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Unbreakable: Book 4 of the Revenge Series

Unbreakable: Book 4 of the Revenge Series

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Unbreakable: Book 4 of the Revenge Series

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Nov 30, 2020


Piper had just about enough of the insanity. Her husband had been shot, his security injured and she was petrified it would only get worse. She'd just found him again. They'd just started over. Now, she may have to deal with handling the stalkers alone and without security. This isn't what she wanted. This isn't what she'd planned. Being with Piper was the only thing Jamie had ever wanted that badly. She was his world. He wasn't about to lose her now. No natter how bad the stalking and harassment got, he wasn't letting go. She was his world. He had so many plans for them. Plans that involved kids and a happily ever after. Maybe it was a fantasy, but it wasn't about to end so soon. No gunshot could stop him and either would two people determined to get revenge on them. They knew that their love made them Unbreakable, but nobody else did...

Nov 30, 2020

Sobre el autor

Sue Langford started out with a dream. She'd been writing since she was young and always dreamed of seeing her books in a book store. When she finally gave in and got her first novel published, it hit the racks and was snatched up by everyone. When she made her first trip to Nashville, she was completely hooked. From that point on, her books were inspired by country music and the artists she loved.When she took on the topic of Anti-Bullying in her newest series - The Revenge Series - she found even more exposure than she could have imagined. The first of it's kind, she proved that everyone no matter their size, shape, opinions or even career deserves to be bullied. If you think she's stopping there, you will be happily surprised. She takes on a current topic with every book and every series. An author to watch and a bestselling one at that, Sue is a one of a kind author that all of us should check out.

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Unbreakable - Sue Langford


Book 4 of the Revenge Series

Sue Langford

Copyright © 2020 Sue Langford

All rights reserved.



To Nancy

the one who never stops cheering me on

Having courage does not mean that we are unafraid.

Having courage and showing courage means

we face our fears. We are able to say,

I have fallen, but I will get up.

- Maya Angelou


Jamie laid on the front steps of his safe place. The one place he’d always felt safe in. When he was able to look, Jackson was a matter of a few steps from him. He passed back out, hitting his head on the cement from the front porch floor. When his housekeeper came running out, phone in hand, he came to if for just a few minutes. Piper, he said as he passed back out.

He came to again a little while later and heard sirens and flashing lights. Piper, he said again. Sir, you’re on the way to the hospital. You’ll be okay, the EMT said. He heard a woman’s voice for a split second before he passed out again.

When he came to next, he was able to sit up enough to demand to see Jackson. Sir, you need to be resting. He’s fine. He was touch and go, but he’s fine. Then patch me back up. I’m going in there. The nurse got a wheelchair and helped Jamie into it, wheeling him into Jackson’s room. I need a phone, Jamie said. Sir, it’s 2am. You need your rest and so does Jackson. Fine, but if anything happens to him, I’m kicking someone’s backside. The doctor had to hold back a laugh as she took him in the wheelchair back to his room. The minute he laid onto the bed, he passed out again.

Next time he opened his eyes, he was lying in a hospital bed hooked up to tubes and an IV. Piper, he said again as the nurse came in. So you decided to wake up from your nap, the nurse joked. I need Piper. Who’s Piper? My wife. Sir, there’s nobody here. He passed back out. His worst nightmare was coming true all over again. He’d lost her. How all of it happened, he still hadn’t figured out, but he needed her.

The next time Jamie opened his eyes, it was daytime. Piper. The nurse came in with fresh ice water for him. I need my phone, Jamie said. Your wife is in with Jackson. How are you feeling, the doctor asked. Better if she was in here. I can get her once we check you out for the morning. He managed to stay awake enough to go through all of the questions she had, but he needed Piper. He needed her to know that he didn’t stand her up. That he wanted them back together. That he wasn’t going to take no for an answer. Instead, they took him in the wheelchair back to Jackson’s room. At least he could keep a close eye on Jackson to make sure he was alright.

He tried to find Jackson’s cell phone. When he realized it wasn’t there, he went to reach for the phone in Jackson’s room when the door opened. He thought an angel had walked in the door. In a way it was. Jamie, Piper said walking straight over to him.

Chapter 1

What do you mean he was shot? When? Who the hell did it? Miss Piper, he’s at the hospital, Andrews said. Which one? I’ll bring you. Piper went downstairs and left with him within minutes. The minute they pulled into the hospital, Piper went running, looking for him. There’s nobody here with that name ma’am, the nurse said. Not two minutes later, Jacobs, one of the other security guys, came out and saw Piper. They’re down here, he said taking her hand. Piper walked in and saw Jamie with a bandage around his chest and Jackson lying in the bed. What happened, Piper asked, running over to Jamie. He wrapped an arm around her as he winced. She shot, or at least we think it was her. She hit Jackson, then shot again at me. I’m fine, Jamie said as she wrapped his arms around him. You both got shot. That’s not fine Jamie. Why didn’t you answer? I had my phone and when she shot I dropped it and it shattered. She looked over at Jackson. I’m sorry, Piper said. As long as you two are alright. Piper kissed his cheek. You sure you’re alright? Nothing a little vacation won’t cure. We’re heading back to the house later today. Piper shook her head. I was beyond worried about you two. You had me scared senseless. Jamie kissed her cheek.

If I’d been lucid, I would’ve called, Jamie said. What do you mean? He stayed with me. They patched him up in here, Jackson said. How in the hell did this happen, Piper asked. Babe. Don’t babe me. Just say it. I went for a run. When we got back, she was in the house. I have no idea how the hell she got in the house, but she did. She was in the damn master bedroom. Jamie. You were right alright? She shot me when I tried to get her away from Jamie, Jackson said. I don’t even wanna know, Piper said. I love you. You know that right? Gonna admit I was right? He nodded. 100%. How in the hell did it even happen? You have other security there. Miss Piper, honestly, I have no idea at all how she got in. So, that plan about that other house is happening isn’t it, Piper asked. Was thinking about it, but honestly, I saw another place that was the same style as yours. It’ll be safer anyway, Jamie said. You’re really gonna move? I don’t want to, but after two shootings in that house, I think it’s had it’s fill of bad karma. About time, Piper said. Jamie wrapped his good arm around her. You sure you’re alright, Piper asked. Miss Piper, I’m alright. I will be anyway. I promised you a long time ago that I’d keep both of you safe. I’m sticking to that, Jackson said. Right now, we can at least take care of you. Jamie smirked. The thought in his mind was, That’s my girl.

Once the doctor came in and told Jamie he could go home if he was with Piper, the doctor talked to Jackson. Am I out of here, Jackson asked. Well, we found something else on the ultrasound that we did. I need you to stay tonight so we can keep an eye on it. Tomorrow, you’ll be able to go if everything is better in the morning. Anything you need me to do, Piper asked. Just keep the area dry and clean. Change the bandage as needed. Just make sure that you don’t overdo it or even think about working out. Nothing like that. Not even yoga. Just chilling. Rest. I know that’s not your norm, but you need to so you have time to heal. Jamie nodded. I’ll make sure even if I have to sit on him, Piper teased. Alright. You’ll be back tomorrow so I can check on you right, the doctor asked. Jamie nodded. I have to come back and check on Jackson. Alright. I’ll get your paperwork together and you can head out. Do you need anything, Piper asked. Jackson shook his head. Just a change of clothes tomorrow. Razor, toiletry bag. Beyond that, it can wait until I’m home. We can bring you something to eat, Piper said. Jackson shook his head. Even if it was that soup, I’d still say no. I’m on IV. They would probably say I can’t, Jackson said. For now, we’re keeping you on IV. If you’re feeling better, work your way up to food tomorrow, the doctor said as he handed Jamie the paperwork. Alright. Y’all get out of here so I can rest, Jackson said. Piper gave him a one arm hug, kissed his cheek and Jamie nodded. See you tomorrow, Jackson replied as they headed out.

Jamie wrapped his good arm around Piper and they headed out. Ma’am, Andrews said. Someone needs to stay with him. He needs security. I’ll get someone here. I’ll take Jamie to the house. If you can stay? Andrews nodded. Piper, I can drive, Jamie said. Not when they gave you pain meds. It was one of the only times that she was going to have the power. She was taking full advantage. They left and went to the house, Piper packed a bag for him and talked to security. They were doubling up and they had a security schedule figured out for the hospital until Jackson was home. He’s gonna be at the house with me until they’re healed. Yes ma’am, Anderson said. He grabbed the bag from Jamie, put it into the SUV and drove them back to Piper’s. Jamie pulled Piper to him in the backseat. Sit on me? Piper nodded. Anderson almost laughed. If you aren’t gonna behave and do what the doctor says, I’ll sit on you and make you. He nuzzled her neck. That could be interesting, he teased with that cat that ate the canary look. You just got out of the hospital. Stop. Not allowed to taunt my wife? Piper shook her head. Not today you aren’t. When they got back, Piper thanked Anderson and walked Jamie inside.

Miss Piper, Jessie said. He’s staying. We have to keep an eye out. They haven’t caught her, Piper said. Yes ma’am, Jessie said. Eleni went and got a blanket and a pillow for the sofa and Jamie bypassed it and went upstairs to the master bedroom. Piper shook her head. You’re resting. Shower first. You can’t get the bandage wet or the scar. Then come with me. Jamie. I need to. She shook her head, got something to put over the bandage and taped it on. Fine. You start anything I swear I will whoop your butt. She followed him into the shower, peeling her clothes and his off. She washed his hair and he pulled her into his lap. You’re ridiculous. I swear, you have a dang one-track mind. He kissed her. Not exerting myself. She shook her head. He went to make a move and she got up. She washed his back for him and he kissed her. Jamie. What? She shook her head and he got up. He’d always towered her, but at that exact moment, he was at her mercy. I just don’t get it, Piper said. Meaning? Meaning if she really wanted to do something…. I know what you’re thinking. Breathe. Why would she even do that if she’s mad at me? He kissed her. Stop. Jamie. Piper, she’s coming after me because I was in her way to get to you. Piper shook her head, stepped out of the shower and wrapped herself in a towel. He came out behind her and she wrapped him in a towel.

Piper. She shook her head. She took the covering off the bandage and he pulled her into his arms. What? She is nuts. She was when I dated her all that time ago and she is now. She’s worse now. Jamie, just stop. What? Stop trying to make me feel better about this. You were shot. Jackson was shot. That’s huge. Baby, I told you a million times over. I’m standing in the way. I’m staying in the way. Nobody is hurting you. Jamie, if someone hurts you, it does hurt me. He kissed her. Breathe. Piper shook her head. She went and got changed and sat down on the chair. Piper. What? You can’t seriously think that any of us are letting you get hurt. I want to whoop her butt so dang bad I can taste it. Piper, for now, we concentrate on what we can work on. You are the one that told me that. I love you, and if it means that I’m putting myself in danger, fine. She shook her head. You have no idea what you’re saying, Piper said. Jamie freshened up and went and tried to get dressed with one hand. Piper slid her shirt on and zipped her jeans up when she saw Jamie sitting down. What? He smirked. You helping or what? Piper smirked. Depends. You gonna behave? Nope. Piper shook her head. She got his t-shirt, his boxers and his jeans. You know you can skip the boxers. Piper shook her head and had a smirk. Jamie, you’re behaving. Period. He kissed her, slid his boxers on and pulled his jeans up with his good hand. I can skip the shirt. Jamie, you’re resting. Quit. He kissed her. You staying home? Who else is gonna babysit you? He shook his head and pulled her to him. I love you. You know that right? Piper nodded. Just stop putting yourself in the line of danger alright? I get that you’re trying to get me back, but this isn’t the way to do it. He kissed her again and snuggled her. Come, she replied she put him in the bed and went to walk out. He grabbed her hand.

What do you want now? You. Stay up here with me. You’re going on the sofa. Piper. The doctor said rest. That was an order. Babe, I’m capable of resting on my own. I just want company. He kissed her. You’re ridiculous Jamie. He nodded. All on you babe. They came downstairs and Piper got something for him to eat. Piper. What? He shook his head. I ate. Drink so you can take your meds that the doctor gave me for you. You can just come sit Piper. I can get water myself. She shook her head. He took her hand and walked her over to the sofa and sat down with her. I’m alright baby. She shook her head. I swear, you need to start finding a way to text or like an emergency button on your watch or something. Babe, I’ll find a way to. Now you know why we were all so dang worried about you being safe. Piper shook her head. Jamie, that just proved that no amount of security is gonna stop her insane butt. He shook his head and she tried to help him with the brace the doctor had given him. Babe, I’m good. I’m just resting anyway. Jamie. If she wanted me dead she would’ve aimed better. Piper shook her head. This isn’t a joke Jamie. You could’ve bled out. I was in an ambulance in 10 minutes. The housekeeper had it handled baby. I promise you. Doesn’t matter. You were hurt. I’d rather be hurt than you being hurt.

Piper shook her head. He sat down on the high-top chair at the counter. Piper shook her head and got herself an ice water, putting a glass on the counter for him. Babe. They said one every 4 hours. I’m good Piper. I had something before I left. She shook her head. What, he asked. Nothing. Piper, say it. I get that you’re pissed. I get that you don’t want me in danger because of you. Jamie, stop. You keep doing it when I tell you not to. Piper, she was looking for you. I know that. We know that. Fact is, you’re safe. That’s all I care about. What am I supposed to do Jamie? Hide for the rest of my life? You leave this weekend. She made a move, and now we are. And what’s that? She’s banned from the shows. She’s not getting near either of us especially now. And how are you doing that when you got shot? Aiden’s brother is coming in Jackson’s spot. Jamie. He’s up to date. Jackson talked to him while we were waiting to see the doctor. I’m not playing Jamie. I’m handling things my way. I have security and we’re flying unless I opt to take the bus. Flying into each stop is the only option I have right now. You sure? Piper nodded. I fly in and if I’m okay and it’s not a long drive, I can go with them on the bus. I don’t wanna hear anything about it either. Piper. I’m leaving this weekend. You know that. I just want to keep having that chance. And you think that coming with me is the only option for that? He nodded. I want to be there. Piper shook her head. At the current moment, you’re healing. You’re not getting on a plane. The doctor is gonna agree. He kissed her.

It’s cute ya know, Jamie teased as he pulled her to him. What? That you’re getting all mama bird over me. Jamie. I love you. You know that right? Would you stop. This doesn’t change what is going on Jamie. This doesn’t change that we are still working on this relationship. You’re not sleeping in my bed. Changing the topic. What she does the best. Jamie. Piper, we have security. Let them worry about security stuff. You are seriously a pain in my backside. He kissed her again. You’re still not coming. Yeah I am. She shook her head. It’s like talking to a brick wall. And you are still flipping out over stuff you can’t control. Jamie, I don’t want you on the plane or on the bus. I’m going on the tour alone. He shook his head. So, you’re just pushing me out of your life? For now, yes. He shook his head. Piper. She got up and went upstairs. She got her things organized and packed for her to leave and just as she was about to get on with it, her hands started shaking.

The things running through her head overwhelmed her. They spun like an out of control merry go round. The fact that her life was the one that was threatened. That she’d found out her address. That she’d found a way to get a package to Piper’s doorstep. That she’d tailed her even to the hotel that she’d disappeared to. She was poking at a bear that was about to react and Piper was about to snap. She wasn’t gonna like what was about to come at her full force. That woman thought that she had the upper hand. She had no idea what was coming. Piper was about to get back at that woman who was trying to destroy her.

She zipped up her bag and put her toiletries into the outer pocket. When she heard Jamie lean up against the door jam, she shook her head. What’s going on? Jamie. Do you seriously think that you’re gonna go after her? If it’s the last thing I do, she’s getting out of our lives for good. Piper. He walked over to her and kissed her. Jamie, leave it be. You’re not risking the one woman I’ve been in love with since the day we met. Not now, not ever. Piper, stop this. No. I’m doing the tour and when I’m back on Monday, we’ll figure out next weekend. You’re seriously…what are you thinking? That I’m done hiding from all of this. I’m not gonna sit here and pretend that I’m alright with everyone else fighting my battles. Before we met, I did it myself. All of it. I’m not letting her psycho butt attack until she gets what she wants. I swear, I need a drink for this. Jamie, admit it. We spent all that time hiding from Colt. Now, it’s this Amy chick. Jamie, I am not about to be bullied by her because she’s mad. Colt deserved what he got. He’s the one that took it that far. He’s the one that threatened me because we were getting married. He’s the one that couldn’t accept no. I’m not playing anymore. I’m done. He walked over to her and kissed her. He pulled her to him. What? I’m not losing you. Fine. Piper. I’m done playing this stupid game with her. Don’t you dare even think that I’m gonna let you get yourself killed. At least she’ll stop. Piper, stop. He shook his head. Andrews came up a few minutes later.

Ma’am, Andrews said. She’s talking like a crazy person, Jamie said. There’s a package at the door. It’s a delivery from Macy’s. What is it, Jamie asked. Bedding. Piper smirked. New stuff for the guestroom since you’ll be sleeping in there alone. Piper. She shook her head and Andrews smirked and stepped away, unpacking the box and lying it onto the bed in the guestroom. Jamie looked at Piper. You gonna stop acting like a psycho killer? Jamie, I’m done hiding. We’re doing the tour. When you’re healthy and the doc says okay, every other weekend. End of discussion. Piper, you’re talking crazy. I had too many of those stupid meds that the doctor gave me and I’m too tired to keep fighting with you about this. I’m going. We’re going together. Piper shook her head. Just ignoring what I ask as usual. Piper, I’m telling you to let me deal with all of this. Jamie, go. Piper. Leave it. I’m done playing games with her. She shot you, she shot Jackson and she’s about to get her backside handed to her if she comes near any of us again. I’ll handle this myself. For one freaking minute, sit down and breathe. No. Piper, she shot me and Jackson. Beyond that, let them handle it. Let the damn cops deal with it. Jamie, enough. He walked over to her and kissed her.

I’m not letting you put yourself in danger. I was scared enough for me and Jackson. I get that you’re mad Piper, but this isn’t how to handle this. She wants to get back at you for the Colt crap. We both know that it wasn’t your fault. He put that on himself for the stupid crap he did. She’s not exactly sane. Doesn’t change anything. She’s not coming after me Jamie. She does, she’s buried right beside his psycho butt. Piper. What? We got more info. I was going to bring it when I got hurt. She took what we had and ran. And what was that? Piper. Just say it. Remember when you said it felt like a guy was following you? Piper nodded. One of the other guys at the bar was helping her. Supposedly, it was a team thing with them. They did all of it together. What? His name is Casper. Jamie. He’s Colt’s cousin. What about it? That’s who was helping her. I was trying to call you when she shot a damn hole through my phone. Jamie. There’s a hole in the desk Piper. And? The police are hunting for him. They think he’s helping her. If that’s true, you’re even more in danger. She shook her head. Just stop. You’re in danger Piper. That’s why I want to be there. She shook her head. I thought… He pulled her to him and kissed her.

I’m not letting you get hurt to get back at her. That’s exactly what she wants. Jamie. I get that you don’t want to hide. I know you. I know you don’t. I am not letting go of this hand. I promised you that I never would and I’m standing by it. This is insane Jamie. Beyond insane. He brought you into all of it. Piper, you didn’t deserve any of that. He went too far. Beyond. Babe, please. Let me be there with you. Until the doctor said you can, you’re staying home. Then you’re taking security. Andrews, Anderson, Jessie and Eleni. Jamie, stop. You need security. I’ll take my security with me and that’s it. Piper. No. He winced. Picking a fight with her was not on the recommended list of activities that the doctor had given. Jamie, you need to rest. Just go rest. Not if you’re gonna keep starting a dang problem. Let security handle them. Let the cops handle them. I’m not gonna stop that tour Jamie. Then we’re taking the bus. Piper shook her head. There was no point in fighting with him. He wasn’t about to let her leave. At least not alone. She shook her head and went to head downstairs. Woman, I can’t chase you all over this house. Come over here. She smirked. She walked over to him. What?

Come sit with me. She shook her head. Fine. He laid down on the bed and winced his way into comfort. Jamie, you need to be on the sofa. At least it’s closer to the ice. I’m fine. I have you with me. She shook her head. Stay here. Where are you going? To get you ice. Stay there. Piper kissed him and walked downstairs. Miss Piper, Jessie said. He’s upstairs. Stubborn pain in my butt. Ice, she asked. Piper nodded. Jessie handed her a towel and an ice pack. Thank you. Jessie nodded. If I may, you do look a little happier having him here. I appreciate that, but it doesn’t mean that he’s weaseled his way back. Jessie almost giggled. She walked upstairs and wrapped the ice pack in the towel.

You coming to lay down with me? No. You’re resting and icing. He shook his head. Piper, come. She put the ice pack on the wound. Ow. Serves you right. He smirked. Piper. She sat down beside him. What? Thank you. Jamie, I had a life before you. I know. I’m perfectly capable of taking care of myself. You know that. I’m not gonna wake up one morning and find out that you were shot. You mean like I did. He looked at her. Piper. Jamie, stop. You seriously think that I wasn’t telling you on purpose? She looked at him. You mean like you did a million times before this? Piper. What? I found out yesterday. He could see her clenching her jaw. She was way beyond mad. Being scared for him was one thing, but the relief had turned to anger all over again. And? Piper, I found out literally 2 minutes before all of this stupid crap happened. I didn’t have time to call and tell you. Jamie, you’ve hid things from me so many times I’ve lost count. If you hadn’t been shot, are you trying to tell me that you would’ve told me? When she looked over at him, he was out cold. His hand was linked with hers. She shook her head and went to get up when he grabbed her hand and almost white-knuckled it. Jamie. He looked at her. Don’t. Sleep. I’m gonna work downstairs. Piper, stay. I’ll be back up in a bit. I’m getting some lunch. When she looked over, he was back out cold again. She slid out of the bedroom and headed downstairs.

Miss Piper, Jessie said. What’s up? Jackson called. He’s allowed to go home as of tomorrow around 1. I assume you’d like him at the house? Here isn’t an option. There’s not exactly enough room. If I may, would you like to go back to the other house? Piper shook her head. He can come until he’s doing a little better. I know you don’t want to go to the house, but I think that the other house would have more room. Jamie won’t leave. He knows I’m going on tour on Wednesday or Thursday. I’ll get a room set up, Jessie said. She went and got the guest room set up for Jackson’s arrival. Piper tried to get work done on the music while there was a little calm. Within a half hour, Harley called her.

So, you gonna tell me what all the lights and sirens were about, Harley asked. Jackson and Jamie got hurt. Jackson gets out of the hospital tomorrow and Jamie’s here. Spill. They got more info and before he could even call, both of them ended up shot. I didn’t know until they were at the hospital. Jackson called while they were patching Jamie up. Are you alright? I want to whoop that woman’s backside to the moon and back a few thousand times. Supposedly, Colt has a cousin that was helping her. He still is. Now you have two people coming after you? Something like that. Girl, are you sure that the tour stuff is a good idea? I mean, if they’re going that far, you need to be home and safe. You sound like Jamie. Tell me you aren’t seriously going ahead with the tour. Harley, it’s two months. There’s so much security, we can barely move as it is. Piper. Don’t. I swear, y’all are sharing a dang brain. We have a contract with Jason. We may end up being back out sooner than later. This is freaking me out. I’m scared for you. Piper shook her head. Harley. Would you be pissed if I came over? He’s sleeping. Yes or no because I’m bringing Jack and the wine with me. Alright, Piper said.

Within a half hour, Harley pulled in the drive. Piper opened the door and Harley walked in, giving her a hug. Why didn’t you call me and tell me when you found out, Harley asked as she came in. Piper got them each a Jack and Coke and handed one to her. Because I ran to the hospital. Jamie was allowed to leave as long as I was with him. We came back here, and I got my bag packed while he rested. Piper. What? It’s me. Say it. Harley, I can’t fix any of it. I can’t change it. They both got hurt because she was getting them out of the way. Piper. It’s my fault. I can’t do anything about it. I can’t fix any of it. She wants a fight, she’s getting one. I get that you wanna face this and not let the bully get you down and all that, but you do know that a gunshot can mean she kills you right? Harley, the venues have security, we have security and there’s extra if anyone even tries to get backstage. We’ll be fine. Why are you so dang determined to go either way? How many times did I get bullied when we first started? How many times did I get bullied as a teenager? Harley, nobody is bullying me into staying home. Nobody. I’m done playing games. Then you’re gonna need Kevlar built into those outfits. Piper smirked. You know what I mean, Piper said. I know. Doesn’t mean I don’t think you need meds for that crazy, but I know. I just don’t want to be hiding the rest of my life. You still need to do something so none of us are worried. Piper nodded. I know. I’m gonna talk to the wardrobe team and see what I can do. Just so it makes you feel better. You crack me up. Girl, you look drained. I am. I couldn’t sleep when I couldn’t find him. Now, at least I know where he is."

Where who is, Piper heard as Jamie winced his way down the steps. Harley looked over and saw him shirtless, in beat up blue jeans and a shoulder sling. Holy crap, Harley said. Well, thanks for the compliment I think? Ice, Piper asked. Jamie nodded. She took the ice pack he had, got another one and helped him to the sofa. I can walk, Jamie teased. Piper smirked. Meds? Jamie shook his head. I’ll take ice instead any day. Jamie. He shook his head. She shook her head and sat down with him. How are you doin, Harley asked. I’ve been better. Nothin time with my wife won’t fix. Jamie. Tell her that I’m allowed on the bus, Jamie teased. That’s up to the boss lady, Harley joked.

They sat and talked a while and when Jamie went to grab Piper’s drink, she took it out of his hand and got him a glass of ice water, handing that to him. Anyway. I’m trying to tell Piper that she needs Kevlar in her costume on stage. She’s not gonna listen. My wife here is stubborn as all get out. More than you even know. So, are y’all alright? A little banged up, but nothing that won’t heal, Jamie said. I heard the news by the way, Harley said. Jamie shook his head. I had a feeling she’d tell you. As long as you’re alright now. Jamie nodded and wrapped his good arm around Piper. I have Piper. I’m good. Maybe 5 minutes later, she got a call from the stylist. Y’all talk. I’m going to take this, Piper said. Harley did her best to keep giving Jamie a hard time and point out that if he ever hurt Piper she would whoop his butt.

I got your message, the stylist said. And? I can get two or three in your size for when you’re walking around and stuff that will be subtle enough that nobody will notice, but you need to tell Jason. I will. It’s to calm Jamie down with the whole stuff going on now. Meaning what? She took a deep breath doing her best not to cry when the words passed her lips. Jamie and Jackson were both shot. Jamie’s at the house, Jackson is coming tomorrow. Why didn’t you tell me? We can ask Jason to postpone some dates. Piper shook her head. I’m good. I just want to go. I’ll work on something for the stage wardrobe. You need to talk to Jason. I know. I’m gonna call him when we get off the phone. I just wanted to see what we could do so I can tell him. Alright. I’ll figure something out. May work with that shatterproof song and the Break Me song anyway. You have a point. I’m gonna go call Jason and update him. Alright girl. See you soon."

Piper got off the phone with her and went and called Jason. What’s up baby girl, Jason asked as he answered. Good news and not great news. As long as you’re still coming. Well, I am but there’s a few things that I have to tweak. Which would be? Extra security. Jamie’s coming. Jackson’s coming too. Alright? We’re getting Kevlar for me for backstage and possibly performing. What? Why? Jackson and Jamie were both shot at the house. What? They’re fine. Jamie’s here, and Jackson is coming tomorrow. Piper. There’s two people behind all of this. We know who they are. Fact is, Jamie’s worried about me coming, and for his peace of mind, I think the Kevlar might be a plan. Are you alright? Lack of sleep, but yeah. I just wanted you to know. If you want to hold off on the performances… No. The exact opposite really. I’m doing them. If something happens, I can always step out of one or two. Alright. If anything changes, tell me. Y’all can stay on the floor with us so you have extra security. "I appreciate

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