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Ecos) end a by Bryan Ansell, Mike Brunton ‘nd Simon Forrest ADDITIONAL MATERIAL “Matt Connell, Graeme Davis ‘and Rick Priestley John Sibbick © 1988 ILLUSTRATIONS tan Mier, Tony ackians, John Blanche, / Gary Harrod, @siephen Tappia, —'# Tony Hough, Russ Nicholson, and TF Paul Cempoe! MM Martin McKenna, (@ Paul Bonner, ‘Aly Morrison,’ Tim Pollard, ‘x7 Robert Lingwood, Tim Brunt, €D Colin Dixon, and Sid COLOUR PLATES Gary Chalk ‘PRODUCED BY THE GAMES WORKSHOP DESIGN STUDIO Mnaging Direcior: Bryan Aspe, Saale Srapic Design Mark Cen, Brin Gros, Brunott Urseme Divi, wacharg auel, Jervis obson, Sean Mason, Deck Norn Rick Pret, Nigel Silman; Phoograper Pal Lewis: Arist/Mustnor: Tony Ackland, Brave Ae, Cote Dimon Bh ghee Darren Mews, H, Mike Me, i, Janie Sim; Cladel Designers: Kevin Adams, Mark ‘Coppesone Jes Goodwin, Alastair Morrison, ‘nth Morrison, Bob Oley, Alan Perry & Mictuel Pry: Pts Deepen! Tan BS Naismith tn Thome, Dave Andrews: “ypeseing: Dav Duffy, Linsey D ie Dour Far; Find Ari: Suzame Blan, Katy Begg, Ded Cmmct, Chis Colin fay Dave Lund, Tony Osbome, Devid Over, Nick Ord, Lacie Richardson, Richard Wright; ‘Administration: Heather Nicholson, Susan Sit ISBN: 1 865893 514 Product Code: Oto ‘Rerhammer Fatty Bate, Warhammer 40.000, {Cite baer opr test escomarte ‘ns Worst Li Pra in Engl Bon Piers Lt, Noga, Doble by GAMES WORKSHOP LTD, Chews SES ee Ae Dintd in te US ty Gane Worksop US, 120 Rey Hag, Batimor MD 2030 WHAT THIS BOOK CONTAINS. “Abbreviations HOW TO USE REALM OF CHAOS. Game Rules. Warhammer Fantasy Battle Profiles Tess Poisonous Anack ‘THE SPREAD OF CHAOS. 5 cee “DHE POWERS UF CHAOS 11 ‘THE MARCHER FORTRESS. CHAOS PANTHEON... ‘THE POWERS OF CHAOS. ‘SLAANESH, KHORNE...... DAEMONS ‘Types of Daemon. DAEMON PACTS. Allies Servtors DAEMONS AND MAGIC. ‘THE ‘SLAIN' DAEMON, - DAEMONIC ABILITIES. DAEMON NAMES Daemon True Names Daemon Use-Names ‘THE SERVANTS OF KHORNE. BLOODTHIRSTERS BLOODLETTERS FLESHHOUNDS JUGGERNAUTS 2 4 16 6 in 8 8 9 9 9 9 9 20 2 23 23 24 25 26 7 8 ‘THE SERVANTS OF SLAANESH.29 KEEPERS OF SECRETS. DAEMONETTES FIENDS MOUNTS OF SLAANESH, ‘THE ROAD TO POWER. FOLLOWERS OF CHAOS. ‘THE PATH OF CHAOS Chaos Warton ‘& Chaos Sorcerers How the System Works STARTING PROFILES. ‘Starting Profle Table ‘The Mark of the Gods. 30 a 3 34 38 38 The Career of a Champion of Chaos ‘THE REWARDS OF CHAOS. Duplicated Rewards REFUSING REWARDS. Chaos Rewards Table ar 44 4 aa 45 ‘THE REWARDS OF THE GODS.47 Rewards of Khome Table. Rewards of Slaanesh Table ‘THE FATE OF A CHAMPION OF CHADS, BECOMING A CHAOS SPAWN Chaos Spavn Table. BECOMING A DAEMON Daemonic. Sponsor, CHAMPIONS OF CHAOS ‘SKELETON CHAMPION. ‘THE RETINUE OF A ‘Warbands ‘THE CHAOS: ‘CHAMPIONS RETINUE. Reine Tole REWARDS AND THE ‘CHAMPIONS RETINUE. Followers" Reward Table FOINTS VALUES AND. "FOLLOWERS OF CHAOS. CHAMPIONS OF CHAOS. DAEMON PRINCES. CCIIAOS. SPAWN ‘A CHAMPION'S RETINUE, CREATING ‘INSTANT’ DAEMON PRINCES AND CHAOS SPAWN. ‘INSTANT’ CHAOS SPAWN ‘Chaos Spawn Creatures Table. ‘INSTANT’ DAEMON PRINCES. CHAMPIONS OF CHAOS ‘AND WARHAMMER FANTASY ROLEPLAY. GENERATING A WERP. CHAMPION OF CHAOS. PLAYER CHARACTER ‘CHAMPIONS. a7 30 8 58 oe 2 areaa aaa RRR ‘THE DRIFTING CASTLE. INTRODUCTION Khome and Magic ‘What this Chapter Contains ‘SUMMONING DAEMONS. NEW DAEMONIC SPELLS Dispel Daemonic. Presence Summon Paaemnnie Pack PENTAGRAMS Pentagrams and ‘Summoning. Spells. Darmowe Requnes Taba B38 Ba8ke BBs B