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The Tapestry Of Grief: It's About Love Grief Touches Everyone

The Tapestry Of Grief: It's About Love Grief Touches Everyone

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The Tapestry Of Grief: It's About Love Grief Touches Everyone

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Nov 2, 2020


This book was written in the Spirit of healing. This book is about a twenty-seven-year love story shared between hello and goodbye, love, life, death, and the continuation of life.

This small book explores some of the “gray-areas™” that causes a period of disorientation, confusion, or just a sense of being lost. During the grieving and healing experiences; and includes some of the many hidden fabrics of the “tapestry” of grief, morning, and the discovery of your new life; as it unfolds and reveals itself to you.

Tapestry is in reference to an intricately woven and complex combination sequence of events and experiences—the journey.

Coping tools can help with the management and the navigation of this journey.

This is an invitation to share a conversation on a subject we all must face. It is a universal commonality.

Offered in the Spirit of Healing, providing support, personal understanding, listening that can help to restore hope and possibility. Love Survives Death.

For more information, contact Joy, E-mail tuangels@earthlink.net or write PO box 559, Sedona, Az 86336
Nov 2, 2020

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The Tapestry Of Grief - Joy Ellis

Love Out Lives Death

Grief Touches Everyone

Copyright © 2020 Joy C. Ellis

All rights reserved

First Edition

Fulton Books, Inc.

Meadville, PA

Published by Fulton Books 2020

ISBN 978-1-64654-325-0 (paperback)

ISBN 978-1-64654-326-7 (digital)

Printed in the United States of America

Table of Contents


The Journey Between Hello and Goodbye

Five Stages of Grief (The Structure)

Chapter One


Between Hello and Goodbye

The Other Side of Grief

Picking Up The Pieces

About the Author

Iwrote this article-poem three years following the death of my mother in 1981. As I republish in 2020, I now reflect on my current experience of being present with Sandra, at the exchange of her physical skinned body into her nonskinned body and how relevant it is now in my life after all these years.

This book I dedicate to Sandra Elzara Keeton, my soul mate, my forever life mate and my legal spouse. and my legal spouse for twenty-seven years, and all those who held my hand, offered support, guidance, and picked me up when I was falling as I stumbled through the valley of the shadow of death. With heartfelt gratitude, thank you all.


Grief connects us all. Grief opens the windows to our heart’s most sacred places, where love and compassion resides.

The loss of life reminds us of the universal commonality that gives us all common ground to share from.

It seems a lot of the world we live in is in

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