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This book is about the problems encountered frequently in the Member States of the African Union with the impact of close elections on political succession at the political party leadership level and at the level of head of state and government. Evidence can be seen with respect to the national elections and their aftermath in 2007 & 08 and in Zimbabwe elections of 2008.The book analyses the reasons why close elections have had negative impact on some States of the Union and not others. A contrast in this regard was made in the book between close elections in Ghana (2008-09) and Zambia (2008) where close elections did not trigger violence with Kenya (2007) which experienced serious post-election violence and Zimbabwe (2008) which witnessed widespread pre-polling intimidation and violence. The book also looks at the incidence of unconstitutional change of government and its impact on political succession. It also considers the impact of close elections on illegal political succession and on failed States in the African Union.
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