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The Handbok for Integrity in the Federal Communcation Commission

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The Handbok for Integrity in the Federal Communcation Commission

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The Federal Communication Commission regulates interstate commerce and international communications by radio, televisions, wire, satellite and cable in all 50 states, the District of Columbia and U.S. Territories. The integrity of this government entity is imperative that the decisions be in the best interest of the country and every citizen not political policy. The decisions made should be in accordance with federal law not the definitions it creates to exert its dominance over the country.
This book is about examining the structure of this organization, their mission, vision and values along with the laws they are entrusted to enforce or at least monitor to ensure compliance.
The scope of this organization and its impact may need to be reviewed to determine if the responsibilities and authority it currently has should be reduced or at least come under closer scrutiny. Congress has the authority to scale back the authority and responsibilities of any department or agency and with that said the examination of this organization and whether integrity exist or to what extent will be analyzed. If it is found that the principles of integrity are absent then suggestions to instill integrity in the organization will be provided.
The technology we have today is so different than in years past and will be different into the future. The changes from when this organization was created required changes in the responsibilities and structure to address the changing environment. The problem when changes like these occur is that government many times goes to the extreme but controlling every aspect of our daily communications is not something that should be embraced. I agree some regulation and monitoring of what is being said may be necessary but the decisions by this organization have raised many questions in the past including. One example is changing the definition of some terms to increase the jurisdiction of the organization. Change is not always a good thing and some can have huge negative impacts to our country and society as a whole in the way we communicate to others. .

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