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Truth Bird Three

Truth Bird Three

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Truth Bird Three

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Jul 16, 2019


Jenny, Sam, Justin, and David accept a generous invitation by Giorgio to go on an exploration mission into one of their newly constructed wormholes. Accompanied by Buzzards, Bigfoots, and Greys, they go on an exciting journey into an unchartered solar system. The mission far exceeded their expectations, gifting them with a treasure trove of information to return home with for further study. Upon returning, Giorgio insisted they all celebrate at the Blue Buzzard Lounge for drinks. As they hashed over the trip with the other lounge patrons, a breaking news report aired on CNN showing children being separated from their parents at the US–Mexican border. When they realized it was the immigration policy of the new US administration, they became angry and went on an all-out prank campaign as retaliation. In addition, David, Sam, Jenny, and Justin hit the ground campaigning for the Democratic candidates running for house and senate seats in the midterm elections. Out of concern for the people on earth, Giorgio and the Greys advise the team of the dangerous direction the Trump administration was taking the country in and how they were negatively influencing the world. They also had a vested interest because of the abandonment of many environmental regulations; spiking alarming new levels of fossil fuels being released in the atmosphere affected the alien community directly. Giorgio and the Greys would play a supporting role in teaching the team how to campaign during these historic midterm elections. The stakes could not be higher for those trying to immigrate. legally or seek asylum from persecution. Other issues aside, there was nothing more important than stopping a corrupt congress refusing to do their job as a check against the executive branch. Many of them, in fact, appeared to be joined at the hip with the criminal president, who's under investigation for obstruction of justice and conspiring with the Russian government in the 2016 election meddling. Along with Fox News, they will stop at nothing, including calling the press the enemy of the people and denigrating our intelligence communities, whose job is solely to protect the United States of America.

Jul 16, 2019

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Truth Bird Three - David Velde

Truth Bird Three

David Velde

Copyright © 2019 David Velde

All rights reserved

First Edition


New York, NY

First originally published by Page Publishing, Inc. 2019

Illustrated by Jeremy Wells

ISBN 978-1-64462-961-1 (Paperback)

ISBN 978-1-64462-962-8 (Digital)

Printed in the United States of America

Table of Contents

Chapter 1

It’s been five years since the Star God Giorgio’s major space infrastructure project began. The goal was to create new gateways in the universe to explore and to obtain resources from planets in uncharted solar systems. Leading the effort was the District 52 Greys, who were in charge of the planning and construction. They constructed seven new wormholes, but as of yet, only one has been accessed. That was wormhole 76, where their Olympics were held one year ago. Dates have now been set for a few teams of the highest-ranking districts’ of Greys to begin exploration into the other six. Because of the unknown, the District-52 Greys were given seniority in the event they encountered hostile, unidentified alien life. The Buzzards and Bigfoots—frustrated for not being included in the new exploration plans—filed a motion to be heard by a twelve-member counsel at the Alien Space Station. Getting approval from the biased board made up of nine Greys, one Big foot, one Buzzard, and Giorgio is an uphill climb for any alien species other than the Greys. The day of the hearing, Bobo, Jake, Flea, and Freddy walked into the smoke-filled room, where Giorgio was sitting at a conference table smoking a cigar. He was chatting with Z and X to get a feel if the Greys would budge at all, appeasing the Bigfoots’ and Buzzards’ requests. There was a Bigfoot bailiff, a female Martian stenographer, and Giorgio’s adviser, Papo, to assist if needed.

Giorgio called order to the hearing and began reading the motion. The Bigfoots and Buzzards asked to be given rights and resources to explore one of the new wormholes. After he finished reading, he looked at Bobo and said, Do you understand what you are asking? This is not like one of your camping trips to the Idaho panhandle.

The Greys busted out in laughter.

Come on, Giorgio, that’s a cheap shot replied Bobo.

So what exactly are you asking, and what is your plan? said Giorgio.

We want one of the new midsized spacecraft the District-52 Greys just came out with and travel rights into one of the new wormholes, said Bobo.

And who will operate this craft? asked X.

Jake, Flea, and myself, replied Bobo.

Giorgio rolled his eyes as the rest of the group continued laughing.

It takes a team of at least ten highly trained aliens, which includes pilots, engineers, and mechanics to operate the ship you’re talking about, said Z.

I’m sure we can figure it out. replied Jake.

It’s not possible. They don’t have the intelligence level required to learn the material, said X while looking at Giorgio.

Hey! said the insulted Bigfoots and Buzzards in unison.

If we’re so dumb, how come all of you camp out at our Blue Buzzard Lounge? Huh? said Freddy.

He continued, Maybe we’ll just close down the lounge, and you can find another place to socialize and get shitfaced.

That got the Greys’ attention, and there was no more laughing. Giorgio called a recess to discuss everything with the panel.

After returning from the side bar, Giorgio said, Okay, I think we’ve come up with a solution that everyone will be comfortable with. You will be given the spacecraft, supplies, and access for a onetime exploration mission through Wormhole 74. But there is one condition. You will have to travel with a team of Greys to operate the craft.

They all looked at each other and then nodded to Giorgio, signaling that they agreed.

There is one more thing, said Giorgio.

And what is that? said Bobo as he rolled his eyes.

The Greys want an electric dance music night at the lounge with a DJ.

What! screamed the Bigfoots.

That’s the deal. Take it or leave it, said Giorgio.

After a long back-and-forth, they came to an agreement that the Blue Buzzard Lounge would meet the Greys’ request, but only once a month, not weekly like they initially asked for. The mission was scheduled to launch in thirty days. The Bigfoots and Buzzards were given preparation instructions with a time and location—where to board the craft.

My bracelet monitor lit up notifying me that Giorgio was calling from the

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