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Unlikely Stories, Mostly

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Unlikely Stories, Mostly

Calificar: 3 de 5 estrellas3/5 (52 calificaciones)
Longitud: 332 página4 horas


The cult author and artist offers a “cocktail of surreal, macabre, and mock-historical” stories and illustrations from his “feverishly imaginative mind” (Financial Times).
In “The Crank that Made the Revolution,” an enterprising inventor presents the world with his contribution to the Industrial Revolution: an “improved duck.” When a man splits in two, it isn’t long before his two selves come to blows in “The Spread of Ian Nicol.” And a young boy witnesses a shooting star land in his back garden in “The Star.” In these and other short stories of the strange and fascinating, Alasdair Gray reaffirms his reputation as one of Scotland’s most original and important contemporary writers.
Beyond his literary talents, Unlikely Stories, Mostly features Gray’s original artwork, which combines with his fiction to create a truly unique reading experience. This edition includes two new stories and a postscript by the author and Douglas Gifford.
“The book is a wonder of ingenuity, a varied and rich collection in which Gray’s abilities as a visual artist and illustrator are placed not only beside but within the products of his fertile imagination as a writer.” —The Washington Post
“Not since William Blake has a British artist wed pictorial and literary talent to such powerful effect.” —Financial Times
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