Evoking Justice

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Evoking Justice

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What would you do if you were given access to a window into the past? Staring out of the window, the social nuances wouldn't be obvious. Without context, the view might show abject squalor, poverty and ignorance but not enough to understand how people responded to such detrimental societal influences. Criminals would have been dealt with relative to the times, reflective of civic tolerances and in stark contrast to our contemporary collective consciences; which have evolved for a reason.

Would you really want to go back and evoke justice from the past?

One woman did just that and with the help of a friend, managed to turn back time. She didn't stop to consider in her mission, that just because she had the determination to achieve her goal didn't necessarily mean she should.

She put her faith in fate, and fate gave her much more of an insight than anticipated…
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