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Pie Cookbook: Easy as A Pie Recipes to Try

Pie Cookbook: Easy as A Pie Recipes to Try

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Pie Cookbook: Easy as A Pie Recipes to Try

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Oct 1, 2020


The pie. That sumptuous common delicacy filled with a sweet or savory filling baked in a crust can be presented in a million ways. Generally made in a round, slope-sided pan and cut into wedges for serving, the pie can be served as a snack, a dessert, or a meal in itself. As long as you have a filling and you have a crust, you can make a pie. But how do you make one that’s as delectable as you see in the pictures?

That’s what this pie cookbook is all about. There is a pie fit for every meal and can be prepared using just about any type of filling. You don’t need to be an expert cook or baker. But most of the time, you will need an oven especially if you wish to make your own dough. If no oven is available, that shouldn’t stop you from making your own delicious version of a pie.

When the holiday season comes, it’s pie time again! But you cannot just stick to a few favorites. Explore the different flavors and textures of fillings and crusts. Personalize it and you will be unforgettable to those who will taste the pies you serve. Give pies as gifts or simply serve them on your dinner table. It’s always a winning dish to offer.

Oct 1, 2020

Sobre el autor

Martha is a chef and a cookbook author. She has had a love of all things culinary since she was old enough to help in the kitchen, and hasn’t wanted to leave the kitchen since. She was born and raised in Illinois, and grew up on a farm, where she acquired her love for fresh, delicious foods. She learned many of her culinary abilities from her mother; most importantly, the need to cook with fresh, homegrown ingredients if at all possible, and how to create an amazing recipe that everyone wants. This gave her the perfect way to share her skill with the world; writing cookbooks to spread the message that fresh, healthy food really can, and does, taste delicious. Now that she is a mother, it is more important than ever to make sure that healthy food is available to the next generation. She hopes to become a household name in cookbooks for her delicious recipes, and healthy outlook.Martha is now living in California with her high school sweetheart, and now husband, John, as well as their infant daughter Isabel, and two dogs; Daisy and Sandy. She is a stay at home mom, who is very much looking forward to expanding their family in the next few years to give their daughter some siblings. She enjoys cooking with, and for, her family and friends, and is waiting impatiently for the day she can start cooking with her daughter.

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Pie Cookbook - Martha Stephenson



Remember when you first entered a room smelling of a freshly baked pie? It may be from your childhood or from some recent encounter. Later you were served a homemade pie with a flavor that lingers in your memory. That heavenly experience is now within your reach. No matter what your cooking experience is, you will learn how to make pies with different types of fillings and crusts from this book. From meat pies to vegetable pies, from fruit pies to dessert pies, we have those here.

This book is for those who love pies or for those who want to try making different pies without the fuss. It’s a perfectly heartwarming and a budget-friendly gift for those you love or those you want to impress. Go ahead, make some. Pies are always welcome. Sweet or meaty, fruity or veggie, you can make those easily. 

Learn your way through the basics down to the experimental version of your own pie. But first, learn the basic crusts. The economics and flavor of it will be worth your extra effort.

We must have a pie. Stress can’t exist in the presence of a pie.  ― David Mamet, Boston Marriage

Here you go!

Basic Pie Crust Recipes

Basic Pie Dough

Making a pie requires a crust. If you have not made a pie crust ever, do not worry. You can make one using the simple instructions in this book. This is a basic dough for making pie crusts in advance, and store this dough in your refrigerator for up to 3 months.

Yield: 6 pie shells (9 inches)

Preparation Time: 15 minutes

Chilling Time: 30 minutes


12 ¾ cups pastry flour

4 tsps. salt

5 Tbsps. granulated sugar (optional)

3 ½ cups all-purpose shortening

1 cup cold water


1. Sift flour, sugar, and salt together in a bowl.

2. Cut the shortening into the flour mixture until you get a flaky consistency.

3. Slowly add cold water into the flour mixture. Mix carefully just until the dough holds together. Be careful not to overmix.

4. Wrap the dough in food wrap and chill for 30 minutes before using.

Sweet Tart Dough

When you need a base for sweet pies, the sweet tart dough is a perfect shell to use. It has the flaky characteristics of a French sweet tart crust that can complement fruity and dessert-flavored pie fillings.

Yield: 10 pie shells (9

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