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The Coronavirus Hoax

The Coronavirus Hoax

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The Coronavirus Hoax

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Jun 26, 2020


This book explains why wearing a mask and social distancing are ineffective methods to avoid the coronavirus, and how government's response to the pandemic has been completely inappropriate. The entire pandemic and how we have been told to deal with it are a hoax.

Jun 26, 2020

Sobre el autor

Duane L. Ostler was raised in Southern Idaho, and has lived in Australia, Mexico, Brazil, China, the big Island of Hawaii, and—most foreign of all—New Jersey. He practiced law for over 10 years and has a PhD in legal history. He and his wife have five children and two cats.

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The Coronavirus Hoax - Duane L. Ostler

The Coronavirus Hoax

By Duane L. Ostler

Copyright 2020 Duane L. Ostler

All rights reserved. This book may not be reproduced, copied or distributed without the express permission of the author.

Cover art: cover of Puck Magazine, July, 1905.

Chapter One: A Nonsense Introduction

I am guessing you were drawn to this little book because of its title. The coronavirus hoax, eh? you probably rumbled to yourself in the inner privacy of your mind. I wonder what this idiot author meant by that? I think I’ll check it out. And so now you’ve started to read, and already you’re annnoyed because so far all you are seeing is a discussion of what you are thinking, which you already knew, and not what I (the idiot author) was thinking in making my title.

Which means I’d better be quick in starting to describe the hoax, or you’ll conclude I really am an idiot, and you’ll stop reading. So here it is:

The coronavirus is a hoax as will be seen when we look at the topics covered in this book namely:

What is the coronavirus?

What should government do about it?

What is the best way for us to deal with it?

How it has been reported to us?

Mind you, there are undoubtedly other reasons it is a hoax, but I decided in this little volume to focus only on these. And since I already know you are an impatient reader, and will toss this book aside pretty quick if I don’t start explaining the hoax, I will dive right in, after making two disclaimers.

First, there is in some social media a rather widely distributed idea that the coronavirus has been inflicted on us as a plot in order to insert a microchip into us when we receive a vaccine. This idea is particularly widespread in the UK. This little volume will not deal at all with this idea, since I have no evidence as to whether this is true or false. I will focus instead on the logical and straightforward reasons observable by anyone as to why the hoax exists. Where I cite a statistic and a source (such as the CDC), the statistic can be confirmed by visiting their website and performing a simple search. In other cases as needed, I will include citations. But most of what will be presented is based on simple logic.

My second disclaimer deals with those who have been directly impacted by the coronavirus--those who believe they have had it, or believe a family member who has. In identifying the coronavirus as a hoax, I in no way intend any disrespect to your pain and suffering. The horror you have experienced is very real, and I do not wish to make light of it in any way. My purpose in this volume is simply to question what we have been told and the reasons we have been given for the suffering, not to question the suffering of those who have been afflicted.

And now I will dive into the morass of the coronavirus hoax. But I will not dive into the subject in the way you would expect. For reasons that will later become clear, and also just for the sake of being annoying (which is my nature—just ask my family), I’m going to take the above list of four questions which highlight the hoax in reverse order. Knowing you and your disgust with such silly tactics, you’ll just skip ahead and read this book from the last to the first, therefore reading this silly little volume from back to front. But I’m warning you—such an approach will greatly confuse this already-confusing subject! You really should read this volume in the backwoods order I present—because, after all, that is the way it has been presented to us by society.

Chapter Two: How the Coronavirus has been Presented to us

You probably expect me to start by describing how the virus supposedly got its start in Wuhan, China, then gradually spread from there until the various network news outlets started reporting on it. And then of course how the reporting grew and grew until it consumed ALL other news, such that we could have re-named CNN the coronavirus network news.

But no, I am not going to start that way. Rather, I will start and end with the same surprising question: Who is responsible for your health?

If we weren’t separated by time and space as we are, I’d see you right now looking at me with a scowl, then saying, What stupid nonsense are you spouting now? What has the responsibility for my health got to do with the coronavirus or how it was presented to us?

In a word, everything.

The presentation of the coronavirus story from the very beginning has been based on two, widely believed assumptions: (1) the government is responsible for your health; and (2) doctors are responsible for your health. To this day, both of these assumptions are presumed to be true by almost everyone, even though both propositions are flat out false. We will deal with the first of these assumptions later (because I like to do things in backwards order). The rest of the present discussion

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