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The Bee Buddies, Ok And Bk

The Bee Buddies, Ok And Bk

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The Bee Buddies, Ok And Bk

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Apr 18, 2020


A senior bee “OK” explains a younger bee “BK” what’s happening in the bee colony. Their dialog not only covers the work they have to do, but it also includes how the colony functions, the dangers they encounter and how they make a new queen to go to a new place when their colony becomes over populated. The story of “The Bee Buddies” is full of excitement, surprises, danger & emotional moments. It’s an ideal book for kids considering its educational value supplemented with the latest facts from research work that even you may not know.

Apr 18, 2020

Sobre el autor

Shelton Ranasinghe is an author and a retired professional engineer. The exposure he acquired living in five continents over a large part of his active working life combined with his interest on human behaviors, has given him a unique and intimate understanding of putting his thoughts into writing on philosophy and science fiction, combining both these streams.“Self A Delusion” - A good read to understand that the self could arise from deluded cognition.“Thinking Explored” - Cleverly explain how thinking process develops from day one.“Are We Being Fooled by our Brains” - Explore the complexity and cunning nature of the brain.“Our Psyche and Beliefs” - Is an idea of how our brains geared to adore beliefs.“Buddha Impetus to Primitive Psyche” - Refreshingly unforced and thought-provoking dissection of Buddhist doctoring.“Our extraterrestrial Neighbors” - Readers will perceive many complex philosophical overtones beyond the Sci-fi content.“The Phone Rang in the Middle of My Shower” - This Sci-fi explores afterlife, along many religious beliefs.“DoooD” - Excellent Sci-fi on Artificial Intelligence.Shelton’s email address: sr2665@gmail.com

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The Bee Buddies, Ok And Bk - Shelton Ranasinghe




Hi! I saw you just coming out of your cell. Welcome to our Group. My name is OK.

Hi! …mmm, I don’t have a name.

That’s Okay. Because you are a Bee-Kid, can I call you BK?

Yes. I love that name.

Why are so many of us here?

BK, do you like me to explain what it is all about?

Yes, that will be very nice of you, OK.

We are called bees. There are over fifty thousand bees here. Most of us are female bees. There are a very few male bees.

Why so many, OK?

BK, we have to do a lot of work. That’s why there are so many!

What type of work?

BK, our house is called a bee-hive. Our group is called the colony. There are five bee-combs in our hive. Combs are made of hundreds of cells, as you can see. Our main job is building the hive and running the colony.

What do we have to do?

You will get to know with time. In fact, my last job was feeding you to become a bee.

Are you my mom?

No, BK. All of us have only one mom. Our mom is called the Queen-Bee.


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