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Ceo to Cuckold... and Less - Volume One - The Danish Domme

Ceo to Cuckold... and Less - Volume One - The Danish Domme

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Ceo to Cuckold... and Less - Volume One - The Danish Domme

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Jan 15, 2020


Two works of exotic female-led LGBT fiction, from the queen of the transgendered novel, Clare Penne.

For all devotees of the dominant and commanding females - be they transgendered or otherwise!
Jan 15, 2020

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Ceo to Cuckold... and Less - Volume One - The Danish Domme - Clare Penne

Ceo to Cuckold... and Less - Volume One - The Danish Domme

CEO to Cuckold… and Less

Volume One

The Danish Domme

Female-led and LGBT fiction


Clare Penne

Copyright © 2020. All rights reserved

No part of this book may be reproduced in any form without prior written permission from the publisher.

The right of Clare Penne to be identified as author of this work has been asserted in accordance with section 77 of the copyright, designs and patents act 1988. This book is sold subject to the conditions that it shall not by way of trade or otherwise, be lent, resold, hired out or otherwise circulated without the publisher’s prior consent in any form of binding or cover other than that in which it is published and without a similar condition including this condition being imposed on the subsequent purchaser.

CEO to Cuckold… And Less


Clare Penne


The Cost of Cuckolding

"I think to make any relationship work it just takes a tremendous amount of effort and accepting of one another."

Rebecca Romijn

I had individuals in my life to help me make the right decisions because it wasn't about them accepting handouts. It was about them making the right decisions for me.

Alonzo Mourning


I stood there looking downwards.

How on earth had I landed myself in this position?

It wasn’t that I was dressed in a matching pale almond cami full of lace over my balconnet bra holding the under-half of my breasts and, beneath that, a deep suspender belt, the taut garters stretching down my thighs and holding up the palest of tan, fine denier, Gerbe stockings or, that over them, came a matching pair of bikini style panties with their Chantelle lacy front panel and rear and satin-finished, the same lace as the long cami.

It wasn’t that I had been denuded of all of my body hair underneath my eyelashes, not a pubic hair or beard stubble in sight though tonight, or that I was now in Chanel make up and perfumed, my finger nails Frenched and glossed, and my toe nails polished in a deep burgundy varnish from that company.

It wasn’t that my hair had been grown out, thick and luxuriant now, styled into a feminine bob with what looked like a bridal Alice band in by our hairdresser, flowers adorning the strip that had been woven in, something that had made me go quite red with embarrassment when we had been eat out to eat.

My transformation was such that it was almost as if I was now a woman. I could easily  masquerade as a female when outside the house; all that remained was the final surgery and, perhaps, some enhancement work, my breasts to fill out a little more.

It wasn’t that I was wearing five inch heels in light brown, the effect to be to make me balance more and feel the effect of the stockings and garters.

It wasn’t even that my cock had been enclosed and then padlocked into a specialist titanium steel-ringed cage.

Or that it was now impossible to get an erection without experiencing agonising pain as the rings bit into me and then all the frustration being in such a state entailed as my mind became increasingly twisted and perverted.

It wasn’t that I was standing there in bondage restraint, my legs anchored, my arms pulled away so that I couldn’t touch my body, my head hooded in latex and then a pair of my beloved’s panties pulled over me so that I was taking in the most intimate of her vaginal and anal scent from its similar pale almond coloured gusset, my mouth full of another woman’s panties, cream in colour, turned inside out, the unusual taste mixing with the familiar nasal bombardment that I was receiving.

No, it was the sight in front of me.

Picture a large bedroom dominated by an antique bed, not a four poster, but one of those American Colonials with their four spires at each corner, barley-twisted at the base, the columns rising to finish in four simple cones, each pillar now sporting new heavy-duty cast-iron rings at the bottom and top to tee up any bondage.

The rest of the room filled with the side-tables, other matching furniture such as the armoire or writing desk, antique hi-boys resplendent with their drawers and brass fittings, a couple of sofas, paintings on the walls, a Georgian-style fireplace, the walls decorated in a rich red that almost matched my toe-nails, the carpet a cream one almost white and not that practical.

And then there were the accessories that had been added over recent months, the spanking benches, a metal grid in black iron matching the bed manacles that had been affixed to one wall, the stock tower, cages and even a bird-cage and then the two dental cabinets that held a slew of our sex toys, restraints, punishment gear and everything else that our sex lives now involved.

Here in the huge double-king bed covered in the palest of pink sheets, with matching pillows and bolsters lay my wife, Cathryn, her limbs stretched out by silver-linked chains that were then tethered to her steel and neoprene cuffs and, on the other end, tan leather bonds resembling dog collars with built-in springs to give her more bounce and elasticity in movement as her body responded to the incoming advances on the bed.

Her bondage was completed by two chains locked on from the bed-head onto the sides of her collar.

Cathryn’s long brown hair strewn over the pillows beneath her head, her dark brown eyes closed, her beautiful make-up just showing the first signs of perspiration, her mouth stuffed with another pair of the said mysterious woman’s cream panties and then firmly shut by a red ball gag and then her head covered in her domme’s panties, her medium-sized pert breasts, 36Cs, with their brown areola and erect nipples showing from time to time, her delicious bottom pushed upwards by the pink bolster jammed underneath her, that done deliberately to get her pussy at the correct angle ready to be fucked.

All the above guaranteed to make her feel vulnerable and to give me views of her all-but-naked pussy from the bottom of the bed where my stock-tower had been positioned.

She was in no clothing or bra and panties, just her deep suspender belt and pale tan stockings that matched mine in brand and shape on show.

She had wanted to be put in this position; indeed she had begged him for it, wanting to experience submitting to a real man and not just acting as the alpha-woman that she was in her professional life.

Here was Edward, much older than us, in his late-fifties, grey hair, blue-eyed, distinguished and almost ex-military in looks, highly intelligent and successful, playing with his relatively new submissive, his huge penis buried into the sopping wet vagina of my wife, her pussy stretched but managing to accommodate him, her labia dilated with the tease and the feeling of him inside her, her pussy hood riding in and out ever so sexily as his pale cock with its defined veins and huge head was taking her.

He was truly huge in the penile area; I looked like a dwarf in comparison. It wasn’t the length which must have busted easily through eight inches, possibly even as long as nine, but his girth, a penis when erect that was thicker than Cathryn’s forearm, the sight of it ploughing in and out of her one of those moments that indelibly stick in one’s mind, the steady ooze of her cum as it turned into a white froth like nothing that she had ever produced before in front of me, the love liquid passing over her pussy and down her raised perineum to divide around the steel dildo that Edward had earlier inserted in her anus.

Her aroma was running so strongly that she filled the room with it, Cathryn’s sex there for all of us to smell and ingest.

She was feeling them both, his flesh hard up against her filled rectum where there would be no give, pushing him higher up onto her spot, her head now shaking in the want to orgasm and have him explode his load of love deep into the cunt that he was claiming was his now for ever, not mine.

And that was what was getting me, the knowledge that I was ceding the physical side of my love of Cathryn over to him, Edward, and that he was making her his second charge, a daughter in name if not in law and that I was to become a sissy wife for another couple or Domme.

Yes, we may stay as husband and wife in terms of being legally wed and as to the restructured shareholding of Cameron, Dillet and Mahoney, but Cathryn was giving herself to him and making sure that I knew that he was very much charge of her.

Sexually now, as well as in mind.

This was all about managing change; changes that were of my making but ones that Cathryn had enthusiastically absorbed and then led on, turning into a more confident and assured woman than she had ever been, the proverbial lioness revealed but one that was now being tamed.

Then there was my life to be as the cuckolded man, in part a sissy, the feminine side of me being femme-forced to reveal itself, the experience exalting and humiliating at times, the liberation of being a submissive who had been made to take up his true role of serving the more dominant women in his life and their lovers be they male or female.

This was all about change management and I was experiencing the acceptance phase, it was that simple. My thoughts mirrored those of Jean Anouilh, Our entire life - consists ultimately in accepting ourselves as we are.

Cathryn, Edward, his wife, Georgie, and others, had set in motion that I should change and accept that my destiny was in feminine subservience. That was the starkness of all of this, the culmination of months of change and now more to come.

Cathryn’s hips jerked, almost as if an electric shock had passed through them; no doubt she was feeling Edward’s length to the top of her vulva, his girth on her ‘G spot’ and the stretch on her walls, the contrast of the steel embedded in her behind.

She was starting to orgasm.

I knew what that meant, and just how intense her orgasms had become under their tutelage.

Her trip to one of those climaxes that start deep in her cervix and spread outwards rapidly to embrace all her pussy area, her erect clitoris, and downwards to her sphincter and on into her hips and bottom, the messages going up through her tummy and tightening her muscles to contract for her spasm, the breasts and their nipples now on fire, her head wanting to be thrown backwards as the steeliness of the orgasm washed through her, the effect of wanting to be up high in the white, feathery clouds of her brain, no other thoughts than what was the imminent, the pleasure of it and the waterfall of sperm that would be entering her.

The want to continue on with more sex too, giving her body to her lovers.

All that would be there.

The female ejaculation arriving just behind as Edward tensed and released his copious milky and so personal deposit into her humid pussy, the vagina contracting to receive him and move his charge deep into her and as close to her fallopian tubes as possible.

Her squirt arrived, copious and uncontrolled.

She couldn’t scream out in her ecstasy, so tight was her musky gag in her mouth, the red ball for her to bite against as it held in those stained pink panties infusing her orally, identical in style and colour to the ones that I was tasting and smelling, the pre-preparation of the subjugation of both of us being planned to such a fine degree.

This, however, was the way Cathryn had wanted the session to go, to experience her bliss as she gave herself in body and in mind to Edward and, in fact, to Georgie as well, a sexual consummation to the couple that would help her shape her life now and, as such, mine too.

Edward wasn’t finished with his younger partner.

His cock was still as impressive as a twenty-something’s remaining virtually in the same state of hardness as he withdrew from Cathryn, a distinct cloop emerging as the rush of air shot back into her now-gaping cunt, stringy creamy cum everywhere, the cum that I loved to taste.

Was he Viagra fuelled?

Despite his age and huge size, he could far outperform me, the fresh cum of both of them more than apparent on his weapon, something that I had had to suck in the past and remove.

Surely he was, his hand drifting down to rub himself gently, almost in self-appreciation, keeping himself hard for another deep take of Cathryn.

I wasn’t being allowed to do this or even let onto the bed to clean my wife up though.

From behind me, the figure of a late forties woman with extremely long red hair stepped forward.

This was Georgie.

She was taller than Cathryn by a good three inches, far more voluptuous in the breasts though, her skin so fair and typical of being a ginger-haired girl, large pink-to-purple nipples dominating the lower tips of her flesh, so succulent and inviting, her body amazingly trim for being forty-three.

Her eyes, an unusual shade of green to contrast to those brown ones of Cathryn, eyes that sparkled with her natural intelligence and wit, a more Roman nose to her, high cheek-bones and a fullish mouth leading to quite a dramatic sight and a bubbly, sharp personality behind the visual presentation.

To me, she was a prettier version of a combination of Rebekah Wade, Murdoch’s ex-editor of the Sun newspaper, crossed with a sophisticated Charlie Dimmock the TV gardener.

The latter providing the freckles, curves and red-haired sexiness to Georgie’s physique and, probably, the uniqueness of the smell of her ginger sex, while the former added the alpha attitude, intelligence and height.

The difference between Georgie and them both being the straightness of her incredibly long hair.

This wasn’t by far the first time that we had all met; however, Georgie and her husband had Cathryn where they wanted her, her pussy wide open to their play, her legs and arms splayed, her mouth available too, though at the moment it was truly gagged, the action of Georgie earlier in preparing Cathryn for her husband to take their girl.

Her long legs tapered on her cutely pantied bottom, a pair of plain black ones that almost suggested a tone of masculinity to them, the give-away that they were panties being the thinness of the fabric and no front pouch to them, just the satiny front panel that then hinted at what lay behind.

She moved across the floor, passing in front of me and then Edward to come close to Cathryn.

She unbuckled the gag and removed the cream panties from her mouth, tossing them both to one side of the bed.

Cathryn looked up at her almost as if she was showing appreciation of being released, taking in gulps of fresh air.

Georgie put a finger over Cathryn’s lips, an action to keep her quiet, and then she spoke, the first words of the evening that had been spoken since we began this love-in.

The only sounds had been the attempted gasping and squeals from Cathryn as they tried to get past her two gags; this as Edward had incessantly and remorselessly played with and teased her, and then the additional attempts to scream out when she had felt his enormous presence in her love-box, pulling her apart, and taking her to her higher plateaus.

It was those sounds and the occasional grunt from Edward as he drove his cock into my wife’s accepting pussy that would remain indelibly stamped in my brain.

Don’t say a thing, Cathryn; you have taken my cunt juices in off my panties, now you will get the real thing as I am going to queen you. As you well know, my pussy and Edward’s cock are going to become the principal focus of your life sexually from now on, not that cocky or clitty thing that your husband offered you. You are being committed to being our younger slave and his unfortunate destiny is to be in servitude to you and we may even trade him off as a wifey to you know whom. You can’t really call him a man when he is dressed as he is now and in such bondage, wanting to wank himself off as Edward took you.

Cathryn nodded and I felt what little manhood that was left to me shrivel.

Exactly, no doubt, as Georgie had intended.

He is now what you call a sissy, more woman than male, and has been for some time, as you know and as you rightly initiated him to this transient inter-sex life.

The latter bit was true; I had to admit as my small cock strained against its titanium cage and my piercings pressed against me to grate against the steel of the incarceration.

But that was she talking about?

Who was I to serve? 

What was my life to be?

Was it to be Debbie, Caroline or someone unknown to me?

I didn’t know much about this commitment, in fact nothing at all. I had some ideas and that was the limit of it, women who could be interested in me. However, I had just to look back and see what a spiral of depravity I had initiated and Cathryn had rapidly built on to land us where we were this evening, sexual submissives to these two, and that they only wanted one of us to enter their lives as a committed slave.

This had been of my doing; I was shortly to find out what my ultimate destiny was.

Caroline and Debbie were here watching proceedings too from one of our sex benches, our special one that could double up as a bedroom sofa, the furniture set behind me, no doubt their fingers frigging each other, driven by the sexual spectacle that they were witnessing, perhaps even locked in a sixty-nine now, enjoying each other.

Meanwhile there was the present to witness and think about, the pleasure of seeing Cathryn submit to these two and demonstrate her new love of deviant sex, the exploration of her own subliminal character and her love of various fetishes, ones that she was new to but had taken up avidly, as if she was a young twenty year old discovering her métier in all that experienced dominants could offer her.

Georgie leaned over the bed and kissed Cathryn, a real tongue kiss, deep into her mouth, not letting her actively respond, emphasising that she, Georgie, was now Cathryn’s lesbian domme and that she was very much in control of this side of Cathryn’s life and that Cathryn would be turned even more into a full play-doll in the weeks and months to come, something that she had been practising ardently for. This had been done with the knowledge that she could be offered to which ever woman Georgie chose for her, as well as being always available for Edward’s use, even during her periods.

I knew that Cathryn was gone male-wise from me; never would she want a small penis again. This had already been the situation for months and months.

Edward had told her this before, several times in my presence, how she would want, indeed crave, that feeling of being properly filled, how her vagina would stretch in time to increasingly accommodate men of his size or larger, how he would turn her over to be gang-taken by a selection of white and black penises, all that must be over eight inches and of sufficient girth, maybe the exception being when her anal cunt was to be violated, as he called it was taken, a long needle-like cock being a very good choice for her.

The era of the four inch-or-so penis was over for her.

She had been very excited by this, each time Edward had been on this theme, her natural musk gave away what was happening inside her panties.

The kissing continued on for a couple of minutes, Edward keeping himself hard and coming across to finger my anus through my own panties, causing me to ache even more in the cock cage.

Georgie pulled back and climbed onto the bed, straddling Cathryn’s head, standing right over her, the ginger locks cascading down her back almost to the nape of her bottom, her full breasts exposed to me, those much heavier ‘jugs’ than Cathryn’s, her nipples now hard and erect sitting astride her saucer-like pink-and-purple areola, nipples that Cathryn would learn to treat as if she was suckling her mother or wet-nurse.

She slipped her fingers into her black briefs and quickly rolled them down her legs.

Taking them off, she dropped the fragrant offerings deliberately onto Cathryn’s nose, filling her, no doubt with the freshness of her vagina’s moistness, wet from watching Edward having taken Cathryn.

She widened her stance, opening up the treats visually for her submissive beneath.

Having been there like this under Cathryn so many times, I had a semblance of what she was experiencing as to the sight of her lover’s wet pussy and anus to make its descent downwards onto her nose and mouth, obliterating her sight as she was taken into Georgie’s bottom and the ceding of control of her breathing to her domme, the task being simple in the delivery of her tongue, mouth and nose to Georgie’s satisfaction and pleasure.

The result to be an unloading of Georgie’s cum all over Cathryn’s face and, ultimately, into her mouth.

Georgie knew what she was doing standing there, teasing not only Cathryn and probably Edward, but me too.

Her nakedness, other than her suspender belt and stockings, the nylons taut on her front garters, the sheer fabric framing her pubic area, a mons that was awash with the thickest thatch of ginger pubic hair that I had ever seen on a woman.

I couldn’t see her cunt in terms of her lips or clitoris, the wire being that dense and matted, her current wetness and red-haired odour, so strong and individual to any red-head, woven into the musty offerings.

In Georgie’s case, her pubic hair was so impressive in that it formed a large triangle stretching from her pussy to almost half way to her belly button, the natural, sexual hair stretching across to the top of her groins, a jungle of redness that then extended downwards into her love cleft, Cathryn to be made to force her tongue through it all to open up the pinkness and wetness of her domme’s pussy area inside the thick labia and, finally, to penetrate her deep and wide cunt and, underneath all the pubic mass, stretched from many years of fucking Edward and his cronies.

Her gingerness was taken one stage further in that the slightest hint of ginger ran northwards from her bikini line towards her belly button, usually not an erotic sight with a brunette or black haired girl but in Georgie’s case, it was. 

And then there was a little fuzz arising northwards out of her bottom cleft, indicating the swamp underneath to which Cathryn was about to be subjugated to and, as Georgie had continually indicated, something that would become her norm in life in terms of maintaining and serving it from now on as her little slave in being buried in this mass.

I also knew what it was like to be in there; after all I had experienced Georgie’s bottom too, hers a much more intense experience as her natural thatch held on to her past and current cum as well as her urine and even the brown around her anus, a rich variety and diet of sexual products to be subjugated to in anybody’s book.

Finally, she even sported a hint of ginger pubic hair under her arm-pits, having mentioned several times that Cathryn’s duties as her hand-maiden would include shaving her mistress, when ordered to do so.

In contrast to Georgie, Cathryn’s pussy mostly had been stripped of its natural fibre, very much at Georgie’s insistence though I preferred it like the way it now was; more on that later, but it was something that she now appreciated why it had been done and its sexier appearance.

From what once had been an average looking mass of a pubic mound, not that dense or heavy, she now carried just a brown thin landing strip, ever so neat and narrow, one that was highly enticing to me.

Georgie had insisted that the removal of her hair cleared all her labia majora, around her cunt entrance and down to her anus and then upwards around her clitoris, removal of her knot of hair that she had had down there, thereby allowing for the exposure of her little female penis, quite large and white that it was, a distinct little head to it.

This was something that I had been ordered to do and then followed up by giving her waxing work to keep her devoid of stubble; this act of pubic servility was something that Cathryn had never permitted before my  cuckolding, preferring to be ‘au naturel.’

Indeed, Georgie had indicated that, on full slave-hood and entering their ownership, Cathryn could expect to have it all permanently depilated soon after enrolment so that, for the rest of her life, she would be as smooth down there as a young girl, and then for her pussy lips to be pierced, preferably with button plates rather than rings, to emphasise their ownership of her; three to four a side had been mentioned as the target, their wish to distend her lips and open up her pussy entrance so that she would be always easily accessible to them.

The rings involved were designated for her clitoris and perineum and then either large gauge rings or solid bars used for piercing her nipples. There was even a possibility that her tongue and uvula would be punctured with studs to properly indicate her new-found sexual status and duly stimulate men’s cocks in oral service.

For the moment, she had been allowed to present herself in servitude, piercing-free; however. she knew that this event was going to happen in the very near future, a long session where she would yield up her body to her two dominants but remain in charge of me and her professional team, no doubt the piercings to be witnessed by both Edward and Georgie to ensure the precision and gauge that they were seeking.

When it came to me and her Company team, she was naturally an alpha personality. However, her personality, her mind, needed balance in her life to counter the leadership skills, a ying and yang in the power game of her life, the separation of domination and submission into two clear poles with little in between to colour things.

Edward and Georgie had brought this dichotomy out of Cathryn, their transformation as much psychological as physical in their sex, most of which I had not been allowed to witness. Her realisation was that she was extremely submissive and needed the control and manipulation of her life behind this façade of being an alpha leader.

To my horror, Edward and Georgie had even mentioned on a number of occasions recently that they were thinking about permanently branding her naked pubis, not even by a tattoo but using an old fashioned red-hot silver iron to achieve an indelible scar, with the Ross crest of arms to be seared neatly and deeply into her soft skin, a touch of henna used to darken it up during the healing process for clear presentation to all that used her in the future.

Edward’s family surname would be represented by three lions rampant set in a shield triangle naturally matching the shape and curve of her mons, the ownership of Cathryn by the two of them with a florid ‘E’ to the left of the lions and a ‘G’ on the right side.

To be imprinted in small but clear letters underneath would be Cathryn’s personal slave motto to her new owners, mea cunnus ipsorum est.

This was the Latin for, my cunt is theirs.

Short of completely backing out of this lifestyle, this was our future.

More importantly, to me, it was one that Cathryn fully embraced and wanted, the balance in her life going forward now to be appropriately established.

I couldn’t argue with that.

Cathryn was more than happy with what had happened to the point that she was ecstatic, her eagerness to proceed even approaching the point of haranguing me into more servitude and action.

Yes, I was appalled, maybe even scared, here was my wife being pulled away from me to become the property of someone else similar to being a member of a cult. I had to yield though, as they all had made my position clear, Comply or out.

Though there remained the question of what she – they - had planned for me.

Georgie lowered herself slowly onto Cathryn’s nose and mouth, maximising the tease of her slave-to-be, gradually swallowing her in terms of my line of sight, although I knew what was going on, Cathryn looking to serve her châtelaine, Georgie expertly controlling the position that her girl was in and her breathing, enough to survive but all about submitting Cathryn to the principal pleasure of rendering cunnilingus and analingus to Georgie’s sex.

I could hear the whimpers of satisfaction from both women, Georgie, as Cathryn found a nice love spot to savour, the appreciation of Cathryn particularly with the relief of being allowed to breathe and take in a fresh wave of female sex scent from her domme as the fresh air rushed into bring out the finesse of the aroma, just as whisky behaves when a splash of water is added to it.

This was exquisite, watching Georgie’s enjoyment as it slowly built in her, her pale skin readily portraying her emotion and onset of her orgasm.

Georgie knew it too; her fingers dancing over her nipples, her hand dipping down to stimulate her clit buried somewhere in her ginger hair.

Edward was now at his full erection and he moved between Cathryn’s legs, her still-wet pussy in front of me gleaming in sticky cum, his and hers, her lips so much more defined now that she was all but pubeless.

His metal dildo was still embedded in its rectal home pushing deep into her, the length and girth of it I couldn’t believe but then they had both been working her over, training her to accommodate penises and toys of such size with relative ease and certainly unlike those first sessions when she had needed extensive finger-play, lubricant and fluffing, largely from my tongue, to be able to take a monster penis into her.

Indeed, right in front of me, her anus was puckering at the sensations she was been receiving from it rather than those early days when she would have expelled an invading toy, her rectum now squeaky clean to take such objects of their choice.

This was a preparation duty that I had had to render in preparing her for them, the particulars ever so exact in what they required from her.

This was something again that I had accepted when Cathryn had brought Edward and Georgie into our lives; there was little going back as Cathryn’s happiness was paramount to all of this.

What she wanted, I wanted.

And she wanted this.

Anal sex, an activity that we had hardly ever practised after the first few weeks of our relationship now had become a norm for Cathryn and had been for some time.

Edward pulled on the steel dildo, gradually removing it, not a mark on the ribbed shaft with its polished, tapered end, except for the anal love secretion that she had copiously coated it with.

Her sphincter muscles remained wide open when he cleared the steel out of her, views deep into her recess on show. A few months ago, she would have quickly closed up like a clam; now she could remain open and welcoming to Edward’s hard cock, or anybody else’s.

She was that well-trained now, her sphincter designed to relax more easily instead of cramping up when Edward or Georgie with a strap-on approached her with the objective of an anal fuck.

There would be more to come in taking monstrous inflatable butt plugs; however Cathryn was well down the track and loving the experiences.

Edward climbed into position, his cock sliding home into its nest, the one that mine had hardly ever seen in Cathryn’s and my sex life and, even when I had been permitted, I couldn’t get in hardly half the depth that he achieved.

Once again, he started to fuck her, his action spurring Cathryn on to please Georgie even more, small groans of satisfaction coming out when Georgie permitted her to come up for air.

I knew her face would be now well smeared in Georgie’s love juices, her make-up needing touch up but not to be permitted, as these two would continue fucking her well into the early hours of the morning, leaving her spent of cum and exhausted, having attained the climaxes that they wanted.

My cock was straining now, my mental state not helped by the pleasure that Cathryn was getting from her two lovers, something that I had never been able to achieve during our romancing and marriage.

In many ways, this was what it was all about, the giving of her mind to Aphrodisiac joys, the guidance a counterpoint to her chairmanship of our company, a role that she had cherished since taking over from me.

I really was cuckolded now, my transformation and, one could say, demise well-advanced to becoming no more than a female man, a sissy, someone there to serve my dominants whoever they be, my sex life and mind never to be my own, dependent on who controlled me.

My mind was wandering, the restraints of the tower biting on my legs and arms, the infernal cock-cage doing what it was designed to do and prevent the dilation of my cockette or clitoris as Cathryn had taken to calling it.

I was brought back to the reality of what was happening as Georgie found her powerful orgasm, her chest bright red and showing her freckles, her nipples almost purple with the electricity bolts coursing through her body and her rapid grinding of her bottom into Cathryn to take her up the sexual mountain.

Edward then followed, something I knew that he had achieved yet another discharge of his semen into Cathryn as he had a habit of holding back his thrusting, staying in her, letting her know that he was in the depths of her pussy and that she now belonged to the two of them, and not me.

His large balls would be hard up against her too, just another little expression of his manliness.

And then Cathryn had come, third in line as she should, her lovers having had their use and pleasure from her, a cry of ecstasy as Georgie released her head from the dark recesses of Georgie’s bottom valley, a squirt of watery cum shooting out of her now-empty pussy as Edward withdrew from her.

Good, Georgie, empty her pussy over the sheets and then we’ll put her on the other tower so that Etta and she are opposite to each other.

Georgie leaned forward over Cathryn’s body and, with her left hand, parted Cathryn’s pussy lips, the other hand skilfully flicking the clitoris now standing out, the result to continue the spasming and thrusting of her hips and driving her cum to become ever stickier, all the personal love fluid flowing over the pale pink pillows and sheet beneath.

Edward was off the bed, his hand now cupping my cock in its panties and cage, my agony so evident, his own pleasure also well demonstrated.

Did you enjoy that little vista, Etta? It’s only the start of what’s to come tonight as Georgie and I are going to take your ex-wife to our bed shortly as we want to initiate her further, some proper bondage and cropping, before she opens her orifices to all of us over there once more.

My pain seemed to accept no bounds.

You are going to sleep in this bed, our love juices all around you.

He moved to one side of the bed, Georgie now off it too on the other side, and they soon had Cathryn released from her tethers, Georgie helping her off the bed and bringing her across to the sister tower.

Her hands were stretched out and her wrists attached to the limbs off the tower that temporarily turned it into a cross, her body then secured by a waist strap positioned under her naked breasts, Georgie then recovering her panties that she had been wearing when she had mounted the bed so as to enclose Cathryn’s head in them.

She too was now taking in her new female owner’s aroma and appearing similar to me, our eyes staring from the leg holes, the difference the colour of the respective panties.

Georgie looked at me.

Cathryn has become increasingly dependent on my love juices and Edward’s too. She has been weaned off yours, Etta, and that may be complete now. She has gone from you and she now becomes our full-time sex toy. However, I rather like seeing you both in panties over your noses and enjoying different women’s aroma, Cathryn in taking my scent and you, Etta… Well let’s put it this way, Cathryn’s over your nose and hopefully those of your future domme in your mouth. However, you may well end up serving these two women. Who knows?

She stared at me to ensure that I was alert and taking things in.

Yes the panties here tonight, the Sarrieri ones that we have used over both of your heads and in gagging you; yes they are all the same colour, shape and brand and they have been worn by three women, not two.

That explained the unknown scent that I had been inhaling, a richer earthier flavour combined with undertones of female pee.

This was cruel; the question being who?

Who did they have in mind?

Who in our wide circle of friends and business colleagues had similar interests to the four of us?

Who wanted a submissive sissy, one that had been so admirably cuckolded, for their own pleasure and service?

Obviously someone did.

Was it Caroline or somebody else?

Georgie wasn’t saying this for her amusement, or that of Edward or Cathryn.

I had no idea, none at all, of who it could be, my mind turning fast but then brought to a complete halt by what happened next.

Edward took control.

Is Cathryn pantie-gagged, Georgie?

She soon will be.

As Georgie found her panties that she had used to gag Cathryn before, and the ball gag, Edward went across our bedroom to Cathryn’s closet to return with a number of medium sized boxes in his arms.

He put them on the bed.

Georgie had finished gagging my wife. She was now enjoying her lesbian domme’s offerings in her panties, looking at me through Georgie’s panties leg-holes, showing the signs of tiredness from the fucking she had already received and the oral service that she had given.

I knew she was happy though, and I loved that she was now more youthful, more decisive and confident in herself, almost effervescent in the way she handled friends, our customers and staff.

Edward and Georgie had really brought out the true Cathryn and, in doing so, our relationship had been re-defined from working together to the way we had lived and now how things were to change again to a world where we would be married in title only, work together and, to a limited extent, live with each other but the rest of our lives to be dictated to by our respective dominants, Cathryn now spoken for.

I took in another draft of her vaginal perfume, its familiar female cummy scent, tinted with small notes of vanilla and cinnamon and then her pee on the lower part of the gusset coming through.

I loved this woman entirely but I knew this was the moment that I had to let her find her sexual and mental satisfaction in life. If I didn’t, I would pay for it as Cathryn had demonstrated that she had a pretty sharp side when she switched into her alter-ego alpha personality. She had had to learn how to switch quickly from being an alpha woman, a chairwoman of a successful company, a leader, to becoming the submissive property of Edward and Georgie when she stepped over the threshold of their house next door to us, or into our house if they were in there. It was about training her to switch back to her true, underlying submissive personality and all that entailed in thought and deed.

In fact, since they had moved in, the two houses had been connected together and opened up, making our mutual relationship very communal and for twenty-four hours a day.

I had had little say in this. Cathryn had told me this was going to happen. It was something that she wanted and, frankly, that was it; end of the discussion and the builders and decorators were duly ordered in.

Georgie, could you remove all Cathryn’s jewellery from her but, first, please pass me her anal dildo over there?

Georgie did this for her husband, the anal toy coming out with a distinct cloop, passing it to Edward.

Edward turned to me:

She won’t be needing her engagement ring, earrings or even her wedding ring from now on, Etta; Cathryn is now to be our property and, as such and as you will now see, we will be responsible for adorning her with the jewellery that we want her to wear. Yours will be sold off on e-bay; that is the stuff that you don’t end up wearing.

With this, he pulled my panties down a bit and pushed Cathryn’s steel dildo home into my boy-pussy.

Good, Etta, you took that with ease - you can enjoy the sensation of her toy that has been in her since the restaurant up in you. Last thoughts of your wife and all that.

I grimaced, the feeling of the steel in me playing on my prostate, the knowledge that it was smothered in Cathryn’s anal juices turning me on even further than I already was.

Georgie had removed Cathryn’s diamond stud earrings, something that I had given her not that long ago for our fifth wedding anniversary, and then her gold watch, another present. She then turned to her Cathryn’s wedding ring and slid of her engagement ring, a band of three quality brilliant diamonds totalling five carats that I had bought her.

I was appalled at this, the shame of it for me, Cathryn completely non-plussed at what was going on and putting up no resistance or reaction to what was happening, watching me as Georgie worked on this depersonalisation of her, her past life beginning to disappear along with the general removal of my various tokens of love to my wife.

Rather, she took in deeper breaths from Georgie’s infused panties, I suspect more in transferring her love to her new Owner rather than as a reaction to any discomfiture to losing her marriage.

Her platinum wedding band behind her engagement ring proved more difficult and, initially, refused to budge.

However, Georgie went to our cabinet and returned with some sex toy lubricant, a Glide product, and with a little massage off came the band of our marriage.

Oh goodness, the feeling of shame in this, the fact that it had been removed from my wife using a sex product, one that would have smeared one of our wider-girth toys. That was almost too much.

Good girl, Cathryn. Your lack of reaction to what Georgie has just done demonstrates that you are mentally ready for the next stage, and that is your transfer to becoming our property, your entry into permanent slave-hood with us. I have the contract for you to sign here. Could you undo her left hand, Georgie?

Cathryn was left-handed, just like me.

As Georgie freed up her tether, Edward pushed over the cabinet that gave her the height to be able to sign the papers without being unbound from the stockade.

He pulled out the contract.

Here is the final contract in triplicate, Cathryn, ready for our signatures and, on completion, you become ours in name. I have a notary coming around in the morning to formalise the paperwork in law. Georgie, I need Etta’s left hand free too to initialise clause 1.0.2 on the inertness of their marriage now and what happens to her. She can also be one of the witnesses to the final document too; an acceptance from him that Cathryn is now to be ours. Are you ready for this, Cathryn?

She responded quietly:

Yes, I am, Edward.

Are you absolutely sure as you know the magnitude of what you are about to do? Georgie and I are totally serious in this and this is not a light undertaking or role play. Yes, we want you as our property, sex doll, young daughter and all the rest but you have to be assured that this is what you want. In short, though you may remain legally married, the moment that you put the ink on this paper, your marriage is over, your independence is finished, your assets will transfer into trust funds and be duly managed and you become our chattel to love, and I will add respect in our unique way. So over to you, this is the last time you can back out and we will understand why if you can’t proceed.

I have never been readier, Edward and Georgie. From the moment, I caught Henry in my clothing and then, in reaction, stepped outside my marriage to find other men, such as Eric, to cuckold Henry, resulting also in me starting to sissify him into Henrietta, I have been a more open woman.

Recall made me wince as Cathryn continued:

I recognise that outside this house and my relationship with you, I am an alpha woman, a successful one at that but, since meeting you, I have deeply craved balancing my professional life with abject submission. This is what I want to enter with you both, the analogy being a novice being made into a nun in her convent.

I appreciate that, Cathryn. You have done an amazing job in separating your chairmanship role of the ad agency away from your life with us. But to be doubly sure, you may have to give the alpha side up if Georgie and I deem it appropriate, the submission to us being overriding. I am going to ask you whether you are aware, comfortable and accepting of this, before you sign?

I am, Edward and Georgie. I want to become yours.

Okay, here is the contract but I also want you to read out an oath that I shall capture on my Dictaphone here.

He passed Georgie a card and reached for his recording device, small and silver in his hand.

Georgie held up the large card.

Cathryn spoke with a quiet but firm voice:

"I, Cathryn McFarquason, this evening of the twenty-second of March, two thousand and eleven, at eleven fifty-five p.m. and being of sound mind and reason do recognise that on signature of the Ownership transfer contract now in front of me, that I will become the chattel and property of Edward and Georgie Ross at midnight and hence will be known as Cathryn Ross, to become their possession in body, mind and the offering of all of my orifices and sexual organs to their pleasure and usage, in whatever way they see fit and laid out in contract.

If not in contract, all my thoughts and decisions will be held in the ésprit of the Ownership contract. I shall endeavour to be true in all that I perform and to the best of my ability in servicing and loving you both, Edward and Georgie.

I also renounce my marriage forthwith to Henry McFarquason in all but title, recognising that he may continue to provide his sissy support to me and you in the interim and that he reports to you for ‘Ownership’. However, my life is now focused entirely on you, Edward and Georgie, and I am very much your possession to be used as such and as you see fit and appropriate."

She looked up at me, smiled, and turned to her new Owner:

I will now sign the Contract.

She took the pen in her left hand and quickly signed the three tranches of paper, Georgie following before turning to Cathryn to kiss her over her gusset, and Edward then pushing the bench over for me to initialise and sign.

This was it.

Cathryn was technically gone from me.

I had seen what was written in there, the contract all-embracing, the latter part full of the usual terms and conditions outlining secrecy, alteration of contract, break of contract and Cathryn’s pensions and funds, a difference to the norm being the creation of a trust fund in her name.

After all, Edward and Georgie Ross were incredibly successful and wealthy. I had nothing to fear about Cathryn’s future on that front.

She would be kept in a lifestyle that she was used to, if not even a richer one than the one that I had offered. Private aircraft, exclusive resorts, the top medical facilities and all the rest would now become part of her world.

Prior to this evening, we had also signed off trusts and ownership contracts to Cameron, Dillet and Mahoney.

In short, before my cuckolding and Cathryn’s discovery of Edward and Georgie, we had owned eighty percent of the company, Cathryn’s maiden name being Mahoney. Cathryn had then forced me to cede my chairmanship of the Company and reduce my shareholding to twenty percent; Cally Dillet’s increased to twenty five percent to pay her off to what was going on and her relationship with Cathryn and the remainder in Cathryn’s name, giving her effective control.

With Edward on the scene, she and Cally had him appointed chief financial officer.

The agreement now was that Cathryn would continue to act as chairwoman and front her equity and trust though, in practice, Edward now assumed title of the equity in both our names with her salary and any dividends passing into the Ross communal pot, all part of her Agreement to become a Ross asset. My income remained in my control but with Edward as my adviser and de facto guardian.

All Cathryn’s expenses would be met but would be accountable to Edward and Georgie, the smallest of sums granted monthly for incidentals. That amount was set at two hundred pounds pocket money; above that she had to request extra funds, all part of the ownership transfer and control that she was now to cede to.

The contract was thorough; apart from the above, it wound its way through detailed clauses on transfer of title assignment,  exceptions, period management, dress, lingerie, appearance, body presentation, restraint, services and fetishes where Cathryn basically gave herself up to all but blood, drugs and children but left herself open to extremes such as pony or puppy play, mummification, electricity, extreme whipping, prostitution (allowed under defined conditions), watersports and scat play, and a range of others such as little girl role play, something that Georgie insisted on including. It finished with a clause re-emphasising Cathryn’s understanding of the agreement and that she could not step out of it, as well as a pledge to fulfil the undertakings to the best of her ability, also a reflection of her oath that she had given.

The exactness of the contract was such that I will share the first five clauses with you to demonstrate the thoroughness of what was on offer. A version would be used on me later to establish the handmaiden and maid status I was to take on until a Domme, such as Caroline, took me over.

"This Agreement is provided as a secure and binding agreement, which defines in specific terms the relationship, and interaction between three individuals, hereafter termed the slave, Cathryn, and her owners, Edward and Georgie Ross. This agreement is legal and binding. This agreement must be entered voluntarily, but cannot be broken except under the conditions stated herein, after which certain precautions shall be taken to protect those involved.  

I, Cathryn McFarquason née Mahoney, now to be known henceforth as Cathryn Ross in the Agreement and to the world, and upon agreement known as Cathryn (as demanded by the Agreement) will become of my own free will the property of Edward and Georgie Ross, my Owners demanded by Agreement.

1.0.0. Cathryn Ross's Role

I, Cathryn, agree to submit completely to my Owners in all ways. There are no boundaries of place, time, or situation in which I may wilfully refuse to obey the directive of my Owners without risking serious punishment, except in situations where my veto (see section 1.0.1) applies.

I, Cathryn, also agree that, once entered into this Ownership Agreement, my body, mind and all my orifices belong to the end of my life or agreement termination to my Owners, to be used as seen fit, within the guidelines defined herein. All of my possessions likewise belong to my Owners as within the structure of the financial agreements pre-signed, including management and guardianship of all assets, finances, and material goods, to do with as they see fit with the income element of my portfolio. I agree to please my Owners to the best of my ability, in that, allowing for my professional Agency duties that shall continue on after the signature of this Agreement, I now exist solely for the pleasure of them both and their guardianship of me, my work-life though focused towards balancing the success of the business and the yielding of my mind and body.

I, Cathryn, agree that, forthwith, I am now not an independent-thinking human but merely a possession and chattel of my Owners. I am not entitled to any rights outside of this Agreement unless created through an exception that becomes part of the contract and, as such, my work with my Agency or other third parties will be in support and benefit of this Agreement.

In the advent of my termination of appointment with Cameron, Dillet and Mahoney and ratification of the then current Board Members, then I dedicate my life totally to my Owners and they shall have the right to withdraw me, their chattel, from society at large to enable the pursuit of their life-goals and pleasure as pertaining to my responsibilities as their chattel and property, as per the proper and enduring treatment as the Slave that I have agreed to become, to the sole exclusivity of Edward and Georgie Ross.

I, Cathryn, agree that my Owners shall keep me dressed or undressed accordingly to their preferences, recognising the need for appropriate professional dress and jewellery of their choice. I agree to bondage and restraint of their choice and that I will cede to my Owners want to regress my age for play and training purposes. All other scenarios, I agree to accept without limit and with full obedience, allowing that illegal acts, blood exposure or letting or any involving drugs, are hence excluded.

I, Cathryn, agree that my Owners will keep me permanently in chastity, slave jewellery and bondage of varying degrees of severity, reflecting their ownership of me, as is their want.

I, Cathryn, agree that my Owners may mark me with their Ownership symbols and as such are at liberty to pierce my body at their choice.

I, Cathryn, agree that my Owners will be responsible for the purchase and selection of all clothing and lingerie that I may wear and on receiving instruction to change or to remove clothing and lingerie, I must obey immediately, whatever and wherever the situation.

I, Cathryn, agree that I may be used as a breeding machine, my progeny to be brought up in the surname of Ross, my role to be as a cow in breeding, pregnancy, wet-nursing and mothering, Caroline Ross to be guardian mother and Edward Ross, guardian father, the child/children assured that they are progeny of my Owners and I recognise that I will have no naming rights to any such off-spring.

1.0.1. Cathryn Ross's Veto

I, Cathryn, cede any right of veto to any of my Owners’ orders except in the following matters:

a. Where said command conflicts with any existing laws and may lead to fines, arrest, or prosecution of I, Cathryn, or my Owners.

b. Where said command may cause extreme damage to my life, such as losing my job, or causing immense family stress. An alternative should be devised in agreement between I, Cathryn, and my Owners

c. Where said command may cause permanent bodily harm (see 5.0.0) to I, Cathryn.

1.0.2. Slave’s Spouse

I, Cathryn Ross, legally McFarquason, indicate that whilst in a state of marriage, I am now separated from Henry McFarquason, (to be now known as Henrietta, or aka Etta by this contract) whom I have now cuckolded on several occasions and have commenced his programme of full sissification to lead to full service as a handmaiden to me, or my Owners, and the eventual or potential ownership transfer to her becoming a possession or submissive of a yet unknown or undecided third party. Until this transaction takes place, I, Cathryn, acknowledge that my Owners will provide, where appropriate, for Etta and that I have power of control over her as my handmaiden, with over-riding ownership and the complete power of my Owners taking precedence. Other than secretarial work, she shall withdraw from employment to focus her attention on her duties to me, Cathryn, and to my Owners as a housekeeper and factotum, for use in whatever they so desire.   I, Cathryn, cede transfer of my assets such as clothing and furniture to the said Etta into holding for her or her new Owner and, on signing of this contract, that my current jewellery and assets will have been removed from me and then some pieces assigned by new Owners to Etta, or will be collected up for sale, keeping or disposal and that I accept without hesitation the choices of my Owners; hence from now, I will not wear any mark of affection or clothing or lingerie purchased by my legal husband, the said Etta.  I, Cathryn cede that thirty percent of my income from Cameron, Dillet and Mahoney or other third parties will pass to her to serve to keep her in appropriate funds and the provision of the percentage of the house outlined in contractual address in our names, my percentage having been passed into her guardianship and on her disposal then into the trust in my name, under the stewardship

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