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In life one must come to a realization thatnothing is ever promised. Sometimes we placeexpectations on family, friends, and closeassociates; however, when that expectation isno longer met we immediately loose our cool.We do not expect our uncle from next door torape us, we never expect friends to discreditour name, nor do we expect family membersto discourage us and tell us that we will neveramount to anything.Unfortunate as it maysound these occurrences continue to happen.When situations as these arise we begin tothink that these circumstances are ones wehave to face alone. Many times we then fallinto a state of depression unaware of how muchpower we allowed someone to have over ourlife. The next question at issue is how do onethen proceed past their current state of mind?Within this poetic book of substance you will findissues circulating from poverty, to molestation,to faith. These reflections will take you on ajourney where you are able to understand thatyou are not alone and there is a light at the endof every tunnel.
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