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Bulletproof: Book 5 of the Revenge Series

Bulletproof: Book 5 of the Revenge Series

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Bulletproof: Book 5 of the Revenge Series

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Mar 31, 2021


With one horrible moment, his life could’ve been over. All Jamie had ever wanted was Piper. Her love, and her mind were just a bonus. All of the threats had come true. Fact was, he was still too worried to tell her. He knew where the bullet had come from, but had no idea why. All he knew was that if she was gone, he might as well jump in the casket with her. Like one shot would ever stop her. In pain, but still standing. That’s how she saw it. Amy wasn’t about to destroy her and end her career with a stray bullet. She had more to get done, like ensuring that Amy and whoever she was working with were arrested. Pain just slows her down. Finishing the dream tour wasn’t going to stop either. All he had ever wanted was in his grasp, and everything she’d wanted was attainable, but would it end in bloodshed? Nobody was bulletproof....

Mar 31, 2021

Sobre el autor

Sue Langford started out with a dream. She'd been writing since she was young and always dreamed of seeing her books in a book store. When she finally gave in and got her first novel published, it hit the racks and was snatched up by everyone. When she made her first trip to Nashville, she was completely hooked. From that point on, her books were inspired by country music and the artists she loved.When she took on the topic of Anti-Bullying in her newest series - The Revenge Series - she found even more exposure than she could have imagined. The first of it's kind, she proved that everyone no matter their size, shape, opinions or even career deserves to be bullied. If you think she's stopping there, you will be happily surprised. She takes on a current topic with every book and every series. An author to watch and a bestselling one at that, Sue is a one of a kind author that all of us should check out.

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Bulletproof - Sue Langford


Book 5 of the Revenge Series

Sue Langford

Copyright © 2021 Sue Langford

All rights reserved.



To Nancy, one of my best friends and

to all of my readers that I couldn’t live without.

Life is a fight, but not everyone’s a fighter. Otherwise, bullies would be an endangered species.

Andrew Vachss

Chapter 1

Baby, please tell me you’re okay. Jamie let out a cry that nobody would ever forget. Ow, Piper said as she grabbed her side and her hand went red from the blood of the gunshot. Jackson came running in and Jamie heard sirens getting closer. What the hell happened, Jackson asked. I heard glass shatter then this and I saw you, Piper replied. Jamie picked her up and carried her through the house. Ow. The ambulance is here, the housekeeper said as Jamie ran out the front and put Piper on the gurney. Jamie hopped in with her and the EMT closed the doors and took them straight to the hospital with Jackson following in the SUV.

What happened, Jamie asked. I have no idea. I was in there, putting a surprise in the ice bucket and then the window shattered, and I was on the floor. That’s all I know. Please keep still. We don’t want the pad to move, the EMT said. When they got to the hospital, the doctors were waiting for her and took Piper straight into surgery. Where did she get hit, Jamie asked before the EMT headed back to the ambulance. Mid-torso. I think it’s just an in and out. They’ll fix her up sir, the EMT said as Jamie went and sat down in the waiting room and got the paperwork filled out. When he turned around, Jackson was right behind him and Andrews was keeping people away from him. Is she alright, Jackson asked. Jamie nodded. I think so. I dang well hope so. I need to know what the heck is going on. Jackson went and spoke with the receptionist and they took them to a quiet room where they’d have privacy. Jamie paced the floor as he waited for what felt like forever waiting on the doctors. He was so worried, he almost wore away a path on the tile floor of the hospital hallway.

The doctor made it back in an hour and a half later to update Jamie. Is she alright? She will be. It was a through and through. No major organs hit, but it nicked an artery. We got the blood under control. She’s fine. She’s gonna have to stay tonight, but beyond that she’s fine. You can go see her in a few minutes. We’re getting her settled in her private room. She needs a big bed. I’m not leaving. Understood. That can be organized. I’ll let the floor know." Jamie nodded and the doctor called up to arrange the larger bed.

Jamie went up a little while later and saw Piper asleep on the bed. He sat down beside the bed, holding her hand in his. It should’ve been me, he said staring at her angel face. Now we’re tied, Piper said as she nodded back off. Jamie shook his head and got up, lying on the bed beside her, minding the IV. He curled up with her and Jackson knocked. He came inside and laid a blanket over them. Are you both alright, Jackson asked. We will be. I think we both need actual sleep. I’ll get Mrs. Jones to put something together for tomorrow so Miss Piper can rest, Jackson said. Thank you. Just let everyone know she’s fine. As soon as I can, we’re taking Piper home. Aspen if we need to. Jackson nodded and headed out, leaving Andrews and Eleni to guard the room.

When Piper woke up, she saw Jamie’s arms around her and smirked. Noticing that it was now 4am, she didn’t dare move. When she fidgeted, Jamie woke up. You alright, he asked. Arm. He got up. What do you need? Just needed to move your arm. I’m fine. Jamie went to slide out of the bed and she linked their fingers. Just stay. He kissed her shoulder. You alright? Piper nodded. I will be. When the doctor came in a little while later, Jamie gently slid off the bed so Piper could lie down. How’s she doing, he asked. Well, the little damage that you did have looks better. You have to be careful with the stitches. No yoga, no workouts. Nothing that will have you moving around that much. You have to rest and let the healing begin. A week. No lifting, not stress and no moving around. You alright with that, the doctor asked. Piper nodded. Get some rest. We’ll talk again around lunch time. Thank you, Jamie said. And be gentle if you’re gonna stay, the doctor replied. Jamie smirked and the doctor headed out, flipping the lights back off. He curled back up with Piper and pulled the blankets up. You okay, he asked. Just sore. Honestly, I’d sleep a lot better if we were home. He kissed her neck. I’m not leaving your side until we can go home. I don’t care if it’s days or weeks or months. It’s 8 hours. He kissed her shoulder. Close those sexy eyes and rest like the doctor said. Get some rest baby. Piper nodded and he snuggled her to him.

When the doctor came back in around 11, Piper was eating her breakfast that the housekeeper had packed and given to Jackson. I guess you got a special breakfast. How are you feeling? Sore. What kind of damage was there? Almost hit a major artery, but it nicked it. We had to put sort of like a graft over it to repair it and we had to remove a small piece of your kidney, but you’re fine. If you want to have kids, there won’t be any kidney issues. We just need to make sure there’s no excess bleeding. We’re gonna change your dressings on it and see how you’re doing. If the stitches are holding then you can go, but you have to stay still and rest. No exerting yourself at all. Piper nodded. Totally understand. I’ll give you some medications for home. I’ll come by in the next couple days to check on you. If anything happens, you have to call me and tell me. Stay still. Piper nodded. I will. We’ll be at home until you say it’s safe. It may be more than a week Piper. You have to get some healing in before you go back on that tour. Piper nodded. I’ll let Jason know. I can imagine flying is out too. For the time being, yes. Jamie linked fingers with Piper. Alright, Jamie said as he kissed Piper’s hand. Once we get the bandages changed, we can get you sent home. If you decide that you are gonna head out of town, no air. Just land. Piper nodded. The nurse came in and got Piper ready and they finally headed out.

Piper laid down in the back seat with Jamie with her head on his lap. You alright? Piper nodded. Just sore. Jamie kissed her forehead. When we get home, we’ll be fine. He slid his hand in hers. Just don’t get mad when you end up getting pampered. We didn’t ask her about showering, Piper said. Tomorrow. Once we’re settled and you’re 48 hours out from all of this. She nodded and tried to get a little rest while they drove. When they pulled through the gate, they went past police officers at the gate and straight to the front door. When the car stopped, Jamie hopped out and she slid across the seat. Before she could even get on her feet, Jamie picked her up and carried her into the house. Jamie. Like I said, no fighting with me about it. He laid her down on the sofa and sat down on the edge with her. Miss Piper, I made some of that soup for you. Just in case you needed something to make you feel better, the housekeeper said. I appreciate it. That was very sweet of you. Always makes you feel better. Piper smirked. Honestly, I love it. The housekeeper brought a bowl over to her. Thank you. She nodded and went into the kitchen to hang out. She brought a bowl to Jamie and he curled up with Piper. You okay? Piper nodded.

I’m honestly just sore. And for that matter, why are the cops here? Because they’re keeping the house safe. So we can get actual rest without worrying. Piper motioned for him to come closer and he leaned over and kissed her. All mine. Always. You just intentionally attempting to be cute or what? He kissed her. I’m taking care of my girl. I see that. He smirked and slid to the floor in front of her. There’s room, she said as she ran her fingers through his hair. Rest. I’m good, he said as he tried to get comfortable. Jamie. He looked at her. Come sit. He shook his head. You need to rest. This sounds familiar. You ignored me when I said it. Now get your butt up here and curl up with me. You didn’t sleep last night. I know you didn’t. I will tonight. Just rest sexy wife of mine. She shook her head and leaned back onto the pillow. Just as she was about to close her eyes, the doorbell rang.

Got it, he said as he went and answered. Where is she, Piper heard. I’m right here, Piper said. What in the world happened, Harley said walking straight over to her. I’m fine. Girl, tell me what happened? We were having a nice dinner and the window shattered. Piper got shot. What? I’m fine. Didn’t hit anything major. A few stitches, but I’m fine. Jamie. That was the only dang room that didn’t have bullet proof glass. They hadn’t put it in yet. Harley shook her head. Char said she was trying to call you and didn’t hear from you. Your phone is upstairs. Piper shook her head. Why didn’t you tell me then, Harley said glaring at Jamie. I was with her until she was allowed to leave. I wasn’t leaving her side. Harley shook her head. I guess we’re out for the weekend then? For at least two weeks. Until the doctor says okay, Jamie replied.

He was secretly happy that she couldn’t go away that weekend. He loved having her home and safe. The stupid thing was, he wanted more than anything to take her back to Aspen to recover. After what had happened, being in that house wasn’t making him feel safe. Being worried was now his new normal. He sat down on the chair beside the sofa. You should call Char. Piper nodded. I will. Just rest. You can call her tomorrow. I have to let Jason know what’s going on. He needs time to find a backup. Jamie shook his head and walked upstairs to get her cell. When he came downstairs, Piper was trying to get up. Where are you goin, Jamie asked. Sitting up. The doctor said rest. That means lie down. Piper shook her head and put pillows under her to at least somewhat prop her up without being sore. He shook his head and got the pillows together. I can call her if you want me to, Harley said. I’ll talk to her. She’ll have a million questions. Jamie shook his head. 24 hours. Just rest babe. Piper nodded. I’m gonna head out then. I guess we can go on that weekend thing he was talking about. Jamie’s phone buzzed and he leaned over, kissed Piper and went into his office to take the call.

Piper got her phone and called Char. I was wondering where you had vanished to. Hospital actually. I’m fine, but the doctor said no stress and no moving around. I think I’m out for a week or two. What happened? Nothing major. Piper. I got shot. It was a through and through. We know who it was and the cops are on it. I just got home today. I’ll let Jason know. Let me know when the doc gives the okay. I will. I’ll keep you posted. Gives me time to get writing done. They hung up and within maybe a moment or two, Jason called her.

Hey. What’s this about you getting shot? Remember that whole stalking problem? Tell me they didn’t. Stitches and two weeks no tour. And when you do go back on, you’re wearing the vest. I know. I’ll get your backup in. Just start healing as fast as you can alright? I need you back out there. Will do. At least y’all don’t have to double up security for a while. Funny. I was good with the security. Just give Kaylie a hug for me and a kiss to the kiddos. We’re gonna come by when we’re back. I have to check on my superstar. Alright. We’ll see you then. I thought you needed to know. I appreciate it, he said. They hung up a little while later and Harley shook her head. I get why he wanted to take you away now. He’s a good man. I do know that. Harley smirked. He’s a kinda crappy matchmaker, but he’s a good guy. Understatement. I get why he was being so over-protective. I just don’t get how in the world those two got on the actual property. I don’t get how they knew where you lived. Piper shook her head.

Jamie came in a few minutes later and Piper looked at him. Why do I get the feeling that you’re about to give me bad news? I was just making sure you were alright. Jamie. I know that look. What’s going on? Nothing, he said as he leaned over and kissed her. Piper shook her head. I’m gonna head out and let y’all relax. If you need me to come hang out, tell me. I’m not exactly far off. I appreciate that. I’ll let you know, Jamie said as Jackson walked her to the door. Now you can tell me what that call was all about. He kissed her. It’s fine. Just work stuff. And what did the officer say? He looked at her. Fact was, she knew enough that if he wasn’t saying, it was bad news. Just say it Jamie. He went and got her a sweet tea, bringing it over to her. Jamie. It’s nothing. They managed to get a search warrant and they were gone. Babe, they’ve been on one goose chase after another. As soon as the doc gives the okay, we’re going back to Aspen even if we have to drive. It’s two full days Jamie. Then we’ll find a way. Jamie kissed her. Ask the doctor then. See what she says. He nodded and called the doctor, sitting down beside her and laying her legs across his lap. Mr. Hastings, the doctor said.

I know that you don’t want my wife leaving town etc. I need to get her somewhere safe. Would that be alright? She just got out of the hospital. And I need to get her to Aspen. If need be, we can fly you in to keep an eye on her. Sir. Jackson came into the living room a few minutes later and put his hand out to get the phone. Jamie handed it to him and Jackson went into his office to talk to the doctor. When he came out maybe 20 minutes later, he handed Jamie his phone. What was all of that, Piper asked. The doctor said you can go. My friend is coming with us. She said that Piper has to maintain bed rest. No overdoing it, but she’ll come to the house in Aspen with us. You sure, Piper asked. Jackson nodded. Then we’re leaving tonight. Even if it’s midnight, Jamie said. It was less than 24 hours ago. And you’re still coming with me so I know you’re alright. Piper shook her head and Jackson went into his office.

Jamie. Can I not just have another 24 hours? He shook his head. They shot at you last night. I want you away from here. Alright, but I just got out of the hospital. If I could’ve, we would’ve been there already. I love you. I’m not letting anything else happen. We don’t know where they are. We don’t know if they’re prepping for another shot. I’m not willing to risk that, Jamie said. She kissed him. I love you Jamie, but breathe. He shook his head. I can’t. He got up and asked Jackson to stay with Piper. Where are you going? He walked off and went upstairs. He got the bags packed with what they were gonna need while they were there. When he had things packed, he came back downstairs and Piper was out cold on the sofa with ice packs. She alright, Jamie asked. She has her meds that the doctor gave her. She’s good. The pilot has his plan set and we can head off just before dinner if you want to. Jamie nodded. Sooner the better. Piper heard it all and refused to even acknowledge the strange attitude he had.

When she woke up, Jamie was picking her up. Seriously? We’re going now? Jamie nodded as she got into the SUV to head to the airport. Ow. Jamie slid in beside her, slid the pillow under her head and got her comfortable enough to head to the airport. Did you let Harley know? Jamie nodded. I texted her and let her know. Where’s my cell? In your purse. I have all your stuff and your notebook and everything else. Just relax. Laptop? Both of them and your iPad and everything else. All the electronics, he joked. Then what? The doctor is meeting us at the airport, Jackson said. Piper shook her head. They got to the airport and Jamie carried her up the steps and laid her down on the sofa. You alright, he asked as he sat down on the edge. Just sit. He sat down, sliding her legs over his lap. Jamie. He put the seatbelt on gently and the doctor hopped on with Jackson. Two more of the security team hopped on and they headed off.

They made their way to Aspen and Piper managed to rest through it. When they landed, Jamie gently woke her up. We here? He nodded. He gently picked her up and carried her off the plane and to the waiting SUV. They got everyone in the cars and they left and headed straight over to the house. When they arrived, Jamie carried her to the sofa. I can walk, Piper said. He shook his head. Humor me? She kissed him.

You get settled and I’ll see how Miss Piper is doing, Dr. Emily said as Jackson nodded and kissed her. Emily walked up to the master bedroom and saw Jamie trying to get Piper comfortable. Jamie, I’m fine. He kissed her. I’ll take a look and see how you’re doing. Give us a few minutes, Emily asked as Jamie nodded and didn’t let go of Piper’s hand. Jamie. I’m not leaving her side. Emily shook her head and checked the bandage. Stitches are holding. Jamie, can you grab my bag, the doctor asked. Jamie walked over to the dresser, grabbed the bag and came back over to Piper. The doctor cleaned everything up and changed the bandage. You’re staying stuck together. You doing alright? Piper nodded. I still don’t get why I can’t walk. I think he’s just a little worried, Emily said. Jamie walked around and sat back down on the other side of her with her hand in his. You feeling alright, Emily asked. Piper nodded. Sore, but it’s fine. She got Piper’s medication. You’re supposed to be taking them every 4 hours. I’m fine. I don’t need them. Miss Piper, if you are determined to leave when your doctor wanted you to stay at least take the medication. I will later. Honestly, I’m fine. Emily shook her head. Then you’re doing ice packs to keep the swelling down. Piper nodded. Jamie texted Jackson and asked him to bring them up to Piper. Within a few minutes, Jackson had ice wrapped in a towel and handed it to Piper. Am I allowed to get up and go downstairs, Piper asked. Emily shook her head. Just rest for today. We’ll re-assess in the morning. Piper nodded and Emily headed downstairs to sit with Jackson.

Jamie got changed and slid into bed with her. You good, Jamie asked. Hungry. He smirked. Babe, just promise me that you’re gonna rest. You’re the one who disregarded what the doctor said. I just don’t want to be sitting here for three weeks. He kissed her and got up, going downstairs to grab her a mug of soup. When he came back upstairs, she was in pajamas in bed. Piper. What? What part of stay in bed don’t you get? The part where I’m allowed to move as long as I’m careful. Give me a break. He shook his head and sat down on the bed beside her. Please. Jamie, I’m good. I’m not gonna do something to mess with the stitches. I’m fine. And you’re resting if I have to sit here and make you stay in bed. I have my ways you know. Piper shook her head. I know you think you do. Just for once do what the doctor said and rest. Let me take care of you wife. He kissed her and she took a gulp of her soup. You know this just gets better right? More sherry in it, Jamie joked as he kissed her and got his mug and took a sip. And what else are you planning for tonight husband of mine? Nothing. You’re resting and we’re having soup and going to bed. That’s it. I don’t think I even slept last night. Jamie. What? Breathe. I’m right here.

The night before had almost felt like he was in a never-ending nightmare. Seeing her with an IV, doctors and the smell of hospitals was something he never wanted to relive. Seeing her at the mercy of random doctors and nurses had him cringing. He never wanted to see her like that again. Jamie, what’s wrong? Nothing, he said. He finished his soup and she finished hers. Just as she was finishing the last spoonful, Jamie’s phone buzzed. Take it. He shook his head. Right now, no. She shook her head. Just answer the phone or I will. Piper, it doesn’t matter. She grabbed her cell from the bed and answered. Jamie, the woman’s voice said. Actually, it’s his wife. Oh. Um, is he there? And who can I tell him is calling? Tell him it’s Sammie. Piper looked at him. She handed the phone to him. Sammie. Jamie practically rolled his eyes. He took the phone and went down the steps to the office.

Piper gently grabbed her phone and started going through emails. When she saw one from Harley asking her where in the world she went. Piper called her. And you are where, Harley asked. Having soup in Aspen. Kinda guessed that. How are you feeling? Sore, but good. Girl, talk. What’s going on? Jamie’s here and now on the phone, Jackson has his girl here with him who just happens to be a doctor. Beyond that, trying to rest and write. Honestly, I slept at least 80% of the flight. You sure you’re alright? I’m still confused Harley. Like, who? Why? What were they really aiming for? They’ve said a million times that they wanted to hurt you. That’s what he’s been trying to protect you from. Still. Trespassing onto the property and shooting at the house? Piper, they were trying to kill you. That’s what their plan has always been. Harley, there’s nothing that either of us can do. All we can handle is throwing those two into a cell and filling it with concrete. Girl, you’re preaching to the choir. Y’all don’t need any more stress from all of that. I just don’t want to see either of us hurt like that ever again. Just concentrate on you alright? For now I will, Piper joked. Good. If you want me to come out, tell me. You know I’ll be there in a heartbeat. I know. Thank you. I’ll call you in the morning. Get some rest. They hung up and Piper slid her phone onto the charger.

She was just about to fall asleep when Jamie came back in. And Sammie is who? Piper. Answer please. Carter’s assistant. Girlfriend actually. She sounded like a 10 year old. Piper, leave it. That wasn’t the same girl that was there when we were was it? He shook his head. Piper. Yes or no? No. She is with him and that’s it. She doesn’t know you. She’s never met you. She saw you at the office when we were in London, but that’s all. Jamie, I swear, if he is dating a child I am gonna lose my marbles. Jamie shook his head. She’s planning his birthday party and wanted to know if she could do it at the condo. I hope you said no. Babe, of course I said no. We don’t need anyone getting in there when they weren’t paying attention. Why is he even asking? Because he got another place and it’s a shoebox. He was living in an executive place with the company until he started losing it on Harley. He moved out there and basically said to take the apartment and shove it. Honestly, let him do whatever he wants. I just don’t want him in our place. Not when security isn’t there. Good. He kissed her. Stop stressing baby. You don’t need to worry about it. I got you. Piper nodded.

Within a half hour, he was out cold, curled up with Piper. Exhausted was an understatement. After an entire night of no sleep and constant worrying about Piper, they were both safe and at the house. Away from the worrying and the threats, they were secure, or at least it felt that way.

The next morning, Jamie got up and Piper wasn’t in bed. He shook his head and went to get up. Are you seriously that grumpy in the morning, he heard. He looked over and Piper had her feet up on the oversized chair. I was wondering where you were. I just needed to get up and move so I came over here. Did you go downstairs? I just woke up 10 minutes ago. No. You feeling okay? Sore, but nothing ice can’t fix. He got up and leaned over to kiss her. He freshened up and helped her downstairs to get some breakfast. I can walk. Babe, for today just give me a break okay? Piper smirked and sat down at the counter. I got breakfast together for you. Omelets and fruit for Miss Piper and your normal, the housekeeper said as she put the breakfast out complete with coffee and juice. Thank you, Piper said. You’re most welcome. The housekeeper left them alone and headed off to get some other work done. You okay, Jamie asked. Piper nodded. Just sore. I need ice. He kissed her and got up to grab the ice pack, handing it to her. Thank you. Meds? Piper shook her head. He shook his head and sat back down with her. They had their breakfast and relaxed a little then Jackson came downstairs with the doctor. And how is Miss Piper today, the doctor asked. Sore but good I think, Piper said. Shower but be gentle. Don’t touch the incision. Piper nodded.

They finished breakfast and Jamie walked Piper upstairs to the master. Jamie, I’m fine. And you’ll have to accept my help. She gave him a look. You can’t raise your arms. I’m just helping, he teased with that Cheshire sexy grin that she knew so well. And you’re gonna behave? Since when? Funny. He kissed her and walked her into the master bath, closing the door behind them. She slid out of her pajama shirt and put it on the counter then gently slid the bandages off. Baby. Stop. Neither of us can do anything about it. It happened." He tried to fight off the tears that were slowly leaking into his eyes. She kissed him and went and stepped into the shower. She turned the hot water on and slid under the stream. A short while later, Jamie slid in behind her and grabbed the shampoo and conditioner.

This is never happening to you ever again. You know that right? Jamie, it’s done. Just takes time to physically heal. That’s it. They could’ve shot me. Anyone but you. She kissed him. He shook his head. Never ever again. Piper nodded and he slid the shampoo into her hair, massaging her scalp. He rinsed it out then slid the conditioner in. Stop looking at me like I’m a target. Baby, this is what I’ve been trying to prevent since the beginning. I can’t just sit here and pretend that I’m not livid. She got the shower loofah and washed off gently. Piper. She shook her head. She rinsed the conditioner out and slid out of the shower. Baby. She slid a towel around her. She gently brushed her hair free of tangles and went into the bedroom. She slid a buttoned shirt on, slid her leggings on and went downstairs to get the doctor to re-do the bandages.

Well, the stitches are all holding. It looks good, the doctor said. Hurts, but I’m not taking a pile of pills for nothing. Miss Piper, I appreciate that, but you have to. Even if it’s half. Piper shook her head. Then ice packs. Piper nodded. The doctor put the bandages back on and put some ointment with it. What’s that? Just heals things up a little faster. My other specialization is plastics. This will help you heal without a scar. You need to rest. I get that it’s not your favorite thing to do, but you have to. She walked Piper to the sofa, got her an ice pack for either side of the incisions and she laid down. Piper got her notebook and tried working on music a little. Jamie came back downstairs a little while later in his blue jeans and nothing else. What are you doin? He picked Piper up as she grabbed her ice packs. Jamie. We’re talking upstairs alone. I can walk. He carried her up the steps and walked her to the bed, leaning her onto it.

Jamie, what are you doin? He kissed her. She slid the ice packs back in place and looked at him as he slid onto the bed beside her. What’s wrong? Babe, I can’t just sit there like that’s nothing. That’s not goin away. Jamie. You know that we can’t go back and change things that have happened. I can’t change that you got shot either. He shook his head. Babe, they were aiming higher. They were just a crappy shot. Jamie, stop with the what if’s. Stop worrying. We’re gonna handle this. How can you even be like this after you got shot? Because I’ve dealt with worse Jamie. Words have and always will hurt and stick with you more than a bruise or an injury. They didn’t have the guts to face me and spout off what they want to say. Piper, you’re healing from a dang gunshot. I think they got their point across. Jamie, acting is one thing. Saying the words is another. They can’t say them. If we were face to face, they’d be silent. They’d burst at some point, but they can’t put their feelings into words. Piper, they’ve threatened to kill you more than once. In a note. Piper. She shook her head and pulled her to him with her good arm. She kissed him and he curled up beside her. I get that you’re scared Jamie, but you have to look at it from a different way. When Colt started spouting rumors, started bullying me and attacking and the label started trying to make me be something I wasn’t, I didn’t just roll over. I stood up and told them that they couldn’t hurt me anymore. I stood up to them. That song that I wrote that was the anti-bullying song, that song was telling people that they couldn’t knock me down. The stupid gunshots aren’t knocking us down either, or at least they aren’t knocking me down. I don’t want us to have to keep having this fight over and over again. It’s not fair Piper. I don’t want you getting hurt even more. Jamie, just breathe. He kissed her. I love you Piper. If I have to stay out here with you until they’re in police custody then I will. And I still have a job to do. When we’re not on stage, we can come back here if that’s what you wanna do.

Jamie shook his head, knowing that starting a fight over it was pointless. He had the business sense. She had the experience with bullying. She knew how to stand up to the bad guys and win. She always had, but seeing her the way she was at that moment was killing him. Gunfights weren’t his thing either. The only way he could fight back was through the police or his investigator. Why can I hear gears turning, Piper asked. He kissed her neck. Just thinking. She gave him a look. Just thinking I should probably see if the investigator found anything out. Piper nodded. Just as he was about to get up, Jackson knocked at the door. What’s up, Piper asked. Sir. Just say it Jackson. I’m not a piece of glass. They found one of the two. He went down to the bar to start work and the cops caught him before he went in. One down, another insane lady to go, Jamie replied. Honestly, I’m actually thinking that there’s something more to it. There’s no way the two of them can be doing it just the two of them. Jackson, please don’t start telling me that you think there’s three of them?

Miss Piper, the investigators think that there are. One bides time for the other to get what they want. Piper shook her head and Jackson looked at Jamie. Rest. I’ll be back up in a couple minutes, Jamie said as he leaned over and kissed Piper. Jamie. He looked at her. Rest. Piper glared at him. She knew exactly what was going on. Another secret was being kept. She didn’t have the strength to get up and walk out. A matter of minutes later, Piper got a text:

That’s it. We’re coming. This is driving me insane. There’s freaking cops guarding your dang house like it’s a fortress.

Piper smirked:

I guess that means I’ll be seeing you soon. I’ll alert the press. Jamie will be sooooooo happy.

She messaged Jamie and let him know and curled back up. She started writing another song. It hit her like a truck. She wrote the entire thing out and barely noticed that her bandage was slipping. The doctor came up a little while later and checked on her. Something isn’t feeling right. I’ll check on it. I brought up some more ice for you as well. Thank you. The doctor nodded and a matter of minutes later, Piper had new bandages on. No fidgeting around alright? Piper nodded. Are you staying? As long as you’re here and healing, yes. That was the agreement. Piper nodded. I kinda figured. You alright? Piper nodded. Just frustrated. I am allowed to walk right? Emily nodded. Of course you are. He needs to quit treating me like a glass doll. I’m not gonna break. I’ll talk to him. He’s still in protective mode. That’s all it is Miss Piper. Piper nodded. She wasn’t about to say anything else.

She needed Harley.

Piper shook her head and got up to sit back down on the chair. She put her feet up and went back to finishing up the song that she’d had stuck in her head. When her stomach started growling around lunch, Piper gently got up and headed downstairs. Miss Piper, the housekeeper said. I’m good. Just needed a change of scenery. Where’d he go? "He’s on a call with the office in

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