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Become a Firefighter

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Become a Firefighter

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Go beyond the minimums! While many books claim to prepare you for firefighter testing, Fire Captain Dave Merino's unique approach trains you to break away from the pack as an unforgettable applicant and standout firefighter – an INTELLIGENT HERO. In plain (sometimes blunt) language, Captain Dave lays out your entire path, step by step.

What do firefighter test evaluators REALLY want to know about you? Drawing upon decades of experience in every aspect of fire service hiring, discipline, and promotions, Captain Dave reveals the surprising answers, and how to use this knowledge to rise to the top of The List. He shows you how improving your chances of landing your dream firefighter job goes hand in hand with improving yourself, making the entire training process a "two-for-one special."

Discover the multitude of tripwires hidden in test and interview questions. Then learn how to not just avoid them, but actually turn them to your advantage. You'll also learn how a simple commitment to honesty transforms a seemingly bland application form into your ticket to an interview invitation, and even enables you to overcome biases like the "lying lie detector."

Worried about those grueling firefighter physical tests? Captain Dave has you covered there, too, with his unique H.I.R.E. workout plan developed specifically for aspiring Heroes. By integrating mental, emotional, and physical training, his comprehensive guidebook gets you ready to think adeptly on your feet, even when you think you're too spent to stand.

Most importantly, Captain Dave recognizes that the best preparation in the world won't help if you end up working for a fire agency that clashes with your principles and life goals. Therefore, in addition to explaining how departments will scrutinize you, he teaches you how to properly scrutinize THEM. Through a combination of deep research and step-by-step mental exercises, you will find your "Goldilocks" agency – the fire department that's just right for YOU, supporting your ongoing growth and happiness.

For example, do you know what risks you'll face during your "probationary period"? Do you know whether your chosen fire department can sustain your position long term, and fund your pension? Believe it or not, every answer you need is right there in the public record, if you know where to look!

Almost nothing is as it seems in the world of firefighter testing, but as Captain Dave explains, the key to soaring above the crowd lies not in outsmarting the tests, but in truly knowing yourself. The right choices and the right first steps will set you on a path to a fulfilling career of saving lives, inspiring children, and putting smiles on the faces of everyone in your community.

Ready to start your journey to becoming an Intelligent Hero? Out of your best self will come your best answer to every question they might ask. Let Captain Dave show you how.
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