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Rightsize Your Home: The Empty Nester's Guide to a Stress-Free Downsize

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Rightsize Your Home: The Empty Nester's Guide to a Stress-Free Downsize

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Feeling trapped in an Empty Nest?
Stop feeling guilty about leaving home and get Rightsized for a better life!

I've written this book specifically for those who are still residing in their family home and considering a downsize at some point. Is that you? Or are you helping someone who is?

You may be single or a couple; you more than likely have children who are about to or have already left home to make their mark on the world. Your home, purchased when your children were either much younger or not born yet, no longer serves the purpose for which you bought it.

If this in any way describes you, my hope is that by reading through the pages of this book, you will not only find the help and answers you're looking for, but you will also be left feeling motivated and inspired to 'Rightsize' your home and life for the better!

Throughout this book, I will share with you some of the journeys my Empty Nester clients have taken, including some of the funnier things that have happened along the way. I will also share many insights, answering common questions that may also be on your mind, and reveal my unique model developed to illustrate how achievable it is for anyone to Rightsize to a better life.

My goal is that this book will leave you feeling as though you are back in control of your life and what is most probably your biggest asset. I want you to be informed, prepared and ready to take on your Rightsizing project with confidence and ease.

From my experience, there are three key challenges consistently faced by Empty Nesters:
1. They are sick and tired of always worrying about maintaining their family home. They lack confidence and are unsure who they can trust to take care of this.
2. They are overwhelmed at the prospect of managing a 'Rightsize' or knowing where to begin, often choosing to do nothing at all.
3. They don't know how to maximise profit from their primary asset: their home. They are not sure of what the buyers are looking for in a home.

My book's purpose is to illustrate why you may be feeling so much uncertainty and to explain how you can manage this significant project step-by-step. It will demystify the many myths and provide you with a tried-and-tested process to get your downsizing project completed methodically and strategically.

It is now time to stop putting-off and start considering downsizing from the family home. I have guided hundreds of property owners through this process and have built a specialist reputation for assisting Empty Nesters in Rightsizing their property and achieving maximum profit in the process.

As you read on, I will discuss the framework and process required to coordinate the entire Rightsizing project. I also have included case studies which I'm sure you will find interesting as they can provide useful reference for your endeavours. My primary goal is to give you an easy-to-follow, concise and informative roadmap to show you the way, and to ensure that you not only survive, but also enjoy the Rightsizing transition from the family home to your new abode.

My book is broken into five chapters to guide you through your Rightsizing process:

Ch 1: The Empty Nester's Dilemma – Is It Time To LeaveThe Nest?
Ch 2: Setting The Flight Plan - How And Where To Fly
Ch 3: Rightsizing Made Easy – Getting Ready For Take-Off
Ch 4: The Pre-Sale Nest Makeover – Attracting The Flocks
Ch 5: Feathering The Nest – New Nesters' Success Stories

I hope you enjoy reading through the book as much as I have enjoyed writing it because I believe that every Empty Nester should be able to get assistance to make Rightsizing the family home a simple, enjoyable and stress-free process. Follow my lead, and we'll have you not only Rightsizing your property, but also collecting maximum profit at the same time.

So if you are looking to downsize but have been putting it off and don't know where to begin, I invite you to read on and get Rightsized for a better life!
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