The Mother Who Was Once Denied
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THE MOTHER WHO WAS ONCE DENIED This play is based on (fiction and truth) a happily married Southern couple who are God-fearing people who encountered some happy times and some crucial times in life. Tom, the husband, became a naïve and self-centered man who felt he could not deal with the tragic that caused the facial impairment of his wife. Minnie, the mother, suffered many heartaches when she was faced with the responsibility of taking care of two children and herself alone. The father, who had imposed domestic responsibility, as well as financial problems, upon her, decided to leave with the youngest child and moved to New York. Minnie wanted to work, but no one would hire her because of her face. She learned how to be patient and wait on the Lord, with a great determination to rise above all difficulties surrounding her during these difficult times. Fifteen years later, her child returns to visit her, with friends from New York. She admitted that she was ashamed of her mother’s face and denied her.
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