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Survival Instinct of a Woman is based upon actual life experiences of Linda, the woman I once was. On her twenty-first birthday, Linda married the devil at the altar of Hell. He taught her all the things a young woman does not learn in a Southern Baptist home. He introduced her to drugs, prostitution, homosexuality and cruelties beyond her imagination. He taught her not to love, not to feel and not to care. She taught herself to survive in his world of crime and evil.The young woman in Linda dreamed of dancing in a chorus line in Las Vegas. Arrivng with her soon-to-be husband in Vegas in 1968, she was to discover that her mate had other plans for her. Within a short time, her expectations were shattered, her basic values undermined and any woman's worst nightmare became a daily reality. She fought to survive. Follow Linda in her transformation from a life of slavery to a self-imposed life of perfection perfect wife, perfect mother, perfect hostess until a near death experience took her on a journey to become the woman she is today.
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