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The Duke's Secret (Preview)

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The Duke's Secret (Preview)

Longitud: 58 página30 minutos


Mary Elridge is of age to marry, and yet her parents are cautious. Her mother, Lady Elridge, is more familiar with the social mores she grew up among as the daughter of a Baron. And her father, Sir Elridge, knows little to nothing about choosing a suitor for his daughter.

Mary believes her parents have struck gold when her first and only suitor, the mysterious Mr Haskett, arrives. He is handsome, witty, and charming. But Mary works out very early on that he cannot be who he claims to be. After discovering the secret of his true title and status, their blossoming love must face hurdle after hurdle. Between Lady Elridge's high aspirations for Mary, Sir Elridge's poor understanding of marriage, and Mr Haskett's insistence on keeping her in the dark, it seems as though this man, whom Mary is growing to love, may end up not as her husband, but as her first broken heart.

Can Mary give her heart to a suitor who keeps so many secrets from her? Can Mr Haskett trust Mary, and her parents, or do they know too much about him? Will their love succeed against the odds, or shall this courtship end in disaster?

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