Journey to Serenity
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“I could have been dead, not here today to tell my story, but I am here; nothing else matters!” —Colleen KayImagine yourself on a journey from the darkest night of your life to one filled with joy and serenity. Through her personal journal entries, Colleen weaves you through the ups and downs of her path to self-discovery and a new life. She will inspire you with her warmth and compassion to begin a journey of your own. You will see that you are not alone. There are others who are going through the same feelings, emotions, questions, and situations. Through her journey, Colleen gives you hope that you too can have a better life. Follow the path of her journal entries as she transforms hardships into rays of light that quide her to serenity.
Publicado: Balboa Press el
ISBN: 9781452537856
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