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Time Windows

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Time Windows

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An ALA Best Book for Young Adults. “Reminiscent of The Indian in the Cupboard . . . [an] intricately woven ghost story.”—Publishers Weekly

When Miranda moves with her family to a new house in a small Massachusetts town, she discovers a mysterious antique—a dollhouse. Through the windows, she is shocked to find what seem to be living people in the tiny rooms, and gradually she realizes that scenes from the lives of the big house’s past inhabitants are being replayed there.

“With numerous deftly sketched characters, including a sympathetic boy next door, an intriguing plot, and such dividends as a secret room used to hide escaping slaves, this should keep readers interested. Well wrought and entertaining.”—Kirkus Reviews 

“Reiss puts a new twist on time travel in this suspenseful first novel . . . pits its heroine against the forces of child abuse and untimely death in a deft, entertaining and inventive style.”—Publishers Weekly

“The well-structured mystery, the fast-moving plot, and the accessible prose make this a useful addition to fantasy shelves.”—School Library Journal

“For fans of Lynne Reid Banks, this book is definitely one to pick up. Time Windows by Kathryn Reiss is a very engrossing book . . . the ghost story is really fun and interesting.”—The Novel World

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