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Signups Closed

Scribd is no longer offering new API accounts. Members who already have an API key may continue to use the Scribd API, but signups for new API keys are now closed.

Embedding Documents on Your Website

HTML embed code

The easiest way to embed a document on your website is to use our HTML embed code. Open your document and click Embed in the Share and Embed section to find the code. Paste it into your site's html source, and you're done.

JavaScript API

To automate embedding documents, or to access document metadata: use the Javascript API. See the example to get an idea of what's possible.

→ Get started Using the JavaScript API

Integrating with the Scribd platform

The platform API makes it easy to upload, search, and get metadata about documents.

→ Get started Using the Platform API
→ Jump ahead to the Platform API Reference

Bulk Upload

Bulk Uploading documents is already easy with our platform API. Furthermore, depending on the types of documents being uploaded, we may be able to help you with the upload process.

→ For help bulk uploading, Contact our