describe someone who thinks he or she is better than otherS? (arrogantl 1 Vocabulary: adjectives describing personality Ask students to look at picture 1. R ead the adjectives aloud modeling the correct stress.{re nervous. ag'gressive. How great a pori does it play in forming opinions about peop!e? B WeD. the more content and relaxed we are . the following are the best answers from 2e: 1b. Answers: According to the body language expert. how about posture. Elicit adjectives from tile box to describe the woman. Do Ihe first as ao example. con'tent in'different. so someone in smarl business clothes is likely to be authoritative. you know. imogine someone standing with their legs aporl and leaning forward .for us it terlds to mean that the person is thinking. how loll they are. the following are likely: 1b 3 a or b 5 all 3 are possible 2 a ll 3 arc possible 4c 6 a or b 3 Listening ski lls Play the audio for Exercise 3a .how important are they? B Th€. the expression will create a great€!' impresslon. A Isnl that a bi! dangerous? I mean. their color. Answers: Students' answers may vary. ~ depends on your definition of body language. Elicit descriptions from the class. but if that person is miserable and frowning. a classic example of a gesture we hove to be careful with is the "0" sign. You may need to play the audio agai n. when we storied talking.. A Okay. except for the following. How imperlant is thot? B I think gesture is one of the most imporlant things in forming our opinion of peopie and responding to them . but rt can also moon the figure zero. ~ ~ 30'' ------------------------------------------------------------------------------. despite the person's beauty. su'perior.{re imporlant because they're the first impression we get of how people choose to present themselves. people may choose to give a different image of themselves. 6a Play the audio agai n. their clothes.their build. However. she was roolly talkative and funny. which corry stress on the se<:ond syllable. re'/axed. - Body language T 72 Unit7 . The first thing we notice about people. But of course. The mare we extend and stretch ourselves. ~ A Fran Mast€!'s. especiOlly if the person is also pointing aggressively . but expression is more imperlanl. Another example is the shrug . In most countries rt moons "Everything'Sfine".you know .Objectives Grammar Topic: personality Vocabulary adjectives describing Pronunciation intonation of feeling Ustening interview with an expert Speaking making inferences linkers expressing contrast personality about character Slar1lhe lesson by checking the meaning and pronunciation of the adjectives in exercise 1.that can be very threatening. However. Put students in small grou ps to discuss tbe statements in Exercise 3e. there is a danger of st€!'ootyping people although you'd be amazed at haw often first impressions are correc1. but for some nationalities. so we do hove to be careful. 2 Speaking skills Point out the Usefu l Language and Language Note boxes before asking students to choose and describe the person they would like to meet in Exercise 2a . you don't gwe people a chance! B Well. On the other hand.and irs so variable from country to country. Take stroking your chin . I remember sitting next to someone on a plane who was dressed in black and she looked pretty somber. formed by the thumb ond forefing€!'. Then put students in pairs to think which words describe the other people. of course thars imporlant. Husually means "I don't know: Finally.raising both shoulders. in which case ~ ploys a huge perl in forming opinions. or even thai th€. A Now. you've done a lot of work on the Imporlance of body language.~ means trouble! A I see. Ask students to check the boxes for Exercise 3a. 2a. Ask students in pairs to discuss Ule best answer in Exerc ise 2c . A You mentioned clothes . in some countries it is extremely rude! Sa you can imagine Ihe impresslon that might gwe . 3b. is their physical appearance .

lJesf. I went out iR spile R'W headoche.. Tone range in English is very wide. End this part of the lesson by getting students to ta lk in groups about mistaken first impressions in Exercise 4d.ite IRQ!! I~Q!j tired. 322'-. Then ask a few pairs to oct out their dialogues for the closs.. I'm not really sure. elicit rules from them.. Quick grammar guide: linkers Contrast linkers. the chair is so comfortable ond reloxing. just listen. Read through the Grammar Summary on page 78 with students before asking them to complete the sentences in Exercise 4b. this is great..--. When I first met he/she seemed . can toke several forms: they can be subordinoting conjunctions fa/though. using longuoge from the lesson. so irs Important to get students to exaggerate the wa>f the expressions are soid when they imitate the recording. Help students prepare to speak about mistaken first impressions by writing some sentence starters on the board.. Common problems and 8ITOfS Students often translate directly from their own language and confuse the form rules. .. Pause after each statement and ask the class to repeat... using the expressions in Exercise 5d. angry!... neverlheles$ or prepositions or prepositional phrases lin spite of. 'Nhich con be difficult for students to remember. later _ _ it altematM> 5 Pronunciation : intonation of feeling Play the audio for Exercise Sa.). I'm sorry. Play the audio for Exercise 5c. the dialogues can be very funny. Play the audio again for Exercise 5h. Mmm . the stronger the emotion (enthusiastic. I 2 3 q 5 6 Now. Each type follows different form rules. With the correct intonation.. At first. the more extreme the intonation pottern is going to be. End this Pllrt of the lesson by putting students in pairs to practice speaking with feeling. Ask students to match statements to feelings. I'm not really sure. Ask students to choose the correct linker in Exercise 4c and check with a partner. etc.4 Grammar: lin kers expressing contras t After asking students to underline the linkers in the examples in Exercise 4a.. I went to the party. You say thot og<lin ond you1t be SOfry! Mmm . Addffional activity Ploy this papular intonation game. Can Ilhink aboul it 0 liltle bit? I'm sorry. Ask students to match statements to pictures. . I can't wait for the interviC'N to be over. Let students check their answers with a partner before discussing them as a class. {however. However. Intonation is the 'music' of a language -the way the tone of our voice is used to express emotion and carry meaning. just listen. Give students time to practice their dialogues. adverbs. he/she__ Although he/she~ he/she_. Encourage students to exaggerate when they mimic the strong intonation potterns of the speakers.. 2 3 4 5 6 Now. but I think we need to talk about your lost essoy_ This is wonderful . when I got to know him/her. This is wonderful. he/she . Write the following words in a list on the board: No Movies Yes Oh Homework Tonight Why not When Parents Tell students in pairs that they con put the words (but only these wordsl in any order to make a dialogue. Students tend to forgel of in in spite of. despite!.. or connectors. This is awful. this is great. Then ask one or two individuals to repeat. and there's my new boyfriend. This is owful . BosKally. Unit 7 T 73 Body language .

~ c Listen and repeat the first few words of each 2 €Spite EJ I However his serious appearance. You say that again and you'll Summary on pago 76 fi rst.. comfortable and relaxing. 1 nevertheless though 3 This is o wf ul . ~ b Listen aga in and match the statements with these feelings. the chair is so 3 Mark arrived an hour late for his interview. sho looked rather somber. 5 We try to mako everyone welcome ·n spite 0 Then SWAP ro les.'ti by a comma ~ a Listen to six statements and match them with the b Complete each sentence below with as many people in the pictures... separatt. However. 2 his laic arrival for the interview. although you'd be amazed at how often firs t impressions are correct. but I think we need to talk about 2 Mark proved to be very reliable despitelin spite of your last essay. practice speaking with feeling. Use the linkers fro m the be sorry! 3 examples and these: 2 Mm m . followed by a comma 3 . In groups. 4 HoweverlNeverthelcss . he proved to be very reliable. let's go. this is great. . a) serious l[) bl enthusiastic III cl relaxed f!) 1 ~ I Despite I thought she was going to be dl ansry [) eJ uncertain 11) 0 miserable lit a very boring person. despite the person's beauty. c Choose the correct linker in these sentences. when judging a person. in fac t she was a lot of fun to_be with. followed 5 PronunCIatIon : mtonati on of feehng by noun or . Can J think about it a little although/even thoughlthough he arrived at the bit ? 6 interview an hour late! 5 I'm sorry. impression.. .. Even though I€ verthele-mthey Really. . How are YOII ? And what 's next ? d Most of us have made a mistake at some point Come on. love their children as much as less !onnal parents. Try to copy tho feelings.. theiT chi ldren.. talk about the situat ion and contrast your first impressions with your final impreSSions. precedes second sentence after a period . the expression will create the greater • . he statement. 4 Student 8 : Listen and say which feeli ng A is ex pressing. separated by a comma 2 . 3 Student A: Say any of the short expressions below with one of the feelings in Exercise 5b. she was rea lly chatty and fun ny. and there's my new but even though in spite of boyfriend. 5 1 Mark proved to be very reliable 4 I'm /J o t really sure... Read the notes in the Grammar 1 No w. even though fin ding some people very u lendly. Body Ionguoge Unit7 . I can't wait for the interview to be over. ... linkers as possible. 6 This is wonderf ul . 1 There is a danger of stereotyping people. just listen. d In pairs.4 4 Grammar: linkers ex pressing contrast a Read the examples from the interview and underline the linkers thai express contrast. joins two clauses. Expressions 6 Somo paronts can be vory strict and fonnal with I really don '/ k no w.. Try to remember an example and make notes.ing.

. I don·t think COPr'ng my classmates' Work for aSSignments . Unit7 Body language . 2 is the best form of exercise for allaround fi tness ... on publJc resume. the e-malls intended fo other pe .Hlcations on m traveli"J'. I Work ~ CaJUI1l n sick now and th en. y transPOrtation Without a ticket.. a Cash machine.J not sure:: 1 disagree:: I d'sagree strongly:: 0 ) ' enjoy. I said "agree" for Number 1 because I reod my husband's e-m ail.Dishonesty 1 Speaking skills a Are you a good judge of character? Wo uld you trust these people? In pairs.g. Number 3 is Uich Ram' also known as Corlos th lrex Sanchez. by calling. Telling lies can be serious. honest are YOUl How 2 5' 3 6" 4 7 8 J think / J believe stealing is wrong. H. who Number 2 is Aileen W seYen men . then add up your score and read the analysis on page 149. an She Was executed in 2002 Number 1 is Bonnie P k committed bank rabbe . decide if they are honest people.s.e was born and 80s. 6 I've always hated people _ _ when they're not my parents or my boss. or er. by traveling. I'd try to get a jab & ve saved money !. 3 I would never admit to _ _ to my boss or my teacher. to receiving. Write them next to these rules for using -ing verbs. !eavinj" Out informatIon from WoUldn't admtt Your income tal( f nOrmal _ orm Is !!" receivf~ too mUch everYOne money from does it.::!ake extra vacation is dishonest. Hitler's master of the · big lie" _ th aZI Germany and 2 Grammar: the .readin&.eaYI:I1. agree strongly:: 4 agree:: . 5 _ _ is not very good for you if you suffer from high cholesterol. e propaganda c How honest are you? Decide whether you agree or disagree with the statements below. USEFUL LANGUAGE about Jews. r op e In my family. 4 I really enjoy _ _ on the weekend in the winter. b Complete these sentences with the -ing form of a suitable verb and any other words necessary. ~aggeratln. a story to make It more Interesting ISn't dishonest.ing verb: 1 as the subject of the sentence: t.l!!!&. copying 3 after prepositions: by ty:. terrorist activities in Europe in the ol'9. in Venezuela and Was li~k~~ol. We use the . I don't think reading other people's e-mails is serious when you share a computer with them because they know it might happen. Then compare your answers with a partner. discuss your responses to the statements in Exercise l c. who murdered al~:s~os. J disagree with cheating. about my inthepasth qua.07uO's \l Number 4 is Jose h G b propaganda minister i~ N ~ bels. b Read about the people and check how good a judge of character you are! the U S d ' h nes and murders in Clyd~ Barr~:9 t e ) 930s with her paOner Americon.ing verb a Look at the statements in Exercise 1c and underline tbe -ing verbs. c In pairs. Give reasons for your response.ng. 1 I'm not interested in wasting time _ _ . exaggerating 2 as the object of the sentence and after some verbs: ~ng.

write some of these errors on the board ond elicit corrections. Ask students to complete the sentences in Exercise 2b and then check in pairs. etc. end this part by getting students to discuss Ute questionnaire in exercise Ic in pairs. to murder = to kill a person 10 commit a crime/murder/robbery = to "do" a crime a murderer = someone who kills a person a bank robber = someone who takes money from 0 bank a terrorist = someone who kills people using bombs.ing verbs when they speak. Ask students to road the short texts in Exercise lb and check their answers. a nervous smile. a role-ploy Write on the board: Introduce the 10pic tell the truth tell a lie tell a white lie Ask Are you an honest person? Do you always tell the truth? In what situations should you never lie? In what situations is lying acceptable? 1 Speaking skills Put students in pairs to briefly discuss the pictures in Exercise la . monitoring and noting mistakes made involving Coneclion -ing verbs. At the end of the activity. 2 Grammar: the -ing verb Ask students to check their answers to Exercise 2a in pairs before checking the rules as a class. In Exercise 2c. o questionnaire Speaking discussing a moral dilemma. As students discuss the questionnaire. for political reasons to be executed = to be killed by the state for committing a crime •• Vocabulary check Ask students to do the quiz ill Exercise Ic individually and then chock their answers in pairs or groups. elicit answers from the class and ask why students thought the people were honest or dishonest Ifor example: He/She lias worlll eyes. Encourage students to use . go oround the room. etc. Answers will vary. You may wish to check students' understanding of the "crime" vocabulary in the text.Objectives Grammar the -ing verb Topic: being honest or dishonest Reading a short story. _bock Body language T 74 Unit 7 . Afterwards. point out the Useful Language box.). Answers will vary. Also.

Remind students about the Glossary. Give a time limit of. Presentation altemative Write some useful language on the board to help students with the role-ploy: I think / I believe we should. eight minutes.ti 3 Reading skills Give students a couple of minutes to fead and think about the questions in Exercise 3a. Ask students to list the opinions of their "character" in note form and add any from exercise 4a . have students work individually to find the answers to these questions. 4 Speaking skills Ask students to read the newspaper extract in Exercise 4a and in pairs make a list of possible opinions. ask the class whether the minister's advice was the same as their advice. ask them to look at page 146 and read their role card carefully. and ask each student in each group to choose one: A local resident 8 social worker C member of local Chamber of Commerce o local doctor When students have selected their role. say. ask them to discuss the site. 3 He didn't know whether he should be honest and resign or not. After students complete Exercise 3d. Monitor and help with vocabulary. Write the roles on the board. . Remind students that tbey have to come to a decision about what to do about the site. When the students are ready. Answers: 1 A consultant 2 He felt he was charging a company an exorbitant fee.. Answers to Exercise 3c will be individual. 4 He felt a responsibility to his family . I see your point. Encourage students to discuss their answers with a new partner. and then ask them to check their answers with a partner. Surely it's beller to / important to . but.a responsibility to earn. In Exercise 3b. Then put them in small groups to discuss their answers. Building . would be . Then match one pair with another to form a grou p of four to do the role-play in Exercise 4b. Unit 7 T 75 Body language .

going to be di tflCt 1S EstfeUas s '" evening at decided tOIUorro\ '"" hall. the notoriOUS The fate of d in the Las \ t onan vacant p o ." he said." H e was on a first assignment with a wcll~kJl ow n consulting firm in New York City. H e said. 's The cur r e l' the CItY uild a hostel for a1 is to b ut this propOs . Your teacher will give you roles from p~gc ~4G. and to chart a way to profits. b met With te d to be a1 residents. In pairs.3 Reading skills a Before you read. yearS ago. ceun . {row \oc 6. expec .3" h ostilitY . Should I resign and tell the board of the company how I feci? My responsibility to my family disturbs me. 1 What was the man's job? 2 What was the problem he perceived with h is job? A Moral Dilemma everal years ago in Bangor. wanted. addiCts an for the site IS ntn\an . But. " It's just what S 3 What wns his moral dilemma? 4 How did his fa mily affect the moral dilemma? c In pairs. . g star ts at . Be honest! 1 When you need someone to talk to. I am convinced that we are charging this company a n exorbitant fcc far beyond its power to absorb and far beyond the proper charge for the services we arc rendering. who do you turn to? 2 Would you resign from a job if you had to do something you believed was wrong? 3 Would you resign from Ihal job if you and your family needed the money? II Read tho story on the right and answer the questions below. answer these questions.my. For a fcc of $25. look at the bottom of the page.000. in the Cl~J e a n'lC eung tY since fir d h as been ern:P 'wl t\\lO \ an the old hoSP1 destroyed _1 residents and \oC<u . Body language Unit . " I've been walking up and down the street wondering if I should disturb you. Maine. 4 Speaking skills a Look at the newspaper extract. I need someone to talk to. Come to a decision about the site. discuss these questions. The . imagine you are al the meeting. The rn and all are tomorrow evetUJlg wel corne . 1 How do you think the minister responded to the man's request? 2 What would you have advised the man to do? 3 What do you think the man did in the r end? d To find out how the story ends. evaluating the operating of a fail ing company in Bangor. homeless. d hom . " I worked for months to get this job. increastng\y have become rnptY plot dasthce • conccrne attracting drug has been eleSS people. a man knocked on the door of a minister late at night. Do I have the right to renounce a good salary and impose hardships on my fa mily until I get another job?" GLOSSARY delermine find oul absorb (here) pay without finding illoo difficult render a service give/offer 8 service b In groups of four. . though it's easy to see many faults in its operation and cite remedies. the consultants were to determine the reasons fo r the losses of the comp. discuss what you think might be the opinions of the poople who live near the land. consIdering the moral implications of your decision.

l ( what Y ffectiveness is vocal (voice). people eVal uate one ual (appearance) .. would you discount any oftha applicants in the pichlres? c L pairs.. 1 What do you th ink the people are like? He's/She's the kind of person who . Your interpersonal skills will be essential in establishing a rela tionship with potential donors.. Unit 7 Body longuoge .'~: even gotten to in u before conclusions a. rson's co:aununica. He/She looks I looks like . but trai ning will be provided. What can you guess about the people in the pictures? ACCOr ()1D. w ho will be able to think of and manage original but successful fundraisi ng projects. studY.Rainforest ~Research Rainforest research is looking for experienced fund raisers to ioin our team! We need highly motivated people to raise public awareness of the problems faci ng rainforests today. Moreover. .wing the interview room.. and to help us ra ise the funds necessary to continue our research. k eep betWeen tWO llUU tun.~ . On the basis of appearance alone. The ideol candidates will be commiHed to ecological and green issues and will be passionate and enthusiastic when dealing with both the public and with other organizations. the first Of::: the first 30 S~~le when they roe et :~t"View.bOut y o xt tune you're on an dra.- 1 Warm u p a Read tho toxt below. 2 What can yo u guess about their past? He/She m ightlcouJd have . the "Three Vs"': visaU say) .g to one UCLA.a.. What would you say about those aspect s? appearance nonverbal communication oyo contact han dshake backgrou nd oducati onallovel commun ication skills confidence voice Candidates will ideally have experience in working for a charity. percent nonverbal COJOlll~k the connection dewrro..ti°C:t~on.ke or bres.~dO :~:t~~e interviewer JIly~. W e are looking for people with a creative streak and lots of imaginatio n. AbOut 93 another usi. b Read the ad for a fundraiser. then answer the questions.::.ng and verba.\ne ds ro. list the qualities and skills necessary for n tho job advortised.

smiling eyes Handshake: strong. wear a suit. making a presentation Write on the boord: A job interview. prepare what you won/lo say. be enthusiastiC: be positive. warm. e ncourage lots ofspccullllion. Ask If you wont 10 make 0 good impression of a job interview. enthusiastic Non-verbal communication: good posture: confident manner Eye contact: need to be good at making eye contact.but not overly so (arrogant) Voice: clear. friendly. finn Background : well-traveled. smiling. the post. She may have worked in public relations. Ho looks confident. 1 Warm up Ask studonts to do Exercise 1a in pairs. Suggested answers: Matthew is tho kind of person who doesn't like people to be late. Ask students to read the ad in Exercise l b and discuss the question . positive •• Bodylonguoge T 76 Unil7 . She might not have been to a job interview before. Anna is the kind of person who is very quiet at parties. whol is il importonllo do? Introduce the topic E answers and write a lisl on the boord. be polile. Ho might have worked for a high-powered company. CVs. enthusiastic. the passive interviewers' notes Ustening an interview ponel Speaking assessing candidates. arrive on time. Some possible answers ore: licil dress smartly. Then put students in pairs to list qualities and skills under the headings in Exercise l c. She looks confiden t and easy-going. Possible list: Appearance: smart casual. As students report their answers to the class . perhaps arrogant. make eye conlad. smile.Objectives Grammar Topic: interviews Reading dedudion and possibility in job ods. She's shy. Monitor and help with ideas. He looks like a movie star. need to have worked with people: an interest and knowledge of environmental issues Educational level: well-educated but no need to be very intelligent Communication skills: need to be very good Confidence: h igh . Louise is the lcind of person who likes to be friendly and helpfu l.

4 Feedback Pair up groups. and from whol Anno said. finonciol planning. financ ial planning. helping with vocabulary and ideas. with tho interviewers faci ng the candidates. r r Unil7 T 77 Body language . usually by questioning someone thoroughly. she should learn that in a couple of weeks. I thought 01first that her theater we've interviewed today. I think thars her manner. I think we should offer him one of the jobs. I dOll't think we can management experieoce may hove been B Yes. good eye cootOCf. He gol more interesled v. B Mmm. possible personal problems at first seemed a bit indi fferent. not excited obout the job.she WOSfi't really right fOI' '"""'" ""'. When students are ready. Play the audio again. Ask students to refer back to tho list they made in exercise l e. discuss i t. Now. too. you know. Subdivide the groups and allow the two interviewers and three interviewees five minutes to prepare. if we send her on a training course. she kept looking over my shoulder. good experience in fundroising and managing money . and irs what we need. but then he improved during the interview. in Exercise 5c. Go around the class. A Good ideo. ask them to sit a circle of five . maybe? qualifications not exactly relevant Against Greenpeace job more office work than this job. let's go and tell them the news . Ncm. the Greenpeoce job mUSl hove involved more office work thon our job. good eye contact. eye contact was bad. and make notes. make sure students understand that debriefing means finding out information about a past action or event. not excited about the job Elicit answers from the class before asking students for their own opinion. interpersonal skills aren't really good enough.tlen we talked oboullhe travel potef1lial. A So. Rnonciol planning is key! We hove 10 hove someone who coo do thot! A Well. on those . at first I lhought louise would hove beerl ideal buI she locks a key skiI. maybe? And her Quolificalioos oren1 exactly relevant. Well.2 Task Divide students into groups of four to read the infonnation. let's do thot.nice smile. Answer: They offer Matthew a job and ask Louise to come back for a second in terview. she didn't wont 10 tell us. When eliciting answers from the class.rtywaoJ. Start the role-play.her 0 eye conlOO wos bod. 3 Prepare Ask students to remain in the same small groups and follow the instructions to propare for the group presentation.nico smile. and that kind of thing. theater management experience not relevant: a little too confi dent . I wonder why she hod those two years out from 2000 to 2002.so he might hove thought at first tho! the job didn't offer enough challenges. ~'-----------------~----~~--------------------------------------. sending her on a course should help. we'd better look at the three candidates hove hod some personal problems or B Yeah. I do. thors one job filled. I didn't think she was 100 confident. I think we should get her bock for a SC(ond interview. he did. I thought at first he seemed a bit indifferent. A A liII1e 100 confident. B Yes. A No. /Jo. NIaIIhew . End the lesson by discussing the questions in Exercise 6b . Ask students to listen and note the outcome. who! did yoo think of Anno? ""'good' A Well. Ihe "". She'd be good at the personal side of the job. Encourage the interviewers to be diplomatic in what thoy say. Okay.. well he sold he likes a challenge . kept looking over my shoulder. buI it isn1 really. Have students listen and make notes.. she lacks a key skill. il ~ 5 Compare Play the audio for Exercise Sa. Wei. She might I liked him. Answers: For Anna experience in fundra ising and managing money. Her interpersoool skills orenl really good enough.she must hove done exactly whot we wonl in the Greenpeoce iOb . A I agree.and he must hove hod plenty of those in advertising .. 6 Follow up Before dividing the class into groups of fi ve for Exercise 6a. B True. B No. Ask the chairperson of each group to prescnt their ideas to the other group. find out which candidates students would recommend and why. liked travel potential Louise pleasant manner . although Anna hod the key experience and skills.. She's got a very pIecsont manner . degree is right Matthew likes a challengo. TeU the interviewers to briefly list the points they wish to make to each candidate. look.. relevant. B No . Do you? A Yes. she really needs 1 wort. something. and tho! ki'ld of thing. Go around monitoring and noting any mistakes for later discussion. B Me. gel 0 better ideo of how QUickiy she might pick up the financial side. Ask students to copy the table in Exercise sb into their notebooks. though her degree is exoctly right. A Yes. on interesting guy. Okay. would be good at the personal side of the job.

then give the resu lt of the interview to each candidate in tum and tell them why they got I didn 't get the job.2002 2003-2004 Work experience 2004-2006 Qualifications I~& ~~ ~ in Media Studies . Anna. Anna Matthew Louise Fo.2006 xperie nce : '- . experience. Work in groups of five and take these roles: the two interviewers. re Louise Jj. 1 How did you feel about tho debriefing meeting? Z After the debriefing meeting. In groups.1998 1998-200 0 work 2002. Candidates: Talk 10 each olber about how the interview went fo r you. Then Iislen to their presentation. Lyric Theater 4 Feedback Present your analysis and recommendations to another group.U. then respond to the interviewers when they are ta lking to you. prepare a three·minute presentation of your recommendations 10 presenl 10 other groups. b In the whole class. would you change any of the decisions? Body language Unit 7 . a You are going to hold the debriefi ng meetings with the three candidates. and Louise. Interviewers: Prepare your feedback for each candidate. What is tho outcome of their discussion? ~ b Listen again and note the points made for and against each candidate. Would you recommend each one or not? 3 Prepare In your groups. listen and offer advice afterwards.) 4 Appoint a chairperson to take notes for the presentation. Harden BiochemiCals Research assIstant . . by skill. Aga inst c Did you agree with the docisions ofthe interviewers in Exercise Sa? 6 Follow up 2 Task You are going to present your assessment of the best candidate for the job. When they are talking to the other candidates. etc?) 2 What language will you need to compare the candidates? 3 What are your final recommendations? (Remember. Think about the fo llowing: 1 How will you arrange your presentation? (by candidate.Matthew Candidate information Anna 'ucation 1995. Do you agree with their recommendations? Can you add anything? 5 Compare ~ a Listen to two people discussing the candidates after the interviews. G enpeace Fundralser. f Maryland (Environmental UniversIty 0 Studies) . discuss these questions. Matthew. there is more than one job. read the information above and make notes about each candidate. Ce rtificate in The ~ sutant) f~_ • Mana ater Management Interviewers' notes ger.

however.. INhen the ~te clause comes first. makes the maln idea surprising He got the job in spite of / despite his long hair.".LANGUAGE RESOURCE Grammar Summary 1 Linkers for contrast The lable below Shows a number of ways in which we can compare and contrast two ideas.. Reading lots of books is the best way to ~ demanding edgy intelligent optimistic quick-thinking slow-witted arrogant aggressive bad-tempered calm coofident conl ent dishonest easy-going honest indifferent . prepositions: follov. Complete this table with one adjective with a similar meaning to the one provided. Write or talk about the contrasts in your life. 2 _ _ is the ideal way 1 learn a foreign language. 4 One thing I enjOy doing in my free time is _ _ " 5 Vv'hen I have enough money. . ~ 2 Personality adjectives academic athletic changeable active authoritative 2 The -in9 verb We use the -ing verb in the fOllOwing ways: • as the subtect of the sentence. However/Nevertheless. VV'hen the subordinate Clause comes first. cI"Wl ears eyebrows eyelids eyes face forehead lips mou1h """ Make combinations of these adjectives and a noun from the list above. before the main vern: cheerlul deprossed extroverted Introverted outgoing quiet Studying hard is the only way to pass the exam. dislike. sane people are not happy 800ut this. mind. add an idea thai makes a previously mentioned idea surprising or less true in spite of. d91y. he £Ptthe job. although. Complete these statements with the -ing form of a suitable verb and any other necessary words. despite is fl'lOI'e formal than in spite of.. 2 I enjoy my work/studies althOugh .thinking 2 dishonest honest introverted demanding slow·wilted 3 extroverted 4 easy-going 5 intelligent want to lead a good life in my country. 'M3 separate the clauses 'Mth a rorrvna. Adjective t ne<VOUS -- prodictabIe Shy threatening untrustworthy """""" su"""' "'" Similar meaning Opposite meaning oa1~ • after a preposition: He apologized for being late for tile Interview. Note: in American English we can also use to + infinitive after like and hate: I hate to be late. suggest. 4 AlthOugh I am not an expert in computers. Unit7 Body language . we separate the clauses with a comma. was a very difficult job. 1 an angular face 6 7 hewy e)!elids 2 a promineflt 3 full D21!fl a high fo r ehead lins l ips 4 buShy eyebro ws • 9 10 bloodshot a poijnted sticking-out e)!e!.x:Jge people by appearances. pessimistic neM>US team new • as the complement or object after some verbs: Yotx WOfSt habit is lying to me! I really hate rushing to finish assignments.gy untrustworth y outgoi ng rel axed {Iuick . . avoid.. 1 _ _ is the best way to be successful in your career. 0 3 _ _ Is important if you ' <i.happy • after the following common verbs: like.I<Wfications. Vocabulary Summary 1 The face We often. miss. . We can use a variety of forms of contrast. i"lO'Nev€r". The Slbor'dnate clause can come frst or second h the sentence. hate.! chin 3 I don'! earn much money.t qualifications. arn::! one with an opposite meaning. with little change to the sentence: We often judge people by appearances but/ though some people may not be happy about this.'ed by a noun oc-ing form of the verb. In spite of I despite having long hair. U. I look forward to _ _ " Choose three adjectives which describe you and three which are not like you at all. It sam-colon. Complete these sentences with your own words. advertls: precede a second sentence: usucilly after a period but can be after a AlthOugh she had the right Qt. we finished it in time. keep. I in spite of some people not being happy about this. Compare with a partner and explain your choices. Followed by a comma. """ though intrOduce a second idea thai makes the mai"I idea SI. she didn't get the Pb. 5 thin . .XpI'isi"lg Fonn Example SLtJordilating c:orlu1ctkxls: join a mail clause arx:l a subordinate clause. despite Introduce a second idea thai It was a very difficult job. We often judge people by appearances in spite of the fact that some people are not happy about this. we finished it in time. 1 In spite of being a good student at school. ". enjoy. She didn't get the Pb even IflcxJgh she had the ng. though. Nevertheless.

' y room aces north [T] if you face a problem or if it Ii you have to deal with it" be f d ~hes YOU.u~~~1. phrases. It is in red because it is frequently used. w~llfi~cec°Campepte/agfiamst someone: Williams ria I or the title !A~] ~yat~c~~~~itt~ ~~~~n:~tion to have your face or front toward omeone or something' The two m fh~~~~he. 3: fa~~t·~~~~r~l~s:nar~~i~~~~l~St person does f repr:sen. g>ed Joy <>pJ. a You have to accept that if you don't study. General organization face} I retsl verb *** 5 compete against sb + PHRASES + PHRASAl VERB -J L.54~.hftl noun [Cj 1 a medical operation to make someone's face look younge~ 2 work that is done to make someth¥lg look more attractive ay.500 most frequently used words in the English language.1m -nd . Body language Unit7 . look at the headword face.U L. ~e do .t a large organization ecause they ace. I fels.f. Is the main stress on the fr. Let's face it. Then discuss these questions.>UU"i/1P'Y 1 'Nhal did you think about the anecdote? 2 Ive there arTf questions you want to ask about the story? 3 can you make My suggestions 10 rnprove it? O~ ". exchange and rBad your partner's anecdote. If you aren't working with one. ace conference. you 'll fail the exam. %~re:gb~rr~~sing: I'll never be ablelStg:~ult 5 T t am GJ ter what happened.h~Bon~.e". A ~ can. it's time to get startedl You are going to work on the word face. • I turn:~ {~%~e 2 . can t ace attending another let's fac~ it spoken used before saying somethmg that people might not want t ~J~.~:~h. I<J<] REVIEW Review your actio n pla n: writing an interes ting s tory In pairs. ~ b Look at the dictionary entries 00 page 154 and see if you can add anything to the group's lisl.. The three red stars mean thai it is one of the 2. vefbs or the prepositiorv'adverb? the preposition 3 Think about stress and say this sentence: Face up to your responsibilities Your action pla n: exploring idioms and compounds Look at the entry for eye and the compound entries that follow it on page 157 al the back of your book and complete the task on page 156. spd/.he S ~~~~~~I~i?§~~:}t~~nt~ ':t"Jn~~: ~~ omg 5th I just exists fact that she still miss~ h' had to face the 4 [T] to talk to someone Wh~~tn . Iby sth of war."i/ . . phrasal verbs...z Z (!) Using a monolingual dictionary 1 How a dictionary can help you a In grouPS. Now answer the questions that follow the extract. ~.~. Italy will face Brazil in Lhe final of tlie World Cup. ~ o > o Cl. phrasal verbs.Macross thfie ta·ble. you'll fail the exam. list all the ways a dictionary can help you.h Wit.hft. . The COuntry is now faced Withc. hdp ""' ckd. idioms or phrases. • face doin th M e P10spect workers faa! losin~ ~heir of the shipyard .ing form Pronunciation 1 \'Vhich is the stressed syllable in faceless? fa ce 2 PtvasaI verbs are made of a verb plus one or two prepositions and adverbs. or have never worked with one.U 1 be turned to 2 deal with problem 3 accept 4 talk to sb 1 look al the headword for the verb face. if you don't study. Grammar 1 What part of speectl is the 'NOId faceless? adjective left it 'until t~~d':z~~ic:.~d' ~:tyO~~ it is true: Let's face it. b Italy will have to play against Brazil in the final of the World Cup. look at the stress in the phrasal verb in the extract.. you shoukl be working with an effective monolingual dictionary. Note: you will need to show these notes to a classmale at the end of Unit 8.gth: c~on'1'e work.C~~~P~~~%~~:. compound nouns 3 How many p/vasaI verbs are listed undef the headword face? one Meaning 1 How many definitions are given for faceIfft? two 2 How are examples sho\. c I want an apartment that looks onto a park I want an apartment that faces the park. Put this list into the order thai they appear in the dictionary: compound nouns. § ~ IX . How many definitions of this verb are thefe? five 2 Each headwooj is followed by a number of different categories of words.Yn in this dictionary? in italic 3 Rewrite these senteoces USilg a form Of the verb face.. lilT] i::t 2 Is the p/YasaI verb face up to transitive or intransitive? transitive 3 WtJch two forms can follow can 't face? noun. tf ' fi . 2 Using a monolingual dictionary At this level of English.

1 Speaking skills USEFUL LANGUAGE Whot I like about this picture is ' 0' f don't know why llike 1M!. I'm not sure which is the best picture. victory. Among thelT choices were these three pictures. Justify your preferences w ith reference to the quaht\es III the text. It's a a Th e~e are the captions that accompanied the photographs. It was a normal fight H Scharfma n. 2 3 11 captures 4 It i s spontaneous . It all happened so fast I loved shooting this man h .. It was such a bloody marvelous leliel..The great picture shaw What makes a great sports picture? In 2003. b In group. co~pare your answers. Which picture do you think is the best? Number them in order of preferonceand note your masons. the race for the finishing line. . picture that sums up this great player beautifully . causing you to watch UnitS Sports . the great SPOrts' erb If/ustrated h t t p a ographer was there 00 ~ he's the one that you can ~ behind the champion's legs. was now funning lor the tope knowing 1had hit my limit. ® There's © '--' The moment the world 01 athletics 'NOS Mood upsid e down. Cae crosses the line to toke the 1500m gold .more than iust a great sports picture. S It is timeless . Steve Ovett. all of which illustrate qualities thot make a great sports picture. The onxiety over the lost meters wos unbeorob! h~m~n being. Which is the most popular picture in your group/class? 2 Reading skills What I love about the picture is that the phOtographer has gone up high into the stands.aVOrlte subiect Such a WOnderful I· A lew meters post the line I sonk to my knees.it hasn' t been specially set up by the photographer. The expressions on their faces and the fact that they aU look as thOugh they are about to run off in different directions is wonderful. h~ ..had dreamed about for years. But this time 0 was beaten by Sebastian Cae: -I couldn't see Steve. 1 B ~ It captures a great event: action. picture..- GLOSSARY mesmerizing very attractive. defeat.the race Cae . I've just been out to MIChigan to shoot him again. not a great story behind this Picture. a Look at the text and the pictures. th iS shot. ecstasy.it did take five or six players to take him out! He was a mesmerizing player and what the photographer has done is capture that perfectly. !he fovorite fOf tt . ' ewasmy . It captures a mo ment af great emo tio n: rage. Herb actually had first choice of seats was a bit annoyed when I got so I 500m had already won the 800m gold . reporters on the UK Observer newspaper ch~se the 50 best sports photographs of aU time. the Moscow OlympiCS. movement.s . bul . Read each captIon and match it with the correct picture. ~ . And he's got a dean background. fearless .. . The more popular place to go for in big games is at ground level. the essence of a great competitor : deter mined..

so you cou ld road it aloud while students listen and read.. T hen compile a closs lisl on the board. Ask students which sports they enjoy playing or watching and why. Give students two minutes to rank the pictures in order of proference for Exercise 10. not afraid Vocabulary check Z Reading skil ls Ask students to do the task in Exercise 2a quickly. name the sport.Objectives Grammar Topic: sports Vocabulary Reading noun clouses using whquestion words track and field extracts from a sports magazine Speaking ronking photographs according to criteria Write Olympic Sports on the boord.on alternative You may need to check if students understand some difficult words connected with emotions and qualities. Elicit as many sports as you con from students and write them on the board. A~ernolively. C The ath letics (track and fiel d) picture: Sebastian Cae ofC reat Britain wins tho l S00-meter gold medal at the Moscow Olympics in 1980 . The photographer has captured a brief momenl. choose a pidure and describe it: What/like about this picture is it /s spontaneous. Answers: A The soccer picture: Diego Maradona of Argentina fa ces the lJelgian defonse in the semi-fi nal of the World Cup in 1986...give them two minutes to do it.the moment of winning . The lext is short. Introduce !he topic .and he beats his great rival and teammate Sieve Ovett. It is a good idea to model the task first. and lell you what is happening or has just happoned in each picture. 1 Speaking skills Ask studen ts to look at the pictures. put students in pairs 10 write their own lisl. Then div ide students into groups of four to six to discuss their proforonc(ls in Exercise l b. ask the class which words helped thorn answer the question. Afterwords. In other words. Presentot. rage = extreme anger ecstasy = extreme happiness determined '" really wonting to win/succeed fearless". Give students a one' minute time limit to do this. Draw their attention to tho Useful Language box. S ports T 80 Unit8 . They should scan each text for clues as to which pict ure it describes. H Tho boxi ng picture: Muhammed Ali knocks oul an opponent.

Common PfOb'ems and errors Students often attempt to apply question forms 10 Ihe clauses..Ask students to match the captions to the phrases in Exercise 2b. Unit 8 T 81 Sports . 3 the fi nishing line.. For example. Presentation 0_ •• Ask students to complete Exercise 3d and check with a partner before discussing the answers as a class. briefly check the groups' answers. For example. five or six players are needed 10 do this. So. then check their answers with the Grammar Summary on page 88.. Do the first sentence in exercise 3d as an example. Suggested answers: 1 stop him. Noun clauses. beginning with a question word. I'd like to know R9W €lees f::Ie play so wel/. Have them appoint one person as the timekeeper for the group. take . then answer the questions. 4 Vocabulary: track and field Have students work in pairs or groups of three or four to do Exercises 4a to 4d. Those who finish early will have longer to do the discussion in exercise 4d. Nobody knows WRI' i5 Re so good. Then ask them to use other neighboring words to help them decide what the words might mean. clauses Have students do Exercise 3b in the same way. . At the end. Ask them to work indiv idually and then compare their answers with a partner. Guessing meaning from context Ask students to work out what port of speech the word or phrase is. take . A good way to manage this activity is to leave them to work through the activities at their own speed. What/like about soccer is that the players are so skillful. 4 at the end of my physical reserves. Let students work in pairs. Point out that is needs to be followed by a noun or noun phrase. or by that + a clause (= subject + verb + object). with an overall lime limit of ten minutes. Ask students to work in pairs to do Exercise 2c. in Exercise 3a. 5 an excessive amount t ·· a Quick grammar guide: noun 3 Grammar: noun clauses (1) Have students underline the noun clauses. for example: What/like about soccer is the ball skills. Answers: Here the noun clauses are subjects. ca n be confusing for students because (unlike yes/no questionsl there is no inversion or use of question-forming auxiliaries after the question word. We use noun clauses as subjects when we want to emphasize them . 2 photograph. out must mean defeat or stop. Oul must be a phrasal verb.

2: What I dislike about soccer (track and fi eld I boxing) is .. 2 a great event A. 2 What the photographer has done is capture that perfectly.that means it accelerates fa ster than the space shutt le! 3 long jump : a kangaroo can jump 13 meters. 6 It always amazes me in big soccer or football games how . b Check your answers in the Vocabulary Summary on page 88. 8 I can't understand the menta lity of sports fans who . 4 swimming : dolphins can travol great distances in the water without stopping. 1 take him out {A} 2 shot (8) 3 the tape (C) 4 hit my limit (C) 5 unbearable (C) 4 Vocabulary: track and field a Complete the table with the correct nouns or verbs.er sprinter diver weightlifter javelin thrower 3 Grammar: noun clauses (1) a Look at these quotes describing tho pictures . 5 weightlifting : a real ly strong man can li ft twice his own weight. how. a Which question words in troduce the clauses? what .. d Complete these sente nces with your own words.htlift ill8 the javelin Person swimmer longlwnper his!Lj ume.. Figu re out what they mean from the context. C 7 the race for the fini shing li ne C 8 professional rivalry B. Then compare them with a partner. 1 The perspective of the picture is what I love about this one... but an ant can lift 50 times its own weight. 3 You can see from this picture why Coe was such a great competitor.. c Check your answers in the Gra mmar Summary on page 88.. C c Find the following words or expressions in Exercise 2a. 2 Herb couldn 't understand how I got such a good shot. c Wh ich sport wou ld these animals excel in? Write the sport in the sentences below. and 3 above? Why do you th ink this is? 1 What J love about the picture is that the photographer has gone up high into the stands. 1 What I like about soccer (track and fi eld I boxing) is . is my fa vorite sport : 4 What I really like Idon't like about the Olympic Games is .... 13. discuss these athletes. 1 boxer 2 soccer player 3 runner 4 basketba ll pl ayer 5 weight-lifter 6 race car dri ver abi lity to ru n/jump speed strength hand-eye coordination love of danger ability to work in a team stamina determi nation I think whot mokes a great boxer is . d What makes a great athlete? In pairs.! diving wei&. using the criteria in the box and any others you can think of. . Underline the noun clause in each sentence.. 3 Lot me tell you why .l the high jump sprintin). 7 What attracts me to watching sports on television is . Unit S ..b Read the captions again.. How Bre these different from 1. Which ono describes (or which ones describe) the fo llowing? 1 a great personal ity A. C 3 an unusual perspective for a picture A 4 movement A .. C 5 victory B. why b Are the noun clauses the subject or the object of the sentence? the object b Now look at these sentences from the captions a nd underline the noun clause. . Verb swim do lhe longjump do Ih ~ higlu ump sprint di vl' lift weights Ihro\\ the ja\'clin Sport swimming long jU1I1J. Then answer the questions.. at a speed of up to 46 kilometers an hour. the kangaroo rat can jump 10 ti mos its own length. 2.. C 6 great emotion B. it is the fastest creatu re on earth. 2 high jump : a fl ea can jump 100 centimeters high . a cheetah a flea a kangaroo a dolphin an ant 1 sprinting : the cheetah can run 100 meters in five seconds. e Com pare your ideas with the rest of the class. 5 One thi ng I don't understand about sports is why .

2 What is the purpose of these sports? 3 Do you do any sports like these? Why? b In pairs. The first record of it dates from 1770.. and others to defend themselves... Student A: Read the text below. or twist away.. the slave owners prohibited it. so as to fight their masters. Student B: Read the text about karate on page 150. c Ask your partner these questions about their text. others do it to keep fit. and martial arts. Brazil. gymnastics. 1 2 3 4 Where did the sport originate? When did it originate? Why do people practice the sport? What are its main movements? d . after the early years of slavery. 1 What are the people in the pictures d· . It involves both strength and suppleness. It was developed by the slaves in Bahia. 2 People sometimes do volunteer work . discuss the pictures. b Complete these sentences with an expression of purpose and your own words. 3 We should try to use our cars less . 1 Some peop le take up a martia l art . Would you prefer to take up karate or capoelra.. Soon. . WhIch verb forms follow the expressions? Why?/Why not? capoelra Capoeira was originally an African martial art imported to Brazil along with African slaves. omg. 4 Everyone should eat a balanced diet. It has become very popular in recent years. Find mor~ ways of expressing purpose in the texts. Some people see it purely as a way of enjoying themselves. So in capoeira you might head butt an opponent. the slaves made it look like a dance. LANGUAGE NOTE We can use the expressions of purpose in the negative. so the slaves practiced it secretly in the forest In order to disguise it from their masters. do a handstand to move away. too: I took up judo so as nollo I so that I .1 Reading skills a In pairs. • Martial arts: Capoeira is now mainly known as a mixture of dance. It consists of a number of movements based on attack and evasion.. read about two martial arts. wouldn 't feel scared in the streets at mght. 5 A lot of people do yoga or meditate. 2 Grammar: expressing purpose a A common way of expressing purpose is with to: I took up karate 10 keep fit. drop onto your elbovvs and kick. about capoeira. GLOSSARY martial to do with war or fighting suppleness being able to move and bend your body easilv '- UnitS Sports . Try to make at least one negative sentence.

so thai you can use Ihem with force and accuracy . - altemative 2 Grammal': ex press ing purpose Write studen ts' findings from Exercise 2a on the board. you give students preparation Hme so that they are ready to answer queslions. karole. kung fuJ.. Check answers wit h the class briefly. on expression of purpose. " Ask them to road their texts carefully. handstand. ~.udo.. keep fi t. drop to elbows. to keep fit . Write on the board: Introducethetopk bell /dc. but I started it in order to feel safer. Then ask thorn to take turns to ask and answer tho q uestions in Exercise l e. defend themselves Allack and evasion: head bUll .... here. Aftcrwurds. Point out the Clossary.Objectives Grammar Topic: martial arts and parts of the body Vocabulary Pronunciation Reading extract from a Writing Ustening expressing purpose ports of the body w eak forms with l'd/ martial arts book on advice leaflet on security a radio phone-in Wrile Martial Arts on the board. . Answ ers: Capooim Africa Beforo 1770 To en joy themselves. Some people take up a martial art in order to enjoy themselves.. and point o ut tho rules of uso and form. II is not. so as to fight their masters . to feel more prepared. throw twist self-defense confidence keep fit Ask How are these words related /0 martial artS? •• 1 Reading skills Ask stude nts 10 work in pai rs to do Exercise l a. They hove to make sure they can answer the questions and explain difficult words to each other. Then they discuss it with their portner. Be careful: so is used twice in the text with the meaning of consequently. toe kwon do. ond I do_ Sports T 82 Unit 8 . Draw attention to the Languago Note . ask one or two As to summarize the answe rs from B's text. who ha s read the some text. You don't hove to walk at nig ht here .you can toke 0 cob.balance and hip ro tation Divide the class into A poirs and B poirs.lell students in pairs to decide who is goi ng to bo "A . Students then ask a nd answer the questions.000 years ago Self-defense. To. Some people take up a martial art so thai they know how to defend themselves.. For Excn:ise l h . So (thaI) is 0. and vice versa. Quick grammar guide Answers: .. A poirs read text A. . In order to disguise it . then as k them 10 use their imagination to w rite sentences. Karate may not really make me sofer. Discuss student s' responses to Exercise 1d as a w hole class. so I took up karate to feel stronger. Ask students to give you examples of martial arts I. T hen as k a few ind ividuals to read their sen tences aloud for the class. which includes h ow to form tho nogative of an expression of purpose using those phrases... in order 1 and so as to a re used to express purpose. force comes from hips . 10 defend themselves Complete tho fi rs t son te nce in Exercise 2b as an exa mple to get stude nts sta rted . twist away Karote lndia 2. Let st udents check in pa irs. Model a nswers: Some people take up a martial art to keep fit. kick. philosophical way of life Allack with foot and hands. They are followed by on infinilive." unci who is going to be "B. Then mix students so that As are paired with Bs. a nd B pairs read text B.. followed by a clouse. ond it gives you on opport unity to mix pairs in the classroom. but I need to save money. By doing this.~----------------------~ For Exercise 4 on page 83 ::wi Sometimes irs scary walking home at night.

Host We have another call. what would you like to '-Of' Caler 2 Hello. but I need to save money. or put them on the class notice board. I wanted to ask about something I've heard. try running fi rst. Host I understand that a lot more women are taking up martial arts these days. You don" have to walk at night here .I feel safer. using the words in exercise 3b.. /0. rve started to carry. otJ. and I do. with me today. Expert Joson. I understand that you feel safer. Sub-divide the groups and make sure each pair chooses a different situation. if he's attacked again? Expert If you get in a situation that you can't avoid. people come out of their houses to see v. Words which ore commonly unstressed. Host Okay. Replay the audio. Host Ch.. So the progrom today is asking: is there ony1hing women con do? To help us come up with some answers. but if you coli aut "Firel". It is a good idea to hand out blank pieces of paper to make sure all the leaflets are the same size. Karote may not really make me safer. asking students 10 repeat.-hors happening. Muggers tend to go for people who look nervous. Allie. irs so unstressed in continuous spee<:h that it con barely be heard. Sod. It should not be necessary to pause the recording for them to write. staple the leaflets together to make a guide for vis itors. Is that true? Host Fire? Expert Yes. Unit 8 T 83 Sports . Or if you harm someone. if you call out "Helpr. as though you know where you're going. Expert Hello. as is head). there's alilhe obvious advice. but our first advice would be not to put yourself in any s~uotion 'Nhere there might be danger. There's no point in risking your life for money.if there isn't a lot of troffic. keep to well-lit streets where there are lots of people. Now we hove . you know. what happened? Caler 2 Well. martial arts or seIf·defense courses can help your confidence. or1icles. I live in New York: and sometimes irs scary wolking home at night. walk toll. people may not want to get Involved. and the anacker wants money. 0 Expert Yes. For Exercise 6b seat each group of six in a circle or around a table. Host But what should someone like Jason do. you could be in trouble. there has been on increase in anocks on women in the streets at night. So. H's sometimes bener to walk on the street rather __ than the sidewalk . Host Okay. but I started it in order 1 feel sofer. so I took up karate to feel stronger. I was attacked a few months ago . (to. thaI isn't a good ideo.. I hove a police expert Martin Fowles.if you have to walk the streets alone at night. Thank you.. like prepositions. encourage students to take notes as they liston. thars true. shin. and took purposeful. like..3 Vocabulary: parts of the body For Exercise 3e.no . Pass the guides around the class for other groups to read. The audiascript for Track 34 is on poge T82 ~ 35~-------------------------------------------------------Host Recently. After each line. so I guess ~ wasnl too bad. Well. In Exercise 5c. ankle are important. Jason. I've heard that if you're allacked. too. a weapon with me now . Deborah? Caller 1Oh. But. it is. 4 Pronunciation: weak (unstressed) forms with l'dl pronundation gQuick The weak unstressed 13/ sound is the most common phoneme in English. Play the audio again for Exercise sh and have students check the p hrases the police officer agrees with. just give it to him. you know. yes. not down. but true . AI limes. but an onacker could use your weapon against you. Is thot useful? Expert Yes. Allie? Calef 3 Yes. He took my wallet and my cellphone. divide students into groups of four. it 5 Listening skills Play the audio for Exercise Sa once through and then check answers. After Exercise 6c. Clues: in a place you don't know. You see. and irs a good idea. check that they understand that the leafl et is written for tourists. the guy threatened me with a knife. If that doesn't work. Host What other basic advice would you gwe women wolking alone at night? Expert Well. Why go on the streets alone? Host We have a coller who'd like to soy something here. you should shout au! "Fire!" as loud as you can. Ask students to read through steps 1 to 4 carefully. Allow five minutes to discuss and make notes. ~ Allow students to check their answers in pairs before they listen to the audio for Exercise 4b to check. Give them an example (soccer: foot. knee. of course as you're in the open there. hi. to feel more prepared. but he didn't harm me. rve heard that. You dorn want to look like a victim . I'd just like to soy that irs not just women who are anocked at night.. pause the recording. donl go down alle-ywoys or into badly·lit areas if you con help it. Police and women" s organizations soy the problem is getting worse. Ti 6 Writing skills When students have done Exercise 6a . Then ask them to discuss some sports. sometimes just feeling sofer can help.you can take a cob. look ahead. the!. make sure you know enough of the language to . Now we hove Allie on the line. and other structure words ore often pronounced with the /3/ sound..

If you think someone is going to attack you' 1 start running. 4 Pronunciation: weak (unstressed) forms with fa! a Read what this woman says about why she took up karate. Say the text to yourself and circle the words that become weak (unstressed).... but I started it in order to feel safer. fo llow these steps. ~ b Listen and check your answers. on public transportation. 1 Divide into pairs. jewelry. hips. Each pair takes a different answer these questions.g. tat makes a lot of noise.but make sure you hit the bony part. muscles b Match the numbered parts orthe body with the words in the list. Z Who is the program mainly aimed at? women ~ b Listen aga in. elbows Karate: hand16st. e. Sports UnitS . hand . 4 Write a list of practical tips for your situation. discuss which parIs of the body are important in any sports Ihal you play. fect. you will use fro m the radio program and add information relevant to a local context.. a Go through the Iwo texts in Exercise 1 and find six parts of the body. Karate may not really make me safer. cell phones. 2 Think about attacks that may happen to visitors and the pur pose of the attack. or from others in your city. if any. If you can't run away: 1 shout for help as loudly as you can.. Example situations: on the street. Then decide on the headings for your leafl et and put a. ' 2 'tlttract attention by breaking a bottle.. but J need to save money.. Compare your notes with a partner. Does the police expert agree with these ways of protecti ng yourseJf? 1 Taking up a martial art 2 Keeping to well-lit areas at night 3 Carrying a weapon 4 Running away from an attacker ~ c Listen and make a note of all the advice that the police expert gives. 5 Listening skills ~ a Listen 10 a phone-in program on the rad io and b Now write a leaflet advisi ng visi tors on security in your city. a window or anything 3 carry a whistle and blow it hard so people can hear it and come to your rescue. money. You don't have to walk at night hereyou can take a cab. The first two are circled for you. In groups of six. Sometimes it's scary walking home@night. cameras.. Check each other's content and language. in parks. . abdomen armpit elbow fool head hip shoulders toes wrist [jJ 0 [l [) !]j ~ Iill [j) ankle sh in fingers hand heel knee th igh waist ffi III III IJ[J IE) ~ 6 Writing skills a Read the extract below . . 3 Decide what information..-3 Vocabulary: parts of the body \. Capoira: head...ll the information together. to feel more prepared. at cash machines. 1 What is the topic? allacks on women on the street at night.. 2 kick your attacker in the shin .who might rcad it? Why? Do you agree with the advice? iJ!I 0 III Practical tips When you're in a place you don't know: 1 ensure you find out where lhe dangerous areas are and don't go there! ' c In groups. Do you agree with the advice? situat ion from the ones below. and I do.. c Show your leaflet to your group . so I took up karate@fcel stronger... then repeat the lext 2 make sure you know enough of the language to ask for help.

. She prefers to make hr own name. made people wonder how he would react when one of his daughters decided to take up the sport. all right. plus his outspoken opposition to women's boxing. Of course Muhammad Ali wanted to watch his daughter fight.. She knows she's going to get hit hard at times.AIi. Laila realizes that her father wants her to understand the worst possible scenario to see if she still wants to go forwar" with it. however.Not for girls? Sport or spectacle? 1 Reading skills a In groups. the daughter of Muhammad Ali.The ring announcer introduced him as the "The Greatest" and ar he sat down at the ringside the crowd chanted "AIi. but at least she is prepared for it. That. that she may get a broken~ nose or a swollen face . The diagnosis of his illness as Parkinson's disease after his retirement fuelled the debate about the dangers of boxing and criticism of the sport. Which of the phrases below refer to Laila and which to Muhammad? Why is each one im portant in the context of the article? 1 the most fam ous sports fig ure on earth Muhammad 2 feisty and determined Laila 3 Parkinson 's disease Muhammad 4 the greatest Muhammad 5 a magne t for worldwide media a ttention Laila Twenty-one-year-old Laila's debut fight was a huge success and there was as much publicity for the fight as her father's fights once attracted. '-- 1 Are you surprised at seeing wom en doing these sports? 2 Which one is the most surprising/shocking? Why? 3 Can you think of any sports that are more associated with women than men? What might be the reaso n? b Read the article about Laila Ali." "-laila Ali would rather not compare herself to her father.". MuhammadAli is probably the most famous sports figure on earth. Her father supports her decision to enter the sport but he has not "spared her the details of what can happen. he is recognized on every continent and by all generations. discuss these questions about the pictures o n this page." said one referee about her. laila has won most of her fights by knocking out her opponent. t~. His presence at laila's first professional fight. Ali's decision to start boxing despite her father's struggle with the symptoms 0 '. ButLaila is a feisty and determined individual and it is that as much as her famous last name that has made her a magnet for worldwide media attention. GLOSSARY feisty having a strong character swollen larger and rounder tha n usual spectade an impressive show (sometimes used to show disapproval of something ridiculous) . Parkinson's disease has of course sparked a mixture of debate and criticism.AIi . Unfortunately. Since then. "arrival on the boxing scene of a woman with her family history attracts even more questions about whether women's boxing is sport or spectacle. Of course. You can see some of her dad's moves. seemed to "-broadcast her father's support. "She knows what she's doing. Laila's opponent was much weaker than she was and the fight lasted just 31 "-seconds."~ knows about moving well.

but choose women well-known to your studentsl. women's' soccer is very popu lar. Gabriela Sabatini . Mia Hamm. next 10 the boxing ring lake up boxing"" start doing the sport of boxing knock out on opponent ::= make him/her unconscious Vocabulary work Sports T 84 Unit8 .S .Objectives Grammar Topic: women and sports Reading on Internet article verb + verb constructions (to + infinitive / -ing verb! Ustening an informal conversation Speaking a role-play Write the names of two or three famous sporlswomen on the board. You may wish to check that students understand these words connected with boxing. Afterwards. In the U. and tennis are often associated with women . Serena Williams.. In Exercise lb. to fight/to box a fight / a boxing match boxing ring'" place where boxers fight 01ringside". Answers: Sports associated with women : ice-skating. ask students to read the article and match phrases to the people. gymnastics. Ask Whol sports do Ihese women ploy'! Whol qualifies and strengths do they have? What other female sports stars do you know? Introduce the topic 1 Reading skills Ask students to work in groups of four to six to discuss the questions in Exercise l a . Let students discuss their answers with a partner before sharing them with the class. (For example. Volleyball. field hockey.possibly because these are sports that most girls play at school. find out the degree to which your students agree or disagree with each other. synchronized swimmingprobably because the sports are gracefu l and balletic.

Father Thafs not true. Mother But isn't It dangerous? trs just tholt'm worried. 2 Grammar: verb + verb constructions Exercise 2a can be done in pairs. building up a list for and against. find examples. Mother Wait a minute. thers why. have a brief class debate about boxing or any other sport in which women's participation is currently controversial . ~ ~ Play the audio for Exercise 3b. Father And isn't It expensive? t mean. Quick grammar guide: verb+verb Students simply need to memorize whether verbs ore followed by to + verb. on his bike . I'm using Joke's but he . Ask students to research the text. nothing? Where are you going? And don'. you con" use Joke's bike forever. also point out the Languago Note that discusses start.oy ~so hard. . I think we need a serious conversafion oboul all this . elicit the answer to the first question from the class to get them started. seemed to broadcast her fath er's support" "Lalla has won most of her fights . Girl No .with Joke.about six months ago. I'm the best student in my class. then give students three or four minutes to complete Ule rest of the text.. motorcycling. -~~-----------------------------------------------------.. or the -ing verb. soy "nowhere: Girl Okay. Unit 8 T 85 Sports .. the simple verb. Answers: "his presence at Laila's first professional fi ght .in Exercise l c. Mother And what do you think you're doing? Girl Nothing. Motorcycling? Racing? How long hos this been going on? Girl I started motorcycling . Gift Exactly. Girl I'm always studying. ask students to read the statements carefully before researching the article to find phrases in the texl that support their answers. actually t wonted to talk to you about that. After students have comploted tho sentences in Exercise 2c. Right now. If you think we're going to buy you a matorcyde for your birthday . and discuss the sentences. I'm in a race tonight. Mother Now. then. . let lhem check their answers in pairs. Play the audio again. it's expensive 4 Speaking skills Allow four or five minutes for studonts to do Exercise 4a.. Father But you don't even have a motorcycle. Pause the recording to give students time to note the arguments. 3 Listening skills in Exercise 3a. Mother And why didn't you tell us? Why did you hide it from us? Girl Well. Answers: For: iI's exciting Against: she should be studying for her exams. Let them compare their answers with a partner. Prepositions ore always followed by -ing. and complete the table. Elicit ideas from the class and write ospecially good ones on the board. " "the diagnosis of . rd rather spend my free fime motorcycling. it 's dangerous. Parkinson's disease fuelled the debate about the dangers of boxing" "hor fa mily history attracts even more questions about whether women's boxing is sport or spectacle" "Muhammad Ali wanted to watch bis daughter fight " Following Exercise ld.. Father [from another room) Motorcycling? Mother Motorcycling? Girl Yeah. hong on... Common problems ond errors Translating from the students' first language and overusing 10 + verb My parents don'llel me ~ oul/ole. Mother Well. and I'd reolry like ... Girl I can already dance. I don'l en. Ask students to listen and check their answers. give them a few minutes to prepare what they are going to say. Irs my 18th birthday soon. isn't it? I didn't wont to tell you be<:ause you would have stopped me from doing it. trs excrting. darling.. [n Exercise 2b. Let students discuss their answers with a partner before sharing them with the class. Mother What do you mean. I'm going motorcycling. I'd prefer you to take up dancing or something like thaI. and I've been racing a few limes. and thars what I wont to talk to you obout. thars obvious.". irs just that we think you should be studying for your exams. Encourage students to read tho Useful Language box as they prepare their arguments. Once students have read their role card for Exercise 4b.

3 I started learning (learn) English when I was five years old./ . 4 Speaking skills '- _. 5 I would prefer to live (live) on my own than in an apartment with others.. ." a In pairs. Try to fill in the blanks. d In pairs. 4 Laila has a good relationship with her father.ing verb . from. suggesl Verb phrases like I'd rather. Who I'd be really happy if you'd found the best solution? I see what you mean. by. Emma would rather 6 spend her free time 7 motorcycling and she wants 8 to talk to her parents about 9 buying her a motorcycle for her 18th birthday. 4 My parents wanted me to follow (follow) in their footsteps and do the same kind of work as them. She didn't want 2 to tell her parents because they would have stopped her from 3 doing it . you'd betler Modal verbs and make/lei Prepositions. discuss the sentences. 2 I'd rather take part (take part) in sports than watch (watch) them./ . 2 Laila Airs boxing career is successful. b In groups of three. You will need to negotiate. about b Check your answers in the Grammar Summary on page 88. Try not to get angry. Listen again. If you agree to X. d Look at the last sentence in the article. Are they true for you? If not. Choose your role and read it on page 1413. decide. then /'11 . Is boxing a sport. c Complete these sentences with the correct form of the verb in parentheses. you are going to role play the conversation between Emma and her parents.c Read the article again. 3 When you nave reached a compromise and you know how you are going USEFUL LANGUAGE to resolve the situation. Make a note of the arguments that Emma and her parents raise for and against her hobby. Then follow these steps: 1 Tell the others how you feel about the situation .. Find evidence to support these statements. Listen to the conversation and check your answers. a spectacle. Check ( ~ ) the correct column in the table to show what follows them. 1 I'm interested in watching (watch) boxing on TV. to + verb Simple verb . try to think of other arguments for and against a girl of 17 motorcycling.he left of the table and find examples of these in the article. Sports Unit8 . c Tell the other groups in the class about your solution to the problem. I'd like you to ./ LANGUAGE NOTE Slart can be followed by either an -ing verb or to + verh. stop talking. 6 I'm afraid of being (be) without work.g. 2 Discuss the situation and try to reach a compromise.. or something else? Can you think of other sports that provoke a similar debate? 2 Grammar: verb + verb constructi ons a Look at the categories on t. but . Category Verbs like IVan I.. 1 Muhammad Ali accepts his daughter's decision to become a boxer./ . '- 3 Listening skills a Look at the picture then read this summary of a conversation between Emma and her parents. and her mother would prefer her 5 to take up dancing. prefer Verbs like slarl. They think that she should 4 study for her exams. using some of the Useful Language phrases. Emma started 1 going motorcycling about six months ago./ . 3 There is a lot of controversy about both boxing itself and about women boxing. e. change them so that they are.

The games should have nothing to do with politics. 1 When were the last Olympic Games? Whero were they held? 2 What do lhe imagos on these pages tell you about the Olympic Games? 3 What arc tho main objectives of the Olympics? Are they usually achieved? b Read these statements about the Olympics and decide whether you agree with them or not. I believe countries at war shOuld be banned from competing. I think the Olympics are an opportunity to prove ourselves on the world stage and to become better known. "'".. were justly proud of our physical and mental fitness.... the games had nothing to do with big business or with entertainment for its' \ own sake.and the system of having the Olympics in a different country every four years is good because it increases interest. our feelings towards countries we perceive as aggressors." games" eommitte e ... too. In the old days. with wars and aggression all around.. 6 There is too much commercialism in the Olympics these days."7. Breaking world records is important.) I believe there's nothing wrong with the Olympics as they are run today. Sadly.:::. 1 Keeping politics out of the Olympic Games is essential.... or at least we should insist on a ceasefire.. (They may hold more than one of the views. we athletes . the Games are a media event: they are all about entertainment. However. we should leave it alone.':'--~"_ We are applying to host the games next time so that we can boost our economy and provide more jobs for our citizens. The Games are a symbol of international cooperation and we have tl"" work with all nations to make them work. the spirit of t(e ~ games is dead . the games exist to encourage the highest standards both on and off the field.... As a small country.. read the following quotes and decide which of the views in Exercise lb each speaker holds. something works. "' The world is in Crisis.. We could be given an opportunity to imprOYe all kinds of services.. The Games should be spectacular . 5 The Olympics should be abo ut athletes compoting witil each other. we should be given a chance to develop. they should be a good show... 7 The Olympics should be all about entertainment. but providing . 2 Countries at war should stop fighting during the Olympic Games.. Share your views with your group. with countries taking turns organizing the Olympics. it is about competition and ~ making a living. ''V ioum<llist G _--------:-:----'-~ ~~. is fairest....... " (l) \ ... " "ClaSs athlete Unit 8 Sports . ~bA. 9 Bringing nations together in friendship should be the only aim of the Olympics... excitement is the main '\ purpose of the 1.. 8 The Olympics should be abandoned these days as they attract terrorists. 4 Tho current system.they must be given back to Greece where they "" ' ~ began" .~ medal viIOrd"'~: : In my opinion. First .. they are beyond the responsibility of the Olympic committee. discuss the Olympic Games. 2 Task You ore going to debate the role of the Olympics (today and in the future)... 3 The Olympics shouldn't only be held in rich countries. In spite of the ~ ..1 Wa rm up a In groups.. Although there are problems. despitE:. Q As an athlete. Nevertheless. ' ideals of bringing peace and friendship. 'Gl..

0 Organizing group discussions 2 Task Let students work in pairs to match quotes and views.Objectives Grammar Topic: the Olympics Reading quotes Ustening Specking linkers expressing contrast and -ing verbs a committee discussion debating the role of the Olympics Write The Olympics on the boord. The images on pages 86 and 87 show the Olympic flame. Beijing is hosl of the 2008 Olympics and the 2012 Olympics will be held in london. 4 D 3.7 E 4. Afterwards. Culture note Nominate a group leader to ask the questions and rea d the statements aloud for others 10 discuss. Ihe murder of 11 Israeli othletes by Palestinian terrorists ot the 1972 Munich Olympics. Answers: A 2. Give a short time limit. branding and advertising. Ask students a few personalized questions to gellhem started. 4 81 . say four minutes.7 Co F5 G9 Sports T 86 Unit 8 . for example: Introduce the topic Do you enjoy watching the Olympics? Which events do you walch and why? Is it important to you when somebody from your country wins a medal? Why? 1 War m up Divide students into groups of four to six to discuss the questions and statements in Exercises 1a and lb. II is his or her job 1 make sure thai everyone in Ihe group speaks and that no one speaks about one topic for 100 tong. Block Power solutes by American athletes at Ihe 1968 Mexico City Olympics protesting segregation. elicit from one person per group a summary of the main points they discussed.

could be given. be held. RepresentotiwI Okay. .Give each group a large sheet of poper to design their poster on.time when we're not earning any money . I tend to agree with Adriana.. !hars . Rrst. osk students to design a poster to promote on Olympic bid from their city. Unit 8 T 87 Sports . I think if we introduced payment to take pari. Put lhe posters on the classroom walls. Remind them that they have to agree on a proposal. Tell groups to decide on the wording of their proposal. Sylvina? Athlete Well. tn terms of the competitors. Then give them a minute or two to decide which statement they wish to discuss. allhough I do agree with Sylvina thai we athletes are overworked and underpaid.1 acIMty 6 Notice Read through the example and rules as a class. l leel rt would be a step in the wrong direction to pay the athletes. if athleles were paid. Representative Thanks very much for your view. we're concerned that some of Ihe highest-quality athleles have decided not to attend recently. bulleted note form. Ticket prices are already really high. These reasons may be in shari. it was very different . stop the discussion. In groups.so I think we should be paid to compete . and decide which role they wish to play. lers just lake a show of honds_ Con you raise your hands if you think that athletes should be paid? Thank you. thanks. Tell students that they have five minutes to discuss. Ask students to listen and say who is speaking. then ask students to find other examples from the lesson. pausing as needed . lers have a view from someone who isn'l an athlete. we have to train harder and harder and so many of us are getting injured.to help bring peace among nations. it does benefit them . elicit comments from the rest of the class . and five reasons why their city should get the Games. I think there should be a reasonable financial reward for athletes and the work they do. But my main point is thaI the Gomes ore all about competing. Yes. so lers start. write a slogan. should be abandoned Z should be banned. Make sure that each student in the group chooses a different role. Ilhink we'd lose pari of thaI. We hove severol items on the agenda. irs gelling tougher for us all the time. ii ii Additlon. T T1I 0 0 • •• • 4 Feedback Ask one student from each group to stand up and deliver their group's proposal. lfyaur students have problems hearing the expressions.it increases their public prolile and competing for your country can make you inlo a national hero. and tell them to decide on who is going to read it aloud to the class . 5 Compare Play the audio for Exercise Sa. and so on. pushing yourself. thank you all for coming. someone less directly involved. Give students four or five minutes to discuss the statement. Yes? Journalist Okay. my job is to make sure we maintain the highest standards both in athlefics and in the way the Olympics are run. Thanks for Ihot. Play the audio again. The Olympics means a lot of time out 01 our schedules .3 Prepare Divide students into groups. RepresentotiwI Right. I'd like an athlete to comment first on this. Nominate one student in each group to write down arguments why. After each.it was all about showing the high physicol and mental standards that human oongs could reach. After five minutes.not to win . Tell students to list at least five arguments they wish to make. Ask that student to summarize their group's ideas for the class at the end. We're here to discuss Ihe future of the Olympics and to suggest some practical solutions for improving ~. Let students check in pairs before discussing their notes as a class. they have to design a logo. we'd obviously have to 1001: Of how we could raise the money to do that. Adriano? Retired athlete Well. you could play the same audio a third time. as Sylvino suggests. Answers: lb shouldn'!. We are in danger of losing sight of the main aim of the Olympics . as a representalive of the International Olympics Committee. should be given 7 Follow up Divide the class into the same groups as in exerc ise 3. As athletes. providing entertainment. I think 01 the same time thatlhere is lar too much commercialization and focus on money. Even Ihough athletes give up a lot 01 time to compete in the Olympics.just a sum 10 take pari.. Before we move on to the next topic. must be given. On the poster. J7~----------------------------------------------------RepresenkrIiv9 of International Olympic Committee Well. When I won my gold medal thirty years ago. That would also mean that athletes who don't make a lot of money would be able to come.

Spons UnitS . then follow the steps a . We have discussed the statement . a Form a commilloo 10 discuss the statement: each student chooses II different role from Exorcise 2: athlete. s How does the chairperson ask for opinions at the end? let's just ta ke a s how of ha nds.no adverti sing. decide whether you agree or disagree with the statemen t below. B. etc. then all the best ath lot es would enter.4 below about the future of the Olympics. Then share your ideas with the class.. . 3 when we don't know who takes responsibility for an Ilction.. after some cOll sidcmtion.. Liston to tho other groups and make notes. / 1 feel it would be . Which one? Which oflhe speakers from tho quotes in Exercise 2 do you hear? A. peaceful..3 Prepare In groups of four or five.]. 7 Follow up In groups.c to have a shorl debate. . First. 1 How does tho chairperso n introd uce the topic for discussion'! We're here to discuss . [Read the statemen t you cbose.. 00 you agree with thei r proposals? Why? I Why not? Itllink we should be paid to compete. Start like this: Ladies and gelltlemen. Form a proposa l about the statement . . Did most of the groups agree or disagree? Our COlllltry should be chosen 10 hosltlle Olympics in the near futuro. etc. choose one orthe statements 1 . F ~ b Listen aga in and mako notes on the following.. 2 How doos he soloct the speakers? I'd li ke an athlete 10 comment 6 rsl on this. and 5 Compare @ a Listen to a committee discussing one of the statements in Exercise 3. b Make notes on the arguments you will present to the other memhors of the committee. 4 How do they fi nish their speech in each case? I think there should be . 1 Tho Games sho uld be restricted to countries that are democracies.. Find other exa mples of tho modal passive in lhis lesson in Exercise lb Il nd Exorcise 2. we lIove come to the fol/oll'ing conclusions.. 2 10 avoid accepting responsibility for everything we say. C. LeI's have a view from someone who . When we are debating or having a discussion. Let the wealthy countries pay for the Games! 3 Athletes should he paid to enter the Games. no merchandising. and wilh good human rights records." 3 How do the second and th ird speakers start their speeches'! Well . 4 There should be no commercialism associated with tho Games ." 6 Notice Look at this example from the debate: 4 Feedback Report back to tho rest of tho class on you r proposa ls. c Discuss tho issuo with the olher members of lhe commillec. we often usc the passive voice with a modal verb: 1 to avoid making tho dobato too personal. Use tho (Iuot es and tho statements in Exercises 1 and 2 for ideas. 2 The Olympics should always be held in the wealthiest countries as poorer cou ntries find it very difficult to raise the money to host them. TV producer.

Where Philip goes every evening remains a mystery to me. I don't en. Simple verb This form follows !T"IOdal verbs. bead I want to spend our vacation in Florida this year. These verbs take a number of forms: dNe< wejghtlifter javelin thrower Answer these questions. 5 Going out: I enjoy. do the lOng·jump do the high jump sprint dive lift weights throw the javelin The connectors in order to and so as to are more formal lhan to + infinitive or so that + clause. They made me clean the whole hOuse every day. It's amazing how clever she is. and preposiHons can also be followed by verbs. 1 Work I want . forget the party.. II is possible to make so as to negative by putting not before to: The po/ice put the witness in a safe hOuse so as not to expose him to danger. I'd rather watch auto racing on 7V than go to the track. 7 Making myself better: I should .Grammar Summary 1 Noun clauses (beginning with a question word) A noun clause can be the oOject of a sentence: I don't know what he is doing. Use a verb form in each one. 3 Verb + verb constructions Many verbs in English can be followed by other verbs.m Sport swimming the long jump the high jump sprinting diving weightlifting the javelin p"""". and make and let: We should pay our phone bill as soon as poSsible. I'm calling you now so (that) you don'. Connector Followed by infinitive Example We went out for dnner to celebrate Mary's birthday. 6 My pet peeve: I hate. ---waist wrist """""'" ". It also folows a number of verbs. verb This form lolows a number of verbs. Compare your sentences with a partner. We reaJ/y can't rtgure out why Susanna left Michael. It also follows the phrase I'd rather (without an object). and why? to. How you live your fife is none of my business. often verbs thaI involve wants and desires: 2 Parts of the body Labet the parts Of the body using the words in the box. which would you like to try and why? 3 Which of the above sports. to in order 10 The government has increased wages in Ofder to gain popularity before Vocabulary Summary 1 Sports: track and field so as to sa (Ihal) the election. including most verbs of liking: Jason suggested joining the sports club in the center. sboul elbow We prefer to watch movies at the movie theater. Complete these sentence stems about yourself. Ve'" "". 1 Do you play / Have you ever played any of these sports? 2 If not. I've started to learn I learning Japanese.. We can also use verb • to after some verbs of liking: Karl likes to go dancing on Friday evenings. 3 Hobbies / Free time: I'm interested in . What we need is more government support for our enterprises. The noun clause can also be a subject and come at the beginning of the sentence. swimmer long jumper high jumper sprinter CIa"se I got up early so (thai) I wouldn't miss the plane. 2 Expressing purpose We can express purpose with connectors that are followed by an infinitive or by a subordinate clause. 4 A big change: When I started . do you find boring.ide armpit elbow fingers foot hand head "hand abdome. 2 A big decision: When I decided .oy going under the water when I'm swimming. -ing verb This form follows prepositions: You can team a lOt from looking at people's garbage. if any. Some verbs can be followed by either the -ing verb or vert) + to: Gary hates to meet I meeting new people. We often use them in this position when we want 10 emphasize them. waist heel hip knee shin shoulders \ fingers ~ wrist I liugh ankle Unil8 5po<ts . She confessed her crime so as to get a lighter sentence.

(!) Z I Q: A short report 1 Thinking about the topic of your report a Work in small groups. Can you find any patterns in the order of these topics in the reports? c Read the reports again and unde!1ine any words or phrases that may help you write your report on sports in your country. I thought "8Jack Isn '/ right! We don't say that' So J chOCked it out in the dictionary. Baseball is the second most popular sport in the USA and as is the case with football.S. Tell yout: partner which words.S. games take place on weekday evenings or afternoons between earl y spring and late fall. You are going to write a report foc a Web site about sports in your country. b The reports all deal with the same topics: fans.? Put these sports in order. 1 Structure: are ideas in the report logically ordered? 2 Interest: do the ideas and range of language make this report interesting to read? 3 Accuracy. ~ 3 When are the games played? 4 VVIlefe do people watch the games? b D::> you know the most popular team sports in the U. they watch live or recorded games in a local bar or at a friend's house. and grarrvnar correct? e Make final corrections to your reports and then read them to each other in small groups. baseball is regularly shown on TV. the majority of fans are men. 3 Writing a brief report a In small groups. Unlike football.. too. Many people follow their favorite NBA team by watching their games on TV. that National Basketball Association (NBA) games in many cities are sold out in advance. exchange your work with your partner. c Take one sport each and write a short report about It. I came across "to give someone a black eye" when J was reading. Basketball games are also extremely popular in the U.. brainstorm and make notes on the three most popular team sports in your country. Comment on these areas. discuss lhese questions. Teams in Major league Baseba ll (M l B) play 81 games in an average season. Fans are attracted from all walks of life and as is the case with both baseball and football. when the games are played. Interesting! Q.J. there are ten Women's National Basketball Association teams (WNBA) in the U. and in English you do say "8 black eye". WIth number 1 as the most popular. Sports UnilS . is the language oorrectly used? For example. The basketball season is much shorter than baseball's with NBA teams playing 41 games in a normal season. tickets. Are the reports good enough to go up on a Web site? There is no doubt that football is the most popular sport in the United States. d When you have finished. and where they are watched. For those who cannot make it to their team's stadium. Due to its popUlarity. Try to help your partner by making suggestiofls to improve the writing.J L. popularity. L. PlAN [> Your action plan: writing a short report Write a short report. so it may be difficult to get tickets. it is often difficult to get tickets for National Football l eague (NFL) games as they are generally sold out before the season begi ns. b In pairs. talk about your action plan for Unit 7. Use the key 9 o > ideas in Exercise 2 to help you. 1 Which are the mast popular sports in your rn REVIEW Review your action plan: using your dictionary In pairs. collocations.J Basketball Football Baseball 2 Analyzing three short reports a Read the three brief reports and check your answers to Exercise 1b. However. decide how to order the information and write a draft of the two most popular sports. The report is The most popular team sports in my country. idioms. Before you start. Nole: you win need to Show your fv"laI written report to your classmates at the end of \JrIit 9. the sport is also very popular with women.S. are the punctuatiofl. Q( phrasal verbs you looked up in your dictionary and 'Nhat information you 3: ~ ::. compare the language you have underlined. Games are usually played on Sunday afternoons and if spectators don't go to the game at the stadium. Nevertheless.) country? 2 Which people like these sports? learned about them. Tickets to baseball games tend to be much cheaper and easier to get than those for football and basketball games. spelling. Fans usually tend to be male. fans are predominantly men although so me women are also passionate about the sport. You can eithef use your notes to write about the third most popular sport in your country or you can write about anothef team sport in your country. So popular in fact. d tn pairs.J.

.5 """9' " 3 . Uton. fey -aomen's ~ when Ye(J1iJ:nfj?n0fJ5' the way women are pNl!lcnted as perfecl in these magazines ~ cf kauI:y m 'I?Ie.easun. to analyze the effects of women's media on tho health of the fema le population f<. 7 $2. and diet products? Is this average for your country? 4 Do you pay attention to the images of beauty presonted in the media? Brain and beauty .1 Speaking skills ~ b Now listen and chock your answers. did pmiud. ?>U>n. (are) ovcnvcighl • 6 'M Uton. >Wi .. Mgs! d In pairs.s ~'if' Mis. what are the main reasons for this? 3 How much do YOlL spend on clothes.fMds 10 heaDh p.. who are Ian.. discuss these questions. and who are very slim I 5 15 15 44 80 50 90 8. ~ " 8 'll. c!Mes " accessme.)f people m. 'Pu.!!2. giving reasons for your choice.Ypo$ cf . try to complete the presenter's notes using the numbers in the box.!l. Ie 5a<d.on.."""". ef! anorexIa Suney ct!n. Ik-nl< tky hme ~ f"ck " 1 . did " :J li ~ ~. compare your ideas . US.000 .. 1 Do children and adults have ··weight problems" in your count ry? 2 If so. In pairs..~ 1M mu.5lL ~ pp.dJA.o!/urns. cosmetics. ~ ~ hme IR= on. " Z JIlL ~ ~ when. ~ c Li ston again and complete the rest orthe noles.s ..on. I:xttwrt Q)1... 2 Listening skills a You are going to listen to part of a presentation about the media and personal image.>UY>ey.dut:wo men who have perfect skin and beautifuJ Dowing hair.ded wr..JA~ Ji'omen.I:h I !L1ill9 '"It"OmE?1-. Which of tho images of beauty on this page do you find tho mostllcasl beautiful? In pairs.

Cameron. which is still a lot less than they spend on Irying to get thin. Play the audio for Exercise l b." 0" 'p""" Ihl' ". Ask Which of these things are important to you? How much lime and money do you spend on these things? Do you think we worry about how we look 1 much? 00 Introduce the topic 1 Speaking skills Ask students to briefly discuss the pictures in pairs. Of course. are overweight The problem of weight and image is not confined to adults . They do spend more on clothes and accessories .many children see themselves as too fat. who is presenting the findings of her recent research into the link between the media and women's health in the United States. 15% of children suffer from anorexia. "eo. Dr Cameron Thank you.we'll look at perfection in other spheres of life later in the presentation . We wonted to analyze the effects of women's media on the health of the female population. Ask students to listen and check their answers. spend on diet products each year . Now. and who are very slim. This points to a severe dissatisfaction with their image. cosmetics. or their parents see them as too fat .. in the movies.in the region of 515 billion. Put students in pairs to discuss the questions in Exercise ld . Afterwards. and fashion are to our ideals of "beauty.) Write on the board: fashionable clothes. My team conducted a survey over two years. Dr. Then ask a few questions to fOCllS students on the task. Our first. The reason for this is the way women are presented as perfect in these magazines. finding was that a huge proportion of women . Of course. about 50% of all adults in the United States believe that they have a weight problem. hairstyles. Afterwards. play the audio again.o "0m Ih' Sao Brain and beauty T 90 Unit 9 .90% . and much of that stems from comparison with media images.a staggering $44 billion.tend to feel depressed when they read women's magazines. For Exercise l e .eolog Diego Institute of Health. which explains the amount thaI women in the U. is that of physical beauty .. which. the first ideal women are given in magazines. I.S. Let students check their answers in pairs.Objectives T opic: images of beauty and health Vocabulary Reading a radio presenter's Grammar non-defining relative clauses your image and health Usfening a presentation notes Speoking discussing beauty and how it is maintained '--. and perhaps most dramatic. can lead to terrible health problems: by the time they reach adolescence. ~ ~ ~ H. age.55 billion. Cam. This constan t comparison of oneself with on unattainable image can lead to obsession.S. who are ton. the next aspect we looked at was . it has to be said that many people in the U. keeping fit. which the average woman connot hope to imitate. 01. Compare that with the amount women spend on cosmetics . Ask students to listen and complete the notes. on TV. beauty treatments. " •• 2 Listeni ng skills Read through the notes in Exercise 2a as a class. find out how many students are very concerned about image. covering a sample of eight thousand women. elicit from the class how important culture. In fact. Ask Do you think the media help women have a positive image of themselves? Do you think women spend a little or a Jot? Ask students to guess the answers in pairs.women who have perfect skin and beautiful flowing hair. in the cose of teenage girls in particular.and as many as 80% go on a diet at some time during their childhood.

aning Afterwords. questions to see how well students hove understood the new vocabulary. Divide students into groups of four or fivc to discuss the questions in Exercise 3e. Suggested answers: 1 perfume 2 hair dye 3 razor/shaving foam 4 5 6 7 8 aftershave fake Ian bair conditioner make-upllipstick tattoo --Unit 9 T 91 Pair up students to discuss the questions. which. ask students to work in pairs to compare the sentences. say. Confusion between who and which in relative douses: Dr. and check their answers in the Grammar Summary on page 98. and then olicit the vocabulary from tho class. or that. They usually begin with the relative pronoun. pair up students to read tho problems. 5 Speaking ski lls Ask students to look at the pictures. use check. Checking . •• 4 Grammar: re lative clauses Have students road the examples in Exercise 4a and discuss the questions in pairs. For example: Which of lhese products do you use? How ohen do you use them? How much do you spend on /his product each month? Ask students to walk round the closs and interview as many people as possible in. Then elicit answers from tho whole class. and 10 check. answer the questions. Cameron is a researcher wAAA has corried oul a survey. and decide which ones arc not related to beauty. Ask students to discuss their finding in pairs and then report them to the class. Answers will vary. depression indigestion obesity anemia anorexia boldness fatigue ocne eczema Ask students to do Exercise 3b in pairs.•• 3 Vocabulary: your image and health In Exercise 3a. Brain and beauty . For example: Which word means you ore 100 fof? Which word means you hove no hair? Which word describes spots on your face? Cheddng pronundaIion Read these words out aloud. check their meanings in the Vocabulary Summary on page 98. Ask students in pairs to think of fIVe or six questions to ask about the products. Common probkNns ond errors Repeating the subject pronoun after the word who or which: Young women are people who IRey may become anorexic. who.. and ask students to repeat. Quick 9' Oi III"nOI" guide Relative douses lalso called adjective douses) give more information about a noun in the main clause. You could do exercise Sb as a doss survey. eight minutes. In Exercise 4b. syllable stress and proounciolioo. Ask studenls 10 complete Exercise 4d and check with a partner before discussing the answers as a class.

a The sections in italic are non-defining relative clauses. . Change the relative pronoun to that where possible. ? It might be an idea to . which often affects young girls.s ef eles]'>IIH lack of iron in your body loss of energy loss of hair nauseated a skin disorder tired (all the time) c In groups. 1 b Complete the table with these adjectives and noun phrases. 1 What does each picture show? How do the USEFUL LANGUAGE They/You could / should / ought 10 . discuss these questions. Nutritionists. Freckles. l Our speaker this evening is Dr. who often feel unhappy with their image. Dandruff is flakes of dry skin in your hair. Elena Cameron from the San Diego Institute of Health.in Ule region of $15 billion. Anorexia. lb Young girls who feel unhappy with their image shouldn't read these magazines.. . Why don't they/you try . 2a Can we replace the relative pronoun with thol in defining or non-defining relatives? definin g acne/eczem a pimply indigestion a nemia nausea ted faint/dizzy c Check your answers with the Crammar Summary on page 98. 2a Which sentence in each pair describes a particular group ofgirls/magazines? lb. which promote the perfect image. A hangover is a feeling whicht"~3tl get the day after you drank too mllch alcohol.. The freckles which~~h get on your face are usually com pletely harmless. who is presenting the findings of her recent research Z They do spend more on clothes and accessories . products/changes make people more attractive? 2 Are they effective'! Which are most effective? 3 Do you use/do any? Which olle(s)? 3 4 Grammar: relati ve clauses a Read the examp les from the presentation and answer the questions. acid in the stomach anorexic dopressed an eating disorde r bald overweight pimply eating for the wTOllg reasons faint/dizzy fedint. d Add commas where necessary to the fo llowing definitions. Za Women's magazines. la Young girls. The table lists some possible health problems. which c Where does the comma come in the sentence? comma comes before the pronoun 5 4~ b Discuss your ideas in class. 2b Which describes all girls/magazines? la. Is there anything in the pictures that no one would do/use? Brain and beoufy Unil9 . makes you want to stop eatin!\. which is slill a lot less than they spend on trying to get thin. 1 Which of the problems do people in your 2 3 4 5 6 country worry about most? Z Do you know anyone who suffers from any of these problems? 3 What can people do about them? Use the Useful Language to think of some advice. Arc any of these problems not related to b~auty or image? Problem depression obesity a norexia ba. zb Women's magaZines that promote the perfect image are part of the problem.. answer the questions. shouldn't read these magazines. are part of the problem. which appear on the skin of both males and females . Do the sentences make sense if we remove these parts? yes b Which relative pronouns are used in the examples? who. w ho are experts in food and eaLing problems. can help with some disorders.3 Vocabulary: your image and health a An obsession with beauty is often a risk to one's health. are small brown spots. . which fall onto dothing around the shoulders. 1 2 tired (aUthe time) loss of energy a skin disorder acid in the stomach lack of iron in your body 3 Which one in each pair contains a nondefining relative clause? la .ldness fatigue You are/fe el depressed overweight anorexic ba ld Yo u suffer from feelings of despair eating for the wrong reasons an eating disorder loss of hair b Compare these two pairs of sentences. In pairs. 5 Speaking skills a The pictures show ways in which people try to make themselves more attractive.

Why? • • 1 1 1 Today. those of logical. l. This accepts the traditional ideas of intelligence. 2 Reading skills a Read the article quickly and check your answers to Exercise 1b. such as musical or artistic talent. lOa. 1 Shoe is to foot a 'ove to: ( . and spatial awareness. regardless of their level of intelligence. l. He does thiS every day. and the way it understands things spatial related to the size. the first two are highly dependent on the language of the person taking the test: non-native speakers are likely to score lower in linguistic tests than native speakers.Q. test? When? For what reason? GLOSSARY cognitive related to the brain. tests were being used to support theories that some races were genetically more or less intelligent than others.Q. I.e. while the second two types can be completed by anyone. linguistic. 1. Take the mini test below. 1 1 1 1 1 c 3 Which are the next two numbers in this sequence: 120. which is appropriate as this was the use for which it was originally devised. but adds to those. On hiS way to work in the morning. 1. 100 d 80.0. tests? 4 Have you ever taken an LQ. tests consist of problems assessing an individual's verbal abilities. such as being able to understand and empathize with other people. hand d fingers 2 Find the picture below that fits best in the empty square. tests are considered quite limited in the type of intelligence they measure and they are not generally used so much. In addition. tests usually have different sections to measure different abilities.0. a b Most people have heard of intelligence quotient tests (I.1. he gets into the elevator on the lOth floor and goes down to the 1st floor. 110. ~ . other types of intelligence.0. tests have also been criticized for being too restrictive and not taking into account other abilities. tests) but few people know much about them. 9S € 05. i. logical reasoning. The first tests were invented by Frenchman Alfred Binet. Write the kind of puzzles by each one. Questions 2 and 3. and position of things discriminate (against) treat someone unfairly because of race. b Work in groups. The tests were grad ually applied more generally and came to be seen as a way of measuring average intelligence relative to other people in the same age group.Q. etc. When he comes home from 5 k he gets into the elevator and goe :O~d the 6th floor then he gets ou~ and :alkS to the 10th floor. He devised them to test a person's cognitive abilities. which brought accusations of racism.0. Clearly. In fact. In recent years. How quickly can you figure out the answer? A man lives on the' Oth f~oor of an apartment building .) 1 Which test did you find easiest I most difficult? 2 What do you think each puzzle is testing? 3 Do you think that the puzzles are more difficult for you than for a native speaker of English? What does this tell you about LQ. The main uses of 1. 90 4 Read the puzzle. 957 a 105. mainly to identify schoolchild ren who might benefit from extra help. Compare your answers to the puzzles and discuss the questions. empathize (wi lli) understand how someone else feels Unh9 Brain and beauty . religion. 110 . 105. numerical ability. many people are against such tests because they believe they discriminate against people who learn in different ways from those demanded by the test. a toes b head . 1 Speaking skills a An "LQ. 1 1 1 1 1 The man is very short and can't reach the button (or the 10th Door. testing today are probably in recruitment of employees and in school testing. 115. shape. tests have had a long and varied history. by the seco nd half of the 20th century.0.Q. and spatial awareness. Most I. Gardner's theory of multiple intelligence has received a lot of interest. and the tests were discred ited." test is a kind of intelligence test consisting of problems or puzzles that you have to solve. (The answers are on page 149. However.

Pul students in groups of four or five to discllss the questions in Exercise lb. 3-0.Q.highly dependent on the language of the person. T •• &:'l Vocabulary work A 1 invented 2 used 3 help 4 measure 5 limited B 0 benefit . 2 Reading skills Draw students' attention to the Glossary.Objectives Topic: intelligence (I.lesls are limited in what they test. Q) Reading Writing topic and supporting sentences Grammar non-defining relative clauses as sentence modifiers Speaking an Internet article. lest 1 Speaking skills Tell students that they have five minutes to take the mini I.Q. test taking and discussing an 1. I. Brain and beauty T 92 Unit 9 . tell the class to stop. b restrictive assess d devised e applied Answers: l-d. 2: spatial awareness. Ask them to read the text and do the task in Exercise Za. test in Exercise la . There are a number of synonyms in the text. and then let students check their answers to questions 2 and 3 with a partner before sharing them with the class. 5-b. and then let them check their answers on page 149 orlhe Student's Book. Limit the time to five minutes. You may wish to check these words by writing them on the boord in two lists and asking students to match them.0. 2-e. Answers: 2 Puzzle 1 is testing verbal abilities. 3: numerical ability. 4-<. After five minutes. an La. 4: logical reasoning 3 Yes .

Unil 9 T 93 Brain and beauty . (line 11) . By reading the topic sentence. appearance/attractive. Afterwards. which is the mason why other types of learners do badly. and they should expect to see similar words. LA Topic sentences Let students compare answers in pairs before eliciting some good examples from the class and writing them on the board. The tests were discredited because they were being used to support racist theories.. which brought .. (They should then underline the first sentence of each paragraph . 5 False. Let students check answers with a partner before discussing them as a class .. in the first set of sentences. who learn . tests to support racist theories its main uses in recruiting and school testing Ask students to check their answers to Exercise 3c with a partner before disclJssing them as a class. for example . In exercise 4d.. Or have students post their answers on the wall. Set up Exercise 3d by doing the first one as an example: Examinations are designed for particular kinds of learners. They should expect to see some key words repeated.. (They give the main idea of the paragraph. helping with ideas and vocabulary..Ask students to read the sentences in Exercise 2b carefully and decide whether they are true or fal se. tell them to prepare carefully before writing by brainstorming words or phrases tho! would naturally follow from the topic sentence. They are used in recruitment of employees and schoollesting. In Exercise 4d . For example. . (l ine 5) . . Go around monitoring.. Cive students five to ten minutes to write their paragraphs. who might benefit . Answers: . Ask students to choose and write down a topic sentence from exercise 3d.Q.. which is appropriate (linn 33) defining non-defining defin ing non-defining - Ask students to work in pairs to find answers to the questions in Exercise 3h. A topic sentence is generally the first sentence of a paragraph. (line 26) .. ask individuals to stand up and read their paragraphs aloud (without the topiC sentences) for students to guess. encoumging/pressure. . 4 True. Ask them to research the text to find reasons for why some sentences are nol true. it is usually possible to guess the general content of the whole paragraph.. Answers: 1 False. consider pulling students in smoll groups to do the task. NOll-native speakers are likely to score lower. 3 Grammar: non-defining relat ive clauses as sentence modifiers Ask students to do Exercise 38 individuall y and th en check the answers in pairs before going through them wi lh the whole class. Prepare students to do Exerc ise 4b by doing the first as an example.) Point out the Language Note on page 93. taking notes on which topic sentences best fit the supporting sentences.. elicit from the class the reason(s) topic sentences are important. and point out its structure (location of topic and supporting sentences). 4 Writ ing skills: topi c senten ces Ask students to match paragraphs and topics in Exercise 43. Presentation alternative Once students have chosen their topic sentence. Clauses a and b comment on the whole sentence. Ihey could brainstorm: successful make money work hard get promo/ion be rich Brainstorming these words should help them with ideas for what they could include in the rest of Ihe paragraph. 2 False. Answers: the use of I. Give students a minute to read through the sample paragraph in Exercise 4c.. and allow students a few minutes 10 circulate around the room. Ask students to predict which words they expect to see in a supporting sentence.. 3 False.. if a student chooses 6 There is more pressure on men /0 succeed and make money . t . . Let students check their answers in pairs after they have completed the exercise. They wero devised as a way of identifying children who needed extra help in schools..) Let them check their answers in pairs before going through them as a class.

tests are racist.Q. b Z The man was very short. Match the paragraphs with the topics. which suits the more competitive kind of person.. 1 Whal brought accusations of racism to I. 4 Writing skills: topic sentences a Look at the article in Ex ~rcise 2. It is usually followed by one or more supporting sentences. a 3 So.. c Read the sample paragraph. 4 relative pronouns who and w/!ich. Then choose one of the other topic sentences from Exercise 3d and write a short paragrap h. c a which was why he couldn't reach the last button. tests today Paragraph 2 types of lests Paragraph 3 the histc ry of I.dvertisemcnts encouraging women 0 spend more on their appearance. tests.Q. Then compare your answers with a partner. exams usua lly have strict time limits. which means that the majorit y of a d verti sing for cosmetics an d other beauty produc ts is aim ed at wom en . x 3 Grammar: non-defining relative clauses as sentence modifiers a Look at the article again and find oxamples of the sentences.w om en become worrie d and stressed abo u t their appearance. dmit knhw Z They were devised as a way of putting less intelligent children into difforent schools..b Only one of the sentences below is true. . tests b The sentences in Exerche 3d arc ali lopic no. T he m edia is full of a d vertisemen ts encouragin g wom e n to s pe n d more o n the ir a p pearance. with one or two sup porting sentences. b which was a frightening thought! c which will also test your knowledge of English! d Complete these statements with a non-defining relative clause starting which is the rooson why . or which explains why . they will always give the same score for people of the same intelligence level. 1 The media is full of <. 5 The theory of multiple intelligence is less restrictive than the theory behind I.Q. they !Jui 11e wel'e mw-n1ed Ity ~. i. sUlllJOrting sentences t:oncJuslon d Read your paragraph aloud to your partner but don't read the topic sentence.. lests are hardly used today. . which can actu ally make the m less.e. then underline the topic sentence in each paragraph. not m o re . 4 They say tall people do better in li fe.Q. and find the phrases in the article that tell you the others are false or that we don't know they're true. tests were invented in France. we are going 10 try the fo llowing puzzles.. 3 Some parents do not have many books in the house .Q . Paragraph 1 the use (If I. a . However. 1 3 We need to understand what it is about height that can give people a head start....... . tests? 2 What is appropriate about I... Answer the Iwo questions below by findi ng the two non-defining clauses in the article.. 4 The tosts are very reliable. testing today? c Match sen tences 1 . just for fun.. Decide which one. Can they guess which topic sentence you are writing about? Broin and beauty Unil9 . 3 All I. . LANGUAGE NOTE A topic sentence gives the main idea of a paragraph.. beautiful supe rm odels in these seems to im ply that the average woman can look like a su perm o d el if s he buys these prod ucts. Do they introduce defining or non-defini ng relative clauses? b We can use non-defining relative clauses to comment on a whole sentence.3 with the appropriate nondefining clause a-c. G I. The use of young.hencA'"m(1:n. 5 Z For example.Q.. Match three of them with these supporting sentences. 5 There is more pressure on women to be attractive than on men.Q. attractive. t I.. 1 Examinations are designed for particular kinds of learners . It often (but not always) comes at the beginning of the paragraph.Q. There is more pressu re on women to be attractive tha n on men. 6 There is more pressure on men to succeed and make money than on women . 2 Intelligence depends as much on the environment as on your genes .. the result of a ll th is pres sure can be count erproductive . Which relative clauses comment on the whole of the previous sentence? 1 The explorer was in danger of being eaten by wild animals.

The secret of life

1 Reading skills
a LoO,k at the pictu res. How old are the people? Which one looks healthier? Why? b The average li fe expectancy has increased a lot in the last hundred years. Discuss the answers to these questions: then read the report and check. 1 What is the life expectancy in the United States now? Men 74, Women 80 2 Why has lifo expectancy increased in the last hundred years? Infectious diseases - less deadly. general environment cleaner, eat better c Underline the important words and ideas in the repo rt and write a brief summary of each paragraph. Then compare your summaries with a partner.

'P~ 1 ieIl.s u.s Ik tie ~n.C1J 100 lP"" ago and Way, and ...

Life expectancy in the last hundred years: changes and reasons for change
A hundred years pgo. liG. expectancy in developed countries was about :lL in the early 21st century. men in the United States and the United Kingdom can expect to live to about 'Ii. VlQIDm to about aQ. and these ages are rising all the time. \Vhat has brought about these changes? \Vhen we look at the life span of people 100 years ago, we need to look at the greatest killers of the time. In the early 20th century, thcse were the acute and often highly infectious diseas~ such as pneumonia, tuberculosis, and smallpox. Many children died very young from these diseases and others, and the weak and elderly were always at risk. health has improved with improvements in our general environment: cleaner air, better means of preserving food, better and warmer housing, and better In the developed world understanding of nutrition. these diseases are far ~ deadly today, and in some Q enetically, we should all cases have almost be able to live to about R2. disappeared. A number of but while people do live factors have led to this: longer today, there arc still improvements in sanitation some big killers around and hygiene, the discovery that are preventing us from and use of ~nribiotics, which consistently reaching that make bacterial diseases age. The problems that much less dangerous, and affect people today are the vaccinations against marc chronic illnesscs, common diseases. In such as heart disease and addition, people's general strokes, and those spread by viruses, such influenza and AIDS. Of course, cancer is a huge killer as well. In most cases these diseases affect older people, but there are worrying trends in the developed world with problems such as obesity leading to more heart disease and illnesses such as diabetes at younger ages.


The killers today can be "lifestyle classed diseases", which means that it may be possible to halt their progress.


BraIn and beouty


Topic: life expectancy
Vocabulary Pronunciation intonolion in

Reading a newspaper article

lag questions

health and disease

question lags

Ustening a radio discussion

discussing ways of improving life expectancy

Write on the boord: food




Irrtroduce the topic

Ask In whol ways have changes in these areas improved our health and fife expectancy? tel students discuss the question briefly in poirs, and then have a whole-dass discussion.

1 Reading skills
Ask studen ts to lell you about the pictures in Exercise la. Possible answers: The woman in the large picture appears to be in her sixties or seventies. and looks much healthier than the oUler woman. Tho h ealth ier woman clearly keeps fit (cycling) and has a healthy lifestylo. Tho other womBn drinks alcohol.

Put studonts in pairs to discuss the questions in Exercise l b, Encourage them to think ofthree or four reasons for the answer to question 2 before readi ng the text, Help students prepare their summaries by underlining the first two or three important words and ideas as a class, Then ask students to underline other ideas, before chocki ng with a partner, Briefl y elicit answers from the class to make sure students have underlined more or less the same things, then ask students to write their summaries fo llowing the example in Exe rcise l c, Stress the importance of students' using their own words to summarize an article, explaining the main ideas they have understood from reading it. Model summary:
100 years ago life expectancy was on ly 47, whereas today it is 74 fo r men and 80 for women. The shorter life expectancy in the past was a result of killer

infectious diseases, Infectious diseases are less dead ly today because of better sanitation, antibiotics, and vaccinations and because we have im proved general health a nd a cleaner environment. Genetically, we should all reach 85, but we don't because of chronic diseases lile heart attacks and lifestyle trends like obesity, The killers today are "lifestyle diseases," which we have some influence over,


For Exercise 3b on page 95 :III Host Welcome to this week's Science Now. Today we
discuss the question: what makes people live longer? There is no doubt life expectancy is increasing, but v.ill this continue? Well. v.ith me to discuss the queslion is Professor foAoyumi Hotushi, an expert on nutrition, and Brion Winter, on exercise coosullont. Brion, you firs!. Brian HeHo. Well. yes, life expedoncy shook:! continue 10 increase, buI there is couse for concem that Iodoy's generation rno( noT rIVE! as long. Host Oh, why's that? Brian Irs completely dooMllo our Ideslyle. We Ieod very inocTiYe lives nc:rw - most people sit all day. We're not exercising enough buI.....e still eot as much as, if nol more than, people vsed 10 eol years ago when most JOOs were active. So this leads 10 obesity and 011 ~s problems, Host So we need more exercise, don't we? Brion Yes, we should do qurte sTrenoous exercise for aboulthirly minutes three limes a week. This will also help 10 ensure good sleep, which is important, Host Okay. Moyumi, do you ogree? Moyumi Oh, yes, lifestyle is very important. My interesl is in nu1rition, as you knaw. Bul did yau

know thai women in Japon live longer than any oTher people on the planet, to aboUT 82 in general? Host No! Why is lhot? Moyumi Irs hard 10 soy exoctly, but one reoson is !he diel: in Japon, we eol lots of fish and fresh vegelables. fd soy thot Japol'lCSe women trodiliooolty don'l hove a 101of stress, though thofs chonging now that more and more are working. Host And Japanese 'NOffiell don1 drink a 104 of okahol, do they? Mayuni fd soy thors changing, too! Host Who! about salt? Thafs bod lor you, Too, isn1 it? Mayumi Too much saU is, yes, buI rd soy.....e eot quite a lot. Oh, and another thing - lea. Teo is good lor you, espe60Ity green tea. Host Oh, I didn'T knavv that Now, we've lalked about diet, exercise, sleep, stress. IS there anything else? Brion Well. rd soy thot irs irnpoflonl 10 Iry To keep oplimistic ond happy and not 10 lei problems stress you too much, I think it's important to hove close friends, people you con rety on and lalk 10. You know what1hey soy - 0 problem shored Is a problem halved!

Brain and beauty

T 94


t ·· ~

2 Vocabulary: health and disease
Copy the word map in Exercise 2a on to the board. Ask students to copy it into their notebook. Word maps are a great visual way of recording. learning. and remembering words. Encourage your

students to design word maps for other sets of words taught during the course. Have students do Exercise 2b in pairs or sma!! groups.

3 Listening skills
After students have read the list and selected their five important things. let them discuss their ideas with a partner. Play the audio for Exercise 3b. Ask students to listen and check the things mentioned.

Play the audio again for Exercise 3e. Ask students to listen and answer the questions. You may need
to play the recording a second time before students get all the answers. Ask students to discuss the questions in Exercise 3d in small groups. Answers will vary.

4 Grammar review: tag questions
Qukk grammar guide
Question togs in English are quite complex, so geHing students to use them accurately can be a slow task. The first key to the system is grasping that auxiliary verbs in the main clouse ore repeated in the question tog. However, the verbs switch from affirmative in the main clouse to negative in the tog clouse, or the other way around. The second key is grasping that when there is no auxiliary in the main clouse, danY, doesn't, or didn'l is needed in the question tog.

Common errors and problems
Students may transfer a simple system of questions togs from their first language 10 English;

You like it, A6? They ore married .
Youlikeit. ~?


Students may overuse the tog "isn'l il?

Ask students to complete the question tags as they listen to the audio for Exercise 4a. Play the recording again. pausing at Ule tag questions, if students are not sure of the answers. Let students check their answers to Exercise 4c in pairs before discussing them as a class.

5 Pronunciation : tag questions
Read through the rules in Exercise 5a as a class before doing the exercise. Play the audio again. Ask students to listen and repeat. Play and pause, ask the whole class to repeat. and then ask two or three individuals to repeal the sentences as well. Play the audio for Exercise 5c. Ask students to listen and write "checking" or "asking".

6 Speaking skills
Give students five minutes to discuss and list health problems and causes. Briefly survey answers from the class, and ask each group to identify what they think the major problem is. Encourage students to use the example in question 4 as a model for their writing. Finally, have one student from each group present their report to the whole class.

a Sa we need more exercise, don't we? b Japanese women don't drink a lot 01 alcohol, do they? c Thars bad lor you, too, isn't it?

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 II isn't raining again, is it? IfaUI Sarah didn't eat much, did she? Ifalll Patrick booked the tickets, didn't he? Irisel I'm invited to the party too, aren't I? Irisel Nothing'S going right these days, is it? {lallJ This is the right place, isn't if? (rise] They'll be late, won't they? 11011 1


T 95

Brain and beauty

2 Vocabulary: health and disease
a Go through the report on page 94. Find the d iseases mentioned and the ways o f dealing with some of them. Add them to this word map.

4 Grammar review: tag questions


a Complete these tag questions. Listen and check your answers. 1 So we need more exercise, don 't we ? 2 Japanese women don " drink a lot of alcohol, do they ? 3 That's bad for you too, isn't j! ?

ways or dealing with different problems

health and disease

b Complete the rules for tag questions. If the main verb is positive, the tag question is negative . If the main verb is negative, the tag question is positive .

There are some "irregular" tag questions: I'm -7 aren't I? This is -7 isn't it?

b Discuss the diseases and problems in the word map. Think about possible causes of each one from the list below, and how they can be dealt with.
infected food and water bacteria/viruses working too hard eating the wrong food pollution


alcohol abuse smoking ignorance

c Write the tag questions for these sentences. js it ? 1 It isn't raining again, 2 Sarah didn't eat much, did she ? 3 Patrick booked the tickets, djdn 't be ? 4 I'm invited to the party too. oreo 'l i ? 5 Nothing's going right these days. is it 6 This is the right place. iso 'l iI ? 7 They'll be late, MlIlD'llbey ?


3 Listening skills
a The repo rt mentions "lifestyle diseases", which 5 Pronunciati on: tag questions may slop the average life expectancy from ~ a Wo can use tag questions to check something we increasing. How can we improve our lifestyle and think we know, or to ask a real question. If we live longer? Look al this list and decide which ask a real question, the voice rises on the tag five you think are the most imporlant. questions; if we are checking, it falls. Listen to 1 eating fish ~ the three questions from Exercise 4a again. 2 avoiding sugar 0 Wh ich one is "real"? 3 avoiding too much salt Listen and repeat the three questions. 4 not too much alcohol Listen to the questions in Exercise 4c, Write 5 not smoking "checking" or "asking" by each one. 6 doing lots of exercise 7 keeping a healthy weight 8 sleeping well 6 Speaking skills 9 being optimistic IH In groups, discuss ways of improving life expectancy 10 not too much stress ~ in your country. 11 being married I with a partner 0 1 List the ma jor health problems in your country. 12 having close friends ~ 2 List their causes: are they lifestyle·related? Listen to a radio discussion about life expectancy 3 Suggest ways of dealing with these problems. and li festyle. Put a check by the things on the list that are mentioned. 4 Write a short report about one or two of the major problems. Li sten again and answer the questions.





1 Why is the amount we eat a problem today? because of inactivity and obesity 2 How much exercise should we do? thirty minutes three times a week 3 Why do Japanese women live longer than everyone else? because they eat fish and vegetables, have liule stress and don't drink much alcohol 4 Why does Brian think fr iends are important? you need people to rely on and talk to d In pairs, discuss these questions. 1 Do men or woman live longer in your country? Why? 2 Think of very old people you know. Does anything in their lifestyle explain their long life? 3 Would you like to live to over 1oo? Why? I Why not?

in ouy ayea, a1Le ygi£S aye a 6t-g flYo6&m. 7he)! can be caused by plan!:5 OY pe15, 6u.1 lhe)! can also be caused by ,,"Y pdtu.lU)n, wfuch can ¥eaLt)! damage )!""Y heaLih. 'Peopte can gel vaeem,,5 ag,,"nsC ce.uun aLteygie5, a-nd Ihey 5huuld h-y ..wi ro have plan!:s oy pUs Ihat cause aLteYg"'s. The .f!uvern/",,,n!: sMul.d h-y ro Yeduce atY pcllultnn 6ecau.se tl makes aLUygi£S woyse.
5 Compare your ideas with other groups.

Broin ond beauty


1 Warm up
a How do you think you learn most effectively? Before you start work on this lesson, make notes about the ways in which you think you learn best, e .g. visually. by doing things with your hands. by talking to others. b In Lesson 2 oflhis unit you read a little about Howard Gardner's theory of multiple intell igence. Now you are going to learn more about this. Read the lext and write the kinds of intelligence in the table below.

. k that every parent th"nks their \ Teachers often)O e arch Suggests that . . od recent resc child IS a gemus, a roa bcl lntclligence is affect~d to some extent they d~ffercnl factors: gellene, by a number of . nal and so on. In the late environmental, cm otlO d doer of H ar vard Howar ar . 20th centur y, . d dOff nl kinds ofintelhgence, . "ct nnile I CfC I University I C th factors. For examp e, ccount esc which take IOta, a . c which refers to people there is visual tntclhgenc .' maps and so on . th ough pictures, , who learn best r th thcr hand refers to onco ' IOte ' c blem solving, and L ogical ' l JIgene , . th gh numbers, pro . learnUlg rou f . I traditional intelligence analysis. These arc air ~ d tifled more unusual G dncr also I en . types, but ar rural intelhgence .' such as no. d IOtelhgcnce,. nnd thc environment), an re (underst.andlO~ natu ( ki g questions about life), existential intc~lgen.ce a~ : nderstanding yourself intrapersonallOu~\hgcnc () d intcrpersonal d I mng alonc, an d well an ear d' other people an (understa n 109 ·th intelligence . lnlera cong well WI . them) . \Vhal all thIS means is that if we can , identify child ren'S " ~ different strengths among of these type s intelligence, we can hC\~ child ren to fulfill thclr potential as learners.

Kind of

What does it mean?


in telligence

Your ~ score


Learning through
language Learni ng thro ugh looking
Learning th rough analysis Learning though doing

Reading articles



Using tables and graphs
Problem-solving ac ti vities







Doing physical games Using chants and rh ymes Writing a diary at home



Learning through sounds and rhythm Learning through thinking and working on your own Learning by interacti ng with other people Learning through observation of the world Bround you Learning through asking questions abo ut life





Working in groups, e.g. role play Working outside, in the countrySide




Discussing important issues


Unit 9

Brain and beauly

you know. isn't it? Jane Well. I know what you mean. like I'd always keep notes when the teacher was talking. yeah. I'm physical. I haled college . wouldn't you? Jane Yeah. I just like doing things. Thars. you know the kind of thing. motivated. too.. but you prefer 10 study with other peaple.using language. Jane Thars right. you can leach in lois of different ways to make the lesson more interesting and to make sure more and more learners are. I prefer to study alone and figure oul problems for myself. I think. ask What does this Ie/I us about the way we learn? 1 Warm up Have a brief class discussion for Exercise la . too. but should teach. looking 01 maps and figuring things out from pictures. I mean. you know. how would you go about learning those words? Who of you would write frans/a/ions? Who would put these words in sentences? who would learn them by miming or matching to pictures? After eliciting a few different answers. don't you? Jane Oh. Find out how students feel they learn best. Rob Yeah? Jane It was about Howard Gardner and his theory of multiple intelligences. so they were really blocking out some types of learners and making life more diHicull for them . I'd rother study in a class Ihan on my own. noun clauses. kinestheti c. whereas I lend to be more intropersanal.. I feel that t can learn a 101 from ather people.. irs about teaching. yeah. Rob Not only can teach. the kinesthetic type. For Exercise 6 on page 97 1I Jane I was reading a really interesting article earlier today. Isn'l it about how diHerent people learn in different ways? Jane Thars right. um. I mean. . I don't feel I'm learning unless I write. For example: jump skip hop leap step stride Introduce the topic Ask If you had to. ~ ~--------------------------. I've heard of that. through games and activities where you get up and move around. Ask students to read the text and complete the first column of the table in Exercise lb . surely it's not iust about learning. They didn't use any other techniques. Rob I think that we both have something of the other types of learning.Objectives Grammar Topic: different types of intelligences and learning styles Reading Ustening Speaking analyzing learning styles verb + verb constructions. Strange. Rob Oh. too. Rob I'd say thai writing is also Ie<nning through doing.. I love Brain and beauty T 96 Unit 9 . right? I lean toward visual learning. Rob Sa you must be. but I tend to write things down. you're right.all the professors iust stood up and lectured all the time. you know. yes. But. Rob Oh. interpersonal. and relative clauses a book extract an informal discussion Write a set of words on the board. I like learning through aclivity. it's one of the ways of learning. um. Jane Have you ever analyzed yourself? Do you know how you learn best? Rob I haven'l analyzed it. Irs about how some people prefer 10 learn through listening or reading or taking notes. Thai must be port of verbolleorning .

For example. Have a brief class discussion o f students' answers... Also. Both . You cou ld help students by reading out a model ana lysis... Ask students to listen and say what typos of intelligence the speakers have. whereas. 7 Follow up Divide students into groups of four to six to share their ideas and prepare a report in note fonn. . and . Ask studcnts to work out their score and discuss the results with a partner. inlrapersonal Jane: visua l. find out which types of learners are most common in the class. if mostleorners are visual. Additionalodivity The Qudioscripl for Track 42 is on page T96 '" Unit9 T 97 Brainondbeouty . Presentation alternative Write the following language on the board to he1p with preparing the report: We all tend /0 . Ask students to co mplete the sentences and check their answers in pairs. labeling. kinesthetic .. On one hand . Change pai rs in the classroom. Let students check their answers witb a partner beforo discussing them with the class.. prefer . drowing. For example: 1 learn best by analyzing. Bearing in mind which types 01 intelligence are most common in the closs. 4 Feedback Ask students to take turns to read their analyses aloud.. You may need to play and pause to give students sufficient time to write their answers. leons toward . ask a few students to briefly su mmarize what they found out about their partner. kinesthetic. brainstorm on the board ideas for types of activities that could be used in and out 01 closs to facilitate learning. .... On the a/her hand / In contrast. 5 Comp are Play the audio for Exercise 5.. .. 3 Prepare Ask students to use the phrases in the Usefu l Language box to write 8 short analysis of their learning style. and videa in closs. From a show of hands .. Thon ask studonts to tell their new partner about their learning style: I tend to learn best by analyzing..2 Tas k Ask students to work ill pairs to add to the Examples column in the table.. you could use more pictures. interpersonal •• 6 Notice Play the audio agai n for Exercise 6a... students could draw and match pidures more when studying vocabulory ot home. Ask each grou p to report to the class. J prefer doing problem-solving (lctivities to reading or speaking. Aften'lsrds. Give students two or three minutes to prepare a brief description of their learning style using the new languago.. tables. but . I lean toward doing probJem+solving activities rother Own reading or speaking. Answers: Rob: verbal..

describe your learning styles to each other again. 1 '" I rarely learn in tbis way... Whal kinds of intelligence do you all have? Which is the most common kind ofintelligence in the group? b Report the resu lts of your group to the whole class. I don't learn like this at all. 1 Jane: Some people prefer . 4 Jane: I love . Complete the sentences below. 7 Jane: I'd rather ... 8 Rob: .... Which types of intelligence do they each have? Brain and beauty . 6 Notice Listen to Rob and Jane again. Make noles to toll your partner about how you learn.. 2 = I sometimes learn in Ihis way. 2 Rob: I lend . I'd rather . 4 Feedback a Present your analysis of ycur learning sty les to your partner. . Can you give me an example a/what you mean? a In groups. 6 Rob: I prefer . wheroas I tend . b In the sarno pairs.. Listen 10 your partner's analysis. c Decide w hich are the three most common types of intelligence in the class. J prefer . Read the table again and give yourself a score of 0-3 for each type of intelligence. 0 "... describe your styles of learning to each other. 7 Follow up USEFUL LANGUAGE I learn best by. 3 Prepare Use your scores above to list your styles of learning.. Keep a note on the most common types of intelligence in other groups.. .. Did anything surprise you about your partner? Did you agree with their analysis? 5 Compare ~ Listen to Rob and Jane doing the same task. . This time try 10 use some of the language in Exerciso 6a. 5 Jane: I like ...2 Task a Usa your noles from Exerc ise 18 to add more exam ples to the table.. 3 Jane: I lean toward . b Discuss your learning styles together. 3 = This is one of the ways I learn best. J like I don 't like ... b Find out about your "intelligence" (we can all have more than onc type of intelligencel....

LANGUAGE RESOURCE Grammar Summary 1 Relative clauses A relative clause gives more information about a noun 1"1 the main clause of a sentence. If the verb in the main part of the sentence is negative. 4 Tom Cruise used to be married to Nicole Kidman. it is odd that she lives in a big hOuse) The elections taka place SVSf}' three )'OOIS. we use the modal to form the tag questiOn: Brian can't sing very well. whose. If we leave out the information in the relative Clause. 3 Tag questions u. that... which. are read by young and okJ alike. to ask about something we don't know. 2 Gabriel Garda Marquez wrote A Hundred 'rOOrs of SoJitude. In this use the voice falls on the tag question: '!-tlu've been to Europe several times. 3 Mumps is a painful disease.sdtes m tAe wo-dd. we can leave it out: I failed the math exam (that) I took last month. al'8 they? M8J'k's been with that company for years. giving more infonnation in non-defining relative clauses. wfuch t..L~. ~. or idea. because she doesn't have much money. didn 't he? In other tenses we use the auxiliary that is used to form the tense: In defining relative clauses we often use the pronoun that instead of who or which. Non·defining relative clauses are used mof8 in written than spoken English.I Identifying or defining relative clauses This kind of relative clause tells us exactly which person or thing we are talking about. haven't you? :::. )la:. UJ peyson. Choose five of the diseases or problems in 1 and write a definition/description of each. WOrlcs for the lOcal fflUflkipaIity. hasn't he? With modal verbs. In pairs.AIDS allergies anem~ eczema """"'" fatigue tuberculosis _esOOo heart disease innuenza stroke pneurT'oOflia A It's a person who teaches in a university.otics a hangover a topic sentence Japan alcohol an optimist B A professor. strnss 2 Non-defining relative clauses as sentence modifiers We can use non-defining relative clauses with which to commeflt 00 the Idea in a 'NhoIe sentence: 3 Prevention and cure antibiotics mediCation diet sanitation exercise sloop hygiene vaccination She lives in 8 v&y big house. the sentence stilt makes sense: It's really cold today. 5 LQ. doesn't she? 71 F""" In simple tenses (simple PfBSSfIt and past). when we snee. It usually begins with who.5 9t'V'en UJ e/4. i.1UWY. (She's the woman.. can he? If the verb in the main part of the sentence is positive. the tag question is positive: This kind of relative clause gives additional information about a person. There are two types of relative clauses: defining (Identifying) and non-defining. thing. isn't it? There al'8n 't any concerts here this weekend. Use relative clauses where you can. 1 Harvard University is especially well-known for its law school. Where the relative pronoun is the object of the relative clause. Then compare your sentences with a partner. We can use tag questions to check something that we think we know. fqr lis taw scAoot. which have sold millions of copies.e. al'8 there? My wife. Note that defining relative clauses are not separated from the main clause by commas. In this case.gh.. who 's an architect. we foon the tag question with doIdoes/did: information in defining relative clauses: She's the woman who won the beauty contest. which is very democrafic. the fact that the elections take place fNefY three years is democratic) Write a sentence about each of the following. . wluch is caused by a "YtrnJ.'1 Mandy tOOk the intelligence tast that focused on spatial awareness. .Jl:. can 6e ptt'V'en1:ed now by a "Y(lCC. Unit 9 Broin ond beauty . wfuch is one of tAe k5l 1t. antib.>cia diabetes indigestion smallpox 2 Causes of disease I health problems alcOhol abuse viruses smoking bacteria pollution eating disorders radiation infection / infected food or water . . Non-defining relative clauses Kevin and Laura aren't coming tonight. She speaks English. the tag question is negative.) Jack lived in this house. which is odd. (The relative clause identifies which test. the voice rises on the tag question: I don't know Pilar. tests are restricted to traditional kinds of intelligence.-e'1f .e. Note that we do not use the pror1C)IJ'I that in non-defining relative clauses..'vam U1U-vey~. ~. where or when. We cannot usually leave out the We can also use them to ask a real question. using words and phrases from 2. The Harry Potter t:xx:Jks. using a relative clause.n:niey.e qr cqu. is spyuut from peyson. and that we always separate them from the main clause with a comma.e. a professor Switzerland a manager a biologist chemistry smallpox Vocabulary Summary 1 Diseases and problems acne """".. and any other language you need.'y(:y pecple e. Choose a word to define from the list.e. is especuu1:y welL-known.In!lue:n}4. guess which word your partner is defining.

I already do this.I". a Use the examples to try to figure out the differences between a few. few. *= I m ight try this. or the opposite! b 7 Keep a ~st of the grammatical mistakes you keep making in a special part of your notebook. c Can you tI1ink of / find any other examples of these? (The text in Exercise 2b on page 102 might hep you. d Then dlec!<: your ideas about meaning by looking for other examples to see if they fit. but regu~ times to go over new grammar again. I'm not interested in this. 3 Remember it's not enough to know the form . b Compare your ideas with other pairs. figure out the meaning first. 1 Structure: are ideas in the report logically ordered? 2 Interest: do the ideas and range of language make this report interesting to read? 3 Accuracy: is the language correctly used? For example. note down some grammar that interests you and use the steps in Exercise 3 to understand and record it. You can also check 'Nitl1 a grammar book. 2 Working with grammar a Here are eight lips to help you learn new grammar thOroughly.sk yourself d you know wilen to use the grammar. think about these areas. such as in order to + nfinitive: The 5 Review all new grammar regular1y or you 'Nil! forget government has increased wages in order to gain popularity before or hearing it again and again 'Nil! rep rneroory as well as . create a special grammar section in your normal notebook. *** = I will try this.. L. 4 f:. 2 Be systematic about hOw you record tle'N grammar b . spelling. 4 There is little hope of finding any survivors now. I. scores. e For example: we can express purpose 'Nith connectors that are followed by an infinitive.. Vv'hile you are working on Unit 10. word order (e. h Go back to your lisl from time to lime. 3 A little wisdom can go a lOng way. 1 t know a few people who have really high 1. VV11erl you don't make that mistake any more.g. record this grammar in your notebooks so thai you will remember how it is used. Match the tips with the examples of hOw to use the techniques. and grammar correct? ~ ~ grammar? (Is it easy/diffJcultl\ogical7) 2 When you make notes on new grammar. e Finally. ' notes in the margin. You also need to understand and record the meaning(s} c '" for example. You do not want to sound too formal in an informal situation. of the grammar and give an example to illustrate the meaning. increasing your depth of understanding of the fl8V>I item. e g a 1 Think of grammar as a fun puzzle and a!\-vays try to a Set short. As you read. Seeing f " the election. 3 Putting the tips into use In pairs. look at these examples and follow the steps below. A good w'iX'f to do this is by under1ining examples of it in texts and making by noting the form. and little. what information do you include? o >o > o c. exchange and read the final written report about one of the most popular team sports in your country from Unit B.U L. discuss these questions. Ten minutes a day is enough. ACTION PIAN I> Your action plan: working with written grammar If you do not have a special notebook for grammar. X". Note: you wijU need to show a classmate the notes on the grammar that you have made in your notebook at the end of Unit 10. -J ~ 3 What techniques do you use to learn new grammar? 4 What is "grammar"? b Share your ideas with the class. f • Finally. cross it off your 1 St. b Look at the list of techniques again and mark each one with one of these keys: . are the punctuation. 1 What do you personally think about English D<J<] REVIEW Revtew your action plan: writing 8 short report In pairs. in Vllhich kind of situations. b • Look for examples of it in differenl contexts..) Do these examples confirm your ideas? d Now check your ideas with the Language note on page 103.U d . a little. whether a verb is transitive or intransitive.e.0. subject + verb + OOject). g This couk:l be n a conversation or when you are writing something. 2 Few people have high enough scores to be considered geniuses.. Brain and beauty Unit9 . actively look for appropriate situations when you can use the language. Think in terms of both the form of the language and the meaning.z Z C) 01: Written grammar 1 Thinking about grammar a In small groups.

music but no dialogue. have great special effects. strange as they work in the same building. 4 She took up karato so as to defend herself from attack. You will need to add a question word to each one. thatlwhich 3 I hate books have long chapters. 3 I always feel homesick' think ' friends ' my hometown I always feel homesick when(ever) I think of my friends and my hometown. 3 He woro a suit because he wanted to make a good impression at the interview. " which have 4 The Star Wars films . Where he wants to live. a lot of women have it b Expand these notes to make complete sentences. "fw She's the teacher " taught me French. could she ? 5 Excuse me. 2 The interviewer asked I she I wanted I do I after I finish I college The interviewer asked what she wanted to do after finl. which was 5 Tbey only bought one oftheir three children a bicycle. ironing (iron) but I hate ill c not always the best way to lose weight. (in spite 00 She failed the test in spite of answering all the questiON . 1 You don't have a car.a Complete the second sentence so that it means the same as the first one. 1 Although she answered all the questions. they had missed thoir bus. 2 The weather was terrible. (ill order to) He wore a suit in order to make a good Impression at the interview . Use the words in parentheses. d stealing (steal) clothes from the store. which is 2 They don 't know each other. is there? . Write the pronoun in the correct place. 5 he I want ' live' there ore' Jots I job opportunities He wants to live when there are lots of job opportunities. there are lots of job opportunities. that had 1 We saw an interesting film last night lwl. ~ unfair. (even though) The runners all managed to finish the marathon even thouKh the weather Was terrible . 'in c Match A and B to make complete sentences. hasn't it ? 4 She couldn't speak Japanese a year ago. However. do you? 2 Picasso and Dali are both Spanish painters. (however) Cosmetic surgery is very ewensive. a e Complete these questions with appropriate words. the runners all managed to fini sh the marathon. 1 I can'l imagine I he I lives on I salary I can't imagine how he lives on hislthat salary. Then write the correct fonn of the verbs in parentheses. she failed the test. A 1 H Eating (oat) loss is 2 The childron apologizod for 3 Gettinll u~ (gel up) early 4 She denim\ 5 He doesn't mind 2~ h being (be) late. ~ been a huge success. aren't they ? 3 It's been raining all day. and add commas where necessary. 5 A lot of women hove cosmetic surgery even though it is very expensive. (so that) She took up karate so that she could defend herself from aUack . 4 this country' need ' greater ' economic stability What this country needs is greater economic stability.shlng ' .he had finished college. There isn'l a bank around here. However. e is something I really hate! a 1IID 3W <lID sl!!l d There is a relative pronoun missing in all of these sentences.

and a variety of cures and remedies.. obesity . Kids at school used to call me "Neanderthal Boy". 2 I don't like my low foreh ead . 3 I guess it's partl y poor diet and no exercise. 2 I look so pale and I just don't have any energy.:. patients are told to lead a less 1 2 sanitation stressfu l (Stress) lite It they can possibly do so. as well as treating the symptoms. Sho's an Olympic d iver 5 He can lift 150 kilos. Doctors prescribe different kinds of 5 to counter illnesses.::. so we really have to fight the causes of illness. the most common of which are antibiotics. . In other parts of the world there are other reasons for illness. foot o-{:. stress wrist Complete the text with the correct form of the words in parentheses. Nowadays. waist h Label the pictu re on the right using ten of the words from the box. the impression that they're very stubborn. abdomen ankle armpit bottom calf elbow fingers fist foot hand hoad heel hip knee Deck shin shoulder thigh toes waist wrist What are theso patients suffering from? Use the noun form oftive of the words from the box.'=~~) 3 hin knee g Complete these sentences with a noun that describes an athlete and that is related to the words in italic. They make him look surprised all the lime..f Complete the sentences with five ohhe facial features from the box. Cities in many countries cause problems because they have serious levels of 4 arising from the number of cars. 1 He can ju mp vory high. 4 It happens in the spring . . . But the more antibiotics we use. 3 You need to gel more sleep.. fatigue . A HEALTHY LIFE Modem lite brings with It a wide range of illnesses and diseases. He's a great hjgh jumper . but I'm 40 pounds overwOIght. Sho's a champion long jumper . . 5 Mary is reall y n very nice person but she has such Ihm lips that her smilos look fal se. Your eyelids look very heavy and yo ur eyes are bloodshot. 4 I never like to sec a prominent chin on a pohtlClan . . in some countries (sanitary) is very poor and can result in a number of 3 ~nfect) that spread in dirty water poilu lion (pollute).dmuession . 2 anJd.---. 2 Sho can jump a long dis tance. It gives .my eyes start to water and they Itch badly. but also from factOfies. Use the context to hell> you. 3 Ho can run short dis tances ve1J' quickly. often (medicaij med icine and food. Ho's a weiehtlifter . the mare resistant the bacteria become. . allergic fatigued d iabetic can cerous obese strossfu l bald anemic depressed 1 I just can't feel positive about anything -l ife seems so black to me . especially at work. as this is one of the main reasons !of sickness infUI:tions in the western world. for example. He's a great sprinter 4 She can jump in to the water hood first from a great height. chi n forehead eyelids eyebrows nose lips cars eyes mouth 1 His eyebrows arc very arched . darling. a llergy 5 I fee l nervous and tonse nil the ti me.

Unitl0 The world around
lesson 1
1 Speaking skill s

2 Reading skills
a T he following sentences come from the article below Read them and predict what the article is about. .

,I W,lin! d~ you know about waler? Take the wat erw ise qUI z and find ou\.

1 The city is lndore, in India, where [ grow up. 2 A project to draw water from the Narmada Ri ver lay unfinished for years.
3 T he city doesn't s leep easy. 4 Moreover. the water shortage is not shared equally. 5 M~ Il~oth er reminds every household member whe w IiI listen to use less water. ..........

b Read the article aud check your predictions. The sentences from 2a are missing from the start of paragra p~s A.-E. Write the numbers of each sentence "-" at the begmnmg of the appropriate paragraph.

Precious Fluid ~;
A~ It sleeps with one ear tumed to the fully opened faucets with buckets dangling from them. At the first sounds of the water's arrival through the pipes in the pre-dawn dark, bodies spring from beds to fiU buckets and pots. In the slums, people have been awake since before the first droPS arrived. Uning up, half-asleep with their pots by the communal tap, waiting. Sometimes the water runs for an hOur, sometimes just a few minutes. Sometimes the water company skips a day or two, sometimes more. B~ Several trips are made through the day to inspect the level of the tanks _ one on the roof of our house, one on the ground. The city'S poor people, with hardly any storage at their disposal, are forced to buy exorbitantly priced water brought in by tanker. Rghts erupt. There have even been murders.

e lIl

It has 1.5 million inhabitants and there has been a water problem here as far back as I can remember. Today it is estimated that the water supply to the city is half of the amount required . A rise in population and a steady decline in rainfall are usually blamed. But there are other culprits, too.


Meanwhile, Indore's streams, an histOrical source of water, were neglected and tumed into drains. The govemment's '-promise of "a faucet in every home" tums people into passive consumers of state-provided water, weakening the traditional role of communities in maintaining local water supply. The street where the rich live has lush gardens, even during the dusty Indian summer. An industrialist's mansion down thl road from my parents' house has an indoor swimming pool. ........ And then there are whole localities with either very little water or no water at all.


~ b Now listen and check your answers. c In grou ps, compare your scores. Who is the most "water-wise"? Which is the most important fact you discovered fro m the questionnaire?

.,. GLOSSARY (see opposite page)


The world around us

Grammar quantifiers

Topic: water
Reading a magazine article, a quiz Ustening a conversation

laking and discussing a quiz

Write wateron the boord. Put students in pairs and ask them to write as many uses for water as they can in one minute. Find oul which pair thought of the most uses. Possible list:

Introduce the topic

you con drink it; you can swim or dNe in it; you can water plonts with it: you can wash in it; you can hove a shower or bath in il; you can wash dishes with it; you can wash clothes/cors/windows with il; you con make fountains, pools, and ornamental ponds; you con go sailing/woterskling/windsurfing/speedbooling on il; you con put flowers in il; you can freeze it and make ice for your drinks; you con boil it and make tea; steam engines

There are many numbers in this unit, Here is how to pronounce a few. 60% = sixty per cent 1.5 liters", one point five liters 0.01% '" zero point zero one per cent (in British English, nought paint nought one per centl 2025 '" twenty twenty~five 400.000", four hundred thousand

Note on numbers

1 Speaking skills
Ask students 10 lake the quiz in Exercise la . Limil lhe lime 10 five minutes. Play the audio for Exercise l b. Ask students to Iislen and check their answers. Then let groups of students discuss the quiz. Afterwards, find out ITom the class what surprised or worried them.


2 Reading skills
Pul students in pairs 10 predict ITom the sentences in Exercise 2a . Ask students to read the article quickly, and find out whether any of their predictions are mentioned. Draw attention to the Glossary. Briefly, elicit answers ITom the class.

T .• ~


Put students in pairs to match sentences to paragraphs in Exercise 2b .

A lers check the answers now. B Okay. You read out the questions, and I'll give you the answer from the bock 01 the magazine. A Right. Question 1. How long can the overage person survive without water? We said b. three weeks. B We were wrong. II"s a - only three days. A Is Ihat all? Wow! Okay, question 2. What can happen if you don't drink water regularly? We said a - you develop kidney problems. B And a it is! That's correct. Question 3? A How much water should you drink every day? We said b. about half a liter. B Actually, it's a. at least one and a half liters. That's a 101, isn't it? A Yes, it must be about seven or eight glosses. I don't drink that much water. B Neither do I, but maybe we should. Okay, question 4. A Right. How much of our body is water? We said c, 60 per cent. B Thars right, c, irs about 60% water. A Good. Now, 5, approximately how much wa ter do we have in our body? We said c, 50 liters. B And we were right. C - our bodies contain obout 50 liters of water. A Well, that was okay. Question 6 was how much of the earth's surface is covered by water? We said c, 70%.

B Yeah, right again, irs over two-thirds water, so about 70%. We're doing okay. So, question 7? A 7. How much 01 the earth's water is drinkable? We said c, 10%. B ah, not so good here. The answer is b. In fact, irs less than one per cent. A Gosh, I didn't know thaI. Okay. Question 8, how much water does an overage African use every day? We said 0, five liters. B Yeah, that's right, a, five liters. A Good, and question 9, how much water does an overage American use every day? We said it would be more, so about 50 liters, b. B Well, we were wrong again. The overage American uses about 500 liters of water every day! Thors c. A Thars amazing - and frightening. How do we use that much? B I suppose in boths and using hosepipes, and washing cars - all that kind of stuff. A Yeah, , expect you're right Last question - by 2025, how many people on the planet will face a water shortage? We said 0, one third. B Well, the horrifying truth is that irs c, about Mo-thirds. Isn't that awful? A Yes. So how did we do? B Uh, we got five right and fIVe wrong, so it wasn't too bod, bull think we should really know more about things like this ..

The world around us

T l02

Unit 10

Ask students to research the article and list points under the headings in Exercise 2c. Afterwards, build up a class list of points on the board. Possible answers: The poor: lhey get up early to line up at the communal tap; they have to buy overpriced water because they can't collect water; they fight over water, and people are murdered. The rich: not affected; lush gardens and indoor swi mming pools The author's fami ly: mother reminds people to use less water; she inspects the fam ily water tanks regularly.

End this part of the lesson by having a brief class discussion about the questions in Exercise 2d.

3 Grammar review: quantifiers
Do the first as an example to get students started on Exercise 3a. Point out every household member in sentence 5 of exercise 2a, and tell students to underline it. Then tell students to find and underline other sentences with quantifiers in the text. Let students check ill pairs. Then ask them to discuss Ule questions in Exercise 3a in pairs.
Quick grammar
The problem with quantifiers is which words they go with - countable or uncountable nouns? Singular or plural nouns? And, since Ihis is often different from students' firsl languages, il can lead to many errors.

guide: quantifiers

Common problems and errors
Some nouns may be countable in students' languages and uncountable in English or ",ice verso;


All the furnitures 6fC comfortable. There .¥;R "

nice clothes here.

He gave me a lot of informaliofl5. Much, many, and a lot of I lots of cause confusion: He has fRI:JER money. Little and few may be interchangeable in the students' first longuoges. I have lew money,

Answers: Every household member Somelimes just a few minutes Several trips are made ... With hardly any storage , .. .. . half the flmOWlt required ... very litUe water or no water at all.

followed by countable, singular nOWI followed by a countable, plural noun - a small quantity followed by a countable, plural noun -a mediwn quantity followed by an uncountable noun · - a very small quantity followed by an uncountable noun'" followed by an uncountable noun - a small quantity followed by an uncountable noun *

*Note that. although followed by all w lcountable here, Ulese can also be followed by counlables, (hardly any people; half the students, etc.) Ask students to complete the table in Exercise 3b, then check wi th a partner. Ask students to complete the sentences in Exercise 3c. Let students check with a partner before discussing as a class, Go through the example in Exercise 3d as a class, then give students a minute or two to read the facts and think of how they can express the facts using quantifiers. Remind them about the Language Nole. and clarify any confusion related to using/ow I a few and little I a little. Put students in pairs to discuss. Monitor and listen for accurate use of quantifiers. Afterwards, elicit from each pair their "best" sentence.

Unit 10

T 103 The world around us

c Read the article again and make notes on how the water problem affects these people. the poor the rich the aUlhor's family d Are water shortages andlor water pollution a problem in your country or region? What are the problems? Can you suggest some solutions?

3 Grammar review: quantifiers
a Find the quantifiers below in the article and the sentences in Exercise 2a. Underline the sentence each quantifier is in. Then answer the questions. every a few several hardly any half very litt le no

c Complete the sentences with an appropriate quantifier. 1 "Some more wine?" "No thanks. I still have some/a HIlle left." 2 It is the responsibility of even person to take care of the environment. 3 "Would you like to try the left or right shoe?" " I'd like to try .hW.h.. of them, please." 4 There are a (ew!some/seyeraJ coins left in the car. We'd better got them for the parking meter. S We get a lot of/a good deal of rain here in the summer, so the grass is very green.
d In pairs, d iscuss these facts about water. using an

Are the quantifiers followed by countable or uncountable nouns? 2 If the quantifier [s fo llowed by a countable noun, is it singu lar or plural? 3 Which quantifiors refer to a large quantity and which 10 a small quantity? correct group below.

appropriate quantifier. We Jose 0 Jot of our water because of old pipes. / We waste a great deal o[ water.

b Write the <!Uanlifiers from Exercise 3a in the

Amazing facts!
We lose 70% of our water because of old pipes.

Quantifier type Inclusive Large or medium quantities Small qua ntities Precise quantities Negative qua ntities

Examples both, either, each, ~, all many, a lot of. a groat/good deal of. seyeral some, few, ~, hardly aoy, yecr little a quarter, two-thi rds, ..llillL neither. ......lliL....., none

The average citizen in Britain uses 200 liters of water a day.

LANGUAGE NOTE Nota tha differonce betwoen Q [ew/o little and felli/little: We get a littlo rain every day. / The ground is dry because lIIe get little rain in the summer. There are a few French speakers here. / There are few speakers left of some languages. a felll/fl little", some: [elll/little = not enough

An average citizen in Mozambique uses 9 hters of water a day.

400,000 litres of water is used In the production of a car.

GLOSSARY (Procious Fluid) dangling hanging, swinging slum poor area of a town with very bad housing exorbitant overpriced, costing much more than is usual culprit person or thing responsible for something badlillegal drain passage through which water or sewage nows away lush very green nnd healthy

Over two-thirds of the earth's surface is water.

Only 0.D1 % of the earth's water is drinkable.

The world around us

Unit 10


1 Listening skills
a Look at the picture. What do you tllink the object is? Why is tho man !ooking al it? b Choose a caption for the picture from the olles on the right. @ C Listen to Pari 1 orlhe radio program to check your answer. ~ d In pairs, guess the answers to these questions. Then listen to Part 2 and check your guesses. 1 How many pieces of man-made jWlk are there in outer space? 70,00010150 ,00 2 What kind of man-made jun k is there? mostly sateUiles and rockets, but also wrenches, gloves, cans and bags, scraps of paper, plastic 3 Who dumped it in outer space? astronauts 4 What might happen if this junk falls back onto the earth? it might disintegrate when it enters the earth 's atmosphere 5 What's the largest thing that has ever fallen back onto the earth? a space station 6 Wh o does the garbage belong to? USA, Russia, Britain, Germany
e What do you think can be done to solve the problem of "space junk"?

<DGreat Balls of Fire ®
_ one of the tWO

"T'his South

®A South
African farmer keeps his '--" distance from the bomb in case it explodes.

metal obiects
that fe\\ from the skY and landed ,

white hot , on a farm near

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3 Pronunciation: stress in phrases
a We use of to combine the conta iners and their contents. e.g. a lube o/toothpaste.
1 Which word in the phrases below has the main stress? the container word . 2 Which word is weak. with the vowel reduced to I~I? of a can of baked beans a carton of milk a jar of honey a bailie of beer a box of chocolate a bag of chips


b Listen and check your answers. Then repeal.

2 Vocabu lary: containers
a in the radio p rog ram. Major Lewis mentioned cans and bags among the space junk. What might have been in them?
b What usually comes in these containers? Put lhe things in the box in the correct columns.

c In pairs, check your an swers to Exercise 2b. Say the phrases with the correct stress. A inslan/ coffee B a jar of ins/ant coffee

4 Vocabulary: collocations with containers
a What is the differe nce between a lube of toothpaste and a toothpaste tube? Label LANGUAGE NOTE the pictures with the two phrases. We do not use the plural farm in these b Listen to the phrases phrases: and re peat them. Where is the main stress in a call of ooked beans these phrases? but (looked bean can.......,.. The main stress is on the first word .

instant coffee paint jam orange juice matches wine ice cream cookies cereal mineral water soda ointment olives tools lemonade potatoes yogurt

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paint soda

honey instant calfee jam




toothpaste bakod beans ointment

chocolate beer cereal matches wine IDOls




orange juice icecream

orange cerfllli juice wine potatoes

lemonade ointment yogurt olives

minerai cookies water soda lemonade

tube oftoothpaste

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too thpas te lube


The world around us

jars.. Here in the studio 10 throw light on the problem is Major Richard lewis. The best caption: 1.. Ask one or two individuals 10 repeat individually. something falls from the sky ~ery day. You can also use them in the pronunciation activity that follows to proctice stress in phrases. program. CJ @ ~ For Exercise 1d. and ask students to repeat chorally. a baked bean can a honey jor a milk carton a chocolate box a beer bottle Ho" W"com. Using realia 3 Pronunciation: stress in phrases Ask students to work in pairs to predict answers to the question s in Exercise 3a.. bottles. we investigate a new kind of garbage called 'space junk: We begin with the mysterious appearance of two metal balls that formers in South A frica say fell from the sky near Cope Town. Answer: Th e object is space junk .• ill I The audioscript for Track 45 is on page nos ::. cans. Answers will vary. I 46i'-. then ask students to complete the table in Exercise 2b. t . It is 0 good ideo to bring in 0 shopping bag of different tubes. Play the audio for Exercise 4b. Space watchers say that. regardless of whether the tube has anything in it or not. Now. Point oul both the illustration and the Language Note. but J think there must be millions.a large metal hal! that fell from space. compile a list of possible explanations on the board from the class's answers. o can of baked beans a jar of haney a carton of milk a box of chocolate a bottle 01 beer a bog of chips The world around us T 104 Unit 10 . Play the recording again .. pausing after each phrase. Afterwards. You can use them to elicit the vocabulory. Have a brief class discussion about the question in Exercise le. Play the audio for Exercise 3b.. Then p lay the audio.~ 47"---------. Make sure students are pronouncing of with a weak stress. . irs not the first time man-made junk has fallen on to earth from outer space.n" In Adlon " lodoy. ond bogs. 100. Play the audio for Exercise Ie.Objectives Topic: iunk and disposing of waste Vocabulary containers Grammar modal verbs: active and passive Pronunciation stress in phrases Ustening a radio interview Speaking discussing waste Write on the board: Introduce the topic a garbage can a recycling center a wastepaper basket a second-hand clothing shore a yard sale a landfill site Ask What sort of things do we put in or give to Ihese places or things? Why? Do you pay attention to whether you get rid of your garbage or junk? 00 you recycle things? 1 Listening skills Ask students to work in pairs or groups oflmee or fo ur to discuss the picture in Exercise l a and match the caption from Exercise lb. For Exercise 3c. Model the activity briefly to preview and encourage the use of modals: I'm not sure. T .. Ask students to listen and check. Ask students to listen and repeat.. and point out that tube of toothpaste means Ihere is toothpaste in it. @ 4 Vocabulary: collocations with containers Ask the question in Exercise 4a to the class. whereas toothpaste tube is describing the object. Ask students to listen and check their predictions. 2 Vocabulary: containers Encourage specu lation about the question in Exercise 2a.. first put students in pairs to predict answers. in fact. ask stu dents in pairs to look hack at exercise 2b and practice pronouncing the answers with the correct stress. Let students check answers in pairs hefore disc ussing them as a class. and it seems it wan·1 be the last. Ask students to listen to find out if their predictions were correct. 10 Sd.

In fact there are probably a lot more than 8.it s just that our radar can't pick out anylhing smaller than these. 35 kilos and it landed with a loud boom in a vineyard only 50 meters or so from where some farme rs were working.000 to 150. but mostly we're talking about parts of satellites and rockets. There were in fact two balls. Check any problem vocabulary. Britain and Germany have only one piece of trash each that we're aware of. as happened in 1979 when a whole space station crashed inlo Australia. we think there are about 70. Presenter I see. thankfully no one was in jured Presenter And what about this mysterious melal ball in South Africo? Lewis Well. a lot of it has been left behind by astronauts over the years during the various space missions. 45'-----------------------------------------------------------~ For Exercise ld on page 104 II. Presenter Uh. Allow about ten minutes.. Encourage students to practice all the vocabulary introduced in this section. Presenter One last question: who does this gorboge belong to? Lewis Actuolly..Put students in pairs or small groups to discuss Exercises 4c and 4d ..000 pieces of garbage out there. let's sayan astronaut drops a wrench while he's working at the space lab. uh . like /I is necessary Ihal . Oughllo is also a problem . the United Stotes owns the mosl oboul 3.in other words.. After students have discussed the questions. ask them to outline the main problems and their recommendations for reducing and disposing of waste.. at the Space Center at present. huh. we're tracking around 8. And what kind of things are we talking abaut? Lewis All kinds of things ~ wrenches. b Somebody must track all the junk . uh . Answers: a Ought is followed by to. thonk you for joining us today. Altogether. Put students back in the same groups as for exercise 6a.both beca use it is followed by 10 and because it is difficult to pronounce. they should be destroyed when they start to fall to ovoid any damage. And where did all this junk come ' from? Lewis Well. Presenter And how big are these . Major Lewis. c 2 is more objective because it does not "blame" anyone by saying who should be building landfill sites. pieces of junk? Do we know? Lewis Yes.. we don't know andlor we are not interested in who does the action of the verb..is it dangerous? Lewis Most of it isn't . Give students a couple of minutes to read through the table in Exercise 6b. Somebody ought to make the countries take more care . Presenter Well. if possible. Ask one student from each group to present their ideas to the class.000 items. And of course. Then ask students to add to the list any ideas they can think of. Make sure students say either should + verb or ought to + verb. then have a brief discussion with the class... Presenter Major L ewis. weighing about . well. Quick grammar guide: models The major problem here is Ihot many students ovoid modols in general and passive modals in particular. cons and bags. 6 Speaking skiUs Put students in groups of four or five to discuss the questions in Exercise 6a. Presenter And whot's going to happen to all this stuff ..a lot of it diSintegrates when it enters Ihe earth's atmosphere but some of this Irash is going to foil bock 10 earth.. countries with satellites and space stations ought to be made to take more care of their things in space. But this kind of thing happens every day. they're between one centimeter and 10 em in size. The subject is somebody. that was a very hal metal sphere. Somebody should destroy them . Unit lO Tl05 Theworldaround us . can I begin by asking you just how much space junk is flying around up there in outer space? Lewis Well. We tend to use the passive to be impersonal and objective.. Presenter A whole space stolion! Was anybody hurt? Lewis No. that wrench goes out into space and becomes a piece of spoce junk. scraps of paper and plastic. vote on which group had the best ideas. At the end. They tend to use expressions from their native languages.000 . and ask them to discuss the questions. Monitor carefully and be ready for questions. 5 Grammar: modal verbs + active and passive Put students in pairs to work through Exercises 5a to 5d . Give them three or four minutes. that's all fascinating.. and Russia is second with 2. Do the first sentence in Exercise 5e as an example. elicit answers from the class and clarify any confusion.000 pieces of man-made junk that are floating around the earth. At the end.500. Presenter And is anyone going to do anylhing about the problem? Lewis We can hope! All the junk must be tracked carefully so that we know if there are any large objects up there ~ and. gloves. Let students check their answers in pairs when they have finished .

Materia ls: plastic. 1 What are the problems related to waste? 2 Do people try to reduco wasle? If so. The world oround us UnillO . ought to be made to take marc care of thei r things in space. e Complete these suggestions with should or ought to.g. 3 Newspapers and magazines should/ought to be recycled (recycle). cans providing an incentive for recycling. b Rewrite the sentences with active verbs. paper. Say what the current forms of waste disposal are and suggest some alternative forms which you feel would be practical.. 1 Households that produce a lot of garbage s hould/oughlto be taxed (tax) more. e. 3 . S If you have a garden. Answer the questions helow. they should be destroyed when they start to fa ll . 4 People should/ouXht 10 be encouraged {encourage} to take bottles to a recycle center. aren 'tthey? d Household packaging is a real "junk " problem . Le. 1 What kind of things have you thrown away in the past week? Think abou t all your waste. Which one is more objective? Why? 1 The govern men t ought to build more landfill sites. Say what you think the major problems are and make recommendations for improvement. B res.. A lot of people litter because there aren't fI nol/gh garbage cans in tilt) streets. something else Toothpas te tubes aro made of metal. glass. A Littering is a big problem. When you have finished with the containers. metal.. Decide as a class which were the best ideas.. a small paymont punishing people who litter or leave their garbage in inappropriate places Ways of disposing of waste burying in landfill sites burning in incinerators sending into space putting in deep oceans melting and reusing for new products.. Use the ideas in the table and your own ideas. which do you keep. you shouldlought to put (put ) all vegetable and fruit waste on a compost heap.. d Check your answers with the Grammar Summary on pago 110. Present your ideas to the class.. ond nlso the schools should .c What arc the containers in tho taule in Exercise 2b usually made of? Discuss in pairs. Who is the subject in each one? c Look at theso two suggestions... plastic 5 Grammar: modal verbs + acti ve an d passive a Look at these passive sentences from the listening. and which do you recycle? 6 Speaking skills a General waste is becoming a huge problem today. What is different about ough(! 1 All the junk must be tracked carefully . Underline the modal verbs. littering inefficient garuage collection too many nOll· biodegradable containers not enough garbage cam pollution of air and water from landfi lls lack of recycling centers c Make recommendations for your country or community. countries . and ecological.. 2 What do you think happened to your garbage? 3 How does your country or community deal with garbage? b In your groups. (I Stiffer fines s hould/ouCht to be introduced [introduce) for people who litter in the street.. discuss the fo llowing questions. in what ways? 3 How is waste disposed of! Arc there any problems associated wi th this? Problems Ways of reducing waste taxing households that produce excessive waste providing recycling facilities for more items.. Decide whether to use an active or passive form.g. 2 . 2 More landfill si tes ought to be built. We think the city government alight to provide more garbage cons. Jllore garbage cans would help. discuss how waste is handled in your cou ntry or com munity. In groups. which onos do you throwaway. 2 We shouldn't/ouK nol 10 Use (usc) so hl many plaslic shopping bags when we go to the supermarket. economical. e.

Fill the boxes with the words in Exercise 1. so the s tro ng I pesticides have been used un ti l now will become a thing of the past. A tremendous milestone in this direction was achieved when the genome of rice was finally identified. read two arguments. * require little water and fertilizer. Second . GM crops will be GLOSSARY biotechnology science based on cells and bacteria flourish grow weil and be healthy a rid very dry with few plants a bundant plenty of. proved that I that 4 It has al read y been im plantin~ I a gene can introduce sOl1s of problems into the I food chain : for example. The pressure to feed people is rapidly intensifying. for and against CM food . important arguments in your text. It is now possible to create "super rice" with increased fertility and resislance to disease a nd insects. 3 Write your partner's arguments in the other column of the table. . we arc Oll now able to change the I genes I in plants. There are three words in each blank. 1 Vocabulary: GM food What do you know aoout genetically modified food? What are the argu ments for and against il? Use th ese words and expressions in your answers. 1 Describe the arguments to your partner. a gene from Brazil nuts has been implanted into tomatoes . which cause blindness and anemia. such as areas thaI used to lose cro ps through I flooelinG I or extreme heat. Ie is difficult to argue against GM crops when the welfare of billions of people is involved. * bear abundant fruit with little supervision and carei * are enriched with vitamins and minerals. and this has caused a lot of debate . As Y know. Since four billion people (about 60% oftbe world's population) depend on rice. this will have eno rmous consequences. Scientists have recentl y produced GM rice with increased vitamin A and iron content. UnlllO The world around us . contaminated crops flooding genes food chai n GM feed imp lanting pesticides resistant 2 Li stening skills @ a Read these sections from a debate on CM food. Biotechnology is now being used to create crops that: * flourish in harsh environments such as arid land and salty soil.~ b Listen carefully and fill in the rest oflhe blanks. jill I b Choose the Iwo strongest arguments fo r or against CM food from your text. Fo' Against GM food: the arguments for GM food has enormous potential for helping nations suffering from famine and for feeding the exploding world population. 3 Reading skills a In pairs. scientis ts can now p rod uce GM I cro ps I that can grow in harsh environments . 2 It is only in this way that we will be able to I feed I the world 's exploding population. Student A: Read the text below and complete the table with argume nts for CM food. the first time in history that this had been done fo r a major food crop. 1 The issue of [I====G M ~L====I foods is a controversial one . T hen listen and check. The world's population is now six billion and will grow to eight billion by 2020 and perhaps eleven billion by 2100. 5 AnQther serious obh:<:lion is that growing GM crops in close proxi mity 10 other crops means 2 Explain why you think the y are the most that those crops wi ll be I contaminated I. 3 Fi nally. This will help people who suffer from low levels of vitamin A and iron. Student B: Read the text on page 151 and comple te the table with arguments agains t CM food._. in large quantities genome the complete set of genes in a living thing I resistant to insects.

. This is a good wov of mixing students and crealing more interadion. Then play the recording again. Ask What does GM stand for? Whol sort of food is genetically modified these days? Hove you ever eoten GM food? Whars the law on GM food in this country? Introduce the topic 1 Vocabulary: GM food As 8 closs. is . When Ihey have finished. Let students check their answers with a partner when they have finished.. Groups A and B. Tell students not to worry about the other blanks at this stage. You may wish 1 write the longuoge below on the board to help students do Ihis and 0 loler activities: Useful language The moin argument in favor of . Tell them to write For (if thoy aro A). In Exercise 2b. Put students in groups of fou r to discliss their ideas. The oudioscripl for Track 48 is on IXlge n07 ~ The world around us T 106 Unit 10 . Group Bread the text on poge 151. discuss the vocabulary in the box in Exercise la . In the activity and loler in the lesson. Then ask students 10 stand up and find a portner from the other group who has read a different text.. students can check their answers with others from the some group. in exercises 3b and 5. the longuage of presenting an argument for and against is used.. Tell UlOm they havo nvo minutes to read their text and outline arguments. The main reason for . Play the audio and ask students to listen and check.. monjtor. @ @ •• 3 Readin g skills This is a jigsaw reading. they then sit down and do exercise 3b together. using a table they have coped from Exercise 3a into their notebooks. is . . 2 Listening skills Ask students to fill in the boxes in Exercise 2a wilh words from exercise t . You may need 10 play and pause the recording to give students time to write answers. is lhal . and holp with problems. . ask students to fill in the rest of the blanks first. The mosl convincing orgument against . in which students read different passages and try to put together their understanding of the text to make it whole.. Group A read the text on poge 106. one A and one B. Make sure that thoy exchange and write down each other's information. ask them to describe and explain their argu mellts in pairs. Put students in pairs. Divide the closs into fWo equal halves. or Against (if they are B) al the top of a page in their notebook. Do the first as an example. in poirs.. walk around the class. then elicit comments from the class.. is . Aa students do Exercise 3b.Objectives Grammar reported speech Topic: GM food Vocabulary GM food Reading Writing Ustening a debate Speaking discussing GM food a magazine orticle a discursive essay Write GM food on the board. When students have finished. The main problem with / drawback of / concern with . Then give studen ts a minute to prepare what thoy want to say about GM food.

UnillO T 107 TheWOl"ldaroundus . There is often confusion between the verbs soyond felf. ore changes to were. My opinion is that GM crops will be with us lorever. scientists can now produce GM crops thai can grow in harsh environments. and people with nut allergies are experiencing allergic readioos to these tomatoes. 5 Writing skills In Exercise 5a. He said thaI he it. GM allows us to produce bask loodstuffs beller and more cheaply. which should please everyone. At the end. II is only in this woy that we will be able to leed the world's exploding population. This could be sot for homework. e. in 1. from are to were. Mon The Issue 01 genetically modified loods is a controversial one.we can already do thot if we slop using all our land to raise CQ'NS and pigs for food. whal it might do to animals and human beings. Woman I agree with the first speaker that the issue 01 GM crops is controversial. F urthermore. Common mistakes include wroog placement of to and incorred use of on objed pronoun after soy. for very good reasons. Second. the pronoun changes. we are now able 10 change the genes in plants. Put students in pai rs to work on Exercises 4a through 4e. Finally. Answe rs: Changes: Verbs go one tense back. therelore. I disogree completely with GM crops. lor these reasons. we are pulling them into a position where they wilt no longer be able to grow non-GM food.4 Grammar rev iew and extension: reported speech [n Exercise 4a. ~~--------------~ For Exercise 2 00 Poge 106 iii. for or against GM food. Model the activity by matching tho fi rst reported statement to the direct speech in ~xercisc 2n (section 11 as a class. by forcing GM crops on poorer notions. will be to would be. First. but my agreement stops there.g. fired.g. we changes to they. My main objection is thot we really don't know what genetic modification does 10 a plant and. has caused changes to !Jad caused. Ask the groups to decide what their viewpoint is. Sometimes. In some cases. He lells ~ me to be quiet. In 2. so Ihe strong pesticides that have been used until now will become a thing of the pas!. And in answer to the argument about feeding the world . Peaple In these areas will now have enough to eat. and this has caLlsed a lot 01 debate. Quick grammar guide The main thing tho! students need to grasp when reporling speech is the ·one tense back'" tense chonge. The teacher &9t" !fie Ihe onswers. 0 gene from BraZil nuts has been implanted into tomatoes. such as areas that used to lose crops through flooding or extreme heal. Make sure that everybody fi lls in the columns. e. Monitor and help with questions and confusions. Common problems and errors Forgetting to change tense. Anolher serious obieCtion is thai growing GM crops in close proximity to olher crops means lhatthose crops will be contaminated. GM crops will be resistant to insects. As you know. this may prove 10101. as they will need these notes to write thei r essay. go through the answers as a class. in 1. divide students into groups of four or five to completo a fo rlagainst table. ask students to read through the reported statements. will become changes to would becom e. II has already been proved that implanting a gene con introduce all sorts 01 problems into the food chain: lor example. etc. Ask students to follow the inslmctions in Exercise sd to write thei r ind ividual essays.

The world's population will grow to eight billion by 2020.. e Look at the text you read in Exercise 3a. . He said we . e. think of as many reasons as you can for and against eM food. Your essay should have four paragraphs and be between 200 and 250 words long. ' . . Find the direct speech in Exercise 2a. Modals: can.. argue.. d Write a discursive essay with the title Is GM food a positive or negative development? Follow the notes below and use you r notes for this lesson.. Use the information in this lesson and your own ideas. section 1 2 He predicted that the strong pesticides that had boon used unlit now would bocome a thing of the past. and that had caused a lot of debate. We should all be aware of the problems. section 4 4 She argued that growing GM crops in close proximity to other crops meant that those crops would be contaminated. He said tbey . tell....4 Grammar review and extension: reported speech a Look at these reported statements from the debate in Exercise 2. Paragraph 1: introduce the topic Paragraph 2: list the arguments for GM food Paragraph 3: list the arguments against GM food Last paragraph: summarize your viewpoint and conclude the essay.Simple present "- eM food bas enormous potential. c Go through the arguments for and against GM food in this lesson and sum up your position.. They exported food from Ethiopia. say. In pairs.. The developed world can help tho third world. Also use the plan for writing on page 47.. claim . '. and list tho changes you find. should Direct: Reported: Direct: '-- Reported: Direct: Reported: d Check your answers with the Grammar Summary on page 110. report other things that the author said..Present perfect Direct: Reported: Past perfect '-Direct: . explain. Scientists have rocently produced GM super rice. He said . predict. c Usc your answers to Exerciso 4b and your knowledge of reported speech to complete this table. section 5 b In pairs. section 3 3 The woman explained that implanting a gene could introduce all sorts of problems into the food chain. Theworld around us Uni!10 . He said . b How do these arguments fo r and against relate to your country? Agree on the greatest threats and opportunities that GM food represents for your country.. compare the direct speech sentences in Exercise 2a with the reported speech above. He said scientists . 1 The man claimed that they were able to change the genes in plants.g. Write them in the for/aga inst table in Exercise 3a. Reported: He said they were . "- They bad already started the trials.. Use different reporting verbs. will. Direct: "- Present progressive Direct: We IlJ'(l not saying that all eM crops are dangerous. Reported: He said GM food had enormous potenlial.Simple past Direct Reported: ' . Reported: He said they .. 5 Writing skills a In groups .

only desert. Studies carried out by scientists into climate change in the last century show that volcanic activity.. 1 global warming b 2 CO2 (carbon di oxide) c 3 Prepare a You are going to look for the answers to some of the questio ns in a short text. ) by the questions in the list above that your text answ ers and make brief notes about them.. In others . which is a ma jor cause for concern. e. have seen a four degree Fahrenheit increase in temperature. Scientists believe the m ain reaso n for Ihis is that we are putting too much 2 ~ into the 3 atmosphere . etc...g. c Work in pairs of A and B students.. Group A: Read quickly through the text below. but some people say 4 global warming is a m yth they say there have always been 5 cl jmate changes on earth and it's too earl y to say w h ether this parti cular change is part of a norm al cycle or something unusual. The latest predictions for the 21st century are for an increase of 2. Group A text The greenhouse effect is the orocess where heat js unable to escape from the earth's atmosphere. Globally. there will be no w ater. or the earth e the air around the earth f temporary conditions in the air. rainfall .. Th e teacher will di vide the class into two groups.. The rise in temperature is called global warming. Can you an swer all the questions n ow ? '--' 3 atmosphere e 4 degrees a 5 climate d 6 weather f a un its that are used for measuring temperature b the increase in te mperature that has been taking place in recenl years v '--- "---' c a colorless. non-poisonous gas that is a normal part of the air d the normal temperatures. of a country. change in land use.- 'r--' I Wha t is globa l warming? The earth's temperature has risen by 0... which causes the temperature of the earth to rise. Some scientists believe the temperature is going to continue rising. have been the main causes of climate change in recent years.. The greenhouse effect is caused by both natural and human activity. r l It---- .. Answer your partner's questions.. b Put a check (. - \. Grou p B: Read quickl y through the text at the bottom of the opposite page. Ask yo ur partner the questio ns that your text didn't answer and take notes..lesson4 Climate change > 2 Task Read these frequent ly asked questions about global warming... These p redictions are based on a number of factors and are not absolute. sunny or rainy b Fill in the blanks in the text with fiv e of the key words.4 degrees Fahrenheit. greenhouse gases.5-1 0. \.. odorless. such as Alaska. If globa l warm ing is really h appening. t UnillO The world around us . a region. hot or cold . You have only three m inutes to do this. Of these. it mean s the sea level will rise Ilnd in some cou ntries thi s w ill cause catastrophic flo od ing. and greenhouse gases all cause climate change.7 l degrees in the last 150 years. such as carbon dioxide. Scientists estimate their predictions for the future ~ knowledge of historical climate Change and comp uter models of the climate system .. air temperature increased by one degree Fahrenheit in the 20th century but some regions. Can yo u answer an y of them? • • • • • • • • What exactly is t he green house effect? A Is climate change a natu ral or human-caused phenomenonWhat are the possi ble effects of cli mate change? B '--' Wilt there be any benefits associated with climate change? B How much climate change has been observed up till now? Is pl anting more trees a way of solvi ng global warming? B '--" Are there any alternatives to coal and oil? B Who is responsible fo r greenhouse gas emissions and climate change? B • How do scientists estimate the climate of the futu re and how reliabl e are their projections? A • What are the current estimates for 21st centu ry cli mate change? A 1 Warm u p a Match these key words with the defin itions.

and write them on the board. Ask students to read and check the questions in Exercise 2 that their text answers. and give them one more minute to compare answers one fmal time. Ask Do you think this is Q serious problem? What factors ore causing global worming? Elicit as many suggestions as you con from students. the other half B.. Ask students to read the text in Exercise l b quickly for a general understanding before fill ing in the blanks. making a group of four. then check with a partner.Objectives Grammar Topic: climate change Vocabulary climate change Reading extracts from a science book. first conditional. Label half the groups A. 0 2 Task A good way of doing this is a pyramid discussion. 3 Prepare If you haven't done so already. present perfect F AOs on a Web site F page AQ Write global warming on the board. Then put one pair with another pair. an Writing Ustening a college seminar wifl. Give students one minute to read and nole answers to the questions. 1 Warm up Ask students to match words and definitions in Exercise la . Ask the pairs to discuss their texts until they can answer all the questions. The best way to do this is to ask students to stand and then find and sit with someone who has read a d iffe rent text. Then put them in pairs and give them one mar£! minute to compare answers. Let students briefly check answers with people in their group. t . divide the class into groups of four. going 10. Divide the class into pairs of A students and B students. The world around us T 108 Unit 10 .

In re<ent years. let me give you some examples the usg at cm god gircraft filel lactorv emissions gases IISed in freez ing 01[ of th ese add to greenhoUSE Illlses and couse climate change. that is huge and very worrying. Okay. 7 Follow up Model the activity brielly with a good sludent. Monitor carefull y. Discuss the answers as a class. 5 Compare Play the audio for Exercise Sa. Student 3 So. Student 4 What ore scientists prediding about this century? ""'Student 2 But is it all bad? Wan" there be any benefits from climate change? Tutor Not many. Ask the first question then briefly improvise a conversation with the student. 8 . especially if the trend continues. which means the countries of lhe developed world hove been mostly responsible for greenhouse gases sa for. but the pidure isn't all black.. yes. Student 2 I don't understand wove energy. increasing the forest meas will help to slow down global worming because plants and trees reduce tbe effe<ts of carbon dioxide.<. Student 1 Con't we stop this? I've heard that planting Irees is a way of solving the prablem. there are some pretty bad effects. 7. Is that okay? Student 3 Yeah. 3. yes. but haw do they know it will continue? How do scientists estimate the rate of climate change? Is it reliable? Tutor Well. 5. The rise in temperature is called global worming. what exactly is the greenhouse effect? Tutor Okay. noting mistakes and prompting students to use the phrases they have studied.it sounds great to mel So whO! are the effeds of climale change? Tutor Well.there's wind energy. and discuss their use with a partner. Now. thars much bener. 4 Feedback Briefly discuss the results with the class. 6 Play the audio again. pot1iculgt1y in dry megs wh ere there'll be mme rgin Student 3 How do we know about this? I mean.5 and 104 degrees Fahrenheit.. going fram extreme~ Uoit lO T 109 The world around us . f 0 make electricity Understand? Student 2 Yes. Tutor Well.. 4. air temperature increased by about one degree Fahrenheit. Tutor Good morning. I'm ofraid. con you tell us ogain. Ask students to look at the phrases. But humgn activiJ:. A good example of the effects is the balance of woler: water resources wilt increase or decrease. bUl lbesg sources of power need to be developed. such as effects on the migration of birds sgme species at birds will be forced tq migrale tq different plgces gnd some won'l need 19 mimgle gnymme so it upsets the balance of nature. so lhere'li be mgre floods and droughts Seq levels will rise jn some cOQstgl megs gnd some low-lyiM islgnds mgy be lost completely under the hot to extremely cold. Ask students to listen and order tho FAQs. Student 2 What I can't understand is why everyone thinks a rise in temperature is bad . •• Answers: Additional information is underlined in the audio script.. Moderate global worming will favor some fmmers. but some regions like Alaska have seen 0 four-degree Fahrenheit increase in temperature. thanks. Play the audio one more time. is milch worse. but the future is likely to be different as we become more aware of the problem.•. I think we'd better get on to . Stop the audio after each question and remind students what numuer they are on. The climate of the earth has changed many times in the post. solar power. and I'm sure you're aware of them . everyone. 6 Notice . 10. LeI students compare the notes they make with a partner before going through UlC answers as a class. let me explain a lillie certain gases ow 1ffi!llale aad trop tbe beat like a barrier Ibot tbe beal con't QeJ lhrouah So Ihe heal is lurned bgd: jnlo tbe gtmosphere and the tempergture rfses Is thgl clear? Student 1 Yes.lhe signs me worrying gnd we'd be foolish tq iQ nme lhem Tutor The 21st century? They soy there'll be on increase of between 2. ineilJde volcanic activity for example. Tell them to take turns asking and answering the questions in Exercise 2. 49'_-------------------------------------------------------------------. we don't really know. Developing countries that don't have the money ta search for alternative sources of fuel will produce more greenhouse gases tban the United States and Europe. Naruml (mise. But what exoclly causes this global worming . let me put it like this . how much climate change has been observed? Tutor In the 20th century. 9. Before we talk serious~ about the next block of work do you hove any questions on climate change? Student 1 Yes. so there's a lot of disagreement in the scientific world about global worming. using one or Iwo of the phrases from Exercise 6.is it natural ar human? Tutor The green bouse effect is coused by both natural and human activity. Answers: 1. they estimate on the basis of historical climate chonge ond computer models of the climate system. Tutor TbO hmnessinQ the power O the tides ond 'Ising it 1 t<. the ice ages. the United States has been responsible for 25% of greenhouse gas emissioDs. who's responsible for all these emissions and climate change? Tutor GreenbOuse Iloses bove been increasing since the Induslrjal RevoluJjOD two hundred years ago. Put students in pairs. 00 ils owo Ibis jsn't enot I~b to stop or even reduce global wmmiM IhouQh we hove to cui down on our production pf greenhouse QQsgs Whallhgr megns is we hgve to stoP using fossil fuels Student 3 Are there any alternatives to cool and oil? Tutor Well. 2. and wove energy. The greenhouse effe<t is the process in which heat can't escape from the earth's atmosphere and which causes the temperature of the earth to rise. Is it reliable? Well. thanks.

.. but on its own this is not enough 10 stop global warming. (The words may be slightly different. There will be heatwaves and more air pollution.. however..4 Feedback . be some benefits.... Ask about any questions you were unable to answer. For this to happen. \. the United States has been responsible for 25% of greenhouse gas emissions. 7 Follow up [n A and 8 pairs. such as replanting and increasing the area of the wortd's 0 forests. The world around us . which is possible but must be done gradually: coal and oil can be replaced over a period of lime by wind energy and solar DOWer.... Some areas will have more water and more synshine. and use the phrases from Exercise 6. which of course means that the countries of the developed world so far bear the main responsibility for greenhouse gases. Group B text Climate change will force some species of birds to migrate: water resources will increase or decrease. ask and answer the FAQs again. there will be more floods and droughl .. This time. How are these phrases used? Docs each one introduce an example.. or chock 011 understanding? 1 Lei me explain . There are ways of attempting 1 slow climate change.... introduce an example 4 5 6 7 Is that okay? check on understanding Let me put it like this . There will. developing countries like India and China will produce more greenhouse gases than the United Stales and Europe. Sea levels will ri se in some coastal areas.. because plants and trees reduce Ihe effects of carbon dioxide. Climate change is not entirely new: greenhouse gases have been increasing since the Industrial Revolution.which in turn will cause infectious diseases to spread.. try to make your answers as full as possible. clarify something Understand? check 011 understanding 8 Let me give you some examples. clarify something. cla rify something 2 Is that clear? check on understanding 3 A good example o r . '--. Number the FAQs in the order you hear them .. 1 00. 5 Compare Listen to a college seminar about climate change. One way to do this is to cut down on our use of fossil fuels like coal and oil. . two hundred years ago. 6 Notice ~ Listen to the seminar again. clarify something What that means is . we must cut down on OlIr production of carbon dioxide... in the fu ture.) Listen again and make notes of any additional infomlation to an swer the questi ons. Moderate warming will fayor some fanners. In recent years. However...... introduce aD example Tell the class how many questions you could answer.

Precise 1 half (o~ quantities 2 a quarter I or UI'lCOlI'ltabie 1 si1guIar/pk. ought to.g said . ~ She said she had had an idea. instant coffee... that place. Adverbs of place and time often change too.. ointment baked beans. should. bo1I1 meet you tomorrow.... animal. jam. 5 "This is one small step for a man. peanu t bu tt er milk. or a plant implant Cars should not be parked on the sidewalk. .. yogurt.. k:e cream.. e.. admit. olives.. chips. I was thinking about it . the suggestiorv'obIigatiOn is ~ive. " Martin Luther KJ-..@) some my friends but only fffW ~f them came to the party.. cookies Add these item s t o th e correc t column. c andy. . cereal.e. this place . Mart in Luther King sai d he had a dream. ~~ . tomorrow .. They said they would meet us 2"''''' 3_ 4 ""'" 5 aI ~he) 2 sOgUar COLf1table J singtJar COU"Itabie 4 SirlgLW COlI"lIabie 5 plural coootabIe or the next day. She said she had heard of that pIaco.to'" Large or . butter chocolate. I have had an idea. . .g.. ca l food honey. 1 Wool u like~ neither of these coats? No. Caesar said he had com e. You should listen to her. and moves one step back Into the past: I have an idea.." Neil Armstrong said .r 3 (a) little 4 hardy any quantities ". home 2 (a) fev. potatoes. shaving cream . . We will . 2 E c. hardy any money 1 half (oQ the books 2 a quarter of the 1 2 "I came. .. Some modal verbs change in reported speech: Quantifiers Followed by noun 1 plural COLf1table Examples 1 both books 2 either book We can find it . both of the books. They said they could find it.. 3 Reported speech In reported speech the verb usually changes tense. soda.. predict. argue.... envelopes We can use the COlI'ltabie quantifiers with a pltral noun if we add of the: each of the books. paint.. Bo. and would do not change: You ought to compiete the form . However. had seen. Report these st atem ents." Caesar said . 4 "I have a dream. d etergent Seat belts should be worn at all times. Neil Armstron g said this was one small step fOT a man .. orange juice. many . 4 She doesn't ha~ a little friends in her town... i. JUliet!" Romeo swore . and had cOOiluered . He said I should hsten to her.. matches.. I ~ she and we . lemonade. we don't see it as being imposed by the speake(: You ought to IIlV6St more in road-bUilding... (an objective suggestiorv'recommendation) Should and ought to in the passive are often used for rules: 2 GM food biotechnology contaminate crops feed flood food chain gene genome GM Implant pesticide resistant Find five GM word s to match these definitions . many books 2 a lot of books I a lOt of money 3 a great deal! a good deal of money 4 several books 1 some books I some money 2 (a) few books 3 (a) little money 4 hardly any books I 2 a 101 01 medium quantities 3 a great deal! a good deal of 4 several Sm all 2 pllI<II COU'ltabie or uncountable 3 uncountable 4 pural countable 1 plural countable or uncountable 2 plural countable 3 uncountable 4 p/lxal countable pkxal COlJ'llabie Remember that the pronouns in reported speech often change. Columbus daimed he had discovered a new land. I'm thinking about it. She said she had been thinking about/to Unit lO The world around us . . oil . I conquered.. 3 "I'll lOve you forever. .. """'" 4 ""'" book 5 an the books I compJete the form. it is better to use a variety of verbs when reporting speech. shaving cream candy peanut butter envelOpes butter sardines detergent oil shampoo cat food More ought to be invested in road-building. 3 each book The modaJ verbs. wine. ~ She said she was thinking about it. VoJhen we make suggestions or express obligations using the passive. e.." Columbus claimed he . like 'ther each 0 hem.g. e . I don'. Romeo swore that he would love Juliet forever.. sardines. (the speaker's opinion) B. 1 a chemical used to kill insects pesticide 2 harm a substance by passing or spread ing chemicals to it contami nate 3 give food to feed 4 the complete set of genes in a living thing genome 5 put something into a person. neither of the books Choose t he correct quantifier." J" Carto n AJI student in class should have a textbook. lemonade.. claim.. s hampoo . Bottle '-' 2 Modal verbs + active and passive We often use the paSSiVe after modal verbs: beer.. Ihe next day. money Vocabulary Summary 1 Containers Tube toothpaste.ral COLf1table or two-thirds of Negative q uantities ' ''' 2 rl9Ither 3 rona Of the money no book I no books I ro money """""- 2 sngJIar countable 2_ 3 3 pItxaI countable or lI'lCOI.. ~ She said she had an idea. tOOls. The most common reporting verbs are say and Ieli. I saw.. He said I ought to """". announce...Xltabie none 01 the books I none of . they in the examples above. mineral water.Grammar Summary 1 Review and extension of quantifiers Type Inc lusive The past perfect does r"IOt change: I had heard of this place. 3 I invitee.uncoco_ 1 "I have discovered a new land.g.

Keep all your d raft texts as well as your final version. brainstorm and note ideas for this parag raph. checking grammar. . correct ing all the errors you found. They are in the wrong order. c When you are ready. The paragraph begins: Although reading in English can be very difficult. Reorder them according to the most efficient way of writing an essay. 3 Editing a text a In pairs.sh eMm o >o --' LU > LU o CL text.. The paragraph should be no more than 120 words long. and structure. spelling..!: ~ ~ z - C) Editing your work 1 Thinking about writing a Make a list of all the different types of things you have written in English. I<l<l REVIEW Review your action plan: wonting with written grammar In pairs. Read the essay litle or question carefu lly and decide why you are writing it and who you are writing it for. and show your partner how you recorded it. Look at the stages below. discuss what you find difficult abOut writing in English. 4 Applying the stages a The student who wrote the essay in Exercise 1 did not finish the last paragraph. You w ill need to look at all 01 these features very carefu lly. (Do not worry about the errors in the 0<:: :::) [ngt. Ji><1 '" alt. 2 Exploring the stages involved in writing an essay There are a number of recommended stages in writing a formal essay. rewrite the essay. The first sentence is: b Together. how is it different? e In groups. how you worked out the ru les and meaning. Compare ways of record ing . Ii.rtanl !:c 'wrJe '" """""". A. Rewrite the text and produce your final essay. dd-fl. Proofread your final essay. Give it a title. and an end. organize the ideas that your g roup thought of. Ust a number of reasons to support the argument. write the paragraph individually. Use the stages in Exercise 2 to help you.can you improve each other's methods? CompeO/ltg a fYa'rnmtLy ~ 'W~ng a ~ m an b Compare your list with a partner. The world around us UnitlO . it is important to read for a number of reasons.m. Write your first d raft from the beginning to the end. In groups. lEI f ~ g Brainstorm ideas that are relevant to the question. First of all. a middle. Note: you will need to show a classmate the final version of your paragraph and your drafts at the end of Unit 11 . the grammar the spelling the content the structure punctuation Student A: Look at the grammar and the content. c Exchange your revised essay with another pair of students. d Exchange your work w ith a partner. III a III b iii c III d IKI e Organize your ideas into a structure with a beginning. Student 8: Look at the spelling.Oi!l:. Read their version of the essay and improve it if you can . c Read the text written by a person studying EngliSh. and punctuation carefully.!lIuYug!.. write the last paragraph of an essay about reading in English.. Explain the grammar you looked at. l'/"r"J:mg on [~ can hJy Ie 'W!¥)f a n1l. look at the notes on g rammar that you made at the end of Unit 9. punctuation..) d Is this student's experience of writing in English the same as yours? If not. Revise your first draft and check for structure and content. is ~?np. . Conclude the essay in one or two sentences.. go back to the essay in Exercise 1 and edil it. Gan they improve your wriling? ACTION PLAN I> Your action plan: editing your work Using the recommended stages in Exercise 2.6er GLOSSARY draft {of a lext] unfinished stage in developing writing proofread read something to find and mark errors for correction b In pairs.

K 1 Rea lity T V shows arc something new. Gripping stuff! 2 1.is as fascinating as ever and still claims a 10 prime· time slot in the evening. none has beaten the original idea. This is hugely popular. 1 1 What kind arTV shows do you think they come from? Z \o~h at makes people wanl to appear in this kllld of show? Z Readin g skills . so everyone wanls to see them.of 1 . (psyc hologist). P G People are nosy. very entertaining. * the channel. excitement prom ise {nl (here] potential to do well 40 A group of unknown musicians spend all their time in an academy. and it shows some promise. c In yo ur opi nion . M (Myriam) or p. if there's 5 of young people locked up in nothing better or a house together for several A big yawn. Chan¥ weeks and filmed for 24 hours a day . They like gossip. Reality TV on your screens this week Adrian Soloman reviews the current reality TV shows.Ieollie are watching in the evening 2 gnppl~lg sluff (line 13) exciting SUbjllcl 3 cast (lllIe 21) people appearing in the s how 4 switch to (line 22) change channels 5 sett ing (line 32) placellocation 6 would-be slars (line 38) people who wan I 10 be fam ous 1 B* *" **** Excellent . c Figure out tho meaning of the followin" words and oxpressions from the context. this show hasn't managed to generate much excitement in spite of the good-looking cast and the provocative theme. GLOSSARY p rov~calive 25 30 C** Another one In the theme of "put a group of young people together and see what happens". P 5 These shows give people a kind of power over olher peop le's lives. Choose the rating you think the reviewer gave each show. reality show and it has been worth watching.de. showing for more than ten ** OK for a couple 0 years. Can the participants survive on what they find on the island? What will they eat? This hasn't been running as long as the other shows. discuss these questions. ThiS was the first modern *** Very interesting. but the action takes place on a beautiful Pacific island . 1 Which of the shows sounds the most interesting as a TV show? Z Which reality shows have you seen'" \Vh did you watch them? . y :4 Would you ever take part in one of these shows? Why? I Why not? 20 3 Liste n i ng skilis ~ It Two spoiled young rich girls leave their posh Beverly Hills homes to go and live in a small town in Arkansas. 3 Listen to a phone-in program. Below are some reasons for the popu larity of reali ty TV shows. Despite the number of similar shows now produced. h Road tho reviews again.a group episodes. Unit 11 Medio . The concept . training to do concerts.1 Speaking skills Look at the pictures and answer the questions. More than one person may give the same reason. K 2 People talk about them.I Read tho reviews of four reality TV shows. and the winners have become national superstars with their albums. M.S. 4 P **· 35 causing comment. but the beautiful setting is not enough to stop boredom taking over after a while. Quite frankly. in the Pan -American Song Contest. Match each rev iew with one orthe pictures. The young would·be stars in recent episodes have been competing to see who is going to represent the U. anger. Who gives these reaso ns? Write K (Kate). Which of the shows in the pictures are mentioned? ~ b Listen again.5 A d III groups."'-' miss it. There they have to cope with living on a farm and working in a fast-food resturant . Switch to the big movie on ChannelS instead. P 3 People like scandal and watch in case anyt hing happens! M 4 People get involved in the shows. what is the fascination of re~ lit y TV? ~~y w~ether you agree or disagree With Ih e oplll lOns III Exercise 3b. " 1 primo-timo slot (line 10) a time in when il lot .

Elicit as many different types of programs as you con from students. quiz show. want to have a career in the media. American Idol (0) In Exercise 3b . documentary. People want to be fa mous. sitcom. talk show. Ask Whal pon of speech is if? Answer: compound adieclive and noun.Objectives Grammar present perfect progressive Topic: reality TV Reading a TV program review Writing Ustening Speaking discussing TV a review of Q TV show a radio phone-in programs Write TV programs in the middle of the board. Answers: Big Broth er (8). lifestyle program. want to test themselves in difficult circumstances. Allow them to check their answers to Exercise 2b in pairs. realily TV. The audiascript for Track 50 is on page nl3 :ill Media T 112 Unil ll . want to win a lot of money. Have a brief class discussion about the question in Exercise 3c. Do the first one as on example. Ask students to listen an d say which shows are mentioned . •• 2 Reading skills Allow four min utes for students to do Exercise 2a.rs to discuss the questions in Exercise 1 briefly. Lei stude nts check their an swers in pairs before discu ssing them as a class. Then have them share answers with the whole class. •• Show students how to guess what the words mean by looking at context. breakfast TV Introduce the topic 1 Speaking skills Put students in pai. Let students work in pairs to discuss words and expressions in Exercise 2c. Ask What clues in the sentence help you figure oul/he meaning? Answer: In Ihe evening tells students that a prime-time slot must be a ·slor in the evening lV schedule. drama series. soap opera. Ask studen ts to discuss the questions in Exercise 2d in groups of four or fi ve and then have a brief class discussion . and write them on the board. Ask students to find prime-time slot in the text ond underline il. Ask How often do you walch TV? Who! kind of programs do you walch? What kind of programs do you never watch? TV programs: news and current affairs. ask studen ts to listen to the audio again and put the correct letter next to each reason. Guessing meaning from context 3 Listening skills Play the audio fo r Exercise 3a. Answers: Reality TV programs.

Lead in briefly by eliciting names of popular reality TV programs that have been shown recently or are on currently. as your previous coller said. we also like to control other people and hove some influence on their lives. But you know whars really popular in Mexico? Irs that kind of discussion and debate show. Host Whot about reality 1V shows in Mexico? Are they popular? Host You mean we love to be nosy? Weinberg RighI. at some point. Kate . Host Why do you think thot is. on the solo. then ask students in pairs to match forms to rules. I've been living in Spain. this is what often attracts people to shows like Blind Trusl . Big Brother. I just got bock. Find out which students a re "hooked" on these shows. You see. course. so lers ask her the some question. Kate. They've mode a lot of those shows in the lost lev. Host Why do you think these reality 1V shows ore so popular? Myriom Well.4 Grammar review and extension: present perfect progressive Have students read the examples in Exercise 4a. welcome to the show. we've been watching reality TV since the earty days of Condid Comero in the 1940s. Myriom Hi. I also think people liKe the power that voting gives them.. When they are ready. Host Yeah. and which are not that interested. This morning we wont to know who! you think. or something might happen in the bedroomsadly. it wos something nfNI .. people get incredibly invotved in them.. Kate Good morning. I see. In lad. in Spain 01 least. on the line I have Myriom Sanchez from Mexico. the main reason was the nove~ value . ever since the arrival of Big Bro/heron Dutch 1V. wotching them! Host Even though those lives are..fJ"e eeeR we(~Rf/ lote losl week. Unit 11 T 113 Media . OIer there "Gran Hermono: you know. Encourage pairs to comment on each other's work. good morning to you. in a game? Weinberg You mean like in Big Brolhet1Yes. and they forget aboutlhe cameros. Kate. And of (ourse we hod Big Brother. some of them. because the people in it still go about their lives. you know who! I mean? Host Yes. The program where they voted on the first series was probably the most watched program eNer _ and mode front-page nOW'S on every nOW'Spaper. MVOOm Well. like Cristina-those are the most popular ones. a bn like our American Idol . Host Thanks very much..W'ho is staying on the show or who has been voted oft. I gather we have a psychologist on the line. and rea~ty TV in particular. Here in the USA. of course. they kind 01 control people's lives.~--------------------------~ for Exercise 3 on Page 112 " Host Welcome back to liveline. as well. Ask each pair to follow the steps in Exercise sb to write their review. I think we humans ore fascinated by prying into other people's lives. Kate? Kate I think irs. Irs sod but true. remind students to read the Language Note. even the mosl serious. How do you explain the enormous popularity of rea lity 1V? Weinberg Well.. the present participlel is different from the present perfecl simple in that it emphasizes duration and unfinished activity Common problems ond errot'$ Students may use a simple presen t tense to refer to something that started in the past and tha t continues up to now.. so why don't you give us a call and give us your toke on reality 1V? Now lers go to our first coller. Quick grammar guide. Then try to pair enthusiastic reality TV fons with a partner who. over several months _ it's been massive in Spain. Now. Host Right. attemative ~. Host RighI. I think there are several reasons. where English would use the present perfect: l /We in Buenos Aires since 1995. who is in the States doing her Masters Degree. you know.. Thank you. thars it _ people who wont to be pop stars are auditioned. Professor Weinberg. Myriom. some juicy gossip might come out. chosen. like in Big Bro/her . yes.and this. knows little about them. Ask them to tell you which form is being used in each example. Now.. of course. thars really interesting.' years. but in the rest of the world Reality TV has become a big thing in recent years. Kate. The olher big hH is "Operoci6n T n'unfd" . wos incredibly popular. Neil. Myriom That's been running for years now. Of. ask pairs to swap r eviews. good morning and welcome 10 the show. We love to watch others go about their doily lives while we're sitting there.and also because everyone's been talking about it. Another common error is using the present perfect progressive fo r a finished event in the recen t post with a time reference: I J. Before leaving the topi c . so everyone wants to see it. Weinberg And there's one more factor.. The viewer hopes that maybe. then trained. perhaps. _ periect~ The present perfect progressive (have + been + -ing. Today we're talking aboUllY. one day. is also what the program makers hope. It's coiled The Academy. Kate . we've also been wotching a show obout young artists. have you been wotching all these real ity shows? Kate Wel l. so it really has spread around the world. Host Now. Ask students to ch oos e the best forms in Exercise 4d. Point out that the easiest way to organize the review is to organize it under the headings in exercise Sa . Myriom . Host Ah. like. _on 5 Writing skills Put students in pairs to discuss the questions in Exercise Sa .

4 Grammar review and extension: present perfect progressive a Look at these examples from the reviews and the phone-in. 5 They've made a lot of those shows in the last few years. m on 5 5 Wri ting skills a In pairs. 2 ..:"rrr~::re: Peace. negative. 1 Look at the reviews in Exercise 2. answer the following questions about a reality TV show you both know. Sam has worked I has been working for me since I star/ed the company. Make notes of any other information that you might wan I to include. 4 Big Brother . 3 ['ve been seeing € e seli!YBig Brolher only four ·mes. then check it and edit it.. We use the present perfect progressive to focus on the continuation or the duration of an activity. 4 Write your review together. It's very popular. 4 superstars . We use the present perfect simple to express repeated actions and completed actions.'. c This focuses on a completed action with a result in the present. d This focuses on the number of times the action has been done... c Swap your review with another pair. Match the examples with the explanations below. (l'wo of the examples match one explanation. 2 Decide how to organize your review: which information comes first I at the end? 3 Is your review going to be positive. 'o.. c Check your answers with the Grammar Summary on page 120. We usually do this with verbs that express actions tha t continue over quite a long time. the w inners have become national 1 I've learned ~ 'I'e been leu min panish for five years but I"m s I no vm' ood! 2 [ 'm not feeling well rve been coughing I've coughed all day. a This focuses on an action that is completed. b This focuses on the continuation and I or the du ration of the action. 3 I've been living in Spain. really has spread around the world. Media Unit 11 . b Use your answers to write simple or progressive in the rules . 1 What is the aim of the show? 2 Where does it take place'? 3 What kind of people take part? (the public? celebrities?) 4 How do they spend their time? I What do they have to do? 5 What is the public opinion of the show? 6 What is your opinion of the show? b Follow these steps to write a brief review of the show with your partner. d Choose the best form of the verb in the following sentences. or balanced? Think of a few suitable ad jectives to describe the show... Do you know the show thai they wrote about? Do you agree with their review? LANGUAGE NOTE It is possible with some verbs to use both the present perfect simple or progressive: I've lived here / I've been living here for len years..) 1 It has been showing for more than ten years.".

.. 1 Speaki ng skills L~ok at the video games on this page..and discovered that was no connection between when someone is playing a violence in high schools and .S. sports? 2 Listening skills @ a ~a lch the tilles with the types of games the box..... But the into the effects of playing general public in the U... become more irritable and schools..S. 'l1.-/ parents want their kids to have imagination and confidence. movement and eyesight but 25 very little thinking. I 1 2 • magic lorror sports heroic action In ~ b The game designer is asked "What is it that makes these video games so popular?" What do you think? Listen to Part 2 and see if the expert agrees with you. e. If "-. 1 How do you p lay these games? What do you have to do to win? 2 I-low many different kinds of video games can yo u th ink of... 3... Then listen to a video game designer talking about the games and check yo ur answers. you because they attribute the don't necessarily get better. Findings from a recent time playing video games research project in Japan and get them to go out and suggest that tOO much time play with their friends playing video games can instead. combat. permanent . dlscus~ the queslion and check the possible e ffects that Video games might have. Parents of high!O find it difficult to make school murder victims are in ~ friends..g.e damage can be the process of suing games .... they should '--'( persuade them to spend less 30 ... The next question is "What kind of people do video games attract?" What do you think? Liston to Pari 3 and see if the expert's opinion is the same as yours... DIscuss the questions..if you StOp companies for $130 million playing video games. he has video games cause violent 20 carried out exper iments behavior: 57% of Americans with 240 people aged six to questioned thought there 29 ..th ink video games can be harmful? In pairs.3 Readi ng skills a D0... cause and motivation for the "killings to some of the 45 15 Professor Akio Mori has been conducting research violent games... they causing violence in U. video game they use IV or video game violence. Video games: bad for your health? GLOSSARY nltentlon Silan the amount of time a person can focus on something without thinking about something else nttrihute (vh) believe something is responsibJu for A situation or event Unil l1 Media .. . video games over a long doesn 't think that violent period of time... Professor Mori's research People who play video comes at a time when video games tend to have shorter games have been blamed for attention spans. yo u . Video games can make the p layers: more irritable IiJ more violent more depressed 0 more lonely less crealive less sociable less intell igent 0 Jess confi dent fiJ i IE' b Read the newspaper article quickl y and check your answers to Exercise 3a. 5 make you less creative.

.Objectives Grammar Topic: video games Vocabulary collocotions with video Pronunciation expressing incomplete information Reading Ustening noun clauses using relative clouses a magazine article a radio interview Ask a few general questions to set the scene and help students relate to the topic: Who plays video games? How ollen do you ploy? Woors your favorite game? Who has never played video games? Introduce the topic 1 Speaking ski lls Discuss the question in Exercise 1 as fI class. thcn play the audio. Havo a briof class discussion about the question in Exercise 2b. But they appeal to all ages . Suggested answers: combat. Aft erwards. so they attract all ages. sports.from as young as six till they become young adults. heroic action. fantasy. The oudioscripls for Tracks 51.the usc of color is fa ntastic I they involve the players in imagi native ways I in video games viewers take part.you can lind plenty of adults playing. Ask them to check the boxes to show their opinion. Elicit suggestions to the board. they have an active role. 'irritable = a bll bad-tempered and angry de'pressed ::: feeling unhappy cre'ative 'confident t Pronunciation ond 'violent 'lonely = having no friends 'sociable in'telligent meaning Ask students to read the articlc and check their answers in Exercise J b. horror.. Elicit different kinds ofvidco games and write thorn on the board . from six to sixty. Ask students to listen and check thcir answers. 3 Reading skills Put students in pairs to discuss the question in Exercise Ja . Remind them to check the Glossary. Play the audio for Exercise 2a. 52 and 53 are 00 page T261 ::. Answers: the graphics are incredibly attractive and real I realistic entertainment I simple to play I they have the dynamism of movies.5i\ "" ~ Answers: young guys . futuristi c •• 2 Listening skills Put students in pairs to match titles to games. Media T 114 Unilll . too. Then play the audio so that students can find out whether they predicted correctly. but you can play them at home I they have the power and all the color of cartoons and comic books . magic. Do the same for Exercise 2c. with the class check the meaning and pron unciation of the adjectives .

Monitor. and then check their answers with a partner. Ask studen ts in pairs to take turns starting and completing sen tences. I? Quick pronundation guide - alternative A useful way to set sludents up for exercise 5d is to start with a whole-closs drill. they are used for emphasis. around the class. ~ 1 Something that reatly onrecls people 1 0 video games . In Exercise 6a . discuss the qu estions in Exercise 5c . They are besllaughl and learned as fixed expressions. Ask a few volunteers to read their best sentences to the class. When checking answers with the class. Answers: In Sa. Then nominate an individual to soya first half. Ask students to analyze the intonation. 4 Grammar: noun clauses (2) Ask studonts to match the sentence halves in Exercise 4a . Give studonts a min ute or two to think about what they can say ahout the subjects in Exercise 5e.. Let students chuc k their an swers in pa irs before going through the answers as a class. the speaker's voice is still rising because the statement is incomp lete. Qukk grammar guide Noun clauses often contain a noun phrase and are followed by a complement When placed 01 the slart of sentences. Also point out the Language Note. starting high.Go through the example carefully so that students are clear about what they need to do in Exen:. This way you provide same whole-class practice before doing pair work. Monitor and help. nominating different students to complete each sentence with their own ideas. Ask students to listen and mark the rise and/or fa ll on sentonces 1 and 2. Unilll T 115 Media . At the end. and so on. etc. then get the student to complete the statement with falling intonation. Te ll students that they h ave to remember what the people said on the recordings. then get them to make it go higher and higher leven if it sounds funny!] and then lei it drop suddenly from the word is or ore !like a deflated balloon1. with a rising intonation. and anolher the second half. For Exercise 5d . tI Jl 5 Pronunciation: incomplete information Play the audio for Exercise Sa. Ask students to work in pairs to complete the statements in Exercise 4b with their own ideas. model the activity with a good stude nt. Model the fi rsi half of each sentence in exercise 4b. then put them in groups of four or five to share their ideas. I\? 1 Something that really a nracls people to videa games is lhe graphics. Say the first part of the first sentence. help with ideas. as needed.. 6 Vocabulary: collocations with video Lead in Write video on the board. With the class. Play the audio for Exercise 5b.. 2 The thing I really like about them . The secret 10 gelling students to imitate a good inlOflalion pallern for Ihese sari of noun clauses is 10 get them to try 10 start with their intonation quite high. Monitor and insist on good intonation patterns. Write tho structure on the board: Something (tllat) + relative clouse + is/ore +compJement Th e thing (thot). paint Qui the structure that all theso noun clauses follow. and correct as needed..ise 3c. In sb. ask a few students to read their sentences from Exercise 6c aloud with the class. put students in pairs to work through the exercises . 2 The thing I really ~ke about them is the dynamism. Ask students how many words they can think of that collocate with video. Then compare answe rs as a class. the speaker's voice falls to show Uwt the statement is finished.

compare your sentences fro m Exercise 4b. [line 7) 'Y1lieo gameS tend to ie mJJYe p:JpUiay ""d:h IxryS than fflls.. (line 29) blame TV 4 People Il~i{lk TV if..IW ~ " r. ~ c Has the speaker finished in Exercise Sa? In Exercise 5b? What indicates this? d [n pairs. Use the correct intonation . Does the voice rise or fall on the last words? Mark 71 or ::::. Then discuss them with a partner. 1 Something that really attracts people to video games ?! 2 The thing I really like about them ?! Now listen to the complete sentences.1 1 e In groups. ) and the complement (the dynamism): The dynamism is the thing 1 really like about them. Make any other changes necessary.. ~ 2 The thing I really like ahout them is the dynamism . (line 37) 5 The parents were right to ~ tlie video company /8 88111'/' (line 41) motival~OQ for 6 I really can 'I understand the 1 t. and why. 3 I've never used. except two. A Something that really annoys me about TV . Researc h 2 ffl\ BfJligBIiBl1fJ into video games and violence have not proven a connection. !i{ i'l p . b Complete these statements with your own words. 5 Pro nunciati on : in com p lete inform ati on Listen to the firs t part of two sentences from Exercise 4a.". 1 lawn. 3 The thing I really like about them is .... 4 The thing(s) I really like about movies . 1 Something that really attracts people to video games is the g raphics...ur ~bi/iW Iii' gp Ih.._ _ _ __ _"!( c the way lhey're all so male orientated. 1 Something thaI really attracts me to video games . Media Unit 11 . but split the sentences. LANGUAGE NOTE We can reverse the order of the subject (the thing .. b the action and the violence. d the graphics.. 2 The thing(s) I don't like about video games 3 Something thai really annoys me about TV .I . tJifdlt:Y hcftilld such mindless acts of violence..c Replace the italic words and expressions in the sentences below with words or phrases from the lex\. playing video games watching videos watching DVDs going to the movies surfing the Internet 6 Vocabulary: collocati ons w ith video a All the following words can follow video to form a collocation.. 6 Something that really irritates me about reality shows .. (line 44) sue (suing) 4 Grammar: noun clauses (2) '---a Complete the sta tements from the listening with the endings on the right. 2 I often use. . as in the example." 4 I'd like to have . is all the commercials. 1::::. 1 Video games arc uSllolly more popular with boys than girls. S One thing that"s good about DVDs . (line 16) confidence 3 It is true that too many video games make you lose )'!.. find out whal your classmates like about these activities. 4 The things that may make them attractive to guys are . 2 Something that really attracts people to video games is ./J . Which of the items in Exercise 6a would you use if you wanted: • to speak to someone and look at them at the same time'? Video phone • to make a film of your birthday party? Video camera • to take part in a discussion with colleagues in other cities or countries? Video conferencing • to go somewhere to play games? Video arcade c Complete theso sentences with a collocation from Exercise 6a so that they are true for you. P8SfJ9RfJi&!B for the increase in violence in Ollr society...I .... Which two? camera cassette cassette record conferendng game arcade phone ~ tape theater b Check tho collocations then answer the ques tions. Does the voice rise or fall on the last words? Mark 71 or ::::. 1 Something that really annoys me about these games is .I'l8' . a the dynamism. ... [ 71 1 8 ....

you 've guessed itthe second part._ about your TV viewing habits. headaches. then read Part 2 and compare your ideas with the next part of the article. 5 the fa ther report. Statistics tell us that in most countries 60% of the population h TV 'In the 2 li viD!! roomas a I 30% has one in the 3 bedroom . it is on all the time. which might even result in fewer divorces! TV facts Television is probably the most powerful medium of communication ever invented.. In 21 % it is 6 the chil dren . In two out of three homes with a TV (61. Only GLOSSARY dumb u a stupid person Unilll Media .!!. in fact. most people spend on only 10% of our brain average 3. The 22% of homes. how? (colloquial) read less.:_t4. also suggests that if you Only in 7---. look at Part 1 of an article below and try to complete it. lV viewers. you will does the mother decide which channel to watch Finally.4%). 1 How do your viewing habits (discussed in Exercise 1) compare with the article? 2 Do you find any of the facts worrying? Which onels)? 3 Are the facts in the article typical of the situation in your coun try? 4 Did TV affect your childhood relationships? If so. discuss thl::se questions 1ri. It is certainly the most popular and most widespread. and 13% has one in the kitchen.JL% of cases watch a lot of lV. which is discussed in are . we would talk to each other more.TV or no TV? 1 Speaking ski ll s In pairs. the more lV we watch. ~ave 1 2 televisions In the house. Part 2 Then check with your teacher. Many adults don't even discuss which show to watch: they just get another lV and put it in another room. but it causes problems. too. although the than three meters can day on which people watch cause stress. It appears that when we watch lV.4 hours watching power. e In groups.L % of the population their brains. the less we talk to each other. The same applies to talking to each other. most homes in the U.. look at the information in the article and answer the questions. c TV may be a good thing for some people.000 U. List some disadvantages of TV. It is widely believed that if we didn't ""have lV.S. In and sleeplessness. we use does not watch TV. b Compare your answers with another pair.S.>. Part 1 Does TV turn us into dumbos? A report just published says people who watch a lot of lV may be damaging 4 . and that watching lV at a distance of less TV every day. Which one? football or Soccer games. based on a survey ~ecjdes what to watch and of 1. whether somebody is watching it or not. On average. the most TV is Sunday. 8 ~ % of th~ d All the questions from Exercise 1 are d iscussed in the most popular shows on TV first part of the article except one. In which room(s) do you have a TVt Do you have the TV turned on 2 Reading skills a In pairs.

(For example. Ask some pairs or groups to present their ideas to the closs. No more TV. so I went to my doctor. The more surfing through channels I did. Host So you think that TV is all bad? Maureen No. you know. is Another good thing about . well. I'd have less time to do things.Objectives Grammar Topic: watching TV Vocabulary television genres Reading Ustening a radio phone-in Speaking conditionals extrocts from magazines discussing TV viewing habits. learn where the ·off" switch is. So. ask for lots of guesses before revealing the actual answers. For Exercise Zc. have mare friends. First. The articles present a pretty negative view of TV. not at all. Now I feel much better. planning a TV schedule 1 Speaking skills Put students in pairs to d iscuss the questions in Exercise 1. students in pairs or small groups to make a list of advantages of television. Ask. I won't let it toke control of me. and use il! Media T 116 Unit 11 . I iust used to lie on the sofa all day doing nothing. find out whiGh students watch the most TV. Note that only question 6 from Exercise 1 is discussed in part 2 of the article. and on Sundays. I listen to music a lot more . Maureen. you'd watch less TV. •• 2 Reading skills For Exercise 2a." I gave the TV away and my life changed . explain that the answers rely on students' own general knowledge and guesswork. but you have to be able to control what you watch. For example. I think a very importanlthing is not to have the TV in Ihe living room . we're going to talk to Maureen. I'd be able to do more with my life.. I thought.I've found a new job.put it in another room. find another iob. like most people. same programs are very educational. and he said that if I watched less TV. and I couldn't do that. One of the best things about . Put students in groups of four or five to discuss the questions in Exercise Ze. For Exercise 3 on page 117 !II Host We've talked about addiction a lot before.. without revealing which blan k they go in. 56'~---------------------------------------------------------.quite a bit. I think I'd go crazy. Afterwards. If I still had a TV. what's your advice to people who want to cut down on TV? Maureen Well. If I ever get a TV again. Useful language: Additionaloctivtty An advantage of " is . I've done so much since I gal rid of the television . When you elici t answers from students in Exercise 2b. Host So you decided 10 do something aboul it? Maureen Yes. Host I see. I would never have discovered the pleasures of reading. don't let il control you. Ask if any thing surprises students. But most important is to control the TV. Host How did your life change exactly? You stopped watching TV? Maureen Exactly . people ea/ TV dinners). but then I lost my iob four years ago. 'That's it. If students need more help you could write some of the answers 011 the board as they do the exercise. There's some very good stuff on TV. Elicit answers fro m the class and note a few good ideas on the board. I watched daytime TV. Maureen.it gave me more time. and I was at home all day. I used to feelli red and irritable all the lime. [f necessary. Host So. its relaxing to walch TV after a hard day. and if I hadn't stopped watching TV. after a year or so I reali zed that il wasn't healthy. So. but today we're going 10 talk about a different kind of addiclion . what was so bad that it made you give up television completely? Maureen Well. I'm not stressed out any more. people don'//alk. rt you hod to go to another room to switch Ihe TV on. met people. help students to make guesses al the first answer.. And how about your health? Maureen Well.addiction 1 the TV. and after a while I got hooked on TV junk shows. I used to juSI watch TV now and again in the evenings. give a couple of examples to get students started. I'm so embarrassed to think about it now. If I hod all these digital channels to choose from now. the more irritated I felt. is. who used to be addicted to the TV but who is now one of the four per cent 0 of people who have chosen to live without TV.

5 Vocabu lary: television Read th rough the words in the list in Exercise students to match the words to the pictures. Then ask Answers: The top p icture is of the American sitcom Friends. ask them to show their schedu le to two or three other pairs in the class and talk about it with them. Put students ill pairs to share their ideas. IUncle Bob speokingJ II is. They often try to express the ideo of the subjunctive In the conditional clouse by using will or would. Model the activity in Exercise 4c by eliciting or providing two or three possible sentences. however. ask a few individuals to tell you their best sentences.. When students h ave finished. where the condition is unreallLe. Then give students three or four minutes to thjnk up and w ri telheir own sentences. Ask them to think. where the condition is possible. Let studen ts complete Exer cise 4a indi vidually.. Additional activity Find and photocopy a page from on English-language lV listings page. Have students briefly share answers in the class and find out who wrote the best schedule .•• 3 Listening skills Give students a minute to briefly d iscuss the statements in Exerc ise 3a in pairs. In terms of use. improbable or impossiblel. I would hove said hello. •• . Ask students to complete the sentences in Exerc ise 4b. has a bette r life. It looks like a talk show. but cou ld also be no ws or curront affairs. When eliciting answers from the class. Photocopy enough copies for everyone in the closs. For example: If I become Presidenl. Answers: 1 and 2 were true of Mauree n in the past. 6 Speaking ski lls Ask students to decide what kind of channel from the list they wou ld like to design programs for. 4 Grammar review: conditionals Read through the example carefully as a class so that students are clear about the task. Quick grammar guide: condmonals Play the audio again for Exercise 3e. Ask students to liston and comp lete the task. t . Choose one which lists the title of the program and describes its content. 1'1/ reduce laxes. Common probtems and enors Students get the form wrong. 50 . modeling stress and pronunciation. Note: hooked on = obsessed with @ Play the audio for Exercise 3b. I'd cullaxes. Ask students to complete the statements.. I will be happy. The audioscripl for Track 56 is on page n16 It Unitll T 117 Media . thon chock in pairs. of 8 name for their channel. Divido students into groups of four or five to do Exercise 5h . Ask students to scan the lV page and find examples of the different types of program listed in exercise Sa . Ask students to sit down with their partner. Monitor and encourage st udents to speak. then check answers in pairs. IPresidential candidate speokingl If I were Presidenl. Now sho has more friends . In terms of form that students make most errors. and aile or two pairs may have to compromise. and the second conditional. and then elicit answers from the class. The n ask them to stand up and find another student in the class w ho has chosen the same channel. You will need to monitor the "pair-choosing" carefull y. Let them c heck in pairs before discussing them as a class. If I will-win. Give them 10 minutes to p lan and write out their TV schedu le on a sheet of paper. T he other p icture is of Fid el Castro being interviewed.. and reads more (3 and 4). If I weflo!g 1:Je'¥~ seen you. students need to differentiate between the first conditional.

discuss whether these statements are true of anyone yOll know.. Channel 1: commercial channel. eg. 4 0 """'''1. they'd read more. I won't let iltake control of me. you will read less. 5 Vocabul ary: television a Look at the two pictures on this page and find the kinds of shows they represent from the list helow. prese/lt. 5 [wou ld have gone oul with you last night if they badn'l shown (not showl Big Brother! c Make conditional sentences lLsing these phrases.I didn't M--ve a TV m the fed. from 6:00p. 4 If they sold the TV..3 Listening skills a Some people are really "hooked" on TV. unreal 5 I'll watch more TV if I get digital channels. Choose the best schedule for the class. I. p:mUe) 1 If you watch a lot of TV. caters for people aged 16-35. think of the most popular eXflmple in your country of each category of TV sbow. yo u are going to design TV programming for an evening for one channel. Which of the statements were true of Maureen in the past? Wh ich are true now? Listen again and complete Maureen's statements.:rwm. I'd have less lime!o do mo re. hie 2 If [ still had a TV. you would suffer (suffer) deprivation symptoms.m. 4 Grammar review: conditionals a Read these conditional sentences and write post. 3 If the chann els showed (show) more documentaries. have a TV in the bedroom appear on TV be addkted to (show name) waste time watching TV . focus on entertainment Channel 2: public service channel. they'd have more friends and a better life. [n pairs. I wou ld have read (read) more books. unreal 4 I'd have gone out more if I hadn't had a TV. and possible or unreal by them. less TV. 2 They often lie on the sofa all day doing nothing but watching TV.age ?> ut£<C f'YO:J'"am. 1 If you stopped watching TV. or future. Note the program type and an example of the show for each time slot. we would talk to each other more.. 3 If [ hadn't stopped watching TV. he will become isolated. 2 If I hadn 't watched so much TV as a child. 5 They surfchaflncls a lot while they're watching TV. caters for people over 30. past . he said that if [watched less TV. 4 If your child continues (continue) to watch too much TV. present. likes to broadcast new.. 3 If they watched less TV.If . future . I would watch more TV. 6 Speaking skills a In pairs. 1 . If you sit close to the TV. you may damage your eyes. I'd be . to 1 :30a. Media Unit 11 . different programs Channel 4: commercial channel. caters for all ages. I would watch it every night. Choose from one of these channels. lalk show currenl affairs documentary drama movie music program quiz show reality TV sitcom soap opera sports show the news variety show b [n groups. .I'd 'ltaf. present .ch {.. Then discuss them in pairs.:OD-7:00 /. possible b Now complete the sentences with the correct form of the verb in parentheses. possible 2 If we didn't have TV. (/uluJ<e. future.k Pops teen. Listen to Maureen talking about her TV viewing habits. 1 They"re hooked on TV junk shows. tends toward common interests such as sports and musi c b Plan a rriday evening's TV schedule. . caters for all ages. to choose from 5 If [ ever gel a TV again. unreal 3 If I had a TV.m. focus on education and information Channel 3: public service channel. Top of c Compare your schedule with other pairs.

even if it reveals private information abo ut people. In pairs. discuss the questions with reference 10 the last newspaper you read. international news..) 2 Task a One of the crit icisms of some newspapers is that they do not respect people's privacy. 3 The public has a right to know every detail about the lives of fam ous or important people.. or think of your own ideas. social events. 5 Any kind of spying on famous people by newspaper reporters should be banned. 4 Famous people are usually secretly pleased that newspapers write about them . How do newspapers breach people's privacy? Who is usually affected by breaches of privacy? b You are going to draw up a code of conduct on privacy for newspapers. )ocalnews. a politician who is having an affair. the classifieds. 3 Prepare In groups. 6 Newspapers which publish inaccurate reports about famous people should be fined and banned from publishing the reports. 3 What was the headline on the front page? 4 Was the report sensational or factual? 5 Were there any scandal or gossip reports? 6 Does this newspaper have a large circulation? 7 Which section of Ihe newspaper did you read in mosl detail? Sections: national news. 1 Was il a tabloid or broadsheet newspaper? 2 What was the lead story about? Report the main points 10 your partner. editorials. Then. say whether you agree or disagree with these opinions and why. conservat ives. business people. in pairs. 1 How many major newspapers are there in your country? . etc. crime reports. entertainment b Now discuss newspapers in general in your country. (For example.1 Warm up a Check th e words and phrases in italic in a dictionary or with your teacher. middle/lower economic groups.it shows that they are still important. decide on four "golden rules" of conduct for journalists. Unill l Media .. 1 Newspapers have a duty to publish anything they think is in the public interest. reader comments. liberals. 2 How many are tabloids/broadsheets? 3 Whal sect ions can probably be found in each of them? 4 Who is the main audience for each one? (young people.) 2 Any person who is in the public eye has to expect media interest. You may use the points in Exercise 2b and rewrite them so they reflect your opinion. sports .

are also affected. to breach privacy). Media T 118 Unit 11 . Introduce !he topic 1 Warm up Ask students to road through the questions in Exercise 1a and check the vocabulary. TV celebrities. and neighbors. small ads on the inside pages edilOfials '" newspaper articles in which the editor gives the newspaper's opinion on on issue in the news Vocabulary 2 Task Have a brief class discussion.pop and movie stars. 3 Prepare Put students in groups of fou r to wri te their "golden rules. Bri ng a newspaper 10 class to hel p you point oul and explain di fficult vocabulary." Monitor and help with vocabulary. sports stars. •• tabloid = newspaper with small pages and sensational staries broadsheet'" newspaper with big pages and serious stories lead story '" the main story on the frool page classifieds '" short. Put students in pairs to ask and answer the questions. bring in two or three different English languoge newspapers. politicians. Put students in pairs to read the opinions in Exercise 2b and decide whether they agree with them or not. Show them 10 students and pass them around the class. Suggested answeres: Newspapers breach privacy by: interviewing ex-friends. going through your garbage: taking photos with powerful lenses on beaches or in bedrooms. going through private records.g.'S? You could use the newspapers 10 elien and/or explain the words In italics in exercise 1 a. following people. and elicit ideas in answer to the questions in Exercise 28 . Elicit an explanation of breach le.Objectives Topic: newspapers and privacy Writing a code of conduct Grammar modal verbs. However. etc. Divide tho class into groups of fo ur or five to d iscuss the questions in Exercise l b . active and passive Speaking presenting ideas for a code of conduct If you can. The people usuall y affected arc well-known people . Ask What are the names of the newspapers? What kind of newspapers do you think they ore? What stories are fronl page and back page nev. ex-partners. Have a brief class discussion of the answers. such as doctor's records. such as the victims of crime or lottery winners. people in the news for other reasons.

Remember the pictures of the wedding of Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas? They sued the newspaper over that. Not true. In Exercise 5b. defnitely. I Of course. B Another thing . B Yes. There were some pictures token recently of the widow of a soldier . like Britain. so of course we can toke and print pictures of that. Chris Martin of Co/dp/a. The photographer had taken close-ups of her crying.s.a lot of people think that the ormy shouldn't have gone out there. but it was taken in France. but that was public interest . Ask students to listen and answer the question . I think we can all agree that our first rule is that we do not invade the privacy of people who are sick or dying. Ask the rest of the class to take notes about what each speaker says. A But you have to be invited . Unilll T 11 9 Media . photographers can't take pictures there. A Okay. Elicit the best ideas from each group to build up a class code of conduct on the board. 5 Compare ~ Play the audio for Exercise Sa. They say that in some places. here in the United States 01 least. BID Yeah. on her suHering. Mario..the event is in a public place. C DiHicult . we're not getting very far. They say that they can take and print pictures of close-ups with telephoto lenses in the u. I really don't want that.. B Isn't the issue that it was printed. but I think they had a deal with another newspaper. 6 Follow up Put students in groups of four to draw up their own code of conduct. they're happy occasions. and as a newspaper editor myself. Not true. even of close-ups with telephoto lenses. you also have to be careful who you take you know that singer. I think. like Britain.at his funeral. ask students to complete the descriptions and play the audio again . rather than the pictures was token? A Yes. We're all here to discuss a few problems we've hod recently with breaches of people's privacy. if famous people are at a restaurant or somewhere. in some places. I completely agree with tha t. o You mean the one of her in the car after it hod crashed? That was terrible. oren'tthey? So. I agree. We've only agreed that we can't have pictures of sick people or of people who are grieving. o Mmm. they're in public. Put students in pairs to read the descriptions in Exercise 5c and find the throe mistakes. Answers: They say thai because the photo of Princess Diana was taken in France. No one should be allowed to print that. B Okay. LeI's start.4 Feedback Ask one student from each group to read their main points aloud. but not close-ups of grieving relatives. they're not like funerals./? He anaclced a photographer. photographers can't take pictures in restaurants. well. using a telephoto lens. yes? C As you know. We have to look at improving things ourselves or the government will impose new rules on us. A I think you'Ulind that was because his wife was pregnant and didn't wont to have photographs taken. but not of people in this case? A Yes. so the photographer was allowed to toke it. so pictures of the funeral are okay. A I'm more concerned about ordinary people. . bull don't think we need to focus on that case too much. Not true. We'd bener get on . but that example of Princess Diona after her cor crash. I think so . which is why there were all the problems -that newspaper had an exclusive. Then put the groups together again to complete their code of conduct. and t do not wont my newspaper to be sued ! C Of course not. I'm a photographer and I believe in freedom to toke the pictures I wont. that was just sick.restaurants are really private places that open up to a few people at a time. I think thars on intrusion on her grief. A look.what about pictures of famous people's weddings and things like that? I mean. the photographer was allowed to take it.~ . but what about famous people? I mean. o I agree.you're unlikely to get pictures of a wedding unless you're inside the church or you use a telephoto lens. Do you agree? e yes.

·vate bOat standing on the deck of a po ' are alloWed· United States standing in public piCtures of someone balcony plainly view. '-- 6 Follow up a In groups. b Compare your ideas with other groups and pul together a class code of conduct . wedding. The people give four examples of pictures that intrude on people's privacy.... and privacy Listen again.1<>1"''= VYithOUt consent.. you may be txea\<. trespassing on pnvate property. z a picture of a soldier's . a restaurant/a IJUblic place. 4 pictures of two actors· . are visible from a pu Ie . draw up two or three ideas for a code of conduct for press photographers..~d ven "private places" includes cars an e publiC areas· ItalV doO even of people PiCtures taken out rs. 3 pictures of famous people in . widowlfuneral.. a permissible.. for example o~ra sidewalk..... can you guess? . c Look at the descri ptions of the laws relating to photographing people in some countries. Make a note of ideas from other groups.. Present them to the rest of the class. pictures in private . Complete the descriptions of the four pictures.. france herS could be sued for taking PhOtograp.ing the law. If yOU use raph lenS ard a IaC\def to protog ~=~ in his backyard. . b Combine all the ideas you agree with to make a complete code of conduct for journalists reporting on the lives of the rich and the famous.. What were they? d Do you know the laws on press and privacy in your country? Ifnot. 4 Feedback a Choose the three main points of your code of conduct on the press and privacy.. 1 a picture of Princess Diana after . her car crash.. 5 Compare Listen to a discussion about another aspect of newspapers and privacy.. However... Which aspect are the people talking about? photographer. The people in the discussion made three mistakes when discussing these laws. laws exist. bUt photographerS No prnacy d for harassment or may be sue .

I'm going to go home now.g. I'd move to a new house. We use the simple: Us." o<fut"'" Fo"" if + present + wiIf + infinitive We've docorated this room. wet weather is something that rooJly de{Yesses me. n /t:xJks much better now. First conditional Us. .LANGUAGE RESOURCE Grammar Summary 1 Present perfect progressive Use To talk abrut an action or activity that started i1 the past and is still contim. If I ha d had a oomputer. I might have finished the book earlier. 4 I've waited (I've been waiting for Charlie for ages. fNe haven't finished yet. Something that really depresses me is cold. One thing I really like to eat in the winter is a good. :J~~~~!£!~ e 'library all summer. Sony about the mess. an apartment. 3 Where have you been~ calii?J I've been calling you at least ten times. 5 It's snowed ~ ~II night and it stiD hasn't stopped. Ouestiofl: Have you been watching much TV recentty? Choose t he correct tonn of the verb. ou've been drivin You've driven for hours. To talk about a series of actions. buth " ed io th~ 2 You must be tired.g . emphasis to the complement: a continuing TV series abOut the imaginary lives of a group of people soap opera 2 TV programs that do not use real actors but show ordinary people doing ordinary things reality TV we are adding The thing I really like ebout Thailand is the food. hot soup is one thing I really like to eat in the winter. Cold. would/could/might + infinitive It\Ie've decorated this room.) To express duration (often with a time phrase): I've been writing this essay for three hours. suctJ as Iva. We can use both the present perfect smpIe and progressive to talk about actioos with a result n the present. 1) If I got lhejob.) We can use both the siTl>Ie and progessive with rK) change in ITIEHling with some verbs thaI have a sense of oontiluatoo. We do not use the progressive to talk about the number of actions/times we have done something. rNe've just we could call for help. The progressive suggests that the action was VfJly recently finished: 2) to talk about impossible events/situations in the present Fo"" if + past. fNe've finished. but the focus is ()(l If we get a DVD pJayet. Negative: We haven't been watching much TV recently. We've been decorating. Third conditional Us. These noun clauses take a complement and can come either before or after the verb. hot soup. to talk about imaginary (unreaQ events/situations in the past Fomo if + past perfect + wouIeJ/couIdImight + have + past participle Fo"" have + been + -4ng verb Affirmative: We 've been watching 8 lot of TV recently. or write both jf both forms are possible. see Page 46 (first and second conditionals) and Page 56 (third conditionaQ. 2) If I h ad my cell phone. 1 2 Noun clauses NOlI1 clauses otten COfItoo a relative clause. we 'll watch more movies at home.) Note the difference between the simple and the progressive he.1Q: 3 Conditionals For more information on each conditional. e. Vocabulary Summary 1 Collocations with video video game arcade video camera video game video phone video recorder video tape video cassette video cassette recorder video conferencing 1 I've been working (. If we place the noun dause before the verb. It is rTlClt9 neutral to put them after the verb: The food is the thing I realty like about Thailand. the activity: Second conditional We've been watching a lot of foreign movies recently. to talk abOut events/situatiOns whiCh are possible in the present We've b800 deconlting this room.. singers and comedians variety show Unilll Media . 3 a place wheI'a you can play video games in machines by putting mooey in them video game arcade 4 a TV comedy sefies that takes place in a particular situation. A good. - firishOO. 1) to talk about unlikely events/situations in the present or Mure We've watched three French movies this week. e. I'll take over. 2 TV shows talk show current affairs documentary drama movie music program quiz show reality TV sitcom soap opera sports show the news variety show Match these definitions with a word or phrase from t he lists in 1 and 2. hl!!O!!th ---. work and study: Hi&y has attended I has been attencfng this sdKXJI for (\AI() )'EIa'S. wet weather. an office sitcom 5 a TV show in which well-known people are intefViewed talk show 6 a TV show that has a number of different acts..

you know. vocabulary. Put a check next to the effective techniques. spelling. holidays. That's just the way my mind works. ... I have a notebook that I only use for vocabulary and I'm very organized. a::: ::::> >- o b LOOk at what these students below say about how they record new vocabulary. Ana Ramos. I like repeating things aloud as well. 2 Expanding your repertOire of techniques a Read the four case studies above again and underline the techniques they mention. and so on. grammar. I had a great teacher who once told me that if you don't think about the meaning of new vocabulary in context. . or an opposite.. . I never use any of them. . . Oh.. Review your action plan: editing your written work ~ . either. I've never had a special notebook for vocabulary. the family. I always try to put new language into use as soon as I can. b In pairs. Helena Heinemann. Experiment with new ideas and you will find new techniques that suit the way you like to learn. I do use my English dictionary. Make a list of the techniques you would like to try. Japan . I enjoy fill-in exercises and I prefer a bilingual dictionary so that I'm sure I've understood something. When I come across new vocabulary I ask my teacher or I look It ' up in my bilingual dictionary. I use different techniques: a picture. Keisuke Katsura. Give your partner the final version of the paragraph you wrote in Unit 10 about the importance of reading. work. That's important if you want to be able to use the language. it will be very hard to find the correct definition when you look in a dictionary. . discuss which students are not making the most of their opportunities to learn vocabulary. Which person do you resemble most? Discuss any questions you have. . It's kind of a hObby. I'm an engineer and keep a notebook just for that area of my English. I guess. I am pretty clear about what language I want to learn. Chile c In pairs. Yes.. a synonym. Media Unit 11 . I copy the phrases into a special notebook. That would help him find the exact meaning more quickly and he wouldn't feel so frustrated. .z z C) ~ Working with vocabulary 1 Reviewing techniques for recording vocabulary a Are you making the most of your vocabulary learning potential? Write down the two Of three ways you most commonty record new vocabulary. but mostly I write translations.that is a big help.. o -' > UJ o UJ 0. and punctuation of the paragraphs. I'm going to buy a cheap notebook and copy everything into that. talk about the list you have made with your partner. stuff like that. or any ideas lor improving the organizaHon.. Correct pronunciation is very important for me too.recording if something is a phrasal verb. Germany _ L-__ PLAN C> Your action plan: working with vocabulary Put your list from Exercise 2c into action tomorrow. I enjoy writing them down although to be honest. I'm not very organized about keeping vocabulary although I'm always very careful about including information about the grammar of a word or phrase . .I enJoy read ing in English and underline "nice" expressions. And I do . collocations. You'll also make yourself a better language learner in the process! Note: bring any new vocabulary entries to the class at the end of Unit 12. . Add any other techniques to the list that you think may be useful. I write the date at the top of the page and make a list of all the new vocabulary I learn that day. but only lor very ' difficult expressions. By "nice" I mean vocabulary that interests me like idioms. c Discuss the techniques as a class. . so I show the main stress and write in phonetics . have to see a word written down if I want to remember it. Ference Lukacs. But this is often difficult because there are a lot of meanings for one wordthat frustrates me. But I"m not doing English only for my work! I remember words and phrases from songs or interesting texts . Most of my techniques are probably ' considered "traditional". Read it and check any Ideas that you suggested in your paragraph. an adverb. Underline any ideas you didn't include. My teacher calls me "the detective" because I love trying to guess words from context. What practical advice would you give them? I would tell Keisuke to think about the general meaning of a new word before he looked it up in a dictionary. Hungary . I usually write an example of the words or phrases and the other helpful technique I use is to divide language into topic areas. and phrases. and I also use highlighter pens.

I 1 failed il! I only 2 scored/got seven out of 25. That means you can build on . which really wasn't fair because \'\10 haven '. speaking of lests. How else can you place peop le in class levels.all these 8 examsltesls are killing mol really nervous. discuss these questions. Hey.en. so tests are really pointless. Thai reminds me I have to go now. A So did you pass that science test? B No. Usc one or more words in each blank.which means that I So much depends dOll" have to 6 retake that part of the course. so how can b In pairs.gth. We have a really tough biology lest tomorrow so I'd bettor get home and 7 reyiew [Of it! Tests make some people feel J hato May and June . NS (not sure) or D (disagree) by each one.Unit12 Looking ahead lesson 1 Which exam? 1 Vocabulary: tests a Try to complete this cOllversat ion between two science students. c In pairs. 1 What's the best experience you have ever had in an exam? 2 What's the worst experience you have ever had in un exam? 3 What havo your experiences with English exams been like? Ii You have to take tests. Some st udents forge t everything they've studied the moment a test is over.t. didn't you 4 !llke your lab practica!s last week? A Yeah! And thankfully I got II good 5 grade . We were 3 teslfld Oil molor functions. b In class. Use the words and phrases in the box 10 complete the blanks you could not fill. compare your opinions. So only tho theory on the day and how you now. You find v "" ~~ \ about your strong and your weak points. award certificates and above all. compare your opinions about the statements._1 and work harder on weak arCaS. Have you used the same words as in the box? exams/ tests grade take/do review for scored/got tested on failed retake do your best under that kind of pressure? 2 Speaking skills Do you agree with these statements in the speech bubbles about tests? Write A (agree). decide who should continue in future studies or get a good job? o Tests gi ve you an idea of how you are progressing. Unil 12 . covered that yet.

lers go on looking ahead T 122 Unit 12 .. so thaI's good news for testlakers. we're going to look at Ihe Internel-based TOEFl. let's start wi th Ihe different sec tions of Ihe lest. righl? Student C And there's also a .remember. and gel students 10 odd others.. Anybody remember whallhol is? Student A Sure! It's Ihal tesl lhat foreign sludenls take to show their English is okay. And one more thing. you 're bolh right. Encourage lots oftalking. Are . There's a g lossary. Okay. almost. yes. righl? . there's another very useful feature in this test. reading. Teacher Right! Student B And you lake the lest online... Student 0 What kind of passages are there? Teacher Well. speaking. thars called a ' paper-based. orticles you would find in an academic textbook or journot . Er. now in Ihe reading seclion. as you kn ow.. First.test. Teacher Yes. who! other ways are there of deciding who should pass a course or graduate? What sort of tests work best? How can we make tests less pointless and more useful? Alternatively. you will be given three passages 10 read and. . Ihe lesl is in four sections. You can complete il on the same day. Student B Excuse me. So the passages ore typical of the kind of Ihing you would see if you were sludying in the Stoles. ask two or three individuals to summarize for the class what their partner told them. For Exer cise 4 on page 123 ':IiI Teacher Okay. You could extend the closs discussion following exercises 2a and 2b by asking further questions: Additionol activity What do/can you do to prepare yourself for exams? What canldo you do to ovoid being too nervous or under too much pressure? If we don't take tests. Ask students to interview each other. Sa lers go on to the individual papers. how . note suggestions. Ihot kind of thing. and ask students to write whether they agree or disagree with them. TOEFl is designed to tesl if non-native speakers ore ready to to ke courses in English-speaking colleges in Ihe U. and each porl tesls one of the four skills: listening. Now as most of you already know. . Yep. For example. too. lers . Apart from the note laking. to do a class survey..Objectives Vocabulary fests Topic: exams (the TOEFl) Reading on exam leaflet Ustening an informal tolk Speaking agreeing and disagreeing with statements Ask a few personalized questions to get students storied.. you will be asked 10 complete comprehension questions. are the texts long? . one that you do on paper. Put students in pairs to discuss the questions in Exercise 2e. and writing. nole-taking will help you remember what you want to soy or wri te . Sa you have to wo rk quickly. 58~------------------------------------------------------. Afterwards. Now. 2 Speaking skills Ask students to listen and read . To show Iheir English is okay. of course. Have a class discussion of the answers. Student C Thanks. okay for what? Student A To show their English is good enough to sludy in on American college... I want to begin the closs by lolking a lillie more about the Internet-based TOEFl. Let them check in pairs and then work in pairs to check and complete Exercise 13 with the words in the box in Exercise l b.. you could use these questions.S.. When did you losl take a test? What was if a lest on? How did you do? What sort aftest do you like to take? 00 you get nervous when you lake tests? Introduce the topic 1 Vocabulary: tests Ask students to fead the conversation quickly and guess which words afe missing. a . and shore their answers with the closs. . how many words? Teacher Good question -the lexls a re prelly long between 650 and 750 words. t'li begin with reading. how long is the lest? Teacher The 10101 examination lasts aboul lour hours . Teacher Uh. and find out how students really feel about exams.one hour per section. Now. Read Qut statements 1 to 4 in the speech bubbles on the page. where were we? Oh. all th e words thai may be difficult are explained for you. A very positive feature is Ihal you can toke notes throughout the test .

listening. Unit 12 T 123 looking ahead . But they ore all the kind of thing you would nor ma lly hear if you were livi ng a nd studying in the U.s. irll be okay. Then play the audio. pa rticularly from the United States.3 Reading skills For Exercise 3<1 . But to fol low a conversation isn't always enough. Okoy. have a brief discussion. Tasks: 6 (2 conversations. using th e notes in exercise 48 as a model. Let students check their answers with a partner before discussing them as a class. yeah? So you must be able to fo llow a conversati on like this. so you are liste ning to the conversati on and th en it suddenly stops and you ore as ked what will come next . If neccessary.!'e candidates to combine two or three skills.... Australia. Suggested answer: listening section: conversations and lectures.. Answers: 1 paragraph 1 2 paragraph 2 3 paragraph 2 4 paragraph 2 5 paragraph 3 6 paragraph 4 Ask students to skim the test to locate the answers in Exercise 3c. Ask students to read through the questions in Exe rcise 3b carefully.you are given four opti ons. Their goal is to find cenoin specific information quickly. The record ings will include a range of nativespeake r accents. Student C That sounds tricky. Canada. Play the audio for Exercise 4b. . uh. writing. or other exams thai your students may be planning to take. uh . remembe r this is 0 test to see how you would do in an academic environment. let's say you've been asked to listen to a dia logue between a professor and a college student Now this is a situati on you might find yourself in. Lei them check their notes in pairs. it's really not. first in groups and then as a class. to find out what students know about the TOEFL. In the listening test you will hea r conversotions and lectures. T eacher No. Student C What do you mean.g. right? Students Yeah. 4 lectures) based on: how things bappen in real world. (e.est-takers to talk about topics they are familiar with and can answer from personal knowledge and experience. and predict wha t might be the answe rs. okay? So if you were studying in an Ame rican college. draw attention to the Glossary. Then have them read in detail. lell them to note them in pencil. If so. They may know or guess some answers. 6 2 4 Listening ski lls Ask students to read the notes in Exercise 4a carefully. You have to pick the correct option. you'd have to go to lectures and toke notes.-Teacher Now. how do you test thot I can predict? Teacher Wait a second.. which wi ll be similar to those that you wil l hear in real academic s ituations. Six. Scanning Set a shan time limit for e xercise 3b because this is a scanning task Students should scan through the text un til they find the answers. Answers: 1 Non-native speakers o f English who want to study in an English-speaking academic environment (colleges and universities) 2 4 3 Reading. predicting what speaker is going to say) Exercise 4c is an opportunity to have a question and answer session aboul the TOEFL exam. You also have to be able to. speaking 4 It mirrors the way English is lIsed for commwlicative purposes in the real world. you have to understa nd whot he or she already said before. Canada. right Teacher So tha t is what I mean by -real world: Okay. Ask students to listen and complete the noles. Student C Does tha t mean six different liste ning tasks!? Teacher Yeah. integrated questions requi. and Australia. let me give yo u a n example: lers soy. of course. Britain. uh. They are based on how things happen in the real world. Student B But how do you tesllhat? I mean. Then give them one minute to find answers to the questions in the tex\. Britai n. I'm just coming to thot. The oudioscript for Track 58 is on page T122 Pi. anticipate . the "real wo rld"? Teacher Well. (real academic si tuations) range of native-speaker accen ts: US. Student A And how many different listening tasks are the re? Teacher There ore two conversations and lour lectures. We'll be looking 01the d ifferent sons of thi ngs you need to do in the exam so your students will be well prepared for the test So relax. Ask students to take notes. Britain. lers go on 10 the listening section. 5 Independent questions ask t. 10 predict what Ihe speake r is going to soy next To do this. ~~---------------------------------------------------------------------------------.

II's the exam YOII take when YOll lI'ont to study A brief introduction to the TOEFL CST What is the TOEFL CBT and what does it do? 1 at a college in the States. discuss anything you have heard about the exam. the idea behind this is that the approach mirrors the way English is used for communicative purposes in the real world. The four integrated questions require candidates to use a combination of two or three skills. What is tested and how is it tested? 2 . The two independent questions ask testtakers to talk about topics they are familiar with and will be able to answer from their personal knowledge and experience . Put simply. In this section candidates are tested on their ability to communicate successfully in an academic environment. Complete the notes taken by a teacher. In the integrated task test-takers will be asked to read a short text and then listen to a college-level lecture on an academic topic before writing a response to what they have heard of 150225 words. This is called an integrated-skills approach to testing. What happens in the writing section? 4 ti' b Tho teacher trainer then ta lks about tho listening section of the test.3 Reading skills a Vou are going to mad pari of a loaflet on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). or academic needs. It assists colleges and universities in admitting and then placing non-native speaking students within their courses. personal. Writing. In addition.750 wQrd~ Jte!p g<Ven <>L 6 glOssa ry - English language proficiency is tested in four separate sections: Reading. they may be asked to listen to part of a lecture and then record their answer. why? If not . 5 - 650 . In addition. if? b Look through lho leaflet very qu ickly. whether for professional.testtakers are required to combine different skills in order to complete different tasks. Testtakers speak into a microphone to record their answers. In which paragraph would you expect to find the answer 10 each question? Who is the exam for? How many parts are there in the test? What does TOEFL test? What is an illtegralod+skills approach to losting? 5 What is the difference between an independent and an integrated speaking tas k? 6 How many pioces of writing uro there? 1 2 3 4 c Read the leaflot carefully and answer the questions in Exercise 3b. What is the speaking section like? 3 c Think about everything you have learned about the TOEFL: would you tako it? If so. They are required to answer two different In the writing section test-takers have to complete two pieces of written work: an independent and an integrated task. It is an English language proficiency test taken by non-native speakers of English who want to study in an English-speaking academic environment. Please note that this test can also be taken in a paper-based form. the test-takers are given results which help them pinpoint their strengths and weaknesses. In this test the skills are not tested in isolation . This time lake your own notes on what the leacher trainer says. The CST is the Computer Based TOEFL or Test of English as a Foreign Language. why not? Find other people in the class who would like to take the test and find out why. In groups . they may be asked to read a short text on a related subject and then record their answer. This helps English students and their teachers identify the particular skills they need to improve in order to be ready to lake an academic course in an English-speaking environment. 4 Listening skills ~ a You arc going to listen to an Englisb teacher trainer talking to her teachers about the TOEFL. types of questions: independent and integrated. Ustening. and Speaking. What is th e reading section like? 5 In this section test -takers are required to GLOSSARY pinpoint discover exactly whnt something is mirror (vb) reflect looking ohead Unil12 .(engfh of feds. Test-takers need to demonstrate not only that they know the content but also that they can organize it. For example. The independent task requires testtakers to write approximately 300 words about a topic of which they have knowledge or personal experience. isn'. In the real world people almost always combine different skills when they communicate.

Accommodation Why not stay WI th a host familv if you want to expenence Amencan home life? Ot herwise. the options are to rent your own apartment./de . Good schools should offer th is facility. Read the article more carefully and ta ke notes on the advice that you think is important fo r you. In addition. me. books. So you've finally persuaded your parents or employer to let you go for a month to study English? Congratulations! That's the first hurdle crossed . On top of tuition and fees. Watch what you spend if you don't want to be broke after a few weeks. or hopes of further education. Do you want to be in a big school (500+ students) or a small one (under 50)? Do you want lessons that are formal or informal? Does the school offer a range of different classes so that you can pick and choose classes to meet your needs? Student Visa go to your local U.S . what would the benefits be? ha"tl!.time course@)t 0 11 history and work at the same time.On with English! 1 Vocabulary: further edu cation a Choose the correct word or words to comp lete the sentences. Greg Scott Director of Studies English @ San Francisco g. go online and check out the fees of a number of schools. Any good school will be happy to tell you about its teachers and their qualifications. seven days a weok Unit12 lOOking ahead . c Imagine you are interested in studying English in the U. Did yo u think the same information was important? d In class. are required to have medical insurance. Above all. b Check the sentences that were true. We offer all of the services above and more. r r r GLOSSARY cross a h urd le deal with a problem so that you can go on to do something successfully be bro ke (informal) have no money do something 2417 (informal) do it all the time.S" you will not be admitted to the country. The schooL So what should you look for? That depends on you. what SlOpS most students who would like to study abroad? 2 What possible solutions are there to these hurdles? 3 Woul d y ou like to study English abroad? If you could.enough ~ to pay fay c Use the ideas above to tell your partner about your experience. ~ 4 I'd like t get take a high grade on an examination ike the TOEFL.9 !J stud engi neering. please e-mail I Money If you don't have a clear idea of what a course can cost. The teachers Personal qualities are very important in a teacher. and generally have a good time.scottoengllshatsanfranos(O.. food.. travel to and from school and. are true now.. Add any extra ideas to your list. remember that it's important to stay somewhere where you will be happy. ~"fJ . 1 In your coun try. of course. you certainly won'tY regret it. If you don't contract medical insurance before you leave.S. 1 I'm planning I~I make a course in business admi~0?ation. Consulate or Embassy with a completed 1-20 Form along with your passport and an Affidayjt of financial Support Medical insurance All students studying in the U. entertainment. In groups. Studying abroad is very exciting but it can be stressful as students cope with cultural changes and speak English 2417. What else do you need to do before you pack your bags? Visas If you arrive at Immigration Control without a visa to study in the U. '!flake SUn> . 6 I need to get goo rade notes in science subjects.s." a""il' b Read the article below quickly to see how many of your ideas are mentioned. add accommodation. Le. you must apply on arrival. If you have any further questions. To obtain an E1 depressed. or could become t rue for y Oll . or stay in a st udent dorm. write a list of five things you need to think about before you go.com Sports and sociaL program Studying English is not limited 10 the classroom.. 2 Reading skills a Imagine that you have the opportunity to study English in a college in the United States. Then compare your notes with a partner. If you study at English@San Francisco. they should also be qualified to teach English. 7 I'm doing a career ~gf~i n biochemistry. learn about different aspects of the United States.S. plans. Don't go for the cheapest room if it means that you'll never meet anyone and get Counselors It is crucial that the school provides each student with a counselor . 24 hours.I.someone to give help and advice to them. especially about personal problems.! 3 I'd like 10 finish . 5 If I arr&:Qc~erled ~ entered into a university in the U. Good schools offer a wide range of optional activities to help you ma ke new friends.(iiiaiO?>nsomething to do with man ement. 8 I'd like to take a parI. discuss the following. 2 I'm hoping to pass into ~ntery graduate program.

and pass them around. bring them inlo class. . Find out which students would like to study at the school in the article. What are you planning 10 do nexJ when you finish your currenl studies? Whol are your pions for continuing fa study and improve your English in the future? Ate you planning 10 take any courses in the near future fa improve your career or employment prospects? Introduce the topic If you con find any leoRets for longuage schools in lhe U. and then have a brief class discussion. Put students in pairs to talk about their further education plans.. Ask students to read the article more closely for Exercise 2c and underline or write down information that is relevant to them. Have a brief class discussion of answers. Let them compare in pairs. asking the questions in Exercise 2d . At the end.. Ask other grou ps if they have anything interesting to add. Let them check what they found in their groups. ask one group to read their list aloud. End this pari ofth e lesson with a discussion .s. or elsewhere. Ask Which language schools look interesting and why? Ask students whot they would look for in a language school abroad. 2 Reading skills Di vide students into groups of four or five to write their list for Exercise 2a . a Web page Writing a formal e-mail requesting information Speaking discussing further education Ask students a few personalized questioos. looking ahead T 124 Unil12 .. In Exercise 2b. Monitor and help with ideas. Remind students about the Glossary. ask students to read the article and check and add to their list. Have a class discussion.Objectives Grammar functions of conditionals Topic: further education and studying English abroad Vocabulary further education Reading a Web site ad. •• 1 Vocabulary: further education Ask students to choose the correct word in Exercise la . then check answers with a partner.

Divide Ute class into pairs for Exercise 4d . youcertai nly won'! regret it. Tell pairs to read the drafts carefully.T . pool their ideas. Paragraph 2/3: Asking questions Could you please tell me . After they have their original drafts back. Nominate one student to write. and make sure they make note of the questions not answered. (advice) II you don't get a visa. Then put students in pai. Final paragraph: Conclusion Thank you very much for . Presentation alternative If your students ore unclear about how 1 organize their e-mail. Suggested answl!l'S for situation 1: You have to get a visa if you want to st udy in my country. Have students do Exercise 4c in groups of four. Could you let me know exadly . Ask a few students to read their sentences aloud to the class. suggestions. please e-mail me. Also tell them to use pencil to circle any mistakes they spot. Encourage readers to add any queslions they wish clarified or answered in the e-mail (in order to add more meaningful con tent) and also to write suggestions for improvement in pen.. Additional activity Divide students into groups of six to eight. andlor warnings. Then have them do Exercise 4b individually. (offer) When students have fi nished. ask them to share their ideas with another pair in Exercise 3d . I am writing to ask about . you won't be allowed enlry at Immigralion Control. I would like /0 find more information about .• ~ 3 Grammar: functions of conditionals Ask students to do Exercise 3a . ask students to write their e-maiJs. Elicit two or three different conditional sentences from the students and write them on the board. Ask pairs to exchange drafts. 4 Writing skills Put students in pairs to write their list in Exercise 4a . Put the posters on the classroom walls for other students to read. Do the firs t situation in Exercise 3c as an example with the class.rs to write conditional sentences. . If you don't contract medical insurance before you leave. Why not stay with a host family if you want to experience American home life? Watch what you spend if you don't want to be broke after a few wooks. Answers: Advice An offer A requirement A promise A suggestion A warning !fyau arrive at Immigration Control without a visa to study in the U. (warni ng) Give me a call if you wanl any advice about gelling a visa.. you will no t be admitted to the country. you must apply on arrivaL If you study at English@SanFrancisco. requirements. Ask them to choose one of the situations in exercise 3c. I'm looking forward to hearing from you... write the following advice and useful 0 language on the board: Paragroph 1: Introduction I am in/eresled in attending . Unil12 T 125 Looking ahead . and write a poster with six pieces of a dvice.S. Uyau have any further questions. Then have them check their answers with a partner and the Grammar Swnmary on page 130.

then join 8'1~is\"l us at Woodlandl f or fUrther informatiOn.. exchange vo Suggest imp'o your group to ell": k'lrr draft with f vements} "c or yo Write th e Ii Ilal e-mail.l lh. I~"he" ~~~HTIod"I.. We also have excellent sports facilities on the Woodland campus. vertlsement th:~swere~ I~ Ie . Accommodation Choose the type of accommodatiOn that suits you beSt.." a ang uage s h I urancc 3 BC .. dynamiC lessons with native-speaKer teacners.. social program and sports activities 8'1jo)' our extensive prow-am from theater visits to a chance to see the famOUS soston Red Sox.I. All aUf accommodation is within a 20_minute walK from the scnool... Write a lave II .. yom longuose '.. Match JO na! sentence .. \. you will ask for' f paIrs .heck . p un/h.3 Grammar: f unctions f a 0 conditionals Italic).' thin the 'ad vertisemenl b I ~.5. 5 6 d Read expen ence you } s to learn y r cu ture yo ur sentenc they agree with yo~~ ~~:~:other pair and see if m" \~ w~lte cOllditioll~ sCh~tenccs . In lair mg t ~ your countr t study yo ur about the fo lIo .ud "" Summ"y ellt IS com' language. an( pass th e (Irart back. " '" om"r " raft e-maiL mahon into para f a IOn and e When you} g phs.. b Rd' rom a ea . offering yOU the very best in language learning" En~ish 10Ef\-. -. A ".. Make a lisl of language you requYr:nf U. If you want to maKe real progress with )'our and have fUn at the 53me time. school to then pu i lli . h another pair fro~JllS ed.1Il 'scho~~erything r .On Welcome to .nd . language schOol Join one of the most popular schoolS in Boston. courses PiC from our wide range of cOurses including K for Business.S .".. V~~ . .I . organize d e mfo..n.1 e ow . u. and En~'ISh for AcademiC puf?0S8S' leache tS lively. 1 k covers.all the ~~:~~i~~~t~::~ise ?a. the. g' '" yom 1i. please e_mail us at I tooking ahead Unit 12 . 1he gomg to stud . in the text them with the f U ll the article (in . .000 foreign students a year. II I} an offer a requ irement n groups . -:-_ _ __ _ " C iOn they serve ~ook a l the condif advice 4 Writing skill s a Imagine that you arc .. b Check your answ ers w Ith the Gram on page 130 ..:.} . 1 visas 2 lllg sItuations to hel 4 } med... servicing the educational needs of over 12. ex<lm preparation for the A first-class school. M k 00 at you ]" a promise a suggestion a warning d You af doaes~~1 ~~:~v~~.nO.~ e gomg to wri ask your un Ie an e-mail \ the order questions.

0 cr planets by the \'e \oun he on (fulure progrcssh'c) P • Population: B. . b..il)' can lead to diabetes. Cancer: Within th e next 25ycarS. Not surprisingly. Constirution doc'Sn't O.. .oe"".~=::sti~~t~e". (ftill lre pr.' In "". Ie t'IOns are most important for prod' umamly 11\ general and why? 4 ~o~:~~~~~ the most terrifying predictions 2 Why will faccmasks be more there will be more 3 gave will pollution be worse? be cause th e Why ' .)k I d In prurs . with varying degrees of accuracy.Which future? 1 Speaking skills a In pairs. Are thO)' th .AIDS will be by far doom and gloom.." I". people have tried to predict the future..W of the population by 2035. discuss what predictions fo th you can make about the next 30 2 Listening skills year~ follow~ng~ work . ergy IS tuo dangerous fossil f I arc runmng oul ." U I becaus~ p~~~:~n? nemp oyment? New' b the time in the ~ervicj~n~~:}::s~. BUl it's not a\l year. pesslmlslic points and th' k r an optJmlsllc counter-argument ~or cae h pom! a I. (future perfect) GLOSSARY harrowing extreme Iy WOrrylDg or upseuin ' ameliorate mab batlB .rfcc _ ' ''ha d.However.\'croge human being will have gained 2. . 2100..\ c th '0 25% countries.m Will hoY' o.lfuture perrect} O. . most... . .-doped . .an d b aven't' look d ue S we renewable sources e at I hole the ido(/ of clonin but l' scientists will bu obi> I g I m pretty sure thai within the next deca~e~ c one a human being ~ b Listen agail I an d Mlswor these (IUesf 1 Wh 'I IOns.el) fighting over purking spacc will haYe beCOme a serious source of social conflict by 2020.-r. if not all. Baldness: Scientists at Cornell Univcrsil)' cxperimenting with a gene cal1ed SHl-l will Q. .. . pt on page 148. '~ e In groll d' e sarno.3 ..51cilos. g Unlf12 Looking ahead .S. ISCllSS theso questions.l!u'u. ro c Now read the art icle below bo the a (OPlimisti:l p~iclions o~t. compare your answers. heart disease. ~~~I~~n~a~~\et t hmcalth po~u lalion growth fa Ie vacatIOns a L'Isten and answer these questions 1 Wh o is the speaker? a politician fa ' 2 Who is he talking to? th r the People PI 3 I I ' evoters . As long as you arc a will have heen de\'c1opcd that will ameliorate citizen and 35 years or older you are eligible.~r=!~d . the \\'Orld's population will havc IYaehed 10 billion. ecause . n pairs. (future pl)rfect) p • Worlc Un<mploym. il will ha\'c becom!:lful purfed} passive) possible for a clone to run for president of the USA-The U." d.r obably h3\'C found a cure for baldness by 2020. vacations People will be 15 to space plO' Cloning: l3y 2035. scientifiC research is increasingly able to paint (future progressive} an accurate picture of how things will be in the not-too-distant future. O • Space: wC W end of the centurY. b Compare your prodict ions with other pc I A you a pessimist or an optim ist? op e. Vacations: \vithin the ncxtL'lking 20 years. new drugs haYc a clone clausc.ch p fCCrIctlOns do you think w'll b reahty and why? ocome 2 Which predictions might affect yo personally? U 3 h Which . (future lwrfecl) ure O . e. and high blood pressure. cancers and maybe even cure (fllturcJJI~rfl!c:t ~ some of them. the AIDS will be claiming a million liycs a harrowing that they make yOU wanllO stay in bed and hide under the covers. turn to the audioscri Underline all the . Have a look at these the major killer in many African and Asian snapshots of furore lifc and iudge fN yourself. By the year 2025. ' p . Porltin. s Ie a pessimist or an optimist? a pessimist y WI I fuel be n major problem? b nuduar en ' . some of the results arc so P • AIDS: In only a fcw years. 1 Whi. r 01/ ' Future fact or future fantasy? ~idcmic Since time immemorial. P • Diet: Despite the advice of medical experts who consrandy point out that obd. w.. ps. mmenl IS doing nothing 4 ~hy will unemployment gel worse? e economy will continue to dete~ior~1 c I . 2025 IDeo.

sadly. for more shy students. everyday problem. I think mos/large animals will become extinct. we will have run out of them within 0 couple of generations. vote for. But what is the present government doing? In a word. Looking ahead T 126 Unit12 . Ask two or three confiden t students to present their speech to the closs. End this part of the lesson by asking students to discuss the questions in Exercise 1e in groups of four or five. 1 Speaking skills Ask students to work in pairs to discuss their predictions in Exercise la . We'll be living in a world where the sun doesn't shine. our future looks dark. II may look like the answer in the short term. Imagine in ten years. I think we will be mining and building factories in ouler space. Play the audio again. Parking places on the street . Afterwards . it will rain ACID . as a result. The economy will conlinue to deteriorate and. and the way things are going. Ask students to prepore on -optimistic· political speech in opposition to the speech of the politician on the recording. a world where every living person wears a face mask. We'll be living in a world where when it rains. And what about genetically modified food? This government is responsible for a lock of clear policy on genetically modified food. T. I'm talking about your street. acid rain..full. my friends! Just imagine. much of our food will soon be genetically modified. NOTHING! And the result? If we continue like this. You see cyclists or the odd person wearing a facemosk today. your city. Imagine . I'm talking about your world! We also foresee that there will be so much traffic. vote for us. and tidal power. Alternatively. Then put them in groups to share their ideas. but what will the long-term effect be on the food chain and on the heolth of our people? And thars not all. perhaps as much as 25-30%! Our only hope is a greener policy . There will simply not be enough space to park your cor.a vote for the People Party. ladies and genllemon. you may invite them to post their speeches on the wall for other students to read. Ask students to listen and answer the questions. our towns and citieS will have a permanent blanket of pollution hanging over them. Suggestions: In1roduce the topic I think Chino will become the richesl and most powerful country in the world. So on Thursday. Irs not all depressing news. Ask students to listen and answer the questions in Exercise 2b. and then check in pairs. that parking will have become a major prablem. and say who in their group is optimistic and pessimistic.Objectives Grammar Topic: life in the future Pronunciation echo questions Reading a newspaper article listening a politician's speech Speaking making and discussing predictions fulure progressive and future perfect Write three or four of your own predictions for the future on the board. . ~ ~ ~ Additional activity So nuclear energy will probably be finally abandoned because it is simply too dangerous. You may wish 10 check the following expressions: since lime immemorial = dating bock to a point long ago in time • Vocabulary Irs not all doom and gloom". Ask students jf they agree or disagree with them... butthafs not the norm. our young people will be left without work: unemployment will have risen to alarmingly high levels. We need to look at clean... so much traffic. Imagine a world where every baby wears a facemask. Ask students to work in pairs to underline the pessimistic points of the speech in the audioscript on page 148 and think up and write optimistic counter-arguments. And just imagine the impact of that on the health of our children! Focemasks facemosks will have become common in towns and cities. renewable energy sources like solar. tf pollution continues to increase. Ask students to read the article . very dark. mark the predictions. But I'm not talking about a science fiction movie. wind. Public and private parking lotsfull! Double and even triple parking on sidewalks! And our streets will be in a constant danger of gridlock. Let students check their answers in pairs. your town. ask one student from each group to summarize what the group said. Ask students how they think these things will be different in the future. So what are the options? Fossil fuels? If we continue to burn fossil fuels like coal and oil the way we are doing now. snapshots 101 future life) = brief but reveoling pictures/images/insights 2 Listening skills Play the audio for Exercise 2a . Already gridlock is a common.

the world's population will halle reached 10 billion! 10 billion? Have reached 10 billion? Will have reached 10 billion? In a fll'N years. and let students shout out an echo question. Do the first statemen t as a class to get students started. Play the audio for Exercise 4d. However. Ask students to complete the article in Exercise 3e. The main problem is that students lend 10 oyoid using them. T hen replay and pause the recording afte r each stateme n t. People will be traveling in robot vehicles on sky roods! Ca rol Will be traveling in robot vehicles on sky roods? ~' - By 2100. the world·s population wHi halle reached 10 billion: Carol Will have reached 10 billion? Peter Yes. \o:. I M in Q beautiful house. Ask students to listen and answer the question. the blue whole will have died ouI! Carol Will have died aut? 3 Peter Oh. since mony languages hove comparable forms and uses. within two generations the average life span of a person will have increased by 20 years! Carol Will have increased by 20 years? 6 Peter And listen to this one: Within 50 years. Answers: The predictions: By 2100. pause. the AIDS epidemic will be claiming a million lives a year!Carol Will be claiming a million lives a year? 2 Peter I don't believe this! It says within 50 years. guide @ •• 5 Speaking skills Put students in pairs to put the lime expressions in Exercise 5a in the chart. By 2030. Point out the form of the two lenses. they should not be too tricky. the world's populalion will have reached 10 billion. streets will disappear in cities. the AIDS epidemic will be claiming a million lives a year! A million? Oaiming a million lives a year? Will be claiming a million lives a year? Unit 12 T 127 Looking ahead . Have students repeat in unison. When they are ready. here. Let them check answers in pairs. Peter 11 says here: -By 2100. Ask two or three individuals to repeat. opting for simpler forms. ffi Quick grammar guide: future progressive and futu". Then play each statement. 50% of the world's workforce will be working from home! Carol Will be working from home? 4 Peter This is incredible. which. terrible. play the audio again. and listen to this: By 2030. Let students listen to the audio o nce. She doesn't believe it. isn't it.it is an echo question . 10 billion! Peter This is horrific. For Exercise 4b. then leI it rise. students need to star! with their intonation high (and disbelieving!). perlect 3 Grammar: future progressive and future perfect Have students check answers to Exercise 3a in pairs. The future progressive (will + be+ present participle] and the fu ture perfect I will + have + past participlel both have complex forms. the AIDS epidemic will be claiming a million lives a year! Carol is sW"prised. ask them to take turns making predictions. listen to this: -In a few years. She isn't asking a question .t .~------------.1> @ Qu. the water level will have risen by 50 centimeters! Carol Will have risen by 50 centimeters? 5 Peter Can this be true? It says. Discuss the questions as a class. particularly in controlled silualions. Do Exercise 3d as a brief class discussion. Use Exercise 3b to check that students can recognize the form. To soy these e<:ho questions corre<:lIy. Usten to this: -In a few years. 6l~--------------------------------. Play the audio for Exercise 4c. In 2030. lIn a few years. Ask stud ents to listen and respond. expresses sW"prise..ck prononciation 4 Pronunciation: echo questions Play the audio for Exercise 4a. 1 Peter This is horrific. play the recording again . Common errors Overusing simple present instead of more complex future forms. AHow two or three minutes for students to think ofthings to say for Exercise 5b. Ht . fall a little. If students don't d o this very well the lirst lime. paying aUention to the intonation patterns they hear. and rise again 01 the end. the AIDS epidemic will be claiming a million lives a year!Carol Will be claiming a million lilies a year? Peter Yes.

In only a few years. the world's population will have question? reached 10 billion. We 5 will be geUing (get) some energy from windmills but much of it will be generated in our own homes by rooftop solar panels. play. computers entertainment money the world water food b Read through the predictions in the text in Exercise t again. Most homes 6 will have a lso installed (also install) a basem ent fuel unit. III fact. and respond to each b Th is tense is used for activities that will be other with echo questions. d Which areas of the article do you agree with? Which areas do you disagree with? Which view of the future do you feel is more realistic: the view stated in the listening or the one in the text above? by tilen within a month before December within a generation this time next week before the government changes by next June by next summer by 2010 Near future by Saturday this time tomorrow next month Distant futu re in 20 years wilhin the next 20 years wiLhin a generation by then within a month before December this time nexl week by 2010 by then before the government changes before the government changes by next June hy next summer h In pairs. and do our shopping will be close at hand. clai ming a million lives a year. ~ b Listen agai n. Look at the time expressions commonly used with these tenses and add them to the chart below. People 4 will he returning (return) to riding bicycles because of the increased awareness of the effects of pollution and the importance of regular exercise. What are the two predictions? a Match these predictions from the article with the descriptions that follow. Since these far ms will employ natural forms of pest control.3 Grammar: future progressive and fu ture perfect 4 Pronunciation : echo questions ~ a Listen to Peter and Carol discussing an article about the future. Use these topics. In order to avoid chemicals. carcinogens 8 will have di sappeared (disappear) from food produced in this way. With in the nex t two years. @ d Now listen to six things Peter says and respond with an echo question. I wjll /Jove graduated. many people 7 will be G rowing (grow) food in their backyards or buying it from nearby organic far ms. which will produce hydrogen to be used on days when there is no sunshine. progressive for prodictions in the near future and Use the future perfect or the future progressive. c An optimistic future By the year 2025. many of us 1 will he living (live) in neighborhoods where the air is clean and where places to wo rk. Many people. the A IDS epidemic will be ~ c Listen and repeat what Carol says. (work) from 2 will be working home. e In pairs. This tense is used for activities that will be in progress at a particular time in the future. Which are in the fu ture perfec t 5 Speaking skills and which are in the fu ture progressive? 11 We can use the future perfect and future c Complete the fo llowing article about the fu ture. I'll be working ill my father's company. looking ahead Uni! 12 . make some crazy predictions about some of these aspects of the future. What is Carol's reaction to tile predictions? Is Carol reaUy asking Peter a 1 By 21 00. comp leted before a definite time or event in the future. make predictions about your personal fu ture and the fu ture of your country. education work population the economy traffic potlution travel By 2010. Those who have to go out to work 3 will he using (use) clean hydrogen-powered transportatio n that will produce little or no pollution. fo r personal predictions.

People. Only the secretary can give the answer.one space forward· rule is when you land on the "wild card". they tell the team secretary. The only cxC{)ption to the correct answer . This type of card is unpredictable and may result in you moving forward. It is also the job oftho Quizmaster to control the two teams the same as a referee does in a soccer game. The Quizmaster is not pari of a learn. General knowledge. Words. Science. backward or staying where you are. Sports. The questions are given to the team by the referee or "Quizmaster". Grammar. Unil12 looking ohead .f h game This is a team game and the aim is to be the first team to cross the finish line. There can be 8S many pairs of teams as needed. The team can discuss the question together and when they decide on the answer they wish to give. the team is penalized and has to move back one space. If another member of the team says their answer before the secretary. You move forward one space at a time by correctly answering questions on seven different topics. Each pair oftoams has a Quizmaster whoso job it is to read tile questions to each learn and to keep scoro. The game is played in two teams of three or four players. and Entertainment.

For example. 4. if you have 18 students. 3. and be sure you prepare enough photocopies of the quiz cards for your students in advance of the game. Finally. Work out in advance how you are going to organize the classroom. Once they have tossed a coin to decide which teams starts. and tell groups 3 and 4 to sit facing around a board on the right-hand side. they have to start asking questions. 5. 4.4. 1. 1.one person who will write down the group's answer for each question. lookingoheod T 128 Unit 12 . 3. 5. (These should have been photocopied and cut out in advance. and one of two students. 4.2. Tell students to read the rules of the game carefully. light-hearted way of practicing spoken English. Read through the task first to make sure you really understand it. give the quizmasters the quiz cards. 2. a good way to start is to give every student a number by counting and pointing at students like this: 1. You can find the quiz cards on page 1'129. The secret of success is to manage the activity carefully. and reviewing some language al the end of the course. Tell them that they are going to take a quiz and that they have to choose a secretary .Objectives Grammar Topic: end-ol-year quiz Reading instructions language and conlent U5tening a quiz Speaking an end-af-year quiz of Student's Book The aim of this activity is to provide a fun. answering any questions they may have. Go over any questions about the rules before getting started. and walk around the class as students play. 3.3. Tell students to form groups. You should have four grou ps of four. 2. 2.) Set a time limit for the quiz. Tell groups 1 and 2 to sit facing each other around one of the quiz boards on the left·hand side of the class. 1. Tell them to join the teams.

(ANSWER: the long jump. all (the). l'YE'ry. some.. (ANSWER: in a). II lot of.Quiz cards Grammar Change the word but in this sentence Wlthout changing the meaning of the sentence. and cancer) 10 Name the country that has a population of about 1 billion people. I got up early to catch the bus. J Change the word to in this sentence without changing the meaning of the sen tence. sprinting. (ANSWER: heart disease.. too. 1"11 buy a cell phone. the high jump. each. the discus.S) (ANSWER: Number 1 is football.. I'd buy a cell phone. however. II"s the first conditional.) 5 What is the name of the international sports comp!?tition wtlere teams from around the world compete for the title of the best soccer team? (ANSWER: World Cup) 6 Name five trad and field spoIlS. use the future progresSIVe in one and the future perlect In the other. vinlses like influenza ami AIDS. (There are many possibilities here. (ANSWER: both. Judo. They have to be logical.:Iuse can be the subject or the object of II senterx:e. severn!. Begin it by using II form of the verb study.V 2006 . Make himlher a promISe. The only way to pass the exam is to study. There will.) Your boy/girlfriend is leaving to study in Canada for two months. T hey are unhappy although/even though \hey are rich. The woOd"s populatIOn will grow to eight billion by 2020. II quarter f two.) 10 HooN much of the earth's surface IS coYef!'d by water? (ANSWER: 70%) ' spons Where and when did karate start? (ANSWER: Japan. (ANSWER: true. they lifO unhappy.) Imagine you heard this sentence on the news and you want to report It back to me. for example. (ANSWER: Indial 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 (ANSWER: [ got up early so as to catch the bus. (Ma ny possibilities here. SA de C. the hammer. (ANSWER: Tho nowscaster said (that) the werld's population would grow to eight billion by 2020. Number 2 is baseball. thoy are unha ppy. man). Moderate warming will fa.) In wtlich of these two sentences is the event more likely to happen? a) If I get the job. the javelin. hurdles.·or some fanners. Start : The newscaster. (a) few. tae kwon do.thirds or. half (01). (ANSWER: Japan) 6 What does IQ stand for? (ANSWER: Inte lligence Quotient) 7 Name one International e<oIoglcal organization? (ANSWER: Greenpeace. every. ) 10 Which sport did Sebastian Cae excel In? (ANSWER: distance runlllng) More Quiz cards ore on on page T260 !II Unil1 2 T 129 l ookingaheod _bIe C E<iIori(JI Moo:miIon de ~o.) Make two predictions about the future. (a) li n Ie. Alt ho ugh/Though/Evon tho llgh thoy oro rich. General knowledge Where did Ca~ra come from originally? (ANSWER: Africa) 2 Which insect can Jump 100 centimeters? (ANSWER: a flea) 3 Who wrote A Hundred Years of Solitude? (ANSWER: Gabriel Garcia Marquez) 4 Which (feature can lift 50 times its own weight? (ANSWER: an ant) 5 Name the country in Asia which consists of four large islands. In the 17th century) 2 What is Muhammed Ali's daughter's name? (ANSWER: leila) 3 What does the INOfd karate mean? (ANSWER: empty hilnd) 4 Can you name three different martial arts? (ANSWER: karate.) Rephrase this sentence. capoeira. strokes. or an illegal substance that afferu people mentally or physically when they take it? (ANSWER: a dmg) 5 Name the process in wtlich heat is unable to escape from the atmosphere and causes the tempera ture of the eanh to nse. (ANSWER: Climate change will forte some species of birds to migrate.) Name five different quantifier. b) If I got the job. II great/good deal of. Friends of the Earth) 8 Wha t is the world's population? (ANSWER: six billion) 9 Can you give me the names of three of the biggest ki llers in the deveklped world? For example. however. water resources will increase or decrease: there will be more floods IlIld drough t. hardly any. [ got up early in order to catch the bus. which in turn will cause infectiolls diseases to spread. Possible answer: 1"1/ call you evory day if you IOTllllmo 10. neithe r of the. be some benefits. but the sentences have to be "predictions" and they also have to make sense!) Science What is the everyday term for the chemical formula CO/ (ANSWER: carbon dioxide) 2 What does 'GM' stand for In "GM foods "? (ANSWER: Genetically Modified) 3 What percentage of our body weight is water? (ANSWER: 60%) 4 What am I describing: A substance that a doctor prescribes to cure people of an illness. (ANSWER: St udy ing is the only way to pass tlle exam. distance running) 7 INhat is the modern in ternatIOnal sportll1g competitIOn In which people of all nationalities compete in varIOUS sports? (ANSWER: Olympic Games) 8 In which sport do pjayers "slam dunk"? (ANSWER: basketball) 9 Can you give me the first and se<:ond most popular spectator sports in the U.. no. either. howc\'er. They are rich BUT unhappy. nono of the . (ANS WER: They are rich. (ANSWER: The Greenhouso Effect) 6 What is the name of the unit used for measuring temperature? (ANSWER: a degree) 7 Can you give me the chemical formula for watef? (ANSWER: HP) 8 What IS the name lor the complete set of genes in a living thll"lg? (ANSWER: The genome) 9 Name at ledst three of the possible efferu of dirnate change. Sea levels will rise in some constal areas. many of whom are Hindus. There will be heat WIiVes and Illore air pollution..) Is thIS true or false J A noun d.

yO ll lose.JllastCr: . sa heads or '011 5. I Tails. join your teams. then check it to shaoN that it has been used. Quizmaster5. If the answer is incorrect. they move forward. Quizmasters. Qui l. read a question from the categOl)'. When you toSS a com. 6 7 8 9 10 secretary. Your teacher will give you the questions. You slar!. The other team is nO'N asked a question.The Rules of the Game 1 Decide how many pairs of teams will play. you \I'm. . they should 'MlI'k in their teams and WTlte some more questions to ask the opposite team. 5 The other team star1s. looking ahead . they stay where they are and wart until it is their turn again. toss a coin to see which team starts. 2 Select one Quizmaster for ~ pair of USEFUL LANGUAGE . If the team answers correctly. . Cootinue until the game is finished . you Y teams. 3 Move into your teams and select a team 4 A. Quizmasters. If the teams finish befOfe others in their class. Heads. Heads.

. you must provide proof of major in artIhiSlory be accepted to a cotlege or university do a degree in biochemistry/modern languages take a course in history Replace the words in italic with a word or phrase from the two lists above.. I'H be lying on beach in Rio. Offers Contact me if you need clarification on any of these points. be arguiflg about something Complete the paragraph with the future progressive or future perfect of the verbs in parentheses.he'll be watching the bg game. scorestgrades be tested on a topic/subject a lesVexam review /0( a tesVexam 2 Further education lake a course - Suggestfons Why not travel by train if you want 10 enter a graduate program see more of /he countryside? Requirements If you want /0 open 8 bank account. failed In physiOtherapy by June. We oftefl use the tIme expressions in X weekslmonthslyears and within (Ihe next) X weel<slmonthslyears with the Mure progre5SlVe: People wiD be traveling in fuel efficient cars within the next ten years. Unil12 looking ahead .' H+. This tllne tomorrow I 1 will he O). try joining dubs or a gym. gol 5 I expect to flAeM IH)' eefle§8 68tff68 in electronics next year. \lVhile I'm in England. 2 I don't think I will ever §e. By two o'ckx:k. I 9 will have sl!lilll. The fdlowing wool< t 7 will be stayjng (stay) in a hotel in london. so I'll take some pictures for you. be accepted to identity. pass 2 Future progressive and future perfect Use We use the future progressNe to talk about a situation 01" an action thai will be in progress at a definite time in the Mure: 3 1 EA~ 19th'. 12 wjll have arrjved (arrive) in London.LANGUAGE RESOURCE Grammar Summary 1 Functions of conditionals Vocabulary Summary 1 Tests passltail a tesVexam get goodIbad lake/retake We often use conditionals to express functJons su:h as advice and promises. is taking relake it Wail for me.. the a novel we hadn't was unfcur . Promises /'11 be very careful If you Jet me use the car lomght. Here are some convnon fooctions of !irs! condillOl"\als: Advice If you want /0 moot new people. (tIy1 to England. M ake any changes necessary. I Ihink it's very diffICUlt 10 eH#eF Harvard. My sister 3 will be Wilj1jll~ (wait) for me. We often use the prepositions by and before with the future perfect 1'/1 have sent the report to you by/before Friday. graduAte 6 1he exam M Next Sunday.. Warnings If you don't tell me what the problem is.jllJ.ef~I!!l1>8I!!I sludied. I'H have finished the dishes in five minutes.. . were tested on We use the future perlect to talk about a situation Of an actoo that win be completed by or befOff! a specific time in the future: 7 Harry 13 310d. These are often based on the loon of the rll'St conditionaJ (see Unit 4). I hope. (do) a 101 of shoppng and going to shQv. Julia will have completed her course 8 I liitlfl'f j8688 my driving test so now I have to 96 it ageiR.r ill~ computing at COllege now. ruture perfect: wllVwon'r + have + past participle They'll have demolished the building by the rime you arrive.. Don'/ caRJlffllhis evening .. I can't help you.<6~ ItIs English exam. Fo= future progressive: wilVwon'r + be + -ing verb We 'll be wsitlng at the end of the pia/form when your train arrives. 15 will he slo)'j!l~ (stay) with them for a week and we 6 will II!: goine.~e/! on my last malh test. By the end of my stay. (go) for lOts of country walks. I 8 will he dQjna:. but sometimes use modal verbs and imperatives in the main clause instead of Vt1II\'VOf'I't. got good grades 4 She eel6:R88 excellent grades on the exam. I 4 will be sla)'illa (stay) WIth he( and her husband in the country.Is. (spend) a lot of money but r 10 will haVe seen (see) a lot of great shows.we hB~ /19 eil8l. In two weeks /he politiCians win completely different.

which are underlined. too.ed aJ. is it too formal. looking ohead Unit 12 . tk .cellent 4 := very good 1 = poor 0 := ve ry poor 3 == good 2 '" borderline /5 130 2 Examining a sample answer a Read this lest-laker's answer. or jusl right? Reader: Hew easy would it be for the reader te understand what the writer says? /5 /5 questions. 4 Having a strategy j wrJ. ACTION PLAN I> Your action plan: werking w ith vocabulary Put yeur strategies into action! Write your answer te the exam question in Exercise 1. Look at these seven recommended steps. Can you lind it? 1 Read the question very carefully.k ~ ''fi a>Ui ' usually bqp >VK1y fad /axi5. b Look at the answer more carefully._"locc="'lL'::~_ _1 """"c'.TV t 2 ~ake a list of differences between writing a timed essay and . I he I-. too infermal. There is one mistake in the order. 5 Revise your first draft. as well. I i:eLeYl/nq tius and -me fdvre j trof. o >o u. good time management IS essential. I ek at the new vocabulary entries you have made c Since Unit 11. discuss these questiens. impreve the student's answer by correcting the mistakes. 6 Allow time te proofread your final essay. 3 Organize your notes into paragraphs. Having a structure for approaching writing is crucial.-_~"''tt-"t""". {/a-nue b!:.one witheut a time limit. 7 Write your essay again. 4 Write a draft using complete sentences. /5 -' 2 3 4 Accuracy: how accurate is the grammar and vocabulary? Variety: how varied is the grammar and vocabulary? Organizatien: How clear is the text? Are ideas logically .a.J > u.organized and does the w riting flow smoothly? /5 /5 InlemalionallV magazine • What is your favorite show on TV? • Why do you like it? We are looking for short artictes answering these 5 6 Style: Hew appropriate is the style for the context? I.. Write your final answer neatly in the test booklet.one year! Total score for Question 1 Scoring system 5 "" ex.t ~US':' .e to w an op. when? b Many people think that passing an English test only requires. Write your article for the International TV magazine (150-1S0 words). ~ 0:::: ::) Section 3: Writing You have 60 minutes to complete this section. Criteria 1 Content: hew fully did the candidate answer the question? Score for this work Question 1 Imagine you have just seen the following advertisement for an international TV magazine.e.huns e:ve:ry#u:1/. a. The best three will be published in January's edition of International TV magazine. til£. Use the examiners' criteria and the scoring system tc give the student's work a final score. _1J1q. 1 Have yeu ever written a timed essay in yeur language or in English? q:. I a In groups. 3 Will you ever have to write a timed essay in English in the future? If yes. Successful entrants will receive a free subscription to the magazine fer . Talk about any new techniques you have tried. Has the question been completely answered? Do you think this would pass or fall? Why? 3 Editing the sample In pairs. "J l ..J o Q.lish. ! .fl Ln a wry !A-mp'. That is true but yeu need test-taking strategies.s a 2 Make notes that answer the question. You may make notes and write drafts on the paper provided.C) z - The writing part of an exam 1 Looking at an exam question Read this exam question. As tests are timed. !la-nue OUWY5 shylY. good Eng. How easy would it be for you to answer this question? ~<J<I REVIEW ReVj~w your action ptan: working with vocabulary - t~ I~ pairs.e "¥."/UOlt on.

J a warmmg 5 _ _ __ b . please. you have 10 be at least 12 years old. the effects of long-term effect Could be accelerate and the Professor Greenmore sa~atastro~hic. 3 A Why are there so few students at school today? B There was so much snow. The Water I~~el has been [lsmg in coastal areas and if . I'll pay you back tomorrow.y 2. Whole cities 2 action IS not taken opinion is dividcd~n th ffithreatened. . 4 A Is all ofthe equipment in the computer room new? B No. 5 II's the weather I like most ahout Greece. over 90% of it is new. 1 a gOI b were gettin. b 4 If you want to joi n the swimming club. b. Use the words in pa rentheses. hadn't been invenrcd Slog ~at If r. (ought) The government requires that more money ought to be spent on p ublic health care 3 "I have no idea who the murderer is. (told) She told me that sbe was thinking about what lsaid . c. th at hardly any of the students came.he automobile heard of. bul most of it is. IS crops had benefited from Experts predict that b temperatures 3 end of the cenrury P . to be precise. (claim) She claimed to havelthat she had no idea who the murderer was . if you need my help. H owever' One farmer told us that h~ e ects of climate change. c get @)lave been getting 2 a might have been (JYwill be c have d have been 3 a are increasing @ vi\l have increased c will be increasing d increase 4 a would have b may @ vould d will 5 a will never be b had never been beard @ vould never have hoon d won't be Global warming or global warning'f d Match the two halves to make complete and logical sentences .a Fill in the blanks using an appropriate expression of quantity. the increase in rain. 2 A Do you usc any salt in your cooking? B JUSI enough to give the food a little more flavor. 1 Give me a call e 2 If you lend me five dollars. Yes. two answers may be possible." she sa id. d 3 If you take that without asking her. she'll be angry. ruverslty of Maryland climate change 4 e action SOOn. ' ~fessor Greenmore of the U· .t.5 degrees.'I'm thinking about what you said. 2 It is a requirement of the government to spend more money on public health care. 1 You have to wear a he lmet at all times on the building site (worn) A helmet must be worn at all times on the building site. or d to fill in the blanks in the article on the right. c 5 Try linding a cheaper apartment a a b c d e if you want to save money. The effects of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere 1 WOrse and worse and if nothing is done they will COntinu: to have a damaging effect ~n the quality of life. 5 A When my mom died she len me 33. a . right? b Complete the second sentence so that it mea ns tbe same as the firs t one. 4 . said that if we didn't tak . B And the other two Ibirds are equally divided between your brother and sister. which ofthese shirts would you like? B I need more shirts so I'll take bothlalVeyetJ one of them. In some cases. (thing) Tbe weather is tbe tbinl that 1 like most about Greece c Choose the correct answer. sir." she said.33% of the property. Furthermore. everyone all both hardly any a little a few several two thirds half 1 A OK.

(work) present perfect progressive f Read the text below and look carefully at each line. I did a four. Complete the text with a word or words from the box.. But yo u can 't leave me. :J An implant is a something YO ll pu l in the ground . (find) future perfect 4 I dou' t w. ® Which kind orTV show do these lines come from? Choose from the list orTV shows in the box.. When did .. moves past Wilson and shoots. 4) whOSE) population has been \1I«f increasing at alarming rates. ___ _ h Choose the best definition of the following words. I've been working with a petrochemical company ever s ince then.getting into college. quiz show News has just come in abou t the conti n uing civil war in Zalibad . ___ ' ___ . (li). I have_been working all day non-stop. Environmental organizutions 12) say that GM foods should not jd' be imposed un til we know mo re about the dangers. _ K5) Scientists predict that it will have ~ doubled by Ihe end of the 6) 2'lst century. Many I)f'scien1ists argue that GM food should be 3) adopted as th e onl y so lution to the problem of feeding the world. Janssen passes the ba ll but Makelele intercepts. 4 Crops aro a food for nnimal s. famine wil! increase. Diane Case has this . I used to sing and da nce fo r guests w hen they . I have watched enough TV ror today. 2 The genome is a someone who is very intelligenl. (finish) future perfect 2 This time noxt year. sports show 5 Host: And when did you know yo u wanled to be an aclress? talk show Actress: Since I was about six . II 's a goal! What a goall The goalkeeper didn 't stand a chance. so I'm goi ng to bcd. If 7) The oplion of GM food should . But I passed them and tlnally entered the uni versity that fall . so Illfld to 2 retake them. c something you feed animals. scientists will have found life on Mars. g Think ortwo words that are ofte n used with the following containers. 1 A bagof. (live) future p rogressive 3 In ten years..he complete set of genes in a living thing.. did getting into pass good grade fa il a test degree in retake reviewing for I had a hard time 1 . If we do not accept GM foods. ~} large amount of water that suddenly covers an area. Not all the words are used.lI1 t lo watch the midnight movie. animnl. Some of the lines are correct and some have a word which s hould not be there. G!\'I Foods: a possibl e solution? 1) Genetically modified food has become a conlroversial subject 21 in recent yea rs.1. c a substance that makes plants grow. _ _ 5 A carton of: ___ . 1 A pesticide is chemi cal used to kill insects.degreeJn chemistry and after that 15 djd a Master's and specialized in petroch emicals. Our repo rtor.® mmething placed in a person.. 11) pesticides could become a thing of the past. c th e history of a fami ly. c m eat and vegetables. or plant. I spent all summer 3 reviewing for the exams while my friends were out having fun. OK ..1roline! I love you! And whal about the ch ildren? soap opera Both teams now have 12 points. (watch) present per fect 5 1'111 exhallsted. _ _ ' _ _ _ 2 A can of: . this question is for you. 4 A bottle of: _ _ . we will be Jjying in our new house. the news A long pass . .6 be taken seriously by environmcntal /C 8) orga nizHtions. Team B. Check (v) the correct lines and cross ()O those where there is an extra word.year 4 . b a medicine given to animals. _ __ 3 A jar of. If they are reall y opposed to the use of pesticides in 9) fa rming. Use the verb in parentheses. 5 A flood is a a period of exlreme dryness.. tal k show current affairs documentary dra ma movie music program q u iz show reality TV s itcom soap opera s ports show the news va riety show 1 2 3 4 Harry. ! failed my final high schoo l exams. thell they must ~ consider the fact that GM foods are resistant e 10) to insects and if we J}JIe" change 10 GM foods in twenty years. future perfect future progressive present perfect present perfect progressiv~ 1 By March. b water used to make plants grow..e Choose the best hmse from the list below to complete the sentences. C.<!!»lants that are grown for food. we will have finished the house.

Here are a famous American person and place which many people consider to be beautiful.. J) but not everyone sees U Confucius 1 Getting started a Work in groups.------"Everything has its beauty . Do you think they 're beautiful? Why / Why not? b Choose three people or places from your country and tell your group why you think they are the most beautiful. Which is the most appropriate answer to these questions? 1 Where is the beauty the singer describes in the song? Q nside ourselves b in the world around us c nowbere to he found . 2 Listening for gist ~ Read the questions and then listen to the song.Beautiful by Christina Aguilera .1' 2 What kinds of problems does the song refer to? a global b fam ilyGPersonal 3 What is the overall tone of the song? @ ptimistic b neutral c pessimistic Song 1 Beautiful ...

what don't you like about it? Use the ideas on the right to help you. no. oh. I'm so ashamed.. 1 What is the song ahout? Z Why does the subject pronoun change from ''I'' in the first verse and chorus to "you" in the second verse and chorus and then to "we" in the iast verse and chorus? GLOSSARY wonhIlyria sI"_'' ""'" 4 Finishing off Discuss those questions. what is it you like? lfnot.3 Listening for deta il ~ a Lislen and complete the song lyrics. no matter what we say. five. So 6 don't vou bring me down today To all your friends. When the sun is shining through Then the clouds won't stay And evel)"'Nhere we go the sun will always 12 But tomorrow will find a way on the other side. So 11 d on'l yoy bring me down today No matter what we do. Instruments Beautiful .. discuss these questions. words won'l bring us down. oh no. words can't bring us down. 1 Do you like the song? If yes. words can't bring you down. to be delirious 10 think or talk in a confused way because you are menIally or p hysically ill. b In groups. you're 7 delirious So consumed in all your doom. Trying hard to fill the 8 emptiness . the piece is gone. oh. We are beautiful 14 no mailer what they sa y Yes. So 15 don 't you brillg me clown today . I am beautiful 5 in every single way Yes. to be consumed in all your doom to feel thaI your situation is so terrible thai you can only feel negative about everything.. no. it's hard to 2 Now and then I get 3 insecure from all the pain. 'Cause you are beautiful 10 in every s ingle way Yes... I am beautiful 4 no mailer wh at they say Words can't bring me down . oh . How much do you agree with this? Can you think of any occasions when words havo hurt you or someone you know? . Is that the way it is? You are beautiful 9 no mailer what they say Words can't bring you down. left the puzzle undone. Nole that the expressions in numoors four. words can't bring me down. no. Z There is an expression in English: Slicks and stones con breok your bones but words can never hurt YOII. Beautiful Don't look at me Every day is so 1 wonderful then suddenly. and six arc repealed.. to bring someone down to depress someone. breathe shine 'Cause we are beautiful 13 no mailer what they say Yes...

Song2 111Be There ForYou \. either in their careers or private lives. You can use the words in the box below or your own ideas. have a baby together.. Read the questions and pick four that you'd like to talk about. or both? 3 Do you have a different relationship with your male and fema le fri ends? 4 How did you meet them? 5 What do you have in common with your friends? 6 Where do you usually hang out? 7 Have you ever really fallen out with any of your fri ends? 8 What kinds of things have you had fi ghts about? 9 How did you manage to make up with them? 10 Have you ever dated any of your fri ends? c In pairs... II looks as if Joey and Phoebe will never rea lly 7 settle down. while her brother. for instance. is a paleontologist.I'll Be There For You by the Rembrandts Fr iends "Friends" is about a group of six young New Yorkers who share apartments and 1 hang out in the same toffee shop_ They don't seem to have very much in 2 common .. while two others. there wi ll always be someone 8 tbere for them.. you know they're going to 6 make up and become friends again.. talk about the questions you chose.I . Over the years. The other characters have jobs ranging from massage therapist to soap opera actor. But one thing that is constant throughout is their friendship. female . Each one of them knows that if they are down. Ask and answer the other questions if you want to. Ross. their relationships have their ups and 3 downs • From time to time. is a chef. two oflhe friends have a 4 fight and 5 fall out but before long. Monica.. Ross and Rachel. two of the characters. Think about what you can say about the friends you've chosen. settle figh t fall bang there make downs common b Write down the names of two or three of your closest friends. In fact. 1 Getting started a Read this text about the American comedy series "Friends" and fill in the blanks. get married. 1 Do all your friends know each other or do you have separate groups of fri ends? 2 Are your friends male. Monica and Chandler.

your week.. T You're lale for work. your love life is a disaster! stuck in secon d gear This is 8 driving metaphor. Listen and put ur" next to the true sentences and "F" next to the false sentences. Your 8 mother warned you there'd be days like these. F 4 I'll always be your friend.:-_ me. T 5 6 7 8 I know you' re my friend. But she didn't tell you when the world has brought you down to your 9 Chorus No one could ever 10 _--"~o w kn ~. but ..A. what is it you like? lf llot. make it through all the rest with Someone to face the 11 Someone I'll always 12 laugh with. The first two have been do ne fo r you as examples. Seems you' re the only one who knows w hat it's like to be me. stands for 'dead on arrival' .. or even your year. knees Chorus singer's voice 4 Finishing off Discuss these questions. F 3 Listening for detail ~ Read the words of the song and then listen and fill in the blanks. yo u could say you're stuck in second gear. I'll Be There For You So no one told you 1 life was gonna be this way... your ffiDflth. You can only go very slowly in second gear! So if your life seems to be going nowhere.~ T hese sentences about the song are in the right order. I' ll be there for you pour When the rain starts to 4 I'll be there for you like I've been there 5 before I'll be there for you 'Cause you're there for me 6 too You're still in bed at ten and work began at 7 eight You've burned your breakfast so far. Your job's a joke. what don't you like about it? Usc the ideas on the right to help you. you're 2 broke your love life's D. but . 1 Do you like the song? if yes.D.. J 2 You do n 't like you r job.. T 3 This was a great year for you.. II's like you're always 3 stuck in second gear. T Everything's fine today.. . things are going great. And it hasn 't been your day. your week. 1 Everyone told you life wou ld be like this. but some of them are not true.. or even your year. your month. And it hasn't been your day. In other words. F I'm an easy person to undersland .2 Listening for gist '-.. no one could ever see me. Even at my worst. I'm best with you. how m uch of it di d yo u un derstand before? images central message music instruments . Song 2 . Yeah! It's like you're always stuck in second gear. 2 Have you heard it before? If so. day with.

/ 2 Listening for gist ~ You're going to listen to a song in which a guy tells a girl about their relationship. by arriving late for the interview. we go back to the old one? she's always been his favorite ! 2 She's really blown her chance of b th e job 3 This new computer program is c rea lly messing with my head. in fact I'm sure of it because 5 My whole world came crashing e down when I lost my job · ~ told his colleagues exactly what he thought ofth em.-___ a so can'. the context is work. you could say: I bet my brother's going to marry his girlfrie nd.Cry Me A River by Justin TImberlake 1 Getting started a Match the firs t and second halves of thase sentences. isn'. 6 Can you find out why the Intern~ f it meant everything to me. 1 Whose plans were destroyed? 2 Who fo und out about them? 3 Who burned their bridges? 4 Who wasted their opportunity? 5 Who cried a river before? 6 Who's going to cry a river now? h is~ 9 / hcr him. Listen and circle the correct answer for each of the questions below. Now. "'-' it's a mystery to me. c Now check your answers by matching the expressions in bold with the correct meaning below. 4 J bet he's going to give the job to d And rea. a to get information 6 b to seem as if it has been destroyed 5 c to waste an opportunity 2 d to be sure of something 4 e to be driven crazy by something/someone 3 f to make sure there is D O chance of going back 1 d In the sentences above. For example.. use the same expressions to describe a relationship.-€D him~ CE!9'her hi ~ 5ong3 Cry Me A River . 1 He really burned his br idges when he left the company when he . I saw them looking at rings in a jewelry store. '-. with your parlner. working because b Guess the meaning of the words in bold from the context.

50 you took a chance. musk: instruments Z Imagine that you wore one of the singer's closest friends. then you may not have blown it. But it wasn't like you only 7 talked to him and you know it. I found out from him . 13 already know. what is it you like? If not. you were my 1 earth But you didn't know all the ways I loved you. Cry me a river. AU of the things people told me keep messing with my head . I found out from him. You know that they say some things are bener left unsaid. Images central mess. don't let that be. I already know. leaving sad other refuse earth a lready talked honesty alone turn Cry Me A River You were my sun. no. Chorus (Oh) The damage is done so I guess I be 9 leaving You don't have to say what you did. You should've picked B honesty . no. What things could you say to him to mako him feel beller? . And don't it make you sad about it. (Don't act like you don't know it). for you and me. what don 't you like about it? Use the idoas below to help you. 1 Do you like the song? If yes. I 5 refu se : you must have me confused w ith some other guy. you made 2 other plans. And don't it make you 10 sad about it. Now there's Just no chance. But I bet you didn't think the thing would come crashing down. Girl. don't let that be. Now there's just no chance.3 Listening for detai l ~ Complete the SOilS with the words in the box. Cry me a river. Cry me a river. Why did you leave me. Cry me a river. yeah yeah 4 Finishing off Discuss these questions. for you and me. You don't have to say what you did. Cry me a river Go on and just cry me a river 'Cause I've already cried Cry me a river yeah yeah Ain't gonna cry no more. al l 4 alone 7 Now you tell me you need me when you call me on the phone. Your bridges are burned and now it's your 6 turn to cry. You told me you loved me. Then listen and check.

leI the sun go down on me"? 5ong4 Don'. a 5 Don'. r 4 A fr agment of a lost Shakespeare play has beon discovered in tho British library. b 2 Pi ease do not discard food containers Oil the beach. 6 We don'. need a map. 1 Sorry I'm late. if you hoar about a door being closed first. then write the number 1 next 10 that picture. how could " misreading" be a problem in a relationship? 2 Listening for gist ~ a Listen and put the pictures in the order you hoar them mentioned in the song. leI The SUn Go Down On Me . For exam ple. b The six highlighted words in the sentences below are all in the song. h Having listened to the song once. his broken leg look several months to hea l. did YO ll learn anythi ng else about what the singer means by the phrase "Don'. d ©. c a a small piece b read incorrectly c to walk without any direction or fixed purpose d become weaker or less bright e throw away f become we ll or whole again c The tit le of the song you are going to hear is "Don't Let the Sun Go Down On Me". how might they be connected with a song abou t a relationsh ip? For instance. We're just goi ng to wander around tho city for a few hours. e 3 Unfortunately.Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me by Elton John 1 Gett ing started a This song was a big hit for Elton John and George MichaeL Toll your partner anything you know about these Iwo s ingers. read the sentences and then match the words with the correct definitions below. dry your now I-shirt in the sun . Thinking ahout the six words in exercise l b and the title. I wenl to the wrong street . Before you listen to the song.I must have mis rea d the address.the colors will fade.

c Do you have similar expressions in your language? Tell your partnor about a time whon you needed to use or hoar one of these expressions. "Don't lot tho sun go down on me" cou ld mean "Don't tako away a ll hope". Hero are other expressions in English abou t "light" and "hope". there's hope. oh. what don't you like about it ? Use the ideas below to help you.al message rhythm music chorus instruments b The expression. Look on the hrisht side. what is it you like? If not. the right 10 romantic line But see me once and see the way I feel Don't discard me just because you think I mean you 11 But these cuts I have they need 12 love harm to help them heal. Don't let The Sun Go Down On Me I can't light no more of your 1 darkness . words/tyrks images stnger's voke cent. Where there's life. All my pictures seem to fade to black and white tired and time stands still before me I'm growing 2 Frozen here on the :3 ladder of my life. The dorkest hour is just before the dawn. it's always someone else I see I'd just allow a fragment of your life to wander 8 free But 9 losing everything is like the sun going down on me.3 Listening for detail ~ a Read tho words of tho song and then listen and fill ill the blanks. I can't find. Too late to save myself from 4 falling I took a chance and changed your way of life But you misread my 5 meaning when I met you Closed the door and left me blinded by the 6 light Don't let the sun go down on me 7 Although I search myself. b Find tho six words you made predictions about in Exercise t c. Were your predictions right? What con nection do the words have with the relationship described in the song? '--- 4 Finishing off a Do you like the song? If yes. . There 's /iSht at the end of the tunnel.

. Ch~~ the box thai represe nts yOW" op iniOn for each sontence. W Tho singer is sen t to a school where he is socia lized . CD The singer is happy and open to his world. Predict the order of these slages and then listen to the song and check yo ur answers. The mai n purpose of school is to preserve the status quo... GLOSSARY 10 preserve the sta lus quo to keep things the way they have been traditionally.... Schools give children the discipli ne they need to beco me useful members of society... !II T he Singer begins to question his education . It is n't the role of a school to teach children what's right and wrong... Here are some opinions about this subject." 2 Listening fo r gist @ Tho song examines diff~rent slages in the si nger's life. T hen compare and discuss your answers with your partner.. 50095 The logicol Song . AU good schools help chitdren to discover and develop their creativity.... o o o 0 0 0 0 o o o o 0 0 0 o o o .. o o educalion in particular can shape our personality and limit our individuality.. o III The singer becomes angry and rebellious..The Logical Song by Supertramp 1 Getting started "Tho Logical Song" is about how education in general and sch ool o o 0 o 0 0 School days afe the best days of your life. Children should be free to study what and when they like.. ..

1 magical [ And all the bIrds In the trees. I know it sounds absurd. .' ~ b Now liston to lho song and numbe r tho words in the box above in tho ordor you hear thom in the song. We wera made 10 feel responsible for our own learning. Before you listen 10 it again. responsible dependable presentable practical cynical absurd 1 For goodness' sake. 1 Do you like the song? If yes. Thoro's somo good in everyone. oh It was beautIful. you know. clinical. Then listen to the song again 'and fill in the blanks. playfully 2 watching mel But then they sent me away 10 teach me how to be 3 sensible . Won't you please. a 8 vegetable I 4 Finishing off Discuss these questions. what don't you like about it? Usc tho ideas on the right to he lp you. Now. but he doesn't have much practical expericnce in everyday business. that is completely a h!>urd ! ' .it wasn'l just inlcllcclunl stuff. S lie's 8 good candidate on papor. G YOli expcct me to bolieve that your dog ate your homework!? Marlin.the leachers wera too cynical. We learned plenty of practical subjccls at school. But what do you think? Discuss with your partner whether any of tbese sentences wero true for you or someone you knew. 4 J wish you were a bit more responsi ble about your work: you just don't seem to care. It was hard 10 get inspired at school . I cried a lot when I first wont to school. a miracle. respectable. oh. responsible. There are times. when all the world's asleep. Thornton is a vcry dependable employee. put on a clean shirt! You've got to be presentahle for tho interview. ~ c Now read lhe song and check your answers. the 5 questions run too deep for such a simple man. In the ten years that she has worked with the bank sho bas never been lale fo r work. And then they showed me a 4 world where I could be so dependable. a fanatIcal 7 criminal ! Oh won't you sign up your name. please tell me what we've learned. It seemed that life was so wonderful. complete the sentences below with the most appropriate adjectivo. Io9l<al. a liberal. what is it you like? if not. watch what you say or they'll be calhng you a radical. presentable. but please tell me 6 who I am. well they'd be sInging so happily. we'd like to feel you're acceptable. 2 Don'. practICal. Intellectual. I was more creative as a child Ihan I am now.3 Listening for detail a There are II number of adjectives inlhc song. 2 Tho song takes a very nogative view o f growing up and education. be so cynical . Joyfully. 3 Ms. The Logical Song When I was young. cynICal.

... She went on t o sell nea rly 2 0 million albums in the fi rst t wo years and won eight Grammy Award s. but it seemed t hat music was in her blood.ColT' ~ worldwide success and the title 7 Away With Me was one of the most played songs 0 ... the year.. She began si nging in church when she was five and took up the piano two years l ater. -. they were signed by America's most famous jazz 5 label "B lue Note" and recorded their first 6 album Come Away With Me. Feels like Home. make up a short story with your partner including all the pictures.... However. she moved to Manhatta n and start ed pl ayi ng wi th a 4 group called "Wax Poetic". which went straight to the top of the 8 charts in 16 different countries. In 2000.. singer/songwriter studio label charts track album touring stage musicians copies gig/concert band/group awards fans b Read this short article and complete the text using some of the words from Exercise la. GLOSSARY the Grammy Awards (he mosl important annual awards gi ven to performers and music writers by the American Music Industry. jazz. Jones foll owed t his up with the album .. In 2004 . Since ____ then. Come Away With Me.. In 1999. this talent ed 9 songwriter hasn't stopped singi ng her unique blend of country.. Which story is the most romantic / the strangest / the most original? Song 6 Come Away With Me . Check that you know all of them.1 Getting started a Look at this list of words commonly used when talking about the music world.. gig on her 16th She played her first 2 birthday an d went on to win a number of special 3 awards for her jazz singi ng. When you're finished.. Before listening.. Ravi Shankar. she has never lived in India. This was an incredible track .. She was brought up by her American mother in Texas. but soon formed her own group. . All of the images on page 145 are mentioned in the song. Norah Jones is the daughter of one of India's most famo us 1 musicians .. tell some other students your story. and blue ~ c You're going to listen to one of Norah Jones' most famous songs.

. what is it you like? If not. Do you find any of the images in the song beautiful. discuss these questions. original . you'll hear ''I'll write you a song" first. For example. so write " 1 " next to that picture. Then listen again and write the missing words.. 1 Who do you think .2 Listening for gist Now listen to the song and put the pictures in exercise lc into the order you bear them..·they" are in verse two? 2 Why does tho singer ask her lover to go away with her "in the night "? 3 Why do you th ink the lovers in the song might need to leave? 4 Do you know any stories of lovers who have run away? . b Wbafs the relationship between the singer and the person she's singing to? 3 Listening for detail ~ a Read the lyrics and check the order of the pictures. why not? Use the ideas be low to help you.. Come Away With Me Come away with me in the night Come away with me And I will write you a song Come away with me on a bus Come away with me where they can't 1 With their 2 lies I want to walk with you on a cloudy day In fields where the yellow grass grows 3 Knee high So 4 won't you try to come? tempt us Come away with me and we'll 5 On a mountain top kiss Come away with me And I'll never stop 6 loving you For I want to 1 wake up with the rain Failing on a tin roof While I'm 8 safe there in your arms So alii ask is for you To come away with me in the night Come away with me ~ . 4 Finishing off a Do you liko the song? If yes. or romantic? wordsllyrks singer's voke central message rhythm chorus Images musK instruments b In grou ps. _..

Unit 7 Lesson 3 Exercise 4b
Read the role your teacher gives you.

Role C : membe r of local chamber of commerce Role A: local resident
You really do not want the hostel to be built on the land . Before the hospital was burned down, the area was very pleasant to live in. It has deteriorated over the last two years, and you think it will get worse if the hostel is built as it win attract some undesirable people. You think this will affect property prices and will become dangerous for the children in the area. The area is quite bui\t* up and you think the land should become a park, with a children's play area, and maybe a swimming pool. There is an industrial area on the other side of the city, which you feel would be a better site for the hostel. You are also personaUy worried about how this would affect the value of your property. You recognize that such centers are needed, but why on your doorstep? Your concern is the economic weU-being of the city. It used to be a very wealthy city, but that has changed over the last ten years as a number of businesses have moved away. The area of the city under discussion is a prosperous residential area, and you feel that a commercial center, with banks, shops, and businesses would be a much better use of the site. It would encourage the wealthy residents to spend money, and as it is on the outskirts of the city, it would also encourage people from the surrounding area. You could also benefit financially from such a project as you have a building company.

e ess people. Most f homeless people d 0 the problems in the i . 0 not cause alcoholics and dr~~y~~~~r: ~re a few people would stand a '~~c~tbthese chance of 9 tf etter lived . h e mg treatment ;f they m a ostel It wo Id I that the h . u a so mean jobs and could get the city S h e wealth of also h~lp u~ou a development would fru t . r career as you are s rated In your present job.

~;~e t hostel that could tagk:~~~n~~~

~~~:I~s~ re:1 PrOblem in the city with P two smau h:t:isT~re are currently enough beds. This ;ite ~tbithere aren't

Role. B: social worker

Role 0 : local doctor
You can't understand why the old hospital isn't going to be rebuilt. It was a small, old-fashioned hospital -and after the fire all the patients were. moved to the main city hospItal. However, the main _ hospital isn't big enough to cater for the whole city, so another hospital is needed, and there is now the opportunity to build one that is -bigger and more modern, and which could have specialist units. Furthermore, a new hospital would "benefit you personally as your office would probably be incorporated "into the hospital.


Unit 8 Lesson 3 Exercise 4b

You are relieved that your parents know about your hobby, but you are determined to continue it. However, you know that you are going to have to make some compromises to continue, because you need their support. You also hope that they win buy you a motorcycle for your 18th birthday. You'll have to think of a couple of very good reasons why they should. Be prepared to listen to your parents' arguments and agree to anything sensible. Reassure them th~t you will continue to study and you WIll go to college . You really want a motorcycle, but you'\I wait to get a good one, and you have some money that you can contribute towards the cost.


You are horrified at Emma's hobby and you're very angry that she hid it from ¥ou. You also don't like Jake, her boyfriend, whose bike she uses. You want her to stop motorcycling but you don't want to have a huge argument about it. You're worried that it's dangerous, especially racing .

You are also concerned about Emma's hobby, but you're not as worried as her mother. You know that Emma is a sensible girl and that she doesn't take unnecessary risks. You are worried about the cost of a motorcycle if she continues, though, and the costs of insuring it. You also feel that she should be using a small, not very powerful bike right now, as she hasn't had a lot of experience. You're prepared to pay some of the money towards a motorcycle for her birthday, but not a\1.

Try to persuade Emma to stop racing and to go o~ the motorcycle only in safe, places, I.e. not on main roads. You re aware that she has probably not had a proper course in riding a motorcycle, and offer to pay for one before she gets a bike of her own.

Unit 6 Lesson 2 Exercise 4d Read the next paragraph of the story.

Unit 7 Lesson 1 Exercise 4c/d Choose one part from each of groups 1. 2 and 3 to write your description.

I climbed the chain-link barrier fence while the two brothers took the tension out of the barbwire strands at the top. Enough so I could straddle the fence, get one foot on the concrete wall of the aqueduct and drop some ten or twelve feet to the bottom. Then they lowered the bikes down to me su.s~nded on their belts. We rode for miles dOw~ this grant cOrridor of cement, the wheels of our bikes bumping over the brown lines of caulking used to seal the seams. Except for those seams it was the smoothest, flattest surface I'd ever ridden a bike on. (Story ending: The bo% spend hours bike riding in the aqueduct and through a tunnel, and they are eventually picked up by the police and taken home.)

Group 1

Group 2


Unit 6 Lesson 4 Exercise 7a Read the full version of the story of tho hitchhiker. A friend of 8 friend was driving along the Massachusetts Highway one night when he noticed a young woman walking along the side of the road. Concerned for her safety, he pulled over and asked her if she would like a ride. Without saying a word. she got into the car. As they were driving, he tried to engage her in conversation, but she remained silent and didn't say a single word during the entire journey. At the end of the Highway, he stopped at somo lights. The young woman got out of the car without saying goodbye or thanks. Thinking sho was extremely ungrateful, the man drove off and thought no more about her. A feW days laler he was cleaning his car when he noticed a purse on the floo r. Inside the purse was Ihe address of a house not too far away so he decided to return it to the young woman. when he arrived at tho house, an old man opened the door. The young man exp lained that he had come to return the purse to the young woman who lived there. The old man looked at the purse in amazement. "This purse belonged to my daughter, but she was killed in a car accident on tho Massachusetts Highway more than 20 years ago."

Group 3

Unit 2 Lesson 4 Exercise 3 A So, this question. Which of these does not go with the word white? a) meat, b) bread, c) tea, d) egg. B Well, we definitely use white with egg . e Isn't it meat? D Na, I don't think so. Chicken is white meat. e Oh, you're rii ht. A It's c, tea, right? We can have black tea, but we say tea with milk, not white tea, right? D Yes, that's right, so it's c. What's the next question? A What is the name of the sea that separates the European and Asian parts of Turkey? Is it: a) the Black Sea, b) the Sea of Marmara, c) the Mediterranean Sea, or d) the Caspian Sea? C Oh, that's difficult. I have no idea. D Well , let's try to figure it out. It isn't the Mediterranean. B No, that's right. And the Caspian Sea is in Russia, I think. What do you think, Laura? A Yes, I think you're right. So maybe irs the Black Sea? C No, I think you're wrong, Laura. I went to the Black Sea when I visited Bulgaria a couple of years ago. D So ... do we all agree that it's the Sea of Marmara? All Yes, let's put that ...

Unit 12 Lesson 3 Exercise 2c So nuclear energy will probably be finally abandoned because it is simply too dangerous. So what are the options? Fossil fuels? If we continue to bum fossil fuels like coal and oil the way we are doing now, we will have run out of them within a couple of generations. We need to look at clean, renewable energy sources like solar, wind, and tidal power. But what is the present government doing? In a word, NOTHING! And the result? If we continue like this, our future looks dark, very dark. If pollution continues to increase, our towns and cities will have a permanent blanket of pollution hanging over them. We'll be living in a world where the sun doesn't shine. We'll be living in a world where, when it rains, it will rain ACID ... acid rain. And just imagine the impact of that on the health of our children! Facemasks ... facemasks will have become common in towns and cities. Vou see cyclists or the odd person wearing a facemask today, but that's not the norm. Imagine ... a world where every living person wears a facemask. Imagine a world where every baby wears a facemask. But I'm not talking about a science fiction movie, I'm talking about your street, your town, your city ... I'm talking about your world ! We also foresee that there will be so much traffic, so much traffic, ladies and gentleman, that parking will have become a major problem. There will simply not be enough space to park your car. Parking places on the street - fulL Public and private parking lots - full! Double and even triple parking on sidewalks! And our streets will be in a constant danger of gridlock. Already gridlock is a common, everyday problem. Imagine in ten years, my friends! Just imagine. And what about genetically modified food? This government is responsible for a lack of clear policy on genetically modified food: and the way things are going, sadly, much of our food will soon be genetically modified. It may look like the answer in the short term, but what will the long-term effect be on the food chain and on the health of our people? And that's not all. The economy will continue to deteriorate and, as a result, our young people will be left without work: unemployment will have risen to alarmingly high levels, perhaps as much as 25-30%! Our only hope is a greener policy - a vote for the people party. So on Thursday, vote for us, vote for ...

Answers and scores
Unit 3 Lesson 2 Exercise zb
Un it 4 Develop your writing Exer cise s b Compare this model paragraph with the one you have written.

Figure out your partner's score llnd read the analysis. Do you agree?


_ _ _'_ '_._

_ _

._ _ - -. ~ - . -1--

Internet addict or Internet phobe?

1 a3 2 a1 3 a1 4 a3

b2 b3 ,2 b3 ,2 b2 01


5 a1 6 a1 7 a3

b3 ,2 b3 ,2 b 2 01

An a lYSis

18-21 : You're hooked on the Internet! If you don't start cutting back soon you may end up "disconnected" from the rea l world!
11-17: You have a healthy interest in information technology but you balance it with an interest in ~reallife". 7-10: Is your life affected at all by recent developments in

Ji-rwlLy, there is the quesb:on. rf fw.,edgm. and oLtgai:vm.s in tk fa-wLJi. On. """ ,",wi, _ Imngs duua. On 1M dheo-, " 1m"!!, ~. ')rkm. fw.,edgm. and ~ are nd 6aLa-need, there is cqn,f{jd. JOy exa'"rnfle, a !:ee?lL1ffY -wanis f:.o go !:o a po;.ty and tk pJ.;yenis dIJ nd -wani tIwm. f:.o ffJ. )tow can flus ccnftid be ewied. l /3df.. pa..ties -need 'WOYk. /;0 u">Ui.e:r1;a.nd the dhc:Ys peYSpx1:i've and I:d..e ~ fq,- theiy O>+n adions. .k paYenls -need f:.o 5Iurw theiy ciuld.Yen I:.Iu1l -wJh fw.,edgm. COmeS ~, so chi!d.Yen need 5Iurw paren1:s t/uU; !:ky can -manage t/uU; ~. In my w"W, the I:ee~ sIwuld.. tei1l:J-.ei.y paYems wf1ere t-ky aYe gccng, ..,.,.fll1f; k'»le !:ky ...dt niurn. fu:rme, and ask. ~ !:o go.




~y tkn needs !:o fuLfill theiy otligalwn. £wY]! b.'»Ie a paYe:n1 and a ciuld.'s /::rn1; is wi fmi<.e.n, freedom ...dt i~. Of cau:r!e, alL !:fu.s is ea5[ey sad I:f.an done. Hc»e-yey, by tnd and em?Y a-nd. genu..?1£ Lo-ve and wn.dedandJ.-ng fa~ can 6ecurne ewn. ~.

Information Technology? You are in no danger of getting hooked bu t it may be a good idea to explore the Internet a little more: it might enrich your life rather than limit it.

Un it 5 Develop your learning Exercise lb Check the key to the questionnaire.

Uni t 4 Lesson 3 Exercise l b

25·36: An excellent score! You're getting lots of good practice and if you
keep doing these things your confidence can only grow. As they say, the best way to improve your speaking is to speak and you're certainly doing that . But that doesn't mean you should sit back and relax. Keep looking for ways to challenge yourself.

Look at the analysis for your score. Do YOli agree?

Your score
M ostly a: you're a fa ir-weather friend, You use your friends and see them when it suits you, but drop them Quickly if you no longer want their friendship. Do you have any old friends?

13-24: You're doing a lot of things riglit. Congratulations! But don't stop
there. There are still opportunities to take. Look down the list and see what you can work on . And although having imaginary conversations with yourself in English may sound half crazy, it does work. So build on the good work you're dOing!

Mostly b: you're a very good friend. but you're probably not quite as honest In friendships as you should be. You don't say what you think. so people don't always believe what you say. Mostly c: you 're a great friend. You probably have a lot of close friends because you are very caring and loyal. You make friends easily and keep friends fOl" a long time.


Things aren't too bad and can only get better. Most people feel uncomfortable speaking in a foreign language but one thing is for sure - it will only get better if you work at it. Start by speaking more in class. You can also record yourself speaking English or have imaginary conversations ;n English. It rea lly helps. So start today - life's too short to miss opportunities and you never know where English could take you. Good luck!

U n it 4 Lesson 4 Exer cise 38 Check your answers

ami re"d the analysis for you.

Un it 7 Lesson 3 Exercise lc Read the analysis for your score. Do you agree?

a - O b- I c - l a -I b- O c - l a-O b - I c - l a -I b - l

a -O

b- I

c - O c - O

c -I

You haven't learned how to be assertive, have you? You shou ld take credit for the work you do and make more of your career opportunities. Don't let people take advantage of you _ You have your beliefs and you stand up for them, but you also respect the rights of others to express t heir views _You've gotten a good balance into your life. confident but you should try and show more consideration for other people's feelings and views.


Well, you're very honest (If you've answered the quiz honestly, of courser). Lying or cheating really isn't your thing, is ttl Good for your 9-19: You have been known to lie or try to cheat the system a IJttle, but who hasn't' There may be the odd occasion when being a little dishonest Is acceptable, but don't do it very ottent 20-32: Have you really told the truth in answering the questions or is that not In your nature' Your score suggests that you think nothing of being dishonest - but what do other people think about this!
Unit 9 Lesso n 2 Exercise lb Check your ans wers to th e 1.Q. puzzles.


7· 12. You've become a bit too aggressive: it's good to be

1 c 2 d 3 b 4 The man is very short and can't reach the
bulton for th e 10th floor.

Communication activities


Student A
Unit 2 Lesson 1 Exercise lb Read the text about SlIlma Hayek's cnrl y life. Complete the graph.

soap opera
went to

moved to LA

became an



went to school in Louisiana kicked out
of school




dropped out of university

Livin' the Vida Loca

5alma Haye k is the first Mexican actres~ to Hollywood movie star Since become a R' Ha ek was bom in Veracruz, Dolores De lio. Y 2 1966 He r parents M 'co on Septem ber, . eXI, a rivate Catholic school in

Unit 8 Lesson 2 Exen::ise 1 b Read the text about ka rate. then go back to page 82.

sent her to


11 The school
• . behave

Louisiana whe n she was

expelled h e r because she used to mls constantly. and so she had to return

In college she stu

Karate is a form of martial art originating over two thousand years ago in India. However, it is now known as a Japanese martial art: it was brought to Japan via China and became established there in the 17th century. The word karate means "empty hand", which describes the open hand technique used now - the sport used to involve closed fist fighting before it evolved into its present form. The aim of karate is to be in total control of the muscles in your body so that you can use them with force and accuracy. Experts often break objects to show mental and physical training but when

Martial arts:
they fight, their blows do not make physical contact. The sport is based on attacks with the feet or the hands, but the force and momentum comes from the hips, so good balance and hip rotation is everything. Many people take up karate as self-defense, although for many others the martial art and the philosophy behind it form a way of life.

d' d Intemational Relations

but she didn't finish her studies; instea • ~ e d out with the intention of becoming droppe arents didn't agree at fi~st, an actress. Her p ' d to goong h Hayek wasn t use bU~i:~~hh:~gparents' wishes, she ~ollo",:ed ~er



~;stincts. Her first break w;S gett~~;~o:ul: i~

local theate r, which didn t pay . Then she got a starrmg . was good experience. The role in a popularTV soap opera. Tereso . . Hayek famous m shoW'S success ma d e . Mexico. Despite her success, she deCided to quit the show and to move to L.A. to make a career in Hollywood.

misbehave act in an unacceptable way instincts natural feelings


martial to do with war or fighting
momentum the rorce thai keeps something moving


Communication octivities

which starred Antonio Banderas I put Haye k on the Hollywood map: Unfortunately.. did muc h be ~ter. Till Dawn ( 1996). rom usk. example. Hayek spent her first yea r learn ing English and sh e also learned to drive. which a lso starred Will Smith a n~ Kevin Kline.-'. Th. They won't be. there is an unp redIctabIlity and uncertainty in genetic modific3tion because of a 13Ck of knowledge about how genes work. UtaI s. For . tcchnical solution thai wlil lead to orner problems later. Haye k had a starring role in Wild Wild Wen. biotechnology provides resistance to certam insects but only for 3 period of.e. Frida Kahlo.S. in any country whcre merc·s been a democracy. Instead.. We 3re not saying that all GM cropS arc dangc rous. In the sam e year. the film was a disaster. she decided not to pursue her career immediatety in LA. say. Unfortunately. The actress got her first big break in 1991 when she starred in My Crazy Life. GLOSSARY pursue to follow a courso of action bomb (in this context) to be a failure GLOSSARY biotechnology science basad on cells and bacteria ban stopping someone from doing something Communication aetMties 151 . On th e contrary. the movie that followed F o . ne\"er been a serious faminc •. and the grasses were used to feed anim~ls. was a success With both critics a nd audiences. ~e GM solution is 3 quick. ~ unger in the world is to do wi th mo ney. GM food: the arguments against Although we haven't proved that ~M ~~ps are dange rous. Haye k released Frida base d on the life of the fa mous M exica~ painter.. There are other \~ays that can acmallY provide a better long-term solunon. He r next moyie Desperado. a tee n thriller.StudentB U nit 2 Lesson 1 Exer cise 1b Read the text and complete the graph about Sa1ma Hayek's life after sho moved from Mexico to the U. and Dogma (1999). We want 3 global ban on GM . T h is solution used local materials.. Road th e arguments against GM foo d and complete the table on page 106. BUI we must ha\"C 3 right to look carefully al those that are da ngerous. The Faculty (1998).S. she used to avoid the movie crowd when she first arrived there. Even dun ng the famines in Ethiopia.. five years . This was done with corn and the crop doubled. ® Dogma Despemdo The Faculty Frida was a huge success learned to drive @ ® ® good ® learned English From Dusk TIll Dawn bombed Wild Wild West bad Unit 10 Lesson 3 Exercise 311 Livin' the Vida Loca Although Hayek was use d to considerable success and fam e in Mexico. office.The alternative is to plant a kind of grass that gelS nd of the insects. the government exported f~ from there because that was the way me economiC ". In late 2002. not expensIve technology. Grecnpeacc says food supply is nOI the issue. bombe d at the box. which is why wc muSI find alternatives. The film wa s a huge success in the U. d systcm \\-"O.

oh. oh. Addiflonol activity What makes a person beoutifvl? Ask students to work in small groups to make 0 list of five or six things thot make a person beautiful inside and/or outside. When the sun is shining through Then the clouds won't stay And ~erywhere we go the sun will always shine. Words con·t bring me down. words con·t bring us down. words con't bring me down. 4 Finishing off Discuss lhe questions in Exercise 4 as a class. write them at random on the board. 1 Getting started Put students in groups of four or five to do the task in Exercise 1. 10m beautiful in ~ery single way. 3 Listening for detail Play the song agnin. Trying hard to fill the emptiness. ·Couse you ore beautiful in ~ery single way. No molter what we do. But tomorrow will find a wayan the other side. Ask students to listen and choose the best answe r. 'Couse we ore beautiful no molter what they soy. no. the pieces gone. You ore beautiful no molter what they soy. Use these pictures when doing the group work task in exercise 1 . Yes. Answers: The song is ahout how everybody is beautHul inside. Words can't bring you down. So don·t you bring me down today. teft the puzzle undone. In the last verse and chorus. and saying tbat they should feel beautiful. Yes. So consumed in all your doom. irs hard to breathe. Ask students to listen and complete the lyrics. no. oh. she is speaking directly to the people listening to her. Preseillalion If students have problems hearing the missing words. no molter whot we soy. So don't you bring me down today. • 1Iemative Put studen ts in groups of four or five to discuss the questions in Exercise 3b. I am beautiful no molter what they soy. ~~---------------------------------------------------. even if other people are criticizing them. Yes. no. In the chorus. or piny and pause. too. 2 Listening for gist Read through the questions in Exercise 2 carefully as a class. etc. oh. You may need to play it more than once. words won't bring us down. Yes. We ore beautiful in fNCry single way. Students have to listen and "choose" the wo rd they hear. locations in students' countries. Is that the woy it is? Song 1 T 134-13S Beautiful . Let students check their answers in pairs.Units 1 &2 Beautiful Lead in by Christina Aguilera Bring in your own pidures of beautiful people and things: pop and film stars. Don't look at me Every day is so wonderful then suddenly. and should have the confidence to feel beautiful. no. I'm so ashamed. she is saying that everybody shou ld feel confident about being positive and "'beautiful". Play the song. ("ugly" and as hamed because she's famous and has too much exposure). Sa don·t you bring me down today. In the first verse the singer is singing about how she feels. Now and then t get insecure from all the poin. To all your friends you're delirious. words can't bring you down.

. Ask students to listen and write T or F. and fill in any blanks they can remember. But she didn't tell you when the world has brought you down to your knees that . etc. 4 Finishing off Discuss the questions in Exercise 4 as a class. A friend is . You're sfill in bed ot ten and work began at eijght. @ ~ 3 Listening for detail Ask student to read the words of the song carefully. rll be there for you When the rain storts to pour I'll be there for you Uke rve been there before I'll be there for you 'Couse you're there for me too.Units 3 &4 I'll Be There For You by The Rembrandts Lead In Ask students what they know about Friends. A friend is forever. Give students three or four minutes to prepare answers to the questions they have chosen. Let students check their answers in pairs before discussing as a class. 2 Listening for gist Ask students to read through the statements carefully.and get married. things are gOing great. A friend is someone you can trust. Then put them in pairs to discuss their answers. you're broke. but . Ask students to listen and fill the rest ofthe blanks. Your job's a joke. your week. Ask What are the names of the characters? What do they do? Can you remember any words from the theme song? 1 Getting started Ask students to complete the text with the words in the box. And it hasn't been your doy. Play the song for Exercise 2. Ask students in pairs or small groups to complete the sentence starter above in five different ways. Your mother wamed you there'd be days like these. your love life's D. rm best with you. . Even at my worst. So no one told you life was gonna be this way. your week.OA Irs like you're always stuck in second gear. but . Play the song again. make rt through all the rest with I'll Be There For You T1 36-137 Song 2 . No one could ever know me. When it hasn1 been your day. I'U be there for you When the rain storts to pour 111 be there for you Uke I've been there before 111 be there for you 'Couse you're there for me too. have babies. Ask students to share their ideos with the class. Yeah! trs like you're arways stuck in second gear. Vocabulary connected with friends: share on apartment = live in the same apartment Vocabulary hong oul (with friends I in cofesl = spend lime together fall oul = hove an argument and slop being friends make up = apologize and be friends again sett!e down = stop being young and "free" . You've burned your breakfast so far. Seems you're the only one who knows what irs like to be me. or even your year. your month. buy a house. no one could ever see me. or even your year. Someone to face the day with. your month. In the feedback. ask three or four students to tell the class what their partner told them. Addi1ional acIivity 6S~-------------------------------------------------------------------. I'll be there for you When the rain starts to pour I'll be there for you Uke I've been there before I'll be there for you 'Couse you're there for me too. Someone rll always laugh with. For example. etc.

oh (Cry me. you and me) And don'l it make you sod about it.. go bock? Ask students how they would express the idioms in theif language. You don" hove 10 sa(. whot you did. !When you call me on the phone] Girt. you must hove me confused with some ather guy. ~ '" You were my sun.. And don't it make you sod about it. there'll INa chance. Ask When did you losl cry? Whot kinds of things make you cry? What do you think Cry me a river means? 1 Getting started Ask students to match the sentence halves and then check their answers in pairs. oh (Cry me.. All of these thilgs people lOkI me keep messing with my head. I found out from him. I already know. I refuse. Oh Cry me a river IBoby go on and justl ~ Cry me a river rfou can go on and just) Cry me a rivef. note some good contextuaiized examples of the language and write them on Ule board . for you and me. whot you did. For example. ~ Note Play the song again.ise2 . Ask students 10 listen and check. oh """"' be. you were my earth.. yeah IOhi The damage is done So I guess I be . 2 Listening for gist Read through the questions carefully. Cry me a river IGo on and just) Cry me a river IGo on and jus!I Cry me a river IBaby go on and just) Cry me a river yeah.Units5& 6 Cry Me A River by Justin Timberlake Lead in Write Cryan Ihe board. yeah yeah IAin1 gonno cry no more. You tokl me you loved me. all alone? Now you teH me you need me when you coil me on the phone. Oh the damage is done So I guess I be leaving. on Ihe phone. who! you did. You don'. cry me) Cry me a river. all olooo? Oh the domoge is done so I guess I be leaving. What does burn bridges literolly mean? Why is il a good metaphor for saying you can'. I refuse. no. refuse is a verb. Play the song for Exerc. [Messing with my head) You should've picked honesty. Cry me a river. Girl. But I bel you didn1 think your thing would come crashing and now it's your turn to cry. l lound CUI from him. yea·yeol Cry me a rivef Cry me a rivef. Your bridges were burned me when you call me. yeah yeah IOhi The domoge is done So I guess I be leaving. Ask students to listen and circle the correct answer. hove to SCI'i. SUI you didn't know oillhe ways I loved you. there11 never be. Now there's just no chance. 1"\0. lOon" hove to sa(. You don·t hove to SCI'i. (Cry me. Additional acttvity Rale·play one of the situations suggested by the song: friend trying to make singer feel better. Cry me a river IGo on and lustl Cry me a rivef IBoby go on and jus!) Cry me a river IGo on and just! Cry me a rivef ICouse rve already cried! Cry me a river. Elicit responses from the class and discuss the answers to Exercise 1 a to le.. for you and me. Idioms You could explore the idiomatic nature of some of the language In feedback. lrm not like them baby) Your bridges were burned and ncm irs your tum Itt's your turnl To cry. 1 000l ad like you don" know it). uh) Now there's just no chance. here.. you must hove me confused with some other guy.be. Before they do the lask. Oh down. ~ WOSI"I11ike you only talked 10 him and you know it. As you elicit answers. You told me you loved me INtrv did you leave me. oh Cry me a rivef. cry me) 5ong3 T138·139 Cry Me A River . 4 Finishing off Discuss the questions in Exercise 4 as a class. who! you didl I already know. oh ICry me. you and mel And don't it make you sod abou' it. and mode other pions. cry me) Cry me a river. oh Cry me a river. cry me) Cry me a river. INa chonce. then you may not have blown it. for you and me. II already know. there11 !AI olonel Now you tell me you need . oh Cry me a river. leaving. (Danl hove to soy. I found ou1 from him. 3 Listening for detail Ask students to try to complete the song with the words in tbe box. Cry me a river Cry me a river Cry me a rivef You know tho1 they SCI'i some things ore betrer left unsoid. Ask students in pairs to try to use the vocabulary in the context of relationships. who! you did) I already know. ask. Let them discuss ideas with a partner.. Why did you leave me. II already know! Now there's just no chance. point oul to students thai. So you took a chonce. singer telling boy/girlfriend why the relationship is over..

Don·t let The Sun Go Down On Me T 140-141 Song 4 . Have a brief d iscussion in feedback about what the title ofthe song might mean.Units 7 & 8 Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me by Elton John Bring in pictures of. Play the song again. Ask students in pairs to match the words to definitions.. Irs always someone else I see I'd just allow a frogment of your life to wonder free Bullosing everything is like the sun going dOWTl on me. 'Cause losing everything is lik. Geof'ge Michael George Michael was born in london )0 Greek parents. Dh. Monitor and prompt.. including Rockel Man and Crocodile Rock. baby. irs always someone else tholl see I'd just allow a fragment of your life 10 wander free 'Couse losing everything Is lik. he hod a 101 of lop len hils. writing with Bernie Toupin. oh. His feol nome is Reginald Dwight He become famous in the 19705 when. so he is Sir Elton John. and prepare to present a brief description under these headings: childhood influences career songs gossip Ask one person in each group to make the group's presentation. He become famous in 1982 when he and his friend Andrew Ridgley hod lOP len hils as the pop bond Whom! His best-known albums are Faith and Older. Too lale to save mysell from falling I look a chan<:e and changed your way of lile But you misread my meaning when I met you Oosed the door and left me blinded by the light Don'tlel the sun go down on me Although I search myself. Lead in 1 Getling started Elicit as much information about George Michael and Elton Jobn as you can from students. In the feodback. encourage students to share their best ideas.-------------------------------------------------------------------. Ask students in groups of three to think of a singer or bond they know well. and see if they can remember or guess the missing words. Use these 10 elicit ideas and information about the singers. All my pictures seem 10 fade to black ond white rm growing tired ond time stands sUIl before me Icon1 find the right romantic line But see me once and see the W!rf I feel Don1 discord me just because you think I mean you harm Butlhese cuts I hove they need lave to help them heal. and tell each other what they think might be happening in cach. His real name is Giorgos Kyriatou Ponayiotou. ~ 3 Listening for detail Ask students to road the song carefu lly. Ask students to discuss how the words might connect to the song in pairs.. I'd just allow a frogmenl of your life 10 wonder free. Frozen here on the ladder of my life. irs always someone else Iholl see. Answer: "The sun going down" here means the end of the relationship . Ask students to listen and fill in tho blanks. Culture note E1ton John Ellon John was born in England in 1947. then it will be like the night falling. Don·t let the sun go down on me Allhough I seorch myself. Additional activity ~~. .if the singer's lover does not return. He was knighted in 1998. 2 Listening for gist Ask students to look at the pictures in pairs. or CDs by. Play tho song and ask students to listen and order the pictures.e the sun going down on me. Elton John andlor George Michael. ~ 4 Fi nishing off Discuss lho questions in Exercise 4 as a class. His most famous song is CondIe in the Wind.e the sun going doWTl on me. don11et the sun go down on me AIIhough I search myself. I con'tlight no more of your darkness. He is famous for his outrogeous clothes and glosses.

presentable. play the song again. and -af on the board. Then play the song so that students can check their ideas. the questions run 100 deep for such a simple man. we'd like to feel you're accep. or words they come up wi fh in the lead in. -able. Ask students to fill in the blanks. a liberal. And then they showed me a world where I could be so dependoble. Ask students in pairs to write as many English adjectives as they con thol end with these suffixes in one minute. a fana tical. Ask students to number the words in the correct order. 1 Getting started Ask students to complete the questionnaire. the questions run so deep for such a simple man. intellectual. watch what you say or they'll be calling you a radical. but please tell me who I am.oble. a criminal! Oh won" you sign up your nome. when all the world's asleep. When I was yaung. when all the world's asleep. 2 Listening for gist Ask students to decide on the order of stages. Find out which pair gal the most.able. practical. -ible. please tell me what we've learned. Addltionalocttvity ~8 - Ploy -guess the word. well they'd be singing so happily. Won'. Won't you please. Let students read thro ugh the song to check their answers. and check their answers with a partner. Ask each team to choose four -ible. Pronunciation note Note that the stress goes on the syllable just before -ible or . a vegetable! At night. 3 Listening for detail Once students have completed the sentences in Exercise 3a with the adjectives. responsible. respectable. a miracle. Divide each group into two teams of three. it seemed that life was so wonderful. clinical. Play the recording again.Units9& 10 The Logical Song Lead in by Supertram p Write -able. or -a/words from the lesson. There are times. 4 Finishing off Discuss the questions in Exercise 4 as a class. Now. playfully watching me! But then they sent me awoy to teach me how to be sensible. logical. Elicit answers from the class and find out who believes school is useful and who thinks it is harmful. but please tell me who 10m. I know it sounds absurd. joyfully. who have to guess which word they are describing. oh it was beautiful. They read their words aloud to the other learn in Iheir group. cynical. Song 5 T142-143 The logical Song . you please. and ask them to read out their list. I know it sounds absurd. please tell me what we've learned. magical! And all the birds in the trees." Divide the class into groups of six. They have to write a sentence fhat defines and contexlualizes each word they hove chosen.

Ask students to listen and label the pictures. Student B is Norah and has to read the biographical details in exercise Ib again so that he or she is ready to answer questions. AddIIIonaI actMIy ~'-----------------------------------------------------------. Play the recording again. Brainstorm and write on the board as many words as you con connected with the subjed of rock music. for example: What do you call the place where bonds record musiC? (studio) Whol is a live show by a band in a bar or club called? Igigl Ask students to complete the text with words from Exercise la and then check with a partner. ~ 4 Finishing off Discuss the questions in Exercise 4 in groups and as a class. Elicit one or two short stories for the class to hear. 3 Listening for detail Let students read through the song to check their answers. ask questions )0 make sure students know the more djfficult words. In feedback. Lead In 1 Getting started Ask students to discuss the words in pairs and look up unknown words in their dictionary. and have them tell their group their idea for the story. Role-play an interview with Norah Jones. 2 Listening fo r gist Play the song. Ask students to fill in the blanks. Then put students in groups of four or five .Units 11 & 12 Come Away With Me by Norah Jones Bring in a large picture or pictures of a rock band or pop singer. Put students in pairs to create a story using the pictures. Student A is the interviewer and has to prepare questions to ask. Come away with me in the night Come away with me And I will write you a song Come away with me on a bus Come away with me where they con't tempt us With their lies Iwant to walk with you on a cloudy doy In fields where yellow grass grows Knee high 50 won" you try to come? Come away with me and we'll kiss On a mountain top Come away with me And I'll never stop loving you For I wont to wake up with the rain Falling on a tin roof While I'm safe there in your arms 50 0111 ask is for you To come away with me in the night Come away with me Come Awoy With Me T144-145 Song 6 . splitting the original pairs.

I repeat you cannot speak! If they guess correctly. waist. If the opposite team guesses correctly. (ANSWER: boxing) Wild Card People Name the lead singer of the British rock band. It might also include sports and SI)Or1 ing events as welt as discos. theatres.s. Vocal (the way you solllld) and Verbal (w ha t you say).<ooliouedfmmpogen291 Words Is a tabloid newspaper small or big in size? (ANSWER: small) 2 What do you stop doing if you suffer from anorexi. draw a picture of someone in the class so that the other team can guess their identity..) Name three things you would expect to see on a language 6 school's social program. movie houses.) Name the sport where two people wea ring special gloves fig ht each other in a ring. your team can move fOfWard one square_ Give eight different words for containers. SAdeC. ankle.. knee. fingers. calf. pack. Stay put! S 6 7 8 \... jar. T 260 QuizCords OEtIiIoricIMocniIondeMl!xko.someone. Mime this film . hip. what does the word circuldrion mean? (ANSWER: The number of copies sold every day.papef has a massive drculiJtion. 7 8 9 historical sights. bottom.) 4 Can you name the man who developed the theory of 'multiple intelligences'? (ANSWER: Gardner) S 1Nhich disease does Muhammed Ali suffer from? (ANSWER: Parki nson 's) 6 What was the infamous couple Bonnie and Clyde so well known for? (ANS\¥ER: Robbing banks) 7 What is the opposite of an introvert ? (ANSWER: An extrovert) 8 1Nho was the infamous German leader during Wood War II? (ANSWER: Adolf Hitler) 9 According to one study. nose) 9 lNhat is an 'Fl Student Visa' used for? (ANS\\'ER: Students who want to study in the U. eyelids. tub. (ANSWER: exam ples might include visits to museums. need th is type of visa to enter and study there.3? (ANSWER: eating) 1 What do we call the father of your wife or husband? (ANSWER: father-in-law) 4 What do you call those two lines of hair above your (?yeS? (ANSWER: eyebrows) S What is the colledive name for a massive number of trees in a tropical region. shin. What are they? (ANS WER: Visual (the way you look). heel. fist . eyebrows. hand. box. you can move forward one space _ (ANSWER: tube. people evaluate each other using the 'three Vs'. for example.Lord of the Rings: The Two Tovvers. !l nd bag. 10 By what name was the terrorist Inich Ramirez Sanchez better known? (ANSWER: Carlos the Jackal) 1 2 3 4 Stand up and whistle a song by any English-speaking group_ If you do this successfully. America's Next Top ModeL ) In the sentence The newy. If you are successful. can. etc. (ANSWER: Mick Jagger) 2 Which famous Australian actor directed a film about Jesus Christ? (ANSWER: Mel Gibson) 3 Name five parts of the human body. mouth. On a piece of P<lper and wi thout speaking a word. forehead.. toes.? (ANSWER: football) 3 What do you (aU a magazine that you read on the Internet? (ANSWER: an e--zine. your team can move forwa rd one square. and natural landmarks. bottle. thigh.] What does DVD stand for? (ANSWER: Digital Versatile Disk) Name five different kinds of TV program.. clubs. /)0'(. movies..nere it rains a Iot7 (ANSWER: a rainforest) 6 'IoIhat do yo u suffer from the next day if you have drunk too much alcohoP (ANS WER: II hangover) 7 What do you call old or broken th ings wh ich are worthless? (ANSWER: junk) 8 Can you give me five different features of the human face? (ANSWER: chin. carton.V. The Rolling Stones. lips. eyes. Sing a song in English or move back two spaces_ Mime this type of person . special ceJooI'8tions such as Thanksgiving. ears.no is aggressive_ If the opposite team guesses the adjective correctly.) Don't move forward.) 4 5 Can you give me the name of three famous Reality TV programs? (ANSWER: Big Brother. wrist. elbow. documentaries. Oh. foot. 2006 . drama. llUiz shows.) 10 What is the informal word for not having any money? (ANSWER: broke) What or who was 'Pong'? (ANSWER: The first video game) What kind of program has the highest audience ratings in the U. shoulders..S. head. The word combines two words: 'electron ic' an d ' magazine'. move fOfWard two spaces. current affairs. etc. armpit. dear! Teday's not your day. Tem ptation Island. (ANSWER: abdomen. famous places. and don't move back. Move back two spaces. (ANSWER: talk shows.Quiz cards Entenainment 2 .. your team I1'IOYe5 fOfWard two spaces.

you can find plenty of adults playing. Part 3 Friend . either. Friend Yeah. There are video games involving magic and mythological sellings .to me they have the dynamism of movies. For Exercise 2 on Page 1I4 . The thing \ really like about them is the dynamism . Butl think that really the commerciol success of video games is that they appeaito all ages . I don't understand. one of the most popular Kinds of videa game is the 'heroic action" game. of course. as you can imagine. Ronalda. What is it that makes these videa games so papular? 52~---------------------------------------------------.. Friend Pong!? Johnny Yeah! Anyway. so whot oboutlhe harmful effects? You know. I bet iI's all boys and yaung guys. they start from as young as six and ploy till they be<ame young adults. Do you think . over 20 years. Johnny Well. Audiascripts T 261 . Then they're simple to ploy.. and they do tend to be young guys . the early days. ThaI's a long time! Friend Yeah.you moy have heard of iI. And they hove the power and all the color of cartoons and comic books . But whot kind of people do they allrac!?' bel irs all . Friend Not really my scene. Johnny You bet! I remember the first videa game . And of course. Ihe early 80s. Friend Mmm. no . too. ~53 '-------------------. the people who play videa games are mostly young... yeah.. then videa games ore a good choice. For Exercise 2 an Page 114 . like. Then. like Pro-Evolution Soccer. There must have been a 101 of changes since then.. like the horror movie.. A classic of this type is Alone in Ihe Dark. There are so many different kinds of games now.the grophks these days are incredibly ollroctive and real. Port 2 Friend What is it that makes these video games so popular? Johnny Well. some people say videa games have bod effects on the people who ploy them. 1M above all. You know. Johnny? Is il computer programming? Johnny Sort of -I design videa games. but you can ploy them at horne. Friend fr. thaI's not true. If yoU're looking for realistic entertainment.For Exer cise 2 on Page 114 "Port 1 Friend So what exoctly is it you do. something like Zelda is a successful example of this type. Johnny No.. We know bays tend to be mare violent than girls . there's the horror video game. Johnny Some Kind of thing... A good example 01 this type is Commando . but in video games they toke port... il appeared in 1972 and il was pretty bosic. I guess I can see that. Zidone. who are attracted to ~ i deo games? Johnny II"s difficult to soy. I've been designing them since the . I think port of it is that boys seem to be attracted to new technology more than girls.all for the boys. But since then Videa games have been getting more and more sophisticated. Friend Why do you think irs mostly young guys. but sadly I think the things that may make them attradive to guys are the adion and the violence in so many of them. Friend Kinds of games? What do you mean? Johnny Well.thaI's nat just for men or boys. the instrudions are really obvious. there are loIs of sports videa g<lmes.. and you can make up your own dream team. I've only heard of Tomb Raider. and especially teenoge boys. I dunna .it was called Pong. in which you can lake on Ihe identity of your favorite soccer player. Friend Sounds awful.. they involve the players in imaginative WfSo/S. That just means irs full of adventure and monsters and lots of pretty violent odion. whoever. so I'd soy they ollrad all ages from six to sixty. In the movies the viewers are passive. Something thaI really annoys me oboul these games is the way they're all so mole-oriented .the use of color is fantastic. Bed:hom. something that really allrods people to videa games is the grophks . they hove on active role.

4 interesled. S like. COlIltry. 7 ddn1. 6 already.. 4 speaker I. on my birthday. 8 scaed Exercise 2 1 used to take. 6 fa. 6 a 7 c. 7 c. PatA. 2 worM. I. 4 FalSe. 2 rose. 2 never. 7 internet. 12 website Exercise 2 l c. 4 opened. 10 False Exercise 4 I True. stlXlying. 5 I wish I had a beller job. 3 False. 7 f9C0QrMze. 9 refuse. 5 respectable. S False. S weren1 used 10. 7 I believe you den'. 4 irritatng. Conversation 0 is about paying too fl'k. 5 Grace McBtide. a allach'nenl Exercise 3 I looked. 6 1wish I hadn't eaten so rructl! 7 If crit I had lislened in SChool. 2 isn't used to gattng~: 3 used 10 hate. 3 True. 7 rising. dressed. 6 revise. 7 creatrve. 2 was. 3 just. 6 am WOfkng. 6 named. 5 QLDeI . 2 TM. tOO roorni'g. 4 dIAl. 6 opened. 3 False. 6 SErious.8. 3 True. 2 fa. 8 If orly I hadn't beerl so stupidl Exercise 2 1 ~ 2 ~ 3 t 4 L 5 ~ 6 g. 4 True. 7 d. 8 ():Ies this Exercise 3 1 Are. 4 gave. 5 c. 8 I have neyer heard aJYIhilg so Exercise 2 1 's doing. 6 radical Exercise 3 1 happy. 3 1. 6 receipt. 3 ~ 4 ~ 5 g. 6 interest 7 St. 3 1Ned. a week.I'pise. 8 WhaI. 4 Martin Martinez. 5 ~.6. 2 fl. 3 means.oersaIion 4. 7 True. 2 True. 3 . cats. 3 'Iirus. 10 b Exercise 3 I ever. 4 emoIicon. 3 a 4 b. 5 team. 4 recently. 3. waithg. 4 Exercise 5 1 speaker I. S Exercise 6 Conv£wsa\ll. 10. S3f. 9. 7 True. 7 expressions. 2 I sUI haven't spokoo to Jack. last year. 7 'm not dci1g. 8 False Exercise 5 Exercise 2 1 interested. 2 Grace McBride. March. Unit 2 Lesson 1 Exercise 1 1 was. 5 ooJd. 2 chcv1ged. were. 8 just Exercise 4 1. 3 used to.4tl. 5 r\leresl. 5 aash.)l'l A is about Iendi1g """"'"' """'Y. 4 conservative. 2 bored. 3 's practiCing.!thy.5. SQ: 3 know. 3 altraclive. a "terested wrow.8 Exercise 5 1 I have aready read this book. II crash. 8 True. in Exercise 3 1 lend: 2 pay. 3 dowIioad. 4 was used to. mecn. 2 proof. 5 doY. 6 False. 4 bkJe. 8 h<n:Ie. 3 cn.. 7 played.terested. 4 Adriana. 9 asked. 6 False. 4 corwersa100 3 Exercise 5 1 False. 2 chat. 7 the job . whef11 was 14. 6 appealing. 5 a Exercise 3 I c. 2 attractl\lE!. 6 file. 4 duI. 10 ransom. S romantic.4. 8 rose Exercise 2 1 negatIVe.!. lb. 8 speaker 4 T262 . 6 hactl'\. 8 ~it 1 !llQ(ley.. 6 Martil MartIl'1f!. 4 If Oft. 3 /aIIi). a a Exercise 5 1 Bi!lie.trt. eiglt r'I'IhJtes Since: 2003. 11 caIed Exercise 3 Ie. a False. 3 1m cookhg. 9 a1traction Exercise 4 1 False. 2 ptXe. 8 sh::e Exercise 2 For: 25 years.!. 4 moved. 2 a. 8 f 1 didn'. 8d Exercise 6 1 crine. 3 Exercise 5 1 False. means: 4 1i<e. 3 fame. 7 g. 5 bored. 8 made. 2 inyWment 3 ~. 2 is annoying. a few holr's. 10 like Unit 1 Lesson 3 Exercise 1 1 hazel. 6 f~. ConversatlCtl Eis about someone's Exercise 7 1 True. 2 b. 10 became. 12 "" Exercise 5 I 10lII'ld. S recenUy.&il. waste: 5 1'111: 6 borrow: 7 sperd.t I hadn't ooived tate. name Exercise 7 I e. Unit 3 Lesson 1 Exercise 1 Exercise 2 Maley.. 4 a. 3 1wish I hadn't spool aI my money. 2 i. 7 ~ed. 6 caIed. 7 False. 5 made.Jl.. aJYOIl8: 7 '/ohlal. 2 graduated from.ng. 4 SU'pi:se.7. 6 doesn't have.Tioad. 5 1ound. 40. 7 speaker 3. 8 calls Unit 2 Lesson 3 Exercise 1 I I wish I were lamous. react la. 2 interest 3 SU'P'ise. 4 bg off. 2 know. 3 conversatoo I. 8 hadn't argued Exercise 4 I !Uprise. Exercise 6 Across: 5 fortune. 8 are. 3 e. 10 aware. ~. II wish. 7 bored.. 5 AdriMa Exercise 6 1 That's.~ Exercise 2 1 d. 3 False. 4 hadn't Ixu. 9 True. 8 1 emporary. Sa. 2 False. 9 TM rane. S True.d.. 7 were. 2 nterestO'. 6 discipWned. 2 FalSe. 3 fai". 3 did. 12 know1edge. 6 e. 3 earn: 4 buy. 8 conversatoo. 8 irritatng. 3 Qlit. 14 Unit 2 Lesson 2 Exercise 1 1 Down: 1 alford. 8 cash: 9 ~ 1 SInCe. 4 1s~. 7 negalive Exercise 4 l c. 8 e True. 3 speaker 2. Conversation C is about someone whO is rri:serIy. 6 WI'OIe. 4 ~ 5 a . 5 True. watchi1g Exercise 4 1 Do you lke tIJS rTIOIIie? 4 He owns I'M:) ca-s. 6 bored. 6 False. 11 generous. 4 False. 2 OI"gar1i2ed. 5 lor. 82. 2d. 8 " terest Unit 3 Lesson 3 Exercise 1 1 ~ 2~ 3a4~ 5~ 6~ 7L 8a Unit 1 Lesson 2 Exercise 1 1 active.6b . 7 asked. 13 tend 3 MartIl'1 Martinez. 6 speaker 2. 3 sh:::e. 9 e>!pIaned. 10 Do you wn~eIse? """'" .4. 2 used la. 8 friendly Unit 4 Lesson 1 Exercise 1 I Inp!essions . 7 Wus. 2 M. 5 conservative. 2 True. S TM Unit 3 Lesson 2 Exercise 1 l allactment. MarisoI. 8 ta1ing Exercise 2 1 amm.Idl /c( a bad ~ ieI 'Ce. 6 d 7 a. al nne o'clock Exercise 5 I C. 5 risi'lg. 5 speaker 4. 7 SR)8. 3 modest. 5 are. 6 orb. 7 False. S True. 71. 6 radcaI.6. 7 casI1. 4c Exercise 4 """'. 2 had pa.tl fly. 8 b Exercise 6 2. 4 COI. 7 l!lliery. 5. 5 tasci1atng. ttls anernoon. 2 I orly I had more lriends. 9 borI1g.Workbook Answer Key Unit 1 Lesson 1 Exercise 1 1 tie. 6 hazel. 3 c Exercise 5 1 True. 9 progran. 6 used la. 2 M arisot 3 MartsoI. 3 rot'l'lMtic. six. 5 Have you fM!l used a cha1 room? 6 Have you tned to pefSUade Mary yet? 7 I have recently thoulj1t about my iU1tJ'l!. 2 fallilg. 5 ~ 6 a. 8 True Exercise 4 l a 2 ~ 3 ~ 4 c . 3a. 4 Do you uroderstand. 8 gave. 3 aggressive. 3 True. 4 fould. Conv£wsation B is about paying too IllJCh /c( scmething. 6 True. 4 True.n. rane: 5 o::vmon. know ead'I other. 5 I'm writJng you now to i'Mle you to dnnef. 4 /C(.5 c.. 'm used 10 dOIlg: 4 used to waII:: 5 used to have: 6 'm not used to ctivi'IQ Exercise 3 2. Sa. name. 9 h. 3 cold. 6 am cooI<. a j. last week. on my lasl birthday Simple past and used to: when I was a ctWd. 8 False Exercise 6 1 generous. 5 hated. 4 False. Exercise 6 1 nsilg. 7 L 8 b - Exercise 6 1 COIl'o'eI'SaIoo 2. 2 fri9"ds. 7 blond. 4 judgment. 2 h. 2 False. 3 Have you seen Mile yet? 4 The gossp has just started. 7 active. 6 False. 7 st •. a tcng time. 5 tar. 2g. 4 False. 6 Exercise 4 SfnpIe past: yesterday. 6 i'. 7 Grace McBride Mart" Martilez. 7 True. yesterday Exercise 3 1 ~ 2 L 3 a. 10 M . 2 d.Z. 2 cx:n. 4 risilg. 2 speaker 3.

5 A Exercise 4 1 acawniC. 8 had faJen out Exercise 2 I b . Exercise 4 l c.Jd have. 7 9. 7 ltao/.4. 11 biography. 4 In spite 01. 2 have written. 7 were filled: a has. 6 a. 3 NeY8I1he1ess. potatoes: 4 circulation. 10 "". 6 True. 3 lfflWgetened.a.3. 14 myth. 2 f\C. 6 c " 'Unit 7 Lesson 1 Unit 5 Lesson 2 Exercise 1 ' ~ 2~ 3a 4l 5~ 6~ 7 ~ 8e Unit 6 Lesson 2 Exercise 1 l L 2 a. a sense of tvnor 2. 2 True. would have been: 3 hadn't flown. 17 postt. 2 a. 7 definite planllO. 4 are playing terris. 4 a. 8 ten. rT'O'I9y 2. 4 9. 3 h&aHhy. 7 C. 6 jaw.5. 4 penci. S iltentlOn. 4 False. 10 counterpart. 6 is going sYNmlilg. 5 aW!(j. 5 a 6 a 7 a. 3 1rne. 7 h. 5 e. 9 bait. a prediCted Exercise 6 Across: 1 urban. 2 True. 7 c. 3 d. 3 1OQ1lfident.6. 2 but then ~ you are a Potter far'!. 2 ~ l a 4 ~ 5 ~ 6 ~ 7 a 8 a 9 b. 6 calories. 7e. 4 a. 4 For ttose of you who h special ellecls. S tar·wealhe' friend. 6 a Exercise 4 Patien::e 3. you wonl nm. 2 b. 8 Unit 6 Lesson 1 Exercise 1 1 C. 6 False. 2 Columbus. 3 wanted. B silcefa. 4 are beng printed: 5 ts beng written: 6 be banned. 5 True. 3 eyelids. 9 have corne.n::h. 3 non· fiction.YI. 2 True. 7 met. 4 B Exercise 2 1 horror stOfY. 6 have been e)l8CUled. 4 wmkIed. trust I. 11 pursue. 3 Shakespeare. c: 3 C. 6 b Exercise 2 . a False. 7 a 8 b Exercise 4 2. 8 True Exercise 4 1 ~ 2 a.IIcn'. 6 <M'Tocgement. 2 Eriksson. Exercise 4 I False. l b. 7 active. 4 Eriksson.~ _ _ _ ~_ T263 . S is going to. 10 mabie Exercise S 1 FaJse. 6 In spite 01. a f Unit 4 Lesson 3 Exercise 1 1 WOUd see. 8 c Exercise 1 I C. 2 A. 2 k:rve story. 6 Vespucc:i. 6 e Exercise S 1 Well. S are reading. 2 SlJUCk !. 8 is going to Exercise 2 2. 12 tlstori<n. 5 True. 8 passive Exercise 2 1 was written: 2 are rsoc!: 3 were sold. 3 ~ 4 l S ~ 6 h. srnilat age 4. 14 aspire. 5 dshwasher. wouldn 't have left: 6 hadn't made. 2 c. 5 Vespucci. WOl.:ate. 5 evm thoug/1. 2 A.JIne. 3 ~ 4 a . 7 was shown. W(:Mjdn't have desigled: 7 haoo't foond. 15 Mlsist. 10 Although Exercise 3 l a. 3 have been. 10 c 9 a. woUd have died: 8 hadn't inve1ted.- Exercise 5 I oval.b. 5 A 6 F. 7 rave. 3 1. respect I. 2 c. 3 ~ 4 ~ S c. 16 offshoot. 9 am going to visit. 2 Su'e. 3 Not mentioned. 2 d. 5 passive. 2 c. 2 D. 7 False Unit 5 Lesson 3 Exercise 1 Unit 6 Lesson 3 Exercise 1 I passIVe. 5 hoOOld.vse. 2 trend. 8 have protected. do4ng Exercise 6 1 B. 4 False. 4 b. 6 a leaves: 3 Ate. SIfT'i(I' tastes 4 Exercise 6 2. 3 a. 6 e Exercise 2 1 protejn. 7 1eadng the~. 4 SCience flC tlOr1. 3 1. Despite. 2 are haWlg k. 12 cohabit. 7 have had. 15 moIat. fifth Bf1d eighlh sentences are correct. 2 a 3 ~ 4 a .leaVng: 0 6 does. 2 <M'T~. 8 arrMgE!ITIent. 5 a Exercise 4 I balar'ced diet 2 protel1. Cervantes. 7 bor'rt.p 11 the magi. good at tiStenng 3. a L Exercise 4 1 is gcW'Ig shopping. 6 i. start: 7 starts: 8 are going. cartdlydrate. 10 True Exercise 6 l a 2~ 3a4a S~ 6~ 7a8b . 2 died. Exercise S 1 CoUOOus. chocolate. third. 8 b. 2 had lived. 2 ~ul. 7 is going to. a optimi:itic. 3 Magellan. 3 a.. 13 select. 2 H. 9 Nevertheless. 4 d. 16 1 had been travetng: 2 had been Io<lkng: 3 had.5. 4 have been. 3 arrangen"I9'lI. 4 passive. t 8 tradrtiOnal Down: 1 react. 3 a. 10 e 4 ll\entlOl1. 8 sc:i. Exercise 6 I b. 5 b. l C. 4 JX>1. 4 hadn't been. Exercise 5 1 hadn't started. made: 4 had. 9 True Exercise 5 I shotjd be banned. chOCoholiC Exercise 3 l D. 13 creek. 3 L. have become Exercise 6 1 pericIil. 7 is meetng G Exercise 3 1 f. 10 dr<rnatic. 3 !T<JVl1Y. 7 True. wouldn't have become. 6 True. 4 a. 6 are wailing.10 Exercise 3 t False. Exercise S Exercise 4 l b. Exercise 6 1 False. 4 True. 6 hQnest. 6 wi. 5 d. 9 9. 4 MageIarl. 2 e. 9 saw. 9 ~abIe . 7 F. going to watch: 4 is goilg 1 cal: Sare.p a friend~. 9 ig1ote. 9 slave. attacked: 6 had lailed: 7 had made.rrtJus. 'Jitarni1s. 2 g. 1a romantic. 5 el\troverted.llCed Unit 7 Lesson 2 Exercise 1 l b.. 6 mask. l .5 c. wouldn't have struck.<>s<Ys Exercise 2 1 have written. 2 b. 8 a Exercise 3 I CoUnbus. l b..9 . 4 vitamins. 8 c. 6 plastIC. been annot. 4 a. 4E. 2 g. 3 have beefI sold. 2 bushy.10 """" _ -J _ . 10 are. 7 gadget. "'" Exercise 3 1 make new friends. 6 oo.. 2 a. 8 but for thJse ~ caugh1 !. 6 ~ 7 b.5. 2 wrote.. 7 ~. 8 MageIan. 3 and the photography~. 6 actIVe. l a 4 l 5 ~ 6 ~ 7 ~ 8 e 4 detJJaQding. 5 c. 4 should be released.aDng series. 4 ~. woojdn't have invented: 5 had been. mreais. 4 g. 7 tend. 4 b. 6 There IS also some ~ acthg. S you see. taken: 5 had. a tore. 7 overweig1l. 4 C. unheaHhy. 6 FCWl. a False.re. 4 absolutely. 5 Eri<sson. Exercise 4 . 3 D Exercise 3 1 d.8. S YCUlQ viewers mIQh1 find paris of the movie rather fnghlerWlg. 6 marry. 6 meIar'd'oIy. 6 C ""'" Down: 2 reserrtie. 7 a 8 e """ Exercise 3 l E. 5 bal. 5 b. 6 h. Exercise S 1 C. 2 L. 3 C. l False. 7 Mhough. 3 inOk.'. 4 NC. 5 not have been. 10 a Exercise S l d. 9 Colntlus 9 iltention Exercise 2 1 0. Slbstance: 2 calories. 8 However. 3 IS visitng. 8 a. 2 passive. 7 False. 2 A!tt'ough. 2 radilm. l poetry. 4 is goog to. Unit 5 Lesson 1 Exercise 1 1 d. 4 C. 5 False. S is going to. 2 True. 4 D. 5 a. 9 Not mentioned. 8 fiber Exercise 5 l d. 5 L 6 C. 5 fat. 3 ~ 4 l 5 a 6 ~ 7 c. 6 i. 5 True. 3 Wll . 3 active.3. 3 Columbus.7. 4 True. 2 A. 10 not have been Exercise 3 The secood. 6 S\Ke Exercise 6 Across: 4 garbage. 3 best friend. 4 SlI'PI1Si'Ig. S didn't go to. 6 protective. 3 E. 7 Mll!l!!igent. 3 B. 10 would help Exercise 2 1 9. SC.Workbook Answer Key Exercise 3 1 defme plarVroutne. 9 h. 5 detective Exerci se 2 I B. 2 wiI. 2 h. d 1 are going: 2 Unit 4 Lesson 2 Exercise 1 1 a'e going to. 10 d Exercise 3 1 IS tne latest n this arr-.. 6 Cok. 5 ~ 6 a 7 h. 7 Eriksson. 5 j. 3 True. a Vespucci Exercise 4 1 b.7. 3 True.

7. 6 a lot 01. 2 in order 10. 10 C Exercise 6 1 ~ 2~ 3a4~ 5~ 6L7~ 8b Exercise 2 1 (] order to. 4 abiities..5.. 5 assessing. 5 ctronic. INs <YTIOUlt is stil cdy a Itrd of the amot. 2 wit find.n. 6 to meet. This CIbsessm does nO: m. 7 ~led. 3 dissmlinate. 3 bald.. 8 So lhal T264 """ . Speaker 5 lack of exercise. 4 why." Unit 9 Lesson 1 Exercise 1 1 definr. 4 the man. 5 True. I:!ut two reasons n most corrm::n. Exercise 4 1 {.a means Q! self-defense.3 ~ 4 & 5 & 6 b. 3 is being rnported.6. 4 detmmination. 8 turned. 8 ~ Exercise 5 1 Fasa. knew Unit 8 Lesson 2 Exercise 1 1 so that.8. 7 True. 5 how he won thai race. 4 to call.. . 9 shoUdn't pay.1!ecCt seen.. 6 dizzy. 4 b. 2 a. 10 Exerc ise 5 1 ~ 2 d. 4 a. 3 defrirog. 2 waitng. il today's society. Speaker 3 alcohol. 8 &xne.. 6 sholJd try.'e/fy. 2 arguing. 5 smoki'Ig. 2 <XlrT'QIiIliIor. women in the U.7. 6 in~. 6 why ~ is so impOrtant to wil.j. 8 our. 6 ankle. 4 toes. In fact.Workbook Answer Key Exercise 5 1 ~ 2~3~4L 5~6~ 7a 8~ 9 b. 5 t'oN. 6 tape.jlt to pay. 5 runericaI. In fact. 2 d. 3 the woman. 7 steali'lg.. 7 obesity. 2 anorexia. 8 asking. 8 doing.rt f'XIYI8days it seems to be CW'I obsesso'l. 4 cIleckrlg. 7 to. 3 essence.n::Ireds of dets that n a'QlJ"Ij WId the (rl'IOU'1\ of ~ spEWlt CIl them. 3 ccqdina:tOl.d1.J'lt spent on keeping thin. 4 expression. 4 in order rot 10. 3 fM:J:y. 7 Few. 7 supply. !he dtr'Iger is that cnce Exercise 5 1 inJected. 9 to let. 5 <r1"IOIXIt. 6 d.as. 9 watching.3.. 3 h. 3 True.toer1 you stM cielilg.. 2 mcmentlITl. 7 b. 2 cIefJ:lir).. 5 can be clone. 6 J. 6 the woman.6.. 3 ought to be n::teased. 4 have a. sperd ahlost len times !'I'ICftl on deti1g II'm they do on make-~ IW"Id other beauty products. 7 Exercise 6 Speaker 1 obesity. 2 The WOfl'\af1.n. fHlicIJar. 5 So as not to. 9 favorite. 4 hygiene.. 7 ~ 8 a Exercise 4 1 abilitY. 8 dink. 5 a g'EIaI deal 01. especiaIy at nigtlt. 4 sholJd be erwxuaged.7. 7 what is reaItt i'npc:rlant. Ill: first Q{ these ~ dyrmic nature Qj most martial arts.. 7 1%. S hall. 4 a. 8 ~ . 7 choose. 4 ron. 7 rage. 3 how you spend your money. 6 COOling.II:l!l mage tIJaI many ~ martial arts have.tI. 5 Ill§(l1EII'izil. 10 faHgue.".AJ\t'oou.6. 7 dsciminate. 2 the man. 2 l1:1derstand. 2 SIMlraI. 10 .rmtiaI art. 6 what. 8 g Exerci se 2 1 QaoI~atooof~? 2 How CD!&lJ is that ~ of ~? 3 ~ me the jar: of!:l!loe'i. 3 (iStuTtliog. 8 getting. 3 a. 6 asking. 3 do you. 4 whal we need to think abOut. 10 False Exercise 6 1 shot.tb:. 10 ablties Exercise 5 1 inlelgence. 7 IXIbaarable. 3 70%. 2 c. Exercise 6 1.ja?. 2 isn't he. 8 indigestion.6. 9 a1i:itic. 9 difference Exercise 3 1 10 meet. 7 n ordef \0.sf maga2i'Ies. 5 a Unit 7 Lesson 3 Exercise 1 1 tying. 9 nauseated. 5 lush. 5 have you. 2 goilg. 1m secood reason. 2 to pass. 6 a. 2 a. 4 go. i:l. 8 . 3 shortage. 5 capture. 8 False. 6 soong. Exercise 3 1 4 2~ 3& 4~ 5l6~ 7.. 6 isn~ ~.I6l!lliIi!le!: of ic:e=qeooJ? 8 A 1<aIl. II.5.QgrWtive.. Unit 8 Lesson 3 Exercise 1 1 see. 2 Not Efn. Ten times the 8(J)()U')\I .§ a~.. 3 askilg. 4 can'l you. 2 True.. 7 head. Speaker 4 srnoki'v. 5 c. 3 raIaxng.. 3 ~ 4 l 5 h. 5 b many rea5CIlS It! p€q)Ie W<I1Mg IQ lea'n a. 2 how ~ tmgs people together. 9 ~.. 6 started. 4 'Nithoul.3.. Exercise 3 1 rnusI be. 9 Unit 10 Lesson 2 Exercise 1 1 b. 7 arEW'I 't they. 3 e>:pectancy.. the probjem is that most of these diets dor1'l \YOI1(. 8c Exercise 2 3. 5 abdomen. 8 the man Exercise 4 1 False. Men. mther tube of toothpaste. 5 Seme.6 Exercise 3 1 the man. 6 reuse. and ODe that is corrmon amoog women. 8 don't they. 6 ~. 8 'Nhere Exercise 2 1 why I like SOCC8f so 1l1\.7. 5 f. 8 drains Exercise 2 1 ~ 2b. 6 " order 10. 3 to. 9 True. 7 'MIa! lIIr&lr: is that . 3 10 do.:ritest ~seIf in the pdlxes in IfEI"ti 01 the r. 5 g. 5 copying.. 4 drop. 5 Checkilg.8 Exercise 4 ~ Exercise 4 1 I. 2 captiJed. 1 b.10 Exercise 5 1 conversation 4. 3 comersatiOn 5. 7 dleatng.8 Exercise 3 1 The man. 5 so that.nat I dislike about boxing. 3 Not Ef1OIJI'}1. 6 definng Exercise 2 1.g. 10 doesn~ she Exercise 3 2. 6 Not enou. 10 very ittkI Exercise 5 1 Not Ef1OIJI'}1.. 4 b. 3 defeaI. 5 He. )'CU' txx:ty records tt'is.. 7 the worna. 2 sholJdn1 be aIowed. 9 slave Down: 1 SCEI"aio.I!1J. 8 The man. 5 rrus!n" du'rlp.oofirMg.. The reason fOr 1M is that . 12 pi'npIy 9 c..a1t1 a~of ~ 6 We!ii::t two ca100s 01 iI. 6 telling. 6 In order to. 4 determirW'lg. 4 C. rn. 10 c Exercise 2 1 ¥eIl't you. 3 dscredited... S yoo begrl deti1g you CM never Slq>! A worryilg ttKlutjlt lor m<W'Iy ~.. 4 conversatkln 3. And. 4 False. 4 evasion.0I ~~. 5 ron-<lefrilg. 10 h Exercise 5 mage has t!lwiJys t'oeewl ifl1n1ant. 4 mnP<llhize. 9 C. 3. 5 & 6 a. 2 ~ 3 ~ 4 ~ 5 4 6 ~ 7 ~ 8 ' Unit 8 Lesson 1 Exercise 1 1 how.. 8 teli'lg Exercise 2 1 tyilg. 2 asking. 3 a. 9 askilg. 7 telling. am attracted . 4 Sane. 5 diSOfder. 5 The man. ITlO!e aD!:! more people feet IbaI they need ~ able lQ protect themselves ~ walki'lg ak:lng streets. 6 faucet. 5 True. 8 so that Exercise 3 2. 7 our. 6 True. 4 exaggerati1g. 2 c. 4 Vfrf ittkI. 911". 2 Pri'lg. 8 bacttm arose. 7 a Exercise 6 1 heel. 6 ~ 7 e.7.S. but in the h. 3 i. B e. 7 Where. 7 ~ 8 ~ory """" Exercise 6 Across: 1 shil. 10 watch Exercise 2 2. 2 Not mentioned.11 women sperd a lot on ciothes Md jev.10 Exercise 4 1 dlecki'lg. 2 bocke's.t:l!lOO. vas txx:ty begI'ls to store some 01 the foOd as fat () order to OO'I"pEII'lSate fOr !he next tine yoo starve~! So. 10 waitng Exercise 4 1.4. 5 c:ooversatiOn 2 Exercise 6 1 b. 10 responsible Exercise 4 1 twdy 001. 5 rvt. 6 ~. 7 chec:kt1g. 3 telling. 11 obsession. 3 c. 2 stress. 4 geninQ. 9 haven't you. Speaker 2 stress..5. 6 the man. 6 True. Exercise 5 1 c. 8 a Unit 10 Lesson 3 Exercise 1 1 has. 7b . 9 vital.jlt to be W. 3 so that 4 in order 10. 7 False. 2 ~tial .tlen you start eatng agail. 6 being. 8 knees Unit 10 Lesson 1 Exercise 1 1 drinkable. 2 'MIat. b. 3 Exercise. 8 True Exercise 5 1 watching. 3 True. 6 spatial. 3 waist. 4 We. 10 Exercise 3 1 anemia.7. 5 stay. 5 imagination. 3 why. 2 wrist.. 6 protect... 8 a Exercise 3 1 Waading. 7 Seme. 8 watching.3. 2 conversatOl l . Then. 5 to meet.!iI. 8 calf """'" Unit 9 Lesson 3 Exercise 1 1 ~ 2 ~ 3 ~ 4 ~ 5 a 6 ~ 7 c. 7e. 5 the worna. 2 assessing. 8 artistic. 10 shoUd'l't be W Exercise 4 1 & 2 ~ 3 ~ 4 c. 4 depression. 4 The woman. 2 so that. 7 pay.j. 3 The woman.5. 4 Fatse. 8 Unit 9 Lesson 2 Exercise 1 l c. 7 The man.

6 inspect. 8 Climate. 9 1mes.". 3 True. I tlWi<: it's inportant for young people today to realize how useful rt can be to speak another language. I have a few questiOnS I'd like to ask you. 6 been taI<ng. 4 ca<eEr. 4 have beccme. 10 wOOd yOJ have . 5 weaknesses. 3 jarme. 6 eoo. 4 enriCh. 6 retake. Not ooly dkl Daly take after her biological mother. COfTllIeled: 6 . 2 would. Scientists have t!e!i:a already ctoned rrioe and /rogs. 9 slum. 6 False. 8 Bad.. 9 True. 4 viSited.. 7 slop. 16 lush. 2 forget. This is a diff\cutt questiOn. 9 Have. 3 d. 9 QeSlicides.. 2 dr<rna.. exam. 2 True. These range from being ate to save II:!l: ~ species to reprOO. 2 begffiing. 5 provocative.I}dant. 5 ~ 6 g. 6 a 7 ~ 8 ~ 5 watched. 9 Good. 2 ~. 8 True. 5 O:Iicating.KVive. 2 En'llhabC. Exercise 5 l d . 4 ability. 8 TI\I8 Exercise 5 Dew Juan. 6 Not StnI.ood be. 4 QQil1Iess. thus aeating a mocIern day Frari<enstein Exercise 4 1 h. 3 be suffering.10 9d Exercise 2 l a 2 ~ 3 a 4 d. somewhere like the U. 3 Illlake. 10 IiIter. 7 switch to. 17 Sl. 6 True. S frished. 9 Text B.. 2 a 3 c. 2 B. 7 0.7. 5 False. 3 sirTlJIe. 3 quiz. 6 c. 12 spring. 8 WQIjd have been . 14 onine. 7 False. 2 True. 4 reviewi'lg. 6 WQIjd have watched. Is 'fOOl son interested in learning English? Has yoot son evet' been to an EngliSh speaking COlI"Itry. 7 Text A. 13 lack Exercise 2 1 fa!. I'd tal< to y. 3 don't stop. 6 Neutral. 8 wOOd have. 10 Bad Exercise 5 1 exam. 7 8 forgm Exercise 3 1 True. 2 ~ 3 ~ 4 ~ 5 c . 7 cidn't have. 4 ~ 5 d . 7 have Idled. 4 overt. wished. 4 Good. I tq:le ~ acMce ~. 6 True. 10 sUI. 2 would-be. 8 mirror. 7 been waitilg. 4 lot . 3 Neutral. Unit 12 Lesson 2 Eltercise 1 l d. 2 has asked. 3 True. 6 variety. 8 accepI. 5 False. 11 ntensify.m from embryos. Unit 11 Lesson 2 Exercise 1 1 Neutral. 6 geaetiCS. 4 True. 3 pressIXe.n son and find out v. 8 Emphatic. 9 take. 4 ~iIizer. 9 c. 6 CheCkng. 5 False. 16 PtJ"nal.ether he'd Mke to spend a lew monthS in the U. 9 optiOn. 3 j. 5 compost. 3 contermcng. 5 get. 8 reality Unit 12 Lesson 1 Exercise 1 1 f. The abi1y to cIcne using DNA leads III to many posslJiIiIies. 5 toss. Exercise 4 1 Bad. 2 been recording. 6 enter. 4 a. 3 seen. 6 have. 10 False Exercise 2 1 have viSited. 10 Emphatic -key T265 . 6 certificates """"'. especiaty English. 5 Good.dlg ~!lLorg<ns Unit 11 Lesson 3 Exercise 1 1 buy. 5 ~. 11 donilg. 12 fossil. 6 ~ 7 ~ 8 a. 'Nhat frigltoos many people is the dea that SOO'leCIOe rniglt 10 cIeci:Ie to clone a complete person.. e l. seen. 2 pres&n!. and one that I've been asked before. 7 ~ 8 a . 8 True.4. 19 modify Down: 1 genes.7. 4 sI'IOUd be. 6 cast members. 10 have heard Exercise 5 1 False. they accomplished what many had thought was an iT1possib1e. c 2. 6 WOIJd have taken.Workbook Answer Key Exercise 2 1 ab.Q'Jt from ScotlWxl created a sheep named dolly. Eltercise 2 1 made. 4 False. 3 Not StnI. 7 False. J.t. buI these were . retake. 12 scarce. 4 False.4. 10 0 Exercise 6 1 movie. 2 con!imf\ated. 4 ~. 8 forget. 7 'd have bWght. 10 grades Eltercise 4 1 True. 3 dump. monster. 7 True. 3 has beer'! tryilg. 5 Neutral. 14 estimate. 2 g. 7 irrlI:!Bltng. 8 £W:Iity. 3 promise. 4 hal/9 knOwn. 3 A. 4 watched. 10 prevent Exercise 3 1 ~ 2~ 3a4~ 5 ~ 6~ 7 a8~ Unit 12 Lesson 3 Exercise 1 l a 2~3a4a 5a6a 7 a80 9. 15 a1d awam. 5 i.5.. 6 D!![VOUS. 9 Neutral. or Britan. 5 had. 9 would. 5 sette. 3 False. she was n fact a carbon copy QI_ CIorWlg of a bit more limited sort has been around lor years. 3 1'101es.tI be very good for tis english. 4 end.2 ~ 3 c. 18 flood. 2 e<mem. 7 sitcom. 4 Errp'laoc. read: 7 have been planning. 9 False. 8 begi'ri'lQ Exercise 4 l treatng. 7 wasn't: 8 didn't taste: 9 COUldn't help: 10 were tryilg Exercise 5 Across: 2 Iremeodous. b S.. 2 be wcr1Ii1g. ~ co. d 8. 5 has dreamt. 2 ~. 8 be Exercise 4 1 wasnt 2 had conduCted. 15 grade. 7 Bad. 10 d Eltercise 6 Across: 1 dynamic. 10 Text A Exercise 4 When sdentists. 7 ero. 3 end. produced. 5 have risel. h 7 Exercise 2 1 seen. 5 news. 7 graduated. 4 prtne-time.S. "'" Exercise 3 3. 3 had. 7 amou'll. 7 t 8 c Unit 11 Lesson 1 Exercise 1 a 4. 2 haal't seen. 7 e. 6 spendng. 10 9 Exercise 5 l a. 8 0 Down: 2 comI:>I'latiOn.5. 5 h. 9 """"" Exercise 3 1 griwing stuff. 10 True 4 program. 9 C. 2 pass. 7 eigibIe. 5 11!:&Lish. 3 decade. 6 gMlIiI a-cade.6 c. f 5. 8 cope Exercise 3 1 take. or Sritaf1? If I were you. 8 Text B. 6 d.10 Exercise 5 l D. 8 a. take P1I1 Exercise 3 1. 8 watched. 2 e. 2 Good.S. 5 cassette recorder. 'Nhat it made DoIy such a t:reakt1Tou!tl was thai she was ctoned form the DNA 01 an adult. 5 beg~. 4 ~ 5 a . 5 were. 17 tricky Exercise 4 1 has been going. 3 g-ade. 4 C Eltercise 6 1 waste. 9 d. haven't had. 9 wiI watch. g 3. 10 ~tant Exercise 2 1 games. 3 hadn't been. 7 ~ Exercise 3 1 begiri'lg. 7 Errp'latiC.x1y lor use in operations. 41. 2 False. 10 snapshot. 4 will. 13 melt. 6 be using.

ctoog'og the spelling to F-R·I-D-A. I was expecling him to pay me back today. In teday's progral1 we're goilg to take a brief look al the ife 01this amazing woman. She was ctYisteoed Magdalena. By 1938. e And what does MarisoI mean? A It me<ns"SlIYJy sea" i1 SpMsh. was released.H's great. ived alone WIth her five cats n an old house n the loYII'l 01 f'.11 1922.XD[[l!. A can I get ycu a drn<. A I passed the exam. B Amazing! A We're goilg to Florida. I don'. 4 00 you 1M you' QiIDIl:7 5 It's pretty Q.xprise. wei 11 have it n I was named altar Sime Holiday. A VIIho's he? C Not "he" Bilie Holiday was a A 3 A A B ""'. When Glace's !emit saw her wiI. How would you like yw coflee. 00. 2 7 8 B Realty? A Do you want to know my 3 B Not rea/tt. he has bkn:l t\ai'. In fact tt'e{re real)' dcr'k brown. B No way! A Look! IS(1"\ that Brad Pitt? B Yeah! """'" "'" """. H realty annoys me whM someone's eel phone goes off 11 a teS\alnnt (X whM ycu're tablg to them. Oh I know who you me<Yl he's the one with the amazh'J green eyes. C A So.. she was ntrOO. 00. YeOO! Well my dad's illO jazz. worth that muct1.:rit horne. So whiCh ones do )'(Xl thilk we should send? wen we can't send the red When Grace McBride died. but Maybe. 1907 n her pamt's ho. I can take pictlJ"ElS. She I'lE!YEI" spent <ny money Md was Mvays weaing the same cbIhes. 6 Unit 4 Track 13 1 A I ive JUSt around the COfT)9(. she dOO at the age d 47.. Audloscript .. way! H wasn't worth ElYQ"'I hall 01 that.odesI . Sol means "$1..like 5 6 7 4 """"" receipt _hy ""'. 'M'Iat's y<:u A Well. B Wei. ¥TfW<l'f. said.wei.She dropped the "e' from Frieda 11 about 1935. a bJs acOOIn on her W'i# home fn:m sctcd. which one's GIeg? O'I! Wei. 12. play ganes. B """" A I'm I"IaW1g a party. Ka'*l was t:Uking I. A WeI. B Qh.1'1" Of "Stmy" and my parents decided 10 call me Sol... she bec<me sick Mel was diagnosed as suffemg frool polo o 2 6 7 8 """".rrl\s.ri1g a demcI'lstra\k:l'l against the overthrow 01 PreSIdeflI M)enz of Gwtemala.1ved i'l the past without them. Grace. the rT"II:Me "Ffija' .eN YO!\!.P a reputallCI'l atWld the wor1d <n:l traveled to f'. C famous? She was a jaZZ ~ from Amo'ca. Miana? Do you know what it B -""""" Yes.. "'" 4 Were you I1lIIIilld aftar~? Wba1 does ~ n::mJ. Does he have a 1M? Oh. how was the date? B AasastB'.eN Haven. Gteg has da1Ier eyes than twn. starTing actress SaIrna Hayek.t nor? It's such a beaulmJ ~'s B pretty CXlI1ll'01 Track 3 1 l'baI. Ka'*l was ~ .e." 3 """"". then. 2 My I!if!l!:IS call me SIll. red is rcmanti::. wtTt WCUd I want a eel phone? I don'. """" 2 3 "'" Track 7 4 SI. It's """. I ctiiI: """". So" these. A WrJ. B Agai1! A I saw Matk yesterday. The year after Itis.by her stLder1ts. get it. C No. black Of \'<'hite? B White. to shcm her YOk n a Sln8aist embfuI.J'. B A How rn.:s an tnJSUaIlliIIIl!I. sir. B So ycu WOlUl't go agatl. 8 Y~! -. 2 Cell a:.. A No way! B Wllat do ycu mean? A I'm not gcWIg. And wtlen I go on v~tiOn . Mel even su1 the internet . what aboot the yf!kIN B I'm not SlXa.. The f.Jse 1'1 a Slb. A M::l he dktl'l? B No. A wt»ch of these cups is YOOO. later. n Track 9 A Sat{s getti1g nmied again. B What did you say yru name Marisol. B on! OK. sorry. B Stop shouting.dl 01 Mtm:o Track 8 A A So what happened? B Wei.. Frida KahlO was born on July 6". A Great haifcuI. He 6'IEI'l made me pay for rT'ri diYler! A Hewhat? A Three hundred doUars. C M! What atxluI yw ncrne.IaI name.dI? B FIVe tuJdred doI<r. nvestment A B Wr'rf do \hey cal you Sol? A 'MlIn I was YIlllQ. reaIy ike it. Mel she was to ive (II her ife there.". but my friends call me A 'Wtry not? B WeI. but let's say I'm the arty person t kI1O'N who can do it. aI I want is peace and qu~t.Workbook Audioscript Unit 1 Track 2 A Hi! I'm MarisoI. Track 12 1 """'" A So.. Garmoo Frieda KahlO Y Galderon . wei! All the cheaper stores were closed. The acOOIn almost proved fatal <n:l certarlj chaflged her iIe.:mge withOut ycu cell phone? How often do you text yCIl. how's the rew.. A No. come on! H's orty lor a day. that's nw.? ~didyouw:yrullillIl!l Mel rTlISS8d tIYae yea-s 01 school. wartt ~ to be ate to conta:t me ni. AncIl'm Bile. No. B CtI SOtry. please.. A Come on. a local resident.was tot by her father a few ye. I'd have to S<l'J fm probably one of the best C 'Ntr{s that firrly? B Because I'm neither and.h:I'les! I c:otttl't lM:! 'MthoIJ mi'le. I bought this lantastic phooo last week. B When? A He's almost 60. A """" B weJ. ~ the 194Qs. !hey Oscovered she was worth over S20 milliOn <V1d she had left ~ aI to her catsl RaU Sar. Maile. isnl it? A weJ.. it's not bad. no! He has realy lair skirt He doesn't have a tan al aiL 1'1 introduce you whoo I see hill.1 rigtlt away. Some hiStorians think she did this as rt was also the yeat of the Mexican E 3 Track 1 A B A """"'00.:rs before she was born. Bile! Thai's M IAISI. Seven dayS tater on »113. she tat. <V1d he borrOwed ~e Track 11 1 Do you have a cell phone? 2 How tong have you had yCIl. AI.. she gave her date of birth as 1910. """ """" t~ ye'IcN one. il my cowlry.I' V8f\j funny because it means "dark and rict1". Unit 2 Track 5 In F~ 20:13. A And the mooey? B Well. -~ eatne as a shock. so B 01! MIne's the bUl one. "M<r" is ·sea" and "sol'" IS 'SIJl"..I' eel phone? 3 INhen did you buy yCIl..tlt 3f'd day.t1y'S She CtI. A Wtr{! 'Mlat happeMd? B I've never met a'1)'OfIe IKe hin. Mile? B What 00 you mea-I? 1925. we have to ..bIic was <1. A No. A No! A Have yoo heard the news? B Wllat news? A Jack and Mgeta have spI~ cp. B Yeah. I cal't lnagi'1e haw people B C A C -' was? I'm Actiana. B They're not pink. I Tha. Her II1ai ~ance n p. 4 B No! Reatt? A B Yes? A ThIs soup is realy not hot B A B 2 A So.' Track 6 GalS in the cash Unit 3 Trac k 10 on! I hate them. the age of seven.lced to [)ego RrMa Md mcrried hm 111929. A So. I don't wa'1I to SOI. and ~ was tefflble. I get twice as Il1Udl as before. I was B I stJ don'.lU1.chez.:b? B WeI.I' eel 4 5 6 """" .8lIe House . caIed Gasa Aru . they're A Look. 1954. hOw good are yoo? B WeIA. B on! I'm sorry. But v.9'l1 att Md was given the rane "Los FridQs. I A Prid You have to be jokng. 3 00 you I!ailtt what you IiIDIl . 8 lottery creda we shoJd send the yellow ones. 1'1 get you MOther bov. 2 3 4 5 B lIh. thaI's actually his t:ro!her Sirnc:wl.!l i'I my Qty.. when she entered the Natiooal pr-epiM"atory school. A That's OJIrageotJSl H's not 7 8 Do you use yru eel phone a lot? Does anything annoy)'(Xl about ceA phones? 'Mlat's the most aTOYf'9 thtlg about eel phones? I WWd you be ate to m. B a-.I'ld mrr.. her family was n for a so. ~ was alter this acddent that she started paio:1ting.

B Well. when people eat chocolate. for example. Absolutely! [interested] - Track 14 A So. honor should go to Leit Eriksson. a piece of cheese is what I'd have as my comfort food. B 5 fXlPlI\ation wi~ daJbIe. yes.~ was really embarrassing. INhat do you like eating? B Ah! A difficutt question. they have found that eating chocolate helps fight heart diseasel 6 Earty versions of this were made from DOe piece of metal. lt was an invention with a bright Mure. I'm a vegetarian so I don't eat meat. B Yoo don't believe that. It was very popular as it was easy to correct mistakes. So. I was running for the bus and A B tripped. Mmrnmm . B Oh! That one. Leifwho? AudIoscript . Thurman invented this in t899. B A Qualities of a friend? B Yeah! A Well. trust.. a Scotsman. most of the time the places he tanded on were islands . 2 A So. A Yep! B That's pretty funny. ten me . rt would be fish . The ear1iest types of these didn't have arms.. do you? A &lre. A I was working as a waitress in a restaurant and I spilled SOUp over this man. fI. I've neve. Given the choice. Well. I haven't really thought about it. on one of his voyages to the Americas.. scientists in a number of countries have found that chocolate contains chemk:aJs that have benefrts. The first model used gas for power.mbus was given a gift of cocoa beans.understood that why did he call them the West Indies? They're nowhere near India. They were probably invet1ted in Italy. A I've never understood 00w FIOI18 and Marl< can be such good friends. helping me to my feet . but I don't like piZZa. INhat are you reading? B I'm reading an arbcle aoout Columbus. put rt this way. Originally rt was a triangular shape made of wire. t hasten to add. """""'" B """"'". It oontained no lead and was given its name by mistake. B Morey'? A Come on! t'm joking. Do you? Do you like the party? Mmmmm. "He looks nice!' But if he was getting off. B [)on'. the biggest chocolate factory in the world. you talk enough. Miguel. rt's so funny. ~ has to be money. she's about 22 and he must be at !east 50. In Japa!1. In fact. too? YoM Would you like to dance? To dance? Great party! them will get married in the next A few years. he thougllt he'd sailed around the world and reached the Spice Islands. FIOI18. Most of my friends aren't married and I don't tl1ink any of ""'" B 4 A B A What do you mean? 01 course he did. Wow! But still. As many poisonous plants would normally be bitter. INhat do you like eating? B I guess I'm a litHe bit of a A How much do you eat eacll week? B Oh! At least a bar a day! A So. I thougtlt. getting off. It wasn't unt~ the early nineteenth century that chocolate as a food. [)on 't you? B No. B So? A Well. 8 This was in~ented by a Norwegian clerk named Johann Vaaler. Do you know John. B Arld what 's that? A Patience. I' ~ tel you a little bit about chocolate. was the inventor of this technology and Faraday later used the idea. what we know as Indonesia. but it doesn't mean that they won" have children. It wasn't until almost 100 years later that peope could buy one to keep their f()(Xj cool. they rested on the bridge of the nose. She likes going out to discos and he just likes a quiet time fishing. but I still don 't think the workir. Howe~er.Workbook Audioscript 4 5 6 7 a A B A B A B A B A B I work in the travel industry. but they forgot to mention that fewer people are gening married and many are starting their families later. Hyou can't take a joke. B Oh. No. they feel happy and relaxed! One question I'm often asked is. Mike. B What do you mean? A WeB.none of them dangeroos. A But that's Italian. Columbus didn't realize that.what he called the West Indies.. But you might rot know that the Aztecs used to use cocoa beans as a kind of money. 9 The modern ' lead' ~ersion was invented in England. ' Is chocolate good for you?' Well. the real popularity of chocolate does not really come down to the cocoa itself. A Why trust? B Well.he's OON your boyjriend. A For me. I guess ~ I had to choose one thing. without a doubt. but for me rt's pasta. Of course. B A Sure.. did you see that show on TV last night? B What show? A The one about the world 25 years from now. Coh. A Columbus? You mean the glJ)' who discovered America? B Yeah! Except he didn1 discover A """"". Most people think 1JJal. what qualit. One of the main ingredients is sugar. whch is added to take rmw the naturally bitter taste of cocoa.S.es do you think are impJrtant in a friend? B Oh. 10 This was invented by a secretary from Texas. wel l. They showed the birth rate and the increase in people 's life expectancy. 00w did you meet? Oh! Nothing unusual. interestingly. "'" by clothes makers and barbers. rather than a drink. what do you like eating? B I guess I'm not like many A What do you mean? B Weil l don't really like chocolate. well. especiaJ~ spaghetti with MaIch. It is useful fOf writing and drawing and can be erased very easily. So. Modern cross·blades are used 2 2 A B A B 3 """ 3 A B A B A 4 . who some people think invented this. No. 3 A B A B Sure they did. 1876. INhat do you like eating? B Well. The first electric model wasn't invented until 1803. SO the population won't grow as quickly as they think. Track 21 A Hey Jane. 00w Ioog have you known Jake? AtXlut seven weeks. N1CI 00w did you meet? I was waiting fOf a bus and there he was. 3 Both Joseph Swan and Thomas Edison invented the electric version in t878. Chocolate also contains a natural "love drug" . In fact. USA. became popular. how did you first meet? B Well.Tryptophan. That might be true. Did you date at school? No! In fact I didn't ~ke him at all. people naturally have a ' sweet tooth' . A Isn't ~ incredible that the population of the world is going to double. Yeah. Sandra. 7 4 Track 18 1 protein /I chocolate II substance 2 calories II minerals IllIitamins 3 unsweetened II unhealthy II potatoes 4 circulation II carbohydrate /I -< Track 15 A A1l<Ji.g model was invented by Alexander Graham Bell in B Sure. What about you. They didn't have any A ""'" Unit 5 Track 17 1 John S. A Very fulny. It takes ~s name from Greek and means "far mushrooms. we were at scho:xlI together. AM' There he was. He went from door-to -door cleaning ~'s carpets. but I'd guess I'd need them to be able to listen to me. Do you think fewer peope will get married? Sure. what makes chocolate so addictive is all the extra things that are added to rt . Track 16 1 A So. many of you will know that chocolate Ofiginally comes from Central i\merica. B N1CI another quality? A Sometl1ing you don1 have. only made the idea popular. of course. rt's no good if someone is jealous or if they don't respect you for who you are. that's true.ty favome food is probably Italian. I think that's too big an age difference and they don't even ~ke the same things. scientists have found that part of the cocoa bean contains a chemical that helps prevent tooth decay! N1CI in the U. ~ is very usefut for keeping pieces of pap9f together. he was the first European to reach America. then I wouldn't want you as a friend. V'Illile we walk around the factory. rt was easy! I dropped my purse and he helped pick up all the things. Track 20 Welcome to Chox. =>d" This was inveflted by accider1t in 1946 when Dr. Probably not. A But does that mean you onty eat vegetables? B No! In fact. 2 William Cullen. B Go 00. Petey leBaron Spencer found that a chocolate bar that was in his pocket had rnej\ed while he was workilg with mK:rowave radiation. A So. The first Track 19 1 A So. 4 Marconi. A You wouldn 't believe how t met my boyfriend.

Sh! Hyou don't ru~. He has a pointed nose and a prominent ctMn. Mom. IItri. I didn't. a separate cootflent. nol Oh. amazirlg cmracters.r1. My mom won 't ~t has really deep-set A Come on. A But that's not fair. ex cc:use. She beat a load of men in a tournament. no! just for ILnt People said I wcUd fYW' out 01 them. no? ... as wei as ffiCI1y traditional mythical races such as elves. and she firds out you knew..I'1II HatTy Potter has WI')'OOe managed to succeed. The second reason.mp face. E """'.. Pete? lkl1.' '>< coordinaton determination mesmeriZing . after two iOCmeters of rowilg to win by on~ a fraction of a second .-.• .Workbook Audioscript B Leif Eri<sson. Just Jnagine. Yean! Pretty~.nat was reaIy goot was the bok on tis lace after he'd won. I think ~ COlJj have been de • • • • swm • • • "".. Wrj .o. Another woman darning she can c:orrpete against men. 2 3 4 Track Z1 AeoIy? """" • • """""' """""'''' """'. I read was so ftroy it made me cry! Now that's what I caB good. My favorite has to be SpiOerman . many fantasy writers have tried to create eq. !hen I W<VlI it to make me 1aI. the limit's one box Mel one bottle. faster.. but so wi the men. unbelievable! The team had so much stamina and det9l'1'l'Wlation . 2 3 4 Track 26 A Don't be such a baby! Oh. 2 TNs man has an angular face. MiChelle Wei. I r. the best ItW'Ig is a good klYe story you know. k:lts. wi) yOOl A 'MIat are you going to do? AbouI.. arl)U19 . Track 24 Everyone has heard about Harry Porter. 'Mlat's the point 01 reaOOg abou1 stull that iSn't even ~ NcrN. The Lad 01 the Rings is about the age--<t:I battle Track 28 A IIo'1c7N Illi best Iriero's boyfrierd is SEOOg someone else. especially at night. 'Nhat I loved was the look of astonishment on his face when he reaized what he'd dOlle. that's . Surely I guess he may have. The last tx:dI. Arnefica was named alte' the FIofentne ' " why? Because he was the Iirst person to re<ize that the Americas were no! pM 01 Asia and were.rmg . It (3l'. Woo! A Yeahllwl . Gymnastics. mom. but two reasons are most common. more m more people leal that they need to be able to ~tect themselves when walking aIoo." Oh yea.:v1owe rni!1l1 h<MI been the real 2 3 4 -' My. 2 3 4 o 5 6 7 S 9 Mm"".. 3 TNs . the British • A WeI.what about PaJja Radciffe. 10 """"" -" _" 5 6 7 S - • """'. A &.ro cx:mpares Hogwarts with Midcle-Earth wi anger Mel outrage Ttfden fans.. No. He has ttwl eyebrows abo\Ie i&'ge eyes. can I go """"'" • • toJerny's? B Give me a good murder mystery Mf day. dwarves. A But StXeIy if 'PI're Iookilg at the 2004 Olympics.st doo't know WI Should tell her. this guy was my nineteen and he could easily be Fb. bot not all. Men...? A WON! look at this j:tloto.. In fact. whefe the man gets the WOIl"a"I n the end. • • II's amazing to think that 5 Cervantes and Shakespeare migtlt have died on the same Track 23 A Fa 1M. And there's that golfer ..but I hated the """"" ""'. Yoo won't tel anyone. Track 32 A HtJ1! Look at lt1is article hero.. the teadW wi he<w". • • 2 • wiming his fifth gold medal of the 0I'ympic games in Athens. A That jacket. " intelligent optmistic • ""'" Unit 8 Track 29 We're going to catch up on some school wO!K. it 0:::000'.I streets. I txlught it. Tel her you're going to a frierd's to do eyes l. CXle of the best kNOwn is The Lord of the Rings by J. It kild 0( captlX9S the rooment. have. ""'''' • • • or • • • strength.. !-is Iorehead is klw and he has a nat some sctooI worK.g..1l1 ~. So? If yw keep quiet.".. I know that. I can't. """"" AeoIy? Oh. Tell me one that isn't. rtMte(.ming or boxilg 01 . you stxJN me a woman • """"". A 'Nhal's the !1OOtest sporti1g moment for you. C AnyItmg to declare? 4 Unit 6 Track 22 1 Do you think M. nobOOy wi know.rnaMgt between good and eW .. Md one wtictt is COI'T'lTlCtl 00"0I1Q women. 5 6 """. the Ganacians were. 3 OK.A. But H I'm goi'Ig to read SClI'lleII'i'g.ro can beat men at n. The first 01 these is the dynarric nature 01 most nwtiaI arts. A Hey! Stop cheamg! A But 'PI're cheatilg. Probably the most noticeable thing atxJut Tolkien's work is how real his world seems. then I'm rot happy.nat about other fantasy books? Fantasy books have been arOO'ld lor many years.. but the customs officer doesn't need to. 'Nhat? COlI"S9 it is. you have !tYee Ixlxes 01 cigarettes Mel at least two bottles 01 whske. For me. A ...man """. HaIry Porter has already exceeded The Lord of the Rings in one way . il leday's society. she'. I did! A Yeah. bot not all.. A Vvhere did you get that? I"~. Can I gJ? Tra ck 31 There are many reasons for people wanting to learn a martial art. not an sports are about A Track 30 ""'"""" A Huh! That's not a real sport.a theme otten fOlIld illTl(l'l'J fantasy 000ks. is as a means 01 self-defense. shl3'1 be so If you doo't. Since Lad 01 the Imgs.I'Ider bushy eyebrows. His ips ae vesy hAl 00t he has a Iaitt smaI rose. Unit 7 Track 25 TNs man has a pretty pk.and that is financiaJly. n fact. He was a Vi<ilg expk)rar 'AOO landed n C<nada arnost 5IXI yeas before CokJmbus set sal n the fifteenth centl.... reacMg is abou1 reIaXilg. A Are you coming to the party tcright? I can't.eJt vMd Mel rea!isoc worlds. be reaIy 8IYT'I with you. . A B """'" -~.. just sit back <V1d erPt it. ok then. are anracted by the inage that many of the martial ats have.nat? A WfA. A 'Nhat with? Yoo're always 00rr0wing I"I"'O"le'I from me! WOO? A You know. have been MaOOwe. stronger ••• better. A Yes.. ~ team wasn't the laYoriIe.. I think fflEIClng SI'IOUd be 10" learning. I bo. H you ttri: atxJut ~.! But vbj was he so A So? A So. rigltt Yoo stole~.qi. C FICtion! Wasta 01 tme. but. a biography ex a 000k about real events. caIed Middle-Earth.. and the pictures just add to the whOle thir. • • • • • S'oWmWlg il the 200B ".. so I stole it. she'. get belter.re...A@in.. in particlJl<M'. A AAd why do we cal ~ Arnefica and not CoIumbusiand Of something? B WfA that's easy." C Wrrf do you w<¥'1t to go 5 6 ? S 9 10 . the Bmish rna<alhon runner? She can beat most men in the marathon. C School work! You're not lying to me. the best moment has to be Manhew" Pinsent winning his fro1h gold in four difftwent Olympics."""".. Ttfden created his own world.. However.! won by less than taf a second. with races 01 00 own OIention. ~ has be Michael Phelps . 'MIat was anazing was the lac! that ~ team Oft. 01 CXlUfS& you s!'lotjj! A But d I do.. Vvhat do you mean? A Wei. A ""~. . No.. But not I. I dal't WMI to have to think \'He I'm reaci1g. A Yep! Most. Wei. the best part is trying to figure out who dunnit! UI'\Iess there's a good twist n the plot.RR TeoI<8l..nallll<e. nol 00. His ears stick out and his eyes are fairly dose- No. and wizards. . A WeI. are yoo? No.. She was oriy 14. Frst 01 aI he coIapsed Md then he cried his eyes out when he g:rt tis • . but wtr{? They have great stories. everyc:ne knows that men <W& better at sp:::rtS than """'. I don't rdy have tine. For me.

The next thing you know... B """'. is~? Fait? Far Ior... A No. aren't you? 6 You're ~ wi toniojlt...' " abrut it . ~ the ones who MI guilty. 3 . .to work... can't yo.nat you pay lor. A B A Have you &vef taken one? Yes. don't you? Track 36 1 To be honest.. To start with. gNen how ~ ~ is. hOw rru::h do we use? B Not a lot.. . then we WOlIki'I'. A I tel you ... . I krDw that! But what does geneticaly mcdified !TI9a"l? WeI. 5 A B A B A B A B A 1 But one 01 the ideas now is that there MI different ki'ods 01 inteIigenCEI. don't yo. I've art down. A How can mil. you've dru1k half a bottle! It's easy to say you don1 have a proIjem. isn't it? What do you mean? Wf!j. 5 6 7 8 9 Track 40 1 . you r:rit live once. ~t is the reason? WeI . then.. I'm ctMousIy intelgent in one of the """" do. but you can learn. B Wei.. messed ~ with. cognitive 8 . about one pen:ent of the water.. yes! Pro we ffilISt also remember that lhe ~tity A You mean that the amount of water doesn't change? B No. I know it's unhealthy. thEw"e you go. water. my doctor said.. you get . In fact. I 1Tl!m.e. A Track 39 1 Gan I have a bag of d1ips? 2 How rroch is that bonle of "". Water starts Off in the ocean. what is? B Wf.. poll" ~ one to ~ you retax. Dr. WeI.. A B W9I that was all caused by the cows being led contcrnina. and the water goes into rivers and strewns. but I think a lot 01 caIecI "INat&<". We recycle water all the time. You're gM3n three ~ and a bIri square... But what does GM me<I"I? GeoeticaIy rnc. W rIOt surprising. M:I how many typeS eX inteligera are thInI ~ to be? Oh! I think it's eight..a 00. He ate a v. isn't it? 3 You exercise fNefy day.. the tlWlg lhat amoys mel One tt"Wlg that stops people buying vk. . but I need something to calm my nerves..1eo games .. . ~'s <maZing hOw rru::h we waste. lhink of an the lertizers that are """.Alld how rnarrt 00 these socaIed tests check? ProbOOIy r:rit two or tIYee.. you won 't catd1 me worrying atxJut it. ""'. I used to go through aOOut a pack a day.J. I ttri:.o9? 3 4 Pass me the jar 01 honey. No. but now I probably orty have about five a day.jht! It's so easy..st so easy to drive everywhere. A B 4 A """ you have to think Because about the color 01 the backgrourd. I'm not going to eat rt. I don't see how that tasts .. I've neY9I" been very good with spatial tli'lgs. After ai.. --. do you rernerrber allhose scaes abrut Mad CoN Disease a lew years back? Yep! ""'" lood. B 5 Unit 11 Track 42 Have you seen the latest reaity 2 3 4 5 Unit 10 Track 37 1 2 6 7 8 """"" • 5 6 "'" foore1 3 7 """ """" drains IV"""'baking so happy? Why's he How long have you been other ways. this ~ is GM free. it rains onto the lend. come on! AI food is messed cro. water? B Yes. Dr.t do you me<I"I Wrr{?" Wei. come Ofl! That's noI the point. B Vllhat? A It says "Contails no GM ingredients.nat all the fuss is about. most people jllS! don·t realize how il1portant """'" genetics implanting 8 '"""""" '""""" """ How rTQ"ly tines has he been Have they firished? """" pesticides 10 resistant Track 43 1 The thing I really hate about this 2 The way in l'Alich games become addictive Track 41 A Look at this packet. it's caIed ~ inteligenCe$. Something that is viIalto us....Jways WOIl)Ylg that he'. To be hcroest.OOIe bar 01 ChocoIa. people are asking lor ~! My husband suffers from this. A So. evaporates " to the air. It's also interestng to see what we 00 with water. Good afternoon..nat it does.. the only thing that changes is wI'le!e ~ is. I don't know . I tried to sign ~ to a local hea/lh dub but it cost $25 a week! I know I should waJ<..nat's the big deal? It's reaIy important 10 know what's in OIS food. Roberts.. isn't it? You get heme after a long day at work. but it doesn't mean I'm rot intEligent. Well. After that. 11ll6lI1. that's right.. be GM free? B It means the WNS haven't been led with food that's been A A B Vllhat do you 1ll6lI1? B WfA." 3 4 5 the terrible graphics. """ He. Vllhat.be 01 toothpaste. SQI'l1e ol the QOeSIions ~ to do with shapes. Paul Roberts.telligence. Exactly.nat's in rt am. After all. A &. Sure. H's pretty /\my that we cal 0lI" planet "Earth.. Roberts... atnost three-quarters 01 the SLM"face 01 the earth is coYOred with the stull.J. that's part of its beauty.~ we <idn't \hirl( have water. s People just don't watd1 what they eat. 'Nhen we talk about dirty water crd contaminated water. It'S absokJIeIy scandalous how we continue to pollute the YefY thing that keeps WeI. H means that he leaves lor work at about seven in the morning and I'm kicky ~ he's home before nine at rj..0. but it's. B No. A Wf. A Easy! ~'s the thil"d shape. lose !-is job..b.n:I with.. A B "" WeI. bok at ttis one. The arncu1t of junk food eaten nowadays. ~.oo? Aanit you're aI just scared.. because it ShOIJd realty be B A B A B Wei that's!1XJd then. We need Mother t!.. A Wei..nat. which is far less than you lind in the ICe arru"Id the Natfl and South poles.st not lair... then you're asked to Choose from leu dtferent Shapes end deC:XIe which one best fits the empty space. A B A B A It's that ~? B Oh. was~? 10 You want rTlO!e. test B Yaat1! There seems to be one in fMJfy magazine nowadayS.tlich in tum go back "to the oc:e<Vl . 2 contarmated ""'" How many have you seen? I've never ~ watchi'lg Tv. ~. B But how do you know that? Why can't ~ be the second ""'" 2 3 . they're r:rit vegetables." yo... for example. He's. A Oh. one of a number 01 wOOd experts on water./? 4 Men don't lYe as long as women. and I still don't beUeve they Track 35 1 You're American. 'Twice a week' . A Noway! 8 9 artistic 10 abilities """"'" water is 10 us. like musical inteligence Mel ilterpersonal intelligence? Yes. doesn't it? 8 You cooked this ~f. then !oms douds. I'm just saying that unli I know .1 9 II wasn't you. we can r:rit Qri.xifiOO..AIXI what atlererce does thai """"". aren't yoo? 2 ThaI's bad lor YOU. but it isn't that easy. B Not atways -there's organic And you're telling me that orgaric food is better for me? B It's probably healltl ier. A B us alive.Ie 01 tile. isn't it? W"fI 'Mla. B Good afternoon. ~'s. as wei as the Well... IMIat ftavcI" is that container 01 k::ecnxm? A can 01 beans. Wei. 00 they? 5 You're rrmied. didn1 ". In lact. Unit 9 Track 33 A Look at this! Another 1. well.. look. I A B B So. I thi'lk the maill'9aSCJl men don't want women COI1l)8ting in the S<ITIEI events is because they're afraid eX bei'lg beaten.te! We drink two C<W10flS 01 juiCe a doy.. just more expensive.ted So you're S8"ying that GM is the same as contanYlated./? B CII./? 7 Ths lastes great. 6 7 They've aI becO'ne nalicroal Track 34 2 3 4 spatial discriminate empathize 5 6 7 """'" intelligence discredted Track 38 A On today's program we have Dr.Workbook Audioscript B WeI. lood .

B A I'lld OU" secord guest is the !anile in Africa. A OK Tt\CJlk you both. Ar'IOIh&. Parks.. ~'s strange reaty. many peopIa take a test Mel then forget EM!J)1hing.. e -. ArstIy. e In wtich case. wt1ich is a considerable number. We h::Jpe that you'" time here will be both ~ and useflJ. e 0 &re. are exans a fair way of frong out how srra1.(0) students a year... ~'s adictive trash. 5 6 7 8 """'" """"" ". ''-''''-''I wortc.j ant of my ex<ms. makilg it possiJIe lor us to find somethi ~ to slit ~ who o:mes. but some of them. For us that's probably !he most useful thing about them. 0 Me.I"e some peqJIe's knOwledge. but •.. B It was tooiJle! You ~'t believe how nasty othef people can be! And to know that the wt'toIe COlKltry knows all ycu secrets. A An:j what -""'" . so ~ 's reafty difficu~ to S2tj. it really depends on the test. On the one hand there is ~ of evidMce to Show that W:teo games can be bad. there B B A e "'yo. Please cal me &vn. A Vohlat? You watCh that stuff as well? """'.Jd you find out who knows things? I failed aI my exams at SChOOl e Not aD. Leanne on line one.. .. people ere? B 01 cx:use they n. " paape had to retake !hem f!NelY few yen.l8ti Vv'hat cIo you mean? e Well. Dr.. ISIder because wgJ """"".ick reactiorls and geat hcn:Ieye coordnation. was ~ actl. A 'MIat.l'lCOI'llkrta chairs. be su::x::essfU in ife? B &re . """"? B . ""fI . not even EngIsh? e No! I was tentlle at Ergish.. Ihero are medcaI reasoos.. but others ¥8 a waste of time. star of Channel 1's latest reality SOOw..(? B A B I ~t kM of wrote in. Parks. I"d watched the first series Md thOught. Dr. Wet I'd prefer to watch that than some doct. But as it is. thank you for being my first guest on the . Before we take yr:AJI cals.v goOO someone is at Iakilg tests. but we're not taIIing. I thoulj11. it makes people reW:lw what they've stU(ied and that can orVy be beneficial. An:j WOI. 10 To be tn'lest."'" ••. You 00her kn:lw it Of you cion'\. They my measue hcr. Sam. We teach CM!I: 12. not how sma1 they are. It's absurd to say they don'. B In what w<J(? e They need to Show ~ know stuff. 3 4 arne(iorate 5 6 7 8 9 scientifc 10 tl'8f1SlX(lation .. 3 Well. ~ has to be the ~ w&i. including vigjts to the theater Of sporting events. how else WOI. h. yeah! Sure.Jd you want to employ M engineer to build a tri:Ige W they'd fajed thai' 9' 'gi I0OI i WJ - e famous. ..rnentary on people""". Ryan.! gcMng to be taJIOOg to Samantha Wilson. We also ~p our students with theW accorrmodation needs.. - ""'. B WeI. they're watcti"g everyttWlg you do .. .st atout school exams. it's geat to be here. B Yes... We offer a wide range 01 COO"SeS. there ere also some positive effects and these should oot be Jorgelten. Hi. I mean. ~'s pretty funny. One thing I've noticed is thatl'T'Wly kids who play lots 01 these gcrnes have ~ Q.y quaified <n:I have experience 01 workilg in a variety 01 ro.. J can~ be A -.IuOOg TOEFL and Business Engish. MMy 01 these games are extremely vioIeI1t and this can't be good for young people.tlWlg ~ that ij the kids are pIayi1g garnes. e INrri wooId you want to watch that stuff? A Because it's ro. These kids Jose the abity to sociaize most ~ers play these g<mes aIore... as wei as headaches and even problems with tOOr tmds Md fingers.x)U'11$. in a A Well. But. HcM'eYtY. . So. In reality it's not as clear cut as that.h. Scm. How else WOI.J 0lJ'" teachers we n. e But TV stnJId be reIa. no one remembers what they did in a test. so when I heard they were maktlg MOlher show.. are . Secondy. too.M:I we go about it? We've been usilg exaTIS oo:Ilests silce we first stood on two legs. we also have iYI extensive social program. so 1I<tla1's ~ ike to be a celebrity? WfA. I mean. WOI.. Gocx:I evOOng.. lief! school at 16 without passirY. 5 Track 50 optirristic 2 -".. P.j exans Show v.Jd you want to go to a doctor who hadn't passed medical school? e No. at least they can~ be gelling into trouble on the streets.. if you ask me. aren't I? B [)efi1tetj. WOI. 8 They don't ~ a thing! I passed my math exa-n 00:1 yell stiI e<n'1 baance my acc. ~ was reaJIy bad at the time. come on! You can't reaIri believe that. from I'lc:lnestay to seII-oontained apMmer1ls. Trac k 45 A Wr:m! Did you see lhat Show on TV last ni!.deo games bad B Thai's a Vf1fY ilterestng question because it treats the topic as vert black and white.even when you're A So. On tonigll's show 'He'A. Ryan. Unit 12 Track 46 A The phone-in on teday's show is about exams and how ~t they ere. 2 WfA. A First.. """""'.. but I think that's and yet I was still pretty successful. There ere <itlerent types of accorrvnodation available. rut thai's not the same as being soo::essfU. Hyou had the chcr'lce to do it again. "Come on. Those of you. good morning .xational. who has been carrying out research on this topic for more than three years. e I'm sony. one of the IeOOng exam boards in the COUltry. WeI. but now I'm A I'lld you ttWlk it was worth .. So. An:j how dd you get on the novelist Annie Jones. ~ isn't natural to spend hoIxs on end staring at a computer Of TV screen. B So I guess you watch aI those soaps Md reaity Track 47 A ~e waste of lime. I guess not.- are the psyd'loIogicaJ reasons. the biggeSt problems we social. so what's the pOOt? A B Good evening. 2 3 4 Track 48 """ . B Well. as far as I'm concemOO. 7 Tests! Completely pointless. you have to be able to rTI6aSI. An exciting commercial ()l10dayS program we'lS askJ'g Ate I'Ii:1eo games bad fa )OO? In \he stLdo I have Ryan Ferguson. I think yoJ've both!1Y&1 us !lings to think about. but that's different. if you have 'iflt (JJ8Stions ..Jd you? B Oh. then it WOUld be afferent. oot . - """ pOOtless . 9 In my company we use them III the time to sea how wei people cope under pressure.". "That kXlks M ' . but tests are a proven way 01 showing ij someone ~ smart e Oh.no are nterested in pwtic:tlating and not just watchi1g won~ be dsappoiltecl.. One minute I was wOfking in my local supErlTIaIket and the next ffWute . 2 A "'. This ooabIes us to grve students exact~ wtlat they reQUire. I'm ctong shcJNs Ike this. I'm sony you leellhat wWof. Dr. doesn't it? I guess some are good. I mean. A Just shows hem sI'\aI::Jw you e Track 44 0 Hey! No need to be Ilde. wOO<. . Evening. After ai. they can damage you'" eyesight. People also suffer from backadle from sittOg in l. 4 Track 49 WfJa:xne to WoocI<n::l Language School. Sa-Mntho. does passirY.xi"1g. FrstIy. 0 Yes.. 6 .Workbook Audioscript 6 7 8 A the twgh cost.. Ivan ParIts who ~ the head of Awonl.. A No.. OK..tleIher you'. we have two guesls in the studo that have dfIerilg W3ws on the vakJe 01 exMIS.. wei.tlt? Tho _ _ _ B 'M'ich one? A - ~agajn. For ex<rTllIe.. you can cIothat".xatiOnal inStitufuns. Good evooing.. the tI1ng thai pefSU&CIes Ptq)Ie \0 buy the game. as there are two Sides to the issue. let's go to OU" li"st caner. I1CM' I'm makilg lots 01 money and 11 never have to wOOl.

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and approach learning with attitude! Attitude lets you be who you really are . students will have the confidence to express t hemse lves. Through a series of high -interest topics.Attit[!]de Build Positive Attitude Ensu ring that students have a positive attitude to learning is the key to thei r success. challenges.in English! . and fol low-up tasks. Communicate with Attitude With so lid learni ng foundations. reflect who t hey are. empowering students to become effective learners through awareness-raising activities. and reflective activities. Attitude engages students in a learni ng experience that is both meaningful and re levant to their current reality_ Develop w ith Attitude Attitude introduces a unique focus on the development of study and writing skills. learning tips.

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