Leadership Triumphs & Failures

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Leadership Triumphs & Failures

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What does it really take to be a leader in your own setting?

Discover the secrets to success and the road to failure in this analysis of the behaviours shared by those in positions of power. Author Aris Petasis examines the lives of strong figures throughout history to consider which character traits make someone a great leader and which are more likely to undo a leader.

Through a series of illuminating essays exploring the subject of leadership, this unique non-fiction book offers an interesting insight into what it takes to be an effective or failed leader, using real life people and situations. Drawing on a wealth of experience, the author identifies the behaviours that effective leaders have in common and which character flaws those in positions of leadership need to conquer.

Does greed singularly prevent someone from exercising overall good leadership or is greed just one of a multitude of leadership parameters? This book will make you question your own perspective of leadership and leader triumphs and failures.

Petasis is a strategy consultant who has worked with a number of multinational organisations in a multitude of countries. His professional experience and scholarly approach allow him to make thought-provoking observations on the strengths and weaknesses of the bosses, rulers, generals and pacesetters of the modern world.

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