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Jun 25, 2020


One woman's path from Awakening to Realization and the things she learnt and experienced on the way.

Jun 25, 2020

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This life, my life has been a fairy tale, a fantasy in many ways.

I have always been fascinated with epic stories like The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings or The Alchemist, where very ordinary people experienced many extraordinary experiences on their individual quests. They were always long and difficult journeys finding darkness and misadventure, fighting demons and dragons and having to overcome them as well as times of wonder and joy, in magical worlds.  In the end their journey always turned out to be just as important as the fulfilment of their quests.

My life has been like that in many ways.  I have danced with fairies, spoken and played with angels in magical worlds, struggled and battled with many demons and flown on the backs of dragons.  I have been on a quest for over 35 years towards my embodied realization, to find the Real me, to find myself, my I AM or divine.

It has been a marvelous journey of love, tenacity, endurance and inner faith.

I sound crazy but I assure you I am not.  I have crossed the long span bridge of consciousness from the heavy, old energies of the world and awakening into the new energy and a new life of grace and abundance where I understand that all energy is mine and it is always serving me.  I have been incredibly blessed as a result.

My story is not who I am, it is just a series of experiences that I have had, it is not who I am.  It has taken me within to my core, my essence, my I AM, my soul.  My journey has helped me let go of who I thought I was, woman, lover, mother, businesswoman, friend these are just ‘badges’ that I wear while experiencing life, they are not the Real me.

This was my journey to discover who I really was and that my friends is the path to Freedom.

I have no emotional attachment to my story now, it is a multitude of experiences that I have had on this amazing journey of life.  I share some of these experiences with you in the hope that in some small way they will assist you with your journey.  It is also I hope helpful to let you know what it was like for me if you are on a similar path.

You are not alone.

There are many, many thousands more like me, simple, ordinary people who are following their own inner truth and knowing and have been on their paths for 10, 20 or 30 years and in the years to come there will be many, many more.

The journey is not just for a few, it will happen to every human on the planet at some time, whether in this lifetime or another.  I know it won't be as difficult for them as it was for me, it will be faster, easier and there is so much guidance and support available now.  I see a time in the future when one can be Realized in an extremely short time, it will become so easy and the norm.

It is part of a natural process, a process of evolution.  Like the flowers in a field, one is not superior or better because they open early, before the majority; each flower is unique with its own journey and beauty.  We are all blessed we are all equal.

The earth is going through incredible change at the moment, unpresented change, both the planet and many of its people are awakening, finished with their experience here, looking for a better way to live, an expansion of their being into new worlds, new adventures.

This is why there is so much chaos at present, so much angst; awakening brings all the hidden parts and energies to the surface for healing and release.  This is happening in the world now.

Many will awaken and begin to walk their path to Realization in the coming years.  The planet is going through incredible change with corona virus, political and social unrest, job losses and much more.  This brings disruption to many people's lives.  Disruption is often the trigger to awakening as it was with me.

Further there are thousands of energy workers currently going through their Realization at this time, the first group of individuals to go through in large numbers at a similar time, and many more will follow in the years to come.

This will dramatically shift the consciousness of the planet.

I didn't realize I was on this path till much later, I moved from experience to experience, not sure where I was going.  If you know what is happening to you, that there is purpose and reason for your experiences, it will be so much easier; there will be less resistance to change.  It will be faster with much more grace.

No one can teach Realization, it is something you have to experience for yourself.  All I can do is tell you my story, with my own experiences and awakenings on this path that has been unique to me.  My issues may not be your issues.  Your path will be your path, perfect for you and beautifully designed for your being to address your healing and integration.

My journey has been long and some of the experiences I have been through would not be applicable today, we have moved pass them as a society.  They do however reflect the depth and breadth of my transition in this lifetime.

I look back on my journey now and know that absolutely everything I have experienced was perfect for me, it lead me to where I am now.  It will be the same for you.  Trust your journey.

My journey has not finished, though I have come to a place of great fulfilment and peace.  There is more to explore, more to expand into and it is happening quickly now.  This little book reflects who I am today, my consciousness at the moment.  I am constantly changing.  Change becomes your friend.

My path was mostly a spiritual path, it doesn't have to be, it could be through nature, creativity and much more, you don't even have to believe in god.

This path is an awakening to the knowledge and awareness of who you are, the God I Am, perfect and complete, a true child of the universe.


The year was 1982 and at the age of 33 I found myself on the floor of my bedroom, in a beautiful country mansion just outside Sydney, Australia with all the trappings of wealth.

I was rocking on the floor back and forth, trying to sooth myself, in so much internal emotional pain and suffering that I felt I only had to let go and I would go insane, a way out.  I would not have to deal with the world and all its anguish any longer.

It was a major crossroad.  In my turmoil I remembered a place in my heart that I had experienced when I was a child, a place of peace and beauty and love that I had not been to since.  At that moment I decided that I would find that place again, I would find my way there; I made a decision then and there to seek healing for myself.  I chose to fight my way back to that place of love and healing for me.  There had to be a better way to live, I was absolutely through with the pain of relationships and the world, the hatred and anger and cruelty of people, there had to be a better way to function and thrive and I had to find it.  I had to; there was no life for me on earth otherwise.  It was not just my own suffering, it was the suffering of the whole planet and the way people lived and treated one another that was devastating for me.  I had to find a better way.

I had followed a man through love into his suffering.  I had been so consumed with his problems, his depression and alcoholism, I had given him my all, given up my own life, my own self for him and I could do it no longer.  I had to choose life for me, put myself ahead of his journey, heal myself.  

This was my pinitol point of change.

This was my awakening.  It would awaken a passion in me to become real, to find my true self.

After making that decision, I had without knowing it, called in all the powers of myself and the universe to lead me step by step, little bit by little bit to restoration within myself and a fulfilment and peace on a unsurpassed level.

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