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Living and Dying

Living and Dying

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Living and Dying

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Sep 15, 2017


Nobody likes to face death – and yet we all do.


Whether you are caring for an aging or ailing loved one and you know death is coming, or you’ve recently lost a loved one and find yourself stuck, struggling with the grief and sense of loss, this is a practical book that will help you through that journey.

This is a book that will help you:

·         Keys to letting go

Embracing your new reality

·         Funeral planning

Sep 15, 2017

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Living and Dying - Mark Anthony


Chapter One


You didn’t come into this world. You came out of it, like a wave from the ocean. You are not a stranger here.

—Alan Watts

As I reflect on my life’s journey I can see how my intuitive nature has been a loving, caring and supportive companion along its path. I have experienced it through my imagination, creativity, love of life, and spiritual reflection. As Alan Watts says you are not a stranger here, I believe him.

I have always loved the imaginative, intuitive mind. When revealed, it brings such connection and clarity for me. This connection has further led me to an awareness of something both profound and tangible. I refer to this awareness as the source. Whether you prefer to identify source as God, the Tao, Buddha, the Divine, Consciousness, or by any other name is completely your choice. This connection can and will open up the world and universe in its entirety to us as we connect individually and as a whole. It can be said that all beings or experiences are connected this way. If we were to simplify our lives, strip away our thoughts, judgments and fears for just a moment we would realize how easy it is to make this connection. If we were to accept this process of surrendering and trusting, we would learn and experience that all we need to do or know will be revealed to us.

These words remind me of the story of the man who falls from a cliff only to grab a limb thereby saving him from a painful demise. After many repeated calls for help and as the limb begins to unearth itself, a voice finally responds to his plea for help. The voice identifies itself as the Lord and replies that all the man needs to do is trust in him, surrender and let go. After a long pause you hear the man’s response, Is there anyone else up there?

Imagine the freedom that would result in not having the binds or constraints of the outer mind and being able to just trust, surrender and connect with our source? For many years I have known about this connection and its feeling, but have been fooled into believing that my mental powers were more suited to the physical world. With my mental powers I could control, manipulate, and overcome many obstacles in this world. It took many years of intense effort to produce the results wanted. And yet, truly, were the results worth the costs and were they what I really wanted?

There have been many good things that have happened to me and our business. Many good things as a result of hard work, dedication and a passion for caring—not control or manipulation. This is why I wish to make this effort of writing and sharing the thoughts that have accompanied me on my journey, I believe that the insights that I have gained on this journey can be experienced by anyone who is willing to connect to the source.

What is truly remarkable to me is how we either feel or do not feel connection. We can feel connected through family, friends, work, social, and cultural experiences. We are designed to feel connected emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically. Our shared connection can feel intensely good, yet there are days when we feel completely alone. How can that be? What is it that disconnects us? Where does the connection go? Is it a physical disconnect? Are we hurting so badly that the energy needed to connect is hidden and blocked? Is it an emotional disconnection? Is it so bad sometimes that our anger, or fear, blocks our ability to communicate our thoughts? Or is it a spiritual disconnect, where we feel completely separate in our growth and our faith? Do we often feel lost and utterly disappointed with God for not helping us find our way and/or answering our prayers? I believe it’s all of the above, and I have experienced it all just as you have.

There are many great books and speakers talking about a new age, a new phase in our world. The main theme of these books revolves around the concept of returning to our source or connecting with our source. What I’m most happy about these days is that the more people I listen to, the more I am hearing the same thing. This is a time filled with struggle, fear, and trepidation. Yet it is exciting to see these things as they are slowly being eroded by love. The world is emerging to a new place as if a cloud has been removed from our heavens, as if something is uncovering new truths about the universe, as if there is a new and strengthened connection. It is undeniably a very powerful and transforming time—albeit extreme at times.

With all types of connection there is an internal experience or reaction that either feels foreign and odd, or good and right. While I believe we all have a common spiritual connection and a lot of what I write about reflects that idea, there are many other ways in which we connect. In fact, the mere experience of reading these words connects us in a world of thought, and that experience, that thought will undoubtedly create an energy that is felt as emotion. I know that for some, the words on these pages will produce an emotional response. I know that for some, the words on these pages will cause disagreement and reaction. I know that for some, the words on these pages will move them to a new place of understanding. I know that the mere fact that we react to being connected in any way is the purpose of our

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