Sleeping Bags to S'mores: Camping Basics

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Sleeping Bags to S'mores: Camping Basics

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With the weather getting nicer and shelter-in-place not going anywhere, now’s a great time to go camping … in your own backyard! This fun guide is full of advice on the basics, with everything from how to build a campfire and cook over it, to games to play for the whole family.


From choosing a destination and staying safe to what to cook and doing it on a budget, this guide provides fun advice for tent camping, car camping, and backpacking.

Ever wanted to go camping, but had no idea where to start? Need to unplug, but not sure what to do? Do you have childhood memories of camping bliss, but no idea how to do it on your own? Sleeping Bags to S'mores has you covered!

From two expert writers on camping and backpacking, this book covers everything you need to know about how to go camping. From picking a destination and what to pack to how to deal with wildlife (including kids), sporty guides Heather and Will Rochfort will show you the way. Sleeping Bags to S'mores is everything you need to know to have the relaxing, fun-filled camping experience you're looking for, and it includes 100 entertaining full-color illustrations.
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