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Jan 1, 2021


Do you know how to separate fiction from facts when it comes to The CORONAVIRUS COVID-19?

Within the earliest months of 2020, a new and potentially dangerous virus has spread through Asia, Europe, and now been diagnosed in North America. The World Health Organization (WHO) and the U.S. government have declared the coronavirus outbreak a public health emergency with travel bans already in place. With the global spread of COVID-19, commonly known now as the Coronavirus, and its potential for a widespread epidemic, you need the facts – and you need them now.

For the best source of scientific, accurate information, look no further than CORONAVIRUS: Everything You Need to Know About the Pandemic of 2020. This independent guidebook has all the research you need to stay on top of the media frenzy and reactionary hype.

This book covers everything from:

What sets COVID-19 apart from other viruses like the flu?

What is a Coronavirus?

Where exactly did it come from?

Is there a vaccine?

What symptoms should I watch out for?

How does it spread?

How can I protect myself – and my family – from being infected?

What should I do if I think I'm infected?

And much, much more.

Any time we are faced with the prospect of a new epidemic, the most important thing to do is to arm ourselves with all the facts of the disease and potential threat.

Before you panic, find out exactly what you need to know to stay safe from the spread of infectious disease! Do that today with CORONAVIRUS: Everything You Need to Know About the Pandemic of 2020.

Jan 1, 2021

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Coronavirus - Timothy Ammon

© Copyright 2021 by Timothy Ammon

All rights reserved.

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The trademarks that are used are without any consent, and the publication of the trademark is without permission or backing by the trademark owner. All trademarks and brands within this book are for clarifying purposes only and are the owned by the owners themselves, not affiliated with this document.




Situation upgrade globally, 1 March 2020

Daily hazard assessment on COVID-19, 1 March 2020

Coronavirus (SARS-CoV) - Some Deadly Contagious Airborne Disease

Canine Coronavirus - Symptoms, Diagnosis and Therapy



The Background



What's coronavirus and what should I do if I have symptoms?

Coronavirus outbreak: the story up to Now

Publication coronavirus outbreak: Advice and resources



Emergence Of New Coronaviruses

Interspecies Transmission of Coronaviruses

Coronavirus Groups, Goal Tissues, and even pneumonia.

Pathogenesis of Animal Enteric and Respiratory Coronaviruses

Effect of Allergic Co-Infections On CoV Diseases, Infection, and Slimming



How Is COVID-19 disperse?

Timeline: The new coronavirus distribute

What is The passing rate from COVID-19?

How Is it true that the coronavirus spread between individuals?

How Can coronavirus compare to SARS and MERS?



What's a coronavirus?







How Does it disperse

How Long is the incubation interval

Risk variables



Coronavirus Life Cycle

Viral Replication Complex Formation and Function

Coronavirus Replicase Protein Expression and Performance

Coronavirus Genetics


Control and Prevention


Coronavirus disorder (COVID-19) information for the General Public



Coronaviruses (COV) are a Big Family of germs that cause illness which range from the frequent cold to more serious diseases like Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS-COV) and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS-COV). A novel coronavirus (COV) is a new breed which hasn't been previously recognized in people.

Coronaviruses are zoonotic, which means They're transmitted between people and animals. Thorough investigations discovered that SARS-COV was sent by civet cats to individuals and MERS-COV by dromedary camels to people. Many famous coronaviruses are circulating in creatures which haven't been infected people.

Frequent Indications of disease include Respiratory symptoms, fever, fever, shortness of breath and breathing problems. In more serious cases, infection can lead to pneumonia, severe acute respiratory illness, kidney failure and even death.

Standard recommendations to stop Disease spread comprise routine hand washing, covering nose and mouth when coughing and coughing, thoroughly cooking eggs and meat. Avoid close contact with anyone displaying symptoms of respiratory disease including coughing and coughing.

Observing the Initial reports of instances of respiratory syndrome at the Oriental Wuhan municipality in the end of December 2019, Chinese governments have recognized a novel coronavirus as the key causative agent. The epidemic has quickly evolved influencing different elements of China and away from the nation. Examples have been found in Many nations in Asia, but also in Australia, Europe, Africa and North America. The initial cases from the EU/EEA have been verified in France. Further worldwide spread is anticipated.

About 12 February 2020, the publication Coronavirus was called severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus two (SARS-CoV-2) whereas the disorder connected with it has become known as COVID-19. It's a new breed of coronavirus which hasn't been previously recognized in people. Outbreaks of publication virus infections among individuals are constantly of public health issue, particularly when there's minimal understanding about the qualities of the virus, and how it propagates between individuals, how intense would be the consequent ailments and how to deal with them.

Human-to-human transmission was Verified but more info is required to assess the complete scope of the manner of transmission. The origin of disease is unknown and may continue to be active.

This can be an Emerging, rapidly evolving scenario with continuing outbreak investigations. ECDC is closely tracking this epidemic and providing risk evaluations to direct EU Member States and the EU Commission within their response actions.

Situation upgrade globally, 1 March 2020

Because 31 December 2019 and of 1 March 2020, 87 024 instances of COVID-19 (based on the implemented case definitions from the affected nations) are reported, such as two 979 deaths. The deaths are reported in China (two 870), Hong Kong (2), Iran (43), South Korea (17), Italy (29), in an global conveyance (Japan) (6), Japan (5), France (2), Australia (1), Taiwan (1), Thailand (1), the United States of America (1) and the Philippines (1).

Cases have been reported at the Following continents:

Africa: Algeria (1), Egypt (1) and also Nigeria (1).

Asia: China (79824), South Korea (3526), Iran (593), Japan (239), Singapore (102), Hong Kong (95), Kuwait (45), Thailand (42), Bahrain (41), Taiwan (40), Malaysia (25), United Arab Emirates (21), Vietnam (16), Iraq (13), Macau (10), Israel (7), Oman (6), Lebanon (4), Pakistan (4), India (3), Philippines (3), Afghanistan (1), Cambodia (1), Nepal (1), Qatar (1) and Sri Lanka (1).

America: United States of America (69), Canada (20), Mexico (4)), Brazil (two) and Ecuador (1).

Europe: Italy (1128) , Germany (111), France (100), Spain (66), United Kingdom (23), Switzerland (18), Norway (15), Sweden (13), Austria (10), Greece (7), Netherlands (7), Croatia (5), Denmark (3), Finland (3), Georgia (3), Romania (3)), Russia (2), Armenia (1), Azerbaijan (1), Belarus (1), Belgium (1), Estonia (1), Iceland (1), Ireland (1), Lithuania (1), Luxembourg (1), Monaco (1), North Macedonia (1) and San Marino (1).

Oceania: Australia (26) and New Zealand (1).

Additional: Cases in a global conveyance (Japan) (705).

Epidemiological curves

These histograms are located on the Available information at the time of publication, originating from many resources. Data completeness is dependent upon the access to data from the affected regions. All information must be interpreted with care since the epidemic is growing quickly. Additionally, as a result of unavailability of date-of-onset statistics, probably examining of retrospective specimens and now expanding debut of the particular lab evaluation for SARS-CoV-2, this figure may not be reflective of the development of the outbreak in China.

Daily hazard assessment on COVID-19, 1 March 2020

The danger related to COVID-19 Disease for men and women in the EU/EEA and UK is now regarded as moderate.

This evaluation relies on the Following variables:

Most cases reported at the EU/EEA along with UK out a few areas in Italy have recognized epidemiological connections. But, there's a growing amount of instances with no specified series of transmission. Outstanding general health measures are employed in Italy and other EU/EEA and UK, and solid efforts have been forced to identify, isolate and examine contacts so as to contain the epidemic. However, in spite of touch tracing measures started to include additional spread there are still exportations and also an increasing number of sporadic instances across EU/EEA nations. The likelihood of additional transmission at the EU/EEA along with the UK is regarded as moderate to large. There's still a degree of uncertainty concerning many unpredictable things in a situation that's still evolving.

The chance of new connections from some other nations outside China to the EU/EEA seems to be rising as the amount of countries reporting instances keeps moving up. A thorough collection of those countries are available here. This also raises the chance of instances being released

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  • (5/5)
    Very detailed book about the hysteria that over took common sense. Can only imagine the fraud we’ll uncover in the coming years regarding the fear mongering and lies that were spread to the American People
  • (5/5)
    The book is chock full of solid empirical facts and sound reasoning. Millions and millions of people all around the world are being subjected to dehumanizing treatment by their governments in the name of controlling a disease that is in fact not worthy of the categorization as a pandemic. I highly recommend this to readers with an open mind.
  • (5/5)
    The book is packed with true information (facts). The authors are actual experts in the study of viruses, and other phages, and appear to understand what an epidemic is and how it works. Though they write from their first hand experience with the epidemic as it took place in Germany (the book is translated from the German version), the information and the events they describe are exactly the same as those for the United States and other countries
  • (5/5)
    A well researched and written book about COVID19 and the response in Germany and around the world. Everything is well documented in this book and it’s what our “experts” should be using to make decisions. It’s what good doctors in our country and around the world are saying about the reaction of many government and world health agencies. The more I research and read about SARS Covid 2, the more I realize the reactions taking place in October of 2020 as well as many months prior were over reactions and had little to do with science and all to do about control of people
  • (5/5)
    This is an amazing view on how the principles of epidemiology were thrown out the window on this epidemic. The effects of the lockdown are far more dangerous than any virus, especially this one, could ever be.