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Like Music To My Ears

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Like Music To My Ears

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Dear reader,

Drina here! Let me tell you what this story is about...

In the fictional small sea-side town of Port Felix, a mysterious woman has been wrecking havoc.

No one knows who she is, what she wants or what she's capable of. One thing is certain: she's the most devine-looking woman anyone has ever seen.

Let me put that in perspective: think about the most beautiful woman you've ever seen (online, TV, real life, anywhere), I'll give you a second...

Got it?

Now multiply her beauty 1000-fold... almost impossible to imagine, isn't it? Well... that's the point, this woman is physically attractive beyond belief.

Obviously, when a woman like that passes by, men can't take their eyes off her but strange things happen to men who see her - they lose their common sense, forget whoever they loved or cared about before seeing her, drool for this woman while executing any one of her commands. These men don't even care about their own life under her control.

And, get this, the mysterious woman seems to hate women to death - literally, she wants them dead.

Imagine what would happen if such a woman came to your town and took control of you or your fellow male neighbors, family, friends?

This novel follows a group of people who are faced with this situation and are forced to deal with it in their own way while trying to solve the underlying mystery: who the hell is this lady?

Get this book right now to find out.

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