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Unbroken: Book 2 of The Revenge Series

Unbroken: Book 2 of The Revenge Series

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Unbroken: Book 2 of The Revenge Series

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Dec 16, 2019


When NO isn't enough....

She tried to say no and walk away. She tried to leave him and ignore his existence. When Piper finally got a little happiness, Colt wouldn't let it last long. Stalking was an understatement. He'd gone too far this time. Way too far. Piper wasn't going to stand for it.

Jamie was determined to protect her, but her insistence on taking care of her own problems had him infuriated. His security could handle the problems, but only he could handle her. Would they even make it to awards season? One way or another, Colt's threats and rumors were coming to an end.

Dec 16, 2019

Sobre el autor

Sue Langford started out with a dream. She'd been writing since she was young and always dreamed of seeing her books in a book store. When she finally gave in and got her first novel published, it hit the racks and was snatched up by everyone. When she made her first trip to Nashville, she was completely hooked. From that point on, her books were inspired by country music and the artists she loved.When she took on the topic of Anti-Bullying in her newest series - The Revenge Series - she found even more exposure than she could have imagined. The first of it's kind, she proved that everyone no matter their size, shape, opinions or even career deserves to be bullied. If you think she's stopping there, you will be happily surprised. She takes on a current topic with every book and every series. An author to watch and a bestselling one at that, Sue is a one of a kind author that all of us should check out.

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Unbroken - Sue Langford


The Revenge Series – Book 2

Sue Langford

Copyright ©2019SueLangford

All rights reserved.


To my friends N, D and especially my Char.

I don’t know where I would be without you.

Let someone love you just the way you are – as flawed as you might be, as unattractive as you sometimes feel, and as unaccomplished as you think you are. To believe that, you must hide all the parts of you that are broken, out of fear that someone else is incapable of loving what is less than perfect, is to believe that sunlight is incapable of entering a broken window and illuminating a dark room.

- Mark Heck


She sat looking out at that room full of empty chairs before the performance like she always had, but there was a nagging feeling. She remembered back to when she dreaded going to school. When she knew that walking through those doors would mean everyone judging her all over again. That song had dredged up every memory of her teenage years being the quiet one in the corner.

Piper had been the one that had always been the outcast. Even with girls who claimed to be her friend, she still felt like she didn’t belong. Someday she would hear the words that she dreaded. You were never my friend you loser. Those words had haunted her the rest of her high school life like a dark cloud hanging overhead. She opted to work on lyrics in the empty hallway near her classroom instead of doing what everyone else did. Who wanted to be the laughing stock in their own cafeteria? To be laughed at by the people that said they were friends to her face and the worst enemy ever behind her back.

When she was bullied for things she didn’t do, she knew who was behind it. Even when those so-called girlfriends of hers teased her and called her the fat one or the ugly one, she knew. She may have had braces and glasses, but that could be fixed. Their kind of cold hearts couldn’t. When she walked into grade 10 with contacts, perfectly straight teeth and clear skin, they were still finding ways to tease her. First for her choice of clothes, then for her shoes that they thought were dumb. Nothing she ever did was enough.

That’s why she started writing. That’s what changed her into the woman she was on that stage, looking out at a stadium full of empty seats preparing to be filled. That’s why You Can’t Break Me was so important. If she could prevent one more kid from going through what she had, she’d succeeded. Even without the awards or the accolades, she’d done something she’d wanted to do her entire life. She fought back. Without raising a fist, without screaming or saying a word, she’d fought back.

All those girls who’d teased her, the guys who’d ignored her, the nasty things that were said. All of it was worth it at that exact moment. That song that had rung through her mind through her entire teenage years was her way of fighting back. Even when those same girls taunted her in her early twenties, she knew. One day those girls were gonna eat their words. They’d probably raise bullies with whatever guy would have them, but they would never hurt her again. They’d never get the chance to bully her again. They were in the nosebleed seats and she was on that stage, playing her heart out with all the cheering hiding away their nasty commentary, their bullying comments, their hurtful ways.

The woman on that stage would never be broken like that again.

Chapter 1

What do you mean he’s here? It’s our wedding day. I thought he was supposed to be banned, Piper said as she tied her robe back up. Security can’t find him. They think he’s trying to get in. He did say you were his, Harley said. Does Jamie know, Piper asked. Let’s just leave it at he hadn’t put his suit on yet. He’s gone idiot hunting, Jess replied almost laughing. How in the world does this happen today off all freaking days, Piper said. I’m going to check on him. Just stay here okay, Jess asked. Piper nodded and she and Harley closed the door. Not 2 seconds later, she heard it click like she was locked in. She turned around and there he was. Ripped up shirt, dirt on his face and that look that told her that she was in for trouble. Why are you here, Piper asked. Really figured a stupid piece of paper could keep me away? Wow. Dumber than I thought, Colt said as he walked towards her.

* * * *

He’s not gonna keep going with these stupid rumors. He’s doing it to get my dang attention, Piper said. We can’t just sit here and ignore it either. What do you want me to do, Char asked. I don’t have a choice but to put out a dang press release. What happened to cease and desist and a gag order, Piper asked. Obviously he’s in contact with someone that can get whatever rumor he starts into the public eye. What do you wanna do, Char asked. Get a private detective to find out who his connection is and shut them up, Piper said. What about releasing something about the engagement, Char asked. I guess, but honestly, I think there is gonna be more and more questions. Colt isn’t gonna just back down, Piper said. Maybe negotiating directly with him, Char asked. Piper shook her head. He doesn’t get to have his way. He wants to break Jamie and I up and mess with me. He wants attention Char. He’s not getting his way and I really don’t care if he ever does, Piper said. What’s up, Jamie asked as he came up behind her. Nothing, Piper said determined to not ruin the day.

Jamie kissed her. Just going over a few things with Char, Piper said as she snuggled her body against his. You realize I know when you’re lying right, Jamie asked. Nothing I wanna talk about when we’re supposed to be celebrating, Piper said. He kissed her again and shook his head. His folks and Piper’s came backstage and they all hugged. I still can’t believe you did this and on the dang stage no less, Piper said. Go big or go home. I just didn’t want to wait anymore. I’ve been staring at that ring since we met, Jamie said. Piper shook her head. And he actually asked me permission, her dad teased. She looked at Jamie. Seriously, Piper asked. Jamie nodded. That is the right thing to do right, Jamie teased. His dad got an ear to ear grin. My son, his dad said. This means we get to plan that wedding. I have so many ideas, her mom said. We still have a tour to finish. When that’s done, we can do the wedding planning, Piper teased. Or we just do it when you’re on the break near Christmas, Jamie said. Y’all can just plan it without me, Piper joked. Jamie pulled her tighter to him and kissed her forehead.

Why don’t we all head back to the hotel and we can meet up for breakfast or something tomorrow, Jamie asked. Definitely. We could even go looking for dresses if you want, her mom said. I think I’ll hold off on the dress shopping. I’d kinda like to be home to do that, Piper said. You have a show tomorrow, Piper’s mom asked. Nothing. Just time to relax before we head home for a few days, Piper said. And how is the house going, his mom asked. It’s getting there. The house between us is handled or at least the part we needed to remove is. We’re just getting a final layout approved for the house. There’s gonna be a ton of room, Jamie said. That mean we can come visit, Piper’s mom teased. That means when it’s built in a couple months that we have a ton of room and y’all will have your own space in the guest house, Piper said. Jamie smirked realizing that Piper was in a foul mood. She was putting on a strong front, but Colt had once again ruined a good day.

He wrapped his arm around Piper. They headed off and went back to the hotel. Her parents and his got settled in their suites and Jamie and Piper headed into theirs. What’s wrong, Jamie asked. Nothing, Piper said. I can see it in your eyes. Just say whatever it is, Jamie said as he pulled her into his arms. I’m not ruining today. What’d he do, Jamie asked. Another rumor. I’m not even bringing it up, Piper said. Piper. You don’t need to hear this. It was such a good day before all of that, Piper said. He kissed her. Whatever he did isn’t gonna mess us up. We’re still us. Just tell me, Jamie asked. That he’d got me pregnant, Piper said knowing that he’d lose his marbles. Are you freaking kidding me, he asked. Piper shook her head. Well that’s gonna be silenced pretty dang quick since we’ve been together every dang day. Jamie, honestly, I just wanna forget his stupid crap. We just got engaged, Piper said. Were you surprised, he asked determined to change the topic. Couldn’t have ever had a normal engagement, Piper teased. We had our first date after a show. I was gonna do it at the house with the candles and flowers, but I couldn’t. I decided to do it with our folks there because I wanted them to be part of it. That they definitely were, Piper teased. He kissed her again and wrapped his arms tight around her.

You sure you’re alright. Piper nodded. I just didn’t want to mess the day up for both of us. He snuggled her to him. We get to do whatever the heck we want to. You don’t have a show tomorrow. We can hang here, we can go home. We can do anything, Jamie said. You mean since the press will be all over us? He kissed her. Come here for a minute, he teased as he walked her over to the bed. When she saw the flowers in a heart and the candles, she smirked. Jamie. He kissed her. Nobody messes with our night, Jamie teased. Piper kissed him and he picked her up, wrapping her legs around him. What are you up to fiancée. Reminding you of one of the reasons you said yes, Jamie teased. He kissed her and leaned her onto the bed. Are you seducing me," Piper teased.

I’m keeping your mind on more important things, he teased with a silly little grin. Oh really, Piper said as he slid her shirt off and peeled her leather leggings off. And what things might they be, Piper joked as he leaned into her arms and wrapped her around him. Now, about that whole mind on something else thing, Jamie teased as he peeled his shirt off. I have this sexy guy right here and I’m supposed to be thinkin about something else, Piper joked. He leaned in and devoured her lips, nibbling and teasing. And what did you want? You with nothing else on, in my arms the rest of the dang night, Jamie said as he leaned in and kissed her again. Anything else, Piper joked as he peeled the rest of her clothes off. One, he teased. Which would be, Piper asked as his hands slid up her thighs. Marry me, he teased. Can I think about it, Piper joked. He kissed her again, devouring her lips until he could almost memorize the feel of them on his lips. You know how addictive that kiss is, Jamie asked as he nibbled at her ear and neck. You could just tell me. He kissed her again. You are totally teasing me right now aren’t you, Jamie asked. Piper nodded. He kissed her and pulled her tight to him. What am I gonna do with you fiancée, Jamie asked. Good question, Piper teased as she felt his hands on her back.

I love you. You know that right, Jamie asked. Piper nodded. You still good with that whole kids thing? Seriously having this conversation right now, Piper teased. We can always practice, he teased as he nibbled down her neck. If that’s what you want. He kissed her and within a matter of minutes, they were having hot, intense sex that had every inch of her body almost trembling in his arms. She was completely at his mercy. She didn’t care. It was his night. The more she tried to get her mind off Colt, the more she gave in to the sexy distractions. They kept going. The hotter the sex got, the more she wanted to rip Colt’s face off. When they finally stopped and he collapsed in her arms, her phone went off.

Don’t even think about it, Jamie said. Piper kissed him. He rolled over and pulled her with him as they curled up under the blankets. I know something else is on your mind. Just thinking. There’s a million things we have to do, she said. That’s what wedding planners are for. You’re alright with someone else taking charge, Piper asked. I know your style and you know mine. We can do whatever we need to so it’s just as we want it. So dang trusting. You mean because I know you’ll fight for what you want, he teased as he kissed her head and snuggled her close to him. She curled up on the bed with him and fell asleep with her head on his shoulder. Stop stressing alright, Jamie said. Piper nodded.

The next morning, Jamie woke up to an empty bed. A note sat on the pillow:

In the gym with Jess. Sleep in. Love you. – P

Jamie smirked and rolled over to try and get a little more sleep. Piper on the other hand, was working out every ounce of frustration that she was feeling. What’s goin on, Jess asked. Colt. Now what, Jess asked as they were boxing in the gym. Every time Jamie and I get closer and I finally get to be happy, he starts another rumor. He started telling the press that he got me pregnant. Something is so dang wrong with him. You know that my brother would haul out and whoop his butt if you let him know how much it’s bugging you, Jess said. I almost want to myself. Legal channels? Not working. I say get someone to scare the crap out of that Colt guy. I hear you. You happy about the engagement at least, Jess asked. I am. Honestly, part of me thinks your brother is a bit nuts, Piper joked. And why’s that, Jess asked. He wants to make a huge house, he wants to have someone else plan the wedding for us and who knows what else. Just kick him in the butt once in a while. Funny. Girl, tell him you want it your way and that you’re planning it. Put your foot down. Not like you haven’t done it before, Jess teased. Piper finished her workout, stretched out and they headed up to the suites. Piper went into her room and Jess went to hang with her folks a while.

Morning fiancée, Jamie said as she came in very quietly. Morning yourself handsome. He grabbed her hand and pulled her back into bed, almost tackling her to the mattress. He leaned in and kissed her, devouring her lips. I guess you slept well, Piper joked. You know how much I hate waking up to an empty bed. Had to go do my workout so I’d look pretty in that dress you want me to wear when I walk down that aisle to you. You look fine to me. Piper kissed him and went to slide out of his arms. Where do you think you’re goin? I’m ordering breakfast, Piper said. Already did, he teased. Then I should… He kissed her, devouring her lips and started peeling her things off. Jamie, Piper said. Her shirt slid off between kisses. Then it was her bra, her shorts, and then her panties hit the floor. He slid her runners and socks off and curled her under the blanket with him. What are you up to, Piper teased. Seducing my woman before we have to leave, Jamie said.

He was just about to lean into her arms to make love to her when the breakfast showed. Damn the stupid room service, Jamie said. Stay here. I’ll get it, Piper said. He shook his head and Piper slid her robe on and answered. They brought the food in, set the table up and headed out without even a word. Piper came back into the bedroom and Jamie pulled her back into bed. He wrapped his arms tight around her. Mine. Jamie. What, he asked as he slid her to her back and kissed and nibbled his way down her body. When he got to her hip, Piper shook her head. What, he asked as he attempted to tease even more. What are you tryin to do, Piper said as her breathing got labored. Tease the heck out of you until you give in, he teased. You mean I have a choice? He nibbled at her thigh and kept teasing. Jamie. What, he asked as his fingers took over and he devoured her lips. You are intentionally taunting, Piper said. He nodded and kissed her. Before he went too far, he leaned into her arms and wrapped her legs around him, leaning into her and kept going until every ounce of energy was expended. Neither of them even had enough energy to get up and get breakfast, but she did. He passed out and Piper got up and slid her robe on. She got her food and curled up on the sofa. She started checking emails and saw one from Char:

The lawyers have dealt with the stupid crap from Colt. He’s now being sued and was arrested. He tried busting into Jamie’s. You’re fine. Your place is still fort knox. We are gonna have to do something to stop anything future happening. I set up two interviews for you and Jamie on Monday from the house. You alright with it?

Piper shook her head. That was the last thing she wanted. She needed 24 hours of down time. Did nobody even realize that? She finished her coffee and went to get up when Jamie came into the TV room in nothing but his boxers. Morning. And again you disappear, Jamie teased. My stomach made me do it, Piper said as she got up and took his breakfast out of the warmer. She handed him the plate and he took a bite. This is freaking amazing. And it’s not just because you’re starving, Piper teased. That too. And we have to actually get dressed and head home. We can’t just stay tonight, he asked. Piper shook her head. We have to, Piper replied. He kissed her. Fine, but I’m not waking up to an empty bed tomorrow morning. You have work remember, Piper asked. I have to fly to LA. Have fun with that, Piper said. You know that you’re coming right? Eve and Caroline girl night, Piper said. Not when I’m out of town, he said. Jamie, I’m perfectly fine. Come to LA with me. If we do that, then we have to do the interviews there, Piper replied. For what? Stuffing Colt’s foot in his mouth. He won’t stop with the rumors, and the only way Char thinks we can fix the problem is to do an interview about the engagement, Piper said. Fine. We’re doing it in LA.. More than one. More like three. And after that I get you to myself again, Jamie asked. After that, I work on music and you work in the office, Piper said.

Determined to taunt me from the office sofa, he teased. From the hotel. He shook his head. You can come work out of the office, Jamie said. We have to talk about this obviously, Piper said rolling her eyes. Negotiating, he teased. Piper nodded. You come at lunch and work from the office until my meetings are done. You mean since you aren’t normally done until 7? Fine. Come have lunch and we can do a late dinner, just come at 4 and work from the office. Or I just work from the hotel. Do you have to fight me on everything, he asked. Depends. He shook his head. Would you quit giving me a dang hard time, Jamie asked. Piper shook her head. Don’t you even get it? I can handle myself. I’m gonna have that girl night with my friends and Harley and we can fly out and meet you and Carter. Then you two come with us and we’ll go out all of us together, Jamie said. Kinda defeats the purpose of ladies night, Piper said.

I want you to be there with me, Jamie said. And I’m having a night with my friends. Period. End of discussion. Someone other than Caroline then? Piper nodded. Wasn’t exactly planning on inviting her anyway. Fine, but I still want you coming to LA. Stupid question, but why are you going back to LA, Piper asked. Buying a company and have to finish the paperwork. As long as you don’t start asking me to look at dresses, Piper said. You have an appointment for when we’re back next time. Either that or I pick some out and you choose. Piper shook her head. In the back of her mind, she was almost laughing. What? You’re acting like I’m your property. I am perfectly capable of picking out my own dang dress when and where I want to. And as for all of that wedding planner doing the work stuff, I’m planning it myself, Piper said. Then you’ll have my assistant to help. She’ll get it organized and you choose, Jamie replied. No. What do you mean no, he asked. Just what I said. No.

She put her dishes onto the table and walked into the bathroom. She turned the shower on and slid under the hot spray of the water. She washed her hair, washed up and just as she was standing to rinse the soap from her body and to rinse the conditioner out, Jamie slid in behind her. You telling me what’s going on, Jamie asked as he kissed her neck. I’m doing things my way. What is goin on, Jamie asked again getting annoyed. You seriously think that controlling everything is a good idea, Piper asked sarcastically. I think that we deserve to have the best and I’m gonna make sure we do. I’m perfectly capable of doing this Jamie. I get that you want it your way but there’s two of us. She went to step out and he pulled her back to him. Where are you going? To get dressed since my folks are expecting us for coffee at least, Piper said. You are seriously driving me nuts.. And you trying to seriously control planning a wedding is ridiculous. He shook his head and finished showering.

When he came out, Piper was in her jeans and a sexy top. You know we’re talking about this right? Really? That’s what you didn’t bother to do with me. She did her hair and makeup and he walked over in nothing but a towel and wrapped his arm around her waist, pulling her to her feet and into his arms. What? He kissed her. He walked her towards the bed and she shook her head. We’re checking out of the hotel in an hour and a half, Piper said. Then we have time. Piper shook her head. We’re going, Piper said. He kissed her again and pulled her tight to him. You seriously saying no to me? I’m saying we’re going and we can discuss whatever you’re flipping out about on the way home. Piper, Jamie said. Just get dressed. He kissed her and peeled her shirt off. Jamie! He kissed her. We’re going. Nope, he replied. Piper grabbed her shirt. We’re goin. We have time, Jamie said. She shook her head. Not two minutes later, as he was trying to peel her bra and jeans off, her phone went off. That’s the reason, Piper said.

They can wait, he said. Piper grabbed her cell. Hey mom, Piper said. We made a reservation downstairs, her mom said. Alright. We’ll meet you down there in 5. Alright. See you in a few, her mom said as they hung up. He kissed Piper and his hands slid to her backside. We’re going. Now. He kissed her. Fine, but tonight we’re havin a night alone. That alright? Piper nodded.

Jamie finished getting dressed, Piper grabbed the bags and wheeled them to the door. Babe, Jamie said. Yep, Piper said as he pulled her to him. Tee or dress shirt, he asked. You mean since you only have the dress shirt out? He kissed her. Why are you being such a stubborn pain today? After breakfast with the folks. We can talk about it on the way home, Piper said. Tell me now, Jamie said. Colt. We can talk about it on the way home, Piper replied. He kissed her and gave her a huge hug. Alright. He finished getting ready, packed his stuff and they went downstairs to meet up with the folks.

When they finished breakfast, after a couple hugs and a promise to keep them posted on wedding plans, Jamie, Piper, Harley and the guys all headed home. Jamie pulled Piper aside and walked her to the back. Just say it, Jamie said. He said he got me pregnant. That’s enough. You’re serious? And that’s what’s driving you nuts, Jamie asked. That’s what has me annoyed as all get out. Every time we’re happy, he throws a wrench into everything. Every single dang time. Then quit starting a war about it. Neither of us can control his insane butt. Only difference is that I have to fix it every time he starts up. I have to do interviews to refute the crap he does. He’s doing it for attention. Then don’t give him attention. Babe, concentrate on me and you instead of this stuff, Jamie said pleading with her. I have to do interviews with the press. You don’t wanna be in it then don’t. She walked past him and went and sat back down in her seat separate from Jamie. He walked over, picked her up and sat down, putting her in his lap. What, Piper asked. Either we talk here or in the back. Piper got up and sat down beside Harley.

The plane landed a while later. Everyone hopped off to their waiting families. Just as Piper was getting ready to hop off, Jamie pulled her back to him and walked her into the back room. What, Piper asked. I never said anything about not doing the interviews with you. All I’m saying is that you have to quit jumping every time he starts a stupid problem. Like you’re gonna tell me what to do, Piper said. He pulled her to him and devoured her lips. He went to peel her shirt off and she stopped him. What, he asked. Piper shook her head. She stepped off the plane with her bag and got in the SUV that was waiting for them. Jamie shook his head, hopped off and made sure the bags were loaded and they left to head back to his place. The minute they were through the door, Jamie picked her up and walked upstairs, putting her down on the bedroom dresser. Talk.

I don’t have a choice but to deal with him. If the stupid rumor crap doesn’t stop, then I have to fix it. You can’t. I want you there for those interviews. I need you to be there. If you wanna avoid all of it then fine. Avoid it. You realize that the more you fight the more he’s gonna keep coming. He’s not gonna back away until you stop giving him any dang attention, Jamie said. You don’t get it. He gets attention no matter what. When the stupid press stops listening is when he’ll stop. You have to just stop at some point, Jamie said. I’ll stop him even if I’m doing it alone. Would you just stop with the fighting. I get you want to whoop his butt, but you can’t go getting yourself hurt.. I won’t, Piper said. And as for all of this wedding stuff, Jamie said. What about it, Piper asked. Accept the help. That’s what my assistant is here for, Jamie said. And I don’t need someone else planning our wedding. That’s part of the dang fun. I’ll plan the honeymoon. Just let her help. She’ll be like your assistant. Jamie, Piper said. He kissed her. Please. We are planning this thing. You and me, Piper said. Where do you want to do it? Here, Piper said. The house, he asked. In Savannah. Plantation, he asked. Wormsloe. You’re totally not looking at this right, Jamie said. We wanted small. We can still do small. In that little area they had set up for a wedding that we saw. It’s not gonna be that small. We agreed on small, Piper replied. Not that dang small, he teased. Then we do the pictures there and have the wedding at the church.. If that’s what you want, he said. Anything else? He nodded. He leaned in and devoured her lips, carrying her over to the bed. He peeled her shirt off then went for her jeans when he heard the phone go off. Don’t even, Jamie said. He pulled the phone from her pocket and saw Char’s name. He peeled her jeans off and she answered.

Hey, Piper said. So y’all are home, Char asked. Just. What’s up, Piper asked. Two interviews and they’re coming to you wherever y’all are gonna be, Char said. Jamie has recently told me that we’ll be in LA. Then it’s perfect. The two stations y’all were at for interviews when you were there want the interviews. You can either do it from Jamie’s office or from the studio, Char said. We’ll figure it out. Where’s the next stop, Piper asked. Orlando, Tampa, Savannah then Charleston and Charlotte, Char said. Close to home, Piper replied. Close enough that you can drive back to Savannah if you need to. Luckily, you can get the planning in for the wedding, Char joked. Appreciate it, Piper teased. They hung up just as Jamie was kissing his way up her leg.

What are you up to, Piper asked. He kissed her, devouring her lips and peeled what was left of her clothes off. What do you want? He kissed her again, peeling his dress pants and his dress shirt off, sliding them to the floor. What? Every inch all mine, he teased. Piper shook her head and he devoured her lips. You know I’m not a possession right? He kissed her. Sorta, he teased. You are absolutely… He devoured her lips and wrapped her legs around his hips as he leaned into her. I want you so bad I can taste it. Oh well, Piper joked. That sex went from calm and romantic to hot, heavy and intense in a matter of minutes. Just as he was about to go that much further, his phone went off. He kept going until neither of them could even move. He collapsed into her arms, doing his best to catch his breath. What, Piper asked. He kissed her. You alright? Piper nodded. I still have to get up and get some work done.

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