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Team Building Blocks for Success

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Team Building Blocks for Success

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Teams, large or small, are under pressure; they have to perform, be durable, innovate, be diverse, but most of all: they have to be successful, if not the best. For this purpose, I have developed the building blocks for team success; these are a perfect tool to organize and improve team dynamics and get results. This method builds on the importance of goals and ambitions but also on diversity and differences. It teaches how to make the team stronger and how to position it better in the entire organization. 


Teams need leadership, both from the captain or manager and from its team members.

Use of the building blocks enables leadership in teams.  how to lead your team? What do organizations require: individual qualities, common goals, appointments, safety. What will I teach you? 

How to be a mirror, set goals, make plans, give feedback, and reduce ineffective behavior;

How to manage team play, in the right direction and successes;

How to create cooperation and to encourage talents;

How to interpret your leadership;

How to ensure that all members can develop.


I'm an experienced motivational trainer with expertise in academics, business, and sports who stays calm in stressful situations and can make every team perform better while ensuring that every member of the team gets better at his or her job. I decided to write down my experiences and vision on how to make any team successful. The system or structure I call 'Building blocks" is how I worked with sports teams and set up an ambitious culture based on open communication and respect.

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