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Coronavirus-The Inside Story: Multidimensional Prevention and Treatment

Coronavirus-The Inside Story: Multidimensional Prevention and Treatment

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Coronavirus-The Inside Story: Multidimensional Prevention and Treatment

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Jun 25, 2020


This Coronavirus Pandemic has affected all of us, in some way or another.  Some of us have been diagnosed with Coronavirus and have survived.  Some still have lingering symptoms.  Some have not survived.  All of us, however, have been impacted psychologically and emotionally, even if we never were affected physically.  This book gives practical information and resources on how to best survive, and maybe even thrive, in this pandemic – physically, psychologically, emotionally, and maybe even spiritually.  This book is for the average person as well as for the healthcare professional.  Everyone will probably get something helpful from this book.

Jun 25, 2020

Sobre el autor

Tom Garz is the manager of TG Ideas LLC - writing and inventing, since 2003. "Helping to make this a better world by providing information to others on what has been done already and offer up ideas on what else might be done" Tom has a technical background, a B.S. in Physics, and has worked in variety of jobs in his life.  He always has had an interest in Electronics and "fringe science".  "Exploring" is one of his favorite activities.  Tom has a keen interest in writing and inventing. Tom hopes you find his books beneficial for you and/or others.  :-) Tom might be available as a Consultant.  Contact TG Ideas LLC, if interested. tgideas@gmail.com

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Coronavirus-The Inside Story - Tom Garz



Use of the Information in this book may help the Patient, Doctor, and/or Others Get Better.

Some common Side Effects may include:

A better understanding of what affects Health and Symptoms,

Seeing the big picture surrounding Symptoms,

Better health, less dependence on medication/treatment, generally feeling better,

Experiencing less perceived stress, more contentment with self and life,

Perceiving more control of your life, in general, realizing there are always options no matter what,

New insights on what could be done to make it better.

Note - Continued Use of the Information in this book may result in Staying Better

Ask your Doctor if Getting Better and Staying Better are right for you.  ☺


Seriously though.... 

This book is for information only and is not advice of any kind, especially not Medical and/or Legal Advice.  The author of this book is a Non-Professional.  Seek professional advice, as needed.  This book is meant to help, but using this information is at your own risk.  The author of this book has made efforts to make sure the referenced information is/was correct when the book was published.  Efforts were also made to avoid plagiarism in this book by the writer.  Any reference to any specific product or service is for information or example only and does not constitute or imply any endorsement, recommendation, or favoring by TG Ideas LLC.  TG Ideas LLC does not assume any liability to anyone and hereby disclaims any loss, damage, disruption from any errors, omissions, perceived or actual unintentional plagiarism, whether such are caused by negligence, accident, or any other means.  Additional Disclaimers are at https://sites.google.com/site/tgideas/ideas-for-products-or-services/disclaimer

Summary - I’m not a Healthcare Professional.  I wrote this book based on my personal learnings/experience and the References at the end of this Book.  This book is for your information only and is not medical advice. 


How to Use This or Most any E-Book

Did you know you could use e-books in many ways, other than just reading from an e-book reader?

Yes, you can read my e-book on most any e-book reader.  I hope you like it and find it helpful.

You can print out a copy to use alongside my e-book, though the printout won’t have the hyperlinks that are in my e-book.  In addition, the print layout might not look the same, but it might suit your purposes. 

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You can add your own personal notes and highlighting to my e-book, for your use, depending on which e-book reader you are using.

The hyperlinks were known to work at the time of publication.  Due to the ever-changing environment of the Internet, the links might not work in the future.  If this happens, simply copy the text and put quotes around the copied text, then do an Internet search.  The quotes tell the search engine to look for an exact match.  For example, if the link for Pulse diagnosis doesn’t work someday, then do an Internet search for Pulse diagnosis.  What you’re looking for will probably be near the top of the Internet Search Results.

The Chapter References provided in this book are by no means a complete listing.  Only a few references are provided for each chapter to illustrate the concept within the text.  If a particular reference is of interest to you, then just search for the title of the reference.  By doing so, you will find more like this.

Furthermore, in most of my books, Internet Search Strings are provided for your use.  If provided, use these strings as a start for you to find more like this.  Of course, you could modify the strings to find exactly what you’re looking for. 

References –

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A few weeks ago, I had no idea I would be writing about Coronavirus (CV).  Yes, it was going on in the world but I didn’t pay much attention until it affected me personally.  Wow, there have been such big changes in such a short time!

What got my personal attention was the new Coronavirus Prevention Guidelines for all of us.  I understand the logic behind the guidelines, which are to protect us as we live our lives, especially as we travel from here to there.  I see the new CV Guidelines as analogous to the travel procedures after 9/11 – inconvenient but necessary and do-able.

As our CV Precautionary Guidelines evolved, I thought something was missing.  There was lots of talk about Outside-In strategies for Preventing and Treating CV, e.g. hand washing, social distancing, etc.  On the other hand, I didn’t hear and still don’t hear much about the Inside-Out strategies for Preventing and Treating CV, e.g. boosting our Immune Systems.

Wearing Masks, Social Distancing, Hand Washing, etc. are External Defenses (outside us) against outside pathogens like the Coronavirus. 

Inside us, we also have an Internal Defense System, which is commonly called our Immune System.  Our Immune System is multi-dimensional, very complicated, inter-connected all throughout our body, and most incredibly works all by itself 24/7 with little or no outside interventions, most of the time.  This book is geared toward doing what we can to keep the outside-outside – and to maximize our Immune System on the inside – thus creating a very powerful Coronavirus Firewall.

I think we need both Outside-In and Inside-Out strategies for Preventing and Treating CV.  By doing both Outside and Inside, we should have a better chance at fending off the Coronavirus and/or recovering from Coronavirus.

Let me say, that what you read in this book applies to just about any illness because every illness has an Outside Component and an Inside Component

IMPORTANT - Please follow your local guidelines for CV Prevention and Treatment.  These guidelines are different around the world.  Check with your local authorities.

The guidelines you usually hear about are the more common Outside-In strategies, e.g. hand washing and social distancing.  This book is about the Inside-Out strategies that you might not hear elsewhere.

I will also cover briefly the usual Outside-In Medical Interventions, e.g. vaccines.  In addition, I will cover a multi-dimensional Outside-Inside Medical Intervention that you might not have even considered.

I sure hope we have a Covid-19 Vaccine someday.  Development of such a Vaccine might take longer than what we figure and we will just have to learn to live with it, until then.  What else can we do? 

Please be sure to check out all the References for this

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