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Shatterproof: Book 3 of the Revenge Series

Shatterproof: Book 3 of the Revenge Series

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Shatterproof: Book 3 of the Revenge Series

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May 21, 2020


Everything seemed to be better. The threats had passed and they had finally found a new normal. They were ready to start their lives without any worries. First their dream crashed, then Harley’s dreams crumbled. They knew they’d make it through, but Piper still had that bad feeling. The same feeling she’d had when Colt had first started all the horrible rumors. That same feeling she’d had through every issue she’d gone through. Something wasn’t right.

Jamie knew that holding back the truth from Piper would bite him in the backside, but he couldn’t let her hear what was really happening. All of that time that they thought they were finally free was a ruse. There was a threat that Piper had no idea about, and one that would cause more harm than good. All he knew was that he needed Piper even if he had to lie to her.

The test to see what relationships were shatterproof and which weren’t.......

May 21, 2020

Sobre el autor

Sue Langford started out with a dream. She'd been writing since she was young and always dreamed of seeing her books in a book store. When she finally gave in and got her first novel published, it hit the racks and was snatched up by everyone. When she made her first trip to Nashville, she was completely hooked. From that point on, her books were inspired by country music and the artists she loved.When she took on the topic of Anti-Bullying in her newest series - The Revenge Series - she found even more exposure than she could have imagined. The first of it's kind, she proved that everyone no matter their size, shape, opinions or even career deserves to be bullied. If you think she's stopping there, you will be happily surprised. She takes on a current topic with every book and every series. An author to watch and a bestselling one at that, Sue is a one of a kind author that all of us should check out.

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Shatterproof - Sue Langford


Book 3 of the Revenge Series

Sue Langford

Copyright © 2020 Sue Langford

All rights reserved.

ISBN: 9798615706868

To my friend, my signing sidekick and my cheerleaders

To Nancy, Leanne, Char, Denise and Eleni

Strength grows in the moments when you think you can’t go on but you keep going anyway.

Chapter 1

When he went to come into the hall, Harley stopped him. If you aren’t telling her then at least tell me, she said. Right. Miss big mouth. Last time I didn’t want you saying anything, you blabbed to her. Not happening. Harley shook her head. And you call her stubborn? It’s not Colt. That much I do know. Who is it? He shook his head. Who? Someone tried busting into the house. We left and went to your place and they’d been there. I don’t know who, but whoever it is, is starting a war. I don’t know if it’s related to him or not. It’s almost like they’re getting revenge on Piper. So, she’s actually in major danger? More than she was with Colt. Just keep it to your dang self for once.


All seemed so calm. Finally, she had a little bit of control over her life. Colt was history. He was long gone. There was no chance of him coming back, unless he was going to haunt her. The only problem was, with all of that happiness, Piper still had a bad feeling that something was about to blow everything up. She tried not to show it, but Piper was still watching over her shoulder. Even when she was helping Harley with her wedding planning, she was still worried. So, how are you and baby doing there supermom, Harley asked. We’re good. Honestly, I know you didn’t want to put your wedding off, but maybe it’s a good plan, Piper asked. Girl, that wasn’t the only reason why. He’s going on some big work trip or something. He said it’s a 5 month thing and he’s not gonna be here every day. Just means more time for us to finish that tour with Jason. Best distraction ever, Harley said. True. Hopefully, baby stays in here until the due date. I can’t imagine having to cancel shows. You know I hate that, Piper replied. Girl, you having a baby is one heck of a loophole. I doubt he’d be too dang upset. As long as they could celebrate with you, they’d be fine with it. I know, but honestly I’d feel better if he had a backup. If something happened… Girl, would you quit assuming that something is gonna happen? He’s gone. He’s not coming back to hurt you. Harley reached over and gave Piper a hug. I know he isn’t, but I just have a bad feeling. Something isn’t right, Piper replied.

Instead of worrying, start helping me get some ideas for our wedding. We can’t possibly top yours, but I want the small and romantic vibe. You gotta help, Harley asked as they went through bridal magazines on the sofa. Do you want a beach wedding or church, Piper asked. Girl, he’d kick my butt if we did it on the beach. The huge church thing isn’t really our style either. You could do it in the park. Tybee church, Forsyth Park or something like that. I mean, y’all could even do the cloisters in Sea Island. Higher security. Girl, you’re making my head spin. You know this means you have to show me these places right, Harley asked. Girl, we have time. We’re off until mid-February. A day trip won’t kill us, Piper teased. Girl, if you want to then I’m totally in, Harley said. You do realize there’s a little church that y’all can have the ceremony away from everything. You can do that, Piper teased. I still want to kinda have it all in one place. I mean, the other option is having it at my place. Having somewhere everyone can stay is kind of important though. Harley, y’all have to decide together. That’s kinda a bride and groom thing, Piper joked. I don’t think he wants it here. Somewhere with a lot more security is probably best, Harley replied. Just means that y’all can lean back and relax. No running around or anything. Did you decide a date? Well, since he’s away for a while, we’re kinda thinking around June, but that may end up interfering with CMA if we’re invited next year. Then make it after CMA. End of July, Piper replied. Still hurricane season.

Harley, this is Savannah. When the weather is nice, it’s always hurricane season. They’ll have somewhere to do the wedding inside. It’ll be fine. When I see it, I’ll know. Piper pulled up the website and showed it to Harley. Well dang. I think that would probably be absolutely perfect. I mean, they even have that little chapel. Now you get why I thought of it. Honestly, if we hadn’t been so worried about the Colt stuff, we would’ve been more than happy to have it there, Piper said. Have what where, Jamie asked as he came in and slid his tie undone. Just telling her about the Sea Island resort. That place is absolutely amazing. We were there on our round about honeymoon trip. Absolutely gorgeous, Jamie teased as he kissed Piper and sat down with her. Question, what’s this big thing that is going on that Carter’s gone for 5 months, Harley asked knowing that Jamie would spill. We’re opening an office in London. He’s overseeing the layout and everything and hiring the staff. He’s sort of doing the hands on approach with it. Wait until you see the place, Jamie said. Did you ever figure out your due date, Harley asked. August. Guess baby and I will be birthday twins, Piper joked. Also means that we have a ton to celebrate in August next year. You have all the time in the world. Y’all can have it whenever you guys want to, Jamie said. I’m just worried. That’s all. I mean, we’re fine now but what happens if we end up with that downward spiral again? You do realize that you’re worrying way too much, Piper replied. Y’all can figure it out. You did before, Jamie replied chiming into the discussion. I just don’t get why he’s go and choose to take off for that long, Harley replied as she sipped on her sweet tea.

Jamie wasn’t about to tell her why. It wasn’t about trying to prove that she was with him because she loved him and not his money. It was more about proving that he could take over and handle running the office and all the little pieces of it. He was determined to get a piece of the company for himself. He wanted to have more security. He wanted the level of attention from clients that Jamie had.

Just tell me that it wasn’t about me, Harley asked. Piper got up and grabbed the pitcher, filling up their glasses. Harley, he loves you. You know that he’s not doing it to make you walk away. You’re fine. Still worried. What if he meets someone else? He wouldn’t do that Harley. You know that. Honestly, it’s just giving you more time to worry about what to worry about. You’ll be fine when we’re back on the road. About that, Jamie chimed in. What, Piper asked. Y’all have a new bus. Since baby is coming, I got it sort of adjusted to accommodate security and the baby bed. Jamie. If you’re gonna be on tour, you need more space. We need more space. I’m kinda surprised that you’re okay with us being on the bus, Harley teased. He kissed Piper’s shoulder. I figured that y’all would want your own space away from a sleeping baby, Jamie said as he got up and went to the master bedroom to put regular clothes on. That mean we’re seriously not gonna be working on music while we’re on the bus? It means that when I’m on my own, which you know he won’t ever let happen, you can be on the bus with me and the guys can sleep instead of hearing a baby fuss all night. Girl, you know that I’m staying with y’all baby or not, Harley teased. Kinda figured that, Jamie teased as he came back into the TV room in his beat up blue jeans and tee.

Meaning, Harley asked. There’s 4 beds which are for security and in case you decide to come hang. Tons of room, Jamie replied. We’re not even two months Jamie. We’re getting ahead of ourselves. You do realize that? I also know, wife of mine, that when it happens we’re gonna need room for it. The bus y’all had wasn’t meant for a long-term solution. This one is a lot bigger. I’m not even gonna say what I’m thinking right now, Harley joked. Something like we never actually use the bus unless it’s really short distances so what’s the point? Harley nodded. Reading my mind girl. Since my wife is determined to be on a dang bus, that’s what we had to do, Jamie teased. He kissed Piper and went and got himself a glass of sweet tea.

Sir, Jackson said as he came in. Jamie kissed Piper and went to talk to him alone. What’s up, Jamie asked. Something has caught my attention. Brought to my attention actually. There was a pile of cigarette butts out on the street. I mean, it’s obvious that someone had stopped, but it’s looking as if someone was parked out there. I checked the cameras and whoever it was, was parked out there through the Christmas party here. We couldn’t get a license plate or a description. Something is just getting my attention about it. I just wanted to ensure you were aware. I appreciate that. If you can grab some clothes from Harley and Carter’s I’d appreciate it. She’s staying here until he’s back. Jackson nodded. Consider it done, Jackson said. He got up and went over to the security staff.

Jamie walked back into the TV room and saw Harley and Piper still enthralled in a conversation. What, Piper asked noticing the look on his face. I was sorta thinking. Since Carter has headed off, I’d like you to stay here if that’s alright. It’s not like we don’t have the room. You sure? I mean, y’all just got married. You don’t need me hanging around, Harley said. I may have to go meet Carter for a few days anyway, and I’d feel better if y’all were here together, Jamie said. You mean you’re taking off without me? That’s different, Piper teased. You’d kick my backside if I said I wanted you there with me. I can’t guarantee we’d be back before New Year’s Eve and I know that you’d be even more mad if I missed it. We could just go with you or you can wait until after New Year’s Eve. He kissed Piper. Do you want to come, Jamie asked. Are you waiting until after? He nodded. For you I will oh sexy wife of mine. Then we’ll go. Harley can surprise Carter, Piper teased. Jamie nodded and went into his office.

And what if Carter doesn’t want me there? Then he has to grow the heck up and be a man. He put a ring on your finger, Piper said. She had no idea what was really going on. Then I’m gonna get changed and get some clothes packed. Piper nodded. Carter took Harley to the house and Piper went in and talked to Jamie alone. Jamie. Yep. You gonna tell me why you’re all apprehensive about bringing Harley? I have to warn Carter that she’s coming. You telling me why you’re warning him? Is he messing with someone else? I don’t know, but whatever he’s doing, he’s not telling me. Something is going on. Jamie. I’m not gonna say he is, but he’s keeping things way too dang quiet. Something is up. Piper shook her head. Great. Baby, he said. She looked at him. He motioned for her to come closer.

And what do you want, Piper teased as she walked over to him. He pulled her into his arms and pulled her legs around him as she straddled him on his desk chair. I love you. I always have and I always will. You know that right? Is it bad that I’m waiting for the but? Piper. Just say it Jamie. I think that he’s messing around. The minute I heard he was going to do the set up hands on, I knew something was up. If he is messing around, you better find out. Don’t even tell him we’re coming. Piper, I can’t do that. He’s gonna know when my secretary calls. Then tell her not to. Jamie, she can’t handle walkin in on that. Baby, just promise me that you’re not gonna lose it on me if that’s what’s going on. She shook her head. In other words, I’m bringing the steel snip toe boots for you. In other words, you’re pregnant and you aren’t gonna lose the baby over his stupidness. I love you Jamie, but if he is messing around on her, he’s getting a beat down. Jamie’s arms wrapped tight around her waist. I love you. He isn’t me. You know that right? Piper nodded. He sat her on the edge of the desk. I know that. I also know that if he is sleeping with someone else, he’s not gonna make it back here in one piece. He kissed Piper.

Back onto better topics. I do kind of love this sexy top on you, he teased. Jamie. He kissed her and went and closed his office door. What are you up to? He slid the sexy top off. Seducing my wife. He kissed her, devouring her lips and undid her jeans. Oh really? He nodded and slid her jeans off. He slid the lace panties off then wrapped her legs around him and kissed her again until that kiss made her feel like she was having an out of body experience. The room heated up like they were both on fire. He barely managed to let her up for air long enough to slide his shirt off. She went for the button of his jeans. Piper. She smirked and he peeled his shirt off. His jeans slid to the floor. The sex was hot. Fire hot. So hot that they felt like the room had just tripled in temperature. When he steadied in her arms. He picked her up and walked into the master bedroom, leaning her onto the bed. Yes husband of mine. I love you. You know that? Piper nodded. Love you back. He kissed her again and curled up with her. She pulled the blanket around them and he nuzzled her neck. Sexy mama, he teased. Piper smirked. Just don’t go tellin the world until we’re 100% through the first three months alright? He nodded. You at least happy about it? Jamie, as long as the baby is healthy, that’s all that matters. If baby is here to stay, then we’re good. If? If. I don’t know what the future holds my love. If you had a choice, would you want a boy or girl, Jamie asked as he kissed her shoulder. I don’t have a choice. I just want a healthy baby," Piper said. He kissed her. Next thing she knew, she heard that little snore that told he was out cold. Piper got up and went and got re-dressed.

She kissed his forehead and went into the TV room. She sent an email off to Char:

Heading to Europe for New Year’s Eve. I assume that I’m not performing. I’ll be back the week after NYE. Hope you had a good Christmas. – P

Within a half hour, Char replied back:

Need you for New Year’s Eve in Nashville. Someone had to cancel due to illness. Can you hold off going until after the 31st?

Piper took a deep breath. Piper replied back that they didn’t have time to rehearse. That going in blind might not be a good idea. She did a conference call with the guys and Harley. They want us to do Nashville New Years Eve. Anyone up for the show? Is it bad that I really want that night off, Keith asked. Two seconds. Char messaged me back. Piper looked. They had an alternate. Well, we got out of it. We can do a performance here and do it by video during the show if we want to. It’s totally up to y’all, Piper replied. Next year, Kurt said. I agree, Piper said. She replied back to Char that the following year they were in, but they were having a low-key holiday alone.

Jamie woke up a little while later and got changed then packed a bag for each of them and put the bags by the door. Sir, Jackson said. Ready within a half hour, Jamie replied. Jackson nodded and got in touch with the pilot. Jamie walked into the TV room. Hey handsome, Piper said. Come pack, he asked. Piper nodded. She kissed him and they went into the bedroom. When she saw two bags outside the door, she looked at him. Small stuff. Suit bags are on the bed. And what exactly is the rush, Piper asked. Something Jackson brought to my attention. Can we just leave it at that instead of talking it all through? Piper kissed him. Say it, she said as his arms wrapped around her waist. You don’t need the stress. If it’s something more than just a thought or a suspicion, I’ll tell you. I promise. You know if you don’t you’re gonna have one very cold New Year, Piper teased. He kissed her, picking her up in his arms. I love you Piper. I always will. We’re all keeping you and baby safe. Just go with the flow for now. Piper nodded. She kissed him. Fine, but I swear, if you hide stuff from me I will kick your backside. I know you will sexy wife of mine, he teased as he slid her back to her feet.

Piper finished packing and called Harley. I’m on my way over. I’ll see you in 5, Harley said. She’s on her way, Piper said. He kissed her. Good. Jackson came in a minute or two later. Sir, the plane is ready and awaiting your arrival, Jackson said. Thank you. I know it’s kind of late notice. Are your bags ready? Jamie nodded. Jackson took the bags and Jamie turned to look at Piper. Are you sure you want to come? Jamie. Babe, if you don’t want to then just say the word. You’re talking crazy. You do realize that right? Piper, if he is up to something then you’re gonna be standing in the middle of it. Where are we staying? My place. Piper shook her head. Our place, he said correcting himself. Go figure. You do realize that at some point I’m gonna need a list right, Piper teased. He kissed her. I’ll get on that. Could be a while, he joked. They went into the TV room and Jackson took the bags and loaded them into the SUV. You ready, Piper asked as she saw Harley. Y’all pack way too dang fast. I had no idea what to even pack if Andrews hadn’t helped, Harley joked.

They hopped into the SUV and headed off to the airport. When they pulled up, they all hopped out and headed up the steps to the plane. They got into their seats and the attendant brought them each a drink, bringing Piper a large glass of ice water. Did you tell him you were coming, Jamie asked as his arm slid around Piper. You said to make it a surprise. It’s gonna be one heck of a dang surprise, Harley said. An idea hit Jamie’s mind that he knew he’d have to keep to himself. Only problem was, Piper could see how uncomfortable he was. She was practically reading his mind. When they were at cruising altitude, Piper looked at him. I just have to send off a quick email. Gimme two minutes, Jamie said. He excused himself and went to the room in the back where he had quiet and let the staff at the condo in London not to alarm Carter at all. Not to mention a word of them coming. When he walked back into the main cabin, Piper was curled up on the sofa. You okay, Jamie asked. Piper nodded. Just getting comfy, Piper teased as he leaned over and kissed her. Everything okay? He nodded and slid onto the sofa behind her, wrapping his arms around her. Is it bad that I’m kinda worried that I’m about to step into a major problem, Harley asked. I know that you’re worried. Whatever his reason is, at least you’ll know now, Piper said. Harley shook her head.

The rest of the flight was quiet as they rested and tried to relax. When they finally landed, they hopped off and were whisked straight to Jamie’s place. They went up to the penthouse and when they stepped off the elevator, the house was so quiet they could have heard a pin drop. Carter was obviously at the office. Piper and Jamie went up to the master bedroom and got settled while Harley got settled in one of the 4 guest bedrooms. She saw Carter’s things in one and got settled in another one. You sure this is a good idea? Piper, it’s 8pm. He’s not here. If that isn’t a sign that something is going on, I don’t know what is, Jamie said quietly. Piper shook her head. Watching Harley get her heart broken again wasn’t in her list of memories she wanted to make. Can we find out if he’s at the office? Jamie nodded. He kissed her and made a call. Sir, he left at 3. He said he was going back to the condo, Anderson said. He’s not here, Jamie said. I’ll check and see what we find, he said.

Jamie went downstairs and got them something to drink and sat down with Piper. Harley came down a few minutes later. What time is it, Harley asked. Around 9:40. I figured we should probably eat or something before we head to bed, Jamie replied. Just as Harley was about to sit down, Jamie’s phone went off. Yes, Jamie said. Sir, he just pulled into the parking lot with his guest, Anderson said. Not a word. Yes sir, Anderson replied. Harley was about to take a sip of her wine when she heard the elevator ding. Jamie wrapped his arms around Piper, knowing she would jump up and whoop Carter’s butt. They heard something bump against a wall and a female voice. Piper went to get up and Jamie stopped her, holding her in his arms. Let them hash it out, Jamie whispered into her ear.

When Carter walked into the TV room hand in hand with a woman that none of them knew, Jamie held on a little tighter and Harley shook her head. Seriously, Harley asked. I didn’t know y’all were coming, Carter said dropping the woman’s hand. Harley looked at the woman. And you are, Harley asked. Angel, the woman said. Harley glared at Carter. She got up and walked upstairs to her room, locking the door behind her. Nice warning, Carter said. Angel? You may want to leave. Now is good, Piper said while Jamie’s arms tightened around her. Angel walked out and Carter felt like he was in the hot seat. So, this is why you wanted to be here alone, Jamie asked. You don’t know what you’re talking about, Carter replied. Jamie shook his head. Bringing someone into my home? Seriously? You didn’t bother to think that you were screwing over your fiancée? That you were causing a problem with the security in the house? What are you doing? Piper broke away from Jamie, got up and walked towards Carter. You pathetic excuse for a human being. You don’t even deserve her in your life. Either you get the hell out or I will throw you out, Piper said. Not your house, Carter said. Yeah it is. Piper, come sit down, Jamie asked. Piper shook her head. She took a step towards Carter again and he backed up, knowing full well that she had no qualms with slapping Carter. Jamie got up and walked over to her. Get out. Take your crap and get out. I don’t care if you’re in a dang cardboard box. Nobody cheats on Harley and gets away with it on my dang watch, Piper said as Jamie’s arm wrapped around her waist and pulled her back to him.

Mind your own dang business, Carter said. Dude, quit instigating a dang fight. You’re the one in the wrong, Jamie said. Piper shook her head and went upstairs to check on Harley. You okay, Piper asked. No. I just want to go home, Harley said. Piper gave her a hug. He’s leaving. Jamie knows that I’m not letting him stay here after that, Piper said. What the heck do I do? I mean, at least I know now that he can’t be trusted. It’s up to you Harley. I have your back. You know that. I appreciate that, but there’s a big ole piece of me that wants to pummel him to the ground. I can’t believe him. I can’t believe him either. I mean, who the heck does that? Harley, if you knew how badly I wanted to kick his butt… I know. I just wanna know who that woman is. That can be arranged. I just wanted to make sure you were alright. I have a feeling that Carter’s about to be put out of this house and maybe fired. Girl, I don’t want to get him fired. I just wanna know why? Why am I not enough? Piper gave her a hug. You’ll be okay. You’re too dang good for him and you know it. A minute later, Jamie knocked at the door. Well, I did find out some more details. He just met her. Like that makes a dang difference, Harley said. Just get some rest and we can talk about it in the morning. It’s been a long day, Jamie said as he wrapped his arm around Piper’s waist.

He walked Piper out of Harley’s room and into the master suite. Jamie. Please. I’m not gonna play like this isn’t disgusting. Why the hell would he do that to her? Piper, you don’t need to get all wrapped up in this. We need sleep. Please baby. Jamie, I’m kicking… He kissed her. No, you aren’t. We’re getting sleep. Period. We’ve been on a plane all dang day. We can talk through it in the morning. Tell me that he’s not staying in this house tonight. I told him if he did, he’d have to sleep with one eye open and watch for butcher knives. Meaning? Meaning he’s staying in a hotel. Piper shook her head. She went and washed her makeup off, brushed her hair out and was just about to slide her jeans and t-shirt off when he came up behind her. I love you. You know that right? Piper nodded. I am itching to kick his butt to the moon. Babe, just remember that baby is important. You have to stay calm so baby is alright. Please. Jamie, you’re seriously asking me to just sit here and not snap on his idiot butt? What is going on with him? I thought he was in love with Harley.

He said they met tonight. That she came on to him. I doubt it’s true, but still. Jamie. I know. A piece of me wants to fire his idiotic butt. Until I have all the info, I can’t do anything. You know that I would protect her at all dang costs, but something is way too dang fishy. He was making out with the woman in our home Jamie. What is the point of defending that crap? Piper. If you did that, you’d be 20 feet under. You do know that right? Jamie kissed her. I also know that I never would. Ever. I wouldn’t even look. I just think that it may have been a dang setup. Something’s not right. Just let me investigate more. Jackson is getting more details on her and finding out what’s going on with him. Please. She turned and faced him. Jamie. If it isn’t a set-up then you can whoop his butt. That a promise husband of mine? He kissed her. For now. Piper shook her head. He kissed her again and freshened up then slid his t-shirt off. Just go flaunt the muscles, Piper said as his shirt hit the laundry bin. Ba. by, you have no idea what I’m flaunting tonight, Jamie teased with that sexy smirk.

Jamie, I swear, you need to quit. He kissed her again, picking her up and walked towards the bed, leaning her onto it. He peeled her jeans off, then her tank. Damn, he said. What? Sexiest wife in the entire world. Jamie, quit sucking up. He kissed her and leaned into her arms. What? You heard me. Tired? Jamie. Babe, I get you’re mad at him for being an idiot, but I’m not him. I never ever will be. Piper kissed him. What am I gonna do with you? Oh, I have about a million and one ideas, he teased as he peeled her lacy bra off. I bet. He kissed her again, devouring her lips with that hot, rough, passion-filled kiss that had her toes curling. He slid her up the satiny sheets to the pillows and peeled what was left of her clothes off. He kicked his jeans to the floor and slid back into her arms, pulling the satin duvet over them. Jamie. Mm, he said as he kissed down her neck. You sure that we’re ready for a baby? He shook his head and leaned back into her arms. He propped himself up on one arm. You’re my wife. You don’t need to worry about it. I’m worried about how great of a dad I’m gonna be, but I know you’re gonna be an amazing mom. I’ve known since we met. You don’t think it’s too soon? No, he replied. Jamie. Babe, whatever happens will happen whether we’re ready or not. We have 9 months to prepare. We have 9 months to stop worrying that we’re gonna mess up. You’re already a mama to Harley and the guys in the band. Y’all are a family. We are too. I’m not going anywhere. We’ll be fine.

He knew that at that exact moment, she needed him to hold her and nothing else. He slid down behind her and snuggled her to him. You know you don’t have to worry. Maybe I’m just worried that something is gonna happen. We had the worst morning before the wedding. I know he’s not gonna come after us, but what happens when something like that happens again? Jamie kissed her. Is that why you’ve been tossing and turning the past couple weeks? Piper nodded. She kissed him. I know it’s stupid. Babe, any worry of yours is a worry of mine too. I’ll talk to Jackson. Jamie, I just worry that someone will come after us knowing that we have a baby. He’s dead Piper. You know that. I know that. He’s not coming near either of us. Piper shook her head. Remember you said if I had a nagging feeling to tell you? He kissed her. I know. I don’t know who or how, but something is going on. Babe, just for tonight, we’re in another country away from all of that. Nobody even knows that we’re here. I love you. Just try to get rest. Please. Piper kissed him and snuggled herself to him. One kiss turned into more.

That kiss turned into making out and both of them getting more hot and bothered. Finally, her leg slid around him and he leaned into her arms. There was something different that night. It was as if he was trying to comfort her and get her mind off everything. The sex was hot. More than hot, it was like a hot out of body experience. Every inch of her was throbbing in his arms. What am I gonna do with you, Jamie said as he kissed down her neck. Thought you said we needed sleep, Piper teased as her legs tangled around his. He kissed her again, devouring her lips until their tongues were tangled and tied with each other. Mine, he said as his hands slid to her backside. You think so, do you, Piper teased. He nodded and within seconds, they were making out all over again. He could never let go and never really wanted to. This was the one place where he could let go and just be. The one person who never judged him. That got him hot. That made her perfect in his eyes. She was his forever and always. That alone had him wanting her every minute of every day.

When they finally came up for air, he curled up behind her and wrapped his arms around her. I can hear the gears turning. What’s going on, Piper asked as he nuzzled her neck. She turned to face him. Jamie. Nothing. I’m just worried. I worry about you all the dang time. Baby. Piper, you don’t even know. I know he’s gone, but I’m still kicking myself for not being there at your side. I hate that you had to even go through it. Jamie, it’s over. He’s gone. We don’t have to watch over our shoulders. That you even… Jamie, please baby. Stop. It’s not happening again. He kissed her, devouring her lips. Come, he said as he leaned onto his back and curled her into his arms. Her head rested on his chest as she fell asleep listening to the sound of his strong constant heartbeat.

Piper came back from the gym the next morning with Harley and went and was about to put breakfast on when

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