The Joy is in the Journey
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Finally! The long awaited “directions” that women have yearned for and needed in order to cope with, transition through, and ultimately make the most of life’s many challenges, crises, and changes. This 260-page hands-on, “how-to” book is designed for women of all ages and stages, and provides a winning combination of practical advice, spiritual wisdom, proven suggestions, and compelling examples of women’s trials and triumphs. Betty Hill Crowson, holistic life coach, retreat director, and motivational speaker, introduces the reader to her Eight Solutions of practicing self-acceptance, becoming balanced, growing spiritually, learning to let go, choosing to heal, being willing to stop, look, listen, and learn, taking right action, and living consciously. Together, these Solutions address a woman’s immediate concerns during a critical or transitional period, deepen her self-awareness, increase her spiritual well-being, and promote her capacity for joy. For every woman who says, “Don’t just tell me to let go, or to heal, or to change -- show me how!,” The Joy is the Journey: A Woman’s Guide Through Crisis and Change is the answer.
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