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His Crown Jewel

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His Crown Jewel

Longitud: 213 página3 horas


As the notorious madam Mistress, Emily Weatherspoon has spent years gathering secrets, wielding power and satisfying other people's urges. Although she's been richly rewarded, she's never forgotten her first love—Cyrus Franklin, the former slave who suddenly appeared in Brimstone.

Cyrus never thought he'd see Emily again—and certainly not as a madam. But when their paths cross again, he's not going to let the only woman he's ever loved get away from him. But someone's out to destroy Cyrus and, as Mistress, Emily has the power to keep him safe. When she tries to send Cyrus away, will he go or will he fight for her?

The Jeweled Ladies series by Maggie Chase will delight fans of historical westerns by Victoria Dahl, Molly O'Keefe and Vanessa Vale.

"Interested in some sexy stories set in the American West? His Topaz, Their Emerald and Her Ebony will fit the bill. I look forward to seeing what Maggie Chase writes next." - Jennifer Porter, Romance Novel News

"One of the most amazing erotica series I have ever read." - Erin Penn, Goodreads

"This is the story that answers all our questions about Mistress, the owner of the Jeweled Ladies, and Free Cyrus Franklin, who has been a mysterious figure helping former slaves and others in need escape their former lives." - Mary Dieterich, Goodreads

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