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Poetic Love Essentials

Poetic Love Essentials

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Poetic Love Essentials

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Feb 9, 2017


Tabitha Edwards-Walton presents her third book of poetry, deftly applying her skill at painting pictures of our emotions into words. What is love? How does it manifest with children? With whoever is the mother and father in your life? How do we experience it when it is miraculous? When it is tragic? When it is dancing-down-the-street happy or weep-into-our-pillow sad? Maybe Tabitha has put our thoughts and feelings into words. 

Feb 9, 2017

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Poetic Love Essentials - Tabitha Edwards-Walton


Table of Contents

Introduction iv

An Endless Kind of Love 1

Broken Road 2

Love and Relationships 3

The Only Love She has Ever Known 4

He is the Light of My Love 5

Searching my one true love 6

The Smile That Changed His Heart 8

These Two Hands 9

The Love Found on a Nature’s Trail 10

Boots and Tags 11

I Have Loved You From Inside Out! 12

Unconditional Love 14

Loving Blanket of Arms 15

Moving Forward! 16

Dancing in the mist 17

Rainy Day Reflections 18

In the Glow of the Flame 19

Name on a Tree 20

River Bank Encounter 21

Dose of Reality 22

Hearing the News of Cancer is like a Being Hit by a Natural Disaster 23

Not Just A Day at the Beach 24

Mama, it is Your Love and Strength 25

The Perfect Roses Take Time 26

Falling in Love 27

Your Love Leads My Soul 28

Good morning 29

Letter from Heaven, I Love You, Mom 30

The Healing Bridge 31

Rainbows and Sunshine 32

Is The Love Captured Deep

Within the Heart 33

It is in the eyes 34

I will Listen 35

Strength 36

Star gazing at Midnight with My Love 37


There are two very strong emotions that people tend to use as everyday words. Those emotions happen to be love and hate. As I write Poetic Love Essentials, I will only write about the emotions of love.

When I say people use these words every day. I mean people will say things like I love food, I love flowers, I hate when it rains or I love that song, I love you. I think by now you get the point I am trying to emphasize. However, people sometimes never really feel the emotion of love.

Love is a

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