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2011 Special Issue
Inside this special issue of Woodcarving Illustrated you'll find a complete starter guide to Whittling and a lot of great projects.

Getting Started:
Whittling Safety
Learn the Nasic Knife Cuts for Whittling
CChoosing a Whittling Knife
The Basics of Sharpening

Quick & Easy:
5-Minute Owl
Flying Propeller
5-Minute Wizard
Easy Dogs for Beginning Carvers
Santa Pencils

Classic Designs:
Hand-Carved Classics
Heirloom Baby Rattles
Classic Ball-in-Cage
Twisted Spiral Ornament

Whittling Twigs:
Quick Carve Spreader
Whittle a Twip Whistle
Altering a Pocketknife to Whittle Twigs
Whittling a Miniature Flower

Make a Musical Frog
Simple Starter Santa
Build a Nostalgic Whirligig
Whimsical Bookmarks
Whittling a Decorative Fishing Lure
Carve a Caricature Pig
Cyprus Knee Santa
Little Hombre
Carve and Paint a Scandinavian-Style Troll
Carving a Native American
Fan-Tailed Hummingbird
Published: Fox Chapel Publishing on
List price: $9.95
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