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Yolanda, a wafe of a fugitive from family and possibly the law, distracts Ben from his desert walkabout, possibly saving him from his own survival skills ignorance. They thwart social expectations and avoid impact from negative elements in their respective histories and adopt an initially unstated goal of mutual survival assistance. Yolanda, takes brief to long term forays away from Ben and Stephanie in search of her own “Ben”. After many "false starts" Yolanda is again deceived by a “play” by Jeff, but Jeff’s play is a positive spin in a world that doesn’t have to cooperate. Yolanda and Jeff do cooperate, experience an NGO approach to redoing discarded objects. Yet another acquaintance nudges them beyond their comfort zone to a land of different peoples, languages and customs. Yolanda and Jeff accidentally meet Solicia who lets them view the world of human slavery, where mutually shared perceptions of possible change entertain and ...
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