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America's Corrupt and Discriminating Judicial System Against Black, Hispanic, Female, and Low Income Americans

America's Corrupt and Discriminating Judicial System Against Black, Hispanic, Female, and Low Income Americans

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America's Corrupt and Discriminating Judicial System Against Black, Hispanic, Female, and Low Income Americans

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Jun 7, 2017


America’s Corrupt and Discriminating Judicial System Against Black, Hispanic, Female, and Low Income Americans, is designed for the common people to compete with America’s corrupt Judicial System, and win or alleviate lost! e novel exposes several illegal exploitation of said minority groups by the very institution, who swore to protect their rights! e novel pinpoints their systematic tricks and lies; so that laypersons can actually compete in round if the novel’s instructions are followed. If you’re lazy or scared of the Judicial System, they will continue to victimize you and get paid as this novel establishes. is novel is designed for free Americans who are willing to fight!

Jun 7, 2017

Sobre el autor

Anthony Johnson is an experienced Design Engineer and Educator responsible for Engineering Design in the Department of Engineering and Technology at the University of Huddersfield. He is also a U.K. Chartered Engineer (C. Eng) with the Institution of Mechanical Engineers. Professor Johnson is a prolific design consultant (with over 400 projects to date), educational consultant, and recent committee member with the British Standards Institute.

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America's Corrupt and Discriminating Judicial System Against Black, Hispanic, Female, and Low Income Americans - Anthony Johnson

America's Corrupt and Discriminating Judicial System Against Black, Hispanic, Female, and Low Income Americans

Anthony Johnson

Copyright © 2017 Anthony Johnson

All rights reserved

First Edition


New York, NY

First originally published by Page Publishing, Inc. 2017

ISBN 978-1-68289-426-2 (Paperback)

ISBN 978-1-68289-427-9 (Digital)

Printed in the United States of America

To the Almighty God, without his mercy nothing we do would be possible, and to my mother, Arlette, whose strength and love are only exceeded by the Lord of Hosts!


By now most Americans are familiar or had the unfortunate experience of being subjected to some form of discrimination, and the country’s history of this evil practice is well known. Yet all the major minority groups have been unable to resolve this national (and international) plague—after hundreds of years of opposition—in a country that basis its entire theory of government upon liberty and equally for all! Consequently, all minority groups must be pondering the same question: How can discrimination remain so prevalent in America, when after hundreds of years of opposition and hundreds of laws that forbid it, its existence is still exacerbating? The answer to this question though is distinctly paradoxical, making it very difficult for Americans to believe, because as ironic as it may seem, the number one cause for promotion of discrimination in America results from the very institution vested with the power to hinder or stop discrimination—the American judicial system! This third part of American government almost exclusively distributes discrimination as it sees fit, although the executive and legislative branches have at times assisted the judicial branch in promoting discrimination in America. Their roles are circumscribed to executive enforcing laws and legislative making laws.

Thus to the judicial branch alone belongs the responsibility of interpreting discrimination, that is to say, who’s doing it and who’s not? Who will be held accountable and who will not?

Minority Americans have been so busy and intentionally distracted by opposing primitive forms of discrimination that its main source has been eluding them! The American judiciary has so cleverly developed its strategically calculated race-, gender-, and status-discriminatory practices that most Americans experience discrimination every day but are not aware that they or someone else is being discriminated. Many legislative acts (laws) designed to stamp out race, gender, and status discrimination are actually misused by the American judiciary, nationwide, as a procedural harassment designed to cover up the race, gender, and status discrimination employed by America’s judges, and simultaneously pacify the ignorant to legal procedures—minority Americans—with the purpose of promoting the predominantly white and affluent governmental constituents’ interest. In federal and state courthouses all over America, many Americans enter the so-called legal forums with limited or no understanding of any concept of American law or governmental politics, and as a consequence, the minority Americans mentioned are deliberately intimidated, abused, and thoroughly exploited!

These practices of discrimination are not like the old forms: lynchings, burnings, unfair housing and employment practices, et cetera. These forms of discrimination, though still in practice, have become obsolete or less prevalent because of their conspicuousness and primitiveness. The newer forms of discrimination (newer in the sense of being revised, redeveloped, or updated) are more sophisticated and diabolical, consequence of the official power of the institution that employs it. Just like the horse and buggy, black-and-white television, and rubbing stones together, et cetera, are now obsolete, so is the practicability of employing the old forms of discrimination.

The completely controlled white male government’s primary purpose for developing these refined discriminating practices is to ensure its putatively everlasting dominance over all minority groups’ infiltration of their complete control over governmental policies that promote a predominantly white government’s interest! The author emphasizes, do not be misled by the handful of minority Americans employed by the governing body, because most are sycophant to their discriminating bosses’ activities in order to maintain their livelihood or plain unknowledgeable of law; for example, during the Rodney King incident, black police officers stood idly by while their white partners literally beat a black man to death; the black police officers were more concerned about their livelihood than protecting an American citizen from police brutality. Further, a black police officer is not going to risk his job by defying a racist judge when he is not sure of the science of law; thus he assumes or pretends that the judge is correct.

And a female lawyer with a family to support and many bills is not going to jeopardize her position, though she knows discrimination has been employed against her client and others. These are factual events; further elaboration is set forth in the following chapters.

Minority Americans as far back as three hundred years have experienced the unfairness of the racially discriminating agenda of the American judicial system. However, because of the putative development of equality among all the races in America, promulgated by the government, minority Americans have been distracted by competing with a lesser form of discrimination, while the main source has escalated to new heights unparalleled to the old ones. And the American government employs race, gender, and status discrimination nationwide, and here are just a few of their surreptitious interest: to protect government agencies and their constituencies from civil and criminal liability, to maintain their monopoly upon the practice of law, including all financial interest, to hinder or deny minority Americans proper access to the courts when the judiciary’s bias, interest, motive, and integrity is in question—the list goes on and on.

Part 2, chapters 4–10, will explain in precise detail how the American judiciary discriminates without most Americans’ knowledge and with impunity.

As a result of foregoing activities, many Americans have become dangerously complacent concerning governmental activities, and this complacency is causing history to repeat itself—that is to say, the history of tyrannical governments. For example, the Fourth Amendment of the United States Constitution was established in 1791; yet during the 1980s and ’90s, this very significant provision for American liberty has been secretly watered down by deliberate judicial misinterpretation to the degree where it has little or no effect; thus state and government enforcement officials (police, state troopers, and other security forces, such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation) can intrude upon the liberty of any American in the same manner as the former Gestapo and KGB without any substantial recourse by the citizen. For those Americans that may think the discriminating methods stated herein are false and cannot happen to them, they would be making a grave mistake! First, the discriminating practices are no longer isolated to only race; status and gender discrimination plays a very large role within the American judiciary. However, status discrimination is the number one practice, utilizing an individual’s status in society: rich, poor, middle class, employed, unemployed, et cetera.

Discrimination by the American judiciary in this area is notorious, and it affects all races and both genders. Secondly, the authenticity and proof of the facts set forth throughout this book are verified in two ways: (1) the court’s own decisions and (2) the failure of the named justices to have rebutted any of the challenges by the author, despite having every opportunity to do so.

Unfortunately, the judicial officials and their constituency subordinates named throughout this book have enhanced the foregoing practices beyond any concept of liberty and equality, and like their predecessors before them and partisans after they’re long gone, this form of discrimination will not stop, as history has demonstrated, unless opposed! This book exposes the secret discriminatory practices employed by many American judges and their constituency, all over America, and shows all Americans, particularly the minorities mentioned, concerned with liberty, equality, and justice, how to oppose the American government’s secretly refined methods of deliberate discrimination.

Part I


Chapter 1

Historical Facts

Article III of the Constitution of United States, section 1: the judicial power of the United States shall be vested in one Supreme Court and in such inferior courts as the Congress may from time to time ordain and establish. The judges, both of the supreme and inferior courts, shall hold their offices during good behavior and shall, at stated times, receive for their services a compensation, which shall not be diminished during their continuance in office. Further, Title 28 United States Codes Annotated, section 453, is the statutory oath that all judges take declaring that they will not discriminate—to wit: each justice or judge of the United States shall take the following oath or affirmation before performing the duties of his office: I, ________________, do solemnly swear [or affirm] that I will administer justice without respect to persons and do equal right to the poor and to the rich, and that I will faithfully and impartially discharge and perform all the duties incumbent upon me as under the Constitution and laws of the United States. So help me God. The foregoing provisions of the Constitution of the United States and relating statutory laws have been systematically abused since their enactments and continue to this very day, by predominantly white male judges and their constituency in every state of the Union.

The abuse could not be possible without the assistance of people mentioned in article I (executive: law enforcement branch of the Constitution of the United States) and article II (legislative: lawmaking branch of the Constitution of the United States). All three branches of the government constitutes one single entity and are interdependent with each other; in summary, America’s governing hypocrisy is that the Constitution of the United States of America is designed to create liberty, equality, and justice for all American citizens and promote governmental interest while simultaneously avoiding governmental tyranny through each of the said articles balancing each other, so that no part of American government could become tyrannical. However, the judicial branch has discovered a way to defeat this purpose. Though the American form of government does work if not exploited, unfortunately this is not the case—they exploit.¹

What continues to this very day is judicial tyranny in many of America’s courthouses. Predominantly white male judges at all levels of jurisdictions, state, federal, and supreme, have produced some of the most vicious liars in legal history that ever donned a black robe! The American judiciary systematically employs a variety of artifices with the purpose of denying a specific class of Americans (a judicially

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