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FIveyear report 20022006

Our vision is for all of Cambodia's children to grow up and to be educated

in a peaceful, healthy environment so that they are able to eercise their
rights to live meaningful lives and to participate fully in society.
Children learn about
their rights by reading
leaBets distributed by
Child Rights Foundation.
Dur ChIldren Dur Future
FIveyear report 20022006 &KLOG5LJKWV)RXQGDWLRQJ

Yable of Contents
/bbev|at|oos +
|ecot|ve ||ecto's |essae S
|acts aboot Caboo|ao C|||oeo 6
Co ||ss|oo
C|||o |||ts |ea||zat|oo |o Sc|oo|s 8
C|||oeo aoo Yoot| |oo.eeot ++
C|||o |||ts |ea||zat|oo |o Cooo|t|es 20
Co /c||eveeots aoo |oact 22
||oaoc|a| |||||ts 2002-2006 26
\e'e |a'|o a ||eeoce 2
|ooat|oo |o 28
C|||o |||ts |ooooat|oo Sta 2`
C|||o |||ts |ooooat|oo (C||) |s a c|||o-ocoseo, ooo-oot, ooo-oo||t|ca| aoo ooo-e|||oos
Caboo|ao ooo-oveoeota| oao|zat|oo t|at .o's to.aos o|| |o|eeotat|oo o t|e
|o|teo |at|oos Cooveot|oo oo t|e |||ts o t|e C|||o (||C|C). \e a| to ooote |oo-te
c|aoe |o t|e .a c|||oeo ae v|e.eo, caeo o, aoo teateo b eocooa|o a|| |oo|v|ooa|s to ta'e
oesooa| aoo co||ect|ve esooos|b|||t o a'|o c|||oeo's ||ves sae, oos|t|ve aoo .|o|esoe.
Children learn about
their rights by reading
leaBets distributed by
Child Rights Foundation.
Dur ChIldren Dur Future
4 FIveyear report 20022006 &KLOG5LJKWV)RXQGDWLRQ
Abbreviations in this Report
C| C|||o |at|c|oat|oo
CC| Coooa| |oo|s|eot
C| C|||o |||ts
C|| C|||o |||ts |ooooat|oo
CCY|C| Caboo|a C|||oeo aoo Yooo |eoo|e |oveeot o C|||o |||ts
CYC C|||oeo aoo Yoot| C|ob
C8Y| C|||oeo aoo Yooo |eoo|e
||C |ooat|oo, |oocat|oo aoo Cooo|cat|oo
|o|YS ||o|st o |oocat|oo Yoot| aoo Soots
|CC |oo-oveoeota| Cao|zat|oo
|\C |ov|oc|a| \o'|o Cooo
|SC |o,ect Stee|o Co|ttee
TS|C Tac'|o aoo Seoa| |o|o|tat|oo o C|||oeo
TTC Teac|e Ta|o|o Co||ee
||C|C, C|C |o|teo |at|oos Cooveot|oo oo t|e |||ts o t|e C|||o
C| .os oeeeo ce c( te e ^::c,'seo `c.t Cozotcs c(
te ^ssc:otc c( c.teost ^so `otcs e o.oo .os ,eset-
eo tc C| /o'o |',,es c `c.e!e 7 700 ' ote(.'
e:ctc c( te cozotcs c.tstoo :ct!.tc tc ,c.t
oe.e'c,et !, ,'eet s.!stot.e ,cos oo ,c,e:ts
eoeo tc.oo eo: te :o,o:tes c( te ,c.t oo ,cct
:cc,eotc oc ts e!es .'e :ct!.t tc te ,cctc c(
o :.'t.e c( ,eo:e oo .t.o' .oestoo te ^seo ec
C| e:.t.e |e:tc /c o, .os se'e:teo !, te /st, c( o.:otc `c.t oo
,cts (/c`) tc e:e.e te 700+ ^seo `c.t ^.oo '`c.t oo te,ee.s,
e:ctc c( e c.tstoo s.::ess os o ,c.t ete,ee. oo e .o'.o!'e
:ct!.tcs ,cct :'o ts oo :'o ,ot:,otc Co!coo
Dur ChIldren Dur Future
FIveyear report 20022006 &KLOG5LJKWV)RXQGDWLRQ5
Eecutive Director's Address
T|e |ast ve eas |ave beeo a oe|oo o teeoooos o.t| o C||.
\e've aoaeo to sca|e oo oo ooas to ooote c|||o ||ts (C|) |o Caboo|a's
eoocat|ooa| sste aoo cooo|t|es ooe to t|e ooo|o soooot aoo co|teot
o t|e |o|YS aoo oo oooos.
C.oes||o bo||o|o o ea| oo |o oo |oceo-
t|oo |as beeo 'e to oo soccess. \e oeo
a c|t|ca| oatoes||o aeeeot .|t| |o|YS,
s|ot| ate .e oeo, to co||aboate .|t| os
oo t|e |o|eeotat|oo o oo ooas. /s a
eso|t o t||s |ootaot oatoes||o, .e've oo|c'|
eoaooeo oo ooas o t.o sc|oo|s |o
|aooa| oov|oce |o 2002 to SS sc|oo|s |o |a-
ooo C|a, S|e |eao aoo |aooa| oov|oces
tooa. To ot|e ea||ze oo oa| o a|ostea-
|o C| |o Caboo|a's eoocat|ooa| sste, .e've
a|so oeve|ooeo aoo oob||s|eo se|oa| o|oeboo's
aoo aooa|s t|at ae oc|a|| ecoo|zeo b t|e
|o|YS, .||c| |ave beeo o|st|boteo .|oe| to
teac|es aoo teac|e ta|oes acoss t|e cooot.
/oot|e 'e to oo soccess |as beeo t|e oa-
t|c|oat|oo aoo |ovo|veeot o oo sta'e|o|oes
aoo beoec|a|es. \e ecoo|ze t|at |o ooe to
eosoe o.oes||o o oo ooas, .e oeeo to
|ovo|ve a|| o oo sta'e|o|oes aoo beoec|a|es
|o t|e eot|e oocess, o o|aoo|o to |o|eeo-
tat|oo, oo|to|o aoo eva|oat|oo. /oot|e 'e
to oo soccess |as beeo oo ooo|o eot to
|aoo|ze oo act|v|t|es, ooas aoo oo,ects
.|t| |o|YS oo||c|es.
|o ooe to ooote eao|oo| c|||o oat|c|oa-
t|oo, .|eo .e .o' .|t| aoo o c|||oeo .e eo-
cooae eveooe .|o |s oat o t|e oocess to
'eeo ao ooeo |oo aoo ooeo |eat, oat|co|a|
|o eao to C|||oeo aoo Yooo |eoo|e (C8Y|),
so t|at .e a oste ao eov|ooeot o s|aeo
\e a|so ecoo|ze t|at .e ost be aoaot-
ab|e, aoo eao aoo .||||o to |eao oe.
t||os, to ev|se oo ooas baseo oo
va|oab|e eeobac' o oo sta'e|o|oes
aoo t|e c|||oeo .|ose ||ts .e ae st|v-
|o to ecoo|ze. |o s|ot, .e a| to ceate
ao eov|ooeot |o .||c| C8Y| ee| sae
to eec|se t|e| ||ts so t|e a eac|
t|e| ooteot|a| aoo o|| ose t|e| ta|eots.
|o ooe to oeve|oo, .e oooestaoo t|at
C8Y| ost ooeate |o ao atoso|ee |o
.||c| t|e ae ee to a'e |sta'es so
t|e ae ab|e to |eao o t|ose eoe|-
eoces aoo o..
Co| t|eo .||| .e ea||ze oo v|s|oo to see
t|at a|| o Caboo|a's c|||oeo eec|se
t|e| ||ts to ||ve eao|oo| ||ves aoo to
oat|c|oate o|| |o soc|et.
Mom Yhany
|ecot|ve ||ecto, C|||o |||ts |ooooat|oo
Dur ChIldren Dur Future
6 FIveyear report 20022006 &KLOG5LJKWV)RXQGDWLRQ
Facts about Cambodian Children
Population Projections in 2006
|ooo|at|oo +3.`` ||||oo
|eoo|e oooe +S eas o ae S.+3 ||||oo
Education in 2005-2006
|et .|o|e '|ooo eoo|eot 3,+2,3`+ (ea|e +6.+)
|e-sc|oo| eoo|eot S,66` (ea|e +`.`)
|et o|a sc|oo| eoo|eot 2,SS8,+6 (ea|e +.2)
|et secoooa sc|oo| eoo|eot `3,2S8 (ea|e +3.3)
|eoeate 3+,++2 (ea|e ++.6)
||a-sc|oo| ooo oot ate ++.
|o.e secoooa-sc|oo| ooo oot ate 22.3
|ooe secoooa-sc|oo| ooo oot ate +

Health in 2005
|oaot ota||t ate 6S/+000
|ooe S ota||t ate 83/+000
|oo|zat|oo ate (200S-2006)
|eas|es , 3CC , |o||o3 , |TC3 6.` , `+.+ , , 8

Children in difBcult circumstances
C|||oeo .|toess|o ooo|s|eot o eoe|eoc|o be|o ooo|s|eo |o 200S
C|||oeo be|o ooo|s|eo |o sc|oo| |o 200S
3os ++ aoo C||s 3+
C|||o |oest|c \o'e aeo -+ |o ||oo |eo| |o 2003
2,`S0 c|.
|o ose b c|||oeo oooe +8 eas |o 2003 (+38 oesoos)

C|||o |aoe |o 2002-200+

30S cases
C|||oeo aeo 0-++ eas ||v|o .|t| |V//||S |o 2003
3000 c|.
Children Associations in 2005
C|||oeo aoo Yoot| |eo oao|zat|oo (oooe 2S o ae)
2+ ooos
|eoao||c |st|ates 8 |ev|seo |ooo|at|oo |o,ect|oos 200S, |at|ooa| |ost|tote o Stat|st|cs, ||o|st o ||aoo|o
|oocat|oo Stat|st|cs aoo |oo|catos 200S-2006, ||o|st o |oocat|oo, Yoot| 8 Soot
Caboo|ao |eoao||c aoo |ea|t| Sove 200S-2006, ||o|st o ea|t| aoo ||o|st o ||aoo|o
|eseac| |oto |oo|s|eot o C|||oeo 200S, Save t|e C|||oeo |o.a
|eseac| oo V|o|eoce 200S, Teaooo
C|||o |oest|c \o'e Sove |o ||oo |eo| 2003, ||o|st o ||aoo|o

|CC Stateeot to t|e 200+ Cooso|tat|ve Cooo eet|o oo Caboo|a

T|e State o \o|o C|||oeo |o 2006, |||C||
C|||oeo aoo Yoot| |eo Cao|zat|oo sove 200S, C|||o |||ts |ooooat|oo
Dur ChIldren Dur Future
FIveyear report 20022006 &KLOG5LJKWV)RXQGDWLRQ7

Cblloren ano Youtb
Cbllo Rlgbts Reallzatlon
ln Communltles
Cbllo Rlgbts Reallzatlon
ln Scbools
|o,ect +. |o|aoc|o
Caoac|t o C|||o/
Yoot|-|eo Cao|zat|oos
|o,ect 2. Steo|teo|o
C|||oeo's Coooc||s |o
|o,ect +. |oo|o
V|o|eoce aa|ost
C|||oeo |o Cooo|t|es
|o,ect 2.
|a|ostea|o C|||o
|||ts |o Sc|oo|s
|o,ect 3. |eve|oo|o
C|||o Se|-|e||aoce
|o,ect +.
|a|ostea|o C|||o
|||ts |o TTCs
|o,ect 3. |ea||z|o
C|||oeo's |||ts to,
t|oo|, |o |oocat|oo
|o,ect 2. |oot|o
C|||oeo's 3|t|
Our Mission
|ecoo|z|o t|at tooa's c|||oeo aoo ooo oeoo|e ae tooo.'s ot|es,
at|es, eoocatos, ooctos, oo||t|ca| aoo bos|oess |eaoes, .e be||eve ooot|o t|e|
||ts |s c|t|ca| to t|e sosta|oeo otoe oeve|ooeot aoo oosoe|t o Caboo|a.
To ac||eve oo a|s .e ocos oo t|ee coc|a| aeas.
C|||o |||ts |ea||zat|oo |o Sc|oo|s / s|aeo oocess, c|||o ||ts ea||zat|oo |o sc|oo|s |s a
oatoes||o bet.eeo C||, sc|oo|s, teac|e ta|o|o co||ees, aoo oat|ooa|, oov|oc|a| aoo o|st|ct
oveoeot aot|o|t|es. \o'|o co||aboat|ve| |s 'e to a|ostea|o t|e ||C|C aoo ot|e
oess|o c|||o-e|ateo |ssoes |oto Caboo|a's eoocat|ooa| sste aoo ceat|o ao |oc|os|ve c|||o-
|eoo| |eao|o eov|ooeot o bos aoo ||s |o oo taet sc|oo|s.
C|||oeo aoo Yoot| |oo.eeot \e st|ve to |ve c|||oeo aoo ooo oeoo|e t|e 'oo.|eoe,
aoo too|s t|e oeeo to oat|c|oate eao|oo|| |o t|e ooot|oo aoo oo|to|o o t|e| ||ts.
C|||o |||ts |ea||zat|oo |o Cooo|t|es \e a| to oste cooo|t|es |o .||c| c|||oeo ee| sae
aoo ee o v|o|eoce.
Dur ChIldren Dur Future
8 FIveyear report 20022006 &KLOG5LJKWV)RXQGDWLRQ
Child Rights Realization in 5chools
S|oce C||'s |oceot|oo, oo oa| |as beeo to |ost|tot|ooa||ze aoo |oteoa||ze t|e cooceot
o c|||o ||ts |o Caboo|a's oat|ooa| eoocat|ooa| sste. 3 ooso|o t||s oa|, .|t|
t|e soooot o oo oooos aoo oatoes, .e a| to soeao t|e C| essae to t|e
eatest oobe o oeoo|e ooss|b|e, a||ze t|e |oact aoo eect|veoess o oo
ooas aoo ceate a |ast|o C| |eac |o oo sc|oo|s.
Promoting Child Rights in
Yarget 5chools in Yhree Provinces
\|at beao as a ooest o||ot oo,ect to |otoooce
C| |oto t.o sc|oo|s |o |aooa| oov|oce aa Vaa-
ao V|| || Sc|oo| aoo |aoeo a ||a Sc|oo|
|as oo|c'| b|ossoeo |oto ao ab|t|oos C|
ooa t|at oo. eocooasses SS o|a aoo sec-
oooa sc|oo|s |o t|ee oov|oces, |aooo C|a,
S|e |eao aoo |aooa|.
|o t|e c|assoo, .e st|ve to a|se a.aeoess aboot
ao eve-eoaoo|o ||st o C|-e|ateo too|cs. C|||oeo
ae |eao|o aboot a .|oe assoteot o |ssoes t|at
ae esseot|a| to t|e| .e||be|o, |oc|oo|o. t|e| ||ts
aoo esooos|b|||t|es, t|e oo bas'ets o c|||o ||ts
t|e ||t to sov|va|, t|e ||t to ootect|oo, t|e
||t to oeve|ooeot, aoo t|e ||t to oat|c|oat|oo,
tac'|o aoo seoa| eo|o|tat|oo o c|||oeo (TS|C),
oo abose, aoo, coooa| ooo|s|eot (CC|). \e
|e|o sc|oo|s soeao a.aeoess aboot t|ese |oo-
taot attes t|oo| t|e oov|s|oo o |ooat|oo,
eoocat|oo aoo cooo|cat|oo (||C) ate|a|s soc|
as oostes, |eaets, ae boo's aoo ta|o|o aooa|s,
.||c| ae oeve|ooeo .|t| |ooot o sta'e|o|oes
aoo eo|a| ev|seo aoo eo|oteo so t|at t|e ae
ceta|o to coota|o oo| t|e best teac||o et|ooo|o-
|es, tec|o|ooes aoo oact|ces.
\e ecoo|ze t|at t|e soccess o oo ooas
eoo|es a cooo oooestaoo|o aoo teac|es
aboot t|e| o|es aoo oot|es to.aos t|e |o|eeo-
tat|oo o ||C|C. T|os, |o aoo|t|oo to seos|t|z|o
teac|es aboot C|, C|, ooot|o oos|t|ve o|sc|o||oe
|o sc|oo|s aoo ot|e e|evaot c|||o-e|ateo |ssoes, .e
oov|oe ooo|o ta|o|o sess|oos aoo .o's|oos t|at
ae oes|oeo to |e|o eoocatos |ooe t|e| ac|||tat|oo
s'|||s aoo ose oo ta|o|o aooa|s eect|ve|.
/ |o c' |e:tc
c( te `c.t |e,otet
(c te /c` s ',c.o
tc so, C| :cc,eotes
sc :'cse', .t /c`
oo es,e:o'', s c.
e so,s C|s ,cos
oc.eto' :e', .t te
st,s c. :ct-
et tc ose o.oeess
o!c.t :'o ts
s:cc's oo e ,c,cses
'tc o'' c( C|s occs
tot te, :ct.e tc
s.,,ct s.: .ct.'e
.se(.' oo e((e:t.e ,cos sc .e :o o'' :ct.e tc
e,c, te ,cst.e ,o:ts
^::co tc / c' te C|s o!'t, tc 'c!!,
otco' ,c.:o' oo ost:t c((:o's oo .t.e ts
e'otcs,s .t te /c` oo 'e, st, oe,ot-
ets s.: os te eo:e o |e,otet |o,
o.:otc |e,otet oo s c. `c.t |e,otet
os !ee :t:o' tc te s.::ess c( ,cos ts toet
s:cc's e C|s .''ess tc (e t.e ts ,cos
!oseo c e.'o oo cc (eeo!o:' (c c.e-
et c((:o's s o'sc ,ot c( ts . (c.'o
|. ||ao So'|
||ecto o Yoot|
|eoateot, |o|YS
Dur ChIldren Dur Future
FIveyear report 20022006 &KLOG5LJKWV)RXQGDWLRQ9
Dur ChIldren Dur Future
10 FIveyear report 20022006 &KLOG5LJKWV)RXQGDWLRQ
Child Rights Realization in 5chools
Children are
learning about
their rights
in the
classroom, at
special events
at their schools.
and by reading
posters, leaBets
and other
IEC provided
by CRF.
workshops and
sessions to
equip them
with the tools
and knowledge
they need to
teach children
about their
Dur ChIldren Dur Future
FIveyear report 20022006 &KLOG5LJKWV)RXQGDWLRQ11
Providing Activities
Yhat Make Learning Fun
C|||oeo |o oo taet sc|oo|s ece|ve ta|o|o |o C| at
t|e be|oo|o o eac| sc|oo| ea, o||o.eo b at |east
ao |oo o C| |ostoct|oo oe oot|. /ct|v|t|es ae
oes|oeo to a'e |eao|o aboot C| oo o c|||oeo
aoo |oc|ooe aes, |oteact|ve oo|zzes, oa.|o, ooet,
oaa, soos aoo cootests. |o aoo|t|oo to a|s|o
oess aboot C|, t|ese eveots |e|o sc|oo|s oe c|ose
t|es .|t| t|e| cooo|t|es becaose sc|oo|s oteo |ov|te
cooo|t ebes to oat|c|oate.
Fostering a 5pirit of Cooperation
With all 5takeholders
|o o|aoo|o to |o|eeotat|oo, oo|to|o aoo
eva|oat|oo C||'s ooas est oooo a so||o ooooa-
t|oo o co||aboat|oo, .||c| .e be||eve |s esseot|a| to
eocooa|o o.oes||o o oo act|v|t|es aoo eoso|o
t|e| |oo-te sosta|oab|||t. T||s so||t o coooeat|oo
|as oeeateo oo oao|zat|oo s|oce 2002 .|eo .e
oeo a state|c oatoes||o .|t| t|e Yoot| |eoat-
eot o t|e |o|YS to .o' .|t| |ts sta, teac|es
aoo c|||oeo aoo oot| coooc||s. C||'s ooot|oo o
C| |o sc|oo|s aoo oo soccess |o sca||o oo oo eots
to a|ostea C| |o Caboo|a's eoocat|ooa| sste
.oo|o oot be ooss|b|e .|t|oot t|e oo.ave|o co|t-
eot aoo soooot o 'e oat|ooa|, oov|oc|a| aoo o|st|ct
oveoeot oo||c a'es, teac|es, e|ooa| aoo
oov|oc|a| teac|e ta|o|o co||ees (TTCs) aoo sc|oo|
ao|o|statos. \e a|so a'e |t oo o|o|t to |ao-
o|ze oo oo,ects .|t| oat|ooa| oveoeot oo||c|es, to
a||ze t|e| |oact aoo sosta|oab|||t.
Integrating UNCRC in Yeacher Yraining
Colleges and Identifying Core Yrainers
\e've aoaeo to |oteate ||C|C aoo ot|e |-
ootaot c|||o-e|ateo |ssoes |oto e|ooa| aoo oov|oc|a|
TTCs |o oo taet oov|oces. T||s eoeseots a c|t|ca|
aoo s|o|caot steo |o oo |oo-te oa| o a'|o
obsevaoce o t|e ||C|C coooo|ace |o a|| o
Caboo|a's sc|oo|s. \e've a|so |oeot|eo oat|ooa| aoo
oov|oc|a| coe ta|oes to ta|o teac|es aoo cooo|-
t ebes |o oo taet oov|oces aoo beooo aboot
C|, C| aoo CC|.
5etting up National, Provincial Committees
to 5treamline Project Implementation
\e've estab||s|eo a |o,ect Stee|o Co|ttee (|SC)
aoe oo o 'e |o|YS oc|a|s t|e ||ecto o
t|e Yoot| |eoateot, ||a |oocat|oo |eoat-
eot aoo t|e |eoot ||ecto o t|e Teac|e Ta|o|o
|eoateot to .o' .|t| C|| to ovesee aoo
cooo|oate oo C|C a|ostea|o act|v|t|es at t|e
|o|ste|a| |eve|. |o ao eot to stea||oe t|e |o|e-
eotat|oo o oo sc|oo| ooas |o oo t|ee taet
oov|oces, .e've a|so set oo |ov|oc|a| \o'|o Cooos
(|\Cs), c|a|eo b t|e oov|oc|a| |eoot ||ecto |o
c|ae o Yoot| /a|s.
T|ese ooos eet eo|a| to eva|oate t|e ooess
o C|C a|ostea|o act|v|t|es |o oo taet sc|oo|s,
|oeot| aos |o t|e ooa aoo ba|osto |oove-
eots. |o aoo|t|oo, |\C ebes oot|oe| a'e e|o
t|os .|t| C|| sta to oo|to t|e |oact oo oo,ects
ae |av|o oo taet sc|oo|s. T|ese v|s|ts see to |ave
a ot|vat|o aoo eoe|z|o eect oo stooeots aoo
teac|es a||'e. T|e |SC aoo |\C eceot| |aooc|eo a
ooa to ecoo|ze sc|oo|s aoo teac|es .|o ae
oo|o ao eeo|a ,ob o |o|eeot|o C|. |ebes
o |\Cs |ave a|so beoo too|o taet sc|oo|s |o
ot|e oov|oces |o ao eot to |oove t|e| o.o C|
act|v|t|es t|oo| |ooat|oo ec|aoe aoo s|aeo
Building Much-Needed Capacity
in Rural and Remote 5chools
C|| a|so .o's c|ose| .|t| t|ese oc|a|s .|eo c|oos-
|o |ts taet sc|oo|s. |ao o t|e sc|oo|s ae |ocateo
|o eote, esooce-staooeo aeas aoo t|ese sc|oo|s,
|o oat|co|a, |ave oc| to a|o o C||'s eots to
a|ostea C|C t|oo| caoac|t bo||o|o, s'|||s ta|o-
|o aoo t|e taose o 'oo.|eoe.
Dur ChIldren Dur Future
12 FIveyear report 20022006 &KLOG5LJKWV)RXQGDWLRQ
Child Rights Realization in 5chools
Js ,.set !c'e eots
C'oes eoto:e
\'' 'et te oc.
^o s:cc' .'' e.e !e 'c.
|.tt s:cc' !os osoe
ft (.t.e oo'es os t
C'oes ee!e
^'' (cs c( ,.set
|( te, c oeoo
.e', tee .'' !e o .oe
Ccs te,'' !e .,set
|.s te tc (.t.e
e c', .o, s .c'e:e
c o'' c( .s e:e
c e 'os ot tc'eo:e
|. te o'' tc s:cc'
c c,e c( cco 'eo
^s !t os te s. s s
/o, o'' ,oets :oe (c .s 'os
|ct s:c'o !.t e.oo steoo
Mai 5iv Huor, Grade 6 student,
Kampoung 5ambour Primary
5chool, Koh Yhom District
Inspiring Broad-based, Countrywide
Acceptance of Child Rights
|o t|e |oteest o |oso||o boao-baseo, .|o|e|eateo acceotaoce o C|
aoo C| cooceots, .e ecoo|ze t|at .e ost eac| oot oot oo| to sto-
oeots aoo teac|es |o oo taet sc|oo|s, bot to a|| t|ose .|o |ave a o|e
to o|a |o ooot|o t|e .e|| be|o o oo c|||oeo |o oo eoocat|ooa|
sste as .e||. T|at's .| aoot|e cooooeot o eots to eocooae
t|e |o|eeotat|oo o C| |o sc|oo|s |s t|e oov|s|oo o ta|o|o sess|oos,
oat|ooa| .o's|oos aoo ||C to oveoeot aot|o|t|es, sc|oo|s ao|o-
|statos, teac|e ta|oes, |o-sev|ce aoo stooeot teac|es a|| ove t|e
\e co-oeve|ooeo .|t| t|e |eoateot o Yoot| aoo oob||s|eo a se|-
oa| ta|o|o aooa|, '|||ts aoo |esooos|b|||t|es o C|||oeo aoo Yoot|
|eoo|e,' .||c| .as ev|seo ooce .|t| |ooot o teac|es, eo|oteo aoo
oeseoteo to |o|YS to beeo o|st|boteo .|oe| oat|oo.|oe. /|so |o .|oe
c|co|at|oo |s oo boo'|et, ooooceo ,o|ot| .|t| t|e |eoateot o Yoot|,
'|oe|eoces |o C|||o |||ts |a|ostea|o |o t|e |oocat|oo Sste.' |t
||||||ts |essoos |eaoeo aoo ac||eveeots |o a|ostea|o ||C|C |o
t|e Caboo|ao eoocat|ooa| sste.
C|||oeo aoo oot| ae eocooaeo to be
act|ve oat|c|oaots |o C| a.aeoess-a|s|o
act|v|t|es aoo to eoess t|e| |oeas t|oo|
oa.|o, .|t|o, s|o|o aoo oaa.
Dur ChIldren Dur Future
FIveyear report 20022006 &KLOG5LJKWV)RXQGDWLRQ1J

Government ofBcials from all over

Cambodia who are in charge of the
educational system learn about CR at
workshops hosted by CRF. Advocacy and
networking with policy makers are two
important tools in mainstreaming CR in
Dur ChIldren Dur Future
14 FIveyear report 20022006 &KLOG5LJKWV)RXQGDWLRQ
Children and Youth Empowerment
|ot oo| oo c|||oeo aoo ooo oeoo|e |ave t|e ost to a|o o t|e o||
|o|eeotat|oo o t|e ||C|C |o Caboo|a, t|e 'oo. bette t|ao aoooe
.|at t|e| oo|ooe oeeos aoo c|a||eoes ae. \e be||eve |t |s t|eeoe esseot|a|
t|at c|||oeo ae act|ve aoo eooa| oatoes |o ea||z|o oo oa| o a'|o o t|e
obsevaoce o t|e ||C|C coooo|ace |o Caboo|a
fe(ce se ,ceo te
Co!coo C'oe oo
`c. |ec,'e /c.e-
et (c C'o |ts
(CC`/C|) t.c ,eos
oc c .oce. oo
c oeo 'c. tc .c'
.t :'oe c c. tc
sc'.e te ,c!'es
f.t tcoo, se s oc
o c. .!e c(
:'o ts o:t.sts .c
s !e e.,,eo .t
o .c'e tcc'!c c( s'''s
tc teo: cte ,c.t oo :'oe o!c.t te ts oo
e 70-,eo-c'o Cooe 7 st.oet !e' tee oe
st'' tcc o, :'oe .c oc ct 'c. te ts oo
st'' ctes .c .oestoo te ts !.t oc ct 'c.
c. tc c o!c.t ee:s te te (o'es oo
ots o o, te CC`/C| .: s 'c. !, ts
e!es s,', os 'e /c.eet s .c' oo
tc oooess '| t' e /c.eet s .e, ,ctot
! .e oe te c', cozotc ooe ., c( ,c.t
oo :'oe tot ,c.oes (cotc o!c.t :'o ts
tc cte :'oe so,s .oce.
'\e :'oe 'c. te ts te, oe ce
:c(oet oo o:t.e oo ts o'es te o,,e oo
eo'te se ooos '| .c.'o ''e o'' :'oe tc 'c.
o!c.t te ts es,e:o'', :'oe '. c te steet
oo ecte oeos ! te, .'' e,c, o !te
(.t.e ( te, 'c. o!c.t te ts
So |ooooeoo,
CCY|C| |eoeseotat|ve
Building a Movement of Child and Youth
Child Rights Activists
S|ot| ate C||'s |oceot|oo, .e |oeot|eo sevea|
c|||oeo aoo ooo oeoo|e's oao|zat|oos t|at .ee
act|ve| .o'|o to |oove t|e ||ves o c|||oeo |o
Caboo|a. \e |ov|teo t|e to ,o|o a oet.o' o
C8Y| ooos, t|e CCY|C|, t|at .e |aooc|eo to
ooote oooestaoo|o o t|e ||C|C, aoo oo|to
t|e |o|eeotat|oo o ||C|C. Tooa 'T|e |ove-
eot' boasts ebes o 20 C8Y| oao|zat|oos
t|at ae .o'|o a|| ove Caboo|a.
T|e |oveeot |s co|tteo to soeao|o a.aeoess
aboot t|e oo bas|c ||ts o c|||oeo t|at eos||oeo
|o t|e ||C|C aoo to eoso|o t|at ooce t|ose ||ts
ae oooestooo, c|||oeo ae ab|e to eec|se t|e.
T|e CCY|C| |ooes to ac||eve t||s oa| b o|s-
se|oat|o |ooat|oo aboot C|, o||o.|o oo oo t|e
|o|eeotat|oo o C|, .o'|o .|t| t|e oveoeot
oo be|a| o C|, ooot|o C| aoo steot|eo|o
C8Y| ooos aoooo Caboo|a.
To |e|o t|e CCY|C| accoo||s| |ts oa|s, C|| oa-
o|zes eo|a ta|o|o sess|oos, .o's|oos, aoo caos
o CCY|C| ebes to oov|oe t|e .|t| t|e
s'|||s, 'oo.|eoe aoo 'oo.-|o. t|e oeeo to eoo-
cate ot|es aboot C|-e|ateo |ssoes aoo oat|c|oate
|o oo|to|o t|e |o|eeotat|oo o t|e ||C|C.
T|ese eveots ae a|so eaot to |ve c|||oeo aoo
oot| a oo to |oeot| |ssoes t|at ae o cooceo
to t|e, aoo to |eao o ooe aoot|e's eoe|-
eoces t|oo| t|e s|a|o aoo ec|aoe o |oeas aoo
|ooat|oo. T|e |oveeot |as |e|oeo C|| oeve|oo
aooa|s, oes|oeo soec|ca|| o c|||oeo aoo oot|,
oo ooot|o aoo oo|to|o t|e |o|eeotat|oo o
t|e ||C|C.
Dur ChIldren Dur Future
FIveyear report 20022006 &KLOG5LJKWV)RXQGDWLRQ15
Children complete a survey on "Children's Opinions on the
Implementation of their Rights in Cambodia" that CRF conducted
in 16 of the nation's 24 provinces.
Dur ChIldren Dur Future
16 FIveyear report 20022006 &KLOG5LJKWV)RXQGDWLRQ
Children and Youth Empowerment
CRF organizes regular training sessions,
workshops and camps for CCYMCR
members. We also help Yhe Movement
organize events to raise awareness about
child rights and the implementation
of the UNCRC. CRF has set up a Child
Rights Resource Centre at its
headquarters in Phnom Penh, where the
CCYMCR meets monthly.
Dur ChIldren Dur Future
FIveyear report 20022006 &KLOG5LJKWV)RXQGDWLRQ17
Encouraging the Establishment of
C&YP Child Rights Clubs in 5chools
/ coo||eota oat o C||'s state to a|o-
stea ||C|C |o Caboo|a's eoocat|ooa| sste
|s t|e estab||s|eot aoo ooo|o soooot o c|||oeo
aoo oot| c|obs |o sc|oo|s. |s|o a c|||o oat|c|oato
|eao|o aoooac|, c|||oeo ae eooa| oatoes |o t|e
oao|zat|oo aoo |o|eeotat|oo o c|ob act|v|t|es.
Sc|oo| aoaeeot oteo |oeot|es c|ob ebes,
.|o oeoostate eceot|ooa| |eaoes||o ab|||t, to
be oee eoocatos to oov|oe C| ta|o|o to ot|e
c|||oeo |o t|e| sc|oo|s aoo at cooo|t eveots.
C|ob ebes a|so eec|se t|e| ac|||tat|oo s'|||s b
soeao|o a.aeoess aboot C| to |eoos aoo a||.
\e ae coov|oceo t|at ove t|e, t|ese oee eooca-
tos .||| be oo.eo| cata|sts o c|aoe becaose t|e
C| |essoos t|e |eao tooa .||| ea|o .|t| t|e o
eas to coe.
Helping Cambodia Children and Youth
Attend International Events
\|t| ass|staoce o oooos, C|| |as seot Cabo-
o|ao c|||o aoo oot| oe|eates to sevea| |oteoat|ooa|
eveots soc| as t|e oo |oo C|||oeo's oo
'ave Yoo Sa, |oo't |e|a', t|e |e|ooa| C|||oeo's
|oo o ||o-Te |ev|e. o |ast /s|a aoo |ac|c
|e|ooa| Co|teot aoo /ct|oo ||ao /a|ost Co-
ec|a| Seoa| |o|o|tat|oo o C|||oeo |o 3ao'o',
T|a||aoo, t|e C|||o \o'es |o /s|a |e|ooa| \o'-
s|oo oo C|||o |at|c|oat|oo, a|so |o 3ao'o', T|a||aoo,
aoo, t|e ||st |oteoat|ooa| |oo oo C|||oeo's
|eve|ooeot |o 3e|,|o, C||oa.
Establishing a Child Rights
Resource Center
C|| estab||s|eo a C8Y| |esooce Ceote o
c|||o aoo oot| act|v|st ebes o t|e CCY|C|
oet.o' aoo ooo-ebes to stoo, eseac|, eet
aoo .o'. T|e ceote |s eoo|ooeo .|t| t.o cooot-
es, eac| .|t| |oteoet access, aoo |s stoc'eo .|t|
oe t|ao +,000 boo's aoo |ooat|ooa| ate|a|s
oo C| as .e|| as Caboo|ao co|toe aoo ||teatoe.
CCY|C| |o|os eo|a| oot|| eet|os .|t| C||
sta at t|e C| |esooce Ceote to ec|aoe |oo-
at|oo, o|scoss c|a||eoes aoo o|ao act|v|t|es.
5trengthening Capacity of
and Epanding the CCYMCR
|ast ea, C|| ||eo ao |ooeoeooeot cooso|taot
to oeve|oo a state|c o|ao o steot|eo|o aoo
eoaoo|o t|e CCY|C|. T|e o|ao |s oes|oeo to
bo||o t|e oao|zat|ooa| aoo ooaat|c caoac|t
o CCY|C| aoo |ts ebe oao|zat|oos so t|at
t|e ae ab|e to a'e a oe eao|oo| coot|bo-
t|oo to C| |o Caboo|a b ooot|o oooestaoo|o
o t|e ||C|C aoo c|||oeo aoo ooo oeoo|e,
aoo oo|to|o t|e |o|eeotat|oo o t|e ||C|C.
|o aot|c|oat|oo o t||s ev|seo aooate, t|e C|| |as
oov|oeo |oveeot ebes .|t| ta|o|o |o oo,ect
aoaeeot so t|e ae bette oo|seo to o|ao t|e|
oo,ects, .|te soccesso| oooosa|, |o|eeot aoo
eva|oate t|e| oo,ects. T||s ea, |oveeot e-
bes aoooteo a oe. statote at a t.o-oa oat|ooa|
.o's|oo aoo se|ect |ts st-eve c|a|oesoo aoo
Dur ChIldren Dur Future
18 FIveyear report 20022006 &KLOG5LJKWV)RXQGDWLRQ
Children and Youth Empowerment
Mapping C&YP-led Organizations
and Yheir Activities
|o t|e |oteest o soooot|o oao|zat|oos |eo b
C8Y|, .e coo|eteo a sove |o 200S aoo o|scov-
eeo t|at t|ee ae 2+ C8Y|-|eo ooos ooeat|o
|o +8 oov|oces .||c| ae aooess|o a o|vese aoe
o oeeos soc| as c|||oeo's |ssoes, |V//||S, oeace-
bo||o|o, eov|ooeot, eooe |ssoes, oeocac aoo
oatoa| esooce ootect|oo. To eo|aoce cooo|ca-
t|oo, steot|eo ||o'aes, aoo ass|st |o t|e cooo|oa-
t|oo o ooa act|v|t|es aoo t|e va|oos ooos,
.e coo||eo aoo oob||s|eo a o|ecto o C8Y|-|eo
oao|zat|oos aoo o|st|boteo |t to oat|ooa| aoo |ote-
oat|ooa| |CCs, || aeoc|es, as .e|| as t|e C8Y|
ooos t|ese|ves.
Giving Children and Youth
a Voice in the CR Dialogue
|o ao eot to |ve c|||oeo aoo oot| a vo|ce |o t|e
o|a|ooe aboot c|||oeo ||ts, C|| ooooceo aoo
.|oe| o|st|boteo a C|||oeo aoo Yoot| |e.s|ette
|o oatoes||o .|t| t|e Yoot| |eoateot o |o|YS.
C8Y| .ee eocooaeo to coot|bote at|c|es, |||os-
tat|oos, ooet, s|ot sto|es aoo |ettes o oob||ca-
t|oo |o t|e oe.s|ette. |ssoes eo|oeo |o t|e oe.s-
|ette |oc|ooeo TS|C, oo abose, b|t| e|stat|oo,
eoocat|oo, |V//||S, c|||o |abo aoo |ea|t|.
5urveying Children on the
Implementation of the UNCRC
\|t| soooot o C||, t|e CCY|C| ooooceo
a eoot ca||eo 'C|||oeo's V|e. oo |o|eeotat|oo
o t|e || Cooveot|oo oo t|e |||ts o t|e C|||o |o
Caboo|a 2000-2000+', .||c| .as sob|tteo to t|e
|| Co|ttee oo C|C
|o Ceoeva. T|e cooe-
|eos|ve eoot evea|eo
t|e oo|o|oos o oe t|ao
S,000 sc|oo| c|||oeo,
bet.eeo t|e aes o +2
aoo +8 o o|a aoo
|o.e secoooa sc|oo|s |o
+6 Caboo|ao oov|oces.
|o |oeot||o |ssoes,
oes|o|o t|e ooest|oooa|e,
cooooct|o e|o |otev|e.s .|t| c|||oeo, oata eot,
aoa|s|s aoo oat|o t|e eoot, C|| eoo.eeo
|oveeot ebes to ta'e ao |otea| o|e |o ca-
|o oot t|e sove.
To ot|e ac|||tate t|e eao|oo| c|||o oat|c|oa-
t|oo |o assess|o t|e |o|eeotat|oo o t|e ||C|C
|o Caboo|a, t|e CCY|C| aoo C|| ,o|ot| oa-
o|zeo a |at|ooa| Cooeeoce C|||o |at|c|oat|oo |o
|oo|to|o t|e |o|eeotat|oo o t|e ||C|C |o
Caboo|a. |o aoo|t|oo to |eao|o aboot oo|to|o
t|e |o|eeotat|oo o t|e ||C|C, t|e + c|||oeo
.|o atteooeo t|e cooeeoce |ao ao ooootoo|t to
eoess t|e| o.o v|e.s, .||c| .ee a|so |oc|ooeo
|o t|e oa| eoot, aoo to a'e ecoeooat|oos
oo |o. t|e ||ves o Caboo|ao c|||oeo coo|o be
|ooveo. Cooeeoce oat|c|oaots |oc|ooeo at |east
t.o c|||oeo o eac| oov|oce |o Caboo|a, c|||o
aootees, c|||o ||ts act|v|sts, vo|oeab|e c|||oeo aoo
ebes o et|o|c |oo|t|es.
T|e eoot ||||||teo s| |ssoes aect|o Caboo|ao
c|||oeo tooa. eoocat|oo, |ea|t|, oos, c|||o |abo,
c|||o tac'|o aoo seoa| eo|o|tat|oo, aoo, c|||o
oat|c|oat|oo .as o|st|boteo to t|e ||o o Cabo-
o|a, ebes o t|e Seoate aoo |at|ooa| /sseb|,
oveoeot boo|es, oe|o ebass|es, || aeoc|es,
|CCs, aoo c|||o aoo oot| ooos.
Dur ChIldren Dur Future
FIveyear report 20022006 &KLOG5LJKWV)RXQGDWLRQ19
Movement members use
a variety of techniques
to educate children and
youth about child rights
and monitoring the
implementation of the
UNCRC, including role
playing and dramatic
skits. CRF provides
Movement members
with the opportunity to
manage and direct their
own activities.
Dur ChIldren Dur Future
20 FIveyear report 20022006 &KLOG5LJKWV)RXQGDWLRQ
Child Rights Realization in Communities
C|| eac|es oot to cooo|t|es to a|se a.aeoess aboot c|||o ||ts aoo
c|||o-e|ateo |ssoes. \e ae a|so oo|o oo oat to |e|o t|e ost vo|oeab|e c|||oeo
|o oo cooo|t|es.
Campaigning Against Y5EC
To a|se a.aeoess aoo cooo|t ebes aboot
TS|C |ssoes aoo state|es to oeveot c|||oeo o be-
|o seoa|| tac'eo aoo eo|o|teo, C|| ass|steo +0 o
|ts taet sc|oo|s |aooc| a se|es o caoa|os |o coo-
o|t|es sooooo|o t|e sc|oo|s. T|e stooeots sao soos,
oeoeo s'|ts aoo ec|teo ooet to eoocate co-
oo|t ebes aboot t|e oevastat|o eects o TS|C
aoo state|es to oeveot c|||oeo o be|o seoa||
tac'eo aoo eo|o|teo. |oca| aot|o|t|es aoo cooo|t
ebes .ee so |oesseo .|t| t|e ooa t|e
eooesteo t|at |t be |e|o eve ea. C|| .||| ao oo |ts
eots to eoo v|o|eoce aa|ost c|||oeo |o cooo|t|es
b |otoooc|o s|||a ooas |o t|e otoe.
Communlty members learn about preventlng TSLC ln Kanoal
provlnce . We lntervleweo communlty members to oetermlne tbe
poorest tamllles stuoents ln 10 ot our target scbools.
Assisting Vulnerable, Poor Children
C|| oov|oes ass|staoce to soe o Caboo|a's ost
vo|oeab|e c|||oeo. |o||o.|o a |ooos se|ect|oo oo-
cess t||s oast ea, C|| |o co||aboat|oo .|t| teac|es
aoo ebes o C||-sooosoeo C|||oeo aoo Yoot|
C|obs c|ose stooeots o +0 |aooa| sc|oo|s to e-
ce|ve sc|oo| sooo||es aoo oo|os as .e|| as b|cc|es
to a'e |t eas|e o t|e to tave| |oo o|staoces
to sc|oo|. \e |ave a|so oov|oeo ass|staoce to /||S
oo|aos aoo ot|e vo|oeab|e c|||oeo .|o atteoo
oo taet sc|oo|s aoo ac|||tateo t|e o|st|bot|oo o
oooat|oos o ate|a| soooot o o|vate oooos to
ooo aoo vo|oeab|e stooeots.
Dur ChIldren Dur Future
FIveyear report 20022006 &KLOG5LJKWV)RXQGDWLRQ21
Dur ChIldren Dur Future
22 FIveyear report 20022006 &KLOG5LJKWV)RXQGDWLRQ
|( t .ost (c C| te stote
c( :'o ts eo.:otc
Co!coo .c.'o ct !e
.ot t s tcoo, ssts /s
`.c `eooe, |e:tc c(
te C ooo' ,c.:e
e /c` os oooteo
tot C| eo.:otc .st
!e ,ot c( te s:cc'
:.:.'. Co!coo
so,s `eooe, !.t oces ct
,c.oe teo:es .t o,
to c c. tc teote
C| o.oeess tc te
:'osscc C| (''s tot
.co o t.c .o,s tc. te , c( to (c
:ce teo:es .c te to st.oet oo -se.:e teo:-
es oo te ost!.tc c( to o.o's oo e(ee:e
^::co tc /s `eooe, ts o((:.'t tc c.estote te
.o'.e c( ,c.o C| eo.:otc Co!coo :'ossccs
'|( .e oct to'e :oe c( c. :'oe tcoo, .e .'' (o:e
sec.s ,c!'es te (.t.e ! .e .ct .o'.e
:'oe os .: os .e sc.'o c :oe (c te os .e'' os
.e sc.'o se so,s
|.e tc Co!coos to: ,ost oo te 'css c( sc o,
,c(essco' ,ec,'e o. te |c' |ct ee te otcs
(.t.e ,cs,et, o .et .estet .o
esc.:es so,s /s `eooe, '\e .st stot teot
.o !es .e'' .e te, oe .e, ,c. sc te,
c. tc cco :tzes C'oe oe o, !e ''e !o!cc
sccts !.t ce oo, te, .'' e,'o:e te !o!cc
^ eo.:otc (c c.e 0 ,eos `eooe, :eots te C|
.t te 'oee, .oestoo se os tcoo, o!c.t C|
oo :c:eoes tot se 'e. 'tt'e o!c.t te J`C|C
!e(ce te C| !eo to st.oet teo:es C| C|
oo CC| ot te o'oc C
e so,s e c. eo.:otc C| os ooe e et'
c. se os:,'es e -,eo-c'o oooo.te .c os
o'sc :oeo o(te 'eo o!c.t C| ot s:cc' coo, se
:.:''es e oooo.te os c .o's o!c.t ,ctest-
'`c.e o!.s , ts .e se (ee's .o,,,
o!c.t .t te .o, e oocte s teot e
Our Impact and Achievements
Co eots to ea||ze c|||o ||ts |o sc|oo|s, eoo.e oot| aoo c|||oeo, aoo
ea||ze c|||o ||ts |o cooo|t|es ae a'|o a o|eeoce |o t|e ||ves o Caboo|a's
|s. |ooo |eaoe
||ecto o |e|ooa| TTC,
|aooa| oov|oce
Knowledge and 5kills
We are lncreaslng knowleoge about cbllo
rlgbts ano provlolng Camboolans wltb tbe
skllls tbey neeo to eoucate otbers about cbllo
rlgbts ano urgent cbllo-relateo lssues, ano to
monltor tbe lmplementatlon ot UNCRC: As a
result ot our ettorts...
- A growlng number ot eoucators, stuoents,
government otclals are becomlng aware ot
CR ano cbllo-relateo lssues ano learnlng bow
to tacllltate, organlze ano coorolnate actlvltles
to pass on tbelr knowleoge to otbers.
- CCYMCR members bave oevelopeo skllls
ln project management, peer eoucatlon,
promotlng ano monltorlng lmplementatlon
ot tbe UNCRC.
- Communlty members are learnlng about
CR, TSLC ano bow to protect cblloren trom
belng seually tratckeo ano eplolteo.
Dur ChIldren Dur Future
FIveyear report 20022006 &KLOG5LJKWV)RXQGDWLRQ2J
Attitude and Behavior Change
As a result ot our actlvltles, we've observeo
ano cblloren, youtb ano aoults bave tolo us tbat
tbelr bebavlors ano attltuoes are cbanglng.
- Cblloren wbo are learnlng about CR
oemonstrate more conoence ln epresslng
tbelr loeas, neeos ano concerns. Tbey are more
respecttul ot eacb otber ano tbelr eloers.
- Members ot tbe CCYMCR ano C&YP CR
Clubs teel empowereo to take on more ot
tbe responslblllty tor promotlng CR.
- Cblloren ano teacbers olsplay more tolerance,
solloarlty, ano compasslon tor one anotber.
- Loucators, government otclals, communlty
members are cbanglng bow tbey relate to
cblloren ano youtb.
e, `eo 'cc's (c.oo tc 'eo o!c.t :'o
ts e.e, .soo, ot |e |o' |o, :cc'
'/, teo:es .e cco oo.:e te Cooe st.oet
so,s ooo tot te e.'o 'esscs o.e e',eo e
.oestoo e ts oo es,cs!'tes ot s:cc' oo
te ce :e se oo cte :'oe ot e s:cc'
stoteo 'eo o!c.t C| t.c ,eos oc tee oe (e.e
o.ets oo os,.tes oc st.oets oo te :'-
oe oe (eo'e oo 'oe tc ce octe se so,s
e :'ossote /oc Ceo oots tot e s ce c( te
st.oets .cse !eo.c os .ost', ,c.eo os o es.'t
c( 'eo o!c.t C| e so,s s e'otcs, .t s
(eos os ,c.eo e s (eo'e tc s e!cs oo
e c 'ce .ses .oe o!.s.e 'o.oe
e et.sos (c C| to s e:ceo !, eo.:otcs
oo c.eet c((:o's .c e,ct tot :'oe .ee
.: ce ese.eo oo e'.:tot tc s,eo' c.t :'oss
!e(ce C| .os tco.:eo te s:cc's e, so,
'eo o!c.t C| !ccsts :'oes :c(oe:e te, oe
o,,e ce ,ot:,ote ce :'oss oo oc
ct s, o.o, (c e,ess te c,cs c oe(eo
tese'.es ( oo .e te, (ee' te ts o.e !ee
^::co tc Cooe teo:e / c, /o, C| to
os o'sc ,c.eo te :'osscc oo s:cc' e.c-
et ! :'oe oo teo:es oe ce es,e:t(.'
c( ce octe :e teo:es o.e !ee 'eo o!c.t
CC| tee os !ee o ct:eo!'e eo.:tc te .se c(
:c,co' ,.set oo .e!o' o!.se te :'osscc
|ote to .s .,s oo .'es teo:es c. (o.c
ce ,cst.e (cs c( os:,'e .: s :eot o
ce occ.s :'osscc otcs,ee
|ao C|ea aoo S|o| Se |eao, Caoe 6 stooeots
Dur ChIldren Dur Future
24 FIveyear report 20022006 &KLOG5LJKWV)RXQGDWLRQ
We are bavlng an lmpact on government
pollcles. Tbe MoLYS bas lssueo otclal
- Promotlng tbe practlce ot CR tralnlng
ln scbool ano encouraglng prlmary ano
seconoary scbools to establlsb C&YP Cbllo
Rlgbts clubs.
- Manoatlng CR sesslons at tbe beglnnlng ot
eacb acaoemlc year.
- Oroerlng all Reglonal ano Provlnclal TTCs ln
Camboola to provloe CR tralnlng to secono
year stuoent teacbers ourlng tbe rst week
ot tbelr acaoemlc week.
- 8annlng corporal punlsbment ln scbools.
Our Impact and Achievements
| oootc tc 'eo o!c.t C| ot te !e c( te
o:ooe: ,eo oo :'oss e.e, .soo, :'oe ot
foteo, oe |o, :cc' osse!'e oc.o te
(o,c'e (c oo', 'esscs :'o ts ot te eo c( eo:
s:cc' oo,
:cc' |e:tc /s `.t !.c so,s tese oo', ote-
s o.e s,eo te :'oe tc oecstote te s:cc'
,oe :eot.e .o,s :e C| o:t.tes .ee tco.:eo
ot te s:cc' te st.oets o.e ,'oteo o s:cc' ooe
oo cozeo tese'.es tc .c' ,otes tc ,:' .,
'tte (c te ,'o,c.o oo :'eo te s:cc' tc'ets
^ s.estc !c os !ee sto''eo ot te s:cc' oo
:'oe oe e:c.oeo tc :cet c .ots o,,e
ot te s:cc'
/s !.c so,s o s,t c( .t.o' es,e:t os !'cssceo ot
te s:cc' oc st.oets oo teo:es o''e \e :c-
(:ts oc ose te to ,c.oeo tc. C| eo.:otc
os e',eo s:cc' :'oe oo sto(( 'eo c. tc esc'.e
te o((ee:es o:o!', oo ,eo:e(.'',
3aotea Sae ||a Sc|oo| stooeots aoo ||ecto |s. |ot|
|ooo oose |o oot o t|e| sc|oo| aoeo.
Dur ChIldren Dur Future
FIveyear report 20022006 &KLOG5LJKWV)RXQGDWLRQ25
We are also lnNuenclng practlces. ln
Camboolan scbools, communltles ano bomes
tbrougb our...
- Tralnlng materlals on CR ano otber cbllo-
relateo lssues tbat are otclal recognlzeo
by MoLYS, wblcb otten olstrlbutes tbem to
scbools ano government autborltles.
- Tralnlng tor key stakeboloers ano actlvltles
to promote CR, posltlve olsclpllne ano
preventlng TSLC ln target scbools.
- Lttorts to ampllty opportunltles tor C&YP
to partlclpate ln aovanclng CR.
- Peer eoucatlon actlvltles tbat promotes
cbllo to cbllo aovocacy.
eo:es ot o ' |o, :cc' o.e !ee e,eet-
ce .t o((eet teo: etcos oo st.oets
oecstote ce c( o .''ess tc 'eo s:e C|
to .os tco.:eo ot te s:cc' so,s |e:tc Co
e so,s te s:cc' o'sc os o !ette e'otcs, .t
te s.c.o :c.t, oo te s:cc's e!cs
,ot:,ote ce s:cc' e.ets tese oo,s
|(.seo .t o'zeo s:cc' s,t :'oe o.e
,'oteo tees tc !eo.t(, te s:cc' ,oo oo ee:teo
ss .t s,otco' essoes
e os o'sc ct:eo o ooot: oe:'e te .!e
c( .c'et os,.tes oc :'oe '\e .seo tc o.e
ce (t oo ':' se so,s ooo tot c.
st.oets oe o:t.e', see' c.t teo:es tc e', te
esc'.e te :c(:ts
Ta |' ||a Sc|oo| ||ecto C|ao || oo .|t| soe o |e
stooeots |o oot o ao |oso|at|ooa| essae t|at eaos. '/ ooo
eov|ooeot a'es |aoo stoo|o.'
Dur ChIldren Dur Future
26 FIveyear report 20022006 &KLOG5LJKWV)RXQGDWLRQ
Financial Highlights 2002-2006
Tota| |oeoo|toe
C|||oeo 8 Yoot| |oo.eeot
C|||o |||ts |ea||zat|oo |o Cooo|t|es
C|||o |||ts |ea||zat|oo |o Sc|oo|s
2002 2003 200+ 200S 2006
|ooat|oos b Yea 2002-2006
|ooat|oos b Sooces 2002-2006
Donor Agencies Amount %
/||SV/| |ooooat|oo 3S,88.00 +.S6
aoao |oteoat|ooa| Ceote o t|e |||ts o t|e C|||o ++,`+8.00 +.S2
|e'|oact|e/ C|oba| ||o|st|es `,8S.00 +2.++
||ao |oteoat|ooa| Caboo|a 300,222.00 38,+6
Save t|e C|||oeo /osta||a +,S00.00 0.+`
Save t|e C|||oeo S.eoeo +2,333.00 +6.+`
St|c|t|o ||ooeoostzee|s |eoe|aoo +++,+`S.00 ++.S2
T|e /s|a |ooooat|oo S8,038.00 .38
|o|teo |at|oos C|||oeo's |ooo 2+,8S.00 3.+6
|o|teo |at|oos Cce o |o,ect Sev|ces S,000.00 0.6+
\o|o V|s|oo Caboo|a +,S+0.00 0.S8
Ct|e Coot|bot|oo S,300.00 0.6
Yotal 786,695.00 100%
Dur ChIldren Dur Future
FIveyear report 20022006 &KLOG5LJKWV)RXQGDWLRQ27
We're Making a Difference...
- Cve +,800 teac|es, teac|e ta|oees, TTC |ostoctos, sc|oo| ao|o|statos aoo
oveoeot oc|a|s |ave ece|veo ta|o|o |o c|||o ||ts aoo esooos|b|||t|es, TS|C, aoo
ooot|o oos|t|ve o|sc|o||oe.
- Cve +,000 c|||o aoo oot| act|v|sts |ave beeo ta|oeo |o c|||o ||ts aoo oo|to|o
|o|eeotat|oo o t|e ||C|C.
- Cve +0,000 c|||oeo aoo oot| |ave |eaoeo aboot c|||o ||ts, TS|C aoo ot|e |ssoes
aect|o t|e at sc|oo| aoo cooo|t eveots
- Cve 2S0,000 o|oeboo's, ta|o|o aooa|s, |eaets, oostes, aoo .a|| ca|eooas aboot c|||o
||ts, oos|t|ve o|sc|o||oe aoo TS|C |ave beeo o|st|boteo to teac|es, c|||o aoo oot|, oaeots,
teac|e ta|oees, TTC |ostoctos, sc|oo| ao|o|statos aoo oveoeot oc|a|s
- S,000 sc|oo| c|||oeo .ee soveeo aoo |veo a vo|ce |o 'C|||oeo's Co|o|oos oo t|e
|o|eeotat|oo o t|e| |||ts |o Caboo|a' aoo + c|||oeo, at |east t.o o eac| oov|oce
|o Caboo|a, oat|c|oateo |o a oat|ooa| c|||oeo's cooeeoce oo 'C|||o |at|c|oat|oo |o
|oo|to|o t|e |o|eeotat|oo o t|e ||C|C |o Caboo|a.' T|e eoot .as o.aoeo to
t|e Ceoeva-baseo |CC Cooo o t|e C|C aoo || Co|ttee oo C|C as .e|| as t|e ||o
o Caboo|a, ebes o t|e Seoate aoo |at|ooa| /sseb|, too oveoeot oo||c a'es,
C8Y| oao|zat|oos, aoo oat|ooa| aoo |oteoat|ooa| |CCs.
- C|ose to 2+0 o Caboo|a's ost vo|oeab|e aoo oooest c|||oeo ece|veo sc|oo| sooo||es,
c|ot||o aoo ot|e ate|a| soooot.
- /oooo +6,000 cooo|t ebes .ee |ooeo aboot TS|C oeveot|oo.
Yes! | wlsb to oonate to
Cbllo Rlgbts Founoatlon
Please no my oonatlon by
Casb Cbeque or 8ank transter tor:
10,000R 500,000R $100
20,000R 1,000,000R $200
50,000R 2,000,000R $300
100,000R $10 $500
200,000R $20 $1,000
300,000R $50 $2,000
Name: ................................................................................................................................................
Occupatlon: .....................................................................................................................................
Aooress: ............................................................................................................................................
Tel: ......................................................................................................................................................
Lmall: .................................................................................................................................................
Our Savlngs Account ls nameo Cbllo Rlgbts Founoatlon (CRF)
Forelgn Traoe 8ank ot Camboola:
#3Rv, Kramuon Sar, Pbnom Penb
Tel: 855-23-722466
Fa: 855-23-426108
Swltt Cooe: FTCCKHPP
For Rlels: A/C No: 01.400.0428
For US$: A/C No: 30.400.9583

WHO WE ARE: C|||o |||ts

|ooooat|oo |s a c|||o-ocoseo,
ooo-oot, ooo-oo||t|ca| aoo
ooo-e|||oos Caboo|ao ooo-
oveoeota| oao|zat|oo
t|at |s .o'|o to.aos t|e o||
|o|eeotat|oo o t|e ||
Cooveot|oo oo t|e |||ts o t|e
WHAY WE DO: S|oce 200+,
C|| |as .o'eo .|t| t|e
oveoeot to |aooc| c|||o
||ts co|co|o aoo ooas
|o sc|oo|s, eoo.eeo c|||oeo
aoo oot| to ooote t|e| ||ts,
aoo eoocateo teac|es, stooeots,
oveoeot aot|o|t|es aoo
cooo|t|es aboot c|||o ||ts.
\e ae co|tteo to |oo-
te c|aoe |o t|e .a Cabo-
o|ao c|||oeo ae v|e.eo, caeo
o, aoo teateo b eocooa|o
eveooe to ta'e oesooa|
aoo co||ect|ve esooos|b|||t o
a'|o t|e ||ves o c|||oeo sae,
oos|t|ve aoo .|o|esoe.
Child Rights Foundation 5taff
|s. |o T|ao
|. Voo |o |s. Vao |a
|. |eo Teo
|s. Seo eoosa |. |o So'|aoo |. T Sovaooa
|s. |oo |aao |s. Sao Sot|ea |. | C|aot|a
|s. Sooo |eo |ab
|s. So|o Soc|eat |. | Seo |oo
|s. |aoo |eao |. ||eo Soo
Dur ChIldren Dur Future
FIveyear report 20022006 &KLOG5LJKWV)RXQGDWLRQ29
Child Rights Foundation 5taff
|s. |o T|ao
|. Voo |o |s. Vao |a
|. |eo Teo
|s. Seo eoosa |. |o So'|aoo |. T Sovaooa
|s. |oo |aao |s. Sao Sot|ea |. | C|aot|a
|s. Sooo |eo |ab
|s. So|o Soc|eat |. | Seo |oo
|s. |aoo |eao |. ||eo Soo
Five-year PubIic ReIations Report 2002-2006
Cbllo Rlgbts Founoatlon
#71N Street 402,
Sangkat Tom Nup Tuek,
Kban Cbamcar Mon, Pbnom Penb
Klngoom ot Camboola
P.O. 8o 1225
CCC 8o 338
Pbone/Fa: 855-23-211 223
ExecutIve 0Irector
|om Thany
EdItor and CraphIc 0esIgner
Alanna Jorde
CRF was establlsbeo on November 20, 2000 ano reglstereo wltb tbe Royal Government
ot Camboola on Marcb 6, 2001 ln accoroance wltb tbe Constltutlon ot Camboola
C| T| CCV||.
|at|c|oaots ce|ebate ate
coss|o t|e o|s| ||oe at t|e
C|||oeo's |aat|oo To Stoo
V|o|eoce /a|ost C|||oeo,
oao|zeo b CCY|C| aoo
C|| oo |oteoat|ooa| oao
|||ts |a, |ec. +0, 2006.

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