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Millie: Tales From The Bookcase

Millie: Tales From The Bookcase

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Millie: Tales From The Bookcase

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Dec 20, 2020


The Reprisals of the 2030's that had almost destroyed the world had taken Millie's marriage and husband with it. But it left Millie

with four adult daughters who were ready to help her start over.

When her eldest daughter Constance offered her a job at her bookstore, Millie took it as a way to get out more.
Little did she realise that making that decision would change her life forever.


Millie had no idea that there was a man who wanted her and no other. That second chances did come along.

This story is set in the 2050's so it could happen...

Dec 20, 2020

Sobre el autor

Bronn Francis is an empty nester who lives with her husband and spoiled moggy cat in the Eastern part of the State of Victoria in Australia. When Covid 19 came and made everyone do things differently, Bronn and a couple of friends decided that they would stop being just readers and try their our hands at being authors too. One of their small group had been playing at creating a world for his stories to be located in. When Bronn asked to be allowed to use the world her friend has created, she was told to "go for it". As long as she agreed to let the others in the group use her characters in cameo roles. Bronn agreed in a flash. Bronn is a woman of a certain age, as they say in books. Bronn and the other group members wanted to publish as many books as possible which led to a group decision to focus on writing short stories.That way Bronn and her friends could get more stories written and published for you to read. Maybe some novellas will appear over time.. Bronn loves to read romances with a HEA so she's sticking to writing them for a while. When she's not writing Bronn loves to go and photograph interesting places in the bush. Then try painting them. Some are recognisable. If you enjoy Bronn's stories, do please tell your friends. If you don't, Please tell Bronn. So she can learn from her mistakes.

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Millie - Bronn Francis



By Bronn Francis

A Short BBW Second Chance Romance

Copyright © 2020 by Jonarma Pty Ltd (a company incorporated in and subject to the laws of Australia)

All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or used in any manner without written permission of the copyright owner except for the use of quotations in a book review. For more information,

Email: jonson@jonarmapublishing.com




Millie Dalton sank into the couch, staring at the blank the TV. She was lost in her own thoughts. Since she divorced her husband, she had been feeling down, and lonely. She couldn’t remember the last time she did anything for herself. Her family of four daughters and an often absent and usually drunk and abusive husband hadn’t been easy. But she’d made it through and kept her daughters safe. She had been able to raise all her children, with little help from her husband. Jeff Dalton left her for his secretary from his auto shop. Or that’s what he said. Millie didn’t know for sure and didn’t care anyway. Twenty-eight years married. That plus the courtship year of friendship, family, and, she’d thought, a happy life. Until it all fell apart.

Millie Dalton had just felt numb when she accidently discovered that her husband of those twenty nine years was cheating on her. Not the secretary as he had claimed. With a girl young enough to be his daughter. A girl he had just picked up in a bar and was taking to one of those by the hour motels. She remembered how she had confronted him. When she’d come across him while hurrying to meet a friend for coffee.

Really Jeff? Almost thirty years? All for this nonsense? She had said, almost tearing up.

I’m sorry Millie, I know this is stupid but I am really sorry Jeff had said. Sorry for being caught, maybe?

They had both shouted at each other. Lucky she thought that all their kids were all grown with their lastborn in college. The girl whoever she was, had taken off down the street.

You better have something more because sorry can’t fix this, Jeff! Millie had said, storming away. When Jeff had come home that evening, she left him standing in the lounge She’d flown into her bedroom and slammed the door.

You can sleep on the couch. Or the floor. On the footpath for all I care. You swine! Millie had yelled to him through the door. We’re over. I never want you back in this house ever again.

Jeff had left the house and gone to the bar where he met his secretary. Millie learned later that the foolish woman had believed that her husband was in love with her and planned on divorcing Millie to be with the secretary. The deluded woman, Millie had thought at the time. Her husband only ever thought about what he wanted. The rat just did not want Millie anymore. She remembered how she had cried for that man, for that mongrel she’d thought was hers. The father of their daughters.

When Jeff had finally said that he was in love with another woman, a sharp pain had cut through Millie’s chest and into her heart. She had dedicated her whole self to her family. She had agreed to marry him when she got pregnant with their first daughter, Constance when she was only sixteen. They’d had to wait until she reached the legal age to be married but she been so sure that Jeff was everything she had wanted.

The doorbell rang, interrupting her train of thoughts, thoughts that made her heart bleed all over again.

Hey, Mum. A voice from the front door. She had called her three

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